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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR I can’t quite believe it’s the winter. It’s about a year since the idea for SLiNK was first conceived and it feels like the time has just simply flown by! This issue, The Work Issue, encompasses all your usual favourites, along with a real insight into the world of plus size modelling told from both the agencies and models perspective. As a team, SLiNK has learnt loads about the plus size market in the last few months and we were honoured to be able to sit down and chat with some truly inspirational people. Make sure to check out our interviews with Milk Management, Hughes, Robyn Lawley, Tiffany Bank from Big Sexy and Lizzie Miller. We’ve also gotten to know one of our favourite labels, Yoek, a little better. I absolutely live in their clothes, so check out our interview and use the discount we’ve secured for you! When it comes to shopping, we’ve scoured the high street for everything from coats to party wear to ensure you’re ready for the Winter months ahead! Naturally our regular editorials, beauty, culture and travel pages are in here too! Check out our new youtube channel to get 3 top party hairstyle demonstrations from stylist, Lee Stafford


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THE TEAM RIVKIE BAUM Editor In Chief (Please contact for all Fashion and Interior enquiries) SAMANTHA MIRE Design and Graphics GINNY WEEKS Travel and Beauty Editor SIMON HENBERY Food Editor Head Chef, Chelsea Brasserie. RICARD GINER I SARIOLA Food Photography

ALICE DOGRUYOL Contributor DEE ANDREWS Illustrator Fashion Trends WILLA GEBBIE (Article Illustrations) SPECIAL THANKS: Felicities PR, Dave Wise, Excel at Models1, Hughes Models and Milk Management, The Westbury Hotel. W1

ALEXIS BICKNELL Restaurant Reviews JEFFREY MICHAEL Features Editor KATIE ANTONIOU Culture Writer

Cover Shot Photography: Dave Wise Styling: Rivkie Baum Hair: Oscar Alexander Make Up: Lauren Baker (Using Dermalogica Skincare and Mac Pro Make Up) Make up Assistant and Nails by: Nadia Blanco Model: Bara @ Milk Management Location: The Westbury, W1 Trouser and Jacket - The Collection @ Evans Bra - Gok Wan for Simply Be

CONTENTS 3 - Letter from the Editor 6-7 ‘Making the Grade’ 8 Yoek Discount Shopping Offer 10 Brand Watch ‘Yoek’ 13 - 20 ‘Blonde Bombshell’Fashion Editorial 22-27 Feature Interview - Milk Management 28-43 - Fashion Trends 45-51 ‘24/7’ Fashion Editorial 52-57 Robyn Lawley talks to SLiNK 58-63 ‘Empire State’ Fashion Editorial 64-69 Lizzie Miller talks to SLiNK 71-79 Cinderella ‘Fashion Editorial’ 80-81 Feature Interview - Hughes 82-85 Tiffany Bank, Star of ‘Big Sexy’ talks to SLiNK 86-89 Make Up 90-101 Hair

103-111 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 112-115 Tried and Tested Treatments 116-121 Health and Fitness *NEW* 122-125 Culture 126-135 Travel 136-155 Recipes / Food 156-161 Restaurant Reviews 162-165 Motoring 166 Stockists 167 Next Issue

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At aged fifteen I was a size 20/22, chronically obsessed with fashion I was in a constant state of dismay at the lack of clothing available on the high street in larger sizes. I desperately wanted to shop in Miss Selfridge, like my peers but, alas, my wardrobe was an eclectic mix of Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Marks and Spencer and Camden Market. I somehow made it work, but the lack of choice turned my fashion love into a living hell. In the UK we have seen the average size rise to a 16/18, but if that is the case, why hasn’t the fashion industry cottoned on to this emerging market? It still baffles me that there are women out there begging to spend their money, yet no one is ready to take it. While there are a wealth of online plus size stores that offer on-trend pieces in a range of sizes, it’s the ‘mainstream’ brands that seem to be falling behind in the times. It’s the high street we all head to when we fancy splashing the cash, yet if your bums a size 18+ you’re going to struggle to get yourself a cheap thrill.

Most trend led, high street retailers stop at a size 16 (a small 18 if you’re lucky), once you get beyond that you’re either discarded altogether or given a ‘special’ collection. Neither of which I want. If you’ve ever searched for the plus size collections in-store, you will be met with 1 of 3 scenarios. 1. You will either be on the top floor, in the pokiest corner they could find or worse, in the basement, with fluorescent lighting as your only friend; and always next to maternity wear. (Dear shops, fat and pregnant are not the same thing). But best of all, you always have to walk through the main, fashionable collections first, to remind you what you can’t have. 2. If you don’t head to the flagship store, you simply wont find the ‘special range’ there or better yet, it is only available online, because as a plus sized woman you shouldn’t really be leaving your house. You will also notice that the product is often omitted from in-house press magazines or campaign shots. If the brands themselves don’t think it’s ‘cool’ enough, why should we? 3. Once you do find it, please don’t hold your breath as it will normally

contain, boring basics, shapeless t-shirts or items that heavily resemble tents. This is due to the common misconception that at a size 18+ you want to dress in shapeless clothing (we don’t as this is drastically unflattering). To cut a long story short, we are the industry’s dirty, curvy secret. This may be thinking out the box a little, but what makes designers think that there aren’t plenty of silhouettes that suit a size 10 and 24 alike; Surely this would be a cheaper and more fashionable solution? You don’t need to spend money creating a separate collection, just start learning to grade up. But surely I’m not the first person to think of this? So there must be another reason the high street stores exclude us. Is it possible that it simply boils down to elitism and fear that if they go up to larger sizes that slimmer customers will be put off ? I’d like to think that’s my paranoia setting in. So high-street stores, the balls in your court, why wont you take our money? Go on, I dare you!





BRAND WATCH...YOEK For those of you who don’t know Yoek, you’re missing out. A personal wardrobe staple for me, Yoek is my go to brand for clothes that will fit, last and ensure compliments at every wear! Every season I top up my tunics and day dresses from Yoek, but my ultimate go to pieces are always the leather jackets. Such is the quality that I’m always stopped at every event, with everyone wanting a piece of this young, trendy, plus size brand. We’ve secured a discount for you too! So head to www. for a 15euro discount just enter the code: YoekSLiNK SLiNK: When did Yoek start? Yoek: I ( Johanna Timmer) started the brand about 25 years ago. SLiNK: Was it always a plus size brand? Yoek:Yes, it was always a plus size brand, starting from size 38 up to 58. The Yoek philosophy is that: ‘Plus size women do not want to look different”. Therefore the Yoek collection has such a wide size range. SLiNK: Why did you decide to design plus size? Yoek: During my modelling career when I was 17, I was a size 38, albeit with breasts, but fitted into the creations of most designers. When I went shopping it struck me that ‘larger sizes’ were much more difficult to get – especially in France and Italy. I seized the opportunity to exchange my modelling career for entrepreneurship and started my own fashion brand. Specifically, a quality label for women with a fuller figure. SLiNK: How much do you work with trends when designing? Yoek: As a fashion brand you have to be ahead of the trends. For inspiration

we visit Paris, London, New York and of course Amsterdam. Sometimes, after a long day in Paris for example, we flop into chairs at a sidewalk café, but even then, before you know it, we’re making sketches again to work out a new idea because someone walked by who’s inspired us. You can’t just turn off and on you know! You don’t think’ ‘I’m on holiday now, I’m not paying attention’. Inspiration comes to you in the weirdest places. On the way to the supermarket or on a boulevard in Saint Tropez. SLiNK: Is it hard as a brand that focuses on plus sizes to get recognised within a wider fashion community? Yoek: In the beginning when we started, especially, it meant working very hard to get recognition. But we managed it. Nowadays many glossy’s publish nice articles about plus sizes. SLiNK: Plus size fashion and its models have become quite a big phenomenon in the last few seasons, with the likes of French Elle and Vogue Italia going all curvy on us. Do you think that there is a greater acceptance of curvy woman at the moment? Yoek: We think much more attention could be paid to women with a fuller figure, in Holland only 36% of women are larger than a size 40. SLiNK: Is mainland Europe a more accepting market to plus size than the UK? Yoek: The desires of curvy women vary considerably per country. In England they don’t like to wear pants as much as the Dutch do. We sell mainly skirts over there; and in Britain they spend much more money on party clothes (such as our chiffon pieces) than the Dutch and the prefer a nice tight fit, while in Germany, for example, they prefer the A shape.’’

SLiNK: How would you describe the Yoek woman? Yoek: She knows what she wants. She dares to dress fashionably and does not want to look different because of her size. The Yoek woman is a fashion lover and good quality is important to her. SLiNK: What are the key trends to look out for in SS12? Yoek:Yoek offers a colourful collection for next summer, demonstrating a perfect balance between innovation, trends and tradition. Yoek plays with familiar colors and fabrics while combining them with new materials and techniques. After the successful launch of Dolce during the previous season, in summer 2012 the flowing, super microstretch will be omnipresent. Then there is the brand-new dying-with-oil method, a dying process producing an astonishing vintage look. By wearing it with silk and linen, a special and interesting play of contrasts is created. Layers remain important, although generally the silhouette is becoming straighter, thanks to short, fitted blazers, A-line tops and flamboyant maxi dresses. Yoek works with six themes for summer 2012: Fauna, Ethnic, Spring Rose, Neon Butterfly, Raspberry and the Blue group, consisting of Azul, Labyrinth and Breton. SLiNK: Would you like to see a celebrity in your brand, if so who? Yoek: It would be an honour to see Adele or Nigella Lawson dressed in one of our outfits. SLiNK: How do you see the brand expanding in the next 5 years? Yoek: We have recently launched our E-shop, allowing us to reach women all over the world.

FASHION Winter fashion is always divine. From soft knitwear, sparkly party wear and textured, statement pieces, we have it all in our fashion section. This first shoot is all about evening glamour. We’ve combined two of our favourite eras. 40’s glamour with a 70’s vibe for added luxury. Over the following pages we have all the regular trend pages, 4 amazing editorials and interviews with fashion insiders.



Floral Trouser and Matching Silk Jacket – (both) Evans Bra – Gok Wan for Simply Yours Ring – Topshop Necklace – New Look Shoes – Stylists Own Photography: Dave Wise Styling: Rivkie Baum

Beaded Cape – Wallis Gold Trousers – Primark Necklace – Topshop

Bra – Gok Wan for Simply Yours Textured Emerald Skirt – Asos Curve Necklace – New Look (Limited Collection)

Pink Dress – Dorothy Perkins Bangle – New Look


Floral Trouser and Matching Silk Jacket – (both) Evans Bra – Gok Wan for Simply Yours Ring – Topshop Necklace – New Look Shoes – Stylists Own

Fur Cape – Dorothy Perkins Pleated Bronze Skirt – Stylists Own Shoes – Dune

Lingerie Body – Gok Wan for Simply Yours Tights – Stylists Own Necklace – New Look Photography: Dave Wise Styling: Rivkie Baum Hair: Oscar Alexander Make Up: Lauren Baker (Using Dermalogica Skincare and Mac Pro Make Up) Make up Assistant and Nails by: Nadia Blanco Model: Bara @ Milk Management Location: The Westbury, W1

SLiNK MEETS... This issue is called ‘The Work Issue;’, not simply because we’ve scouted out the perfect pieces for the office and even better looks for that all important office party, but because we believe that no matter your size you can be incredibly successful, talented and gorgeous! We’ve been honoured to chat to some incredible people in the making of this issue. You’ve already met the fabulous team at Yoek, so it’s time to meet the woman behind one of the most successful plus size agencies. Anna Shillinglaw of Milk Management. Anna, a former model has an incredible eye for stunningly curvaceous models. She has seen her models book covers at Italian Vogue, French Elle and of course SLiNK! Her models speak so highly of her that I knew she’d have plenty to say and as a former model herself she has a fantastic and insightful understanding of the industry. We sent features editor, Jeffrey to meet her. .

ANNA @ MILK Interview by Jerffrey Michae

For our ‘Work Issue’ we wanted to come to the modelling agencies to get a cross section of the industry and understand the process of how models make it onto the covers of magazines and into advertising campaigns. The agency is the starting point where magazine and designers come to select a model. We caught up with Anna of Milk Model Management about how she started up her model empire. How did the agency start? Anna: Well, I worked as both a ‘skinny model’, and then a ‘plus sized model’ which all together spanned about 17 years. While I was model, if I wasn’t working, I was really good at thinking what I needed to do next. Did I need to do some more test shoots, or maybe I needed to change my hair, or maybe I even needed to be in a different country because they were bored of me. I always loved the idea of having my own agency. I was one of those annoying models in that while I was on a job I was always looking at other girls books and be thinking that she should be doing this or that differently. I was never jealous, but sort of more interested in their careers. I had a really good final year of modelling and I knew it was coming to an end, and decided it was a good time to open my own agency. I was on my last job, with all these models of different shapes and sizes, men women, and I was like, ‘Guys do you have a London agency? This is my last job and I’m going to open my own agency, want to join?’ and a few of them said ‘Ok!’ So I started off with five models, and I did it from my bedroom.

