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“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” —Aristotle



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Junior kinesiology major Julian Maze (right) did not let the opportunity pass to pie Alpha Phi Alpha member and roommate Dwayne Woodard in the face. Woodard put on his game face steeling himself against the wall of whipped cream headed right for his face. Photo Tamara Alexander Sailesh the Hypnotist (below), hypnotizes multiple students during his fourth show at Southeastern. Sailesh has been a hypnotist for over 20 years and enjoys getting people to laugh. Photo elizabeth Brown

Shown above is just one of the beautiful rings received at the ring ceremony. This is just another ultimate symbol of Lion pride that seniors get to cherish forever. Photo Tamara Alexander Alumna Megan Bonck accepts Hayes Walker’s marriage proposal with a kiss. Walker (right) proposed to Bonck with an engraved brick in Friendship Circle for all to see during the 2015 Homecoming Tailgate. Photo Tamara Alexander




War Memorial Park (left) is where you find most students hanging out, relaxing and enjoying their food in the outdoors. Recently, many students have been seen bringing their hammocks to hang and enjoy the good weather. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Freshman kinesiology major Emily Whitworth (above) relaxes under a tree in front of Meade Hall before her next class. Southeastern has been adding additional benches, picnic tables and resting spots for students to enjoy in various areas around campus. Photo Kelonda Dixon Freshman nursing major Aesha Magee (left) poses for a picture on this peaceful sunny day. “My favorite memory so far is making great friends,” said Magee. “Southeastern began to feel like home and the great people here made me feel like I was a part of a family.” Photo Kelonda Dixon


Seniors accounting major Shalav Awale and chemistry major Apsana Shrestha (right) walk hand in hand around campus. The two were enjoying the peace and quiet of campus in between classes. Photo Kelonda Dixon Sophomore social work major Nicole Albrecht (below) and others participate in the Free Speech Alley. SGA hosted this event to give students the chance to voice their opinion and concerns. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Junior biology major Jaleah Robinson and sophomore social work major Chrystal Cavalier (above) are enjoying each other’s company before the homecoming game. Many students came out to Friendship Circle to enjoy great food and music. Photo Tamara Alexander During Lion Pawlooza, Roomie (right) embraces a happy little cub as she gets a close and personal moment of Lion spirit. This is surely a moment she will never forget. Photo heather Jewell




Freshmen kinesiology major Karen Cochran and chemistry major April Jackson (left) gives a thumbs up and big smile to the camera while walking through campus. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Senior kinesiology major Adonica Reed (above) poses for the camera with her Southeastern ring. This Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. member is excited to be progressing onto graduate school. Photo Tamara Alexander Sophomore basketball guard Dylon Maggio (left) plays air guitar while being hypnotized by Sailesh the Hypnotist. Students jumped at the chance to have their minds taken over by the ever-popular hypnotist. Photo Elizabeth brown


Roomie (right) hits the field as he participates in the Homecoming game halftime show “Thriller” along with the Spirit of the Southland band and Lionettes. Photo Tamara Alexander English as a Second Language Instructor Sandra Mcmurtry and senior education major and Editor in Chief of The Lion’s Roar Megan Ferrando (below) enjoy a bright and sunny day during an English as a Second Language course. Photo elizabeth brown

Graduating senior Mariah Lucineo (above) eagerly flashes a well deserved class ring to commemorate her time at Southeastern. Lucineo is an accounting major planning to continue working for a CPA firm and take the CPA exam. Photo tamara alexander Junior finance major Sawyer Benson and junior management major Alexis Taylor (right) study together after he surprises her with flowers. “Since we go to school together, it’s a good experience to get to grow and change together,” said Benson. Photo Elizabeth brown




Freshman biology major Destiny Dufrene (left) takes advantage of a quiet moment to catch up on some reading. Like Dufrene, many students take advantage of Southeastern’s green spaces to take a break from the hustle of campus. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Kappa Alpha Order members Tyler Olivier and Tyler Barksdale (above) collect pennies outside the union for the annual penny wars. The proceeds will be donated to one of the many philanthropies Southeastern Greek life supports. Photo tamara alexander Freshmen information technology major Rayshawn Anderson and computer programming major Scotty Vanthavong (left) explore campus, and enjoy a rare bout of pleasant, Louisiana weather. Photo Kelonda Dixon



Reflection of time

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Le Souvenir is our Southeastern family album. It is an awardwinning family album published annually with creative and professional passion by a dedicated team of students and advisors who put their all into showcasing the personality and people of our beloved Southeastern. The hairstyles and fashions will change over time, but no matter when you review the pages within, you’ll find the faces of those who make Southeastern so special. Our students are

letter from the president

the reason Southeastern exists, and our faculty and staff contribute to the genuine character of our campus. While we have a small university feel, we are, in fact, the third largest in the state. We have unparalleled academics that provide our students with handson experiences, preparing them for life in the real world. Enjoy the photos and stories captured on these pages. They’re a reflection of your time at Southeastern and your Southeastern family!

student life

Photo Tamara Alexander

student life


Lion Pride

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Senior art major Layla Clark (left) surrounds herself with Lion Pride while in the middle of the Student Union Mall wearing her green and gold. Photo Elizabeth Brown

The transformation from a high school student to a

because my orientation leaders really made Southeastern

college student can be intimidating and quite a challenge

seem like a home, and I wanted to do that for other people

for students who went from knowing pretty much

as well,” said Clark.

everyone in their school to only knowing a handful of people on a college campus. Southeastern takes pride in creating a smooth

Southeastern orientation leaders not only showcase the university, but they also create memorable moments for others to cherish for a lifetime.

transition for high school students as they enter college

“I think I take a greater pride in Southeastern as

after high school graduation with a program called

Orientation Leader of the Year,” said Clark. “I have more

orientation. During orientation, students have one day

appreciation for that work I put into it because there

to have college 101 sessions with an assigned orientation

was value there and seeing students around campus and

leader to guide them.

people saying ‘remember me from orientation’ and if they

Each orientation leader has the opportunity to plan

were struggling in a class they could come talk to me and

a fun-filled day where students can enjoy Southeastern’s

have a conversation. I think all of that really just makes

campus and will hopefully make it their home. Orientation

me take pride in my school more than I’ve done before.”

takes place throughout the summer and when it is all said

At the end of the summer, orientation leaders are not

and done, the orientation leaders and staff get together

done inspiring students. All throughout students college

and nominate an orientation leader as Orientation Leader

careers, they will remember that enthusiastic person

of the Year that best embodied the pleasure of being an

and always remember that anything is possible and you

orientation leader exemplifying Southeastern pride at its

should never quit.

most high. The 2015 Orientation Leader of the Year is a senior art major with a minor in psychology, Ms. Layla Clark.

“I applied for orientation leader my junior year; I wanted to do orientation leader my freshman year and it took me a long time to actually fill the application

The enthusiasm of past orientation leaders inspire

out and really go for it,” said Clark. I was afraid that I

possible future orientation leaders because of the Lion

wasn’t eager and excited or enthusiastic enough to be an

Pride shown.

orientation leader and to do it and to succeed at it, and

“What inspired me [to become an orientation leader]

then be Orientation Leader of the Year I feel like I put my

was coming to orientation when I came as a freshman,”

heart into something and worked for it and conquered it,

said Clark. “I was enrolled at Louisiana Tech, but my

and it was something I was afraid of, so I just feel like you

parents signed me up for orientation to come here

shouldn’t be afraid of anything. You should just go and

and enroll here, so when I came to orientation, I fell in

do it. Put your all into it and try your best and see what

love with the school. I wanted to come to Southeastern

happens because it could be great.”

Clark (above) stands side by side with one of the Foo Dogs, also commonly known as Lion Dogs, used to decorate the main entrance to Sims Memorial Library. Photo Elizabeth Brown

student life

Sophomore vocal performance major Neal Eli (below) entertains the crowd with his sweet moves at Strawberry Jam. Strawberry Jam is an annual get together for students to get the chance to interact with the athletes and each other. Photo Tamara Alexander


Resident Assistants Nicholas Williams, Caitlin Bueche and Mallory McKenzie (below) pose with Roomie the Lion. They had big smiles as they prepared to welcome freshmen to the green and gold nation. Photo Fernanda Chagas

Never underestimate the power of free pizza and live music. That potent combo filled the parking garage (above) for Strawberry Jam as it has for years. Photo Tamara Alexander



Sophomore communication major Bruce Javery (left) was the star of the night as he danced continuously to all the great songs at Strawberry Jam. With his new partner, these two took on Strawberry Jam enjoying a fun dance. Photo Tamara Alexander

Various students (above) rush to move into their dorms during Move in Mania. Here students receive their keys and meet their resident assistants as well as other members of the campus community. Photo Fernanda Chagas Students along with the help of their parents (left) continue to move in their dorms all around campus during Move in Mania. Move in Mania is the welcoming event of every fall semester. Photo Fernanda chagas

student life


Junior general studies major Da’Quan Smith (right) is getting himself some delicious pepperoni pizza that is always hot and fresh. “At Southeastern I enjoy the football and the food,” said Smith. Photo Elizabeth Brown Freshman nursing major Jaine Yepez (below) enjoys his lunch before attending a practice for the track and field team. “I enjoy the salad. I always get a salad.” “[On campus] I enjoy track practice the most,” said Yepez. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Art major Trent Pechon (right) came out to participate in eating the mysterious foods of the Fall Fear Factor. Many students came to watch the contestants conquer their gag reflex. Photo Elizabeth Brown



Junior general studies major Paul Ferguson (left) claims second-place at Southeastern’s first Fall Fear Factor hosted by Hall Council. “My favorite memory was competing with all of the other students and making it to the top three,” said Ferguson. “The experience altogether was fun, but the food was fear factor worthy.” Photo elizabeth brown

Freshman nursing major Rachel Sullivan (above) enjoys a tasty lunch in the Mane Dish and likes its easy access. “I like that it’s in a convenient location and has a variety of choices,” said Sullivan. Photo elizabeth brown Junior marketing major Kristian Megowan (left) is being served Korean tacos on pita bread by Geneva Williams, baker for the Mane Dish. “I enjoy the fact that it’s free for me to eat here and the food’s good too,” said Megowan. Photo elizabeth brown

student life

Junior ecology major Sydney Ferguson (right) works up a sweat while she pushes her limits on the elliptical. Most students visit the Pennington Center to workout between classes. Photo Tamara Alexander

Sophomore kinesiology major Kaylee Rivera (above) zones out during her workout and exercises away the stress of the week. Studies show that people who regularly exercise are twenty-five percent less likely to develop anxiety. Photo tamara Alexander Sophomore biology major Stephanie Toledo (right) focuses in on her pull downs while using the Lat pulldown machine. Many students listen to music while working out to motivate themselves. Photo Tamara Alexander



Sophomore computer science major Joshua Ballard (below) is not afraid to put in work. The determination on his face proves he was not afraid of the challenge. Photo Collin Guedon

health Junior computer science major Joshua Asoodeh and graduate student Raymond Jones (below) are seen daily greeting gym goers as they enter the gym. They not only greet them, but also continue to put smiles on their faces as they know how to crack jokes and have fun. Photo Tamara Alexander

Southeastern graduate Scott Naccari (above) listens to some tunes as he gets a few extra reps in. Lions are never afraid to go the extra mile inside or outside of the gym. Photo Collin guedon

Senior accounting major Johnquel Jones (above) keeps determination as he continues his weightlifting. Jones was squatting 180 pounds of steel. Photo Tamara Alexander

student life

Senior history major and resident assistant Brooke Blackwell (right) reads a book while relaxing in her room. “I’m so close to everything and campus is easily accessible,” said Blackwell. “My favorite thing about being a resident assistant is that I have the opportunity to build close relationships with my residents and each semester meet new people in my building.” Photo Kelonda Dixon

Senior graphic design major Nicholas Salvetti (above) enjoys a box of Mini Wheats cereal as he gets his work done at the end of a busy day. “Being on campus is pretty great,” said Salvetti. “Living in the apartments is great because we have a functioning kitchen and can make our own food.” Photo Elizabeth Brown Junior theatre design major Daniel Talley (right) jokes with and listens to his friend junior general studies major Luke Williamson play the guitar. “My favorite thing to do in the dorm is spend time with my roommate,” said Talley. “We have become such good friends throughout the year and it is a friendship that will last a lifetime. It’s so great to come home at the end of the day and have a friend to talk to and joke with.” Photo Elizabeth Brown




Senior computer science major Seth Champagne (left) enjoys a sandwich and pineapples after a full day of classes. During his free time, he relaxes and writes computer code. Photo Elizabeth brown

Sophomore business management major Sh-Kaia Mosely (above) reads a few chapters from her macroeconomics textbook as she prepares for an upcoming test. “I chose to stay on campus because I love being able to connect with new people and make lifetime friends,” said Mosely. Photo tamara alexander Senior kinesiology major Tyron’E Hawkins (left) relaxes on an uneventful weekend. She chose to unwind by watching a little bit of television. Photo Kelonda Dixon

student life


Owner of “Lion’s Barbershop” Sarah Angello (right) has been cutting hair since 1998. She recently became the owner of Lions Barbershop and plans to change things while keeping the charm that has been there for the past 50 years. Photo Collin Guedon

The Hammond High Magnet School Dance Team (above) struts through downtown Hammond during the annual Christmas parade. Every year the school participates in the parade spreading holiday cheer. Photo Elizabeth Brown Since the Hammond Train Station (right) opened its doors in 1912 it has been a staple in the city. They continuously welcome new comers to our wonderful town with great service and hospitality. Photo Collin Guedon


The Hammond community and Lion fans (below) came downtown to enjoy the entertainment of Hot August Nights. Hot August Nights is and was a great part of the eighth annual Lionpawlooza. Photo Heather Jewell

This Krewe of Omega float participant (above) is giving a handful of beads to a happy parade goer. The Krewe of Omega has been providing Hammond with the excitement of Mardi Gras since 1976. Photo Collin Guedon

hammond life

Hammond High Magnet School Band (below) marches through the streets of Hammond as a part of the 30th annual Krewe of Omega Parade, which they have participated in for consecutive years. Photo Collin Guedon

student life


Making Big Changes

Photo Lee Lind Design Kelonda Dixon Story Tamara Alexander



President Dr.John L. Crain, (left) fellow architects from Holly and Smith of Hammond and contractors from Percy Matherne Inc. gathered together to break the ground for the new Computer Science and Technology building. The ground breaking took place on November 20, 2015. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Demolition was initiated in November 2015 as the site was cleared. The former building, known as Southeastern Hall, was constructed in 1948 and has served as a dormitory, and most recently as faculty offices and housed the Center for Student Excellence. On September 3, 2015, Southeastern’s President John L. Crain, other officials, faculty and staff gathered to announce the construction of the new Computer Science and Technology Facility Improvements and Expansion under the Holly and Smith Architects of Hammond and Percy Matherne Contractors, Inc. The 70,035 square foot, 24.4 million dollar building will house the Department of Computer Science and Industrial Technology which includes the computer science, information science, engineering technology, industrial technology, and occupational safety, health and environment programs. Along with these programs, the new building will feature modern, high-tech classrooms, faculty offices, specialty labs for computer science, construction technology, material testing, machine and manufacturing, automation and robotics, ergonomics, industrial hygiene/fire protection, electronics and drafting. “This facility is greatly overdue,” stated by President Crain in a press release. “Our computer science,

engineering technology, industrial technology, and occupational safety, health and environment programs have expanded significantly in recent years as more students are drawn to the employment opportunities in Louisiana associated with these professions. The faculty and students have been operating with limited space. The new facility will greatly enhance the classroom and specialized lab space needed to provide modern instructional opportunities to our students.” The project has been in developmental stages since 2007 and now the new building will provide more spacing and new learning materials to students with a more advanced setting to complete their years here at Southeastern. “We are thrilled that we will now have a first-rate facility for these programs,” said Dean of the College of Science and Technology Daniel McCarthy. “We have first-rate faculty and students already, so this facility will only help to strengthen our programs even more. It is also gratifying that Southeastern is being recognized as a leader for computing and technology programs in the state. This is a direct testament to all the hard work and dedication of our faculty.” As total construction time is set at 17 months, it is set for students to began working in this building in fall 2017.

Southeastern Hall (above) is being demolished for the making of the new Computer Science and Technology building. It will be the home of the Department of Computer Science and Industrial Technology which is said to be ready by fall 2017. Photo Lee Lind

student life


Celebration Of arts

Photo kelonda dixon Design Kelonda Dixon Story Kelonda Dixon



“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” is a broadway musical (left). The musical follows the tale of a slave (Pseudolus), his master (Hero), and a blonde beauty (Philia) and the quest for his freedom. Photo kelonda dixon

Fanfare is an annual festival held by the Columbia Theatre to underscore the beauty of local art, music, dance and theatre. Many people of the Hammond community come to see the hard work of Southeastern Louisiana University’s very own students and faculty ranging from classical concertos to lectures on famous art pieces and artist. One performance that was held at the Columbia Theatre was “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” which is a comedy inspired by the Roman playwright Plautus. Sophomore vocal performance major Randi Gaspard played the beautiful virgin courtesan, Philia, that is to be sold until Hero, played by junior vocal performance major Terelle Bibbins falls in love with her. Therefore, it was up to Pseudolus, portrayed by senior vocal performance major Benjamin Vollentine, to make sure they can be together because his freedom is depending on it. Gaspard expressed her love for performing and how it feels to perform with others who share her passion. “I wanted to participate in the show because it’s a wonderful opportunity. Performing fills me with riveting joy. There is nothing that can compare to it,” said Gaspard. “The best part is that you are surrounded by individuals that feel the same way.” Fanfare is an inspiring time for creative other artists or performers and people of the Hammond community take the time to see the passion that goes into the visual and performing arts. Many come to enjoy the entertainment as well as to show their appreciation and

their support. “I’ve always wanted to be some sort of performer for as long as I can remember,” said Vollentine. “My family is full of performers, and if that wasn’t enough, I’m the youngest of five. It’s kind of hard not to end up acting or performing in some way as the youngest child. I grew to love performing at a very young age,” said Vollentine. “Making my parents forget the outside world for even five minutes became the favorite part of my day when I would perform skits for them with my sister. I suppose my birth influenced me to pursue the path I’m on now.” Fanfare sparks this same kind of deep rooted passion to inspire those who may not be able to conquer whatever is preventing someone from releasing their inner artist. Being that “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” is a comedy it roused plenty laughs from the audience throughout the night. “I truly enjoyed performing in a comedy,” said Gaspard. Vollentine, playing the lead, expressed how fun his first comedy performance was. “I thoroughly enjoyed performing in a comedy,” said Vollentine. “It was also my first lead in a musical at Southeastern, and I don’t think that there could have been a better first opportunity for me to stretch out my funny bone and make some people laugh.” Even though Fanfare is only a month long celebration it is filled with an enormous amount of festivities and performances to enjoy.

Cast members (above) Nicholas Smith (Hysterium) and Benjamin Vollentine (Pseudolus) are both comedians that night provided a night of laughter. Smith as a cross-dressing character, the surprise ending, and welltimed jokes entertained the audience. Photo kelonda dixon

student life


Grace Taffaro (right) performs “Trolls” during Dance Performance Project 2: “Thinking for a Change.” “Being a part of the Improv concert was very rewarding for me because I was able to express myself as a dancer as well as create art with my fellow Southeastern dancers,” said Taffaro. Photo Fernanda Chagas

The Jazz ensemble (above) creates smooth and sweet music much to the delight of the audience during Southeastern’s Jazz Band Concert. During this performance, one member of the ensemble gave a special solo, playing an electric flute. Photo Collin Guedon Inez (right) played by Angela Griffitt express her frustration during the production “No Exit.” I completely fell in love with my character, Inez, and have yet to fall out of it. Even though I was technically in Hell, it was like heaven on earth performing in ‘No Exit,’” said Griffitt. Photo Elizabeth Brown



Fanfare celebrates all types of art, but music holds a special place in Southeastern’s heart. Renowned trombonist Joseph Alessi (left) participates in the “Back to the Future” concert performing Johan de Meij’s “T-Bone Concerto.” Photo Kelonda Dixon

Award-winning author Jess Walter (above) expressed his ideas when it came to his“We Live in Water.” “The book built over several years as I was writing short stories during the Great Recession mostly about poverty and the idea that we need to show empathy for people whose living conditions that are worse than ours. Short stories and fiction are the way in which we create empathy and connect to other people’s lives that aren’t like ours,” said Walter. Photo Elizabeth brown Joseph Matherne and Lillian Marcus (left) perform “Us in the Night” during Dance Performance Project 2: “Thinking for a Change.” “The improv was mainly a flirtatious dance and how we both liked each other,” said Matherne. “It was a fun piece.” Photo Fernanda chagas

student life


Homecoming Court

Homecoming Week is one of the most exciting weeks for Southeastern’s students, faculty, staff, alumni and community during the academic year. Students were excited to participate in the many events held during Homecoming Week. Annual traditions such as Gumbo Ya Ya, the Bonfire, Lip Sync and the Homecoming Parade have thrilled generations of students. The court of 14 sweethearts and beaus continued the tradition of running for Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King, and they were present at traditional Homecoming events including Gumbo Ya Ya, Alumni Awards Evening and the Lip Sync battle. As voting polls closed on September 24, Ashley Nelson, Reid Shorter, Jasmine Wilson, Davon Mitchell, Randi St. Pierre, Tony Miller, Christina Ferrando, DeQuaz Humphries, Jamie Ban, Tyrell Norman, Allison Etzel, Beau Moore, Si-Arah McCray and Diontae “DJ” Cannon awaited the announcement of the 2015 King and Queen at the Homecoming game against Stephen F. Austin State University. Ashley Nelson is a native of Loranger, Louisiana. She is a junior accounting major and works at a local law office. She is also a member of Phi Mu Fraternity and Southeastern Ducks Unlimited. Reid Shorter is a native of Covington, Louisiana. He is a senior management major and a member of Kappa Alpha Order Fraternity where he served as rush

chairman, philanthropy chair and Intrafraternity Council delegate. He is also a member of Ducks Unlimited, Gamma Beta Phi and Up Til Dawn. Jasmine Wilson is a native of Franklinton, Louisiana. She is a senior social work major and also a member of the National Society for Leadership and Success, Best Buddies and the National Association of Social Workers Board. She has served as the Associate Chief Justice of Student Government Association (SGA), a 2012 orientation leader and the treasurer of the Social Work Club. Davon Mitchell is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a sophomore finance major and also a member of Theta Chi Fraternity. He served as a 2015 orientation leader and was also elected to the Interfraternal Council. Randi St. Pierre is a native of St. Amant, Louisiana. She is a junior elementary education major and also a member of Alpha Omicron Pi where she has recently served as Recruitment Chair. She has also served as President of Southeastern Education Association for Students and is involved with Excellence in Commitment to Education and Leadership (ExCEL) and Order of Omega. Tony Miller is a native of Hammond, Louisiana. He is a senior athletic training major and a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and the Southeastern Student Athletic Trainers’ Association. He was selected as a Southeastern QEP Student Ambassador and as a 2015 summer athletic


homecoming court

training intern for the New Orleans Saints. Christina Ferrando is a native of Mandeville, Louisiana. She is a sophomore marketing major and a member of Theta Phi Alpha Sorority and Best Buddies and is involved with the Wesley Foundation. She has been named to the Dean’s List, is a recipient of the progression scholarship and was named Sapphire Sister for her dedication to philanthropic and sisterhood events. DeQuaz Humphries is a native of Norco, Louisiana. He is a sophomore nursing major. He is a resident assistant, a 2015 orientation leader and an SGA Senator where he also serves as appropriations secretary. He is a member of the Southeastern Sociological Association, where he served as secretary, a member of the Hall Council and of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry as well as a dining ambassador. Jamie Ban is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a senior kinesiology major and member of Phi Mu Fraternity, Southeastern’s Ducks Unlimited, and the Rec Sports and Wellness Council. She is Sweetheart of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and served as the 2014 Panhellenic Delegate for Phi Mu. Tyrell Norman is a native of Kentwood, Louisiana. He is a senior general studies and kinesiology major. He is also a member of the National Association for the

Advancement of Colored People, Southeastern Gospel Choir, Sports Management Association and Sigma Alpha Pi. Allison Etzel is a native of League City, Texas. She is a senior elementary education major and a member Alpha Omicron Pi sorority where she served as community service chairman and was named sweetheart of the sorority. She is also a member of Gamma Beta Phi, Southeastern Education Association of Students, Kappa Delta Pi and was named to the Kappa Alpha Rose Court. Beau Moore is a native of Houma, Louisiana. He is a senior kinesiology major and vice president of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. He is a committee member of Ducks Unlimited and is heavily involved in intramural activities. Si-Arah McCray is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a senior family and consumer sciences major and a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda National Honors Society, Student United Way and Student Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Diontae Cannon is a native of Hammond, Louisiana. He is a senior kinesiology major and a member of Pi Kappa Alpha and NAACP. He is a founding father of Southeastern’s Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha and was selected as a 2014 orientation leader.

student life


Crowning Glory

Photo tamara alexander Design Kelonda Dixon Story Elizabeth Brown



Sweetheart Si-Arah McCray and Beau Diontae Cannon participate in the annual Homecoming Parade by throwing beads and candy to the parade goers. Photo Tamara Alexander

With the claiming of a title and a crown comes the emotions and promoting of oneself to countless people in the hopes of reaching that goal. For the 2015 Homecoming Sweethearts and Beaus, only two would be crowned as King and Queen. On October 17, those hopes were fulfilled for senior family and consumer sciences major Si-Arah McCray and senior kinesiology major Diontae “DJ” Cannon. A Baton Rouge native, McCray was in disbelief when she was called to claim her title as homecoming queen, but then felt an unforgettable feeling. “To be honest, I had doubts about winning,” said McCray. “When my name was called, I was in total shock. I knew I had a good chance of winning, but I did not know I was going to get the title. The feeling was indescribable to hear my name called and the people screaming my name. I did not know I was loved that much. It brought tears to my eyes.” With her new title, she wanted to represent Southeastern while also encouraging students to be the best they can be and to get the most out of life while they are still students. “I wanted to win because I knew I could represent the school in a positive light,” said McCray. “I also wanted to win to make my mom happy. She saw so much potential in me, and I wanted to prove her right. I plan to encourage students to keep pushing. I know times get hard with school work, but I want the student

body to know everyone has a purpose. I also want to encourage students to get involved. There is so much to do on Southeastern’s campus and it makes the college experience great. These are the years to cherish, so make the best of them.” As a Hammond native, Cannon felt that running for Homecoming King would be beneficial to the school since it has always felt like a home to him. “I ran for Homecoming King because I felt that I have a lot still to offer since I was a 2014 Orientation Leader, and it was a great opportunity to meet new people and extend my welcome to an amazing school,” said Cannon. “Southeastern has always been home to me. As a high school student coming from Saint Thomas Aquinas, we had our football games at Strawberry Stadium. I knew the campus well, and I also knew people who already went to Southeastern.” When his name was called for his title as Homecoming King, he felt blessed, thankful and surprised. “It was an amazing experience,” said Cannon. “I was in a daze. I thank God for all the blessings that He has given me.” With his new title, he planned to continue where he is while also being able to accomplish new goals. “I will continue to be an ambassador for the amazing school that I attend and try to further accomplish big things,” said Cannon.

Si-Arah McCray and Diontae Cannon stop and pose for a photo during the annual Homecoming Court reception. The Homecoming Court is introduced for the first time by President Dr. John L. Crain and alumni director Kathy Pittman. Photo Collin Guedon

student life

Stephanie Ellzey (right) smiles after being pied during Phi Mu’s annual “Pie a Phi” event during Gumbo Ya Ya. The sorority gave the proceeds to their philanthropy Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Photo tamara alexander Students gather together in War Memorial Student Park (below) during Homecoming Week to celebrate the annual event of Gumbo Ya Ya. The park is currently being renovated to add more greenery and seating for students and visitors. Photo lee lind



gumbo ya ya

Cupcakes (left) have become a central part of Gumbo Ya Ya, often taking the place of the cake for many students. The cupcakes for the event are often decorated to match Southeastern’s school colors. Photo tamara alexander President Dr. John L. Crain (below left) stands proudly next to the Broadway inspired cake with Roomie on the top. He was ready to cut the cake with the Homecoming King from the previous year Donovan Thierry. Photo tamara alexander

Former Homecoming King Donovan Thierry and the 2015 homecoming court (above) pose for a shot during Gumbo Ya Ya. The former king said his final farewell as the homecoming court was announced and introduced to the student body during the annual event. Photo Tamara Alexander A student (left) participates in Tri Sigma’s boat race at Gumbo Ya Ya. During Gumbo Ya Ya, student organizations provided games for students to play and the proceeds go to their local philanthropy. Photo Tamara Alexander

student life

Member of Alpha Sigma Tau Desiree Acosta and member of Pi Kappa Alpha Hunter G’Sell (below) offer a walk down memory lane for those supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fans. During the annual Lip Sync competition the sorority and fraternity paid homage to everyone’s favorite nanny, Mary Poppins. Photo kelonda dixon

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry (above) heats up the stage with a performance from the broadway hit musical “Grease.” Hannah Weaver who played Sandy and Brady Perque who played Roomie/Danny ended the performance with a bang. Photo kelonda dixon


Members of Theta Phi Alpha Skye Sullivan and Hannah Hawkins (below) hit the stage during the Lip Sync competition. In this performance the theme was the broadway musical “Wicked,” the story of two enemies that became friends. Photo kelonda dixon

Member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity Alec Jones and the ladies of Phi Mu Fraternity (above) take the audience back to the 1960’s during their “Jersey Boys” performance. Photo kelonda dixon


lip sync

Justin Bankston (left) stars as Roomie Pan as Kappa Alpha Order and Alpha Omicron Pi take the judges’ breath away with a performance of the hit Broadway musical “Finding Netherlands.” The men and ladies took third place in the Lip Sync competition. Photo kelonda dixon

Member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Emily LeBlanc (above) and member of Delta Tau Delta Brent Bourgeois entertain the audience with a performance from the hit broadway musical “Footloose”. During their performance, he picked her up and swung her around as a part of the footloose routine. Photo kelonda dixon Members of the Catholic Student Association Derrick Faucheux, Hayden Songy, and Brody Haye, (left) hit the stage with their “Guys and Dolls” performance. They stole the judges’ hearts as they won first place in the Lip Sync competition. Photo kelonda dixon

student life


In this round, freshman information technology major Richard Davis (right) times contestant sophomore Health/P.E. major Anna Gamblin as she completes a task during Minute to Win It. Contestants had to unload a full box of Kleenex, and the first one to do so was the winner. Photo collin guedon

Sophomore early childhood education major Jermanee Scoby (above) races against the clock to balance an oreo on her face, hands-free. The oreo had to be wiggled to her mouth during the annual Minute to Win It game series during Homecoming Week. Photo collin guedon Junior criminal justice major Tycer Robert (right) smiles as he successfully completes a game of balance the can. During this game, each contestant had to drink as much of the drink as it took to balance three cans on their sides. Photo collin guedon



Roomie (left) made a much appreciated appearance at the Homecoming Tailgate to the delight of adults and children in attendance. Photo kelonda dixon Southeastern’s President Dr. John L. Crain (below) cheerfully distributes school spirit in the form of cups during the annual Homecoming Parade. Photo tamara alexander

Senior communication major Danielle Shearer (left) gazes into a sea of green and gold during the annual Homecoming Parade. Her bright smiled excited the crowd as she threw candy to the attendees of the parade. Photo tamara alexander

student life


Miss Southeastern

Photo Alex Brainard Design Kelonda Dixon Story Elizabeth Brown


miss southeastern

Miss Southeastern 2016 Brianna Young (left) stands proudly with last year’s Miss Southeastern Emily Randon after she congratulates her on her win. “I’m really excited for the year ahead,” said Young. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Getting the opportunity to be an example of Lion Pride was the main goal in mind when junior mass communication major Brianna Young decided to run for Miss Southeastern 2016. That goal was achieved when she was crowned on October 24. “I ran for Miss Southeastern as a challenge to myself, and to see if it was possible for me to really dedicate my energy into something specific and get a return,” she said. “By winning the pageant, I knew that the balance I learned for school and pageantry would help me be relatable to students and also allow me to be an example of what it really means to ‘Lion Up.’” In becoming a recent Prairieville, Louisiana resident, choosing a school that was not only had a great communication program but also a great community made Southeastern an easy choice for college. “After moving to Prairieville, I was first undecided of what school I wanted to attend, but after I made a few friends who had already attended Southeastern, I was able to get the opportunity to see what campus life was like for them. I knew that Southeastern would be a good place for me to grow because of the well-established communication program.” Young felt that winning meant not only gaining a title and experiencing something new, but also that it would benefit her in the long run in terms of her career. “I wanted to win so that I could feel like I left a legacy on our campus and was involved in something that

really interested me,” said Young. “Another reason I wanted to win was because as someone who is interested in a career in broadcast/television, it is important that I begin learning how the public views me, how I am perceived, the way I talk and everything that comes with having a successful career, regardless of what profession I take interest in.” As the pageant progressed, she felt that what she learned during the process was more rewarding than actually winning itself. “The winning of the pageant is nothing in comparison to how much I feel I learned about myself throughout the competition,” said Young. “Just being on that stage and finding the confidence to be comfortable and proud was the best feeling I could’ve had the entire night.” In gaining her title, she hopes to promote her pageant platform “P.A.W.S For a Second Chance” while also being a representative for Southeastern. “As the newly crowned Miss Southeastern, my goals are to promote my platform of advocacy for shelter animals and becoming a national titleholder,” she said. “However, I also hope to volunteer at the Southeastern Lab School and represent Southeastern to the best of my abilities through supporting the organizations here on campus, making sure to attend local Hammond events so that there is always someone representing the students here on our campus and lastly make sure that I bring awareness of the needs and wants of the students to the faculty.”

