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By Ramzi Haddad ’16 Staff Blogger


Next on the agenda is end of term grades. Listen everybody I have the key to success because I have failed so often. Everybody says “do well in the beginning of the term so at the end you have something to fall back on” (I type in a nasally annoying jerk person voice). Well NO ONE DOES THAT. So we all need a safety net. For some it can be that last test you have to ace, but to be successful at Priory you need to figure out your safety net at the beginning of the Term so that you can gauge how much you are going to slack off. When picking this safety net it is important to choose carefully and pick a surefire grade that helps you out tremendously. NEVER BANK ON PARTICIPATION. If you are an outgoing person like myself, participation is the devil of grades. Participation at Priory doesn’t mean, be engaged and talk a lot, stimulating good conversation, occasionally getting off track but easily corrected especially when given a stern warning. Participation at

Priory is sit in the back be quiet and ask a good question once a week. Needless to say I don’t have very good participation grades, but I’m not going to change the way I learn, which is to be engaged, for a grade. In my opinion there shouldn’t be a participation grade, because people learn differently and the assumption that everyone learns the same is outlandish. Anyway I have strayed off my point. Basically if you learn in a more outgoing fashion, don’t lean on participation. Another great approach to getting that A is the CW approach. This approach, which was derived by random letters that have no meaning at all and are not initials and just stop asking me about it because they don’t mean anything, is one that can even get you the A+. This approach involves stroking the ego of the teacher. If the teacher talks about a famous author, say “oh Ya I’ve heard of him.” It also involves a very cheesy and believable laugh that is completely fake. The teacher who secretly wants the class to like their joke may subconsciously know the laugh is fake, but it is

Pictures From The Mom Prom

Take note underclassmen, one day, this will be you.

Snacks we really want to get in the Bookstore:

still appreciated. This is a talent, and those who can pull it off will reap the benefits. This in no way is brown nosing because this is an art and brown nosing is a cheap ploy. Be careful when using this approach as teachers will be able to pick up on it if you don’t execute right. No matter what teachers say, they have favorites and you need to become one. This is accomplished by cheesing to the max and being “genuinely” excited to see the teachers. I am terrible at this approach, it takes a certain kind of person to pull it off, one that will someday be in politics. I’m a terrible liar, I can’t keep eye contact when I know I’m not telling the truth, and I stutter on my words, but if you can lie, why cheese away. So people of the reading type, this has been another installment of aid for you in your school year. This advice is legit, to legit to quit. All Day. Back in action. 500+ words. In the s c h o o l N e w s p a p e r. S a y Cheesin’. Get good at lying. YOU WANNA GO NIGHT NIGHT.




! Wrestling Season Ends

Tennis Season Starts

By Colburn Wagner ’14 Wresting Captain

By Jimmy Newell ‘14 Contributor


These past weeks have brought the conclusion of another year of Priory wrestling. It has been a grueling year, made all the more so by our inability to fill out a full team. Yet, despite this handicap, we have persevered. Thus, as we went off to the district tournament—7 men short of a full team—we were still ready to do some damage, and as the tournament progressed, nobody disappointed. We showed a lot of strength at the tournament, and we can look forward to plenty of good things in the future for this team. Beyond this, Dom and I continued on to the state tournament. This tournament was a great experience, and even though I got my butt thoroughly handed to me, I enjoyed it immensely. Stepping out onto the mat in the middle of the Mizzou Arena was an awe inspiring occurrence. As we lined up for the opening ceremony, set to

the Olympic theme music, I was struck with the realization that this would be a once in a lifetime experience. I will never be an Olympic athlete, or even a college one for that matter, and my wrestling career ended with that tournament. As I stepped out onto that mat, it all hit me in some small way. I realized just how much wrestling has become a defining part of me. Ever since that tournament ended, I’ve been slowly reacclimating to a life which doesn’t completely revolve around wrestling. It’s been a rough transition—within a couple of days I’d already gained 20 lbs. I still have trouble rationing my time properly, and I’m constantly falling back to my habits (going to sleep before 10, not eating, forgetting I can actually do things on the weekends). However, I am adjusting, and so long as I don’t get fat, my time in wrestling will always be an episode I’ll be proud to have led.


