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I never liked listing a whole bunch of names in an endless thanks list so I just want to thank everyone featured (bands, labels, zines), my excellent collaborators (Leslie, Sonia, Chris) for conducting very interesting interviews and for their friendship (I’m honored) and of course YOU for reading this. It wasn’t my intention to write the whole zine by myself that’s why you can read interviews conducted by multiple individuals, and I think that’s an interesting part of Slowly We Rot. If you’re a fanzine reader you know that sometimes interviews conducted by a single person tend to get boring that’s why I prefer having multiple individuals conducting interviews, diversifying the contents and sharing their own views and interests under a single “roof”. I hope you like this format, too, and if not, you can always buy and support other zines, that’s all that matters, supporting this niche. Slowly We Rot continues with its Merchants of Death and Rising Demons sections (both also promoted in my webzine too - Pest Webzine –, but this time I wanted to add two new sections: Romanian Attack and Recollections. If Romanian Attack is featured, although not in the final form and space I wanted, Recollection will start from issue 4, issue that I plan on releasing sometime this Summer (most probably July). I have to apologize to a few bands that sent material and is not reviewed in SWR#3 although I tried to review them all, I wan’t able to. The time is limited as always, but their material is first priority for the next issue, and in the meantime the reviews will be also published in Pest Webzine, of course. The same goes for bands that were interested in being featured on the compilation and all spots were already booked, you can get in touch for the upcoming issues. The compilation is more varied this time and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Take your time to listen to these bands and maybe support them with a simple encouraging email or why not, by buying their merch. Nothing more to add from my side just enjoy reading Slowly We Rot #3, listening to its compilation CD and never stop supporting your local Metal scene! Horns up \m/ Adrian Front cover: Samael von Martin (Evol / Death Dies / Negatron)

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Back in my teenage years I was obsessed with both this band's name and music (well, I still am) and obviously it was a dream of mine interviewing them sometime. Last year the band released one of their best albums to date, "Deathhammer", and the World was hooked by Asphyx again. Bob Bagchus kindly answered my interview. Greetings Bob, how do you feel now after almost a year since "Deathhammer" was released? Greeting! I feel the same way I always do, and that's mostly good. But I

We have a great relationship and all goes great. But yes, it's a rare thing that a band/label stick to eachother for 23 that does say something. We are happy.

I saw lots of Best of 2012 tops including Asphyx and your latest album. Does it have any effect on you after so many years in the scene? Do you still feel contempt when seeing Ashphyx in such tops or it is now a usual, common thing? It does not have any affect on me as a person. Of course it makes me very proud, that is true. But we do what we want to do and apparently people like it, so that is great. Asphyx never compromises and to see people appreciating that is great. Seeing Deathhammer in lots of 2012 tops is awesome!

Grand Supreme Bloodcourt is your newest side-project, together with Hail Of Bullets members. How come you decided to start a new band? Isn't it taking time from Asphyx' projects? Well, Eric Daniels (ex Asphyx) wanted to make death metal again so he asked Martin and me to join in. Which we did. Then Alwin (bass in Asphyx) was asked on guitar and Martin asked Theo (bass in HoB) to handle the bass. The idea was simple: straight forward 80's style death metal being as heavy as a nuclar bomb. It does not take any time from Asphyx since GSBC does not play live so much. But it's more Eric's band. Asphyx is my band.

And regarding this, I know "Deathhammer" had a lot of media coverage, hence a lot of interviews. Do you still enjoy answering interviews? What's the question you hate the most? Yes, Century Media did a great job on this! Cheers to them! Yes, I still enjoy doing interviews because people take interest in your band. We appreciate that a lot. I like most question of interviews but the question I don't like is " how did you reunite..." I answered that hundreds of times...

know we delivered a hell of an album with Deathhammer.

The press is saying your 2012 album is probably the most acclaimed Asphyx release, what do you think are its best aspects? Now, after 1 year, did you find any elements that needed to be improved / recorded differently or is "Deathhammer" the perfect Asphyx album? That could be very true indeed. The best aspects are, in my humble opinion, the midtempo/doom elements. That's were Asphyx is at it's best. Well, there are always some things on an album which can be done better - afterwards - but it's recorded in a certain mood and that certain mood creates the atmosphere on the album. So we won't change anything. The perfect Asphyx album.....Deathhammer? hmmm, not perfect but it sure is the best, by far. But then again, Asphyx is not perfect and I don't believe there is such thing as a perfect album either. All albums have their charmes.

Some will say the Asphyx members from GSB got tired of playing the same tracks, some will say they wanted a new challenge, and some will say it's only for the money. How do you respond to this? It's only for fun. Nothing more. Aspyx never gets tired of playing the same tracks! Never! It's also not a new challenge, it's fun to do it. And well, which money? One can't get rich of playing death metal, we play death metal because we love it! Ah well, some people always have their own opinions or talk bullshit. It's normal and we laugh about it. Back to Asphyx, 2013 will be again dedicated to promoting "Deathhammer", could you please share with us your plans for this new year? Well, we play some shows, but not that much this year. We are doing a split 7" with Swedish Torture Division and our contribution will be a cover of Messiah Total Maniac. In the middle of the year we might be starting to write new tracks. We take it easy.

Slowly We Rot (

How was 2012 for Asphyx in regards to live gigs? Any memorable shows you'd like to share with us? What's the biggest problem for a band like Asphyx when on tour? We did quite a lot of live shows and did cool festivals. Most memorable? Playing with Slayer at Loud Fest in Bulgaria and sitting in the same plane as them and taking a picture with Tom Araya himself! Wow! We felt like little kids again! Asphyx does not tour though. Only single shows.

What's your opinion on the revival of Old-school Death Metal sounds? There are so many "new" old-school Death Metal bands nowadays, and many of them are really good, but what's the opinion of the veterans about them? That is a good thing! The more old school death metal there are, the better it is. To hell with those technical/fusion taktaktaktak bands! There are great "new" old school bands such as Nailgun Massacre (Holland), Bodyfarm (Holland), Entrapment (again.....Holland), Gravehill (USA) etc. and they have the real spirit. They all should be supported. Oh yes, Funeral Whore (.....Holland...) is also great! Dark stuff!

Your website is under maintenance for some time. Do you plan on having it back up or you will just stick to social media? Do you think an official website is still a necessary thing for a band now when there are so many other options (FaceBook, ReverbNation, Myspace, Twitter, etc.)? Yes it is, but they are fixing it now, but that takes a while since it's not easy to make a good website, as it seems. But it's in progress again. It was hacked. Well, Facebook is a good social network, but having your own website is alot better. But they are working on it. But Facebook helps too, of course.

One final question for this short interview: what are Asphyx' yet unreached goals, what do you still tend to reach with the band? Nothing, really. We have no goals. We just do what we want to do and as long as we enjoy it and have fun we do it. It's all about fun and the passion for old school death metal.

You've been on Century Media for all your albums, most probably one of their first and oldest signed bands. What keeps this relationship still kicking? It's not a usual thing to find such a long lasting relationship between a label and a band. I think we are in fact thĂŠ oldest band on Century Media indeed. We signed in june 1990 with the old Asphyx line up: Theo Loomans (RIP) - bass/vocals, Eric Daniels - guitar, Bob Bagchus drums. Asphyx simply belongs on Century Media and vice versa.

Thank you very much for your time and answers! All respect! \m/ Thanx Adrian, for this interview and your time! Much appreciated!! Cheers!

February 2013


Sweden based Viking Black Metallers MANEGARM are close to releasing their new album, an album everyone’s eagerly waiting since the band never disapointed their fans, at least not yet (and hope they’ll never do)... Erik, Manegarm’s founding member gave us more details on this album and also an insight on other band related topics. Enjoy! Greetings, and welcome to Slowly We Rot! It's more than 3 years since the release of "Nattvasen", what have you been doing in the meantime? Hello, Erik from Månegarm here and thank you very much! Yes it’s been a while since we released an album. It doesn’t feel like that long ago but time just keeps rolling on. After “Nattväsen” we did some shows in 2010 and in 2011 we did a longer European tour, “Neckbreakers Ball Tour”, together with Kataklysm, Legion of the damned, Equilibrium and Milking the Goatmachine. In 2011 we also started writing some songs for this upcoming album and that’s what we have been up to since; composing, arranging new songs and done some pre-productions. We started the “real” recordings in the end of April (drums) this year and then we have been recording guitars, bas, vocals and other stuff in our own studio. You've recently signed with Napalm Records, I guess that's a big step forward for you, but do you think you'll have more luck with them than with Black Lodge or Regain? Yes we really hope and think that it’s a big step forward, it feels great so far! They seem to be very committed and motivated and important things like communication, payments etc. all run smoothly. Black Lodge was a pretty good but smaller label and Regain was just trouble all the way!

You have already announced the release of a new album in late 2012. This issue of Slowly We Rot will be released in February, so I guess you can share with us a bit more details about this album. What will be its name and how do you compare it with "Nattvasen"? It will probably be released in spring next year so maybe you can get your hands on a him there. I don’t know what his plans are, haven’t talked to him since he left the band. About Markus, I think you mean Martin!! Markus (guitar) is a member since -96 ;) But Martin is a friend of Jacobs and we asked him if he could help us out with the violin. He’s an amazing fiddler and did a really great job. For now he’s just a session musician on the album but who knows what happens in the future. How do you think your music will develop after Janne's departure? The music will pretty much stay the same. Janne didn’t write any songs for Månegarm so that he left the band hasn’t had any impact on our sound. It’s still me and Jonas who compose the songs and mostly me that come up with the melodies and since we found a new violin player who did such a good job in playing all those melodies, everything is like it should be!! For more than a decade now Manegarm's line-up is stable (well, except for the recent departure of Janne). How do you keep yourselves motivated to write new stuff, what keeps the flame still burning? Don't you ever feel bored by the band and its activities? We still hope to become rock stars someday so maybe that’s what keeps us going ;) We really like what we do, we like to play metal and we like each others company and if you have all that it’s not hard to come up with new songs and find the right motivation! The music for me is necessary for my mental health I guess. It’s my possibility to get away for while, a chance to have my “own time” and get together with the boys and play some rock n’ roll. I really love my wife and kids and all that but I really believe that this is an essential part of my life and I would probably be a pain in the ass if I didn’t have my music. I have played music all my life and I can honestly say that it’s hard to think of a life without it.

hold on to the details about the album title but I can tell you a bit about the music. What you will hear is of course played in the traditional “Månegarm style” ;) but we have put a lot of effort in the song writing and arrangements and the album is full of great melodies and choruses. We didn’t have any faster songs on Nattväsen, (maybe one song or so…), but on this album we will have 3-4 faster songs. One bigger change that I guess people will notice is that the lyrics are in English (except one) Our former bas player wrote the lyrics before and he preferred to write in Swedish but he left the band about 1,5 year ago. And what do you do when the shit hits the fan? We solved the problem of course; Jonas and I started writing lyrics and they surprisingly came out as English lyrics ;) Personally I think this could be a good step. We have had Swedish lyrics since the start, except for maybe 3-4 songs, and now is maybe a good time to go for English lyrics. We have overcame much greater obstacles these last couple of years; Change of labels, Janne and Pierre quitted/had to leave, so this was really no big deal for us! How many tracks are on this album and which one do you think will have the first video, as Napalm usually supports its bands with videos? So better said what's the track that you think will capture the audiences most? It will be 11 tracks on the album but I don’t know what song we will use in a video yet. We’ll think about it.

Slowly We Rot (

Why has Janne left the band? Was it a friendly departure? What are his plans now? And who's Markus? Is he a new permanent member of the band or was he a studio guest only? He just stopped showing up so I really don’t know what happened; probably he just lost the motivation in playing with us. I wouldn’t say that it was a friendly departure but we aren’t angry at each other either I guess. He just stopped coming for rehearsals and when he sometimes did he acted like someone forced


Can you share with us a few details regarding the lyrics on this new album? Is there a storyline behind it, a concept? When we started working with the songs for the new album we talked about a storyline/concept that in the easiest way can be described with the word “Death”. At that time Pierre was still in the band and he had the ideas and was supposed to write the lyrics. As I mentioned earlier Pierre had to leave the band and

then Jonas, and later on I, started writing lyrics. Maybe we had that “death” concept in mind on both a conscious and unconscious level when we started writing, because many of our lyrics came to deal with this subject in one way or the other. The lyrics also deal with subjects as ancient wars, the darkest of days and about the legions of the North taking its revenge ;) So to make a summary it’s no storyline or concept made on purpose but most lyrics tells a story from different views, by different persons in different situations and environments where death and war are present in some way. The good ol’ Månegarm stuff in other words…;) Where was this album recorded and how much time have you spent in the studio? With whom you worked as sound engineer? What about the album artwork, I know Kris Verwimp did it, how are you satisfied with it? We recorded the drums at Studio Underground (Västerås, Sweden) for 4-5 days and then we have recorded guitars, bas and vocals in our own studio. I don’t know how much time we have spend so far…We all have families and jobs so we try to find as much time as possible but it has taken many, many hours so far, I can tell you that!! Violins are recorded in a studio that belongs to a friend of mine. Martin is the king so it only took like 1,5 day! Pelle Saether (at Studio Underground) will mix and master the album together with us. Markus (guitar) is our personal sound engineer when we have recorded stuff on our own and he has really done a great job!! The artwork is made by Kris Verwimp once again. He has done a lot of good artworks before but this one is a killer, the best he’s ever made if you ask me. It’s totally f***ing amazing!!

This year, 2012, was a good year for the band regarding live shows, you've also played Summer Breeze which I know was a big success for the band. Was it your first time there? What do you think will happen in 2013, what the next peak to reach with the band regarding festivals, where would you like to play and haven't played yet? Actually 2012 hasn’t been a good year if you look at the number of live shows we’ve done. We have just played a couple of gigs BUT that is totally okay with us. We needed to focus on making the new album and rehearsing for live shows takes a lot of time from the recordings. Anyway: We played Summer Breeze and we are very happy that we got the chance to do that. We also had the great opportunity to play at the “Pain stage” and it went quite good I must say. There were thousands of people looking and we all had a great time. We have played at Summer Breeze two times before and it’s always great. Great organization, super good catering and the best of equipment! For next year we hope to do a lot of shows and hopefully we can also do a tour around the release of the album. We would really like to play Wacken; that would be awesome!

who really loved Månegarm and she visited many of our shows and we also had mail contact with her and her boyfriend. She tragically died in an accident during a vacation in Sweden some years ago. Her boyfriend and friends arranged a memorial concert and we were invited to play. Of course we did and I guess a gig couldn’t have a better meaning than to honour the loss of a good person.

I know all of you still have regular jobs. Is this still accurate? How do you manage to deal with both dayjobs and tours? Do you imagine your lives involved in music only? Is that possible? Yes we all have full-time jobs except from Jacob but he has full-time studies so that’s no better I guess ;) It’s not always easy to combine the music with the job and family, that’s a fact, but we try as hard as we can. It takes some long-term planning and also some understanding and patience from our wives. That “understanding” often comes a bit easier if we come home from a tour with a bag of money, hahaha!!! We have fantasized about us becoming rock stars, mostly when we were younger, but we aren’t there yet. It would be a privilege to experience the life as a fulltime musician and one tiny part of me still thinks it’s possible but who knows if we’ll ever get there? One Since you're approaching 20 years of Manegarm can only hope…;) existence I think you have a general idea about your fans. How does a regular Manegarm fan looks Thanks a lot for your time and best of luck with and acts like? Who's the biggest fan your band has the new album! Thanks a lot for your time! and how important are such individuals for you? The typical Månegarm fan: Male, 25 years old, Rock n’ Roll // Erik - Manegarm German, drunk & happy!! We have all sorts of fans, female fans too luckily, and they’re all great. It’s an honour to be able to play for December 2012 all those people who appreciate what we do. I will never forget our biggest fan. It was a girl from Austria

Slowly We Rot (


Dead". Why this demo title? Ok, a weird story to a weird name. Out on tour in the deep, deep South. We where somewhere in Alabama and needed beer and gas around 3 am. Well to young to buy beer I was going to rip it off. Well got busted. Here is where it gets strange like a UFO sighting. Elvis himself walked in said “Let them kids go” paid for the beer and smokes. I am fucking serious. It was Elvis and he was not dead.

RADIATION SICKNESS had their big chance to break through the Thrash Death scene when it was still in its incipient years but the stress of reaching a relative fame defeated them. The band got back together last year, after 18 years of inactivity, and it seems this time they are back for good. Doug Palmer (voc.) gave us more details on what went wrong back then and what are they planning to do now.

In 1990 the band seemed to have found its perfect path, you released 2 EPs and 2 splits on four different labels. Do you remember how did you get in touch with those labels and what were the deals with them at the time? I made a lot of contacts through tape trading. Just got letters in the mail stating You guys want to do a 7 inch or LP then made phone calls (on my parents bill). That kind of stuff. Byron and I worked hard on networking. This was by phone and mail. No internet. We split up before our time. We had good deals on the table when I left. I just walked away one day. We would have gone good places or died from drugs.

Hi Doug, thanks for accepting to be a part of my zine. First of all I have to congratulate you for your vocals, some of the sickest vocal lines I've ever heard, love them! Thanks for the interview, and complements. I have always said my vocals came to me from growing up with three evil sisters in the Southside ghetto’s of Indianapolis. Always screaming yelling and fighting, and yelling and yelling. I was surprised they held up after 18 years split up.

Slowly We Rot (

Did any of those labels manage to get your name well known in the States, at least in the Extreme Metal scene? Do you remember what reactions you received after releasing those records? Yes and no, I mean we played with legendary bands such as Autopsy, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation. Played many a times with Repulsion (Gods of Grind). We had a good name in the underground. I do not think the labels did it as much as we did. I think we did it playing so much and working so hard. Now Abyss Records works very hard our current label. He is after it.

For our readers that haven't heard about the band before this could you please share some important moments in Radiation Sickness' history? Radiation Sickness was formed in Indianapolis, IN in 1987 by Doug Palmer and Ryan Rollins. The band was formed mainly on addiction, depression and the love for extreme underground music. While many people seem to not even give Indiana a glance when it to came to extreme grind metal Radiation Sickness started making noise in the underground. The bands first guitar player soon left and Rick Callaway joined in. Soon after Mike Herald was added on drums due to his blast beat abilities and double kick skills. The band record their legendary “Elvis ain’t dead” demo. This demo used Influences from many groups such as Napalm Death, Chaos UK, Discharge, Slayer, Cryptic Slaughter and The Accused. Radiation Sickness spent every minute playing every show they could. Tragedy struck the band in 1989 when founding member Ryan Rollins gave into his depression and committed suicide. The band pressed on adding Byron Holton to Bass. Spending every weekend on the road playing with the likes of Repulsion, Impetigo, Skeletal Earth, Immolation, Macabre, Dead Horse and so on supporting their EP “The Bounds of reality“. Radiation Sickness went into the studio in 1990 to record a classic underground LP entitled “The other Me, A journey into Insanity. This record received great reviews more countless touring and even landed Radiation Sickness on the legendary “A day of Death Festival” the first of it’s kind in Buffalo New York with Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, Suffocation and many others. Radiation Sickness started working on material for their third LP and before completion the band split up in 1992.

How did you guys promote the band at the time? Was it hard to get interviewed by magazines? Have you sent a lot of promo tapes to zines/radios? It was hard to promote pre internet days. Tape trading was the big thing. Playing a lot. Writing a lot of letters, making a ton of phone calls. Just hard work. Spent a ton of time at the post office. We supported each other also, helped other bands out with shows sending their tapes (yes tapes) to people. Team work, not back stabbing. When has Ryan Rollins (founding member) commited suicide and why? Was he a depressive person? I guess that incident affected the rest of the band seriously. Was that part of the reason why you decided to quit? Ryan and I founded R.S. in 1987 he played on the two demo tapes and hung himself in early 1989. This had no reason as to why I left the band. It had a major impact on my writing style and state of mind. Ryan and I both suffered and I still suffer from major depression. Looking back to the days before Ryan took his life I can see the red flags and key factors that he was crying out for help. We also had bad addiction problems so this

Your second demo, from '89, has a weird title, to say the least, "Elvis Ain't


masked a lot of the cries. Many of us in the band and outside of it still struggle with that day. We as a whole in this scene have lost far to many pals at a early age. It is part of it. The darkness, depression and addiction. Sad to say. I know before the band's split you had a good record deal on the table and a great future (as a band) ahead but you decided to quit. Were the other members on the same page with you? They did not see it coming, as a matter a fact I did not either. It is part of my mood disorders and impulse reactions to everything. They went on with out me for a tad bit but nothing became of it. During the 16 plus years the band has been inactive you said you were out of the scene completely but still you hated your life, so what made you quit the band in the first place? And what did you do during those years besides the usual things (family, job, travels), did you have any other hobbies during those years? I might of well of been locked up in prison the time I was out of the scene. I had and still have a great job. I was married 17 years to a complete cunt that refused to work and tried to transform me into what I could never be. I thought it was time to grow up and move on when I dropped out, bad move. I spent my entire time out of the metal-punk scene with no friends. My two girls are the only thing that kept me alive. Did the Abyss Records deal come after the reunion or before? Is it a multiple releases deal or you'll start searching for something else now? I have known Danny from Abyss since he has been a kid. Right now we are happy with Abyss and that is all I want to say about that. In an interview I've read that the cover of your 2012 album represents a sociopath. I guess it was your idea and it's closely linked with your lyrics, correct? Yes a sociopath that regains feelings of the evil things he has done over the years. That is what the cover is about, now he completely losing all sanity dealing with the fact of the crimes and people he has hurt over his reign. There is one thing I say about Radiation Sickness lyrics “There is a brief moment in time between birth and death filled with misery and suffering, it is called life”. The album has a heavier sound and even the compositions are more aggressive, am I right? You'd say a band goes softer after they reach a certain age, but not Radiation Sickness, you became heavier. How come? Well a lot had to with Tom Ball stepping in on guitar. A lot of hatred built up inside me. Plus a lot of the songs where written back in 1992 when I left. We just made them more bad ass and faster. Also Bob Fouts doing the recording and production.

Slowly We Rot (

You have also released a compilation CD on Negative Reaction Records last year, but since your new compositions are much evolved, how do you feel about this compilation, do you still like to listen to your old tracks? I love it, Mark Murray and I go way back. It shows the growth of Radiation Sickness from the very first Demo that was more punk and cross over (when I heard for the first time in 20 plus years I thought, fuck this is Cryptic Slaughter). To the more English crusty Elvis ain’t dead. Then the first seven inch “Bounds of reality” first thing we recorded after the death of Ryan where you can see the changes lyrically and the music change. It also has a DVD from our very first gig we played with Repulsion. Mark put a lot of time and effort into re mastering it. It is called “The madness begins 87-90”.

How are sales for your latest 2 releases so far? Which was the reaction/comment that impressed you more since your reunion (I don' know, a weird email, a very enthousiast fan, anything)? Sales have been very good from are part at gigs. As far as from the labels I have not seen the numbers yet. I am very happy with all the reviews we are getting. Radiation Sickness is a cult band and still have a great fan base. As far as strange fans yip one for sure and that is where I am stopping. What can you tell us about the European tour you're working on at the moment? Any dates already scheduled? We hope to hell to spend a few weeks in Europe around September 2013. Nothing set up yet, not even started. Need help here new to us. We had a small European tour set up in 1991 but it fell out at the last minute. Anyone want to help us set it up contact below. We want to play with major bands no 20 people gigs. Thanks so much for your time Doug, and I wish you good and long continuation with the band! Thank you, I love doing interviews keeps my mind off the world around me. Best of luck with the zine. Is you want to get in touch with us follow the links below: Radiation Sickness for booking and band tour dates and info: Abyss Records for Reflections of a Psychotic Past CD, shirts, patches, zipper hoddies: Negative Reaction Records The Madness Begins CD-DVD: Hope to see everyone on tour soon. Doug Palmer January 2013


Slowly We Rot (

DEATH, I think I don't need to write any introduction. Erik Meade who played the bass on the "Back From The Dead" demo (back in 1985) answered my questions. Erik, do you still remember, how and when did you turn into metal? I've listened to metal my whole life. Only when it started there simply wasn't that much of it. But me and my friends were listening to stuff like Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer when we were 12 years old. What were the stuffs that you listened to before you became a metal head? Everything. I dont really consider myself a metalhead. I like every style of music equally as long as its creative. At which point did you decide becoming a musician and what were your inluences to become musician? I was about 14 and my influences were Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa and Greg Ginn of Black Flag. Being based a San Francisco musician, how did you view the Bay Area scene, that started at the late ’70s/early ’80s with bands, such as METAL CHURCH, ANVIL CHORUS, EXODUS, BLIND ILLUSION etc.? Were you deeply involved in the underground scene? I think I already basically answered that in a different question. San Francisco was a small city so even though I wasn't a diehard metal fan I used to go to the clubs and see a lot of the bands. And you would just see a lot of the musicians at keg parties or at the record vault. For instance, I was friends with a girl named Gere Fennelly who played keyboards for Anvil Chorus. Or one time I was with some girls and we ran into James Hetfield from Metallica and Jim Martin from Faith No More and they came back to the girls' apartment and we all jammed on Metallica songs. I'm not saying this to namedrop but just to give you an idea of how small and intertwined the whole bay area scene was. It wasn't nearly as genre segmented as the music world seems to be these days. Maybe that's why it was such a fertile scene that created all those great bands.

Burton and Kirk Hammett joined as bassist and lead guitarist, sealing the band's first, formative line-up? Did they stir up the stagnant water if you understand what I mean? Its hard to say. You see one thing that makes it difficult to pinpoint is that the bay area already had a thriving punk rock scene at that time so there was already a lot of LOUD, FAST, AGGRESSIVE bands playing all over San Francisco for years before Metallica came along. And most of the people into punk thought that metal meant bands in satin pants and jackets like Y&T. But suddenly this whole group of bands exploded on to the scene like Metallica and Exodus and suddenly metal was as violent and fun as punk was. By the way, while I'm on the subject I would like to talk about a band called CRUCIFIX from San Francisco. A lot has been said thru out the years about what album was the first punk/metal crossover album and it is generally agreed that the album ANIMOSITY by CORROSION OF CONFORMITY that came out in 1985 was first. But I think that the album DEHUMANIZATION by CRUCIFIX that came out in 1983 is the first, its the first album I can think of that had the raging guitars and production of a metal album with the intense speed and aggression of hardcore punk. I only bring this up to give you some idea of why I didn't realize that what we were doing in DEATH was considered so innovative. There was a lot of similar stuff going on at the time, we just took it to a slightly heavier extreme.

Yeah, I would say so, although at the time nobody was thinking that, everybody was just having a good time. I just noticed that amongst your lists of favorite albums you had listed the UltraViolence by Death Angel. To give you an idea of how small the San Francisco scene was, I should use this as an example. Mark Osegueda of Death Angel was a friend of mine, but not thru Death Angel. He was a friend of mine because he worked at a used clothing shop called Wasteland that I used to shop at. The Ultra Violence was also produced by Davy Vain of the band VAIN. DEATH ANGEL and VAIN were both managed by a woman named Kat Sirdofsky who also managed a band called 4 NON BLONDES. Linda Perry from 4 Non Blondes was also my best friend. I also knew Kat because she owned a metal record store that I used to frequent called Rebel Records (we used to call her Rebel Kat). At one point me and my wife started a folk rock band and our drummer was Tommy Rickard of VAIN. also Davy Vain produced some of our recordings. At one point I was living at Linda Perrys house and so was Kirk Hammett's girlfriend Sara. Kirk was always stopping by the house to see Sara. I only bring all of this up to give you an example of how intertwined the whole bay area music scene was back then. It wasn't just metal, it was everything mixed together and everyone knew each other and supported each other. I think it would be hard for a scene to ever evolve again the way that one did. It was such a case of being in the right place at the right time. I'm thankful I was able to be there. In 1985, after the „Infernal Death” demo tape was recorded and released, Chuck Schuldiner fired Kam Lee and Rick Rozz in favour of REPULSION’s bassist and guitarist, Scott Carlson and Matt Olivio, however, a drummer could not be found; so the band dissolved again and Chuck Schuldiner moved to San Franciscoand recruited DRI drummer Eric Brecht and you on guitars, how did you get in the picture exactly? How happened that Chuck moved to San Francisco? Chuck wrote to Eric and asked if he was interested in playing Drums. He also asked Eric if he knew of any Bass players who might be interested. Since me and Eric had been in the process of trying to start our own band Eric asked me. I wasn't really a bass player but it sounded like it might be fun so I said yes. To be honest, I had never heard of Chuck or DEATH. I just wanted to play with Eric Brecht because he had been in D.R.I. I assume the same goes for Chuck. He must have been into the first D.R.I. album since thats the

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How do you view, that as different thrash metal scenes began to develop starting around the early/mid-80's each had their own distinct sound that differentiated the bands from other bands on the scene? I think that over the years metal fans have put a lot more thought into defining and segmenting what each band was trying to create then the bands themselves ever did at the time. When there are no rules to define what makes one band Deathmetal or speedmetal or Blackmetal you dont think about those things. And since there was no such thing as death metal back then nobody thought about what genre they were playing. They just played and made up songs. Do you agree with, that Bay Area thrash borrowed from the NWOBHM scene and this was obvious in its melodic and powerful vocal style and dual lead guitar systems? I think a lot of that had to do with Ron Quintana and his radio show as well as a record store on polk street called the Record Vault that specialized in underground metal and european imports. Because Ron was always playing really cool british metal on his show everybody close to the scene was quickly introduced to music they woudnt otherwise have heard of like VENOM or DIAMONDHEAD or HAWKWIND or even MOTORHEAD for that matter.

Which clubs did start opening their doors for metal at this point? Did it evolve a great and healthy underground club scene? Ruthies Inn in Berkley was probably the club that gave the most support to the bay area metal scene. It was owned by a guy named Wes Robinson. It was the coolest place because he was really supportive of metal as a musical genre or style. The first couple of shows that DEATH played in the bay area were at Ruthies. Still, the Metal scene in the bay area really got started at a couple of clubs in Fan Francisco. The Old Waldorf, the Stone and Mabuhay Gardens (the Mab) in North Beach. The Stone and the Mab were right across the street from each other. The Mab was more punk oriented but would have occasional metal show, as was the On Broadway which was upstairs above the Mab. The Stone was more metal oriented but it was mostly mainstream metal like Nightranger or Y&T but thats where early bands like Anvil Chorus would mostly play. I remember trying to get into the Mabuhay one night to see a punk band band called The Big Boys but they wouldn't let me in so I walked across the street to the Stone and when I walked inside Motley Crue was just going onstage. That was how I first heard about them, walking in by accident (lol).

Have you ever taken part in Bay Area bands back Do you think, that the Bay Area scene helped to then? form the US thrash scene? I mean, do you consider Only punk bands. the Bay Area as one of the biggest and most Would you say, that it wasn’t until METALLICA’s important US thrash scenes? relocation to the East Bay area in 1983 that Cliff


only way he would have heard of Eric. Eric was really that happened 23 years ago. Another thing is that I excited about it and played me some cassettes of gave away all of my copies of the tapes. I literally DEATH demos. didn't have any tapes of me with DEATH for almost 20 years then one day I was talking to Scott Carlson Was he aware of the existence of the Bay Area and he told me that he still had all of the old tapes that Chuck had sent him so he made me copies of them. scene? He must have been, because he moved there. In your opinion, is the music on „Back From The By the way, were you and Eric Brecht his first Dead” well improved from „Reign Of Terror”? Umm.....No. choices or did he audition other musicians too? No, it was just us. The funny thing is that we didn't even audition, we were already chosen before he even This time all the instruments are balanced out, one arrived in town. I guess he was just taking a huge leap can hear the bass guitar, the solo's are strong, the of faith. riffs are great, and Chuck’s vocals are well improved, how do you see it? Were you familiar with DEATH’s early demos, If your talking about the instruments being balanced such as „Infernal Death”, „Rigor Mortis” etc. and out that must all be the stuff from Ruthies because the rehearsal room tapes certainly aren't balanced. rehearsal tapes? Yeah, those were the tapes that Eric played for me but I only heard them for the first time after I had already Did Chuck definitely find his groove on this demo? said yes to joining the band. No, I think he found his groove on the first album. In fact I think that the reason that he broke up this What do you recall of the rehearsals? Were you version of the band was that it probably wasn't coming writing new songs on end or did you practice out the way he had envisioned in his mind. When the band broke up it was over a petty argument about the mostly early DEATH tunes? We used to rehearse in a rehearsal space owned by a lyrics but I think he really just wasnt happy with the guy named Franco from the punk band M.D.C. way it was sounding. (Millions of Dead Cops). We obviously spent a while learning the old songs but later we worked on new What about the cover of the demo? Did it have any stuff. I know that when we had the fight that broke up cover at all? the band we were working on a new song. I think it was Evil Dead.

even clearer then I remember our own performance (lol).

With this line up (Chuck, Eric and you) the band recorded its new demo called „Back From The Dead”, were the songs written only by Chuck or did you also take part in the songwriting? Was he interested in your opinion and ideas at all considering the songs? I would say we took part in the songwriting as far as the new stuff was concerned (although I'm sure that's a matter of opinion) in as much as chuck would come in with the parts but then we would all discuss how the parts should fit together and what worked and what didnt work. I actually bought Scream Bloody Gore when it came out because I wanted to see whether chuck would give us songwriting credit and was amused to find that he had gotten around that question by simply not putting any composer credits at all (lol). I thought that was fair. I certainly think they were Chuck's songs, I just think we helped out a bit on a song or two.

Was it easy to learn and to perform the DEATH songs by the way? I suppose it was fairly easy, although not as easy as with other bands since the songs were so atonal. It wasn't like learning an ordinary song where it's simply Verse/Chorus/Verse. You had to constantly think about where you were within the song. Not to long ago I was at a party and overheard a kid telling someone that all the members of Death were clasically trained musicians and that they all read sheet music. I told him that I had been in Death and that Chuck just showed us all the parts with his fingers and we memorized what he showed us. The kid didn't believe me (lol).

Chuck was not happy with this incarnation of DEATH and moved back to Florida without a band, does it mean that he was dissatisfied with your skills and attitude or you couldn’t get on well with him? Were there any personal or musical differences, problems among you? I think he was probably dissatisfied with the way the music was coming out. It was just crazy fast and didnt have much groove to it. I dont think that was any one persons fault though. Any conglomeration of musicians has its own chemistry and ends up sounding a certain way. And we just wound up sounding like we did. As for our attitude, I will freely admit that I was never right for the band. As I've already said, I was more of a punk rocker then a diehard Metalhead. Chuck really needed people who loved his vision as much as he did. And that just wasn't me. I think Eric Brecht was more into it then I was. In fact, my girlfriend, Janis Tanaka, was more into it then I was. I kept coming home and saying "I don't get where Chuck is coming from" and she would say "No, this music is great, you've got to keep doing it". Just recently she was telling me that she tells everybody that she was a DEATH groupie. When I said that she really wasn't a groupie, she was my girlfriend, she said "yeah, well I don't tell them that part" (lol). (she has since gone on to be the bass player for Hammers of Misfortune and Fireball Ministry as well as the bass player for PINK).

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What about the recording sessions? How much time did you have to record the material? Everything on Back from the Dead was recorded on a cassette deck that was in our rehearsal room except for some stuff that was recorded thru the board at a show at Ruthies. I didn't realize at first that Chuck was taping our rehearsals and then duping them and sending them out to fans all over the country. The demo begins with an intro that is the theme from Alfred Hitchcock Presents, who came up with the idea using this intro? That may have been someone else's idea much later although it does kind of sound like Chucks sense of humor. The demo contained seven songs plus an intro, but it seems, that on the tape made up only three new ones „Back From The Dead”, „Mutilation” and „Skill To Kill”, correct? Yeah that sounds about right although my memory is kind of hazy. Remember, we're talking about things

Just the original Death logo.

Do you still remember how many copies did you How would you characterize him personally and manage to sell from the demo? Chuck didn't sell them, he just gave them away to how would you sum up your period in DEATH? Chuck was a good guy, pretty mellow, not at all like fans. most people would expect him to be. Kind of like a Would you say, that DEATH had already a name surfer dude actually. I mostly remember him playing at this point or did this demo help to expand more with kittens at Eric Brecht's house. DEATH’s popularity in the underground and to Did you remain in touch with Chuck after he went draw more fans attention to the band? I didn't realize that DEATH was popular until we back to Florida? Did you follow DEATH’s carreer played our first show at Ruthies. All these guys were at all? outside with our logo painted across the backs of their No, I never saw him again after he walked out of leather jackets. I was amazed. And the opening act studio that day. We exchanged a few angry words thru was a band called Black Death fronted by a black kid mutual friends, but that was it. In fact, I think the last who said we were his favorite band and they sounded message I ever sent to him was that I was gonna beat him up if I ever saw him again, although I wasn't just like us. serious. I was just angry. Have you ever gigged in the San Francisco area? If What do you think about that DEATH have had yes, how did those shows go? All the shows were great. We played at Ruthies a some dramatic changes in their sound; in the bunch of times and at a place called the Farm that was beginning, before even releasing a demo and under more of a punk rock venue. I remember that at that the name Mantas, the band wanted to play Venom, show the headliner was Mordred and the opening act Celtic Frost influenced metal, but upon hearing was a punk band called the Rhythm Pigs who were bands like Possessed, Mantas wanted to play and friends of ours. The singer from Mordred had a expand death metal? Broadsword and at one point during the show he I don't know, you would have had to ask Chuck or showed a film of himself swordfighting on a beach. maybe Scott Carlson. He would probably know. The funny thing is that I remember that awful film


Do you consider Chuck as the godfather and at the time) that was just more horror movie stuff and I got on his case about it. This escalated into a full founder of death metal? I suppose so, thats what everyone says. blown argument about the direction of the music, blah,blah,blah and chuck just suddenly said "Fuck As far his voice, is/was it reminiscent of Jeff you, I don't need you guys" and started dragging his gear out the door. The sad thing was that he had to Beccera from POSSESSED… Yeah, its very reminiscent of Jeff Beccera but it was wait for two hours on the sidewalk for his ride to also reminiscent of a few punk bands like Mike Dean arrive (he didn't have a car) and we would of Corrosion of Conformity and the singer of a band occasionally look out the window to see if he was still called Die Kruezen, to name a few. But that's just my there. He was. I suppose if we had just gone outside opinion. and apologized to him that the band might have stayed together but instead we just jammed with the guys He decided to change the band’s name to DEATH from M.D.C. for a few hours. You've got to remember to sum up what his music and lyrics are about, that at this point we didn't think that we were leaving a "Legendary Band that would change metal forever". right? Right, I vividly remember asking him why he named we were just a bunch of guys playing in a garage. the band Death. He said "I wanted my to have the Anyhow, I suppose it was all for the best. Chuck and heaviest band name possible... and then it just came to Death are legends now so everything worked out fine. me. DEATH ! I mean what's heavier the DEATH and My one regret is that I would have liked to have the answer is... Nothing, Nothing's heavier the Death". stayed in the band long enough to have played Bass I just started to crack up because it reminded me of on Scream Bloody Gore. that scene in Spinal Tap where they say "how much Getting back to the lyrics though, I think that its blacker can it get. None. None more Black". interesting that he got around to the more humanist lyrics a few years later. To be honest, I think I would So DEATH started off as death metal with gore have enjoyed playing the material off of Spiritual related lyrics („Scream Bloody Gore”), but up to Healing more then the stuff we were doing at the time. the „Human” (or rather up to the „Spiritual The funny thing about all of this is that YOU probably Healing”) album, one start seeing the have more knowledge about Death then I do since you transformation of DEATH, with lyrics not relating are more of a fan. As I've tried to make clear, I was to gore but more to the human mind and Up to just there at the right time, but since Death Metal „Individual Thought Patterns”, the band has hadn't been invented yet I wasn't necessarily a fan. I brought in progressive elements, thus on the last of was just playing music with friends. the studio albums („The Sound Of Perseverance”) has a sound no where near death metal but more Was he influential on the metal scene as a whole? progressive metal? Would you say, that wouldn't have been any death Its funny that you should bring up the lyrics, because metal scene without him? that's what we were fighting about the day this I didn't think so at the time because in my mind we incarnation of the band broke up. When we first weren't doing anything that amazingly different from started playing with Chuck he had said that he had what a lot of bands were doing. I was personally kind wanted the lyrics to go in a deeper direction then the of surprised to see that DEATH was singled out as horror themes of the earlier material but every new being so important but I guess when you're immersed song that he brought in seemed to be about ripping in a local music scene its hard to step back and see peoples lungs out or torture. Finally he brought in a which bands history will deem important. I didn't new song, I think it was Evil Dead (his favorite movie think Nirvana were that important either (lol).

What’s your opinion about that DEATH was Chuck himself and the others were session musicians? I dont know enough about the later bands to have an opinion about that. What did you feel, when he passed away on the 13th December 2001? Is his death a big loss for us metal fans? I was actually really sad. I had known that he was struggling with cancer for a while but when I read that he had died I was bummed out. Even though we had been fighting the last time I had seen him, he had still been a good friend of mine for about a year, so I was still sad that he had died. Obviously my memories of him are almost all good ones. Playing with him was a fun experience and a fun memory. Does it help you becoming a good musician? What kind of experiences did you gain to work Chuck with? It was fun but it wasn't life changing or anything, just a couple of friends in a garage making music. I didn't really learn anything. Any closing words for our readers... If someone had told me what we were doing back then would still be emulated by other bands almost a quarter of a century later I would have told them they were crazy, but I guess you really cant tell whats gonna have a lasting effect and what isn't. Occasionally I will walk into a club and see a band that sounds exactly like Death and I think "Wow, there it is again". Well. Anyhow thanks for copying and trading the bootlegs for all these years. It's nice to know that the music is still out there in some form. And thanks to Chuck for having the vision and sticking to it. May he Rest in Peace.

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Interviewed by Leslie David May 2009

RAVEN is a living legend of the NWOBHM movement, considered as having a huge influence on the Heavy Metal, Speed Metal and even Thrash Metal genres. It's so cool John Gallagher (voc./bass) accepted to answer my questions. Enjoy! Usually those songs are 70 - 80 % finished and something in them is just not right...often I will take a look & fix them up..other times we will steal a riff out of them later on..its never a finite process, I am always recording ideas & sometimes it takes years to connect the right dots so to speak..other times..bang! you have a song!

Greetings John, thank you very much for accepting to answer my questions, it's an honour to have such a legent featured in my mag. How are you? Ready for the end of the World? Haha. Really, how do you feel about this "end of the World" hysteria? Well, I got my bags packed & I'm ready to head for the bunker!!!! seriously...thats all it is...hysteria! You've mentioned Slade as being the band that influenced you in starting your own band. Do you remember how have you gotten into rock music back then? Have you ever had the chance to play live with Slade later on or did you meet them at all? We loved them as kids when we saw 'em on "top of the pops" (a UK tv show) but hearing "Slade Alive" blew my powerful..& Jim Lea's bass work was so outrageous...still is!! I got to meet Noddy Holder & Don Powell back in 1984 breakfast in a hotel in Cleveland that we were at...surreal & they were so gracious as I asked a zillion crazy questions!

Along the way are there many such songs that never made it on official releases? Do you feel sorry now for not recording everything you wrote back in the days? we pretty much recorded everything we had..there are a few we worked on during "the pack is back" that I'm happy never got finished!! but usually you have a finite amount of time in the studio and its better to do a smaller amount of songs properly rather than rush more of them. Have you ever had a point in your career when you thought playing Heavy Metal wasn't worth the efforts? What did you do to overcome this thought? Plugged in..cracked up to eleven & kicked ass - its ALWAYS worth it! There have been tough times but its in the blood..thats life - you gotta rise above the challenges!

Slowly We Rot (

Your latest record, "Walk Through Fire", was released firstly in Japan, by King Records. How come they were first to release it and only then it was released by Metal Blade for US and SPV for Europe? How's your Japan fan-base at this moment? What was the craziest thing that happened to you while in Japan or connected to this country? Well..they put up the initial funds....we would have loved to release in all 3 markets at the same time but it took time to arrange the other deals unfortunately...we have a great following in Japan & hope to return in the not too distant future, probably after the next album. I remember in 1995 when walking in Tokyo, we ran into some fans on the street who started crying once they saw us!!!! One guy had our CD and was just bawling!!

