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“More Blessed to Give than to Receive” return.


Wen-Ting: Provided good, safe driving for the team in the church van, especially as there were lightning storms both on the way to Cao-Hu and on the way back to Taipei. Received confidence in teaching, especially as he’s been a student for such a long time.

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Above: Mission team members enjoying a lunch together at Cao-Hu Presbyterian Church.

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For every person who has committed to following Jesus Christ in building up God’s kingdom, Jesus’ words are fulfilled in Acts 20:35—“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” That’s been the case for EM’s mission team members who went to Cao-Hu in Zhang-Hua County from August 12-17. As they worked alongside Cao-Hu coworkers at the English summer camp, let’s see what each of them gave to others, but also what they received in

Cindy: Provided a lot of fun and love for the children. At the same time, received a lot of fun and love from the children. Even after a couple weeks, she is still experiencing joyfulness and a spiritual “high” when she looks at the photos she took from the mission trip. Mathilda: Said she provided “nothing” but in fact, other team members recognized she “gave a lot” with all the details behind the scenes, e.g., planning, organizing, props, finances, booklet, communication, gifts, stickers, training, crafts and probably a few more. Received quality time with fellow team members, and getting to support each other during the week. (con’t inside)

LEARN MORE//  How did EM’s mission trip go?

 How is the book of Daniel and Hosea related to our lives today?

 Where can I listen to EM’s sermons If I missed it on Sunday?

 Who will be preaching in Ps. Peter’s absence?

 What is one of the sweetest parts of a carecell meeting?

 When is Jeremy Lin’s online testimony at SLPC?

TYBS: Daniel & Hosea Nearing the end of our Two-Year Bible Schedule, this month covers two of the Old Testament prophets.

reminds us of God’s ultimate control over life events. As you read, look for God’s faithfulness, power and promises.

Daniel: Written by Daniel, whose name means God’s judge, God’s judgment or God is my judge, and directed to the people of Judah, who were exiles in Babylon at this time, Daniel is a book that builds up faith. If you’ve ever wished God would come right out and show himself, striking awe into the hearts of unbelievers, you will appreciate this book as it captures miraculous rescues, humbling of pagan kings, and the amazing predictions of how God would depose tyrants. Daniel encourages and

Hosea: Written by Hosea, a prophet to the northern kingdom of Israel, this book tells a story of a man’s love for his unfaithful spouse, which illustrations yet another love story—that God loves us even when our sins have broken his heart time and time again. Here is a picture of a God who longs to forgive us when we return to him. As you read, don’t be shocked by the prostitution, unfaithfulness and sorrow in this book; but rather, look beyond Hosea’s suffering and see God’s love which never gives up on his people.

AUGUST REVIEW Outreach: (i) Over 100 attended the Praise Night with the Taiwanese American Fellowship Presbyterian Church (“TAFPC”) mission team from NJ/USA on 8/11 at SLPC 12F; (ii) EM’s mission team to Cao-Hu 8/12-19 was a success. Praise the Lord for all the mission works in Taiwan!

a carecell, then you’re missing out on the most personal aspect of the church. Get involved with fellow church members as you grow in life and faith together. It’s fun! (ii) Our CARE team is busy praying for you so keep filling out those Connect Cards! If you have a heart to care at EM, join the team.

Worship: (i) EM’s Praise Team led us in contemporary worship 8/5 while TAFPC will lead us on 8/12; (ii) EM’s mission team members gave their testimonies from the trip; (iii) Ps. Peter preached from TYBS readings.

Discipleship: (i) “Basic Bible Reading in English” with teacher Cecilia Chen every Sunday; (ii) Do “TYBS” worksheets for personal growth in God’s Word and receive a NT50 certificate to a Christian Bookstore; (iii) Bible Verses mini-binder is available on Welcome Table.

Fellowship: (i) If you’re not part of

Above: TAFPC praise team performing a powerful skit of how much God loves us.

Mission’12: “Blessed to Give” (con’t)

Above: Kids learning English and having fun! Best of all, they’re learning about God’s love.

Ming-Huey: Provided a lot of smiles and brought a positive attitude to brighten up the mood for everyone. Received acknowledgment from God that He has provided good works for us to do and to be productive and fruitful whatever the task may be, whether it is in the spotlight (e.g., playing Jesus in skits) or in the background (e.g., cleaning up).

consistently to the children and answered their Bible and faith questions. Received spiritual renewal and encouragement in the teamwork displayed from everyone. Additionally, she was able to “test” if God gave her the gift to teach and minister to children.