Tryouts begin this week; the 2014 tennis season is here. This will be the first year for our new coach, Bobby Kidera, who has attended the International Tennis Academy in Delray Beach, FL where he played with some of the best players in the world. In addition, Bobby was previously ranked #1 in the MO Valley section of USTA and played #1 on the SLU tennis team for four years. For the last several years, the Priory tennis team has been placed in one of the hardest districts in Missouri for high school tennis, and so far we have not been able to win our way out. However with a new coach

and a fresh start we are looking forward to a strong year and to giving both MICDS and Westminster a run for their money. With several strong players returning (Jarret Lowell, Alex Lowell, Andrew “Slammin” Cammon, John Paul Austin, Will O’Brien, Brian Dunbar and myself) and a number of promising freshman, we are looking to have one of our most intense seasons in years. Between Fr. Ralph’s years of high school coaching experience, Bobby’s extreme knowledge of the sport itself, and numerous strong returning players, we are very optimistic about this year’s season, and we would love to see as much support as possible in our upcoming matches.

Mom Prom Is Huge Hit With Senior Class By Andrew Cammon ’14 Editor-in-Chief


The Priory Mother/Son Gala, also referred to as “momprom,” took place this past weekend. Almost every mother/ son pair in the senior class attended, and the night was filled with fun and frivolity. The event began at 6:30. After milling about and posing for pictures, everyone was ushered inside to dinner at about seven in the evening. Once everyone was seated, Mrs. Wright read a short poem reflecting on a mother watching her son about to leave because he had grown up (yes, it was

touching). Then Fr. Linus remarked on the St. Benedict medals that had been placed at each mothers’ place. He said that there was a special blessing for these medals, that the medals would aid in fighting poison. However he did advise that none of us go out and test the aforementioned power. Fr. Linus then said the blessing. The food came shortly after, and, much to the delight of everyone there (the boys especially), it was delicious. After dessert, a song started to play. At first, the boys thought nothing of it. Then three moms, Mrs. Briggs, Mrs. Wright, and Mrs. Cole started dancing. The

boys started to think that something was up because their dance moves seemed oddly in sync. Then, as the chorus in “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” struck again, another group of moms stood and started dancing. The chorus began for a third time and another grip of moms stood and joined in. When the chorus began for a fourth time, the rest of the moms stood and joined the dance. Imagine that. Our moms had organized a darn good flash mob. The routine was very impressive, and even more impressive was the fact that none of the boys knew. This had been a very well kept secret. We all


learned later that the moms had even met twice at the venue to practice. After the flash mob, there was a raffle and then everyone hit the dance floor. The twoperson band was excellent, playing a mix of old and new hits. The second floor almost collapsed, but that’s a story for another time. Mrs. Briggs, Mrs. Wright, and all the other moms that helped organize the event did an amazing job. A great time was certainly had by all.


(See previous page for a couple photos that can’t even describe the joy and fun that was beheld by all.)



! Easy, Medium, and Hard Sudokus:

Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. Sir, in India 6. Pale purple 11. Any high mountain 14. Affirmed 15. Hemorrhagic fever 16. Orange pekoe or Earl Grey 17. A person who amuses 19. Possesses 20. Detect 21. Geologic period 23. Sheen 27. A Japanese woman entertainer 28. Sporadic 32. T-Bone or sirloin 33. Scoria 34. Fold, spindle or mutilate 37. Cash drawer

38. A very tall fellow 39. Curse 40. Ocean 41. Crystal-lined stone 42. Burn slightly 43. Intended 45. An unbroken series of events 48. Prayer beads 49. Judicature 50. Find repugnant 53. Piercing tool 54. Tendency 60. Away from the wind 61. Bedouin 62. American actor Clark _____ 63. Blunder 64. Diving bird 65. Chip away at


DOWN 1. South southeast 2. Barley bristle 3. More than warm 4. Anger 5. Amok 6. Not fat 7. Nile bird 8. Solitary 9. Beer 10. Lurches 11. A Musketeer 12. Trickle 13. Ottoman title 18. Course 22. Depression 23. Enumerates 24. Unfasten 25. Ancient upright stone 26. Blue-green 27. A daring exploit 29. Dialect 30. Exchange

31. Strengthened 34. Devilfish 35. Ire 36. Wheezy 38. Nerd 39. Partiality 41. Radiator grille 42. Warehousing 43. Apiece 44. Weightlifters pump this 45. Weighing machine 46. Tall structure 47. King 50. Highest point 51. Give away 52. Conceal 55. Neither ___ 56. Black gunk 57. Nigerian tribesman 58. Not young 59. Born

Riddles (Has Anyone Even Tried To Do These?) Brenda and Sally run in opposite directions on a circular track, starting at diametrically opposite points. They first meet after Brenda has run 100 meters. They next meet after Sally has run 150 meters past their first meeting point. Each girl runs at a constant speed. What is the length of the track in meters?

