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By Chris Chivetta ‘14 STUCO President


This year, Rebel Rock on February 13th will be better than ever. Here’s why: Out with the Oldest, Return of the Old There are just three returning bands from last year. Now Ryan Donlin, Mitch Van Bree, and Alex Haueisen all were fantastic musicians and contributed to the show, but let’s face it: we got tired of seeing them over and over again in three different bands. Out of the three bands that remain, Quality Brome, The Moment, and Carla, are all headliners in the show. Carla, lacking their star guitarist from Indiana, trades the Van Halen style for a more contemporary, modern set list, focusing more on Noah Van Bree’s vocals. He definitely carries a chip on his shoulder, wanting to outdo his brother at a famous 5 year run. The Moment is sure to return with a plethora of originals, led by Jake Hill’s solid drumming. I’ve been lucky enough to hear some of their new material, and it has surprised me the development within their sound.

Quality Brome brings back the crowd yet again. Their rowdy ways have been bringing in the crowd from the get go, and in their final year, they’re going to do it bigger and better than ever. Always expect the crowd pleaser song, but be prepared for a classic and some original material. In With the New There are 5 new bands this year Eponymous, The Sevies, Fiddlesticks, 1921, and the unnamed band, headed by Alex Lennartz, the most I can remember in recent years. Each one has a distinct sound: My favorite out of the gate is 1921, composed of Sohil Swaminathan, Thomas Weiss, Jake Tottleben, Luke Gast, and Timmy Tompson. They have some solid footage of Kings of Leon Supersoaker on Facebook, so definitely give them a watch (and all the other bands Facebook pages). The Theme The Killer’s theme, suggested by TJ Neimann, is a great trend in Rebel Rock going towards more modern bands. While the Mylo Xyloto shirts didn’t turn out as well as planned, the simplified design of the “dots” is refreshing, much like the new feel for Rebel Rock. This is also

the first year Rebel Rock will be numbered, as we thought number six was an appropriate place to start. The Atmosphere I’m not going to deny that you could go to a show at the Firebird and see a really professional show, but chances are you are going to be paying thirty bucks more to be shoulder to shoulder by hipsters and people you don’t like. The atmosphere at Rebel Rock is fantastic, and the sound quality and lighting are professional grade, in fact, sponsored by people from the same sound crew from The Pageant. And it’s just fifteen bucks for a T-Shirt and a ticket. If you have been to Rebel Rock, come back, because it’ll be better than ever. And if you haven’t been before, I’ll definitely recommend you should go. I an amazing one of a kind event at Priory, and you may be surprised about how good of a time you could have.


SIDE NOTE: There are plenty of opportunities to earn service hours in this event. If anyone is interested in earning service hours for Rebel Rock through Urban Future, please contact me ASAP.


From The Vault: Themes in 2012, 2013, 2014


Rebel Rock Through The Years

S P OR TS Priory! Hockey Beats Burroughs By Patrick O’Brien ’15 Contributor


Lately, the Priory Hockey team has played two games, one against Burroughs and one against Rockwood Summit. Both were close games and sadly, “Pauly D” (Paul Deschler) and Charlie Krause were not able to play in either. The loss of such vital players may have hurt our chances, but not versus Burroughs. On the 4th of January, in the spotlessly clean rink of Affton, the Rebels were down 0-2 at the end of the first period. Things were looking bleak but thanks to a miraclous goal by Dan "The Man" Mormino, which arced over and behind the goalie to slide its way over the crease, the Rebels rallied. Later in the game, Ben Kraus put on his dangle mittens and

just like that the game was tied. Not to be put out, Brayton Briggs scored a third goal within a minute of Ben's and on the same line, too. The end of the game was drawing near and so Chris Schafale, the sophomore prodigy, saw his chance, he scored and pushed the lead beyond the reach of the defeated Burroughs team. The twelve day gap between this glorious victory and the head-to-head battle versus Rockwood Summit might have dulled our game and inevitably led to such a great loss at Rockwood's hands or gloves, which ever way you want to see it. January 16 at our home rink of Queeny, the Rebels faced off against the very physical Summit squad. Beaten, battered and tired, Priory was hopelessly facing 5-0 defeat with the daunting notion of

being shut out. Just when we needed a morale boost most, team captain Brendan Gaffeny made a magnificent pass to Ben Kraus, who did not need a map to find the net. Sweeping the shut out from under their skates and allowing Priory to end the game with class and dignity.


