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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Record Volume 40, Issue 18

The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School since 1960

Brigadoon Preview With less than a week until opening night, senior Ben Constantino takes us through a brief explanation of Priory’s 2010 Winter Play...

Ben Constantino, ’10 Entertainment Writer

The other day, as I was airily ambling through the Junior School, I was startled by a squeaking noise which was emitting from around my mid-thigh region. After my initial fright, I realized that I was being confronted by a seventh grader, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, like a newborn sheep, who asked me, “HEY MISTER! Why do you look so happy? What is this joy that is etched upon your brow? Why does an aura of such eagerness and reckless enthusiasm surround you?” “Well, little one,” I responded, setting his six-ounce body upon my knee, “I am excited, nay, ecstatic! for the coming of our school’s musical, Brigadoon!” He bowed his head in shamed reverence. “If you please, sir,” he blubbered, “What is a musical? For that matter, what is ‘Brigadoon’?” “It’s funny you should ask those questions in such conjunction,” I answered him. “It just so happens that Saint Louis Priory’s ‘Brigadoon’ is the definition of a musical in its most perfect form. Brigadoon combines the elements of musical theater with drama, humor, and romance, in a way which most would attribute to William Shakespeare, or, for your generation, Tim Allen. Our production, in particular,

features the talents of many of this age’s greats, including Charlie Peterson as the misty-eyed swooner Tommy Albright, Hannah Slabaugh as the golden-voiced songbird Fiona MacLaren, and Zach Weiss as the enchantingly wrinkly Mr. Lundie. In this play, love is like a pit, in that it is helplessly fallen into by Fiona and Tommy as the show begins. They frolic and flirt in the mysterious and magical town of Brigadoon, which is positively crawling with townsfolk who would like to do nothing more than sing at the top of their lungs about lasses, looms, and love. Along the way, uproarious humor is thrown about by myself, playing Jeff Douglas! The tale of this Scottish fairytale town, happened upon by two modern Americans, positively sparkles with magic and excitement. A joy that you have yet to know awaits ye if ye attend,” I finished with a roguish wink. Upon hearing about the Junior Zach Weiss motivates the student body to come performance, the child ripped off his see the play by wearing women’s clothes. shirt, which he immediately fashioned into a banner. Taking a pen, promptly began to scurry through the he boldly emblazoned the ex-Polo with halls, alerting his friends. But if you the legend, COME YE ALL TO weren’t there, let me be the first to tell B R I G A D O O N , F E B R U A R Y 1 1th you: Come see Brigadoon! It’s going to THROUGH FEBRUARY 14th IN THE be just fantastic, you’ll have yourself an KEVIN KLINE THEATER! TICKETS ON excellent evening if you attend. See you SALE NOW! there! He held it aloft, screaming, “I shall be a witness to its glory!” and


Friday, February 5, 2010 Volume 40, Issue 18

The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

The Record Staff Editor in Chief:

Patrick R. Mulvihill, ’10

Arbitrarily Judgementalitastic: Obama’s State of the Union: 5 Reactions

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Ben Constantino, ’10

Chad Huber, ’10

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Alex Todorov, ’10

Joe Altepeter, ’10

Drew Link ’11

David Taiclet, ’11

Andy Schwartz, ’11

The Record Disclaimer The Record is the official student publication of Saint Louis Priory School in St. Louis, Missouri. It is produced by student editors/ staff members. Its purpose is threefold: to inform students of events in the community; to encourage discussion of local, national, and international issues; and to serve as a training ground for budding journalists, photographers, and graphic designers. The Record accepts contributions from all members of the Priory community, including students, faculty, and alumni. The Record will not publish content considered legally unprotected speech, including but not limited to: libel, copyright infringement, unwarranted invasion of privacy, or material disruption of the educational process. Student editors apply professional standards to the production of the newspaper and are solely responsible for all content, both explicit and implicit. Letters to the Editors are always appreciated. Feedback not intended for publication is also welcome.