Brianna Young (above) pose for a picture with Administrative Assistant for the Vice President for Student Affairs Dawn Starkey and Campus Activities Board Administrative Assistant Cecilia Palumbo. These ladies and their departments are both essential in making the pageant possible. Photo Elizabeth Brown

student life


Brianna Young exuberates great talent and passion while performing a dance for the talent portion of the pageant (right). “I worked hard for talent and being that I received the talent award, I felt the judges knew how hard I worked as well,” said Young. Photo alex brainard

After being crowned Miss Southeastern, Brianna Young surrounds herself with loved ones (above). Following her crowning, she also encouraged others to try pageantry. Photo Elizabeth brown After receiving her crown, Young reflected on how she felt in that very moment (right). “I’m still shaking,” said Young. “It was an awesome moment and I wish that any girls who compete in the future get the same opportunity I have been given.” Photo Elizabeth brown


For the on-stage question competition of the Miss Southeastern pageant each contestant had to select questions from fellow contestants. Young (below) answered a question pertaining to why students should attend Southeastern. Photo elizabeth brown

Young (above) scored another award from this memorable night. She received the award for the lifestyle and fitness in the swimsuit competition. Photo Elizabeth brown

miss southeastern

Young (below) displays beauty and grace as she walks on stage for the evening wear portion of the night. On stage, she portrayed elegance and poise for all to see. Photo elizabeth brown

student life

The winner of this year’s Miss Southeastern pageant Brianna Young (right) brings down the house during an eye-catching dance routine. She showed the crowd great skill and emotion. Photo elizabeth brown

Junior chemistry major Trista Kramer (above) performs a tap dance routine. She brought the audience back to their childhood with a Mary Poppins inspired dance number. Photo elizabeth brown Junior communication major Nancy Peck (right) sings for the talent portion of the competition. She finished as first runner-up and won best evening gown, the Miracle Maker Award and the People’s Choice Award. Photo Elizabeth brown



miss southeastern

Junior kinesiology major Alexis Laplante (left) performs a very emotional interpretive, dance. She tied with Young in the talent competition and won second runner-up. Photo larshell green Speech-language pathology graduate student Shanna Lee (below) shows the audience her vocal talent. She moved the audience with her rendition of “I Believe” by Fantasia Barrino. Photo elizabeth brown

Junior english education major and third runner-up Abbie Chiasson (left) dances in cabaret style during her vocal performance. She walked away with the Miss Congeniality Award at the pageant. Photo Elizabeth brown

student life


Spring Daze

Photo William Schmidt Design Kelonda Dixon Story Megan McCormick


spring daze

Students (left) enjoy the sounds of the Chee-Weez during Rec Fest. The Cheez-Weez are a cover band that has been performing locally for years. Photo Elizabeth Brown

End of the semester projects and assignments, preparations for finals and stress puts many students into a haze. To fix this, several organizations host several events as a part of Spring Daze. On Wednesday, April 13, the Campus Activity Board held Strawberry Jubilee. Students were provided free red beans and rice as well as the opportunity to participate in various other activities. New activities at the annual event included designing a customized street sign, stuffing Roomie during “Stuff-A-Lion,” a picture printer for students to take home a souvenir and even a petting zoo with exotic animals. Also at the event was the strawberry shortcake cutting by 2016 Miss Southeastern Alexis LaPlante and President Dr. John L. Crain. Campus organizations were also encouraged to set up booths at the event. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) sold cake pops while also promoting themselves. “I thoroughly enjoyed all of the new events at Strawberry Jubilee,” said NAACP member and freshman computer science major Richard Davis. “Two of my favorite activities were the photo booth and the street sign maker. I was able to create and share memories with my friends that I know will last a lifetime.” On April 25, University Housing hosted its annual Fais Do Do. The event included a DJ, photobooth, rockwall, crawfish, games and several other organizational booths. “My favorite part of Fais Do Do was being able to eat crawfish and hang out with friends around campus,”

said freshman education major Hannah Vaughn. After the two pits were dug and filled with just enough water to make it muddy, Recreational Sports and Wellness were prepared for Swamp Bowl IX. The event was held on Friday, April 29. Throughout the double elimination mud volleyball tournament, two winners were declared. The Muddy Raccoons, consisting of university tennis players and track and field members, took home the winnings of the Co-Rec Division. Dirty Mike and the Boyz returned to the annual event and took home the title of Swamp Bowl IX Champions for the second consecutive year. Closing out the semester, Recreational Sports and Wellness paired with Campus Activities Board and KSLU for Rec Fest 2016 on Wednesday, May 4. The event offered live music by Jonathan Koeppel, The CheeWeez and The Gillis Silo. Crawfish, beer and games for students to actively participate in were available. The campus prides itself on student involvement. With events like these, they allow all students to unite while also having fun. “I truly enjoy campus events because it allows all of the students to come together as one and have a great time,” said Vaughn. For others, events are a way to relax after a long day of classes before heading back into the library to complete their studies. “They’re a great way for students from all over to take a break from academics,” said Davis.

The Chee-Weez (above) played for crowds at Rec Fest. Games, free food and live music were available to all students that were in attendance. Photo Elizabeth Brown

student life

Professor Matthew Alford (right) serves the ball to the opposing team. This year Swamp Bowl consisted of a faculty team from the College of Business which won in the faculty division of the competition. Photo Collin Guedon

During Strawberry Jubilee a student (below) holds a skunk. For the first time Strawberry Jubilee offered a petting zoo and many students took advantage of the opportunity to hold cozy and exotic animals. Photo Tamara Alexander

Brandi Sellers and Tristyn Osby-Jackson (above right) proudly show off their personalized street signs at Strawberry Jubilee. Strawberry Jubilee has been a tradition on Southeastern’s campus since 1983. Photo Kelonda Dixon Graduate students Corinne Cormier and Benjamin Boudreaux (right) enjoy some tasty crawfish outside the Student Union during the Fais Do Do. Photo KELONDA DIxon



spring daze

Sophomores Kerrian Morris, Mark Hall and Lela Taylor (left) enjoy each others company in front of the Student Union during the annual Fais Do Do celebration. Photo Kelonda Dixon Students (below) collide during Swamp Bowl as they all go up for the volleyball. Swamp Bowl is an annual competition that takes place during Spring Daze. Photo Collin Guedon

student life


A New Reign

Photo Larshell gReen Design Kelonda Dixon Story William Schmidt


miss southeastern

The new reigning Miss Southeastern 2016 Alexis LaPlante poses by the Katrina Rita Memorial Fountain. With her new leading role, LaPlante plans to help the community in a major way. Photo Larshell Green

When former Miss Southeastern 2016 Brianna Young stepped down second runner up from the 2016 Miss Southeastern Beauty Pageant, Alexis LaPlante ,stepped up to take her role. A vision she had since she first came to the university, senior kinesiology major LaPlante took over the reign as the new Miss Southeastern 2016. “When I was told I was the new Miss Southeastern, I was shocked,” said LaPlante. “It has been my dream since the day I set foot on this campus to be Miss Southeastern and give back to a university which has given much to me. I am blessed and honored to be given this opportunity.” LaPlante originally began her path for the title of Miss Southeastern in hopes of gaining awards but had came to know holding the title was more important. “What originally led me to compete was the amazing scholarship opportunities which come with the title,” said LaPlante. “However, the more I became involved in pageants, I realized holding a title is so much more than that. It’s having the opportunity to make a difference in the university and community.” LaPlante will use her time until the 2016 Miss Louisiana Beauty Pageant to represent Southeastern, focus on her platform for abolishing all forms of modern-day slavery and begin preparation for each level of competition for the Miss Louisiana competition. “I intend to make the most of this opportunity because I want to represent the university the best way

I can,” said LaPlante. “I understand this title isn’t about me, it’s about all the people I can reach with it. This campus can be assured they will see me being actively involved as much as possible during my reign. These next few months I will be working as hard as possible to make sure Miss Southeastern continues her legacy of success at the Miss Louisiana pageant. I know being Miss Southeastern will open so many doors and allow me to further my platform of abolishing slavery in the twenty first century at a larger level.” LaPlante believes in the message Miss Southeastern and Miss Louisiana represent through The Miss America Organization. “The Miss America Organization is special because it empowers young women and helps them further their education while also providing a forum to share their talents, opinions and service to their community,” said LaPlante. “I believe in everything this organization stands for and I am very honored to be a part of it.” The new Miss Southeastern 2016 encourages all students to follow their goals and to believe no matter what may happen, they can be accomplished. “When God puts dreams on our hearts, He is always faithful to complete them in our lives,” said LaPlante. “I would like the students of SLU to remember my story of being second runner up to becoming Miss Southeastern. Dreams really do come true if we have faith and the boldness to pursue them.”

LaPlante poses during a photo-op at Friendship Oak. The crowned beauty wants to inspire others to follow their dreams as she did. Photo Larshell Green

student life


LaPlante (right) did an interpretive dance as a part of the talent portion of the competition. The interpretive dance was inspired by LaPlante’s platform of abolishing all forms of modern-day slavery. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Alexis LaPlante (above) stepped up to become the 2016 Miss Southeastern officially on Wednesday, February 13th. She took the place of former Miss Southeastern Brianna Young. Photo Elizabeth brown LaPlante (right) answered a question which counted toward five percent of the overall score. The contestants also participated in a private interview prior to the competition. Photo Elizabeth brown


LaPlante (below) confidently owned the stage during the lifestyle and fitness category. According to LaPlante, this was her favorite portion of the competition that evening. Photo Elizabeth brown

LaPlante (above) gave an upbeat introduction to open the pageant. After, contestants danced together to kick off the “A Night Dedicated to Dance” themed pageant. Photo Elizabeth brown

miss southeastern

LaPlante (below) stunned the audience during the evening wear portion of the competition. She displayed beauty, poise and grace with a touch of elegance. Photo Elizabeth brown


Photo Elizabeth brown



Kathy Pittman

Photo Collin Guedon Design Kelonda Dixon Story Jasmine C. Tate


kathy pittman

Pittman rightfully holds a Southeastern helmet, a considerable symbol of Lion Pride, (above) just as a proud alumni would. Pittman’s office is filled with miniature Lions and other commemorative memorabilia showing off her Lion Pride. Photo collin guedon Pittman (left) poses with Southeastern’s time capsule. This case has housed memorabilia throughout the years and was preserved in honor of the university’s 15th anniversary in 2000. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Experiences as a student live in the hearts and memories of many alumni for a lifetime, but for director of the Alumni Association and university event coordinator Kathy L. Pittman, the advantages of her life as a student stretched beyond memories and Lion Pride. Pittman graduated from Southeastern in 1971 and went on to serve as the senior vice president of marketing and public relations at First Guaranty Bank before returning to the university as the alumni director. Her involvement in student and Greek organizations including the Student Government Association, Phi Mu Fraternity and the Lionettes Dance Team connected her with people and opportunities alike, influencing her career as a student and later as a professional. “I had a great college experience,” said Pittman. “I was from the community. I didn’t stay in the dorm, but I never missed anything on campus.” Being involved at Southeastern before its transition into a university gave Pittman personal connections, perspectives and the ability to specialize events for current students and alumni. “I was here at an awesome time. When I started, it was Southeastern Louisiana College, but when I graduated it was Southeastern Louisiana University,” she explained. “I had some really good comparisons of things that were, and I think that tradition brings it through. We’ve put together some programs that make Southeastern special in lots of different areas.” With 18 years behind her, Pittman has planned and executed many events ranging from homecoming to Commencement, but favors the celebration of the

university’s 75th anniversary and the return of the football program. “I have had so many favorite events,” she said. “If I had to talk about any one it [would be] the 75th anniversary of the university, and it was a super event because we planned not just one event. We had an event every month for a whole year. The event itself filled almost the whole University Center which was pretty awesome. I think everybody appreciated the effort we put into it, and they came back because they love Southeastern. I also enjoyed the return of football. When it came together and we saw it actually happen, there was a wow factor.” Of her fondest memories as a student, Homecoming Week tops the list. “As a student, I think I always loved homecoming,” said Pittman. “Homecoming was great; it was exciting. Football games were exciting and homecoming, of course, was a culmination of all that together. I had no idea what that meant back then, but I know now.” As a former Lionette, co-chairman for the return of football, alumni director and event coordinator, she was delighted by the 2013 football season which showcased the growth of the program since its return and the development of pride in the student body and community, bringing fulfillment to a long-time goal. “That’s what homecoming was like when I was in school; the streets were always packed like that,” she explained. “So that was always my goal here, to build homecoming and let everybody see what I felt. It felt really good. It was all the right pieces put together.” Although Pittman has seen many years and

changes in the university’s structure, student body and leadership, the atmosphere, traditions and caring nature of educators are elements she is proud to see live on. “Southeastern turns out quality students that can go out in the workplace and find jobs,” she said. “It’s not a small university, but it’s a small atmosphere, and our teachers really care. I heard that when I was in school, and I still hear that today, and Southeastern is about three times larger than when I was here. It’s nestled in Tangipahoa Parish. Even though we are regional, we are in a great place in the state, and it’s a great environment for people that come here.” Having worked with committees comprised of students, alumni and professionals alike, she labels her interactions and connections with people as the most rewarding element of her career. “I have met so many nice people,” she said. “I just like to interact with people, and that’s really rewarding.” As the university develops and students continue to succeed, Pittman plans to continue to connect students and alumni in celebration and remembrance of their career at Southeastern while creating new experiences and memories for future students. “If you don’t have that full, rounded experience then you’re missing something in life, and I think that’s really important,” she explained. “My job is to try to connect as many alumni to the university as I can and to make them remember all of the great experiences that they had and to help us leave that for the students that are coming.”


Pittman poses in front of the framed check inside of the Alumni Center. This check has a special meaning being that it is the largest donation ever made to the university by Joyce Junghans for 3.3 million dollars given in 2008. Photo Collin Guedon During her time as a student when Southeastern Louisiana University was known as Southeastern Louisiana College, Pittman was named Circle K’s sweetheart (below). Circle K is a service organization still active on campus. Photo Le Souvenir 1969

Pittman was named Best-dressed coed (right) in 1969. She was able to represent the college in the magazine “Glamour” as a part of the sponsored campus-wide contest. Photo Le Souvenir 1969



kathy pittman

Kathy Pittman (left) proudly stands outside of the Alumni Center. Pittman retired at the end of March 2016 after twenty years of service to the university as the Alumni Center Director. Photo Kelonda Dixon

During Pittman’s retirement ceremony many of her family, friends and colleagues attended to help her celebrate in the Alumni Center. Refreshments (below) were served as memories were shared. Photo Megan Ferrando

Pittman poses with her fellow Phi Mu sisters for a yearbook picture (above). Phi Mu is the second oldest female fraternal organization in the United States. Photo Le Souvenir 1969 Pittman (left) attends her retirement reception held at the Alumni Center on March 17, 2016. Photo William Allen



Professor Of The Year

Photo Elizabeth Brown Design Kelonda Dixon Story Elizabeth Brown


professor of the year

Walker resident Paula Varnado-Sullivan (above right) has a great passion for teaching and believes education should go beyond the classroom. She found her passion for teaching by accident soon after graduating from graduate school. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Professor and graduate program coordinator Paula Varnado-Sullivan (above) humbly shows off her President’s Award for Excellence in teaching. She received the award, which is considered the highest honor a faculty or staff member can receive, in fall 2015. Photo Elizabeth Brown Professor and graduate program coordinator Paula Varnado-Sullivan (left) has been serving the university since 1998. Since then, she has taken on many roles and responsibilities, and, as a result, she has won many awards for her accomplishments and dedication. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Born in Baton Rouge, Paula Varnado-Sullivan grew up in Denham Springs and graduated from Louisiana State University with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Doctorate of Clinical Philosophy degrees. She is currently married to her husband, Sean Sullivan, a sports fanatic, has two dogs and two cats and lives in Walker, Louisiana. Since she is a clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders, anxiety and depression, she also does private practice on the side where she sees a few patients every week. She started at Southeastern in January of 1998 teaching night classes as an adjunct. As time progressed, she moved up in positions, then finally became a professor in 2000. To start though, she was taken by surprise that she would become a teacher. “I was kind of surprised they called me [in 1998] to teach because the only thing I had done before was guest lecture, but when I taught that first night class, I kind of realized I really, really liked teaching,” said Sullivan. With her passion for teaching, she has taken on more roles and responsibilities at the university including becoming graduate coordinator for the Department of Psychology in 2008, the faculty advisor of the International Honor Society in psychology Psi Chi in 2002 and building up the society from nearly nonexistence to now having over 30 members at any given time. She has also taught many classes since being at the university, chaired 23 thesis committees, chaired one non-thesis committee, been a member of nearly 50 thesis committees, supervised multiple practicum students, trained multiple undergraduate and graduate students in research, named Honorary Coach for many

years for many Lions sports and started a graduate thesis program near the summer of 2009 and a nonthesis program near the summer of 2012 to help students after graduation. “As the graduate coordinator, I want to help our students go on and be successful in whatever it is they do after our program,” said Sullivan. In the fall of 2013, she also created the Research Incubator for Psychology Students (RIPS) to facilitate undergraduate research. “RIPS is a way to help the students develop their own research projects to get experience,” said Sullivan. As a result of her passion and dedication to students and the university, she has won many awards including the Psi Chi Southwestern Regional Advisor of 2012, the Lola Sue Purcell Smith Endowed Professorship in Psychology from 2011 to 2013, most recently Professor of the Year and utmost, in teaching, the President’s Award for Excellence in the fall of 2015, the highest honor a faculty or staff member can receive at Southeastern. When she found out she was selected for the President’s Award for Excellence, she was surprised by the honor. “I was very surprised and to be singled out, [for the President’s Award] it’s an honor,” said Sullivan. As for her selection as Professor of the Year, she felt very humbled and shocked to be chosen. “I was in disbelief,” said Sullivan. “For me, teaching has always been about more than just the classroom. I just try to do my job and do a good job and do what I think needs to be done for the department and our students and anyone recognizing that, it’s always surprising.”



Outstanding Senior

Photo KELONDA DIXON Design Kelonda Dixon Story Kelonda Dixon


student of the year

During the 2016 DSA Convocation, Poudel (above) proudly accepts his award from Mrs. Josie Mercante, President of the Alumni Association, as he was named Outstanding Senior of the Year by the Alumni Association. Photo Kelli Meynard

Outstanding Senior of the Year Binit Poudel (above) walked across the stage beaming with joy after receiving the President’s Medal at the spring 2016 commencement. Photo KELONDA DIXON Poudel (left) was a 4.0 chemistry major and graduated with honors. He will further his education at the University of Texas at Austin. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Outstanding Senior of the Year is an award given by the Alumni Association at the Division of Student Affairs Convocation. This prestigious award is given to one senior who has gone above and beyond in the community as well as academics. This year’s outstanding senior is Binit Poudel. Poudel is a senior chemistry major with a 4.0 GPA from Bhairahawa, Nepal. Courtesy of the Alumni Association, he was awarded a $400 honorarium. He is the president of the Southeastern Chemistry Club and the Nepalese Student Association, as well as a senator under the Student Government Association for the College of Science and Technology. To be recognized as Outstanding Senior of the Year is a great accomplishment for Poudel. Balancing school and officer positions for various organizations manifests why he was nominated. “It feels great to be recognized as the outstanding senior of the year and mainly at the DSA Convocation, which is the biggest award convocation in our university,” said Poudel. “Being honored and recognized is always a great feeling. Now, I have the answer to all the hard work and busy schedules for the past four years.” The hard work and determination did not go unnoticed. His chemistry professor Dr. Debra Dolliver had kind words, stating, “Binit is certainly in the top 1-5% of students I have taught over a 15 year career. He is an outstanding candidate for this award due to his stellar academic performance, his strong work ethic, his attention to detail, his innate ability to tackle problems and solve them and his diligence and patience. In short, he is a shining example of the excellence that Southeastern can produce.” The university continues to recognize excellence, leaders and those who commit to helping make

the university better. The university has over 100 organizations and also provides opportunities for students to learn, develop and make a change. Many have made their mark, becoming experts in time management while still being involved on campus. “Usually, it is not difficult to balance school and campus activities because I enjoy both of them,” said Poudel. “Just a little bit of time management helps a lot to balance. If you enjoy both of them then you will be able to find time easily. Yes, it is difficult to manage sometimes during midterm weeks and exams; but after the exams are over it will be normal.” With holding officer positions comes responsibility, but also ability. It is the ability to give voice to situations that may otherwise not be heard about and to also lead a group of individuals. Poudel expresses how rewarding it can be to be in a position where he can help his peers and the university. “As a senator for the college of science and technology, I got a chance to represent other students in senate and helped to make decisions that will be beneficial to the students and the university,” said Poudel. “I had also written travel grants that were used by chemistry students to visit National American Chemical Society (ACS) and Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS) meetings.” With these qualities and characteristics, Poudel was honored to be awarded with the Outstanding Senior of the Year Award. When he graduates, he will go on to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry, concentrating in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin. He has already received the Provost’s Graduate Excellence Fellowship scholarship to attend.


college of arts, humanities and social sciences Design Kelonda Dixon Story Kelonda Dixon



college of arts, humanities and social sciences

Junior graphic design major Savannah Perrin (left) takes advantage of lab hours as she works on her project for her sculpture class. The labs are essential for students to complete or put in extra time for class projects. Photo Kelonda Dixon

In 2015 Pixel, the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) chapter graphic design club hosted the very first creative “Damage Conference” where artists from many surrounding areas came to share their advice and experiences with Southeastern students. The creative conference was an opportunity for the art community to come and offer guidance and support to students that are interested in taking their art career to the next level and what it takes to get there. The conference consisted of lectures from artists, business owners and graduates, as well as workshops. Though the conference was art related, students of all majors were welcome. To put together a conference, it took a lot of networking as expressed by Pixel president and senior graphic design major Marcus Soniat. “Well it was very tough because it was our first time ever putting on something that big,” said Soniat. Logistically, it wasn’t horrible, but it definitely had its moments. Aside from planning who, what, when, where and how, it was a lot of fun meeting the people who wanted to participate in the conference and the people who put on the lectures, workshops and panel to the people who were in the crowd.” Other than attending school to gain skills, professors feel students should always share and learn from one another. Getting involved with peers is an important rite of passage in an art career. School is where long life

connections are made and the networking opportunities are endless. Senior graphic design major and vice president of Pixel Fernanda Chagas has had many opportunities to witness what it is like when the art community unites under one roof since she has visited creative conferences throughout her college career. “I believe it is extremely important for designers to attend conferences like that and become a part of the community,” said Chagas. “I attended conferences during my entire college career, and I must say it made a huge impact in my work and love for design.” Pixel set out with one specific goal, and that was to inspire students and to ensure that there is an achievable career in the visual and performing arts. “The conference had a great turn out,” said graphic design student and staff member of the Southeastern Louisiana University Contemporary Art Gallery Savannah Perrin. “The workshops were amazing and the lectures were so inspirational. I feel that whoever attended the Damage Conference learned a great deal that day about the design world and the importance of community. My favorite part of the conference was getting to see the passion that these designers have, and it made me want to be a part of the design world even more so.”

Fresh: New Master Artists exhibition participant Stoney Sasser (above) presented her piece called “Swell.” Sasser is one of many graduate students from around the country who has recently received her Master of Fine Arts to exhibit her work in the Contemporary Art Gallery. Photo Elizabeth Brown Contemporary Art Gallery workers Sarah Balli and Trent Peachon (far left) take time to interact with recently graduated graduate student Stoney Sasser’s work in the Fresh: New Master Artists exhibition. Those whose works were in the exhibition were selected based on their art. Photo Elizabeth Brown



Guitar instructor Patrick Kerber (right) gets class started by having the students practice several notes in this guitar ensemble class. Photo Kelonda Dixon Sociology instructor Rebecca Hensley (below) has a discussion during class. As a professor of sociology her interests are power relations and globalization. Photo Kelonda dixon

Junior history major Reanna Lanoux (above) learns about manual focus and depth of field in her Photography class. In this class students learn the basics of photography and photojournalism. Photo Collin Guedon Artist John Pellitteri (right) was a visiting artist in the Southeastern Contemporary Art Gallery. He exhibited an array of sculptures that depict architectural space and are influenced by natural resources. Photo Kelonda dixon


college of arts, humanities and social sciences

Junior photography major Desmond McMullen (left) is in the beginners drawing class where students learn about proportions, line weight, value scale and other skills. Photo collin guedon Sociology instructor Russell Castro (below) engages the students in a discussion about society. He teaches race and ethics, social problems, as well as a introductory sociology course. Photo Kelonda dixon

Director of Choral Activities and assistant professor of voice Dr. Alissa Mercurio Rowe (left) practices pitches with her class. Photo Kelonda dixon


college of business Design Kelonda Dixon Story Elizabeth Brown



college of business

Students (left) study in between classes in Garrett Hall. Garrett Hall serves as the home of the College of Business including the departments of accounting and finance, management and business administration and marketing and supply chain management. Photo Elizabeth brown

Every fall during the time of Homecoming Week, the College of Business holds its Business Perspectives Week where students are given the chance to interact with local and national businesses from across the country. During the week of October 12-15, 2015, students were also able to get a taste of what real-world business is like outside the classroom. According to College of Business’ Interim Dean Antoinette Phillips, those business members that speak to and interact with students during this annual event may be chosen based on their expertise in relation to a particular class of students along with previous connections between professors or instructors and the members of businesses, recommendations by faculty, staff or administration members or even by those business members’ own initial contact to the college since the event is well-known. Most of the time, the event will usually have one featured speaker along with multiple other speakers, but this year in particular, there were three featured speakers including: Robert Watkins, this year’s distinguished alumnus from the College of Business and Managing Partner for Wegmann Dazet & Company, Danny Monistere, Senior Vice President for Client Services for Nielsen Holdings N.V., and José Barrios Ng, President and CEO of ABCO Global and Capital Finance. “We have had featured speakers before, but hosting three was a distinct honor, and we were delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to our students,” said Phillips. Along with these featured speakers, over 45 other speakers met with and spoke to students throughout the week including Director of Athletics and Owner

of Jay Artigues Sportsplex Waskey, Inc. Jay Artigues, Director of Analysis and New Initiatives Kevin Babin and President at Total Tax Time, LLC Yolanda Franklin, to name a few. Near the end of the week on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 11 a.m., Babin spoke to students about careers in accounting. What might have seemed to be a boring lecture at first to some might have turned out to be something more than expected for those able to listen to Babin talk about his first-hand experience in the real-world workforce. During his presentation, Babin gave his thought process when entering the workforce including: open (have an open mind), deflate (stay humble), clear (your mind or head), listen, write, network, smile, read, love and live. Babin also offered his advice to students following his presentation where students asked more questions about the workforce. “Take it a day at a time,” said Babin. Soon after Babin at 12:30 p.m. on the same day, Franklin, along with Tyrone Harrell, owner of Harrell Termite and Pest Control, spoke to students on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Franklin, with input from Harrell, explained the process of what it takes to build and maintain a successful local business or businesses. One of these necessities mentioned by Franklin included first asking yourself what type of business you want to have and why followed by many other steps including making a business plan. “Having a passion for what you’re doing is necessary,” said Franklin. “You have to love what you do and enjoy it.”

Senior accounting major Sadako Davis (above) studies while waiting for a friend to get out of their class. “Normally I like to study in the library on the fourth floor, but today I had to meet someone here, so I chose to stay here,” said Davis. Photo Elizabeth Brown President at Total Tax Time, LLC, Yolanda Franklin and owner of Harrell Termite and Pest Control Tyrone Harrell (far left) talk to students during the College of Business’ Business Week on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Franklin and Harrell are both successful, local business owners in Louisiana. Photo Elizabeth Brown


Director of Analysis and New Initiatives at Waskey, Inc. Kevin Babin (right) gave his thought process to students when it comes to entering the workforce. Photo Elizabeth brown Senior business administration major Kate Pesquie and other students (below) get some work done in between classes. The College of Business has The Mane Market Too where students can pick up a quick snack then sit in the lobby while watching stocks as they complete work. Photo Elizabeth brown

Junior marketing major Justin Davis (right) takes notes during class. The attraction of being able to receive an internship before entering the workforce is one reason why many students chose the College of Business as their educational institution. Photo Elizabeth brown



college of business

Junior finance major Dylan Barbier (left) completes his work in the Bloomberg lab in Garrett Hall. “I like that it’s quiet in here, that Bloomberg is available and that I can network with other finance majors,” said Barbier. Photo Elizabeth brown Management and Business Administration instructor Anna Bass and her class (below) have a few laughs during the etiquette seminar during Business Week. Southeastern boasts a dedicated faculty and staff that provides an effective classroom environment. Photo Fernanda Chagas

Management and Business Administration instructor Matthew Alford (above) teaches his students fundamentals. This is the basics of business classes going over things such as interest rate and time periods. Photo Elizabeth brown Senior business administration major Malayne Sharp (left) remains engaged in her finance class. Many students in the undergraduate business program often decide to continue there education by going into the graduate school program. Photo Elizabeth brown


college of education Design Kelonda Dixon Story Tamara Alexander



college of education

Senior elementary education majors Alyssa Roberts and Rachel Gazzea (left) participate in a class activity about archeology. During this activity students used Play-Doh and other tools to make their own fossils. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Southeastern Louisiana University’s education program was ranked 15th when the National Council on Teacher Quality released its “Best Value” ratings of colleges of education across the U.S. This study took into consideration a combination of quality and affordability factors such as tuition, fees and average financial aid awards along with average teacher salary in the state and how well the program prepares future teachers for the realities of the classroom. Not only do these factors make a difference, but also the techniques used to prepare teacher candidates play a huge role in the success of the college. Interim Department Head Cynthia Elliott said, “I think it’s our faculty and the work they do with our teacher candidates and also the services to the community.” The feedback given from the faculty prepares each student for the world they are about to enter as new teachers. “Lots of institutions and universities can put teacher candidates into the field to observe or interact, but what makes a difference is the feedback that our individual faculty give for each of the courses,” said Elliott. “Whether it might be insight, classroom management or a methods course where they are looking at how to teach mathematics to third graders, the specific and focused feedback that our faculty gives, help teacher candidates improve their practices.” The professors, faculty and staff of the College of Education prepare each student for success. “Yes, we feel that our teacher candidates are ready for

the job market, but not only do we feel that, but we can show that by the communities and school districts that are hiring our graduates,” said Elliott. “For example, with St. Charles Parish, we have the apprenticeship program. They approached us about three years ago to do a twosemester experience similar to student teaching and we have been doing that, giving our teacher candidates a whole year in the field before graduation.” With this type of experience, teacher candidates are able to know hand-first what it is like to be in the classroom, which lead to early contracts and jobs after graduation. “At least ninety percent of our teacher candidates in that apprenticeship program have been hired and a couple of them who haven’t went on to jobs in other districts,” said Elliott. The College of Education has been honored on multiple occasions, but they are very proud of this honor. When asked how proud, Elliott replied, “Extremely. It is hard work preparing teachers to impact student learning, but we are very proud of our efforts. We are proud of our teacher candidates and what they go out to do,” said Elliot. “We are proud of graduates and extremely proud of the work our faculty does to have such a wonderful program that gives lots of opportunities to give feedback to the teacher candidates that come from Southeastern.”

Senior education majors made dreamcatchers by hand in an art lesson for students (above). Many of the dreamcatchers were placed on display for students to enjoy. Photo Elizabeth Brown English graduate Emily Klein (far left) relaxes in the Snoezelen room in the College of Education. The room features a relaxing environment with colorful lights and many pieces of equipment. Photo Elizabeth Brown



The Teaching with Primary Sources program organized a display within the Library of Congress in the College of Education for Black History Month (right). Displays changed month to month and were interactive and contained different themes. Photo Elizabeth Brown Senior elementary education major A’layne Minvielle and senior special education major Katie Wade (below) participated in a presentation given by a fellow student about archaeology. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Seniors in the College of Education (above) show off some of the dreamcatchers they made. They taught students how to make dream catchers in an art lesson. Photo Elizabeth Brown The Snoezelen Room (right) contains many displays to help create a calming environment. This display has the ability to change many different colors. Photo Elizabeth Brown


college of education

Senior elementary education major Amber Pecoraro and senior special education major Danielle Broadhead (left) use Play-Doh to make shapes during a class activity. The College of Education provides multiple resources for student success. Photo Elizabeth Brown The Southeastern Learning Resource Center (below) is in the heart of the College of Education, The College of Education resides in the Charles E. Cate Teacher Education Center. Photo Elizabeth Brown

The College of Education contains many rooms for teachers and students, including the Snoezelen Room. The room (left) is one of the newest resources made available in the recent year. Photo Elizabeth Brown


college of nursing and health sciences Design Kelonda Dixon Story Collin Guedon



college of nursing and health sciences

Kinesiology graduate student Payton Zeringue (left) reviews a test during class being sure to go over any mistakes he has made. Photo Collin Guedon

“We’re always ever focused, we’re always looking for ways to progress to the next step and how we can build upon our success,” said associate professor of the sports management program Ashely Bowers when asked about the university’s ranking as the fifth most affordable sports management program in the country. Started in 2008, the university had the first sports management program in the state of Louisiana. Today, the program has over 100 students guided by a small, but qualified staff. Many things among this make the university’s sports management program elite and different from other programs. “As a whole, our program is very diverse in terms of our internships opportunities, the depth of our curriculum, real world ready experiences and employment of students after graduation. All of those things together bolster the program. In conjunction, the region of the school is located so close to many internship opportunities that are also fortunate to be at a school that is affordable,” said Bowers. “So, it’s rare to have such a quality program in the middle of so many resources with the afford-ability aspect of it. All those aspects together make our program very attractive.” To earn a Bachelor of Sports Management from Southeastern’s students have to complete ten kinesiology courses and get a B or better in all of their program courses. The university is around an hour away from New Orleans, home of the Saints and Pelicans as well as the New Orleans Sports Foundation. Baton Rouge is

also about forty-five minutes from campus where there is plenty of recreational and sports businesses. Putting Southeastern Louisiana University in the middle of Louisiana’s two largest cities is part of the reason why student are able to get such great internships. The sports management program is not the only degree program in the department of Kinesiology and Health Studies. The undergraduate degrees in the program include Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. In this program students learn about everything from clinical evaluation and diagnosis to immediate and emergency care. Other programs include a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Promotion, Bachelor of Science in Heath and Physical Education K-12, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, concentration in exercise science and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology concentration in fitness and human performance. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences has some other programs that have also been in the national rankings. The nursing program has received the Nightingale Award for Outstanding Nursing School of the year three times in the last seven years. The program also boasts 1,600 majors and graduates, approximately 150 students annually. With so many opportunities it’s no wonder enrollment is stronger than it ever has before. As we look into the future the university can hope for more national rankings and awards. No matter what the university will continue to progress and push forward.

Quinta Shepperd (above) along with nursing students bring awareness to STI’s before the campus goes on Spring Break. This is a great way to help students prevent these types of things during the spring break. Photo William Allen Former volunteer assistant tennis coach George Fourmaux (far left) teaches Abbey Edmonston how to serve during a kinesiology tennis lab class. Photo Elizabeth Brown


Sophomore communication sciences and disorders major Cierra Stewart , freshman communication sciences and disorders majors Gabrielle Olivier and Alisha Andrews (right) have an open discussion during class on a topic given by their professor. Photo Collin Guedon During a nursing lab, a nursing student (below) checks the mock patient’s vitals. During these labs, students are able to participate in hands on, real life experiences. Photo Collin Guedon

Senior English major Mikiala Colbert (right) uses her tennis racquet to return the ball during a game of Around the World during a tennis kinesiology lab. Photo Elizabeth Brown



college of nursing and health sciences

Senior kinesiology major Kelsey Herpin (left) engages in a discussion with professor Brandy Williams in Nutrition 342 as they discussed the safety hazards of food handling and processing, The rest of the class also contributed discussion topics. Photo Collin Guedon A group of nursing students (below) sit outside and study for their practical exam coming up. Southeastern’s nursing school was the recipient of the Nightingale Award for Outstanding Nursing School of the Year three times in the last seven years. photo collin guedon

Junior nursing major Mariah Benson (above) uses the hand grips she has learned to put the ball into play during a kinesiology tennis lab. Photo Elizabeth Brown The nursing student (left) checks the mock patients blood pressure and pulse. These labs are meant to be hands on for students as it prepares them for the life of a nurse. Photo Collin Guedon


college of science and technology Design Kelonda Dixon Story Collin Guedon



college or science and technology

Many students from industrial technology instructor Anthony Blakeney’s Principles and Metallurgy of Welding class (left) gather around one of the many machines in the welding workshop in Anzalone Hall as it cuts a design into a sheet of aluminum. By the end, the machine made the cut into Rommie the Lion. Photo Elizabeth brown

The only thing guaranteed in life is change. Change is constant and that cannot be any truer when it comes to science and technology. Within the last sixty years, man has traveled to the moon, made planes that go faster than the speed of sound and we can reach the entire world with one click. People have always strive to do better than past generations and we, as millennials, are no different. Many updates have recently been made in the College of Science and Technology. The Department of Biological Sciences has quite a few new gadgets including the 500,000 Bucker Ascend 400 NMR and a Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer. One thing that has not changed on Southeastern’s campus since it opened its doors in 1925 is the passion the teachers have for their students. Chemistry lab coordinator Jerry Cottrell stated his main goal is “providing the students with successful tools that they can bring into the work environment and better them for employment.” The Dean of the College of Science and Technology Daniel McCarthy has the same outlook as his staff when it comes to students. “We want to provide them with an intellectually challenging and stimulating environment that allows them to make the most of their talents,” said McCarthy. The Science and Technology departments both have programs set up to help with student success, but according to McCarthy, the best asset to student success

is “the opportunities that our students have for one-onone interactions with our faculty that allow students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real world projects. “ “Be it either undergraduate research or internships, these experiences make our students more competitive when they graduate,” said McCarthy. In addition, the science department also has a program for students that are having trouble with their material. Weekly meetings are held to assist students and help with any problems they are having. The department also has many club’s students can join, including the Biology Undergraduate Society (BUGS), GRE Physics Club (GREP) and Southeastern Integrated Science Club (STEMS) just to name a few. Nothing is more of a testament to the hard work of the College of Science and Technology then their recent ranking of having the 6th best biology graduate program in the nation. With such a high ranking in a national poll, Southeastern’s College of Science and Technology will be looked upon to lead and to push even further into the future. Our students will be finding cures for diseases and inventing technology we may use in our homes everyday in the future. As difficult as it is to keep up with ever-progressing science and technology, we are at least ensured that here at Southeastern we will push the boundaries and with the help of our faculty and staff, we will pave the road for the next generation to walk down.

