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A newsletter for current and past members of the K-State Alumni Association Board of Directors “Enhancing our Kansas State University family through lifelong involvement” Greetings! What an incredible year 2011 has been for your alma mater! The swell of enthusiasm and pride for K-State is evident in every aspect from the campus, to the classroom, from the athletic field to events held worldwide. We continue to be so appreciative of your support and want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your ongoing commitment. Enclosed is a copy of our 2010-11 Annual Report, which shares information regarding Association programs. I hope you will enjoy reviewing the materials, and that you will let me know if you have any questions. Our staff is committed to being


-State alumni and friends continue to show their loyalty by supporting the K-State Alumni Association’s Tradition Founders fund. Donations have totaled more than 60 percent of our goal of $380,000 since the start of this year’s campaign on Oct. 1. Tradition Founders donations provide the funds for the Association’s operating budget and make it possible for the Association to provide the K-Stater magazine, alumni club activities, watch parties, multicultural programs and assist with student recruitment! If you haven’t made your gift to Tradition Founders this year, watch your mailbox in January for an opportunity to give, or you can give anytime online at We deeply appreciate your ongoing support! WINTER 2011

Go ’Cats! Amy Button Renz ’76, ’86 President and CEO

Thomas, waldman TO SERVE AS AMBASSADORS Homecoming 2011 activities were capped off by the election of Phillicia Thomas and Andrew Waldman to serve as our 2012 K-State Student Ambassadors. Their selection was announced at halftime of the football game against Oklahoma on Oct. 29. As ambassadors, Thomas and Waldman will visit with prospective students and alumni at Association

events throughout Kansas, serve as members of the Student Alumni Board, assist with programming and campus activities and special events sponsored by the university president’s office. Thomas is a junior in journalism and mass communications from Olathe, Kan. Waldman is a junior in industrial engineering and a native of Shawnee, Kan. David Mayes ‘96, K-State Alumni Association

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responsible stewards of the resources provided as we partner with university leadership to enhance the future of K-State. Again, thank you for all you continue to do to promote K-State. We could not experience the success we do without you and want to wish you the very best throughout the new year!

Phillicia Thomas and Andrew Waldman were named the 2012 Student Ambassadors at the Oct. 29 K-State Homecoming football game. Ambassadors receive the official K-State ring from the Alumni Association.

Alumni Association undergoes exciting changes


here have been several changes within our staff since July. Andrea Bryant Gladin ’02 was promoted to director of alumni programs in September when Jodi Weiberg ’90 resigned her position with the Association. Gavin Hargrave ’08, ’10, was appointed associate director of alumni programs and directs alumni club activities. He also assists with Catbacker Clubs and the Jr. Wildcat Club and serves as adviser for the K-State Student Ambassadors. Megan Sherlock ’06 joined the staff in September to serve as associate director of student programs. She is a former K-State admissions representative and is responsible for student programming including Homecoming, Wildcats Forever and serves as adviser to the Student Alumni Board. Dawn Furnas is our most recent addition, joining the staff in November as assistant editor in the communications department. Several staff members have been selected to serve on search committees for key university positions this year. Amy Button Renz ’76, ’86 serves on the director of Corporate Engagement search, Brad Sidener ’80 is serving on the College of Education dean’s search, Steve Logback ’90 is a member of the College of Agriculture dean’s search committee, Kelly Law ’01 was selected to lead the search committee for the assistant director of Greek Affairs and Terin Walters ’05 will serve on the search committee for an associate provost for International Programs.

The K-State Alumni Association staff is truly among the best in our profession! Through the years, our programs have received numerous awards through professional organizations, and alumni professionals continue to visit in an effort to learn best practices from our staff. Our staff also does an outstanding job of identifying personal and professional development opportunities that will keep them abreast of the very latest practices and technologies being utilized in the alumni relations field. Staff who have recently been selected for professional development opportunities include Gavin Hargrave ’08, ’10, who received the CASE District VI New Professionals Scholarship, and Morgan Roesler ’06, who received the National Educational Alumni Trust (NEAT) Professional Development Scholarship. Morgan will use the scholarship to attend a CASE social media conference in Chicago, Ill. Our programming efforts also have been enhanced through grants that have funded student internships this year. Jeni Elkins ’11, a NEAT Grant Program intern, worked with staff in our communications department to complete electronic communications research, and Sophia Dongilli, a junior in Spanish and international studies from Lincoln, Neb., has also been awarded a NEAT Grant Program internship this year. Her focus will be on alumni mapping and research that will benefit our volunteer club program.

