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A Testimony of God’s Love by Connie Chen INSIDE THIS ISSUE//

freshman year, of course I was still alone without families in Taipei, my best high-school friend invited me to her church by chance. In that evening, little by little I got to know God. The message sounded interesting to me and I enjoyed that night and also the following days because I learned how to pray. By prayers, I felt the real "peace" in my mind for the first time.

P.1/ - Top News: “A Testimony of God’s Love” - Local News: ShuangCheng St. Nightmarket P.2/ - Apr’13 Review - EM Retreat & EM Mission - Spiritual Parents Course

P.3/ - “My Life in Taiwan” - “My Life in Taiwan” (con’t) - May’13 Preview

P.4/ - Calendar / Three-Year Bible Schedule - From the Pastor’s Desk

Above: Connie committed her life to Jesus with her baptism on 4/28. What an amazing day it was as many family and friends came to show their joy and support.

Connie, what was your life like before you knew Jesus? Before I knew God, my life was loveless, full of unfairness. It seems like I have something that many people may feel envious. For example, high-education, a complete family with hardworking parents and a smart sister, pretty face and healthy body; however, I was not happy. I was not happy because I was not satisfied. How did you come to know Jesus? One day in the summer vacation of my

LEARN MORE//  Where’s the closest nightmarket to church?

 What is a “Spiritual Parent”?  Where and when is EM’s mission trip this summer?

 Who is excited about her baptism?

 Who are returning to EM from Singapore?

 Where is Jonas leaving to?  Who are the new couples at EM?

How are you changed because of Jesus? We all know that from 1 John 4:19, “We love [God], because He loved us first.” This is so true, not until I met God, the most powerful and the only savior in my life, that I knew I am the most beloved child. It is God who opened my mind and gave me so much love that I felt immeasurable grace and then learned how to share love with others. And from Bible and gospel books, I found wisdom, directions and answers to all the problems in my life. I really appreciated every process, every person I met that pushed me onto this road of faith.

Local News: Shuang-Cheng St. Nightmarket Taiwan just wouldn’t be Taiwan without its many nightmarket treats rangfrom Above: Taiwanese delicacies at ing to Shuang-Cheng Street nightmarket. noodles animal innards to tropical fruits and deep fried foods— know what I mean? The list of delicious night-1-

market foods is endless. However, did you know there is a nightmarket just a quick 10-minute walk away from SLPC? Exiting church, (1) turn right on Zhongshan North Road until you see Starbucks; (2) turn right on Ming-quan East Road; and (3) make a quick left onto Shuang-Cheng Street (雙城街) and you will arrive at this charming nightmarket, which by the way, is also open during the daytime (though there may be fewer vendors on weekend afternoons). Aside from the street vendors, there is an indoor area where fresh groceries and even non-food products can be purchased. Enjoy Taiwan!

APR’13 REVIEW Outreach: We received some fresh ideas in ministries including the homeless, at-risk youth and English café . Worship: (i) Rev. Jonathan Seitz preached 4/7 in Ps. Peter’s absence (on holiday); (ii) Ps. Peter preached 4/14 and 4/28 from Luke’s Gospel; (iii) We welcomed Rev. Onyango Zedekiah on 4/21 for Tainan Seminary weekend; (iv) Baptism service 4/28 on 10F starting 10:30AM (Taiwanese). Fellowship: (i) Our carecells press on toward multiplication as we grow together in faith and numbers; (ii) The Care Team connects with EMers via emails and calls

throughout the week. Discipleship: (i) “TYBS 2013-15” worksheet for March readings were due 4/28; (ii) Basic Bible Reading in English course every Sunday at 9:30 AM in 702; (iii) Bible Overview course at 1:00 PM in 702 Above: Did you know SLPC supports a non-profit orbegins 4/14 and ends 5/5. ganization that helps those who are blind? And not Service: Whether you are at EM for the first time or a hundred times already, whenever you contribute your time and skills to building up the church, we become a stronger and healthier people of God. So what are you waiting for? Check “I’d love to serve!” on your Connect Card and we’ll follow up with you soon!

only is there a “blind adults choir” but there is a “blind children’s choir” also. We were privileged and blessed to have them sing at EM on 4/21 along with the EM Choir for special offering.