Senior chemistry major Kyle Jeansonne (above) runs a column chromatography in the lab. This process is used to separate a mixture of compounds in a mixture. Photo collin guedon Senior chemistry major Sololiya Berkessa (far left) uses a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, commonly known as an NMR machine, to help determine the structure of chemicals in a chemical sample. The NMR can help analyze mixtures containing known chemicals and is the vital tool in certain types of chemistry. Photo collin guedon



Junior chemistry major Brennan Michel (right) looks for reactions and details in his experiment while writing down what he sees and compares it to other information. Photo Collin guedon Junior industrial technology major Kayla LeClerca (below) views a design on a computer in the welding workshop in Anzalone Hall. Once the computer is given the right commands by the student or user, the machine cuts out the specified design. Photo Elizabeth brown

Students work together (above) on an in-class physics lab that involves weights. Southeastern tries to make a good learning environment for students by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Photo Elizabeth brown Senior biology major Devin Mckinley (right) follows procedure. Lions do not hold back when it comes to experiments, but safety is always first. Students are required to wear goggles and gloves in labs. Photo Collin guedon


college or science and technology

Freshman biology major Mahitha Koduri (left) is using a hot plate to heat up an Erlenmeyer flask in one of the chemistry labs. Photo Collin Guedon Junior biology major Taylor Drude (below) transfers her unknown solid to be weighed on the balance before she does her experiment. Most upper level science classes require you to take a certain amount of lab hours. Photo Collin guedon

Sophomore industrial technology major Dylan Martin (left) welds materials together for a project he is putting together in industrial technology instructor Anthony Blackeney’s Principles and Metallurgy of Welding class. Photo Elizabeth brown

Fall Commencement

Photo Tamara Alexander

academics Samuel Abboud Trey Abrams Autumn Adams Ryan Adams

Kelsey Albert Keana Alexander Mario Alexander Jenna Alfonso

Emily Allen Kate Allen Katherine Allen Aquashia Anderson

Bethany Anderson Sarah Anderson Nicholas Antczak Cody Arabie

Carley Ardillo Jaci Ashford Jarett Aucoin Darlencia Avant

Anthony Baldini Rajan Banjara Lasca Bankston Lakeshia Barnes

Misty Barnes Patricia Barney Nikki Barras Kai Batiste



fall graduates Harris Beall Jasmine Beard Gabrielle Beauford Katie Beebe

Kyle Belgard Bradley Bellanger Jamie Belvin Amelia Benfatti

Jarrell Bennett Besarion Beriashvili Sololiya Berkessa Kalyn Berot

Njaya Bethancourt Brice Bishop Brandon Blanchard Anita Blege

Krysta Blocker Rickia Bolden Jordan Boone Amber Boothe

Arden Bordes Nicole Bordlee Brennan Borison Desiree Boudreaux

Amanda Bounds Kaitlyn Bourgeois Lauren Bourgeois Matthew Braud

academics Sloane Braud Alisha Bravata Nicole Brawley Krystal Breaux

Laird Brian Virginia Brodwater Fallon Brooks Andrew Brown

David Brown Davon’te Brown Hannah Brown Syndee Brown

India Brumfield Alysse Bulich Macy Burke Akeem Burl

Alexis Burleigh Shanay Butler Tyler Byrd Philip Caire

Courtney Candies Grant Candies Lauren Candies Vincent Cannatella

Shane Cao Elizabeth Caruso Marisa Carroll James Carruth



fall graduates Kasey Carter Sammy Cascio Crystal Cavalier Laura Cawyer

Jerika Ceasar Yoomi Chae Katie Chaisson Danielle Chambers

Romeisha Chambers Jade Champagne Kristi Champagne Bianca Chandler

Jamie Chauppette Chassidy Chustz Damaris Clark Theodore Coenen

Charles Conrad Courtney Cook Tiyaneka Cook Cooper Cormier

Iris Cortez Mandi Coslan Hailey Cothern James Courtney

Andre Cousin Alan Cox Dona Cox Tyler Cox

academics Jonathan Crain Kierra Crews Caitlyn Culbreath Brittney Cureton

Louis Cusimano Dallas Daigle Kaliff Daire Caytlin Daly

Chelsea Dauser Chelsea David Allyson Davis Krystal Davis

Gabrielle Deemer Brittney Delafosse David Denham Lauren DePascual

Natalie Desselle Michael Diamond Justin Diez Michael Dinino

Pamella Divinity Julie Doss Tiray Dove Aishonda Doyle

Juan Doyle Takeasha Drake Hunter Dufour Ross Dufrene



fall graduates James Duggar Jonathan Duhon Eleena Dulal Kelsey Dunham

Victoria Dupre Kathryn Durrett Micah Dutruch Megan East

Amanda Eckels Raina Edwards Orry Eldridge Corrie Ellis

Emily Favre Nicole Faucheux Savanna Faught Brynisha Faust

Carly Ferguson Kaitlyn Fickle Jennifer Fitzsimons Andrea Floyd

Sarah Ford Mackenzie Foreman Leslie Forest Kandace Formaggio

Lyndsie Fortier David Foster Morgan Foster Tonya Fowler

academics Sarah Fox Glenn France Natalie Francipane George Franklin

Jasmine Franklin Courtney Frederick Cassidy Fussell Alexandra Gantt

Danielle Gailes Ashley Galvan Stephanie Gardner Damon Garrett

Eboni Gates Andrew Gaupp Preston Generose Zachary Gerard

Shameca Gibson Racquel Gilbert Jesse Gill Tsion Girmay

Holly Goloforo Ashley Good Stephanie Graphia Amy Green

Ashley Green Kristopher Green Tevin Green Jolie Greguire



fall graduates Brandon Griffin Tristan Grossley Blake Guidry Ashley Guillot

Megan Guthrie Sarah Hacker Deshar Hall Vianne Hall

Christine Harelson Amy Harrell Herbert Harris Tonya Harrison-Stokes

Brianne Hart Ebony Hayes Jacqueline Hayes Caitlyn Haynes

Bryce Hebert Danielle Hebert Lindsay Hebert Julie Heiden

Meghan Heitmeier Jessica Herrington Julie Heuduck Jasmine Hicks

Mary Higgins Dakota Hill Victoria Hirstius Melanie Hogan

academics Maya Holland Daniel Holloway Rachel Hornby Carlos Howard

Rebecca Hull Bronwen Hunt Courtney Hutchinson Kate Induni

Rudolph Ivey Ashley Jackson Deven Jackson Quintele Jackson

Jasmine Jacobs Randall Jamison Erin Jarlock Kimberly Jasper

Winnfield Jeansonne Chelsey Jenkins Sloan Jenkins Byron Johnson

Chantel Johnson Denee’ Johnson Frankie Johnson Lloyd J Johnson II

Kaitlyn Johnson Kenyetta Johnson Mattie Johnson Alexandria Jones



fall graduates Brittany Jones Krystal Jordan Precious Joseph Robin Joshi

Avipsha Karmacharya Jenna Keating Kaila Kelley Kasra Khalili

Sarah Khalili Katie Kiefer Courtney Kinnison Scott Knight

Josephine Kpebah David Kramer George Krider Jr Shea Lafountain

Kameron LaCoste Hunter Lafleur Marcus Lamb Brittinie Landry

Anneke Langberg Hailey Lange Lyndrel Lathers Bonnie Lavigne

Breanna Lawrence Meagan Leboutillier Ashley Ledet Taylor Lee

academics Sandra Lelleck Lashaun Leonard Robert Lepere Erika Levet

Kendarrious Lewis Reyan Lewis Amy Lombardo Lauren Long

Mariah Lucineo Constanta Lungu Christian Luper Jeanne Lynch

Kristyn Madere Gavin Maestri Sunita Magar Olivia Maher

Misty Mandella Aimee Manuel Preston Marks Vetra Marshall

Dale Martin Peyton Martin Sara Martin Alejandro Martinez

Elisa Martinez Allison Matte Lynette Matthews Brandon Mattio



fall graduates Joshua May Nicholas Mayeur Jessica Mays Amanda McCarrol

Jessica McCray Maria McMorris Sydney McPherson Jorden Melton

Joshua Mesman Kristen Meyer Stephanie Meyer Madeline Meyers

Tanner Miguez Shakemia Miller Richard Mills Christopher Milton

Billy Minnifield Casie Mire Christin Mire Mandalyn Mitchell

Dominick Monistere Andrea Montenegro Jenneka Moran Michael Morel

Tatiana Moreno Clinton Morgan Jayse Morgan Keshia Morgan

academics Kenyanta Morrison Gregory Motichek Tess Mullings Jorden Mumphrey

Jameson Neal Chelsea Nesbitt Ashley Nesom Surachhya Neupane

Julia Newland Frank Newton Jr Amy Nguyen Susan Nguyen

Alexandra Niel Crystal Nixon Tyrell Norman Hillary Nunez

David Odom Justin Odom Kayleigh Odor Maleah Oliver

Jessica Osborn Allison Ostendorf Erica Oufnac Cody Overstreet

Gabriela Pacheco Tori Pajares Blake Parr Jessica Parrish



fall graduates Katie Patton Nicholas Payne Carl Pearson Leah Pearson

Amanda Pennington Jennifer Pennington Nathan Perrin Victoria Perrin

Kayla Picone Ronald Pitre Ricky Poche’ Tydesheaia Pool

Genaye Porch Caleb Porter Casey Portera Leah Potter

Haven Pourciau Porscha Pratt Madison Pullen Tatyana Pursley

Christy Purvis Joe Qualls Graciela Quiroz Kacy Ray

Valerie Rayborn Cody Reason Adonica Reed Jennifer Reed

academics Meghan Reilly Shelbi Remy Matthew Renshaw Christianne Ricard

Gabrielle Riccobono Callie Richard Cory Ricks Bethany Ritchie

Juleah Roberts Cassidy Robertson Johnny Robertson Whitney Robertson

Grant Robinson Katie Robinson Kade Rogers Alisha Ross

Loreal Roussell Morgan Roy Berlashiya Ruffin Megan Rushing

Drew Sagona Amanda Saladino Jacob Salcedo Amanda Sanches

Blaise Sanchez Rachelle Sanders Lindsay Sassin Heather Scallan



fall graduates Taylor Schaal Bailey Schillage Thomas Sciortin Daniel Scott

Rhegan Showers Kelsey Shreve Daniel Simmons Tabitha Simmons

Tristin Simmons Sr Megan Simon Kaitlyn Simpson Priyanka Singh

Heather Singley Delia Sitnik Shelbie Slaton Jasmine Smith

Joni Smith Randi Smith Robyn Smith Sarah Smith

Blair Snyder Shakiya Sopsher Dagan Spalt Mallory Sparacello

Victoria Spreen Taylor Stanley Brittany Starkey Justin Starnes

academics Alexis Sterling Brett Stirling Morgan Stock Jonathan Stowell

Craig Sumner Keneshia Sumrall Avin Sunuwar India Swift

Cayla Sykes Erin Sykes Priscilla Taggart Darian Tarver

Jasmine Taylor Mason Taylor Shawn Thibodeaux Shanetria Thomas

Courtney Thompson Dawanda Thompson Dezmond Thompson Lori Thompson

Amanda Toner Lauren Trabona Jodilee Trapani Ryan Tromatore

Logan Tully Nora Turcios Nadia Turner April Valore



fall graduates Caitlin Varisco George Veals III Alexa Verbois Lauren Vicknair

Pierson Villarrubia Brent Wagner Kasey Wahl Kayla Waldrop

Whitney Walker Jacob Ward Denise Warren Keiwine Warren

Kelly Washington Joshua Waters Raigan Watkins Tyler Watts

Lauren Weidie Laura Wellen Jennifer Wells Patricia West

Gregory White Jasmonique White Kayleigh White Kirby White

Sara Whitstine John Wilkinson Ashley Williams Briana Williams

academics Kayla Williams Kharen Williams Kristie Williams Kristina Williams

Leslie Williams Russia Williams Shannon Woodside Erica Yarbrough

Leland Yates Laura Young-Dunlevy Jake Yount Chen Zheng

Communication major Damaris Clark (right) is caught after graduation walking out for the first time as a Southeastern graduate. Photo tamara alexander



fall graduates

Excited graduated Tevin Green (left) documents this fantastic memory with his selfie stick. “It felt so accomplishing to graduate,” said Green. “All my time and hard work was all worth it.” Photo Elizabeth brown

Kinesiology major Shakyra Cooper (far left) graciously smiles and wave as she is walking to her seat for the fall 2015 commencement. Photo tamara alexander Business management major Victoria Hirstius (left) flashes off her newly earned degree with a smile and excitement as she takes her final exit from Southeastern. Photo Elizabeth brown

spring Commencement

Photo Kelonda DIxon

academics Aaron Abadie Esra Abdoh Justin Acosta Jenny Adams

Kayla Adams Alexis Agnelly Isabel Alber Michael Aleman

Christopher Alexander Meagan Alexander Rachel Alford Angelisa Allen

Rebecca Alonzo Jammi Amedee Stephanie Amerson Dustin Andanar

Sarah Anderson Rebecca Appelt Quinley Arceneaux Stephanie Arledge

Travis Arledge Javier Armand Alexa Arnett David Arnold

Victoria Arzu Theresa Ascani Sereen Askar April Assavedo



spring graduates Jace Atkinson Clyde Austin Kailey Aveton Deborah Ayme

Brittany Babycos Faith Baggett Sarah Bagley Erikeisha Bailey

Deartrice Baker Hailey Baldwin Michael Ballmann Brooke Balser

Jamie Ban Alexis Banks Lance Bankston Brandon Barbin

Amanda Barcelona Jenna Barcelona Devin Barnes Sean Barron

Vivek Basnet Stacie Baudin Kimberly Baudoin Shaun Baxley

Kalie Beckers Gabrielle Becnel Kristin Bell Christian Bellows

academics Daniel Benasco Ariel Bennett Amanda Bergeron Ashleigh Bergeron

Cristina Bergin Mary Bernard Ryan Bernath Alycia Berry

Taylor Bishop Amanda Bissel Brooke Blackwell Ashley Blanchard

Britnee Blandin Hannah Blank Calah Bolden Danielle Bonfiglio

Elizabeth Bonnette Jonathan Bordelon Danielle Boudreaux Logan Boudreaux

Nikos Boulahanis Darla Bourgeois Hannah Boyer Zachary Breaux

Jia Bridges Megan Briggs Danielle Brignac Dominique Brogle



spring graduates Amber Brooks Kalee Broussard Millenique Brown Roseiland Brown

Breonna Brumfield Hillary Brumfield Amy Bruno Beaux Brylski

Caitlin Bueche Ross Burkenstock Jr Anthony Burkett Victoria Burns

Venisha Burton Emily Bushnell Ryan Byers Hannah Byron

Angela Caballeros Kayla Caffarel Ashlynn Cage Margaret Callen

Courtney Campagna Jacob Campo Jose Canales John Carl Carrigan

Regan Cascio Wendy Cascio Christine Catalinotto Benjamin Cato

academics Megan Cenac Fernanda Chagas Scott Chaisson Jr Connor Chapman

Elizabeth Chauff Grace Chenevert Angel Clark Katy Clayton

Reginald Cockerham Javen Coleman Kathryn Coleman Andreina Colina

Julie Collier Daniel Collins Barbara Comeaux Tre Comeaux

Jessica Cooper Austin Copeland Dorin Copeland Melanie Corass

Amairielle Cordova Kaitlyn Corkern Sidney Corwin Danielle Cotton

Alex Couitade Seth Courtney Taylor Couvillion Bryan Covington



spring graduates David Cox Megan Crain Tanya Crowe John Crutchfield

Aimee Cullen Helen Curter Luis DaCosta Bipul Dangol

Janieca Dantzler Justin Dardenne Jacob Darouse Evan Davies

Alexander Davis Jada Davis Robyn Davis Sadako Davis

Hannah Dean Ross Debetaz Corey Degrey Maia Delatte

Brandon Delhom David Derks William Dew Samantha Dicharry

Daniel Doescher Michelle Doescher Patrick Dolan John Dolese

academics Jayme Downs Dillon Drago Cardell Dudley Claire Dufrene

Catherine Duhy Ryhesha Dunn Andrew Duplantis Stephen Dupuis

Jon Durbin Alissa Durr Ashlyn Dyess Kacie Dysart

Chrisopher Eades Darian Easley Joseph Edwards Nicala Edwards

Zachary Edwards Emily Egan Kelt Ellis Sophia Epling

Taylor Ernest Toni Ervin Isaac Esquivel Allison Etzel

Marisa Evans Gena Falgout Conesha Farlough Derrick Faucheux



spring graduates John Fenerty Hayden Fenley Gisela Figueroa Amanda Fitzgerald

Kayla Flenniken Alexis Flores Molly Flynn Tara Forsythe

David Fortner Michael Foster Hannah Foval Jermisha Frazier

Jeni Frick Forrest Friedman Jessica Friley Steven Gaines

Rebecca Gambino Sofia Garcia-Morel Logan Gares Anthony Gary

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Caroline Hall Jodi Hamberger Skylar Hanson Carrie Harmon

Rachel Harper Laci Harpole Rasheed Harrell Tiffany Harrell



spring graduates Certis Harris Katelynn Harris Caroline Harvey Maggie Hatfield

Blake Haulbrook Rebecca Hausknecht Myles Haydel Leslie Heidel

Meghan Henry Amanda Henson Bria Herron Cody Herron

Letitia Hester Jenna Hildebrand Brittany Hill Dylon Hirtzler

Alexandra Hitt Arianna Hodge Carrie Holmes Mark Holt

Allen-Michael Hooker Alyssa Hoover Kayla Hoover Matthew Hoover

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Candace Jackson Candyce Jackson Ityonnie Jackson Chelsea Jacques

Christina James Jaci Jamieson Taylor Jayroe Allyson Jenkins

Avery Jenkins Sharon Jennings Helen Claire Jewell D’Ashia Johnson

Mattie Johnson Timothy Johnson Timothy Johnson TreJuan Johnson



spring graduates Tyranny Johnson Aleigha Jones Christine Jones Emily Jones

Joerelle Jones Kaley Jones Seth Jones Precious Joseph

Margaux Kaltenbacher Suyogya Karki Shelby Kays Kyle Keen

Kari Kennedy Caitlyn Kernan Januka Khanal Mahesh Khanal

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Amber LaBlanc Lauren LaFleur Brittany Landry Brooke Landry

Cody Landry Kyle Landry Jordan Lang Laura Langberg

academics Elizabeth Lawrence Annette Lay Amy Le Jimmy LeBlanc

Robert LeBlanc Blaize Lednicky Angela LeJeune Stacy LeJeune

Conner Lenore Branden Lessard Gabrielle Lester Madison Lindsay

Katie Lirette Amanda Livaudais Kelsea LoCicero Calvin Long

Jessica Long Kerrie Long Amanda Lopiparo Kara Louque

Jay Love Kami Lucia Maci Luquette Sarah Lyons

Zach Lyons Caitlin Mabee Raylin Magliolo Melanie Mann



spring graduates Harli Manuel Jacob Maricle Jeffery Martin Jr Christopher Martin

Rebecca Martin Zakaris Martin Austin Matherne Brooke Matherne

Samantha Matherne Lance Mathis Colton Matthews Heidi Mayeaux

Paige Mayeaux Gabrielle McAllister Si-Arah McCray Sydney McCullough

Cierra McDaniel Ryan McDaniel Candace McGaff Benjamin McGrew

Caitlin McHodgkins Mallory McKenzie Whitney Mcknight Charles McLin

Victoria McLin Emily McNabb Jason McNeill Kevin McNeill

academics Ashlyn Melancon Sean Mercer Christian Merritt Jim Michel

Jonathan Michel Crystal Miley Anthony Miller Brandy Miller

Crystal Miller Mallory Miller Heather Mills Brookais Milton

Jessica Mina Chanie Mire Donald Mistretta Jerita Mitchell

Laura Mitchell Kirsten Mixon Megan Molinary Jynika Moore

Shelby Morain Taylor Morales Ashlee Moring Breeanna Morns

Donavon Morris Kristine Morris Samantha Morris Joshua Moss



spring graduates Chad Mouledous Lauren Munley Trevor Munn Jeremiah Muse

Harley Myers Michael Myles Jordan Narcisse Kady Navarra

Melanie Neace Devin Neill Stephanie Nelson Lynsey Neuville

Chad Newberry Joseph Newell Frank Newton Phuong Nguyen

ThuThuy Nguyen William Niemeck Alexis Nixon-Garnette Allison Norman

Keaton Northington Sholitha Nunnery Hayes Trenton Nzekwesi Elizabeth O’Neil

Maria Olivera Randi Olivier Tiffany Olivier Aurora Olvera

academics Frank Osgood Cameron Otts Morufat Oyebola Saidatulai Oyebola

Presleigh Paden Julianna Papa Daniel Parent Jessica Pareti

Katie Pareti Steven Parker Meghna Patel Alexis Patterson

Sarah Pavur Ameliah Payne Corey Payne Jonathan Payne

Elaine Pearce Jessica Penalber Megan Penalber Amanda Penn

Jelessa Penn Lakeisha Penn Olivia Percle Blair Perise

Anthony Perret Macy Perret Kate Pesquie Emily Peyton



spring graduates Joe Phetsomphou Renee Picou Desiree Pierce James Pierce

Kaitlin Pierce Ivy Pierson Caleb Pitcher Jennifer Pitts

Caroline Pixberg John Poirrier Sagar Pokmrel Gabrielle Ponthieux

Tanner Ponthieux Rohan Pradhan Aaron Price Kathryn Protsman

Mauro Pulido Amy Purvis Jacob Puryean Breanne Rainey

Joseph Ramsey Carrie Randolph Emily Randon Tracy Ratliff

Colton Ray Mark Rayborn Michael Rebstock Leah Reeb

academics Taylor Reitz Amber Remondet Joshua Renaud Michael Rhodes

Wendy Rhodes Tiffinee Rhodus Damita Richard Ciara Richardson

Eduardo Ricks Ryan Rizzo Haley Robert Johnny Robertson

Chris Robinson Jerica Robinson Katherine Robinson Stephanie Robinson

David Rocky Jeremy Rodriguez Carl Roques Rebecca Roth

Amaris Roussell Leslie Ruiz Alicia Russ Peter Russo

Jaclyn Sabotin Heyam Saleh Austin Sanders Stephanie Sanford



spring graduates Amber Sather Bria Savage Casey Scalese Janet Scott

Kayla Scurich William Scurich Deanne Seamon Danielle Sellers

Keneisha Sellers Jeranika Semien Nicole Sesser Kaia Severn

Christa Sevin Rajeeb Sharma Swastika Sharma Binit Poudel-Sharma

Haleigh Sharp Malayne Sharp Ragnhild Sharp Regina Sharp

Devin Shaw DuBois Danielle Shearer Casey Shelton Megan Shields

Mikayla Shippy Carley Short Reid Shorter Jeff Smiley IV

academics Emily Smith Kala Smith Kenneth Smith Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith Shaquana Smith Victoria Smith Lauren Snowdy

Katherine Socha Alex Soileau Cory Soileau Emily Soileau

Stephen Sommers Marcus Soniat Jason Soto Misty Soto

Holly Spandoni Carmen Spear Nick Sperry Caroline Spivey

Nicole St Martin Lauren Standeford Charles Stanley Wendy Stein

Kimberly Stephens Jerica Stepter Amy Stern Donna Stevens



spring graduates Matthew Stevens Caleb Stewart Bethany Stoner Jaime Stubbs

Skye Sullivan Brandon Surrency Taylor Swain Stephanie Swindle

Taylor Tassin Christopher Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Haley Taylor

Katlyn Taylor Michelle Taylor Christopher Tedesco Angele Thibodaux

Donovan Thierry Erica Thomas Mariah Thomas Tiffany Thomas

Cerris Thomassie Alecea Thompson Uddhab Tiwari Kelsie Toler

Samantha Toranto Cetera Tuesno Lauren Tullier Veronica Turk

academics Theia Turner Lauren Upton Alaina Varnadore Josh Vasalech

Zachary Venable Kayren Vicknair Tiffany Victor Andrea Villarreal

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Gabrielle Walker Ashley Walther Loriann Warnke Ariel Warren

Robert Warren Bradley Watson Kelsie Watson Sarah Watts

Blayke Weatherford Hailee Weber Yi Wei Meredith Welch



spring graduates James Wells Shelby Wells Ronnie Wheeler Britany Willard

Garrison Williams Jerrica Williams Jessica Williams Kadarius Williams

Katelyn Williams Kaylen Williams Laurel Williams Vera Williams

Alaina Williamson Cody Wilson Jasmine Wilson Kayla Wilson

Rideia Wilson Woodrow Wilson III Kimberlye Wirth Kaycie Wolfanger

Jessica Wood Mathilde Wood Nicholas Woodroof Michael Woodruff

Charlene Yang Caleb Young Courtney Young Tabitha Young

academics Rachael Younger Dylan Zeringue Van Ziebarth Alexander Zorilla

Stephen Zorrilla

President Dr. John L. Crain (right) stands in front of the spring 2016 graduating class as he introduces the speaker for spring 2016 Commencement Governor John Bel Edwards. Photo megan ferrando



spring graduates

Many graduates decorate their caps to be recognized by family and friends. Designs often incorporate celebratory quotes, messages of appreciation and future plans and aspirations. The cap decoration (left) displays a Bible scripture. Photo Tamara Alexander

Graduating senior Nicholas Salvetti (far left) proudly walks off stage with a smile and diploma in hand as he takes his final exit from Southeastern. Photo Kelonda Dixon Graduating senior Donavon Morris (left) crossed the stage and posed for a picture as he returned to his seat as the spring 2016 commencement came to an end. Photo Kelonda Dixon


Graduating Senior Jasmine Wilson (right) graciously poses with her diploma in hand as she walk back to her seat during spring 2016 commencement. Photo Tamara Alexander

Graduating senior Fernanda Chagas and former editor of the Le Souvenir (far right) exits the stage with a smile and diploma in hand ready to claim alumni status. Photo Kelonda Dixon Graduating senior Jaci Jamieson (right) graciously smiles as she walks to her seat as the spring 2016 commencement began. Photo Kelonda Dixon



spring graduates

Graduating senior Trenton Nzekwesi (left) walks off the stage celebrating with two diplomas as he makes his final exit from Southeastern as an undergraduate student. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Many graduates decorate their caps for graduation. The cap decoration (far left) states “Welcome to the good life” as the student anxiously wait to cross the stage. Photo tamara alexander Graduating Senior Marcus Soniat (left) celebrates as he crossed the stage finishing his undergraduate career at Southeastern. Photo Kelonda Dixon


Photo Tamara Alexander


Photo Fernanda Chagas


The team (right) comes together as spotters as they send a flyer into the air during a basket toss. The various stunts the cheerleading team performs always excites the crowd. Photo Kelonda Dixon Hearrt Bryan, Jessica Thomas, and Kelsey Singletary (below) walk hand in hand as they prepare to welcome the Lions into Strawberry Stadium at the start of the game against Lamar University. ”My favorite memory has been the Homecoming Parade,” said Bryan. “It was amazing to see so many students coming together for one day.” Photo fernanda chagas

Kathryn King (above) is in the air hyping up the crowd at a basketball game. The cheerleading team members always know how to bring the crowd to their feet. Photo kelonda dixon Junior Madyson Smith (right) is cheering loud and proud and this is her third year being a part of the cheer team. “My favorite memory would have to be my first time cheering in Strawberry Stadium my freshman year,” said Smith. “Nothing beats those Saturday nights in Strawberry Stadium.” Photo kelonda dixon




Kathryn King, Tanadj Henderson, and Brianne Guidroz (left) show exuberance and great sports team motivation for the Lions with their organized routines. Photo tamara alexander

Cheerleading team members Shaun Lowe and Jessica Thomas (above) are resting in formation until it is time to chant the next cheer for the Lions at a football game. Photo Kelonda Dixon Freshman cheerleading team member Leah Miller (left) holds her “Make Noise” sign high in the sky to get the audience to encourage the football players throughout the game. “My favorite memory of being a Southeastern cheerleader is when the team would hold hands and sprint across the field as the football players ran into Strawberry Stadium,” said Miller. “It was such a rush and the best feeling.” Photo tamara alexander


Photo Tamara Alexander


Madelyn Paternostro, Hailee Weber and Caroline Wagner (right) wows the crowd during a half time performance during the game versus Florida Institution. This was one of the first times the Lionettes hit the field during the 2015 football season. Photo Tamara Alexander

Ashlin Nicosia (above) amuses the crowd along with high school dancers during a half time performance. “It’s an incredible feeling being able to share the experience of dancing in Strawberry Stadium with kids who aspire to be in my position one day,” said Nicosia “Being able to be there with them, help them, and join in with their excitement was an amazing experience.” Photo Elizabeth Brown During Band Day, an annual event for Southeastern’s Spirit of the Southland Marching Band, Lionettes teach high school dancers a routine to perform during half time. Cierra Heckmann (right) danced a routine with high school dancers that participated in this eventful day. Photo tamara alexander




During the game the Lionettes take cheer on the sideline as well as pumping the crowd up to cheer for the team as well. Scotti Hymel (left) encouraged the crowd to get rowdy as our Lions football team took on Stephen F. Austin. Photo Kelonda dixon Lionettes (below) take the field for a half time show performance as they entertain the crowd with their choreography. Photo Tamara alexander

Haley Porter (above) stands in place with style and grace during a pregame performance. During this time of standing, the National Anthem was being played by the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band. Photo kelonda dixon Payton Nisby (left) is dressed as a zombie as she dances to the hit wonder “Thriller” by Michael Jackson during the homecoming half time show. This routine was performed with the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band. Photo Tamara Alexander

spirit of the southland

Photo tamara alexander


The sound of the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band (right) graces the ears of Lions fans and opponents alike during the annual Homecoming Parade. The band marched through Friendship Circle and played traditional modern tunes. Photo tamara alexander Landon Lambert (below) plays the trombone and pumps up the crowd during a pregame performance. “All our hard work in practice really showed in our performance,” said Lambert. “The feeling of performing in front of our amazing fans in strawberry stadium is like no other.” Photo elizabeth brown

The Spirit of the Southland Marching Band and clarinet player Andrew Dilmore (above) performed the hit song “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. “For people in marching band, the Halloween performance is the most polarizing show we do every year, and I love the chance to go wild for a performance,” said Dilmore. Photo Tamara alexander Drum major Gregory Griffith (left) directs the band during a halftime performance. “Every time I got up on the podium and heard the sound of the band, it made all of life’s problems disappear,” said Griffith. “In those moments, it was all about making music and giving the fans a great show.” Photo fernanda chagas



spirit of the southland

The Spirit of the Southland Marching Band woodwind section (left) takes the crowd’s breath away as they play during a pregame show. The band plays the national anthem along with the fight song to get the crowd and football team pumped before the game. Photo elizabeth brown

Ashley Wolfe (above) performs during a home game in Strawberry Stadium on piccolo flute. The band entertained Lions fans and visitors from Lamar University as the football team defeated the Cardinals. Photo Kelonda Dixon During the annual Homecoming Parade, bass drummer Tate Williams (left) kept the beat alive during the march through Friendship Circle. The Spirit of the Southland Marching Band, Lionettes and Color Guard march one behind the other during Homecoming each year to show Lion Pride. Photo tamara alexander

color guard

Photo elizabeth brown


Abigail Ragusa, Asia McCray, Lauren Lafleur and Caitlyn Bacigalupi (right) raise their flags during the opening of the home game vs. Florida Institution of Technology. The Spirit of the Southland Marching Band and the Color Guard brought much needed Lion spirit to pump up the crowd before the game. Photo Tamara Alexander

Asia McCray (above) breathes life back into the Green and Gold nation as she graciously lifts her flag on the field of Strawberry Stadium during the half time show of the Riverbell Classic. Photo Tamara alexander Virginia Eber (right) smoothly twirls her flag, bringing grace and an elegant form of art onto the field. The Color Guard gives a spark of excitement during half time. Photo kelonda dixon



color guard

During a pregame tribute, Lauren Lafleur (left) tosses an inspired American flag. “While I’m performing on the field, the crowd’s cheers and applause are encouraging and remind me why the passion I have for what I do is so strong,” said Lafleur. “It adds to the excitement and joy of performing.” Photo Kelonda dixon As the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band plays the fight song Color Guard members Lauren Lafleur, Asia McCray, Kendall Mitchell, and Caitlyn Bacigalupi (below) create a spark of Lion spirit as they captivate the crowd before the Lions defeated Florida Institution Technology. Photo Elizabeth brown

Abigail Ragusa (above) smiles after the “Thriller” inspired theme during the Homecoming halftime show. The Spirit of the Southland Marching Band and Color Guard along with the Lionettes dressed as zombies and took the crowd on a horror thrilled ride. Photo Tamara alexander Kendall Mitchell and Abigail Ragusa (left) elegantly twirl their flags to the song “The House of the Rising Sun,” by “The Animals” during the pregame show. The Color Guard brings Lion Pride to the field with each step they make. Photo Tamara Alexander


40-21 (22-8 SLC) HOME 21-7 AWAY 14-10 NEUTRAL 5-4 February vs UL Monroe 2-0 W vs UL Monroe 8-2 W vs UL Monroe 5-6 L vs Alcorn State 15-3 W vs Troy 2-3 L vs Troy 1-5 L vs Troy 7-2 W

march vs Tulane 13-4 W @ East Carolina 1-2 L vs Maryland 1-8 L vs Tennessee 5-4 W vs Southern Miss 7-9 L @ Southern Miss 4-2 W vs Incarnate Word 11-0 W vs Incarnate Word 4-2 W vs Incarnate Word 9-0 W vs South Alabama 9-2 W @ Abilene Christian 4-3 W @ Abilene Christian 10-2 W @ Abilene Christian 9-7 W @ Jackson State 12-8 W vs Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 3-1 W vs Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 4-0 W vs Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 5-0 W vs Southern 18-2 W vs Alcorn State 21-0 W

April vs Nicholls 5-6 L @ Nicholls 14-8 W vs Nicholls 15-2 W @ Tulane 7-6 W @ Northwestern State 2-1 W @ Northwestern State 8-5 W @ Northwestern State 2-3 L @ South Alabama 1-2 L @ UL Lafayette 1-4 L vs UL Lafayette 16-5 W vs UL Lafayette 4-5 L @ LSU 4-11 @ McNeese State 8-7 W @ McNeese State 4-0 W @ McNeese State 6-7 L vs Houston Baptist 3-2 W vs Houston Baptist 18-2 W vs Houston Baptist 13-3 W

MAy vs Jackson State 15-0 W @ Lamar 14-6 W @ Lamar 5-2 W @ Lamar 2-1 W vs New Orleans 9-15 L @ New Orleans 3-10 L vs New Orleans 4-3 W @ Central Arkansas 5-13 L @ Central Arkansas 2-3 L @ Central Arkansas 2-3 L vs New Orleans 5-4 W vs McNeese State 10-0 W vs McNeese State 4-1 W vs Sam Houston State 4-7 L

Photo elizabeth brown



Keeping Momentum

Photo elizabeth brown Design Kelonda Dixon Story Collin Guedon



Junior outfielder Ryan Byers Lions Up while on base. Byers (left) made All-Southland Conference Third Team in 2015 and Southland Conference Academic Honor Roll. Photo Elizabeth Brown

There was no such thing as a slump for the defending

2016 NCBWA Golden Spikes Midseason Watch List,

Southland Conference Champions. The Lions finished

2016 D1Baseball Midseason All-American (First Team),

with an overall record of 39-19, and a conference record

2016 Perfect Game Midseason All-American (First

of 22-8. When asked about his team’s outstanding year,

Team), 2016 Southland Conference Hitter of the Week

head baseball coach Matt Riser had this to say, “It’s a

(April 4), 2016 Louisiana Hitter of the Week - April 4

mature club. They have done a good job of taking care of

(LSWA), 2016 Southland Conference Hitter of the Week

business. We said it going into the year this is probably the

(March 28), 2016 Louisiana Hitter of the Week - March

most prepared crew. We came back from the Christmas

21 (LSWA) and 2016 Louisiana Co-Hitter of the Month -

holidays and they put a lot of hard work into it.”

