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VALENTINE’S DAY COUPLES Celebrity and Local Couples


10 Bands, 3 finalists, 2 Emcees, 1 Amazing Night

The Record Staff


By Chris Chivetta ‘14

Editor in Chief: Peter J. Cogan Layout Editor: Jack M. Mueller Content Editor:

Rebel Rock Preview


ntering its fifth year, Rebel Rock comes back bigger and better than ever. Speaking from firsthand experience, Rebel Rock is the best Battle of the Bands in

them a sure competitor despite the break-up. They are flying another band member in from Indiana, who is a mystery and a huge threat to the other bands performing.

“Adventure Time.” For you Rebel Rock veterans, this is the spiritual successor to “Wavelength” who won a couple years back. Expect this band to blow you

Patrick C.Lindmark Editor at Large: Thomas S. Burton Faculty Moderator: Chris W. Bailes

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the Saint Louis area. If you haven’t been I’m assuming you don’t like having a good time. The show is top notch, and the bands keep on getting better. So putting my bias aside (Quality Brome is the best), here is a look on the 10 bands looking to play in the show. Carla The stellar freshman band from last year is back… But in pieces. Noah Van Bree and Logan Palliser stormed out of nowhere to finish fourth playing songs from Blur and Radiohead. The band fell apart, but Noah as the centerpiece makes

Presidents’ Day No Classes

Meatball Sub Sandwich Steamed Veggies



Jack and Jim on the Rocks Two words describe this band: Bobby Donnelly. Priory’s accomplished violinist trades the bow for the ax. Expect some classic rock anthems with a hint of country music. With Bobby’s musical finesse, in the first year this band has some great potential. The Moment This band represents the music scene found outside of Priory. Now headed by a female lead singer, this band was reconstructed from Jake Hill’s previous experiment


Grilled Hamburg19 French Fries

Buffalo Chicken Wrap


Priory SPECIAL Panini

Grilled 100% Beef Hot Dogs Baked Beans



away with its high-energy performance and Paramore-esque rock O.K. Fire An extremely clever triple entendre name, this band is the definition of persistent. Reformed year after year with vocalist/bassist Ryan Donlin at its center, this band’s love of alternative and obscure rock shines through in everything about them. Tas de Chats A bands formed on the deadline to sign up for Rebel Rock, this band composed of Andrew O’Sullivan, Ryan Donlin, and Wil-

Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese and Steamed Green Beans Sloppy Joe Chips

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Grading Day NO Classes




News liam Moore is well…. Out there. Playing all original material, this band is extremely interesting. I have no idea what to expect. Ed and the Housers Ed Houser, with his sultry, deep voice has now collided with the 80’s. With great backing musicians, (all for some reason named something along the lines of “John Houser”), this band is sure to make you put on some spandex and leg warmers.

Saving Iris / J.A.R. Rising tide returns with a full line up with Jack Rourke on vocals, Ryan Token on Guitar, Alex Haueisen on keys, (backed by other musicians). As a full band, expect more epic renditions of “Come Sail Away” and original content. Jack, Ryan and Alex break off and form J.A.R., performing Gavin Degraw and Ben Folds covers and more original building. This band deserved way more recognition last year and looks to leave a mark on the top three spots.

The Low Maintenance Folkies Preferring to go by LMF nowadays, last year’s champion is the juggernaut of Rebel Rock. Mitch Van Bree isn’t looking to end his undefeated Rebel Rock career on a sour note. And it will be hard to top him when teamed up with a band of Priory supermusicians Ryan Donlin (on bass) and Alex Haueisen (on keys) along with their gifted female drummer. Trading their acoustic guitars for a more clean-Vampire Weekend style, their original indie melodies make them stand out from the other bands.

Quality Brome Tj Niemann, Chris Chivetta, Taylor Dubray, and Brayton Briggs are known crowd pleasers While still bringing back everything you loved about them, they bring back a few more shows under their belt and look better than ever. If they can continue their history of great crowd support, they look to be the biggest competitors of the Low Maintenance Folkies for first place. Expect some great covers with the possibility of an original song

Aim High Volunteers Wanted Any High School boy interested in being a teaching assistant for Aim High this summer, please attend the informational meeting at 8am on February 28 in

the theater. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lane at extension 200 or