Sign up! EM Retreat & EM Mission Trip It is no coincidence that this year we will be partnering with Wu-she Presbyterian Church in Nan-tou county for both the EM retreat and the summer mission trip.

Above: We head to Nan-tou this summer to share the love of Jesus with aboriginal children. Join us on this very important mission!

The retreat (5/24-26) is going to be fun as we fellowship and spend a weekend growing together. So often, life-long friends are made because of EM retreats. In addition, our messages and discussions draw us nearer to God, especially

as we’ll be up in the beautiful mountains of God’s creation. And the mission trip (6/30-7/5) is going to be fun as well but with the focus on outreach. We plan on doing VBS “SonSurf” at Ren-ai Elementary School, which is a short walk away from Wu-she Church. We will partner with Cao-hu Church’s coworkers and minister to 40+ children, many of whom are aboriginals. It’s time… to sign up for both!

“Spiritual Parents” Course You’ve been hearing about “Spiritual Parents”, but what exactly is it? In the church, Jesus commands us to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), but for many Christians, the real question is “how?” The answer is “Spiritual Parents” course. Throughout the course, we not only review the reasons for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, but especially equip people for doing so. There are many simple tools that makes “go and make disciples” very practical. Here are just two of them: How does one explain what the Bible is really about to a nonChristian? We don’t exactly have

the whole day to explain, right? And we may not even know where to begin. That’s where the Bridge Illustration comes in, where you draw out the basic and essential message of God’s Word. What would attract a non-Christian Above: Jesus has already called and is expecting spirito Jesus? We talk about prayer and tual parents—that is, all Christians—to go and share learn to pray for seekers’ “felt Jesus with non-Christians. needs.” Over time, as they realize how real our God is and how much God loves them, they will naturally want to draw closer to Him. This course is for any Christian, who loves Jesus and wants to obey Jesus’ command. However, its impact is eternal and for those to whom you reach out to.


Carecell Corner: My Life in Taiwan by Jonas Stava It was during my year as a student in America that I was called to Taiwan. I originally came to Taiwan to work with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) doing a Bible teaching course with outreach in Mongolia. After this, I studied a little Chinese at Aletheia University in Dan-shui. Followed by this I studied full time at a Norwegian program online while living in Above: Another beautiful EM cou- Dan-shui. I also started interning with Ps. ple—Pattie & Jonas—who are not Peter in Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church only learning to love one another, in 2013 until early May as I learned more but also love God with their all. about church life, especially at EM.

One of the most amazing things about my life as a Christian, especially the last year in Taiwan, is that God truly prepared the way that I am to walk in. I can be sincere and honest to say that even though I haven't practiced perfect obedience, God is still faithful and he truly does keep His promises. The path for my life has been perfectly laid out for me, and He has given me no reason to not trust Him with everything I have in the future. The message of Paul in Ephesians 2:8-10 about God preparing our way to do good works, is as timeless as it can be...

My Life in Taiwan (con’t) …Being in Taiwan for about a year has been a great experience. It has been interesting to meet lots of people, try new foods, and to experience the many sides of Taiwanese culture. The most exciting experience for me has been to see what God is doing in Taiwan. I've met many people that Above: Jonas teaching the book of Genesis in are committed to sharing the gospel Mongolia, where a group of Christians are of Christ so more people can get into His kingdom. hungry for God’d Word. Being a part of SLPC has been a huge

blessing to me. Through my work as an intern in the church I've learned a lot, and truly feel blessed by the church as a whole throughout my internship, which included caring for EMers through Connect Cards and even a chance to share a message. The only sad thing now, is that I'm going back to Norway on 5/6. Nevertheless, it's good to know that there are many people working in the church in Taiwan that will continue to bring out the good news about Jesus Christ.