February (LSWA)

After starting the season 6-6 the Lions held nothing

Fisher discussed this past year and what he had

back and pushed full force, winning an amazing 14 games

learned, “I’ve had my highs in the month of April, I kind

in a row before losing in a close game against Nicholls

of had some lows also. I’ve done better then I’ve ever

University, 5-6. Senior outfielder Daniel Midyett said,

done. I really just take it one day at a time and try not to

“We’re a really resilient team.”

really stress,” said Fisher. “I just think one pitch at a time

The Lions proved that by going on another 5 game streak.

and how I have to help my team win in any possible way.” The Lions went to the Southland Conference to defend

One huge highlight from the 2015-2016 was

their title. During the Tournament they beat New Orleans

sophomore infielder Taylor Schwaner’s game tying grand

and defeated McNeese twice, but in the last game Sam

slam against Abilene Christian University. When asked

Houston State came out on top with the Lions losing 4-7.

about the moment junior infielder Jameson Fisher said,

The Lions advanced to the NCAA regional tournament

“Best memory would have to be the Abilene Christian

held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Lions played against

game when we were down six to nothing in the ninth

Rice losing 2-7 during the first game, they then played

inning then going for the sweep. We came back six runs

Utah Valley defeating them 3-2. Bringing them up against

when Taylor Schwaner had a grand slam.” Both Midyett

Rice again who defeated the Lions and caused them to be

and junior outfielder and infielder Webb Bobo felt the

eliminated them from the tournament.

same about the glorious moment. The Lions went on to

The Lions stand proud because this year the they had

win that game against Abilene Christian University 9-7

their largest draft class in the school’s history. Senior first

and swept the series.

baseman Jameson Fisher was drafted by the Chicago

This season was also the break out season for Jameson

White Sox. Also there were four senior pitchers Domenick

Fisher. Fisher, with a batting average of .449, hit ten home

Carlini, Pat Cashman, Kyle Cedotal and Mac Sceroler who

runs and batted in 60 runs. Fisher was recognized for his

all had their names called Saturday on the final day of the

outstanding play earning many honors including: 2016

2016 Major League Baseball Draft.

Dick Howser Trophy Semifinalist, 2016 Gregg Olson Award Semifinalist, 2016 CoSIDA Academic All-District,

Freshman infielder Brennan Breaud (below) soaks up the support of a fan. This season Breaud completed six assist during a game against New Orleans and six putouts in a game against the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Photo kelonda dixon


Sophomore outfielder and pitcher Drew Avans (right) races to third base for a steal. Avans finished with runners batted in against the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Photo elizabeth brown

Junior catcher and infielder Jameson Fisher (above) reaches high to make an out at first base. The Lions won all games in the 3-game series against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Photo Elizabeth Brown Senior outfielder Daniel Midyett (right) stands ready at the plate. The Lions finished with one victory and two losses in the 3-game series against Troy University. Photo Elizabeth Brown




Senior pitcher Domenick Carlini (left) throws the ball with force to home plate in a game against University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In this game, Carlini pitched in five innings. Photo Elizabeth Brown Junior outfielder Jacob Seward (below) slides to home plate in a game against Troy University. The Lions finished this game with a 7-2 victory. Photo collin guedon

Freshman infielder Brennan Breaud (above) prepares to face the opposing pitcher with confidence as he prepares to knock the ball out of the park. Photo Tamara alexander Junior infielder Kennon Menard (left) hurls the ball to home plate in a game against Texas A&M- Corpus Christi. The Lions finished the three-game series against the Islanders with nothing but victories. Photo elizabeth brown

women’s basketball

4-25 (3-15 SLC) HOME 3-10 AWAY 1-15 NEUTRAL 0-0

November @ Arkansas 53-97 L vs Auburn 68-80 L @ Georgia Tech 49-102 @ Texas Tech 51-113 L @ Wright State 72-106 L @ Xavier 27-67 L vs UL Monroe 84-88 L

December @ Florida A&M 62-57 W vs Jackson State 72-79 L vs Troy 90-100 L @ Mississippi State 41-81

January vs Stephen F. Austin 65-56 W @ Sam Houston State 56-80 L @ Houston Baptist 56-64 L vs Lamar 73-66 W vs Incarnate Word 66-70 L @ Texas A&M - Corpus Christi 67-69 L @ McNeese State 79-96 L @ Northwestern State 62-82 L

february @ Central Arkansas 58-80 L vs Abilene Christian 72-88 L vs Mcneese State 74-83 L vs Nicholls State 78-68 W vs New Orleans 51-62 L @ Abilene Christian 70-72 L vs Northwestern State 58-73 L vs Central Arkansas 60-64 L

March @ New Orleans 55-57 L @ Nicholls State 52-70 L

Photo Tamara Alexander



Fighting Until the end

Photo Tamara Alexander Design Kelonda Dixon Story Kelonda Dixon


women’s basketball

Senior guard Erica Hernandez (left) dribbles around the screen that teammate senior forward Nanna Pool sets for her. Hernandez and Pool are two of four seniors on the Lady Lions squad with the other two being senior guards Peaches Anderson and KaeLynn Boyd. Photo kelonda dixon

This season for the women’s basketball team was a rough one, but the Lady Lions finished the season with 4-25 overall record and 3-15 in conference games. They always played as a team and fought until the end. Starting off the season with seven continuous losses never seemed to dim the Lady Lions’ courage and determination going into each game anew. Senior psychology major and Boutte, La. native guard KaeLynn Boyd, after sitting out for a semester due to her transfer from Texas-Pan American, was eager to play her first and last season with the Lions. Even though the season ended how it did, Boyd expressed her experiences and thoughts about her season with the women’s basketball team. “From a wins and losses standpoint, it was not what we [the team] wanted at all, but success is not always measured by wins and losses,” said Boyd. “We grew as a team, and that was comforting. Everyone brought into the program, and it can only get better from here.” Boyd had a season high of 180 points, 26 of those in the game against Troy University and seven field goals as well. On another note, next season is promising with new, additional players on the roster. Freshman forward Kyle Felton contributed 10 points and five field goals in the game against Texas A&M - Corpus Christi. Senior guard Peaches Anderson is leaving the Lady

Lions with a season high of 20 points against Abilene Christian University. Senior forward Nanna Pool broke many records at the university during her college career as a Lady Lion. She is the fifth Lady Lion to reach the 1,000 points club and the 1,000 rebounds club along with past Lions: Queen Brumfield (1975-79), Deneka Knowles (199296), Renee Daniels (1982-86) and Robin Roberts (197983). On the other hand, sophomore guard Taylin Underwood is making a record of her own. This season, Underwood has contributed many three pointers. She has achieved a new school record, bringing her total to 61 this season and 86 total. The season overall may not have been what the team or fans hoped for, but it was one of growth and learning. “I have learned that each time I stepped on the court, I had to play like it was my last game,” said Boyd. “Being a senior really put that into perspective.” As stated by Head Women’s Basketball Coach Yolanda Moore when talking about the season, “We just need to stay focused, not deviate from what we do and not try to be a team that we are not,” said Moore. “We are not an up and down team. We are not the fastest team, but we are efficient and that is what we need to stick to.”

Senior guard KaeLynn Boyd (below) pushes the ball down court. Boyd was named Southland Conference player of the week (December 28, 2015) after leading the team with 26 points, dishing out four assists and grabbing two rebounds in their win over Troy. Photo kelonda dixon


Senior forward Nanna Pool (right) posts up against a Nicholls defender. Pool averaged 14.8 points and 9.2 rebounds a game in her last season as a Lion. Photo Elizabeth brown Freshman guard Jaclyn Scholvin (below) surveys the court while two defenders rush to her. Scholvin played in 22 of 29 games. Photo elizabeth brown

Senior guard Peaches Anderson (above) brings her dribble back in front of a defender. Anderson averaged 2.1 assists, 5.4 points and 1.9 rebounds a game. Photo Elizabeth Brown Senior guard KaeLynn Boyd (right) rushes to the goal. Boyd had a great year averaging 5.2 assists per game. Photo Elizabeth Brown



women’s basketball

Junior forward Dani Fielder (left) throws up a shot in the face of a Lamar defender. The Lions took the victory 73-66 vs. Lamar University. Photo Tamara Alexander

Sophomore forward Gabriella Delaune (above) put up a shot during the game vs Lamar University. Delaune tied a career high with six rebounds in 73-66 win over the defenders. Photo Tamara Alexander Senior guard Erica Hernandez (left) looks for an opening to pass the ball down court against Auburn University. Hernanadez contributed two points during this game. Photo Elizabeth Brown

men’s basketball 12-21 (9-9 SLC) HOME 9-3 AWAY 2-15 NEUTRAL 1-3

October vs LSU-Alexandria 68-82 L

November vs Xavier 79-61 W @ Texas Christian 77-90 L @ Texas A&M 58-100 L vs Misssissippi College 76-69 W @ Nebraska 65-92 L @ Cincinnati 49-64 L vs Gardner-Webb 68-77 L vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff 60-62 L

December vs Loyola New Orleans 101-65 W vs Southern 69-73 L @ Florida State 58-75 L @ Florida A&M 64-67 L @ Georgia Tech 62-75 L @ Jackson State 66-89 L

January vs Stephen F. Austin 69-89 L @ Houston Baptist 58-77 L @ Sam Houston State 63-70 L vs Incarnate Word 71-75 L vs Lamar 98-70 W @ Texas A&M - Corpus Christi 63-73 L @ Northwestern State 76-91 L

February vs McNeese State 82-80 W vs Abilene Christian 81-60 L @ Central Arkansas 72-88 L vs Nicholls 69-61 W @ McNeese State 79-76 W @ Abilene Christian 80-91 L vs New Orleans 93-81 W vs Central Arkansas 75-56 W vs Northwestern State 84-82 W

March @ New Orleans 61-60 W @ Nicholls 45-64 L vs New Orleans 84-74 W vs Houston Baptist 68-73 L

Photo Elizabeth Brown



Finishing Stronger

Photo Tamara Alexander Design Kelonda Dixon Story Collin Guedon


men’s basketball

Head Coach Jay Ladner (left) led the Lions to a 12-21 record in his second year as head coach. The 12-win season is three more wins than the previous year. Photo kelonda dixon

In a movie, the ending is always the most thrilling part. You finally get to see who the characters really are and how they will strive to come up on top. The same thing can be said in sports. The closer you get to the end, the harder the players play and the more they push each other to reach the peak of their potential. This year, the men’s basketball team is a perfect example of that. The Lions struggled early, starting off the season at 3-17, a hard thing to overcome for even the legends of the game, but as soon as everyone counted the Lions out they pushed with full force coming back to win 8 of their last 11 games and clinching a spot in the Southland Conference tournament. “We trust each other more, and we started playing for each other and were fighting because nobody wanted to lose”, is how Senior guard Zay Jackson described the team’s hot streak. Jackson was part of the success averaging 12.9 points 4.9 assists and 1.3 steal a game leading the team in all three categories. Head Coach Jay Ladner also had something to say about his team playing so well near the end of the year. “That’s what I’m proud of; they never quit and our goals were still in front of us,” said Ladner. “How they battled they came from being last in the league to fifth with two games left and I couldn’t be prouder.” Despite having a rocky start to the year many players put up great numbers. Junior forward Jordan Capps averaged 10 points per game, senior guard JaMichael Hawkins

8.8 points and junior guard Joshua Filmore 8.9. In the assists category, freshman guard Marlain Veal averaged three per game second only to Jackson. Veal also averaged the second most steals on the team with Jackson once again, the only other player ahead of him. Capps averaged 0.8 blocks per game while also leading the team in rebounds averaging 6.3 per contest. Hawkins had a tremendous year behind the three point line with a percentage of 40.4 for the year. Something that definitely helped to push the Lions near the end was their 84-82 victory over Northwestern State when Capps scored 29 points and grabbed 19 rebounds. Coach Ladner spoke Capps praises after the game saying “he can play like that every night,” said Ladner. What kept the Lions so hot was their chemistry towards the end of the year and there positive outlook. “You’re gonna have ups and downs the whole season but it’s about how you’re gonna react to the negativity”, said Capps. The Lions finished the regular season 12-21 with a record of 9-9 in conference play. In the Southland Conference Tournament the Lions won their first game against University of New Orleans 84-74. In their second game they fell to Houston Baptist 68-73. In the end of the 2016 season, the Lions revealed their true selves. A team of resilient hard working players who no matter what, are willing to go the extra mile for each other.

Junior guard Joshua Filmore (below) pushes his way past a defender. Filmore averaged 8.9 points a game in the 33 games he played. Photo elizabeth brown


Senior guard JaMichael Hawkins (right) takes the ball down the court against Mississippi College. Hawkins made 13 points in the Lions 76-69 victory. Photo Tamara Alexander

Freshman forward Moses Greenwood (above) focuses in before he takes a free throw. Greenwood shot 63.5 percent from the line during the 2015-2016 season. Photo Collin Guedon Junior guard Joshua Filmore (right) shoots a three in the eye of an Incarnate Word defender. Filmore hit 68 three point shots this season. Photo Elizabeth Brown



men’s basketball

Freshman guard Marlain Veal (left) goes up for the dunk. Despite being only 5’9, Veal has no problem getting above the rim, averaging 2.3 rebounds a game. Photo kelonda dixon Freshman guard Dimi Cook (below) gets low and plays some defense. Cook had 22 steals for the 20152016 season. Photo tamara alexander

Senior forward Daniel Grieves (above) pushes the ball down the court during a fast break. This game against Loyola resulted in a 101-65 victory for the Lions. Photo kelonda dixon Senior guard Zay Jackson (left) slides past Loyola defenders to get the bucket. Jackson lead the team in averaging with 12.9 points per game, Photo Kelonda Dixon


4-7 (3-6 SLC) HOME 2-3 AWAY 2-4 NEUTRAL 0-0

September @ Northwestern State 34-20 W vs Florida Institution 28-17 W @ Ohio 14-35 L

October vs Lamar 30-27 W @ McNeese State 7-21 L vs Stephen F. Austin 27-28 L @ Houston Baptist 22-7 W @ Central Arkansas 16-21 L

November vs Incarnate Word 2-16 L @ Abilene Christian 17-21 L vs Nicholls 24-27 L

Photo kelli meynard



A Minor Setback

Photo Heather Jewell Design Kelonda Dixon Story Kelonda Dixon



Offensive line Assistant Coach Matt Applebaum (left) goes over plays with the offensive line during the game versus Nicholls State University. Photo Tamara Alexander

This season the Lions came up short after winning two consecutive championships. They came out with a record of 4-7 closing the opportunity to play in the playoffs. They had a strong start to the season with a win of 32-20 against rival Northwestern State University. They took the lead earning 20 points in the third quarter and were able to take home the win. The Lions went on to play against Florida Institute of Technology coming out on top with a win 28-17. After a loss at Ohio State, the Lions turned it around and won their third game of the season against Lamar University 30-27. Junior quarterback D’Shaie Landor threw a total 283 yards and senior wide receiver Jeff Smiley had a big impact on the game finishing with five catches at an amazing total of 135 yards. Despite the season, there were a couple players that did not go unnoticed. Senior defensive back Harlan Miller earned third team Associated Press All-America honors as one of country’s top defensive backs. He also officially accepted his invitation to compete in the 2016 Reese’s Senior Bowl. Another up and coming player is senior defensive lineman Ashton Henderson, who is the winner of

the Inaugural Piesman Trophy. Henderson was nominated because of the touchdown he scored in Southeastern’s 28-17 victory over Florida Institute of Technology. He quickly grabbed up a fumble and with determination made his way down the field 45 yards for a touchdown. Senior running back Xavier Roberson was named Sports Network All-America for the second straight season after ranking third in the nation. He also received second team All-Southland Conference as both a kick returner and all-purpose player. He was instrumental in the game against Northwestern adding a touchdown to contribute to the Lions’ score. During the last game of the season Southeastern had a lead of 17-3 against Nicholls State University, but unfortunately ended the season with a loss 2427. This game was one of great anticipation as it was a close game and it came to the last minutes at a chance for Southeastern to pull through. In the end the Lions’ season came to an end. Although this season was not up to par with the past two championships under their belt, the Lions had 28 seniors graduating, so now there is room for more players to make their mark in Southeastern’s history books.

Head Coach Ron Roberts (below) prepares for the second half of the game versus Florida Institution of Technology after a pep talk in the locker room with the boys. Photo Tamara Alexander


Junior defensive back Ryan Sigers (right) brings down a McNeese State University player. Sigers was essential during this game with three more tackles. Photo tamara alexander Senior defensive lineman Ashton Henderson (below) returns a fumble 45 yards for a touchdown in the Lion’s victory 28-17 against Florida Tech. For this play Henderson was nominated and won the Inaugural Piesman Trophy. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Freshman running back Julius Maracalin (above) makes a run toward the end zone in attempt for a touchdown. Maracalin blasted through the Nicholls State defenders until he was brought down. Photo collin guedon Senior running back Micah Eugene (right) dodges a few defenders on his way to the end zone against Nicholls State University. The Lions took a loss with the score being a close 24-27. Photo tamara alexander




Senior defensive back Harlan Miller (left) covers a Lamar University player at the start of a play. The Lions ended the night with a thrilling victory 30-27. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Junior linebacker Caleb Young (above) tackles the ball carrier from Nicholls State University. Young contributed to the game with one solo tackle. Photo Tamara Alexander Senior wide receiver Byron Johnson (left) sprints past Stephen F. Austin defenders. Johnson went on to make a touchdown after he caught a 76-yard pass. Photo Tamara Alexander


2015 STATS September @ Sam Hall Intercollegiate 7th/15 @ Windon Memorial 8th/14

October @ David Toms Intercollegiate 6th/14

February @ Oak Hills Intercollegiate 8th/15 @ Louisiana Classics 4th/12

MArch @ Tiger Invitational 14th/18 @ Lone Star Intercollegiate 10th/17 @ Tiger Classic 2nd/6

April @ Old Waverly Intercollegite 6th/16 @ Southland Conference Championships 2nd/11

Photo jay love



up To PAR

Photo Heather Jewell Design Kelonda Dixon Story Elizabeth Brown



Junior James Anstiss (left) aimes out his next putt. Antiss was named to the All-Southland Conference first team after recording a team best at 73.76 stroke average over 29 rounds. Photo jay love

Coming back from a previously successful season, the Lions golf team, led by first-year Head Golf Coach Jake Narro, had considerably high hopes going into the 2015-2016 season. Starting off the season a little under par, on the last day of the first event of the season, the Sam Hall Intercollegiate, the team finished seventh out of thirteen. From here, the team finished eighth out of fourteenth at Windon Memorial, but this did not discourage the Lions from reaching success. Less than two weeks later, the team came back by finishing sixth overall in the David Toms Intercollegiate hosted by Louisiana State University. Following this, junior James Anstiss tied for 14th while junior Paul Obermann tied for 20th in the Oak Hills Intercollegiate, contributing to the team’s overall score finishing in eighth place. At the midpoint of the season, the team would have their best match yet at the 31st Annual Louisiana Classics hosted by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Here, Anstiss would make his best finish, a 3-under 213, in his two-year Lions career. The team finished fourth overall. Heading near the end of the season, the Lions fell slightly under par again, finishing 14th of 18th at the Tiger Invitational and 10th of 17th at the Lone Star Intercollegiate. After this, the team would make a remarkable comeback. To bring the regular season closer to its end, the team would place second overall in the Tiger Classic along with senior Lawrence Allan shooting a 2-over-par 146 and making rounds of 2-under 70 and 4-over 76,

tying for fifth. Obermann made a 3-under 69 and carded a 6-over 78 to tie for seventh at 3-over 147. Freshman William Meyers made a 1-over 73 to finish eleventh at 6-over 150. Anstiss also finished 12th at 8-over 152. In the season’s final match, the team finished sixth overall. In this match, Obermann tied for the day’s fourthbest score and also made multiple bogeys, birdies and a double bogey. The team aimed high this season and made it to the top three in seven out of the past eight seasons in the Southland Conference Men’s Golf Championships. For this season’s championships, the Lions finished second, at 20-over 884 overall, and Anstiss tied for second, making the highest finish for the team since 2013. Allan also made his second straight top 10 finish. Senior Eamon Bradley finished out his last season as a Lion at 14-over 230, tying for 36th. Following the championships, Anstiss, Allan and Obermann were named to the Southland Conference Men’s Golf Team. Anstiss was placed on the first team while Allan and Obermann were placed on the third. With Anstiss leading the trio, he felt glad that all his hard work from the season had paid off. “I was happy to make the conference first team,” said Anstiss. “It reflected a solid year of golf for me.” Looking back at the overall season, coach Narro felt proud to lead the team this season. “The team did a great job all year long,” said Narro. “I’m extremely proud of their hard work and dedication both on the course and in the classroom.”

Junior Paul Obermann and Coach Jake Narro (below) discuss his next move. Obermann was named to the All-Southland Conference third team for two consecutive years. Photo jay love


Junior Paul Obermann (right) takes his time putting at the Tiger Classic held at Louisiana State University. Southeastern came in second place with a score of 595. Photo Tamara Alexander

Freshman William Meyers (above) follows the ball through the air as he moves ever closer to the end of the tournament during the Tiger Classic. Photo Tamara Alexander Lawrence Allan (right) thinks about his next swing. Allan was considered to be one of the top amateurs in Scotland before attending Southeastern. Photo tamara alexander




Junior James Anstiss (left) is getting ready to tee off. Anstiss finished in a tie for 17th at the Old Waverly Intercollegiate Championship. Photo ta,mara alexander Paul Obermann (below) assess his aim to ensure accuracy. Obermann tied for 7th place at the Tiger Classic. Photo tamara alexander

Junior Gustavo Leon (above) watches his ball with determination after he hit it towards the next hole. Photo Jay Love Senior Lawrence Allan (left) finished with 147 strokes at the Tiger Classic tying him for 5th place. Photo Jay love


13-5-4 (6-3-2 SLC) HOME 7-0-1 AWAY 4-5-2 NEUTRAL 2-0-1

August @ UL Lafayette 2-0 W vs Jackson State 2-0 W @ Mississippi Valley 5-2 W @ Florida State 0-3 L

September vs Southern 5-0 W @ Arkansas State 4-0 W @ UL Monroe 2-2 T vs Texas Southern 6-0 W @ McNeese State 1-0 W vs Incarnate Word 7-1 W vs Abilene Christian 1-0 W

October @ Houston Baptist 0-1 L @ Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 1-2 L vs Lamar 3-2 W @ Sam Houston State 0-0 T @ Stephen F. Austin 0-2 L vs Central Arkansas 1-0 W vs Northwestern State 1-1 T @ Nicholls 2-1 W

November vs Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 3-1 W vs Stephen F. Austin 1-0 W vs Sam Houston State 0-0 T vs Auburn 0-1 L

Photo elizabeth brown



Making a Comeback

Photo Tamara Alexander Design Kelonda Dixon Story Elizabeth Brown



Senior midfielder Cheyenne Maxwell (left) head-butts the ball to get it moving down the field toward her teammates and the goal. In this game against Lamar University, the team scored three points in the first half then held out defensively until the 3-2 victory was made. Photo Elizabeth Brown

This season, the Lady Lions soccer team finished with an overall record 13-5-4, improving their record from the season before. Many of the players received honors. The season started off strong with five victories, one tie and a single loss followed by another four victories, three of which were conference games. In a game against the University of the Incarnate Word, the team made a whopping 7-1 victory. In this game, senior midfielder Gisenia Utreras made her first career hat trick, the 26th in school history, which had not been done since 2011. Freshman forward and midfielder Sofia Olsson, sophomore midfielder Maggie Ramsey, freshman midfielder and forward Vanessa Arzaluz and junior forward Bri Singh also contributed one goal each to this victory. In a game against Abilene Christian University, both teams’ defenses played very strong, shutting each other out for the majority of the game until junior defender Lauren Lorentz made it past the ACU defense in the 74th minute, finishing the game out at a triumphant 1-0. From this seven-game winning streak, two conference losses were made, making these the first two southland conference losses for the season. Although those losses were made, the Lady Lions did not let this set them back. The team made a comeback with a 3-2 victory over Lamar University in its Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Game along with a tie, a loss in two Texas away games and a win over University of Central Arkansas. In the team’s final home game, the

rain did not stop them and Northwestern State University from playing a grueling match, despite it ending in a tie, 1-1. The victory over Central Arkansas and the tie with NSU guaranteed a spot in the Southland Conference Tournament. To conclude the regular season, the team beat Nicholls State University 2-1. Junior goal keeper Hope Sabadash held out defensively with a career-high of 13 saves. Two wins and a tie in the SLC Tournament earned the team its eighth official Conference title and led them into the NCAA Women’s College Cup where they ended the season with a 0-1 loss to Auburn University. In her final season, Utreras finished fourth for points in a season with 33. Sabadash made 10 shutouts for the season, making 22 shutouts for her career. Senior midfielder Cheyenne Maxwell became the Lady Lions’ all-time leader in matches played with 81 matches. Looking back on the season, Head Coach Blake Hornbuckle felt that the team did well on and off the field, contributing to their overall success. “The effort of the student athletes was tremendous,” said Hornbuckle. “They answered the bell on every request made academically, athletically and socially.” With the successes of 2015 behind them, the Lady Lions have turned their gaze to 2016. “We grew and matured on both sides of the ball with a mental toughness,” said Hornbuckle. “Plans are already underway for 2016. Development time in the off season will be crucial leading into the fall.”

Sophomore midfielder Maggie Ramsey (below) pushes the ball toward the opponent’s territory. During this game, Ramsey scored two points, contributing to the 7-1 victory. Photo kelonda dixon


Junior defender Katie Noonan (right) paves a pathway of destruction against the Abilene Christian University players. The Lions took home the victory 1-0. Photo Elizabeth brown Junior goal keeper Hope Sabadash (below) keeps the field on fire as she kicks the ball to one of her teammates and away from the opposing team. Sabadash was named to the All-Louisiana first team this season. Photo Elizabeth Brown

Sophomore midfielder Maggie Ramsey (above) shows no mercy towards the opposing team, University of Central Arkansas. The ladies achieved another win under their belt at Strawberry Stadium. Photo Tamara Alexander Freshmen forward and midfielder Sofia Olsson (right) remains determined as she fights for possession of the ball. The Lions went above and beyond with this victory against Texas Southern University 6-0. Photo Tamara Alexander




Senior forward Kayla Vera (left) and a player from Lamar University both have their eyes on the ball. Vera progressed during this win against the Cardinals. Photo Elizabeth brown

Sophomore defender Lauren Babcock (above) shows no sign of letting the rain dampen her attempt at making her way down the field for a goal. The Lady Lions help pursuit to the end with a tie against Northwestern State University. Photo Elizabeth brown Senior midfielder Gisenia Utreras (left) shows great power and flexibility during this intense kick in a victorious game against Central Arkansas. Utreras played in all 22 games this season. Photo Tamara Alexander


22-30 (5-19 SLC)

HOME 15-18 AWAY 4-10 NEUTRAL 3-2 february vs Buffalo 8-4 W vs Tennessee State 8-0 W vs Southern Illinois 5-4 W vs Tennessee at Martin 1-9 L vs Tennessee State 5-1 W vs Mississippi Valley State 6-3 W vs Alabama A&M 9-7 W vs Alabama A&M 10-1 W vs Alabama A&M 10-5 W vs Alabama A&M 9-1 W vs Mississippi State 0-8 L vs Southern Mississippi 8-9 L vs Baylor 0-12 L vs IPFW 4-2 W vs Memphis 10-7 W vs Jackson State 9-3 W march vs Louisiana Tech 1-4 L vs Texas at Arlington 1-3 L vs Texas at Arlington 3-8 L vs Texas at Arlington 0-5 L @ Southern Mississippi 2-8 L vs Abilene Christian 3-7 L vs Abilene Christian 5-6 L vs Abilene Christian 2-13 L vs Southeast Missouri State 7-1 W vs Southeast Missouri State 4-3 W @ Incarnate Word 2-0 W @ Incarnate Word 2-0 W @ Incarnate Word 4-2 W @ Mississippi State 2-10 L vs Stephen F. Austin 7-9 L vs Stephen F. Austin 2-4 L vs Stephen F. Austin 1-0 W April @ Sam Houston 1-9 L @ Sam Houston 1-2 L @ Sam Houston 7-5 W @ Lamar 0-4 L @ Lamar 6-10 L @ Lamar 3-6 L vs Louisiana State University 1-9 L vs Central Arkansas 0-1 L vs Central Arkansas 1-6 L vs Central Arkansas 2-3 L vs Alcorn State 9-1 W vs Alcorn State 6-5 W vs Southern 10-1 W @ McNeese State 1-3 L @ McNeese State 1-9 L @ McNeese State 3-10 L vs Nicholls State 1-2 L vs Nicholls State 1-6 L vs Nicholls State 3-7 L may @ Northwestern State 4-5 L @ Northwestern State 5-6 L @ Northwestern State 6-2 W

Photo kelonda dixon



Driven Determination

Photo Elizabeth Brown Design Kelonda Dixon Story Larshell Green



Angelica Gutierrez (left) sprints for the base during a game against Alabama A&M University. The Florida native had many season highs including four putouts against the University of Southern Mississippi. Photo kelonda dixon

The Lady Lions softball team started off the season strong with the domination of the University of Buffalo, Tennessee State University and Southern Illinois University. Unfortunately, as the season went on, the Lady Lions failed to reach their goal of qualifying for conference. Despite this shortcoming, the team’s determination, endurance and risky strategies made them winners in the eyes of the Lion nation. Head softball coach Rick Fremin became the coach of the Lady Lions softball team in fall of 2015. Previously, Pete Langlois was the coach of the Lady Lions for nearly 20 years. According to Fremin, despite the number of losses, the team had high points throughout the season like breaking the win total compared to last year’s season, leading the nation in stolen bases in the NCAA Division, breaking and setting program records and having a successful recruitment process. “I believe that we can win here and build something special,” said Fremin. “We’ve made a lot of headway since August [2015] in the important foundation that had to be laid for our system,” said Fremin. Players like senior outfielder and midfielder Katie Lacour and sophomore outfielder Kinsey Nichols made All-Conference during this season. According to Lacour, the team’s weakness centered on their inexperience. “Throughout the season, the majority of the girls in the starting lineup were either returners who had rarely played in the previous season, or this was their first year playing Division I college softball,” said Lacour. Despite the team’s weaknesses, Lacour admits the team ran bases and “dominated base paths.”

“We were an aggressive, risky team and that helped us with momentum and getting players in scoring position,” said Lacour. Fremin believes that the weaknesses of the team was contributed to not being able to hold the lead in games, leading to them not being able to qualify for conference. “We had such a strong start, one of the strongest in the program’s history, it was disappointing to not finish with the same tempo that we started with,” said Fremin. Despite the team’s shortcomings in some areas, Fremin remained adamant about their strength on the field. “We had good senior leadership, and we were aggressive when it came to base running,” said Fremin. According to Fremin, in the fall 2016 season, the team will have a combination of freshmen and transfers that will remain for the next two years. Despite the new team’s strength and knowledge of the game, most of them will lack a pertinent advantage this season. “With so many new faces, they won’t be familiar with the conference series and how the conference games are played,” said Fremin. Although Lacour did not meet goals of success in all areas, she remained optimistic about her own determination and the future success of the team. “As far as new members and returning members, I would advise them to trust the process as well as trust the coaches,” said Lacour. “We were very fortunate to be led by a great coaching staff who had our best interest as softball players and as people.”

Senior Taylor Bishop (below) had an impressive season as a pitcher. Bishop scored 8.2 IP’s (innings pitched) in a game against Alcorn State University. Photo Collin Guedon


Senior outfielder and midfielder Katie Lacour (right) slides on base during the game against Alabama A&M. The Lady Lions won 9-7. Photo William Allen

Junior Infielder and pitcher Kasey Nielson (above) slings the ball across the infield during a quick play. Photo Kelonda Dixon Freshman pitcher Peyton Pigniolo (right) is pitching full force to the opposing team’s batter. This New Orleans native was an All-State pitcher all four years of her high school career. In her first season as a Lady Lion, she made a season high of three strike outs in a game against the University of Tennessee at Martin. Photo Elizabeth Brown




Senior first baseman and designated player Amber Sather (left) prepares to swing as the ball comes flying toward her. Sather has a record of eight home runs for the 2016 season. Photo Elizabeth Brown Freshman catcher Whitney Sullivan (below) prepares to catch a fast ball behind the home plate. Sullivan finished her first season with 23 hits, 7 runs batted in and 5 doubles. Photo William Allen

Sophomore outfielder Kinsey Nichols (above) jumps up high against the wall to catch the ball in an attempt to prevent a home run. Nichols was named to the AllSouthland Conference third team. Photo Elizabeth Brown Junior outfielder Mychal Truxillo (left) uses her good judgment and fast reflexes to catch an incoming ball at third base during the game versus Louisiana State University. Photo Collin Guedon


14-9 (6-5 SLC) HOME 9-3 AWAY 5-5 NEUTRAL 0-1

January vs Alcorn State 7-0 W vs Alcorn State 4-0 W

February vs UL Lafayette 2-5 L vs Southern 5-2 W @ Southern Mississippi 2-5 L @ South Alabama 0-7 L @ Sam Houston State 4-3 W @ Lamar 2-5 L

MArch vs Central Arkansas 4-3 W @ Southern 4-0 W @ Incarnate Word 6-1 W @ Texas A&M - Corpus Christi 0-7 L vs Abilene Christian 4-3 W vs Akron 5-2 W @ Stephen F. Austin 2-5 L @ Northwestern State 3-4 L @ UL Alexandria 7-0 W

April vs New Orleans 3-4 L vs Alcorn State 7-0 W vs Alcorn State 4-0 W vs McNeese State 2-5 L vs Nicholls State 6-1 W vs Northwestern State 3-4 L

Photo Tamara Alexander



swinging into action

Photo TAMARA ALEXANDER Design Kelonda Dixon Story Collin Guedon



Sophomore Dany Raygadas (left) hits the ball with a one handed back hand swing. The Mexican native carried a record of 6-5 in Southland Conference singles and also had a seven-match win streak during the spring. Photo Collin Guedon

This year, the Lady Lions tennis team went 14-9 with a home record of 9-3 and a conference record of 6-5. This is extremely impressive being that six of the eight players on the 2015-2016 roster are underclassmen. “Having six sophomores is not always easy, but I think that we are on the right track for next year,” said sophomore computer science major Dany Raygadas. The Lady Lions started off the season strong winning three of their first four matches, with one of those wins being a 7-0 blow out against Alcorn State University. The Lady Lions lost their next two matches falling to the University of Southern Mississippi 2-5 and losing 0-7 against the University of Southern Alabama. The Lady Lions shrugged the losses off with five straight wins until losing against Texas A&M Corpus-Christi. Being as described a “self-motivated team,” the Lady Lions kept going. Head Coach Jason Hayes described the team with highest regard. “If the team is self-motivated, the coach has an easy job and that’s kind of what this year was,” said Hayes. “We had a lot of fun, we played hard and I’m so grateful.” The Lady Lions won their next two matches against Abilene Christian University and the University of Akron. The team kept competing and winning before losing against Northwestern State University, 3-4, in the 2016 Southland Tennis Tournament. Hayes described the season as a tough one, but felt they still accomplished a lot. “The team competed and we had a lot of really good wins and we had a lot of really tough losses, but the

one thing I like is that every girl played hard and worked hard,” said Hayes. “This has been the easiest team to coach because they are the most self motivated.” A key component to the Lady Lions’ success this year and the three years before that was senior finance major and player Renee Villarreal. Villarreal finished her final season making All-Southland Conference and All-Louisiana for the third consecutive year, posting a 17-2 singles record, winning her first 15 matches of the spring. She finished her four-year career as a Lady Lion with a 55-6 career singles record, putting her at ninth overall amongst all Lady Lions. Villarreal was also named Southland Student-Athlete of the Year. When asked about her outstanding achievements, Villarreal humbly responded, “When I first came here, I never thought I was going to have such a good record,” said Villareal. Rather she believes that it was her hard work and dedication to her team that gave her an edge. “I was new to everything and just started to learn,” said Villareal. “Now that I’m a senior I see everything that I have learned and how much I have improved not only on the court, but also off the court. You don’t realize how much you can actually improve on every single thing you do especially in tennis because you go out there every day thinking it’s another day, but it’s one more day you can use to improve.” With seven of eight players returning, there is no doubt that the Lady Lions will continue to improve on what they have done in the 2015-2016 season.