So it grew up from the idea of you knowing the industry so well? Anna: That’s I think the only reason I could have done it. I was in the industry so long. I didn’t just want a plus sized agency. I wanted an agency that in a way didn’t discriminate against size. When I scout a model I look at the face, and then the body is second. I don’t really care what size you are, just as long as you have a great high fashion face. Is there a major difference in representing your plus sized girls, versus your straight girls? Are they looking for something specific when they are looking for ‘plus sized’, compared to a ‘straight model’? Anna: Yeah there is, I try to make it not, but you do come up against challenges. Some people come with a brief of what they want, whether its hair color, or size. Size is often a thing because its sample sizes what they’ve got. Some people just want to see everyone because they don’t know what they are looking for. Or they might need a certain feeling, someone that’s not to high fashion that women can relate to. I think that’s a lot to do with plus sized, especially a lot of the catalogues. They don’t want to get someone too high fashion because their customer needs to be able relate to the model. And it’s a learning curve. I did kind of want this really high fashion agency, and all my plus girls to be really high fashion, but I’ve learnt that maybe my personal tastes aren’t always what the customers are wanting for their clients. So I’ve mellowed out a little bit, and have learnt every day about what clients want. 22

So instead of tailoring it to what you think, you are tailoring it towards what the clients are asking for instead. Anna: Exactly, and again when they give you a brief, you can offer a suggestion, but sometimes they are really busy and you don’t want to waste their time. But you can also say what about this or this girl. It’s your job as an agent to push a girl that they might not get yet, sometimes you have to help them. SLiNK: Where do you scout your girls from? Anna: Everywhere I go, I look. My husband plays rugby, and I’ve scouted girls at the rugby matches. I’ve scouted girls walking down the street. I’ve even scouted girls at dog shows. (laughs) Are you always ‘on’ then? Anna: I’m always, always looking. I actually really don’t like going up to people. But I have to; it’s my job (laughs). Some people are really embarrassed, and then some people are like ‘Oh Wow!’ I always say to even the people that work for me, even if you’re not sure, just give them a card, because you never know. Do you think it’s more visual when you first approach them, or do you feel out their personality first? Anna: You know, I’m only just starting to realise how important personality is in a model. We’ve had a few girls on the women’s board that have come, and some of them don’t have much personality. And clients will meet them, and be like what a beautiful girl, but I don’t feel that she has the right personality, or is able to perform in front of the camera. So it is

Do you feel like its slowly working its so important. And going up to a girl that of this. way. Body trends seem a lot slower than is curvy, you’ve got worry that you’re not So either you have to be smaller or fashion trends. going to insult them. They’ve got to be bigger to fit into the industry. Anna: I think it slowly is, but in comfortable with their size. So it can be England, we are a bit behind. A lot of Anna: Yes, and it’s also quite difficult a bit tricky. Do you feel like the clients have a higher expectation in a plus sized model to have more personality? Anna: Yeah I think so. Maybe they expect a skinny high fashion model to be a little bit, you know (tips nose up), but really they aren’t like that. They’re just great normal girls. But the plus girls are quite bubbly and less affected by things. I’ve found in interviewing the fantastic plus models for this issue that they are just beyond words in personality and confidence. I’m just overwhelmed with how strong these women are, in the way that they carry themselves, and talk about themselves. But also they’re so modest. They almost glaze over their huge credentials. And your talking about these epic covers they’ve done, and they just respond with just how thankful they are. Anna: Yes! I know, it really is amazing how humble they can be. One thing that we’ve noticed is that a lot of agencies for plus sized start their models at size 12. And we were wondering, does the industry really think that size 12 is plus sized? Anna: I know it’s terrible. Size 12 is a normal woman. Id love to be sized 12. The plus sized clients don’t think it’s normal. They think plus sized should start from a sized 16. But it’s the ‘straight size’ clients that will ask for a curvy plus sized girl for some of the magazines, and really they want a size 12. And actually a size 12 is the hardest size to sell because they either want you to be a sized 8, or a sized 16. A size 12 is no mans land. From learning my industry, a size 12 is not one or the other. And even though it’s a beautiful healthy size I’m reluctant to take on too many size 12 girls because

for size 18 girl. Even though a lot of clients want to embrace that size, they don’t have that size in samples. Most samples are a size 14 /16. So it is driven a lot by the sample sizes. A lot of the bigger magazines are quite open and accepting of bigger sizes, but they say it’s not them, that it’s literally the samples that they get for their shoots are a size 6, and 8. So I think it’s really the designers that need to make bigger sizes. Its funny you say that because the last few weeks chatting to industry friends I’ve heard that same thing that designers have a huge responsibility in presenting forward sizing as an image. The magazines are putting forward this idea. For example Vogue Italia has introduced Vogue Curvy and French Elle has put plus sized models on the cover… Anna: Still only once a year … But it’s starting to become something noticeable in the industry, and its changing things. Do you think this will come to the UK soon, or do you think it will stay more of a European novelty? Anna: You know, I really hope it does. I fight everyday, and everyday I do my mail outs to clients. My most favourite thing to do! It’s like the lottery, because if I get a new picture of my model, I literally email it to all the clients. I click on everyone, from Vogue, to Nick Night, because you never know when that someone is going to email back and go, ‘That’s perfect’. But, I bloody hope so. A lot of magazines are doing it now, ‘Look Magazine’ are doing it, but their idea (of plus) is a size 12. Every week they do the ‘high streets hottest’, but its still not mainstream fashion.

the weekly’s and bi-weekly’s are doing it pretty often, but the monthly’s are like once a year. I think the last time British Vogue used a plus sized girl was… Well when PollyA did it 6 or 7 years ago.

So they need to step up. Anna: Yeah I think so. I called Elle recently and Red Magazine and they were into the idea of putting together a plus sized story. So you never know. But I’m just about to put together a huge promotion for my plus division and it’s driven by images. My idea is to send it to every client worldwide, whether it’s a skinny client or a plus sized client. And it’s not really going to mention about the curves till the end. It’s going to have the Vogue covers, and the Elle covers. All of these amazing images that are really high fashion from the girls, and then when they are looking a little bit closer, they might go, oh these girls are a bit curvy, but still use them for new things. I’m very passionate about bringing this to high fashion. It’s exciting, it’s exhausting, it’s a challenge. But slowly, slowly we are getting there. What would you say is the best job you’ve gotten one of your plus girls into? Anna: When I booked Robyn on the cover of French Elle, which I was very proud of. You know, that was the start of Robyn Lawley. After that she booked the Italian Vogue Cover, the inside with Steven Meisel. Was it a chance thing? Anna: I was doing one of my mail outs, cause I love them and they are my favourite thing to do (laughs). And they emailed me back right away and we were screaming in the office. And we said do you realise she’s plus, and they said

some of the girls are. They enjoy their food, and a lot of their bodies are very we said that they had to see Robyn in strong. I remember when I made the person who was in Paris at the time. So transition from straight to plus sized she went in to meet them, and the editor modelling, I thought suddenly after fell in love and booked her. starving myself for so long I could actually eat. But it went into the wrong That’s sealing the deal when they meet places and it didn’t look very good. I face to face. think you’ve got to eat healthy, and Anna: Yes, that was a real turning you’ve got to feel good. And a lot of point in the agency and really put us on the plus sized models are just naturally the map. After that we booked Millie bigger girls. They still work out, and on the cover of French Marie Claire. they’ve got great waste lines, and great She went on a trip for a beauty shoot, stomachs. although nothing to do with plus, she’s just that beautiful. She went to So it’s not that when you’re a plus sized Mauritius to one of the best spas in the model you can eat whatever you want, world for ten days. you still have to be very confident and regimented. So Lucky. Anna: Yes, the lingerie clients still Anna: I know! And we’ve also just want you to have a waistline. booked some amazing stuff in the Guardian. And I had nine models in the So you still have very tight Elena Miro show. We’ve also got girls in specifications? the latest Evans campaign, and Simply Anna: Well we had a model send in Be. picture today that was a size 22. But we just looked at it, and it didn’t look So it’s coming down to the masses now healthy or fresh. She should have been with the girls, so it’s high fashion, but also with a character agency, but that wasn’t getting the right people seeing these girls? what Milk is about. As long as you’re Anna: Yeah, so it’s like even the healthy and you have an amazing face, clients who don’t use plus, know that because Milk promotes a healthy body if they ever get a plus sized job in, they image. I don’t think being a size 22 is know where to come. healthy, just as well as I don’t think being a size 0 is healthy. Do you think a plus sized model has a better body image of themselves because So do you think that it’s the fashion and they are more accepting of themselves media industry that is driving this body and their bodies? conscious versus health consciousness. Anna: It’s really hard to know, maybe Anna: I definitely think it has to in a small scale. I don’t wA be one of do with the media, I think that whole those people who comes across as being celebrity thing is huge. I think maybe really anti skinny or slim, because some celebrity is more than the models now. people are naturally that way. The models are really tall so they can sort of get away with it, but a lot of those Well at SLiNK as well, we are also celebrities are 5 foot and then they are trying to promote all sizes, and curves, a size zero. You don’t see how tall they and to not isolate women into categories are. There is just a huge fascination with against each other, one or the other. that image. I guess it’s how strong you Anna: Exactly, because you can get are inside, and your family and friends girls at size 10 that have beautiful curves. and boyfriend. But of course plus sized It does amaze me though how confident models still have insecurities. Our they were doing an issue on plus. And then they wanted polaroids of her, and

Robyn still has huge insecurities and she’s doing everything. It just makes you human. Especially if you’re being judged you can be quite hard on yourself. Models are still human beings. We are seeing so many new magazines and blogs focusing on curves and fashion, and people are really talking about it. So I definitely don’t think it is a fad. Where do you see your agency in the next few years? Anna: I think my agency can only get bigger and better. But I don’t want it to get to big that it loses that personal touch. But we are grossing more every month with new clients, and it’s very exciting at this moment. And it’s also because you love it though? Anna: Yeah I love what I do. But I think if it’s your own business you have to love it. I take what I do very personally and I take everything to heart because I’ve put my family through a lot to do this and I work my ass off. I don’t know how I do it all, but it happens. I love my models, and I love my clients. I get excited and I’m a big optimist. Even the little jobs I get excited about. It’s a learning curve, and I’ve learnt so much about accounting, taxes. You know I never had a real job, well besides being a model. I’ve learnt how to deal with people and watching and learning everyday. Well, we are going to be talking to some of your girls later in the issue and its really exciting to be able to see from your side all the work in helping to change the issue and then from their perspective in how they are actually received by the industry. Thank you so much A and we hope to see more of your girls as the up and coming faces in the magazines! Anna: Brilliant, thank you so much!


Illustrations by Dee Andrews Fashion Editor: Rivkie Baum


evans trouser

Marisota Magi Sculpt Dress£59

Marisota Bespoke Pencil Skirt £38

Dorothy Perkins Navy Jacket Next Drawstring dress £35

one stop plus maroon dress

One Stop Plus Leather Skirt

One Stop Plus Blouse Next Neutral Belted Mac £65

Dorothy Perkins Smart Jumpsuit

Next Dogtooth pencil skirt £25

Work wear need not be all black suits and boardroom boredom. Have fun with your work wardrobe and channel Miss Moneypenny in pussy bow blouses and flattering pencil skirts. Add tailored dresses to your work wardrobe for the ultimate in work chic.

Next Tux Jacket £49

Accessorize Fur Tippet £20

Next A-Line Skirt £28

Evans Red Tunic

Dorothy Perkins Red Cable Knit

Next Buckle Ankle Boots £65

ASOS Curve Mustard Skinny Jeans £35

Bonmarche Blue Satin Dress £35

Dorethy Perkins Pink Hell One Stop Plus - bag

A-Shu Purple Suede Effect Handbag with Tassels and Zip detail £23.99

We often associate winter with a dull colour palette but the AW11 shows actually featured a surprising array of eye-popping shades. Whether you go for a bold coloured dress or add a splash of brights with attention grabbing accessories makes sure you jazz up your winter blacks.

Office Awake the Neighbours £78

COLOUR ME IN Illustrations by Dee Andrews Fashion Editor: Rivkie Baum


Dorothy Perkins Yellow Coat

One Stop Plus

Dorothy Perkins Two-Tone Coat John Rocha faux fur trim parka

Debenhams John Rocha Maxi fabric coat £150


Marisota Military Coat £75

COATS Illustrations by Dee Andrews Fashion Editor: Rivkie Baum

We’ve enjoyed an extended summer but now it’s time to drag out your winter coats! If your outerwear is in need of an update, check out our top finds. This season there is such a vast choice for coats. Whether you want to go for 70’s glamour in faux fur or for a more sophisticated look in a tailored trench, the high street have some wonderful options. Get Shopping!


Illustrations by Dee Andrews Fashion Editor: Rivkie Baum

Marks & Spencer Camel Cape £75

Next A-Line Denim Skirt £28

Evans Pleated Skirt

Next Fit & flare skirt £30

Asos curve Fairisle Fit & Flare Dress £35

Next Check coat £75

Monsoon Adrianna Fairisle £75

We’ve always known that the Brit pack is an inspiration to fashion designers the world over but AW11 has seen Heritage styling take to the catwalk big time! Heritage twists were seen at DSquared2, Mulberry & Jean Charles de Castelbajac to name a few. So keep your eyes peeled for riding boots, knife pleats, tartans and tweeds. Let your inner lady take over!

Marks & Spencers Autograph Peacock Fit and flare promdress £75

Next Belted skirt £30 Next Riding boots £78


One stop plus Jumper

Illustrations by Dee Andrews Fashion Editor: Rivkie Baum

Marisota Ski Bunny Knit £48

Next Fairisle Print Sweater £32

Dorothy Perkins Knitted Poncho

Evans Poncho

Marks & Spencers

Regal Rose The Punk Collar £17.00

With the winter upon us it’s time to get wrapped up and for AW11 the fashion pack have gone crazy for knitwear. But we aren’t talking cashmere twin-sets and pearls, oh on, this is more ‘Granny’s on Acid’. Chunky knitwear with ‘Teen Idol’ slogans or cute animal motifs adorned the runway at the likes of Ashish and Topshop Unique. We’ve scoured the high street to make sure your winter woollies are a barrel of laughs too! Wear with quirky accessories like these star print shoes and stud necklace

Dorothy Perkins Jumper Dress Office A Starry Night £80



Illustrations by Dee Andrews Fashion Editor: Rivkie Baum

Dorothy Perkins Leopard Print Frock Coat

George at Asda. Bird Cape Blouse £13

Jegging Dorothy Perkins

Next Owl Print Blouse £28

Dorothy Perkins Animal Print Jumpsuit

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Bonmarche Purple Animal Print Cardigan with Tie. Dorothy Perkins Snake print shoes

We’re loving all things animal this season and animals have hugely inspired this Winters looks. Leopard, feathers and horse prints have ensured that this season is all about getting back to nature and releasing your wild side.

