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Friday, September 18, 2009

Record Weekly Volume 4, Issue 2

The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory High School since 1969

Photo Credit: Nim Frost

Rhodes and Altepeter Lead Rebels to Super Cup Title Kevin Hess, ‘11 Sports Writer

The Priory varsity soccer team won the Saint Dominic Super Cup last week following the dominant defensive and offensive efforts by senior Joe Altepeter and sophomore Andrew Rhodes respectively. Altepeter and senior keeper Doug Hall, even with the injury to co-captain and stand out marking-back Dan Croghan, held opposing teams to only 1 goal over the course of the entire 3 game tournament. In the first game of the tournament, Priory faced off against Fort Zumwalt East. The Rebels “shot” off to a fiery offensive start with goals by both senior Ragen Frost and Sophomore Peter Reitz in the first half. The Rebels did not slow down in the second half, they continued to dominate play and finished the game by adding to their 2-0 lead with a stunning head ball goal by sophomore Andrew Rhodes. This was Rhodes’ first of his team leading 4 goals in the 3 Super Cup games. In their second game, Priory faced off against Timberland, who was flying high after their defeat of the reigning state champions Saint Dominic. The competition on the field was fast and aggressive and both teams had chances in the first half. Joe Altepeter continued to anchor the defense, while junior Doug Brooking, sophomores Kyle Martin and Jacob Mohrmann, and freshman Jeffrey

Senior Captain Joe Altepeter (above) was crucial to the Rebels’ success defensively and offensively this past week, especially after Captain Danny Croghan’s concussion this past Thursday.

Hopson battled the talented midfield of the Wolves. In the second half, the Rebels stepped up their game and eventually worked the ball to offensive stud Andrew Rhodes who tucked the ball away in the bottom corner of the net. Priory defended well for the rest of the game and took the victory; however it was bitter sweet because in the last couple minutes of the game, Priory co-captain Dan Croghan collided with a Timberland forward, leaving him concussed and in need of stitches. In the championship game, Priory faced off against Wentzville Holt High School. The Rebels relied of the defensive prowess of Joe Altepeter and sophomore Andy Kopfensteiner, as Dan Croghan was unable to play due to a concussion suffered the night

before. Even with this tremendous loss to the team, Priory played well and took a 1-0 lead against Holt thanks to a tremendous goal by Andrew Rhodes after a perfect pass by junior forward Jack Wegmann. In the second half of the very physical game, many free kicks were awarded for both teams and eventually Holt tucked one away to tie the game at one with about 10 minutes to play. However, Priory’s Andrew Rhodes came through yet again with a response only a couple minutes later. On what looked to be a dead play, Rhodes chased down the defender and deflected a clearing attempt by the Timberland goalie into a bizarre goal. This sealed Priory’s 2-1 victory and the first place in St. Dominic Super Cup. (continued on back page)

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Friday, September 18, 2009 Volume 4, Issue 2

Arbitrarily Judgementalitastic: The Five Funniest People of All Time

Alexander Todorov, ‘10 Editorial Writer

An astute reader might have noticed that last week’s article was a tad bitter, and thus this week will take the foot off the anger pedal, and instead switch it into postitive gear. This week’s editorial will discuss the five funniest people of all time. 1: Mae West- This actress from the 1930’s and 40’s had it all, she was beautiful, smart, and absolutely hilarious. She was the master

of innuendo and the double entendre, one of her interviews had to have two thirds of the material cut because there was so much unprintable material. However, modern day movie makers definitely need to take a page out of her book. As she said, “It’s hard to be funny when you have to be clean”, but that does not mean excess vulgarity (cough cough Stepbrothers) is funny. People, you have to try. Unless you are me, in which case you should just stop trying to be funny. 2: Woody Allen- This man is probably the comedic genius (continued on back page)

What Grinds My Gears Peter Griffin

with the help of Mike Haueisen, ‘10

You know what grinds my gears? NASCAR on ESPN. If you're a NASCAR fan, I'm sorry, but reading this will not be pleasant. I’ll admit, Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks does have its moments. The big crashes are always cool, but last time I checked, the “S” in ESPN stands for sports. "But they have to defend from other cars going around them and draft and stuff." Shut it! I'm tired of people trying to defend NASCAR as a sport. Maybe if it were a sport, you wouldn't be stuck defending yourself. And furthermore, what possible athletic ability does it take to drive? At least in golf you have to walk from hole to hole, and have the coordination to swing a club. What do NASCAR drivers do? Do they have to work out in the off-season? Not unless their “pushing the pedal muscle” has been a little weak lately. All they have to do is drive fast. Still, some people try to make NASCAR drivers come off as great athletes.

