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THIS IS HOW WE ROLL 2013 Another year, another huge leap forward for Slipstream Longboards and the scene that we are a part of! The evolution here and elsewhere around the globe has

never been faster with new models, shapes, materials, riders, brands, styles & ideas reaching new highs on every level. This year we are introducing two new models. Our purest downhill board - The Barely Legal & our rockered �Do it all� board - The Raccoon. As usual, these boards are completely teamrider developed with astonishing results!

Almost all boards get shape and construction overhauls, but the major changes are that we work more and more with composite materials blended into the wood of our decks which helps us to control and alter flex, appearance and weight.

The biggest changes are probably made on The DFA, Buddy and Wedgie shapes, The Platypus gets a new flex option and The Twin and Lowrider have updated shapes as well. More on that on the following pages - Keep spreading the stoke!




Size 106,5 cm × 24,5 cm / 42” × 9.6” The Racoon was made with everything in mind. Truckbase adjustable: 71 cm - 74,5 cm / 28” - 29” With kicks and a generous platform this board is easShape Rocker, tub concave, bidirectional, double kicks ily thrown around and walked across. Tub concave Construction 8-ply hardmaple + 2 ply glass fibre (sandwich) and rocker gives you a really locked in feeling for tucking and stand ups. The rocker makes the board Flex low and stable while also providing a slight wedge to Downhill make it nimble and responsive. Freeride All in all the racoon is a chameleon of sorts, a one Carving board quiver providing you with the ability to do City whatever you want whenever you want, the feeling longboarding is all about! Graphics: Martin Gaard

Team rider: Elias Kvarekv책l Location: St.Hanshaugen / Kongen P책 Haugen, Oslo Board: Jackal Top Mount 2012 Photo: Mateusz Wieczorek


Size The Barely Legal is a board for all bombers out there. Truckbase It’s a fast and stable board with enough wheelwells Shape to ride huge grippy wheels to stick those hard curves. It fits perfectly for “the new riding style” as Construction it features wheelbase options at minimum 68,9 cm Flex and being a top mount makes it really responsive. Downhill It’s huge gaspedals makes it easy for you to “kick it Freeride in the back” and really dig into slides without losing Carving a single bit of concave because they are applied on City the outside. It also features a cute little tail so you can use it as your all around board.

95 cm × 24,7 cm / 37.4” × 9.7” adjustable 68,9 cm - 74,8 cm / 27.1” - 29.4” Deep concave, wheelwells, gaspedals 9-ply Canadian hardmaple

Graphics: Martin Gaard



The Jackal team model is custom made for us in Canada and is available both as a dropthrough & top-mount. The stiff & durable 9-ply design with a dropped platform has become a huge success and team favourite this season and has been spotted on a lot of podiums in Sweden and Norway. For riders that prefer a really low riding position, the dropthrough version is a natural choice, but riders looking for a responsive ride on the micro dropped platform go for the topmount version.


Size 90 cm × 24,5 cm / 35.4” × 9.6” Truckbase TM: adjustable 73,7 cm - 76,8 cm / 29” - 30.3” DT: 73,7 cm / 29” Shape Deep concave, 15 mm dropped, gas pedals Construction 9-ply Canadian hardmaple Flex Downhill Freeride Carving City

Graphics: Sergio Haisch


Size The DFA got a complete make-over this year. The Truckbase wheel base is tighter with a narrower body and conShape cave to make it more nimble and responsive. With a shorter weelbase we could add a kicktail. The 1.2” rocker and deep tub concave keeps you on- Construction board regardless if tucking through a tight sweeper Flex or freeriding switch. The gaspedals for extra traction Downhill and grip while doing slides or standups are now in Freeride both front and back, perfect for regular and switch Carving standies! They are located on the outside of the conCity cave so that no precious concave is lost.



97,5 cm × 24,6 (+ gas pedals) cm / 38.4” × 9.7” adjustable 66 cm - 69,8 cm / 26” - 27.5” Deep concave, wheelwells, gaspedals, tail, rocker 9-ply Canadian hardmaple

Graphics: Friedemann Zschiedrich

TEAM Adrian Jancey Ali Nas Carl Larsson Elias Kvarekvรฅl Erik Ris Henning Philip Patricksson Jesper Johansson John Ingolf Marcus Tjernstrรถm Ming Chan Sander Hasselberg Tord Tvedten

Size Following the huge success this board have had Truckbase since its release in 2012, this stiff and durable trick Shape / slide machine got a lot of riders hooked for sure! Its wide body and massive concave makes the board Construction stable and locks your feet in position to secure that steezy slide and the kicks helps you pop those Flex tricks you have been longing to nail. Downhill Freeride The updated shape also helps this board take Carving a beating better than most other dropthrough City boards!

88,5 cm × 24,6 cm / 34.8” × 9.7” 61,8 cm / 24.3” Deep concave, dropthrough, kick in both nose & tail 7-ply hardmaple + 2 ply glass fibre (sandwich)

Graphics: Friedemann Zschiedrich


With the intention of making the ultimately versatile carving board we give you The Wedgie. With a wedged nose & tail for tighter turns & a dropped platform for stability it has got you covered for commuting, freeriding, sliding, carving. You name it!