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News L

State of the Union Address By Eric Stange ‘14

ast Tuesday night, President Obama gave out his fifth State of the Union Address. In it he spoke on several of the issues our country faces today: foreign policy, gun control, the economy, education, deficit reduction, and immigration. Most notably perhaps, President Obama expressed his wish to unfurl a new Federal minimum wage at $9 an hour. This would be a $1.75 raise from the current figure of $7.25 per hour. However, 10% of this proposed raise would be lost due to the new payroll tax. Economists have debated the issue of the minimum wage since it was instituted in 1938, and it is now being confirmed on a national level that since the past minimum wage raise in 2009, companies are resorting to hiring less low wage employees. In turn, unemployment continues to rise, and therefore an increase of government handouts and welfare budget have been demanded. Next, President Obama surprised some of his most loyal followers by unveiling his newer immigration policy which includes increased border protection, taxes and penalties, and a total immigration reform. This was probably the most unexpected announcement of the night, as many

pro-immigration workers and activists were seemingly less enthused by the end of the night. One of the main issues with the immigration activists is the increasing number of deportations, which stand at an all time high. Education wise, President Obama plans on implementing early childhood education for all. This move was indeed lauded by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), but said idea remains in a gloomy infancy, since such a contrived motive would be hard to enact with dwindling support in Congress. On a larger scale facet of his address, President Obama made an interesting statement regarding the long awaited budget cuts. He cautioned Congress about the imminent sequester budget cuts, about the potentially harmful affects they may have. Ironically, these cuts were failsafe that President Obama sent to Congress; if no new budget resolution could be reached, automatic sequester cuts would be made on March 1st of this year. If he is so unsure of the cuts, why did he ever suggest them as a possible answer in the first place? This same President has accused Congress of “putting a gun to the

head of the American people” after an attempt to discuss the same issue. Congress’ plea was simply spending cuts. In return, the borrowing limit would be increased. So therefore, as Congress suggests spending cuts, a completely reasonable request given our national 17 trillion dollar debt, President Obama has responded by turning down something he has asked Congress for repeatedly - a raised borrowing limit-, making overblown accusations, and by blaspheming the same exact thing he has proposed a year

ago. Granted these cuts may actually be harmful, and indeed are different from the cuts proposed by Congress, it is questionable for the President to support the principle of cuts in his own custom regulation but utterly condemn it in any proposed bipartisan legislature. In conclusion, while President Obama’s most recent State of the Union address does not necessarily explicitly say what will be happening in our country, it certainly gives us an interesting an opportunity to see what our leader sees in his own utopia.

Midwest Literary Review Magazine

Are you a burgeoning writer, artist, or photographer looking for an outlet for your work? Well then look no further than the Midwest Literary Review! Priory’s newest publication will be showing off poetry, prose (esp. fiction), studio art (drawings/paintings), and photography from Priory high school students. Teams of multiple editors will go through the work submitted in each category to decide which works will be the best fits for the Review. Submissions and any questions can be directed to executive editor Justin Davis-Morgan ( or faculty moderator Fr. Augustine ( Limit submissions to three or four items per student. More announcements will come soon, and look forward to publication in the spring term!


Basketball game tonight 7:00 vs. Lutheran South at HOME

Sports J

Interview with a Superbowl Referee By Patrick Lindmark ‘13

oe Larrew is a Side Judge in the NFL. This year, for the first time, he was chosen to officiate the Super Bowl. I got the opportunity to ask him a few questions about Super Bowl XLVII and life as an NFL referee.

Q. Are you always officiating from the same position, such as referee or line judge? If so what job do you do? A. I am always the Side Judge on every game I work. I share responsibility for the passing game on my side, runs to our side of the field (along with the Q. How did you get started as an NFL Head Linesman), downfield responsiofficial? bility with the returner and blockers on A. After graduating law school in 1977 punt plays and up field responsibility for I ran into one of my high school princi- kickoff returns. I also work as the second pals who was a high school basketball Umpire on field goal and try attempts. and football official. He suggested that I get into officiating to stay involved in the Q. Do you have a favorite team and are sports that I played in HS and college. there rules to prevent prejudice? I started doing basketball and football A. The only team I root for is the officiofficiating at the freshmen and sopho- ating team. Even on the rare occasions more levels all over the area. Eventually that I work games in St. Louis or Rams’ I worked up into a varsity schedule for games on the road, the only thing that both sports. In 1986 I worked my first matters to me is how my crew performs. college game at Washington University and the following year I focused on Q. How do you get selected to the Sumoving more into college football than per Bowl? the HS level. By 1993 I was hired into the A. Each official in the League is graded Gateway Football Conference, which by NFL Supervisors on every play of was the Div. I-AA level. Within a short every game. At the end of the year all time after that I was contacted by the officials are ranked with the other ofNFL and asked to put in an application. ficials that work the same position. At that point NFL scouts showed up at The highest ranked official at the ponearly every game I worked. In 1996 I sition normally gets the Super Bowl. worked the Div. I-AA Championship game between Marshall and Montana. Q. What were things like on the field Shortly thereafter the NFL identified when the lights went out? me as a finalist for the League. I then A. They were interesting. At first there worked from 1999 to 2001 in the NFL- were some concerns about why and Europe League including a World Bowl how the Superdome lost power along Championship in 2001 in Amsterdam. with who might be responsible. GraduIn 2002 I was hired by the NFL to work ally the focus was simply on how long it on the field as a Side Judge and I have would be before the power was restored continued at the position for 11 years. and how much warm up time the teams would need once we could play again. Q. How many years have you been officiating? Q. What has been your favorite experiA. I have officiated football since 1978. ence as an official?