The Record Disclaimer

Who gives a monkey's uncle if a guy wins a race? That's not his victory. It's the car’s victory. Shower the car in milk. NASCAR’s popularity is just spreading from the South, to which I say, "Yo, you lost the Civil War, guys. Get over it, and watch a real sport." And what's worse? NASCAR is taking the place of hockey, the greatest sport that has ever existed in the history of time (Don't argue with me, I'm right, you're wrong). ESPN gives hockey no airtime, except for the occasional play on the Top 10. And when it’s on the Top 10, you get the impression that the SportsCenter anchors have never even heard of hockey, because they know nothing that is happening. Hockey is indeed all that is sports and athletics. Word has it that Jesus liked to take on street hockey teams of 6 all by himself, and he won every time (it's in Revelations...) It's a travesty that God's game is being overshadowed in airtime by the travesty of “sport” called NASCAR. It's just absurd. Hockey is so incredible, and NASCAR is just so awful. While ESPN is my home, I say shame on you ESPN for supporting this waste of time and intellect.

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Friday, September 18, 2009 Volume 4, Issue 2

The Weekly Update The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory High School

STUCO Update: Homecoming Game

Weekly Calendar Friday, 9/18/2009

Priory Student Council

Student Council had a great week, starting with its first true Monday morning assembly, featuring the first Student Council movie of the year. We hope that everyone enjoyed the production and be sure to look for more to come. This past week we also put the final touches on our Homecoming plans which will be detailed here, in the Record, next Friday. Football’s first home game will be this Saturday at 1pm against Lutheran North. Student Council will be at the game in full force handing out programs and selling snacks, BBQ, and drinks in the ‘bunker,’ which is the informal name of Student Council’s concession stand down by the field. Student Council members in the bunker will also readily take down any more Homecoming TShirt orders. However, the orders will be limited due to the fact that the shirts have already been sent to the printer and only a select supply of extra shirts that Student Council ordered are available. This means that the extra supply is on a first come first serve basis, so if you were unable to order your

t-shirt last week then be sure to talk with a Student Council member on Saturday at the game or even sooner to ensure your order is fulfilled. We hope to see everyone out at the game this Saturday as the Rebels look to add another victory to their great season.

Weekly Lunches Fri. 9/18 - Baked Pollack Mon. 9/21 - Soup in Bread Bowl Tues. 9/22 - Breaded Chicken Wed. 9/23 - Salisbury Steak Thurs. 9/24 - Sweet Italian Sausage

College Visits

•4:30pm XC Lu North Invitational @ Spanish Lake

Saturday, 9/19/2009 •9:30am C Football v. LNorth •1:00pm V Football v. LNorth •Form VI Cocktail Party

Sunday, 9/20/2009 Senior Pictures 10:00am-4:00pm

Friday, 9/18: University of San Diego          11:15 am Bradley University            12:00 pm McKendree University         1:00 pm

Monday, 9/21: Southern Methodist University Kenyon College Southeast Missouri State Bradley University

11:15 am 11:30 am 12:00 pm 12:00 pm

Tuesday, 9/22: Boston College Tulane University

10:00 am 11:45 am

Monday, 9/21/2009 •4:15pm V Soccer @ WCA •4:15pm JV Soccer v. Clayton •4:15pm JV Football v. LNorth

Tuesday, 9/22/2009 •4:15pm V Soccer @ JBS •4:15pm JV Soccer v. JBS

Wednesdy, 9/23: Purdue University

8:30 am

Friday, 9/25: Universty of Notre Dame

Wednesday, 9/23/2009 10:00 am

Tuesday, 9/29: Tufts William Jewell College

10:00 am 11:00 am

•5:00-9:00pm Xanadu Gift Gathering Party

Sports The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory High School

Defense Leads to 28-6 Victory Mike Haueisen, ‘10 Sports Editor

Photo Credits: John Notter Sr.