Sophomore Dalina Dahlmans (below) perfects her swing and returns the ball to her opponent. The German native was named an ITA Scholar-Athlete. Photo Kelonda Dixon


Sophomore Ceci Mercier (right) sends the ball back at her opponent with precision. Mercier played at the number two position this season. Photo Kelonda Dixon Sophomore Renee Villarreal (below) gets in position to hit the ball. Villarreal had a tremendous season being named to the All Southland Conference Singles and All Louisiana first team for the third consecutive year. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Sophomore Natalie Duran races to the end of the court to send the ball back to her opponent with a nice back hand swing. Photo William Allen Margaux Kaltenbacher (right) prepares her swing during a match. Kaltenbacher won three straight solo matches during the spring. Photo Kelonda Dixon




The Southeastern Lady Lions tennis team (left) lines up for a picture. The Lions went 14-9 also posting an impressive home record of 9-3. Photo Tamara Alexander

Dany Raygadas (above) prepares to hit the ball at her opponent with much accuracy. Raygadas had a 12-8 singles record this past year. Photo Kelonda Dixon Sophomore Dalina Dahlmans (left) hits the ball with full force during a singles match. Dahlmans went 8-12 in singles play. Photo Collin Guedon

cross country

2015 STATS September @ New Orleans Invitational Men 2/2 Women 2/4 @ McNeese 6K relays Men 4/4 Women 4/4 @ LSU Invitational Men 3/7 Women 3/8

October @ McNeese Cowboy Stampede Men 3/5 Women 4/8 @ MC Choctaw Open Men 10/12 Women 10/12

Photo heather jewell



Beating The Clock

Photo Heather Jewell Design Kelonda Dixon Story Kelonda Dixon


cross country

Junior distance runner Stephen Cassingham (left) keeps the pace at the annual LSU invitational in Baton Rouge. During the invitational the men came in third place overall. Photo Heather Jewell

The men’s and women’s cross country teams had a great start to the season at the New Orleans Invitational where they placed second. Unfortunately, the teams fell short at this year’s Southland Conference Championship, both placing 10th out of 12 teams. However, this did not stop the team from continuing to work hard and striving for success as a team during the season. Sophomore Clarissa Smith was on the rise as she placed second at the Mississippi College Choctaw Open with a time of 19:20.65. Senior Harry Wiggins placed sixth at this opening with a time of 26:11.52. Wiggins in his final season chose to speak about some great memories he made on the Southeastern Cross Country team. “This year at the Mississippi College Choctaw Open, I surged to the front of the field and [teammate] Salem Morelli screamed at the top of his lungs ‘Go get ‘em Harry’,” said Wiggins. “It was very funny, but in the moment it got me pumped up.” Members of the team clearly show support and confidence in one another as well as in themselves to surge forward and compete to the best of their ability. “Cross country is a different sport,” said Wiggins. “It’s not something that a lot of people have experienced. It is a team sport in the sense that everybody counts, but it is also very individual at the same time. It is a very cool sport to be a part of.” Assistant Coach Brandon Chapoton, who joined the Southeastern team in 2012, has some plans on how the team can improve next season.

“Our goal is always to place a position higher than the previous year and to beat most of the Louisiana universities in our conference,” said Chapoton. “This season we beat Northwestern, University of New Orleans and Nicholls at conference.” As the season continued, Southeastern finished third out of five teams in the competition at the 10th Annual McNeese Cowboy Stampede. The Lady Lions finished fourth out of eight teams. The Southeastern Louisiana men’s and women’s cross country teams both finished third at the LSU Invitational. At the South Central Regionals, both Wiggins and Smith continued their success. Wiggins placed 100th and Smith 116th, but, overall, the teams as a whole had a good season according to Wiggins. “This was a successful season overall. As a team, we placed better than we have the past few years,” said Wiggins. “This was my last season therefore my focus is strictly on track from now on.” Despite the end of the season, there is always room for improvement and success for the teams in keeping with Chapoton’s review of the season and his excitement for the next season to come. “I would say overall, this season has been a success,” said Chapoton. “We are made up of walk-ons and athletes that I just saw running around campus who I asked to join the team. For us to compete as well as we did this year with minimal scholarship athletes, I’d call that a very successful season.”

Junior distance runner Leo Moreno (below) pushes to the finish line as he runs at the LSU Invitational. At this moment it was crunch time for the men as they had to beat the clock in order to come out on top. Photo Tamara Alexander


Amber Ferguson (right) runs her first of many races as an incoming freshman.”My favorite part about competing with cross country this year is becoming so close with new people. I’ve formed wonderful relationships in just a single semester,” said Ferguson. “I’ve never felt more at home. We are one family.” Photo Tamara Alexander

Junior Alex Holden (above) hits his stride at the LSU Invitational. Holden finished with a time of 17:52.7. Photo Tamara Alexander Freshman Hayley Leonard (right) placed with a time of 24:50.9 at the Cowboy Stampede at McNeese State University. “My favorite memory this year was meeting new friends and competing at the college level,” said Leonard. Photo Tamara Alexander



cross country

Sophomore Michael Perez and freshman Salem Morelli (left) keep a steady pace with each other as they continue through the race to the finish line. Photo Tamara ,alexander Senior Harry Wiggins (below) blasts past the competition to finish third at the LSU Invitational with a time of 15:41.35. The men’s cross country team finished strong earning third place. Photo Tamara Alexander

Sophomore Tahj Lewis (above) recently came onto the scene at the LSU Invitational. Lewis enjoyed meeting the team. “My favorite part of competing was bonding with and getting to know my teammates better,” said Lewis. Photo Tamara alexander Sophomore Clarissa Smith (left) pushes past a LSU runner. Smith led the ladies at the South Central Regionals coming in 116th. Photo Tamara Alexander


2016 January @ LSU Purple Tiger Invitational @ LSU Bayou Bengal Invitational @ Cherry and Silver Invitational @ Cameron Communications @ KMS Invitational

February @ South Alabama Jaguar Invitational vs Southland Conference Indoor Championships

March @ Tulane Twilight Invitational vs NCAA Indoor Championships @ McNeese State Cowboy Relays @ Alabama Relays @ Louisiana Classics @ Texas Relays @ Texas State Relays

April @ McNeese Springtime Classic @ Southeastern Invitational @ LSU Alumni Gold

MAY vs Southland Conference Championships @ Sam Houston Last Chance vs NCAA Preliminary Rounds

June vs NCAA Outdoor Championships

Photo Tamara Alexander



sprinting to glory

Photo kelonda dixon Design Kelonda Dixon Story Kelonda Dixon


track and field

Freshman jumper Rodney Ruffin (left) leapt for the chance at success during the 2016 Southeastern Invitational. Ruffin’s goal was not out of reach. He took third at 23-6.25 inches in the long jump during the Southeastern Invitational. Photo Megan Ferrando

Track and field is an individual and team sport. Many on the roster have had great success in their individual sports. Head coach Sean Brady named a few key team members, “Very talented individuals like Alex Young, Devin King and Jermisha Frazier are the best in their event in their sport,” said Brady. “Young was a national champion indoors, King is the current national leader and Frazier is a returning All-American.” Each of these athletes has had to deal with struggles as well as work hard to progress in their sport. Senior thrower Jermisha Frazier overcame an obstacle this season. “This current season has been one for the books,” said Frazier. “I came back fresh from an injury breaking records. I have been having very consistent sessions and competitions.” Nothing stood in the way of her making a return and being named to the All-Southland Conference team for the fourth consecutive year. Senior Jimmy LeBlanc set another record throwing 187-06 inches and taking second in the hammer throw at the Southland Championship. “My greatest memory from this season was probably from the LSU Invitational,” said LeBlanc. “After the preliminaries, going into the finals in the shot put, I smashed my finger up pretty bad in between two shot puts on the return rack. I was called to throw, so I just tightened up my wrist wrap and stepped into the ring. I had thrown my lifetime best and moved up on the Southeastern top ten best throws list. I was competing against some of the larger schools in the country and

it felt really good being able to represent the university and to prove that we are a national level competitor.” As the season progresses, the Lions continue to make headway. At the South Alabama Jaguar Invitational, the men came in 1st/17 and the women 4th/19. At the McNeese Spring Time Classic, the men came in second and the women in at first. It is no surprise with the practice the athletes have put in that they represent Southeastern Louisiana University as they make their way to the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) championships. Frazier reached an all-time dream of hers when she qualified for the NCAA Championships. “My greatest memory from my collegiate career would have to be last year when I qualified for the NCAA National Championships,” said Frazier. “I was praying that my performance was good enough to squeeze in and it was. Once I found out that I made it, I jumped off of the bleachers and ran to my old coach. That day was truly magical.” Goals are never out of reach when focusing on the road ahead. As a whole, the season was a success for the Lions. “I suspect that we will have some future medalists in the near future,” said Brady. With many of the track and field members taking the time to rejuvenate, the seasons to come hold a lot of promise.

Senior Addison Martinez (below) pole vaults during the 2016 Southeastern Lion Invitational. Martinez finished with 12-1.5 in the competition. Photo Megan Ferrando


Freshman hurdler Tayla Celestine (right) continues to keep going forward after making her way past a hurdle. The Lady Lions finished first overall at this meet. Photo Kelonda Dixon Junior sprinter Maverick Bowleg (below) sweeps past his opponents at the Southeastern Invitational. In the 400, Bowleg ran a personal best of 47.92, and both the men’s and women’s teams finished in first overall. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Junior sprinter Kaelynn Smith (above) moves forward at the LSU Bayou Bengal Invitational. The Lady Lions finished third overall. Photo Tamara alexander Junior jumper Raeven Scott (right) enthusiastically makes a high jump with a smile on her face. Clearing 5-02.25, she tied for fifth in the high jump at this meet. Photo Kelonda Dixon



track and field

Sophomore sprinter Daijah Washington (left) keeps a steady pace to stay ahead of her opponents. In the 800, 400, 200 and 60 meters, many of the members of the team placed in the top ten of each event. Photo Tamara Alexander

Senior thrower Jimmy Leblanc (above) uses all of his strength and power to throw the shot put. At this event, he finished third in shot put at 53-11. Photo kelonda dixon Sophomore pole vaulter Devin King (left) vaults himself over the bar in the pole vault. At this meet, he broke the pole vaulting record for the university after clearing 17 feet, 9 inches which allowed him to finish in first place. Photo Kelonda Dixon


13-18 (7-9 SLC) HOME 6-5 AWAY 3-10 NEUTRAL 4-3

August @ South Carolina 0-3 L vs North Carolina State 0-3 L vs North Carolina Central 3-0 W

September @ Southern Miss 1-3 L vs Eastern Washington 1-3 L vs Troy 3-1 W @ UNLV 0-3 L vs Oral Roberts 1-3 L vs Portland State 3-1 W @ Southern 3-2 W vs Alabama A&M 3-0 W vs Prairie View A&M 3-0 W @ Houston 2-3 L @ Texas A&M - Corpus Christi 0-3 L @ Houston Baptist 3-1 W vs UL Lafayette 2-3 L

October @ Central Arkansas 0-3 L @ McNeese State 3-2 W @ New Orleans 0-3 L vs Stephen F. Austin 3-1 W vs Northwestern State 3-1 W @ Incarnate Word 1-3 L @ Abilene Christian 0-3 L vs Nicholls 3-1 W vs McNeese State 1-3 L

November vs New Orleans 1-3 L vs Sam Houston State 0-3 L vs Lamar 3-0 W @ Nicholls 2-3 L vs Central Arkansas 3-2 W vs Texas A&M - Corpus Christi 0-3 L

Photo kelonda dixon



A Bumpy Season

Photo Collin Guedon Design Kelonda Dixon Story Collin Guedon



Junior middle blocker and outside hitter Landry Bullock (left) goes up for a spike during a game versus Sam Houston State. In this game alone Bullock contributed seven kills. Photo Tamara Alexander

The 2015 season for Lady Lions volleyball was described by Head Coach Jim Smoot as a “roller coaster” with many highs and lows throughout the season. “When we played good, we played really good,” said Smoot as he reflected on the past season. Making the Southland Conference Volleyball Tournament for the second year in a row, the Lady Lions scratched their way to a 13-18 overall record while also playing above average at home with a 6-5 record. Junior middle blocker and outside hitter Landry Bullock described beating Northwestern State and Stephen F. Austin in back-to-back games as a really big pick-me-up during the season. At the same time, junior right sider and outside hitter Parrie Hartley had something personal to prove against University of Central Arkansas. “My favorite part of the season was beating University of Central Arkansas because we hadn’t beat them once in our school’s history, and there was actually a girl on that team who was my high school rival, and I got the winning block against her,” said Hartley. “I take that personally. It was a really good game.” The team had some early struggles, winning only two of their first eight games. After some early disappointments, the Lady Lions began to pick up some heat going 5-2 over their next seven games. One of those wins included a victory over conference rival Houston Baptist University. The Lady Lions brought their a-game into conference play, winning three of their first six games. The team finished 7-9 overall in conference play which allowed them to play in the Southland Conference

Volleyball Tournament where, unfortunately, they lost their first and only match against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, finishing 0-3, thereby concluding their season. Bullock boasted a team high of 346 kills while Hartley and sophomore outside hitter and right sider Sarah Friedman held their own, both having over 200 kills. Many of those kills came from the assists of freshman setter Haley Baker and senior setter Mikayla Shippy who together dished out over 1,000 assists. On the defensive side of the ball, there were three players who put up a high number of blocks. Senior middle blocker Veronica Turk had a team-leading 73 blocks with junior middle blocker Rachael Bunn being a close second with 63. Friedman also put up a respectable 41 blocks. Senior defensive specialist Brooke Balser and freshman defensive specialist Monica Ramon both racked up a quite a number of digs. Balser made a team-leading 395 digs while Ramon was right on her tail with 340. Finishing with an overall positive outlook, Hartley reflected on her team’s performance throughout the season. “This season was definitely a roller coaster, but our high points outshined our low points, and when we had our good points, it was the best feeling in the world,” said Hartley. “I just look at it in a positive way, as that’s how good we can be.” The Lady Lions 2015 volleyball season will be remembered for its many thrills, twists and turns, making Smoot’s and Hartley’s roller coaster analogy spot-on and leaving fans with a wild ride to remember.

During the annual Green and Gold match where the team splits into two teams and plays against each other, senior defensive specialist Brooke Balser and junior middle blocker Rachael Bunn (below) celebrate as a point is received from the other team’s mistake. Photo Elizabeth Brown


The Lady Lions (right) complete a successful assist against Nicholls State. The ladies continued to work as a team and took lead winning 3-1. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Junior outside hitter Madi Odom (above) prepares for a killer shot contributing five consecutive points against opponent Nicholls State. Odom was named to the 2015 All-Tournament team. Photo Kelonda Dixon Senior defensive specialist Brooke Balser (right) draws back to send an incoming ball back over the net. Balser was aiming for a win with contributing 12 digs. Photo kelonda dixon




The Lady Lions (left) celebrate their victory over Nicholls State on the court. Photo kelonda dixon Freshman defensive specialist Macey Stock (below) goes down ready to serve the ball back in the air to one of her teammates. The Baton Rouge native had a total of 85 spikes this season. Photo Tamara Alexander

Freshman defensive specialist Monica Ramon (above) dives to hit the ball before it touches the ground. This was just one of her total 7 digs against Central Arkansas. Photo Elizabeth Brown Junior middle blocker Rachael Bunn (left) shows no mercy as she prepares to spike the ball. Bunn was one among many other players who was named to the 2015 All-Tournament team. Photo kelonda dixon


Photo Collin Guedon


Photo Collin Guedon



John Dolese of Delta Tau Delta (right) goes all out and dives for the ball during the Greek Week Volleyball Tournament. Photo Kelonda Dixon Desiree Acosta of Alpha Sigma Tau (below) claps during the Greek Week Step Show. This year’s theme was the decades where students dressed and stepped to music from different eras. Photo Kelonda dixon

Storm Coates and Kevin McNeil of Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Sigma Sigma member Cierra Calloway (above) step to the music of the 2000s wearing double polo shirts, loud colors and warm up suits. Photo larshell green


greek week

Mary Ruth Corwin of Phi Mu Fraternity, Inc. (left) slams her hands down with fury as she moves at the Step Show. Photo kelonda dixon Let the strongest team win. During the Tug-of-War competition, (below) students from different fraternities and sororities were matched together. Photo Kelonda dixon

Students are not afraid to get a little dirty during the annual Pie Eating Contest (above). The Pie Eating Contest is one of many exciting events during Greek Week. Photo Kelonda dixon Justin Bankston of Kappa Alpha Order (left) strolls off the stage during the Greek Week Step Show. He was straight out the ‘90s rocking Chuck Taylors and a multicolored t-shirt. Photo kelonda dixon



Senior kinesiology major Frank Newton and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (right) is holding his position as the crowd cheers him on. “Performing at NPHC’s step show is always fun for me; it just feels good to see all of my friends proudly represent their fraternities and sororities in the Divine 9 to our student body,” said Newton. “I think this year was one of the best thus far.” Photo Collin Guedon Alumnus Kristopher Green of lota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. (below) puts all of his energy into his performance. “It felt amazing,” said Green. “Every organization had their act together. It was a jolt of rejuvenating energy to come back and see the effort put by the council.” Photo Collin Guedon

Junior accounting major Chahara Thomas (above) shares knowledge about Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. with the crowd. “It was invigorating since it was my first time performing,” said Thomas. “I can’t wait for the next one.” Photo Collin Guedon Senior English major Auriell Celestine (right) begins a step with a chant. “It felt great to be on stage with my sisters of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. as we stepped, shared knowledge and showed appreciation for the path our founders created for us back in 1922,” said Celestine. Photo collin Guedon


nphc greek week

Junior family and consumer sciences major Timothy Davis and member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (left) gazes into the crowd as he performs. “I felt very exuberant being that I was educating others about my organization that is very near and dear to me. It’s a feeling like no other,” said Davis. Photo Collin Guedon Senior kinesiology major Davasia Jones (below) said “Performing in this year’s showcase was very meaningful to me. Inspired to represent black history with our attire influenced that my Greek letter organization was a key component of black history,” said Jones. “From the intro song ‘If I Ruled the World’ to the founders march meant and showed that Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. is bigger than the members that exist in it.” Photo Collin Guedon

Senior psychology major Briana Brown (left) poses for the crowd. “It felt great to be able to present Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. to the university, and I had lots of fun on stage with my sorors,” said Brown. Photo Collin Guedon


Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. member Jimecia Williams (right) plays a game with one of the many children that came to the fall carnival. Many parents brought their kids out to enjoy trick-or-treating, games and spacewalks in the safe environment of the Pennington center during the Halloween season. Photo kelonda dixon Members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Timothy Davis and Nicholas Jackson (below) host the Super Sigma Study Session where students came to receive help in math, science and English from instructors. It was a successful evening as students left after receiving much needed help and free t-shirts. Photo Kelonda Dixon

Twin sisters and both freshmen chemistry majors (right) Shreya Bhatt (left) and Shreeja Bhatt (right) smile as they finish a Bollywood dance with a song called “Aaja Nachle” during the 2015 Annual International Night. “I enjoyed it,” said Shreya Bhatt. “I was very nervous, but now, I’m quite contained.” Photo Elizabeth brown



organizations’ activities

Freshman marketing major Addison Lanley dresses as Michael Jackson (left) for the 2nd annual Harmony Social hosted by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Sigma Alpha Iota’s Mu Rho chapter. This night of fun had food, great music, a dance competition and a costume competition. Photo Kelonda Dixon The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. (below) set up a table outside the union for students to drop off donations for Toys from the Heart Toy Drive. Photo tamara alexander

The ladies of Sigma Sigma Sigma (above) had plenty of candy for the participants of the fall carnival. Many organizations came out so that the Hammond community could bring their kids to a safe environment for trick-or-treating. Photo kelonda Dixon Senior psychology major with a minor in French and president of the French club, Le Circle Francais, Angele Thibodaux (left) is making crepes at one of the club’s meetings. Crepes are a great dessert that can be topped with various fruits and sweet toppings. Photo kelonda dixon



Senior psychology major Tyler Cox and senior physics major Cole Galey (right) perform at International Night entertaining the crowd with Louisiana cajun phrases. Photo elizabeth brown Auriell Celestine, Nicala Edwards and Sh-Kaia Mosely (below) represent their sorority Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. at the Rock N’ Roar event where they sold jambalaya to the high school students. Photo larshell green

President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Marisa Evans and Vice President Lauren Davis (above) stands at their NAACP booth in the student union for the organizational browse. Photo kelonda dixon Senior math major Jace Atkinson (right) and member of Theta Chi Fraternity hands out popcorn at Rock N’ Roar. This is a fun filled day for high school students to see different organizations after they compete in the Literary Rally. Photo larshell green


organizations’ activities

The biology graduate student organization (left) has a small petting zoo with small snakes, frogs and turtles for high school students to attend during Rock N’ Roar. Photo larshell green Students (below) prepare games and give out treats during the Fall Carnival given by student organizations and Greek life for parents to bring their little ones during the Halloween season. Photo kelonda dixon

Senior ceramics major Aurora Olvera (left) isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty while throwing something on the potter’s wheel. During Rock N’ Roar she sold these pieces as a fundraiser for the ceramic club. Photo Larshell green

greeks & student organizations

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, inc. president Frank Newton Jr. advisor Alvin Cavalier

1. Dwayne Woodard, Frank Newton Jr, George Veals.

Pictured left to right

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. president Jeffery Martin advisor Charles Toney

1. Jeffery Martin, Matthew Watkins.

Pictured left to right

Delta Sigma Theta sorority, inc. president Rideia Wilson advisor Wanda Evans

1. Kenyanta Morrison, Breanna Evans, Amairielle Cordova, Marisa Evans, Tonykea Alford, Adonica Reed, Mattie Hawkins, D’Anna Williams, Maya Gauthier. 2. SiArah Mccray, Jermisha Frazier, Patricia Barney, Chahara Thomas, Rideia Wilson, Brynisha Faust, Jessica Winfrey, Chelsea Jacques, Layla Clark.

Pictured left to right



national pan-hellenic council

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. president Nicholas Jackson advisor Michael Kyles

1. Nicholas Jackson, Timothy Davis

Pictured left to right

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. president Precious Joseph advisor Phaedra Wells

1. Briana Brown, Jimecia Williams, Erica Johnson, Keaira Woodard, Ayanna Hall, Precious Joseph, Whitnie Douglas, Christina Hicks.

Pictured left to right

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. president Britney Bell advisor Debra williams

1. Megan Briggs, Russia Williams, Britney Bell, Nicala Edwards, Sh-Kaia Mosely, Cydney Menina, Shakemia Miller, Tamara Alexander.

Pictured left to right

greeks & student organizations

Iota Phi Theta fraternity, inc. president Kristopher green advisor mark jones

1. Jordan Lang, Braelen Mattox, Delton Burris, Kristopher Green, Mark Jones.

Pictured left to right

Alpha Omicron Pi president Taylor Drude advisor molly fenton

Harley Arrington, Danielle Barrios, Alexis Bateman, Taylor Drude, Brynne Dugas, Alecia Gutierrez, Gabby Gutierrez, Baylee Ives, Haley Johnson, Kathryn Kennedy, Abby LeBlanc, Amelia McGovern, Karson Pope, Gabrielle Reynolds, Madeline Schexnaydre, Jade Sheets, Katie Simmons, Amanda Sistrunk, Alexis Sparacello.

Names in alphabetical order

Alpha signma tau president danielle Coniglio advisor angela Dunnington Krista Achor, Cailtyn Achord, Britani Allen, Brandi Bastian, Jenni Bauers, Nina Begue’, Peyton Blackwell, Brittney Boihem, Stephanie Carroll, Nikki Chrisman, Danielle Coniglio, Nicole Dimitri, Darla Donnaud, Claire Dufrene,, Kelsey Felton, Elizabeth Ford, Hannah Fork, Tara Forsythe, Stacey Gardner, Allyson Gaspard, Micah Hamner, Kaydi Hoppel, Leah Lambert, Danielle Magruder, Victoria McCarson, Leah Miller, Alexis Montgomery, Samantha O’Neill, Adele Peer, Sierra Ponvelle, Alexis Quackenbush, Taylor Roberts, Shelby Robicheaux,, Karlie Saucier, Kaitlyn Scuderi, Ally Shreve, Jenna Spell, Caroline St. Amant, Olivia Streat, Shelby Szelei, Katie Taylor, Stevie Thompson, Shannon Thorton, Haley Todd, Gabrielle Tullier, Kirby Williams, Casey Zweifel. Names in alphabetical order



national pan-hellenic council | collegiate panhellenic council

Phi Mu president Kaylin Strong advisor April Field

Bailey Barker, Danielle Bergeron, Erin Brady, Tara Brian, Kate Brown, Madison Chauvin, Mary Ruth Corwin, Leah Dahmer, Rachael Dalgo, Ali Diez, Jennifer Doss, Katie Duet, Blakeli Entremont, Skylar Erikson, Laura Fortner, Brinley Giluso, Kaitlyn Guillotte, Cierra Heckmann, Alee Hess, Katie Johnson, Taylor Kinnison, Sidney Kent, Elise Kuchler, Shelby Long, Emma Lorio, Taylor Mangus, Megan Mccormick, Rachael Mccrory, Madison Ali Myers, Brittany Puma, Jamee Rogers, Jordan Rook, Lauren Snowdy, Kaylin Strong, Gabrielle Theriot, Madison Thompson, Darian Vining, Caroline Whiting, Emily Whittington, Isabella Vazquez. Names in alphabetical order

Sigma sigma Sigma president Phoebe Castro advisor Allison Sprouse

Jamee Allen, Tatiana Barr, Samantha Bergeron, Kasey Blackwell, Phoebe Castro, Kaitlyn Clark, Jourdan Culpepper, Kimberly Duhe, Madeleine Duhon, Dani Fielder, Emilee Flores, Lindsay Grace, Lauren Guitreau, Jaimie Jakes, Lauren Lambert, Micaela Lanus, Caitlynn Ledet, Karlee Mckernan, Taylor Mclean, Mollie Norton, Peyton Orten, Caroline Papa, Gabrielle Pizzuto, Kristin Powell, Jessica Robinson, Kayla Scurich, Nicole Sicomo, Sarah Spears, Jennifer Spivey, Ambriehlla St. John, Jessica Thonn, Mallory Wollfarth. Names in alphabetical order

Theta phi alpha president Kaitlyn carroll advisor Brittany Bacques Keegan Brandt, Laura Brousseau, Katherine Brown, Kayla Campo, Kaitlyn Carroll, Sarah Cooper, Nicole Cousins, Savannah Davidson, Allison Davis, Michelle Doescher, Chelsea Fairburn, Elizabeth Favre, Christina Ferrando, Jacie Folse, Patricia Fowler, Rebecca Galivan, Anna Gamblin, Taylor Gifford, Meagan Gioe, Darah Givens, Autumn Hand, Hannah Hawkins, Christina Herrod, Sarah Hess, Lauren Heuer, Ashlin Hinojosa, Amber Ingolia, Helen Claire Jewell, Kaylan Jones, Callie Kelly, Maddy Kelly, Kaliey King, Morgan Leech, Kaitlyn Lindsey, Cierra McDaniel, Rachel Mendoza, Harley Menotti, Kelci Michelli, Jannah Mitchell, Samantha Mosley, Leah Piper, Maycie Ransom, Danielle Savoie, Ashley Scaffidi, Dasha Shinners, Katelyn Shultz, Halie St. Clair, Caitlyn St. Pierre, Tiffany Stitt, Anna Strider, Kayla Thorne, Kelsie Toler, Angela Twidwell, Samantha Ward, Haley Washington, Anna Watkins, Britany Williard. Names in alphabetical order

greeks & student organizations

Delta Tau Delta president Justin Archote advisor Gene Pregeant

Justin Archote, Dominic Armantrout, Landon Brown, Lloyd Capello, Daniel Cuevas, Ryan Fonseca, Claudio Franc, Matthew Guillot, Griffin Hakenjos, John Harris, Austin Henderson, Grayson Jackson, Evan Lapeyrouse, Seth Leto, Kevin McNeill, Beau Moore. David Nicoletti, Richard O’Connel, Zach Rogers, Matthew Reed, Brendan Sundrud, Ross Tomko, Brennen Waguespack, Bradley Watson, Tristyn Wheeler. Names in alphabetical order

kappa alpha order president justin bankston advisor cliff lloyd

Justin Alford, Ethan Blouin, Camen Carter, Alec Cunningham, Geramy Dupont, Evan Gaudet, Christopher Graham, Cade Guerin, Daniel Henderson, Collin Kent, Brady Morris, Alexander Murray, Tyler Olivier, Cooper Richards, John Ritchie, Trey Rockforte, Reid Shorter, Brent Wagner, Cory Zunker.

Names in alphabetical order

kappa Sigma president Brandon Delhom advisor Curt Mitchel

Brandon Delhom, Melville Faust, Zachary Galliot, Coleden Heckmann, Seth Jones, Walter Ladner, Adrian LaPeyronnie IV, Colby Lee, Milan Love, Seth Mabile, Tyron Mclemore, Tyler Miller, Danny Relayson, Courtney Rutledge, Alexander Venable, Bryan Wiley, Brandon Williams, Nicholas Wylie, Alexander Zorirlla.

Names in alphabetical order



interfraternity council

Pi Kappa Alpha president Riley trisler advisor darren gomez

Neil Bourgeois, Jourdan Brooks, Diontae Cannon, Cameron Clatterbuck, Alexander Colton, Eric Feilden, Brandon Fogg, Travis Hester, Rondall Johnson, TreJuan Johnson, Benjamin McClain, William Munn, Austin Rogers, Blake Taylor, Riley Trisler, Vicente Vasquez.

Names in alphabetical order

sigma Tau Gamma president alex sotile advisor Philip Morris

Adam Abraham, Austin Bardales, Mason Bourgeois, Shane Brown, Ian “James” Connelly, Bryce Cothern, Kevin Darrah, Thomas Gros, Matthew Howze, Cameron Jenkins, Matthew Kemp, Brennan Kuss, Richard Mathis, Oscar Mendoza, Jamie Muller, Kennedy Pellegrin.

Names in alphabetical order

Theta Chi president james mcguire advisor Brandon Mulina

Jace Atkinson, Eddie Cooper IV, Dillon Dufrene, Kole Gorney, Michael Maher, Mauricio Mena, Davon Mitchell, Jon Oliver, Zachary Robin, Jesse Salminen, Jacob Sharkey, Trevor Smith.

Names in alphabetical order

greeks & student organizations

Theta Xi president Austin Miller advisor Kodi Brignac

1. Thomas Aguirre, Hunter Bourg, David Boynes, Mark Cox, Kameron Eckland, Nathan Harris, Samuel Impastato, Austin Jackson, Dathan Kinchen, Dylan Kinchen, Cole Leblanc, Brandon Loper, Brandon Merwin, Louis Milazo, Austin Miller, Dano Miller, Hunter Miller, Andrew Parkin, Brandon Pourciau, Austin Sigsworth, Scott Tucker, Gustav Vallo, Anthony Wetekamm, Monroe White. Names in alphabetical order

Alpha Kappa Delta president sarah basile advisor Dr. Robert Martin

1. Stephanie Travis, Jasmine Taylor, Deshar Hall, Amanda Ballouk, Maretta McDonald, Mandy Jo Pickering, Dr. Robert Martin, Sarah Basile.

Pictured left to right

Alpha Psi Omega president Emily Nodine advisor James Winter

1. Chelsey Davis. 2. Anthony Gary, Kelsey Hymel, Emily Nodine, James Winter. 3. Shelbi Berthelot , Ernesto Mora. 4. Sarah Easley, Rebecca Miller, Elizabeth Odom , Grace Jovanovic, Taylor Bennett, Jessie Castle. 5. Brei-Linn Golchuk, Bennett Cockerham, Duncan Martin, Taylor Sinclair, Bruce Javery II, William Schmidt, Shelby ElliottLayman, Samantha Messina. 6. Rachel Henri, Betty Pharr, James Michel, Meaghan Neyrey, Raven Price, Misty Gros, Jordin Jones, Lydia Caballero, Madison Paulus, Shelly Sneed Breyanna Johnson, Angela Griffitt. Pictured left to right



interfraternity council | honors

Chi Sigma Iota president Josette David advisor Laura Fazio-Griffith

1. Steven Reed, Alysse Bulich, Josie David. 2. Aliah Esmaeili, April Juneau, Jordan Gonzales, Catherine Redden.

Pictured left to right

Delta Omega Alpha president Lauren Davis advisor Edward Nelson

1. Van Ziebarth, Savannah Klier, Lauren Davis, Caitlyn Hoerner. 2. Kiersten Cartes, Rusnesha Roussel, Bianca Weeden, Chelsea Scott, Breanna Lawrence, Alexis Bateman, Victoria Gough. 3. Michael Myres, Carley Short, Courtney Hutchinson, Lillian Marcus, Lauren Murphy, Sarah Taravella, Calah Bolden. 4. Elizabeth Bonnette, Chelsea Breaux, Tyron’E Hawkins, Savannah LeBlanc, Callie Lambert, Sydney Bodie, Rayshell Peters, Courtney Behrnes. 5. Jerita Mitchell, Ross Rieger, Robert Carter, Tristyn OsbyJackson, Kelsea Locicero, Renee Picou, Danica Taylor. 6. Lucie Caire, Chibueze Onyeagusi, Jonathon Vales, Elizabeth Belgard, Andrew Belgard, Kevin Bokun, Anita Blege. Pictured left to right

Kappa Kappa Psi president Stephen Williams advisor Paul Frechou

1. Sydney Finneman, Hailey Wilkinson, Lindsey Poret, Stephen Williams, Jess Lambert. 2. Brennan Simmons, Daniel Talley, Evangeline Still, Robert Malbrough, Abigail Lambert. 3. Matthew Jays, Raymond Jones, Jesse Carter, Carmen Vessel.