A. It has to be the Super Bowl. I have never seen anything like what goes on around the game and in the stadium. Q. How many games do you work during a season? A. Normally 4 preseason games, 15 to 16 regular season games and 1 playoff game. This year I worked two playoff games including the Super Bowl. Q. What is your favorite stadium to officiate in? A. Tough question since so many of them are great places to work. Green Bay has the historical factor going for it. New England is a great place to work although it can get bitterly cold late in the season. Some of the most interesting fans are found in Philadelphia and Oakland. Kansas City is famous for its tailgate activities although we cannot participate. All of the red inside the KC stadium is impressive. Q. Who is your favorite player or coach you’ve met? A. I think my favorite player was Brett Favre because he really enjoyed playing the game and was almost like a little kid in how much fun he seemed to be having. Coach Parcells was an amazing person to be around on a sideline during the game. Great to see he is going in to the Hall of Fame.

S/o to Taylor Boyce and Dominic Coppola for state



Priory Wrastlin’: League, Districts, State


ith the season coming to a close, the Rebels wrestling team has geared their efforts toward lofty goals. This began with the Metro League Tournament, held at Westminster on Feb. 2. Priory took 3rd place in the league to MICDS and champion Westminster, with Taylor Boyce (220 lbs) taking first and many others medaling as well. Boyce, who has had a fantastic season in his own right, also broke two school records - the most takedowns in a season, at 81, and most wins in a season, at 39. This is the second time in two years that the win record has been broken; last year, James Merenda (class of 2012) set the record at 38 wins. After a week of intense preparation in the practice room, Feb. 8 and 9 represented the zenith of the wrestling season: the District Tournament, which determines who qualifies for the statewide tournament. As a team, Priory took 7th place at the tournament with 63 team points; the overall winner was host team St.

By Justin Davis-Morgan ‘13

Charles West. Strong performances abounded at districts, and Patrick Lane (126), Alex Haueisen (152), and Khaliq Snow (195) ended their seasons a match away from qualifying. Nevertheless, Priory was able to send two wrestlers to the state tournament. Dominic Coppola placed third in his district bracket at 160 lbs, and Taylor Boyce, who has gone to state twice in two years, placed second. The state tournament took place at the Mizzou Arena in Columbia, from Feb. 14th to 16th. Here’s a breakdown of Dom’s and Taylor’s performances by round Opening Round: Tony Clinesmith (Excelsior Springs) won by pin over Coppola [Pin 1:16]; Mark Ingraham (Excelsior Springs) won by decision over Boyce [2-1]. Consolation Round 1: Coppola won by pin over Luke Inman (Affton) [Pin 2:14]; Boyce won by decision over Justin McWilliams (Park Hills Central) [6-0]. Cons. Round 2: Coppola

won by pin over William Corson (Sullivan) [Pin 4:13]; Boyce won by pin over Levi Marlay (Cameron) [0:40]. Cons. Round 3: Drew Benner (Fulton) won by tech fall over Coppola [16-0]; Bryson O`Callaghan (Savannah) won in double overtime over Boyce [2-1].

Both wrestlers ended their seasons a match away from medaling. Nevertheless, the state tournament provided a great cap to a great season for them both. Congratulations to all the wrestlers, varsity and JV, for their hard work and successes this season!