After a tough loss last week against Affton, the Football team looked forward to bouncing back against St. Dominic. Things did not work out so quickly, however, when the Rebels squared off against the Crusaders on Friday night, to whom they had lost the past two years. Fortunately for the Rebels, the Crusaders were missing a few crucial starters, but were still a very strong football team. After an early turnover, the defense was unable to start things off quickly, and gave up an early touchdown on a goal line run. This put the Crusaders up 6-0. Soon the defense picked up their intensity and shut down the Crusaders offense with the help of some key turnovers. The offense, however, could not seem to find its groove, as they were unable to pass the ball effectively or have any big runs for long gains. This resulted in no first half points for the Rebels, who went into halftime down 6-0.

Strong defense throughout the game was unquestionably the source of the Rebel comeback this past Friday.

After receiving an ear-full from the coaching staff, the Rebels returned to the field in the second half fired up and ready to dominate the second half. After a quick stop on defense, the offense methodically moved the ball down field to the red zone, where Colin Bruns would score his first touchdown of the night with a 5 yard run, putting the Rebels up 7-6. When the Crusaders got the ball back, they began moving the ball fairly well, when at about midfield the Rebels shifted all the momentum in their favor when Senior Mike Haueisen intercepted a poorly thrown ball and brought it back 22 yards to just outside the red zone. The Rebels capitalized on the turnover when Matt Jones ducked his head and ran the ball from the 5 into the end-zone to increase the Rebels lead to 14-6. After another defensive stop, the Crusaders, who had punting difficulties all night, gave the Rebels excellent field position inside the 50, the Rebels took advantage of with a slow drive downfield, which ended with a 4 yard Colin Bruns touchdown run. Down 21-6, the Crusaders began airing the ball out on offense, trying numerous long passes, which were all successfully defended by the Rebels’ linebackers and secondaries. In the 4th, the Rebels were able to make the most of this offensive strategy when Andrew Halenkamp picked off a deeply thrown ball and ran it down the sideline 27 yards. Unfortunately he just barely got caught by a shoelace tackle before breaking it all the way to a pick-six. The Rebels capitalized again on the turnover with Colin Bruns' third touchdown of the night on a 3 yard run with under 2 minutes to play, capping the Rebels off at 28-6. A note should be taken that Mark Mannino had a fantastic play on the kickoff team, stripping the ball, and taking it for a touchdown, but it was t a k e n (continued on back page)

Friday, September 18, 2009 Volume 4, Issue 2

XC Starts Slowly, Redeems at Forest Park Chad Huber, ‘10 Sports Editor

The Priory Cross Country team started the season two weeks agoat the Lutheran South Invitational. The rainy conditions made for a very muddy course, especially because the meet was hosted at Jefferson Barracks where the land level is quite low considering it is located along the Mississippi River. Varsity struggled through the conditions and had a less than promising race to start the season as only the front two runners came through with good finishes. Junior Varsity, however, had a great start with Chad Huber, John Cole, and Nick D’Orazio crossing the finish line first, second, and third, respectively. Luckily the weather was much more accommodating last week as the team came out for the SLUH Invitational down at Forest Park. Varsity was looking for support from its mid 3-5 runners who had a rough race the week before. However, the middle runners consisting of John Cole, Chad Huber, Billy Fox, and Matt Menendez packed extremely well starting off the first mile in the 69th–73rd positions but pushed through the pack to end in the low thirties with times under 18:45. The team was led by Senior Captain Jon Van Breseugen with a time of 17:43in the top 20. Drew Link and Niall Caparon were unable to make the meet, but nonetheless the team had a strong second finish losing only by 8 points to league rival Lutheran South. The Junior Varsity, again, posted some great times with Sophomore Spencer King at 18:50 and Junior Nick D’Orazio at 19:04. The Cross Country Team will look to repeat their performance this weekend as they go to the speedy Spanish Lake course.

