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By Matt Ludwig ’14 Staff Writer


A wise man once told a man who was not wise but later became wise “thank you.” Or maybe it was the other way around. Well, today, I will fulfill my role as the wise man and say thank you to those who are not yet wise, many of you students (read: Charlie Rapp. Burn! I’ll just add you to the list! Quick! I would like to say thank you for the numerous, almost uncountable (4) letters I have received complimenting my articles. No. I have not been sending these to myself. Now, if you’d like to complain, don’t. I (we) don’t care (Tom? Have any of you wondered whether or not you could wear your new boots (the headmaster himself did tell us to wear them)? Specifically, boots that

are leather and gray. The inside is like synthetic fur. Not sure what you call it. Probably rubber on the bottom. I’d check the dress code in the student handbook, but I don’t have one. (Too soon, Griffin? http:// L i s t _ o f _ b u r n _ c e n t e rs_in_the_United_States) And if anyone can find me a sweater with two zippers, would you please let me know? Actually, don’t. They’re completely useless. (Tony? http:// L i s t _ o f _ b u r n _ c e n t e rs_in_the_United_States) Speaking of the weather, it has come to my attention that we had an extremely long Christmas Break. Too long? Well, I don’t know if that’s possible. But it seems like the 16 days we were given wasn’t long enough for some members of the Monastic Community. Among those who believe Christmas break was indeed too long is Fr. Paul. I think we can all personally relate to Fr.

Paul’s longing for calculus, but you know who can’t? Jarret’s calculator (It was still on Christmas break on Wednesday. Can you believe that? I think it returned Thursday, but I’m not sure)! (Gotcha: http:// L i s t _ o f _ b u r n _ c e n t e rs_in_the_United_States) Just a few things to add. PP-P-Please talk to me Miss Rolla! (Adam? Some people just need to shave. Even if you haven’t in 3 months. Ser i o u s l y. ( L u k e ? h t t p : / / L i s t _ o f _ b u r n _ c e n t e rs_in_the_United_States) And now you’re probably all wondering the same question. How do I do it day after day? Well, I just don’t know. And thanks for the “team plus s” subject line in the email, Mr. O, even if it only was just once.

Top Three Christmas Movies By Peter Hopkins ’17 Staff Writer With Christmas now almost two weeks behind us and just about fifty weeks away, I’ve already begun to miss that holiday excitement. If you too are feeling in need of some cheer, here is a collection of movies that will get you back into the jolly, holiday spirit in no time.


3) A Christmas Story. This film has all the joy of Christmas and all the imagination of the mind of a child. As Christmas draws near the young boy Ralph wished for a red rider BB gun only to be warned he’ll shoot

his eye out. This movie has great comic bits and shows how life for a kid can be hectic even during the holidays. From an evil bully, to a tongue frozen to a pole, to a leg lamp this movie will sure to bring around the lighter side of the holidays. 2) How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Cartoon). This short film has been hailed as a masterpiece of a cartoon and was my favorite Christmas movie growing up and no one can forget the classic “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch”. And this is why How The Grinch Stole Christmas is the second best Christmas movie to get

“All you need is love.” - The Beatles

you in the holiday spirit. Always remember that “Christmas isn’t something you can buy at a store, maybe Christmas means a little bit more.”


1) It’s A Wonderful Life. This movie takes the cake as a Christmas classic and is one of the most feel good movies I have seen. This movie has always been my favorite holiday movie since my family watches it every year and the films perfectly captures the true meaning of Christmas. With great acting from James Stewart and the whole cast this movie will have you in the spirit of Christmas.