Do you remember some funny or interesting situations from the '80's when touring with Metallica and Slayer? Have you met them recently? I know you regarded Cliff as being a really talented musician. What made you form your opinion on him? Cliff was an interesting guy - an old head on young shoulders...we'd sit backstage & trade bass riffs & make up impossible chords! Metallica were just nuts crazy young guys on their 1st tour...we'd been around the block a few times so it was fun to watch them tear it up...basically it was an insane tour 17 people in a 6 berth winnebago...oh..the smell...! Got to see Slayer recently & met Kerry who was really cool.

"Walk Through Fire" was recorded with an engineer, Kevin 131, who has previously worked with Thrash and Death Metal bands. How was the collaboration with him? It was great - Kevin has a very broad appreciation of music..not just the death stuff & is just amazing in the studio...he's a musician so he really gets it - we have worked with guys who basically watch the tape counter to figure out where they are in the song - Kevin was just "there" if we said..can we go to the 2nd chorus or whatever.. the sound of the album is just excellent!

I'm just curious, do you own all your records like in a room framed on the walls? Are you a collector of anything, or were you ever a collector of some stuff that was close to your heart? Nah..I have a lot of our stuff but I'm not that obsessed..the only thing hanging around on walls are lots of guitars! You put on some very physical shows, I won't ask you how you still manage to do that since those are super-human abilities, but how do you recover after such a gig? And what's the secret in putting up such shows one after another on tours? Do you work out a lot when at home? We give 110% every show...and once we get a couple under our belt we just get ..more energized!! No secret..its just a passion I guess..besides we always thought - if the band is not enjoying themselves, why should anyone else?

There was a long wait for the 2009 album, when did you start working on it and how much time it took for the whole to be completed? What was the toughest part in writing this album? The toughest part was back in 2001 when Mark had his accident (a wall collapsed on him shattering his legs)...we did not know how it would affect him..whether he would be able to walk again never mind we had a lot of time to write & refine songs when we finally got going..after doing a few demos with Kevin in 2006 we started to knuckle down!! I know there were about 25-30 songs written for this release but only half of them made it in the end. What was the critaria to choose the finalists? Are there any plans on releasing the other tracks for your die-hard fans or you just want to concentrate on the best of the best?


How do you take care of your vocals to still sound as sharp as 3 decades ago? From your extensive experience, what would you recommend to young vocalists? Well, I never smoked...rarely drink & try to get plenty of sleep...sleep is essential as the voice is the 1st thing to go when you are tired.. Looking back at it, moving from UK to the USA was a good happening for the band? How's America treating you Today? Do you miss anything at all from the UK?

Other than friends & some foods ..not really..but we love to go back...

this pessimistic title? Or was it because "The Pack Is Back" got little support from Atlantic Records and it turned out much more commercial than you would have ever wanted, but still received little support from fans? Not really, as you can tell by the lyrics of that song..its tongue in cheek and pretty funny..however there was a lot of anger in that album and a lot directed at the record company!!

Do you know there's another John Gallagher who's a pretty big shot in a Maryland band called Dying Fetus, a Death Metal band? Have you ever heard their music or anything about them? By the way, what do you think about this genre, Death Metal? I have heard of the gent..pretty funny theres another me! and..I don't think about death metal!

In 2006 you released a demo, and as far as I know that's the only official demo for the band. Why was it released? Wasn't the band's name big enough to get a record deal back then so you decided to go for a demo? Why not a new single as you used your fans until then? We did not "release" the demo....its just we had met Kevin 131 and wanted to "test the waters" the results were great, and to continue to do a new album we used it to get record deals..same as people have done for many, many years...

Raven influenced the birth of a style called Speed Metal, a style that was pretty big in the '90's but scarcely represented nowadays. Do you feel the World still needs Speed Metal since there are these new hyper-speed styles like Metalcore, Deathcore, Grindcore, and so on? Unfortunately theres a big difference between what we do & what is represented by those "genres" you mention...put it this way "good" music should never go out of fashion! Although the band was formed in '74, you released your first single in '80. Why not earlier? Are there any demos prior to this single or you were only about playing live back then? There are a few demos...its just we were learning our trade so to speak..back in those days you have to work a bit harder..there were no short cuts like instructional DVD's and the internet to learn your instrument..

Is Raven working on new material at the moment? Should we expect a new album anytime soon? Do you still have the contract with the Japanese label on? Yes, we are writing, writing, writing..and coming close to finishing a retrospective DVD with some killer live/studio/backstage footage which will be out early in 2013!!! In the end of this interview, I would ask you to tell us 3 words that represent such a

How were the 2 tracks on "Don't Need Your Money" chosen? And what can you tell us about this Single's title? Was it some sort of statement against the music business? We thought "money" would be a great single - no great statement..... and put "wiped out" on as it was crazy!!!

legendary band as Raven. COMPLETELY FUCKIN' NUTS!!!

Slowly We Rot ( November 2012

Until '87 all your releases had pretty energetic, wild titles, but then you released "Life's a Bitch". Was then a bad moment for the band, or how come


Russia is not very famous for its metal bands but it surely holds a few great names, being EPITIMIA one of them. They are currently preparing their 4th album that shall see the light of day later this year and we thought it would be an awesome idea to let them speak about their ideas and so forth. According to the wikipedia, an epitimia is a means of spiritual correction, prescribed for serious transgressions: witchcraft, apostasy, fornication, murder (including abortion), grave-robbing, and so on. So, why did you choose the name Epitimia? The band’s name was created by chance when there wasn’t any conception. And although it is connected with Christian tradition, the meaning of this term for us is more individual. It expresses inner spiritual struggle being an allegory of conscience and remorse. I want to note that we don’t have any religious or political ideology in the band’s conception. Any religious symbols must be/ should be seen as a metaphor. The name of your first demo “You, Whose Name Dies On Quivering Lips” was taken from a poem of Russian poet Lev Mei. Are you often inspired by literature? Who’s your favorite author? Yes, we do use many quotes from various sources in our works. It can be poetry and music. With their help we try to create more ways of understanding our music - straight and allegorical. Literature often inspires K. when he creates lyrics. Now he is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, Semyon Nadson and some ancient mythologies. Talking about personal preferences, members of Epitimia like Russian classic prose and poetry and some philosophical works. How would you define your sound? In your myspace it is described as depressive metal but is this the most accurate definition? I must say that our MySpace page is currently out-of-date. May be our music contained some depressive metal tunes, but now our music can be described as post-black metal with various influences, including post-rock and some metal subgenres. When we create music we do what we want and don’t focus on specific style.

eclectical our work and we will use there some pieces from trip-hop and postrock music. We even have songs with electronic, reggae and latin guitar parts. Also we will have some saxaphone parts performed by guest musician, so some conservative metal fans should be shocked. Lol! You have a female drummer which is not that normal. Do you function well as a trio or do you think things could be better if you had more members? In fact, we now have another member – I., he will perform some rhythm guitar parts on our next work. We try to find more members, but it is hard to find good and creative musicians in Saint-Petersburg, so we still have a vacant spot on solo guitar. I must say that Epitimia always was a studio project, but now we rehearse some songs and prepare for the big work as a real collective. The band photo available reminds me of the 70’s bands as lot. Are you a fan of the sound from that era? What kind of music inspires and influences you the most? We like different kinds of music, and Epitimia combines elements and tunes from different styles that we like. We respect some bands from the 70’s, especially old art-and rogressive-rock, but their specific sound doesn’t influence us. How’s the relationship with Hypnotic Dirge Records so far? Do you think it is helping you get the recognition you deserve? We are totally happy with our collaboration with Hypnotic Dirge Records. Nick, the owner of the label, gives us all the support we need. He also helped us to find guest musician, so we must thank him for all what he does.

Slowly We Rot (

With “Faces of Insanity” you started a new phase in the band’s history because you try to make experiments with different musical structures. Why is it so important to experiment? We try to make experiments because we want to develop the music and band’s conception. Musically it still has blackmetal-based sound, but it is interesting for us to combine different musical elements in our compositions. In fact, Epitimia was created as an experiment, so it is a part of our message. Your music has received awesome reviews worldwide. How do you feel knowing that the music you create is inspiring tortured souls everywhere? It is great that our music inspires people, but it is not dedicated only for “tortured” souls, but for many listeners who are open for new sounds and ideas.

How is it being an extreme band in Russia? I believe everyone remembers the episode with Pussy Riot! Did this “affect” people’s view of extreme bands at all? As I said earlier, Epitimia doesn’t have any ideology, so we do not feel any pressure. But we know some bands (mainly oppositional to the regime) who are being persecuted by the system. How’s the extreme metal scene in your country? It is easy to have access to cds and concerts and all? Russia has many extreme bands, mostly underground. You can easily order the cd’s through the net distros and go to metal or hardcore concerts. Unfortunately, not many people are interested in visiting concerts or bying Cd’s. So there isn’t a strong extreme scene in Russia because of the lack of audience. Have Epitimia played live already? Being a trio isn’t easy but it would make a lot of people happy. Have you received any invitations so far? We had some invitations for the concerts but we decided to wait until we will have a full-packed live group. Playing live is not our general intention, but some day we hope to have a concert.

What’s the main concept behind your music and lyrics? All our concept is in lyrics and music. In Epitimia we try not to pay attention to other things, such as ideology, pseudonyms and etc...

Please share a final message with our readers! Keep up the awesome work! Thank you for kind words and interesting questions. We wish everyone takes care of themselves and of the ones they love. Keep an open mind!

Late last year you said you had more songs ready and wished the new album would be released this year... is it actually going to happen? How are things thus far? Yes, we have 18 songs written for our fourth full-length and over the half of lyrics. We hope that this album will see the light in the second half of 2013. This work will be strongly conceptual and will continue the theme we started in previous albums. Our next album will be the most

Interview by Sonia Fonseca February 2013


Slowly We Rot (

Hey guys, thanks for accepting to answer my questions. How do you feel now that the band's name is and will get on the public's attention again? Tom: It’s great because we feel the band is, although not playing anymore, still alive. Check the internet and you know what I mean.

upon cristianity and religion in general? Tom: Devoted to God is a song about monks who dedicate their lives to God entirely. Their religion and dedication are set equal to the dedication satan worshippers have. It is not a song with an opinion about religion, it was this dedication that took Lawrence’s interest. The scene did not take it too bad. Most people read the lyrics and understand it. Nowadays I would not agree with a title like this one because of the arguments about it.

Let's talk a bit about the band's history. At first, in '89, the band started as Bacterial Disease, a Death Grind oriented act, then you changed the band's name to Phlebotomized in '90. Did you also change the band's genre back then? Tom: Not at first. It changed gradually because we became better musicians and because Ben and Barry entered the band. We started as a 3 piece. The keys and the vocals gave us that extra. Your first demo as Phlebotomized was titled simply Demo-tape. How come you didn't find a "real" title for it. Was it a rehearsal recording? I can hear talks and laughs in the background at some point? Tom: We made only one demo: Devoted to God, recorded in 1992. The rest is not official. You have our rehearsal tape. We had a lot off rehearsal tapes and our first live recording which was released with the Phlebotoface drawing.

Oh what a band Phlebotomized was back in the '90's. Their melodic and technical yet aggressive approach on Doom Death Metal was highly appreciated by the ones seeking for progressive music, but it wasn't enough for the band to reach a higher status in the scene and they broke up after a couple of albums. Vic Records decided to re-release their albums this year and it seems there's a good chance for the band to get back together...

The year 1992 brought your first deal with a label, Malodorous Mangled Innards Records. What can you tell us about this label, your collaboration with them (they released 2 Phlebotomized EPs) and how beneficial was this deal for the band? Markus did a great job. He released our single: "Subtle/Desecration" and he released "Preach Eternal Gospels". It was a start. The band got bigger and bigger. We had something to sell during the gigs and the fanzines did the rest. It was not beneficial as far as money is concerned.

In 1994 you signed with Cyber Records and released your debut album, a highly acclaimed debut to a point where the release of the second print saw Cyber Records team up with Massacre Records. Was it that big of a success as these facts make us believe? I really don't know...we just wanted to play and make music. We weren't that much involved with the financial part of the band. We where glad that someone was willing to release our music.

What did you do after recording your first demo tape, what were your first thoughts? Did you send it to labels or other bands to get opinions or just spread it amongst friends? Jordy: We wanted to play man! This was just the way to do it in the eighties and nineties. There was no facebook or myspace or soundcloud, bandcamp and shit like that. We had to book a studio, record our songs and put them on a tape! The demo was reviewed in al kinds of metal magazines. So we sent those tapes to the 'zines and club promotors/ bookers. We send the demo to record companies to get signed for an album deal. We also sold the demo for 10 bucks during a gig. The main thought we had was that we just wanted to play live shows.

If you browse the comments on this album's tracks on YouTube you'll often stumble upon the word "best" (album, band, music, etc.) and that means this album has a great value even in Today's standards. Please tell us how was the next half of year for the band after releasing this masterpiece, what things happened in the band's life. Tom: I agree with most people. I think it is our best release. In those days we were a team. We played the old stuff for a few years and songs like Dubbed and Mellow were created at the top of our creativity and brutality. Lawrence was at his top as a drummer and I think I was too as a guitar player. We played a lot of shows the year after the release but unfortunately Patrick had to leave the band and the original line-up split up.

Slowly We Rot (

The music was already quite far from what you used to play as Bacterial Disease (or at least that's what I think), there were some Doom Death elements (the keyboard backgrounds) and although still a brutal form of Death Metal, it had less Grind elements. Was this genre switch predetermined or it just happened? Jordy: When you grow as a musician, you want improve yourself. It's the same with writing music. It just evolved in the genre we are known for.

The same year you released an advance tape that was somehow announcing an upcoming release but that new release only happened in 1997, why this delay? Was the band very busy with promoting "Immense, Intense, Suspense" in the meantime or there were some other reasons as well? Jordy: It was just a promo tape for the bookers and agents of venues it was nothing special back in the days, but nowadays it's a hot collectors item.

I guess the track "Tragic Entanglement" was your main hit back then since it was featured on multiple releases, do you still like that track? Tom: I still like the track. It is one of the most bizar songs we wrote with all the time/tempo changes it has.

By the way, how were your gigs back then? Have you ever had the chance to tour outside Holland? Which were your best friends amongst the other Dutch Metal bands? Are you still in touch with their members? Jordy: We played a lot in those days and yes we crossed borders with our band and made great friends. Bands we often played with became good friends, I still remember the guys of Polluted Inheritance and I often talk to the boys of Obtruncation and Sinister, because we share the same rehearsal shed. We came across a lot of people back then and through social media nowadays

And since we're talking about your beginnings as a band, how old were you back then and how enthusiastic were you from playing in a band? Tom: Patrick, Lawrence and I were 15/16 years old in those days. We took it very seriously. "Devoted to God" was your second demo. A pretty strange title for an Extreme Metal release. How did the scene react to such a title? What about its lyrics, were they a personal view


it's much easier to talk to each other again. "Skycontact", your second and at the same time last album, had a much more distant approach on Extreme Metal to a point where you were then categorized as Avantgarde Metal rather than Doom Death. Were you aiming for a Progressive Rock / Metal genre at that time? Jordy: I guess it was just the way it went...we were very young when we started playing and when you’re young you want to play the most brutal and extreme music ever. We grew up together in this band and our taste in music grew with it. Tom and I were listening to old school Heavy Metal like Judas Priest at the moment and Lawrence and Dennis were very into Pink Floyd and Kuyss. That's the progress of musical evolution when your exploring different genres of heavy music. We also became better musicians so you want to have more of a challenge while playing I guess.

of problems within our friendships. Now Vic Records is re-releasing your two albums, and that should be a blast for old fans but also for the young blood. What if the reactions to this doublerelease will be overwhelming, do you see any possibility of the band getting back together? Jordy: Well who knows...on the release party 2 March, we're gonna do a cameo performance together with the guys of Burning Hatred and maybe...who knows? Tom: We’ll see…

How was this new album received by the media? How about your fans, were they disapointed or they kept supporting the band? Jordy: We lost some of the old school die hard Phleb fans, but we gained new ones. I guess Skycontact was a bit ahead of its time. It was maybe to experimental at a few points. The main thing I heard over the years is the fact that our old school fans at first hated Skycontact and after a few years they started listening to it again and became their favourite Phleb album. Tom: A lot off people think it’s our masterpiece. I guess there is nothing in between. You either like it or not because of the different character and atmosphere the album breath. In my opinion the album is not in balance. The atmosphere is too down for me. After listening to the entire album I feel down. On the other hand the strenght of the album is that it stikes back hard because of it’s intensity.

Looking back at those Phlebotomized years please tell us your best memories. Was it all worth it? Jordy: Yes it was all worth it. You have to realise that there wasn't any internet or CD rom burners etc at that time. We had to spread the word ourselves and through hard work we were able to make these beautiful records thanx to the companies who were willing to make financial sacrifices for us. Amongst the best memories I have, all the fun and 3 gigs cross my mind: The Immense Intense Suspense release show in Hoorn, The Abu Simble show in Gent, Belgium with Polluted inheritance (this night was crazy!!!) and the Spikepop performance (one of our biggest shows). Those are precious to me.

Slowly We Rot (

The '90's were very good years for Dutch bands, many of them reaching Worldwide fame but Phlebotomized, although highly appreciated for its music, never signed with a bigger label (Cyber Music was still regarded as underground and focused mostly on Death Metal). Why do you think the band was so underrated, or what do you think you did wrong thinking at those years? Jordy: I guess, like I said before, we were a bit ahead of our time. Violins, keys and clean vocals weren't normal for a Death Metal or even a Metal band in the early 90’s. Only a few acts like us were exploring the boundaries as much as we did. Nowadays it’s normal to put some extra atmosphere in the music. I guess the world wasn't ready for us then hahaha.

What do you do now? Do any of you still play Metal? Do you still keep in touch with each other? Jordy: About 3 years after Phlebotomized I started playing with local friends in a Hardcore Punk band Second Chance and we became quite popular. I played with them for over 7 years throughout the whole World with acts like Agnostic Front and Cro-Mags. After SC broke up I continued with members of SC as Harbour 81. I played with that outfit for about 3 years. I played with several bands for short periods, but those are my main bands. We still play with SC once in a while and we officially never quitted with Hb 81. But for now we are busy with Phleb. Maarten still plays the violin. Dennis and I had a metal band called Held, check myspace! Nowadays I play in a progressive rock/metal band Emerged. We are going to record a demo in May.

Phlebotomized disbanded in 1997. Why? Jordy: I quitted just after the recordings of Skycontact. I was too busy with my career as a chef and couldn't combine it anymore. The other guys continued, but I guess the magic was gone. Tom: It was logical to stop. Skycontact was the beginning of the end because the direction we took musically. Too much clean vocals to play it good live, less roots in metal. We had to change our name. Phlebotomized wasn’t Phlebotomized anymore. The new stuff after Sky took another direction and was evolving to the music, for example, of Type O Negative, Floyd, and more atmospheric bands. We weren’t a team anymore because of a few personal changes and because of the arguments we had about our musical direction and because

Sorry if there were so many questions, I hope you're not bored to death by now. In hope the band will get together at some point I would like to thank you for your time and ask you for your final words for our readers. Jordy: Thanx for all the support over the years and keep on rocking!!! Tom: thanx for the interview, support and interest in Phlebotomized. Check the re-release on cd and vinyl. Hope you enjoyed this interview!!! February 2013


Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it. I'm Stu and I run Aesthetic Death alone - it started in 1992 as a distribution, and I started releasing stuff in 1993. I work with underground bands releasing extreme music - no boundaries or prescriptive/limiting genres. Although I do have a tendency towads music which is slow, heavy and dark. Tell us a few words on each or the most important releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase. Well, it's hard to say what are the most important releases on my label - each release quite often says a lot about my personal feelings at that period of time. It reflects what I am feeling emotionally and the kind of music that is helping me exist at that time. I am only interested in music that satisfies me personally - I have no interest in working with any band purely because they are popular or will sell well. A lot of my releases are still available from recent years - the first eight cd releases, along with nearly all vinyl releases are sold out now. The bands I have worked with include Esoteric, Fleurety, MurkRat, Wreck Of The Hesperus, Eibon, Den Saakaldte, Goatpsalm, Wijlen Wij, Fatum Elisum, Endvra, Haiku Funeral, Black Depths Grey Waves, Ortega, Lysergene, Stumm, Dead Beat Project, Mourning Dawn, The NULLL Collective, Section 37, Walk Through Fire and the like What are the most important features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label? I look for dark, introspective, erudite, thoughtful music. Nothing more required than I need to love the music. I want to work with bands who have a shared vision for what I am trying to achieve and the expectations of their music marries well with the philosophy of my label - and that they believe in working with me. They need to have faith in my work for them as well.

old-fashioned "gentleman's agreement" - so this requires good communication and trust between myself and the band. Over the last twenty years this has proved to work fine - I am close friends with many of the bands I work with. Every band is individual and I work with them as individuals, to suit what they might need as a band. I don't know what I offer the bands - they'd be best to answer that. Aesthetic Death is an underground label in the old sense of the term. If a band wishes to "get big", or sell thousands of copies, or have major advertising/tours then I am not the right label for that band. I believe in an anti-capitalist, antiestablishment, non-conformist way of working - where the main focus is support and reliability, not profit. There is no room for capitalism in extreme music - and it just kills what extreme music and underground mentality is all about. I never make any money from running the label - all money goes back into doing new releases and supporting the bands I work with. I'd rather stop the label tomorrow than become some sort of major label with no fucking morals which just focuses on screwing the bands and making money. Is there anything you planned with your label and has not yet been completed? I am working continuously to get new releases out. Over the past few years the major goals have included releasing all Esoteric albums onto vinyl - alongside a series of new Fleurety 7" vinyls. These are both progressing well, albeit slowly. I want to release good quality stuff - so I prefer to take my time and make sure everything is perfect before a release goes out. I am not trying to prove anything as a label. I am just doing my thing and support those who put their trust in me. How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us? Well, I don't know about the future - I don't really care that much. I will continue to run the label whilst I enjoy doing it - that is the only important factor. If I lose interest or it starts to become too commercial then I would immediately stop. Unlike most labels, Aesthetic Death continues regardless of making money - so I don't have those pressures. During the start of 2013 I will release new albums from a couple of awesome doom bands - Eibon + The Nihilistic Front

Slowly We Rot (

How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration? Any band can get in touch with me via email. I welcome any promo material. I don't listen to stuff online - I only accept promo cdr. Any details can be found on my website.

How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links. Anyone can contact me via email - website at: I don't do social media - fuck all that. Thanks for your support. February 2013

What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands? I consider Aesthetic Death as it's own little family. It is important for me to have an open, honest and reliable relationship with any band I work with. I work by an

Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it. I started Bret Hard Records in May 2007 for my ex-Band Sunsetdown with Peter (the Singer of the Band). In 2010 we started the Label more professional and worked together with Twilight Distribution. Today i run Bret Hard together with Thorsten Doering. We release Metal in all styles , but we will focus on the extreme stuff. That´s the way we like it. Today we work with H´art Musik and SAOL for Distribution and CMM GmbH for promoting our releases. Tell us a few words on each or the most important releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase. Ok, let´s go. The first record we made with Twilight was the „Alchera – Era" Album. We released it in May 13th 2010. It´s a melodic Death/Black Metal masterpiece with it´s own Style. It was released as a Digipak with a nice apocalyptic Artwork. If you like Dark Tranquillity, Dissection and old In Flames stuff, buy it! The second release is the „Leviathan – Beyond the Gates of Imagination Part 1" Album. It´s very progressive melodic Death Metal in the Vein of Wintersun and Children of Bodom, combined with some folk influences. The second Part „The Aeons Torn" will be released on January 25th 2013. It contains a new 25 minutes Track parted in five pieces and the new mixed and mastered Debut EP „From the desolate inside" which was Demo of the Month in german Metal Hammer.


A big project was the „Mayhem Club Vol.1" Sampler. I gathered the Metal Scene of my hometown (Cologne and Bonn) on a two disc CD Sampler. It contains 37 tracks and got a 20 page booklet with lots of Photos and Info. If you´re interested in our local scene, that´s the best choice. It was released on April 8th 2012. In 2013 we rise again wth some new records. On february 1st 2013 the the record of my own Band SKUM called „Prašina" comes on CD and LP (180g red Vinyl with album on CD, Poster and Lyric Sheet). It contains a Death / Thrash Metal blast for fans of new Carcass, Entombed and old Sepultura. Something special are the lyrics which came in english, german and croatian. Don´t miss it. On February 22nd Sabiendas will release their oldschool Death Metal Debut Album „Restored to life". If you´re into Grave, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, that´s the stuff you like!

And last but not least we release the Debut Doom Album „Nether Regions" of Lilith Laying Down on March 8th 2013. If you like clean vocals and heavy doom stuff in the veign of Candlemass, type o Negative and Opeth , check it out. All records are still available and you can order it at our Webstore!

Is there anything you planned with your label and has not yet been completed? Yeah, we got a lot of ideas and plans. We´re working on new contacts to get our Bands on the road. That´s a hard job, but if you want to get bigger you have to play a lot of Shows. And the other thing is, we want to release more records on Vinyl too. But that´s an expensive thing, so we have to earn some money. But i hope there will be more Vinyl releases in the future.

What are the most important features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label? We´re looking for Bands who work hard for their Vision. You must have the spirit, if you know what i mean. It´s important that i like the Bandmembers to have a good cooperation. Bret Hard is a small Metal Label. The Band has to work a lot on their own. We can distribute and promote the records but it´s important that the Bands work together with us. If you want to be a Rockstar, go fuck yourself.

How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us? We wait for the new Debt of Nature Album. They´ll enter the Stage One Studio of Andy Classen in April and i hope we can release this new Death/Grind Attack in July. And the we work on the new Beltez record called „Tod:Part 1". It´s the first one after eleven Years and in 2013 the waiting will be finished. Expext a great Black Metal record. How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links. Ok, here´s all you need:

How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration? Bands can contact me via E-Mail ( or they can send me a promo package by mail. Your Band recorded a new record, its qualitiy is very good, you can play your instruments? Get in touch!

What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands? It´s important that i like the music and the people in the Band. I can offer a very good distribution and a good promotion company. We work with H ´art Music, that´s one of the biggest Distributors in Germany to get your stuff in stores and mailorders. For promotion we work with CMM, they do the promotion for Iron Maiden, Slyer , Ozzy Osbourne... as well. So that´s a nice environment to work with.

Address: Bret Hard Records An der Herrenwiese 8 53721 Siegburg Germany

Online Shop: E-Mail:

November 2012

Slowly We Rot (

Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it. I started IBP in 1995 after I put my previous Label Obscure Arts Prod. to rest. IBP is a german based UG Label & Distro thats deals with everything from Doom to Black Metal release & distro wise.

Tell us a few words on each or the most important releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase. Since we did more then 100 releases so far it would be a bit to much to feature all of them here. People interested in our release schedule can have a look on our web-page under the "Release" section. Every release is featured there with the cover artwork and press release details as well as year of releasing. Speaking of important releases: All of them are important to me othwerwise I would have not released them! There is no this one is better then the other one or whatever bullshit. I'm free in choose of what I release so out of this reason I dig all my releases on a personal level. What are the most important features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label? Easy answered: Music & Ideology of the Band must please my personal taste and there must be a level of beign able to talk to each other on a kinda "private" base besides all the business crap.

I wanted to do a Cabal (Sweden) Compilation LP and all arrangements had been done already but we still try to gather more material for this one which turned out to be more difficult as expected!

How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration? Bands can contact us at: . We are not accepting music files send by e-mail. If someone is serious interested in working with IBP can contact us by e-mail and we'll provide him with a snail mail adress to send a promo package. Sending a promo package does not automatically mean we gonna release your Band! Time is limited and whenever we find the time to listen to the subbmited material and we have some interest we'll get back in touch.

How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us? Future looks good so far. We have a packed release schedule til 2014 at least. Some projects that are going to be done in 2013 are Voices From The Darkside Book, Beyond 1st album, Odru Jahad 1st Album, Bölzer MLP, Aggressa LP, Unaussprechlichen Kulten 7"EP, Nazarene Whore 7"EP, Holocausto LP, Ancient Crypts Demo-Tape, Necroholocaust 1st album, Cult Of Fire 2nd album name a bunch of plans.

What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands? As mentioned above there need to be a "private" base as well. If I like the music of some Band but can't stand the members personally it is totally out of question that I'm going to work with them. Offers depend on the release itselfs. This varies too much and is kinda private between the bands & us as well.

How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links. Here you go:

Is there anything you planned with your label and has not yet been completed?

January 2013


This question about relationship is very good, man. Nowadays labels and bands don't care, it became another capitalist abomination, nothing more, nothing less. But before signing a band, I talk with the "leader" and we exchange a lot of ideas, on various subjects. In all cases, we become Metal brothers! It's all about supporting each other and sharing some similar views. If labels would take care of that instead of signing bands just because the music is good and nothing more, it would be more healthy for the underground. I really believe in a radical selection. Many people involved in the underground should be boycotted but nowadays everyone seems to be so tolerant... Thus the huge saturation that everybody is facing now. About what I offer to the bands, it's a percentage of free copies. I am not rich so I can't pay the studio and such stuffs, but sometimes I can pay for the cover art and work with great artists, it all depends on the project. And the band can be sure that the record will be distributed in any part of the world.

Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it. Legion Of Death Records was born in 2001 in Pictavia (center-west of France). Basically the idea is to support underrated scenes all over the world on vinyl format. A parallel label called Armee De La Mort Records was created in 2009 to release CD's too, and promote good bands from French regions. I am the only one to take care about everything. I support all Metal genres as long as it's traditional and authentic, it means : Heavy, Thrash, Black, Death, Doom. No stupid modern sub-genres like Nu/Goth/Religious/NS/Atmospheric/Depressive/Suicidal etc... Total boycott! Tell us a few words on each or the most important releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase. It's difficult to say because I have released 46 records with Legion Of Death and 18 with Armee De La Mort! Almost all Legion Of Death releases are sold out because they are limited vinyls for maniaks, but I still have copies of Master Of Cruelty (Paraguay) 7"EP and Savage Deity / Goatchrist666 (Thailand) Split 7"EP. Most of the CD's released through Armee De La Mort are available. As for important releases, I would mention Catacomb on Armee De La Mort, it's a double CD with 32 pages booklet which was the first of a successful series, then came Mercyless, Tork Ran, Nomed, Disabled, Shud. All cult Death or Thrash bands from French regions. With Legion Of Death, I could mention Dying Embrace as I released their 7"EP in 2002 and now 10 years ago, I release their anthology album on CD/LP (available around January 2013). Also I was the first to release vinyls by some bands hailing from special countries : Weapon (Bangladesh), Rabbath Ammon (Jordan), Taarma (Afghanistan), Kusoof (Kuwait / Bahrain), Funeral In Heaven (Sri Lanka), Orisha Shakpana (Jamaica), Seeds Of Iblis (Irak), Skinflint (Botswana)... But hey, you know, I'm very proud of all my releases! I could mention them all hehe...

Is there anything you planned with your label and has not yet been completed? I have many plans, but I can't say that something hasn't been completed yet. I'm simply proud of what I did during the past 12 years with the label and I just hope it will last for long! I could also say that I would like to discover more bands from countries/regions that have no real Metal tradition, Metal warriors emerging from such places and fighting for the ancient Metal spirit! Look at bands like Orator (Bangladesh), Funeral In Heaven (Sri Lanka), Skinflint (Botswana), Vale Of Amonition (Uganda), they became real examples to follow in their respective countries, more and more bands follow their path and knowing their conditions, I hail and respect such guys, far from the trends and posers polluting the whole western "scene". How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us? Well, I'm pretty broke right now haha but I have many projects and of course I believe in them at 666%. I told you I mainly release 7"EP's and CD's, now from time to time I really want to support bands by releasing CD and LP versions for their album, but it will be pretty rare, I will do this with bands that mean something extremely special to me, real brothers. So I can mention Dying Embrace and Orator in this category, maybe Mantak and Surrender Of Divinity in the future, time will tell! I've played in Asia with my band Manzer, shared the stage and/or met some of the bands I produced or will produce, this is something beyond words for me. I also hope to play in South America, Africa and Oceania in the future so the same may happen with local bands I really want to support out there. You mentioned "major projects" and I think that releasing an album as CD and LP fits into this category!

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What are the most important features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label? As I have a special concept with my label, I must admit the geographical situation is important. But it is very far from being enough. The music must be killer, and the ideology / concept of the band is primordial too. I will never sign a band with ideas I boycott even if the music sounds great. And vice versa!

How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links. As I've said in question #4, the best way is to drop me an e-mail, I reply to all messages, I'm not like all the rock-stars who avoid replying because they think they are so important and pretend that they have no time for this (then those arrogant assholes should consider stopping their unserious activity). I don't use fukking social bullshit sites though, I prefer honest and direct contact, moreover everything necessary can be read and seen on my websites. I have a webshop with around 1400 articles too! My contacts : E-mail : Legion Of Death / Armee De La Mort Records : Snail Mail : LOD Records / BP 21 / 86210 Bonneuil-Matours / France. MANZER Pictavian Black Metal : Oh and I can also add that I've made a Metal shop in my house so anybody wanting to visit Pictavia is welcome here! All right, thanx a lot for the interview and support. Shaxul, 27th November 2012.

How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration? A band can send me an e-mail, it is the most simple way. But first, bands should be aware of what I've said before, so to sum it up : I'm looking for bands from underrated regions in the world, I am into authentic Metal only, and I boycott religious and political bands. You know, I get mails every day from bands that don't fit these criterias at all... This is crazy, this means bands don't give a shit about what the label is all about, they just want to release their stuffs and that's all. Fortunately the true Metal spirit is still alive among many maniaks but I must admit I am very disappointed to see such a situation and so many useless bands polluting the underground. So once again : bands, think twice before writing to me! What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands?

November 2012

I mainly focus on the extremes of metal. Doom, death, thrash, black metal.

Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it. The Northern Cold as an idea came from the Woods of Ypres song of the same name. "I'm at home in the north, when I'm alone in the northern cold". As a Canadian the song really spoke to me. Seven months of snow makes for great metal music. I have been running a weekly metal podcast, mix tapes for the internet generation, for several years now. It's a great way to help get a band's message out but as a child of the 1980s I always prefer a physical product. The idea of actually releasing music came from frustration in seeing amazing bands not having something for me to buy. I thought about CDs but they are basically dead. Not many people buy them anymore. Vinyl, while being my favorite format for music, is quite expensive to manufacture. So tapes it is! My first release was in June 2010 and so far have nine releases out!

Tell us a few words on each or the most important releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase. Wow, the most important release? I'd have to say my first release with Abigail (Japan). They are a band I have loved and respected for a long time. On a whim I emailed Yasuyuki to ask if I could release them and he said "Sure!". This boldness came from talking with Yuki of Deathrash Armageddeon after he released Satanic Warmaster. I asked him how the hell a label from Hokkaido, Japan got to release the mighty Satanic Warmaster! "I just asked." was his response. Second most important would probably be Black Pestilence as Valax is a good personal friend. We've killed many beer together! All my releases are still available with the exception of Battlegoat, Ritual Flame, and Blodfest which are 100% sold out.


What I offer a band is fairly simple. Most importantly I do not take control or own the music. That always remains 100% with the band. I work on a gentleman's agreement of a band giving permission for me to release their music. The band covers recording costs and I cover manufacturing costs. As "payment" the band gets a percentage of the tape (usually 10 on a run of 100). Through trades with other labels I get their release all over the world. I see my label as a band's stepping stone for bigger and better things.

What are the most important features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label? While talent and quality music is important dedication to their craft is more important to me. I've been in contact with some VERY talented bands that, for lack of a better word, were pretentious assholes! Some expected tour support, money to record new music, etc. Crazy stuff to expect from a tiny tape label! I much prefer working with bands like Pathogen (Philippines). While their release was at the manufacturer my inbox was overflowing with people requesting the tape. I hadn't done any promo for it yet ... this was all from the band doing the leg work to get their name out. They are good blue collar metal heads!

How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us? The future is looking good for my label. As I said my full time job keeps my label afloat so I don't need to worry how I'm going to pay for my next release. haha I have two releases in the pipe. In the next few weeks I will have Storm Of Darkness (Columbia) available and in the first part of the new year Inverted (Italy) will be out. I am in talks with some Malaysian and Thai black metal bands for possible releases in the spring. Another iron in the fire is the possibility of a vinyl release. Probably a 7" in the later summer of 2013. I'm still hashing out the details for that.

How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration? The best way to reach me is by email ( Before getting in touch with me I humbly request you actually have been playing your instrument for more than 2 weeks. I've had some incredibly bad stuff come across my desk. People who could barely play a note or keep a beat. While I appreciate a kvlt quality recording don't have recordings that are unlistenable! Some bands send me stuff that sounds like it was recorded with a potato. Also, keep in mind I run a very small label! I have a full time job that thankfully keeps this money pit of a label alive. I may not be able to respond for a few days if work's kicking my ass. I don't give a fuck about how kvlt your band is .. or how much your friends love you! If I do a Google search and see you've been doing lots of self-promotion .. you're someone I would want to work with.

How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links. Email ( is always best for direct contact but feel free to check out: My home page: My distro: My podcast: My Facebook page: I'm fucking everywhere!

What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands? Mutual respect is most important. I may be a very small label but I take things very seriously. Also, don't write emails to me like you're playing Dungeons and Dragons. You can drop the "Infernal hails from the depths of Satan's rotten bowels!" .. "Hey dude" is fine.

December 2012

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real pain in the ass and will not rest encauraging them to cooperate, haha.

Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it. The existence of label started in the mid of 2010, though since end of 2009 I run webzine under the same name. I'm the only bastard behind Till You Fukkin Bleed. Putting it simply, I mostly deal with Death Metal, but track also other extreme metal genres.

How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration? Like I said before, I prefer to seek for bands my self and hate being persuaded in any way. Still, I listen to every bands who contact me, but usually my answer is polite: "Thanks, I'm not interested". Anyway - if you think your band is worth enough, do not hesistate to contact me and try your luck, I'm available at I do not cross out bands for sending mp3 files or streaming links sent via e-mail, so these are ok for initial assessment. Funny story: one band sent me e-mail asking if I could interview them for my webzine, but when I asked them to send their demo, they was like: "Fuck off, we will not send demo to webzine".

Tell us a few words on each or the most import_ant releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase. First releases in 2010 from my label were two split tapes from brazilian bands: Exterminatorium/Necrobscure and Escarnium/Inside Hatred - each of them is the fine example of Metal da Morte. In 2011 came out USA's Monument of Bones tape lp "Cemetery Dirges" - they call their music Horror Metal - and Spanish Eldereon "Blood of the Dying" CD/tape - uncommon mix of Death, Black and Doom Metal. Later same year I released demo tape from Malfeitor "To Hell, Farewell" (finest Sweddish Death Metal) and 4 way split cd from Aorlhac/Darkenhold/Ossuaire/Ysengrin (co-release with 2 other labels - and my only Black Metal release to date). Year 2012 brought 3 tape releases so far: Cauterization (Bra) "Males Infestus" demo, Esarnium "Rex Verminorum" and Dhwesha tape. As for availability - first two split tapes are sold out from me, but can be obtained from some distros around. Monument of Bones and Malfeitor - have last copies. Other releases are available – check my Distro page for details.

What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands? Whatever pompous it would sound there should be some similar view to underground scene, which links me and the band. At least, but not limited to, they should know what tape cassette is, haha. I can offer them releasing their stuff with real heart put in it, help with finding artwork, interesting layout (I desing most of my releases inlays). Also I will do some noise around the band in underground sending promos to radios and zines. Is there anything you planned with your label and has not yet been completed? I'm slowly working on putting together a video of Escarnium live performance in Berlin which took place this year to put it possibly on DVDr. I'd also like to put my stuff on vinyl one day, but cannot afford it at the moment.

What are the most import_ant features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label? Two factors counts most, when it comes to bands I tend to work with. First - is their music of course. I focus mainly on Death Metal bands, prefer rather old fasioned music, no matter - can be pure but I seek acts who try to intruduce some uncommon parts, as long as there is some ancient note in them. I'm not interested in modern, experimental stuff in my label - I can listen to them from time to time though. Second significant thing is bands enthusiasm towards playing music and showing their efforts to the world. But most important thing - I prefer to dig and seek undiscovered underground gems for my self and get a lot of joy doing it. Then if I find something that catch the ear to contact them myself and ofeer release of their stuff. I can be

How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us? I'm working now on tape release from Finlands band Saatovaki - great mix of old Finnish Death/Grind with Entobmed's death'n'roll era. Check'em out! How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links. Fastest way is via e-mail, I guess: You can also track my activities on - there are news, releases, interviews and distro sections. Thanks for this interview, get morbid and rejoice. November



EVOL is one of my all time fave bands, I was in my teens when I first heard their evil, aggressive and yet melancholic and medieval oriented form of Gothic Black Metal and I have always wandered what really happened to the band. I guess Samael von Martin (or Lord of Sorrow), Evol founding member, gave me the right answers not to have any more doubts. Greetings Samael, how are you? I always wanted to talk with an ex Evol member so I thank you for agreeing to answer my questions! Hello, me too, I'm very happy to answer your questions. I'm fine, thanks. And happy metal new year to all! Let's start with Evol, obviously. First of all please tell us when and why did you decide to call it quits with the band. From what I've read it seems Giordano Bruno or The Prince of Agony was a bit of a tiran character, considering the band as his own project rather than a general effort, even though he formed the band in '93. Was he part of the split-up reason? Haha good question. Maybe no, he's not a tyrant. Evol was our project, his and mine, it was not a one man band, we have created the band together and then he called this project Evol. I have composed all metal songs and I played in some parts of the interludes. With Evol we stopped our philosophical journey because the modern age was not compatible with our sound, me and De Saba wanted to dedicate ourselves in other ways to play Black metal.. How old were you in '93 when the band was first started? Do you remember those times? I was 18 Year old and I remember perfectly those times. Last moments of the true black metal. There was a gray atmosphere, dark and evil. Breathed sulfur and all of us were more than occultists searching of black magic rather than the sound of our music, we were not really interested in the band, but in the inner aspect of it. Do you remember the first 2 demos, how were they received and how did the Adipocere deal come your way? This happened only 2 years after the band was formed and Adipocere was a big name in the scene back then. Did you expect such a quick success? Honestly, after the success and the excellent response of our first demo, something I'd imagined, but as I said, we were not much interested in the musical aspect, we were too busy in occult studies. With the release of "The return of the horned king" demo we signed an agreement with Maggot Records for a 7 "EP which was later turned into a second demo because the songs were not to time exceeding. Via this second job we were contacted by Adipocere Records that already was keeping an eye on us and with whom we have worked our entire careers.

Slowly We Rot (

other countries as well? We played a few gigs, especially in Italy, if you search on youtube maybe you'll find some of our rare exhibition abroad. We played several dates in France, where we were appreciated very much. During the concerts we always had an enthousiastic answer by people. The only problems we had were the same as now: clubs non paying, disorganization etc.

Now a question that might be sensitive: Suspiria attracted a lot of attention towards the band by posing nude in the band's official pictures. Whose idea was it? Did those pics attract any kind of troubles towards the band oe Suspiria herself? No, no problems or troubles, they were only artistic photos that reflected our primordial essence. Suspiria has disappeared from the scene, she is a very mysterious person that you don't even know the real name. The pictures idea came from me and Giordano and most of them were created in such practices and then rebuilt to perfection in photographic studios

The occult part of Evol were the lyrics. Have you ever identified yourself with the lyrics? Who wrote them? How do you see the lyrical part of Evol at the moment? Yes, we identify much in our lyrics. The words were written by Giordano and today are still very current. As I told you we studied the occult a lot and in fact some texts included traditional chants. Most of the texts are telling about the decadence of the modern age.

Whose idea was it to combine beaufitul, enchanting keyboard driven parts with Black Metal? How did your local scene and then the Worldwide movement react to this combination? The idea was due to me because in those years I listened to bands such as Celtic Frost, Venom, Bathory, Sodom, Italian prog bands like Goblin and Jacula, classical music and soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, Fabio Frizzi etc. I wanted to mix the metal sound with Italian horror movies soundtracks, ancient music and modern sounds of the time, we never wanted to record dirty or rough sounds, we had always conceived the darkness like a crisp and clear sound, just as they did in Jacula or Goblin.

Is there any chance for Evol to get back together? What do you know about the former members, do you still keep in touch? I don't know. I am in contact only with the drummer Demian de Saba with which we are carrying out the projects Negatron (Black Doom Metal) and Mad Agony ('80's Heavy Metal). I am no longer in contact with any other Evol members but in the future you never know...