January 4th marked the kickoff of this year’s FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition (FRC). Each year, a game is announced, and teams rush to build their competition robot within the next 6 weeks before they have to ship it off and stop working on it. This year’s game? It’s called Aerial Assist. Aerial Assist is played by two competing alliances of three robots each on a flat 25’ x 54’ foot field, straddled by a truss suspended just over five feet above the floor. The objective is to score as many balls in goals as possible during a two (2)minute and 30-second match.

Each alliance is given one 2 foot diameter exercise ball to score with. The more Alliances score their ball in their goals, and the more they work together to do it, the more points their Alliance

receives. Points are g i v e n for scoring a ball, assists, and throwing/catching the ball over the central truss that runs across the field. It’s a bit like soccer, but only if you take all the soccery parts out, and add in 7 foot high goals and Priory’s team,



Fr. Michael presents the World Religions Series, a free series of presentations for all ages, from students to seniors.!

! !

Saint Anselm's Parish Center! 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.! Saturday, Jan. 25! ! Daoism & Confucianism! Saturday, Feb. 1! ! Zoroasterianism & The Axial ! ! Age! Saturday, Feb. 8! ! Judaism! Saturday, Feb. 15! ! The Message*! Saturday, Feb. 22! ! Islam! Saturday, March 1! ! 1947 - Earth* & Conclusion!


* Full-length movie - begins at 1 p.m

Hoc. Playoffs

Robotics Season Kicks Off By Lucas McGartland ’14 Layout Editor


By Stephen Clark ’14! Sports Writer!

the RoboRebels, is one of the many (about 40) that will be competing in these alliances during the St. Louis Regional at the Chaifetz Arena from March 13th-16th. A regional works by first playing qualification matches, where teams are randomly assigned with others into different alliances for each match. These continue for a day and a half, before the top 8 ranked teams choose who they want on their alliance for the elimination bracket. Each alliance must win 2 out of 3 matches to advance to the next round, until the winner is determined. The winning alliance of the regional then is guaranteed spots at the FRC World Championships, which, thankfully, are held in St. Louis continued on back cover…

Rockus Maximus!


As February draws nearer there are three highly anticipated events, the Super Bowl, Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and of course the Mid-States Hockey Playoffs. Your very own Priory Rebels will be playing in the Wickenheiser Cup this year, a vast improvement over the Flounder’s Cup of last year. This means that there are playoff games on the horizon. Themes, free t-shirts, and more entertainment than one night can handle await the Priory faithful. We can fully expect Spirit Club Presidents Michael Herman and Jeffery Bebee to amp up the themes this year. It will be hard to top William O’Brien and Will Uelk in speedos but I can guarantee it will happen. Your closest friends will surround you as you watch the Rebels journey to the Scottrade Center. Great times and some dirty dangles await you in the 2014 Wickenheiser Cup. !



! Easy, Medium, and Hard Sudokus:

Crossword Puzzle ACROSS! 1. Facetious! 6. Vipers! 10. Hairdo! 14. Audio communications! 15. You (archaic)! 16. Clairvoyant! 17. Ancient Greek marketplace! 18. Orange pekoe! 19. Told! 20. A whirling Italian dance! 22. Feudal worker! 23. Dispatched! 24. Summon! 26. Possess! 30. Regret! 31. S! 32. Distinctive flair! 33. An aromatic ointment! 35. Electronic letters!