OPINI O N & N E WS ! And Stewart: News Anchors? Colbert By Andrew Cammon ’14 Editor-in-Chief


Many turn to CNN, FOX, or NBC for their television news. However, there exists a grey area, the so-called “fake news” category of television: The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. These shows are frequently looked down upon, however they are, to a certain extent, viable news sources, especially for those looking for entertainment as well as information. First, these programs do expose viewers to news. John Stewart, the host of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert, the host of The Colbert Report, both use extremely current news to fuel their gags. This leads to, if nothing else, simple exposure to current news headlines. Since our news exposure tends to be to mostly headlines anyway, these shows fulfill that role. Also these shows, through

all their humor, can have very serious messages at times. The best example of this is Stephen Colbert’s super PAC. Started on a whim, this joke, as it continued to snowball, turned into a commentary on the ridiculousness of campaign spending and law. With the motto “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow”, Colbert was extremely frank about why he was collecting the money: he wasn’t telling anybody. Garnering national attention, Colbert appeared on many different television shows where he continually stunned the hosts about what he could do (almost anything) and couldn’t do (almost nothing) with the money he was collecting (he collected over $1.5 million before closing the super PAC in 2012). Summing up Colbert’s PAC after an interview, Ted Koppel said, “It’s funny until you think about it… he is proving how ridiculous this system has become.”

Those words can sum up almost any joke made by Colbert or Stewart. Both are incredibly smart and talented. To be as funny and successful as they are, their shows have to have to have quality at their root. Both might try to their best to downplay it, but they are each incredibly talented and smart. Both hosts have to understand the material they are presenting before making fun of it, and their consistency in doing so is a testament not only to their talents as comedians, but to their brains as well. So beyond the laughter, there is valuable insight and information to be gleaned from these shows. After all, the myPersonality project did link smarts to liking The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert, of course, responded to their findings: “If you like The Colbert Report you are smart. End of story. Don’t ask questions that’s not what smart people do.”




Fr. Michael presents the World Religions Series, a free series of presentations for all ages, from students to seniors.

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Saint Anselm's Parish Center 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 11 Buddhism Saturday, Jan. 18 Kundun* Saturday, Jan. 25 Daoism & Confucianism Saturday, Feb. 1 Zoroasterianism & The Axial Age Saturday, Feb. 8 Judaism Saturday, Feb. 15 The Message* Saturday, Feb. 22 Islam Saturday, March 1 1947 - Earth* & Conclusion


* Full-length movie - begins at 1 p.m

Cover Info Winter Olympics Coming Up By Tejas Sehkar ’17 Staff Writer


The Winter Olympics are approaching, and they begin in less than a month! Trials are still going on to determine final rosters and some cuts are being made. The US teams are looking strong with many returning Olympians. The USA won the most medals in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, with an outstanding 37 out of 257 possible medals. This number may seem small, but the 25 other competing countries should not be overlooked. Although all of the events are a lot of fun to watch, except

curling of course (just kidding), the unanimous favorite Olympic events are the ice hockey and skating events. Three St. Louis Blues players were announced as members of Team USA’s hockey roster. These players are David Backes, Kevin Shattenkirk, and not surprisingly, T.J. Oshie. 7 other Blues players have been nominated to the rosters of their ethnic backgrounds. There were 5 different countries these Blues players got nominated to play for. The Blues will be represented well at Sochi. Team USA is off to a great start in the exhibition rounds, with the women’s ice hockey

team beating Canada 4-1 just a couple nights ago. Sadly, these matches don’t count, they are just being played to determine cuts and positions. In the end though, the skiing and speed skating trials were most remarkable. Every year, these athletes seem faster and faster, and younger and younger. Many new Olympians have joined Team USA, some even as young as 18. Hopefully, with all this new talent, we can win the most medals once again. Don’t forget to watch the Olympics on NBC starting February 7th. Go USA!


JJ Harrison, “Tessellated Pavement”, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia. The “Tesselated Pavement“ is the result of an orthogonal joint pattern in the rock. On the picture it shows the so called “pan formation”, where the rock in the immediate vicinity of the joints is more resistant to erosion than the rock that is more distant to the joints, This is due to alterations of the rock along the joints by hydrothermal (or similar) solutions when the rock was still buried deeply below the surface millions of years ago. When no alterations or alterations that lower the erosional resistivity have taken place in the geological past, the rock along the joints will erode faster than the rock that is more distant to the joints. In that case the so called “loaf formation” of “Tessellated Pavement” will form.


