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! THE RECORD Spring Break Swimsuit Guide VOLUME XLIV ISSUE 23 MARCH 24, 2014 Editor In Chief Andrew Cammon ‘14 Layout Editor Lucas McGartland ‘14 Content Editors Michael Herman ‘14 William O’Brien ‘14 Eric Stange ‘14

By Michael Herman ‘14 Content Editor


In order to find the perfect swimsuit to wear at the beach the first thing that you have to remember is that ladies love the upper thigh. You cannot ever go high enough in your swimsuit, ever.

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Ladies can’t get enough of thighs and this is an absolute fact. To prove it, I asked my mom and she said this was true. If you are going to a Hawaii it might be nice to have some floral patterned trunks so that the natives know you are like Michelle Stafford you know Young and Restless. Natives know when the they have got a nice piece of meat on their beach by your words and actions. The first thing you want to do is put sunscreen on your nose and not rub it in. Next you want to insert yourself into every all girls volleyball game you see on the beach and give all your teammates a hi-five; even when you make a bad play. Lastly you want to say “radical” and “hang ten” at least one in every three sentences you speak. The next thing you have to be concerned about is how you

stand on the beach. Basically the look off into the distance look will never fail you but if you are looking to branch out a bit you can always go with the point and slightly sneered lip. If you are a true master of beachwork you can combine these two. Proceed with caution this look is for masters and if done wrong can backfire quickly. The final stage of beachwork is your tanning. This should be done tactfully and it is always nice to show off what you are working with. If you are lying on your stomach do not be afraid to show a little skin. If there is one thing ladies like almost as much as the upper thigh it’s it. If you have any questions feel free to approach me and please consult my model pic in my floral shorts on the left.


NFL Free Agency Update By Eric Stange ‘14 Content Editor


As the Free Agency window has opened. A gust has ruffled our feathers, and the dust is beginning to settle after the huge feeding frenzy that is this period. Interestingly enough, the Raiders have reneged on their gargantuan contract they signed with who we thought was a former Ram in Rodger Saffold. Personally, I was sad to see him go, as I have been a big supporter of him. Since then a very strange incident has occurred. Citing major concerns about Saffold’s shoulder (which

has indeed held him back in the past), the organization backed out and would not cooperate with both parties representation. This has led ol Rodge back

to the Lou, where he is picking up what the Rams let down a while ago, a five year deal that pays six million a year with playing incentives that go up to seven and a half million. Not a bad cushion to fall back on.

Best Beaches:

In other Rams news, the organization has let Harvey Dahl, Cortland Finnegan, and Chris Williams walk, leaving some notable holes among established veterans. This is making the Rams even younger, which is pretty funny, considering we are gearing up for another successful draft. Discussing the draft now is whole other can of worms, however. Around the league, Darrelle Revis is now a Patriot, Donte HITNER is a Brown, Andre Roberts is a Redskin, Josh McCown is now being called the new starter in Tampa Bay, and finally Demarcus Ware is a Bronco. Happy hunting.



SAT: !Revamped for 2016 By Andrew Cammon ‘14 Editor-in-Chief


The SAT is seeing its first major changes in a decade. The changes are, in a word, extensive. The test is changing as much as a standardized test can. Why now? In the recent years, the College Board has seen the rise of the ACT (which has seen more test takers than the SAT for the past two years), and more and more colleges are becoming “test optional,” not requiring standardized test scores for admission. The far-reaching changes to the SAT, announced on Wednesday, touch every part of the test: the scoring, the content, and even the preparation. The scoring will revert to the old 1600 scale, instead of the 2400 scale that exists today. This score change is a consequence of the other changes. The SAT’s essay will now be optional, and this means that a writing section is no longer needed. The score will now be based on two sections: reading and math. Both of these sections have been completely reworked. The reading section will have passages from a broader range of disciplines, including science, history, social studies and literature. The questions asked about these passages will also, apparently change in structure. Test takers will now have to cite evidence for their answer choices (although how exactly this will be implemented is not clear). The infamous vocabulary section is also facing a major change. According to the College Board, the very obscure words that the section is know for will be dropped. Instead, the section will focus on how words are used,