How do you remember the live part of Evol, have you had the chance to play live a lot? Were they only Italy gigs or have you played in


Next up is Death Dies. Who chose this name and why? I and Demian chose this name because it is the title of a Goblin song from the album “Deep Red�. This is a band that had influenced everything we

and Belita Adair (Satanic Corpse from USA). It is a dark project and thanks to the work of Belita it seems to be in a catacomb. We were inspired by our favourite old bands such as Black Widow, Back Sabbath, Coven, early Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and early Gathering. The result is a very heavy Doom and Atmospheric Black Metal. Personally, I edited part of the songwriting and all the lyrics that are inspired on Caravaggio's last days.

have created although Death Dies did violent Black Metal. Death Dies was formed during the Evol lifetime, but why? The three Evol members that formed Death Dies wanted to play something heavier, more aggressive music? Exactly. We knew that Evol's path was ending and so we decided to create a different sound with a different concept. Is the band (Death Dies) still alive or is it broke-up as well? What's your opinion about the 3 albums you managed to release under this moniker? The band was split up many years ago, I think the first works are done very well and it has some great tunes though affected by the Evol transition. The second album (Product of Hate) is really brutal, it has many Thrash steps like few others. I really like it even if my favorite is the third (Pseudochristos) where we mixed the violence with dark and gloomy atmosphere. I've read your intention when founding the band was to create some sort of an opera act mixing all sorts of influences from metal and not only. Is that true? Did you succeed? Yes, but we did it with Negatron's first album and we are still doing it. We have created a work called “Tenebre” inspired by the early Celtic frost, Black widow, Black Sabbath, Ennio Morricone, Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, etc. It sounds like an obscure metal Opera. Now in the second Negatron work we want to intensify our influences from these Italian artists removing every metal sound from the compositions, we have created a soundtrack for the poems of an Italian famous poetess Marta Telatin.

Belita Adair is a permanent member or she is involved only on studio recordings? Will you play live with Negatron? Belita is a full member of the band but Negatron isn't a live project. We are working on the next album which will be zero metal oriented... We will create a soundtrack like those of the '70's such as Frizzi, Morricone, Goblin and Jacula, only for a few, our works are very limited edited. You have recently released your debut album on Black Tears of Death, could you please present us this album? How are you satisfied with the final result? We are very satisfied, it is a unique work, a concept album where the lyrics are inspired by Caravaggio's death. As I told you the instrumental parts were inspired not only by metal bands but also by artists such as Morricone, Goblin and Jacula. The album is called "Tenebre" and was released in an elegant digipack format limited to 300 copies. If you want more information or to order it please write to We still have copies available. At the end of this long interview could you please share with us some of your plans for the near future? The plan for the near future is the new work with Negatron, more limited and strange. We're working on it these days. Me and Demian are also playing in a Heavy Metal band called Mad Agony, '80's style Judas Priest, Accept, etc.. Even with this band we will release a CD and it will probably be edited by Alex De Rosso (Dokken) ...

Slowly We Rot (

You have released an official video with Death Dies, but I feel like the track chosen "Thorazine" is a bit different from the general impression this band left on the listeners. It is much more aggressive than the rest, and has also many more Thrash Metal influences. Am I right? Yes you're right, with Death Dies we played a unconventional Black Metal, the first album was very Evol-oriented, with female vocals and keyboards but the songs had a more complex structure. The second album, from which was taken the Thorazine's videoclip, is definitely different, a fierce Black Thrash with many Teutonic influences and it sounds very brutal. The third album is more mature, we mixed old Black Metal influences with the most atmospheric sensations.

January 2013

Why only 1 video with Death Dies? This question is for Evol too, but in Evol's case the video is a collage of live gigs images, not a real video with a script. Because making videos require a lot of time and engagement. Both videos were made by myself, I edited one of Evol tracks mixing a few gigs parts from France. For the Death Dies video we filmed the footage and then it was assembled by Demoncy (USA), hail them! At that time we had no ideas how to make a professional video, it was very expensive and we could't finance it by ourselves. Another important name for you was Abhor, a band that's getting to a cult status in the Italian Black Metal scene. When did you join the band and for how long? Well in my opinion they are part of the second coming. The true Italian cult consists of Necromass, Mortuary Drape, Evol, Opera IX and a few others. Personally I liked Abhor's works during the period I played with, I don't remember exactly the year I joined their band, maybe in 1999-2000 and I stayed with them for three or four years. I left because I did not share the attitude of their singer although I got along well with the founder, Saevum Gravem. Did you contribute to the compositional part of Abhor also or you were only session musician? I took part in the songwriting process, yes, I wasn't involved in touring. I looked after all the arrangements and on the EP “Vocat spiritum morti” I also edited two Goblin covers playing all the instruments by myself. Negatron is your newest offspring, a super-group of the Italian scene, please present us this new band of yours and how you all got together. Negatron is a band formed by me (Evol, Satanel, Death Dies), Demian De Saba (Evol, Satanel, Death Dies), Alex Krom Kain (Algol, Trifixion, Demise of God)


will bring it to the end with that name! I asume you all have day jobs, what do your job colleagues think of your Metal activities? Do they know you're big and respected names in this field? Yes we all have day jobs and spend all our free time into activities of the band, all my colleagues know what I do besides the band and they really respect it. Some of them are metal heads and they know what kind of status we have in the metal scene! Now talking about your new album, "A Girl Called Cerveza", it was recorded in your hometown, how come? And how was the experience of working in this studio for you? We were supposed to record in another studio but our producer Michael Mainx got a job before and after Tankard in this studio so he checked it to record there! It was the first time we did record an album in our hometown, so it was very relaxed, to go home after work. Another important thing was that we were able to act more flexible! So hopefully we can enter this studio again next time!

Greetings Gerre, thanks so much for accepting an interview for Slowly We Rot! I would like to begin with a question about the very beginnings of Tankard. I know the first Tankard gig was at a school fest. Do you remember who booked you for that gig? Were you playing for a long time before this gig? And how were the reactions after that gig, how was the next day at school? We were formed in 82 and played our really first show in May 83 in a classroom during a school party. As I can remember nobody booked us, we just asked if we could have a certain classroom to play there! We put our beer into milk bottles, because alcohol was not allowed, I think there were around 30 people but I really can’t remember the reactions! But I can remember that we played 4 songs twice, because we hadn’t enough songs for a whole show that time!

How did you get to have Doro as guest musician on the album? Are you good friends with her? As I am a big Doro fan I went to a concert in December 2011. As she saw me in the second or third row I have to come up on stage to sing a song together with her, as we know each other for many years! Later in the backstage room the idea was born that Doro has to join our next album. First I did send her a demo version of “Metal Lady boy” and she liked it very much and said yes! When she got the right lyrics it was too late to say no hahahahah. We didn’t think about Doro when we started to write this song, the idea was born when we played the very firs time in Thailand and it is very strange over there, because you never know if you talk to a woman or man…

Your '85 demo is called "Alcoholic Metal"; I know this title was some sort of joke towards other emerging labels (Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal). Was anyone offended by your joke? That was really a joke because of all the different new styles of metal were grown up at that time, but nobody was really offended, maybe they thought that alcoholic metal was another new style of metal………..hahahahaha

Your debut album was released by Noise Records, label that would become You have recently joined Nuclear Blast, they released your new album, so your how for more than 10 years. Noise Records were a really solid name in now, after a few months since its release, how are you satisfied with their the Heavy Thrash Metal movement back then (releasing bands like Celtic promotional work? What's the difference between how they work and how Frost, Kreator, Grave Digger, Helloween or Rage), how did this deal come AFM worked for you? The record contract with AFM was over and Nuclear Blast did us a great offer, your way and what made you decide to sign with them? We just sent our second demo “Alcoholic Metal” to several record companies and because they really like Tankard. We are very glad to sign with the biggest metal Noise sent us the record contract back! We just signed it in a pub without knowing label. They do a lot of promotion work and we are 100% satisfied. I think this was what was written in the papers! Noise was really something like a trendsetter that really another step forward for tankard! Nuclear Blast is just the biggest metal company and they really have more time and we got our break through with possibilities and strength for promotion, that’s When you say TANKARD you should immediately Chemical Invasion in 87! the main difference comparing to AFM! get yourself a beer! These kings of German Thrash Along the years there have been some Metal released an excellent album in 2012, “A Girl Most tracks on this album are more than 5 "dead" moments for Thrash Metal still Called Cerveza”, and I was lucky enough to have a minutes long, how come you have no "radioTankard never changed its style, you always chat about it with the band’s frontman, Gerre. friendly" titles on it? kept it Thrash. How come? I guess this was It was not our intention to write so long songs, just because of your pure passion and nothing else, but have you had any problems with the labels because sales it just happened. But I think Tankard is a band they don have to look after any radio stations, we just do the things coming into our mind! were dropping? No, we didn’t have any problems with the label about selling less CDs. We ever Regarding radios, I've seen in the US there's still a major emphasis on promoting had fun to play that kind of music and we never gave up especially in the middle new albums on the radio, and I think in Europe the overall Internet access changed of the nineties until the end of the nineties! But we never gave up and kept on a bit the metal heads' attention from the radio shows to the online world. How going! It doesn’t matter if we play in front of 100 or 500 people, we always try to really is it in the States? Do you or your friends listen to rock radio shows give our best and we are really a little bit proud to be still a part of the metal scene regularly? I don’t really know how the situation is in the states but Tankard is a band we nowadays! don’t have to check for any airplay, there are a lot of internet radio metal shows, Your band image and cover artworks were always presented with a funny when I personally listen to radio just for the news, the music I love I hear by CD attitude and despite that you reached the more sombre parts of the audience, or metal shows in the internet! too. What is it about Tankard that keeps it "true"? Maybe this commitment How is Nuclear Blast coping with the fact Tankard doesn't play that much to the path you've chosen from the beginning? First of all we still have a lot of fun to play that kind of music as I told you before! live, you don't do long tours? After the Alcoholic Metal parody thing we did all for this kind of image with They know from beginning that we all have regular jobs, but they really wanted albums like the morning after. Later on we really wanted to get rid of it, but this us. We play 30-35 shows in a year, so that is not too bad I guess! As I Told you really failed. Nowadays we really do something like a parody of our own image. before we spend all our free time into activities of the band! But we really want not to reduce to What's in plan for this new year? this kind of image, our music is First of all we go next week to more important I think! South America for 8 shows, playing in Brazil, Argentina and I always wanted to know, where Columbia! After coming back a does the band name comes from? couple of days later we go to Were there any moments in your Portugal, we play a lot of festivals career when you thought of in Germany, Sweden, Finland, etc. changing it or do you consider it Besides playing live as often as we as the best choice for your band? can we going to start with song In the beginning we had the names writing for the next album we want Avenger and Vortex, but there to record in the beginning of 2014! were already metal bands with that So there are a lot of things to do… names, the name Tankard we found I a dictionary and we really Thank you very much for your thought that fits to us as persons! time and answers! We never thought about changing Thank you for your support, Thrash the name, if it was a good choice metal will never die! for the band it’s not important and Cheers Gerre I don’t really know, we kept on going with that name since 82 and January 2013

Slowly We Rot (


Slowly We Rot (

ZINE REVIEWS – ZINE REVIEWS – ZINE REVIEWS – ZINE REVIEWS AXIOM OF THE ELITE #1/2012 (New Zealand) English, 76 A5 pages 15 USD (including postage) seemed a bit too much for a 76 A5 pages zine so I admit that got me intrigued and I had to have it to decide for myself if the price is too high or if the zine worths the effort and I can clearly say it was a delight reading it and discovering the New Zealand scene through it. It comes with a Double CD compilation featuring the bands from the zine. There are no interviews but instead there are a lot of personal reports and opinions on more than 20 NZ Extreme Metal bands, all featured on the compilations. I would compare Axiom's writing with the writing from the Swedish Death Metal book, the same way of laying out information about the bands, a mix between personal views and objective detailing. An easy reading and a perfect way of discovering this remote scene, recommended! Can't wait for a followup issue. Contact:

Death Metal scene. Apart from that Convivial Hermit has them all: interviews (all sorts of bands: Blut Aus Nord, Purtenance, The Sullen Route, Falls Of Rauros, Bergthron, Dagor Dagorath and many others), articles, a lot of reviews and gigs reports, a perfect layout and an impressive look (almost a book, not a zine). Recommended to everyone! Contact: CRYPTIC LITURGY #2/2012 (Germany) English, 68 A4 pages I can say I like most bands this new issue of Cryptic Liturgy featuresand it was a very nice reading, plus I have discovered some new names that deserve more attention. I also like the fact Alex, its editor, gives so much attention to little details while compiling his cut & paste pages, you'll find small intereting pics all over, a good way of filling up the dead space. Here are the bands interviewed: God Macabre, Contagion, Crucifier, Heathen Hoof, Pathogen, Wytchscythe, Midnight Priest, Tromacide and Death Mask. The interviews are half about the bands themselves, half about very out of the ordinary topics but that makes them interesting and fun to read although I think his way of pasting could improve (you might have trouble always finding the next q&a). There are also plenty of intersting articles and reviews, so I can say this zine has them all, for underground old-school followers it will be a real delight and I really recommend it. Contact:

CAI CAI VILU #3/2012 (Chile) Spanish/English, 58 A4 pages If this guy would improve a bit his communication skills (reply to emails) everything would be perfect. This is a good zine, with underground attitude, most of it cut & paste style, released in 200 hand-numbered copies, and its size is not really A4 but it's a bit bigger (I don't know this size). I guess that choice of printing some interviews in English is because the editor wanted to keep the original answers untouched, not to ruin their meanings, and that's good and fair to the bands. Almost 20 interviews with bands like: Insanity, Kingdom, War Generation 666, Whipstriker, Weapon, Witchcurse, Wooden Stake and others from the deep underground. A good read if you're into discovering new, raw, old-school bands. Contact:

FORBIDDEN #3/2012 (USA) English, 52 A4 pages Zine released by the owner of Forbidden Records and mastermind of A Transylvania Funeral. After a second issue given away for free as PDF download format only Sleepwalked decided to print the third issue and that's good news. Covering different genres from Black Metal (Darkest Grove, Moonreich, Plutonian Shore, Manetheren, Israthoum, Moonreich, Oakmoon) to Death Metal (Cryptopsy, Hypnos, Ectovoid) to Speed Metal (Whipstriker) and even Post Black metal (netra), Forbidden is opened to Extreme Metal in general. There are also plenty of reviews and presentations of Hypnotic Dirge Records and Abyss Records. A good lecture, I liked the fact that even if it's white letters on black background the spacing and fonts used won't distroy your eyes. I hope Sleepwalker will keep releasing it in printed format. Contact:

CONVIVIAL HERMIT #6 (USA) English, 108 A4 pages For some unknown reason I always thought Convivial Hermit was an Ambient/Gothic/ Doom oriented zine, but honestly I was pleasantly surprised to read about a lot of different things/genres in it and my fave part about this issue 6 was of course the article "Finnish Death Metal - A Retrospective" made of reviews on some influential '90's EP/albums from this cold country, and the interview with Rippikoulu, legendary band (now defunct) of the Finnish Doom

HORRIBLE EYES #4/2012 (Germany) English, 88 A4 pages This has to be the best 2012 Extreme Metal zine, I have no doubts about this. It features an exceptional list of bands, the personal, honest and often quite offensive approach of its editor makes it impossible to leave aside once you start reading it, and its layout is one of the best ever for an old-school Death Metal oriented zine. Yes, Death Metal is the focus in Horrible Eyes, and I had the chance of discovering some really impressive bands inhere, bands I've never heard about before. I just read this zine with my browser set on YouTube, and while I was reading an interview or a review I was also listening to tracks by the bands featured; this is an awesome experience and I suggest you do the same. Too bad this is the final issue, but on this other hand that's better, Horrible Eyes will remain as one of the best Death Metal magazines ever. Don't miss this final issue (you'll get where its title comes from - incredibly small fonts that will certainly make your eyes horrible)!

BUTCHER #11/2012 (Ukraine) Ukrainian, 12 A5 pages Little angry Ukrainian zine or newsletter containing mostly articles (Amily, Sidus Mortuorum, Amon Amarth, Agruss), news, a couple of reviews and a live report from Kiev Sonic Massacre IV. Not much more to say about it as I don't understand this language, but I think the scene would need much more of these little newsletters. Contact:

Contact: INTO THE CATACOMB #2/2011 (Chile) English, 6 A4 pages I've had the luck of receiving a few newsletters lately and I'm glad they keep popping out. Such are a fast reading and give you a few new names to check on while waiting for the next issue to be out. Issue 2 of Into The Catacombs contains interviews with Crux ('90's Czech Black Thrash Metal band now split up), Sindrome (an old interview with this now split up Thrash Death Metal band from USA - the editor should have mentioned the source of this interview though...) and Wrathprayer (Black Death metal from Chile), plus a few reviews. Contact: INTO THE CATACOMB #3/2012 (Chile) English, 8 A4 pages The new issue of this newsletter presents again 3 interviews with Hades Archer (Black Metal band from Chile), Vultur (Black Metal from Italy) and Demonomancy (Black Death from Italy), and a bit more reviews than issue 2, all in cut & paste style and small fonts. As a newsletter this is a good half an hour reading and I hope this guy will keep on releasing it and won't turn to a zine as it won't bring anything new to the scene. Contact: IRON HAMMER #4/2011 (Germany) English, 68 A5 pages An excellent zine coming out of Germany, Iron Hammer is definitely a good option for old-school metallers. I like the fact that although Marius, its editor, has a cut & paste approach on most part of his zine the reviews are published on simple white background making them easy to read, that's an excellent combination for the readers, I didn't bust my eyes on it. The bands interviewed are also a good choice: Manzer, Bestial Raids, Goat Tyrant, Hatespawn, Funerary Bell (whom I've never heard before but was a good discovery), Doombringer, Cruel Force, Nocturnal Vomit. I guess you already have a solid idea on the genre of metal covered by Iron Hammer: old-school, dirty and underground, honest to the bone! Marius digs deep in all aspects of a band so if you're into any of the above listed you'll be sure you'll find out new things about them inhere. The reviews are also pretty long and informative, so all in all I can say this is a very good zine (cut & paste with small fonts) and I think issue 3 is also still available so get is asap! Contact:

Slowly We Rot (



DAZE #3/2012 (Germany) Spanish, 64 A4 pages Germany based zine written in Spanish, weird, isn't it? But what an excellent magazine it is... Everything is professional inhere, it's like buying a big ass magazine but reading about the underground, I love that. The only fault of this issue is the cover artwork, you can count the pixels on the cover pictures, but except for that it's a real pleasure having such a kick-ass magazine in our scene. Interviews with: Sadistic Intent, Vallenfyre, Undergang, The Chasm, Noctem, Impureza, Mangled Torsos, Mordant, Bloodfiend and many others, reviews, news section, and a section with letters from its readers, plus a very good layout, all in all a highly

recommended magazine for all Spanish speakers out Impetigo (very long and detailed like all Impetigo there. inties), Acrostichon (Corinne gave some interesting Contact: details about the band), Uriel Aguillon (member or exmember of the Mexican bands Morbicus, Cannabis METAL HORDE #11/2012 (Portugal) Sativa, Pyrophoric or Gutwrench), Omision (veteran English, 32 A4 pages Mexican Death Metallers who recently hit the scene The new issue of this long-running underground zine again under Chaos Records), Cenotaph (the Mexican doesn't differ much from the previous and I think Cenotaph, also veterans of the scene), Necroccultus Nuno found his preferred format that he won't change (Mexican Death Metallers), Unholy Lust (US Oldvery soon. Through this 11th issue I discovered a very school extreme metallers), and a killer talk with Mark communicative and crazy Annick Giroux (from Riddick. There's also a shitload of reviews, so if Cauchemar) who wrote the "Hellbent for Cooking" you're into old-school (especially Death Metal) you'll book, the thoughts behind this extremely prolific act get plenty to chew on from Reborn From Ashes. Issue named Moloch, but also read interesting interviews 5 is also still available and it's an excellent read as with Asphyx, Warhammer, Marthyrium, Undersave (I well so make sure to order both from Tony, you won't was really looking forward to read more about this be disapointed. band) and Forca Macabra. Metal Horde also contains Contact: the usual reviews and a New Born Patrol section that's similar to what we are trying with our Rising Demon REVELACOES ABISSAIS #3/2012 (Brazil) section. Very good xerox quality, good English, clean Portuguese, 48 A4 pages layout, I like it. Previous issues might also be still Although I don't like the cover (I never liked the use available, so get in touch asap. of children's pain or pain for children in Metal but Contact: maybe I'm getting old and start carring too much), this is an excellent zine, very underground and at the same MORBID ABOMINATIONS #2/2011 (Czech time very professional. Excellent layout, very clean Republic) and easy to read zine although most pages are white English, 44 A4 pages on black, and good choice of bands for interviews, so Unfortunately this zine is now sold out, but hopefully if you know Portuguese don't miss Revelacoes these guys are preparing for a third issue at the Abissais. Contents: interviews (Embalmed Souls, moment. The layout is awesome, whoever did the Denial Of God, Poisonous, Throneum, Prayer Of The graphics is heavily into obscure Black and Death Dying, and some bands unknown to me yet: Hate Metal, and the final result is a delight to the eyes. Orgasm, Trono and Dethroned Christ, plus an Interviews with: Ravencult, Ysengrim, Sodomator, interview with Alan Corpse, an artist doing some Funeral Goat, Maniac Butcher (I loved this one), pretty cool old-school cover artworks), reviews in 3 Satanic Warmaster, and many others, reviews and gig sections (demos, CDs and zines), articles (H.P. reports, a very good read recommended for those into Lovecraft and Lucio Fulci). Support! obscure, deep and "true" underground metal, and it's Contact: name is closely related to its contents, no wonder it is sold-out now. SANGWITOK Contact: #10/2012 (Malaysia) NOISE GATE #4/2012 (Macedonia) English/Malay, English, 52 A5 pages 96 A5 pages Fanzine released by Boki from the now defunct It's sad to review Warnament and the very active DIY label Stay Pure. the last issue of Well this 4th issue of Noise Gate reminded me of an such a longold issue of the Czech zine In Deed Hell, it has a lasting zine but similar layout and quality. Boki is mostly into Thrash unfortunately Metal and that can be seen from the interviews he Mr.Ed decided to published (Diabolical Demon Director, In Solitude, call it quits after Nuclear Beast, Skullcrush and my fellow countrymen 8 years and 10 from Mediocracy - not often I stumble across an issues released. interview with a Romanian band nowadays). Since its Even though he format is A5 the one column interviews aren't won't release the bothering at all. So we're dealing here with an oldzine anymore I'm school simple but honest fanzine, a good treat for absolutely sure he will keep on supporting the scene Thrash Metal maniacs. with other means, he seems such a dedicated and Contact: honest underground supporter that it will be impossible for him to leave the scene. This issue has REBORN lots of interesting contents: a review section of all FROM ASHES previous issues with many details, bands bios, reviews #6/2012 (USA) on printed and audio releases, comic strips, an article English, 54 A4 about vikings, gig reports, fuck-off list (bands that pages haven't replied Ed's interviews along the years), and Everything about long, interesting interviews (Singhasari, Vinterblot, this zine reeks of Thy Fallen Kingdom, Thirsty Blood, Tahdiyul Arwah, old-school Death Seven Sins, Crown Ov Horns, Viniir, The Ancient Metal and that's War, Zuriarts). Unfortunately for me some interviews great for are in Malay and since I haven't heard of most bands nostalgics as me. before I wasn't able to get to know more about them. Limited to a Anyway this is one of those zines you can keep printrun of 300 reading for a week and you won't get bored, it's full of copies the sixth information. issue of Reborn Contact: From Ashes covers mostly the Mexican scene, but that doesn't TESTAMENT #14/2012 (Peru) mean its fixed on it. You'll get interviews with: Spanish, 36 A4 pages

I've heard a lot about this zine and I was able to get it finally. Released by Juan C. Muro from the Peruvian Death Metal legend Mortem, Testament is a professional magazine that supports both well established and underground bands. Unfortunately my Spanish doesn't allow me to get into it too much, but if you're a Spanish speaker you'll read about Volcano, Assassin, Masacre, galar, Kingdom of Hate, Necrosis, galar, Enthrallment, and lots of others. The zine comes with a free Volcano / Masacre poster and free compilation CD, a real treat for Extreme Metallers. Contact: THRASH ATTACK #9/2011 (Germany) English, 136 A5 pages Despite its A5 size this is a massive zine from Germany supporting mostly or almost exclusively the Thrash Metal movement. You'll get a lot of intersting material to read from interviews (Whipstriker, Children Of Technology, Abattoir, Necrolisis, Flames, Riotor, Witchcurse, Antichrist and Dying Victoms Productions), reviews and live reports. Florian, who's also the boss from Dying Victims Productions, is really a Thrash Metal maniac so if you're into Thrash be sure you'll get some precious info from this oldschool cut & paste zine. Recommended! Contact: VAMPIR #16/2011 (Macedonia) English, 68 A5 pages Darko is back with another issue (in the meantime he has released a new one already) of his awesome Vampir Magazine, most probably one of the best and long-lasting zines around nowadays. His interviews are really awesome, I wonder where from he gets all this inspiration, it's absolutely impossible to get bored while reading his zine. Honest reviews, honest underground attitude and dedication to everything that moves in the obscure part of our Metal scene. Interviews with: Matt Putrid, Mantak, Bilocate, Nadimac, Jane Dark, Warnament and Ecuador Cadaver, a shitload of reviews and the Metal Diary section where metalheads write about what they do in an ordinary day. A must! Contact:

Slowly We Rot (

WOMB #3/2011 (Finland) English, 44 A5 pages I think this is the last issue of Womb as it seems its editor has no intention of continuing. I've bought this as a bundle, together with issue 2, and I think there are still some of these offers still available, just ask the editor. Although released as white on black background it's not hard to read it, and the interviews are quite interesting if you're into the occult side of things. Featured bands: Funerary Bell, Panphage, Nastrond, Vogelsang, Mahlkebre and Jumalhamara (I have to admit I've only heard about Funerary bell before). There's also a long article about the Faustian Spirit which I was honestly not interested in reading, but might interest others of course. A fast reading, nothing impressive except for the clean and dark layout. No reviews or live reports. Contact:


At the moment, we can not afford playing overseas, but I hope this time will come. Our lyrics are about space, death, inner monologues or short stories. I never thought about playing our songs to English lyrics, but this is in our vocalist's hands. How come you decided to release the album on your own and not to search for a label to help you out? Or there were searches but unsuccessful? We thought it would be best for our debut album to make it a self-release. Later we argued about re-releasing it through a label, but we never came to a plan.

The debut album of this Austrian newcomer, "Weltenwanderung", really impressed me so here we have an interview with LOCUS NEMINIS' Demian (bass/voc.).

Where can one find/buy your album? Do you have a good distribution net or is the album exclusively distributed by the band? How are sales so far? We distribute our album ourselves. It is available directly from the band members, at our shows, or you can order it from our bandcamp-page or just write us on facebook. „Weltenwanderung“ is almost sold out.

Greetings Demian and welcome to Slowly We Rot Fanzine! First of all let me congratulate you for a great job on your debut album! It's almost a year since its release, what good things happened to the band after its release? Hello, thank you! I think we got a lot more attention and the number of concerts increased. It was the first release of Locus Neminis and for most of us the first album in life, so it was a good feeling to get positive reactions for the hard work. We got great reviews and some interviews.

Boronian Sturmfels from Garden Of Grief was your drummer until not long ago. What happened, was he a special guest only, or were there disputes between you? What do you think of his band Garden Of Grief? I wouldn't call it special guest, but Sturmfels was pretty much a live member only. He had his other projects where he did all the songwriting, and in Locus Neminis he just wanted to play drums. The reason we parted ways was it was getting more and more impossible to find a day to rehearse, as Boronian hadn't time on the weekends. As for Garden of Grief: I must say I am not that great depressive black metal fan, but I think he does a great job composing and recording everything by himself, and I respect him as a musician.

Tell us a few words about the band and its members. I know two of you also play in a band called Nocturnal Funeral. Is Locus Neminis on the main band or is it Nocturnal Funeral? Locus Neminis was founded five years ago by Xarius, J.P. and Antimaterie. Time after time the other members joined us. I would describe our music as a modern style of black metal with symphonic influences. I have to admit, that Nocturnal Funeral was a side project Xarius and I did two years ago and was quit really quickly, cause of lack of time and ideas. Nocturnal Funeral was mainly for fun and never meant to act as a band or to release an album.

Apart from Boronian leaving the band, you had a pretty stable line-up during the almost 5 years of activity. Are you good friends outside of the band as well? Who's the craziest among you? Do you see yourselves still doing this band in let's say 5-10 years from now? I see Locus Neminis as a big family, we rehearse together, have fun together, drink one or two beers and of course there are some small quarrels. But we stick together. I would say it's myself, because I am not really the person who remains patient, and I can get really annoying *haha*.

Your music has a lot of emphasis on the atmospheres, the keyboards/synths seem to be a very important element in your music. Are you decided to follow this Symphonic Black Metal path? What if one day the key player would quit the band, would you search for a replacement or start working on more brutal compositions? I think we will definitly follow this path because symphonic and industrial influences are part of the band. We all do listen to different metal genres, but we all agree in black metal and it is our roots. I can not imagine Locus Neminis without Antimaterie and I don't think that he will quit the band in future, not only because he is one of the founders, but I can definitly feel his lifeblood runing through the song structures. And having our keyboard player doesn't mean we can't write brutal compositions!

Slowly We Rot (

Is Johannes one of you? I know he painted the cover artworks for your demo and debut album. By the way, what do you do besides the band to earn a living? Would you be prepared to leave your nowadays lives and start a professional musical career in case a big label would offer you the chance?

Yes, he is one of our guitarists and a founder: J.P. At the moment I make my apprenticeship as a media technician, which ends in one month. It would be my dream working as a professional musician and go on tour.

How much time have you spent working on the compositions for "Weltenwanderung" before entering the studio? How often do you rehearse? The songs on "Weltenwanderung" were about two years old and we practiced them very well before entering the studio. The base of our songs were mostly written by J.P. and Antimaterie, edited by F.E. and Ramsh and some drums were edited by Boronian Sturmfels. Over time our material got its structure. We rehearse once a weekend, some of our members rehearse a second time during the week.

You have quite a few live gigs so far. Why is that? Do you plan on playing more in the future? I think one reason for the small number of gigs is that the metalheads in Austria like a more common style of Black Metal with a raw sound and corpsepaint, but this is a path Locus Neminis never meant to follow. We really did get more gigs in the last few months, and I think the main reason for that is the release of our album. I feel that we slowly start building sort of a reputation, which is a good thing. We also plan on playing more of course, our current state regarding live gigs is certainly still far away from being perfect, but I think the challenge in getting gigs is not so much the quantity of gigs, but the quality. I have mixed feelings if I look back at our gig history. some where absolutely great, but it still happens to us that we play in front of like 10 people with a weak sound. A few weeks ago we were even booked to play somewhere, and when we were there our gig got cancelled because there was simply noone left in the audience. I really admit we're often pretty helpless to decide wether to accept a gig offer or not. Of course the fact that we are 6 people doesn't make it easier. Every open-minded promoter feel free to contact us.

Do you usually rehearse the old tracks and that's it, or try a few new ideas also during one of your regular rehearsals? We rehearse our set-list which contains only songs of „Weltenwanderung“ and we also play some new stuff. Sometimes we like to improvise, but we prefer to compose our songs not in the rehearsal room. What's the main problem for a Black Metal band in Austria? I doubt it's the good quality equipment or the money to buy it though. *haha* We are very well equipped. I think if you play common raw Black Metal with corpsepaint (like many in Austria) you can get some gigs very easy. If you don't join this majority you are not welcome. There is also the fact that only a few promoters organize events with such music.

Thanks a lot for your time, and hope we'll talk again soon! Please share your last thoughts for our readers. I thank you, it was a pleasure. Thanks to all of you who bought the album and all who’ve given the band a listen. And not to forget all of you who supports Locus Neminis! Thank you!

Back to "Weltenwanderung", why choosing to play in German exclusively? What are the lyrics all about? Do you plan on keeping the lyrics in German or also add some English language in the future?

February 2013


Slowly We Rot (

musician. We did not ask him and going forward with George was the natural choice. What do you personally prefer better: Doom Death or Stoner music? And why? Whenever anyone speaks about Celestial Season There is much to be said for both styles. I listen to so the only album that comes to mind is "Solar many bands and am not bothered by genres. I will not Lovers". What do you think this album has more listen to a band just because it is labeled in a certain than the other and why do you think its legacy still way. I listen to certain bands when I am in a type of mood. reigns over the Doom Death scene? Depends whom you speak to I guess;-) I am obviously very proud of that album. Writing credits go fully to If you take a look around, the Doom Death Metal Jason Kohnen. It was the right album at the right time. scene hasn't changed that much in the last decade Very honest, very touching and easy to relate to. I and it seems it has become a closed-circle genre, guess that everyone whom listened to that album a lot more for the old-schoolers than for the ones has their own reason, but I often hear that the album seeking innovation. Is Celestial Season planning on helped them through tough times. That is what makes seeking such innovation or will you go on the old it successful in my opinion. The first album was more dusty path? of an experiment, searching for the right ingredients, No sure what the future holds in store for us. None of then we found the right recipe on Solar Lovers. After us are by any means drenched in a scene. We have A legend of the Dutch Doom Death Metal that we switched, as our musical interests switched. always been seen as outsiders, and I guess that's just scene of the ‘90’s, CELESTIAL SEASON We were young and easily tempted, but also got bored who we are, as persons. I personally don't like being got back together in 2011 and I honestly quickly. We were always about trying something new, stuck in one scene or the other, there are so many just like Forever Scarlet Passion was new for its time, innovative, great musicians that you would miss if think (and hope) a new album is soon to be so was Orange, Chrome and the last EP Songs from never get off the beaten path. announced officially. In the meantime Olly the Second Floor. Smit (guitar) gave us a few details on the I know you had all sorts of problems related to band’s history, hope you’ll find out some Do you think the rest of your albums are labels you've been signed on. Is it true that your interesting things about the band. underrated? How does it feels to have one of your opinion was never asked when a re-issue of your "offsprings" being more loved than the others? old albums was planned? Were you paid in merch Greetings and welcome to the pages of Slowly We I am always amazed by the 'staying power' of Solar back then or not even that? Rot. The band was recently reunited and you have Lovers. I always wonder why someone would like to Don't get me started on this topic. I even considered already announced the canceling the reunion just departure of an old so that certain labels do member... Please tell us not - once more - profit more about this. Do you from us. Unfortunately we have any new drummers signed some stupid in mind for filling up the contracts - indeed our own empty space after Rob's fault. I just hoped, and had departure? too much faith in humans Hi there! Indeed, Rob (although I should not Snijders is way too busy generalize), that after all managing Anneke van these years of one sided Giersbergen (his wife) and profits (we have never he just cannot find the time seen a dime) we would be to do both, sadly. If I were granted our rights over the to tell you now who will music once again. We take his place, I would wrote the bloody stuff! have to kill you! We received maybe 1/100th or less compared How come you decided to to the record labels, resurrect the band? Was especially the two that it a decision born from released FSP and SL are pure nostalgy or do you leeches. plan to be back in for good and release new Is the band still under stuff? contract with any label? Pim and myself (we're still Are you searching for a drinking buddies) conjured up the idea to bring Solar listen to an album from 1995 (and to be honest, not a new label or do you already have offers to choose very good production). Each album was a Lovers to the audience once again, just to give all the from? die-hard doom fans a reward for sticking to us over all progression, both musically and productional. What Nope, I think all labels are scared to contact us due to those years. After the switch to stoner - although it may not seem logical for the fans, was very logical for us bad-mouthing them all the time. wasn't called stoner until many years later - in the mid us in the band. Of-course I like one more that the nineties, we still kept on getting messages and reading other, but I don't see any that is underrated compared In a recent interview you mentioned your stuff online about how Solar Lovers was so important to Solar Lovers. upcoming album will sound more like Doom Death to so many people. We had some great memories from rather than Stoner Rock. How come? back then and thought it would be a great idea to play Back in the days, what was the reason of switching When we write new material it will be along the lines it live again. So I guess nostalgia was the main driver. from Doom Death Metal to Stoner Rock? Don't of Doom, albeit with a present influence. We should Jason (original bass player and drummer) loved the you think changing band name at that point would not have the ambition to write SL II , that would be idea but was too busy with Bong-Ra an many other have been a good move, too? stupid. If we can write new music from the heart, then projects. Pim, myself and George always joked about Good question. We often thought it would have been, it is what it is. being in a new doom band together and we actually but it is not like we were mega famous, so we did not talked about starting something new. Then we figured lose that many fans. And as stated, all changes were Do you have any new material ready or being we could do Solar Lovers. We called Jacques de seen as logical progression through our eyes. worked on? If not, when do you plan on starting Haard and Rob Snijders (both from the later CS era) the work on new material? and everyone was up for the challenge. It was Walter Now "Decamerone" is the biggest Celestial Season See question 1. If I told you, I would have to kill (Roadburn) whom actually gave the final push by hit, but what have you felt about it when it was still you... again... letting us perform at the Roadburn festival in 2012. fresh, just after composing it? Did you have any We have not thought about this too much and how far idea it will turn out to inspire so many people Thanks so much for your time and answers and Worldwide? How do you feel about this track now we're all looking forward to listen to anything new we'll take it. and how came the idea to re-record it? from Celestial Season, best of luck with this tough How come you chose George Oosthoek instead of The power of Decameron is its simplicity. Its a song task! Stefan Ruiters to take care of vocal duties after the that may inspire young musicians to pick up a guitar Thank YOU very much. I am looking forward to and toggle along. The violin tracks were written in the playing it live for you all. Cheers! Olly. reunion? Is Stefan still active as musician? As mentioned, we know George from pre-Celestial studio during recording. Re-recording this song was days. He is a great musician and performer. We lost just to get re-acquainted with the style and with each contact with Stefan, whom is no longer active as a other. It turned out ok, so we shared it. Its a great song November 2012 to play live.

Slowly We Rot (


AKRAL NECROSIS - Pandemic Dominion (fulllength, 2011) Akral Nekrosis' debut album serves us 8 tracks of Traditional, '90's type of Black Metal, mostly fast paced but with a lot of rhythm changes, a good sound, quite raw and brutal. Definitely not a boring album, there are lots of variations on the instrumental level but still keeping it traditional and to the bone, so yes, get it if you have the chance. CHARNABON - Blackened Light (full-length, 2013) It's not often I come across an antichristian band from my lands, so Charnabon was an interesting finding. This is their first, self-released, album presenting us a traditional type of Black Metal band that reminded me of an older Marduk ("Heaven..." era), with raw sound especially on vocals and drums, a mid to fast paced tempo. Nothing innovative, but as far as traditional structures go they are spot on, especially the storming guitar riffs. In my opinion the back tray artwork should have been the front cover one, much more related to the music as a whole. INDEFIANCE - Your Widow (full-length, 2012 Taboo Prod.) Debut album from this band founded in 2007; Melodic Death Metal with very catchy guitar leads, female growling vocals, and what I find an excellent addition, quite melancholic keyboards on the background. After the audition you're left with something, you can really remember good parts of their tracks and that's very important for any album. One of my faves.

album, a 5 tracks effort totaling a bit more than half an hour. Fast and raw Black Metal with occasional slow and creepy parts, prominent and quite intricate bass lines, pounding drums, moribund moans in the background (monotonous after a while), nothing outstanding, but not bad either. If you like your Black Metal raw and freezing cold. KATHAROS XIII - Dead Emotions (full-length, 2011 - Arcana Noctis) Again a debut album, a 5 tracks release lasting for more than 45 minutes. Raw sounding atmospheric and emotional Black Metal very entertaining and not monotonous at all. Mostly fast paced but with its fair share of slow and mid-tempo parts, this album has them all, and what's interesting is that they manage to create deep atmospheres without the use of keyboards or other "melodic" additives (the keyboard additions are insignificant). The sound will be a bit weird for westerners, but it ads personality to the band, I like it a lot. MARCHOSIAS - Above the Throne of God (EP, 2012) Very young band presenting their debut EP: midtempo to fast melodic and at the same time quite aggressive Black Metal with excellent compositions, varied and catchy, absorbing influences from different areas and periods of this genre. I'd compare their variety with what the revelation of the UK scene, Old Corpse Road, is doing at the moment, but musically it reminded me of old Agathodaimon. Very promising debut, too bad the sound is too thin to sustain what's happening here.

Psychogod released their debut album in 2012. Unfortunately the sound is not what I have expected, and the synthetic drum-machine sound doesn't help either. Apart from the hardcore bass sound, the good guitar solos, and the brutal and so versatile vocal range of Cristina, the rest disapointed me, I have expected more from this band, but maybe because of the hype around them, too. Try the album yourselves because everyone else seems to like it though. SINFOLD - The Undying Kind (EP, 2012) High-school kids enbarking on a Death Metal cruise with this debut EP made of 5 tracks. Mid-tempo Death Metal with hints of Deathcore and a solid dose of Gothemburg Death Metal influences sprinkled all over. The highlights are their melodic guitar leads and the excellent Hardcore type of drum lines, on the other hand the clean vocals are awful. I only hope the Deathcore influences won't overcome, but knowing their age I guess that's impossible. STELLAR SOUL - Cosmic Journey (full-length, 2012) This is Stellar Soul's debut album, a 10 tracks effort that perfectly bounds with the cover artwork, the band's name, the album's title and the music in a solid Atmospheric Death Metal offering, I'd say an oldschool Atmospheric Death Metal. It's not often I get to review such a compact release where all elements are leaning towards the same common goal. Honestly their music reminds me of the Russian Death Metal scene meaning quite traditional Death Metal with atmospheric keyboards here and there and melodic, Hard'n'Heavy type, guitar leads and solos. Old-School (end of the '80's type) American Death Metal has its fair share of inspiration on Stellar Soul's music. Although the production could have been a bit more powerful, the result is coherent and comprehensive, I have enjoyed it.

Slowly We Rot (

KANDAON - Ageless Through Time (full-length, 2012 - Arcana Noctis) Started as a one-man-band Kandaon seems to be a full line-up act the moment, and this is their second

PSYCHOGOD - Alone (full-length, 2012) Female fronted (oh and what a hot chick she is) groove infused mid-tempo Death Metal band from the capital, one of the hippest around these days,


OLD CORPSE ROAD and their recently released debut album “'Tis Witching Hour... As Spectres we Haunt this Kingdom” have attracted a lot of attention for their heartfelt music and the “awards” they received in the extreme music media. Therefore it seemed urgent to have a conversation with one of the best bands of the moment, so here’s the interview with The Dreamer…

The band name was taken from the road of the same name which rises out of the Haweswater valley and leads to Mardale. What is so special about this place in particular that made you use it? We have spent a lot of our time in the Lake District camping and walking so the place is very special for us. On top of this we have a tradition amongst our friends where we go to the Lake District annually to indulge in a weekend of black metal, drinking and walking. One of our favourite haunts is Haweswater and walking the Old Corpse Road The name itself has such deep rooted meaning in the lore of the place so it was a very natural choice for us. The debut album “'Tis Witching Hour... As Spectres we Haunt this Kingdom” has been released in November last year. Have the expectations you had for it been met by now? I think we have more than exceeded what we hoped for, we wanted to write an album that would feel personal and enthralling to the listener. The main goal of the album was for it to be a journey and experience and from the reviews and feedback people have really understood the album well.