And if love remains | Though everything is lost | We will pay the price | But we will not count the cost" - Rush



! Easy, Medium, and Hard Sudokus:

Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. A style of design 5. Contributes 9. Hard punch 13. Not closed 14. Discharges 16. 71 in Roman numerals 17. Lease 18. Excellence 19. Affirm 20. Iron or steel 22. Swift falcon 24. God of love 26. Mug 27. Meat from a deer 30. Disseminate 33. Footnote 35. An elastic fabric 37. Floral necklace 38. A yellowish brown color 41. Sprocket 42. Electronic letters

45. Resort 48. Assert without proof 51. Freshness 52. Depart 54. Deceased 55. Estate 59. Hurried swallows 62. All excited 63. Follow as a result 65. At the peak of 66. Bristle 67. Stalks 68. Back 69. Part of a foot 70. Thin strip 71. Countercurrent


DOWN 1. Residence hall 2. Type of sword 3. 100th anniversary 4. One of the Great Lakes

5. A high alpine meadow 6. Bottomless 7. Challenges 8. Women's garments 9. Flattery 10. 66 in Roman numerals 11. Beasts of burden 12. Cable 15. Precipitous 21. Misplaced 23. Lass 25. Saturate 27. Sheltered spot 28. Colonic 29. Greatest possible 31. Recognized 32. Smelter waste 34. Hearing organ 36. How old we are 39. Barbie's beau 40. Chilled 43. Against the law

44. Dregs 46. Is endebted to 47. Oblivious 49. Fence "doors" 50. Happenings 53. Artist's workstand 55. Chop finely 56. Curved molding 57. Bit of dust 58. Russian parliament 60. Incite 61. Agile 64. Eastern Standard Time

Riddles No sooner spoken than broken. What is it?

I am weightless but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I?

At night they come without being fetched, and by day they are lost without being stolen. What are they?

I'm light as a feather, yet the stronget man can't hold me for much more than a minute. What am I?

Tell me, what stinks while living but in death smells good?

What jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.� - Bob Marley


5 Junior School

! !

By Mrs. Hartnett What do you like best about the JS? - Playing foosball and ping pong in the Commons room. I get to be with my friends and just relax. (Nick Kurz)


- I like that fact that the Junior School is small and feels close and comfortable. I know everyone here, even the seventh graders. We all get along really well. (Nick Sardella)

! Review: The Wolf Of Wall Street By Eric Stange ’14 Content Editor


Over Christmas break I saw a movie that I had highly anticipated: The Wolf of Wall Street. There are numerous things that led to my eagerness. These mainly included trailers and articles about the upcoming movies, but the most significant was my prior knowledge about the protagonist, Jordan Belfort. Simply put, Belfort did indeed start Stratton Oakmont, which was indeed very ‘successful,’ but was highly illegal. This business was actually based in Long Island as opposed to Manhattan, and was not quite as high profile as it is portrayed. There are many other facts the movie more or less had to glamorize, but nonetheless The Wolf of Wall Street is amazing. Perhaps most significant is the role of Donnie Azoff who was played by Jonah Hill. The real person behind Hill’s character is Danny Porush, who actually was almost as powerful as Belfort was. Among other name changes and dramatized facts, the movie is pretty factual. Anyways, I was ecstatic to see this be made into such a high profile movie with stars such as