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XMAS PARTY Illustrations by Dee Andrews Fashion Editor: Rivkie Baum

At SLiNK HQ we love any excuse to get our party frocks on so we couldn’t be more excited about the Christmas party season! The high street is full to bursting with sparkles and party pieces that would look right at home on the red carpet! So make sure you show off your curves and check out our ultimate, Christmas party clothing. Whether you want separates or the ultimate dress, we have it covered! Also flick to our glamorous photoshoots as we’ve gone dress-up crazy! For perfect party hair watch our Lee Stafford party hair tutorials at http:// so you’re styled from top to toe.

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Bonmarche DE Black Mesh Shrug, £25.

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bonmarche DE Black Sequin Top £22

Marks and Spencers -Autograph Long Dress with Sequins £129 Evans Lace Dress

Accessorize Apollo Statement Ring £15 Bonmarche DE Pink Satin Dress £40 Marisota Velour Dress £75

Sparkly Firework Earrings £12

Marks and Spencer Long Black Flowy Pants £35 F&F Necklace £15 Asos curve Exclusive Jacquard Dress £70

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Dorothy Perkins Gold shoes

FASHION For those who like to go effortlessly from day to evening, check out our fabulous fashion shoot with Louise O’Reilly Effortless looks that will take you from the work place to a night out. 44


Photography: Dave Wise Fashion Editor: Rivkie Baum Cosmic Print Dress – Marks and Spencer Necklace and Rings – Topshop Cuff – New Look

Printed Tunic – Yoek Leather Look Leggings – Dorothy Perkins Ring – Topshop Clutch – QVC Photography: Dave Wise Styling: Rivkie Baum

Purple Beaded Tunic & Jeans – Evans Bangles – New Look Ring – Topshop

Jacket and Shorts – Dorothy Perkins Silver scallop vest – Stylists Own Necklace – New Look Ring – Topshop

Maxi Dress – Anna Scholz Belt – Stylists Own Cuff & Necklace – New Look Shoes – Stylist Own

Dress – Inspire @ New Look Belt & Necklace – Stylists Own Shoes – Head over Heels Hair: Oscar Alexander Make Up: Lauren Baker (Using Dermalogica Skincare and Mac Pro Make Up) Make up Assistant and Nails by: Nadia Blanco Model: Louise O’Reilly @ Excel Models1 Location: The Westbury Hotel, W1

ROBYN LAWLEY Interview by Jeffrey Michael

Robyn Lawley is quite simply the hottest thing on the planet right now. She has shot for French Elle and Italian Vogue and fronted campaigns for the likes of H&M. In demand all over the world she literally is the curvy girls answer to Kate Moss. Features Editor, Jeffrey Michael, caught up over Skype with the gorgeous Robyn Lawley...

I call Robyn and she tells me she is literally in a place called Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Literally the place is dodgy she tells me as she shows me out of her hotel window via skype. She is in the middle of a wheat field with a tractor, which looks convincingly like it could be from a horror film. We spend the next hour digging into her recent success on the covers of world magazines, and chatting about how she feels this elite high fashion world has come to accept and respect her shoot by shoot and cover by cover. SLiNK: You’ve really broken into a huge industry that has a very set and defined mold. You’ve done some massive projects lately, and it’s gotten you world recognition. Tell us a little about how that feels to earn that type of respect. Robyn: It’s nice to get to work with people of such a high caliber. I’ve gotten to meet some amazing photographers, and when you both work together really well you’re going to get amazing pictures. It doesn’t really matter what size you are, you’re going to look beautiful and amazing. I think it shocked the world, they were like, ‘Oh wait, these girls can actually model, and they model well, and why don’t we use more of them?’ It takes a certain kind of skill to model it’s not that easy. You need to

be really comfortable with yourself and know how to pose because you’re always in front of cameras. SLiNK: What was it like getting the cover of Italian Vogue? A massive accomplishment for any model, but especially to be as a plus sized model. Robyn: It happened much faster than I thought it would have. I had just done French Elle, so I thought I could maybe do American Elle, or more American kind of magazines. But Italian Vogue, I didn’t see that happening, and to go to that casting… I was in London and I had the call that I had to meet Steven Miesele, and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, WHAT?!’ SLiNK: Were you nervous to meet such a living legend? Robyn: Yes, definitely! I was very jet lagged and I had to go there wearing no makeup, and straight from the airport with all my bags. I had just been backpacking a little bit. But when I went in to meet him, he was there with Pat McGrath [famous British makeup artist] who I’m a big fan of, and their first reaction was ‘she’s not plus sized, is she really plus sized?’ And I was like… “My hips don’t lie, please use me!!” (Laughs) They were so sweet though and everything worked 52

out in the end. SLiNK: So did they make you wait for their casting reaction? Or did u find out right away? Robyn: I had to wait a few days. I just tried not to think about it. I’m really the type that’s like if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I’ve done my best so it’s ok. But I got the call that I had been cast, and I picked up and left everything. I was meant to stay in England for a job but it was the chance of a lifetime. I was just pretending like I hadn’t just met Steven Miesele, and pretending that it wasn’t a Vogue Italia shoot because I was so nervous already. And then getting the final booking, I just thought I was going to get sent home everyday. I thought they were just going to hate me and send me home. I was really nervous, but we got the shoot done and then I got a call again a week after that they wanted to do another one with me alone. And I just was like wow, this isn’t happening. SLiNK: And is that when they shot the cover? Robyn: We did the cover first. We shot for two days, and we fitted for two days. So it was a big four day ordeal, of stress. (Laughs) And then a few weeks later I did another single editorial shoot

with Pier Paolo in Italy. So I got flown to Italy, and I got to go to Italian Vogue headquarters, and meet the editor. It was a bit insane. And I was in Australia when the Vogue Italia came out, and I had a feeling, and I got up in the middle of the night and thought it had come out. And then to find out I had the cover with Candice and Tara. And I sent them an emails and was like, ‘We’re on the fucking cover of Italian Vogue!’ and they were like ‘NO this is not real!’ So the cover definitely came as a surprise. SLiNK: Did they not tell you what they were shooting for? Robyn: Well, they told us that maybe there was gonna be a cover, and that maybe one of us would get the cover or maybe not. We didn’t know. It could have just been one of us, it could have been all four of us. And I had to leave the shoot early, to fly back to England for my other job, so I was really stressed about that. I kinda wish I could have stayed for another day. But I got the cover, which was sweet, and I was really happy. SLiNK: When you got Australian Vogue did it mean more to the people at home because they recognized it better? Robyn: I was actually a bit bummed because we did a cover trial for the cover of Australian Vogue as well, but the editor said she didn’t want to make a big deal over everything that had already happened, so she didn’t book me on the cover. But I found doing Australian Vogue was amazing for my

agent because she has been pushing and advocating for plus sized models for 10 years. She was just thrilled and I was so happy for her, and for me. The shoot was really easygoing and I was so relaxed. I thought, ‘I’m ready now, and I’m not stressed about these things because I feel like a real model now’. The first shoot, the Elle shoot, I felt like I was going to vomit all day because I was so nervous. So I felt a lot calmer, and now it’s starting to feel more normal which is a good sign. I loved doing Australian Vogue, and they did an amazing article with it, and it did amazing things for Australia too because they had never had a plus sized model, ever, in any of the issues in their 52 years or so. It’s just nice to get these milestones and change the views of people. Because unfortunately when you think of a model, you think of a skinny girl, and I want to change that. I want you to think of just a beautiful girl, whether tall or short or big or small. SLiNK: Do you feel like it’s easier to change that perspective in high fashion, being so much more in the public eye? Robyn: Well of course. It’s kinda like the last exclusion. I love fashion, I’m a bloody fashionista. It’s so important to me. I think the way people dress you can tell everything about a person. So, if magazines of that calibre aren’t using more realistic images of women especially, I mean it just blows my mind that it’s not happening more often. There are a lot of brick walls that I’m coming up against, but we just hope to

keep breaking them down. The more people who do it though, the more people get comfortable and used to it. SLiNK: Where do you feel like that brick wall comes from in the industry? The magazines? designers? stylists? Robyn: It’s a bit from everybody; Everyone points fingers at someone else. But in my personal opinion it comes down to the designers, because they have the last say. A sample size is an expensive thing to get, and then they’ve got to factor in a woman’s size and they think why don’t we just get all the girls the same size, and then everyone’s going to fit it and we just have to pin it slightly. And then if they would have to think, this outfits going to be for a size this person, I think they just stress about that. And I’ve also heard people liken normal models to athletes, and that they should be in tip top shape and a certain size. But it flabbergasts me because I feel like some clothes actually suit a curvier body better, and yes its going to be a little bit of extra work, but you should do it anyway. I think they are making a bigger deal out of something that could just be done. SLiNK: I think it’s a trend though that’s slowly changing. There are such huge milestones that keep happening in the industry, and especially for you. Robyn: Well, I started modelling not just for money, but for editorials mainly. I just enjoyed modelling. But I wasn’t going to stick around and keep doing it if I wasn’t going to get anywhere. I

didn’t want to just do catalogues for ten years. I’m a very creative person, and I love fashion. I go to castings all the time now and see other models, and I think, all you are is skinny girl. You’ve got nothing else, no personality. But all the plus sized models I know are stunning and beautiful in their own individual way, and they’ve got these amazing faces. And in comparison to these other girls, I’m like are you just working only because your skinny? It doesn’t make sense. SLiNK: Do you feel like there are different standards placed on plus sized models compared to straight sized models? Do you feel like you have to do different things, or you have different freedoms? Robyn: Ya there are certain requirements for plus sized modelling just like regular modelling. I feel pretty free. I eat what I want, do what I want. I’m happy. It’s a pretty amazing job when you think about it that you get to go out and enjoy food, and have fun with your friends and you can eat everything. I think that in itself makes you less stressed. I mean, those poor girls, starvation isn’t fun. It’s a horrible thing to do, and to do it everyday. Some of them do have to do that, whether they say they do or not. Pretty much ninety percent of standard models have to starve, or say they can’t eat this, or can’t do that. I think that it would limit life so much. SLiNK: Do you feel like as a plus sized models you have less insecurities about your body, or do you think it’s pretty much

the same as a straight models. Robyn: I think it’s the same. You have to get more comfortable with your body more quickly because you’re going to be showing it a lot more. When you get changed in the rooms there are usually five other people. It’s been amazing to get comfortable with my body at a young age, because a lot of women are never quite comfortable with their bodies. I really relish that aspect because it means that I’m freer when I undress, I don’t care about so many things. It also comes with age naturally, but I think being comfortable with your body is so important because it opens up your world. You waste so much time otherwise worrying about how you look, which is just pure vanity, and you can be doing so many other things. SLiNK: How do you get to that point? What would you say to a young girl, having this experience, and learning how to love your body? Robyn: Stop hating your body. You have to give into it, and love it, and appreciate that you get to eat amazing food when other people in the world are starving each day. Your relationship with food is the most important. All these diets and programs and magazines make you hate your body and blame it. And I think when you start developing a health relationship with it you open up a different world. When you start listening to your body, when you listen to when you’re full, then you’re not over eating or under eating. It’s just about

listening to your body, and then you start noticing the small differences. For me, I know when I’m hungry, I know when I’m full. My weight doesn’t change, it stays the same and it’s a good size, and a good BMI and I’m healthy. And that’s all because I started asking, ‘what do I want’? It’s about developing a healthy relationship with food. SLiNK: Do you have bigger dreams then for other covers? Robyn: I have huge hopes. I have hopes that stress me out at night though. I want everything to happen, and I want it to happen now. I know it takes time though. And I try to focus my energies on other things, hobbies, so I don’t go mentally insane (laughs). It’s a job that you can’t predict. I try to keep a level head, what comes, comes, and I can’t force people to shoot me or have me on sets. I just hope they like the message that I’m saying, and appreciate the body that I have. SLiNK: What do you think clients want? Robyn: They want a girl that knows how to sell products, and in that way you need to know fashion, and you have to know clothes. So for me when I’m modelling, I’m always trying to embody the clothes whatever I’m wearing. Try to feel what they want from the shot. In what I’m wearing I have to tell a story. I feel like in your face if you have more emotion and you’re telling something, it’s more exciting to look at than the same face and the same body shot after

shot. I feel like it’s kinda like acting a little bit. SLiNK: Have you ever taken any acting classes? Robyn: No, but I used to do drama in high school, and I did all the school plays. I used to be very into it, but I’m too tall to be an actor though. SLiNK: Oh there are standards for everything. (Laughs) No one is every satisfied! Robyn: I know! I’ve met so many actors lately, and they are just so tiny. There is no way, shape or form that I could do that, because I am a giant in comparison to them. But I don’t know if I would want to do acting anymore, I kinda like modelling a lot. And I have other hobbies, and other ambitions. SLiNK: What about Chanel, Dior, Versace, would you ever want to do one of their campaigns? Robyn: Of course! Of course! I’ve got some brands that I would really want to work for. But I feel like for me that road’s going to be a really long one. I don’t know if that is going to happen anytime soon. I hope, but I’m not going to worry if it doesn’t. But every model would love to work for say Yves Saint Laurent, or Chanel … SLiNK: To have Karl Lagerfeld walk up to you and say ‘you are the new face of Chanel’ Robyn: And I drop dead .. (laughs)

SLiNK: But then how do you feel about high fashion. Is that where you want to keep pioneering? Robyn: Well, I love being dressed in amazing clothes. That’s the most exciting part for me. You know, its unfortunate, but a lot of the time plus sized clothing still isn’t that attractive. And you have to model it day after day, and I find it, well not demeaning, but more suffocating. I feel like it’s very liberating to be dressed in what I see in magazines. And I feel like finally I get to look the way regular models do, and look beautiful, and surprise surprise, I look equally as beautiful as those girls do. SLiNK: So take that! Robyn: Ya so take that! (laughs) SLiNK: So what’s next for you? Lots of work in New York, or internationally then? Robyn: I work everywhere. I live in New York, that’s my base, and I will always work internationally. It’s just that I’ve come to terms with that’s how it will be. Some girls stay a lot more in America, and some girls stay more in Europe. I’ve got my hands in both pots. But my plans are to keep modelling and to keep doing my other stuff on the side. I’m trying to start designing a capsule collection in my own name and sizes. I just want to make cool clothes for plus sized girls. I don’t feel like there’s enough of it. I want to wear them, and want them to be accessible. It’s just a matter of getting it all done, and it’s

a bit hard getting everything together with my job. I just want to take my time and get it done as I can. SLiNK: Well let me say here first that when it is done, SLiNK would love to shoot some of that collection for the magazine to get it out there! Robyn: Awesome! I just feel like it’s such a huge market. And for my little sister, she went through a period in life when she was a large size and she couldn’t find anything that was cool for her age group. So I really want to design it for early twenties and teenagers. I really feel like that is an age group that is getting skipped. You’ve only got a very select few brands that do really cheap crap, and not cool stuff. I want girls to be able to shop in a normal shop, but have their sizes available. Clothes should be made for people, not the other way around, people making themselves fit clothes, you know? SLiNK: Well it’s a slow fight, but one that is being fought cover by cover. Thank you so much for chatting with SLiNK Robyn, and we are excited to see you stealing the covers of more high fashion magazines! Robyn: Awesome, thank you so much Jeff !