39. Biggest! 41. Gist! 43. Wood nymph! 44. Carve in stone! 46. Midday! 47. G! 49. Genus of macaws! 50. Bronzes! 51. Go up! 54. Sensed! 56. Unwanted email! 57. Enamored! 63. Anagram of "Note"! 64. Honey insects! 65. Sword! 66. Weightlifters pump this! 67. Tardy! 68. Chopin composition! 69. Lease! 70. Historical periods! 71. Turbine part!

DOWN! 1. "Darn!"! 2. Indian music! 3. Smell! 4. Former Italian currency! 5. Advances (money)! 6. Weakened! 7. Temporary housing! 8. Resound! 9. Benni! 10. Appraisal! 11. Banquet! 12. French for “Queen"! 13. Law and _____! 21. Small slender gulls! 25. Applications! 26. Grasped! 27. Winglike! 28. Deviate! 29. Betrothal!

34. Diminishes! 36. Dwarf buffalo! 37. Computer symbol! 38. Focusing glass! 40. Biblical garden! 42. Second person singular of shall! 45. A crisp lustrous fabric! 48. Comestible! 51. Active! 52. Future fungus! 53. Religious law! 55. A fleshy root! 58. Close! 59. Countertenor! 60. Tight! 61. Cocoyam! 62. Stag or doe

Riddles One day, a person went to horse racing area, Instead of counting the number of human and horses, he instead counted 74 heads and 196 legs. Yet he knew the number of humans and horses there. How did he do it, and how many humans and horses are there?

What place in this world can have their temperatures Fahrenheit and Celsius equal?

Abbey Road!

You have two block of clay in cube form and the edges are 10 cm. How many spheres with a radius of 5 cm can you make with that amount of clay?

BLOG S ! Blogs: Beav Perry Anniversary Michael By Michael Herman ’14 Content Editor


As we approach the 13th anniversary of Beav Perry’s move to the Memphis Jammers, we here at Michael Blogs have decided to dedicate our article to one of the most storied NBA careers. Perry started his career with the Houston Jazz and was the 37th overall pick in the NBA draft. He averaged a total of 1.78 minutes for two and a half seasons for two straight years rivaling the performances of the great Bill Russell of the

Springfield Commodores. Perry upon his arrival to the Jammers received a 10-day contract, one of the longest ever to be given in the NBA. This just demonstrates how amazing Perry was and how much respect he was given. A special on Perry debuted on ESPN’s famed SportsCircle that showed some of Perry’s greatest moments such as his 11 point game for the Seattle Thinkers. His graduation from Priory in 1993 has had a massive impact on the school’s basketball program. Every year

a clinic is held in the Corley gym known as Perry Skillz Academy where players learn what it takes to get a 10 day contract. Perry, in an interview on his athletic career at Priory, explained that he knew that there were really two routes he could upon his graduation. “I knew that nursing was a logical step for most alumni of our athletic program but professional basketball was my true calling” Perry commented. The Priory community looks to see more of students to get 10 day contracts.

5 Junior School



Michael Blogs: Personal Shoe Rights By Ramzi Haddad ’17 Staff Writer


Doctor King was a very influential man who, when faced with oppression fought for what he thought was right. He said that it would be unjust to follow an unjust rule. I have a bone to pick with a few of the unjust rules at Priory. Obviously these rules are scaled down dramatically in comparison to issues pertaining to civil rights at the time, but nevertheless I believe Doctor King would appreciate people standing up for what they believe in. I find it utterly ridiculous that tennis shoes cannot be worn at school. I understand why we have a dress code, but the fact that we can’t wear comfortable shoes is baffling to me. I understand the primary goal of a high school of Priory’s academic standards is to get kids into prestigious colleges. Now, I can’t see how wearing Nike’s to school is going to take my ACT score down. If anything, wearing comfortable clothing helps create a more comfortable learning environ-

ment, an environment where people are not worried about demerits because their cheap Sperry’s broke and they have to wear tennis shoes, an environment where you don’t have to change shoes when going to sports. I cannot count the times I have forgotten to bring my sports shoes to school, but if I wore those shoes to school it would take some real skill to lose those. In addition, the shoes that are acceptable in the