CollegeByAthletes Commit Peter Cogan ‘13


hile collegiate-level athletes are not common at Priory, each year there are a few seniors that make the commitment to play a sport at college. This year was no exception as three seniors have committed to play at the college level. The most obvious of these is Jeffrey Hopson, who is part of


the SLSG Academy soccer program and opted to keep playing with his club team rather than the varsity team here in order to keep his skill in peak form before starting college. Jeffrey just officially committed last week on National Signing day to play at Northwestern University, though he has

been verbally committed to Northwestern for some time. Jeffrey was the highest profile recruit at Priory, drawing attention from many top D1 programs other than Northwestern. Jeffrey also seriously considered Indiana, a consistent top-10 program who just won the NCAA championship

just a few months ago. However, Jeffrey stated last week that he was very confident in his decision to play for Northwestern and that the support he has gotten from his family and friends has been phenomenal. Soccer players seem to be the most recruited athletes from Priory. Last year


Sports both Andrew Rhodes and Kyle Martin committed to D1 programs (many others could have played at the D2 or D3 level but decided not to). This year, Jeffrey Hopson and Sam Newman are the soccer recruits. Sam just recently committed to play soccer at St. John’s University, a D3 school in Minnesota. St. John’s is an all-guys school, so Sam will have gone to school for 10 years with only boys once he graduates. But luckily for Sam St. John’s is attached to an all-girls school, so he will have no problems with the ladies being such a soccer stud. The third recruit is Chris McKee, who has decided to play baseball for Washington University in St. Louis. Chris is the first baseball re-

cruit from Priory in a long time, so it is nice to have some diversity in sports among the college recruits from the senior class. Please make sure you all congratulate them when you pass them in the hall, and seniors: be sure to go see them play if they are playing against your own college.

Journey to the Cup By Brayton Briggs ‘14


he Priory Rebels hockey team is moving on closer to the Founders Cup finals as they take on the St. Mary’s dragons for the semifinals. Initially defeating Fort Zummwalt South in two games and then slipping past parkway west in 3 games and a shootout winning 1-0, the rebels are sitting on a hot seat. The past games have been crazy intense and had you at the edge of your seat the whole game. If there was a player of the week, it would have to be TJ Niemman, he formed a brick wall against Parkway West. Ben Kraus with a hatty hatty hat trick last gave the rebels the momentum they have needed all season long. We made it to the championship match of the Founder’s Cup last night. No it’s not the

Wickenheiser cup that the Priory Rebels crave, but it will have to do. The team had a very rough year with injuries inflicting the whole team for the whole season, and even for the championship game, Tommy Weaver is out with a vertebrae injury, Charlie Krause broke his wrist, Parker Ferguson and Chris Schafale both have concussion symptoms. But even being plagued with injuries this is not stopping the Rebels from winning it all. They smell blood. The Hockey game was 8:00 pm @ Queeny Park, yesterday, for the Founders Cup championship vs. Mehlville. If you have not yet heard, or were not there, find out who won. Then either congratulate them and/or apologize for not being there to support your brethren.

NEXT ISSUE: friday March 1st


OpinionThe Hottest: Valentine’s Day Couples

By Thomas Burton ‘13 With Valentine’s Day having just graced our presence, let us take time to examine the love lives of the cutest couples both at Priory and in the rest of the world.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Rapper Kanye West has been dropping hit records for the last eight or so years. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has been, well, looking hot, for as long as I can remember. The story goes that Kanye had been obsessed with Kim for years, and after her breakup with Nets basketball player Kris Humphries, Kanye supposedly made his move. Recently, though, the news has been that Kim is pregnant with Kanye’s child. Though still not married, the lovebirds surely made their way over to Steak ‘n’ Shake or a similar establishment last night to celebrate their love.

Student Government Seizes Large Portion of Priory Campus


he Student government at Priory has recently signed a bill to have a large four-lane highway run directly through our campus in order to have a faster commute for many attendants of the school. This decision was made without as much as a discussion with all others who inhabit the grounds of the school. The plans that now exist have the highway running through the middle of the junior school and through the back of the science wing. Many people who oppose the new plan have decided to chain themselves to desks and chairs so that the highway cannot be built. These people have said that these places on Priory are iconic landmarks that mean a great deal to the rich history of the school. Although at first we here at Michael Blogs did not support the efforts of the highway construction we now understand it is what is best for the school. If the highway is built the school will have to lose some buildings that set


By Michael Herman ‘14

us apart from our surroundings but we will also acquire a trucker’s stop complete with a Krispie Kreme shop. This Trucker stop will not only have a place for truckers to park their 18 wheelers for the night but will also include a set of showers so that they may wash down after a long day or even week of driving. After reviewing the plans it also came to my attention that a gas station will be placed at the entrance to the school so that the truckers may fill-up and so that the school can generate some revenue in the expanding gasoline market. The gas station will most likely be a Mobil station. The station will include a “Mobil on the Run” with a full churro and corndog bar. In a press conference at the beginning of the week a spokesman for Mobil said that the company is very excited to be working with our school so that we may provide Slurpees and gasoline to all.