Pictured left to right

greeks & student organizations

Sigma Tau Delta president Abbie Chiasson advisor Christopher Genre

1. Christopher Genre, Grace Atwell, Abbie Chiasson, Gabrielle DeVill, Mary Mocsary. 2. Steven Savoie, Sherri Craig, Rebecca Rushing, Kathryn Fussell, Dr. George Dorrill.

Pictured left to right

Black Student Union president Chelsea Scott advisor Sheryl Baham-francis

1. Trey Abrams, Cydney Menina, Chelsea Scott, Robyn Davis, Josten Milan. 2. Danita Winfrey, Dashawn Petrie, Precious Singleton, Mikayla Times, Alecea Thompson, Michaela Thanars, Lela Taylor, Ty’Desha Hall. 3. Kharen Williams, Bri’An Mouton, Christie Patrick, Raymond Paul, Taylor Hawkins, Jennae Hankins. 4. T’Nia Dubose, Allyson Davis, Sh-Kaia Mosely, Angela Charles, Breyanna Johnson, Adonica Reed. Pictured left to right

Hall Council president Caitlin Bueche advisor Blake Thomas

1. Traci Olin, Taylor Williams, Kristen Calfee, Caitlin Bueche, Christine Peairs, Wendy Rhodes, Christine Jones. 2. Calyn Landaiche, Paul Haddican, Scott Cooper, Christopher Wright, Jamie Dearman.

Pictured left to right



honors | special interest

Lions Against Trafficking president Jonathan jee advisor Ronald taylor

1. Lauren Larson, Mary Wimbish, Jonathan Jee.

Pictured left to right

Made men president amairi cordova advisor gabe willis

1. Cedric Dent, Cedric Leblanc, Amairi Cordova. 2. Julian Maze, Quintele Jackson, Darrell Ingram Jr, Kyle Scott, Ronjae Cunnikin, Richard Pugh, Larry Overton. 3. Kel’Jun Jones, Chadrick Jackson Jr, Austin Banks Jr, Jessie Johnson, Devin Porter, Joshua St. Cyr, Joshua Lewis, Charles Bell, Charles Augustus.

Pictured left to right

National Alliance on Mental Illness president Stephanie Ellzey advisor Lolita boykin

1. Hannah Bourgeois, Avery Jenkins, Stephanie Ellzey, Elise Laurent, Carli Soileau. 2. Olivia Moreno, Abbey Bethel, Chad Cashio, Brooklyn York, Ty’Real Johnson, Ciara Richardson, Melanie Mann.

Pictured left to right

greeks & student organizations

National Organizational Communication Association president Emily Forcha advisor joseph mirando

1. Kacy Ray, Chelsea Orgeron, Neil Bourgeois, Morgan Beard. 2. Tanya Kramer, Sarah Hess, Kathryn Kennedy, Victoria Hoover, Jamie Dearman, Jordan Colona, Caitlyn Daigle, Brennan Morris, Daijah Anderson, Teresa Murphy.

Pictured left to right

Nepali Student Association president deepesh sigdel advisor dr. george gibson

1. Saugat Ghimire, Kundan Sharma, Nisha Lama, Prayush Pokharel, Bijay Shrestha, Anup Ghimi. 2. Deepesh Sigdel, Subash Mishra , Mahesh Khanal, Rajeeb Sharma.

Pictured left to right

pixel president marcus soniat advisor gary keown

1. Melanie Corass, Savannah Perrin, Marcus Soniat, Rachel Alford. 2. Nicholas Salvetti, Kelonda Dixon, Tamara Alexander, Joshua Knox, Ryan Kenny.

Pictured left to right



special interest

Society for human resource management president Landon Richard advisor carl phillips

1. Jordan Narcisse, Maranda Marquez, Brittani LeBlanc. 2. Kristen Henry, Samantha Dussor, Gabrielle Deemer, Alexxzzandria Dorsey, Mallory McKenzie. 3. Jessica Reid, Landon Richard, Lance Bankston, Matthew Renshaw, Gavin Maestri, Dr. Carl Phillips.

Pictured left to right

Standout president Gabrielle filiberto advisor marc settembrino

1. Reanna Lanoux, Brianna Stokes, Emily Soileau, Erika Ferretiz. 2. Wayne Cook, Victoria Giles, Alexis Ivey, Lisa Locascio, Kayla Flenniken. 3. Joshua Ferguson, Cyntillya Fuselier, Cedric Rubins, Mervin Brochard III, Gabrielle Filiberto, Matthias Fowler.

Pictured left to right

Student government association president Alexis quackenbush advisor Dr. pamela rault

1. Kelsey Johnson, Victoria Novitsky. 2. Alexis Quackenbush, Isabel Alber, Uddhab Tiwari, Alex Sotile, Haley Ryland, Maggie Sauter, Alexandra Leblanc, Kaci Maggio, Bradley Watson, Rebecca Galivan, Pemba Sherpa. 3. Erin Fernandez, Sal Battaglia, Braylon Gros, Prayush Pokharel, DeQuaz Humphries, Harley Arrington, Matthew Reed, Seth Leto, Cierra Robiskie, Nicholas Jackson, Whitney Bell, Jerica Douglas, Jasmine Wilson. Pictured left to right

greeks & student organizations

Baptist collegiate ministry president savannah kirkpatrick advisor sam cappel 1. Kayla Jackson, Augusta Ceasar, Grace Whittington, Bella Mokeba, Shelbie Jones, Haley Allen, Kylie Roberson, Matthew Olivier, Jamie Hewitt. Amanda Ridgell, Elizabeth Yurkovich. 2. Jake Stasko, Cameron Kirkendoll, Sierra Bunch, Charlot Chauvin, Justin Lafleur, Matt Foster, Melinda Sullivan, Carli Soileau, Savannah Kirkpatrick, Krislyn Kerr, Kayley Patterson. 3. Matthew Sheets, Greg Ramirez, Alex Bond, Julia Bond, Madison Lane, Mason Lane, Matthew Arnold, Hunter Allen, Madison Vige, Lauren Robbins, Cail Robbins. 4. Magney Iwara, Jay Tenhundfield, Ryan Miller, Jonathan Jee, Katie Wimbish, Katie McRenolds, Jarred Jones, Faith Jackson, Chris Diaz, Jacob Cunningham. 5. Hannah Allen, Jenna Pryor, Christen Joanna, Patrick Hardy, Zoey Foster, Caitlyn Williams, Morgan Blanchard, Breigh Allen, Ashton Denham, Alex Corken, Lacey Griffen. 6. Michael Glorioso, Jenna Reno, Maggie Kippes, Hannah Weaver, Joise Jolibois, Ben Cato, PJ Hodges, Danielle Shearer, Christian Carlin, Cat Legnard, Morgan Hagan, Ashley Wolfe, 7. Tiffany Olivier, Kylie Roberson, Taylor Rosson, Jen Rosson, Reagan Gilmore, Tyler Hall-Clay, Dylan Johnson. 8. Miriam Holmes, Meredith Welch, Emily Jones, Alex McMorris, Delaney Brady, Jasmine Webb. 9. Anna Riccobono, Krista Scafidiel, Taryn Dixon, Gabby Mire, Bethany Stoner, Melanie Lane, Ashley Turner, Michelle Stevenson, Gabby Olivier. 10. Dan McQuary, Marcus Soniat, Isaac Esquivel, David Fortner, Tyler Abadie, JP Aymond, Zach Husser, Sam Taylor, Nick Williams, Travis Orillion. 11. Jacob Williams, Brady Perque.

Pictured left to right

Catholic Student association president hayden songy advisor james kirylo

1. Fatima Vasquez, Cierra Calloway, Christien Leonard, Laura Montreuil, Connie Adams, Traci Olin, Kayla Adams, Emma Lapeyrouse, Sharon Veazey, Lauren Larson, Adriana . 2. Hannah Vaughn, Cory Soileau, Catherine Costa, Andrew Cowan, Parrish Masters, Jacqueline Doucet, Tycer Robert,Madeline Lanier,Rachael Johnson, Victoria Mercer, Irene Marino, Sophia Leone, 3. Matte Labbe, Jared Matherne, Daniel Gruner, Derrick Faucheux, Hayden Songy, Nick Johnson, Greg Cooper, Tyler Waggenspack, Mark Holt, Chase Blank.

Pictured left to right

Fellowship of Christian athletes president Kierra crews advisor Edward hebert

1. Salvatore Grizzaffi, Karen Adams, Byrony Newman, Blaire Holmes, Meagan Thierry. 2. Mike Di Maria, Avery Martin, Jonathan Martin, Grace DeLee, Solomon Cross, Devin King, Kierra Crews, Jarrod Hale.

Pictured left to right




Lions for the Lamb president Camber Robertson advisor corliss dupuy

1. Zachary Whitehead, Alexandria Whitehead, Matthew Quinn, Caleb Moll, Josh Hoover. 2. Camber Robertson, Briana Landers, Jessika McDaniel, Kaitlynn Ford, Shiana Landers, Alexis Fairbanks, Breanna Foster, Grace Howell, Brittany Phillips, Hannah McNemar, Kaly Wells, Jared Phillips. 3. Chelsey Moore, Madisyn Wascom, LouAnna Brigalia, Roxie Dupepe, Jessica Williams, Alexis Fairbanks, Zachary Gerard, Kevin Bokun. 4. Jade Bushell, Meagan Kincade, Lauren Clardy, Mary Wallace, Gabriel Vorleto, Josh Tassin, Sparkle Brock, Jonathan Hill, Rebecca Baxter, Nick Moran. 5. Byrony Newman, Jonathan Rhodes, Joshua Taylor, Jack Farrar, Aabishkar Timalsina, Hannah Simeon, Gabriel Knight, Charles Norsworthy, Tyler Page, Gilbert Bateman, Avery Martin, Merlin Farria. Pictured left to right

Praise -n- motion dance Ministry president Bianca chandler advisor lataisha tate

1. Ravian Thomas, Raven Gooden. 2. Chrystal Carolina. 3. Tyra Flowers, Ariel Green, Jy’desha Coleman.

Pictured left to right

Southeastern nurses Christian fellowship president Holly spadoni advisor mitzie meyers

1. Mitzie Meyers, Kaitlyn Methvien, Bethany McMorris, Meghan Johnson, Holly Spadoni, Meredith Welch, Raylin Magliolo, Oliver Young-Hernandez.

Pictured left to right

greeks & student organizations

Biology graduate Student organization president Ariana Rupp advisor Brian Crother

1. Tim Borgardt, Ariana Rupp, Elyse Parker, Erica Rottmann, Courtney Weyand, Martha Villalba. 2. Melanie Partin, Jillian Gautreaux, Eric Van Gorder, Joshua Cahal, Sara McDonald, Brooke Trabona, Pam Clarkson. 3. James Erdmann, Zachary Leggett, Jack Anjier, Jordan Donini, Diego Elías, Dave Campbell Cody Godwin

Pictured left to right

Le circle francais president Angele Thibodaux advisor Aileen Motoo

1. Olive Earnest, Rian Earnest, Elly Earnest, Aileen Mootoo, India Williams, Rashawna Palmer, Ben Cummins. 2. Kary Texada, Madame Gumpert, Brad Cummins, Amanda Blady, Angele Thibodaux, Haley Washington, Jennifer Spivey, Senora Mariela Sanchez.

Pictured left to right

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association president Whitney Martin advisor Lillian Stiegler

Jenna Barcelonae, Marissa Bellange, Lauren Boudreaux, Andi Bush, Marlee Chatelain, Alissa Durr, Mikalya Fortenberry, Jeni Frick, Emily Gilkeson, Emily Guercio, Erin Hargis, Emily Hartzop, Michelle Haydel, Katelyn Huval, Aleigha Jones, Amy Le, Baige Lipoma, Misty Mandella, Megan McMillin, Shelby Mitchell, Marissa Munn, Gabrielle Olivier, Rani Olivier, Jessica Penalber, Kathleen Pousson, Caitlin Robinson, Danea Spillman, Jessica Stevens, Cierra Stewart, Mary Ann Talley, Sophie Thames, Sarah Vickers, Abigail Wahl, Kelsi Walker, Jennie Weldon. Names in alphabetical order




Press club president Heather Rogers advisor Amber Narro

1. Jordan Rheams, Connor Raborn, Jaylon Morris, Brooke Robichaux, Heather Rogers, Natalie Ragusa, Ryan Harrison, Joseph Palmisano, Jonathan Rhodes.

Pictured left to right

Public relations student society of America president Meredith Keating advisor Joseph Mirando

1. Dr. Joseph Mirando, Cabrina Gordon, Maria Goddard, Jaime Gelpi, Alexandra Stafford, Jasmine Arias, Christina Blair, Kaylee Collier, Annette Lay, Kara Craighead, Jada Davis. 2. Gilbert Edward, Dana DiPiazza, Alexis Flores, Madison Chauvin, Ridge Tully, Gabrielle O’Neal, Meredith Keating, Kelsey Dunham, Candace McGaff, Chelsea Smith.

Pictured left to right

Social work club president Kirsten Clites advisor Corie Hebert

1. Jasmine Wilson, Shaquana Smith, Kimberlye Wirth, Zakaris Martin, Dr. Corie Hebert. 2. Sofia Garcia-Morel, Brittnee lambert, Sara Temple, Christina Hicks, Aliyah Zeien, Gerriane Jones. 3. DaryNeshia Weaver, Kitauge Sharp, Pedro G Vinson, Kirsten Clites, Breyanna Johnson, Lauren Laurent, Amanda Lally.

Pictured left to right

greeks & student organizations

Southeastern Association of Family and Consumer Sciences president Taylor Tasssin advisor Brandy Williams

1. Jessica Boudreaux, Casey Sevario, Saige Digirolamo, Katlyn Taylor, Lauren Gregoire, Kayla Scurich, Whitney McKnight, Debra Perilloux. 2. Aimee Simoneaux, Ashton Wilde, Samantha Smith, Charlene Barrett, Taylor Tassin, Cierra Calloway, Kelly Ripple, Shelby Kays, Madeline Root.

Pictured left to right

Southeastern Sociological Association president Sarah Basile advisor Russell A. Castro

1. Sarah Basile, Breyanna Johnson, DeQuaz Humphries, Chelsea Alexander, Jada Nathan, Makenzie Ward, Darrell Imbornone. 2. Naomi Tenorio, Kailyn Ellis, Jessica Robinson, Martha Sibley, Haley Johnson, Tara Babin, Tobi Robertson, Brynne Dugas. 3. Amy Hall, Blake Wilson, Robert Nelson, William Busby, Trevor Parish.

Pictured left to right

Kslu president NAME LAST advisor NAME LAST

1. Scott Brady, Rideia Wilson, Miranda Fleig, Lindsey Wallette, Deborah Wickham. 2. Todd Delaney, Fabian Edwards, Dakota Cutrer, Dan McQuary.

Pictured left to right



departmental | service

Student-Led Louisiana Early Childhood Association president Lindsay Colligan advisor Dr. Debra Jo Hailey

1. Lauren Rose, Brittany Jefferson, Ashley Barraco, Jahnice Williams. 2. Dr. Stacy Garcia, D’Ashia Johnson, Lindsay Colligan, Sarah Powell, Maddison Hutches, Dr. Debra Jo Hailey.

Pictured left to right

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People president lauren davis advisor marjorie parker 1. Ciara DeVaull, Breanna Evans, Jessica Winfrey, Marisa Evans, Lauren Davis, Jessica Lewis, Dwayne Woodard. 2. Nadia Turner, Aliyah Zeien, Tyler Patton, Amber Brooks, Jordan Narcisse, Hilda Taylor, Jermanee Scoby, Danita Winfrey, Malika Simms, Monetria Turner. 3. Breanna Lawrence, Breyanna Johnson, Keturah Green, Daija Randolph. 4. Megan Briggs, Vanessa Williams, Tia Lewis, Autumn Brown, Canesra Barthelemy, Rayven Watson, J’Micah Wilson, Knyla Houston, Kendall Cannon, Richard Davis. 5. Tansha Moore, Diontae Cannon, Jeremiah Jenkins, Raeven Scott, Elise Whitlock, Ashlee Bussell, Tristyn OsbyJackson, Tyrell Norman, Rashawna Palmer, Trivon Oliver. Pictured left to right

Student publications Director Lee Lind Coordinator Lorraine. Peppo

1. Kelli Meynard, Heather Jewell, Megan Ferrando, Elizabeth Brown, Megan McCormick, Larshell Green, Tamara Alexander. 2. Jonathan Rhodes, William Allen, Karson Sharp, Alex Brainard, Ian Fischer, William Schmidt, Collin Guedon.

Pictured left to right

man and woman of the year


Ode To Excellence

Photo kelonda dixon Design Kelonda Dixon Story Kelonda Dixon


man and woman of the year

This year’s Woman of the Year Alexis Quackenbush (left) speaks at the higher education rally held at the state capitol in Baton Rouge. This Alpha Sigma Tau member was grateful for her term as the Student Government Association President. Photo William Schmidt

It is without a doubt a great accomplishment and honor to be recognized as the Division of Student Affairs Man and Woman of the Year. DSA has recognized two exceptional students for many consecutive years and this year the 2015-2016 Student Government Association President Alexis Quackenbush and Vice President Bradley Watson are no different. They each repeatedly contributed time and dedication, never failing to exemplify Lion Pride. With great involvement within the university and the surrounding community, these two earned the honor of being recognized for their participation in various events, committees and responsibilities here at Southeastern Louisiana University. It feels amazing,” said Quackenbush. “It’s such an incredible honor and I hope I do the award justice in the future as well!” Watson reflected similar feelings and is humbled by this experience. “It is the honor of my time as a student at Southeastern Louisiana University,” said Watson. “I’m very humbled to have been nominated, considered and selected as the Man of the Year.” Throughout his four years, Watson worked toward a degree in business management. With the addition of academics and extracurricular activities, he learned his best skills and other skills he needed to work on while serving on the Student Government Association. “I have learned a lot along the way,” said Watson. “When I started, I thought to myself, I’m really good at public speaking and I can use this to be a good leader on campus. But then I realized I had a lot to learn about

time management. Once my time management skills improved, I learned that my managerial skills weren’t very good,” said Watson. “So each year I’ve been here, and each leadership position I’ve held throughout those years, have helped me refine my skills as a leader.” As a woman of the year recipient, senior political science major Quackenbush became involved on campus through different organizations beginning her freshman year. With so much responsibility comes mistakes as well as accomplishments that teach anyone willing to learn what it takes to lead others. “I’ve learned to become a better leader through the various roles and positions I have held,” said Quackenbush. “It has made me appreciate hard work. I’ve learned to become better organized and have tried to delegate responsibilities and trust other people with projects. They have helped me in my endeavors because I have met so many different people who have helped me progress and have been stepping stones to reach the next level.” Southeastern Louisiana University’s population is 14,594 students. Many of these students have made this campus community their home away from home. Watson and Quackenbush are just two that made it their goal to help others, better the university and improve student life for those to come. The Division for Student Affairs never fails in providing endless chances to participate in the student life here at the university. All who take on the challenge contribute to student life and activities that take place on campus that everyone around is sure to enjoy.

Man of the Year Bradley Watson (above), a spring 2016 graduate walked across the stage and received his diploma after being named Man of the Year. Watson was extremely grateful for this moment, admitting it was a highlight of his time as a Lion. Photo Tamara Alexander

greek man and woman of the year


greek Success

Photo William allen Design Kelonda Dixon Story William Allen


greek man and woman of the year

Junior business management major Justin Archote (left) cheerfully smiles upon his award acceptance. Archote won Greek Man of the Year. Photo Kelli Meynard

This year marked the 36th Annual Division for Student Affairs Awards Convocation, an award ceremony to recognize academic success as well as campus involvement. Greek Man and Woman of the Year is an award that all members of the Greek community strive for. These individuals are nominated by their chapters and other members of the Greek community. It is an award to recognize an individual’s commitment to their organization, their studies and the Southeastern community. A number of other awards were given during the event as well. Justin Archote and Harli Manuel were named Greek Man and Woman of the Year to thunderous applause from family and members of their organizations who were in attendance. This year’s man and woman of the year set examples on campus for their student community leadership. Archote, a junior majoring in business management from Independence, Louisiana and a member of Delta Tau Delta said, “It was such an honor to be chosen for this award. I am who I am today because of my family who always pushed me to do better and my brothers in the fraternity who mentored me. Honestly, standing next to them makes me look better than I really am. They are the best, and I am thankful to all of them.” In his spare time Archote enjoys spending time with his family, fraternity brothers and staying busy with the day-to-day operations of Delta Tau Delta. He is also an

avid outdoors man, hunting and fishing often. Harli, a communication major from Gonzalez, Louisiana and a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma was also very excited to be named Greek Woman of the year. When asked how she felt when her name was announced she said, “Obviously I didn’t know I was going to win. This will go down as one of my best memories at Southeastern and with my sorority.” Harli likes to stay involved on campus as much as possible and enjoys spending her days on campus hanging out with friends and taking part in various activities around campus. When she’s not hanging with friends, she’s at the Pennington Student Activity Center for cross-fit and jogging to stay in shape. The recipients of awards were very happy by the end of the event with many of the students who attended the ceremony staying afterwards to have dinner with their families in the Student Union Ballroom. The Greek Man and Woman of the year awards are awarded to those who act selfless towards their peers, are at the top of their academic game and have shown their dedication and commitment to not only the ideals of their organizations and the university, but also to the ideals that we all should strive for: to serve your community and always push yourself to be the best that you can be.

Senior Harli Manuel (above) graciously accepts her award for Greek Woman of the Year. Manuel beamed with happiness at the Divsion of Student Affairs Convocation. Photo Kelonda Dixon

student publications


Jake Treadway (right) is recognized for his tremendous efforts in distribution of The Lion’s Roar and Le Souvenir. Without the work he does, no one would ever see the work Student Publications produces. Photo tamara alexander Megan McCormick, Heather Collins, Tamara Alexander Megan Simon, and Fernanda Chagas (below) enjoys a break during the Thanksgiving office party from a busy semester working. Photo lee lind

Everyone poses for the camera (above) at the Student Publications Thanksgiving party. The student publications office has a family type atmosphere built from long hours of editing together. Photo lee lind Morgan Ledet (right) receives an award for best opinion article. She has been a part of the Lion’s Roar staff for two years. Photo KELONDA DIXON


student publications

Staff reporter Tiffany Nesbit and Editor in Chief Megan Ferrando (left) smile for the camera at the Student Publications Convocation ceremony. Nesbit won an award for best campus life article. Photo kelonda dixon

Sports Editor Heather Jewell, Campus Life Editor Megan McCormick and Editor of the Lion’s Roar Megan Ferrando (above) take a break from the usual hustle and bustle that comes with being reporters by taking the opportunity to be on the other side of the camera. Photo ian fischer At the Student Publications Convocation, (left) students received well deserved acknowledgment for the hard work they put in. The editors of The Lion’s Roar and Le Souvenir gave out the awards. Photo sara patrick

student publications

Junior kinesiology major and Le Souvenir’s Editor in Chief Tamara Alexander (right) poses for the camera at the Student Publications Convocation. Alexander has been working at Student Publications since fall 2013. Photo kelonda dixon

Senior art major and former editor of Le Souvenir Fernanda Chagas (above) is caught before class strolling through campus drinking coffee. Chagas was a part of Student Publications for two years and is a proud graduating senior. Photo collin guedon Freshman photography major Collin Guedon (right) is in the field capturing pictures of the everyday life of a Southeastern student. Guedon has been with the Le Souvenir staff for a year. Photo tamara alexander



student publications

Junior art major Kelonda Dixon (left) takes photos of the Lets Get it Started organizational browse hosted by Project P.U.L.L. Dixon has been a part of the Le Souvenir staff for three semesters. Photo tamara alexander Junior art major Elizabeth Brown (below) snaps a quick shot of campus life during finals week. She has been working for student publications for two years. Photo tamara alexander

Senior computer science major Jacob Darouse (above) has been working for Le Souvenir since fall of 2013. During his time here, he has made a digital database of decades of yearbooks and newspapers. Photo tamara alexander Junior history major William Allen (left) is caught in the line of fire at the DSA convocation where he took pictures and wrote a story on many participants and their achievements. Allen started working for Le Souvenir in the spring 2016 semester. Photo Tamara Alexander


Photo Collin Guedon


Strawberry Jubilee offered many attractions for attendees such as exotic animals and customized license plates. Students (right) decided to take a page from their childhood and stuff an animal, or in this case a lion named Roomie. Photo tamara alexander

Students were served red beans and rice, French bread and cupcakes (above) at the annual Strawberry Jubilee event,which helps students unwind before finals. Photo Tamara Alexander Senior music major Provence Hatfield (right) cheerfully stands at the entrance of the Ralph R. Pottle music building. She has starred in the university’s productions such as “High and Mighty” and plans to partake in an open Jar Institute Program in fall 2016. Photo ELIZABETH BROWN




Basketball players James Currington, Keith Charleston and Joshua Filmore (left) enjoy crawfish as well as other food during Fais Do Do. This year it was held outside of the Student Union with plenty of seating areas to eat and enjoy the music. Photo KELONDA DIXON Students enjoyed a typical Southeastern tradition of crawfish at the annual Fais Do Do (below). Crawfish has been one of the main attractions for this event for a number of years. Photo Tamara Alexander

Brandi Baumy, Micaela Lanus and Brittani Leblanc (above) participated in The Big Event by planting trees. The Big Event is a day of community service which takes place on and off campus. Photo Collin Guedon Brandon Surrency (left) gets down in the muddy water as a participant of Swamp Bowl. Co-ed, all-female, all- male and faculty teams were a part of the annual Swamp Bowl. Photo COLLIN GUEDON


Students (right) place miniature windmills in Downtown Hammond during The Big Event. This is one of the many service projects that groups from Southeastern completed for community members. Photo COLLIN GUEDON

Members of Greek sororities and fraternities continued to battle amidst rain during the annual Tug-o-War competition. The event took place during Greek Week. The 80s team: Zeta Phi Beta, Phi Mu and Theta Xi (above) placed third in the competition. Photo Kelonda Dixon Breana Henry (right) enjoys crawfish outside of the Student Union. Crawfish and refreshments were served during Fais Do Do. Photo Kelonda Dixon




Freshmen nursing majors De’Kayta Alex and Genesis Aguilar (left) came to Strawberry Jubilee with umbrellas in tow. Despite this, they were still able to enjoy a bowl of red beans and rice with French bread. Photo Kelonda Dixon Greek Week was transformed into Greek month during spring of 2016 because of flooding, which delayed events. Exactly a month after the beginning of Greek Week, Phi Mu, Theta Xi and Zeta Phi Beta (below) placed second with a 80s rock ‘n’ roll theme. Photo COLLIN GUEDON

Dylon Maggio (above) leaps for the volleyball during the 2016 Swamp Bowl. He competed in the co-ed portion of the competition and underwent double elimination in each round. Photo collin guedon During Fais Do Do, a Cajun celebration, students from Panama danced (left). These students are now graduates of a bilingual program at Southeastern that teaches English to Panamanian teachers. Photo KELONDA DIXON


Senior accounting major Brinley Giluso and senior psychology major Lauren Snowdy (right) attended The Big Event. The Big Event gives students the chance to give back to the local and campus community. Events such as car washes kept participants hard at work while having fun. Photo COLLIN GUEDON

Senior education major Carmen Vessel and junior music major Vivian McCalman (above) proudly show off their face paint during Rock ‘n Roar. The education department sends interns to host face painting for students after the Literary Rally. Photo LARSHELL GREEN Freshman criminal justice major Luz Salinas (right) holds on tight during her rock climbing adventure. During the annual event Fais Do Do, rock climbing was one of the attractions. Photo KELONDA DIXON




Newly elected Student Government Association President Erin Fernandez (left) and newly elected Vice President Gabrielle Reynolds (right) stop to pose and smile during the Student Union Grand Opening. A ribbon was cut to officially open the Student Union after all phases were completed. Photo KELONDA DIXON Junior accounting major Trey Golden and sophomore business management major Brandon Hollier (below) played a life-size board game of Jenga during the annual Rec Fest. Photo ELIZABETH BROWN

Sororities and fraternities (above) gathered in Greek Village on the first day of 2016 Greek Week. The co-ed teams faced double eliminations as the teams competed for points to go toward the scoring system used to determine Greek Week winners. Photo Kelonda dixon During an exotic petting zoo, students (left) were able to hold animals and reptiles such as a porcupine at Strawberry Jubilee. Photo Tamara Alexander


Erica Thomas (right) proudly marches off the stage after earning her degree. She participated in the popular trend of arming her graduation cap with personality driven decorations. Photo TAMARA ALEXANDER

Katherine Socha (above) cheerfully awaits her arrival on stage at commencement. The green and gold gown seen here is a change from the traditional black commencement attire. Photo KELONDA DIXON Melanie Mann (right) shows off her diploma during the 2016 commencement ceremony. She exudes excitement after walking across the stage with her degree in hand real world ready. Photo Megan Ferrando




Kaia Severan (left) cheers as she nears the end of her journey as a Lion. She is representing Omega Phi Alpha, a service sorority on Southeastern’s campus. Photo KELONDA DIXON Governor John Bel Edwards (below) gave graduates inspiration during the graduation ceremony and urged them to stay connected with the university and state as they finish their education. Photo Tamara Alexander

Jeff Smiley (above) marches across the stage to begin another chapter in his life. During his time as a Lion, he was named an honorable mention for All-Southland Conference in 2013 and 2014. Photo kelonda dixon Jay Love (left) beams as he walks in the portion of the ceremony that announced graduates in the college of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Love has earned a degree after being a former sports editor for The Lions Roar. Photo MeGan ferrando


Solar Dispute Iowa

Keith Turner, the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock School District superintendent, points to where the district wants to install a $1.5 million solar array to offset $160,000 in annual electrical costs. Photo Arian Schuessler, The Globe Gazette

Iphone 6

In this file photo from Friday, Sept. 19, 2014, people wait to buy the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices outside an Apple store in Hong Kong. Each year, Apple dazzles its devoted fans with faster, sleeker, more powerful iPhones with better cameras and a bevy of bells and whistles. Photo Vincent Yu, AP Photo

Hong Kong Disneyland

Fireworks explode over the Sleeping Beauty Castle during a ceremony at the Hong Kong Disneyland, Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 as they celebrate the Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary. Photo Photo Kin Cheung, AP Photo



A Abadie, Aaron 112 Abadie, Tyler 248 Abboud, Samuel 90 Abdoh, Esra 112 Abraham, Adam 241 Abrams, Trey 90, 244 Achor, Krista 238 Achord, Cailtyn 238 Acosta, Desiree 40, 228 Acosta, Justin 112 Adams, Autumn 90 Adams, Connie 248 Adams, Jenny 112 Adams, Karen 248 Adams, Kayla 112, 248 Adams, Ryan 90 Agnelly, Alexis 112 Aguilar, Genesis 267 Aguirre, Thomas 242 Alber, Isabel 112, 247 Albert, Kelsey 90 Albrecht, Nicole 8 Aleman, Michael 112 Alessi, Joseph 33 Alexander, Chelsea 252 Alexander, Christopher 112 Alexander, Keana 90 Alexander, Mario 90 Alexander, Meagan 112 Alexander, Tamara 237, 246, 253, 258, 260 Alfonso, Jenna 90 Alford, Justin 240 Alford, Matthew 52, 75 Alford, Rachel 112, 246 Alford, Tonykea 236 Allan, Lawrence 185, 186, 187 Allen, Amee 239 Allen, Angelisa 112 Allen, Breigh 248 Allen, Britani 238 Allen, Emily 90 Allen, Haley 248 Allen, Hannah 248 Allen, Hunter 248 Allen, Kate 90 Allen, Katherine 90 Allen, William 253, 261 Alonzo, Rebecca 112 Amedee, Jammi 112 Amerson, Stephanie 112 Andanar, Dustin 112 Anderson, Aquashia 90 Anderson, Bethany 90 Anderson, Daijah 246 Anderson, Peaches 167, 168 Anderson, Rayshawn 11 Anderson, Sarah 90, 112 Andrews, Alisha 82 Angello, Sarah 26 Anjier, Jack 250 Anstiss, James 185, 187 Antczak, Nicholas 90 Appelt, Rebecca 112 Applebaum, Matt 179 Arabie, Cody 90 Arceneaux, Quinley 112 Archote, Justin 257 Ardillo, Carley 90 Arias, Jasmine 251 Arledge, Stephanie 112 Arledge, Travis 112 Armand, Javier 112 Arnett, Alexa 112 Arnold, David 112 Arnold, Matthew 248 Arrington, Harley 238, 247 Artigues, Jay 73 Arzaluz, Vanessa 191 Arzu, Victoria 112 Ascani, Theresa 112 Ashford, Jaci 90 Askar, Sereen 112 Asoodeh, Joshua 23 Assavedo, April 112 Atkinson, Jace 113, 234, 241 Atwell, Grace 244 Aucoin, Jarett 90 Augustus, Charles 245 Austin, Clyde 113 Avans, Drew 162 Avant, Darlencia 90 Aveton, Kailey 113 Awale, Shalav 8 Ayme, Deborah 113 Aymond, JP 248