Association programs continue to grow as staff looks to engage more alumni and friends and keep them informed and involved with K-State. This year, in coordination with several campus departments, our visibility increased by coordinating social events featuring campus representatives on the worldwide stage. Four international events were held this fall, and our goal is to double that number. With more than 4,600 alumni and friends living outside the U.S., the need for diverse programming for our ever-expanding global community is greater than ever, and our staff is committed to offering initiatives that engage and maintain relationships worldwide. Two exceptional members of the K-State faculty were honored Nov. 10 with the Dr. Ron and Rae Iman Outstanding Faculty Awards. Funded through the generosity of former board member Ron Iman ’62, ’70, ’73 and his wife, Rae, the awards program celebrated its fifth year in 2011. Recipients included Dr. Michael R. Kanost, who was recognized for outstanding research, and Dr. Christopher M. Sorensen, outstanding teaching awardee. A new Alumni Association award was established this fall to recognize K-State faculty or staff who have been instrumental in advancing the mission of the Association through support of our programs. The inaugural Wildcat Pride Awards were presented during the fall board meeting

[2] WINTER 2011

David Mayes ’96, K-State Alumni Association

Association social events increase visibility

At the 2011 Iman Awards presentation are (left to right) K-State Provost and Senior Vice President April Mason, Association President and CEO Amy Button Renz ’76, ’86, Iman faculty research award recipient Dr. Michael Kanost, Iman faculty teaching award recipient Dr. Chris Sorensen, Ron ’62, ’70, ’73 and Rae Iman of Albuquerque, N.M., and K-State President Kirk H. Schulz.

to Dr. Frank Tracz, director of the K-State bands, and to Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh, professor of agricultural economics. The Association also celebrated the 30th anniversary of the founding of Student Alumni Board, which was an initiative created by Amy Button Renz, who served as SAB’s first adviser. Involvement of the student leadership group is a vital component of the success of our student programming efforts.

Chair’s Corner As current and past board members, we all enjoy engaging with our university in a unique “behind the scenes” way. We are brought together to strengthen our Alumni Association, and are introduced to aspects of K-State other alumni and friends don’t see. Don’t keep this rich experience Todd Johnson ’94 inside. Share it with others and help engage them with K-State at a higher level. We obviously need to use discretion with the information we receive, but once we are certain it is for public consumption, seek ways to share it with your circle of influence and let the enthusiasm spread. Within the past few months my view of K-State, and the role the Alumni Association plays in strengthening K-State, has grown immensely. Regularly, I find myself in conversation about something unique and inspiring K-State is offering. Who knows if my efforts will result in more alumni engagement, greater scholarship offerings or an increase in the freshman-to-sophomore retention rate that helps us reach the metrics of K-State 2025, but I do know I’m having fun talking about these things! If you need a starter for your elevator speech, the following items have crossed my radar in the last few months and are worthy conversation starters. Request from Lynn a list of board engagement opportunities, highlighting how you can assist at the local level. Remind people of the unique Leadership Studies program and the amazing service and civic engagement opportunities our students told us about during the fall board meeting. Talk about the Iman Awards for teaching and research … challenge other alumni to step forward in unique ways to honor the outstanding faculty at K-State. Don’t forget the amazing efforts our Student Ambassadors and Student Alumni Board members put forth to continue this strong link between students and alumni. We receive regular updates about K-State Proud, a student-helping-student fundraising effort. Members of your alumni association also serve on the MultiCultural Alumni Council, strengthening K-State’s commitment to diversity and are represented on KSU Foundation and Athletic Council. This might also be a good chance to reference the vision of our athletics department to be a model intercollegiate athletics program! K-State has much to be proud of, and we have an obligation to engage others in this excitement. Thank you for your continued service! Wildcat Proud!