Old Corpse Road create classic British black metal fused with the passion and atmospheres created by British folk tales. Plus, your site has one page titled Folklore which includes a few subcategories and in which you provide links. How important is Folklore for you? Folklore is the driving force behind the music we create, it allows us to connect with places and sites in a meaningful way as well as allowing us insights into how our ancestors viewed and experienced the same locations. The interaction between man and nature combined with history is a very beautiful thing to us. I read on your myspace that “Lyrically each song is your interpretation of a folktale. Each lyric has several real world factors such as location and cultural effects, these factors allow our listeners to connect to the music beyond just their imagination.” Does this still apply to the new album? Very much so, as you read the lyrics you will find aspects of places and locations throughout the UK, the intention is that you can visit these places knowing their stories. For example the Glassensikes is walking distance from my house. It is renowned throughout Darlington for its hauntings. Its large houses are still there (as mentioned in the song) so there is a physical presence, there are the stories still told by the townsfolk and there are the legends... What are the main topics behind the lyrics in your songs? The lyrical topics we have covered range through many different spectral, otherwordly and legendary beings such as the harbinger of death known as the Hag of the Mist who haunts families in Wales. We have also written about Isobel who is very important in Witchlore and is responsible for much of what people think about witches. With this release the lyrical concepts are all very dark and there is a distinct connection with death and fear.

which also got awesome reviews. I guess strictly speaking we are not new comers, however as we are self managed and don’t have any financial backing, it’s been a slow journey getting our name out there and gaining exposure. What is so special about your music that seems to attract everyone? That is difficult for us to answer as I guess only the listeners can truly say. From the people I have spoken to the ideas I’ve picked up is that they are able to create strong connections with the songs due to the mix of legend, folklore and real world aspects. The music connects man and nature in a meaningful and positive way, which is maybe a different approach to your typical hate fuelled and negative black metal. As far as gigs are concerned, if I’m not mistaken you mainly play in the UK. Do you consider yourselves a live band? Are you hoping you will start playing live more often? Is there any particular venue or festival you’d love to play at? We are most definitely a live band and we will play anywhere we can! We play almost every gig we get offered and actively seek out opportunities. The only things that tend to stop us are work commitments (we all work full time) and financial constraints. I don’t think we could name one specific festival because there are so many good ones. For us our main goal is to play outside of the UK. So any festival in Europe would be a great starting point! The label Godreah Records has a few great names in its catalogue. How was the process of trying to find a label to release your work? How is it sharing labels with such awesome names? Our experience of the music industry so far has been “interesting”, we found it very difficult getting answers, feedback etc. from bigger labels. We have a fantastic relationship with Godreah records. Crin’s dedication to the underground and black metal scene is unrelenting so to continue on Godreah is perfect for us. There is something very special about the label, its bands and its simplicity that makes for a comfortable home for us.

Slowly We Rot (

According to Old Corpse Road’s site “This album release marks a huge milestone for the band and is the dawn of the next era.” Why is that? For us as a band the album has been a long journey with many hurdles and setbacks along the way. During the period of recording I was suffering a herniated disc in my spine and The Bearer was expecting his first child. We struggled to find time whilst working, playing live and life in general so completing the album was an achievement for us. It proved to us we could overcome most of what life threw at us and come out fighting. The new era has seen us recruit a new guitarist The Seer as The Revenant is currently suffering a very severe hearing infection. Why did you feel the need to print a special run of the debut that includes a stone taken from the actual Old Corpse Road housed in a velvet pouch? We are great lovers of collectable CD’s and thought it was an interesting way of making a special version of the cd. The stone fragments were collected from the beginning of the actual Old Corpse Road on Haweswater by the band. It was our hope that people could connect with the band and the road itself by having a physical aspect of it in their possession.

Were you surprised to be Terrorizer’s number 1 “Best Newcomer” and number 2 “Best Unsigned Act”? Yes, totally blown away by the support we received. We are so grateful for the support from our listeners! Were you expecting this at all? Not in the slightest, we found out via a random post on one of our social sites and were totally blown away. You can’t really be considered newcomers, can you? Because in 2009 Old Corpse Road unleashed their first demo "The Echoes of Tales Once Told"

These days many Black Metal bands have abandoned their pseudonyms, yet OCR still use them because the personal identities are unimportant to the music you produce. However, the pseudonyms you use are totally different from the ones used in Black Metal. Why did you choose to be The Bearer, The Watcher, The Revenant and The Dreamer? To be honest the names were chosen by each member for varying reasons which are now lost in the lore of the band. The main goal was for the names to appear simple, to have no specific meaning and therefore attract no attention. As you have already noted we prefer to be seen as a whole and not individuals. Share a final message with our readers! Thanks for the interesting questions. Further information on the band can be found at A big thanks to all the promoters, reviewers and especially the fans for supporting the band and buying our releases. Running a band is an expensive business and without this support the band simply could not keep running!

“'Tis Witching Hour... As Spectres we Haunt this Kingdom” has received amazing reviews. How do you feel about having your work recognized and highly recommended? It’s a wonderful feeling, a lot of hard work and passion went into the creation of the album from the music to lyrics to the artwork. We wanted to create an album that defined us, as well as creating an atmospheric experience. So the great reviews have inspired us to continue further...

Interview by Sonia Fonseca Answers by The Dreamer February 2013


– Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. Convent Guilt is a fairly young beast that formed 2009/2010. Myself and Ian spoke of rockin out some straight forward heavy metal during the Shackles years. After Shackles called it a day most of us did our own thing. Ian was bangin on the bass for Trench Hell during their Europian tour and I had a short stint playing bass for Assaulter. After about a year we decided it was time to get shit happening. We were missing a drummer and lead guitarist so we enlisted Brent (Sluggard) to bash away on the skins and Dario was cool to jam at that point too. It was an accident that 3/4 of Shackles ended up as Convent Guilt, the devil always has his own plans! How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? Heavy Metal. That is it. Our influences are Scorpions, Heavy Load, Holocaust, Judas Priest, Steppenwolf, Black Death, Graven Image, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Blitzkrieg, Cloven Hoof, Witch Cross and many many fuckin more!

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums? We aren't innovative, we aren't pushing boundries, we don't trigger our drums, we don't aim to be pitch perfect and we have a sense of humor.

soon and most importantly, it'll be released on vinyl next year as well. Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far? We've played around 3 gigs to date. There are a few more gigs lined up for the coming months but Convent Guilt will not play live on a regular basis. What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it? They should know that we play Evy Metal Evy Metal Evy Metal and if they don't like it then that's too bad cause thats how we rock it. What plans do you have for the near future as a band? At the moment we are jamming new tunes for the debut Ep. We will record that in 2013 and it's gonna be Heavy Cheese!!!!! Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? The usual places online (youtube, You can buy our demo from the label and keep yerself updated on our facebook (OR you could grab a zine).

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? We have only released a demo at this stage. It's a self titled, studio 4 track demo released by Abysmal Sounds on pro-cassette. There's a promo version of the November 2012 demo getting around on Cd that Abysmal also printed up but there is an official release scheduled for cd

can honestly say I am proud of the end result. The reviews the CD received from sources such as Valkyrian Music, United Kingdom Extreme Metal and Destructive Music and various others have been astounding.

Every time we take to the stage or begin writing new material it is ravenous and it is furious, we push ourselves and our music as far as we can. We have a clear vision of how things should sound, originally pushing our music into new, darker realms.

Do you play live as well? How 's your live activity so far? We have been performing live for a number of years now with various Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance sponsored shows, Metieval and various festivals. Last year we performed at Bloodstock Open Air, which was a fantastic experience for us. We have already How would you describe your style? Which bands been confirmed for Warhorns 2013 and have so much planned for 2013, which we will of course confirm influenced your music? While Black Metal provides the heart of our music we through the official website when we can. also fuse other elements to our music such as Death and Thrash Metal along with whatever we feel necessary. Our influences come from bands such as Marduk and Dissection.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band? We are currently working on the follow up to 2011’s ‘The Serpent Seed Doctrine’, which we have been working on for some time now. We had orignially planned to record a 4-5 track E.P, however, this has naturally evolved into something much more. The songs for the new album are already proving to be darker and heavy than anything we have done musically so far and may surprise even those who have supported us from the beginning.

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. Infernal Creation originally formed around 2007, however, due to stages of in-activity, the band did not truly exist as it does today until 2009. It was then that Sin, Bastard and myself took the reins of the band and set our aims on creating intense and crushing Black Metal.

Slowly We Rot (

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums? The sound of Infernal Creation will not appeal to all, nor would we wish it to, this is raw and aggressive, a cacophony of passion and blasphemy. We welcome all those who share in this vision of black metal to join us in the celebration of death.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? You can listen to Infernal Creation through Facebook, Reverbnation and our official website, where you will also get notifications of tour dates, events, updates, news and more. CD’s and T-Shirts are available through our official webstore, located on our website, and via UKEM Records official site.

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? Other than earlier recordings and demo’s we released our first full length CD, ‘The Serpent Seed Doctrine’, in 2011. The reaction to the release has very been strong. The creation of this album consumed a year of our lives, we put every ounce of energy into it and I

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it? I think for me the most important element of Infernal Creation is our passion and hunger to do what we do.

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. Malekhamoves was born in a time where too much ideas fitting perfectly the sinister death metal tradition and as the same time, not really in correlation with our other bands Malhkebre and Sektarism which are more respectively black metal and doom/ritual. Musically

speaking, of course. Nothing in Malekhamoves could Lost (I think about the first album, yes), be in antithesis with all we done before. And what we disembowelment ! will continue to do. It is another form of expression, surely more primitive, certainly more straightforward. Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums? Because it is heavy, aggressive, catchy, impressive How would you describe your style? Which bands and dark. Metalheads must buy several copies of each of our releases for sure ! influenced your music? Our favorite death metal bands are Morbid Angel, Immolation, (old) Grave, Incantation, Bolt Thrower, What have you released so far and how were your Angelcorpse, (old) Sinister, and many others... releases received by the public/media? Ancient gods of death/doom like Winter, Paradise


January 2013

The first untitled demo was just released by now on pro-tape format on Gospels of Death Records (Apocalypse Command, Purge, Necros...). It will certainly be released on vinyl ep on the following months. It is too early to see reviews, Malekhamoves is still an unknown band for the public/media.

Malekhamoves take part on the Apostles of Ignominy January 2013 congregation, so those knowing it are sure that no artistic compromises will be done.

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. Hi it' Jan from Sabiendas. What can i say? The Band was founded in 2006 by Alexandra. She is the only founder member left today. But she was the constant motivating force to keep the band alive and to bring the band forward. Till 2008 there were a few lineup changes and Sabiendas found a first constant lineup in 2008. and the Band releases the first EP "Buried Alive". There was another break in 2010 and me and Christian joined the band. What could i say? The current line-up is the most powerful and constant cast in the bands history. All of us have experience from playing in different bands in the past and we are complementary to each other in the songwriting progress and on stage. It doesn´t matters for us, who joined or left the band in the past. We are not only a Band, we are all good friend who spend a lot time together and we write our song the "old" way as a band together in our rehearsalroom with a few beers. For Sabiendas is the thing what it is today. With "Necrophobia" und "Eternal Gloom" we have two songs on the new Album which were also released on the first EP in 2008. Listen to the new versions and you will know what i mean. So let's get to the music!

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums? Because we need all their money, hahaha. No seriously I think you will get a fine piece of uncompromising Death-Metal. If you like pure Death Metal without any influences of any so called modern styles "Restored to Life" is the right choice.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band? Plans for the near future are basically the following : Do you play live as well? How's your live activity to record the first album, and to prove that we are not just another rip-off band releasing poor and uninspired so far? We'll do. Certainly. Even if it was not a priority until death metal. now. Bands prove their abilities on stage, nobody can deny it. Too much excellent studio bands lose their Where can we listen to your band and where can special atmosphere in front of public. we buy your stuff? You can listen to it on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, What sould labels/zines/promoters know about you can buy it at Necrocosm, the official distributor of Gospels of Death. your band? Why should they be interested in it?

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it? At first they should know that the Album will be released on February 22, 2013. People should keep their eyes open for our upcoming shows and if someone wants to book us he will get full load of Death-Metal that really kicks ass. Metal is our attitude towards life and we always try to be still down to earth. We do not have any airs and graces we just want to have a good time on stage with old and new fans. What plans do you have for the near future as a band? We hope that we have a successful release of "Restored to Life” and to play as many shows as possible. We are trying to play more shows in other countries than Germany. Sabiendas started the recordings for "Restored to Live” in 2011 so we are still writing new songs for our next Album and we hope we can enter the studio again at late 2013 or early 2014. If you like our album you will also like the new material. There are already new songs on our actual Live-Setlist. We think we will continue the way we did so far. That’s the best we can do.

Slowly We Rot (

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? We released our first self produced EP "Buried Alive" in 2008 with a number of 500 units and it is completely sold out since a few weeks. The press and media were very sympathetic with the release and they all wanted more. But I have to say that the EP does not represent Sabiendas in a sufficient way anymore. How would you describe your style? Which bands So we are very happy that we have the new Album ready. influenced your music? I would describe our style very simple as "DeathMetal" or as we do as "Old School Death Metal". Any Do you play live as well? How's your live activity member in the band is a 100% and we get our so far? influences from the music we are listening to. The Stage is the only place we want to be. We perform live typical Sabiendas-Style unites the American Death- as often as we could. Every member has a normal job Metal and the European/Scandinavian - Style of the so we couldn't play a tour right now, but we try to play early 90s. We really don't like to say "Sabiendas nearly every weekend. Last year we play nearly 25 sounds like that band or this Band" but we can say we shows in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium and are all fans or Morbid Angel, Cannibal, Corpse, performed on Extremefest Germany. For now we are Grave, Vader, Death or Suffocation. So that's the already booked for 10 gigs in 2013 and there will be a music we all listening for the past 25 years and i think few more I think. We will play and Czech Death Fest V and will be back in Belgium in October on Zombie that is the kind of music we want to play..and we do. Fest with Grave. So stay in touch there will be a few more.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? At first you can listen to two Promo-Songs on our YouTube-Channel You can order our Album and Merch on our Facebook-Page. Just Contact us. Further on you can buy our stuff on BretHard-Record Webshop. After the release you can buy or order the CD in Record-Stores or via Mail-Order on EMP or NuclearBlast-Europe. So get your copy!! So thanks and best regards. We’ll release hell somewhere near you!! February 2013

Please tell us about Windir and other band in the same kind, but the history of your obviously, we are not at the same "level”. Bands like Wolves in the Throne Room, Belenos, band and its members. Alann: Sentinelles is a two man project, composed by Burzum and Drudkh inspire us everyday, and not only Nicolas and I. It was formed in Winter 2011, when we in a music context. Authors like Rimbaud, Verlaine, decided to creat a band reflecting our rural lifestyle, Maupassant and Charles Le Quintrec are important in and the influence of Nature, landscapes, on us... We our lives, and the lyrics are influenced by their recorded our first album, L’envol, in summer 2012, respectives works. There are some music structures, with Yohann "aktivist” (Malysteria, Les Chants de sentences in "L’envol”, that honor these artists. Nihil, Belenos, AntiCorpse) at Sven (AntiCorpse, Malysteria)’s studio, DreamBox. He also participate Why should a metalhead buy your albums? to the album, doing the chorus. Nicolas: Even if "L’envol” is "traditionnal” Black Metal, elements in lyrics and music are, I hope, How would you describe your style? Which bands original. The music structure is not common, if you are musician you could understand... And we put influenced your music? Alann & Nicolas: We play Black Metal, with some "celtic” riffs in the album, there is no so much band What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? elements like chorus, acoustic guitars, some Britton who play this kind of BM. lyrics and piano. Some people have compared us to


Nicolas: Our first album is available, limited to 100 copies. Part has been sold, with positives reviews from the people. It’s too early to talk about media reviews, there are coming so we can’t analyse the criticizes. Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far? Alann: We can’t and we don’t want to do live shows. I actually live in Russia, and Nicolas in our beloved Brittany. I want to quote Protector, of Summoning: ”No, we never thought to play our music live. Firstly, we believe that our music is just not made to be played live, but rather is meant to be listened quietly at home and not dance to it or it pogotte above.”

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. Hi everybody! Well, the band Silence Oath was created in 2007 as an extreme metal oneman-band. I am the only member in this project. In the beginning, my intentions were not very ambitious; this project is born almost as a joke, for spending my time recording a more extreme music than usual for me: in fact I played and sang in a power metal band for seven years or so, and so I decided to start this one-manband. I recorded the first demo-album called "Cursed” with my computer and a indecent microphone, but then I wanted to bring Silence Oath to a higher quality level, so I began to write my second album, entitled "Beneath A Bleeding Sky”, that was finally ready in April 2010. So now this album, recorded in a better quality than the first demo, has reached for the interest of the Italian label Invincible Records, and so it’s ready to be published for the digital market in the first month of 2013. In this project I write all music and lyrics, playing all the vocals, all the instruments and programming drum-machine and some orchestrations. My friend Nick, great and technical guitarist, helped me to record this second album and played all the guitar solos of "Beneath A Bleeding Sky” album, as guest musician.

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it? Nicolas: L’envol is our first production, we never realease other material before it. At the consequence, nobody know us, and we promoted a little in France/Europe. Some webzines in Eastern europe are interessed, we wait ad see… We look for a label. So if people are interessed… I think that in binome we are more creative than «true» bands, beacause we share the same spirit, and we wan’t to tell the sames stories, to show the same contemplations... I think you can understand this when you listen to "L’envol”.

conserve the same message, the same spirit, and this next album will be more contemplative, and i hope the debut of a trilogy.

main feature that a metal album should have. If there’s no passion in the notes of a record, there’s no reason to buy it and to support a band or a musician. Anyway, in concrete terms, in my works every metalhead can find aggressive guitar riffs, based on a violent computer-drumming, melodies and keyboards to create the right symphonic atmosphere, growl vocals, scream vocals, clean vocals, guitar solos…Definitely, in my albums, a metalhead can find all he’s looking for in symphonic black metal style and all he needs to enjoy and do headbanging.

a one-man-band project, in which I always can express myself and my darkest personality, without any external influence and without any kind of pressure.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? Nicolas: We have a full track and a preview of or album on To buy our stuff, you can write to, or contact us on our facebook page : We are going to create a website, and it will be annouced on facebook. What plans do you have for the near future as a Sorry for this bad english, and thank you. band? Alann: Well, the next album is already in my head, it November 2012 will be different in music compositions, but we will

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it? Simply, I am a musician moved by a lasting passion for all kind of metal music, for composition, guitar and singing. The music made by Silence Oath contains many ingredients that could be interesting for a metalhead looking for some new symphonic black metal bands. These are the only reasons to be interested in a one-man-band like Silence Oath; I sincerely hope that webzines will take care about this project, but I spread my music with honesty and humility and I know well how the way to emerge is very hard. What plans do you have for the near future as a band? In the closest future, I will wait for the official release of my album "Beneath A Bleeding Sky” under Invincible Records label. In the next months, probably I’ll start to organize the recording sessions for my next opus that I’ve written during the last two years. I can say that the next album will be more different than "Beneath A Bleeding Sky”; in fact "Beneath A Bleeding Sky” is oriented to the classical clichés that you can find in every sympho-black release, but for the next album I’ve composed more complex and longer songs, with many acoustic parts and progressive riffs, creating a base of symphonic black metal with many different influences. All these features will make Silence Oath’s music much more interesting for all who is looking for something new and something more experimental in metal music. I hope listeners will like it! Anyway, every detail about the next album will be revealed at the appropriate time.

Slowly We Rot (

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? When I created the project, the sound was oriented to an old-school death metal with a few black metal riffs and a few keyboard’s scores. Nowadays, the Silence Oath sound is oriented to a symphonic black metal, with some death and thrash metal riffs, some orchestral sections and a lot of melody. The main bands that influenced my music are worldwide acts as Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, but also minor bands as Dragonlord, or Riul Doamnei (friends of mine coming from Italy). Anyway, there are also many bands from which I take my inspiration for writing Silence Oath’s music: Wintersun, Rhapsody Of Fire, Darkthrone, Immortal, Windir, Bathory, Equilibrium, Ensiferum, Arcturus, Opeth, Dissection, Emperor, Death, Ulver…and many more. My influences are very vast and the next Silence Oath album will be more experimental and progressive than the past. Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums? In my albums there is no expensive production, there’s no bombastic sound; there is only metal music made with passion and efforts, and I think this is the

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. SKUM was founded 1999. From the original line-up only Christoph

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? Well, in early 2007 I released my first demo entitled "Cursed”, but honestly it’s a record I would forget, because it was born for joking and with goliardic intents. So, the only album I released that has been submitted to public’s critic is "Beneath A Bleeding Sky”: in fact, during the two last years, I put up the album on internet, available for everyone in download or streaming. My friends that listened to this record generally appreciated it, but from some webzines honestly I received many contrasting judgments about it: generally, the ratings were around six or seven points on ten. For me these are great ratings ahah! Seriously, for me the most important things in a review are not the rating points; the constructive Where can we listen to your band and where can critics are the most important things, ‘cause with these we buy your stuff? I can improve myself, my style and my song-writing. Nowadays, streaming and free downloading of "Beneath A Bleeding Sky” are no longer accessible, Do you play live as well? How's your live activity but the album will be available in January 2013, so far? released by Invincible Records, in every good digital I don’t play live, because Silence Oath is a one-man- webstore as Amazon, Itunes, EMusic, Deezer, ecc…at band, and sincerely I don’t see reasons to play live this the moment only in digital format, but for the future I project alone on stage. Often I have an idea about hope also in CD version. I hope you all listen to my organizing only one concert with some session- music and like it. Thank you very much for the musicians, some friends of mine, coming from the interview and for your support! Bye! metal underground scene of my city, Verona, but I should consider all their daily commitments and there’s always less time for searching for musicians January 2013 disposed to play with me on stage. For these and also for other reasons, I think that Silence Oath will remain

(drums) and Nikola (vocals) are left. Roberto plays the We got our roots in Death Metal. Furthermore we guitar since 4 years and Christian the bass since 5 listen to all kinds of music. We got a lot of groove in years. our style, as well as rock music and hardcore. If you don´t like Death Metal, you will never How would you describe your style? Which bands understand or like our music. influenced your music?


If you only like Death Metal, you will never understand or like our music. If you are into Metal and open minded, you will love our music!

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. Solothus was formed in the year 2007 when Kari and our former drummer Santeri decided to start a band. Veli joined in as guitarist. We went through numerous different line-ups until the year 2010 when Dario joined as bassist. The first Demo was recorded with this line-up. In 2012 Santeri left the band and Juha joined as drummer. Sami joined in as second guitarist. Juha and Sami also play in the Death/Doom Metal band Cataleptic. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? Epic Death/Doom Metal. We have epic themes and riffs like Candlemass, Manilla Road and Solitude Aeternus have, but also more death metal stuff like Autopsy, Cianide and Bolt Thrower. Pretty much a mix of both! Our influences come from a bit here and there. Lots of heavy, black, death and doom metal. One band that needs to be mentioned is Runemagick!

Because we kick ass! A lot bands say this, but we do! And a lot of bands say this as well, but the difference is… the don´t! We do! We are not bound to a style or musical borders. Also we do not bother with trying to create something totally new. We just make our origin sound and that´s it! No rules, no borders! The same counts for metalheads, simple thing, clear solution!

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it? We are a band with character and personality. Why should they be interested? Check answer 2 and 3!

What plans do you have for the near future as a band? We want to play a lot of gigs and festivals to spread What have you released so far and how were your our music. We are as well busy with the writing process for our fourth album. releases received by the public/media? Our official releases are Skumworks vol.I (2003), Skumworks vol.II (2008) and the Promo2010. Where can we listen to your band and where can We got some reviews on those, most of them quite we buy your stuff? You can visit us on our homepage and good, as well as the feedback from the public. get our stuff there as well. Do you play live as well? How's your live activity February 2013 so far? Yes, we do! We are a live band. We love it to play shows. We leave burning ground!

an original sound that has not been heard before.

often We are an extremely active band. We do not take anything for granted and we work hard. Also, we are loyal to those who deserve our loyalty. We have solid material and our vision is clear. As a live band, we tend to bring a great atmosphere too. Perhaps these qualities already caught the eye of our label.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band? To release our debut album and to do as many gigs as What have you released so far and how were your possible. We already have some gigs to come… releases received by the public/media? We have only released our demo "Ritual of the Where can we listen to your band and where can Horned Skull” so far. We also recorded a split with we buy your stuff? Cataleptic, but its fate is still a bit of a mystery… We Everything we have for sale is at our facebook page have just begun recording our debut album to be ( and official homesite released through the Spanish Memento Mori Records. ( At the moment we only have Our Demo received almost only positive feedback and our band shirts for sale. When the album is out, you it is sold out. We have had some awesome gigs too. can buy the cd from us or our label. (((For listening our music most easily, it can be listened from youtube Do you play live as well? How's your live activity or from our soundcloud page so far? ( We play live as often as we can. We have had several You can listen to our music from our Soundcloud gigs so far. We have warmed up for bands such as page ( or from Torture Killer and Ereb Altor. We also toured Finland Youtube ( with Coffins and Hooded Menace!

Slowly We Rot (

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums? If they are into old school death metal or death/doom metal, they should most likely check us out! We have What should labels/zines/promoters know about February 2013 your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. Hi, this is István from the Hungarian Symphony of Symbols. Our history starts in 1997 when I started to play music with „Guitar-Sanyi”. Soon came „BassTomi”. The three of us became the base. Men came and go next to us. They all gone who played with us on the Fall of Enigma album. 5 years ago we found Zsolti (guitar) and a bit later Sándor, the singer known from Gutted. This strong team made the Stupefying Beliefs album at 2012, which was born at the Ukranian Metal Scrap Records. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? From the very beginning we aimed for it, that the song structure be non-traditional death metal style. On the one part there are a lot of traditional song (if we want to listen like this we can go a concert), on the other hand we are very much like the subtle, hard-to-listen kind of songs, in this way we are writing long and complicated structured songs. We don’t have the

ambition to serve the trends, so we play what we like, what precious for us, what we consider enduring one. The Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Emperor, Cannibal Corpse, Nile had big effect on us. Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums? Because they won’t receive average music.

information they have left only a few pieces from our CD’s and lot’s of people downloaded our album. So we can say the promotion worked well. Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far? Of course we are „live-ready”, but have concert rarely. Sorrily in our area the clubs unable to pay our travel costs at least, although „old-faces” come to our concert who spend a lot of money on the clubs, not like the young dicks.

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it? We are playing the old school kind of death metal which is still able to develop. The world is full of totally average music, and the metal of the Symbolz are totally contrary to them. The metal music is the part of art which works the same as other arts: if always the same artists born again and again the art What have you released so far and how were your became worthless and senseless. Of course the big releases received by the public/media? publishers only see how big profit they can realize and We read critics about us in several places which is a pushes the trend lines, any kind of cores and good thing merely already in a Hungarian neotrashes which will fall together with the generation underground band’s case. We can say that the disk had who listened them. In the backstage, what is totally good welcome, fortunatelly the negative critics are sure and immovable is the brainy death metal. only about the strange strong structure what is not a problem. We are happy cause there are some people What plans do you have for the near future as a who write critics after listening the album for several band? days. From these people we got good critics and that Couple of concert are under constitution. Our band is the point. According to the Metal Scrap Records’s will play a brand new song in the Metal Scrap


Records’ 20th birthday publication. After this the EP come. In these days we finished shooting a video for Stupefying Beliefs which is going to be shared on the internet.

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. VADIKAN is a Russian Gothic Metal band with female vocals. It is a studio project founded by the guitarist and sound producer Vadim Pashutin (Gross Grolland). The first few tracks were recorded in 2004. Vocalist Yulia Tikhomirova joined the project in 2007, and two demos were released soon after. These were performed in different styles and featured a number of other vocalists and instrumentalists. Bass player Ilya Filipyev joins the band in 2011, and new material is being built within one year. A video of Hydrargyrum is shot in 2012, director Nikolay Gorshkov (Tractor Bowling). As of 2013, Metal Scrap Records release VADIKAN's debut album, Hydrargyrum.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? To reach one of our concert should be in Hungary for sure. Our videos watchable and listenable in the official Youtube line ( Album and merch available in the official Facebook

page ( or orderable via e-mail ( November 2012

One might say that this is an emotional and melodic We realeased our debut album in January of 2013. It is gothic metal that pushes beyound the boundaries of too early to speculate on this. the style. Vast impression was laid by Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Obituary, and Enrwine. Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far? VADIKAN is a studio project and we don't play any gigs. What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it? Those that want to discover Russian gothic music. What plans do you have for the near future as a band? We are hoping to release our next album. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? You can buy our stuff from Metal Scrap Records.

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums? I hope that we came up with a good Russian gothic How would you describe your style? Which bands metal. January 2013 influenced your music? What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media?

Slowly We Rot (


Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. (Disossator) – (n.ed. for the lack of space I won’t publish the band history here, please read it on their website or on Pest Webzine where the whole interview is published) We are currently composing the new album and we recently announced our new official drummer, Fire Eater. (Popi) - What else to say? It's just all true!! (Baron Roccio) - The history has just been told, so I will talk about the members only: they are the best people I could even dream to play with, we all live the rock and roll attitude with no compromises…so Sofisticator is a way of life, not only a band: we are a family, not just playing but even drinking, joking and eating together all the times we can. (Atomik Bahnhof) - Ok, Disossator said it all! I could only add that I was truly sad when Machinator disbanded since we had very good songs (you can hear four of them on the badly recorded Living Bloody Flesh demo) and Johnny (the other guitar player) is a great friend and musician, but I also think that in Sofisticator I really started to put more of my personal musical ideas into the composition of the songs…I grew up as a writer and surely learned a lot playing with these guys, eheheh! I must say that, despite the fact we are good friends and use to hang around together all the time, we are very competent, focused and motivated persons, completely devoted to the band and to metal in its purest forms…so it’s a true pleasure to share such an important part of my life with these people! (Fire Eater) - I've been the last member to join the band but I can say that they're fantastic people and great musicians!

equally influenced by both American and European bands of the 80s, so you can hear Slayer, Metallica, Overkill, Dark Angel and Exodus in it, but also Kreator, Sodom, Coroner, Celtic Frost, Necrodeath…and I’d personally add to the list Razor, Sepultura and Possessed! I also think that our songs have some kind of feeling coming directly from NWOBHM, classic and early metal bands like Motorhead, Black Sabbath and so…not to mention our godfathers Venom, ahahah! Ah, and for the attitude we surely owe a lot to Spinal Tap.

even published a very enjoyable videoclip of ‘I Wa’ Sborr’ (to Rock’n’Roll)’. (Popi) - Almost all of the reviews from various zines around the world were very positive, we are very happy with the response received.

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far? (Baron Roccio) - Yes, we usually play quite a lot of gigs but our live activity has been a bit reduced lately due to the last change in the line-up…however Fire Eater has quickly proven himself an excellent drummer, so we are ready to thrash your hears from Why should a metalhead buy your albums? (Baron Roccio) - Otherwise they were not metalheads the stage again! at all…our music will make them complete. (Disossator) - We love to play live to have fun and (Popi) - I just think that those who like 80s thrash getting drunk with the metalheads of the audience! metal will certainly appreciate our first album, Camping the Vein: it’s definitely a rough, rude and What should labels/zines/promoters know about politically incorrect not to love it? your band? Why should they be interested in it? (Fire Eater) - I simply think that Sofisticator has the (Baron Roccio) - What they should know about us is SOUL in their music! And this is more than a good all in our music…give it a try and if possible come to enough reason to buy the album. see us on stage, they won’t regret. (Atomik Bahnhof) - In our music we don’t try to (Popi) - I think that everyone interested in old school simply emulate the sound and riff style of the 80s thrash metal music can really enjoy our songs to have thrash metal bands we love; I think we’re trying to fun, to mosh, to get fuckin' drunk and even to catch the spirit beyond the surface of those immortal fuck...ahahahahah!! albums and use it as a true creative force…but we’re just a bunch of always drunk sons of bitches, so it’s What plans do you have for the near future as a mainly to have real good times and waste some hears, band? necks and minds, ahahahahah! (Popi) - At the moment we are all totally focused on the making of our new album, we'll begin the studio What have you released so far and how were your work very soon. For now I can only say that we are very satisfied with our new stuff…

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? (Baron Roccio) - You can search for us on Youtube, there are several tracks from Camping the Vein and the wonderful videoclip of ‘I Wa’ Sborr’ to Rock‘n’Roll’! To buy the CD you can How would you describe your style? go directly to the EBM Records website Which bands influenced your music? and order it…or come to our shows! (Baron Roccio) - Totally old school (Popi) thrash metal, very genuine and intense: Slayer, Exodus, Venom and many other bands from the 80s. (Fire Eater) - Finally a real old school thrash metal band!!! Inspired by the big Thank you very much for the space you ones of history (Teutonic trio, Slayer, dedicated to us. Cheers from Italy! Shit Exodus etc.). in your brains!!! (Popi) - All the 80's thrash metal stuff (Disossator) - Thanks for your interest! influenced our style, but we usually Shit in your brains!! listen to different kinds of music too: in (Atomik Bahnhof) - Shit in your brains!! addition to that I listen predominantly to lots of releases received by the public/media? (Baron Roccio) - Shit in your brains!! NWOBHM stuff and even progressive rock from the (Baron Roccio) - In 2012 EBM Records released our (Fire Eater) - Shit in your brains!! first full-length album Camping the Vein. Reviews 70's. (Atomik Bahnhof) - Well, it’s not quite simple to from the medias were quite satisfactory for us. We February 2013 analyze our style in depth, because I believe it’s

Slowly We Rot (


Slowly We Rot (

How long have you been a member of Possessed and how does it feel to be in such a legendary band? How awesome is it to play songs off the godly 'Seven Churches" album? I joined Possessed in Feb 2011, so I‟ve been in the band about two years now. So far it has been awesome. I grew up listening to Possessed, so for me it has been a great honor, and the chance of a lifetime. The first Possessed songs I ever heard were “Burning in Hell” and “Pentagram”, when I was about 16 years old - so of course playing these songs live is an incredible feeling!! We‟ve played some US tour dates, and some huge festivals in Europe – Hellfest, and Graspop in 2012. We are going back to Europe again this year, and planning a South American Tour for Fall 2013. Is there any chance of seeing any new Possessed material in the future? Yes, we are currently writing some new Possessed songs now, and hope to debut at least one new song live on our upcoming “World Seance” European Tour in April/May 2013. We are starting rehearsals now, and hoping to record an EP to shop for labels, hopefully by the end of the year. I know you played in several other bands, for those who don't know what are the other bands, and what are your memories of each band? I had started out playing in some smaller thrash bands around LA, and Fla.. then in 1993 I moved to Baltimore and formed my own band, Pessimist. We signed to Lost Disciple Records, and released 3 CDs: “Cult of the Initiated”(1997), Blood For the Gods”(1999), and “Slaughtering the Faithful”(2001). We played tons of shows, mostly on the East Coast – opening for bands such as Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Napalm Death, Suffocation, and Immolation, to name a few. We played a bunch of festivals like Milwaukee Metalfest, New England Metal & Hardcore Fest, NJ March Metal Meltdown, “November to Dismember” Fests in TX and CA, and in 1999 we did our first European Tour. Pessimist remained active for about 10 years, until 2003, when I moved to Tampa, Fla and co-founded Unholy Ghost. We signed to Olympic/Century Media, and released our debut CD “Torrential Reign”, and a music video for “Under Existence”, which was released in Europe on DVD. This band also played a few festivals, Sun‟n‟Steel in Fla, Las Vegas Metalfest, Snakenet Metalfest and “Gathering of the Bestial Legions” in LA. After the demise of Unholy Ghost in 2005, I joined the newly re-formed Diabolic, and recorded leads on the “Possessed by Death” EP. During a break from this band, I joined Angelcorpse for their “Lightning Death Descends” West Coast Tour in 2008. This was a very important tour for me - although it was only a few shows, it kind of raised the bar for me professionally, as far as playing in such a legendary band, and headlining every night. In 2008 we re-formed the original Pessimist lineup, and released “Evolution Unto Evil” CD on Deathgasm Recs, followed by another European Tour in 2009 and some shows in the US, including “Hostile City Deathfest” in Philly. I later returned to Diabolic, and recorded “Excisions of Exorcisms”, which was released on Deathgasm Recs in 2010. We were invited to play a few shows supporting Cannibal Corpse, on their “Evisceration Plague” Tour, which was awesome playing to sold-out crowds every night!! We played a few festivals, “Hostile City Deathfest” (I saw you there!!), Las Vegas Deathfest, Michigan Deathfest, and Goregrowler‟s Ball in TX, which would be our

last show together. Around that same time, I recorded all the lead guitars for the new Horror of Horrors CD, two new songs are being released on Season of Mist in Europe. So I had been keeping busy.. anyways, around the end of 2010 I had parted ways with Diabolic, and shortly thereafter I joined Possessed!! After that you joined Possessed and how did that happen? Well, I had met Jeff [Becerra] at “Gathering of the Bestial Legions” Fest in LA, in 2007. Possessed was headlining, and we [Diabolic] had also played the fest. Anyways at the end of 2010 I had just left Diabolic, and in Jan 2011 Jeff had posted on Facebook that Possessed was holding auditions for new guitarists. So it was perfect timing. As soon as I saw the ad, I knew I would be a great fit for the band since I already knew a bunch of the songs on guitar. I contacted Jeff right away, and they sent me a song list, about 20 songs, and we setup an audition for Feb 2011. So I just practiced my ass off, got the songs down real good and then in Feb I flew out to LA for the audition. As soon as I got there, we could see it was a great fit – we had probably 10-12 songs down in just a couple days.. once Jeff started singing over the music everything just came together, and the decision was made - I had made it, I was in the band!! After that, things started to happen really quickly – a few weeks later, we made our live debut in Hollywood, CA at the Key Club – then our first really big show was Hellfest in France, opening for Ozzy and Judas Priest, with a crowd of 80,000 people!! On a scale of 1 to 10 how do rate yourself as a guitar player? I‟m very humble about my playing, I‟ve always considered myself an average player. I never wanted to sound like anyone else; for me, it has always been more important to play a unique style and be creative than be the fastest or whatever. I took some guitar lessons from Ralph Santolla (Obituary/Deicide) recently, that helped a lot. I think since joining Possessed, my playing has definitely improved.

Slowly We Rot (

When you listen to a song or a guitar riff, what do you look for? More than anything, it has to be catchy and memorable. A song should have a hook, and a structure. The riffs should carry a “mood”, an aura around it. I like powerful, evil-sounding riffs. How long have you been into underground music and how did you discover this lovely form of music? Well I think I was about 12 when I first discovered Heavy Metal – when I first heard Ozzy/Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, I knew this was something awesome. I just kept getting into heavier and heavier bands. I remember being one of the first kids in my high school who had ever heard of Metallica!! From there I got into Slayer (“Haunting the Chapel”), Megadeth, Dark Angel, Possessed, Exodus, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Destruction, Venom, Mercyful Fate.. by the time I was 18 I had moved to Cali and I saw Slayer open for Judas Priest, on “South of Heaven” Tour... I was playing in a band called Resistance, in LA, who had opened for Sacred Reich, and we also opened for Devastation.. by 1990 or so I had gotten into Morbid Angel, Carcass, Napalm Death, then Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide.. I started picking up a few „zines.. by that time I had formed Pessimist, and began playing shows, recording demos, writing to bands and trading tapes in the underground. At one point I had started a small distro, and started selling CDs at shows, as well as mailorder and online.. after a while it became too much to handle, and I decided to just focus on playing guitar and writing music. I guess overall I‟ve been involved in the Metal scene for at least 20 years now.


balance my work schedule with my band schedule – although it has been challenging at times. Understandably, it is necessary for me to keep these two aspects of my life – my career, and my bands - separate. At the moment I am “between contracts”, which allows me some more time to focus on band stuff.

What made you decide to pick up the guitar? Was there any thought of playing bass at all? Funny, when I was like 14 I really wanted to play bass, like Geezer Butler. I even took a few bass lessons in High School, but I quickly learned that I had a talent for playing lead guitar. I had played saxophone for 6 years before ever picking up guitar – so I could already read and write music, and had some knowledge of scale theory and stuff. I think that really helped with my approach to guitar. My very earliest guitar heroes were David Gilmour, Tony Iommi, KK Downing and Glenn Tipton, and Randy Rhoads. I ordered “Metal Method” guitar lessons, out of the back of Hit Parader Magazine, and that‟s really where it all started. Other than that I was all self-taught, I learned how to tune to records and started learning songs. I learned some acoustic stuff as well, and when I was just 17 I was accepted into the Classical Guitar program at University of DE.

What do you parents think of the band? Well, nowadays my parents are supportive of me playing in Death Metal bands. They are proud of me, and my accomplishments – they know I have CDs out, and they see that I am touring in the US and in Europe even though some of the band names are dark and evil-sounding: Pessimist, Diabolic, Unholy Ghost... the name “Possessed” is not overly offensive, so they don‟t seem to mind that one very much. I think they were more bothered when I was playing in Angelcorpse!! Lol. Tell me a little bit about each band member and something about them that might surprise people? There‟s not much to say that might surprise people. We all have basically normal lives – meaning families, careers, etc. It‟s a very professional situation. Nobody does any hard drugs or anything. Jeff does not even drink any more, for several years now. We have a rule that there is no drinking before our shows. We want to give Possessed fans 100% every night!!! Your set list does it vary at all and do you do any cover songs at all? We do try to mix up our set a bit - we play songs from all 3 Possessed CDs, so we have plenty of material to choose from. If we are playing a headlining tour, the set will be different than say, our set for a festival. Of course there are certain songs that everyone wants to hear: “The Exorcist”, or “Death Metal”. But in-between we do try to mix it up.. for example, we played two different sets for our performances on “Barge to Hell” cruise, just to keep things interesting for the fans. About cover songs, sure, it‟s fun to mess around with cover songs when you are warming up or whatever, but we don‟t currently play any cover songs live.

So far what has been the best show you think you did and how about a live album one day? We [Possessed] have been talking about releasing a “live bootleg” album, with the new lineup. We actually have some great live footage, a soundboard recording from last year‟s (2012) Graspop Festival in Belgium – but no definite plans for release yet. Probably our best show overall was “Bonded by Baloff” with Exodus, Possessed, Forbidden, and Heathen in Oakland, CA. It was a sold-out show, and just like being right in the middle of the Bay-area Thrash movement!! For me personally, my best performance would have to be the “Barge to Hell” cruise. Some really great moments there, we had a killer sound and the crowd was awesome

Slowly We Rot (

How long do you see the band sticking around? That‟s hard to say.. I mean, really it is up to Jeff Becerra. You know, the fans really love Jeff!! It‟s great to see the crowds, who show so much love and support for Jeff, and for Possessed and the songs. As long as we are all healthy and happy, making killer music and having a good time then we will keep on doing what we do!!

Do you think the underground is polluted with too many bad bands and not enough good bands? Well, there are tons of good bands out there, if you dig hard enough. I‟ve been noticing a lot more killer extreme Death Metal bands in the last year or so: Volturyon, Blood Red Throne, Supreme Pain, Soreption.. some of these bands have been around for a while but I am just getting into them and I think they are awesome.

Is there any unreleased stuff that you know of that might see the light of day one day? Not currently, there is no unreleased stuff, at least not any new songs.. Jeff may still have some vintage live material stashed away, you never know if this would be released, like with the “Reanimation” DVD that was released in 2011.

Do you see CDs being replaced by the internet which is where all music will be at one day? Personally, I collect vinyl!!! And cassettes - I have tons of Thrash/Death/Black Metal demos and tapes from back in the day. I also have tons of CDs, but of course nowadays I listen mostly to mp3s, most of which I have downloaded or burned from my own collection. I do see mp3s and digital downloads taking the place of physical CDs, and this is already happening right now. But I think there will always be a niche market for collectors such as myself – who prefer the actual CD or vinyl release, with the inset, cover art, lyrics, etc. I know you have a Facebook page. What do you think of Facebook and have you actually found any people from the past on there? I try not to spend too much time on Facebook nowadays, although it seems like I am always on there, lol!! I actually preferred MySpace, which was awesome until they ruined it with all the changes.. that was a great place to check out new bands; they had the mp3 player right on their profile, with tour dates, videos, etc. Now with Facebook it‟s more like links that people post from YouTube, etc.. which is still a great way to check out new music.. I have gotten in touch with a few people from the past which is cool, mostly fans and friends, in the metal scene.

What are some things you like to do when you’re not doing bandrelated stuff? I dig riding my motorcycle, man. I have a custom chopper, a Big Dog Mastiff. Other than that I am usually chilling at home, with my family. I have a few tropical fish, I have been getting into that lately. Is there a official website for the band or on Facebook? Yes, the official Possessed web site is and on Facebook: sed Kelly I am out of questions. Thanks for the interview and any last words? Thanks Chris, for the awesome interview. We appreciate your support!! Everyone keep an eye out for some new Possessed music soon, and we hope to see you on tour!! Keep Music Evil!!!