Student Government has advised all to evacuate the areas that will be demolished lest they suffer the consequences.

The construction will start spring term of 2013 and the

“Above all keep loving one another earnestly, sin

O pinion Jay-z and Beyonce Knowles

Just like Kanye, Jay-Z has been on top of the rap game. Beyonce, formerly the lead singer of Destiny’s child, is world-renowned for both her voice and her electric dance moves. The couple reportedly met at the 2002 shooting of the music video for their song, Bonnie and Clyde. Beyonce also collaborated with Jay-Z in several songs on his 2006 album, which led to their dating and subsequent wedding in 2006. Jay-Z now publicly brags about his relationship with the singer, stating that he’s “got the hottest chick in the game wearin’ [his] chain.”

Patrick Lindmark and “Babygirl” Easily one of the most famous couples at Priory, Patrick and Maggie have now been dating for well over a year. The couple’s tale is a romantic one indeed, as Patrick’s neighbor introduced the pair way back in 2011, and the rest they say is history. Maggie’s name in Patrick’s phone is “Baby Girl,” a nickname that has drawn small amounts of scorn from certain members of the senior class, but Patrick and Maggie’s affection is much too strong to ever pressure him into changing her name, and for that, I applaud him. For Valentine’s Day, the pair shared a laid back dinner at her house followed by a movie.

Dan Jacob and Courtney Meek Although Patrick and Maggie’s relationship is well known amongst the Priory community, nothing tops the fiery romance that is Dan and Courtney’s relationship. Ever since meeting in 2011, it was clear that there was a romantic spark between the two. But, nevertheless, this attraction was one that needed some pushing/prodding from Dan’s love gurus/friends. Finally, in summer of 2012, after having already taken her to several dances, Dan and “Coco” were officially a couple. In their spare time, Dan (@DannyJ315) and Courtney (@ MEEKaboo22) enjoy corresponding via twitter, watching the movie “Like Mike,” and playing games of horse (right now, Coco owns the season series). There was a conflict on Valentine’s Day, so the two spent a romantic evening at Olive Garden on Wednesday.

nce love covers a multitude of sins.” -1 Peter 4:8




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Another Tricky Cryptogram

1. Brought into existence 5. Small drum 10. At one time (archaic) 14. Wings 15. Submarine 16. Back 17. 53 in Roman numerals 18. Sensible 20. Mutt 22. Food turner 23. Color 24. Wellknown 25. Integration 32. Negatively charged particle 33. Type of eel 34. Small portable bed 37. Happy cat sound 38. Submarine detector 39. Emanation 40. East south-


east 41. Agile Old World viverrine 42. Waste matter 43. Unfortunate 45. Platform 49. A box for bricks or mortar 50. Patio 53. Notwithstanding 57. A type of judge 59. No more than 60. Gait faster than a walk 61. Fruit of the oak tree 62. Weightlifters pump this 63. Hearing organs 64. Fake 65. Vesicle

56. Lease 58. Also

Dan Jacob complained again that these were not hard enough. So we will try one more level of difficulty... This is the Zodiac Killer’s cipher: a California serial killer that frequently sent letters to the police in his own handwritten ciphers. This one is yet to be cracked. According to experts the cipher has 63^26 possible alphabet combination keys. Good luck, Dan.


Congratulations to the Hockey Team


Mitch’s Musical Madness By Mitch Van Bree ‘13

Peg by Steely Dan Half of the teachers just said, “O man, I love that song!” This song is an “oldie,” but don’t let that scare you, pop music lovers. This song is phenomenal! Every instrument fits perfectly into place, doing no more or less than needed. This song is the epitome of mature musicianship. Sink into that electric piano groove and be amazed!

Under Cover of Darkness by The Strokes This is by far the best Strokes song out there. In the verses, the bass and guitars (with their classic Strokes tone) each have slightly different rhythm patterns that give the song a really cool feel. It’s like they just can’t quite get it together, then all of a sudden, they lock in and spit out a sick unison riff. And of course, Julian’s vocals are cool as always. How is his voice so cool?



Volume XLIII - Issue 12  

Volume XLIII - Issue 12