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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Record Volume 41, Issue 3

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Lorem Ipsum: Doc’s Summer Lorem Ipsum sits down with the fascinating Dr. Richie to discuss his amazing summer vacations. Zach Weiss, ’11

Editorial Writer

The start of every school year begins in exactly the same way. For me, it’s a matter of getting myself organized, easing myself back into the rhythm of attending classes five days a week (as opposed to doing nothing seven days a week), and answering the one question that has been bugging me from the end of the last school year to the beginning of this one: “What did Doc do over the summer?” Dr. Ritchie. Easily one of the most fascinating teachers at this school, friend of the column, and probably one the most amazing people I have ever met. Every summer he packs his bags and goes off on some wild adventure halfway around the world, and every school year he comes back with at least one story to tell. Here at Lorem Ipsum we had the pleasure of sitting down with our own voyageur for an exclusive interview: LI: Before we get started Doc, I’d like to thank you for coming. I guess we’ll start with the basics. Where did you go this summer? Doc: I went to the Ukraine, then I went to Mongolia, and then I took a Mediterranean cruise. LI: Mongolia, huh? Sounds pretty out of the way. Doc: Sure is. It was like being on another planet. LI: “Being on another planet.” I’m not

sure I understand exactly what you mean. Doc: Everything was so different. Everything was a surprise, an adventure. I ate horsemeat there, and I found it very delicious. I drank horse milk and camel milk, which I did not find delicious. But they both contain 2% alcohol and that’s what even babies drink. LI: So in Mongolia, “2% milk” has a different meaning! Doc: Yeah, I guess it does. LI: Can you tell us anything about the landscape? I’ve heard it’s very scenic. Doc: Well, it had tremendous variety. There are areas completely flat as far as the eye can see, devoid of any life, like a moonscape. There were places that were scenic; a lot of it was like the Wild West. In the far north, next to Siberia, it’s lakes and forest-covered mountains. And the forest floors were blooming with wildflowers, of all different colors, and of all different kinds. The ground was quilted. It was fabulously beautiful. But on the other hand, I went to the Gobi Desert in the South-much of that is very scenic. I was camped by a range of sand dunes that went for sixty miles. The sand dunes were hundreds of feet high, all white. Behind them were the Altai Mountains: fantastic purple peaks. Every day I was there it was 100 degrees...You felt like you were being cooked. There was no shade. The tent was useless. All I could do was be in the sun and get cooked. That was the first

time I have been bombarded constantly by burning hot sun. There was no way to get away from it but to wrap myself up in clothes and put lots of sunscreen on. Something else I want to tell you: most Mongolians ride horses or cows for transportation. The only paved roads I ever saw were in the vicinity of the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. They don’t have roads yet. There are nothing but dirt tracks that 4-wheel drive vehicles have made, and you can’t get around without a 4-wheel drive vehicle. You just forge your own path…the Mongolians themselves get lost. Most of the people are still nomads. LI: Yes, the people. What are they like? Doc: Very, very hospitable, kind people. I always felt completely at ease, even when I couldn’t speak with them. Most of them are very poor; being nomadic they have very few possessions. They live a subsistence life. Most wealth is reckoned in herds of animals: horses, cows, sheep, goats, yak. LI: I don’t think I even know what a yak looks like. Doc: They look like cows in shaggy costumes. They look like something out of Dr. Seuss. I found them very docile, more so than ordinary cows, and they outnumber ordinary cows ten to one. They raise them for meat. I also saw what remains of the only wild horses in the world. Przewalski’s horse. I saw them in the wild, and they’re very pretty. They’re not shaped like a domestic horse at all, They have (Continued on back page)

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Today, gentlemen, I shall be discussing (or shall have discussed, technically, since I’m not writing this in the future, and will have discussed everything henceforth in the past by the time you’re reading it) two issues, which, as I so delicately state, grind my gears. You know what really grinds my gears? You, devoted reader, probably noticed last week that although I used film titles in my column last week they were not italicized. The editors, bane of my existence, have taken their feud with my preferred format too far. In my first column this year, there were words missing from one of my sentences. I did not write, “it sees must be penetrated,” as the editors would have you believe, and I certainly was not talking about Pocahontas herself or a literal Avatar of Vishnu (or even Aang, for that matter), but there was no way to tell that since the titles of those two