Henry's Hamburger Heaven offers its hamburgers with the following condiments: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce, pickles, cheese, and onions. A customer can choose one, two, or three meat patties, and any collection of condiments. How many different kinds of hamburgers can be ordered?

Anything Little Debbie

A company sells peanut butter in cylindrical jars. Marketing research suggests that using wider jars will increase sales. If the diameter of the jars is increased by 25% without altering the volume, by what percent must the height be decreased?



! Competition Robotics By the Public Relations Division of FRC Team 1329


The Roborebels are well on their way to another successful season. After a grueling 6 week build season, our most advanced robot ever is finally complete. This year’s competition is called Aerial Assist; it consists of teams working in alliances of three against another alliance to pass a 2-foot exercise ball and throw or roll it into a goal. The robot must be able to drive around the field, collect the ball, and pass or

shoot it for an assist or goal. We will be competing at the Saint Louis Chaifetz Arena on March 15th and 16th and at the Purdue Armory on March 21st and 22nd and expect to see a strong fan section at the home competition. There will be teams from across the country competing, so we need to represent! Since Spring Break starts on the 16th, no teacher or student at Priory has any excuse to miss this event. Admission is free and the event runs from 9 am to 5 pm both days.

Another Rocking Success By Andrew Cammon ’14 Editor-in-Chief


Rebel Rock was another success this year. Many parents turned up, and the mosh pit in front of the stage was packed. The night was full of party rocking. Michael Nickolai was a great master of ceremonies, and Father Augustine’s jokes aided in transitions between bands. All in all, a great tag team. All of the bands performed very well, but three rose above all in the judges’ minds: Carla, The Moment, and Quality Brome. Mr. Nickolai played the part of a host very well in drawing out the announcing of the winner, but any choice other than Quality Brome would have been met with wailing and grinding of teeth. In case you don’t know, Quality Brome features Chris Chivetta as the lead vocalist, Taylor Dubray and Brayton Briggs on guitar, and TJ Nieman on drums. Not only did they sound as good or better than the other bands, they had the best performance by far. Their outfits were supreme-

ly classy and unmatched by any of the other competitors. They engaged the audience, and Taylor’s dance moves caused every lady in the crowd to swoon (quite literally). This was their fourth, and last year competing in Rebel Rock. There are two other bands that stuck in everyone’s mind. The Sevies (now called Lost in Translation as of the end of Rebel Rock) made history as the first band featuring all seventh graders. Sexy Back also made a splash by the sheer amount of performers on stage, a guest appearance by none other than Speezy himself, and some very…frat…dance moves by Danny DeSimon. Congratulations to Quality Brome on their well-deserved victory, and thank you to every band who made the event so great. Sales of t shirts and tickets for the event benefitted UrbanFUTURE. The night was fun and a great fundraiser for a great organization. If you missed any of it, or want to relive it, pictures and DVDs from the event are available on UrbanFUTURE’s website.

TEAM+S By Andrew Cammon ’14 Editor-in-Chief


And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, TEAM+S results. You may ask: What is TEAM+S? (Quiet! You’re in the minority. All of you friends have been eagerly anticipating this day since the publishing of an article by one Matthew Ludwig detailing the proper pronunciation of the name of the sport…er…competition.) On Friday February 21 (yes, on a day off), twenty four loyal sophomores, juniors, and seniors made the long haul out to Florissant Valley for what would be an all-morning, sweat and tears inducing event. Priory fielded three teams in the competition. One team, made up of freshmen and sophomores Azrak, Drysdale, Amice, Lowell, Moen, O’Sullivan, Weiss, Thompson, competed in the 9/10 level of the competition. The two other teams, one made up of juniors (Gorczyca, Whaley, Gill, Mandava, Steiner, Atluri, Cornett, and Macke) and the other of seniors (Avery, Martin, Wu, Cammon, Stein, Meert, Lowell, and Lee), competed in the 11/12 level of the competition. The overarching topic for tis year was “Engineering Tomorrow’s Cities.” For the actual competition, this topic would be broken into either, smaller “scenarios” with ten questions multiple choice questions scenario. This year, the scenarios dealt were: Sustainability in the Urban Environment, Fresh Water in Urban Areas, Virtual Reality for Urban Design, Green Space, Noise Pollution in an Urban Environment, The Elec-