Photography: Matt Priestley Styling: Heather Hazzan Leather Jacket - BCBG @ Nordstrom, Sunglasses - Re/Dress NYC, Vest - Rachel Roy @ Macy’s


Blue Dress - Rachel Roy @ Macy’s, Head band Asos, Wedges - Urban Outfitters

Leather Jacket - BCBG @ Nordstrom, Sunglasses - Re/Dress NYC, Vest - Rachel Roy @ Macy’s

Red Mac - Michael Kors @ Nordstrom, Scarf H&M

Pink Jacket - H&M, Khaki Flares - Asos Curve, Shoes - French Connection

Photography: Matt Priestley Model and Styling: Heather Hazzan Make Up and Hair: Jourdan Dudgeoun

Turquoise Jacket - Christian Dior Vintage from Re/ Dress NYC , Sunglasses - Re/Dress NYC

LIZZY MILLER Interview by: Jeffrey Michael

Lizzy Miller is one of those models who has changed the world without even trying. We doubt she realised when she posed nude and unairbrushed for Glamour magazine that she would inspire body confidence for a generation of women. We were lucky enough to grab Lizzy for a coffee and chat when she popped over the pond to the UK

For those of you who don’t know, Lizzy Miller is one of the up and coming plus sized models who has thwarted convention. In September 2009 she posed naked and un-airbrushed as the main ticket in American magazine, Glamour. Her brave and bold move sent out waves of positive support, with the photo sitting quietly and unannounced literally amongst hundreds of pages of typical tiny airbrushed models. We caught up with her for a coffee between meetings and dinners in a quiet South Kensington, London, before she jetted off to her next destination. SLiNK: Lizzy it has been lovely tracking your career and seeing your beautiful and brave photographs in Glamour magazine a few years back. They were really ground breaking and made some waves in the industry. Where you shocked about the reaction that came from it? Lizzy: Yes actually, because I didn’t even know I was going to be in that issue. I had done the shoot for them and remember looking at it and literally remembering saying to myself, “Oh this is small, no ones going to see this”, and it was tucked in the back of the magazine as a small tiny shot. And then all of a sudden my mom and friends were calling me and telling me, ‘Lizzy this is huge’. And I thought my mom was just being a mom. But then Cindy Levy, the editor and chief of the magazine called to do an interview with me, and then from there it was crazy. Next I

was on the Today Show with Matt Lower, CNN with Campbell Brown, Ian Schneider, the Ellen Show, it was crazy because I couldn’t even figure it out myself, how did this little picture get such a big reaction, you know? SLiNK: But it completely struck a nerve with women. They were seeing something that was a huge change from what they were used to in magazines, this one natural photo. I read about how women reacted, that they even wrote you fan mail. Lizzy: Ya it was amazing the reaction I had people writing to me. I even had guys writing to me for their girlfriend saying, ‘I’ve always told her she is beautiful, and thank you because now she believes me.’ It was really cool to see that it didn’t just affect the women, it affected the men too, and I even had some men writing to me saying I have the same confidence issues, and, ‘you go girl’. It was cool to just feel like I helped empower someone. Because if I can change one person’s perspective about themselves, then I feel like I’ve done something rewarding. SLiNK: Do you normally feel like a role model though? Or did that article give you more of a platform? Lizzy: I guess I wouldn’t put that title on myself, but I guess in doing what I do, people are going to look at the pictures and react like that. I have people that I look up to, like J-lo, Beyonce, Kate Winslet. And I’m like “Oh my god they 64

are so beautiful”, I love their curves and the way they work with what they have. I think it’s great if I can be a frontrunner for women because it took those people to help me accept myself for who I am and if I can be that person for someone else then why not. SLiNK: Have you found a lot of work in the industry since then? Maybe some catwalks?! Lizzy: The thing is there aren’t really a lot of catwalks for plus size. There’s the Elena Miro Show, had their fashion show, not this past fashion week but the one before. They’re few and far between. I think that there needs to be less of a dividing line. And I feel like people are still tiptoeing into it. There is the occasional editorial, but that makes it really exciting when you get one, because you don’t get that a lot. But I feel like whenever they do it they get such a great reaction so I don’t see why it isn’t done more in magazines. SLiNK: It’s so true, I was just at a show last season, which was Mark Fast and he had a plus sized model walk his catwalk. But it was her that everyone was talking about after the show and saying how ground breaking her being on a mainstream catwalk was. To me it just seemed normal amongst all of the other models. Lizzy: Exactly, why can’t a beautiful girl be just a beautiful girl? People are so hungry to see those images and to see those women that look like them. And

you know, there is truly a lot of money in that, and when it comes down to it every business wants to make money. It would be great to see a brand of clothing that goes in all sizes. I’m sick of the whole segregation thing. Why can’t women be able to wear the same clothes? I know when I was younger, I just want to be able to wear the same things as my friends, not have to shop into a special store. SLiNK: Do you find that it’s changing now, do you feel like you can walk into the high street stores and find things that you love? Lizzy: I’ve been modelling for 9 years, and I remember when I first started the clothes were horrible. The clothes were actually shapeless potato sacks trying to hide the woman’s figure. Designers didn’t really know what to do with the body. I’ve seen the progression in the different brands. It still has a way to go, but the progression is that I can put on a designers clothing and think that I actually want to wear it. It still has a ways to go, but it keeps growing. SLiNK: And the other thing is the magazine industry is changing because the magazines are now putting plus sized on the covers. Like Italian Vogue, and new magazines like SLiNK that are pushing it. Lizzy Well if only we could get SLiNK in America (you can read us online http://www.SLiNKmagazine. com). It’s great because it’s got to start

somewhere, but I feel like people are so set in their ways on what sells in North America that they are afraid to try something new and different. But what I’m seeing is that when these magazines do it, it gets such a splash because it’s so different and makes them stand out. SLiNK: There is such a huge customer base, its just getting it into the right places and on the right people. Women want clothes that fit them and make them look good, and are also fashionable. But specifically when it came to your pictures in Glamour, you weren’t modelling any clothes. It was brave because it was just your own real body in that picture. It was classy and very beautiful, but it was nothing riske. It was controversial though, Lizzy … Because I was just sitting there being relaxed, and in my element SLiNK Exactly, being a woman … Lizzy … Not airbrushed, and that’s the most shocking thing, because every image in every magazine, well you know this, is airbrushed. SLiNK: I was just talking to an amazing airbrusher last week who works for some of the big magazines, and he said recently in the last few years he’s actually had to retouch the girls bigger because they are too small and they don’t want them that small. Lizzy: That’s good, but then why don’t they use bigger girls then?

SLiNK: He said that he thinks it’s really still the designers fault in the end, because they are still making sample sizes that are size 0, when the big name models are actually more busty on top, and have an hourglass figure now. It’s becoming more popular to be curvier as a model as times change. Lizzy: I actually remember when Glamour did a women’s timeline, and I thought it was great because they showed in the 50’s Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Lauren were the epitome of beauty. And then it shows how it moved to Twiggy who switched it up, and then to Kate Moss, and it’s been that waif look for so long. I feel like just how fashion trends change … SLiNK: Body trends change too … Lizzy: Ya! I went to the Louvre yesterday in Paris, and every painting and the sculpture of Venus, I was like, that is me right there. That was there epitome of beauty. And so I feel like, it always changes and has a timeline and we are coming back into that time. SLiNK: I think body trends are a lot slower at changing than fashion trends. You almost have to change the mindset of women and men. But the funny thing is, from what I’ve seen it’s not so much the men being critical, it’s more the women being more critical of other women. Lizzy: Well me and my friend always joke that women usually dress for other women. Half the stuff that we think is fashionable, guys are like, ‘Why are you

wearing that!?’ As long as they can see your shape that’s great. (Laughs) I think women are too hard on each other. A change needs to start with women. I feel like curves can also be a good challenge to a designer because you have to work it. A skinny girl can make anything look good! It drapes fine, but when you get different dimensions and curves thrown into it, it takes more work in tailoring and placement. Maybe that’s why designers don’t do it because it is too much work. But if designers see a profit in that part of the industry then they will move into it as well. SLiNK: Well I remember when I was in New York last summer, I was hearing rumours that labels like Marc Jacobs were talking about a plus sized range. Lizzy: YES! I heard that too. I would love to be the face of Marc Jacobs. You can quote me on that! SLiNK: He is interested in business as well as design. For me that means he sees some obvious potential in the untapped market.

Lizzy: Curvy women have the money to spend, they just don’t have anywhere to spend it in these bigger brands. I mean it really is an untapped market and if you can design into that then you’re going to do really well. SLiNK: So that was a year back, and in talking to your agent you are in New York, then in Paris, then in London, and then in New York. Obviously a very busy lady. But what’s next for you, do you have other things on the go? Lizzy: Modelling is my love, but I’m also a musician and a singer, and I’m just getting my EP together. Working with some producers, trying to hone my exact sound. It’s a really cool experience and I’m learning a lot about myself and the music industry. I hope in 5 years I’m Lizzy Miller Model / Singer. So just working on putting that content together. I want to get it all lined up. I have one song done now, but I’m going to wait till I have a few more ready. I have to build the content and my base first, and then I can release. It’s in the process.

SLiNK: Do you have any massive goals left in modelling? Lizzy: I have very high aspirations for myself. I would love to do ‘Covergirl’, I would love to be in the ads for Louis Vuitton, DKNY, BCBG MaxAzria. I mean, I love all of those brands. But I feel like once I’m a singer, I feel like then it can really happen. With most of those brands it’s either Gisele Bundchen, or it’s a celebrity model behind them now. I feel like once the music thing happens that will open that door. As far as beauty, ‘Covergirl’ would be epic. And then of course Marc Jacobs!! That’s just the light at the end of the tunnel for that high fashion edge. And Marc is a huge label, and someone’s got to be the frontrunner, so if he’s going to start it, I feel like it can be me. SLiNK: Well hopefully he is reading this in NYC. We are so excited for you in the future, and ready to see some bold new photos Lizzy! Lizzy: Thanks so much SLiNK!

Photography by Samantha West Hair and Make up by Patricia Iglesias Styling by Samantha West and Patricia Iglesias Model: Lizzie Miller All clothing by American Apparel Shoes are model’s own Earrings model’s own Necklace by Pamela Love All shot on location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

FASHION This is the time of year when dressing up is a must. The stores are full of evening glamour, from sequins and bead work to floor length gowns that will show off and enhance your curves beautifully. So treat yourself to a timeless dress that will ensure any eveneing occasion no longer fills you with dread.


Dress - Beige Necklace - QVC Earrings - Models Own Photography: Dave Wise Styling: Rivkie Baum

Navy Dress – Vivianna available at Beige Necklace – QVC Ring – Topshop

Purple Dress – Beige Earrings – QVC Necklace - New Look Belt & Shoes - Stylists Own

Beaded Navy Dress – Marisota Earrings – QVC

Blue Evening Dress, beaded bust – Beige Necklace – New Look

Red Dress – Beige Pewter Shoes – Dune Ring and Necklace – QVC Earrings – Models Own Hair: Oscar Alexander Make Up: Lauren Baker (Using Dermalogica Skincare and Mac Pro Make Up) Make up Assistant and Nails by: Nadia Blanco Model: Laura G @ Hughes Models Location: The Westbury W1

HUGHES MODELS Interview by Jeffrey Michael

Hughes Models were the first specialist plus size agency in the EU and UK, spotting a change in the market is key and Hughes have been instrumental in the birth of plus size modelling agencies in this country making them a prime target for a chat with SLiNK.

SLiNK: What brought about the start of your plus size agency? Hughes: Cheryl was working at an agency (back in the 80’s) where they already used very slightly bigger girls than the regular market and they were finding more and more clients were wanting bigger than the girls they had and then clients were asking for proper plus girls. Seeing the opportunity for a specialist agency in the marketplace Hughes Models was born, the first in the UK and EU. SLiNK: How different is it representing plus size to straight models? Hughes: The requirements for girls working in the Plus Size market are exactly the same as for straight models. The only difference is the size. Things like height, proportion, a good body tone, that special quality of all successful models to make the camera love them, ability to work fluidly in front of a camera. In other words to be truly successful they need the same “star” quality of any successful straight model.