Friday, September 18, 2009 Volume 4, Issue 2

Entertainment The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory High School

The Arctic Monkeys’ Humbug Review Colin Barry, ‘10

Music and Entertainment Writer

The Arctic Monkeys released their newest album, Humbug, on August 25th. After their first CD became the fastest selling debut album in the U.K. and producing a second album that stayed loyal to their fans, have changed things up dramatically. No more are they making pub fueled rants and short burst punk songs. They have distanced themselves from that scene by making an album with a darker more experimental sound. To achieve this, they not only recruited Queens of the Stone Age producer Josh Homme but were influenced by their surroundings. They were no longer in London, but found themselves in the desert of California and the streets of New York. The Arctic Monkeys have changed as

much as any young band that catches success in its early stages, and will with singer Alex Turner’s voice starting to deepen and the rest of the band members slowly maturing. Replacing the short bursts of punk in the new album are a number of Doors-ish jams fueled by Turner’s storytelling. The Arctic Monkeys chose as their single for the album to be “Crying Lightning”, which is a bit of a shock because it does not seem to catch much attention in the album overall. For those of you who are looking for another clash of noise and sped up tempo that was the hallmark of their first two albums, you might be disappointed in the way this CD was made. I give it 2.5/5 Stars, but I rule at squash, so it’s cool.

Entertainment Writer

I've been a fan of the Madden Franchise since the original PS1, so like every year, I was excited for the release of this years edition. If you've been following the game for the last few years though, there have been very few changes in the gameplay and overall feel of the game in consecutive years. I'm not saying that they were bad, but you haven't missed much if you only buy every other years copy. Basically, the only thing that changed from 08-09 was putting Brett Farve's worn out image on the cover, especially since you can get roster updates online for free. I don't know about you, but I

1. Party in the U.S.A. Miley Cyrus 2. I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas 3. Down Jay Sean 4. Run This Town JayZ 5. Watcha Say Jason DeRulo 6. Use Somebody Kings of Leon 7. Hotel Room Service Pitbull 8. Good Girls Go Bad Cobra Starship 9. She Wolf Shakira 10. Fallin’ For You Colbie Caillat

Arctic Monkeys Top 10

Madden 2010 Review Craig Boyce, ‘10

iTunes Top 10

don't think that anything with Brett Farve plastered all over it is worth $65. But that all changed with Madden 10. First of all, I think that the cover is perfect, with both Polamalu and Fitzgerald on the cover. (Knee injury=Madden curse?) Once you start playing the game, the first thing you notice is the realistic feel of the game. Big running backs like Stephen Jackson or LenDale White require multiple people (up to nine-man gang tackling) to take them down, and the hit stick actually works on offense!!! Those annoying little symbols on star players are gone, and the running game works again. Now players have more in-depth statistics, i.e. throwing accuracy on the run or deep ball accuracy, and they (continued on page 7)

1. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor 2. When the Sun Goes Down 3. From the Ritz to the Rubble 4. A Certain Romance 5. Fake Tales of San Francisco 6. Fluorescent Adolescent 7. Mardy Bum 8. Dancing Shoes 9. Riot Van 10.The View from the Afternoon - Colin Barry, ‘10 See above for more about the Arctic Monkeys new CD, Humbug. Contact the editors if you want to provide a Top 10 Playlist of your own for the band or artist of your choice and it could appear in The Record Weekly in the future...

Puzzles The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory High School

Friday, September 18, 2009 Volume 4, Issue 2

Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. A single splash 6. Pierces 11. A disease causing chills and fever 13. Company that provides scheduled flights 15. Tomography 16. Ceased 17. Pecan, almond or cashew 18. Oxygenated 20. Garland 21. To press clothes 22. Anagram of "Sense" 23. A title of nobility 24. Chinese revolutionary 26. Hearing organ 28. Born 29. Not active 32. Made less wet 34. Billy club 35. Braid 37. Pertaining to the moon 40. Fasten with cords 41. The top edge of a container 43. A gentle blow 45. Chief god (Egyptian mythology)


46. Fails to win 48. Seethe or churn 49. Liveliness 50. City in Washington state 52. Utilize 53. Decreed 55. The land mass made up of 2 continents 57. Stripes 58. Regular payment 59. Smells 60. Sows DOWN 1. Japanese warrior 2. An army unit of two squads 3. Fall behind 4. Operatic solo 5. Prongs 6. Locations 7. Stepped 8. Anagram of "Pal" 9. A 4-winged aircraft 10. Smiled contemptuously 11. A half note in music 12. Consent 13. Anagram of "Stare"