trical Grid, Urban Transportation, and Water Delivery Methods. After these multiple choice sections, there is an essay section. Teams prepare (without knowing the actual specific questions) for this section in advance by doing copious amount of research. There are three tiers to the competition itself. On the competition day, teams take both parts of the test. On the actual test day only the multiple choose section is scored. After breaking for lunch (yes, this is basically an all-day affair) the scores are announced and each team knows its standing within their division and within their region. After this, the scores from the test day are sent to state where they are put up against other teams’ scores from around the state. After this, the top teams’ scores are sent to nationals, where the part 2 essay portion of the test is graded and combined with the multiple choice score. Competition day went very smoothly, and the Priory teams, fueled by a very unhealthy amount of candy and donuts, performed very well. The junior team placed second in division 2 of the 11/12 level and the senior team placed first (phew…) in division 2 of the 11/12 level. The freshman/ sophomore team also placed first in division 2 of the 9/10 level. Awards are also given to the team with the highest score out of all divisions. Unfortunately both sets of Priory teams were beaten out be Clayton for these honors. These first successes are a start, but the real competition lies at state and nationals. Stay tuned.



Third!!Term Schedule Hoopla By Matt Ludwig ’14 Staff Writer


There’s an awful lot of hoopla about the third term schedule. Sure, some seniors have a biology sandwich on calculus on Thursday’s, but other days don’t work out as well. It’s not me complaining, so much as the other seniors who share study halls with biology students. You see, the metamorphosis of Environmental Science teachers has negatively affected the study hall placement for a number of seniors. (Mr. Wenger is doing yeoman’s work teaching two senior science classes. Yeoman’s work means very good,

hard, and valuable work that someone does especially to support a cause, to help a team, etc. I did not put that in there just to take up space. That last part is not part of the definition.) Some of us used to look forward to study halls. The camaraderie and jokes were unparalleled. Here’s one: What’s pink and fluffy? Pink Fluff! Ha ha ha, that one gets me every time. Suffice it to say, this doesn’t happen anymore. Those lucky enough to have maintained their normal study hall timeslots from the previous trimesters might as well believe that others are in Africa (They

certainly aren’t in study halls, but what are you Ghana do, right? Pun intended!). I’m no Dr. Rashford (neither a doctor, nor a Rashford), so I cannot imagine the difficulties in making a schedule work for the entire faculty and all of the students. I am merely a messenger—the voice of the people, Pheidippides running from a battlefield to Athens, Mercury telling Aeneas to go to Italy, the Romans sending Gaius Arpineius and Quintus Iunius to Ambiorix, or Tom Menteer falsely claiming that there is a pineapple thief (Tom? L i s t _ o f _ b u r n _ c e n t e r-

s_in_the_United_States). I have received complaints from the Adam Thomas Does Not Like The New Senior Class Schedules Club (they have jackets) that describe the study halls as “now after lunch on some days and [seniors] don’t get out early and they aren’t back to back.” Someone has his head in the clouds (Adam? L i s t _ o f _ b u r n _ c e n t e rs_in_the_United_States). I’m not saying the schedule needs to be changed, but the new one certainly is unfortunate for a number of people.


10 Things That May Or May Not Grind My Gears. By William O’Brien ’14 Content Editor


1) Why do some Priory students feel the need to only wear Earth tones every Friday? This is the single most annoying thing that any student wears on Friday. Earth tones are an overplayed and classless move, and if I see more of them in the spring term I may lose it. 2) It seems the color pink is making a come back. My love for pink is as intense as my hatred for people that wear earth tones every single Friday. So I am overjoyed at the outbreak of pink shirts that I am seeing. 3) The mysterious rapper $peezy made an appearance at Rebel Rock. Many had thought that $peezy had passed away, just like his close friend and mentor, Tupac Shakur. However the $peez is alive and well, and has given rise to many conspiracy theories that Tupac had faked his death and that he is