Babcock, Lauren 193 Babin, Kevin 73, 74 Babin, Tara 252 Babycos, Brittany 113 Bacigalupi, Caitlyn 156, 157 Baggett, Faith 113 Bagley, Sarah 113 Bailey, Erikeisha 113 Baker, Deartrice 113 Baker, Haley 221 Baldini, Anthony 90 Baldwin, Hailey 113 Ballard, Joshua 23 Balli, Sarah 69 Ballmann, Michael 113 Ballouk, Amanda 242 Balser, Brooke 113, 221, 222 Ban, Jamie 34, 113 Banjara, Rajan 90 Banks, Alexis 113 Banks, Austin Jr 245 Bankston, Justin 41, 229 Bankston, Lance 113, 247 Bankston, Lasca 90 Barbier, Dylan 75 Barbin, Brandon 113 Barcelona, Amanda 113 Barcelona, Jenna 113 Barcelonae, Enna 250 Bardales, Austin 241 Barker, Bailey 239 Barksdale, Tyler 11 Barnes, Devin 113 Barnes, Lakeshia 90 Barnes, Misty 90 Barney, Patricia 90, 236 Barr, Tatiana 239 Barraco, Ashley 253 Barras, Nikki 90 Barrett, Charlene 252 Barrios, Danielle 238 Barron, Sean 113 Barthelemy, Canesra 253 Basile, Sarah 242, 252 Basnet, Vivek 113 Bass, Anna 75 Bastian, Brandi 238 Bateman, Alexis 238, 243 Bateman, Gilbert 249 Batiste, Kai 90 Battaglia, Sal 247 Baudin, Stacie 113 Baudoin, Kimberly 113 Bauers, Jenni 238 Baumy, Brandi 265 Baxley, Shaun 113 Baxter, Rebecca 249 Beall, Harris 91 Beard, Morgan 246 Beard, Jasmine 91 Beauford, Gabrielle 91 Beckers, Kalie 113 Becnel, Gabrielle 113 Beebe, Katie 91 Begue’, Nina 238 Behrnes, Courtney 243 Belgard, Andrew 243 Belgard, Elizabeth 243 Belgard, Kyle 91 Bell, Britney 237 Bell, Charles 245 Bell, Kristin 113 Bell, Whitney 247 Bellange, Marissa 250 Bellanger, Bradley 91 Bellows, Christian 113 Belvin, Jamie 91 Benasco, Daniel 114 Benfatti, Amelia 91 Bennett, Ariel 114 Bennett, Jarrell 91 Bennett, Taylor 242 Benson, Mariah 83 Benson, Sawyer 10 Bergeron, Amanda 114 Bergeron, Ashleigh 114 Bergeron, Danielle 239 Bergeron, Samantha 239 Bergin, Cristina 114 Beriashvili, Besarion 91 Berkessa, Sololiya 85, 91 Bernard, Mary 114 Bernath, Ryan 114 Berot, Kalyn 91 Berry, Alycia 114 Berthelot, Shelbi 242 Bethancourt, Njaya 91 Bethel, Abbey 245 Bhatt, Shreeja 232 Bhatt, Shreya 232 Bibbins, Terelle 31 Bishop, Brice 91

index Bishop, Taylor 114, 197 Bissel, Amanda 114 Blackwell, Brooke 24, 114 Blackwell, Kasey 239 Blackwell, Peyton 238 Blady, Amanda 250 Blair, Christina 251 Blakeney, Anthony 85 Blanchard, Ashley 114 Blanchard, Brandon 91 Blanchard, Morgan 248 Blandin, Britnee 114 Blank, Chase 248 Blank, Hannah 114 Blege, Anita 91, 243 Blocker, Krysta 91 Blouin, Ethan 240 Bobo, Webb 161 Bodie, Sydney 243 Boihem, Brittney 238 Bokun, Kevin 243, 249 Bolden, Calah 114, 243 Bolden, Rickia 91 Bonck, Megan 6 Bond, Alex 248 Bond, Julia 248 Bonfiglio, Danielle 114 Bonnette, Elizabeth 114, 243 Boone, Jordan 91 Boothe, Amber 91 Bordelon, Jonathan 114 Bordes, Arden 91 Bordlee, Nicole 91 Borgardt, Tim 250 Borison, Brennan 91 Boudreaux, Benjamin 52 Boudreaux, Danielle 114 Boudreaux, Desiree 91 Boudreaux, Jessica 252 Boudreaux, Lauren 250 Boudreaux, Logan 114 Boulahanis, Nikos 114 Bounds, Amanda 91 Bourg, Hunter 242 Bourgeois, Brent 41 Bourgeois, Darla 114 Bourgeois, Hannah 245 Bourgeois, Kaitlyn 91 Bourgeois, Lauren 91 Bourgeois, Mason 241 Bourgeois, Neil 241, 246 Bowers, Ashely 81 Bowleg, Maverick 216 Boyd, KaeLynn 167, 168 Boyer, Hannah 114 Boynes, David 242 Bradley, Eamon 185 Brady, Delaney 248 Brady, Erin 239 Brady, Scott 252 Brady, Sean 215 Brainard, Alex 253 Brandt, Keegan 239 Braud, Matthew 91 Braud, Sloane 92 Bravata, Alisha 92 Brawley, Nicole 92 Breaud, Brennan 161, 163 Breaux, Chelsea 243 Breaux, Krystal 92 Breaux, Zachary 114 Brian, Laird 92 Brian, Tara 239 Bridges, Jia 114 Brigalia, LouAnna 249 Briggs, Megan 114, 237, 253 Brignac, Danielle 114 Broadhead, Danielle 79 Brochard, Mervin III 247 Brock, Sparkle 249 Brodwater, Virginia 92 Brogle, Dominique 114 Brooks, Amber 115, 253 Brooks, Fallon 92 Brooks, Jourdan 241 Broussard, Kalee 115 Brousseau, Laura 239 Brown, Andrew 92 Brown, Autumn 253 Brown, Briana 231, 237 Brown, David 92 Brown, Davon’te 92 Brown, Elizabeth 253, 261 Brown, Hannah 92 Brown, Kate 239 Brown, Katherine 239 Brown, Millenique 115 Brown, Roseiland 115 Brown, Shane 241 Brown, Syndee 92 Brumfield, Breonna 115 Brumfield, Hillary 115

Brumfield, India 92 Bruno, Amy 115 Bryan, Hearrt 144 Brylski, Beaux 115 Bueche, Caitlin 18, 115, 244 Bulich, Alysse 92, 243 Bullock, Landry 221 Bunch, Sierra 248 Bunn, Rachael 221, 223 Burke, Macy 92 Burkenstock, Ross Jr 115 Burkett, Anthony 115 Burl, Akeem 92 Burleigh, Alexis 92 Burns, Victoria 115 Burris, Delton 238 Burton, Venisha 115 Busby, William 252 Bush, Andi 250 Bushell, Jade 249 Bushnell, Emily 115 Bussell, Ashlee 253 Butler, Shanay 92 Byers, Ryan 115, 161 Byrd, Tyler 92 Byron, Hannah 115

C Caballero, Lydia 242 Caballeros, Angela 115 Caffarel, Kayla 115 Cage, Ashlynn 115 Cahal, Joshua 250 Caire, Lucie 243 Caire, Philip 92 Calfee, Kristen 244 Callen, Margaret 115 Calloway, Cierra 228, 248, 252 Campagna, Courtney 115 Campbell Cody 250 Campo, Jacob 115 Campo, Kayla 239 Canales, Jose 115 Candies, Courtney 92 Candies, Grant 92 Candies, Lauren 92 Cannatella, Vincent 92 Cannon, Diontae 34, 37, 24, 253 Cannon, Kendall 253 Cao, Shane 92 Capps, Jordan 173 Carlin, Christian 248 Carlini, Domenick 161, 163 Carolina, Chrystal 249 Carrigan, John Carl 115 Carroll, Kaitlyn 239 Carroll, Marisa 92 Carroll, Stephanie 238 Carruth, James 92 Carter, Camen 240 Carter, Jesse 243 Carter, Kasey 93 Carter, Robert 243 Cartes, Kiersten 243 Caruso, Elizabeth 92 Cascio, Regan 115 Cascio, Sammy 93 Cascio, Wendy 115 Cashio, Chad 245 Cashman, Pat 161 Cassingham, Stephen 209 Castle, Jessie 242 Castro, Phoebe 239 Castro, Russell 71 Catalinotto, Christine 115 Cato, Ben 248 Cato, Benjamin 115 Cavalier, Chrystal 8 Cavalier, Crystal 93 Cawyer, Laura 93 Ceasar, Augusta 248 Ceasar, Jerika 93 Cedotal, Kyle 161 Celestine, Auriell 230, 234 Celestine, Tayla 216 Cenac, Megan 116 Chae, Yoomi 93 Chagas, Fernanda 69, 116, 138, 258, 260 Chaisson, Katie 93 Chaisson, Scott Jr 116 Chambers, Danielle 93 Chambers, Romeisha 93 Champagne, Jade 93 Champagne, Kristi 93 Champagne, Seth 25 Chandler, Bianca 93 Chapman, Connor 116 Chapoton, Brandon 209 Charles, Angela 244

Charleston, Keith 265 Chatelain, Marlee 250 Chauff, Elizabeth 116 Chauppette, Jamie 93 Chauvin, Charlot 248 Chauvin, Madison 239, 251 Chenevert, Grace 116 Chiasson, Abbie 49, 244 Chrisman, Nikki 238 Chustz, Chassidy 93 Clardy, Lauren 249 Clark, Angel 116 Clark, Damaris 93, 108 Clark, Kaitlyn 239 Clark, Layla 17, 236 Clarkson, Pam 250 Clatterbuck, Cameron 241 Clayton, Katy 116 Clites, Kirsten 251 Coates, Storm 228 Cochran, Karen 9 Cockerham, Bennett 242 Cockerham, Reginald 116 Coenen, Theodore 93 Colbert, Mikiala 82 Coleman, Javen 116 Coleman, Jy’desha 249 Coleman, Kathryn 116 Colina, Andreina 116 Collier, Julie 116 Collier, Kaylee 251 Colligan, Lindsay 253 Collins, Daniel 116 Collins, Heather 258, 285 Colona, Jordan 246 Colton, Alexander 241 Comeaux, Barbara 116 Comeaux, Tre 116 Coniglio, Danielle 238 Connelly, Ian “James” 241 Conrad, Charles 93 Cook, Courtney 93 Cook, Dimi 175 Cook, Tiyaneka 93 Cook, Wayne 247 Cooper, Eddie IV 241 Cooper, Greg 248 Cooper, Jessica 116 Cooper, Sarah 239 Cooper, Scott 244 Cooper, Shakyra 109 Copeland, Austin 116 Copeland, Dorin 116 Corass, Melanie 116, 246 Cordova, Amairi 245 Cordova, Amairielle 116, 236 Corken, Alex 248 Corkern, Kaitlyn 116 Cormier, Cooper 93 Cormier, Corinne 52 Cortez, Iris 93 Corwin, Mary Ruth 229, 239 Corwin, Sidney 116 Coslan, Mandi 93 Costa, Catherine 248 Cothern, Bryce 241 Cothern, Hailey 93 Cotton, Danielle 116 Cottrell, Jerry 85 Couitade, Alex 116 Courtney, James 93 Courtney, Seth 116 Cousin, Andre 93 Cousins, Nicole 239 Couvillion, Taylor 116 Covington, Bryan 116 Cowan, Andrew 248 Cox, Alan 93 Cox, David 117 Cox, Dona 93 Cox, Mark 242 Cox, Tyler 93, 234 Craig, Sherri 244 Craighead, Kara 251 Crain, Jonathan 94 Crain, Megan 117 Crain, President Dr. John L. 29, 37, 39, 43, 51, 136 Crews, Kierra 94, 248 Cross, Solomon 248 Crowe, Tanya 117 Crutchfield, John 117 Culbreath, Caitlyn 94 Cullen, Aimee 117 Culpepper, Jourdan 239 Cummins, Ben 250 Cummins, Brad 250 Cunnikin, Ronjae 245 Cunningham, Alec 240 Cunningham, Jacob 248 Cureton, Brittney 94 Currington, James 265

Curter, Helen 117 Cusimano, Louis 94 Cutrer, Dakota 252

D DaCosta, Luis 117 Dahlmans, Dalina 203, 205 Dahmer, Leah 239 Daigle, Caitlyn 246 Daigle, Dallas 94 Daire, Kaliff 94 Dalgo, Rachael 239 Daly, Caytlin 94 Dangol, Bipul 117 Dantzler, Janieca 117 Dardenne, Justin 117 Darouse, Jacob 117, 261 Darrah, Kevin 241 Dauser, Chelsea 94 David, Chelsea 94 Davidson, Savannah 239 Davies, Evan 117 Davis, Alexander 117 Davis, Allison 239 Davis, Allyson 94, 244 Davis, Chelsey 242 Davis, Jada 117, 251 Davis, Justin 74 Davis, Krystal 94 Davis, Lauren 234, 243, 253 Davis, Richard 42, 51, 253 Davis, Robyn 117, 244 Davis, Sadako 73, 117 Davis, Timothy 231, 232, 237 De’Kayta Alex 267 Dean, Hannah 117 Dearman, Jamie 244, 246 Debetaz, Ross 117 Deemer, Gabrielle 94, 247 Degrey, Corey 117 Delafosse, Brittney 94 Delaney, Todd 252 Delatte, Maia 117 Delaune, Gabriella 169 DeLee, Grace 248 Delhom, Brandon 117, 240 Denee’ Johnson 98 Denham, Ashton 248 Denham, David 94 Dent, Cedric 245 DePascual, Lauren 94 Derks, David 117 Desselle, Natalie 94 DeVaull, Ciara 253 DeVill, Gabrielle 244 Dew, William 117 Di Maria, Mike 248 Diamond, Michael 94 Diaz, Chris 248 Dicharry, Samantha 117 Diez, Ali 239 Diez, Justin 94 Digirolamo, Saige 252 Dilmore, Andrew 152 Dimitri, Nicole 238 Dinino, Michael 94 DiPiazza, Dana 251 Divinity, Pamella 94 Dixon, Kelonda 246, 261 Dixon, Taryn 248 Doescher, Daniel 117 Doescher, Michelle 117, 239 Dolan, Patrick 117 Dolese, John 117, 228 Donini, Jordan 250 Donnaud, Darla 238 Dorrill, Dr. George 244 Dorsey, Alexxzzandria 247 Doss, Jennifer 239 Doss, Julie 94 Doucet, Jacqueline 248 Douglas, Jerica 247 Douglas, Whitnie 237 Dove, Tiray 94 Downs, Jayme 118 Doyle, Aishonda 94 Doyle, Juan 94 Drago, Dillon 118 Drake, Takeasha 94 Drude, Taylor 87, 238 DuBois, Devin Shaw 131 Dubose, T’Nia 244 Dudley, Cardell 118 Duet, Katie 239 Dufour, Hunter 94 Dufrene, Claire 118, 238 Dufrene, Destiny 11 Dufrene, Dillon 241 Dufrene, Ross 94


274 Dugas, Brynne 238, 252

Duggar, James 95 Duhe, Kimberly 239 Duhon, Jonathan 95 Duhon, Madeleine 239 Duhy, Catherine 118 Dulal, Eleena 95 Dunham, Kelsey 95, 251 Dunn, Ryhesha 118 Dupepe, Roxie 249 Duplantis, Andrew 118 Dupont, Geramy 240 Dupre, Victoria 95 Dupuis, Stephen 118 Duran, Natalie 204 Durbin, Jon 118 Durr, Alissa 118, 250 Durrett, Kathryn 95 Dussor, Samantha 247 Dutruch, Micah 95 Dyess, Ashlyn 118 Dysart, Kacie 118

E Eades, Chrisopher 118 Earnest, Elly 250 Earnest, Olive 250 Earnest, Rian 250 Easley, Darian 118 Easley, Sarah 242 East, Megan 95 Eber, Virginia 156 Eckels, Amanda 95 Eckland, Kameron 242 Edmonston, Abbey 81 Edward, Gilbert 251 Edwards, Fabian 252 Edwards, Governor John Bel 271 Edwards, Joseph 118 Edwards, Nicala 118, 234, 237 Edwards, Raina 95 Edwards, Zachary 118 Egan, Emily 118 Eldridge, Orry 95 Eli, Neal 18 Elías, Diego 250 Elizabeth O’Neil 127 Elliott-Layman, Shelby 242 Elliott, Cynthia 77 Ellis, Corrie 95 Ellis, Kailyn 252 Ellis, Kelt 118 Ellzey, Stephanie 38, 245 Entremont, Blakeli 239 Epling, Sophia 118 Erdmann, James 250 Erikson, Skylar 239 Ernest, Taylor 118 Ervin, Toni 118 Esmaeili, Aliah 243 Esquivel, Isaac 118, 248 Etzel, Allison 34, 118 Eugene, Micah 180 Evans, Breanna 236, 253 Evans, Marisa 118, 234, 236, 253

F Fairbanks, Alexis 249 Fairburn, Chelsea 239 Falgout, Gena 118 Farlough, Conesha 118 Farrar, Jack 249 Farria, Merlin 249 Faucheux, Derrick 41, 118, 248 Faucheux, Nicole 95 Faught, Savanna 95 Faust, Brynisha 95, 236 Faust, Melville 240 Favre, Elizabeth 239 Favre, Emily 95 Feilden, Eric 241 Felton, Kelsey 238 Felton, Kyle 167 Fenerty, John 119 Fenley, Hayden 119 Ferguson, Amber 210 Ferguson, Carly 95 Ferguson, Joshua 247 Ferguson, Paul 21 Ferguson, Sydney 22 Fernandez, Erin 247, 269 Ferrando, Christina 34, 239 Ferrando, Megan 10, 253, 259 Ferretiz, Erika 247 Fickle, Kaitlyn 95 Fielder, Dani 169, 239 Figueroa, Gisela 119

Filiberto, Gabrielle 247 Filmore, Joshua 173, 174, 265 Finneman, Sydney 243 Fischer, Ian 253 Fisher, Jameson 161, 162 Fitzgerald, Amanda 119 Fitzsimons, Jennifer 95 Fleig, Miranda 252 Flenniken, Kayla 119, 247 Flores, Alexis 119, 251 Flores, Emilee 239 Flowers, Tyra 249 Floyd, Andrea 95 Flynn, Molly 119 Fogg, Brandon 241 Folse, Jacie 239 Ford, Elizabeth 238 Ford, Kaitlynn 249 Ford, Sarah 95 Foreman, Mackenzie 95 Forest, Leslie 95 Fork, Hannah 238 Formaggio, Kandace 95 Forsythe, Tara 119, 238 Fortenberry, Mikalya 250 Fortier, Lyndsie 95 Fortner, David 119, 248 Fortner, Laura 239 Foster, Breanna 249 Foster, David 95 Foster, Matt 248 Foster, Michael 119 Foster, Morgan 95 Foster, Zoey 248 Fourmaux, George 81 Foval, Hannah 119 Fowler, Matthias 247 Fowler, Patricia 239 Fowler, Tonya 95 Fox, Sarah 96 France, Glenn 96 Francipane, Natalie 96 Franklin, George 96 Franklin, Jasmine 96 Franklin, Olanda 73 Franklin, Yolanda, 73 Frazier, Jermisha 119, 215, 236 Frederick, Courtney 96 Fremin, Rick 197 Frick, Jeni 119, 250 Friedman, Forrest 119 Friedman, Sarah 221 Friley, Jessica 119 Fuselier, Cyntillya 247 Fussell, Cassidy 96 Fussell, Kathryn 244

G Gailes, Danielle 96 Gaines, Steven 119 Galey, Cole 234 Galivan, Rebecca 239, 247 Galliot, Zachary 240 Galvan, Ashley 96 Gambino, Rebecca 119 Gamblin, Anna 42, 239 Gantt, Alexandra 96 Garcia-Morel, Sofia 119, 251 Garcia, Dr. Stacy 253 Gardner, Stacey 238 Gardner, Stephanie 96 Gares, Logan 119 Garrett, Damon 96 Gary, Anthony 119, 242 Gaspard, Allyson 119, 238 Gaspard, Randi 31 Gassen, Kelsie 119 Gates, Eboni 96 Gaudet, Evan 240 Gaupp, Andrew 96 Gauthier, Maya 236 Gautreaux, Hannah 119 Gautreaux, Jillian 250 Gautreaux, Johnny 119 Gazzea, Rachel 77 Gelpi, Jaime 251 Generose, Preston 96 Genre, Christopher 244 Gerard, Zachary 96, 249 Gernand, Danielle 119 Ghimi, Anup 246 Ghimire, Saugat 246 Giavotella, Hannah 119 Gibson, Shameca 96 Gifford, Taylor 239 Gilbert, Racquel 96 Giles, Victoria 247 Gilkeson, Emily 119, 250 Gill, Anna 119



Student Death fraternity

Andy Meng, national chapter president for Pi Delta Psi fraternity leaves court, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 in Pocono Summit, Pa. The first five of 37 suspects in the death of a New York City freshman fraternity pledge during an initiation ritual appeared Thursday in a Pennsylvania courtroom to face charges. Five men, including Meng, the former national president of the Pi Delta Psi fraternity, were arraigned on three felony counts related to what police say was an effort to conceal the crime, as well as one misdemeanor charge of hazing. Photo Keith R. Stevenson, AP Photo

Mideast Saudi Hajj Stampede

A rescue worker attends to a man injured in a stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia during the annual hajj pilgrimage on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015. Hundreds were killed and injured, Saudi authorities said. the crush happened in Mina, a large valley about five kilometers (three miles) from the holy city of Mecca that has been the site of hajj stampedes in years past. Photo AP Photo

Seattle tour Bus Crash

A Seattle Police investigator walks off of a charter passenger bus at left that was involved in a fatal crash with the Ride the Ducks tourist vehicle at right, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, in Seattle. Photo Ted S. Warren, AP Photo


US Pope Francis

Pope Francis waves to people gathered on the street as he is driven through New York City to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to conduct an evening prayer service. Photo Aristide Economopoulos, The Star Ledger, AP Photo

Paris Shooting

Rescue workers help a woman after a shooting, outside the Bataclan theater in Paris, Friday Nov. 13, 2015. French President Francois Hollande declared a state of emergency and announced that he was closing the country’s borders. Photo Thibault Camus, AP Photo

Flint Water

Skylar Lewis, 9, looks to her father Stanford Lewis, both of Flint, for support as she prepares to have a needle prick her finger during a free lead testing event on Monday, Feb. 8, 2016 at Carriage Town Ministries in Flint, Mich. Molina Healthcare provided children up to six years of age with free lead testing, as well as water filters for families to take home and install. Photo Jake May, AP Photo


Gill, Jesse 96 Gilly, Andrew 120 Gilmore, Reagan 248 Giluso, Brinley 239, 268 Gioe, Meagan 239 Girmay, Tsion 96 Givens, Darah 239 Glasco, DeaLana 120 Glascock, Makenzie 120 Glorioso, Michael 248 Goddard, Maria 251 Godwin, Dave 250 Golchuk, Brei-Linn 242 Golden, Trey 269 Goloforo, Holly 96 Gomez, Dario 120 Gonzales, Jordan 243 Gonzalez, Heather 120 Good, Ashley 96 Gooden, Raven 249 Goodson, Anna 120 Goodwin, Drew 120 Gordon, Cabrina 251 Gorney, Kole 241 Gough, Victoria 243 Grace, Lindsay 239 Gradnigo, Ariel 120 Graham, Christopher 240 Graphia, Stephanie 96 Gray, Kaysie 120 Green, Amy 96 Green, Ariel 249 Green, Ashley 96 Green, Ciera 120 Green, Keturah 253 Green, Kristopher 96, 230, 238 Green, Larshell 253 Green, Shavonta 120 Green, Tevin 96, 109 Greenwood, Moses 174 Gregoire, Lauren 252 Greguire, Jolie 96 Grieves, Daniel 175 Griffe, Lacey 248 Griffen, Samantha 120 Griffin, Brandon 97 Griffin, Bryant 120 Griffith, Gregory 152 Griffitt, Angela 32, 242 Grizzaffi, Salvatore 248 Gros, Braylon 120, 247 Gros, Misty 242 Gros, Thomas 241 Grossley, Tristan 97 Gruner, Daniel 248 Guedon, Collin 253, 260 Guercio, Emily 120, 250 Guerin, Cade 240 Guidroz, Brianne 145 Guidry, Blake 97 Guillot, Adrianna 120 Guillot, Ashley 97 Guillote, Kayla 120 Guillotte, Kaitlyn 239 Guimire, Saugat 120 Guitreau, Lauren 239 Gumpert, Madame 250 Gurry, Janet Elizabeth 120 Guthrie, Megan 97 Gutierrez, Alecia 238 Gutierrez, Angelica 197 Gutierrez, Gabby 238

H Hacker, Sarah 97 Haddican, Paul 244 Hagan, Morgan 248 Hailey, Dr. Debra Jo 253 Hale, Jarrod 248 Halford, James 120 Hall-Clay, Tyler 248 Hall, Amy 252 Hall, Ayanna 237 Hall, Caroline 120 Hall, Deshar 97, 242 Hall, Mark 53 Hall, Ty’Desha 244 Hall, Vianne 97 Hamberger, Jodi 120 Hamner, Micah 238 Hand, Autumn 239 Hankins, Jennae 244 Hanson, Skylar 120 Hardy, Patrick 248 Harelson, Christine 97 Hargis, Erin 250 Harmon, Carrie 120 Harper, Rachel 120 Harpole, Laci 120

Harrell, Amy 97 Harrell, Rasheed 120 Harrell, Tiffany 120 Harrell, Tyrone 73 Harris, Certis 121 Harris, Herbert 97 Harris, Katelynn 121 Harris, Nathan 242 Harrison-Stokes, Tonya 97 Harrison, Ryan 251 Hart, Brianne 97 Hartley, Parrie 221 Hartzop, Emily 250 Harvey, Caroline 121 Hatfield, Maggie 121 Hatfield, Provence 264 Haulbrook, Blake 121 Hausknecht, Rebecca 121 Hawkins, Hannah 40, 239 Hawkins, JaMichael 174 Hawkins, Mattie 236 Hawkins, Taylor 244 Hawkins, Tyron’E 25, 243 Haydel, Michelle 250 Haydel, Myles 121 Haye, Brody 41 Hayes, Ebony 97 Hayes, Jacqueline 97 Hayes, Jason 203 Hayes, Sholitha Nunnery 127 Haynes, Caitlyn 97 Hebert, Bryce 97 Hebert, Danielle 97 Hebert, Dr. Corie 251 Hebert, Lindsay 97 Heckmann, Cierra 148, 239 Heckmann, Coleden 240 Heidel, Leslie 121 Heiden, Julie 97 Heitmeier, Meghan 97 Henderson, Ashton 179, 180 Henderson, Daniel 240 Henderson, Tanadj 145 Henri, Rachel 242 Henry, Breana 266 Henry, Kristen 247 Henry, Meghan 121 Hensley, Rebecca 70 Henson, Amanda 121 Hernandez, Erica 167, 169 Herpin, Kelsey 83 Herrington, Jessica 97 Herrod, Christina 239 Herron, Bria 121 Herron, Cody 121 Hess, Alee 239 Hess, Sarah 239, 246 Hester, Letitia 121 Hester, Travis 241 Heuduck, Julie 97 Heuer, Lauren 239 Hewitt, Amanda 248 Hicks, Christina 237, 251 Hicks, Jasmine 97 Higgins, Mary 97 Hildebrand, Jenna 121 Hill, Brittany 121 Hill, Dakota 97 Hill, Jonathan 249 Hinojosa, Ashlin 239 Hirstius, Victoria 97, 109 Hirtzler, Dylon 121 Hitt, Alexandra 121 Hodge, Arianna 121 Hodges, PJ 248 Hoerner, Caitlyn 243 Hogan, Melanie 97 Holden, Alex 210 Holland, Maya 98 Hollier, Brandon 269 Holloway, Daniel 98 Holmes, Blaire 248 Holmes, Carrie 121 Holmes, Miriam 248 Holt, Mark 121, 248 Hooker, Allen-Michael 121 Hoover, Josh 249 Hoover, Alyssa 121 Hoover, Kayla 121 Hoover, Matthew 121 Hoover, Victoria 246 Hoppel, Kaydi 121, 238 Hopper, Jarod 121 Hornbuckle, Blake 191 Hornby, Rachel 98 Horne, Angelle 121 Houston, Kandace 121 Houston, Knyla 253 Hovagimian, Sahag 122 Howard, Carlos 98 Howell, Grace 249



Howze, Matthew 241 Hubbard, Lindsey 122 Hubbard, Pamela 122 Huffty, Rachel 122 Hull, Rebecca 98 Humphries, DeQuaz 34, 247, 252 Hunt, Bronwen 98, 122 Hunt, Nicole 122 Hunter G’Sell 40 Huong, Jennifer 122 Husser, Zach 248 Hutches, Maddison 253 Hutchinson, Courtney 98, 243 Huval, Katelyn 122, 250 Hymel, Kelsey 242 Hymel, Scotti 149 Hymel, Tara 122 Hypnotist, Sailesh the 6

I Imbornone, Darrell 252 Impastato, Samuel 242 Induni, Kate 98 Ingolia, Amber 239 Ingram, Darrell Jr 245 Irving, Samantha 122 Isaac, Nicholas 122 Ives, Baylee 238 Ivey, Alexis 247 Ivey, Rudolph 98 Iwara, Magney 248


Jackson, Alexander 122 Jackson, April 9 Jackson, Ashley 98 Jackson, Austin 242 Jackson, Candace 122 Jackson, Candyce 122 Jackson, Chadrick Jr 245 Jackson, Deven 98 Jackson, Faith 248 Jackson, Ityonnie 122 Jackson, Kayla 248 Jackson, Nicholas 232, 237, 247 Jackson, Quintele 98, 245 Jackson, Zay 173, 175 Jacobs, Jasmine 98 Jacques, Chelsea 122, 236 Jakes, Jaimie 239 James, Christina 122 Jamieson, Jaci 122, 138 Jamison, Randall 98 Jarlock, Erin 98 Jasper, Kimberly 98 Javery, Bruce II 19, 242 Jayroe, Taylor 122 Jays, Matthew 243 Jeansonne, Kyle 85 Jeansonne, Winnfield 98 Jee, Jonathan 245, 248 Jefferson, Brittany 253 Jenkins, Allyson 122 Jenkins, Avery 122, 245 Jenkins, Cameron 241 Jenkins, Chelsey 98 Jenkins, Jeremiah 253 Jenkins, Sloan 98 Jennings, Sharon 122 Jewell, Heather 253, 259 Jewell, Helen Claire 122, 239 Joanna, Christen 248 Johan de Meij’s 33 Johnson, Breyanna 244, 251, 252, 253 Johnson, Byron 98, 181 Johnson, Chantel 98 Johnson, D’Ashia 122, 253 Johnson, Dylan 248 Johnson, Erica 237 Johnson, Frankie 98 Johnson, Haley 238, 252 Johnson, Jessie 245 Johnson, Kaitlyn 98 Johnson, Katie 239 Johnson, Kelsey 247 Johnson, Kenyetta 98 Johnson, Lloyd J II 98 Johnson, Mattie 98, 122 Johnson, Meghan 249 Johnson, Nick 248 Johnson, Rachael 248 Johnson, Rondall 241 Johnson, Shelly 242 Johnson, Timothy 122 Johnson, TreJuan 122, 241 Johnson, Tyranny 123 Jolibois, Joise 248

Jones, Alec 40 Jones, Aleigha 123, 250 Jones, Alexandria 98 Jones, Brittany 99 Jones, Christine 123, 244 Jones, Davasia 231 Jones, Emily 123, 248 Jones, Gerriane 251 Jones, Jarred 248 Jones, Joerelle 123 Jones, Johnquel 23 Jones, Jordin 242 Jones, Kaley 123 Jones, Kaylan 239 Jones, Kel’Jun 245 Jones, Mark 238 Jones, Raymond 23, 243 Jones, Seth 123, 240 Jones, Shelbie 248 Jordan, Krystal 99 Joseph, Precious 99, 123, 237 Joshi, Robin 99 Josie, David 243 Jovanovic, Grace 242 Juneau, April 243

K Kaltenbacher, Margaux 123, 204 Karki, Suyogya 123 Karmacharya, Avipsha 99 Kays, Shelby 123, 252 Keating, Jenna 99 Keating, Meredith 251 Keen, Kyle 123 Kelley, Kaila 99 Kelly, Callie 239 Kelly, Maddy 239 Kemp, Matthew 241 Kennedy, Kari 123 Kennedy, Kathryn 238, 246 Kenny, Ryan 246 Kent, Collin 240 Kent, Sidney 239 Kerber, Patrick 70 Kernan, Caitlyn 123 Kerr, Krislyn 248 Khalili, Kasra 99 Khalili, Sarah 99 Khanal, Januka 123 Khanal, Mahesh 123, 246 Khanal, Nitish 123 Kiefer, Katie 99 Kincade, Meagan 249 Kinchen, Dathan 242 Kinchen, Dylan 242 King, Devin 215, 217, 248 King, Kaliey 239 King, Kathryn 144, 145 Kinnison, Courtney 99 Kinnison, Taylor 239 Kippes, Maggie 248 Kirkendoll, Cameron 248 Kirkpatrick, Savannah 248 Klein, Emily 77 Kleinpeter, Kristina 123 Klibert, Ashley 123 Klier, Savannah 123, 243 Knight, Gabriel 249 Knight, Scott 99 Knox, Joshua 246 Koduri, Mahitha 87 Kpebah, Josephine 99 Kramer, David 99 Kramer, Tanya 246 Kramer, Trista 48 Krider, George Jr 99 Kuchler, Elise 239 Kuss, Brennan 241

L Labbe, Matte 248 LaBlanc, Amber 123 LaCoste, Kameron 99 Lacour, Katie 197, 198 Ladner, Jay 173 Ladner, Walter 240 Lafleur, Hunter 99 Lafleur, Justin 248 LaFleur, Lauren 123, 156, 157 Lafountain, Shea 99 Lally, Amanda 251 Lama, Nisha 246 Lamb, Marcus 99 Lambert, Abigail 243 Lambert, Jess 243 Lambert, Brittnee 251 Lambert, Callie 243

Lambert, Landon 152 Lambert, Lauren 239 Lambert, Leah 238 Landaiche, Calyn 244 Landers, Briana 249 Landers, Shiana 249 Landry, Brittany 123 Landry, Brittinie 99 Landry, Brooke 123 Landry, Cody 123 Landry, Kyle 123 Lane, Madison 248 Lane, Mason 248 Lane, Melanie 248 Lang, Jordan 123, 238 Langberg, Anneke 99 Langberg, Laura 123 Lange, Hailey 99 Langlois, Pete 197 Lanier, Madeline 248 Lanley, Addison 233 Lanoux, Reanna 70, 247 Lanus, Micaela 239, 265 LaPeyronnie, Adrian IV 240 Lapeyrouse, Emma 248 Laplante, Alexis 49, 51, 55, 56 Larson, Lauren 245, 248 Lathers, Lyndrel 99 Laurent, Elise 245 Laurent, Lauren 251 Lavigne, Bonnie 99 Lawrence, Breanna 99, 243, 253 Lawrence, Elizabeth 124 Lay, Annette 124, 251 Le, Amy 124, 250 LeBlanc, Abby 238 Leblanc, Alexandra 247 Leblanc, Brittani 247, 265 Leblanc, Cedric 245 Leblanc, Cole 242 LeBlanc, Emily 41 LeBlanc, Jimmy 124, 215, 217 LeBlanc, Robert 124 LeBlanc, Savannah 243 Leboutillier, Meagan 99 LeClerca, Kayla 86 Ledet, Ashley 99 Ledet, Caitlynn 239 Ledet, Morgan 258 Lednicky, Blaize 124 Lee, Colby 240 Lee, Shanna 49 Lee, Taylor 99 Leech, Morgan 239 Leggett, Zachary 250 Legnard, Cat 248 LeJeune, Angela 124 LeJeune, Stacy 124 Lelleck, Sandra 100 Lenore, Conner 124 Leon, Gustavo 187 Leonard, Christien 248 Leonard, Hayley 210 Leonard, Lashaun 100 Leone, Sophia 248 Lepere, Robert 100 Lessard, Branden 124 Lester, Gabrielle 124 Leto, Seth 247 Levet, Erika 100 Lewis, Jessica 253 Lewis, Joshua 245 Lewis, Kendarrious 100 Lewis, Reyan 100 Lewis, Tahj 211 Lewis, Tia 253 Lind, Dr. Lee 285 Lindsay, Madison 124 Lindsey, Kaitlyn 239 Lipoma, Baige 250 Lirette, Katie 124 Livaudais, Amanda 124 Locascio, Lisa 247 LoCicero, Kelsea 124, 243 Lombardo, Amy 100 Long, Calvin 124 Long, Jessica 124 Long, Kerrie 124 Long, Lauren 100 Long, Shelby 239 Loper, Brandon 242 Lopiparo, Amanda 124 Lorentz, Lauren 191 Lorio, Emma 239 Louque, Kara 124 Love, Jay 124, 271 Love, Milan 240 Lowe, Shaun 145 Lucia, Kami 124 Lucineo, Mariah 10, 100 Lungu, Constanta 100

Luper, Christian 100 Luquette, Maci 124 Lynch, Jeanne 100 Lyons, Sarah 124 Lyons, Zach 124


