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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Record Volume 41, Issue 6

The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory High School since 1960

Rebels Dominate Homecoming

Soccer Rolls for 10 Straight Photo Credit: : Elaine Collins

Kevin Hess, ’11 Editor in Chief

McCarthy Grewe lays out a Principia runner as the Rebels handed Prin a 40-0 beat down on Saturday

John Houser, ’13 Sports Writer

After a tough loss to MICDS on October 2, the Rebels came out strong against Principia this past Saturday. With the offense controlling the line of scrimmage, the defense dominating, and the special teams coming up with big plays, it was evident that the Cougars were in for a long day. Priory scored first on a 2-yard run by Colin Bruns with 10:09 on the clock and never let up. Bruns added a second touchdown just three minutes later. Another three minutes passed by and Principia was punting the ball. Tommy Yoon caught the punt and took off the other direction and was not touched as he crossed the goal line to score his first varsity touchdown. With under a minute to go in the first quarter David Taiclet hooked up with Nick Thompson from 30 yards

out to make the score 26-0 after a quarter. The second quarter was more of the same as Priory drove all the way down the field and David Taiclet scored his first touchdown on a QB sneak from the 1 yard line. That was all the starters would see for this game. The second team players got to see a lot of game action in this game and completely held their own. With the second team offense in Priory drove all the way down the field behind the legs of Scott Telthorst. He added to the scoring as he crossed the goal line with three minutes left in the half. This made the score 40-0 going into halftime. The Rebels were unable to score again but they moved the ball and showed promise for years to come. The defense held strong all game adding another shutout to the already long list of shutouts. With this win, Priory enters districts with a 6-1 record preparing to host Imagine College Prep. on October 16.

Priory has continued to roll in the last week, winning three games and outscoring their opponents, two of which were highly rated, 9-0. The Rebels traveled to Lutheran North at the end of last week. Picking up right where they left off, the Rebels struck no more than a minute into the game when senior Jack Wegmann won the ball in a scrum in the box and poked it into the net. While the Rebels had all the possession and control of the game, the North goalie kept his team in the game, making several great saves. In the end, sophomore Jeffy Hopson hit a super strike off the crossbar and down into the net to secure a 2-0 victory. Next the Rebels traveled to Whitfield on homecoming for what promised to be a tough game. After struggling to find a rhythm early, Priory began to again hit their stride and take control of the game. The Rebels struck first blood when Jack (continued on back page)


Friday, October 15, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 6

The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

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Kevin Hess, ’11 Andy Schwartz ’11 Mr. Jacob Martin, ’11 Zach Weiss, ’11 Carter Gage, ’12 Luke Slabaugh, ’12 Robert McAuliffe, ’12 Jack O’Brien, ’12 Brendan Thomas, ’12 Colin Kopsky, ’12 john Houser, ’13 Bobby Donnelly, ’15 Alex Hill, ’15 Artie Hidalgo, ‘15

The Record Disclaimer The Record is the official student publication of Saint Louis Priory School in St. Louis, Missouri. It is produced by student editors/ staff members. Its purpose is threefold: to inform students of events in the community; to encourage discussion of local, national, and international issues; and to serve as a training ground for budding journalists, photographers, and graphic designers. The Record accepts contributions from all members of the Priory community, including students, faculty, and alumni. The Record will not publish content considered legally unprotected speech, including but not limited to: libel, copyright infringement, unwarranted invasion of privacy, or material disruption of the educational process. Student editors apply professional standards to the production of the newspaper and are solely responsible for all content, both explicit and implicit. Letters to the Editors are always appreciated. Feedback not intended for publication is also welcome.

AMERICANS! What is the single greatest threat to the peace and prosperity of our happy Republic, which for nigh on two centuries has stood as a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world? Is it the land of Persia, whence have come enemies of liberty since the time of Xerxes? Or is it the Corean tyrant from the heart of the Orient, who as we speak plots to destroy with the power of the atom the free half of that land? Or could it be, perhaps, that vile band of rapscallions evading justice deep within the Afghan mountains of former British India? Nay, I say. The most pressing danger to our noble Democracy comes not from the East (both Near and Far) but indeed from the South. I speak, of course, of Mexico. That nation has proven time and time again that her rule withers in the northern climes. Villainous gangs dealing in sinful and deleterious narcotics now hold the land near our Southern Frontier, and