“I find it utterly ridiculous that tennis shoes cannot be worn at school.” Priory dress code cripple my feet. I have chronic heel issues and the lack of support provided in these shoes is a huge burden. I understand Father Linus wants the school to look professional, however I do not think that the pros outweigh the cons in this instance. A potential parent who is visiting the school will notice the holy,

friendly, and academically vigorous environment at Priory, and I do not believe that tennis shoes will detract from this environment, nor detract from opinions on us. I understand why we wear coat and tie on Fridays, the day that we attend Mass, and in no way am I asking for us to be able to wear tennis shoes then. However, Monday through Thursday I strongly believe the dress code policy regarding tennis shoes should be reconsidered. In conclusion students, this change can be affected by you. Thinking that you don’t have any power will render you with none, but if we stay united and all show up in tennis shoes one day are they going to give us all Saturday’s? Father Linus, I would be pleased to meet with you and talk on behalf of the students on this subject. Students I urge you to have conversations with people of authority on subjects you feel to be unjust. I understand this may seem like a small aspect to the big experience that is Priory, but it is a start. I want Priory to be progressive not regressive.

Dark Side of the Moon!

THE GLOW JANUARY 31 7:00 - 9:30 TICKETS $10


6 2013!!LP Pick

Upcoming 2014 Music Releases By Tripp Miller ‘16 Staff Writer


Modern Vampires of the City Vampire Weekend



Happy Birthday Will O’Brien. Sincerely, The Rest of the Staff.

2013 was an interesting year in music. It was a good year for the rock/alternative world, with Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires of the City taking my top spot for best album of the year, followed closely by Arcade Fire's Reflector.In the world of hip-hop, I crown Yeezus as the best, mostly because I fear Kanye's wrath. This being said, 2014 promises to be even better than it's predecessor. Here's why: OutKast The murmurs are true; for the first time since 2010 Andre 3000 and Big Boi are coming together as Outkast. They'll be playing the first night of Coachella. While this doesn't

necessarily mean a new album or a tour, the fact that they are back together at all is great news. (UPDATE: It does mean a tour. 40 festival dates announced at time of printing!)

“2014 promises to be even better than it’s predecessor.” The Black Keys Priory seems to have a sweet spot for the Akron rock duo, The Black Keys, and if rumors are to be believed they are in the midst of their eighth studio album. This album supposedly has been in the works for some time. To say I'm excited is an

understatement U2 U2 is releasing their first album since 2009. They teased the album with a song in the “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” movie, and the fact that it's happening is almost too good to be true. Watch the Throne 2 Yeezus and Hov are back, and we can expect a multitude of verses about how they are even richer than they were on the original WtT. But hey, if it's in anyway as experimental as Yeezus, we're in for a treat.


If these are as good as anticipated, we're in for a great year. Watch out for these great albums as the year goes on.


OutKast Set To Reunite At Coachella By Spencer Wright ’14 Staff Writer


A week ago it was confirmed that OutKast will be reuniting on the stages of Coachella to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The group is made out of Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, and Andre “Andre 3000” Benjamin They are arguably the greatest hip hop duo of all time, having the most Grammy wins of any hip hop group with 6 and over 25 million records sold of their 5 studio albums. OutKast is a staple in the hip hop culture, bringing dirty south rap to the main stream. Even your 13 year old sister knows the words to “Hey Ya”. The duo has not made an album together since 2003 their double album made up of solo records called Speakerboxxx/ The love Below, which won

them the Grammy for Album of the Year. In 2007 they made the soundtrack for the movie Idlewild, which they starred in, but they have been on a hiatus ever since. Reuniting at Coachella is a perfect way to step back on to the scene. The past six and a half years have been great for the two Atlanta rhyme smiths. Big Boi has released two solo albums, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty and Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and even though they did not do that well on the charts they are both critically acclaimed. He also starred in the movie Who’s Your Caddy? and has been making an effort to branch further out into acting. Andre 300 has not released a solo project during the hiatus, only dropping an occasional