Just like every other political addict in this country, I spent the time happily watching our president try to sugarcoat the status of our country. I say happily in that I enjoy listening to major political speeches, not happily in the sense that I enjoyed seeing the President trying to nickel and dime us into believing that a budget freeze is going to start us on the path to fiscal health. Not too mention his ridiculous attempts to justify what had happened during the last year. Thus, here are my five favorite or most hated moments of this status update. 1: Cheerleading: President Obama was pretty heavy on words, but he offered almost no concrete themes. It is fine to say, we will make green jobs, but it would be nice to know how you are going to do it, and it would be even nicer to not have to wade through 2000 pages of legalese to find out what the heck is actually going to happen (I had way too much free time over the Christmas break). Mr. Obama is in all sense of the word, cheerleader in chief. He is happy to simply shout “Go

team!” but when it comes to actually doing something, he is fine to let quarterback Reid and linewoman Pelosi do the job. This would work if Reid and Pelosi were not the government equivalent of the Rams. 2: Populism: Mr. President, this may come as a surprise to you, but populism is the reason why you are governing, not a political lifeboat to use when the populace starts to turn against you. I am sickened by his hasty adoption of populist ideas because it is as genuine as John Edwards pledges of fidelity. I am a proud populist democrat, and it would have been great if the President had honestly decided to join the ranks of those who actually care about what happens to the common man. What would be worse is if he did the ideological about face again once the prospects of the democratic party improved as time goes on. 3: Biden and Pelosi: I have great respect for Vice President Biden, so it pains me to say that he looked like he needed frontline during that speech. I'm sorry, but national television is not the right time to scratch continuously behind your ears. On the other hand, Speaker Pelosi, who I have about as much respect for as I do Glenn Beck, (Continued on back page)

Grinds My Gears Mike Haueisen, ’10 Weekly Editorial Writer

You know what grinds my gears? The new “Ford truck” commercials. I’m not talking about the ones with Mike Rowe, he’s a stud, I’m talking about the commercials in which the man talks about the trucks, yet every single word he says is also written on the screen with this dumb “in your FACE!” demeanor. I’m not exaggerating either, literally every single word he says is plastered onto the screen as if it’s just casual joe with an edge talking to you. Captain rough-and-tough-but-stilleasy-going man is talking to you saying things that are also posted in front of him with random words being made bigger and others smaller. As if we did not get it when he told us.

Even if you have the TV on mute thats what subtitles are for. I think they are trying to insult our intelligence, assuming we don’t understand their English language, so they have to write it out just for us. That’s right, they’re mocking you, so never buy that truck. The commercial also talks about its “green” features which reminds me of another thing that grinds my gears. Those signs on the side of the highway that tell you what the air quality is. “Air quality green.” “Okay, cool,” I say. “Breathe Easier” it replies. Wait, what? How does one breathe easier? Am I supposed to be driving, hyperventilating to use little air, then read this sign and breathe out a big sigh of relief now that I can “breathe easier?” Does anyone have any idea what that means? When the scary air quality takes a brutal turn (Continued on back page)

Friday, February 5, 2010 Volume 40, Issue 18

Editorials The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Belize Service Trip Thanks to the generosity of the students and the faculty during dress down day for the Belize Service trip, we received $796.76. As you know nine students are doing this trip during spring break. Father Dick Pearl is the priest in Belize who is organizing our work in that area, and he has made a special request. He wants us to bring some toiletry items, such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo. He also asked us to bring children’s books. So if you have any of these items for donation, we placed a basket on the front desk, so you can place them there. Thanks for your generosity, Señora Cazabonne

Weekly Lunches 2/05 - 2/12 Friday, 1/22 Eggrolls/Rice Monday, 1/25 NO SCHOOL Tuesday, 1/26 BBQ Pork Wednesday, 1/27 Chicken Marsela Thursday, 1/28 Breaded Pork Fritter on Bun Friday, 1/29 Soup Bowl