Do you have a regular job so to speak and if so do they know you’re in a band? Yes, well I got an Electronics Engineering degree a while back, and I have been working in Audio-Visual/IT industry for about the past 15 years now. So far I have been fortunate, and my jobs have allowed me to

Interview by Chris Forbes Answers by Kelly Mclauchlin 41

The band formed in 1985 as Genocide, did the line up consist of you, Scott Carlsson, Dave Grave Hollingshead and Aaron Freeman right from the start or did you go through some line up changes? Matt and I started Genocide in late '84. We originally had Sean MacDonald on bass and Phil Hines on drums. That lineup didn't last long and when we resumed the band in '85 we decided to be a three piece and I assumed bas duties as well as vocals. It was at this time that we brought Dave into the fold. Was it hard to find the suitable memers for an extreme metal band back in the day? It was extremely hard. First of all, we had even more extreme ideas than most people at that time. But, it was hard to even find a drummer who had heard of Slayer let alone one who actually played like that. Because Scott did both vocals and the bass duties, didn't you think about to admit either a bassplayer or a singer? Was it hard for Scott to concentrate both on bass and on vocals? It's not hard to concentrate on bass and vocals when you're playing such simple material. For as over the top Repulsion's delivery is the riffs are pretty simple and most of the time the bass is riding the root note and adding some accents here and there.

the closest demo to what was to become "Horrified", do you agree with it? Yes.

You recorded your first demo called "Toxic metal" in 1984 featuring "Armies of the dead", "Satan's whores" and "Crack of doom", do you still remember how was it recorded? Can you tell us details regarding on this tape? That tape was never called "Toxic Metal". It was recorded on a portable stereo cassette with the Sean/Phil lineup in Phil's basement. Phil was the drummer for Dissonance and him and their bassist, Tanya lived in the house where they rehearsed. So, we rehearsed ther as well.

There is a ton of improvement here: the vocals, for one are much improved, they are no long just background screaming and grunts, now it is clearly up front and more present than ever before, the drums are another bright spot, they are just thuds, one can hear so much more now and the same with the bass, it isn't just some inaudible fuzz, it is more clearly there, how do you view it? Well, the other recordings were one mic live recordings that leave a lot to be desired in the sound quality department. This one was still recorded live but we were able to work with an experienced engineer who could mic all the instruments properly. Musically, we had come along way towards what Matt and I wanted the band to sound like. Faster, heavier, noisier.

The instruments totally blend together, one can't hear the vocals, the bass and drums are just loud thuds, and the guitars are just a giant shriek, what Was it a kind of developement/progression or did do you think about it? you heavily work onto it? I think it's great. Bring the noise. A bit of both. We worked very hard on our material and getting Dave into the groove as he was not really But one thing is there, one can clearly see how after into metal when we met him. I think he just liked our becoming a bit more skilled and having better material because it was so deranged. When you work production, the same thing on this demo help that hard on something you usually get results. shaped what was to become "Horrified", correct? Of course. We were constantly striving to make our Did the demo help gain you a static following of music faster, noisier and more insane. Even some of fans of intense music with horror-inspired lyrics, a the people that were in the band didn't always sub-genre of underground music still in its understand why we were going in that direction. infancy?

Slowly We Rot ( Is it correct, that the demo was recorded for the Sledgehammer Press fanzine, based in Michigan? Yeah, we pretty much recorded that rehearsal just so we could send something to Bob at Sledgehammer Press. He was doing the only cool metal fanzine in Michigan and we wanted to be associated with that.

By the way, was Genocide your very first act or? What about your musical background as a whole? Matt and I had a band called Tempter in early '84 that was playing covers of GBH, Metallica, Slayer, etc. We both took guitar lessons from a guy named Bruce Winch. He was a Flint area musician who had had made a name for himself with local bands and was great teacher. He turned me onto the The Clash, The Angels (Angel City) and Cheap Trick way before they were popular.

Did you spread the demo around to make a name for the band? What kind of promotion did you do for the demo at all? I don't think we sent that to anyone besides Sledgehammer Press. It circulated mainly through tape trading and there was no promotion done whatsoever.

Your second effort was the "Violent death" demo, do you think, that it was a better production than the prevous? Did it success in getting more fans for the band? I think the "production" as you call it, is even worse What were your influences to become musicians? on this recording. However, this is the first recording where the Repulsion sound is starting to come Were you rather into brutal stuffs or...? We grew up on Kiss, Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, Cheap through. Trick, UFO, Ted Nugent. Basically, all the great hard rock bands of the 70s and then we were of course Would you say, that at this point was the birth of inspired by the punk and NWOBHM movements the extreme metal scene with acts, such as when they came along. The real inspiration for Possessed, Slaughter, Death Strike/Master, Genocide/Repulsion came from Discharge, Mantas/Death etc.? Were you familiar with the Hellhammer, Slaughter, The Accused, Slayer, etc. underground scene back than? But, we always knew that the music could be even Well, Matt and I were in Death for a little while so yeah - we were aware of all those bands and many, more - this word gets tiring - "extreme". many more. What about the Flint scene at this point? What were the acts, that started at the same time as you? What were your views on the European scene, with What kind of friendship, relationship did you have acts such as Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Napalm Death, Sodom, Destruction, Bathory etc.? with them? There were no other metal bands except for Real Steel We hadn't quite heard of Napalm yet but we were way and they were more along the lines of a thrashy Priest into the all the others you mentioned when they were or Maiden kinda thing. We played with and hung out still just making demos. And of course they all with hardcore bands like Dissonance, Gore, Public released brilliant debut records. Noise and 13th Key. The last demo under the name of Genocide was "The stench of burning death" in 1986 and this is


We gained some fans and inspired quite a few bands but no record labels. The cult status of the band wasn't really cemented until the next wave of bands like Carcass, Napalm Death and Entombed began to praise our recordings. Was it this foundation that ultimately became the basis of what is reknowned today as grindcore and in every respect, Genocide were among the first wave of true pioneers of this style of music, if not the innovators? That is for you to ponder. In my personal opinion 'Horrified' is the best album of it's kind. To us, it didn't seem innovative or genre defining. It's just the music we wanted to hear at that time. After we made it I don't think Matt or myself listened to much death metal. We did what we wanted to do with it and moved on. Maybe, if we had been signed in '86 we would have made more records. Maybe not. We're quite happy with the way people view Repulsion today.

After the demos were recorded with the name Genocide, the members realized that several other Genocides existed (the Japanese Genocide was one), and you changed the band name to Repulsion, right? When we were young and naive, Genocide seemed like an okay band name but I always thought it was

sort of generic. It was the name of a great Judas Priest song. That's where I got it from. I'm glad we changed it to Repulsion. In 1986 "Evil" Chuck Schuldiner of Florida Death Metal pioneers Death (who himself had just returned from a very brief and disatrous association with Canada's Slaughter) asked Scott and you to move to Florida to become members of Death, how did it happen exactly? Is it correct, that you replaced guitarist Rick Rozz? You've got that backwards. We played with Death in the summer of '85. Chuck was playing with Slaughter in the winter of '86. Chuck and I were pen pals back then and we had mutual respect for each other's music. When our band and his band were short on members it just seemed like a good idea to put both bands together. At the time we hade similar ideas about music. We sent the summer unsuccessfully searching for a drummer to replace Kam Lee, who had decided he didn't want to play drums anymore. Matt and I went back to Michigan to concentrate on Genocide and Chuck did what he had to do to keep his career heading in the right direction. From that point, it's history.

Actually, Doug was the executive producer. He financed the whle thing and made it possible for us to go into the studio. We were always impressed by his dedication and friendship. No one has ever helped Repulsion as much as Doug Earp. Do you still remember how long did the recording sessions take and did you have a decent budget to record the material? We only spent about $300 on the recording. It seemed like a fortune to us at the time. The whole process took about 3-4 days.

Actually, it was 1985. Chuck, Matt and I had spent the entire summer looking for a drummer and had no success. It just made sense for Matt and I to return home and resume work on Genocide. There were some differences between Chuck's ideas and ours, as well. All you have to do is compare the 'Mutilation' demo to the 'Slaughter Of The Innocent' demo.

„Horrified” is the album that created the very first grindcore movement, the album that created the proto gore grind and the album that influenced the future generation of death metal bands, is that correct? That is for people like you to decide. I can look back at it and tell you that although we were tapping into several infuences, we were not copying anyone. Too many bands today simply copy their favorite records and really add nothing to the musical landscape. You don't have to be 100% original but what's the point of cloning your favorite artist? There's nothing unique about it at all.

Unfortunately on the 13th of December 2001 Chuck passed away... Yes. This was truly a sad time. At least, we know that Chuck lived and played without compromise and left How did Kam Lee end up becoming the singer? behind a great musical legacy. I'm glad to have known Do you think, that back in 1986 you guys were him and to have had the chance to play with him for a probably the most extreme thing on the Earth and Why was he fed up of playing drums? Kam was never exclusively singing in Death. He short time. A true original. your previous demos were a complete innovation played drums and split vocal duties with Chuck. He for malevolence, putridity and speed? left because didn't want to play drums anymore. You'd Did Dave and Aaron immediately rejoin the band Well, the evidence speaks for itself. It doesn't take a have to ask him but I would say the situation with after you returned Flint? lot of effort to compare what was happening at that Massacre where he was strictly fronting the band is As I say, they were never in the band until this period time. Sure, we were faster than pretty much everyone. was over. When Matt and I returned to Michigan, we But, Venom in '81, Metallica in '82, Slayer in '83, the way he wanted things to be. looked around for a drummer and came up with Dave Hellhammer '84 - these bands were pushing the Were you close to Death's material at that time? in September of '85. We played our first show with envelope before us. him in October. Aaron joined in January '86 shortly To which extent were you familiar with Death? Matt and I were very familiar with Death's material. before we recorded the WFBE demo that some refer Nobody played like you in that period, Carcass and Chuck had sent me all the demos and we were big to as 'The Stench Of Burning Death. Napalm Death were still punkish in their style,

Slowly We Rot (

fans of their music. We went into the garage with Chuck and Kam and played near perfect versions of several Death songs within houirs of us arriving in Florida.

probably Terrorizer were close to you, right? I don't know. At the time I hadn't heard of any of those bands. Talking about the music here, in a more detailed description, we can find half an hour of totally madness grind, the blast beats are really ahead for the period but they are one of the most important thing in your sound, aren't they? The blast beats seem to be one of the main aspects that people refer to when talking about the influence of repulsion. It wasn't a conscious thing on our part. We were trying to make every aspect of our sound as extreme as possible.

You agreed and Repulsion was put on hold for a short time, but what about Aaron and Dave at this point? What did they do during your Death period? Dave and Aaron were yet not a part of Genocide when Matt and I joined up with Death. That would happen several months down the road.

What was Death's line up exactly at this point? How was to work with Chuck and Kam as a whole and what about their individuals or egos? The lineup was Chuck, Kam, Matt and myself. Chuck and Kam were great to work with. As has been stated many times, Kam's decision to leave, although untimely, was an event that ultimately led to three highly influential bands emerging from one. Egos were present -you had three front men and two amazing lead guitar players in a four piece band - but it wasn't out of control. Everyone respected each other's ideas. You have to remember we were all very young at this time.

When did you start writing the material for your debut record and what about the songwriting as a whole? We started writing songs while we were still in Florida. The songwiting prosess mainly consisted of Matt and I holoing up in the garage or basement with Coca-Cola, frozen pizzas and microwave burritos and throwing riffs at each other. Sometimes we would come with complete songs and help each other with the final arrangement. I wrote all the lyrics and Kam told in an interview, that he is the founder of sometimes I would take ideas or suggestions from friends. It usually started with a ridiculous song title the vomit growling, what do you think about it? I think just about everyone would agree with him on and then I would rise to the challeng of completing equally ridiculous lyrics. that. He influenced a lot of death metal vocalists.

This entire album is in fact the soundtrack to the impending death of mankind, Repulsion turned all the knobs up to 11 and recorded an album of some of the fastest, most aggressive, blistering, facemelting music of all time, how do you explain this? We are musical geniuses who should be millionaires many times over! (hehe) Do you think, that your overall sound is chillingly great, as the drums blast away into one's brain the guitar riffs move blazingly fast? I like the record. If I want to hear grindcore (which I normally don't) I would put on „Horrified”. Another great thing about „Horrified” is the riffing: it's really old-school and simple, the riffs are huge and intensely, no technical guitar work here, Repulsion pump out grinding evil powerchords like the best of them amidst the flurries of hats, bass drums and snares, how do you view this? I don't want to sit here and write a review of my own music. But, I'm glad you like it that much. It means a lot to us!

Your debut album, originally to be titled "Slaughter Of The Innocent", was recorded in 1986 with the help of Doug Earp, what about the recording sessions? The recording was done in a hurried manner working with an engineer who had no idea what we (or he for that matter) were doing. At the time we were quite This arrangement did not work out and in 1986 disappointed with the production. But, listening to it Matt and you Scott returned to Michigan (while now it all kind of makes sense. Interview from Dec.2008 by Leslie David Evil Chuck went to San Francisco California) and Repulsion was reborn after a brief hiatus, what Was it Doug's first experience as producer? Were Answers by Scott Carlson went wrong with him? Did you remain in touch you satisfied with his work? Did he help a lot for End of part 1, part 2 in SWR#4! you? with Chuck after you quit the band? Have you ever recorded some material with Chuck? Have you ever gigged with them? The only recordings that exist of this Death lineup are a couple rehearsals. Sadly, Death and Repulsion never had the opportunity to share the stage. It would have been a lot of fun for us.


REVIEWS – REVIEWS – REVIEWS – REVIEWS – REVIEWS – REVIEWS - REVIEWS ABIGAIL / RADIATION / OLDBLOOD / R.I.P. (Japan / Slovakia / Slovakia / Peru) United Metal Massacre - Kampf Rec. - 2011 Split tape definitely headlined by Abigail, legends of Japan Extreme Metal scene. Professionally released in a limited edition of 250 copies, a nice old school red / black cover with info and/or lyrics. Abigail - I've never been a fan of their vocals, but their primitive Thrash Black Metal is catchier than a lot of other such acts. Fans will definitely enjoy this. Radiation - fast and primitive Thrash Death Metal, a bit too repetitive for my taste; more work is needed to reach a good level, yes, even if it's old-school it needs work. I like the vocal tone though. Oldblood - fast and dirty Thrash'n'Roll, catchy compositions, primitive again but with a lot more variation, at least one level above Radiation; better guitar solos, great drums work and better riffs. Nice one although their third track is mediocre. R.I.P. - haha, these guy's space on the cover is filled with thanks, it seems they are thanking everyone who helped them since the beginnings, of course not a bad thing, but thanking someone for helping you on a totally different release is a bit cheesy... Musicwise they are old-school Thrash Metal, '80's type, quite repetitive and with few interesting elements except for the vicious vocals and the kick-ass bass lines, the rest needs much more work.

there but they have to dig deeper to unveil it on the upcoming albums. 7

ABYSME (USA) - Strange Rites Hellthrasher Prod. - 2012 - Death Metal Every Hellthrasher release is a delight for all old-school (mostly Death) Metallers with their excellent cover artworks and ancient music. Abysme is no exception from this rule. They are a young band but they sound like a Death Metal from the beginning of the '90's. This is their debut album, composed of 10 tracks totaling almost 35 minutes. The music is fast rhythmed old-school Death Metal with fat riffs, pounding drums, heavy bass lines and growling vocals, and although I think the mastering could have been better. As a debut, this album impresses with is fat sound and heavy atmospheres, and its a good display of potential, but some work on diversity and catchyness is still due for Abysme's next effort. 7

AGONY LORDS (Mexico) - A Tomb for the Haunted Chaos Rec. - 2012 - Heavy Doom Metal Wow, I was so hooked by this album that I literally forgot I had to write a review of it and left it in my player for a few spins while reading a fanzine. It's quite rare I get these feelings but it's always great when this happens. Agony Lords seem to be a pretty important name in the Mexican scene, but for me this is the first meeting with its music and after it I will definitely search for their 2 previous albums, too. To me their music sounds like an awesome combination of Paradise Lost and Sentenced with a healthy dose of Heavy Metal, the music builds track by track and evolves into interesting stories with catchy atmospheres. I love this album, and if you like the combination of Heavy Metal and Doom Metal, with hints of Death Metal, you should definitely not miss this album. The only little unsatisfying elements were some of the fast paced parts that could have been better, more original, but the rest is delicious! 9.5

Slowly We Rot (

ABORIORTH (Spain) - Anchorite BlackSeed Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal Although it's made of only 2 tracks this new Aboriorth EP reaches almost half an hour of playing time. I gues this was released to promote an upcoming release of a new album that would be Aboriorth's third full-length. The music is Black Metal, raw sounding but quite melodic and easy to digest, a combination of slow, tormenting passages with other devastating, aggressive parts, I like it. The guitar work is also quite successful, beside the traditional fast riffs you'll find some Thrashy ones and also some modern riffs used by nowadays Post Black Metal bands, repetitive but atmospheric. The vocals are not versatile enough but they fit well this music emphasizing the overall depressive atmospheres, and the drumming is quite good, complex and powerful, nothing to complain about. A good act, a good EP, and a good tase of things to come. 8

ABSKE FIDES (Brazil) - Abske Fides Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal I guess this is Solitude Productions' first Brazilian signing, and although it's my first meeting with their music, I have already met their side-project, Au Sacre Des Nuits, a few years ago, so that's why their band name seems so familiar. Abske Fides started as a Funeral Black Doom Metal band, but I guess playing the same style in ASDN was a bit boring so thsi band developed more on the Doom Death side of Metal to a point where this debut album has almost no trace of Black Metal or Funeral Doom. 6 long tracks totaling more than 50 minutes of depressive and desolate atmospheres pushing you deep in a meditation state of mind but still keeping some hooks here and there (guitar solos, violins, synths, clean vox) to keep it from falling into a lethargic music you'd avoid next time. Although their label markets the keys, occasional violins and vocals as the highlights of Abske Fides, I likes the guitars and bass work much better and I think they are the focus point from where the band will develop. While there still are some less interesting parts in their music, Abske Fides has a great potential to develop into a memorable Doom Death Metal export for a country that's more into the fast paced side of Metal. 8.5

ADVENT OF BEDLAM (Costa Rica) - Flesh over God Envenomed Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal I'm not very familiar with the metal scene from Costa Rica, but these guys seem to be quite established over there. This is their second effort to date, an 8 tracks album totaling 35 minutes. Musicwise it is a combination of Modern Death Metal with Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal and a touch of Black Metal especially in the atmosphere (caused mostly by the thin production). The multiple rhythm changes, although well executed, are breaking the natural flow of the compositions and after a while the music becomes tiring, you find yourself always judging their ideas instead of just enjoying the whole thing. Definitely talented musicians but the album is too mathematical and intricate to be memorable. 7

AEONS OV FROST (Russia) - Cold Front Vacula Prod. - 2012 - Symphonic Black Metal Aeons Ov Frost's second album was released by the band in 2008 but it seems Andriy from Vacula liked it so much he decided to re-release it this year. Aeon Ov Frost is a Symphonic Black Metal band clearly lead by the guitarist and founding member Ivan Von Frost. It seems all music is composed in order to give him space to display his technical skills, and that's not necessary a bad thing as he seems to be a quite talented musician and composer, his guitar leads are really nice, his solos are not boring and the mix with the other instruments is good enough to result in a solid material. The bass player is also a good one, the keyboards are a good addition, and I have no complaints about the drum work as well, so all in all I liked this release. The only flaw is the lack of some memorable tunes and in this genre this is a mandatory feature. As soon as you stop playing the CD you forget what you have listened to and maybe only remember some good solos, but that's it. The potential is clearly


ALIENANTE DAMNATION (Belgium) - Le Chantre du Charnier Ars Funebris Rec. - 2012 - Black Metal Well, the artwork alone (made by Mark Riddick) makes this album worth buying, but now let's see how about the music on it. This is the debut album of Aliennante Damnation, a one man band from Liege, Belgium, that according to Metal Archives was formed in 2010 and was already put on ice or even laid dead. Well, shit happens... The music is straight-forward rough, fast and brutal Black Metal, nothing more, nothing less, and except for the sheer and awesome brutality and a couple of tracks where the guitar riffs are very good (e.g. the 11th track), I wasn't impressed by much here. The sound is raw and unpolished but the mastering could have been better, especially on vocals. For a debut album (hopefully the info on Metal Archives is wrong) "Le Chantre du Charnier" might please the fans of fast and aggressive Black Metal with no compromises, but I guess many others will place this album in a "cult" category only for its bad-ass cover artwork... 7.5 AMBER TEARS (Russia) - Revelation of Renounced BadMoodMan Music - 2012 - Folk Doom Metal First released by Stygian Crypt Prod. in 2008 and sold out shortly after, Amber Tears' debut album is now rereleased by BadMoodMan with different cover artwork. I can see why this has become a legendary release for the Russian scene, all lyrics are in native language and the music is not bad at all, it's very commercial but still keeping it limited to the Pagan and Doom Metal markets, not widely commercial. Powerful guitar riffs completed by atmospheric keyboards, melancholic guitar leads and a wide variety of vocals, all creating a very heavy atmosphere. I think it's a real treat understanding the lyrics also as the vocals are very comprehensive even if they are screams and growls. Saturnus and Katatonia obviously come to mind while listening to Amber Tears' music, but that doesn't mean we have a copycat here, this is a very good album composed and played by talented musicians so if you missed this the first time try not to miss it now. 9 AMILY (Ukraine) - To All in Graves Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal Debut album for a band that seems to be founded in 2006 but that haven't released anything until now. Quite a lot of work for an album, don't you think? Amily is a two-piece band from Ukraine that uses multiple guest musicians on their recordings. This album may be cathegorized as Doom Death Metal with Gothic Metal influences and after giving it a couple of spins I can say it is well done, interesting and catchy to a point. I really hate the guitar tone (extremely synthetic, like computer generated midi sounds...) but the vocals, the excellent keyboards work and the general atmospheres make up for this. I'm not bored by it, but I'm not satisfied either, they still have a long way to go before being able to create something memorable. 6.5 ANTIGAMA (Poland) - Stop the Chaos Selfmadegod Rec. - 2012 - Death Grind 5 new tracks to prove this Polish Death Grinders are still alive, an EP lasting for only 15 minutes but one that shows this is a hell of a band. Everything here is extremely fast and brutal, but the excellent production allows us to experience every little bit of this intense work. A great work, I have enjoyed every minute of its twists and turns, and although is resembles a bit with the new wave of Deathcore/Metalcore it keeps that old-school feeling alive, it doesn't fall into the large mediocre Metalcore pit. A highly recommended band and EP to all of you into fast, twisted and brutal as fuck Death Grind with crystal clear production. 9

(Astarium used to be Black Metal some time ago), but the atmosphere is there and the vocals too. I would better say Astarium is now a mix of Depressive Doom with Symphonic Gothic Black, the tempo is mostly slow and opressive, and the overall atmospheres are very depressive, melancholic and sorrowful. Although the production is not shiny and polished to the bone, Astarium manages to reek of extreme grief and desolation and at the same time to create its own fantasy world. I like the fact SiN gave up his awful synthetic computer generated guitar sounds and picked up a real guitar this time. There's a lot to improve, but I think fans of Depressive Metal will like this album a lot, it feels much more honest and from the heart than Astarium's previous works. 8 ASTARIUM (Russia) - Ostracism Of Anachoret Tryby - 2012 - Symphonic Black Metal This EP was first released by Astarium in 2011 and this year picked up and released on tape by Tryby and CD by Hexenreich Records, both in limited editions I guess. Although it contains only 4 tracks and the first is actually an intro, the total playing time of this tape is 20 minutes. I have recently reviewed Astarium's new album and since I knew the band before I was pleasantly surprised to see/hear that SiN (the man behind this moniker) improved his guitar sound and that applies for this EP too. Although the guitars still have a slight synthetic sound and I'm still not sure if they are real, now they sound more organic. But the highlight of SiN's compositions are of course the atmospheres he manages to create through keyboards, the symphonic element in his music is really good, even professional. The drum machine used for this release is synthetic but not annoying, so I can get over it easily. It would be interesting to understand the concept behind his lyrics also, at least I'm curious who is Anachoret and why was it ostracized. This is a project that has its own identity and you will either hate it or like it, I don't think there's a middle way here. 7.5

the band has a powerful name in the underground from the demos, EPs and splits they have released so far. Their type of Black Metal is very brutal and putrid as an old corpse, it's not just fast-forward riffing, but they can also manage to create a cold, grotesque atmosphere and that's thanks to the great vocal performance. The instrumental part is very good as well, well built and executed so that you won't find any boring parts. If you're into this type of old-school, uncompromising, expressive Black Metal you shoudln't miss the debut album signed by Balmog, it's a real treat. Sick music for sick people. 9 BEER BEAR (Russia) - Beyond the Invisible Line SoundAge Prod. - 2012 - Folk Metal First off let's start this review by praising this awesome digipack and booklet artwork, I think it has a strong connection with the band's lyrics but since I don't know Russian language I have no idea what are they singing about, it may be a concept story about a legendary bear from what I'm concerned. Musicwise I think this is the Russians' response to Finnish Humppaa Metal, I mean they are into happy, beer drinking friendly Metal with simple structures and highlights emphasized on "special" instruments as violins and accordion. They have a good potential in nowadasy Folk Metal scene, but more complexity on guitar lines structures and overal compositions is absolutely mandatory in case they want to break some boundariesOtherwise I really likes the violin and accordion parts and in regards to the vocal parts I liked the male clean vocals parts but I think the female parts need a bit more Russian Folk influences, that would really be great. As a conclusion this second album from Beer Bear is a good gift if you're into both Russian Folk Metal and Finnish Humppaa Metal, just imagine a combination of the two with a more Rock side rather than Metal. 7.5

Slowly We Rot (

ASHEN EPITAPH (Serbia) - Sunshine Above the Grave Miner Recordings - 2012 - Death Metal Miner Recordings seems to be a new label from switzerland ran by a Serbian metalhead, and it's very nice he is promoting Serbian metal through this label, that means he's good in his new adoptive country and he is still supportive of his homeland's bands. Respect for that! Ashen Epitaph present us here a new release, a Double CD release that's actually made of old material, on the first CD there's the 2008 full-length "Somewhere Behind the Nervecell" reviewed by me a year ago, and on the second there's the 2005 EP "From Underground / F枚ld al贸l" I have the pleasure of listening for the first time. If you read my 2011 review you'll get my opinion on Ashen Epitaph's debut album, so I'll talk a bit about the 2005 EP here. There are no less than 13 studio recorded tracks here plus 6 live recordings, so a total of 19 tracks, much more even than a full-length. "From the Underground" is an explosive discharge of American '90's type of Death Metal with a good pinch of European style Death Metal, all served with a crystal clear sound, raw and organic but clear and perfect for a nostalgic incursion in what Death Metal used to be 2 decades ago. Although they bring nothing new to the scene, I like this band a lot, and I think their efforts should be welcomed by old-school Death Metallers especially regarding this double CD offensive where yes, you can hear a lot of standard riffs, but the overall result is entertaining and not boring at all. I would love to see this released on tape sometime... ASTARIUM (Russia) - Wyrm of Melancholy Selfreleased - 2012 - Symphonic Black Metal Astarium is back with a new, self-released album containing 8 tracks and a bonus cover of Krah's "permafrost" (honestly I have no idea who Krah is...). This is released as a promo I guess with the purpose to find a suitable label for a mass production, but it looks good and that makes me think SiN, the man behind Astarium, is serious about his work and is aiming high. Maybe labelling it as Black Metal is a bit outdated

ASTRAL SLEEP (Finland) - Visions Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal After an awful EP in 2010, "Angel", Astral Sleep are back with their second full-length, an album that although it is made of only 4 tracks, it lasts for almost an hour of heavy, sorrowful, gloomy Doom Death Metal. The improvement is obvious in all areas of their music and this album is actually very good containing everything a Doom Death Metal fan longs for in this music: heavy riffs, acoustic parts, dual growls - clean vocals and occasional shrieks, slow rhythms, melancholic atmosphere, good variety in track structures, and above all the impression they are finally taking their music seriously. you can really get into this and feel it is honest music. Above my expectations, really recommended! 9

AUT MORI (Russia) - Pervaja Sleza Oseni BadMoodMan Music - 2012 - Gothic Doom Metal If you're into doomy, sorrowful music you're in for a treat here; Aut Mori debuts with a 45 minutes album that can bring your spirit down at least for the rest of the day. I like the growling male vocals mix with the gentle female vocals, the guitar leads are ok too, quite melancholic and the whole atmosphere of this album is based on that; the keyboard backgrounds (and occasional violins) are emphasizing the heavy and dense dreamy soundscapes. If you're looking for a slow, romantic type of Metal you can give this album a try, I think it's yet another success for BadMoodMan, hopefully they will keep this band we'll have a followup soon. 8

BITTERNESS (Germany) - The Final Declaration of the End (Swansongs for the Faithful) G.U.C. Rec. - 2012 - Thrash Death Metal This album will be a real delight for old-school Teutonic Thrash Metal, and not only. Bitterness' fifth album, "The Final Declaration of the End" contains 8 new tracks and 3 bonus tracks for a total of almost 45 minutes of fast German Thrash Metal. Although heavily influenced by Kreator, the band does not limit to this, they also add some Gothemburg styled Death Metal and some Heavy Metal influences too so the end result is both old-school and quite modern (well, as modern as the Gothemburg Metal could be considered). A melodic but at the same time fast and very aggressive piece of Metal based on a Swiss-clock rhythm section and some very melodic guitar leads that make this album very enjoyable. Don't know how powerful it sounds live as they are a trio, but on Cd the band is very headbanging friendly, if it sounds the same on stage than we have here a devastating act we all should see. The album is very entertaining but if you're not into fast Thrash Metal you might get bored here and there. If you're into German Thrash Metal, and you can stand a bit of Gothemburg Death Metal and heavy Metal then Bitterness is exactly what you're looking for, try it out yourselves but I bet you'll love this album. 8.5

BLACK HATE (Mexico) - Los Tres Mundos Dusktone - 2012 - Avantgarde Black Metal Founded as a one-man-band in 2006, Black hate has been quite active in the scene until now, although in its bio its says it was disbanded for a year between 2009 and 2010. How do you disband a one-man-project? This year Black Hate has grown into a full line-up band consisting of 5 members, but from what I see, at least until now, this is still the one man project of B.G. Ikanunna. Anyway, it was started out as a Depressive Black Metal project and now B.G. says it will move away from this genre and dive into Avantgarde Black Metal. Well, on this second fullBALMOG (Spain) - Testimony of the Abominable length there's a lot of Black Metal, but it doesn't seem to BlackSeed Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal avantgardish in my books, maybe experimental would be Balmog finally managed to release their debut full-length a better term for what we get here. I don't really like the after almost 10 years of existence so I guess this album rhythm guitar tone, it sounds like a joke really, but it was quite welcomed by the Spanish Black Metal scene as doesn't sound all that disturbing when everything comes


together and you get the overall "Los Tres Mundos" picture, it kind of fits, but I'd say there's a lot of room for improvement. the next thing I don't like are the drums: too repetitive and layered with an important lack of imagination so that at times they really become annoying. So what do I like about this album? The guitar work, even the riffs. B.G. has some interesting guitar leads and solos all over the place and they really sound different than what we're used to. Then the vocals are quite good, versatile and expressive to a point I'd say the vocals and guitars alone could have created a better output. Although my words could seem harsh, there is real potential in Black Hate and if I were you I would try out a few tracks, maybe this album is right on your alley. As for me, I would love to hear a semi-acoustic album made by B.G. 6.5 BUFFALO GRILLZ (Italy) - Manzo Criminale Subsound Rec. - 2012 - Grindcore Hell yeah! This is one of the best Grindcore albums I've had the chance to listen lately! Formed in 2008, Buffalo Grillz is a super-group of the Italian Grind scene being formed by members from Undertakers, Dr.Gore or Tsubo, and the music offered on this new album proves their experience in this genre. We're not dealing here with a no brain display of simple brutality and chaotic riffs, everything seems to be well-thought so that the final result has both excellent technical skills and demented and infectious brutality. The perfect Prod. is of course a good point in their favour, you get to experience every instrument's work at maximum (if they did the music on the "Eau De Vergogn" themselves I'm fuckin' speachless...). A groovy, contagious, energetic, devastating display of excellent Grindcore, if you're into this genre don't miss this album! Ah, and especially if you're into Italian Trash (comedy) Movies, this will make your day. I LOVE IT! 9.5

enough to be comprehensive. Not as good as the Aifur Inferno Rec. - 2012 - Heavy Metal Clenched Fist is a Brazilian band founded in 2000 and part, but not bad either. this is their second full-length to date, first one released in Europe. We're dealing here with an old-school Heavy Metal with Speed Metal influenced here and there. The rhythms are of course fast to very fast, so we get a very energetic release strongly inspired by Manilla Road although I can hear some Manowar, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath influences too, but all in all this is oldschool to the bone. If I said Manilla Road you can imagine the vocals are not really commercial stuff so you either love them of hate them, there's no middle way here. The instrumental part is very traditional, headbanger friendly and has some epic, majestic parts all over to spice things up. Even if you don't like it at first audition give it a few more chances, it will slowly grow on you. 7.5 CAUTERIZATION (Brazil) - Males Infestus Till You Fukkin Bleed - 2011 - Blackened Death Metal This trio from Brazil released their debut EP, Males Infestus, in 2011 on CD by themselves and then Till You Fukkin Bleed released it on tape. This is fast and brutal Death Metal with some Black Metal influences, pretty solid work I'd say although a second guitar would give them more power and would leave room for experimenting and adding more ideas. Maysa, the vocalist and guitarist of the band, is a beautiful girl but she also has one of the best Death Metal growling voice I've heard, there's no trace of femininity in her vocals parts and that's simply awesome, also her guitar playing, although restricted by the fact she's the only one handling this instrument in the band, sounds pretty good and she also adds a few short solos. The rhythm section is fast, uncompromising and lead by blastbeats everywhere. An excellent debut of a new rising star of the South American scene. Keep an eye on this band. 8.5

CONTROSIGILLO (Italy) - Controsigillo Selfreleased - 2012 - Progressive Thrash Metal Although Controsigillo was formed back in 1999 this is the band's debut album. The self-titled and self-produced album contains 9 tracks in 45 minutes of Progressive Thrash Metal. I'm not sure why they chose to sing in English if the pronounciation is so Italian-like; even if the singer has English lyrics I still think he's singing in Italian, haha. Musicwise Controsigillo are tight as hell, their Progressive Thrash Metal reaches lots of elements and subgenres so that it never gets boring. The rhythms range from mid-tempo to fast, from groovy to aggressive, and from melodic to very technical, but the whole is a very mature result. Unfortunately this is not groundbreaking stuff, you'll find yourselves always asking where you're heard different parts before, but Progressive Metal fans will certainly be able to find a lot of elements to chew on. If you don't mind a voice that sound totally from another movie, the instrumental part is really worth checking, and also there are plenty of good rhythmed parts perfect for headbanging. 7

Slowly We Rot (

BULLETSIZE (Sweden) - The Apokalypse Selfreleased - 2011 - Thrash Death Metal The first thing that hits you about this album is its low volume, I know, adjust the volume from the speakers, but in comparison to other releases this is like whispered, and that's definitely not the goal of Bulletsize as their music is very energetic and aggressive. Anyway, this is the band's second full-length, a 10 tracks effort totaling 40 minutes. As I said, the production is not the best one around and that could weight a lot on the final results, but the band seems curdled and eager to display its brutality. There are many random riffs thrown inhere, nothing to catch your interest, but the guitar leads and some insane drumming parts are worth listening for sure. The overall atmosphere is not as powerful and catchy as it should/could be, but the album is not bad either. The guitarists and vocalist could do more and it seems the drummer really wants so more from this band, I guess some more melodic guitar leads and less typical guitar riffs would do them very well. To conclude, this is for the die-hard fans of Melodic Thrash Death Metal only. 7

CHRISTINVERTION (Russia) - Embodiment of Goat Blasphemy / Hail Desecration! Stavropol Nekrodivizion - 2012 - Black Grind I have no idea if Christinvertion is still an active band, Metal Archives mentiones the band changed its name recently to Sin kruzifix, but that's about all I know about them. This release is actually a compilation of the first and only 2 albums of Christinvertion, "Embodiment of Goat Blasphemy" from 2004 and "Hail Desecration!" from 2005, totalling 53 minutes of bestial, primitive, sadistic Black Metal a la Archgoat, maybe a bit dirtier and more down-tuned than Archgoat though. The sound is raw, demo-sounding, but it's quite perfect for this type of music. Stavropol Nekrodivizion released this material on a nice A5 format pack including a poster, so if you're into Archgoat hurry up and don't miss this piece of blasphemy limited to only 100 copies, maybe you'll still find some as mine is copy no. 81. back to the music, I'm sure only the initiated will be able to understand what's happening here, this sheer unleash of Black Metal and Grindcore brutality is certainly not for everyone, as for me it's a long time since I've heard such a raw and at the same time spot on BUXEN / AIFUR / MORDHELL (Italy / Sweden / release, I'd tag it as an excellent piece of underground extreme metal terror. 8.5 Poland) - Split Kampf Rec. - 2007 - Black Metal This is an old release but since Kampf sent it for a review I guess it's still available although it was released in a CLAIRVOYANT (Poland) - Curse of the Golden Skull limited edition of 500 copies... Make your own mind Selfreleased - 2011 - Heavy Metal Founded in 2007 Crairvoyant released a demo in 2009 about this. Buxen - "vocals on this recording were improvised while and an EP in 2011. The EP is in my hands now and recording" - say what??? How can one take such a band contains 4 tracks totaling almost 25 minutes of German seriously? I have to admit it sounds better than a lot of inspired Heavy Metal with Epic Metal influences. The other nowadays bands, but since they are not taking their tracks are a bit too long for this type of music, but these band seriously why should we? As a proof this "band" guys managed to make their compositions quite catchy so never released anything since this split. Don't waste your the whole EP flows naturally and undisturbed, if you're into old-school Teutonic Metal you won't be bored by time. Aifur - another band that hasn't released anything since their music. The guitar work (although the riffs are this split... Their 4 tracks (actually this is their 2004 demo nothing spectacular the solos are a delight) is the highlight "Destroying Life") are actually quite good, a very raw, of this band but I can also mention the interesting dark and evil form of traditional Black Metal that would combination of rough vocals with some melodic lines here and there, a fine approach. The bass and drums are have deserved a decent followup since this split. Mordhell - the Polish Black Metallers were the only band quite good too and the bass really makes its mark on the on this release I've heard of before getting this. Although 4th track, an epic tale about Conan. You can also feel a playing the same traditional, old-school, primitive type of slight NWOBHM influence, especially from Iron Maiden. Black Metal, this band is much more active and serious. A fine band that has potential, I only hope they will The tracks included on this split are actually the ones become more productive than until now. 7.5 from their 2006 EP "Suicide Blood" recorded live in their rehearsal place. The sound is rough, of course, but decent

CLENCHED FIST (Brazil) - The Gift of Death


CORPSE GARDEN (Costa Rica) - Burnt by the Light Selfreleased - 2012 - Death Metal I've only had the chance to review a few bands from this country and I don't know how many are them over there, but I'm surprised by their quality. Corpse Garden is another proud exponent of this emerging scene, a band that recently released its debut album, this one I'm talking about now. "Burnt by the Light" is a combination of Melodic, Brutal and mostly Technical Death Metal, a successfull combination I might add. Usually many Technical Death Metal bands tend to lack of feelings transmission but this band managed to add that extra melodic and brutal touch to keep it interesting above the instrumental part, above the "simple" display of excellent technical skills. A very nice surprise from a very talented band that won't stay unsigned for long, that's for sure, I wouldn't be surprised to see this album re-released by a major label soon. 9.5

CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) - Composition of Flesh Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal I thought this is a new band, but theye were actually formed back in 2004. The release of their 2010 demo "Rot.In.Pieces" in 2010 brought them this cool deal with Abyss Records, and here's the fruit of their labour, their debut album. Containing 13 tracks, 7 of them being the 2010 demo, and lasting for a bit more than 40 minutes, "Composition of Flesh" is a 100% Old-School Swedish Death Metal effort. As highlights of their music I could mention the chuggy guitars sound, the very good vocals (even though I think this guy has even more potential) and

the dark atmospheres, perfect for Death Metal. Even though most of the time the rhythms are fast, Corrosive Carcass also adds some mid-tempo parts and some slow moments to spice things up a bit. They succeed up to a point, but the only thing this albums lacks of is one or more tracks to stand out and get to be memorable ("Collector" or "The End of Us All" might just prove me wrong though). Otherwise the album is perfect for anyone in search for Old-School Death Metal with that rotten atmospheres this genre was so proud of. Excellent sound, perfect cover artwork, a nice trip back in time. 8.5

Metallers and the new wave of Deathcore fans. The melodic parts are also a good addition to the whole, so if you're into such a mix of different genres and you like the new type of sounds in Extreme Metal you might give these guys a try. 7.5

DARK VISION (Italy) - Ingrowth Selfreleased - 2012 - Black Death Metal This band is around since '96 but for some reason they have only managed to release 1 album so far, and that one in 2002. I guess with this new EP they are trying to find a suitable label to give them a push forward. The closest band I could think of when comparing their music would be the Spanish Noctem, although Dark Vision's compositions are not that tight and natural. So we're talking about the Black Death Metal style that's so popular nowadays. Unfortunately the Italians seem to be more focused on displaying their technical skills rather than curdling their compositions to involve the listener more. They are good instrumentists, that's no doubt, but there are multiple points in their track when you're wondering when is the real mayhem going to start. I CULTFINDER (UK) - Black Thrashing Terror Eldritch Lunar Miasma Rec. - 2012 - Black Thrash Metal cannot say I disliked this CD but for the nowadays fans of Debut vinyl release for both the band and the label this genre this won't be enough, speed and brutality is the (limited to 333 hand-numbered copies), a good way to key now and Dark Vision focuses more on groove and make yourself a respectable name in the underground. individual impact. 7 The weird thing about it is that one side is 33 rpm and the other is 45 rpm, or at least this is the first time I see such an idea in practice. With a killer artwork by Mark Riddick this could have only been a Thrash Black release and luckily it's quite a good one. Old-school to the bone, with unpolished sound, mostly fast paced but also with some hints of Doom Metal (on the last track), Cultfinder will definitely work for fans of the new wave of old-school raw Black Thrash Metal. The 3 tracks included here lack of originality but are very catchy, energetic and well executed, so for a debut release this is a success. 7.5

DEATHRONATION (Germany) - A Soil Forsaken... Selfreleased - 2006 - Death Metal This is Deathronation's debut demo released firstly on tape and then on CD, and I have here the CD version of it. Old-School dark and sinister Death Metal with rehearsal type of sound. the drummer is a very good one but the drums' sound on this demo is simply annoying, too loud in comparison to the rest of the instruments. The compositions are really good, the guitar solos are great, the vocal parts are horrifying and there is also a good variety of rhythms and tempos so there are less chances you get bored by it. As a debut demo "A Soil Forsaken..." has proven its point: Deathronation doesn't care for modern trends, they are here to bring out only the ugliest form of Death Metal, no compromises. 7 DEEP-PRESSION (Various) - Atlantis Valse Sinistre - 2011 - Dark Ambient 4 full-length album for this hardworking International act, in the meantime they have released a new one, their fifth. This album is made of 6 long tracks totaling almost 50 minutes, and is released in a limited edition of only 100 hand-numbered copies by Valse Sinistre. I'd label their music as calm, nature-inspired Ambient with a few Dark, quite sinister parts but overall a meditative, quite bright piece of keyboard/synths made music. Too repetitive for my taste, but capable of inducing you into a meditative mood, too bad it doesn't offer any stand-out moments. 7

Slowly We Rot (

D.E.R. (Brazil) - Quando a Esperanรงa Desaba EveryDayHate / Goressimo Rec. - 2011 - Grindcore This debut album from the Brazilian D.E.R. is a continuous release of brutality from start to finish, you get only a few moments to clear your head and then it starts again with that grinding attitude. The instrumentsl part is quite well built, there are a lot of different riffs, the drums are unreleting but the to me the vocal part was a disapointment, it seems the guy can only growl with a certain cadence on all tracks and if it wouldn't be for the additional screams to support the growls this would have been ruined. Anyway, thumbs up for the extreme brutality, incredible speed of execution and also for the good sound, Grindcore fans will get a good bone to chew here. 7