Word Search



14. A magistrate of the Roman Republic 19. Advocate of no government or law 25. The sharp edge at the junction of 2 surfaces 27. Team 30. 7th letter of the Greek alphabet 31. A rebuke 32. Delete (abbrev.) 33. Hotel 35. Bell pepper 36. A large African feline 38. Stimulated 39. Dried grapes 40. Adhesive strips 41. Streets 42. Anagram of "Teems" 44. Beseech 46. Scallions 47. Prostitutes 50. Celebrity 51. A Great Lake 54. Chief Executive Officer 56. Gorilla or chimpanzee

WORDBANK apron avoid begun casual charm chill clump conflict crave damage dash dense favor first

foremost gripe guess heard hoist injury lame latex leather lend lumber maintain market preach

raven seal soil square stale start strife tease theme tuft veal weave


- Ron Burgundy

Friday, September 18, 2009 Volume 4, Issue 2

Madden 2010 Review (Continued from page 5) actually make a difference in the game. For instance, if you hit stick somebody with Brian Urlacher, there will be a bone crunching sound and they will most likely fumble. Another cool new feature is the fumble pile-up minigame. If a player fumbles, and a pileup ensues, each player will be given different buttons to push rapidly in order to gain control of the ball. Even though they made some great changes

The Forum The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory High School though, EA Sports did fail to improve in some areas. For one, the Patriots are still virtually unbeatable as the CPU, which is extremely annoying when playing online. The biggest disappointment though, is the way that EA Sports and Microsoft found another way to cheat us out of our money. One of the new features that EA put a lot of time into developing is the online franchise mode. Now you can play with 31 other friends for the entire season, except for you have to pay an extra $10 to access this and

many other new features. This new mode is all over the back cover, but it makes no mention of the extra charge for this mode, or the other numerous "premium" downloads, which is a rather shady trick by Microsoft. Overall, if you don't mind Microsoft trying to trick you out of even more of your money, then Madden 10 is a pretty good football game. I give it 4/5 stars.

European Soccer Club Profile: Liverpool FC best attacking duos in the world. They were the fifth and third highest goal Sports Writer scorers in the league, respectively. The addition of Glen Johnson, the England Liverpool FC is the greatest English international team right soccer club in history. They have won back, they look to challenge 18 league titles, tied for the most with for the league title this year, Manchester United. Their home is even with the loss of Xabi Anfield, where the atmosphere created Alonso. Alberto Aquilani is by the fans is unparalleled. In recent set to fill the void of Alonso, years, Liverpool has been a consistent after he recovers from top four team in the English Premier injury. The defense returns League. Although, they have not won England veteran Jamie the title in close to 20 years now, they Caragher, as well as Martin always are in contention. Last year, Skrtel and Daniel Agger, Liverpool lost only two games in league. who are poised to be the Liverpool However, in the end, their ties are what center backs did them in as for years to they fell short to come. At left Manchester back is the 19 United. At the end year old of last season with A r g e n t i n e an, transfer rumors Emiliano Insua, surrounding who in Ronaldo and c o m b i n a t i o n Tevez of with Glen Manchester Johnson, looks United, it looked as if this might be Captain Steven Gerrard (left) and Fernando Torres (right) are to create many unmistakably the highest profile players on Liverpool. a goal scoring Liverpool’s year. opportunity With Fernando from the defense. Emilaino’s fellow Torres “el nino” up top and Steven Argentinean, Javier Mascherano, is Gerrard, “Captain Fantastic”, right perhaps one of the best holding behind him, Liverpool has one of the Ragen Frost, ‘10

midfielders in the world, winning tackles left and right and always hustling. On the wings they have Albert Riera, a Spanish international, and Dirk Kuyt , a Dutch international. Both have the ability to beat players on the dribble, but what sets them apart from other wingers is that they have power. Most wing backs are used to dealing with pace and s k i l l , Liverpool’s wingers are skilled and are not slow by any means, but it is their power that allows them to beat defenders. The new season has already begun and Liverpool has had shaky start, to say the least. They have already lost the same amount of games that they had lost the previous year. But, with Aquilani soon to be match fit, they look to turn around their season. What separates this Liverpool squad from all other is their ability to overcome diversity. They are best known for their late game heroics. No team ever feels safe with a lead against Liverpool. Never count Liverpool out, because if you do, they will surprise you.