Setting the Record Straight... In the past two issues of The Record, we have made several mistakes in our articles and our credits. First off, in Issue 16, we failed to credit the cover photo to Brother Mark Kammerer. In Issue 17, we made mistakes in both of the Conversation with the Headmaster articles. Firstly, Mr. Combs will not be the lacrosse coach, he will merely be overseeing the program and a separate lacrosse coach will be hired. Also in that issue, we misstated that Mr. Bernard Kilcullen will be placed as the Director of Faculty Evaluation and Development. Mr. Kilcullen is currently filling this position. We apologize for any inconvenience these errors might have caused and vow to be more diligent in our writing and citations in the future.

Wings of Hope Haiti Dress Down Day Roundup Doug Brooking, ‘12 Staff Writer

As we all know, Haiti was recently devastated by a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake. A large majority of the infrastructure was destroyed and thousands of people buried in rubble. Approximately three million people were affected by the quake, and an estimated 150,000 people lost their lives. Within 24 hours multiple nations were launching efforts to aid Haiti in their hour of distress. Wings of Hope was stationed in Haiti before the quake even struck. The Saint Louis based charity is stationed in 43 countries and asked Priory to help. Because of the gravity of the destruction, the supplies are being distributed slowly and violence has broken out. The Priory community came forward and set a school record in for single dressdown day fundraiser, donating $6,003 for the the cause. A special thanks and congratulaions goes out to the Priory community for their generosity and support for Haiti.

Weekly Calendar Friday, 2/05/2010 •ABC Wrestling League Meet •4:00-7:30pm Xanadu Preview Party •8:20pm V Hockey v. Rockwood Summit @ Fenton

Saturday, 2/06/2010 •ABC Wrestling League Meet •ACT Testing •2:00pm Kwai Nyu v. Kirkood •Xanadu

Monday, 2/08/2010 NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, 2/09/2010

Spirit Club Tonight (Friday the 5th), Priory Hockey plays Rockwood Summit in the first round of the Wickenheiser Playoffs. Spirit Club has gone back to the drawing boards for the theme tonight and after much deliberation, an “assorted theme” has been decided on. You feel like wearing a toga? Go right ahead. Onesie pajamas, you say? Great choice. Cowboy? Country Club? Camo? Beater? Jorts? Tight t-shirt? Flannel? All great options. Come dressed as obnoxiously and random as possible. It is for a great cause, that cause being victory. So dress on up and come on down to Fenton Ice Rink at 8:20 PM to cheer the Hockey team on to a hopefully long and prosperous post season.

Wednesday, 2/10/2010

Thursday, 2/11/2010 7:30pm Brigadoon Opening Night, Kevin Kline Theatre

Technology The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Friday, February 5, 2010 Volume 40, Issue 18

The iPad - Apple’s Latest Creation Chad Huber, ‘10 Layout Editor Apple, and particularly Steve Jobs, has a history of making bombshell product launches that can have major impacts on a particular market. The iPod, the iTunes music store, and a little device called iPhone have all been complete industry changers. The hype before the release of the mysterious Apple tablet had the power of all of these previous successes behind it. Twitter was abuzz the night before the announcement of the iPad because of reports from the ever-dependable Wall Street Journal that Apple was in fact, releasing a 10” multi-touch device. The hype was bigger than ever, the bar was set high, the whole tech industry was watching... So did the iPad meet expectations? Depends who you ask (yeah that's a pretty cheap way out - but all too true). Publishers - who have seen their sales and subscriptions drop beyond belief in the past ten years due to a little thing I call the internet - see the iPad as a savior. And publishers is exactly why the product will be successful. So publishers will put everything they have behind the new device but will consumers (is there actually a market for this thing)? Y e s , absolutely. The iPod has the iTunes Music Store, iPhone has the App Store (the real reason why the device has been successful), and now the iPad has the new iBookStore, which will basically be a platform for the entire print industry

