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VOl. XlII, Issue 5 10/07/11


Tribute to Brandon Hsueh By Luke D Slabaugh Editor in Chief

On September 30, seventh grader Brandon Hsueh died of severe injuries received from his tragic accident this past week. He had been hit by a sports utility vehicle after stumbling into the road while running cross country. Having only spent six weeks in the school, Brandon was only able to meet a few students from the Junior School; only a handful of high schoolers knew him as well. The widespread response to his accident, however, was overwhelmingly positive and supportive of the seventh grader. A Facebook group dedicated to prayers for Brandon gained nearly 1400 members in a week, drawing supporters from countless schools across the entire St. Louis County. “#PrayForHsueh” became a popular trending topic on Twitter, launching a constant stream of prayers dedicated to him. Jack Pruett, Brandon’s classmate, testifies that, in his brief time as a student, Brandon was a true Rebel and fit right in to the community. “He was a very kind and loving kid.” Both Pruett and Lewis Austin, currently seventh grade stu-

and made him that much more of a likeable friend. “He was really nice,” Austin added, “and he always wanted to tell jokes that would make people laugh with him.” He went on to describe a scene from middle school, when a young Brandon accidentally called their woman math teacher “dude,” which made her laugh. “She was laughing because it was random,” Austin said. “From then on, she started calling him ‘home-slice’.” Besides being a sensitive and good-humored kid, Brandon was known for his artistic skill even at such a young age. “At [St. Michael], he was really good at making clay sculptures of dragons,” says Austin. “Every art class he would make one. They were all unique and really good. Everyone liked them; they picked their favorites.” Rest in peace, Brandon Hsueh. You will always be remembered in the Priory community as an outstanding student and companion. We only wish that we could have gotten to know you more in the little time you had here. We offer condolences to the family and friends of the Hsueh family going through this tragedy.

He was really nice, and he always wanted to tell jokes that would make people laugh with him. dents, went to school with Brandon previously at St. Michael School before being admitted into Priory. They agreed that Brandon was an outgoing and social young man, respected by his peers and a good friend to them. “He liked to be around other people a lot,” Pruett said. “He liked to have fun.” Brandon’s random sense of humor was always of good and taste



THe ReCORD sTAFF T H e P R I O RY R e C O R D @ G M A I l . C O M


Content Editor


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Joseph O’Sullivan is Athlete of the Week

By Carter Gage

luKe D slABAuGH


Hard Working Wall


Feedback not intended for publication is also welcome.

Senior goalkeeper on the Rebel soccer team Joseph O’Sullivan has not been taking his rare playing time lightly. He has taken note of every minute and of every time he has even touched the ball. “My first soccer game this year I went in after halftime and I made one save while touching the ball about 5 times,” he says. “The second time I went in against Principia and it was only for 12 minutes, but I got to make a save and touch the ball twice.” Joseph is the third-string keeper for the Rebels, but he is comfortable with his role. “Even though I’m not receiving much playing time, I still enjoy being on the team and being part of the team,” he says. “This soccer season has been great for me and that is not just because we are undefeated. I just really love playing soccer.” This is Joe’s first year on the Priory Soccer team, but his third attempt. Joe tried out for the soccer team both his Sophomore and Junior years, but he was cut both times. He says that he would have tried out Freshman year, and he regrets not doing it, but he was afraid of getting cut then as well. However, he did not give up. “Getting cut those two years really made me want to make the team even more,” he says. “It really in-

Nothing gets past Joseph O’Sullivan, the brick wall. Elaine Collins | Record Weekly Schwartz and Kevin Ludwig, both of whom Joe called “great goalkeepers”, who split starting time last season. “I knew that for my senior year I would have to be better than Kevin or Jack,” Joe says. He called beating either of them out for a spot on the team a “daunting task”. However, Joe did not let that keep him down. He worked even harder this past summer, training harder and running more, and it paid off. “When coach came and told me that he was going to keep three goalkeepers this year,” he says, “It finally sunk in that I had made the team and I was overjoyed.” Yesterday, October 6th, Joseph O’Sullivan started for the first time in goal for the Priory Rebels. His hard work paid off; the Rebels won 4-0 over Lutheran North, and Joe recorded his first complete game shutout and win of his high school career. It was the first complete game shutout for a Rebel goaltender this season.