SLiNK: Where do you scout girls from? Hughes: Everywhere from local cafe’s to Oxford Circus and Shows. We keep our eyes peeled at all times. We receive huge quantities of applications from our website. Also thanks to our longevity, we are lucky and get lots of referrals from within the industry. SLiNK: Most plus size agencies start from a size 12, do you really think that this is plus sized? Hughes: I think if you put a size 12 next to the size 4’s and 6’s that most of the couture shows and designers use then yes a 12 is plus size in comparison. If you compare our size 12’s to the normal woman out there, then no of course not. SLiNK: Vogue Italia have introduced Vogue Curvy and French Elle have put plus size on the cover, do you think we will see UK magazine’s following suit? Hughes: We can always hope and will forever keep on trying! In my opinion they are missing a great opportunity by not featuring some on 80

the most beautiful girls in the industry. SLiNK: What’s the best job you’ve ever got a girl onto? Hughes: I think a worldwide buyout for Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue was one of the best ones. Others would include exclusivity contracts for catalogues like GUS, Freemans and Kays. We do have a girl who currently has a six figure exclusivity contract with a well known Australian lingerie company. For the right girl there is plenty of opportunities. SLiNK: Do you think plus size models have a healthier body image, are they better role models for young women? Hughes: Certainly the girls that we represent, because it is about having a positive body image and you can be beautiful at a bigger size. I’d like to think that we promote women being comfortable being whatever size they are as long as they eat healthily and get regular exercise. We are certainly not into encouraging obesity as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle

SLiNK: Does fashion and media really have that much to answer for in regards to women’s body image? Hughes: To some degree, but I think it depends entirely on the reader and their own self image. It takes a lot of selfconfidence to not be influenced by the continual bombardment of incredibly thin, young and beautiful women in the media. SLiNK: What qualities do you look for when signing a plus sized model. Is confidence and personality more of an asset? Hughes: Confidence is extremely important, as is personality. All girls must be extremely professional and switched on. However she must also be beautiful, with great skin, great hair and teeth, and in proportion. The market

is incredibly competitive and the girls need to take our breath away both off and on camera. She has to have that undeniable beauty. SLiNK: Is it more a size 16 that is most selected, or more in the middle between a straight and plus sized model at around size 12? Hughes: Both size 14 and size 16 are widely used. The size 12 market is ever increasing also, we’ve seen a large growth in demand for the smaller sizes in the past couple of years. SLiNK: With more high street stores leading into plus sized clothing and fashionable pieces for curvy women, is this affecting the models that are being requested? Are they seeking sizes above average than you have seen over the last few years?

Hughes: Every so often there is a micro trend whereby clients try and use a slightly different sized girl to most of the plus size market. However the pendulum tends to swing back to what has worked for them over the long run. SLiNK: There has been a trend over the last few years in that photos have had to be retouched on smaller models to actually give them more curves, and less bones showing. Does this make you angry? Would you rather them choose a curvier girl instead? Hughes: It would be a lot cheaper for the client! But we’ll find them and when they see our 10+ girls they will wonder why they chose the skinny girl in the first place!

TIFFANY BANK Interview by Jeffrey Michael

Curvy girls are often left unrepresented in mainstream media, something we all find rather frustrating. With so many shows surrounding the ‘straight’ modelling industry, X Factor’s and American Idols it was refreshing to see a new plus size modelling show take to the screen. We caught up with ‘Big Sexy’ star Tiffany Bank to find out more.

Tiffany Bank has recently taken television by storm as one of the main hosts of the TLC show, ‘Big Sexy,’ which features 5 plus sized models living and working in New York City. The show follows them around on adventures from casting calls, to runway shows, to challenging the main misconceptions about what fashion can and will be in the future. Tiffany took some time out to meet with the SLiNK features editor between her busy NYC fashion lifestyle to talk about the show, her life, and how being in the spotlight has changed her career. SLiNK: We love the show at SLiNK and have been keeping up to date with all the episodes via Youtube. What has life been like since it finished? Tiffany: Life has been crazy and pretty amazing. We got to do things while we were promoting the show that I never in my wildest dreams would have ever imagined. For the past five years I’ve been working to show my face and network and meet with people, and to plant seeds, and to earn my way. And now thanks finally to ‘Big Sexy’, people are now saying ‘Oh you’re that girl that emailed me three years ago’ and I’m like “Ya that was me!” It was a huge stepping-stone and I’m so grateful. I’m so ready to work and this has just been a great opportunity to get myself out there more. SLiNK: But do you think the show did a good job of putting you girls into a positive light and representing you well? Tiffany: I think they did an amazing job at representing us. I think they could have taken the road of making it tons

of drama and I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what my ‘character’ would be, or how they would represent us. Or would they just get my bad days, and show only that? But I’ve gotten really great feedback. The industry is excited to see something like this because it is such a positive show. I’ve personally gotten a lot of fanmail from women who are plus sized, and just relate to me. Even before the show I’d get stopped in the street because people thought I looked like someone’s cousin or someone’s sister. I feel like I have a relatable look to people. It feels really good because I’m not some high fashion supermodel; I’m just working with what I have. SLiNK: So obviously you girls had a lot of fun doing the show. There was a recent interview of you ladies at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York and it’s amazing because you actually seem like really close friends from the show. Tiffany: Ya, we are all actually friends. We were actually just at the Ford Magazine launch party together. We are very busy, because we all have our own individual endeavours which is part of the reason why we did the show, but we do get together once in awhile to do things. We are all really working in the industry trying to make it and that’s what the shows about, and we have another show together on Discovery Fit and Health doing some cool hosting. So we are together working and hanging out. Overall we have a really good respect for each other and what we are trying to do. And we were having fun a lot of the time. We even got to go and ride mechanical bulls on the show. 82

SLiNK: Amazing episode by the way, probably one of my favourites. The clips are now forever on Youtube they are so popular. Tiffany: That was actually one of my favourite shoots to do because I honestly forgot the cameras were there for the majority of the night. All I remember were Nicky’s boobs in my face most of the night. SLiNK: (laughs) well that’s a good night then. So since the show, it sounds like it has done a lot for you. How has it branched you out into the public more than just being a model? Tiffany: It’s so funny because a lot of people told me that they liked my modelling, but that I may have a thing for TV. I have been trying to do TV hosting for a long time and I would like to be versatile enough to do modelling, TV hosting, and acting. A triple threat. I can’t sing and I can’t dance but I can definitely showcase the other parts of myself. I love being on stage, I love being in front of the camera, and I love making people feel good in some shape or form. SLiNK: Something I’ve also seen before is your show that you started online called ‘TiffanyPlus’. It’s really charming and you have such a good rapport with your guests. Is there a future there? Tiffany: I would absolutely love to have my own show, even if it was just online. I started doing the show before we started filming Big Sexy but had to put that on hold because filming the show took so much time. Right when I began promoting TiffanyPlus is when I signed the contracts for Big

Sexy. It’s something I definitely want to go back into and if someone wants to take a chance on me and give me a hosting job I would love it. The thing with TV hosting is that I was watching TV and realised that there are no plus sized correspondents that are in the mainstream media. For example, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, they have great programming, but they don’t have different sized correspondents. And I thought, well, I’m not going to wait to see that happen, so I’ll show people a mock version of what it could look like on my own show. My hope was that someone would see that and say that I had the skills. My dream would be as a guest correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, because I think it would be a profound thing for television to use curvier bodies for the mainstream news and entertainment television. Just like it’s necessary for fashion, it’s necessary for mainstream media as well. It is nice to see their beautiful correspondents and hosts and for TV you have to be kind of small aesthetically because you have a lot of the actors and a lot of the models you’re interviewing are small, I get it, I get the logistics of why they don’t use plus sizes… but I don’t care. (laughs) SLiNK: It’s just a technicality that can be gotten around. Tiffany: Yep, just change the camera angle. SLiNK: But since the show you’ve actually been on a lot of the shows you

mentioned. You’ve been on the Today show, you’ve been on Entertainment Tonight, you’ve been on Tyra Banks. How was that? Tiffany: It’s weird, and awesome. I’m definitely one of those girls who in high school would doodle and daydream of being on TV, and being on these shows. It was funny because when I was in it, I was thinking I’m living this dream. And now I don’t want it to stop. I want to be in it more and I want to do more. I even got to meet Shaquille O’Neal, and let me tell you Shaquille O’Neal loved him some Big Sexy girls! He loved us and we loved him. (laughs) SLiNK: So your image is getting out into the public more and women are recognising you, and young girls are recognising you. Do you feel like there is more of a pressure to become a role model for them? Tiffany: I think that when you take on the responsibility of being on a show like Big Sexy, you have to understand going into it that you have to fulfil with the message. I was fully prepared to bring it. And I also feel like my work has gotten harder, not easier because of the show, because I have more pressure on myself to make sure that I fulfil what I started to do originally. Now that I know that this show was so inspiring for so many people I want to take it further and get more involved. It is clear to me now that it was a great fun reality show, but I think the underlying purpose is so much greater, and I am ready to work to make it happen to help young women and teens realise their greatness.

SLiNK: I was looking at some of your recent campaigns that you have done about stopping bullying and speaking out. Tiffany: You know what it is. I was bullied in high school. I will be the first one to say I did not have a very good high school experience. I went to a very small school and I was 50 lbs [3 stone 8lbs] smaller than I am now, however I was the biggest girl in my class at that size. The guys would tell me that I wasn’t attractive and that I would never be chosen. I had to find a prom date, I was never asked to prom. I had to ask a friends brother to be my date. I know what it’s like. The feeling overall whether you’re being bashed for being gay, or fat, or your ethnic background. The feeling is universal of what it’s like to be bullied for who you are. Doing the ‘Speak Tee’ campaign was a really big deal. I just wanted to show people what I’d been through and help other people. When I was 16 years old, all I ever wanted was someone to tell me I was beautiful or that I was enough and it never happened. So I want to do this for someone else. And that’s my whole point for everything that I do, showing people you are beautiful no matter what you are. SLiNK: You’ve really broken an industry that is so used to a certain mold. You’ve done major shows like DKNY, Liz Claiborne, you’ve done bigger shows, and catwalks, which are a big deal for a plus sized model to break into. Do you feel like you’re helping to change this mainstream market into something more accepting? Tiffany: That’s exactly why I started

modelling. I saw Velvet D’amour, who is a plus sized model, who in 2006 walked for Jean Paul Gaultier, when she became this big sensation on TV and every news outlet was covering her. I saw her once, and I started crying because I thought to myself, finally! Someone is doing this. So I thought to myself, let me carry that torch, and use what I have to try what the mainstream fashion industry is doing, and maybe through my images of modelling someone might want to change. Whether it be a designer, or a retailer, showing them that this is what a size 18 campaign can look like. It’s all about inclusion, and I’m not claiming to be the ‘it’ sized 18 plus sized model. What I’m striving to promote is inclusion in the industry. If you’re opening up Cosmo and there are editorials, why are there no plus sized models in the editorial? It would be amazing to see editorial with plus size and straight size models, together.

in your footsteps? Tiffany: Well, first of all they should be prepared to know it’s a lot of work. Any industry that you want to become apart of is a lot of work and you have to be prepared mentally and emotionally. I definitely had to do a lot of free work, and I was misguided, and ran into a lot of scams. I did have to learn things the hard way; it wasn’t all peaches and cream. Things don’t happen overnight, and I have been doing this for five years since the time I started. If you look at all the successful plus models, it didn’t come easy for anyone. But I think it’s also really important to have a really good support system and to understand what effort you are putting in will come back to you. One time I did an amazing acting class and the teacher told us the phrase; ‘You plant your seeds, and you will watch them grow’. It’s so true, if you do things with the right intent, they are going to come back ten fold to you.

SLiNK: If your goals are successful, where do you see yourself heading? Tiffany: Retiring on an island? With a cabana boy, and pina colada’s. (laughs), But really, I just want to continue working. I want to work with kids; I want to work with teenage girls. I used to work in non-profit, and my original background is that I have a degree in sociology and I first started working with at risk youth. My goal is to go back into that and help these young people achieve their goals.

SLiNK: It’s nice to see good things happen for good people every once and awhile. For people who are trying to do things, and changes things for others. Tiffany Thank-you! I really do appreciate that. And I just don’t want it to be over. Now that the show is over, I’m like now what do I do! And let me tell you SLiNK magazine is no joke. I looked over every little bit of the magazine and I’m loving it! I was looking at it and I was thinking this is what I want to see in America. I appreciate it because it’s like a mainstream fashion magazine that just happens to be plus sized!

SLiNK: Would you suggest young women to get into modelling, and follow

SLiNK: Well the thing is we don’t want to isolate readers. We want it to be about style, which is why are logo is ‘styling you’re curves’, whether it is a smaller or curvier woman. Obviously we have motives to bring this idea to the main, but the real point is that we are trying to show that women should dress fashionable at every size. Being fierce! Tiffany: You hit it right there! It feels so good to me to see a team of people who believe in this, and I love that you’re a boy!! And you’re totally there. It’s not just a group of plus sized girls in a corner trying to be fabulous. You guys are a team in the industry who are all different shapes, sizes, female, male, and see that vision and want to fulfil it. SLiNK: I just love how classy and confidence curvy models are. In my work with the magazine I have seen the most confident women I have ever met in my entire life. I have never met a model that was strong like that, and it makes such a difference. Tiffany: Well I am so excited to come down to London, a bit nervous to be the new girl and to start fresh, to start creating a new network. But I feel like I would be more successful internationally as a plus sized advocate, and as a body advocate and personality. SLiNK: Well we think you would do amazingly over here, and are so excited for seeing you hosting soon. It was so good to talk to you and thanks so much Tiffany! Tiffany: Thank you so much for your time and see you all soon in London.



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Antipodes Manuka Honey mask

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Sisley Eye Contour Mask

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Hair: Lee Stafford Images: Elliot Morgan Model: Laura G @ Hughes Models


We’re going to create bumps in the hair to create curls. These curls are tighter at the root and looser towards the end. Bumps is a great way to do fun, curly and contemporary hair that doesn’t involve hot tongs or straightening irons. It’s so easy, just twist and pin!

STEP ONE: If preparing the hair straight from the shower, rough towel dry. Otherwise, spray the hair with a little water, but don’t soak it.

STEP TWO: Separate the hair into sections, each section will become a bump. It doesn’t matter if the sections are different sizes as this is quite a fun and undone look. 90


STEP THREE: Using Lee Stafford’s Protection Mist, spray the first hair section, then start to twist it right the way, keep going right to the root until it twists in on itself, then wrap the hair around until you create a bump. This is very much like Bjork’s hair knots, except we’ll be removing ours later! Once in a bump, clip into place. Continue the process, until the whole head is covered in bumps, ensuring to spray each section with protection mist.