from newspapers to textbooks to magazines and, of course, regular books. The print industry is in the same position as the music industry was ten years ago - the internet age has destroyed their profits. Napster and others were providing free downloads of songs while Google News, Yahoo and others provide free news on the internet with only minimal advertising revenues going to the publishers. The music industry bought into the iTunes Music Store just as the print industry will do with the iPad. Apple's keynote during the iPad's release only showed five publishers that it had signed with prior to launch. However Jobs mentioned that any publisher is now able to call Apple and get onboard now that the product is official (read: our

operators are standing by waiting for the entire print industry to call). The iPad had only a few surprises. The first was battery life which is ten hour of use and a month of standby (that's a lot). The second was it's partnership with AT&T to provide the 3G service to select models of the device. AT&T is currently the provider to iPhone and has been the biggest complaint of the device due to outages, dropped calls, and other network mishaps. The last surprise was the price which is only $499 for the 16 GB model (the most expensive iPod Touch is $100 cheaper at $399). There are high end models of the iPad that will run you a brisk $829. Those doubters of the iPad have had a bad track record in the past. They were the same crowd who said no one would buy a single iPhone at $599 (apparently those lines that were out the door days before the launch quieted them). Or that the iPod Touch is a flop because it's basically an iPhone but without a phone (and it's more expensive!) Jobs said after the announcement that “we think we've got the goods.” And he's (always) right.

Friday, February 5, 2010 Volume 40, Issue 18

Opinions and Entertainment The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Opposing Views: The Superbowl Showdown David Taiclet, ’11 Sports Editor

Peyton Manning is so much better than Drew Brees. Manning has led the Colts to the playoffs 10 times Manning is up 4 MVPs to none and has the ring from the last Super Bowl in Miami. Quite simply, the Colts have more talent. While the Saints may have the slight edge in the running game, it won’t matter. The Colts have a better offensive line than the Saints. Manning was only sacked 10 times during the regular season. The young receivers on the Colts should be nervous but with a leader like Manning they will surely play wellReggie Wayne and Dallas Clark will come up big. The Colts’ defensive line obviously is better. Even an ankle injury to Freeney will not slow this unit down. They are far and away the fastest D-line in the NFL and this should help them get to Brees. The Saints will not be able to double Freeney like they did to Jared Allen because of the other end, Robert Mathis. No one gives enough credit to the Indianapolis defense. As a unit they have incredible speed, balanced with hard hitting linebackers and d-backs who like to make tackles. They have the capability of holding Brees just like Minnesota did. Brees did not even throw for 200 yards last game. The Saints whole game plan is based off of a defense that takes the ball away. With Peyton’s accuracy, this won’t be happening. The Colts will probably have Adam Vinatieri back for the game. His playoff experience and poise will definitely be a factor in this game as the New Orleans kicker has only kicked 25 field goals in his career. Either way, expect a high scoring game with lots of excitement as the Colts will adjust to anything that the Saints’ defense throws at them and will come back from one or two scores to win Super Bowl XLIV. Colts 38 Saints 27.

Andy Schwartz, ’11 Sports Writer

Between Manning and Brees, Drew Brees will prevail this Sunday. He will without a doubt be bringing home the Lombardi trophy to his loyal fans on Bourbon Street. Reggie “Mr. Heisman” Bush is electrifying like a hybrid automobile. He makes big plays at any point in the game, from any where on the field. Sure the Colts have been dominate all year but it’s the super bowl and everything is on the line. Their records speak for themselves, these are both great teams. The difference in this game will be the turnover battle. Look for Peyton to be on his game early with a couple quick scores. The Colts should have at least a two score lead at some point in this game but the Saints will stick around. A key interception by the Saints secondary will be one of the Saints first stops all game long and they will capitalize with great field position. Late in the fourth the Colts will be forced to punt with a 6 point lead and it will be up to Drew Brees and the Saints to construct a heroic game winning drive. This should be an exciting super bowl and a nail biter right down to the closing seconds. Like in recent years, expect this Super Bowl to be one for the ages. It will be a high flying affair, with great play after great play. New Orleans will celebrate their first super bowl and well deserved. Saints 38, Colts 37