with great relish do they commend themselves to all manner of murder, thievery, kidnappery, and many other crimes too horrible to mention, doing injury not only to their own people, but to ours as well. As our recent acquisition of Texas has shown, the people of northern Mexico cry out for American freedom, and as it was only through Glorious War that we could demonstrate to Mexico that such land was a burden too heavy for her to bear, so it must be again. I call upon our wise and beneficent president to strike at the heart of the enemy, and to bring back as spoils Chihuahua, Sonora, Coahuila, and Baja California. Perhaps British Columbia as well. As an American are you not outraged that you must show your passport to a smugly-smiling Canuck every time you walk to Alaska? Or that, when you fly, your aeroplane must pass over Canadian airspace? The air does not belong to any one country, it belongs to America! However, I digress. Only once we have done these things can America fulfill her destiny, and as a citizen of this great nation nothing would please me more than to see her reign secure.

Grinds My Gears Mr. Jacob Martin, ’11 Editorial Writer

Gentlemen, as I write this article, I am, to quote Mel Gibson, insane with anger. The audacity required of my latest target to even consider existing is astonishingly great; once I choose what to write about (I’ve narrowed it down to two subjects at this point, I swear), there shall be no mercy. So it is that I ask that ancient question: You know what really grinds my gears? Apparently it’s when I’m eating bread and there are those two horrible crustbased pieces left over from the loaf that serve no purpose except taking up space. Now, ever since Labor Day, I’m no fan of birds; for the first time, a bird dared to lay waste upon my leg that day. The second time that happened was also that day. Finally, I moved out from under that tree and it stopped happening, but the hate remained. Birds are, to quote a genius, so stupid. They fly into windows and leave

comical bird-shaped stains on said windows, occasionally someone makes up some nonsense story about a bird-stain related miracle, and once a duck flew within inches of my car in an area in which ducks really have no business whatsoever. Birds, like hippies, that locust, and ice, are the bane of my existence. Yet even I would not give that horrible, horrible piece of bread to a bird or starving hippy. They’re the food equivalent of one of those northwestern states: they’re rectangular, used by no one, and smell like bread (which is understandable for the bread, but not Wyoming). Also, I would not be surprised if the edge of a loaf of bread contained within it a supervolcano due to erupt and destroy the greater part of this continent; those wheat products are tricky like that. What I’m saying is that the corporate machine that is the bread industry should at least remove the heels of the loaves before they sell them to unsuspecting bread consumers like myself. It’s the epitome of disappointment. Good day, sirs.

Friday, October 15, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 6

Editorials, Weekly Update The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Cheers and Jeers Luke Slabaugh, ’12 Editorial Writer 1. The main buzz this week at St. Louis Priory has been the announcement made by Fr. Michael on Saturday. Moments before the Rebels would romp the Principia Panthers, the Fearless Leader told the crowd that construction for the new grandstand would begin soon. The completion of this final project would mark an end to the Building on the Promise campaign initiated in May 2008. A huge cheer is due, both to the headmaster and to everyone who made this possible. And just like that, the interface of Priory football (and track) drastically changes. The blueprint of this new grandstand calls to mind that of CBC’s and Desmet’s own stands. No longer do fans have to stand on crude bleachers near the endzone, nor do people have to settle for seats on the ground, or against the press box building (which will remain standing, albeit with brick facing). While there is certainly nothing wrong with the old traditions of Priory football, it certainly makes going to the game a lot more convenient. The grandstand will include restrooms and a concession stand (to replace the temporary Johnnies on the Spot and shack, respectively). The feature overlooked among the hype is the plan to construct a paved walking path to provide access from the parking lot to the gym. This is the update most needed; not only does this destroy one of the Seven Deadly Hills on campus, the new path will make going to and from the games much easier, especially for handicapped persons. (In years past you may have just stopped Grandpa Willy in the parking lot and told him not to even try and sift through the rocks). 2. Jeers to the riddle master. Nearly two weeks after his Los Angeles Lakers question that required a mere twenty seconds on Wikipedia and no thought, no other riddles have appeared on the bulletin board. 3. Cheers to the tech department for(jokingly) adding a light-saber to the “Access Denied” logo that students come across so very much on campus. What do AddictingGames, Free Translation and Google Maps all have in common? They’re not educational, or so the filter says.