The Record Disclaimer

movies were not italicized. For this reason, as a bit of an experiment, I shall be writing the remainder of this article (shall have written) in italics to see if, in print, it will be satisfactory; or at least I would if I remembered what button I pressed last week to make it do that. I want to say I genetically crossed each letter with a backslash, but that’s too complex to be practical, and I’m not in biology; so where would I even have access to that technology? Another thing that grinds my gears is that out of all the people I have shared my opinion with in a certain matter, only one has agreed so far, and that was last July. No one else is even a bit suspicious that Hilary Swank and Matt Damon are the same person. “This is preposterous!” I hear you cry. “Nay, ‘tis not,” I swiftly reply. (Guys, that totally rhymed, just saying, and I didn’t even mean for it to do that). Before I go over the word limit here (yeah, editors cut my words out (Continued on back page)

Cardinals Falter Sam Sagartz, ’11

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Friday, September 17, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 3

Content Editor

Ever since the hope-raising sweep of the Reds in Cincinnati over a month ago, watching the Cardinals play has been nothing short of depressing. The typical game as of late has begun with a small lead in favor of the Redbirds of maybe 1-3 runs. A few innings later, one of our previously stellar pitchers lets up a good 5 or 6 runs. Then, a few more enemy runs are let up by the bullpen just to seal the deal, while the Cards' offense is extinguished. One could argue that the Cardinals are playing without any hope - as if they have nothing to play for. Indeed, this may signify the possibility of Tony LaRussa's retirement. However, what is most surprising is how unsuccessful this extremely talented team has been this year. Even when the Cards were

leading the NL Central, it seemed the offense never entirely clicked. Now that the magic dust sprinkled on our top three pitchers has worn off, the losses continue to pile up. The only reason the Cardinals aren't technically out of the race (magic # for the reds is 11) is that the Reds have been nearly as awful as we have the last couple weeks. With a lineup of such great potential, one must wonder why St. Louis isn't one of the most dominant teams in baseball. We have a few players doing well, such as Albert and Holliday, and despite the loss of David Freese, others like Jon Jay have stepped up and exceeded expectations. Although Molina is also doing fairly well now, the rest of the team has been quite disappointing. Brendan Ryan and Skip Schumaker, for example, both hit just under . 300 last year. This year, however, Ryan is (Continued on back page)

The Weekly Update

Friday, September 17, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 3

The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Upcoming Albums Niall Caparon, ’11 Music Writer

The following are some upcoming albums from some of the best rappers out there. Look for these albums and artists to hit it big in the next year. Lil Wayne - I'm Not a Human Being Ep- Sept. 27 Gucci Mane- The Appeal Georgia's Most Wanted- Sept. 28 Young Jeezy- TM 103- Sept 28 Waka Flocka Flame - Flockaveli - Oct. 5 Chiddy Bang- The Preview - Oct. 11 Kid Cudi- Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager - Oct 26 Kanye West- Dark Twisted Fantasy - Nov. 16 Drake- It's Never Enough- (Mixtape) - Fall/ Winter 2010 Dr. Dre- Detox- Possible Late Fall/Winter 2010 Release T.I.- King Uncaged- 12 songs recorded, no official release date, expected Fall/Winter 2010

Lil Wayne will soon release his I'm Not a Human Being Ep (an Ep is a half length album), featuring number one single “Right Above It ft. Drake.” I’m Not a Human Being will serve as a filler while Lil Wayne remains in jail and until Tha Carter IV is released. Possible release dates of Tha Carter IV have been rumored to be as early as November 5th, but are thus far unconfirmed. Gucci will drop his third studio album Sept. 28, on which he collaborated with Bun B, Nicki Minaj, Pharell, and Wyclef Jean. Look for it. After releasing eight official mixtapes Waka Flocka Flame will release his first studio album, Flockaveli. Singles will include: O Let's Do It, Hard in Da Paint, and No Hand (feat. Wale and Roscoe Dash). In perhaps the most anticipated album to be released in 2010, Kid Cudi will release the sequel to his popular first album. Erase Me feat. Kanye West, REVOFEV, and Mr. Rager are a few of the so far confirmed song of his upcoming album. Kanye West will also release his highly anticipated new album, Dark Twisted Fantasy, November 16. Singles off the album: will include: Power, Good Friday, and Monster have already been released or leaked.