This soccer season has been great for me and that is not just because we are undefeated. I just really love playing soccer. spired me to train and work harder.” Joe started spending his off seasons training with the St. Louis Goal Keeping Academy and at multiple goalkeeping camps after his failed attempt to make the team Sophomore year. “I wanted to prove myself by making the team,” he says of his commitment. Coming into this fall’s tryouts, Joe knew that the cards were played against him. It is very rare for any soccer team to keep any more than two goalkeepers on the roster, and the Rebels already had two established Seniors, Jack

eDITORIAl iPhone 4S = iPhone 4.5 By Chris Hammer Staff Writer

After months of build-up, Apple finally held its press conference to announce what many thought would be the iPhone 5. If the rumors held true, this “iPhone 5” would once again revolutionize the phone industry, adding to Apple’s dominance of the tech industry. was Many anticipated an appearance by former CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away on Wednesday, October 5. With Jobs gone, it was up to Tim Cook, the new CEO, to unveil the newest technology that would likely occupy many of our pockets for the next two months. He started off his rundown of all the new tech that Apple would be shipping with the iPods. An upgrade was given to both the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano, but there was no significant change to either. He went on to talk about iOS 5, which will be their greatly improved operating system for all of their mobile devices. However, there was little new information since developer builds have been out for several months. Tim Cook then moved on to the real reason that they had called the press conference: the new iPhone. To the dismay of Apple fanboys everywhere, it was slowly revealed that there would be no iPhone 5, but instead an iPhone 4S. The question then became: is this a total disappointment or is it truly what we all wanted in the familiar shell of the iPhone 4? The 4S has many large improvements. It has the new A5 processor

which will allow up to 7x faster graphics and at least 2x faster cpu. These improvements make it not just the fastest iPhone, but one of the fastest phones on


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the market. The phone also has a drastically faster dual antenna system that allows the iPhone to reach “4G” speeds. It also sports what could be called the best camera on any phone: an 8 megapixel camera with an extra wide aperture and an extra lens to help deliver a brighter and crisper image. The new video camera also shoots in 1080p, beating most phones which only film in 720p, along with an image stabilizer and noise cancellation features. The new iPhone was built to thrive with the iOS 5, enabling full use of iCloud, the new Siri personal assistant, and all the other new features. The iPhone 4S, while not being a game changer, is still a great update to the most popular phone line in the world. Its hundreds of new features easily push the iPhone back into a safe area so that Apple can work on the likely game-changing iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is such an improvement over the iPhone 4 that, with a slight outer shell redesign, it could easily take the name iPhone 5 and be accepted by the whole consumer community.

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Game 5 Halladay vs. Carpenter 8:30 PM (EST) TBS


4Breaking Down the GOP Candidates By Andy Hernandez Staff Writer

on some issues key to the Republican Party, such as stem cell research and gay rights. Also, he created a health care system in Massachusetts while serving as Governor that in many ways was the forerunner for the unpopular Obamacare.

Rick Perry Strengths: He has surged in the front of the pack ever since his recent announcement of his candidacy. Perry is known for his charisma and strong stance on gun control and capital punishment. He is a firm supporter of entering the Middle East and our involvement there.

With the presidential election not far away, a horde of GOP candidates are striving to distinguish themselves from current President Barack Obama. Through it all, four individuals have emerged as the frontrunners.

Mitt Romney Strengths: A former governor, Romney is usually seen as the most likable candidate and is yet to have any major missteps in the debates thus far. He has experience in the business world, from having his own business to helping organize the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Finally, he has already campaigned for president in 2008. Weaknesses: He is known for flip-flopping

Weaknesses: He has been far from successful in his rhetoric in the debates. He is sometimes seen as too much of a George Bush repeat. In addition, his stance on abortion is weaker than other candidates, and his fiercer brand of foreign policy could end up costing the taxpayers more than they can afford.

Michelle Bachmann Strengths: Another candidate known for her ability to stir up a crowd, Bachmann is well-versed in the art of recruitment and fund-raising. She is most popular with the Tea Party, cohort of the GOP, and Christians. Also, she was one of the first main opponents to Obamacare. Weaknesses: Along with Perry, she has had some early slip-ups in the debates. Some argue that she is simply not smart enough to be president. Some of her statements have managed to alienate some of the more moderate Republicans, which may lead to her having too narrow of a base.