STEP FOUR: There are several options for setting the bumps. You could swap your big grips for smaller clips and sleep in the bumps over night to help them set, you’ll end up with a really firm set that should last well. You could also use a hood dryer or a diffuser to dry the hair and set the bumps into place, this should be done for around 15-30minutes. However if you put the bumps in straight from the shower, this is like an old fashioned wet set and while your hair will take longer to dry (you will need to sleep in them) this will last and hold really well. STEP FIVE: Once the setting process has been taken place, remove the clips. Your hair will unravel into tight coils. Once you have removed all the clips, use your fingers to pull out the curls. You’ll notice that the hair is really tight and curly at the root becoming looser towards the tips. Pull out the curls and fix the hair to the desired parting. And there you have, perfect Christmas Party hair!


Hair: Lee Stafford Images: Elliot Morgan Model: Rebecca Morton @ Hughes Models

The next look we’re going to do is the ultimate party look… crimping But this is not the 70’s style look, it’s the mini crimp. The mini crimp is a bit more subtle but still as fun. You could either mini crimp just sections of the hair, but what I like to do is crimp the whole lot. As it gives it more volume and complete that perfect rock chick look making sure everyone knows you’re ready to party

STEP ONE: Mini crimpers are the easiest tool to use in the whole world but be careful, they are very hot, just like a straightening irons. So it’s imperative to give the hair a good dose of protection spray. Start by sectioning off the hair, take the bottom section and spray with protection spray and then all you do is start the crimping at the root. The longer you hold the crimper in position, the stronger the imprint left in the hair and then just work your way down. Anyone can do this it’s so easy, you could even get your boyfriend to do it!

STEP TWO: Now as you finish crimping one section comb it out straight away. Then move on to crimping the next section (again using protection spray), and just work your way up the head.

NOTES: You don’t want sections that are too fine, otherwise this will take forever and if the sections are too thick you may not get the crimp in. Think about it as 4 sections to get to the top of your head. Again loads of protection spray. A whole head should take about 35 minutes and it can last for quite a few days, so great for a long weekend.

GREAT FOR‌ This works for any hair type, its great over fine hair as it gives you loads of volume, you can even crimp over curls! You just start with your natural textures, no pre straightening! FINALLY: Once the whole head has been crimped and combed out, you have a look that is subtle but still very rock and roll.


Hair: Lee Stafford Images: Elliot Morgan Model: Peeky @ Hughes Models

This look is perfect for those with thin hair in need of a bit of volume for the party season!

STEP ONE: Divide hair into sections and start to back comb sections individually. We want to keep the length of the hair so don’t back comb right to the head.

STEP TWO: In order to set the look, use hair spray on each section and then run over the section with heated tongs. This will help keep the look.

STEP THREE: Continue this until the whole head has been backcombed, sprayed and tonged. By now the hair should be looking really voluminous, but to ensure it stays use a hair dryer to continue the setting process. Brush out the hair, which will now be really thick.

STEP FOUR: Brush forward into a high ponytail and then twist, until the hair starts to twist in on itself and begin to pin into place.

STEP FIVE The styling bit. We’ve gone for ‘Fashion Royalty’ Which is Vivienne Westwood meets Princess Anne. For this look, the hair has been twisted to the side and pinned into place. To watch how Lee created this look go to slinkmag





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DR SISTER T.L.C BREAST ENLARGEMENT TREATMENT AT BEAUTY WORKS WEST The Process: I’d heard about laser breast treatments but was highly skeptical of the technology behind them. Could a laser really give you fuller breasts? ‘Dr Sister’, who is renowned for his industry leading minimally invasive procedures, explained that his treatment uses micro beam IPL technology to reactivate breast hormone cells; the same cells that are responsible for temporary breast growth during pregnancy and puberty. The system claims to ‘stimulate mammarial tissue growth, without promoting milk production, because the laser is simply encouraging the body’s natural growth process’. After a consultation and a chat through the procedure I decided on an intensive three-month plan of one

session every two weeks, meaning I would be having 6 treatments in total. Dr Sister explained that each patient reacts differently so breast growth can range dramatically from a quarter of a cup to two full cup sizes. My ideal would be an increase of half to one-cup size. The 30-minute treatments consist of a small handheld laser device being placed on and around the breast. It isn’t completely pain free, sometimes you feel a slight pinching feeling but it only lasts a second. SLiNK Rating: After the first treatment I noticed a tingling sensation but it passed quickly. Between sessions 2-3 there was noticeable swelling and I felt something similar to pre menstrual breast soreness 112

but it wasn’t unbearable and only lasted a few days. By session 4 my cup size had increased by a whole size. By session 6 I noticed a significant difference in volume and plumpness. This is a fantastic procedure and I cannot recommend it enough if you want to increase breast volume or cup size via a natural, safe method. It is also perfect for post pregnancy when breasts have a tendency to lose elasticity and volume. Cost: ‘Enhance and Lift’ costs £1500 for 6 sessions. Each session lasts 30 minutes. Enq; Dr Sister at; Tel: 020 7221 2248.

CHRISTMAS BELLE PACKAGE AT THE CHELSEA DAY SPA For a day of girly pampering and a bit of last minute party preparation, I headed down to the gorgeous Chelsea Day Spa to try their ‘Christmas Belle’ package. Known for its cheap-and-chic treatments and super friendly staff, the spa is a little pocket of calm away from the bustling Kings Road. The treatment started with an O2 Intraceuticals Oxygen facial, which left my winter-ravaged skin glowing and beautifully hydrated. I then had a spray tan with organic brand Vita Liberata, which is odour free and leaves a lovely rich colour on the skin for 3 days. I’m so relaxed I almost fall asleep whilst I get a gorgeous set of Nouveau eyelash extensions. No need for mascara for the next month, Woohoo! With a glass of champagne I move on to the final treatment, the famous New York manicure and pedicure, the spas best selling treatment. You can tell why; the staff here are excellent and never short of loyal customers hankering after the latest Jessica shade. Cost: The Christmas Belle package, which includes all of the below treatments is priced at £350. Vita Liberata £55 (30 mins), 02 Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial £150 (1 hour), Nouveau lash extensions £90 for half set/ corners (50 mins), £150 or full set (90 mins), New York Manicures £12.50 (30 mins) & Pedicures £18.50 (30 mins). Enq: 020 7351 0911;

TEETH WHITENING AT THE COVENT GARDEN DENTAL SPA The Process: Walking into the Covent Garden Dental Spa is a shock to the senses, gone are the depressing dentists of old, here it’s all sumptuous leather chairs, scented candles, and chandeliers. There is even an aromatherapy pod room, complete with massage chair for customers who have anxiety or nerves. Principal dentist and owner Dr Flora Chigwedere leads me to one of her rooms. I start with a consultation during which she shows me my teeth via a microscopic camera (fascinating), and talks through the best options for me. Because I have mineral deposits (white

marks) on my teeth she advises that the best option would be to use at home teeth whitening, as this can be done in stages. The other option is a one off laser treatment, but my white patches could go even whiter and this would be permanent, she explains. So the next step is to have moulds taken for the teeth guards, which arrive a week later. I start the process of at home whitening that night. With the peroxide-based gel provided, you apply a little into the teeth guard and then either sleep with the guard on overnight or use it in 2-5 hour bursts. I used it after dinner and then took it out before bed. SLiNK Rating: Flora and her team are extremely friendly and excellent at what they do.

I dare say going to the dentist is now an enjoyable experience! The result was immediate and I stopped the treatment (which is meant to be 2 weeks) after one week, as I was so pleased with the results. My teeth are back to what they looked like years ago before coffee and red wine became a big part of my life! Saying that, be careful to avoid black coffee and any rich foods like curry during the process. The fantastic thing is I now have teeth guards that I can use to top up my whitening whenever I like, whether that’s in 1 year or 10 years time! Cost: At-home teeth whitening costs £299. Enq: 020 7836 9107;

HEALTH & FITNESS By Alice Dogruyol

Our curvy fitness guru and former Daily Mail ‘Big Girl in a Skinny World’ columnist Alice Dogruyol joins SLiNK to share her fit tips & frolics 28 DAYS TO BREAK OR MAKE A HABIT I embraced my curves a while ago but I have to admit that I do feel healthier and more energised when I wobble and creek less, which is why I make sure I exercise regularly. Sport and I have never been friends, in fact I would say that for most of my life I have been exercise phobic and felt out of my comfort zone in a gym full of skinny fit freaks, I even used to pull a sickie on school sports day for fear of coming last in the 1500 meters. In the past, racked with self loathing and guilt, I put myself through a yo-yo rollercoaster

of quick fix military boot camps, crash diets and unused gym memberships, wasting time and money taking one step forward, and ten steps back but that all changed when I met the team at Sportiva. Instead of being motivated by completing the London Marathon last year I lost the impetus to exercise as I felt I had achieved my goal and deserved a rest. That rest lasted for about a year! Then I was recommended to get in touch with celebrity trainers Peter and Kasia Cobby at Sportiva a leading personal fitness company based in St. John’s Wood London. So many personal trainers can be overpriced, intimidating, impatient, unsympathetic, they just go through the motions but don’t really invest any real energy in you. Sportiva are the opposite. I’ve been training with them for a while now and it’s working, thanks to them I am well and truly back 116

in the fit zone. They really understand your strengths and weaknesses and give invaluable, expert advice and support. I recently signed up to their 28 Day Body Re-Programme which combines scheduled one-to-one nutritional consultations, personal fitness training and daily NLP techniques to help you break bad habits and make good ones. I was more than happy with the results, the way it’s designed means you stick to it and by the end of the 28 days I felt strong, healthy, motivated and fit both in body and mind. I was even able to jog around the park for 30 minutes without taking a break and that is a miracle for me. Prices for The 28 Day Re-Programme start from £395, for further information go to or call Peter Cobby 07528 148 204

CURVE YOGA Ever met a size 16 to 18 yoga teacher who is as fit as a fiddle and as flexible as an elastic band? Well I have, her name is Lucille Dweck and she runs private one-to-one and group yoga classes throughout London. Being a larger lady herself there is no doubt that bigger women feel less intimidated and more inspired to try yoga with her. She takes into account larger frames and unruly body parts, making yoga more accessible, helping you to achieve greater flexibility and wellbeing. The focus is to make you feel comfortable so that you can begin to enjoy looking after yourself and improve your fitness in a welcoming and relaxing environment. Yoga is not only great for back and joint pains and improving overall health and flexibility but also for improving self esteem, putting you into a positive frame of mind. For further information call: Lucille Dweck 07956 423 205

KIT TIP: LESS BOUNCE Having tried and tested every sports bra on the market and failed to find one that was good enough to replace my improvised triple bra layered contraption, I was over the moon to discover the Enell Sports Bra. It is a clever and sturdy design, specifically for ladies with larger breasts. It looks more like a front fastening crop top than a bra and has wide, non-stretch straps that don’t dig in. I really put it to the test when I ran the London Marathon wearing it.The results were 100% control and comfort with no chafing in sight, it even gives you a rather flattering shape. I have donated all my other sports bras to the local charity shop and will never wear anything else. ENELL Sports bra £44 available online at also look at




At the tube or in a department store make yourself walk up the escalators. It may seem like an insurmountable feat, especially if you are unfortunate enough to get out at Angel tube on the Victoria line, but it does work. Start slowly and gently, build it up slowly pushing yourself to walk up a few extra steps each day. It will strengthen your leg muscles, raises your heart beat and boost your metabolism. After 3 weeks of walking up the escalators, the walk up at Angel tube will seem like a walk in the park.

CULTURE Run Riot Editor, Katie Antoniou shares her top tips of what to do over the coming months. For more ideas visit


LABYRINTH MASKED BALL: At The Prince Charles Cinema 3rd December, 8pm, £12 There are some scenes from the movies you watched as a child that stay with you forever-for me and I think many 80s girls, the masked ball scene from the movie Labyrinth is one of those. Oh to have a dress that shiny, hair that big and sleeves so puffy! Of course looking back, its one of those movies that’s all a bit wrong-Jennifer Connelly is about 11, David Bowie’s tights are very, very tight and you generally get the feeling it probably wouldn’t be allowed these days-but as long as you’re of legal age, The Prince Charles cinema is set to recreate the ball scene in a night of fantasy fulfilment. The evening is set to include music, dancing, a Bowie impersonator and of course a screening of the movie masterpiece itself. Buy a 80s bridesmaid dress off eBay and get backcombing! http://princecharlescinema.comevents/ eventsphp?seasonanchor=labyrinth

INTELLIGENCE SQUARED: ‘If ’ Conference at The Royal Geographical Society 25th and 26th November Tickets £199 early bird ticket for the whole weekend, or £75 for a half day. A whole weekend of ‘Food for Thought’, from the pioneers of the brainy revolution, actively fighting a culture of dumbing down in favour of swatting up. With speakers like Stephen Fry at their past events, they’ve already made a name for themselves as intellectual heavyweights, and this conference looks set to confirm their position as the thinking person’s alternative to a trip to Westfield or the local Odeon. The future can be a dauntingly vague concept and some of the hype can be unmerited, but with a focus on the trends which will be affecting daily life in our homes and cities, speakers will bring insights which will matter to a wide range of people: entrepreneurs, designers, CEOs, investors, advertisers, technologists and scientists. Will the buildings of the future be alive? The gardens vertical? What is the future of sleep and dreaming? And sex? A range of experts from futurologists to sci-fi writers and professors will educate you like you’ve never been educated before. Get ready for science to get sexy.