and include words that are, apparently, likely to be used in a college setting. The math section is also changing. In the past, the math section on the SAT was been focussed on reasoning. In other words, the goal of the section, to a certain extent, was to gauge the test takers’ ability to “think outside the box.” With the new test, this goal has been effec-

almost solely on what the test takers wrote, not whether their statements were true, or their arguments reasonable. To address these criticisms, and in keeping with the philosophy behind the other changes, the essay question structure has been changed. The essays will be scored separately (not be part of the overall 1600 score), and the questions will now ask

tively pushed to the side. The math section in the revamped SAT will now, much like the ACT, focus on math concepts explicitly taught in school and “real world” problems. The essay has received probably the biggest change. Not only is it optional, the structure of the questions has been completely. Since 2005 when the essay was introduced into the test, the question asks for a response to a very general question. Criticism has been leveled not only against the structure of the question, but also against grading of the essays. CNN reported that the grading of the SAT essays have been criticized by educators who say that the grade rests

the test takers to analyze a passage and write about how the author made his argument. In addition, the SAT is partnering with Khan Academy to make test prep a free recourse rather than an expensive commodity. “It is time for the College Board to say in a clearer voice that the culture and practice of costly test preparation that has arisen around admissions exams drives the perception of inequality and injustice in our country,” Mr. Coleman, President of the College Board, said Wednesday. The revamped SAT will roll out in the spring of 2016. This means that the class of 2017 (those in the freshman class now) will be the first generation tested by the new SAT.

Rabbit Beach

Most of the changes seem to be positive. The changes made to the essay section, the changes to the vocabulary questions, and the partnership with Khan Academy seem to be particularly well guided. I, for one, was really hoping for a change to the essay portion of the SAT, and I think that the new question style will do a better job of assessing test takers’ writing abilities. The partnership with Khan Academy most likely will not significantly reduce the demand for test prep, but I think it is an important step in sliming the gap between those with the resources for test prep and those without. The other changes (changes to the math and reading sections) I am not so sure about. Both of these changes make the SAT a lot more like the ACT, which may not be a good thing, for students or for the SAT itself. The main attraction to the SAT, the main reason for taking the SAT, for me at least, was the fact that it tested something different than the ACT. It seemed to test thinking rather than recollection. The changes to the math and reading sections make those sections a lot like the corresponding sections in the ACT. And if they are almost the same, why not just take the ACT? I don’t know how this will play out for the SAT itself. Will this about-face in the thinking behind the SAT lead to an even quicker demise? Will focussing on testing classroom learning and providing quality, free test prep cause a surge in popularity? I don’t have an answer. But whatever the answer, all things considered, I think that these changes are a step forward for the SAT and for the standardized testing industry as a whole.



! Easy, Medium, and Hard Sudokus:

Crossword Puzzle 40. Look after ACROSS 1. Military stations 41. "Typee" sequel 42. Hockey no-no 6. Links gp. 43. Work unit 9. Turkish titles 14. In spite of the fact 44. Counterfeit cash 46. Andean tubers that, briefly 15. James's creator 48. Poetic nightfall 49. Kick out, in a way 16. Not a soul 17. Grammy winner 52. Southeast Asian for the album "Poo- language 54. Southeast Asian dle Hat" language 20. Painful 58. They have off21. Tiny center axes 22. First-born 23. It may be inflated 61. Stinker 62. "I Saw __ Again": 25. Galena and 1966 hit hematite 26. British benevo- 63. Hearing-related lent society since the 64. Over and done 65. Lyric poem 18th century 66. One way to lie61. 31. Do tailoring 34. Synthetic fiber Homeroom response 35. Tę´Ľ thought DOWN 36. Demolish 1. Fido's feet 37. Leaning a bit 2. Toast topping 38. Hall of Famer 3. Recipe direction Williams 4. Like a $60 return 39. Fanatical


on a $20 bet 5. Turf 6. Stack 7. "What's Going On" singer 8. Literary assortment 9. Bracelet site 10. Evidence of guilt, with "the" 11. Threw with force, at sea 12. Spanish liqueur 13. Denomination 18. Roll call absentee 19. Some Scandinavians 24. Chap 25. Used as collateral, probably 26. Use the soapbox 27. Office stamp 28. Fizzling out 29. It turns blue in an alkali 30. Ancient Greek theater 31. Vaccine developer Albert