Leonardo DiCaprio and Hill. Additionally, there has already been another movie made about the same subject called Boiler Room, which is about 10 years old. The movie itself is spectacular. Absolutely brilliant. Martin Scorsese is my favorite director, and his style is perfect for this movie and does a marvelous job. While it is three hours long, I was never finding my mind wandering and was enthralled for the entirety. The movie is hilarious in the dialogue, monologues, events, and small details. Having Matthew McConaughey for even such a short appearance was incredible because it showed how legitimate the movie was. The lunch scene with DiCaprio and McConaughey was among my favorite. I also absolutely loved how the chest pounding came back later in the movie. As always, the score and scope of the movie was undeniably fantastic, which is very Scorseselike. The way the characters were depicted and portrayed was also top notch. I think this movie is soon to be a defining movie of this decade. If you didn’t know her name, you most positively do now; Margot

Robbie nearly stole the show. Coming out of nowhere, she dominated her role and the Brooklyn accent. Unbeknownst to you knuckleheads out there, she’s from Australia. Almost all scenes just look freaking lush and very intricate, but not even close to overly done up. I don’t think there was a scene I did not like. In conclusion, this movie lives up to and makes a name for itself. If you see it, you will most likely also be enthralled. But be forewarned; do not go in thinking you will gain any business acumen whatsoever just because “Wall Street” is in the title and the actors wear suits. However, this is similar to another favorite of mine, Wall Street, which is considered to be a disassociated predecessor to this movie, in which some basic understanding of capital markets and finance does help. As a note, I would not see this movie with any parents or other adults of similar age. Sisters are a definite no, but brothers are perfectly fine. So with that, The Wolf of Wall Street is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time, and is definitely worth your time.


“Trying is the first step towards failure. “ - Homer Simpson

- I feel like I have a lot of free time at school and I get to do what I want. I get to make my own choices. (Jack Wagner)


- I really like that I can hang out with my friends in the Commons room and have a good time talking and playing foosball. (Will Steussie)


- I really feel that the teachers in the Junior School are like friends. (Jake Buganski)


- Things seem easy here, like making a call whenever I need to, no questions asked. People seem comfortable with each other. Hospitality is important here. (Will Craig)


- There are clubs to join in the Junior School, so I get to be with different people. (Joseph Pollnow)


- Classes are close by to each other, so it is easy to move around the building. (Ian Rosebrough)


- I feel like I have a lot of freedom to do what I want and go at my own speed. I like that we are trusted to be responsible. (Noah Mollett)

! !

- I like sports in the middle of the day. (Louis Rolwes) - I like the close space and close friends. I like it here. (Jack Muench)


- Teachers get students involved – everybody seems nice. (Andrew Mahassek)



! Street Protests Rock Ukraine Massive ! By Dr. Logusch Teacher


Unless you are a really avid follower of international affairs, you may have missed (at least in this country) some goings-on in Eastern Europe that started in November and that are continuing right now. I am referring to massive street protests in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine against the current government

continued Orthodoxy in liturgy, sacramental theology, and a married priesthood, rights confirmed by Pope Clement VIII. This Union marked the beginning of the Ukrainian (Byzantine-Rite) Catholic Church, the first body of Orthodox Christians to reunite with Rome and form their own Eastern Catholic Church sui juris. Centuries of warfare in Eastern Europe led to the con-

Police attacking Kyiv citizens

of that former soviet republic. The outcome of the Ukrainian political unrest may have very large future geopolitical consequences for Europe and for our own country as well. Let me explain by first providing a brief history lesson. Christianity came to Kyivan Rus from Constantinople in 988 A.D., when Prince Volodymyr led his vast realm into the Church. After 1054, when Christianity was divided into conflicting Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox communions, Kyiv and the lands which became Ukraine and Belarus remained Orthodox, but also maintained ties with Roman Catholicism. After these territories were annexed by the medieval Polish Commonwealth, the Orthodox bishops of Ukraine and Belarus adopted the Union of Brest in 1595, recognizing the leadership of the Roman Pontiff but ensuring