A Thank You

Weekly Calendar Friday, 10/15/2010

Letter to the Students, Faculty and Staff of Saint Louis Priory School, I want to thank each of you who participated in the Dress Down Day for Breast Cancer. I was humbled by the response both in the wearing of Pink (and those who apologized for not having any pink to wear) and in the funds raised for Gateway to Hope (almost $1400.00). Again, thank you for your generosity. Shalom! Mrs. Karel A. Smith

• Varsity Soccer vs Springfield Catholic 4:30

Saturday, 10/16/2010 • Varsity Football vs Imagine Prep 1:00 • Cross Country @ Borgia 9:00 am

Excitement on the Fan Bus Bobby Donnelly, ’15 Entertainment Writer

Monday, 10/18/2010 • JV Football vs Imagine Prep 4:15

Recently, the junior school hosted a fan bus to the Priory football game at Lutheran South. The bus left promptly around 5 pm., rolling first towards the McDonalds in Crestwood. The ride began very uneventfully, almost boring, except for the 19,000 seventh graders whooping about who knows what. With Mr. Huels, Fr. Linus and Jack Ciapciak watching the herd, everything seemed just peachy. But as we traveled down the highway at a blazing 40 miles per hour, the bus promptly stopped. As I was sitting in the front, I saw this event unfold right before my eyes. Just in the middle of the parking lot formally known as Highway 270, a small red sedan came to a complete stop. Suddenly a small whack-job of a woman opened her door and made a beeline for the bus door. Mr. Huels asks the bus driver to crack the door, as she was rapping on it violently. As the door opened, two gigantic men got out of the back seat of the sedan, and the woman claimed that we spit on her car. The men slowly approached the bus, but the bus driver closed the door, drove around the car, and we continued safely down the highway. The shameful spitters were silenced for the rest of the trip by a loud exclamation of ‘Are you kidding me?!’ from Mr. Huels.

Tuesday, 10/19/2010 • Varsity Soccer vs Clayton 4:00 • JV Soccer vs Clayton 4:00

Wednesday, 10/20/2010 • Plan Exam Form IV 12:15-3:00

Thursday, 10/21/2010 • Varsity Soccer vs Burroughs 4:15 • JV Soccer @ Burroughs 4:15


Friday, October 15, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 5

The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory High School

Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. A single splash 6. Pierces 11. A disease causing chills and fever 13. Company that provides scheduled flights 15. Tomography 16. Ceased 17. Pecan, almond or cashew 18. Oxygenated 20. Garland 21. To press clothes 22. Anagram of "Sense" 23. A title of nobility 24. Chinese revolutionary 26. Hearing organ 28. Born 29. Not active 32. Made less wet 34. Billy club 35. Braid 37. Pertaining to the moon 40. Fasten with cords 41. The top edge of a container 43. A gentle blow 45. Chief god (Egyptian mythology)


46. Fails to win 48. Seethe or churn 49. Liveliness 50. City in Washington state 52. Utilize 53. Decreed 55. The land mass made up of 2 continents 57. Stripes 58. Regular payment 59. Smells 60. Sows DOWN 1. Japanese warrior 2. An army unit of two squads 3. Fall behind 4. Operatic solo 5. Prongs 6. Locations 7. Stepped 8. Anagram of "Pal" 9. A 4-winged aircraft 10. Smiled contemptuously 11. A half note in music 12. Consent 13. Anagram of "Stare"

Word Search



14. A magistrate of the Roman Republic 19. Advocate of no government or law 25. The sharp edge at the junction of 2 surfaces 27. Team 30. 7th letter of the Greek alphabet 31. A rebuke 32. Delete (abbrev.) 33. Hotel 35. Bell pepper 36. A large African feline 38. Stimulated 39. Dried grapes 40. Adhesive strips 41. Streets 42. Anagram of "Teems" 44. Beseech 46. Scallions 47. Prostitutes 50. Celebrity 51. A Great Lake 54. Chief Executive Officer 56. Gorilla or chimpanzee

WORDBANK apron avoid begun casual charm chill clump conflict crave damage dash dense favor first

foremost gripe guess heard hoist injury lame latex leather lend lumber maintain market preach

raven seal soil square stale start strife tease theme tuft veal weave


- Ron Burgundy

Friday, October 15, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 6

Opinions and Entertainment The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