feature on another artist’s track that makes hip hop heads get down on hands and knees and praise him, begging for an album. Dre has been focusing on other creative ventures. As of November 2006, he voiced "Sunny Bridges," a prize-winning musician who gives up touring to teach at his alma mater, in Class of 3000, an animated series he produced on Cartoon Network. He also starred along side Will Ferrell in the hysterical basketball comedy Semi Pro. He also made headlines with his portrayal of Jimi Hnedrix in the biopic of the guitar legend’s life, All Is By My Side. You can also see 3 Stacks looking so fresh and so clean in several Gillette commercials. Now that OutKast is back and will be touring festivals the entire summer, the people need

The Rolling Stones

an OutKast album. There are few groups that can make the claim that they’ve never made a bad album, and OutKast fits in this category. They are iconic and quite frankly it might be healthy for some younger kids today to be exposed to some real hip hop. In an interview with Howard Stern, Queen Latifah (their ex manager, crazy right) threw out, "They're chilling. They're doing movies, and they're about to work on a new album." Fans will keep their fingers crossed until there is any confirmation from the spottiottiedopalicious duo from ATown. Until then, I will be attending Coachella, and will let you all what it feels like to be in the presence of two legends and watch them do what they do best.


7 Editor’s Picks


Old Love New Love Twin Shadow


Faith George Michael.

Great STL Concert: Three Of Clubs By Austin Krueger ’14 Staff Writer


I am going to tell you all a story, students of Priory. It is story full of drama, romance, humor, and, most importantly, music. It is a story that will make you laugh, as well as cry. Needless to say, it captures the human condition in a way that story has done before. It is the story of how I tried to give away a free ticket to a concert the day before we got off for Christmas break. It was the final show of the Three of Clubs Tour featuring MisterWives, The Royal Concept, and one of my favorite bands: American Authors. After several failed attempts to give away the extra ticket, I finally found someone to take the ticket… about three hours before the concert started. Moral of the story: people obviously do not like free stuff. But the concert was not a

waste! Besides hearing some excellent music, I discovered a triad of new bands that I would not have otherwise. The first of these bands is a local band called All My Vices. I wish I could review them more thoroughly, but alas they are just starting out, and do not have any recorded songs yet. However, ook for these guys to continue rocking the St. Louis music scene. Next comes Sweden’s own The Royal Concept. A poppy, rather Phoenix-esque blend of electronic rock and Synthpop, The Royal Concept is a great live band. Their song “On Our Way” captures their style perfectly. It is a fantastic song to dance to and definitely one of the highlights of the concert. The big surprise of the evening was MisterWives. Let me tell you, this band is going places. Front (wo)man Mandy Lee sings with a soulful yet

poppy and upbeat vocal style that sets the band apart from anything else I’ve heard. MisterWives just released the debut EP Reflections last week and the leading track, coincidentally also called “Reflections,” was featured as the iTunes free song of the week. My personal favorite off of the EP however is “Kings And Queens.” A little slow at the start, the songs speeds up and gives off a great, high energy feel. “Kings And Queens” is artfully arranged to give it an indie sound meshed with a light electric beat. I highly recommend MisterWives and their entire EP, and I cannot wait until they release a full length album. That is all for this week. And next time I offer free concert tickets to anyone who responds, you had better take me up on the offer.

Priory Sports Requirement Necessary? By Tejas Sekhar ‘17 Staff Writer


The sports at Priory are grueling. No doubt about that. At least 90 minutes of physical activity can be stressful. This makes you wonder, why do most other schools only have a requirement of one sport? This seems a lot easier than what we

have to do at Priory. But, if you actually think about it, sports are the stress relievers we need. All day, from first period to last, we are challenged in the classroom. We may feel a tad exhausted after the day with all the tests and quizzes we get. But with having sports in our day, we get the ability to be with our friends, exercise, and

even show off our athleticism a bit. Being required to play sports is a privilege. It gives you the opportunity to represent your school and show your capability. Many of the coaches are also teachers, so when they see how able you can be on the sports field, they know how much you can do in the classroom. What do you think?