Ron Paul Strengths: Never one to mince words, Paul is known for his frankness and re-

fusal to pander to specific audiences. He is another early denouncer of Obamacare, but he shines in his fiscal conservatism. He has constantly called for the end of the Federal Reserve and has a track record of never voting for a tax increase. Weaknesses: To many Republicans, he is seen as too Libertarian, like with his position for the legalization of marijuana. He is generally disliked by the media and is therefore given less airtime. His desire for the return of American isolationism has



Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. Allots 6. Competent 10. Erratum 14. Diminish 15. Money lent 16. Attention 17. Egyptian water lily 18. Colored part of an eye 19. Sea eagle 20. Continual and persistent demands 22. Fabrics made from goat hair 23. Motel 24. Steel or tin

26. Leopardlike cat 30. Yellowishbrown 32. One of the Great Lakes 33. Exuberant 37. Weightlifters pump this 38. Overact 39. Hint 40. Neurotic 42. Sail supports 43. Ill-gotten gains 44. Assault sexually 45. Farewell 47. Do-it-your-

selfer’s purchase 48. Tribe 49. Financial means whereby one lives 56. Not prerecorded 57. Biblical garden 58. Writer Jules _____ 59. Nile bird 60. Require 61. Host 62. Quarries 63. Tropical root 64. Paroxysm


Difficulty - Monstrous DOWN 1. Anagram of “Lima” 2. Black, in poetry 3. Makes lace 4. Decorative case 5. School term 6. Unearthly 7. Brought into existence 8. Secular 9. A group of musicians 10. The performance of a play 11. Paraguayan tea 12. Prison-related 13. Lyric poems 21. Explosive letters

25. Snake-like fish 26. Cleveland’s state 27. Curtail 28. God of love 29. Forlornness 30. Not below 31. Speechless 33. Arab chieftain 34. Ultimatum ender 35. Cashews and pecans 36. Exam 38. Suitable for eating 41. Take to court 42. Reasons behind actions 44. One thousandth

of an inch 45. Exculpation 46. Lifeboat lowerer 47. Japanese stick fighting 48. Trim 50. Bright thought 51. Swerve 52. Rope fiber 53. Killer whale 54. 1 1 1 1 55. Consider


- Stan Musial



Cricket Club Starts in Winter By Austin Krueger Staff Writer

For the first time in Priory’s history, the cricket club – as in the British sport, rather than the chirping insect – will be available to students in the winter trimester. The Priory Amateur Cricket Association (PACA), founded by Fr. Bede and sophomore Aidan Johnston, will meet on both A and B weeks. Since most days will be too cold in the winter to play outside, club members will be learning how to play cricket as well as watching episodes of “Dr. Who.” Cricket is similar to baseball in

that there are batters, a pitcher (called a bowler), and base-runners. However, there are only two “bases;” the field is an oval; and the catcher is the only one who wears a glove. Teams wear uniforms, authentic British cricket shirts may be distributed to members of the club. “Cricket is the second widest played sport in the world,” said Fr. Bede. “It is part of the English heritage of the school.” Unlike baseball, the batter and runner carry their bats while running the bases. The bases are a set of wooden wick-

ets with small wooden bales lying across the top. A runner is safe if he or his bat is within four feet of the wickets. Outs are made when a runner is not on base, and a fielder uses the ball to knock a bale off of the wickets. In addition to meeting on A and B weeks, PACA will meet on some weekends and during the summer. Days and times for these summer meetings will be determined at the first winter meetings. The club will be non-competitive, because most members will not have played

Robotics Gears for New Season

By Matthew Fuglsang

Robotics Enthusiast One of Priory’s most well known and exclusive clubs is the Priory robotics team. This team has existed for many years and has now been designed as an official club.

There has been a rapid increase in participation in the club. The Priory robotics team took fourth in regionals last year, and this year’s team has plans to continue its winning record. Currently, the team is in the off-season and is preparing for competitions that will begin after Christmas. In keeping with the Priory stan-

dards of excellence, the Robotics Club invites members who are intelligent, can face the stress of hard work and competition, and are ready to prove their mettle – no pun intended. Anyone interested in the robotics club should look into joining for the coming winter trimester.

VOl. XlII, Issue 5 10/07/11  

VOl. XlII, Issue 5 10/07/11