The Town Review Robert McAuliffe, ’12 Entertainment Writer

Ben Affleck's The Town, the latest crime drama to top the box office this past week, takes place in one of the most violent suburbs of Boston, Charlestown. Largely populated by Irish immigrants, it is said to have the highest amount of bank robberies per year in the United States. The film starts off with the protagonist Doug (Ben Affleck), his best friend James (Academy Award winner for The Hurt Locker, Jeremy Renner), and their teammates robbing a bank, wearing masks to disguise their identities. The crew is successful, and takes the bank's young manager Claire (Rebecca Hall) as a hostage, before immediately letting her go. On a whim, Doug later meets Claire in a laundromat, at first ignorant of the fact that she was the one they kidnapped. Doug begins to fall for her, and decides to leave behind the city and his life of crime to pursue a better life with Claire. However, his friend James has other plans,

10 Greatest Comic Villains Jack O’Brien, ’12 Entertainment

10. Ra's al Ghul- One of Batman's archnemises, his goal is to cleanse the Earth of evil and restore it to Eden. A sociopathic goal, mixed with superior intellect, and insane martial art skills to boot, Ghul is an ideal super villain. Plus, Liam Neeson plays him in Batman Begins, so you know he's a pretty solid bad guy. 9. Venom- The symbiotic, evil counterpart to Spiderman, Venom is a powerful villain. While not a person, as it chemically bonds to its host, Venom grants its host super-speed, strength, and an innate desire to do harm. And the ability to sling webs is pretty nice. Venom's appearance in Spiderman 3 gives it new life on the big screen, making it all the more deadly. 8. Mr. Freeze- The most forgotten of all Batman super villains, as he has yet to be included in a legitimate movie, Mr. Freeze

and wishes him to marry his sister, to take care of her illegitimate daughter. While the plot may seem a bit cliché in regards to the romance aspect, it is the acting that truly puts this movie aside from the rest. Ben Affleck of course casts himself as the sympathetic anti-hero, but regardless does a great job with the role. And while the rest of the actors perform remarkably as well (especially Blake Lively as James' alcohol and drug addicted sister), it is Jeremy Renner's character who steals the show. He manages to portray a brutal yet loyal criminal, who regardless endears himself to the audience, so much so that in the ending sequence you may find yourself rooting for him. The action sequences in the film were very well directed, making the heists believable and realistic, while capturing the chaos of the situation as well. The film culminates in a spectacular gunfight, whose conclusion is one of the most exciting in recent memory. Tight directing and pacing keep the film moving, balancing plot and character development with believable action and drama. Overall, I'd give this film: 4.5/5

iTunes Top 10 1. Back to December Taylor Swift 2. Just a Dream Nelly 3. Lucky Glee Cast 4. Just the Way You Are Bruno Mars 5. Raise Your Glass P!nk 6. Only Girl Rihanna 7. Don’t Go Breaking... Glee Cast 8. Happy Days are Here... Glee Cast 9. Deep River, Mountain... Glee Cast 10. Club Can’t Handle Me Flo Rida

stars embodies all that is evil; with a 'chilling' spin on it...(get it?) Along with years of pent up rage since having suffered an industrial accident while trying to cure his wife from the disease that would eventually kill her, he is stuck in his cryogenic freezing suit to maintain life. From there he wreaks havoc, with his freeze gun, freezing citizens and cops in a block of ice. Formidable and nearly unstoppable, Freeze hits the list at 8 7. Dr. Doom- Once a friend to Susan and Reid Richards (Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman of the Fantastic 4), Victor Von Doom uses his radioactively-gained powers of advanced strength and sorcery, along with a brilliant mind, to exert his will upon the world, with very few that can resist him. Doom, however, never really seems to defeat the Fantastic 4 without someone else's power, which keeps him at 7th. 6. Doctor Octopus- Though not one of the greatest villains by comic standards, Doc Oc was given new birth in the movie Spiderman 2. He was portrayed by Alfred Molina, who delivered on a new level. In one of the greatest adapted character performances film has ever (continued on next page)

Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Rap Songs 1. Paper Planes T-Dub 2. I’m So Paid Akon 3. Pretty Boy Swag Soulja Boy 4. Shots LMAFO 5. Like a G6 Far East Movement 6. Tipsy Jaekwon 7. A. n’ Ts Three Six Mafia 8. The Whisper Song Ying Yang Twins 9. Ignition (Remix) R. Kelly 10. Right Round Flo Rida - The Editors