quest of Poland and its partition between the empires of Russia and Austria-Hungary in 1795. Almost all Ukrainian lands were incorporated into Russia, and the Ukrainian Catholic Church was suppressed by the czarist government. This persecution involved imprisonment, exile, and even killing of Catholic clergy and laity. However, the Church flourished in Austria, where the Catholic monarchy accorded it religious liberty. The first Ukrainian immigrants to the Western hemisphere came from Austria in the 1890's, and the Ukrainian Catholic Church expanded to many new countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Canada, and the U.S. The Ukrainian parish here in St. Louis, dedicated to the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God (St. Mary's Assumption) was founded in 1907, and continues to minister

to Catholics of the Byzantine Rite. It is part of the Chicago Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy led by Bishop Richard Seminack, who oversees 46 parishes and missions throughout the western U.S. The worldwide head of the Church is Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Patriarch Sviatoslav previously served as bishop for Ukrainian Catholics in Argentina, where he hadworked closely with the now current Pope, Francis. After World War I and the breakup of several European empires, Poland regained its independence, assuming control of western Ukrainian territories and becoming the primary location of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. The Church was led for over 40 years by Blessed Archbishop Andrey Sheptytsky, who promoted

and laity were martyred for their loyalty to the universal Church. Nevertheless, the Church continued to exist underground and publicly reemerged in 1989, shortly before the breakup of the USSR. Ukraine declared its independence of the Soviet Union in August 1991, and since then the Ukrainian Catholic Church has experienced a great revival both in Ukraine and abroad. The Ukrainian political elite since 1991 have vacillated between pro-European and proRussian orientations, while the soviet-era industrial system has been mired in corruption, inefficiency, and inability to modernize and remain competitive. Untold billions of income have gone offshore or into the pockets of ex-communist oligarchs, while the people's living standard has plummeted to one of

Patriarch Sviatoslav and Pope Francis

Christian unity, condemned religious and ethnic intolerance, and personally shielded many Ukrainian Jews from Nazi destruction. After World War II, virtually all Ukrainian lands were incorporated by Stalin into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Persecution of Ukrainians was the norm in the USSR, and the Ukrainian Catholic Church was forcibly suppressed by the KGB in 1946 and absorbed into the Russian Orthodox Church. Many clergy

“Triangles are my favorite shapes” - ∆

the lowest levels in Europe. Millions of unemployed Ukrainians have been forced to emigrate in order to survive. This past November the current president of Ukraine reneged on signing an association agreement with the European Union and instead placed the country in deeper economic dependence on Putin's Russia. The Russian government has made no secret of its desire to draw Ukraine into a reconstituted, aggressive continued on back page…

Russian Empire. In protest, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians throughout the country have rallied outdoors in the winter cold to oppose the government and its policies. The protesters in the earliest phases overwhemingly were high school and college students. Since then, the people of Ukraine have clearly expressed their desire to orient their country toward Western democratic values and liberties. In response, peaceful demonstrators have been beaten in the streets and arrested by the police, and the cars and property of opposition activists have been firebombed. European governments and leaders have strongly condemned these events, while the reaction of the U.S. government and the Obama administration has been tepid at best. The head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Patriarch Sviatoslav, has criticized these violations of political and human rights, and has opened the doors of churches in Ukraine to demonstrators seeking food, shelter, and medical care. Ukrainians of all religious faiths, at home and in the diaspora, have called on people of good will to press their governments to implement sanctions against the regime in Kyiv. The long-term welfare of neighboring countries like Poland and Hungary, and ultimately all of Europe, are likely to depend on the outcome of the events unfolding in Ukraine. The website of the worldwide Ukrainian Catholic Church is An excellent source of current news about Ukraine is the website of Radio Free Europe at


“Blah Blah Blah�



! Most Annoying Social Media Posts Top 10

Editor’s Picks

By William O’Brien ’14 Content Editor


world on social media? Shame on you, you toad.