iTunes Top 10 1. TiK ToK Ke$ha 2. Blah Blah Blah Ke$ha 3. Hey, Soul Sister Train 4. Bad Romance Lady GaGa 5. Replay Iyaz 6. Fireflies Owl City 7. Naturally Selena Gomez 8. I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas 9. Imma Be Me Black Eyed Peas 10. Do You Remember Jay Sean Bob Dylan Top 10 1.Visions of Johanna 2.Subterranean Homesick Blues 3.Changing of the Guards 4.Mr. Tambourine Man 5.Tangled Up In Blue 6.Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 7.Ballad Of A Thin Man 8.Hurricane 9.One More Cup Of Coffee 10.It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) - Quinn Underriner Contact the editors if you want to provide a Top 10 Playlist of your own for the band or artist of your choice and it could appear in The Record in the future...


Friday, February 5, 2010 Volume 40, Issue 18

The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. Autumn 5. Tiny flowerless plants 9. He had the golden touch 14. A friendly nation 15. Coastal raptor 16. Picture 17. Wander 18. A gas found in some lights 19. Bender 20. Luxurious 22. Cash in hand 23. Potato state 24. Lukewarm 26. Be in debt 29. Ring of color around the nipple 33. Decay 38. Sinew 39. Trumpet 40. Juliet's beau 42. Price 43. Found at the end of a pencil 45. Everything that exists anywhere 47. Luxurious 48. South southeast


49. Cooktop 52. Piece of thigh armor 57. Majestic 60. Corresponding in function 63. Catkin 64. Ponder 65. 1 1 1 1 66. Chop finely 67. Colored part of an eye 68. Carnival attraction 69. Horse 70. Tidy 71. Cards with 1 symbol DOWN 1. Language of Persia 2. Not silently 3. Andean animal 4. A thin coagulable body fluid 5. List of choices 6. Chocolate cookie 7. Muzzle 8. Detect 9. Dud 10. Cheekiness 11. Gosh! 12. Matured

Word Search




13. Notices 21. Hammer or saw 25. A regional dialect 27. A colony of rabbits 28. Bigheadedness 30. Smell 31. Not a win 32. ___ meridiem 33. Small storage structure 34. Minute opening 35.Verbal 36. Indemnity 37. Relative of an ostrich 41. N N N N 44. Glorified 46. Disallow 50. Street urchin 51. Habituate 53. Ancient Greek marketplace 54. Relating to audible sound 55. Soft leather 56. S S S S 57. Male sheep (plural) 58. Radiate 59. Heredity carrier 61. Largest continent 62. In order that not












pertinent posts














links listing

repeat sandbox


- Mike Tyson

Friday, February 5, 2010 Volume 40, Issue 18

Sports The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Rebel Ruggers Suffer Questionable Loss to Eureka Joe Altepeter, ’10 Sports Writer

This past Tuesday evening the Kwai Nyu Rugby squad welcomed the Eureka Wildcats to the Priory pitch. At the blow of the opening whistle adrenaline was at a high. The game began with several big hits and exciting runs. Jack “Bronco” Wegmann had been witnessed offering a sign of peace to the fans after the initial Wildcat try, on which Peter “Swat-Team” Reitz recorded a blocked extra point attempt. Kwai Nyu fought on, outscrumming the opposition and ultimately drawing a penalty about twenty five meters from the end line, at which point Patrick “Sore Back from Carrying the Team”

Mulvihill went for post and notched three points for the home team. After letting up another try, Kwai Nyu went into halftime down 11-3. But an inspirational speech from Fraugustine shifted the Rebel spirits. Kwai Nyu came out hot for the start of the second half. With consistent play and sure tackling the Wildcats were kept on their own end of the field. About fifteen minutes in tempers were flaring, as a late hit from a Eureka forward sparked a bit of a scuffle, which saw several players removed from the game. After pause to shake hands, the teams continued a more sportsmanlike game. Moments later, Will “Pachycephalosaur” Hellmuth was able to squirt through the Wildcat defense and score one of the many tries in his priory career.