Entertainment The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

NCAA Football

10 Greatest Villains Cont’d seen (arguably equal, if not better, than that of Heath Ledger as The Joker), Doctor Octopus' sad fall from grace was defined. Equipped with a great mind, and powerful, mechanical limbs, Doc Oc is a true task to stop, even for your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman. 5. Lex Luther- Without any great mind, maniacal insanity, or incredible powers, Luther cannot possibly crack the top 5. However, his ruthlessness and seemingly unending resources make him more than a formidable adversary for even Superman. With the two sole, simple desires of killing Superman and ruling the world, Luther will stop at noting to get his way. Unfortunately, none of the 15 or so Superman movies put out in the last 10 years have done him justice. One can only hope that the #5 Villain of all time could make a showing on the big screen. 4. Scarecrow- If, for no other reason than the fact that I'm the one writing this article, he is on the list, then so be it. A personal favorite, Scarecrow, alias Dr. Jonathan Crane, is the stereotypical mad scientist who uses his vast knowledge of phobias to create a 'fear gas' which causes his victims to mentally live their worst fears. Though he is not given major roles ever in Batman, he is still an extraordinary villain. Seen in Batman Begins, and acted out by Cillian Murphy, Scarecrow is finally brought to life, and deservedly has his spot on this list. 3. Magneto- The iconic face of evil in the ever-popular XMen movies, Magneto comes in at number 3 on this list. Unjustly portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen, Magneto isn't really an old guy. In actuality, he is a pretty fit stud, with those magnetic powers to boot. All-in-all, Magneto is probably the most 'superpowered' member of this entire list; a true Mutant. Leading an army of Mutants who despise regular humanity and are in favor of new world order with Mutants on top, he battles the XMen for supremacy. What truly makes him a great Villain is his respect for his opponents. Though he hates the humanitarian goals of the X-Men, he still gives them their due as Mutants, especially leader Charles Xavier (Professor X). Again, it wasn't quite fair to portray him as an old man, however a new X-Men Origins is supposedly on its way, this time following the story arc of Magneto. Be looking out for that. 2. The Green Goblin- Iconic costume, iconic weaponry, iconic character. From his decked out green power rangers suit, to the ridiculously powerful Pumpkin Bombs he throws, the Green Goblin never seems to disappoint. Considered the archnemesis to Spiderman, and a constant thorn in his side, the Goblin is by far the most annoying, and also one of the most deadly characters on this list. Norman Osborne, driven crazy by a serum which amplified his physical capabilities, dawned the Halloween-themed appearance to cause mayhem in the streets of NYC. Riding on that weird glider thing, the damage he does, as seen in the recent-ish movie adaptation of Spiderman, is remarkable, blowing out an entire building with one Pumpkin Bomb. The character along with his efficient hit-and-run killing methods makes him a tank of a Super-Villain. 1. The Joker- No contest. Whatsoever. Even before Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight, before the cartoon renditions, the Joker was the ultimate psychopathic villain in all comics. The

Friday, October 15, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 6

Andy Schwartz, ’11 Sports Writer

College Football Update 1) Alabama goes down but don’t count them out of the national championship race. With one loss Alabama could overtake an undefeated Boise State or TCU. 2) Ohio State is not that good. They will not win the Big 10. 3) The Big 10 is that good; it is the best conference in the country. 4) Oregon will win out. They have an explosive offensive and a lightning fast defense. 5) Nebraska has Taylor Martinez. I wonder if he can pass the ball when Texas is shutting down the running game. I doubt it. 6) The TCU vs. Utah showdown at the end of the year will have huge national title implications. 7)Go MIZZOU Heisman Race 1) Denard Robinson- Superman Michigan 2) Kellen Moore- QB Boise State 3) Terrelle Pryor- QB Ohio State 4) LaMichael James- RB Oregon 5) Taylor Martinez-Denard “Wanna-Be” Who’s Going to Win It All? 1) Oregon 2)Oklahoma 3) Alabama 4) TCU 5) Boise State most devious, deadly, despicable, and any other of the countless d-words that describe his pure Evil cannot do him justice. The arch-enemy of Batman and basically all that is good in the world, the Joker brings a whole different meaning of Super-Villain to the table. Possessing neither super powers, nor an overly intelligent mind, the Joker uses underhanded, maniacal methods to always get what he wants. He asks for death, and of course, by confrontation, he avoids it. Having fallen into toxic waste which along with turning his skin white, apparently melted his conscience, the Joker's schizophrenic, sadistic ways have captured generation after generation in his insanity. And now, after arguably the greatest on screen role of all time, by Heath Ledger's god-hand, we see the Joker in a whole new light. The Dark Knight warped the character of the Joker even further, taking him to a whole new level of psychopathy, and giving him an eerily human feel about such a messed-up individual. In no uncertain terms, no matter how much you may disagree with the first nine, the Joker is by far #1