MAY’13 PREVIEW Outreach: We welcome Robert Parise, a junior biblical ministry studies major from Waynesburg University in Maine, USA as he journeys to Taipei from 5/1230 to witness and serve Jesus in a new culture. He will be at EM on 5/19. Worship: (i) Jonas Stava will share a message on how we can apply Jesus’ resurrection in our lives, and praise team will lead in worship songs; (ii) Ps. Peter preaches on Mother’s Day as we also celebrate Communion; (iii) We welcome back a familiar face as Rev. Dr. Yak-hwee Tan visits Taipei from Singapore, and EM Choir offers an anthem to the Lord; (iv) Note there is no EM worship on 5/26 due to the retreat weekend. Fellowship: (i) Sign up for the EM retreat in Nan-tou this year with theme “How Great Is Our God;” (ii) Carecells

are a great way to bond with other brothers and sisters in Christ, available Tues, Weds and Thurs nights; (iii) Let our Care Team know your needs and we’ll do our best to pray and provide. Discipleship: (i) “Spiritual Parents” on Mon nights 5/6.13.20; (ii) “TYBS 2013-15” worksheet for Apr readings are due 5/26; (iii) Improve your English in Basic Bible Reading in English course on Sun at 9:30 AM in 702; (iv) Bible Overview w/ Wen Cao concludes on 5/5. Service: We’d love to have you serve Jesus through EM’s various ministry teams and carecells. Let us also welcome back Timothy Ho, a third-year student at Singapore Bible College, as he interns at EM starting 5/20 through early-July. A newlywed, his lovely wife Fenney will be around also so let us show them the love and joy at EM.


Above: Fenney and Tim on their wedding day from December 2012. We’re happy to receive them back to the EM family starting May 2013.

MAY 2013

Join us for English Worship on Sundays at 11 AM on 7F and lunch afterward in the café area. * No English worship on 5/26! *


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Labor Day (TW)

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9:30a BBRE 11A English Worship 1P Choir 1P Bible Overview

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Mother’s Day 9:30A BBRE 11A English Worship 1P Choir

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EM Retreat

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9:30A BBRE * No EM Worship 8P EM Retreat (return to SLPC)

Memorial Day (USA)

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c: Communion Sunday BBRE: Basic Bible Reading in English

TYBS Readings: Dt: Deuteronomy Jos: Joshua Jdg: Judges

From the Pastor’s Desk MAIL TO

FROM SLPC English Ministry 雙連教會英文牧區 111 Zhong Shan North Rd, 9F Sec 2, Taipei, Taiwan 台北市中山北路二段 111 號 9 樓 E: Tel. 02-2541-5390 Fax. 02-2523-1361 SLPC-EM

Praise the Lord that EM has suddenly grown into the 100’s on Sundays in 2013, especially as our carecells strengthen, children’s ministry invites more young families and bilingual sermons on PowerPoint break down the language barrier for some. However, there are more barriers to break if God’s kingdom is to keep growing. For one, the church needs to enter the lives of non-Christians. Generally, non-Christians don’t walk into church worship on their own just as Christians don’t normally walk into a local Buddhist or Daoist temple service. So if “the lost” won’t enter the church, then what can we do? As the church, we can enter people’s lives by caring for them. Let us be more mission-minded as Jesus commands every Christian to “go and make disciples of all na-

tions” (Matt 28:19). For another, EM with our diversity of cultures and l a n g u a g e s Above: Rev. Peter Chen & Family 陳道南牧師家庭 has the amazing opportunity to cross geographic borders and become more global. Nothing tangible yet, but I am seeing how we have so many previous EMers who have relocated around the world, and if/when they visit Taipei, they return to worship with us. Now, imagine if we not only step outside of the church building to reach people for Jesus in Taiwan, but also step outside to partner with previous EMers in reaching people for Jesus in “all nations”? Let’s keep that in prayer in the days to come.

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{ Issue 38 } May.2013  
{ Issue 38 } May.2013  

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