Fine Ethopian Dining

Cafe is beef, cooked in many different ways even raw for the truly adventurous. Almost always accompanying the beef is butter. Andy Hernandez, ’12 Depending on your taste and health Opinions Writer preferences, this can be good or bad. As for grains, Ethiopians reject rice and pasta in favor of lentils, which would be very healthy if only Meskerem Café they weren’t stewed in a butter3210 S. Grand Blvd. filled sauce. The most unique part For places to get 9/17 - 9/24 excellent, out of the way cuisine, of this restaurant is the manner of serving. When you sit down, there Grand Blvd. is definitely the best Friday, 9/17 are no utensils to greet you. place to go. However, If I had to Breaded Clams Rather, all the food is served on a pick a favorite out of these great Monday, 9/20 type of sourdough pancake, which local restaurants, I would pick the Hot Dog/Brat Meskerem Cafe: one of the few St. acts as your plate. You could ask Tuesday, 9/21 for a fork if you want, but then Louis Ethiopian eateries. Chicken Wrap you would miss out on the full Personally, I love the atmosphere Wednesday, 9/22 experience. Ethiopian food is felt when I first enter the Szechwan Meatball often quite spicy, and therefore is restaurant. The owner will greet Thursday, 9/23 you and make sure that you are not for people with weak Roasted Turkey palettes . Nevertheless, the satisfied with whatever you order, Friday, 9/24 combination of that spiciness and making the experience feel very Fish Slider the other interesting flavors homey. As with any food, makes Maskerem Cafe a great Ethiopian cuisine is very indicative of the country. Much of the meat served at Meskerem place to try new things in St. Louis.

Weekly Lunches

Weekly Calendar Monday, 9/20 • Varsity Soccer vs Westminster 4:15 • JV Soccer @ Westminster 4:15 • JV Football vs Lutheran North 4:15

Tuesday, 9/21 • Varsity Soccer @ Burroughs 4:15 • JV Soccer vs Burroughs 4:15

Wednesday, 9/22

Thursday, 9/23

Friday, 9/24 • JV Soccer @ Lutheran South 4:15 • Varsity Football @ Lutheran South 7:00

Saturday, 9/25 • Cross Country @ Jefferson Barracks 8:30am • C Team Football vs Lutheran South 10:00am


Friday, September 17, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 3

The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. Cobras 5. Protuberance 9. Accumulate 14. Airhead 15. Largest continent 16. Pertaining to ships at sea 17. Wings 18. Female chickens 19. Munchkin 20. The male head of family 22. Not married 23. Tendency 24. US bird symbol 26. Be in debt 29. Pantry 33. Dreamer 38. American songbird 39. Mats of grass 40. Approaches 42. Resorts 43. Make less taut 45. Cellar 47. Shorttail weasel 48. Cheat 49. Play a guitar 52. Acclaim 57. Formerly, a writing tablet


60. Marinate 63. Heathen 64. Helen's city 65. Any minute 66. Happening 67. Otherwise 68. Disallow 69. Fritter away 70. Marsh plant 71. Biblical garden DOWN 1. Customize 2. Derived from the sun 3. Dish 4. Back of the boat 5. Laugh 6. Utilizer 7. Chop finely 8. Ottoman title 9. Sharp-cornered 10. Foible 11. Acknowledge 12. Identical 13. Sleigh 21. Graven image 25. Lustrous 27.Victor

Word Search



28. East southeast 30. Fool 31. Distinctive flair 32. Repose 33. Part of an archipelago 34. A swinging barrier to a room 35. Ancient Biblical kingdom 36. Helper 37. Bar bill 41. Tattered cloth 44. Accord 46. Sword 50. Speak 51. Blackbird 53. Desire 54. Delineated 55. An obsolete name for nitrogen 56. Part of a joint 57. Gush 58. Magma 59. Matures 61. It smells 62. Turned blue, maybe




























frames fully

scene screws


- Satchel Paige

Friday, September 17, 2011 Volume 41, Issue 3

Sports The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Cross Country Team Hits the Ground Running Kyle Hill, ’11 Sports Writer