SALON DU THE: Interactive Edwardian Tea Party at the Richmond Literature Festival at Ham House, 27th November ÂŁ26 As part of the Richmond Literature Festival, Gideon Reeling Theatre Company present a magical theatrical dining experience. Afternoon Tea has, since the 17th century, had a close association with the great houses of the country. The preciousness of tea itself and the lavish nature of many of the delicacies we associate with a really good afternoon tea, not to mention the fact that it requires some time to idle mid afternoon, have all served to preserve the exclusivity of this peculiar meal for many years. Join in a debate, be entertained by the butler, the maid and even the Lady of the Manor while enjoying a sumptuous tea, provided by specialist bakers, Lily Vanilli. htt p://www.r ic hmond.go literature_festival

TRAVEL KAMALAYA The Daily Mail’s Big Girl in a Skinny World Columnist Alice Dogruyol and her Apprentice finalist friend Claire Young head to the island of Koh Samui in Thailand for a life changing health holiday... By Alice Dogruyol


Hidden from view, nestled in a tropical hillside on the remote South Eastern coast Koh Samui, lies Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa built in 2005 by husband and wife Karina and John Stewart. It was inspired by the 16 years John spent living as a monk in the Himalayas and the 22 years Karina spent as a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine. They teamed up with hotelier Marc-Antoine Cornaz to create a new style of authentic wellness experience that brought together healing therapies from East & West in this uniquely enchanting setting. After the 12 hour flight and 45 minute drive from the airport on the eve of 2011 we arrived at Kamalaya to a welcome reception of chilled kaffir lime leaf infused flannels and a small cup of mulberry juice. We were instantly transported away from the world outside and our assimilation into blissful Kamalaya way of life began. We quickly freshened up, jumped into one of the resorts chauffeured golf buggies and headed through the tropical gardens and past the candle lit Buddhist shrines to the Yantra Hall where the New Year Eve celebrations were well under way. We were greeted by managers Clive and Christian and a colourful super food buffet of fresh seafood, grilled meats, sushi, curry, salads, fruit, water and juices. We took immense pleasure in indulging in what was to be our last unregulated meal of the holiday. Getting closer to midnight we meandered down to the Kamalaya’s private beach for traditional Thai

dancing, fire throwing, fireworks and the lighting of sky lanterns laden with wishes. As our hopes and dreams, problems and worries gracefully floated away into the heavens, Claire and I toasted our glasses of Kamalaya detox juice and under the silhouette of leaning palm trees. We agreed that we must be two of the luckiest girls in the world to be there and couldn’t wait to hand ourselves over to the experts the following day to start our detox. The New Year’s Day, warm morning sunshine lit up the verdant tropical landscape and breathtaking views of this secluded nirvana. My TV-free, rock top villa, one of 59 rooms in the resort with lofty beamed ceiling, floor to ceiling glass sliding doors that opened onto a large private balcony and simple stylish dark wood furniture, provided just the right amount of comfort and luxury. The magnificent granite boulders, one behind my mezzanine level bed and the others built into my outdoor bathroom gave the room a unique touch and added to the therapeutic atmosphere. I was sharing my room with a couple of large but friendly geckos, who were impossible to catch. I soon grew used to their greeting call and after a few nights I began to adapt to my new found connection with nature and stopped jumping at the sight of a frog or lizard. As expected the mini bar was filled only with healthy drinks and snacks. Wi-fi , TV’s, CD and i-pod stations were available to those who couldn’t manage without them. Mobile phones had limited reception and were thankfully banished to the privacy of

your own room. After a quick breakfast of beautifully carved papaya and pineapple sprinkled with sunflower seeds we headed off to the Wellness Sanctuary for a consultation with our naturopaths to begin our detox programme. After our height and weight measurements were taken, electrodes were stuck to our hands and feet to take a bio-impedance body composition analysis. This showed the usual body mass index and fat mass figures but it also showed other tissue and fluid measurements which indicated our level of cellular health; how much energy our cells were storing, our basal metabolic rate and cell hydration. As expected I was carrying too much fat, severely dehydrated and my cells weren’t working as efficiently as they could. Claire’s cells seemed to be in a much better state than mine even with a hangover from her best friend’s wedding, which concerned me slightly. My naturopath and holistic wellness consultant Joanne Riley explained my results to me and suggested I looked into testing my thyroid. Guests are treated on an individual basis and bespoke plans can be created but Clair and I were both advised to follow the specially designed, researched- based comprehensive detox programme. Joanne prescribed foods, herbs, probiotics, homeopathics, protein shakes, nutritional supplements, colon hydrotherapy, spa treatments, acupuncture and exercises all designed to enhance our body’s innate detoxification process, overall health and longevity. I couldn’t think of a better way to start

the New Year! Eating was easy as there was a lot to choose from. We could eat anything from the colour coded breakfast buffet, as long as it had a yellow label on it. Oats, wholemeal croissants, eggs on rye with a cappuccino were out. Seaweed, broccoli, avocado paste, pumpkin pure, vegetable broth, seeds and fruit, washed down with a shot of wheatgrass, were in. Our intense timetable of up to 4 consultations or treatments a day began with a 30 minute far infrared sauna session, 60 minute oriental herbal detoxing body scrub and wrap and a 90 minute vital essence oil massage in a deluxe dual treatment room with sea views. The far infrared sauna is said to increases your heart rate and metabolism meaning a 30-minute session can burn in excess of 600 calories! I have never been so keen to lock myself in a small wooden 45 degree cabin, which was lucky, as they became part of our daily routine. Perched high up on the hill with

awe-inspiring panoramic views and an impressive treatment menu, stood the Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa which became like our second home during our two week holiday. The pretensions of modern Western spas were nowhere to be seen, instead a warren of 29 predominantly open air, luxurious, wooden treatment rooms built into the mountain side with relaxation zones, plunge pools and an impressive aromatic steam chamber. From the moment we walked into the calming and welcoming reception decorated simply with authentic Thai antique furniture, we were made to feel special and nurtured. The family of beautiful petite, polite and professional Asian therapists and receptionists addressed you by name, catered to your every need and delivered treatments with strength, knowledge and care. The best I have ever experienced anywhere in the world. Lunches were enjoyed with impeccable service in the Amrita

seafront and pool side restaurant where in the comfort of a cushioned wooden gazebo stilted above the blooming lily ponds, we were allowed to choose one to two, portion controlled dishes from the carefully designed and flavoursome detox menu. Breakfast and dinner were served in the Soma restaurant higher up on the hill. Dinner again was a choice of one to two dishes from the evening detox a la carte menu. Kamalaya’s beautifully presented cuisine merged culinary traditions of East and West using fresh, tropical and where possible organic produce offering artful and truly healing food. No animal or dairy foods were allowed on the detox, just exquisite soups, broths and vegetables bursting with flavour. Inventive dishes of raw vegetable, noodle-free, Pad Thai and cucumber gazpacho made me fall in love with health food again. Instead of a glass of Sauvignon Blanc was chilled coconut water or a choice of one of the dozens of fresh detox cocktails.

Kamalaya has attracted many well known celebrities over the years who could relax there in complete privacy. Those looking for solitude found it and those who wanted to mingle could meet fellow guests around the buzzing community dining table, on the beach, in the Alchemy Tea Lounge, Library or in the numerous activity classes such as cooking classes, fruit and vegetable carving classes, tea sharing or evening wellness workshops and lectures. The Kamalaya team work in harmony with the guests and each other providing excellent service with endearing charm and attention to detail. Everyone we met was on their own unique journey. Some just wanted a luxurious holiday away from their fast paced high-pressure jobs, they were enjoying food from the regular a la carte menu with alcohol if they felt like it although few did. Some were looking for emotional and physical healing, weight loss or help with quitting smoking and many were repeat guests who came more than once a year to rebalance and recharge. Despite the endless spa treatments and healthy food, my detox headache persisted for 4 days. No amount of acupuncture, massage, meditation or sleep seemed to alleviate it. On day four I developed a sore throat and I hadn’t been sleeping well, my energy was low. I was assured that I was simply experiencing all normal side effects of jetlag and detox. I decided to cancel all my treatments for day five, took some prescribed Chinese medicine and a homeopathic remedy and booked in for a Blue Light Energy Healing and Life Coaching session with visiting therapist

Nicky Kassapian. Having never experienced anything like this before I didn’t know what to expect. The late monsoon rain was pouring down as I settled into Nicky’s treatment room. Perhaps it was the weather, the place, the lack of sleep, the detox or simply Nicky’s awesome presence but the outpouring of emotion that ensued took me by surprise. I put down my armour and was able to look deep within, see myself so clearly and identify things that had been bothering me. Nicky then performed Reiki on me, which was intense, relaxing and more powerful than I had expected. As I left the room and walked back to my room through the drenched gardens I felt balanced, empowered, lighter and looking forward to the rest of my life. After that surprising, transformational experience I slept like a baby and woke up early on day 6 with my emotional baggage lightened and headache gone. The detox diet was having a positive visible effect on my skin, hair, nails and waistline. A 7am pranayama meditation, followed by yoga in the open air yoga pavilion and afternoon cardio class became a daily routine, interspersed with daily body scrubs and wraps, lymphatic drainage massage, traditional Thai massage, chi nei tsang stomach massages, vital essence oil massages, acupuncture, cupping, far infrared saunas, wellness consultations and lounging on the beach. Week two and it was time to change to the Ideal Weight Programme, the three main differences being no more swallowing supplements, the reintroduction of protein to meal time

and personal fitness training sessions. The first mouthful of perfectly grilled black cod with a tasty coconut soup was heavenly. My personal trainer, Sunny, designed a workout to suit my fitness level and after an intense Thai boxing session he laid me down on a mattress and stretched my limbs for 15 minutes finishing with a quick back rub. Not at all the kind of treatment you get at home. Claire developed a real taste for the boxing and booked in for some extra sessions. We all know she can pull punches in Lord Sugar’s board room but her skills in the boxing ring were equally impressive. She almost did poor Sunny a serious injury! I had opted out of colon hydrotherapy in the first week when I was meant to have it, I didn’t think I needed it and my pervious experience of it wasn’t positive. However, after much hilarious faecal discussion with other guests and positive reports from Claire, who were singing it’s praises I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. I was prepped with an hour long chi ne tsang massage before being taken to the colonic room. A qualified nurse performed the treatment smoothly and efficiently, whilst a second therapist delivered a gentle tummy massage and occasional comforting foot massage. A much more pleasant experience than I had expected with little discomfort. Some people are advised to have a course of three, but I was told that I didn’t need any more. One week in and feeling well and truly in the health zone I thought I ought to leave the confines of Kamalaya and visit the local town of Lamai to take in some of the local culture and see if I could find an antique wall hanging

to take home with me. It was strange handling money again having not needed it for so long. I was dropped off in the centre of town which was a shock to the system. Being faced with car fumes, motorbikes, cigarettes, alcohol, plastic, and a Tesco Lotus supermarket complete with donut, coffee and icecream bars was unsettling. It made me feel toxic just standing there. After a little bit of shopping I returned to the tranquillity of Kamalaya as quickly as I could. Day 11 and it was time for my Thyroflex & Thyrodine non-invasive test for thyroid function. It had been shown in clinical trials to be 98% effective in identifying sub-clinical thyroid conditions. As Joanne expected my results all came in very low and it seemed that I had an underactive thyroid. A huge revelation for me which made sense of the way I had been feeling over the last year. Joanne prescribed supplements and a special diet that I should follow back at home to balance my thyroid naturally before looking at conventional treatment. Once home, also as Joanne expected, my blood tests showed my levels were low but well within conventional medicine’s normal spectrum. I still followed Joanne’s advice and invested in supplements and followed her dietary recommendations to improve my overall wellbeing. I increased my, not all together painless, but so beneficial acupuncture

and booked in some extra sessions with Kanita. She also performed another traditional Chinese therapy on me called cupping. She worked extensively on my thighs and stomach, which I am convinced helped flatten my stomach and smooth out my cellulite. Our last day was spent on Kamalaya’s paradise beach where we enjoyed a long swim in the pristine water, enjoyed lunch from the comfort of our sun loungers surrounded by fabulous new friends. Claire and I had both lost 5 kilos each and several centimetres off our bust and waist which felt fabulous. But as we lay there watching Thai fishermen in the distance dragging their nets through the shallow waters against the splendid sunset I realised this holiday wasn’t about how much I had lost but how much I had gained. Many of the things that consumed me at home now seemed insignificant. Kamalaya had given me the opportunity to look deep within myself and explore all my dimensions. For the first time in my life I understood the true meaning of self respect, I finally got what all those ‘my body is a temple’ brigade have been going on about and I knew the positive effects of this experience would stay with me for a very long time. Kamalaya Founder, John Stewart said to me over lunch that “happiness is when you can remember something that changed your life or someone else’s life”. Kamalaya has certainly achieved

that for both of us. Happiness comes at a price but I can’t think of any better investment. We headed home in love with Kamalaya, with ourselves and with life. Getting There British Airways offer direct flights from London Heathrow to Bangkok, return fares start from £619 (including all UK taxes) For reservations visit or call 0844 493 0787 For onward flights to Koh Samui, Bangkok Airways offer promotional fares at they fly several times a day, return fares start from £165. Kamalaya all inclusive detox starts from £2,147 for 7 nights per person single occupancy. This includes airport transfers, accommodation in a hillside garden view room, all food and drink, 2 wellness consultations, 11 treatments, wellness workshops, yoga, meditation and exercise classes and use of the fitness centre. For further information visit or email tel: +66 77 429 800

EGYPT By Ginny Weeks




Nestled on the stunning Red Sea coast, the Hyatt Regency Taba Heights resort is a world away from the hustle and bustle of larger resorts like Sharm el Sheikh. Boasting a majestic backdrop of the Sinai mountains and direct access to the warm turquoise sea, it’s the perfect place to relax. Some of the highlights include the generous rooms, which all have private balconies and views which stretch for miles. From our lagoon room we could see Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan! The resort also has several immaculate pools- our favourite was the sea water lagoon which has a great spot just behind the beach. The hotel boasts 3 smart restaurants and 4 bars, all very different but equally reliable for a great cocktail at sunset or bite to eat. The buffet restaurant Limoncello, is the main restaurant and serves good local as well as international fare. Something that really stood out

about this resort was the service, which was impeccable- from the towels laid out for you on your sun bed each day to the waiters in the restaurant. We spent our days diving and sunbathing and enjoyed some fantastic boat trips to snorkeling hotspots. It’s also a great base for trips to Jordan (Petra) and Cairo. Or you could learn to dive at the PADI centre. What a refreshing holiday: luxurious, great value and guaranteed winter sun! Room: 4/5 Service: 5/5 Value: 4/5 The team stayed at the Hyatt Regency Taba Heights on a 7 night half board deal from, priced at £479 (including 7 nights accommodation half board, flights and transfers) *price valid in September 2011 Hyatt Taba Heights, South Sinai, Egypt. +20 69 3580234. Enq: taba.