Friday, October 15, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 6

Entertainment The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Blues Update Brendan Thomas, ’12 Colin Kopsky, ’12

The St. Louis Blues have started their season off white hot with two straight wins. In their season/home opener, the Blues faced off against the very strong defending Eastern Conference Champs, Philadelphia, and won in overtime 2-1 in a dogfight to the end. The Blues started this season’s scoring off with a 1st Period power play goal off a deflection by Brad Boyes off an Erik Johnson shot from the point. Boyes has started the season well with 2 points in 2 games and is looking to get back to his ‘08-’09 form. Carlo Colaiacovo jammed in a rebound in overtime to finish off the Flyers. Jaroslav Halak had a great first game in a Blue Note stopping 29 of 30 shots and allowing only one goal after a defensive breakdown in front of the net by captains Brewer and Jackman. The Blues enforcer Cam Janssen will be out the next 2 weeks with a concussion after getting rocked by his own teammate. On a brighter note, the Blues called up the new enforcer Ryan Reaves from Peoria. Reaves started his season off strong with 15 penalty minutes and an ejection against Anaheim. Where is Ben Bishop you may ask, after seeing him in the preview article? He is currently watching the Blues from a bench in Peoria after not making the team…..again. T. J. Oshie showed his impact in the game against the Ducks on Monday when it seemed like every shot the Blues took tickled the twine. No, he did not score, but he did get two assists; that’s got to count for something. Look forward to the Blues playing Thursday night at Nashville, Saturday night at Dallas, and Monday night at Chicago before returning home to play the Blackhawks again on Friday. Keep an eye out for Matt D’Agnostini who scored 2 goals against Anaheim on Monday, and Alex Pietrangelo who is arguably the second best defenseman on the team behind Erik Johnson. These players are likely to contribute to the Blue’s success throughout the year towards their return the playoffs.

Junior School Update Alex Hill, ’15

Artie Hidalgo, ’15

Priory Events and Updates This week in JS soccer, the 8th grade soccer team won their first game, 3-1. They won their other game, 5-3.The 7th grade team won their games as well, with scores of 2-1 and 3-1. The 8th grade football team played Lutheran South and won, 54-39 and also won against Bishop DuBourg, 32-18. We understand how upset you were at the mixer, but there were too many people, and it was a fire hazard. Next time, the number of tickets will be limited, so you need to get yours right when they go on sale. Grandparent’s Day is coming up. It will be on October 15th. Your Grandparents will go Mass, your two morning classes, and lunch with you. Misc. The top five Italian Serie A teams are: 1. Lazio 2. Internazionale 3. Napoli 4. AC Milan 5. Chievo Verona The two major Serie A powerhouse teams are hanging around in the top of the league, while the other two Serie A giants are not. Juventus is doing well, currently holding seventh place and climbing. AS Roma, however, is doing absolutely terribly. By winning only one of their six games, they have truly earned their position in 19th place. My pick for game of the week is the Indianapolis Colts vs. the Washington Redskins. I predict that it will be a close game, but the Colts will come out with the win (naturally). The game will test the teams’ defenses more than anything.

iTunes Top 10 1. Speak Now Taylor Swift 2. Runaway Kanye West 3. Like a G6 Far East Movement 4. One of Us Glee Cast 5. Just the Way Your Are Bruno Mars 6. Just a Dream Nelly 7. I Want to Hold Your Hand Glee Cast 8. Only Girl Rihanna 9. Only the Good Die Young Glee Cast 10. Club Can’t Handle Me Flo Rida

Top 10 Chiddy Bang Songs 1. Opposite of Adults 2. Truth 3. Eff You (Remix) 4. Dream Chasin 5. Danger Zone 6. Never 7. Fresh Like Us 8. Now u Know 9. All Things Go 10. Slow Down