Ah, back to school. New classes, homework, and adolescents running as fast as they can for a predetermined distance in tank tops and short shorts. That’s right. Classes are back in session, which means the Runnin’ Rebels are finally starting to compete in meets. The running of the Red Sea (also known as the Priory J.V. cross country squad) marked the beginning of the season last Tuesday when they ran in the Fleet Feet Kick Off, a flat 2 mile race at Quail Creek Park in Wentzville. Although they faced a number of much larger school (Marquette and Francis Howell, I’m looking at you) and rather warm conditions, the team performed

admirably as junior Jack O’Brien lead them with a time of 12:29. Not far behind him were senior Tony King (12:39) and junior Nick Sarai (12:41). Also noteworthy were senior Clayton Petti, who after a rather impressive kick to the finish clocked in at 12:57, and sophomore Patrick Lindmark (13:01). Next it was Varsity’s turn. Although the sky clouded up a bit just in time for their race, the humidity would still prove to be an obstacle at a whopping 90%. Senior Kyle Hill came across the line first for the squad at 10:43 for a 13th place finish. Not too far off his mark were junior Spencer King and senior John Cole, who ended with times of 11:05 and 11:06, respectively. Senior Nick D’Orazio (11:21) and sophomore Ryan Donlin (11:40) filled out the top five.

On Friday, the team headed down south to compete in the Lutheran South Invitational at Jefferson Barracks. Tired from a fast race on Tuesday and a hard speed workout on Wednesday, the Varsity squad did the honors this time, having to deal with the unusually long grass first. Making his debut cross country appearance, senior soccer captain Doug Brooking performed excellently, finishing at 18:26 in 9th, followed by Kyle Hill (18:47), who finished in 15th. A tight Priory pack consisting of John Cole (19:08), Spencer King (19:15), Nick D’Orazio (19:49), and Ryan Donlin (19:58) worked together to pass a number of opponents throughout the race, although they spaced out a bit by the finish. This promising performance earned them an overall (Continued on back page)

Priory Races Off Speed Bump Kevin Hess, ’11 Editor in Chief

The Rebels faced off in the championship of the Saint Dominic Super Cup last Saturday versus the number three ranked large school, Eureka. The game promised to be a high-scoring affair from the beginning, as Eureka scored less than two minutes into the game on a penalty kick. The Rebels found themselves a little flustered as they found themselves losing for the first (and only) time thus far in the 2010 season. Priory continued to struggle stringing passes together and couldn’t really get into the passing groove that Rebel fans have grown so accustomed to this year. However, the Rebels were able to pull back even when Kyle Martin played a short free kick to fellow junior Andy Kopfensteiner whose low shot skipped through the box and into the goal. These were Kopfensteiner’s first ever varsity points in a soccer game and couldn’t have come at a better time.

However, before announcer could even announce the goal the Wildcats struck again. The Rebels fought, but couldn’t claw out of this hole before halftime, and, so, went into the half losing 2-1. The Rebels looked like a completely different team in the second half, player brisker and sharper than in the first half. Senior captain Doug Brooking seemed to be all over the field, streaking up and down the field constantly. Eventually, the Rebel attack simply couldn’t be held out of the net any longer. Jack Wegmann slid the ball into the back of the net to tie the game and ignite a chorus of “OLAY”s from the sizable Priory fan base. However, in a heartbreaking manner, Eureka again marched down the field and stole the lead back within a minute. Priory continued to press hard and even created many scoring chances but simply couldn’t break through one last time as the Wildcats held on to a 3-2 scoreline to claim their first ever Super Cup. Priory walked onto New Trafford, yet undefeated on the new pitch, with a bitter taste in their mouths from the Eureka

game. Their victims: the number two ranked Dragons of Saint Mary’s. The Rebels played a very solid first half but failed to break a talented Dragon’s defense. The second half, however, was a completely different story. Junior Jacob Mohrmann found senior captain Jack Wegmann’s feet in the box, and Wegmann fought the ball through a defender and into the back of the net. Wegmann was nowhere near done for the day, though. On the fast break, Doug Brooking took a long ball out of the air and, with one unbelievably skilled touch, played Jack a ball that left him no choice but to score for the second time on the day. In another fast break situation, junior Brendan Phillips flicked a long ball into Wegmann’s path. The senior needed no further help as he took the breakaway in and beat the goalie to complete his hat-trick. Priory finished the game with a clean sheet behind several magnificent saves from junior goalkeeper Kevin Ludwig. The game ended 3-0 Rebels.