Mabee, Caitlin 124 Mabile, Seth 240 Madere, Kristyn 100 Maestri, Gavin 100, 247 Magar, Sunita 100 Magee, Aesha 7 Maggio, Dylon 9, 267 Maggio, Kaci 247 Magliolo, Raylin 124, 249 Magruder, Danielle 238 Maher, Michael 241 Maher, Olivia 100 Malbrough, Robert 243 Mandella, Misty 100, 250 Mangus, Taylor 239 Mann, Melanie 124, 245, 270 Manuel, Aimee 100 Manuel, Harli 125, 257 Maracalin, Julius 180 Marcus, Lillian 33, 243 Maricle, Jacob 125 Marino, Irene 248 Marks, Preston 100 Marquez, Maranda 247 Marshall, Vetra 100 Martin, Avery 248, 249 Martin, Christopher 125 Martin, Dale 100 Martin, Dr. Robert 242 Martin, Duncan 242 Martin, Dylan 87 Martin, Jeffery Jr 125, 236 Martin, Jonathan 248 Martin, Peyton 100 Martin, Rebecca 125 Martin, Sara 100 Martin, Zakaris 125, 251 Martinez, Addison 215 Martinez, Alejandro 100 Martinez, Elisa 100 Masters, Parrish 248 Matherne, Austin 125 Matherne, Brooke 125 Matherne, Jared 248 Matherne, Joseph 33 Matherne, Samantha 125 Mathis, Lance 125 Mathis, Richard 241 Matte, Allison 100 Matthews, Colton 125 Matthews, Lynette 100 Mattio, Brandon 100 Mattox, Braelen 238 Maxwell, Cheyenne 191 May, Joshua 101 Mayeaux, Heidi 125 Mayeaux, Paige 125 Mayeur, Nicholas 101 Mays, Jessica 101 Maze, Julian 6, 245 McAllister, Gabrielle 125 McCalman, Vivian 268 McCarrol, Amanda 101 McCarson, Victoria 238 McCarthy, Daniel 29, 85 McClain, Benjamin 241 Mccormick, Megan 239, 253, 258, 259 McCray, Asia 156, 157 McCray, Jessica 101 McCray, Si-Arah 34, 37, 125, 236 Mccrory, Rachael 239 McCullough, Sydney 125 McDaniel, Cierra 125, 239 McDaniel, Jessika 249 McDaniel, Ryan 125 McDonald, Maretta 242 McDonald, Sara 250 McGaff, Candace 125, 251 McGovern, Amelia 238 McGrew, Benjamin 125 McHodgkins, Caitlin 125 McKenzie, Mallory 18, 125, 247 Mckernan, Karlee 239 Mckinley, Devin 86 Mcknight, Whitney 125, 252 Mclean, Taylor 239 Mclemore, Tyron 240 McLin, Charles 125 McLin, Victoria 125 McMillin, Megan 250 McMorris, Alex 248 McMorris, Bethany 249 McMorris, Maria 101


278 McMullen, Desmond 71

Mcmurtry, Sandra 10 McNabb, Emily 125 McNeil, Kevin 228 McNeill, Jason 125 McNeill, Kevin 125 McNemar, Hannah 249 McPherson, Sydney 101 McQuary, Dan 248, 252 McRenolds, Katie 248 Megowan, Kristian 21 Melancon, Ashlyn 126 Melton, Jorden 101 Mena, Mauricio 241 Menard, Kennon 163 Mendoza, Oscar 241 Mendoza, Rachel 239 Menina, Cydney 237, 244 Menotti, Harley 239 Mercer, Sean 126 Mercer, Victoria 248 Mercier, Ceci 204 Merritt, Christian 126 Merwin, Brandon 242 Mesman, Joshua 101 Messina, Samantha 242 Methvien, Kaitlyn 249 Meyer, Kristen 101 Meyer, Stephanie 101 Meyers, Madeline 101 Meyers, Mitzie 249 Meyers, William 185, 186 Meynard, Kelli 253 Michel, Brennan 86 Michel, James 242 Michel, Jim 126 Michel, Jonathan 126 Michelli, Kelci 239 Midyett, Daniel 161, 162 Miguez, Tanner 101 Milan, Josten 244 Milazo, Louis 242 Miley, Crystal 126 Miller, Anthony 126 Miller, Austin 242 Miller, Brandy 126 Miller, Crystal 126 Miller, Dano 242 Miller, Harlan 179, 181 Miller, Hunter 242 Miller, Leah 145, 238 Miller, Mallory 126 Miller, Rebecca 242 Miller, Ryan 248 Miller, Shakemia 101, 237 Miller, Tony 34 Miller, Tyler 240 Mills, Heather 126 Mills, Richard 101 Milton, Brookais 126 Milton, Christopher 101 Mina, Jessica 126 Minnifield, Billy 101 Minvielle, A’layne 78 Mirando, Dr. Joseph 251 Mire, Casie 101 Mire, Chanie 126 Mire, Christin 101 Mire, Gabby 248 Mishra, Subash 246 Mistretta, Donald 126 Mitchell, Davon 34, 241 Mitchell, Jannah 239 Mitchell, Jerita 126, 243 Mitchell, Kendall 157 Mitchell, Laura 126 Mitchell, Mandalyn 101 Mitchell, Shelby 250 Mixon, Kirsten 126 Mocsary, Mary 244 Mokeba, Bella 248 Molinary, Megan 126 Moll, Caleb 249 Monistere, Danny 73 Monistere, Dominick 101 Montenegro, Andrea 101 Montgomery, Alexis 238 Montreuil, Laura 248 Moore, Beau 34 Moore, Chelsey 249 Moore, Jynika 126 Moore, Tansha 253 Moore, Yolanda 167 Mootoo, Aileen 250 Morain, Shelby 126 Mora, Ernesto 242 Morales, Taylor 126 Moran, Jenneka 101 Moran, Nick 249 Morel, Michael 101 Morelli, Salem 211

Moreno, Leo 209 Moreno, Olivia 245 Moreno, Tatiana 101 Morgan, Clinton 101 Morgan, Jayse 101 Morgan, Keshia 101 Moring, Ashlee 126 Morns, Breeanna 126 Morris, Brady 240 Morris, Brennan 246 Morris, Donavon 126, 137 Morris, Jaylon 251 Morris, Kerrian 53 Morris, Kristine 126 Morris, Samantha 126 Morrison, Kenyanta 102, 236 Mosely, Sh-Kaia 25, 234, 237, 244 Mosley, Samantha 239 Moss, Joshua 126 Motichek, Gregory 102 Mouledous, Chad 127 Mouton, Bri’An 244 Muller, Jamie 241 Mullings, Tess 102 Mumphrey, Jorden 102 Munley, Lauren 127 Munn, Marissa 250 Munn, Trevor 127 Munn, William 241 Murphy, Lauren 243 Murphy, Teresa 246 Murray, Alexander 240 Muse, Jeremiah 127 Myers, Harley 127 Myers, Madison Ali 239 Myles, Michael 127 Myres, Michael 243

N Naccari, Scott 23 Narcisse, Jordan 127, 247, 253 Narro, Jake 185 Nathan, Jada 252 Navarra, Kady 127 Neace, Melanie 127 Neal, Jameson 102 Neill, Devin 127 Nelson, Ashley 34 Nelson, Robert 252 Nelson, Stephanie 127 Nesbit, Tiffany 259 Nesbitt, Chelsea 102 Nesom, Ashley 102 Neupane, Surachhya 102 Neuville, Lynsey 127 Newberry, Chad 127 Newell, Joseph 127 Newland, Julia 102 Newman, Byrony 248, 249 Newton, Frank Jr 102, 127, 230, 236 Neyrey, Meaghan 242 Nguyen, Amy 102 Nguyen, Phuong 127 Nguyen, Susan 102 Nguyen, ThuThuy 127 Nichols, Kinsey 197, 199 Nicosia, Ashlin 148 Niel, Alexandra 102 Nielson, Kasey 198 Niemeck, William 127 Nisby, Payton 149 Nixon-Garnette, Alexis 127 Nixon, Crystal 102 Nodine, Emily 242 Noonan, Katie 192 Norman, Allison 127 Norman, Tyrell 34, 102, 253 Norsworthy, Charles 249 Northington, Keaton 127 Norton, Mollie 239 Novitsky, Victoria 247 Nunez, Hillary 102 Nzekwesi, Trenton 127, 139

O Obermann, Paul 185, 186, 187 Odom, David 102 Odom, Elizabeth 242 Odom, Justin 102 Odom, Madi 222 Odor, Kayleigh 102 Olin, Traci 244, 248 Oliver, Jon 241 Oliver, Maleah 102 Oliver, Trivon 253 Olivera, Maria 127 Olivier, Gabby 248



Mardi Gras

Zulu rolls down St. Charles Avenue toward Canal Street in the New Orleans CBD Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016. Dressed in elaborate costumes, dancing to the beat of brass bands and clamoring for beads from passing floats, thousands of people gathered in the streets of New Orleans to mark the culmination of the famous Mardi Gras celebration Tuesday. Photo David Grunfeld, AP Photo

Trump Speaks in Baton rouge

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledges photographers after speaking at a campaign rally in Baton Rouge, La. Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016. Photo Gerald Herbert, AP Photo

Democratic Debate 2016

In this Feb. 11, 2016 file photo, Democratic presidential candidates, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, and Hillary Clinton argue a point during a Democratic presidential primary debate at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Milwaukee. Photo Morry Gash, AP Photo


Pulse shooting

Orlando Police officers direct family members away from a fatal shooting at Pulse Orlando nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Sunday, June 12, 2016. Photo Phelan M. Ebenhack, AP Photo

Miss Usa 2016

An Army Reserve officer and IT analyst from the District of Columbia Deshauna Barber was crowned Miss USA 2016 after mounting a strong defense of women in combat roles in the military. Photo CNN

Tax Sessions

Gov. John Bel Edwards talks about the special legislative session on taxes, which is nearing its end, on Friday, June 17, 2016, in Baton Rouge, La. The Democratic governor is encouraging Republican leaders in the House to advance more tax bills to lessen cuts in next year’s budget. Photo Melinda Deslatte, AP Photo


Olivier, Gabrielle 82, 250 Olivier, Matthew 248 Olivier, Randi 127 Olivier, Rani 250 Olivier, Tiffany 127, 248 Olivier, Tyler 11, 240 Olsson, Sofia 191, 192 Olvera, Aurora 127, 235 O’Neal, Gabrielle 251 Onyeagusi, Chibueze 243 Orgeron, Chelsea 246 Orillion, Travis 248 Orten, Peyton 239 Osborn, Jessica 102 Osby-Jackson, Tristyn 52, 243, 253 Osgood, Frank 128 Ostendorf, Allison 102 Otts, Cameron 128 Oufnac, Erica 102 Overstreet, Cody 102 Overton, Larry 245 Oyebola, Morufat 128 Oyebola, Saidatulai 128

P Pacheco, Gabriela 102 Paden, Presleigh 128 Page, Tyler 249 Pajares, Tori 102 Palmer, Rashawna 250, 253 Palmisano, Joseph 251 Palumbo, Cecilia 45 Papa, Caroline 239 Papa, Julianna 128 Parent, Daniel 128 Pareti, Jessica 128 Pareti, Katie 128 Parish, Trevor 252 Parker, Elyse 250 Parker, Steven 128 Parkin, Andrew 242 Parr, Blake 102 Parrish, Jessica 102 Partin, Melanie 250 Patel, Meghna 128 Paternostro, Madelyn 148 Patrick, Christie 244 Patterson, Alexis 128 Patterson, Kayley 248 Patton, Katie 103 Patton, Tyler 253 Paul, Raymond 244 Paulus, Madison 242 Pavur, Sarah 128 Payne, Ameliah 128 Payne, Corey 128 Payne, Jonathan 128 Payne, Nicholas 103 Peachon, Trent 69 Peairs, Christine 244 Pearce, Elaine 128 Pearson, Carl 103 Pearson, Leah 103 Pechon, Trent 20 Peck, Nancy 48 Pecoraro, Amber 79 Peer, Adele 238 Pellegrin, Kennedy 241 Pellitteri, John 70 Penalber, Jessica 128, 250 Penalber, Megan 128 Penn, Amanda 128 Penn, Jelessa 128 Penn, Lakeisha 128 Pennington, Amanda 103 Pennington, Jennifer 103 Peppo, Lorraine, 285 Percle, Olivia 128 Perez, Michael 211 Perilloux, Debra 252 Perise, Blair 128 Perque, Brady 40, 248 Perret, Anthony 128 Perret, Macy 128 Perrin, Nathan 103 Perrin, Savannah 69, 246 Perrin, Victoria 103 Pesquie, Kate 74, 128 Peters, Rayshell 243 Petrie, Dashawn 244 Peyton, Emily 128 Pharr, Betty 242 Phetsomphou, Joe 129 Phillips, Dr. Carl 247 Phillips, Antoinette 73 Phillips, Brittany 249 Phillips, Jared 249 Pickering, Mandy Jo 242 Picone, Kayla 103

Picou, Renee 129, 243 Pierce, Desiree 129 Pierce, James 129 Pierce, Kaitlin 129 Pierre, Caitlyn St. 239 Pierson, Ivy 129 Pigniolo, Peyton 198 Piper, Leah 239 Pitcher, Caleb 129 Pitre, Ronald 103 Pittman, Kathy 37, 61, 63 Pitts, Jennifer 129 Pixberg, Caroline 129 Pizzuto, Gabrielle 239 Poirrier, John 129 Pokharel, Prayush 246, 247 Pokmrel, Sagar 129 Ponthieux, Gabrielle 129 Ponthieux, Tanner 129 Ponvelle, Sierra 238 Pool, Nanna 103, 167, 168 Pope, Karson 238 Porch, Genaye 103 Poret, Lindsey 243 Porter, Caleb 103 Porter, Devin 245 Porter, Haley 149 Portera, Casey 103 Potter, Leah 103 Poudel, Binit 67, 131 Pourciau, Brandon 242 Pourciau, Haven 103 Pousson, Kathleen 250 Powell, Kristin 239 Powell, Sarah 253 Pradhan, Rohan 129 Pratt, Porscha 103 Price, Aaron 129 Price, Raven 242 Protsman, Kathryn 129 Pryor, Jenna 248 Pugh, Richard 245 Pulido, Mauro 129 Pullen, Madison 103 Puma, Brittany 239 Pursley, Tatyana 103 Purvis, Amy 129 Purvis, Christy 103 Puryean, Jacob 129

Q Quackenbush, Alexis 238, 247, 255 Qualls, Joe 103 Quinn, Matthew 249 Quiroz, Graciela 103

R Raborn, Connor 251 Ragusa, Abigail 156, 157 Ragusa, Natalie 251 Rainey, Breanne 129 Ramirez, Greg 248 Ramon, Monica 223 Ramsey, Joseph 129 Ramsey, Maggie 191, 192 Randolph, Carrie 129 Randolph, Daija 253 Randon, Emily 45, 129 Ransom, Maycie 239 Ratliff, Tracy 129 Ray, Colton 129 Ray, Kacy 103, 246 Rayborn, Mark 129 Rayborn, Valerie 103 Raygadas, Dany 203, 205 Reason, Cody 103 Rebstock, Michael 129 Redden., Catherine 243 Reeb, Leah 129 Reed, Adonica 9, 103, 236, 244 Reed, Jennifer 103 Reed, Matthew 247 Reed, Steven 243 Reid, Jessica 247 Reilly, Meghan 104 Reitz, Taylor 130 Relayson, Danny 240 Remondet, Amber 130 Remy, Shelbi 104 Renaud, Joshua 130 Reno, Jenna 248 Renshaw, Matthew 104, 247 Reynolds, Gabrielle 238, 269 Rheams, Ordan 251 Rhodes, Jonathan 249, 251, 253 Rhodes, Michael 130 Rhodes, Wendy 130, 244



Rhodus, Tiffinee 130 Ricard, Christianne 104 Riccobono, Anna 248 Riccobono, Gabrielle 104 Richard, Callie 104 Richard, Damita 130 Richard, Landon 247 Richards, Cooper 240 Richardson, Ciara 130, 245 Ricks, Cory 104 Ricks, Eduardo 130 Ricky Poche’ 103 Ridgell, Jamie 248 Rieger, Ross 243 Ripple, Kelly 252 Riser, Matt 161 Ritchie, Bethany 104 Ritchie, John 240 Rivera, Kaylee 22 Rizzo, Ryan 130 Robbins, Cail 248 Robbins, Lauren 248 Roberson, Kylie 248 Roberson, Xavier 179 Robert, Haley 130 Robert, Tycer 42, 248 Roberts, Alyssa 77 Roberts, Juleah 104 Roberts, Ron 179 Roberts, Taylor 238 Robertson, Camber 249 Robertson, Cassidy 104 Robertson, Johnny 104, 130 Robertson, Tobi 252 Robertson, Whitney 104 Robichaux, Brooke 251 Robicheaux, Shelby 238 Robin, Zachary 241 Robinson, Caitlin 250 Robinson, Chris 130 Robinson, Grant 104 Robinson, Jaleah 8 Robinson, Jerica 130 Robinson, Jessica 239, 252 Robinson, Katherine 130 Robinson, Katie 104 Robinson, Stephanie 130 Robiskie, Cierra 247 Rockforte, Trey 240 Rocky, David 130 Rodriguez, Jeremy 130 Rogers, Austin 241 Rogers, Heather 251 Rogers, Jamee 239 Rogers, Kade 104 Rook, Jordan 239 Roomie 8, 10, 18, 43 Root, Madeline 252 Roques, Carl 130 Rose, Lauren 253 Ross, Alisha 104 Rosson, Jen 248 Rosson, Taylor 248 Roth, Rebecca 130 Rottmann, Erica 250 Roussel, Rusnesha 243 Roussell, Amaris 130 Roussell, Loreal 104 Rowe, Dr. Alissa Mercurio 71 Roy, Morgan 104 Rubins, Cedric 247 Ruffin, Berlashiya 104 Ruffin, Rodney 215 Ruiz, Leslie 130 Rupp, Ariana 250 Rushing, Megan 104 Rushing, Rebecca 244 Russ, Alicia 130 Russo, Peter 130 Rutledge, Courtney 240 Ryland, Haley 247

S Sabadash, Hope 191, 192 Sabotin, Jaclyn 130 Sagona, Drew 104 Saladino, Amanda 104 Salcedo, Jacob 104 Saleh, Heyam 130 Salinas, Luz 268 Salminen, Jesse 241 Salvetti, Nicholas 24, 137, 246 Samantha O’Neill 238 Sanches, Amanda 104 Sanchez, Blaise 104 Sanders, Austin 130 Sanders, Rachelle 104 Sanford, Stephanie 130 Sasser, Stoney 69

Sassin, Lindsay 104 Sather, Amber 131, 199 Saucier, Karlie 238 Sauter, Maggie 247 Savage, Bria 131 Savoie, Danielle 239 Savoie, Steven 244 Scaffidi, Ashley 239 Scafidiel, Krista 248 Scalese, Casey 131 Scallan, Heather 104 Sceroler, Mac 161 Schaal, Taylor 105 Schexnaydre, Madeline 238 Schillage, Bailey 105 Schmidt, William 242, 253 Scholvin, Jaclyn 168 Schwaner, Taylor 161 Sciortin, Thomas 105 Scoby, Jermanee 42, 253 Scott, Chelsea 243, 244 Scott, Daniel 105 Scott, Janet 131 Scott, Kyle 245 Scott, Raeven 216, 253 Scuderi, Kaitlyn 238 Scurich, Kayla 131, 239, 252 Scurich, William 131 Seamon, Deanne 131 Sellers, Brandi 52 Sellers, Danielle 131 Sellers, Keneisha 131 Semien, Jeranika 131 Sesser, Nicole 131 Sevario, Casey 252 Severan, Kaia 271 Severn, Kaia 131 Sevin, Christa 131 Seward, Jacob 163 Sharkey, Jacob 241 Sharma, Kundan 246 Sharma, Rajeeb 131, 246 Sharma, Swastika 131 Sharp, Haleigh 131 Sharp, Karson 253 Sharp, Kitauge 251 Sharp, Malayne 75, 131 Sharp, Ragnhild 131 Sharp, Regina 131 Shearer, Danielle 43, 131, 248 Sheets, Jade 238 Sheets, Matthew 248 Shelton, Casey 131 Shepperd, Quinta 81 Sherpa, Pemba 247 Shields, Megan 131 Shinners, Dasha 239 Shippy, Mikayla 131, 221 Short, Carley 131, 243 Shorter, Reid 34, 131, 240 Showers, Rhegan 105 Shrestha, Apsana 8 Shrestha, Bijay 246 Shreve, Ally 238 Shreve, Kelsey 105 Shultz, Katelyn 239 Sibley, Martha 252 Sicomo, Nicole 239 Sigdel, Deepesh 246 Sigers, Ryan 180 Sigsworth, Austin 242 Silo, The Gillis 51 Simeon, Hannah 249 Simmons, Brennan 243 Simmons, Daniel 105 Simmons, Katie 238 Simmons, Tabitha 105 Simmons, Tristin Sr 105 Simms, Malika 253 Simon, Megan 105, 258 Simoneaux, Aimee 252 Simpson, Kaitlyn 105 Sinclair, Taylor 242 Singh, Bri 191 Singh, Priyanka 105 Singletary, Kelsey 144 Singleton, Precious 244 Singley, Heather 105 Sistrunk, Amanda 238 Sitnik, Delia 105 Slaton, Shelbie 105 Smiley, Jeff IV 13, 179, 271 Smith, Chelsea 251 Smith, Clarissa 209, 211 Smith, Da’Quan 20 Smith, Emily 132 Smith, Jasmine 105 Smith, Joni 105 Smith, Kaelynn 216 Smith, Kala 132 Smith, Kenneth 132

Smith, Madyson 144 Smith, Nicholas 31, 132 Smith, Randi 105 Smith, Robyn 105 Smith, Samantha 252 Smith, Sarah 105 Smith, Shaquana 132, 251 Smith, Trevor 241 Smith, Victoria 132 Smoot, Jim 221 Sneed Breyanna 242 Snowdy, Lauren 132, 239, 268 Snyder, Blair 105 Socha, Katherine 132, 270 Soileau, Alex 132 Soileau, Carli 245, 248 Soileau, Cory 132, 248 Soileau, Emily 132, 247 Sommers, Stephen 132 Songy, Hayden 41, 248 Soniat, Marcus 69, 132, 139, 246, 248 Sopsher, Shakiya 105 Sotile, Alex 247 Soto, Jason 132 Soto, Misty 132 Spadoni, Holly 249 Spalt, Dagan 105 Spandoni, Holly 132 Sparacello., Alexis 238 Sparacello, Mallory 105 Spear, Carmen 132 Spears, Sarah 239 Spell, Jenna 238 Sperry, Nick 132 Spillman, Danea 250 Spivey, Caroline 132 Spivey, Jennifer 239, 250 Spreen, Victoria 105 St. Amant, Caroline 238 St. Clair, Halie 239 St. Cyr, Joshua 245 St. John, Ambriehlla 239 St. Martin, Nicole 132 St. Pierre, Randi 34 Stafford, Alexandra 251 Standeford, Lauren 132 Stanley, Charles 132 Stanley, Taylor 105 Starkey, Brittany 105 Starkey, Dawn 45 Starnes, Justin 105 Stasko, Jake 248 Stein, Wendy 132 Stephens, Kimberly 132 Stepter, Jerica 132 Sterling, Alexis 106 Stern, Amy 132 Stevens, Donna 132 Stevens, Jessica 250 Stevens, Matthew 133 Stevenson, Michelle 248 Stewart, Caleb 133 Stewart, Cierra 82, 250 Still, Evangeline 243 Stirling, Brett 106 Stitt, Tiffany 239 Stock, Macey 223 Stock, Morgan 106 Stokes, Brianna 247 Stoner, Bethany 133, 248 Stowell, Jonathan 106 Streat, Olivia 238 Strider, Anna 239 Strong, Kaylin 239 Stubbs, Jaime 133 Sullivan, Melinda 248 Sullivan, Rachel 21 Sullivan, Skye 40, 133 Sullivan, Whitney 199 Sumner, Craig 106 Sumrall, Keneshia 106 Sunuwar, Avin 106 Surrenc, Brandon 265 Surrency, Brandon 133 Swain, Taylor 133 Swift, India 106 Swindle, Stephanie 133 Sykes, Cayla 106 Sykes, Erin 106 Szelei, Shelby 238

T Taffaro, Grace 32 Taggart, Priscilla 106 Talley, Daniel 24, 243 Talley, Mary Ann 250 Taravella, Sarah 243 Tarver, Darian 106 Tassin, Josh 249

Tassin, Taylor 133, 252 Taylor, Alexis 10 Taylor, Blake 241 Taylor, Christopher 133 Taylor, Danica 243 Taylor, Elizabeth 133 Taylor, Haley 133 Taylor, Hilda 253 Taylor, Jasmine 106, 242 Taylor, Joshua 249 Taylor, Katie 238 Taylor, Katlyn 133, 252 Taylor, Lela 53, 244 Taylor, Mason 106 Taylor, Michelle 133 Taylor, Sam 248 Tedesco, Christopher 133 Temple, Sara 251 Tenhundfield, Jay 248 Tenorio, Naomi 252 Texada, Kary 250 Thames, Sophie 250 Thanars, Michaela 244 Theriot, Gabrielle 239 Thibodaux, Angele 133, 233, 250 Thibodeaux, Shawn 106 Thierry, Donovan 39, 133 Thierry, Meagan 248 Thomas, Chahara 230, 236 Thomas, Erica 133, 270 Thomas, Jessica 144, 145 Thomas, Mariah 133 Thomas, Ravian 249 Thomas, Shanetria 106 Thomas, Tiffany 133 Thomassie, Cerris 133 Thompson, Alecea 133, 244 Thompson, Courtney 106 Thompson, Dawanda 106 Thompson, Dezmond 106 Thompson, Lori 106 Thompson, Madison 239 Thompson, Stevie 238 Thonn, Jessica 239 Thorne, Kayla 239 Thorton, Shannon 238 Timalsina, Aabishkar 249 Times, Mikayla 244 Tiwari, Uddhab 133, 247 Todd, Haley 238 Toledo, Stephanie 22 Toler, Kelsie 133, 239 Toner, Amanda 106 Toranto, Samantha 133 Trabona, Brooke 250 Trabona, Lauren 106 Trapani, Jodilee 106 Travis, Stephanie 242 Treadway, Jake 258 Trisler, Riley 241 Tromatore, Ryan 106 Truxillo, Mychal 199 Tucker, Scott 242 Tuesno, Cetera 133 Tullier, Gabrielle 238 Tullier, Lauren 133 Tully, Logan 106 Tully, Ridge 251 Turcios, Nora 106 Turk, Veronica 133, 221 Turner, Ashley 248 Turner, Monetria 253 Turner, Nadia 106, 253 Turner, Theia 134 Twidwell, Angela 239

U Underwood, Taylin 167 Upton, Lauren 134 Utreras, Gisenia 191, 193

V Vales, Jonathon 243 Vallo, Gustav 242 Valore, April 106 Van Gorder, Eric 250 Vanthavong, Scotty 11 Varisco, Caitlin 107 Varnado-Sullivan, Paula 65 Varnadore, Alaina 134 Vasalech, Josh 134 Vasquez, Fatima 248 Vaughn, Hannah 51, 248 Vazquez, Isabella 239 Vasquez, Vicente 241 Veal, Marlain 173, 175


282 Veals, George III 107, 236

Veazey, Sharon 248 Venable, Alexander 240 Venable, Zachary 134 Vera, Kayla 193 Verbois, Alexa 107 Vessel, Carmen 243, 268 Vickers, Sarah 250 Vicknair, Kayren 134 Vicknair, Lauren 107 Victor, Tiffany 134 Vige, Madison 248 Villalba, Martha 250 Villarreal, Andrea 134, 203, 204 Villarrubia, Pierson 107 Villars, Kaitlyn 134 Vincent, Jenna 134 Vining, Darian 239 Vinson, Pedro 134 Vogel, Jared 134 Vollentine, Benjamin 31 VonRosenberg, Gabriel 134 Vorleto, Gabriel 134, 249

W Wade, Katie 78 Waggenspack, Tyler 248 Wagner, Brent 107, 240 Wagner, Caroline 148 Waguespack, Thomas 134 Wahl, Abigail 134, 250 Wahl, Kasey 107 Waldrop, Kayla 107 Walker, Gabrielle 134 Walker, Hayes 6 Walker, Kelsi 250 Walker, Whitney 107 Wallace, Mary 249 Wallette, Lindsey 252 Walter, Jess 33 Walther, Ashley 134 Ward, Jacob 107 Ward, Makenzie 252 Ward, Samantha 239 Warnke, Loriann 134 Warren, Ariel 134 Warren, Denise 107 Warren, Keiwine 107 Warren, Robert 134 Wascom, Madisyn 249 Washington, Daijah 217 Washington, Haley 239, 250 Washington, Kelly 107 Waters, Joshua 107 Watkins, Anna 239 Watkins, Raigan 107 Watkins, Matthew 236 Watson, Bradley 134, 247, 255 Watson, Kelsie 134 Watson, Rayven 253 Watts, Sarah 134 Watts, Tyler 107 Weatherford, Blayke 134 Weaver, DaryNeshia 251 Weaver, Hannah 40, 248 Webb, Jasmine 248 Weber, Hailee 134, 148 Weeden, Bianca 243 Wei, Yi 134 Weidie, Lauren 107 Welch, Meredith 134, 248, 249 Wellen, Laura 107 Wells, James 135 Wells, Jennifer 107 Wells, Kaly 249 Wells, Shelby 135 West, Patricia 107 Wetekamm, Anthony 242 Weyand, Courtney 250 Wheeler, Ronnie 135 White, Gregory 107 White, Jasmonique 107 White, Kayleigh 107 White, Kirby 107 White, Monroe 242 Whitehead, Alexandria 249 Whitehead, Zachary 249 Whiting, Caroline 239 Whitlock, Elise 253 Whitstine, Sara 107 Whittington, Emily 239 Whittington, Grace 248 Whitworth, Emily 7 Wickham, Deborah 252 Wiggins, Harry 209, 211 Wilde, Ashton 252 Wiley, Bryan 240 Wilkinson, Hailey 243 Wilkinson, John 107

Willard, Britany 135 Williams, Ashley 107 Williams, Brandon 240 Williams, Brandy 83 Williams, Briana 107 Williams, Caitlyn 248 Williams, D’Anna 236 Williams, Garrison 135 Williams, Geneva 21 Williams, India 250 Williams, Jacob 248 Williams, Jahnice 253 Williams, Jerrica 135 Williams, Jessica 135, 249 Williams, Jimecia 232, 237 Williams, Kadarius 135 Williams, Katelyn 135 Williams, Kayla 108 Williams, Kaylen 135 Williams, Kharen 108, 244 Williams, Kirby 238 Williams, Kristie 108 Williams, Kristina 108 Williams, Laurel 135 Williams, Leslie 108 Williams, Nicholas 18 Williams, Nick 248 Williams, Russia 108, 237 Williams, Stephen 243 Williams, Tate 153 Williams, Taylor 244 Williams, Vanessa 253 Williams, Vera 135 Williamson, Alaina 135 Williamson, Luke 24 Williard., Britany 239 Wilson, Blake 252 Wilson, Cody 135 Wilson, Jasmine 34, 135, 138, 247, 251 Wilson, J’Micah 253 Wilson, Kayla 135 Wilson, Rideia 135, 236, 252 Wilson, Woodrow III 135 Wimbish, Katie 248 Wimbish, Mary 245 Winfrey, Danita 244, 253 Winfrey, Jessica 236, 253 Winter, James 242 Wirth, Kimberlye 135, 251 Wolfanger, Kaycie 135 Wolfe, Ashley 153, 248 Wollfarth, Mallory 239 Wood, Jessica 135 Wood, Mathilde 135 Woodard, Dwayne 6, 236, 253 Woodard, Keaira 237 Woodroof, Nicholas 135 Woodruff, Michael 135 Woodside, Shannon 108 Wright, Christopher 244 Wylie, Nicholas 240

Y Yang, Charlene 135 Yarbrough, Erica 108 Yates, Leland 108 Yepez, Jaine 20 York, Brooklyn 245 Young-Dunlevy, Laura 108 Young-Hernandez., Oliver 249 Young, Alex 215 Young, Brianna 45, 46, 48 Young, Caleb 135, 181 Young, Courtney 135 Young, Tabitha 135 Younger, Rachael 136 Yount, Jake 108 Yurkovich, Elizabeth 248

Z Zeien, Aliyah 251, 253 Zeringue, Dylan 136 Zeringue, Payton 81 Zheng, Chen 108 Ziebarth, Van 136, 243 Zorilla, Alexander 136 Zorirlla, Alexander 240 Zorrilla, Stephen 136 Zunker, Cory 240 Zweifel, Casey 238



Britain Wimbledon Tennis

Serena Williams of the U.S celebrates a point against Christina McHale of the U.S during their women’s singles match on day five of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London. Photo Ben Curtis, AP Photo

Beyonce Formation World Tour

Beyonce performs during the Formation World Tour at Principality Stadium on Thursday, June 30, 2016, in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Photo Daniela Vesco, AP Photo

Argentina Closing the Zoo

A lion sits inside a cage at the former Buenos Aires Zoo in Argentina, Friday, July 1, 2016. The city government announced last week it will transform the city’s zoo into an ecological park for a limited number of species, and begin with the transfer of birds of prey to natural reserves. Their plan to also transform the current site into a conservation and research facility will take years while veterinarians decide which animals can be transferred to local reserves and abroad. Those who stay at the ecological park will live in what officials describe as much better conditions. Photo Natacha Pisarenko, AP Photo



Creating memories

Photo Megan Ferrando Design Kelonda Dixon


Southeastern Louisiana University, when I think of Southeastern the word “‘Ohana” comes to mind. As I started my journey in college the Office of Student Publications welcomed a staff reporter for The Lions Roar. As my journey continued I grew and moved to the Le Souvenir gradually learning and gaining more responsibility, but never thought that I would be Editor in Chief of the Le Souvenir. Along with the rest of the staff we put our ideas together and completed the 86th volume of the Le Souvenir. Although this yearbook would be published and put in the hands of thousands, it was important that I, along with my staff, kept it personal and created our special memories while preserving those

letter from the editor

of our student body, faculty, staff, alumni and Southeastern community. It has been an honor and privilege to work together and witness the results of the time we devoted throughout the completion of this book. We are thankful for the assistance and support from our director, Dr. Lee Lind; coordinator, Lorraine Peppo, administrative assistant, Heather Collins and the Office of Student Publications staff. To see this publication turn from ideas to actual work has been rewarding. I hope that the time and work we put into this publication will be memories that you will hold onto forever as you turn these pages now and the years to come.


Colophon Le Souvenir, which in French means “the memory,” is the official student yearbook of Southeastern Louisiana University. The yearbook has been printed since 1929 and is distributed each year in the fall. Le Souvenir is published through the Office of Student Publications, part of the Division for Student Affairs. Created by students of the university, the publication and members of the staff operate under the freedom of expression granted by the First Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights. Student Publications also defends the rights of student journalists relative to freedom of speech. The Lion’s Roar newspaper, Le Souvenir yearbook, their associated websites and other electronic media, are designated public forums. Student editors have the authority to make content decisions without censorship or advance approval. For Volume 87 of the book, body copy was written by the staff of Le Souvenir unless otherwise noted. The staff of Student Publications took more than 750,000 photos throughout the year. Additional photography was provided by the Southeastern Office of Public Information or was submitted for use by individuals, unless otherwise noted. Campus Candid Photography provided many of the portrait pictures of graduating seniors. Photos included on the Index


Le Souvenir Volums 87 2016

spreads were provided by the Associated Press. Photos submitted were received through electronic means or scanned from hardcopy images. Le Souvenir was digitally designed by the staff using Apple iMac computers. Layout design was assembled using Adobe InDesign CS6. Graphic design aspects were created using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6 software. Photos were taken using Canon EOS 60D, Canon EOS 30D, Canon Digital Rebel T5i, Canon Digital Rebel T3i, Canon Digital Rebel XTi, or the self-owned cameras of individual staff members. Le Souvenir 2016 has 288 full-color pages, printed on 80 gsm matte paper. The cover of the Le Souvenir is printed on 180 gsm art board. The 2016 Le Souvenir yearbook was produced in USA and printed in South Korea. Matthew Bourgeois, of Multimedia Technology, provided prepress and production assistance. The Office of Student Publications at Southeastern Louisiana University owns the copyrights to this yearbook. No part, in piece or in whole, may be reproduced without the written permission of the Director of Student Publications. All inquiries should be directed to: Le Souvenir, Office of Student Publications, Student Union Room 1303, SLU 10877 Hammond, LA 70402.

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