coming back this year. This is fantastic news for both Priory and the world. 4) The Spring term has seven sports, which brings up pointless rivalries between the sports as to which is most important. Baseball’s time has passed, tennis is dumb, golf isn’t a sport, blah blah blah. We’ve heard it all before. This is pointless and needs to stop. Just please don’t ever let Crossfit become a sport here because lifting should never be considered an interscholastic sport. 5) Having gone to a large amount of the basketball games recently, I have failed to spot Kit Brown in the stands, leading me to believe that there has been some rift in one of Priory’s tightest power couples. Granted many post-Valentines day couples have difficulties, but Ms. Brown was fast approaching the record for “most games attended as the girlfriend of a Priory student”. We as a community must hope they can

write the wrongs so Ms. Brown can break the record. 6) Monday assemblies need to regain some of their lost luster. I haven’t heard one of Dan Kelly’s hilarious jokes in over a month, and why doesn’t Ryan “Little Wick” Mulqueeny have his own segment? Little Wick has been the king of Priory’s underground comedy club for over two years now and it is time STUCO rewards him with some above the ground action. 7) I do not like Andrew Cammon’s music picks. We here at the Record decided to give Cammon the liberty to make the music picks this week, normally a job reserved for the more qualified. Cammon insisted however, and chose ten songs that he says he listens to the most. Celine Dion AND Spice Girls AND Whitney Houston? No thanks Slammin’ Cammon. 8) We’ve been on a streak of negative things for awhile, let’s switch to more positive topic. Mom Prom is coming up,


which of course is what Priory seniors have been looking forward to for almost six years now. An excited Brendan Gaffney said, “I can’t wait this is gonna be so awesome!!” 9) I like that March Madness is nearly upon us. I feel as if the perfect bracket is definitely within my reach, and the millions and millions of dollars that accompany this. Lady Luck permitting, at the conclusion of this year’s NCAA tournament, expect me to start throwing dollar bills off the top of the school for all who gather beneath me. I do this because I care Priory. Because I care. 10) A member of the senior class has shaved his head recently and I must say it looks great. The unnamed student declined an interview for this esteemed publication, but said as he was leaving, “Will, shut up. Now I need to go talk about Crossfit to people who don’t care about it and start pointless debates for no reason.”

MUSIC Fray,!NONONO Review By Austin Krueger ’14 aka the K$ Writer


Well, it’s getting to be that time of year again. The weather is warming up, the birds are chirping; you all know what I’m talking about. It’s album releasing season. The artists will all be showing off their new music, hoping to attract a fan base for their summer tours. Some will fare better than others. A few weeks ago, Young the Giant released an album. This past Tuesday, The Fray released Helios, their fourth studio album and the first since 2012. I listened the album the day it came out, and I must say

7 Slammin’s Picks

that it did not disappoint. After the first single for the Helios, “Love Don’t Die,” was released a few months ago, I could tell that The Fray was going to tweak their style a bit. The guitar is more prevalent while the piano, the driving force behind The Fray’s first three albums, has taken on a lesser role. It is still an integral part of the Denver band’s sounds, but they chose not to lay so heavily on it this time. Overall, I give Helios 3.5/5 stars. The four top songs, in my opinion, are “Love Don’t Die,” “Hurricane,” “Hold My Hand,” and “Break Your Plans.” To make this week’s article

complete, I will now review a song by an obscure foreign band. The Swedish indie pop group NONONO released their first EP late last year. The hit single off of Pumpin Blood EP is, you guessed it, “Pumpin Blood.” This song has a very powerful beat that gets your blood pumping and your body moving. NONONO has a strong and promising future in the pop industry if can keep pumping out songs like “Pumpin Blood.” Make sure you read next week’s issue of The Record for my review of American Authors’ debut album, to be released Monday.


I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston

2 Wanna Be Spice Girls

3 Love Story Taylor Swift


Beautiful Christina Aguilera

5 Crazy For You Madonna


6 Crazy In Love Beyonce

“Taylor Chubay”

7My Heart Will

STUCO Chocolate Addictions By Dan Stein ’14 STUCO Vice-President


After the most successful Rebel Rock ever, we at STUCO have turned our attention to the last few events of the school year. First of all, Field Day 2014 is almost here. The theme is being decided and we are working on a few surprise additions to this year’s field day that will make it even more memorable. I can even let you in on a little secret: Chris Chivetta is personally guaranteeing that it will not rain (or snow) this year on field day.