Friday, September 17, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 3

The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

JV Football Update Thomas Burton, ’13 Sports Writer

After a disappointing loss to Affton, the JV Rebels came out ready to play against the Westminster Wildcats. The Rebels kicked off to Westminster, and, on their 2nd possession of the game, Ryan Token made a fantastic interception. He returned it 40 yards to the end zone, and the Rebels were quickly up 7-0. Then, after Brandon Boyer’s second of three interceptions, Thomas Raybuck ran in for a 22 yard score for a 14-0 lead. Priory scored two more touchdowns in the first half, one on a two yard run by Raybuck, and the other on a 15 yard touchdown pass from David Nogalski to Thomas Burton. The Rebels went into halftime with a 26-0 lead. Soon after play resumed, Nogalski hooked up with Jacob Walburn on a 40 yard crossing pattern for the score. With a 32-0 lead, the Rebels pounded the ball and ran down the clock on their dominant victory. The defense also had an excellent game behind Sam Bruns’ 2 sacks, and Brandon Boyer’s three interceptions. Alex “the man” Haueisen also played shutout D as usual. The JV Rebels’ next game is against Lutheran North at Priory on Monday the 20th . Be there.

Trend Club Hosts Mean Event Douglas Brooking, ’11 Opinion Writer

It’s that time of year again, and the Priory Trend Club is back ready to begin the year by providing you with a truly high class event. Mean Girls, quite possibly the best movie ever to be produced, is being screened this Sunday at 6:37 p.m., in the Kevin Kline Theater. Doors will open at 6:00 so we can all get a good night’s rest before the grievously early morning bell. Not only will one of the finest cinematic masterpieces ever be available for your enjoyment, but there will also be pizza for everyone to consume. (Though not in the theater of course!) Everyone is invited to attend, along with any and all lady friends that you desire to cuddle and hold hands with before the start of the new school week. Co-president Sean Sigillito and I wish to see everyone in attendance, for who would want to miss such a pleasing evening of food, film, and our own Mr. Barrett’s sly and witty remarks? Keep your eyes open for the Trend Club events in the near future, including a possible Dance Party in Room 203. (Pizza charges apply. Prices subject to change. No membership required. Come Sunday for details.)

Friday, September 17, 2010 Volume 41, Issue 3

Entertainment The Record - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Lost in the Maize Sam Sagartz, ’11 Content Editor

Junior School Column Alex Hill, ’15, Artie Hidalgo, ’15 Staff Writers

After years of hearing about the possible health problems caused by high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), Americans should be relieved to hear that the producers of this common sweetener are doing something about the problem: they’re changing its name. The Corn Refiners Association (CRA) applied this Tuesday to the FDA to change the name of HFCS to “corn sugar.” This simplified name, they believe, will “ease confusion about the sweetener (Yahoo).” Obviously, if something has a bad reputation because of its potential to cause life-threatening illnesses, the best thing to do is change the name to fool consumers, rather than try to improve the product itself. The CRA is basing this name change on the idea that sugar is sugar – the body can’t tell the difference. The chemical-sounding name, the association believes, gives an unfair image of unnaturalness. However, it has been suggested that soft drinks sweetened with HFCS are much more likely to contain harmful compounds than table sugar (sucrose). Although it certainly is true that all sugar can contribute to obesity, there is evidence that HFCS has the potential to cause liver problems as well. In my opinion, it is ridiculous that the CRA is attempting to trick Americans into disregarding potential health effects simply in order to feed the already-toomassive corn industry. Although the namechange process may take up to two years, hopefully most Americans are wise to this ploy and continue looking for more natural sweetening opportunities.

Priory Updates Junior Schoolers, this column is dedicated to you. It brings you sports updates, various opinions, and other important events. This week in sports, the 8th grade soccer team will play their first game on Sunday, September 12 at 1:15 at Priory. The 8th grade football players have just started practicing with full pads. We look like we’re ready to beat Vianney in our first game on Saturday, September 18th at 9 AM at Priory. Now the important stuff – The Junior School Mixer! On Friday, October 8th at 7:00 in the Multi-purpose Gym we will have our first mixer of the year. Bring all your lady friends! Miscellaneous And now, the top five English Premier league teams: 1 – Chelsea 2 – Arsenal 3 – Manchester United 4 – Aston Villa 5 – Bolton I’ll have you know that I, Alex Hill, am a diehard Arsenal fan. If you have anything to say about that, come find me, and I’ll tell you in person why the Arsenal is the most amazing team ever. Enough from my colleague, I am Artie Hidalgo - a person who believes that real football goes by a secondary name of PIGSKIN! This week in the NFL, my personal choice of game of the week is the New Orleans Saints versus the Minnesota Vikings, a rematch of the NFC Championship game last year. It will be an epic Quarterback battle. Watch It! And one other thing, I am trying to form a Priory swim team/club. If you have any interest, contact me! Well, there you have it Gentlemen, the Junior School Update Column! If you have any ideas or suggestions, talk to either of us.