-Young Ivory

Friday, October 15, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 6

The Record The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

MLB Playoff Review and Preview Carter Gage, ’12 Entertainment Writer

National League: Phillies vs. Giants The Phillies rolled through their NLDS matchup, sweeping the Reds. Any Cardinals fan could have predicted this, given that the Reds are just a bunch of thugs and a confused kick-boxer (Johnny Cueto). After an incredible pitching performance in Doc Halladay’s opening game nohitter, the veteran Phillies strutted their stuff and walked all over the Reds. Tim Lincecum, however, did not want to be outdone. He turned in his own 2-hit, 14-K shutout in an opening 1-0 victory for the Giants over the Braves in the other NLDS series. San Francisco finished off the Braves at home after a game 2 loss. Also ending that night was legendary manager Bobby Cox’s career. After 20 years of managing the Braves in his second stint on the squad, the Giants and their fans pulled one of the classier moves in baseball history and gave him a well-deserved standing ovation. You shouldn’t expect many runs from the Phillies-Giants matchup. Both teams boast very impressive starting rotations, mainly the first three. Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels may have finally met their match in Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Jonathan Sanchez. Oswalt and Hamels may be known postseason performers, but don’t sleep on the dynamic lefty Sanchez. The Phillies' starting lineup has lost some pop, but Ryan Howard remains a constant threat in the middle of the lineup. The Giants have a much less intimidating lineup, but their offense can be explosive on their rare good days. This series could end up being a grinder. Look for the bullpens, including the Giants' Brian Wilson and his fantastic mohawk, to be the difference.

American League: Yankees vs. Rangers Much like the Phillies, the Yankees walked all over the Twins in their ALDS series. The Twins posed no threat whatsoever without Justin Morneau. The Yankees lineup is simply too powerful and too deep for them to be beaten by an injury-filled Minnesota team. The Rays-Rangers series offered much more interest. After Cliff Lee, arguably the most dominant left-handed pitcher in all of baseball, dueled with the Rays’ David Price and won, the Rangers pulled out an easy Game 2 victory and looked for the sweep. However, the Rays were not complacent. Evan Longoria’s bat came alive and pushed his team to two consecutive victories. In Game 5, Price and Lee met again, and again Lee made the Rays look silly. Ian Kinsler’s 9th-inning homerun to get ahead 5-1 put the game in the bag, and somewhere in Texas, George W. Bush and his father are celebrating the first Texas Rangers playoff series victory. Their match up with the Yankees should bring the same amount of excitement. After Lee, the Rangers' rotation is very weak, but a decent bullpen should keep them in games. The Yankees' rotation has been less than impressive, along with their bullpen, but their lineup is unbelievable. If any lineup were to match theirs in production, it would be the Rangers. Behind Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, and Vladimir Guerrero, the Rangers could explode at any moment. Keep lookout for “the claw” or “antlers” coming from the Texas dugout. These two team celebrations are a way for the bench to communicate with players outside of the dugout, and they are fantastic. In coming years, they should become a league-wide phenomenon. Predictions: Phillies-Giants: Phillies in 7, but it should be close. Yankees-Rangers: Yankees in 6. Robinson Cano MVP.

Soccer Cont’d Wegmann played a ball to sophomore Sam Newman who beat a defender and slid the ball past the keeper on the ground. The second half, however, was all Rebels. Off of his corner kick, Kyle Collins found fellow junior Jacob Mohrmann who snapped the header into a goal. Junior Andrew Rhodes put the icing on the cake when he took a ball from senior Gustavo Sanchez, beat a defender and smashed the ball past the goalie. The 3-0 defeat was a big win for the Rebels. Priory squared off against a very talented and highly ranked Duchesne team and was more than up to the challenge. As the Saint Louis Post said, “the Priory soccer team was in complete control.” The Rebels jumped out to an early lead when junior Andrew Rhodes made a nice cut in the box and, sliding, beat the Pioneers’ keeper 1:45 into the game. Just minutes later, Jack Wegmann flicked on Rhodes’ long

throw to Jeffery Hopson who roofed the ball into the net. The Priory midfield, led by seniors Brendan Kelly, Liam Ware, and sophomore Jeffery Hopson dominated the game, denying Duchesne the ball and any room to play in. On a quick break, senior captain Doug Brooking played a perfect ball to Paul Schultz who tapped it in for a huge early lead against a talented team. The Rebels continued their excellent play in the second half, seeming to play at a faster speed than the Pioneers. Priory put the final nail in the coffin when captain Jack Wegmann received a rebound at the 18 yard box and smashed it past their goalie. This was a huge win for the Rebels over a very talented team. Priory looks forward to playing Springfield Christian this Friday at home, hoping to keep their unbeaten-at-home record alive.

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Friday, October 15, 2010  
Friday, October 15, 2010  

Friday, October 15, 2010