Melody: Provided familiar face to the children since she was there two years ago for the first camp in Josephine: Provided the Gospel Cao-Hu, and also provided Aaron

Listen to EM Sermons Online Since EMers travel so often, we’re making audio sermons available for you on our website so you can access them anytime. In fact, some have requested to listen to them again even though they don’t travel, and even others are wanting to listen again to improve their English! Whatever the reason, you may now simply click on the tab “MESSAGE” and choose from the date or topic of which messages you are interested in. Listen anytime and many times and allow the Lord to change your lives! And if you’re touched by the messages, you can even share it with your friends and family on Facebook by clicking the “< >“ icon or embedding it in your blog post. -2-

CareCell Corner: “Sweet Part of CC” by Steve Moen

Above: Carecells taking a break from the routine to help with summer camp props.

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (James 5:16).” One privilege of Carecells is joining in prayer together for God's Kingdom work and to support and encourage one another. In our prayers, sometimes we pray for the person next to us, sometimes one prays for all of us, and sometimes we pray "popcorn" prayers conversationally. Popcorn prayers are short, focused prayers of one or two sentences, and conversational prayer is where we all talk about one thing for a

while, then go on to talk about something else. Since prayer is fundamentally a conversation, this is very appropriate. We weave together praise, thanksgiving, prayer for the persecuted church, for EM, Carecells, our own needs, and reflecting back to God what we learned from the study during Grow. This is always a very sweet part of our Carecell time. If you want to experience and practice this, join us in Carecell and become part of the conversation!

Mission’12: “Blessed to Give” (con’t 2) ...Aaron, whom the kids loved to play with. Additionally, she provided translation for the skits and large group times. Received confirmation from God that there is always a way to make things happen when God wants us to do His works (despite having to care for a little boy and being Above: Though each day is hot and tiring, God pregnant with a second gives us all the strength and joy we need to child). keep on going.



and drool to bless everyone, and received courage to deal with loud noises and new environments and new people. Lily: Provided acting skills for the skits to make them both fun and memorable; also provided teamwork and support. Received confirmation that God has good works for this grandma to do besides just taking care of her own grandchildren at home, but there are lots more kids to go and look after.


SEPTEMBER PREVIEW Outreach: (i) Jeremy Lin-sanity testimony via broadcast on 9/2 at 7:00 PM SLPC 10F; (ii) SLPC’s annual Outreach Night on 9/21-22 at 7:30 PM SLPC 10F with speaker Rev. Wang Wu Cong “Honor Ancestors, Worship God” (in Taiwanese); (iii) Pray for the seeds sown in the children’s hearts from the Cao -Hu mission trip. Worship: (i) EM’s Praise Team will lead worship 9/2; (ii) Ps. Peter will be on vacation in USA from 9/927, and we will hear from other SLPC pastors in his place; (iii) Note we are making sermons available online for your convenience. Fellowship: (i) Since EM began carecells, many more people are finding it hard to leave EM when it’s time for them to leave Taiwan! Praise the Lord for providing a

place where we can “love one another” as we build lifelong friendships; (ii) Our CARE team is available for EMers so let us know your needs. Discipleship: (i) “Basic Bible Reading in English” Sundays 9:30 AM in 702; (ii) “TYBS” worksheet for August readings are due 9/30; (iii) The 100 Bible Verses mini-binder is available while supplies last at Welcome Table. Service: EM works as a team ministry. Find out what gifts and talents God has offered you as you serve in the various teams, including Outreach (Activity & Mission), Worship (Word & Music), Fellowship (CareCells, Care, Retreat), Discipleship, and Service (Admin & Communications). Always lots going on and people needed. -3-

“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” 1 Corinthians 12:4-7

SEPTEMBER 2012 Join us for Sunday worship at 11 AM (7F) and lunch fellowship afterward in the café area.


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From the Pastor’s Desk What do you call it when a boy you haven’t seen in two years waits for you every morning at the school just to hold your hand and walk with you to the large room before the summer camp begins? Love. That’s what I call it.

Rev. Peter Chen 陳道南牧師

This boy named “Steven” is so lovable and full of love. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with me so he comes early on and waits at the parking lot, knowing that our van will pull in there (the other children are playing in the grass fields). Throughout the morning of our camp program, he’ll also find as many opportunities as possible to come close to me. Then, at the end of the day when we say “Goodbye. God bless. See you tomorrow!” he waits for me again and holds my hand as we walk down to the entrance of the school to wait for his mom. Let us be like this child, that we may be so in love with God we want to spend every moment and every opportunity we can with God. God bless Steven and us. Articles in this edition of EM News reflect the opinions and personalities of the English Ministry at Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church. If you would like to contribute to EM News—opinions, testimonies, photos, etc—please email to


EM Newsletter 30_2012 Sep  

Newsletter of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church English Ministry in Taipei, Taiwan

EM Newsletter 30_2012 Sep  

Newsletter of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church English Ministry in Taipei, Taiwan