The Record Weekly

Friday, September 18, 2009 Volume 4, Issue 2

The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory High School

Arbitrarily Judgementalitastic

Soccer Wins Super Cup (continued from front page)

of the last half century. From philosophy, “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying!”, love (mostly unprintable), and everyday life, “Not only is there no God, but try getting a plumber on Sundays!”. He ran the gamut, and thus would hold my everlasting respect. Unfortunately, he believes that the half your age plus seven rule only applies to other people. Seriously, he could be his wife’s grandfather. 3: Rush Limbaugh- This guy just cracks me up! I mean, he delivers his material so well, you’d think he actually believed what he was saying! He is truly the king of satire, brilliantly massacring the logic of crazy reactionaries with their own words. I have got to ask him how he created his character, it’s such a great spoof of talk radio! 4: Whoever created Napoleon Dynamite- When you are funny, who needs plots, setting, or actual comprehension? This guy is so good, he actually did not need to try when he created this movie. All he needed to do was brilliantly repeat any eighties joke ever made. What’s even funnier is how the movie was so popular, I mean, that’s the true joke. 5: GodQuite possibly the funniest movie maker ever to walk this cosmos, though it can be said that it is easy to make good movies when your budget is essentially infinite. Leaving his audiences roaring since he created the evolution controversy in 4004 B.C., he continues to leave his fans dying of laughter, often all too literally. Going from hit to hit, his works continue to inspire countless people to use his words to fund their McMansions, Megachurches, and anything else they feel like cajoling their audiences out of. Unfortunately his works are banned in half of America, and misinterpreted in the other half. Editor in Chief: Patrick R. Mulvihill, ’10

Photo Credits: Nim Frost

(continued from page 2)

Sophomore Andrew Rhodes (above) leads the team with 7 goals.

Flying high off their recent success, the Rebels traveled to St. Mary’s to face off against some tough competition, the Dragons. Still missing Dan Croghan, Priory used a combination of sophomore Kyle Martin and Junior Kevin Hess to try to fill his giant shoes in the back. The game was very fast paced and pressure filled but Priory nabbed an early goal thanks to Andrew

Football at Dominic (continued from page 4)

Rhodes, his 6th goal this season. This came from yet another unselfish play from Wegmann. St. Mary’s fought hard but Priory stuck another goal in the net after co-captain Joe Altepeter played a beautiful free kick into the box that found the head of sophomore Jacob Mohrmann. Priory scored yet again later in the half to drive the score to an incredible 3-0 at half against St. Mary’s. However, the Dragons did not give up and kept fighting, even after Rhodes scored for the second time that game, with a blast from the top of the box to drive the score to 4-0. Eventually, the pressure of St. Mary’s offense could not be denied and they scored 2 goals late in the game. However, the high scoring victory by Priory’s soccer team, as well as the Super Cup victory has made quite a statement to the opposition. Priory’s first home game is this Thursday the 17th against MICDS so everyone come out and cheer the Rebels to victory!

that found its groove, scoring 28 points in just one half. The Rebels bounced back strong, and came home with their first victory over St. Dominic in 2 years. The Rebels next game is the home opener vs. Lutheran North on Saturday at 1:00 PM. Come cheer the Rebels on to a 3-1 start to the season in their first league game. See you there!

Junior Colin Bruns (above) rushed for three touchdowns this past Friday.

back when the referees failed to see the strip, and blew the whistle while the Crusaders no longer had the ball. Nonetheless, the Rebels dominated the 2nd half, with 2 interceptions (of the 4 turnovers on the night), and an offense

THE RECORD Layout Editor: Chad E. Huber, ’10 Content Editor: Sean J. Lamb, ’10

Photo Credits: John Notter Sr. ...Domination...

Moderator: Barbara K. Sams

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