32. Online periodical 33. Shaped like pie slices 36. Storyteller 39. Wintry coating 41. Museum __ 45. "Ouch!" 46. Heavy and then some 47. Fixed, as wicker chairs 49. Remove from text 50. Religious image 51. Gulf War missile 52. Was false 53. It might be a lot or a plot 55. Deli fare 56. Astronaut Shepard 57. Catalina, e.g. 59. Pi follower 60. WWII General __ Arnold


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I am taken from a mine, and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost everybody. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they? What is it the more you take away the larger it becomes?

Grace Bay



 Media, Anyone?

Spring Break Wisdom

By Andrew Cammon ‘14 Editor-in-Chief

By William O’Brien ‘14 Content Editor


Is print media dead? Well, obviously not because you are reading this article. But this is not the time or place to debate the future of newspapers, magazines, and the like. The question I ask myself is do I want print media dead, do I care? I understand that many people do not care. Finding news and stories is easier on the internet. It is more up to date. It sometimes displays more information that is available in print. But I don’t hope for print media’s demise, I am worried about it. I love actually picking up a newspaper, magazine, or book. For one, my attention span seems to get longer. I actually can’t remember the last time that I truly finished an article when reading online. There are always things moving, flashing, and spinning online. My attempts at focussing on a single article are being attacked from all sides. It is no wonder that I seem to mostly skim articles online; most of the time, I am not prepared to fight this battle. And I know that I have opted for a video rather than an article countless times on news web-

sites. On the pages of a newspaper or magazine, everything is stagnant. I think too often I associate this with boring. I should think of it as clean or uncluttered. I might very well be a lot more informed by the smaller quantity of informational in print. I like holding a real book in my hand as well. I will admit it: I now do most of my reading on a Kindle. It is a lot easier and faster. It has not, however, taken away my favor for a printed book. I cannot describe it. I like rifling through the pages. I like seeing my progression through a book in a stack of pages rather than a digital bar. I also miss covers. When reading a real book, I am exposed to the cover every time I open the book, every time I look at the book. The covers of some books are beautiful, and the covers of others seem to change as the book progresses. In an ebook, the reader probably catches only a glimpse of the cover. A lot of people are talking about the end of print media. I, for one, hope that never happens.

PRIORY NEEDS YOU! To host one of the CHI-CHI boys (China / Chile) IN 2014-15 PLEASE CALL MR. O’CONNELL 314-434-3690 (x122 by day) 314-351-1594(HOME) or Simply shine this signal against the night sky and I’ll come running. (I moonlight, but don’t tell Fr. Linus, Dr. Kilcullen or Dr. Rashford)


Everyone get ready, it’s time for some of William’s Wisdom! It is Monday right now, and everyone who isn’t already wearing a Hawaiian shirt needs a couple more shots of knowledge to help them get with it. Whether you are going to the beach, the mountains, or staying at home, Spring Break is probably the best holiday (after Christmas of course; Jesus AND gifts?? I’ll take that every time.) Not only does it provide a much needed break from school, but it also helps us all recharge our batteries for the home stretch of school. And it is great to see how Priory students are using this opportunity; for example a large number of the seniors are using Spring Break as an opportunity to go down to the Dominican Republic so that they may observe and learn about Dominican culture. Such adventures are not only relaxing but very informational. In order to get the most out of spring break, there are a couple of musts that you have to observe at all times. I will talk about the beach variety, for that is my specialty as I have been named Coolest Katt on the beach in Florida the last three years running. First, if you are wearing a shirt (not necessary) it better be a button down and you better have at least three buttons unbuttoned. No exception at any time. Next, you must have a speedo with you at all times. Never know when it could come in handy. Let me just say