Ah ladies. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them can we gentlemen? All things considered, I know we are all very grateful for the ladies in our lives (shoutout to the moms!), but there are some things that they do that leave us shaking our heads. If these things were a fire, social media would be pouring gasoline on it while sending the local fire department on a four week vacation. Ladies, we are just here to help, and in order to do so we have compiled a list of ten things we can’t stand on social media. Hopefully we can work together to completely eradicate these things from the universe.


10) Multiple changed relationship statuses in a week: Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. But I don’t want to see a change from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” to “single” to “engaged” to your best girl friend, back to “single” because you and your friend got into a fight. And seriously, if you post some status about how you’re single and ready to mingle, you’re being unfriended/unfollowed instantly.


9) Cheek to cheek poses: Ever since Facebook came out, the cheek to cheek pose has been a go-to move for girls. But enough is enough. Be original, be different, be something else. If 1,081 of your 52,074 photos on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram are of you cheek to cheek with a girl, you really need to start thinking of new poses.


8) Posting screenshots of texts: Was it posted on your wall? Was it tweeted at you? No? Then why do you think it’s supposed to be shared with the


7) Posting song lyrics and acting like they were written for you: Music can alway help pull you through some tough times, and its a good place to turn when you need some motivation. But I would bet my life that Adele isn’t singing about that one time when you ate too much ice cream and put on one pound. Greater tragedies exist in the world, and any song about something that trivial should never ever be released (unless 2 Chainz hits up that track somewhere.)


6) Twitter beef: This one mostly explains itself. If you want to go after someone, it’s generally going to take more than 150 characters, and your words really lose their sting when they are cut off mid sentence by the character limit. Continuing your rant into more than one tweet just isn’t classy. And if you end a rant with a hashtag, again, you will be unfollowed immediately.


5) Facebook philosophers: Aristotle had the the Academies, Einstein had the Universities, and you have Facebook. Sure Facebook is a place to share your ideas and opinions, but your 500 word essay about your ex is just too much for me. Get a diary, get a good friend to vent to, honestly I don’t care. I didn’t even know you were in a relationship because your relationship status changed like six times already in the last week. I understand you are just trying to put your take on the world out there, but Facebook is not the audience that wants to hear it.


4) Having multiple “Besties”: Ladies, all of us gentlemen are

tired of you shying away from commitment. We put our hearts and our souls into relationships and sometimes it seems like you’re way too busy watching sports or something to reciprocate the effort. Plus your infidelity hurts. Based off of your tweets/facebooks comments and posts, you have thirteen best friends, varying by season and cycles of the moon. It’s just too hard to keep up with.


3) Filtering every single picture: I know everyone has insecurities but is this really the solution? Everyone in the world can tell when a picture’s been filtered. Yea maybe your eyes look so much prettier in the Lily light than in Nashville or Apollo, but its not something thats worth spending hours on. Besides, if you already have 3,000 photos up, does every single one really have to be perfect?


2) Posting on Colleges pages about how fun you are: Every single one of these is the same. “I’m fun, like to party, like to have fun with my friends, but still take school seriously” etc. According to your post, you’re the most interesting person in the world. Except, 17,201 people already posted the same thing. So who's more interesting? You or them?


When guys I know do any of these things: Speaks for itself. You should seriously reconsider your life. Sincerely, Us, The Editors

Tessellate Alt-J (∆)

2 Midnight City M83.

3Holding Onto Heaven Foxes

4 The Walker Fitz And The Tantrums

5 Tessellate Ellie Goulding


Howl Florence + The Machine


Vox Populi 30 Seconds to Mars.