After play flowed back and forth across the field, the rebels set up camp near the Eureka end zone. After several attempted scrum downs, Jaime “Jamie” Mexicano was able to disrupt the play of the opposing scrum half and touch the ball down for a try. With seconds left the Eureka backline was able to find a hole in the Priory defense. A single back, streaking down the sideline, could only see the glory of scoring the game winning points ahead of him. But alas, the Kwai Nyu fly half came out of no where and connected a devastating tackle, which onlookers have described as a brain rattling clothesline (arguable). The ref/ Eureka coach controversially awarded the Wildcats a penalty try, giving them the win. The Rebels come away with a moral victory, knowing they truly deserved the win.

Rebel’s 2nd at Priory Invitational, 6-3 in Dual Meets Drew Link, ’10 Sports Writer

The wrestling team had a busy week last week, with three competitions within four days of each other. They had a Tridual on Tues Jan, 19th vs. Clyde Miller and Trinity in which Priory won both duals. Then on Thurs they had the dual vs. Lutheran St. Charles which was rescheduled due to the snow day two weeks prior. Lutheran St. Charles served to be Priory’s toughest competition so far this year, and the rebels could not get the win for their last home dual of the season. The night was still memorable though, as it was senior night and the team recognized its five senior varsity wrestlers. Seniors: Tony Hayes, Drew Link, Jeff Swaney, Mike Haueisen, and Eric Anderson, were on display and had pictures with their parents. Even though the team didn’t get the result it was a nice way to congratulate the senior wrestlers for all of their dedication and

hard work. On Sat the 23rd, Priory participated in the Fulton Tournament at Fulton. A long day starting at 5:45am, and ending at around 8:30 that night saw (Soph) James Merenda place 4th, and (Jr) Francis Cassidy place 2nd. The team was without three varsity wrestlers: (Sr) Drew Link – due to a college visit, (Sr) Jeff Swaney – due to improper medical forms, and (Jr) Sean Sigillito – ACT. Still, the team competed well against some strong opposition. This last Saturday Priory hosted its Invitational. This year’s tournament turned out to be Priory’s best for since 2001. It had been eight years since the team had medaled. This year Priory got second place overall out of eight teams right behind Lutheran St. Charles. This was quite an accomplishment, especially considering that in 2001 when the team got second, it was only out of four teams. The progress that the wrestling program has made during the past few years was epitomized with last weekend’s results. On an individual note seven members of

the squad medaled. With Sophomores Van Thomas and Nikki Sarai both placing 3rd, seniors; Tony Hayes, Drew Link, Jeff Swaney, and Mikey Haueisen all placing second. To top it off in only his second year wrestling, and only his second varsity tournament of the season senior Eric Anderson won gold going 4-0 for the day. Special thanks to Mr. Wenger and the helpers who made the tournament possible. It is no easy task to run a tournament and Mr. Wenger has been in charge of the running the invitational for many years. Thanks again to him, and also the fans who came out and cheered the rebels on, namely seniors; Zach Ross, Patrick Mulvihill, Joe Altepeter, and James Fuller. Then to top off the good results Priory went to Clayton on Wed night and won 45-18 to finish up the year 6-3 in dual meets. This was a complete reversal from last year’s 3-6 record. Congrats Rebels! The team has the ABC tournament this weekend Fri night and Sat day at John Bourroughs.