DABELYU (Spain) - 11 Art Gates Rec. - 2012 - Power Thrash Metal Debut album of this Spanish Metal band, "11" contains 11 tracks (obvious, isn't it?) of very diversified Modern Metal ranging from Thrash Metal to Groove Metal to Alternative Metal and a pinch of Power Metal and even Death Metal here and there. The production is great, the compositions are well-thought, but I guess this will appeal mostly to Spanish speaking metalheads for obvious reasons, all tracks are in Spanish and usually you have to understand the lyrics from such a band. There's a nice mix of melody and aggression throoughout the whole album and I guess this band will try to hit the mainstream pretty soon. Very strong debut album. 8.5 DARK CONFESSIONS (Spain) - Insanity Art Gates Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal Deathcore Death Metal would not be the correct label for Dark Confessions' music but I'd say a combination of Death Metal with Deathcore would give you a better idea on what's happening on this second album from the Spanish quintet. Although here and there you can find some parts when the music is not as engaging as it should be, the overall impression is of a solid and sharp product, one that can fit on the playlist for both traditional Death

DE PROFUNDIS (UK) - The Emptiness Within Kolony Rec. - 2012 - Progressive Extreme Metal I have reviewed another band called De Profundis a while ago, the Hungarian band, but this time I have here the third album of the UK based De Profundis. "The Emptiness Within" is made of 9 new tracks, 2 of them being instrumental, summing up 55 minutes of Extreme Metal. Melodic most of the time, progressive in structures here and there, quite catchy, this album gives us a great display of instrumental skills, but it can also make you loose focus at times. The highlight of De Produndis' music is definitely the outstanding work on the bass lines, and these guys seem to know that so they give much space to the bass player to expose his ideas and even experiment, he definitely knows what he's doing. If the band would have 2 such bassists De Profundis would instantly become a gem in our Extreme Metal scene and I really think two bass players would fit this band perfectly. The other instrumentists are very good in what they do, too (the jazzy parts are a perfect display of this), but I would have liked a bit more variety on the vocal lines too. All in all this is an album many of you will enjoy simply because it makes you discover more and more interesting features each time you listen to it. 8.5 DEADLY MOSH / WARNAMENT (Serbia / Macedonia) - Labeled to Confront! Stay Pure - 2010 - Speed Thrash Metal / Thrash Metal Serbia and Macedonia seem to be full of old-school bands and it seems that's whay they like the most over there which is quite good, they like their metal pure and primitive. Opening this split is a band that's new to me, Deadly Mosh from Serbia, playing '80's influenced Heavy Speed Thrash Metal. Traditional rhythms and riffs, nothing special except for the vocals (I haven't heard such vocals in a long time) and occasional guitar solos. Not bad and quite entertaining but they still have a long way to go to release catchier tracks. Warnament listed 4 tracks from their debut album here, and album I have reviewed a year ago and that didn't impressed me much to say the truth. Except for some catchy guitar riffs and some good drumming here and there Warnament still have a lot more work to do, especially on vocals, I can't see the band evolving much with the current vocal. 6.5 / 6.5


DESULTOR (Sweden) - Masters of Hate Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Progressive Death Metal "Masters of Hate" might seem a pretty bold title for a debut album, but maybe these guys are really that confident in the music they throw to the World, and I wouldn't say they are wrong about it. These 35 minutes seem to be carefully crafted in order to build Desultor a strong name in the scene; 11 tracks, 2 of them instrumental, a mix of Progressive Death Metal, Modern Thrash Metal, Black Metal and occasional Groove Metal influences. The combination of Extreme Metal instrumental with Nevermore-like type of melodic vocals and the variety presented on this album are real winners, Desultor seems to be a name to remember. I can honestly say the audition of this album was a real delight and to me it seems only the starting point to an important Desultor saga. The sound is crystal clear, no objections whatsoever, but the cover artwork does no justice to the contents of this CD, I'm sure many kids won't even look at it in a shop, it's too random to attrach any glance... If you read this and you're into Progressive Extreme Metal, don't miss this album! 9.5 DEVIATOR (Ukraine) - Fehu-Fohat-Fire Kundalini Rec. / Depressive Illusions Rec. - 2012 - Black Death Metal New release by this one man band from Ukraine. I have reviewed the best of compilation that was released in 2011 and back then I hated the drum-programmings Lord Hastner used but now I can say this part has improved a lot, the drums are still programmed but not bothering anymore, they are actually quite good. This time the problem falls on the chaotic mixing and mastering of this album, at times you loose the tracks' flow and just follow the lack of instrumental syncronization which is an awful

thing for a full-length album. The compositions are quite good, raw Pagan Black Metal with some Death Metal influences here and there, but because it is mixed in such a chaotic manner I was unable to fully taste them. I like the fact the tracks are quite diversified though. If you're into raw Pagan Metal you might enjoy this. 6

You don't hear very often a Brutal Death Metal album opening with an acoustic guitar intro but strange enough it fits quite well on this full length, it's like the calm before the storm. Drift Of Genes is a new band from Ukraine formed as a one-man band but soon developed into a duo, formula that recorded this debut album. Now there are so many unprofessional and childish Brutal Death Metal bands around that it's hard to bet on one and say that it will go far, but I hope that's not the case here. The compositions sound curdled and varied enough not to bore the hell out of you and these 2 guys have the technical skills to compose memorable tunes. The instrumental part is very good although some parts sound a bit dry, and the vocals, altough this type of vocals bore me, are fitting pretty good with the whole. There's also enough groove and slam to compensate the loss of brutality in some parts of the album, so all in all if you're into Brutal Death there's a good chance you'll enjoy this band and find it quite interesting. 8

DHWESHA (India) - Yuddhabhumi Till You Fukkin Bleed - 2012 - Death Metal Another debut out on TYFB, Dhwesha are hailing from India and this is their debut demo made of 6 long tracks totaling almost 30 minutes. The band plays low-tuned, quite traditional Death Metal with not much to stand out except for some addictive, almost hypnotic guitar leads they use to flavour their style. The production is good enough although I think the gap between the low-tuned vocals and the instruments is too big and unnatural, but if you like this type of Death Metal, mid-tempo with cryptic atmospheres, you'll enjoy this demo. Although this is not groundbreaking stuff it is definitely not something the EISMOND (Austria) - Behind the Moon We Are scene is used to so my label for it is "recommended". 7.5 Looking into the Distance Kristallblut Rec. - 2012 - Dark Ambient My CD (or all of them?) lists 66 tracks, but this album is actually made of only 3 long songs totaling almost an DISCIPLINE X (Finland) - One of a Kind hour of playing. Eismond is the project of Alexander X Rec. - 2012 - Punk Thrash Metal Very energetic Punk Thrash Metal trio from Finland Wieser, also the main man behind Uruk-Hai, but honestly bringing us an interesting combination of Punk Rock and I like much better what he's doing here: relaxing, calm Thrash Metal (old-school). This is their second EP to date Dark Ambient made by synths, drums and occasional including 7 short but effective tracks, a mix of slow, guitars (mostly leads), painting a cosmic trip, you'll feel melodic parts with fast and energetic ones. For a trio they like floating among stars and planets. The sound is good managed to make their compositions to sound full like enough except the parts where Alexander inserts some nothing is missing, the music flowls naturally and post-metal like guitar riffs when it all gets distorted and succeeds to involve the listener, and that is due also to the quite hard to follow. Perfect for a relaxing evening while good production. I guess this EP will satisfy both Punk reading a good book. 8 Rockers and Thrash Metallers at the same time, they only need to work more on creating memorable choruses for the future and they'll be all set. 7.5

be a good choice. One final mention though, the last track, a cover of OMD's "Enola Gay" from the '80's, is exactly like its title, gay as a pink unicorn, and should have never be added on this album... 8

ENGULFED (Turkey) - Through the Eternal Damnation Hellthrasher Prod. - 2012 - Death Metal At first I was fascinated by the awesome cover and booklet artwork done by a certain David Gorturd (or Zorturd? or Torturd? Wasn't able to understand it because of the crappy fonts on the back credits list), and of course such an artwork can only make you think of Death Metal, old-school Death Metal to be more precise. Engulfed are debuting with this 4 tracks EP out on Hellthrasher Prod., and I must say this is a really good and promising debut. Old-school brutal and creepy American style Death Metal composed of fast rhythms most of the time, occasional doomy and dark parts just to accentuate the atmospheres, a deep unhuman growling voice, good guitar solos and above all an excellently reproduced rotten atmosphere, you can almost sense the stench of death, and that's the whole point in such a band. Excellent result, a band to keep your eyes on, and this is an EP not to be missed. 9

Slowly We Rot (

DISEIM (Latvia) - Holy Wrath Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Stoner Doom Death Metal It's not everyday I get to review a Latvian band, but this one hit the jackpot by signing with Abyss Rec. for their debut album so it must be something interesting. Diseim was formed in 2007 and 5 years after here they are with their debut album, an 8 tracks effort lasting for a bit more than half an hour. A combination of US style mid-tempo Death Metal with Stoner Doom elements (chuggy guitars and slow paced rhythms here and there), combination that at times gets too simplistic and empty sounding, and although the sound is pretty good, I feel the need for something else at times, the need for more brutal tunes. Diseim are getting pretty monotonous after a while and I would recommend this album only to Stoner Metallers that need a bit more aggression in their daily dose of Stoner Rock. That's it, not my cup of tea. 6 DOOMED (Germany) - In My Own Abyss Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal I'm not a big fan of bands releasing multiple full-lenghts in a year, I always have the prejudice they have not worked their compositions enough and released new material only to have more titles in their bio. Working alone seems to be propitious for such acts, I guess they can develop their compositions faster without having multiple minds debating. Doomed is such an act, a one man band that released 2 full-length albums in 2012 even though it was started only in 2011. This second opus is made of 7 long tracks offering us a combination of Doom and Death Metal with melancholic atmospheres. In my opinion the main highlights of this album are definitely the haunting guitar leads although the drums and bass lines are not to be underrated also. Pierre (the man behind this moniker) also uses multiple variations on vocals so that after all we're dealing with a pretty complex record, the contrary of what I have expected. This is a good record that shows Pierre's potential in creating '90's UK Doom Death like records, but something more is needed to push this band further. 8

EMBRACE OF SILENCE (Ukraine) - Leaving the Place Forgotten by God Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal Embrace Of Silence releases their debut album on Solitude Productions, a normal followup to the band's 2010 EP out on the Russian cult underground label Satanarsa. Now it's time for a bigger push for the band and Solitude can certainly provide this. Embrace Of Silence seems like a band straight from the UK's '90's Doom Death Metal scene, their music reminds me of all bands from the golden UK trio: My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost but mostly of Anathema, and here I mean the second wave of releases from the aforementioned bands. Based on slow to mid-tempo Doom Death Metal structures Embrace Of Silence has all elements that made this genre so popular: fat riffs, oppressive atmospheres, melancholic acoustic parts, growling vocals, and melodic guitar leads. Although not being innovative for the scene this band seems to be a honest one, and their music really manages to be expressive, to capture the listener's attention. I like the fact there's plenty of mid-tempo European Death Metal inhere, mixed with a slight touch of American '90's Death Metal, and the melodic elements are like a cherry on top of a good cake. Recommended for followers of '90's Doom Death Metal. 8.5

EMPATIC (Poland) - Gods of Thousand Souls Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho / Terrasound Rec. 2011 - Thrash Death Metal Another release from the promised land of Extreme Metal, Poland, "Gods of Thousand Souls", Empatic's debut full-length, is a very good blend of fast Thrash and Death Metal, nothing new under the sun but definitely well executed and enthusiastic to make a good first impression on the fans of this genre. Melodic, groovy, fast and fat sounding, Empatic seems to be a solid band already and their perspectives are bright. Unfoprtunately there's nothing to remain in your memory after a few spins, but at least you'll enjoy this while listening to it, and maybe on the next album they will insert more hooks. All in all "Gods of Thousand Souls" will show the metal DRIFT OF GENES (Ukraine) - Excruciating Severe community this band is a solid act and they are here to make they mark, and hopefully they will succeed. The Laceration execution, the production and artworks are all classy and Eclectic Prod. - 2012 - Brutal Death Metal professional so if you like your Thrash Death with some Melodic touches and quite fresh sounding Empatic might


EPITIMIA (Russia) - Faces of Insanity Hypnotic Dirge Rec. - 2012 - Ambient Black Metal I remember 2 years ago I have reviewed Epitimia's debut album but this is already their third full-length so the Russian trio seems pretty productive. And luckily enough in their case productive doesn't mean lack of quality, in fact this third album is much better than their debut, they have developed from a Depressive Black Metal with good potential to an almost mature Ambient Black Metal outfit with solid compositions. "Faces of Insanity"s main achievement in my opinion is the flow; the album flows so naturally you don't even notice when you reach its end, and we're talking about a more than 50 minutes in length album. After a couple of spins I can say they now have the potential to develop their music on Epic Black Metal grounds which would actually suit them well even though I don't understand their Russian written lyrics. Regarding sound, I'm not satisfied about the drums sound, but at least they are real drums; other than that it's a well recorded material, you won't have problems with it. All in all Epitimia shows real progress and this album will make your day if you're into Ambient, Melodic, Depressive, Epic or such types of Black Metal. 9

ERUPTED (Sweden) - In the Grip of Chaos Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal Sweden again, of course. This is natural when it comes to Abyss Records, this label tries and partially succeeds to refresh this scene's Death Metal for the current fans, but sometimes they also fail, and that's the case of Erupted, too. These young Swedes are trying the old-school of Brutal Death Metal way but the production on this album is rather annoying and also they seem to have spent little time in studio recording it. Slow to mid-paced Death Metal without identity or catchiness, I'm sorry to say this but I got bored after a few tracks. Hopefully they will keep on working and release a much better followup. 5 ERYN NON DAE. (France) - Meliora M & O Music - 2012 - Progressive Extreme Metal

French Eryn Non Dae are back with their second fulllength release this year, but what's strange is that the band changed labels going from Metal Blade to the young but very ambitious French label M&O Music. I thought Metal Blade only did mammoth 4-5 albums deals with their bands but it seems they are not. back to this new album, END are still exploring and experimenting with any forms and shapes of Extreme Metal and what we get here are 7 tracks totaling an hour of demented, aggressive but at the same time atmospheric and even hypnotic music. Their high level of musicianship made this album a fresh and powerful discharge of hate, a very interesting release that might please the new wave of "Core" fans, but also the post-metal fans. As a difference from their earlier material I'd say the new album sounds much more coherent, much more curdled and mature although the band took its craziness one step higher this time and Metal Blade might have did a mistake in loosing them. Time will tell... 8.5

ESCARNIUM (Brazil) - Rex Verminorum Till You Fukkin Bleed - 2011 - Death Metal Already an important name in the South American underground, Escarnium released this EP on both Hellthrasher Prod. and Till You Fukkin Bleed in 2011 and since then they managed to release their debut album on Hellthrasher. This EP contains 7 quite long tracks totaling more than half an hour of fast and low-tuned Death Metal. Obscure, brutal and horrifying, their music is well crafted and quite catchy, fans of South American and also US styled Death metal will definitely enjoy it. The production is top-notch, I have nothing to complain about. Death Metal to the bone! 8.5

rehearsal-like, with many mistakes in execution, so this would have been more suitable for a demo rather than a split CD. Feral has also some attempts of adding more brutal aspects to their music to a point where it almost gets Grindcore with blast beats not missing, but there are also some acoustic parts reminding me of the '90's trend of addings some acoustic parts to extreme metal releases to spice things up. I'd love to hear Feral recording in a proper studio and taking their time to do a professional job. Desekratewhore has the same type of rehearsal-like sound, but the difference comes in style. The band is more old-school, more aggressive and energetic than Feral, but they add some melodic parts as well. If you get over the rough sound, the only problem in Desekratewhore might be the length of their tracks, one of them is almost 18 minutes long, way too long for a Black Thrash Metal track to keep its listeners' attention high. They have some good ideas, the guitar work is good, but repeating them too much gets boring after a while. These 4 tracks (totaling more than 35 minutes), split in multiple parts and recorded in a professional studio would have easily made up a full-length album. Both Feral and Desekratewhore display good potential in compositions and good technical skills for old-school metal, channelled right they could release some pretty powerful materials in the future. 6.5 / 7 FESTER (Norway) - A Celebration of Death Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Black Death Metal Abyss Rec. pushed this record really hard making it a highly expected come-back from one of the first bands of Norwegian Black Death Metal. Fester was formed in the end '80's and was active in the first half of the '90's but broke-up after 2 full-length releases. The band kind of reinvented themselves by releasing a compilation a couple of years ago and now this third album. 10 tracks, 55 minutes of Doomy Blackened Death Metal that should be very well received by die-hard fans, but I honestly don't think the younger generation will appreaciate this as much. the music is very atmospheric, very somber and grim, but it lack both the speed and brutality the nowadays scene craves for, the tracks are a bit too long to keep your attention high although they are pretty complex. Again, for nostalgics this is a great release, it's a good detachment from the nowadays run for hyper-speed and extreme brutality, an album that bets on atmospheres. 7.5

and fast paced rhythms with a major emphasis on the fast parts. The drum work is the highlight of this band although they all do their thing pretty well and the overall impression on this debut album is a good one: tight riffs, good (but unfortunately only a few) guitar solos, great drumming, brutal spot-on vocals that although are not versatile at all are not boring either, good bass lines (although I would have liked a bit more volume on bass as it seems the guy playing it has talent). A 100% Death Metal album that will make your day and a young band with excellent potential, that's what Abyss has discovered in Sweden recently. 8.5 FLAGRUM (Poland) - Through Torment To Belief Kampf Rec. - 2009 - Black Metal This is Flagrum's debut demo and so far it's also the last release of this one man band. There are only 4 tracks featured but the total length of this demo is almost 25 minutes. Flagrum plays a slow to mid-tempo dark, satanic Black Metal with multiple layers of guitars and vocals that sound quite interesting, but the snare drum sound is deeply annoying, I can barely pay attention to the music because of this shitty snare drum that sounds like cheap firecrackers. The guitars and vocals are good and create a horrifying atmosphere, exactly what a Black Metal needs, a menacing, rotten, disgusting image (sound). Unfortunately the snares ruin everything on this tape... 6 GEIST (Israel) - Der Ungeist Total Rust Music - 2012 - Black Metal Geist is a one man band from Israel and "Der Ungeist" is its debut album, although earlier this year there was another "Der Ungeist" release, a single prefacing this debut. After a couple of auditions I could say we're dealing here with a good project, although some tracks on this album are a bit longer than they should be and there's the risk of getting bored at times. "Der Ungeist" is made of 7 tracks totaling 35 minutes of fast, cold and catchy Black Metal suitable for both traditional Black Metallers and the newer generation of Depressive Black Metal followers. The vocals are versatile enough, the riffs are razor-sharp and the rhythm section sounds organic, so Ratimus, the man behind Geist, produced a good debut album and a good starting point to start building on. Even though there's no over-use of keybaords of additional effects, Geist was capable of creating some desolate, freezing atmospheres that I liked. 7.5

Slowly We Rot (

ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) - Against All Odds Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Epic Black Metal I was so amazed by this band's debut demo and EP that I can say this is one of the few bands I was eagerly expecing to release a full-length, and luckily Abyss Rec. picked them up and recently released their debut. To be honest I feared they would loose their track, but that's not the case, "Against All Odds" is on the same Epic Black Metal path, an awesome jurney through times, a romanticized paining of epic battles that makes you feel and imagine both the intensity of a clash between opposite armies and the sweet taste of victory. I am not disapointed at all by what this band has become, I only think they should deserve more attention. And back to the album, the perfect blend of fast rhythmed Black Metal with more mid-paced Epic parts is the real highlight of Eternal Helcaraxe, and I say this is perfect because everything on this material seems and feels natural, the music flows like undisturbed rivers. I'm so proud to have this CD in my collection and I recommend it to all of you into Epic Metal, it's a must! The only thing missing for this band is a powerful image, here they should step up to their music's level... 10 FERAL / DESEKRATEWHORE (Canada / Canada) Equilibrium Poison Mist Propaganda - 2012 - Black Metal / Black Thrash Metal A Canadian split between two bands that are basically the same since the two members of Feral also activate in Desekratewhore. Opening up this split is Feral, a not so inspired band name since there are a few other feral bands around, one of them recently signed with US based label Ibex Moon. Their 4 tracks are into obscure, raw Black Metal with a slight melancholic atmosphere given by the repetitive and quite melodic guitar leads. The recordings are primitive,

FETO IN FETUS (Poland) - Mortuary Selfreleased - 2012 - Death Grind Metal This is funny! The new EP from Feto In Fetus is released in form of a business card CD so if you know how they looking like you can imagine how funny it is to get all this brutality and sickness from such a tiny CD (not that all this matters but I thought I should share it with you). 2 tracks totaling less than 4 minutes, a good way of promoting the band's name around. Feto In Fetus is a brutal Death Grind band displaying a correct execution, good technical skills, a bit of an opening for experiments but that's about all I got from this short EP. Tight compositions, brutal all the way, promising, so you might give them a chance, I hope they'll keep this style and won't slip into nowadays Deathcore fashion. 8.5

FETUS STENCH (Sweden) - Stillbirth Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal Debut album for this upcoming Swedish Death Metal act, Stillbirth is made of 9 tracks totalling almost 40 minutes of old-school type of Anerican Brutal Death Metal, so not the new hyper-blasting, hyper-speedy type of Brutal Death, and not the Swedish trademark type of Death Metal either. Fetus Stench alternate between mid-tempo


GRISATRE (France) - Esthaetique Dusktone - 2012 - Depressive Black Metal Grisatre is a one man band from France and this second full-length album is my first meeting with its music. At first I felt the sound is extremely bad, and I still think it's bad, but after a couple of spins it becomes quite normal, quite fit for what Rokkr (the man behind thsi project) is trying to express through his music. I'm only sorry that some instrumental parts are pretty hard to follow and fully understand because of this rough, unpolished sound. Grisatre's music is based on mid-tempo depressive rhythms and the whole music is trying to paint a desolate, solitary state of mind. To some extent it succeeds, and fans of Depressive Black Metal might love this opus, but speaking for myself I wasn't able to get into its music because of my frustration of not being able to hear all the elements clearly. Although the compositions might tend to get repetitive Grisatre comes up with rhythm changes or new elements just before it gets boring, so from this point of view we're dealing with a good release that reminded me of older Burzum. Still thsi sound... 6.5

GRORR (France) - Anthill Selfreleased - 2012 - Progressive Death Metal Here we have a mesmerizing album I was and still am totally captivated and impressed by. A band that I haven't heard of, but a band I'm sure I'll keep getting good news on. Grorr comes from France and presents us here a fulllength composed of 4 parts, each of them segmented in a few tracks making the whole being a 13 tracks effort. Most probably Progressive Death Metal is not the most accurate definition of their music, but at least it's the closest I can think of. The band is rooted in Progressive Death Metal, but what we have here is much more, a much vider variety of styles and what makes this album an excellent band is the way the music flows seamlessly from start till the end. The ethnic instruments they use all over the place are a fantastic addition to this beautiful music, and this is one of the few, very few, times when I would totally agree with a re-release of this album by a label, a big ass one if possible, this music should and must be heard by a large audience. Sometimes you feel like listening to a traditional Irish inspired metal, other times to a Chinese inspired music and even to some African culture inspired metal, this is sick and I totally love it. The production could have been a bit better but that's about the only not perfect element in Grorr's music. Definitely recommended if you're into prog stuff like Devin Townsend. 9.5

potential. These guys are able to create some emotional pieces of Black Metal and still keep the brutality and aggressiveness intact. Fast Black Metal with epic midtempo insertions here and there, an excellent vocal and guitar work and drum lines that would have deserved a better production. Too keep an eye on, for sure. Searing Skull is a French duo founded back in 1997, and although their name is pretty unknown for me, they have managed to release a few demos, a split and a full-length album so far, so they might not be so unknown for the French underground Black Metal followers. Their Black Metal is much more aggressive, faster and more fat sounding. Some epic guitar leads are present in their music too, but the overall impression is of a Brutal old-school Black Metal band that's in to celebrate the initiators of this genre and doesn't care for experiments or innovation. Good stuff, better recording than Hasserben has, but the drummachine tends to get really annoying at times, and you can easily loose focus. 7.5 / 7

Death Metal with aggressive, extreme vocal types, good technical skills on guitars and overall a fast rhythmed type of Death Metal that's worth listening to even nowadays, the production is excellent for those times. Obscure is next with their fast and aggressive Death Metal with Thrashy atmospheres. The production is rawer and the band's music is not as interesting as Human Waste's but it's entertaining nonetheless, a good relic from the Spanish underground. The rhythm section of Obscure is the most notable aspect in their music; the band seems to be still alive and kicking although there's no new material from them since '92. If you're searching for treasures from the past don't miss this vinyl.

HUMANGLED (Italy) - Odd Ethics Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal Followup to their 2010 album "Fractal" and I guess preview of their upcoming album "Odd Ethics" present us 4 tracks totaling 15 minutes of Death Metal, odd Death Metal that is. I find these Italians' Death Metal to be pretty strange and quite original, it doesn't follow any particular path, but it's at the same time brutal, groovy and quite progressive. It is not some groundbreaking discovery that will dominate the world right away, but it's interesting how these guys manage to combine traditional Death Metal riffs with unconventional rhythms ranging from slow to mid-tempo. The album doesn't flow easily, but I see it like raging sea waters. After spinning this disc for a few times I'm still not convinced if I like it or not, but one HELL UNITED (Poland) - Aura Damage thing is certain, this is definitely not typical Death Metal. Hellthrasher Prod. - 2012 - Black Death Metal Try it for something new! 7.5 Although I'm not familiar with their debut album, from what I've read on the net, this second Hell united album has become darker and heavier than its predecessor. I can confirm this is an extremely dark and evil piece of Black INBORN SUFFERING (France) - Regression to Death Metal, maybe not as theatrical as the latest Nothingness Pandemonium release, but heavy and thick as hell. 9 Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal tracks, a bit more than 35 minutes in playing time, "Aura Solitude Prod. picked up a real winner here, Inborn Damage" is a stormy release of punishing guitar riffs and Suffering might be the biggest name in their roster so far, solos, sickening vocals and unrelenting rhythm section. and although the band relied on their 2006 album success Although the sound is good enough for such a release, it so far, they are back this year with a new release, and could have been a bit more powerful as sometimes it feels after listening to their recently re-released "Wordless it's too dry and leaves many blank spaces. This band Hope" album I was pleasantly surprised the see the band definitely deserves more attention but I'm curious how the evolved into a real bulldozer of depressive emotions and 2 Stillborn members that play in Hell United will manage still kept variety at a high level, even higher than before. to separate the two entities without sounding repetitive, Even Depressive Black Metal bands will have lots to Stillborn being a veteran Black Death Metal band also. learn from this band, this new album drains you of any Anyway, I have to mention the awesome cover artwork and all hapiness you had before the audition... Another that will attract many eyes, that's for sure. 8 excellent feature on "Regression to Nothingness" is the heaviness of all tracks, I'd say imagine the riffs from older Lake Of Tears albums times 10 combined with the heavy emotions from Katatonia, melancholic acoustic guitar HELLSPAWN (Poland) - The Great Red Dragon parts, Paradise Lost's mourning guitar leads, a fantastic Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho - 2012 - Death Metal wall of pounding drums, the sorrow of My Dying Bride's Here's another release from Poland that should make this tracks and you get Inborn Suffering's latest release, an country's metalheads proud of having such a prolific excellent material recommended to all Doom Death fans. scene. Hellspawn will be soon celebrating their (first) 10 Most probably an album that will last through times. 9.5 years of existence as a band and this album could be the perfect "excuse" for starting to tour extensively next year. "The Great red Dragon", although lasting less than half an hour, is an excellent display of old-school US inspired Death Metal with thick guitar tones, fast rhythms, brutal pounding rhythm section and angry hoarse vocals. The guitar twists and turns, the leads and fast but effective solos are in my opinion the highlight of this band. Although US Death Metal seems to be the main inspiration, the Polish style is also blended in, so if you're into Vader or even Behemoth you'll find a lot of common things in Hellspawn's music too. The sound is quite raw, but still crystal clear so you won't have any problems enjoying hellspawn's brutality. Not original but well executed Death Metal. 7.5 INBORN SUFFERING (France) - Wordless Hope Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal Solitude Prod. recently signed Inborn Suffering and they have agreed, besides the release of their new album, on HUMAN WASTE / OBSCURE (Spain / Spain) - Split Discos Macarras - 2011 - Technical Death Metal / Death re-releasing the "Wordless Hope" one initially released by Sound Riot, a very active label in the first decade of the Metal This split is actually made of 2 re-issues, Human Waste's 2000's. Since the band has a pretty solid name now, I "Existential Nausea" demo from 1992, and Obscure's guess this album sold quite well 6 years ago and this re"Curse The Course" demo from 1991, so it must be a release will please their fans. The music is really, really pretty cult release for Spanish maniacs although both good, the tracks are long to gigantic (from 5 to 12 minutes bands remained pretty obscure for the European scene long) but you don't get the chance to get bored, there are back in the '90's. Human Waste opens up with a Technical many rhythm changes, the emotional level is always high, and the band is not afraid to display their instrumental

Slowly We Rot (

HABORYN (Venezuela) - At the Edge of Extinction Molusco Discos - 2011 - Thrash Metal Second full-length from this hard working venezuelan band, "At the Edge of Extinction" could be better labelled as Melodic Thrash Metal with heavy Metal influences because of its countless and influential guitar leads flooding all their compositions. Good technical abilities, quite catchy compositions, and overall a tight release, but I would have preferred a fatter and more powerful sound and more versatile vocals. Excellent potential, these guys can deliver some good Melodic Thrash Metal, I'm curious about their upcoming album. 7.5

HAEMIC (Taiwan) - Fields of Sanguine Selfreleased - 2012 - Symphonic Black Death Metal You can feel something's special about this release right from its first seconds of playing. haemic seems to be an international project lead by Taiwanese guitarist Ray Heberer, and this is his way of displaying his technical abilities. Although it doesn't feel like a real band at all, and it doesn't sound like one, Haemic is a fantastic collage of superb technical skills. The problem is with the overall mix and result, it sounds like multiple bands mixed all together. the highlights of this album are the awesome atmospheric keyboards and synth parts, and the guitar leads and solos, and the weak parts are the monotonous vocals and the synthetic, shitty drums sound. Synthetic and symphonic Black Death Metal, that's how Haemic's style could be labelled as. The potential in this case is huge, but they need to work more on curdling their compositions before recording them. A very interesting find, try this album even only for listening to some well executed keyboard and guitar parts. 7 HASSERBEN / SEARING SKULL (France / France) De Vesontio Ad Argentoratum Atavism Rec. / D.U.K.E. - 2012 - Black Metal / Black Metal I guess this is the first CD release of Atavism Records, so they are not dedicated 100% to tape productions, and that's good since they might release bands that would deserve more exposure, tape format is only for die-hard collectors though. The first band on this split is a full lineup act playing fast and quite epic Black Metal. The thin, primitive sound doesn't help them at all, but at least you can understand you're dealing with a band that has real


skills. They are constantly building in intensity (the vocals play a major role in this) and avoid as much as possible repeating riffs, which is an excellent feature in my books. The only thing I don't like is the hi-hat sound that manage to ruin a lot of the atmosphere for me. An excellent album you shouldn't miss if you're into traditional Doom Death Metal. 8.5 INFERNO SCI-FI GRIND'N'ROLL (Italy) - The Fall And Rise And Fall Of Inferno Sci-Fi Grind 'n' Roll Subsound Rec. - 2012 - Grindcore Weird combination of Grindcore (the new wave) with Mathcore, Noisecore and Elctro, definitely not my cup of tea, not at all, but I can appreciate the excellent sound quality, the complexity of their compositions and high level of execution. Not a boring album and not usual either so if you're into this music you might give it a try. What I do like about it is the occasional '70's like keyboard inserts and the country choir on track 12, never expected such sounds in such modern/hip music, thumbs up for their courage, these guys have balls! INTERNAL DAMAGE (Russia) - Age of Violence EveryDayHate - 2012 - Grindcore Unlike other albums this one starts with a drums solo track, solo that somehow continues on half of the next track, so although the idea is original and welcomed, abusing it gets to boredom. When the album actually starts you're hit by a powerful discharge of old-school organic Grindcore with heavy influences from old-school Death Metal. If you ever though Grindcore has no variations and every track sounds like the others you should listen to Internal Damage's second album, this one ranges from groovy to punkish, from dark to insane, and from fast paced to slow, experimental parts. I love it, but maybe that's also because of the fat, rusty guitar tone that reminded me of the '90's Swedish Death Metal bands especially Unleashed. This is no nonsense Grindcore! Recommended! 9

Most probably this is the band with the biggest potential I've listened to this year. Highly recommended to all Doom Metal fanatics out there! My fave track: "Spell of Ruin". 10 JOHNSTON (Germany) - Welcome to the Weaseldome Dead Master's Beat - 2009 - Death Metal Very strange name for a Death Metal band, but for Dead Master's Beat nothing can be strange or weird, I wouldn't expect less from this label. Johnston is a traditional Death Metal band from Bremen founded way back in 2000, and since releasing this debut album in 2009 they have released a new EP last year, in 2011, so this might not be as actual and accurate for the band at this moment. Anyway, this debut album is made of only 6 tracks lasting for a bit more than 30 minutes, a length more suitable for an EP... Their Death Metal is kind of '90's US style but they are also adding multiple touches such as grooves and slight progressive elements so we're not dealing with a copycat here. Johnston seems to be a pretty solid band, mature and well organized with a heavy dose of homour although keeping it brutal and menacing. Definitely not the typical traditional Death Metal band we're used to, so a band that deserves more attention. If you come across this album I suggest you don't miss it, there are so many interesting features on it you're hardly get bored. 9

KHEPHRA (Italy) - Demo 1996 Mortis Humanae Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal This demo was previously released by the band in 1996 titled "7 Note Studio", then released as an EP in 1998 by Lucretia Rec. International, being titled simply "Khephra", and now re-released by Mortis Humanae Prod. as "Demo 1996" on tape in limited edition of 100 copies. I guess the band has some sort of cult status in the Italian underground Black Metal scene since it was formed back in 1994, but for my shame I haven't heard of it until now. Kephra is traditional, raw Black Metal with quite good sound but also quite typical and overused rhythms and guitar riffs. It sounds good and quite convincing they are honest about it, but unfortunately IRON CURTAIN (Spain) - Dirty & Fast there's nothing out of the ordinary, you've already heard Selfreleased - 2010 - Speed Heavy Thrash Metal the same riffs and rhythms over and over again, there's I have no idea why I have received this demo for a nothing special about this. 6 review, the band released an EP, a full-length and a best of compilation since 2010 when this demo was released... Anyway, "Dirty & Fast" is made of 4 tracks plus a bonus track that's actually a recording of one of their gigs. Iron KILL (Sweden) - Burning Blood Curtain's music is an old-school fashioned combination of BlackSeed Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal Speed, Heavy and Thrash Metal spiced with sharp guitar 5 years after the release of their previous, third, fullsolos all ove the place. Traditional '80's type of Heavy length Kill are back with a new opus coposed of 8 tracks Metal Music with no intention of bringing something new totaling almost 50 minutes. Black Metal is the name of or changing anything, these guys seem to enjoy a lot what the game here and Kill seem to be pretty much into the they are doing. 7 old-school (end of the '80's - beginings of the '90's) type of Black Metal, the dirty, unpolished but still well structured one. This raw assault of brutality is made by traditional instruments only but in spite of that there are some parts that work as a good addition to the overall somehow mystical ambient created by their music. At first sight Kill's tracks might seem pretty basic, but as the album progresses you discover quite a lot of diversity and above all a high honesty in what they are doing. Recommended for fans of "true" Black Metal. 8.5 IRON VOID (UK) - Spell of Ruin Doomanoid Rec. - 2012 - Doom Metal This Ep was first released by the band in 2010 but since Doomanoid signed them I guess they thought to introduce Iron Void to a wider audience before unleashing their KINGDOM (Poland) - Temple of Death debut album. An such a brilliant idea this was as "Spell of Kampf Rec. - 2011 - Death Metal Ruin" is as close to a masterpiece as a debut EP can be, Tape EP limited to 150 copies, "Temple of Death" is the only problem on it being that it's not a full-length made of 3 new Kingdom compositions and a cover of album and by the end of the audition you may find Kat's "Spisz jak Kamien" track (Kat is a legend of the yourselves craving for more. The cover artwork of this EP Polish Thrash Metal scene). Fast, obscure, rotten, deadly reminded me of Saint Vitus' awesome "Die Healing" old-school fast paced Death Metal with decaying vocals album, and the music is not far from it either. What we and catchy but abi too repetitive guitar riffs, plus some get here are 6 tracks (4 from the previous edition and 2 razor-sharp solos here and there. The raw but fat sound of bonus tracks) of excellent Doom Metal: groovy, catchy, this release is exactly what it needed so if you're into oldhonest, organic and natural, nothing seems forced inhere.

school Death Metal, especially the Swedish type, go grab this EP while the copies last. 7.5 KOSMOS (France) - From Innocence to Perversity Mortis Humanae Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal With a name like Kosmos you'd think of an Ambient or at least an Atmospheric Metal band, but these French guys are far from that, they are playing quite traditional, extreme Black Metal. This is their debut album, and what I have here is a promo from Mortis Humanae that released it on tape in a limited edition of only 100 copies. The first part (side A) of this tape should be the 2012 full-length, and the second one (side B) should have their 2010 unreleased demo, "L'Antithese", but I only have the first part. Totaling 40 minutes, these 9 tracks are mostly fast Black Metal, raw, cold and direct, with a few weird, atonal parts suggesting the intention of this band to try something more than just traditional, typical Black Metal. Unfortunately I can't say I was impressed or catched by anything on this album, and that's most probably because I hate the vocals, I find them very annoying and not at all menacing or oppressive as they should be in such a genre. After a few tracks it all sounded too repetitive and uninteresting even if Kosmos tries multiple guitar rhythms, so I'll leave this for now. Try it if you're into weird, fast and brutal underground Black Metal, you might like it more than I did. 6 KVALM (France) - Demo 2012 Atavism Rec. - 2012 - Black Metal 6 tracks, about half an hour of playing for this debut demo from Kvalm, a duo that appears to be founded back in 2006, so this would mean they only have 6 tracks in 6 years... No comments. the music is very chaotic, or at least the mix is chaotic to a point it's hard to understand a single comprehensive rhythm, it seems each instrument has its own way and has nothing to do with the others, and that goes for the vocals too. Yes, it's very aggressive, bestial, raw and demonic, but it has no musical value and honestly I have no idea if anyone will enjoy this demo more than 1 audition. Too bad for the bass lines are quite interesting. Tape limited to 150 hand-numbered copies. 3

Slowly We Rot (


L'ENDEVI (Spain) - An Eternity Art Gates Rec. - 2012 - Gothic Metal Gothic Metal is a vague term for this band but that was the closest thing I could think of labelling this band's music. A full hour of melodic metal, quite strange, unpredictable, catchy at times and a bit hard to get on other. I find Mamen's vocals very interesting; although they could seem a bit forced, her vocals are the highlight of this band, very powerful and at the same time melodic she manages to give the band its own identity and that's what everyone is looking for nowadays, a bit of originality. Some might like it and some might hate it but at least a bit part will remember it. The instrumental part is ok but brings nothing new to the table. Influences from Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Extreme Metal and even Grunge can be heard, so they seem not to be really focused on creating a strict path and rather play whatever comes out on each track. Good stuff but they can do better next time. 8 LEVIATHAN (Germany) - The Aeons Torn Bret Hard Rec. - 2013 - Progressive Melodic Death Metal This is one of those albums you really need to listen to a few times before getting to its core. There are so many different ideas and elements thrown in this second Leviathan album that if you're into Progressive Death Metal it will make a perfect Evening audition. Their skills are displayed perfectly but besides the individual technique Leviathan has a nice bond, the tracks are curdled and well crafted so that it's almost impossible to predict the next sounds but at the same time you can also feel how natural their compositions flow. What seems unnatural is how did these guys manage to release such a complex new album after only about 1 year since they have released a great debut album. Both this album and

this band are recommended, keep an eye on Leviathan, don't even know if they are still available for purchase. Anyway, as much of a waste of time this is, I still have to we might have a real winner here! 10 write a few words on it. Manth compares its music to Havohej and to a point i can agree with it, but then I read on the tape cover that the vocals were improvised while LILITH LAYING DOWN (Germany) - Nether Regions recording. And that was it for me. A piece of crap band pretending to be the most evil around without any serious Bret Hard Rec. - 2013 - Melodic Power Thrash Metal As much I don't like this band's name (don't know why, I efforts involved in its music (the music is barely audible, just hate it), as much I love their music. This album is there are some severe volume fluctuations, the drums are insanely close to perfection, and I have to admit I have non-sense blasts, they keyboards are like from a totally enjoyed it till the last note, every fucking bit of it! And I different band - even if Havohej had the same type of say close because even though Paul's vocal tone is keys, they were not overused -, and the vocals, although awesome, he tends to push it beyong potential and doesn't evil and quite menacing, have no value whatsoever). succeed in sounding natural all the time, plus some riffs Avoid it! Sorry for the harsh words but I cannot and won't may seem recycled, but apart from that "Nether Regions" ever respect such projects... 1 is an umbelievable debut. Melodic acoustic parts carefully woven with tight Power Thrash riffs, an overall unique fairytale atmosphere, excellent production, although it's only February I sure this album will rank among my faves for 2013, everything seems to fit in it according to my preferences. Highly recommended! PS: The track "Tear in My Eye", if based on real facts, is the saddest, most deep and personal approach on a song I've heard in a long time. Chapeau... 9.5 LOTUS CIRCLE (Greece) - Caves Dusktone - 2012 - Drone Doom Metal This new release from Dustone is labelled as Esoteric Doom Drone and it's not sure if this is a one man band or multiple persons are behind this project. I wasn't able to get into it at all, its minimalist approach on guitar work (repetitive and few riffs), lack of drums and occasional keyboard and vocal insertions only managed to bore me and honestly I cannot see any superior form of art in it, it sounds like a guy is rehearsing his guitar, nothing more. Sorry but this is not my cup of tea at all. 4 LYMPHATIC PHLEGM / PANKREATITE NECRO HEMORRAGICA (Brazil / Brazil) - Late Pathological Findings II / Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumors Rotten Foetus Prod. / Sonoros Rec. - 2012 - Gore Grind I've only heard about Lymphatic Phlegm on this split, so this was a good chance to discover some more of this disgusting Goregrind made in Brazil. LP opens with 6 tracks into their usual fast, Death Metal influenced Gore Grind with unhuman growls, drum machine and quite good guitar riffs. A sick demonstration of everything that's more revolting, a sick display of brutality. PNH has a more organic approach using real drums, a rawer sound (well, the mix is actually rawer) but clear enough not to cause you a headache. A combination of slow, groovy parts with fast, blastbeats based rhythms, totally incomprehensible growls and screams, a band that's closer to the Slam genre than to old-school Grind but quite good nonetheless. 7" limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, recommended only for the most demented of you! 7.5 / 7

MARTIRIA (Italy) - Roma S.P.Q.R. My Graveyard Prod. - 2012 - Epic Heavy Metal This veteran group of the Italian Heavy Metal scene is back only 1 year after the release of their previous opus with their fifth full-length to date. Presented in form of a very nice digipack Roma S.P.Q.R. is a conceptual album based on the history of the great Roman Empire which is an excellent topic, especially for an Italian band. I would love to see much more albums like this one, Italians should be proud of their predecessors and prais their history much more in music too. With this topic in mind and seeing the great cover artwork this album bought me even before the audition. Regarding the music, the compositions are carefully built to express the storylines, but at some points of this CD it fails on expressing the aggression or majesty it neturally needed, some parts make you feel like something is missing, maybe an extra instrument or a more powerful production, but overall, mixed with the concept and the extra features like latin narrations, movie cuts, I'd say it reach the heards of oldschool Hard'n'Heavy addicts and even some metallers into Epic Doom. I love the atmosphere on it although I would have preferred all lyrics to be in Latin, or at least in Italian rather than English. Thumbs up for the concept, atmospheres and guitar solos. 8

With members of Massemord and Mord'a'Stigmata, Medico Peste seems to be just a new side-project, but it is actually a full line-up band and since releasing this debut demo they have already released their first full-length this year, so things might get serious. On this demo we have 4 tracks lasting for more than 20 minutes. Medico Peste is raw and primitive Black Metal with rhythms ranging from slow to mid-tempo but mostly fast paced. Recordings are rehearsal-like quality, but pretty ok for a demo especially for a demo tape like in the old days. Medico Peste is brutal, vicious and very blasphemic sounding so if you like your Black Metal raw and dirty you might enjoy this band too. I found it ok too, but wasn't able to get into it at all. Liked the sick vocals a lot, though. 7