8 This Haze Patterns

9 No Better Lorde


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”― Mae West

Letters from the Sky Civil Twilight



Top 14 Tweets Of 2013 By George Ahlering ’16 Staff Writer


Mastering the art of Twitter has been a daunting task for most users. However, successfully composing a tweet deserves more recognition than nearly what is due in favorites or retweets. Here is a list of the best tweets dished out by Priory students this past year:


#14) Tate Callahan (@tatecallahan): “Priory needs softer toilet paper”


#13) John Rhodes (@rhodehead126): “My childhood ended when I realized chuckee cheese's coins weren't acceptable money”


#10) Michael Herman (@meatheadmike ): “Sometimes I like to think about how much time I would have if I didn't have to watch 4 hours of college basketball a night”


#9) Brayton Briggs (@Thebriggwall): “3 things I know for a fact: 1. George Washington was our first president 2. Money is green 3. Whole foods employees don't take drug tests”


#8) Quentin Amice (@QUINNsanity21): ““its 11:30 on a Friday night and I just woke up because I had a nightmare about a Spy Kid’s mission gone wrong. I need some friends. Goodnight.”


#12) George Jochens (@hiphipjorge233 ): “It’s really annoying when a website says my password is "very weak", when I know that it’s a kickbutt password”

#7) Luke Bick (@ticklethebickle): “Would you rather have your local WNBA team win a championship or have a dollar?”

#11) Quentin Amice (@QUINNsanity21): “Could Leslie the track coach be any more attractive?"

#6) Connor Wright (@WRIGHT_nvr_wrng): “My dad signed up my whole family for the 5k run, and signed me



Calendar up for the 1 mile walk. Thanks, dad”


#5) Tripp Miller (@_Tripp_ ): “figure I’ll get a face tattoo to soften the blow of my math test to my parents. Not like I’m going to college after this year’s GPA anyway”


#4) Spencer Wright (@SPENditWRIGHT ): “I’ve never kissed a girl on New Years… Actually I’ve never kissed a girl, Direct Message for tips and tricks”


#3) Harry Flotron (@GoWith_The_Flo): “There is nothing more annoying than when NASCAR drivers are referred to as athletes”


#2) Johnny Klaesner (@joh_knee): “fun fact, my mom and I share a birthday… guess you can say I was her greatest birthday gift of all time”


#1) Drew Callahan (@justDREWit5): “Don't you love it when your parents come home from parent teacher conferences and they don't beat you?”

Friday, January 10 Lunch: Shrimp Scampi Salmon

! ! ! !

7:00PM V Basketball vs. Kennedy Saturday, January 11 Sunday, January 12 Monday, January 13 Lunch: Turkey Sweet and Sour Chicken


Tuesday, January 14 Lunch: Meat Loaf Chicken Parmesan

! !

7:00PM V Basketball vs. MICDS Wednesday, January 15 Lunch: Roasted Chicken Burritos


Thursday, January 16 Dress Down Day Lunch: Chicken Wings Patty Melts


7:15PM Form V College Program 8:15PM V Hockey vs. Rockwood Summit @ Queeny Rec Plex


Friday, January 17 Lunch: Penne Shrimp


Ukraine, From Page 6 …Russian Empire. In protest, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians throughout the country have rallied outdoors in the winter cold to oppose the government and its policies. The protesters in the earliest phases overwhemingly were high school and college students. Since then, the people of Ukraine have clearly expressed their desire to orient their country toward Western democratic values and liberties. In response, peaceful demonstrators have been beaten in the streets and arrested, and the cars and

property of opposition activists have been firebombed. European governments and leaders have strongly condemned these events, while the reaction of the U.S. government has been tepid at best. The head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Patriarch Sviatoslav, has criticized these violations of political and human rights, and has opened the doors of churches in Ukraine to demonstrators seeking food, shelter, and medical care. Ukrainians of all religious faiths, at home and in the dias-

pora, have called on people of good will to press their governments to implement sanctions against the regime in Kyiv. The long-term welfare of neighboring countries like Poland and Hungary, and ultimately all of Europe, are likely to depend on the outcome of the events in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Catholic Church website is http:// An excellent source of news about Ukraine is the website of Radio Free Europe at section/ukraine/164.html.

“It is very easy to defeat someone, but it is very hard to win someone.” -Dr. Abdul Kalaam

Volume XLVI - Issue 16