Size Truckbase Shape Construction

101 cm × 24 cm / 39.8” × 9.4” 84,2 cm / 32.4” Wedged drop down, deep concave 7-ply Canadian hardmaple + 2-ply fibreglass

Flex Downhill Freeride Carving City Graphics: Stefan Grolin



The Platypus is a responsive & really versatile board Size 96,8 cm × 23 cm / 38.25” × 9.1” designed for the multi-dicipline rider. It´s low dropTruckbase 67 cm / 26.5” through design makes the board light & easy to comShape Med. concave, dropthrough, kick in nose & tail mute & push with. The functional tail and nose kicks Constrution Hard: 7-ply maple + 2-ply fibreglass (s.wich) makes tricks easier & the board carves tight. Soft: 6-ply maple + 2-ply fibreglass (s.wich) If you are looking for a board for tricks, slides & just Flex pure fun this is it! Downhill Now The Platypus is available in two different flex Freeride options, the regular, stiffer version, and a thinner, Carving lighter and flexier version for the riders that prefer a City livelier flex. Grahpcis: Sergio Haisch


Updated shape to accommodate larger wheels and narrower trucks! This flexy carving design made of maple + fibreglass provides optimal energy return. It’s concave gives you a good edge to edge grip for huge slides & speedy hill bombs. The dropthrough mounting lowers the centre of gravity and makes the board more comfortable and stable. All in a all. The Twin is one of our most versatile boards in a responsive and lively package!

Size 100,6 cm × 24,3 cm / 39.6 ” × 9.6” Truckbase 78,2 cm / 30.8” Shape Medium Concave, medium camber, dropthrough Construction 7-ply hardmaple + 2 ply glass fibre (sandwich) Flex Downhill Freeride Carving City Graphics: Anne Lillebø Gjerstad

Updated shape for easier handling! This maple + fibreglass board provides lots of foot space and a deep concave for good grip and comfortably cruising those long hills. For maximum stability, it has a dropped platform, which gives you a lowered centre of gravity and more stable/comfortable pushing / foot braking. If you’ve not yet tried a dropped deck, you need to give it a go!

Size Truckbase Shape Construction

99,8 cm × 24,1 cm / 39.3” × 9.5” 82,5 cm / 32.5” Deep concave, dropped platform 7-ply Canadian hardmaple + 2-ply fibreglass

Flex Downhill Freeride Carving City Graphics: Skurktur

Team rider: John Ingolf Location: Jรถnkรถping


Size New updated shape with kicktail! Truckbase Short, wide, quick & stiff - The buddy takes you Shape wherever you want whenever you want. It’s variConstruction able wheelbase options helps you dial in that ultimate feeling. Flex You will wonder where The Buddy has been all your Downhill life. So stop reading, you need this board! Freeride Carving City

83,5 cm × 23,3 cm / 31.9” × 9.2” adjustable 48,8 cm - 52,1 cm / 19.2” - 20.2” Medium concave, kicktail 8-ply Canadian hardmaple

Graphics: Martine Bongard


This 100% wood pintail also features a cambered shape for a more responsive feel. Great for both carving & cruising, this board, made of seven plies of Canadian hardmaple, performs really well, no matter what you throw at it!

Size Truckbase Shape Construction

94,8 cm × 21,3 cm / 37.5” × 8.4” 69,5 cm / 27.25” Medium camber, medium concave, pintail 7-ply Canadian hardmaple.

Flex Downhill Freeride Carving City Graphics: Andrè Skjeggestad

Team rider: Tord Tvedten Location: Modolo, Sardinia, Italy Board: DFA 2012


Size The Fiberfish - with it’s huge camber, lively flex & Truckbase narrow design - gives you a board for quick fluid moShape tion & deep carves. Construction It also has a big kick tail good for manuals & even ollies. Flex Downhill Freeride Carving City

97,2 cm × 22 cm / 38.25” × 8.75” 65 cm / 25.5” Huge camber, medium concave, kicktail 5-ply Canadian hardmaple + 2-ply fibreglass

Graphics: www.swef.se

RE-ISSUES For 2013 we also give some of our favourite graphics throughout the years another go!

Twin from 2012

Fibrefish from 2010

Photo: Sander Hasselberg

Hammer from 2012

Platypus from 2011

BOARD MATRIX To help you chose your board we’ve done a nifty matrix that puts some features for each board side by side.


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INFORMATION Slipstream Longboard was founded 2002 in Gothenburg. We are 100% skater owned & operated & constantly push ourselves to develop new products. Visit www.slipstreamlongboards.com for more info.

Our progressive boards are made specially for the enthusiast rider. They feature more advanced materials & more complex shapes.

Our classic boards are made for the casual rider. We’ve used standard materials & classic shapes. If you are looking for something like an oldschool pintail check these boards out!

Our team boards are specially designed, with input from the Slipstream Team riders, for the hardcore riders. Top of the line materials & custom shapes. Everything to keep you on the board in high speeds!

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Slipstream Longboards - Quiver 2013  

All our boards for 2013