— Todd Johnson ’94

Fellows program recognizes alumni The K-State Alumni Fellows Program recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves in their careers. The program, which began in 1983, is jointly sponsored by the Dean’s Council, the President’s Office and the Alumni Association. Each year, alumni are selected by their college to return to campus as distinguished guests, mentors, friends and counselors. They are honored in recognition of the ultimate measure of a university — not curricula, facilities or programs, but on the quality of its alumni. Several current members of the Alumni Board of Directors have been honored with this prestigious award, including: Kent Bradley ’88; Jane Brunt ’77, ’80; Duane Cantrell ’78; Bernard Franklin ’76, ’96, Terry Matlack ’78 and Dan Yunk ’71, ’75, ’87. The 2012 Alumni Fellows to be honored in February are:  Jim Riemann ’66, ’73, ’74, College of Agriculture  Marvin Manlove ’68, College of Architecture, Planning and Design  Mark Chapman ’65, College of Arts & Sciences  Richard Cate ’79, College of Arts & Sciences  Janice Marks ’82, College of Business Administration  Kristine Smith ’04, Division of Continuing Education  Diane DeBacker ’02, College of Education  Raymond Dempsey Jr. ’90, College of Engineering  Rayford Vaughn ’82, ’88, Graduate School  Pirkl Hurd ’86, College of Human Ecology  Lee Gatton ’71, College of Technology and Aviation  Sara Mark ’77, ’83, College of Veterinary Medicine

Kudos & Congrats Dr. Dan Upson ’52, ’62, ’69 was the inaugural inductee of the Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame. Reggie Redetzke ’95, ’96 and his wife, Susannah, welcomed a new daughter, AnnaLauren Sloan Redetzke, April 24, 2011. Tracey Mann ’00 and his wife, Audrey, announced the birth of their daughter Quincy Caroline on June 21, 2011.

In Memoriam It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of Merrill H. Werts ’47 on Sept. 22, 2011, in Junction City, Kan. National president in 1957-58, he was vice president of Southwest State Bank, president of First National Bank and one of the principals in chartering the Fort Riley National Bank. He also served 10 years as a state senator for the Junction City, Manhattan and Fort Riley district.

WINTER 2011 [3]

Courtesy photo

Athletics department boasts continued success

The Alumni Association worked to promote Coach Bill Snyder for the 2011 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year.

K-State Athletics continues to build toward historic success as its staff works to create a world-class experience for studentathletes and fans alike. While the success on the field is most visible, the department also experienced great success off the field. In August, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics received full certification from the Division I Committee on Athletics Certification. This followed a yearlong self study and the certification of the governing body validates the integrity of K-State Athletics’ operations. It is with great pride that the Alumni Association worked to promote Coach Bill Snyder for the 2011 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year. Wildcat Nation responded in record numbers as Coach received more than 147,000 votes in the first round, which moved him to the finals of the competition. The award celebrates coaches for the sportsmanship, integrity, responsibility and excellence, and for giving back to their teams, schools and communities, on and off the field. The recipient will be announced the morning of the BCS Championship game Jan. 9 in New Orleans. The winner receives a $50,000 donation from Liberty Mutual to the charity or charities of his choice, as well as a $20,000 scholarship grant in the coach’s name to his school’s alumni association.

K-State posts record enrollment of 23,863 and more. The primary criteria for selecting schools is outstanding academics, and only about 15 percent of the nation’s 2,500 four-year colleges and two Canadian colleges are profiled. We also want to welcome more than 1,600 graduates who participated in commencement exercises earlier this month as members of the Alumni Association. All nine colleges and the Graduate School now participate in our College Gift program, and the Association was represented at each ceremony to deliver our personal congratulations and a gift to each new graduate.

Thanks for your continued support and best wishes throughout the New Year! From: The staff of the K-State Alumni Association

Happy New!Year!!


David Mayes ‘96, K-State Alumni Association

Great things are happening at K-State, and this fall the university posted a record enrollment of 23,863. Of this total, diversity enrollment is 3,218 students and international students number 1,857. K-State continues to be the university of choice among Kansas high school graduates and was rated by the Princeton Review and Random House as one of the best undergraduate schools in the nation. In the 2011 edition of The Best 373 Colleges, K-State has a two-page profile that includes information on academics, student life and the student body, admissions, student financial assistance

Board Matters Newsletter - Winter 2011  

K-State Board Matters Newsletter - Winter 2011

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