So we will be able to go through with our original Field Day Plan without any obstacles or interruptions. Secondly, we are looking to pull out all the stops for the Junior School spring mixer. It will be the last of the year, and we are adding another little surprise to turn it into the rager the Junior School deserves. Stay tuned for updates. Here are some updates on some STUCO members: Taylor Dubray recently made his chocolate addiction public. It really is quite sad; he ate almost half of the food leftover from

Rebel Rock this weekend. From the picture, that’s more than 20 packets of M&M’s, 30 Twix bars, 15 Kit Kats (4 strips per package!) and many more Famous Amos cookies. All within 5 days. It is believed that this was his way of getting ready for spring break. STUCO planned an intervention for the confused secretary, and all of the sweets were confiscated and taken to a secret location. If you see him in the hall, be sure to wave some chocolate in front of his face, laugh at him, and call him Taylor Chubray.


Go On Celine Dion


When I Think Of You Janet Jackson


Bleeding Love Leona Lewis

To 10 I Want Know What Love Is Foreigner



Priory Welcomes Amazing Guests


By Andrew Cammon ’14 Editor-in-Chief

Monday, March 3 Lunch: Philly Cheese Steak Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken


During my time at Priory I have listened to many guest speakers. Most of them good. Priory does an exceedingly good job at choosing their speakers, and many of their speeches have a similar structure, a very effective structure. Most the speakers that Priory chooses have had life-changing experiences that have helped them come to a certain realization. The businessman that talked a couple years ago came out of a coma to discover his true path was helping Mother Teresa. A couple years before that, John O’Leary recounted his childhood burn injuries and how they gave him new drive upon recovery. This speaker used the same structure and might be the most effective yet. Immaculée had a very moving and interesting story and kept very fo-

cussed on her message that forgiveness sets you free. She was frank about her initial desire to abhor this forgiveness; I thought that the story she told about skipping the lines in the

Our Father about forgiveness was particularly vivid. She had the courage to talk about these periods of indecision, and that made her speech much more

real and genuine. Not only was it incredible what she did, it is incredible that she was able to talk about her experience is openly. Many, and I know I, would not have the courage to recount an experience so personal to an audience of strangers. This alone would prove that she really feels that we can benefit from her message, and I think we can. While we do not share her experience, we all have something to gain from her speech. I don’t think any of us have experience anything as extreme as she has, but somethings it takes extremity for us to pay attention. I think that her message, forgiveness sets you free, can be applied to any situation, no matter how small. The little things can still affect you and add up, her message isn’t to forgive in the hardest situations, but to forgive in every situation.


Prepare For The Most Epic Track Season By Daniel Martin ’14 Last Resort Writer


Though Mother Nature seems to disagree, it is finally time for the spring term. And we all know what that means -TRACK SEASON! At least, several years ago, most of us would have known what that meant. With more spring sport options now, the track program has dwindled to its current status. Fewer athletes are out to compete against greater competition from larger, more established track programs. But this is not to complain at all, rather to note that this year's track team has its own agenda. With

new leadership, fresh blood, and more experienced athletes, the goal is to go "From Worst to First," at least within the Metro League. Drawing on the experience of quite a few hardened

seniors in many of the events, it will be interesting to see how this next generation of track athletes will respond to the challenge set by greater compe-

tition, lofty goals, and a new leadership under Coach Gleich. For those of you who have decided to skip this article because of its more banal subject matter, just remember a few things. Track and field is one of the oldest sports in history, drawing on the most basic competitions between men in various war-inspired games. So while you're out there competing in your new-fangled sports with your fancy equipment, remember who was running, jumping, and throwing first. And who is honing their war skills (watch out tennis).



Tuesday, March 4 Lunch: Meat Loaf Chicken Parmesan


Wednesday, March 5 ASH WEDNESDAY Lunch: Fish and Chips All School Mass


Thursday, March 6 Lunch: Turkey Hot Dogs

! !

8:30PM V Basketball - Districts Friday, March 7 Lunch: Shrimp Scampi Salmon

!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

Cover Photo and more is available for purchase at: rebel-rock-dvds

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