Whitehaven Beach

that if you save a drowning person while wearing a speedo, you will probably overthrow me as Coolest Katt and maybe even earn yourself a place in the hall of fame of Cool Kattness on the beach. That is a classic worthy of even David Hasselhoff himself. The next must is fruit juice. Much like the speedo, fruit juice is incredibly versatile and can be handy in a number of situations. Unlike the speedo, however, it is incredibly delicious. Orange juice is an obvious choice, grapefruit, papaya, and mango are also good choices. Stay away from cranberry juice though, as The Departed taught us so well. I would also recommend some ball and or frisbee to throw on the beach to let all the honeys know that you are super athletic and desirable. Speaking of honeys, I have cracked their mysterious code. The color of their swimsuits is actually a code for what type of lady they are. If she’s wearing green? She enjoys long walks on the beach and is a classic lady. If she’s wearing blue? She’s shy, so she wants you to do the heavy lifting for the first move. Speaking of lifting, girls who wear yellow would love to hear you go on and on about it. And if she’s wearing pink? Avoid her at all costs. Now that you all are sufficiently inebriated on knowledge, I think it’s responsible to take you home with this: if you ever wear sandals with socks, you will be expelled (currently working on making this official school policy.) Good day and good spring break to you all.



! Groundbreaking News: Priory Look-A-Likes ! By John Paul Austin ‘14 Staff Writer To my knowledge this article is the first of it’s kind in Priory history. It’s sort of a random article for the last couple of weeks of school, most would say, but as my time is running out to cross things off my Priory bucket list and “get everything off my chest” so to speak, I find myself expressing my last thoughts through Priory’s elite mainstream media, The Record. In the last half-decade, many a time have I been struck with a burst of brilliance, and matched a Priory face to a celebrity, not unlike a toddler matching up a simple puzzle or memory game. My first moment of enlightenment came to me in 7th grade Geography when it hit me that Mr. Schake looks a whole lot like Betty White. Uncanny right? I was shocked that I was the only one who noticed, but when you take a deep look they are like peas in a pod. Just kidding! Having taken many a stroll around Priory’s halls, I have noticed several other eerie look-a-likes among members of the Priory community, and as my gift to you, dear readers, I will now debunk them for you. 1. Mr. Gleich and Walter White (from Breaking Bad)/Commissioner Gordon (from the Dark Night trilogy) This one struck me as I watched Mr. Gleich grow his amazing mustache from ground zero. The student body watched as Mr. Gleich’s infamous stache fell gently to the stage like a dropped feather in the Kevin Kline theatre, but alas it has arisen! Bigger and better than ever, Mr. Gleich’s mustache paired with stylish eyeglasses liken him to Gary Oldman (Gordon) and Bryan Cranston (Walter White). In fact, Mr. White and Mr. Gleich

are both Chemistry teachers. Coincidence? I think not. Fun Fact: Mr. Gleich also fights crime. Check out the attached photos, and then try looking at Mr. Gleich in class without thinking of Commissioner Gordon saying “I knew Harvey Dent. I was his friend… I believed in Harvey Dent.” 2. Dr. Griesbauer and Brett Favre: This is one of my favorite look-a-likes around Priory. While Dr. G was nice enough to pose in his (pitiful?) throwing position for us, he will deny any resemblance to the great #4. Brett Favre is not only an esteemed athlete, but a male model and donner of a wonderful beard and ripped muscles. Dr. G has definitely got the beard going for him and should be honored for being comparable in looks to the pinnacle of manliness himself. I suggest that all his students wear giant cheese hats to his classes only (I’m sure Finan will oblige) and yell Go! Pack go! when you see him in the hallway. I hear Dr. G is also working out a deal with Levi’s to sport their jeans in upcoming commercials. Like Favre, Griesbauer, or ole’ faithful, as I like to call him, drives a pick up, and they both are eager, to say the least, to give anyone and everyone a high five. Enjoy! 3. Saint Benedict and Tony Stark A.K.A Iron man: Finally, the coup de grâce of Priory look-a-likes. I have wondered for a long time if I was the only one who noticed that the portrait of Saint Benedict in the 300’s looks exactly like Robert Downey Jr. I would be tempted to believe that his portrait was made after the Iron Man movies, because they are the spitting image of one another, except for the fact that I know