MOONREICH (France) - Curse Them Mortis Humanae Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal Once in a while Mortis Humanae comes up with very promising and talented bands and that's the case of Moonreich too. This is the first time I hear about this band and I'm glad I had this chance. Moonreich is extremely brutal, fast with some mid-tempo but still cold and dark passages, accurate and straight forward, exactly what this genre needs. There are some melodic guitar leads here and there but that only makes this EP more interesting and this combination reminded me of Marduk. The sound is good so your audition will not suffer from that cause. Too bad there are only 3 of their own compositions here, I honestly wanted more and this is a clear sign I will have to follow this band's development in the future. The last track, the fourth, is a Christian Death cover which although well executed doesn't really fit in the overall atmosphere of this EP, it ruins the mood and the final impression on this band, maybe they should choose more carefully what they cover next time... 8

Slowly We Rot (

MANIFESTOR (Sweden) - Old Monster Selfreleased - 2012 - Thrash Death Metal Second demo from this Swedish duo founded in 2008, "Old Monster" is an energetic display of raw and dirty Thrash Metal with occasional Death Metal influences. The highlights of this demo are the insane, very angry vocals performed by both members, at times they sound like barking dogs chasing each other and that's cool, I have to admit most of the energy this demo transmits is comming out of their throats. The instrumental part is ok but at times it only sounds like an ad-hoc improvisation and not like they were prior compositions. Recommended only to fans of intense and insane structures in brutal Thrash Metal. 7

MASACHIST (Poland) - Scorned Selfmadegod Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal My colleague Vilcin reviewed this album last year and was pretty impressed by it and in the meantime I have received it too from Selfmadegod so of course I was curious about it. Masachist is some sort of a super-group of the Polish Extreme Metal scene being made of former members of Vader, Decapitated, Yattering or Shadows Land, and this is their second album to date. A very dark and sombre music, technical as hell (of course) and still having that Polish flavour (you know it, it's in all Polish Black Death Metal bands from there) so from this point of views the expectations were met. The production is top notch, the execution the same, but still something feels like missing and that's the general flow, I felt like there are too many technical complications and not enough flow, but try it yourselves and make your own mind. Anyway, definitely a highly technical display of Extreme Metal with no boring parts. 8

MANTH (Italy) - A Conjuration Compelling Obedience Kampf Rec. - 2006 - Black Metal I have no idea why these labels and bands send their 4-5- MEDICO PESTE (Poland) - Graviora Manent 6-7 years old materials for review... Reviews should be Time Before Time Rec. - 2011 - Black Metal useful for new, fresh releases, not for old ones that you


MORBUS (Poland) - Diabolikalrites & Nekrosexlust Kampf Rec. - 2010 - Black Metal Well, this demo is all worth you money if you're into Nekro Black Metal. Morbus is a one man band from poland playing quite simple but effective raw, blasphemic Black Metal with what appear to be quite good and fitting quitar solos, too bad the sound doesn't allow you to follow them easily. Mid-tempo to fast rhythms, nice flowing compositions, evil vocals, Morbus is a good choice for collectors of underground old-school Metal. The excellent cover/booklet artwork fits perfectly with the music on this demo so thumbs up. 7.5

MORBUS (Poland) - Satanik Terrorist Kampf Rec. - 2012 - Black Metal The new Morbus EP is released on tape limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies, like the previous demo was. 6 tunes lasting for 20 minutes in the same Nekro Black Metal manner, maybe this time with a slight touch of Black'n'Roll, so everything tends towards the old-school again. The sound is more solid and clearer although Morbus kept the same rehearsal-like manner. The vocals are better, with multiple layers of evil screams and growls that will make you feel surrounded by a horde of demons, the bass lines are great, the guitars could have had a better sound in order to understand them better, but surprisingly enough this raw sound fits the whole material quite well. As you guessed it the atmosphere is great, very demonic, very blasphemic. Good stuff! 8

with heathen ideology as the backbone. A more powerful/compact production would have been needed here, but at least this one sounds organic and honest so I wouldn't complain so much about it. Again the guitar solos and leads are very good and the vocals, although raw and threatening, are pretty monotone after a while, more variety would do them well. The drums and bass lines are working well together and make a good foundation for M.D.'s music, a Pagan Black Metal that I would say it's rather old-school than fresh and modern, but if you're into the raw side of this style and don't mind MORTOR (Canada) - Shoot 'Em Up not reading the lyrics (the booklet is completely native Selfreleased - 2012 - Death Thrash Metal language printed), you should try Myrkvids Draumar, you I just love the production on this second album from might like it. 7.5 Canada based Mortor, the sound is so clean and it blends so perfectly with the ass-kicking guitar riffs that I'm wondering why are these guys forced to release an album by themselves (or is it their choice?). "Shoot'em Up" is an NARROW HOUSE (Ukraine) - A Key to Panngrieb excellent combination of Thrash Death Metal and in terms Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Funeral Atmospheric Doom Metal of composition and sound this is one of the releases I It seems Doom Metal is a real trend in Russia and consider closest to "Metal", to what I like about this Ukraine nowadays, otherwise I wouldn't explain myself genre. The only flaws I found could be the narrow path of how come there are so many bands comming out from the vocals (excellent vocal timbre but a bit more variety those lands. Narrow House seems to be a pretty young won't hurt), and the fact that there are so few of those act, composed by young musicians, so I hope they are not tasty guitar solos (check "Locked and Loaded). Except for in only for the sake of being part of the trend, I hope they that I like everything about this album, it's not innovative will continue with this band, on the same path as now. "A to any extent but it's so damn well built. Recommended! 9 Key to Panngrieb" is the band's debut album composed of only 4 tracks, but the total playing time is more than 45 minutes. For a genre like Funeral Doom Metal that doesn't MUERTE POR MIL CORTES (Spain) - Muerte por give much space for variety and complexity in mil cortes composition, Narrow House did a good job here by Selfreleased - 2013 - Death Metal adding the very depressive, disturbing voilin parts. The Wow, no less than 9 labels got together to release this keyboards play also a major part in their music, the vocals album on vinyl format after apparently it was selfreleased are as versatile as they can be but still keeping a growling in 2012, so it must be something worth your time I guess. tone most of the time, the drums and bass lines really Let's see: 11 tracks, almost 45 minutes in length, kick-ass capitalize their importance and the excellent production cover artwork and Death Metal, Muerte's second album allows all this to happen. So all in all Narrow House after another selfreleased effort in 2010. I'm not released a very good debut album, one that will certainly completely satisfied about the sound on this release, the attract the interest of Funeral Doom followers out there. 8 vocals are too much in the back and actually everything sounds a bit faded, but the music is good, especially for the more modern type of Death Metal fanatics, it's built on traditional structures but coloured by lots of Deathcore NEFASTT (France) - La malignitĂŠ des astres and Brutal Death elements so the end result is quite Atavism Rec. - 2012 - Black Metal complex and interesting, you never know what will This is my first promo pack from Atavism Records, and happen next, never know what to expect from the next honestly I didn't check out their bands before, so it was track. Everyone in the band is giving it 100% on this and still is a very good feeling to discover some very album and I guess their efforts will be repaid. A dark and talented French bands through this label. That's the case heavy atmosphere emanates from all their tracks, of Nefastt, too. This is their debut album and as far as I definitely not a cheerful music. 9 know it was released on both tape and CD formats, I have here the tape. The music presented by this young group is traditional, raw Black Metal with quite a tight and mature MY INDIFFERENCE TO SILENCE (Russia) - level of composition, and excellent execution especially Horizon of My Heaven on drums. The band seems ready to take the next step up BadMoodMan Music - 2012 - Doom Death Metal and I hope they will keep this direction without Formerly known as On the Edge of the NetherRealm, this compromises, there's still a lot to develop and they have one man project releases now its second album on the abilities to do it. So back to this album, the 7 tracks BadMoodMan, and although the band name is different featured have their own flavour and that makes it an the music is basically on the same path. Slow, depressive, entertaining audition. This is Black Metal as it should be melancholic Doom Death Metal with good display of done: fast, evil and cold as ice, I can see this band going technical skills on guitars, "Horizon of My Heaven" is a 9 far. 8 tracks effort totaling almost an hour. The backbone of its music are the guitars, multiple layers, from metal riffs to melancholic leads, and from long guitar solos to semiacoustic guitars, My Indifference To Silence builds a heavy, dense atmosphere but somehow misses its aim, you can get easily lost in apathy not having something to break the natural and predictable flowing of this album. It's a good release but still something is missing. 8 NEGATRON (Italy) - Tenebre Black Tears - 2012 - Doom Black Metal Wow, such a huge surprise coming out of nowhere... Negatron is the band of two former Evol members, the legendary Gothic Black Metal band from the '90's. The new offspring is quite far from what Evol used to be, but the atmosphere is quite similar, the same dark, terrifying, and more suitable for horror movies sounds that made Evol such a distinct name. Negatron labels their style as Nekro Doom Metal, but I would translate it as old-school MYRKVIDS DRAUMAR (Ukraine) - Forest's Revenge Doom Metal combined with Black Metal and Horror atmospheres. The production is raw and organic so fans of Breath old-school Doom Metal will enjoy it, but not all the Vacula Prod. - 2012 - Heathen Black Metal Hmm, I don't know if I should consider this a new album compositions are what you would expect from legends of or a compilation of old tracks, and that's because tracks 1- the Italian metal scene. The guitar riffs tend to be too 8 are re-recorded tracks from their 2004 and 2005 demos repetitive and simplistic and nowadays even in Doom but there are also 5 other tracks that seem to be brand Metal the guitarists are trying new ways of expressing new, and if so, why placing them at the end of this CD their skills, and the vocals are not as flexible as they could and not starting with them? I have reviewed their previous be. The highlights of this debut album are definitely the album as well and I wouldn't say there are some big atmospheres created on a few tracks, the acoustic and the differences in compositions, Myrkvids Draumar plays the keyboard parts, and the great female vocals that appear same melodic mid-paced to fast rhythmed Black Metal here and there, tracks like Tenebre and In Handumdrehen

are simply awesome. In my opinion the use of these female vocals, mixed with keboards, should be exploited more even if they clearly remind of Evol, also mixing such interludes with the whole should be curdled a bit more as on this album they seem like from a different band. Anyway, all in all it's good to see these guys back on track even if this album is quite difficult to get into. 7 netra (France) - Sorbyen Hypnotic Dirge Rec. - 2012 - Depressive Trip-Hop Black Metal From my point of view the best Hypnotic Dirge artist to date, netra, is back with the second album, a followup to their highly-acclaimed "MĂŠlancolie urbaine" debut. This time we're treated with 70 minutes of its strange combination of Depressive (Post) Black Metal with TripHop and Ambient, something only the ones of you deeply open-minded will dig. Although this time there are less memorable tracks, the ones presented on Sorbyen have theior own power and identity, my fave track being the Buesy "Emlazh" with its high-class guitar performance. At some points I felt the drums being too synthetic and not fit to the music atmosphere, but overall I apprecate very much how netra makes its listeners discover another dimention, but be careful enough not to let you loose in all the melancholy transpiring from this material. 9.5 NEUE DEUTSCHE STUBENMUSI (Germany) Erstsendung Dead Master's Beat - 2010 - Experimental Folk Ambient Holy crap, Today is the weird music's day for my player and NDS seems to be the weirdest thing I've spinned so far. A creepy, desolate and quite schizophrenic atmosphere surrounds this music, I wouldn't know how to describe it exactly but just imagine walking around in your neighborhood listening to natural noises made by cars, neighbors, nature, TV, but all of them enveloped in a sick, insane and quite nostalgic guilt of memories (memories of all kinds of sounds). This a is a weird and spooky collage of sounds, nothing to do with Metal. neuedeutschestubenmusi

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NIGHTCHAINS (Lebanon) - Metal to the Bone Dead Master's Beat - 2010 - Heavy Thrash Speed Metal First of all I have to congratulate the story the label/band included in this album's booklet. The story is about the band's history and the Beirut incipient metal scene, after reading it you're looking at this album with totally different eyes. I'm sure this story is valid for just about every other metal scene around the world so everyone can imagine themselves in such situations: sex, alcohool & rock'n'roll, that's the only law in every incipient metal scene. This is the one and only album of Nightchains, first released by the band in 2005 and then re-released by Dead Master's Beat 5 years later, and Heavy Metal is the name of the game here. Pure, simple, honest and energetic Heavy Metal with leads of Speed and Thrash Metal influences. It's nothing innovative, but it's as pure as possible, so if you like your Metal old-school, fast and dirty, don't miss this full-length, a cult album from the Lebanese scene. 8.5

NOCTURNAL BLOOD (USA) - True Spirit of Old... Kampf Rec. - 2008 - Black Death Metal This is the debut demo of a one man band that's signed with Hells Headbangers now. I guess this is still available at Kampf Rec. although it was limited to only 300 copies, so if you know and like this act you should waste no more time, but ask for a second booklet as it contains a miniposter with Nocturnal Blood and it would be a shame leaving the tape without cover just to stick the poster on your wall. :) Anyway, music-wise Nocturnal Blood is brutal, raw and heavy sounding old-school Black Death Metal, primitive and oppressive as hell but very catchy at least for old-school followers. From slow to mid-tempo to fast paced rhythms Nocturnal Blood has them all here so

it's quite hard to get bored, and when it comes to the atmosphere just imagine a graveyard scenario filled with OLD CORPSE ROAD (UK) - 'Tis Witching Hour... As zombies, fog, and of course blood. 8.5 Spectres we Haunt this Kingdom Godreah Rec. - 2012 - Folk Black Metal 3 years after I have reviewed their debut demo, Old Corpse Road are back on my review list with their debut NOISEBAZOOKA (Austria) - Humped World full-length composed of 10 tracks and lasting for almost EveryDayHate - 2012 - Grindcore Oh common, this album is bad beyond belief... I'm sure an hour. Their music is still on the same patterns of their there will be some that will say this is the best album 2009 demo, but the production has improved a lot and I ever, but believe me they would say that only to be might also say their compositions are now tighter and different and to feel more interesting. There is much more compact although still mixing slow Folkish better Grindcore out there (even EDH released much Ambient parts with fast, insane Black Metal parts with better Grind), don't waste your money on this childish sharp as a razorblade vocals. Their strongest elements are, release. It's fast - yes, it's chaotic - most definitely, it's I think, the lyrics (Celtic and Brittish folklore) and the good - not more than a drunk, totally unsuccessful atmospheres they manage to express them with, you can improvisation at the rehearsal place. Sorry, won't almost feel immersed in their fairytales, you can almost live them. A very good release that should not miss from recommend this to anyone. 2 any Heathen / Pagan Metal follower's collection; traditional Black Metallers might enjoy it too. 9

This is the long awaited new full-length of Pandemonium. 5 years after their Hellspawn album these Polish veterans are back releasing their 4th official full-length. After spinning this new disc for a couple of times I can say their fans won't be disapointed by the music on it. Pandemonium kept it all somehow old-school with a major emphasis on the atmosphere they wanted to create, and they have succeeded. "Misanthropy" is a dark, cavernous, horrifying piece of Black Death Metal that shows the band's maturity and patience to work on details. Although in the nowadays Black Death Metal scene it's hard to compete with the mainstream bands Pandemonium keep their own path by providing more slow to mid-tempo rhythmed tracks, with some of them reaching a faster tempo, but still not like the ones modern Black Death bands are using/creating nowadays. The vocals are everywhere either as disgusted front vocals or background screams, whispers, or growls, the guitars are more on the Death Metal side rather than Black Metal, with excellent solos sprinkled around, and the rhythm part is solid and sombre as it should be. The old-school fans will appreciate the efforts the band invested in this release, don't know about the younger generation though... 9

OSCULUM INFAME (France) - Consuming the Metatron Battlesk' rs Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal One of the oldest French Black Metal bands is back with a new EP after 2 years since their previous EP was released, that means they are pretty slow in writing new material, but I'm sure their fans were eagerly awaiting this new release. Actually when I read about the tracks on this EP I found out 3 of them are from their one and only album, "Dor-Nu-Fauglith", re-recorded versions, 2 of them are from an album from 1999 that was never released, and only 1 track is new and will be featured on their upcoming album. Still a good gift for their fans and a good preview of what's to come. The band sounds great, very mature and in it's prime potential so now it's the time to hit the scene with something new. The tracks on this release are ranging from old-school Black Metal to Black'n'Roll, to doomy, apocalypstic Black Metal, so you have it all although the sound could have been and should have been better. The last track, the 6th on this release, is the new one, and its the most important since it presents the future of Osculum Infame. Hateful, sick, disgusting and obscure, that's how the new Osculum Infame sounds. The rhythms range from slow to mid-tempo and even some fast parts, but the overall atmosphere is awesome, their technical skills allow them to create something unique and intersting, so I am sure the upcoming album will be a total blast, can't wait for it! Get this well packaged EP while you have the time, it's limited to 777 copies, but if you like your Black Metal ugly and mysterious, this is your thing! 8.5

PLUTONOIAN SHORE / A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL (USA / USA) - Alchemical Manifestations Forbidden Rec. - 2012 - Black Metal / Black Metal Plutonian Shores are opening this split with 3 new tracks, 2 live recorded ones, and a cover, and this in the same year they released their second full-length, that means the band is hard-working and serious. Quite interesting Black Metal with atmospheric keyboard backgrounds, a good combination that made me replay their studio tracks for a few times, and the Rotting Christ cover (The Fifth Illusion) is really good. The sound is not the best around but it's good enough not to be bothering. The one man band A Transylvanian Funeral is next with 4 tracks that unfortunately have a worse sound. Its previous release, the "The Outsider" full-length from 2010 impressed me but the new tracks are less technical and tend to choose the raw, unpretentious side of Black Metal with (too) repetitive riffs that cannot separate a band from the mass of other acts. If you're into raw Black Metal you might like it but I prefer the 2010 album for sure. 7.5 / 6.5

NUCLEAR BEAST (Hungary) - Promo 2009 Selfreleased - 2009 - Punk Thrash Metal Quite an old CD but since I've received it for a review I'll write some words about it. Nuclear Beast recently signed with Metal Or Die Rec. so I think they are promoting an upcoming album, might be. This demo or promo name it how you want is composed of 5 fast and old-school tracks, a combination of Punk, Thrash and some old Hardcore, it reminds me of some Romanian bands from the early '90's. I guess they are killer live, but this demo has a rehearsal type of sound, you're not able to understand everything that "happens" on it, but they sure sound like a ton of fun, too bad I don't know Hungarian language, it has some pretty nice, memorable choruses. Nothing more to add, hopefully their next release will be a studio recorded material. 6

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O.C.D. (France) - La horde pyreneenne Selfreleased - 2012 - Heavy Metal Young female fronted Heavy Metal band from France, OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are taking things old-school. This is their second demo to date and they seem to be pretty determined to do good things. On the instrumental part OCD is a combination of '70's Hard Rock with the '80's Heavy Metal plus a melodic, quite modern type of female vocals. I'm still not sure if this demo was recorded in their rehearsal room or live in a gig, but the sound is rehearsal-like, that's for sure. The riffs are a bit dusty and overused before by others, but the good guitar solos are a nice addition. Nothing more to comment on this one, and to sum it up we're dealing with a promising young Melodic Heavy Metal act that likes to keep it old-school. A good studio recording will show PAGANFIRE / INTERMENT (Philippines / their real potential. 6.5 Philippines) - The Oath of Termination Kampf Rec. - 2008 - Thrash Metal / Thrash Metal Old split tape again from Kampf Records, released in ODIUM (Canada) - Burning the Bridges to Nowhere 2007 in limited edition of 200 copies. Opening act are Year Of The Sun Rec. - 2012 - Melodic Death Metal Most probably because of the futurist cover artwork and Paganfire, if you're heavily into the Underground you the country they come from the first thought I had when should have definitely heard about them so far, they are browsing this album's cover was Voivod, although the hyper-active trying to get themselves everywhere and music has nothing in common with Voivod's. Odium that's what should every band do to promote themselves released this year their second opus on Year of the Sun and their work. Their part is made of 3 of their own tracks Records, and although it's only their second effort this is a plus a cover of Dark Angel's Merciless Death; fast, very tight and mature work. The band sounds as solid and chaotic and very energetic Thrash Metal with fresh like they are playing together for ages. We're treated rehearsal/live-like recording quality, if you like extreme here with some top-notch Modern Melodic Death Metal aggression and total chaos in your Thrash Metal and with occasional technical and even progressive displays. you're not pretentious about the sound quality this might The two vocal types (clean and growl) are blending be the right choice, I'll have to say pass although I quite perfectly and could be a major highlight for Odium, the like both the sound and the composition on the third track. guitarists display great talent and imagination, the bass Interment is not the Swedish Death Metal band but a lines are extremely fat and powerful and the drum lines Thrash Metal act from the Philippines. Fast and chaotic are the backbone of this excellent band. And the best Thrash Metal like in Paganfire's case, the same sound feature in Odium's music are the memorable quality, but the vocals are reminders of the Black Metal compositions, you can find youself humming parts of shrieks, and the guitar solos are better, reminding me of some tracks way after the audition and that shows they the '90's US (Florida) Death Metal type of solos. With a know what they want and where they are heading to. The better recording this band will be a wicked, awesome perfect balance between brutality, melody and modern revelation of the Philippines scene. 6 / 7.5 elements is remarkable, this is an album strongly recommended for fans of Modern Metal a la In Flames. PANDEMONIUM (Poland) - Misanthropy 9.5 Pagan Rec. - 2012 - Black Death Metal


PRIME EVIL (USA) - Evilution Inferno Rec. - 2012 - Thrash Death Metal I was honestly not expecting a Thrash Death Metal release from the French Inferno Records, but here we get from them a legend of the US underground, Prime Evil, a band that has a pretty solid name although they have only managed to release a few demos at the end of the '80's beginning of the '90's. Their name seems familiar to me too, but I don't recall listening to any of their materials so far. Anyway, after a pretty long dead period for the band they are now back and I think this EP prefaces an upcoming, first for the band, full-length, and they surely deserve that. They sound extremely powerful and seem able to cope with the nowadays overpopulated Extreme Metal scene. Although the sound is not perfect, it is good enough to capture their capacity of creating excellent tracks, an explosion of fast and brutal pounding oldschool Thrash Death executed skillfully. If this EP would have been released back in the first part of the '90's Prime Evil would have been a World known act by now, but it's never too late and I hope they will proove that. Recommended! 9

PRIMIGENIUM (Spain) - Faith Through Anguish BlackSeed Prod. - 2011 - Black Metal One man band from Spain that has previously released albums on Full Moon Prod. (1997) and Drakkar Prod. (2002) and built a certain recognition in the underground, but its scarce productivity made it just another name in the wast pool of Black Metal bands. This new full-length

contains 6 tracks composed during 1998-2010, most probably a compilation of the best unreleased tracks from that period. Traditional mid-tempo to fast paced Black Metal with a certain dose of despair and tormented feelings, a mix of nostalgia and depression but without falling in the DsBM pit. Good, diversified riffs, emphasis on melodic guitar leads, raw and obscure vocals and a good effort on the rhythm section, definitely not a boring album. If you're into raw but still somehow melodic Black Metal you should give this album a try. 8

PROMISCUITY (Israel) - Infernal Rock'n'Roll Israhellbanger Rec. - 2011 - Black Thrash Metal I don't know if Israhellbanger was owned by one of the Promiscuity members but unfortunately the label is now closed (and it was such a good promise for the underground...) so if you think on ordering this tape you can try contacting the band. Promiscuity plays simple, primitive Thrash Black Metal highly influenced by early Venom and with a good dose of humor from what I can understand. Catchy music, raw and organic sound, nice tape packaging, but too little challenging even for unpretentious listeners. 6.5 PUTRID BLOOD (Serbia) - Absolute Profit Miner Recordings - 2012 - Thrash Metal Serbian Thrash Metallers Putrid Blood are back this time with their debut album, a 10 tracks release totaling a bit more than half an hour of fast old-school Thrash Metal. The album cover looks like taken from the Captain Planet cartoons but inspires exactly what it should, thumbs up for that. The band is original in their scene by having 2 vocalists, and although both of them in the same tonality range this fact gives them liberty to ad multiple layeres vocals live too, not only in the studio. Most of the album is old-school Thrash Metal, but the Black / Death influences are still important like on their 2009 EP, the 5th (Re-Animator) and the 9th (Nespokoj) tracks seem like taken from a totally different album. There's also a great groovy Rock'n'Roll guitar lead on the 8th track that basically makes it my fave track from this release, a Groovy Thrash'n'Roll with good guitar solos too. now they only need to find their own path and follow it, the potential is there. 7.5

Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal Honestly I wasn't familiar with this band before gettings their new album for review. Actually this is their debut album although the band was established back in '87. Well, now I'm very glad Abyss Rec. sent this material over, I have discovered a band I can say I'm a fan of now. Radiation Sickness is an old-school dirty, unpolished midtempo to fast paced Death Metal, the typical American way. The highlight of Radiation Sickness are the awesome vocals of Doug Palmer, this guy sounds like a combination of Obituary and Bluuurgh! if you remember them, that type of phlegmatic, sick vocals that work so well with this type of music. The instrumental part is quite ok too although I would have liked a bit more of that awesome vocals that show up here and there. The album contains also a re-recording of their 1990 EP "The Other Me - A Journey Into Insanity", so you get no less than 19 tracks although they are all short (an average of 1:30 minutes/track). 9

RAVENTALE (Ukraine) - Transcendence BadMoodMan - 2012 - Doom Black Metal Already the 6th studio album (and 5th for BMM Music) for this Ukrainian one man band, "Transcendence" is made of 4 long tracks totaling around 45 minutes of playing. Astaroth progressed his compositions towards a more Atmospheric side this time, his awesome guitar solos and leads are blending perfectly with the gloomy layer of keyboards, but the doesn't mean the Doom and Black Metal parts are lost, not at all, they became even more emphasized and coloured by adding these dreamy guitars here and there. This is Raventale's best album to date and I strongly recommend it to Ambient/Atmospheric Black and Doom Metal fans. With a more bombastic sound raventale would rule this part of the scene! 9

version of old Napalm Death, so we're treated with midtempo (with some fast parts too), quite groovy, traditional European old-school Death Metal. Nowadays most fans are looking for extreme speed and/or technical skills display in their Metal that's why Refusal will have a hard time hitting the big prize, but still they do a good music, enjoyable and entertaining, I was not bored at all listening to these 4 tracks, actually I'd very much like to hear their upcoming materials, too. 7.5 REIN (France) - Rein Atavism Rec. - 2012 - Black Metal I don't know why but I had no high expectations from this demo. I'm glad I was wrong, this demo is very interesting, quite different from what I've listened to lately in this Black Metal area. Cold, razor-sharp but also quite melodic guitar riffs, brutal vocals, excellent bass lines and very good drums lines, Rein manage to create a mesmerizing atmosphere on this demo but that's also due to their technical skills, this is no average band, that's for sure. I'd recommend this demo to underground BM followers only because of its raw sound, but if the band will use a profi studio for their next release I'm sure we'll have a huge surprise. Thumbs up! 9

ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) - Rock'n'Rott Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Death'n'Roll You would expect such a band popping out of the USA, but this is actually a Finnish band that combines the happy side of Hard Rock with Death Metal. Labelling them Death'n'Roll is a bit too much as they are not that groovy sounding like Debauchery or Six Feet Under for example, they are really constructing their tracks on 100% Hard Rock structures, the Death Metal elements being just an influence, a spice over this already cooked music. I have serious doubts die-hard Death Metal fans will enjoy this, but if you can stand bands like Guns'n'Roses, Black Sabbath, The Offspring and such, you might enjoy this strange combination, too. There are some songs that really made this combination an entertaining one, but there are others that are simply boring, too. Don't expect a violent, brutal release as the cover artwork is, you'll get an experiment of old-school styles that 20 years ago were amongst the biggest foes: shiny, Stoner influenced hard Rock and Horror themed creepy Death Metal (this shows on vocals only though). As said earlier some tracks are really enjoyable, some are only worth skipping. They have the skills, they can do better next time. 6.5

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PYRIFLEYETHON / OPHIDIAN FOREST (Greece / International) - Summoning of the Igneous Le CrĂŠpuscule du Soir Prod. - 2011 - Black Metal / Pagan Black Metal This is not the first time I'm reviewing these bands for Pest Webzine so obviously I was curious to check out their new music. Pyrifleyethon is a Greek Black Metal band and although I'd say their sound is more Scandinavian than Greek, I like their 4 tracks. Fast Black Metal with occasional slow, atmospheric (without the use of keyboards) parts and good guitar skills displays, this is what can be called pure Black Metal with no other influences, just a raw release a rage and anger, nothing original but still very honest and to the bone, thumbs up. Ophidian Forest presents us only 3 tracks, but their third tracks is over 10 minutes long. Unfortunately their music left me dead cold, I think their sound is too strange for my tastes although I think it's pretty original. The snare drum sounds like crap and ruins everything, and the weird keyboards tone could have been much more helpful if they'd have a proper recording, but this is a rehearsal recording I think. Unfortunately I wasn't able to listen to the whole thing although, ironically these strange keyboards attracted my attention the most. Sorry but I don't understand what they try to create, I'm not sure if they are serious about this or only joking around. 8 / 3

RAZORWYRE (New Zealand) - Another Dimension Inferno Rec. - 2012 - Heavy Speed Metal Inferno Rec. recently signed this band from New Zealand and here's the first fruit of their collaboration, Razorwyre's debut album. At first the sound might seem too unpolished for such a band, but as you dive deeper into their music you start to think this is how they wanted their sound to be, as old-school as possible, or at least that's what I feel. Razorwyre is pure '80's style Speed Heavy Metal with some, few, Thrash Metal influences. Their music is as energetic as it can get but there are also plenty of melodic aspects that keep the whole interesting. To me personally this album reminded of Iron Maiden, Agent Steel and why not, Razor, but "Another Dimension", although not original, has its own face, its own energy. It may sound stupid, but listening to such an old-school, honest album these days feels somehow fresh, its like a breeze of fresh air. The new wave of metalheads will ignore this album, but the old-schoolers will be delighted, that's for sure. There are plenty of great guitar leads and solos, the riffs are ok too, the vocalist is not top notch, but he can reach a wide range of tonalities and his vocals are never getting bored, and the drums and bass are both doing their job the way they should. I love this album although it brings nothing new to the scene. 9

RUINES HUMAINES (France) - Ruines Humaines Atavism Rec. - 2011 - Black Metal Ruines Humaines is a fairly new band from France (such a productive country for Black Metal nowadays...) formed in 2010 and this is their debut demo release out on Atavism Rec. in tape format. The band is a duo so I don't think live appearances are in plan for any time soon, but the music on this demo shows a band with good perspectives. Mid-tempo to fast paced Black Metal with good guitar leads and riffs, strident vocals and good enough drums although not complex at all. The whole sounds pretty wicked, but a better production is required next time if they want to achieve higher goals. It's like a good rehearsal tape so if you're into such a sound and if you like traditional Black Metal you can give this demo a try, it's much better than a lot of Black Metal full-lengths released nowadays in the underground, although it lacks that luxurious shiny sound. 7 REFUSAL (Finland) - Grasp Selfreleased - 2012 - Death Metal It's not often you see nowadays a band that releases 6 demos, this is a totally old-school practice and I'm totally for it. Refusal released their 6th demo to date, a 4 tracks SAGNTID (Denmark) - The Undisciplined Heart of effort totaling almost 15 minutes of old-school Death Sagntid 9th Meridian Rec. - 2012 - Dark Ambient RADIATION SICKNESS (USA) - Reflections of a Metal. It reminded me a lot of the Dutch Gorefest and that's mostly because of the vocals, but I'd say Refusal is a Ok, and here I have the newest release from Sagntid, a Psychotic Past combination of Gorefest, Benediction and maybe a slower new official album released on 9th Meridian Rec. in a


limited edition of only 100 copies. The 10 tracks featured here are a big difference from the 2009 demo I have just listened/reviewed, Sagntid started to base its music more on guitars and use the synth/keys part as atmospheric additive only, and since this time there are more tracks the atmosphere is different from one to another, there are more sides of Sagntid to discover. Not all tracks are good, but there are some that really involve your immagination and open diverse moods, so all in all I would say Sagntid improved in complexity and offered a bigger palette of sounds, but there's still work on the curding the whole music into a monolith side of music. 7.5 SAGNTID (Denmark) - Where The Black Dogs Cease To Bark Selfreleased - 2009 - Dark Ambient I have little info on this one man project but it seems it was founded in 2002. This is a self-released demo containing only 1 track almost 20 minutes long. I would describe the music as a dreamy Ambient soundscape, it sugested me a calm suntet on the beach, a melancholic one I'd say. Although it's quite repetitive, it kept my attention for more than 5 auditions so this must be a good sign. I was expecting a depressive music but I'm glad I was wrong again, Sagntid managed to create a calm, optimistic, dreamy piece of art by using only keyboards, some synths, a few semi-acoustic guitar parts and whispers (although not comprehensive at all). Good stuff if you're looking for a relaxing time. 8

couple of auditions I can say the tracks combine well into a solid whole. A mature, complex and interesting album that should satisfy most of the Dark Ambient fans out there. Look at the picture on the cover, most of the time during the audition you'll find yourself alone, wandering beside these trees. My only bad comment would be on the 13th track, the Spanish lyrics sound like crap sung by them in this context, and what's even worse is the fact the track (excepting the vocals) is very, very good. I want more Schattenspiel! 9

SEPTEKH (Sweden) - The Seth Avalanche Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Thrash Death Metal New Swedish band signed by Abyss Records, Septekh is presenting us here their second EP composed of 6 tracks in a bit more than 20 minutes playing time. Their music is a combination of Punkish Thrash Death Metal with Death'n'Roll with highlights being the groovy and catchy guitar riffs, the ferocious, insane vocals and the story-like lyrics. The main feature of their music is of course the groove, Septekh really like their '70's like influences thrown in everywhere, but the differences between the mid-tempo tracks and the fast, punkish ones are pretty big so now they only need to pick one and make it their own style. Also this type of music would deserve some memorable choirs that are missing here, this is music to sing along while listening to. I think this band has great potential and if you like your Thrash Metal with loads of groove try not to miss this EP. 8

SAKATAT (Turkey) - Bir Devrin Sonu EveryDayHate - 2012 - Grindcore It seems this is Sakatat's final release as the band decided to call it quits this year. This is their debut album, but I don't agree with its labelling as full-length as it lasts for only 8 minutes; 8 tracks indeed, but only 8 minutes in length which doesn't make a full-length even for a Grindcore band. Anyway, the music is great, old-school fast as hell Grindcore, demented, energetic, complex, brutal and catchy, basically everything one can ask from a Grindcore band. They have managed to create the perfect storm, you're assaulted by sick riffs, punishing drums, two types of brutal vocals, and all in all even if the compositions are structured on an old-school basis, it sounds quite fresh. Great job, sorry it's their last... 8.5

sit back in your chair and imagine what the musician is trying to express, to a point where you can almost feel everything, and this is only something a highly capable musician can do. Another really good, disturbing release from Hypnotic Dirge, thumbs up. 9 SKULLCRUSH (Macedonia) - Skullcrush Stay Pure Rec. - 2009 - Thrash Metal Another DIY release from this young but very honest and hard-working label, Stay Pure Records, it's awesome to see how much thsy support their scene. This debut album was released by the band in 2009, but I have no idea if SPR re-released it the same year or later. '80's type of Thrash Metal, fast, with good riffs, and for the Macedonian fans this should be a great release since its sung in their language. If you're only looking for an oldschool fast paced Thrash Metal release to make your day brighter and you have no problem with rehearsal-like (good) recordings, this might be a good choice as it's very entertaining and the guys give it all on this recording. This is more appropriate for live shoes than for CD/tape, of course. Anyway, a nice promising band from Macedonia. 7.5

SKUM (Germany) - Prasina Bret Hard Rec. - 2013 - Death Metal Germany has always delivered good quality Death Metal and that's the case of Skum as well. The band was formed in the '90's and this is their third album to date. The band spices their traditional and modern mix of Death Metal with Thrash riffs, melodic guitar solos and leads, groovy rhythms, brutal drums, and very aggressive vocals (comprehensive growling type of vocals). The original combination of German, English and Croatian written lyrics will give them an extra push to be different from the others. There's also a heavy Rock'n'Roll influenced track right in the middle of this album although it really has nothing in common with the rest (well, except for the guitar tones), and although it's good for diversity I would have added it at the end of this record, as a bonus track or something. Anyway, to sum it up, Skum produced a clean, catchy and interesting metal album that will be on the liking of more than the Death Metal maniacs. 8

Slowly We Rot (

SARJAN HASSAN / NADIMAC (Malaysia / Serbia) Battlefield Mosh Stay Pure Rec. - 2010 - Crossover Thrash Metal Punk, Hardcore and (Thrash) Metal, all three genres have a meeting point in this split CD. Sarjan Hassan opens this split with 5 fast and short Punk Hardcore tracks with Thrash Metal influences. Simple compositions, nothing fancy, but not bad, actually quite engaging and entertaining, maybe also because none of the tracks are more than 2 minutes in length. Nadimac is more Thrash Metal oriented but they still have a fair dose of Punk added to their music especially in attitude. Very fast paced tracks sung in Serbian and recorded live during one of their gigs; it seems these tracks are also featured on the band's DVD; Even if the tracks are recorded live one cannot complain about the sound. To sum it up: a good dose of underground old-school FasThrash Punk Metal. 6 /7

SHAME YOURSELF (Poland) - Wonderfuck Metal Scrap Rec. - 2012 - Thrash Metal Unlike most Polish Extreme Metal bands nowadays, Shame Yourself comes up with a fun way of approaching this style and that's good for scene variety, of course. This is their debut album, a Groove Thrash Metal American style that was (still) quite popular in the first half of the '90's, very close related to American Power Hardcore. Although very well executed, it feels like something's missing for this to be the next big thing coming out of the underground, but there's time for finding the right hooks. To me personally this album reminded of Clawfinger, Anthrax and a bit of the Bay Area Thrash Metal, too. Good technical skills, good flow, enough variety not to become boring, Shame Yourself have created a debut album that leaves hopes for better and bigger things to come, so all in all I'm not disapointed at all. This album is no masterpiece, but it's a sharp and entertaining piece of Groove Thrash Metal that will fill up pleasantly almost 50 minutes of your time. Good potential. 7.5

SCHATTENSPIEL (Germany) - Lichtgestalten Dead Master's Beat - 2011 - Neo Classical Dark Ambient Fascinating project this Schattenspiel, a one-man project started in 2008. During the years Schattenspiel released 4 albums and is now preparing for its 5th, and what I have here is the 3rd official full-length. It seems the project was built on EBM grounds but slowly moved away to a point where "Lichtgestalten" is more Neo Classical Ambient than anything else. There are many facets to Schattenspiel: it swings from soft, relaxing music, to menacing, military atmospheres, and from classy neoclassical tunes to cold, dark and electonic parts, but after a

SILENT PATH (Iran) - Mourner Portraits Hypnotic Dirge Rec. - 2012 - Depressive Black Metal Another project of the Ekove Efrits mastermind, Count de Efrit (or Saman N.), Silent Path debuts with a 9 tracks effort totaling almost an hour, an album recorded in 2009 but released only now because of a lack of a suitable label in the meantime. The booklet contains also a few reviews and while reading them (they are very appreciative) I got curious if this is as good as it is praised, and luckily it is. Although the starting a bit vapid, the music quickly grows into a complex portrait of sorrow and depression, maybe even a bit of melancholy here and there. You can actually


SOMBRE CROISADE (France) - Litanie au Mal Mortis Humanae Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal Alrinack and Malsain are back this time with the debut full-length of Sombre Croisade, a new release dedicated to their defunct friend Molasar who passed away. This continuous tribute to Molasar is a very nice thing and will get his name to a cult level in the French Black Metal underground. About the music on this debut album Sombre Croisade continue on their raw and depressive Black Metal path, but this time the difference from their previous release, the split with Suicidal Madness, is the sound quality, much better, much clearer, this being the feature I hated most on their split. The rhythms are mostly mid-tempo building heavy, oppressive atmospheres, but there are also some faster parts to increase the aggressiveness. The vocals are very expressive (although the growls are poorly recorded), the guitars are the center point of their atmospheres, and the bass lines are very powerful, the way I like them. The flaw in their production this time is the drum machine, quite synthetic for this kind of underground, organic work, and although well produced, they can be disturbing at times. So all in all we're dealing here with a depressive kind of traditional Black Metal, dark, cold and emotional, with a good underground recoring quality. Recommended for followers of the underground Black Metal scene. 8 SOMNUS AETERNUS (Czech Republic) - On the Shores of Oblivion Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal My heart stopped for a moment when I thought Solitude has signed the mighty Sopor Aeternus, but of course I was

wrong. Somnus Aeternus comes from a land that was sooo full of Gothic Doom jewels in the '90's, Czech republic, and this is their debut album. I'd say they managed to deliver a decent effort, without major faults, but honestly I was a bit bord until the 5th track, I mean they are walking a path that was first paved by many others, they have nothing to stand out, until the 5th track where an excellent piano makes its appearance and things get very catchy, but unfortunately it gets back to a "template" Doom Death again after this track. They are good musicians, the compositions are tight and won't disapoint, but they need something more to break through the masses. 7

SOUTHWICKED (USA) - Death's Crown Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal Tampa, Florida based Southwicked are a pretty new name on the Death Metal scene but having Allan west as one of the guitarists and founders will surely attract some attention. Allan's influences is obvious on this debut album, comparison with both Obituary and Six Feet Under cannot be avoided, the riffs are mostly slow to mid-paced, the solos as Obituary styled, and the overall atmosphere is a combination of SFU and Obituary, and all in all Southwicked could be recommended only to fans of the two mentioned bands. The vocals could have changed a bit the situation but they are less versatile than they should have been to bring something new, or there could have been more memorable choruses to make this album a successful one. A good release but not enough to be outstanding, and anyone would have expected more from an Allan West lead band. 7

Selfreleased - 2012 - Thrash Death Metal Absolutely killer band from Dallas! I'm so excited by these guys' direction and potential that although I have just spinned these 5 tracks I cannot wait for more! Steel Bearing Hand plays a devastating and addictive mix of Thrash Metal (as main influence), Death Metal (oldschool that is), Black Metal (vocals) and even Punk (there are multiple Punkish riffs and rhythms everywhere) spiced with an exceptional guitar work of such I haven't heard in a long time, not really the new type "as complex as possible", but the old dirty type. Now they must only be careful not to add overused guitar riffs and become a clone of what's now the new wave of old-school metal but evolve on their own path. For example the first two tracks are awesome while the next two are a bit watered and seem out of ideas. There's also a Thrash Black cover of Motorhead's "Tha Hammer" that I find quite well executed. I can see a great future for this young band. 8.5 STORM OF DARKNESS / LUCIFERIAN (Colombia / Colombia) - From Underground To The Black Mass... Mortis Humanae Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal / Black Metal Laurent from Mortis Humanae is taking more and more space in the Underground Black Metal area nowadays. He keeps releasing new stuff and, as obvious in this case, some releases are mediocre but some of them are really good. You have to give him credit for his tenacity and after all support of the UG scene. here we have a split between 2 Colombian bands whose names sound familiar but only because they are pretty default in our scene nowadays. Storm Of Darkness brings nothing new to the scene, it feels like I've already heard these riffs and structures countless times, but their music seems 100% honest and enthousiastic. Fast Black Metal combined with some mid-tempo parts make their Black Metal really enjoyable, and although the recordings sound like rehearsals, they are pretty good and comprehensive. Good technical skills and interesting ideas, these guys are capable of creating some memorable Black Metal hymns in the future. Luciferian plays a faster paced Black Metal music with very good guitar leads, but the sound on their tracks is worse, like recorded during a live gig. Anyway, the guitars are really good, the vocals are perfect, and the rhythm section keeps up a good pace, if you're into underground BM materials you won't be disapointed. I only hope they will have the chance to re-record these tracks in a real studio asap. Mortis Humanae presents this split as a meeting of 2 amazing bands; well, they are not amazing, but they are very good for sure, and both of them deserve better chances and more exposure. Recommended! I'll end this review here and spin this disc at least one more time. 7 / 7.5

Subsound Rec. - 2012 - Thrash Death Metal This second album from the Italians Subhuman is a devastating release of energy and brutality from start to finish. Very aggressive but at the same time technical, fast and concise, "Tributo di sangue" has all requirements to bring the band to the top of the Italian Extreme Metal. Versatile, very brutal but at the same time comprehensive vocals (excellent choice to sing in their language), sharp but still fat guitar riffs, excellent thrashy guitar solos, blastbeats all over the place and a bass line that feels like a crowbar hitting barbwires, elements that make this album a very mature, compact and effective effort, and if you add a top-notch production you get a high quality release that will please all kinds of Extreme Metal followers. Thumbs up! \m/ 9 SUBTERRANEAN DISPOSITION (Australia) Subterranean Disposition Hypnotic Dirge Rec. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal Terry Vainoras ex. InSomnius Dei and The Eternal, both bands that were signed on the Finnish Firebox Rec. and had their fair share of success (not enough I'd say), is the man behind this new one-man-band, some sort of continuation of the InSomnius Dei line. This is its debut album, a very, very good displey of Doom Metal that sounds like My Dying Bride gone totally experimental. And that experimental side of Subterranean Disposition is the focus point of this album and at the same time its highlight. Without it S.D. would have been just another Doom Death Metal band among the countless others. Although it may sound weird, I would label this music as old-school type of Doom Death with multiple modern and fresh influences all over, it has about everything a Doom Metaller searches for: heavy atmospheres, oppressing vocals, repetitive (but not boring), tormenting instrumental compositions, but also a shade of light here and there just to keep it interesting. Highly recommended! What puzzled me is after only a couple of spins Terry's clean vocals started to haunt me, haha, he has an excellent tone, perfect for this kind of music. 9.5

Slowly We Rot (

STAHLPLANET (Germany) - Nachwelt Dead Master's Beat - 2012 - Ambient Industrial Noise Dead Master's Beat presents this album as "perfect for driving through the night". What??? I would have an accident 5 seconds after hitting the play button! Stahlplanet is one of the weirdest projects I've heard in a long time; combining industrial/factory-like sounds with strange, hypnotic ambient elements, (a few) haunting and ghostly vocals, and some Electro inserts to spice things up a bit. Definitely not my type of music, but of you're into Electro, Noise, Indus, and even Ambient you might give this one a try, it's not something you'll overlook easily.