Mylo Xyloto

3 Human The Killers


Mind_off Metal Mother


Happy Pharell Williams


Radar Detector Darwin Deez

7 Can’t Kill Us The Glitch Mob

8 My Number Foals


Pumpin Blood NONONO

10 This Head I Hold Electric Guest



Richard Sherman Isn’t Cool By Will O’Brien ‘14 Content Editor


Richard Sherman is now a household name after his post game rant after the NFC championship game, in which he criticized Michael Crabtree and called himself the best corner in the game. Trash-talking is part of the rough culture of football that gets it so many fans, so most people loved Sherman's rant and praised him for it. I completely disagree with that. Richard Sherman is and has been the cockiest athlete I have seen for about two years now. There's nothing wrong with confidence, but there comes a point where it goes too far. Sherman has never once missed the opportunity to remind everyone that he is a Stanford graduate, and then act like that automatically means he is never


wrong. Nor has Sherman ever passed an opportunity to take the spotlight on himself rather than sharing it with his equally accomplished teammates. Last year, Sherman appeared on the ESPN show First Take for an interview. If you watch the interview (which I recommend you do if Sherman interests you), you will not see the intelligent and thoughtful man Sherman claims to be, nor a man who is willing to share the praise with his team. Instead, you see someone who attempts to insult the host of the show (Skip Bayless) before he is even asked a question, saying, "Skip, whenever you address me, whenever you talk to me, address me as All-Pro Stanford Graduate, those are accomplishments you can aspire to but never accomplish. You have never accomplished any-

thing." Great start Richard. From there on, he proceeds to avoid every single question that is asked by Skip, but instead keeps repeating his accomplishments over and over again. This is one example where Sherman lacks both the respect and thoughtfulness of one who we are constantly reminded graduated from Stanford. Another example of this was his post-game interview. The chief story became about Richard Sherman and not about how the Seattle Seahawks won a great football game. He has every right to be emotional and in fairness just made a great play which helps back up his claims of being the best. However, actions speak louder than words and Sherman has never once let his actions account for the majority of the noise that he constantly makes.

Robotics, From Page 3 again this year at the Edward Jones Dome. Right now the RoboRebels have been working hard to design and build their robot. There are currently 25 days left in the build season. In this time, they still have to get sponsors to fund purchases for the robot, complete a CAD model of the robot, continue prototyping mechanisms needed to play the game, such as shooter to hit the ball, and program the robot, with features such as an autonomous mode. Members are required to work a minimum of 4 hours a week, although it is not uncommon for veterans to put in 10 or even as many as 20 hours a week on the robot. However, the team is up to the task. This year features the

largest team the school has ever had, with over 70 students involved, including about a dozen girls from Visitation Academy. There are more seniors on the

team than ever before, and more rookies too, providing an excellent opportunity for older students to share the skills they’ve picked up over years of

competing with the new recruits. FRC isn’t just a competition. It’s an experience. Students learn engineering, leadership, and problem solving skills without even noticing. Most importantly, they learn the value of gracious professionalism. FRC is unique in it’s sportsmanship conduct in that, on the field, teams are the fiercest of competitors, but when everyone is back in their pit working on their robot, all are allies, commonly loaning tools and parts to each other. But here’s where Priory stands. The team show promise, with dedication among veterans and rookies alike. This year is sure to be one of the best for them ever, so stay tuned for more in the weeks to come.

The Killers!

Friday, January 24! No Classes! Parent Teacher Conferences! 4:15PM C BBall v Lutheran So.! 5:30PM JV BBall v Lutheran So.! 7:00PM V BBall v Lutheran So. !


Saturday, January 25! Father Son Banquet! V Wrestling Tourney @ Fulton!

! ! ! ! ! ! !

Sunday, January 26! Monday, January 27! Tuesday, January 28! Wednesday, January 29! Thursday, January 30! Friday, January 31! 7:00PM Junior School Mixer !

Volume XLVI - Issue 17  
Volume XLVI - Issue 17