this not to be true. There are one of two possibilities: A.) The artist was a prophet who made the connection of Saint Benedict to the futuristic, high-tech, crime-fighting machine that we all know and love, or B.) This is a coincidence. I am inclined to believe the former. They both sport dark, stylish beards, and have the wild eyes of heroic figures. Benedict is rumored to have also created a prototype of an iron suit in his early years as a monk. I challenge someone to print a paper copy of an Iron Man suit and tape it to the plexiglass around Benedict’s portrait, and then you will see first hand that they are one and the same. Feel free to carry on this article if you have any Priory looka-likes in mind, or stop me in the hall to thank me for enlightening you. I have armed you, dear readers, with the knowledge and wisdom to see Priory in a new light. We are not only a school of intellects and extremely well-dressed individuals, but also a community of men and women, good citizens who fight evil/crime when the sun goes down, and athletes who refuse to retire even when they are 40 (cough cough V a u g h n Favre). Until next time.

Baia do Sancho




7 Spring Break


Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd


Netflix Movie Picks By Grant Dow ‘16


Spring break, a.k.a Netflix season, is right around the corner. For those of you that have access to a Netflix account, which I assume the vast majority, here are a few movies I recommend seeing.

2. The Truman Show Comedy/ Drama PG13 - Truman Burbank (Jim Carey), an insurance salesman, discovers that his entire life is actually a hit T.V. show. I think this is one of Jim Carey’s best movies. He doesn’t overdo it.



1. Ferris Bueler’s Day Off Comedy PG13 - If you haven’t seen this movie already, I honestly don’t know what you’re doing with your life. I’m just going to add this one for the off chance that one of you hasn’t already seen it.

3. Pulp Fiction Drama/ Thriller R – The disjointed story of a gangster, his two hitmen, and a boxer. Pulp Fiction is a classic, but I would not recommend this movie to anyone under the age of 16. It gets pretty intense.


4. Skyfall Action/Thriller PG13 – My favorite Bond movie so far. A worn-down James Bond must hunt down a former agent who attacks M16. James is constantly forced to make hard decisions, question his loyalty, and return to his parents estate in Scotland. Don't like any of these movies? Here are some other movies from Netflix that you might consider: Terminator 2 Judgment Day The Producers The Pianist The King’s Speech

Reviewed: The Universe Vs Alex Woods By Rohith Perla ‘15 Staff Writer

! !

(Possible Spoiler Alert) I’ve not finished reading this book, but I think I can give a review about it. The Universe vs Alex Woods is about a boy who at a very young age is struck by a meteorite, which m a r k e d h i m f o r a n e xtraordinary life. He has not had the most conventional childhood, but then he meets Mr. Peterson, who tells him that he has one shot in life, and to go take that shot. That is why when he at age 17 is stopped in a toll booth, with 113 grams of

marijuana in his car, he feels he is doing the right thing. It seems like a rather intriguing plot, does it not? Here’s what I think about it. I think that right from the beginning, the book drags you in with a combination of humor and examples about how messed up life can be at times. You want to know what happens next. There are also rather unorthodox chapter titles, and you can be rather perplexed by what they mean. That also pushes you to read further. However, it is also rather tragic. If a 17 year old kid is stopped for having marijuana in

his car, things are not going to end well. Yet despite these rather sad happenings, the quality of the tragedy gives the reader incentive to keep going. If you want a humorous tragedy and can handle single spaced pages, then pick up the book in the library.