STAHLPLANET (Germany) - Leviamaag Dead Master's Beat - 2008 - Experimental Ambient Industrial I have just listened/reviewed Stahlplanet's "Nachwelt", and even if this is an old release I will write some words on it, too. Back in 2008 Stahlplanet's music was a bit more built on keyboards and piano rather than electro elements (still present even at that time), although the direction the project is following now was quite obvious even since then. This album is less strange than "Nachtwelt" and it can be an easier choice even for non die-hard fans of the genre. This was released as a limited (98 copies only) edition box including some more goodies too, and since the label sent it for a review I guess some copies are still available. STAINLESS (Germany) - Beerquest Selfreleased - 2011 - Thrash Metal 3 tracks demo from this young German band formed in 2008, "Beerquest" only shows that the band need more work and rehearsals in order to create good tunes. The music is too simplistic, the sound is too weak and the tracks are waaay too long to be memorable. I like the guitar solos (they should keep developing them) and the kick-ass efforts of the drummer. Maybe they should try a good studio next time, a more powerfull production can only help. 5 STEEL BEARING HAND (USA) - Steel Bearing Hand

SYMURAN (Ukraine) - Syklus av Helheim Metal Scrap Rec. - 2012 - Pagan Black Death Metal New debut on Metal Scrap Records, this time we're dealing here with a Ukrainian duo named Symuran, and this album is the sum of their work from 2008 when the band was founded until 2011. Too bad there are only 6 tracks here and they are pretty stretched, maybe less playing time for each track and a bit more titles on the album would have been a better choice. Anyway, Symuran is a combination of hateful but at the same time melodic Black Death Metal with Pagan Metal influences. The general impression for this debut album is very good although there are some things I don't necessarily like: the guitar solos (seem to be from a complately different movie) and some parts that seem to be too dry. Other than that "Syklus av Helheim" is a very good audition, varied, aggressive, honest and promising. The growling vocals are much better than the screams, but the combination is good and they should work on it more. The drums are actually programmed, but the programs they used are pretty good so you won't feel that annoying synthetic sound they were ricking to have. Once again, this is a good energetic debut album that shows good perspectives, STURMTIGER (Denmark) - Atomic Hammer but these guys still need to find their own way in the Old Cemetery Rec. - 2012 - Death Black Metal future. 7.5 I didn't expect such an energy from this band, don't know why. Their name lead me to think of a War Black Metal band, but actually they are a ferocious, devastating, unrelenting Death Black Metal. This is one of the most brutal recordings I've listened to in a long time, and maybe the raw, unpolished, rehearsal-like sound decisively contributes to this impression. "Atomic Hammer" is a really unrelenting, dirty piece of metal and TENOCHTITLAN (Russia) - Creation of Earth the explosive images on the cover fit perfectly with the BadMoodMan Music - 2012 - Ethnic Ambient Doom music on this release. The good thing is that even though Death Metal Sturmtiger's music is deeply old-school and primitive, Such an interesting release this is... I was surprised to find their guitar solos and parts of the guitar riffs are very myself captured by Tenochtitlan's music from the first good and save the compositions from falling into sounds of this album until the very end, to discover such a monotony. I was pleasantly surprised by this EP and powerful and attractive combination between Russian would recommend it to all of you into old-school language and Aztec / Indian ethnic elements. If nowadays Thrash/Black, Black/Death or Thrash/Death, dirty music we have a genre called World Music, Tenochtitlan's that is. watch out for Sturmtiger, this band has loads of music could be labelled as Ancient World Music... At its potential! 8.5 core, their music is Doom Death Metal, but when spiced up with so many elements from different cultures their Doom Death Metal becomes exquisite, and the best part is that as a whole the album sounds curdled and very SUBHUMAN (Italy) - Tributo di Sangue mature, faultless. I love this album, it's exactly what I was


looking for, a music that I haven't heard before, but also a music that will keep my interest high for almost an hour. Besides the Russian written booklet/lyrics I have nothing to object here, I loved every part of it and will continue playing it again and again. A band that I hope will develop this multi-cultural investigation on following albums also. 10

THE HOWLING VOID (USA) - The Womb Beyond the World Solitude Prod. - 2012 - Symphonic Funeral Doom Metal Third album from this US based one man band "The Womb Beyond the World" is made of only 4 tracks, but their total duration is a full hour. Funeral Doom is the name of the game here, with a pinch of symphonic keyboards here and there. The whole is almost instrumental, except for a few parts where Ryan adds some low-tuned growling vocals, and even though it fits the general line of this genre, The Howling Void's structures tend to repeat so much they become boring after a while. The good guitar leads and keyboard-driven passages tend to break the monotony, but even these are repeated a bit too much. A heavy music that can definitely ruin your day if you manage to get into it. Except for the slight lack of creativity I have nothing to object about this album, try it yourselves. 7.5

TERRORAMA (Sweden) - Genocide To the Death Rec. - 2012 - Thrash Death Black Metal To some of you Terrorama's name could be well known since they have released 2 full-length albums on Nuclear War Now! Records, a well respected name nowadays. Now the band is on To The Death Rec. from Sweden and seems to be starting a new life. Genocide is their third album, an 8 tracks effort totaling half an hour of raw, fast and ferocious Thrash Metal with important Black and Death influences. The fun thing is that you cannot label the band in a particular genre, there are almost the same amount of influences from all three of them, but at the same time the mix is so well-crafted and efficient that in the end you dopn't really care where this band fits. Although the production is old-school demo type, the sound is very good, exectly the sound needed for such a release. Recommended to fans of old-school, raw, unpolished, aggressive Extreme Metal. 8.5 THE TRUE ENDLESS (Italy) - In The Swamp Aphelion Prod. - 2012 - Black Metal At the pace this band is releasing new materials this one THE EARTH KING (Belgium) - Cycling Between Sun could be considered as an old release. "In the Swamp" was first released by the band in 2010 and now it's out on and Moon Aphelion Prod. on CD containing the 3 tracks from 2010 Kristallblut Rec. - 2012 - Ambient Black Metal The Earth King is a new Belgian project founded in 2011 and 2 additional ones that were never released before, one and this is its debut album, an effort composed of 6 long of them being a cover of "Night of the Graveless Souls", tracks, a very notable debut I'd add. The core of The Earth an old Emperor track. The music is mid-tempo to fast King's music is Black Metal, but there's a long way from paced Black Metal, pretty solid and mature, inspired traditional Black Metal to where its music lays. The mostly by the Norwegian scene. The compositions are combination of utterly symphonic elements with ambient very catchy and although the production could have been parts, pshychedelic add-ons and shamanic vocal patterns better these guys show they are capable of rising on the is absolutely gorgeous, I honestly don't remember if I've top of Italian Black Metal. Although I have enjoyed the heard such music before. Even though it's not brutal or first two Norge Black Metal inspired tracks, I have to depressive, on the contrary it's quite joyful and extatic, mention the third one that reminded me of early Samael, this music really managed to transport my mind through that raw, vicious and at the same time groovy Black Metal different dimensions, and I'd have no problem labelling it filled with dark atmospheres, a great effort. The two extra World Music instead of Black Metal. Although there are tracks sound like being rehearsal recordings, very rough different mistakes and the mastering is not as good as the and quite tough to listen to, hopefully at least their own compositions are, The Earth King displays an awesome composition will be properly re-recorded. Anyway, all in potential and I can't wait for a new album. Highly all The True Endless is an excellent Traditional Black recommended to Metallers seeking for unique Metal band that deserves more attention. 8 atmospheres in their music. 8.5

about 8 minutes long! Each band presents only 1 track, but both of them are soooo brutal you can't imagine. Throneum is fast Death Metal with cryptic, horrifying layers of vocals, low tuned bass lines and blasting drums; the guitars are a bit hard to get as the recording is lo-fi but that's ok nonetheless. Offence has a better sound on guitars and their track ranges from mid-paced to fast rhythms, same type of brutal bass lines, extremely catchy and old-school sounding. Awesome release, recommended! Pure fucking Death Metal! 8 / 8.5 THRONEUM / SUICIDAL WINDS (Poland / Sweden) - Necroblasphemies Kampf Rec. - 2009 - Death Metal / Thrash Black Metal Another brutal split from Kampf Records, released on tape limited to 350 hand-numbered copies. Opening is Throneum with 2 tracks of fast, devastating, offensive Death Metal, total destruction. Although the guitar riffs might seem a bit recycled, the vocals make their tracks all worth your audition. Suicidal Winds, the well-known underground Thrash Black Metal demons from Sweden present here 2 tracks highlighted again by Mathias venom vomiting type of vocals. The structures are not that special but catchy enough for any old-school maniacs, and the guitar solos and blasting drums are delightful. 7.5 /7 THY WINTER KINGDOM / PERMIXTIO (Italy / Italy) - Gnosis / Resurrezione Black Tears of Death - 2012 - Black Metal / Depressive Black Metal The first to open this split is Thy Winter Kingdom with an old-school Black Metal made of distorted guitar riffs, multiple layers of vocals (from screams to growls), organic, quite raw rhythm section, and rhythms ranging from slow and doomy to fast and furious. The whole sounds pretty desolate and aggressive, but still something is missing even for an old-school style. I liked a lot the piano & violin touches, they should be added more as they are not softening up the whole, on the contrary. Permixtio's part comes with a Depressive Black Metal centered on a more Atmospheric starting point. In fact I would say this is Atmospheric Black Metal with Depressive Black Metal influences, although not the whole music is depressive, it has its epic parts, too. Although there are much more repetitive parts and the technical level is not as good as in Thy Winter Kingdom's case, Permixtio manages to create some pretty deep and attractive atmospheres inhere, and this despite the rough, unprofessional sound. The piano and keyboard backgrounds play a more signifiant role in Permixtio's music and overall I'd say the guy behind this moniker, Umbra, managed to do well. Both bands have their good elements and the split is a good audition for underground Black Metal fans, but the two bands need to work more to get something more out of their music. 7 / 7

Slowly We Rot (

THE GARDNERZ (Sweden) - It All Fades Abyss Rec. - 2012 - Doom Death Metal To keep things fresh and active The Gardnerz released this EP after only 1 year since their debut album. I think this year (2013) they will come up with a new full-length or at least a new EP, but that's how things should be done, so kudos for that. 5 new tracks and a cover of Darkthrone's "Transylvanian Hunger", the whole material lasting for 35 minutes so you get quite a long EP for your money. If their debut album made me think of Amorphis, this one I'd label a combination of Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Opeth and even Lake Of Tears with a bit more emphasis on the Death Metal side, on the technical and somehow progressive Death Metal side of it. Maybe that is what's breaking the rhythms up and the album doesn't flow naturally, it's divided into countless little pieces and you have to digest them all one by one instead of relaxing and enjoying a tight, curdled release. It's not bad, not at all, but I think they'll have to decide: if they want to go for the Progressive part they'll have to step up a level with their technical skills (nowadays the demands are insane...); if they want to follow the Doomy, melodic part they'll have to work a bit more on cudling their compositions. Oh well, those are only my thoughts, try this EP by yourselves and make up your own minds. 7

THORNS OF HATE (Malaysia) - Abominable Triumpf of Heresy Kampf Rec. - 2010 - Black Death Metal Now this band is a bulldozer of brutality and destruction, although it's only 14 minutes long this demo introduces a very heavy, aggressive and fat sounding Death Black Metal from Malaysia, an excellent choice for any oldschool brutal metal followers. Catchy riffs, entertaining rhythms, brutal bass lines, apocalyptic vocals, blasting drums, heavy atmospheres, you get verything you need on this release, a soundtrack for the end of the World! Highly recommended but act fast, this tape is limited to only 200 handnumbered copies! 9.5 TOMBSTONERS (Mexico) - Dissolution of Astral Order Selfreleased - 2012 - Death Metal This is a duo from Mexico, two guys and their passion for THRONEUM / OFFENCE (Poland / Poland) - No Death Metal, at least that's what I get from this EP. 4 Salvation tracks of traditional Death Metal without any effects or Kampf Rec. - 2012 - Death Metal / Death Metal additions. In the '90's this would have been considered Holy crap, these are two of the more brutal Polish bands Brutal Death Metal as it's fat sounding, fast, with no I've heard! Totally devastating release although it's only melodic elements, just raw, brutal and uncompromising


metal of death. Although it has no major highlights to stick it to your mind after the auditions their music is tight and well executed and the good sound allows you to fully enjoy this discharge of brutality. What can I say more, I'm impressed of how loyal they are to the traditional brutal sound of Death Metal, give them a listen. 8

TOTAL HATE (Germany) - Necare Humanum Est Pale Dominion - 2010 - Black Metal Total hate is the perfect name for this band! Their hateful, raw and primitive Black Metal inspires nothing more and nothing less than total hate. This is the second album of the band, but although it's released as a full-length I would say it's actually an EP since there are only 5 new tracks on it and the 6th track is actually a cover of Throne Of Ahaz' "Northern Throne", so the total playing time for the new tracks is less than half an hour. In normal acceptance this is an EP, not a full-length, but who cares after all? Their old-school form of Black Metal is excellent, this is what I call hateful Black Metal, there's nothing to be able to joke on here unlike many other nowadays bands. The rhythms are mostly fast (with complementary blast beats), the vocals are crude and grim, the guitar riffs, although quite repetitive, are quite catchy, and the bass lines are powerful. I have nothing to bad mouth regarding Total Hate and that's what I love about this band. If you like your Black Metal raw and aggressive a la Urgehal you can try Total Hate, you won't be disapointed. 8.5

perfect combination of Death Metal and Grindcore with emphasis on the latter. Extreme brutality, occasional grooves, great technical skills and above all a very exciting composition work, all tracks have their own flavour, their own identity. Tsubo are reaching their 10 years of activity in 2013 and that is perfectly displayed on this debut album, I think the band has reached its maturity peak. If you're into serious (!!!) Death Grind do not miss this album, as for myself, I'm totally satisfied by it, what a killer band! 10

an excellent, professional job, it was released in digipack format with a professional 12 pages booklet, so it isn't a cheap work, not at all. Music-wise Upon Shadows is Dark Metal, a combination of Gothic, Black, Dark and Ambient, all of them mixed and twisted so that the final result sounds very interesting and quite hard to penetrate, not everyone will like it. The only element I don't like are the Black Metal vocals of Tamara, too Immortal-ish, simply not my cup of tea, but the excellent keyboard work, the spooky atmospheres and the overall chaotic but at the same time intriguing compositions make up for this. The drum programming is a bit too synthetic, but it doesn't bother me too much. All in all 7 Chapters is a great work, if you like your Metal mysterious and obscure don't miss it! 8 URUK-HAI (Austria) - Cirith Ungol Nordsturm Prod. - 2010 - Ambient If you know this project by now have you ever counted how many released it put out so far? Well, don't bother, you'll only loose a lot of your time, Uruk-Hai is aproaching 150 official releases!!! Crazy isn't it? From all those almost 20 are full-length albums like this one, Cirith Ungol. I knew this project as a one-man-band, but now it is actually a duo so it might become less productive, who knows... Anyway, back to this album I can say it's made of only 1 track, a track lasting for 78 minutes of Ambient music. I found it a bit too repetitive, but for my surprise it's not bad, it actually has some interesting moments and elements but quite few to make it interesting 100%. I have actually listen to it completely for a couple of times and as a conclusion I was not bored but also not many parts of it stirred my interest. It could have been a bit more majestic and expressive from my point of view, but if you're into calm and dreamy Ambient combined with screams a la Vinterriket this band might work for you. 7

TYRAEL (Germany) - Der Wald ist mein Zuhause Selfreleased - 2010 - Melodic Black Death Metal Although the band was formed in 2000, if you look at these guys you'd say they are pretty young looking. Anyway, although formed in 2000, they managed to release their debut album, the one I'm talking about here, only 10 years later, in 2010, so they seem to be pretty slow in writing new stuff. "Der Wald ist mein Zuhause" contains 11 tracks totaling almost 45 minutes of Melodic Black Metal with a few Death Metal influences here and there. Unfortunately the production is not as good as the compositions are, such songs would have deserved a better studio and a more professional/polished sound (here the drums' sound really sucks). They bring nothing new to the scene, but their tracks are quite memorable, they have hooks all over from minor acoustic insertions to double vocals (growls and screams a la Dani Filth), and excellent guitar leads. Definitely not a boring album I would recommend all of you but in these conditions I will recommend it only to the ones of you who don't really care about production and are more interested in the compositions. A band with huge potential, I only hope they will release something new before a new decade will pass (2 years are already gone...). 7

Slowly We Rot (

TOVARISH (USA) - Red Hearts in a Dead World Nefarious Industries - 2012 - Ambient Drone Doom If there are so many NS bands around here we have a soviet inspired band from USA. Funny isn't it? It is, but Tovarish' music is no fun whatsoever, this is the sountrack of the apocalypse, you feel like wondering around in a post-apocalyptic world hearing occasional political speeches, lots and lots of screams and horrifying sounds all layered on industial, mechanical structures. It's impressive to discover this "world", but the problem is that after a while, if you're not used to such sounds it becomes boring and monotonous. If you're into Noise, Industrial, Dark Ambient or Drone Doom you should definitely try this album, you might like it a lot. 7

UNSPOKEN (Norway) - Requiem aeternam deo Deathrune Rec. - 2013 - Death Metal Unspoken hail from Norway and this is their second album although the band is active since 2002. Deathrune released this second album in a very nice digipack format that will sell by itself, even without knowing the band's music. Anyway, here we have 10 tracks into obscure and quite low-tuned Death Metal with a few occasional Black Metal influences, and the overall impression is of a band that knows its path and instruments obviously. Melting mid-tempo with fast paced rhythms, catchy guitar riffs with atmospheric solos and leads, an impressively heavy bass, a versatile vocalist and a hard working drummer that perfectly emphasizes the different emotions transmitted by Unspoken's music. Recommended for the ones of you in search for darkness in their Death Metal instead of TRAILS OF SORROW (Italy) - Languish in Oblivion brutality. 8 Domestic Genocide Rec. - 2012 - Funeral Doom Metal A new band from Italy formed in 2011 as a duo, Trail Of Sorrow signed with Domestic Genocide and recently released their debut album made of 10 tracks and lasting for almost an hour. There are both positive and negative aspects about it, but let's start with the negative ones: the sound is not as full as such a release would deserve, the guitars are actually synths (or at least that's how they sound, synthetic as hell), I wasn't catched by the atmosphere at all and not once I found myself lost in my thoughts and not listening to the music. The positive aspects are the quite diverse compositions, unusual for this type of music, and some good melancholic keyboard UPON SHADOWS (Uruguay) - 7 Chapters (Shadows parts. Overall I found the album too synth-based for my of Despair and Other Entities) Selfreleased - 2012 - Dark Metal taste, sorry. 6 I have to admit I admire Tamara and Natalia for their dedication to Upon Shadows and their honest, supportive underground spirit, so receiving their new album for a review was a delight. All music and lyrics are signed by TSUBO (Italy) - ...Con Cognizione di Causa Tamara so I guess this can be also labelled as her own Eclectic Prod. - 2012 - Death Grind What an excellent debut album the Italians from Tsubo project, but I'm sure Natalia also brings a personal touch offer us here! From its start till its end this 20 tracks to the whole. This is their second album to date, both of material is an unrelenting spew of brutality and anger, a them being selfreleased, and I can speak for this one, it's


VERDUN (Sweden) - Sov Du Lilla Samvete Depressive Illusions Rec. - 2011 - Depressive Black Metal Verdun is a new one man Depressive Black Metal project founded in 2011 that has already released its debut album, the one I'm speaking about here, the same year it was founded, so I guess we're in for a new prolific project. This album was released both on tape (by Depressive Illusions) and CD (by Self Mutilation Services), but unfortunately the tape was limited to only 33 copies, so I don't think you'll be able to find it anymore in this format. The music is of course depressive, melancholic and dark, it reminded me of Burzum at times and also a bit of Shining on vocals, but overall it's not a copycat. The compositions are simple, there's nothing outstanding or remarkable in W.'s instrumental skills, but he seems to prefer exploring the atmospheres rather than his skills. I can't say he succeeds all the time (at times the vocals become funny rather than desperate/depressive), but overall it gives the impression of a lonly, tormented and angry soul. The production is good enough, no objections here. Try it yourselves if you're into DSBM. 7

VERZIVATAR (Hungary) - Transcendent Infection Kuhlental Prod. - 2010 - Black Metal Verzivatar is a duo from hungary's capital, Budapest. Both guys involved in this band are very active in the scene having multiple other projects/bands on the side, so I guess we're dealing with very dedicated underground activists here. this is the band's debut album out on both tape and CD format. I have received the tape version released by Kuhlental Productions, so the old-school

feeling is around not only in their music. Verzivatar plays a combination of mid-tempo with fast paced Black Metal, but unfortunately the compositions are not so tight as they should be, you find yourself loosing interest at times, things are getting boring. The fast parts are good, intense and are fitting better the desperate shrieking vocals, but the slow and mid-tempo parts fail on reaching their goal, and as an example I would recommend listening to tracks 2 and 3 and check the differences. Also the last track seems like it's made just to fill in some more space/time... I like the vocals, though, and the drums/bass are working well together as well, so in the end I think more work (variety) on guitars is necessary. 6.5

VIVID REMORSE (Spain) - Down to the Wire Art Gates Rec. - 2012 - Thrash Metal Second opus for this Spanish outfit, and the first one out on a professional label, I guess it's time for Vivid Remorse (good moniker) to show itself to the World. The band plays a combination of old-school Thrash Metal with more modern influences and even some Hardcore and Death Metal touches here and there, and although this might seem as a weird combination and a lack of horizon, the band actually sounds solid enough to offer a unitary impression on what they are up to. This can also be considered as a good disposition for experimenting, for offering complex structures and this might be true. Overall I felt a bit of lack of brutality but that is compensated by speed and technical execution so you can follow the composition lines rather than focusing on how extreme can they be. I'm not blown away by this album, but I admit I like it and don't have any special flaws to impute to Vivid Remorse, the more open-minded fans of Thrash Metal will enjoy this material. 8.5

debut album, a 9 tracks effort totaling 55 minutes of traditional Death Metal, a bit of melody, a lot of aggression, an album that doesn't stand out from the rest, but a well produced and executed album. I like the fact Bruno is not stuck in a narrow genre, he's experimenting quite a lot and he does well, that's the only way to improve. Well, if you listen carefully it's impossible to say this is a one man band, Bruno managed to curdle the whole and mix all the instruments so that the music sounds compact, and it would be quite impossible to label its influences American or European, he takes a bit from everything. Good technical skills, quite ok computer programmings, very good vocals, well inserted melodic guitar leads and solos, I can recommend these 55 minutes of Death Metal to anyone without the fear of boing them, and that even if this is not the next masterpiece of the genre. I'm curious how Warclouds will develop as a full line-up band... 8

and that's not very well received in my player, never. But I was wrong again for the most part, Whales And Aurora are a Sludge Doom Post-Metal band from Italy and that's something I can dig. The cover artwork of this album is great, it perfectly portrays what happens inhere in terms of music. The ocean is perfect for this: at times calm and beautiful, at times whirling and threatening just like WAA's music. This is a good band and "The Shipwreck" might be a good choice if you're into post-metal but a bit of versatility on vocals won't hurt them. 8 WHIPSTRIKER / POWER FROM HELL (Brazil / Brazil) - Brazilian Bestial Attack Fuck The Mainstream Rec. - 2012 - Heavy Speed Metal / Black Thrash Speed Metal Wow, nice new split tape from a label whos name explains it all about its direction, Fuck The Mainstream Records. Although the booklet has only pics of the two bands (one man bands), some info on recordings and the thanks list, FTM Rec. decided to include an additional sheet with the lyrics for all tracks included here. This split presents us 2 Brazilian one-man-bands, both of them devoted to the '80's dirty, leather'n'spikes type of Speed Thrash Metal, excellent for nostalgics. Side A is for Whipstriker. Speed Thrash Metal that I would describe as a combination of Motorhead, Sodom and Venom, excellently crafted, excellently executed and absolutely impossible to conceive as made by only one man. Very entertaining music, I'm only sorry there are only 6 tracks added here. Hoarse vocals with occasional power choirs, razor-sharp guitar riffs, catchy leads, good solos and tight drumming. Hell, I love this band! power From Hell's music has some old-school Black Metal influences too and is more down-tuned, but the intensity and speed remain the same, and Venom/Sodom seem to be some common influences. The sound could have been better, but it's good enough especially for the old-school followers. The solos are very good, the bass lines play an important role in PFH's music, the vocals are hoarse, and the overall compositions are extremely catchy, you can still remember them after a while since listening to this split. PFH has already 4 full-length albums out, I'm sorry this is my first encounted with the band, but I like it a lot and definitely recommend it to you too. 8 / 8.5

WAR POSSESSION (Greece) - Through the Ages Helltrasher Prod. - 2012 - Death Metal This debut EP from War Possession shows us the path they are going to follow but fails to deliver something above average. The 4 tracks (plus outro) included on the CD are not bad but not interesting either and that may derive from the weak production more than from their compositions or playing. Actually there are some nice guitar solos thrown in here and there, the vocals are not versatile at all, but they are perfect for this type of oldschool Death Metal, and the atmosphere could have been really obscure and terrifying with a better production. Suitable for fans of dirty, low tuned, heavy Death Metal a la '90's demo tapes, but a bit thiner than Hellthrasher's other productions. 6 WILL'O'WISP (Italy) - Kosmo Nadir Music - 2012 - Progressive Death Metal More than 20 years of activity for this band! Will'o'Wisp unfortunately never had the chance to break through the underground so far but that's maybe also due to their scarce productivity, this being only their 3rd full-length release to date. "Kosmo" is made of 12 new tracks totaling almost 45 minutes and the music presented by Will'o'Wisp could be labelled as Progressive Death Metal with oriental influences, a nice combination but even WEDDING IN HADES (France) - Misbehaviour though this would lead your thoughts to a Folkish inspired Bad Mood Man Music - 2012 - Doom Death Metal calm Metal, it isn't quite so, they are quite aggressive and 2 years ago I've reviewed this band's debut album, an the technical skills displays don't take away anything from album that left me puzzled, I was unable to make up my their brutality. There are also many modern touches all mind if I liked or hated their music, but at least I knew I over the release, the Deathcore/Metalcore scene seem to hated that album's cover artwork. This time the cover be no stranger for these 4 skilled musicians and they take artwork is perfect for such an album title, a BDSM it only as an inspiration source and don't overuse its imagery for a title like "Misbehaviour" is quite fair. elements. A hard to break through material recommended Musicwise Wedding in Hades became more energetic but to the ones of you into Technical and Progressive Metal still keeping their slow to mid-tempo pace. The only. 8.5 compositions are more memorable and although they keep their simple structures this time it doesn't bother me that much. If their first album reminded me of Paradise Lost and Type O Negative, this one resembles more with the atmospheres My Dying Bride creates, there are even some violin parts but that's not the reason. The acoustic insertions here and there are very good and provide a ray of light between all these clouds and darkness, but at times they give the impression they are not decided if they should take the old-school path or try more modern compositions. Even if "Misbehaviour" will not be considered a highlight of the genre, the improvement is obvious and the perspectives are great, these guys are able to create a memorable next album. 8

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VOID PARADIGM (France) - Void Paradigm Totalrust Music - 2012 - Experimental Black Metal Here's a new name from the French Black Metal scene, a trio that chose to combine the new wave of experimental Black Metal with complex, weird and disturbing atmospheres. This is their debut album containing only 6 tracks but lasting for more than 50 minutes, so it's one of those albums you'll either hate or love as you don't have many tracks to pick from, to assign one as your fave. The guys as instrumentists are very good and although they didn't create a masterpiece here, their debut album shows an impressive thirst for experimenting on new territories. As presented by their label, this is a truly hypnotic piece of Metal, but the risk is to fell into a lethargic state during it's audition, and forget about the music, dive into your own thoughts. This happened to me too, and I don't think this is what Void Paradigm intended at first. As highlight of this band, I would name the vocals that are all over the place and give the final shape and form to their tracks, but this doesn't mean the drums and guitars and drums are not interesting, not at all. For fans of new, experimental melodic but still aggressive Black Metal. 7

WARCLOUDS (Brazil) - A Disturbing Presence Selfreleased - 2012 - Death Metal I'm not sure if this is a full line-up band or a one man band as this debut album is recorded completely by 1 guy, WHALES AND AURORA (Italy) - The Shipwreck Bruno Schmidt, but on Metal Archives Warclouds is a Slow Burn Rec. - 2012 - Sludge Doom Metal WINTERBLUT (Germany) - Teufelseintreibung three piece band. Anyway, as I said this is Warclouds' I had my fair share of doubts when I saw this band's name, Whales And Aurora made me think of Metalcore Pale Dominion - 2007 - Black Metal


Don't know why I got this CD for a review since it was released 5 tears ago and the band has released 4 new albums since then, so this is by no means an actual release, but I guess the label or the band still have some copies left and still selling them, and then it makes sense. Unfortunately I got bored to death listening to this album and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The riffs are so repetitive and tasteless I wasn't able to listen to a single track from start to finish... The only thing I like in Winterblut are the vocals that although could have been a bit more varied, sound very raw and sharp, exactly the kind of tone I like to hear in a Black Metal band. The guitars have some good parts, but repeating them over and over again is pointless. The rhythm section has nothing special, so all in all this is an album that won't hit my player again, sorry. 4

WITHER (Australia) - Necropolis Aurora Australis Rec. - 2012 - Doom Black Metal Debut album from this project founded back in 2003, "Necropolis" is made of 8 tracks lasting for a bit more than 40 minutes. We're treated with a decadent, depressive and hopeless mix of Funeral Doom with slow Black Metal (DSBM that is). There are multiple faults that got me bored by it starting from the amateurish sound and ending with the careless performance on both instruments and vocals, these 2 guys seem to have good ideas and the technical skills to display them correctly but on this album they overused every bit of good idea just to offer longer tracks. What I still like about it is that although the sound is rehearsal-like it is at least organic and it is a pleasure listening to real bass and drums on such a release, but the overall atmosphere is pretty boring and they seem to be bored as well (especially the vocal). Definitely not an album for the fans of the aggressive part of Metal, but if you're into Depressive (Black and Post Black) Metal you might give it a try, maybe you'll like it better then I did. 6

shamanic voice makes them more interesting but I say this will appeal more to Pagan Metal followers than to Black Metal ones. Pakiss is another interesting project from Berlin, but this time we're dealing with a much more aggressive music. Diversified and quite cathcy, without limitations to simple riffs or similar rhythm patterns, Pakiss's music is a nice surprise, I have enjoyed the two tracks featured here, excellent stuff right on my alley, watch out for its debut album to be released by Sturmglanz. Nebelkrahe (as listed on the cover) had to change its name due to a legal dispute with the Nebelkrahe band from Munich and is now Die Nebelkrahe. Fast, traditional Black Metal with less interesting parts than the two other bands but quite honest sounding and not amateurish at all. The acousit parts are a good addition to its music and the overall impression is of a call to battle or a description of some epic events. Ending this CD is a cover of Arkona's track "Rus", good but less atmospheric than the original. A very good release by Sturmglanz presenting 3 of its upcoming releases. Recommended to any underground Black Metal followers. 7.5 / 8.5 / 7

Doom (beware: it has nothing to do with the old Doom Death scene from UK). 8.5

Various Artists - Alliance of Black Hordes BlackSeed Prod. / Mighty Hordes Prod. - 2011 - Black Metal First of all this is an alliance of two labels, BlackSeed and Mighty Hordes, a mix of bands from these two labels meant to promote their latest releases. Let's see what we have here: Balmog - already a great promise of the Spanish Black Metal scene, Balmog plays old-school, demonic, raw and catchy Black Metal, great job Opvs Leviathan - Epic Black Metal; I don't like the sound on it (especially on drums), but the composition is ok, good guitar work Kill - fast and aggressive Black Metal, not much variety in it, but as I've listened to their new album already I'd recommend it for a complete experience Divine Codex - Fast and mystical Black Metal, good atmospheres, not so good mixing Aboriorth - mid-tempo to fast Black Metal, weak sound but catchy, evil music Frozen Dawn - a rawer, much more aggressive and cold version of Cradle of Filth (in their beginnings), good stuff! Primigenium - said to be one of the oldest Black Metal bands in Spain, Primigenium plays of course old-school, raw and quite simple Black Metal, nothing more, nothing less; barely audible vocals though... Eternal Chaos - raw and brutal Black Metal without compromises but without any special parts either Decayed - Portuguese masters of raw Black Metal, you should know them Lemures - slow to mid-tempo Atmospheric Black Metal with keyboard backgrounds; I don't like the vocals although I admit they are good for this genre Salvation666 - good flowing '90's type of mysterious fast Black Metal, I like it Esbbat - good stuff, varied, aggressive but at the same time mystical Black Metal YELLOWTOOTH (USA) - Disgust Orchestrated Misery Recordings - 2012 - Sludge Doom Metal Yellowtooth is made of three veterans of the Indiana Various Artists - Old Grindered Days Vol. 01 scene, the band was formed in 2008 and in 2012 they Old Grindered Days - 2012 managed to release this debut album. Musicwise Huge compilation (64 tracks) including 8 Brazilian bands Yellowtooth are a primitive, heavy and groovy form of and released by 4 different labels (Old Grindered Days Sludge Doom, to me it sounds like a Six Feet under gone Rec., Cianeto Discos, Rotten Foetus Prod. and Disturbed Sludge Metal with a ton of Black Sabbath and Lynyrd Mind Rec.). Opening are Necrose, a band that recently Skynyrd influences, something I deeply enjoyed. The celebrated 20 years of activity! 10 tracks of old-school album impresses by its heaviness and filthiness, I guess a Grindcore with a lot of groove, double vocals, low-tuned bit more catchy guitar riffs and a lower tone on bass bass lines and quite unimpressive guitar work. Next up wouldn't have hurt them, but what they have here is good are Barulho Ensurdecedor with 11 short tracks of enough to get their name out there in the Doom Metal rehearsal recorded Grind, mostly very unimpressive but with some tracks actually displaying a bit of substance. scene. A debut album that shows potential! 8 Their tracks should have been even shorter, half of their length is taken by unnecessary long endings (like on live gigs). Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica are next with their insane groovy Gore Grind. Fast, demented, sickening and quite entertaining, PNH might appeal to the fans of this genre. The next 4 tracks by Sengaya have a weaker sound but their fast and disgusting Grindcore is ok, nothing out of the ordinary but still nothing wrong with it. The one man band Feces on Display has an even weaker sound to a point where you can barely hear anything; fast Porn Gore Grind with low-tuned gurgling vocals, longer tracks, more and better ideas but horrible sound. Ataque Cardiaco are a mix of Punk, Hardcore, Crust and Grindcore, fast as hell, very angry and from my point of view quite original. Subcut are next, an old Brazilian YOUR TOMORROW ALONE (Italy) - Ordinary Grindcore band founded in 1995. Fast Grindcore with Lives blasting drums, 2 vocals, some crusty riffs here and there, My Kingdom Music - 2012 - Gothic Doom Metal this is actually good. Crunch Delights is fast, low-tuned I had such a nice time auditioning this debut album from Gore Grind with horrible drum-machine and horrible Your Tomorrow Alone I did it three times already and inhaled type of pig squeals, but the guitar work is ok and this CD will certainly visit my player again in the future the rhythms will also appeal to the fans of this genre. too. Gothic Doom Metal inspired by the Brittish school Bone Ache is Noise Grind with shitty drum-machine and (especially by Anathema), especially the modern one. sound on vocals but again in their case too the guitar work What I like about it is the good amount of memorable is above the level of this release. If you're into Gore Grind parts in their music and their ability to mix the guitar Noise you should definitely try this compilation out, there leads and riff with enchanting keyboards and the very are multiple different styles featured, so there's something good clean vocals of Giovanni into a netural flowing for everyone. whole. There is also a second vocalist in YTA, but I think Eugenio's growling vocals are too raw for this music, and I blame this on the final mastering of this CD. His vocals Various Artists - Stavropol Nekrodivizion Promo seem to be from a totally different release but with a Compilation better mix/master his vocals would fit quite well. Stavropol Nekrodivizion - 2012 - Black Metal Anyway, I am impressed by this band's potential and would recommend this debut to all fans of UK Gothic

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XANADOO (Singapore) - Wired Criminal Stay Pure - 2010 - Thrash Metal Too bad this band treats and offers its music as a joke, with a bit more seriousness it could have been a real delight for fans of early '80's Thrash Metal. Fast paced, quite catchy, headbanging friendly, their music seems like taken right from a demo released in the '80's. Wired Criminal is a compilation including their 2008 demo Blood Is Dirt, and their 2009 demo This Demo Is Shit, around 25 minutes of fast Thrash Metal. It has been some time since I've heard such pure riffs and the vocals are also perfect for this music, the problem is the lack of originality between tracks, there's not much difference from one to another so you can get bored quickly. Anyway, my general impression is that this band has potential, they only need to be more serious towards their hard work. 6 YANSEN / PAKISS / DIE NEBELKRAHE (Germany / Germany / Germany) - Triumvirat Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur - 2012 - Black Metal / Black Death / Black Metal It's always nice to get a pack from Sturmglanz, they tend to avoid traditional / standard formats for their releases and this new release is released as a digipack, too. Anyway, we're dealing here with a meeting of 3 one-manbands from Germany, all hailing from Berlin, and except for Yansen, the other two are at their debut release here which is cool. Yansen opens up the battle with its midtempo to fast Black Metal with a few, scarce Folk influences, definitely less than on its previous releases. It sounds good, the compositions are interesting and the


This is a promo sampler from Stavropol Nekrodivizion (S.N.D.) presenting us this label's bands and past and current releases. First is SS-18 with an ultra-fast, unrelenting nuclear Black Metal sounding like the biggest war you can ever imagine. Even though the sound is not the best possible, you'll have no problem understanding what these guys are all about. This is some twisted, hateful shit I tell you, and this is a band definitely worth keeping an eye on, they have great potential. Next is Lashblood with 2 tracks from their 2012 album released on Daemon Worship Prod. (strange featuring, but I think S.N.D. signed them after this release). Their Black Metal is mid-tempo to fast rhythmed, somehow atmospheric and definitely desperate (because of the vocals, of course), but I found it a bit too repetitive and forced. They definitely have the skills to create something memorable but they didn't catch my attention with these 2 tracks. Deathmoor presents a new track, but also one from 2008 (none of them out on S.N.D.). The older track has a horrible sound but you can still hear the music fortunately. Slow guitar riffs layered on slow rhythmed drums with fast snares though, an interesting combination, but the desperate vocals in the background didn't reach their goal. Again I find this a bit too repetitive and 10 minutes for such a track is too much. On the second, most recent track, Deathmoor has a more complex music, more complex vocal part, and more work on drums and guitars. The sound is pure filth again, but at least the music seems to be getting better, they are exploring new territories and that's promising. Alienation Cold is a keyboard driven Atmospheric Black Metal. The keyboard part is the highlight of this band and it makes their music really interesting, too bad we have the same problem here too, the bad sound. Nothing outstanding but their music reminded me of the beginning of the 2000's' Atmospheric Black Metal scene (back then it was so effervescent like the Depressive / Suicidal Black Metal scene of Today), as a conclusion good atmospheres. Misanthropic Art is present here with a track from 2008 and one from 2012, none featured on S.N.D. releases, again. Very long tracks,

very bad sound, recommended only to fans of obscure, unpolished fast Black Metal with a bit of Scandinavian atmospheres given by the guitar leads (good ones I have to say). Except for the good guitar leads I wasn't impressed or intrigued by anything else in M.A.'s music. The last band is Christinvertion and their 2 tracks are both from 2012 from 2 different albums, both out on S.N.D., so at least here's a change in template. The music is extremely brutal, a Gore Grind Black Metal that sounds like a pack of beasts devouring everything, nothing more, nothing less, just a bloody feast of beasts. Unfortunately (again) the sound is horrendous and the guitars tone is an absolute joke, it sounds like a motorbike engine gone wrong. One thumb up for the extreme brutality but two thumbs down for the childish sound. Various Artists - Summer Beatdown - 2011 A Polish compilation released by this webzine and online shop called, a good idea to promote both the labels' activities and the online shop. 17 tracks (although the cover numbers go till 18, number 9 was skipped), a lot of diversity in genres, and here's what I think of them: Terrordome - fast as hell Thrash Metal with poor production; sounds mature but didn't really capture my interest Seroentia - I think this is the Polish version of Korn; with some influences from other genres (even Death Metal), not so catchy but quite interesting Dead Goats - fast Swedish Death Metal (Stokholm style) with two vocalists; very well executed but feels like something's missing, some more memorable elements (the leads at min.3 are excellent and should be exploited more) Whorehouse - fat sounding Thrash Metal, I like this band a lot, they have the potential of reaching high peaks in this genre (on the old-school part of it) Ketha - definitely original sounding Experimental / Progressive Death Metal but really hard to get into, well, I think that's the whole point; overall very good stuff

calm Hatchery - traditional Death Metal a la Morbid Angel; good composition and catchy guitar solos Iblis - fast, demented Avantgarde Metal; loved it and I think they have even more potential, can't wait to review their debut album (soon) Dira Mortis - low-tuned Death Metal; quite groovy but at the same time dark and oppresive, but not memorable Ronnie Ripper's Private War - entertaining Rock'n'Roll combined with Heavy Metal, project of Gehennah's bass player; fun for a shitload of beers Epitome - legends of the Polish Death/Grind scene; excellent track, dirty and brutal as hell Crossroads - old-school Thrash Metal; reminded me of Exodus, but next time they nedd a better production Tenebris - I think I remember this band from the '90's, but they used to be Death Metal, now they play some sort of Progressive Metal but the production on this track is a bit disapointing Formosus - Melodic Black Death Metal; good track good vocals and quite diverse composition, not memorable but the potential is there Lacrima - Gothic Metal; energetic and manly, excellent track, if this would have been released in the '90's Lacrima would have been elsewhere now... Fortress - fast paced traditional Thrash Metal; good composition, great vocals and 100% '80's American Thrash Metal scene influenced, loved it Belzebong - instrumentsl Stoner Doom Metal; heavy as a bulldozer, grovvy as the Amsterdam Red Lights District, awesome riffs, I need to get my hands on their album, I'm stocked! Alternative 4 - what are these guys doing on this compilation? I thought it was a Polish only release but they proved me wrong; no need for an introduction, you all know them. Excellent compilation, I have deeply enjoyed it.

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