iTunes Top 10 1. Only Girl (In the World) Rihanna 2. Just the Way You Are Bruno Mars 3. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Usher 4. Dog Days Are Over Florence 5. Teenage Dream Katy Perry 6. Just a Dream Nelly 7. Club Can’t Handle Me Flo Rida 8. Dynamite Taio Cruz 9. Love the Way You Lie Eminem 10. I Like It Enrique Iglesias

Top 10 Chiddy Bang Songs 1. Opposite of Adults 2. Truth 3. Eff You (Remix) 4. Dream Chasin 5. Danger Zone 6. Never 7. Fresh Like Us 8. Now u Know 9. All Things Go 10. Slow Down

-Young Ivory

Friday, September 17 2010 Volume 41, Issue 3

The Record The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School

Lorem Ipsum Cont’d the body of a zebra. Except they’re calico. The foals are snow white with a black mane and tail: very beautiful. So I saw the only wild horses in the world, and I also ate horse. I liked ‘em both ways. LI: A feast for the eyes and the stomach! Now I know I speak for all my readers when I say Mongolian culture has always fascinated me. Is there any aspect of it that you enjoyed? Doc: I fell completely in love with music in Mongolia, both instrumental and vocal. They have their own [style of] Buddhist chant, but I didn’t care for that as much as the chant we have in the West. Whenever I saw Buddhist monks chanting they were drinking horse milk, getting high. LI: And we’re just about out of time. Is there anything about Mongolia you’d like to say in closing? Doc: It’s like being in another world. In Mongolia I was so far removed from everything I knew. It was like I didn’t have a family, it was like I didn’t have a Corvette. They didn’t exist anymore. It was like Priory didn’t exist and I didn’t have a job here. It was as if I had no ties to my previous life anymore. I’ve very rarely ever felt so strongly in this way. LI: Wow, my mind’s just been blown. Thank you, Doc, thank you so much. Doc: My pleasure. There are a lot of things Doc did over the summer that are not recorded in this interview. If he ever has the time, ask him about his Mediterranean cruise, especially about Naples and Malta. Always a master storyteller, it will just be more proof that Dr. Ritchie really is the most interesting man in the world. Stay thirsty, my friends.

Cards Cont’d batting a dismal .228 and Schumaker an underwhelming . 271. Lopez has been another disappointment, as he is currently hitting only .231. All of these players have had great success in the batting box in the past. Therefore, we should see if there are any other factors that might be contributing to the Cardinal's offensive woes. What is the biggest personnel change the Cards have had since last year? Hmm...Mark McGwire! How did anyone in the Cardinals organization expect a career .263 hitter and admitted steroid user (meaning many of his hits would have been fly-outs instead of home runs) to be a successful hitting coach? Obviously, he can't have done any good this year, as nearly everyone is doing much worse than the 2009 season. As to the recent demise in starting pitching quality, I have little to say. Maybe it was unfair to expect such incredible numbers from three starters on the same team. Although Wainwright, Carpenter, and Garcia should finish the season with pretty good stats, one must wonder what happened to them in August and September. Hopefully the Redbirds can avoid the dangerously close .500 line (their record as of Sept. 15 is 74-70) and finish 2010 with a "winning" season.

Grinds My Gears Cont’d even though I’m not done talking, I think, maybe), I just ask you this: think, have you ever seen Hilary and Matt in the same place? If you saw only their faces next to each other, would you see a difference? Aren’t their movies a bit similar (I mean Million Dollar Baby and The Bourne Ultimatum were almost scene-for-scene identical during the first hour and a half)? Food for thought, gentlemen. Food for thought.

THE RECORD - The Official Student Publication of the Saint Louis Priory School 500 S. Mason Road, Creve Coeur, MO 63141 314.434.3690 ext. 221 Editor in Chief: Kevin H. Hess, ’11 Layout Editor: David J. Taiclet, ’11 Content Editors: Jon P. Gower, ’11, Sam J. Sagartz, ’11 Moderator: Matthew L. Barrett

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010  

Friday, September 17, 2010