Playa Flamenco

Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett

3 Good Feeling Flo Rida

4 All Summer Long Kid Rock

5 Suntan City Luke Bryan


It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Alan Jackson

7 Save a Horse Big & Rich


Cruise Florida Georgia Line

9Young, Wild, and Free WIz Khalifa

10 Ride Wit Me Nelly




Crisis in Ukraine, Foreign Policy: Response


By Joseph McDonald Classicist

Friday, March 14 Lunch: Pasta Buffalo Shrimp


Recently, Mr. Stange’s article entitled “Crisis in Ukraine, Foreign Policy” has garnered controversy amongst students and faculty alike at Priory. These rabble-rousers argue that this article was rife with “specious reasoning” or “banal partisan platitudes”. I write to the editors of The Record in unequivocal support of all the arguments and conclusions outlined by Mr. Stange. Perhaps no part of the article was met with more opprobrium than the following statements: “No head of state takes the Presidency as serious as it was at other points. The foreign policy track record for the Obama administration has been a horrendous train wreck. A train wreck. That is a fact.” Some nay-sayers (to those who are hearing and not reading this piece, please do not confuse the previous word with its homophone- horses and their respective parts universally panegyrized this article) have contended that such a statement fails to place the current situation of the President within sufficient historical context as it instead inherently relies upon an appeal to the “gut” rather than the “rational mind.” But such reproach is shortsighted. After all, Mr. Stange experienced firsthand the high-water mark of presidential prestige: the administration of George W. Bush. There was not one foreign leader who did not take the President as “serious”- after all, his Stoic comportment while embroiled in a foreign imbroglio costing untold lives and resources generated from scant, overstated evidence is a universal shining example of Freedom and ‘Murica. I mean, how can a foreign leader not take someone

as “serious” when that individual’s striving for Liberty outpaces superfluous issues like “facts” or “sound judgment”. Now, some other fatuous readers amongst us have disagreed with Mr. Stange’s wellargued contention that the Obama administration’s foreign policy is a “horrendous trainwreck”. These individuals have cited impertinent events like the successful navigation of the crisis in Libya, expanded diplomatic presence in East

Asia, restoration of America’s lapsed relationship with leaders of European democracies, construction of the G-20, the death of Osama Bin Laden and decimation of top commanders in al Qaeda, the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, the winding down of the war in Afghanistan, the emphasis on empowering developing nations, and a host of other meaningless non-events (thanks a lot Moreover, such an approach seeks to privilege logic-centrism over unsubstantiated claims. And, such an action contradicts Obama’s own supporters’ striving for “equality”. It also fails to recognize that these

events were all just things that happened, not facts. The fact, according to Mr. Stange, is that Obama’s foreign policy has been a trainwreck. And, since the fact remains that it is a “trainwreck”, it must be labeled as such due to the fact that it is indeed a fact. Finally, I say to those that might be at variance with any part of Mr. Stange’s column: do so at your own peril. After all, Mr. Stange interviewed one of the top authorities on international affairs: an “older alumnus”. This “older alumnus” was able to speak “definitively” on the issue when he said, “Any Priory graduate is smarter than Barack Obama.” As this individual was an alumnus and therefore a graduate, we may thus consider him to be “smarter” and therefore a greater authority than Obama. Keep in mind that, unlike this older alumnus, Obama failed to graduate from Priory, instead earning questionable credentials from degree-mills like Columbia and Harvard. Therefore, since the “older alumnus” did in fact graduate from Priory we can take it on his esteemed authority that we all must feel “rather worried, not just positive for the future (sic)”. I hope my argument demonstrates one simple truth to those nincompoops who say that Mr. Stange’s article was not journalism but instead a piece of process art in which he took Heritage Foundation talking points, inserted them into a blender, removed clippings from said Cuisinart, and then affixed them randomly to a piece of paper with Elmer’s Glue in order to construct a pastiche of buzzwords and thereby reflect the fragmentation of the modern world. Oh, and what was that one simple truth? Reason is dead.

Playa de las Catedrales

! !

Saturday, March 15 SPRING BREAK Monday, March 24 Lunch: Fried Chicken Beef and Broccoli


Tuesday, March 25 Lunch: Country Fried Steak Pasta


4:00PM V Lacrosse vs. Fort Zumwalt 5:30PM JV Lacrosse vs. Fort Zumwalt


Wednesday, March 26 Lunch: Chicken Tenderloin Tacos


4:00PM V Lacrosse vs. Brother Rice 4:15PM V Baseball @ Ladue 5:30PM JV Lacrosse vs. Brother Rice


Thursday, March 27 Rep. High School Play Lunch: Brisket Breakfast


4:15PM V Baseball @ Clayton 5:00PM V Lacrosse @ Seckman 6:30PM JV Lacrosse @ Seckman

! ! ! !

Friday, March 28 Lunch: Fish and Chips Saturday, March 29 1:00PM V Baseball vs. Cooter @ Cape Sunday, March 30 Form II Retreat - Ondessonk

Volume XLVI - Issue 23  
Volume XLVI - Issue 23