Friday, February 5, 2010 Volume 40, Issue 18

Arbitrarily Judgementilitastic (Continued from page 2)

needs to learn how to not smile vapidly. She looked like a middle manager planning rumors that she was going to spread about coworkers, not the most powerful person in Congress. Our leaders need to realize that they are the public face of their institutions, and that when they look stupid their institution looks just as stupid. 4: The Republican Response: It was a speech just as short on concrete ideas as the President, though the Governor managed to avoid Bob Jindal-itis and speak like he was reading Goodnight Moon. It did not help that he gave his speech surrounded by sycophants, and thus looked like he was speaking publicly while he spoke to a crowd who worked for him. His audience was a smokescreen meant to clap on cue and smile to the

The Record The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School camera, nothing more. I just hope that the Republican health care bill can be merged with the Democratic one, as they both have great potential for good. 5: The Fiscal “Sacrifice:” The President talked about education, so I am going to have a little math lesson here. The President stated that the discretionary budget (17% of the annual budget) would save 250 billion dollars over the next 10 years. The annual debt is supposed to grow by 8 trillion over the next decade. Apparently, cutting 1/32nd of the growth of the debt is a “start”. If that is considered a start, then my diet hit the ground running when I ate at Fitz's instead of steak and shake. If you want to comment on my articles or suggest ideas for new columns, please join the Arbitrarily facebook group, it really helps to have feedback.

Grinds My Gears (Continued from page 2)

towards red, which of course no one cares about or notices in any way, it tells us to “please carpool.” But the problem is these signs are only displayed during the daytime, when probably most of people are on their way to work, or school, or wherever else they might be going, to stay until they return home at nighttime. In other words, they are already in their car. Telling someone to carpool is completely irrelevant unless of course you turn around, go all the way back home, and call a friend to come pick you up. It’s like having a sign midway down a cliff that says “watch your step” and is only readable when you’re already falling. It’s useless, and no one cares anyways, so stop telling us.

AFC/NFC Championship Reviews David Taiclet, ’11 Sports Editor

Indianapolis vs. New York: The AFC title game placed the high flying offense of the Colts against the number one defense of the Jets. An underrated Colts defense against a rookie quarterback but an outstanding run game. The Cinderella storied Jets team came in confident and it showed early on. They jumped out to a 17-6 lead with 2 minutes to go in the first half. Mark Sanchez had thrown for two touchdowns while Peyton Manning had yet to throw his first. But a crucial 4 play 80 yard touchdown drive by the Colts ignited the flame. Indianapolis scored a total of 24 unanswered points. Mark Sanchez played well in the game throwing two touchdowns and only one pick. But

Peyton Manning and Pierre Garcon were too much for the best defense in the NFL. Colts 30, Jets 17 New Orleans vs. Minnesota: When you look at the stat seat it would seem like the Vikings demolished the Saints. Drew Brees threw for less than 200 yards, Reggie Bush averaged 1 yard a carry, and the Vikings had twice as many first downs and almost 10 minutes more of time of possession. So how did the Saints win? Their defense did what it had done all year long, create turnovers. Six fumbles and two interceptions (the Vikings recovered three of their own fumbles). None of these were as crucial as the interception thrown by Brett Favre. He was rolling right and threw a very

inaccurate pass to a receiver who was in the middle of the field and had stopped moving. This prevented the kicker from ever getting a shot at sending Minnesota to the Miami. This did not lose the game however. They still had a shot in overtime. But the Saints got the ball first. Thanks to a few generous reviews from the booth upstairs they were able to drive all the way down the field to set up a 40 yard field goal which split the uprights. This is the Saints’ first time going to the Super Bowl and maybe Brett Favre’s last game ever. Saints 31, Vikings 28

THE RECORD - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School 500 S. Mason Road, Creve Coeur, MO 63141 314.434.3690 ext. 221 Editor in Chief: Patrick R. Mulvihill, ’10 Layout Editor: Chad E. Huber, ’10 Content Editor: Sean J. Lamb, ’10 Moderator: Barbara K. Sams

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