My wife thinks I’m crazy but I think winter is my favourite season. I love it when it gets dark early and as the cold weather comes along we feel the need for rich comforting food and with Christmas on the horizon our attention will soon turn to probably the most anticipated meal of the year. Love it or loath it, we’ll all be involved in a Christmas meal in some way – be it cooking one or eating one! With that in mind I’ve got some recipes to make the day stress free and different, starting with a relatively healthy hangover breakfast with a glass of fizz, to a turkey free lunch that will still ring the right bells. The most important thing to do is make sure you have time to enjoy the day and the only way to do that is by being prepared. I’ve added notes to the recipes so you can get some things ready in the days before and hopefully spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the festivities on the big day.


BREAKFAST BAGEL This is a great way to start the day and goes perfectly with the glass of fizz below. You can make it like I have in the pictures and sit down for breakfast or put it together to eat with your hands and have breakfast in bed! If you have a grill pan it will leave a great flavour on the bagel but if not just toast it. Ingredients: 2 bagels Red onion 2 tsp capers A handful of rocket leaves 2tsp chopped chives A small tub of good cream cheese 200g smoked salmon * Halve the bagel and chargrill or toast it. * Finely chop the chives and mix into the cream cheese. * Generously smear the cream cheese on to the bagel. * Drape over the smoked salmon and sprinkle on the capers. * Slice some red onion as thinly as you can, toss it with some rocket leaves and the olive oil and scatter over the bagel.

ROAST DUCK CROWN WITH REAL GRAVY Goose is actually my Christmas favourite but it’s expensive and duck is a great alternative. It is a richer, slightly gamey meat and is far superior in flavour to turkey. I’m using the crown for the roast to keep the meat pink and will save the legs for something else. The crown is just the bird minus the legs! The reason turkey and other birds can be dry is that the legs take longer to cook than the breast and by the time they are ready the breast is usually grim. For this recipe you need to buy the whole bird, remove the legs or get them removed by your butcher. These can be used for the confit leg recipe below or saved for a casserole for another time. For the gravy were going to use the bag of giblets that should have come with your duck, together with the wings and the closest thing to homemade stock - beef consommé. You can find beef consommé in the soup section at the supermarket. **Do this recipe on the day** (If you haven’t managed to get your butcher to do it, take the legs off the duck and set aside. Take off the wing joints at the knuckle and keep to one side with the giblets). Ingredients (Serves 4): 2 whole duck crowns Duck giblets and wings 1 shallot 1 small carrot ½ stick of celery 1 glass red wine 1 tin of beef consomme

Salt and pepper 1 clove of garlic A sprig of thyme * Take a frying pan that you can fit in the oven and put the duck crown breast side down to colour. There is no need to add any fat as a lot will come from the bird. * Get a nice colour on one side then turn the duck and do the other breast. Brown them slowly so that you render the fat and end up with crisp skin later. * Remove the duck from the pan and drain off the fat into a bowl or glass for your roast potatoes. * Add the wings and giblets to the pan. * Slice the shallot, celery, garlic and carrot and add to the pan. * Brown all well then put the duck crown back on top of the veg and put the pan in the oven at 180° for 12-14 minutes. * Take the duck crown out and leave on a plate to rest. * Drain off any excess fat and keep with the other. * Put the pan back on the burner and turn the heat up. * Add the glass of wine and reduce to the consistency of syrup. * Add the beef consommé and reduce by two thirds. * Strain the gravy and reserve. Slice the duck as thinly as you can, keeping any juices that come out. Before serving reheat the gravy, add any juices that come out of the duck and whisk in a generous knob of butter at the end.

CONFIT DUCK LEG This is a classic way of cooking duck legs from France that was a preservation method to begin with and is now used in many ways on restaurant menus everywhere. You will need the duck legs and a small pan or tray that you can put them in later and cover them in fat. It sounds bad but trust me the result is delicious! Ingredients: 1 sprig of rosemary 1 sprig of thyme 2 cloves of garlic 2 tbsp of sea salt 1 tsp of black peppercorns * Tear the herbs a little, cut the garlic in half and break the peppercorns lightly with the back of the pan. * Put half the ingredients on the bottom of the dish you are using, * Place the duck legs on top and then add the other half. * Cover and put in the fridge for at

least 12 hours. * Remove from the fridge and wash the salt and pepper from the legs under cold water. * Put the herbs and garlic in the pan, add duck fat and add the duck legs. * Warm the pan on the top and make sure you have enough fat to cover the legs. * When the fat comes to the boil cover the pan and place and place in the oven at 140°. * They will take a good 1 ½ to 2 hours and will be ready when the meat is almost falling off the bone. * Remove the pan, lift the legs out with a slotted spoon and allow to cool. Keep the fat! * You can reheat the legs, skin side down in the oven later and have them whole, take the meat of the bone and use in a pasta sauce or a salad. It’s very versatile and will keep for a week or so in the fridge.


No recipe required really, just an easy alternative to sprouts and something a bit different. Onion squash are in all the supermarkets and look a bit like a large onion, hence the name! Chestnuts are a Christmas classic and are sold ready cooked so you don’t have to roast and shell them. One squash is plenty for four people * You don’t need to peel the squash. Just halve, remove the seeds with a spoon and cut into wedges. * Coat them with a good splash of olive oil, plenty of salt and pepper, some bashed garlic cloves with the skin on, a few sprigs of thyme and some torn sage. * Put them in a roasting tray and roast at 180°for about 15 minutes until soft. * Throw in the chestnuts about 8 minutes from the end to give them a quick roast too.

PERFECT ROASTIES Roast potatoes should be easy. There are only three ingredients below but there is a knack, and you have to buy the right spuds! Never buy the value packs, always look for a name - Maris Pipers, King Edwards, Desiree are all good choices. You can use vegetable or sunflower oil but duck fat will give a bit more flavour. Jars of duck fat are in all the supermarkets now and if you strain off the fat after you’ve cooked them and keep the fat that comes from the duck itself you can keep it in the fridge forever! If you want you can do the first part of this recipe and then cool the boiled potatoes and keep them in the fridge to roast on the day. I usually put the pan in the garden to cool them, it’s the quickest way – as long as it’s not raining! Ingredients: Potatoes Duck fat Salt * Peel the potatoes and cut them into pieces. * Make them whatever size you want

as long as they are all pretty much the same size then they’ll cook at the same speed. * Put the potatoes into a pan of cold water with plenty of room and turn on the gas. * Add salt until you can taste the water is quite salty, don’t worry your potatoes won’t absorb it all. * Cook them until a knife goes in quite easy then drain the pan into a sieve and put the potatoes back in the pan. Shake the pan a bit and set aside. * Get a heavy bottom roasting tin and add plenty of fat, more than you think you’d need. About a tablespoon per potato (no one said this was a healthy recipe!) * Get the tin on the top of the cooker and turn on the gas to get the fat hot. Carefully add the potatoes and turn them to coat then put the tray in the oven on 200° * Leave them for 10-15 mins then turn them over in the fat; you should have some lovely golden crispy edges. * Put them back in for another 10 mins or so until they are crunchy. * Sprinkle over some sea salt.


WITH WHITE WINE AND ROSEMARY This is the ultimate evening indulgence, great for sharing and perfect with a glass of red wine. Vacherin Mont D’or is prized seasonal cheese made in the Jura region on the SwissFrench border. You can find it in good cheese shops and although you could substitute brie, I really recommend trying to get the real thing. You won’t be disappointed. 400g Mont D’or 1 garlic clove 1 sprig rosemary 100ml white wine Plenty of good crusty bread * Lift the top off the Vacherin box and, using a small knife, cut the top rind away from the cheese like the top of a can of beans so you can get to the cheese underneath. Don’t completely remove it, as you will put it back afterwards. * Cut a couple of thin slices of garlic and put them on the exposed cheese with the sprig of rosemary. Pour on the wine and replace the flap of rind. * Put the box in the oven on a tray and bake at 170° for 15 mins. * Cut the bread and pour yourself some wine. * Sit down and dip the bread in the rich fondue!

SAUSAGE, BREAD AND BUTTERSTUFFING WITH CRANBERRIES This recipe could be done one or two days before on a tray ready to bake. Ingredients: 250g good sausage meat taken from the skins 125g butter 1tbsp thyme, picked and chopped 1tbsp sage, picked and chopped 2 cloves of garlic 200g breadcrumbs 1 onion finely chopped ½ stick of celery, finely chopped 80g dried cranberries 80g chopped walnuts *Do all your chopping!* * Chop the onions, garlic, herbs, celery and break the walnuts with your fingers. Put all aside. * Remove the sausage meat from the

skins. * Take a frying pan and half the butter and brown the meat breaking it up with a wooden spoon as you go. * Lift the meat out with a slotted spoon into a large mixing bowl. * Add the onions, celery, garlic and herbs. Sweat them gently until the onions are soft. * Add the rest of the butter mix through and turn the whole mix into the mixing bowl. * Add the walnuts and cranberries. * Mix everything well seasoning as you go. * Take a small piece of mix and fry it in the pan to taste the seasoning. * If you are happy with it roll the mix into ping pong size balls and put away until you’re ready to cook.

POACHED PEARS WITH MULLED WINE SABAYON These pears make a nice change from a heavy Christmas pudding but still have the classic winter flavours with red wine, cinnamon and star anise. Try and use a fairly heavy red like a Shiraz that will complement the spices. You can poach them as long as a week before, keep them in the liquid and make the sabayon on the day. Ingredients: 4 pears ½ bottle of red wine 200g sugar 4 cloves ½ cinnamon stick ½ vanilla pod 2 star anise ¼ tsp black peppercorns 2 bay leaves Peel from 1 Clementine 2 egg yolks Vanilla ice cream

* Pour the red wine into a pan, add all the other ingredients. * Make sure to split the vanilla pod to release the flavour and bring to a gentle simmer. * Peel the pears, cut in half and remove the core with a teaspoon. * Put the pear halves into the red wine marinade and poach gently until they are tender. * Take 100ml of the liquid and put it in a metal or glass bowl over a pan of simmering water. * Add the egg yolks and whisk over the heat until the mix is fluffy and hot. The cooked yolks will hold the air but don’t overcook it or the mix will scramble. * Place the warm pear halves on a plate, spoon over some of the sabayon and garnish with vanilla ice cream. * I use a blow torch to gratinate the sabayon for some colour but it isn’t necessary if you don’t have one.


FIZZ Ingredients: 1 bottle of Prosecco 50ml water 100g sugar 6 clementines Campari * Warm the sugar and water in a small pan to dissolve the sugar. * Zest the clementines on a fine grater. * Half them and juice them. * Combine the zest and juice. * Take some champagne flutes and pour in a good inch of the clementine mix. * Add a splash of Campari, a splash of the sugar syrup and top up with the Prosecco‌ Delicious


DAYLESFORD The Daylesford in Pimlico is an organic treasure and worth trekking into town for on a weekend. The café presents produce from its organic sustainable farms, and coupled with a homewares shop and supermarket, it’s a great place to browse over brunch. A full breakfast menu awaits, with my accompanying guests enjoying scrambled eggs with salmon or bacon. However, I couldn’t resist the temptation of a beef burger with a side of hand cut wedges - it was a late brunch after all, so I’m justifying it as lunch! Washed down with great espressos, or in my case, refreshing Belvoir lemonade, it was all

together quite delicious. On a sunny day, it would be great to enjoy your meal at the outdoor tables in front of the shop, however upstairs is like eating out of the beautifully styled pages of a cooking magazine, sat at long light wooden communal tables surrounded by the sleek white homewares that are on display. A small walk from either Sloan Square or Victoria station, it’s a great escape from the hustle of Kings Road. It’s without the pretentiousness but with all the prestige. 44B Pimlico Road, London, SW1W 8LP. 156

If you’re looking for a festive flavour for an end of year celebration or a Christmas Day dine out, why not try... THE SCARLET This luxury eco hotel offers a modern escape in the idyllic country setting of Cornwall. Perched on the Cornish coast cliff face overlooking the sea, this unique hotel is the place to go for some well-deserved end of year relaxation and indulgence. If the seasonal menu created daily using local ingredients doesn’t tempt you, than the hanging relaxation pods in the spa will. Between 5 and 23 December The Scarlet presents its festive gathering offer, including a three course lunch or dinner menu complete with mulled wine for £30 and £48 respectively. Visit

HOTEL DU VIN With 14 locations across the UK, Hotel du vin offers an escape from the grueling preparations of Christmas dinner, playing hostess with the mostess and more importantly, the washing up. Enjoy Christmas Day festivities with all the trimming in the comfort of a relaxed French style with family and friends. From £80 per person you can enjoy lobster cocktail, filet of beef Wellington and baked Alaska. Topped off with complimentary minced pies and clementines, why would you want to eat in? Visit christmas.aspx

FLEMINGS GRILL If you’re in charge of planning this year’s office Christmas lunch, then look no further than what the chefs at the Flemings Hotel in Mayfair have on offer. The group gastronomy package for eight to 24 people at £50 per head offers seasonal British produce with modern European flair. Private dining in this plush boutique venue includes ham hock rillette with endive salad and sourdough toast, slow cooked lamb shoulder with roast butternut squash, braised cabbage and leek, topped off by pavlova with a seasonal fruit compote. And for local Mayfair residents the offer gets even better, with complimentary bacon sandwiches delivered to your office the next morning. Visit




Price: £23,500 Engine size: 1.4 TB 170 BHP MultiAir Petrol 0-62mph: 7.8 secs Horsepower: 170 bhp Petrol Costs: low co2: 134g/km Editors Colour of Choice: Etna black micalised paint, £490


THE 147 SACRIFICED COMFORT FOR SPORTINESS. CAN ITS REPLACEMENT, THE GIULIETTA, PROPEL ALFA BACK TO THE MAINSTREAM? Design: Named after the original 1950’s coupe, the Giulietta ticks all the right boxes; eco friendly, solid build quality and a versatile engine. But has it got the edge... Alfa’s ‘without heart we would be mere machines’ and all that mumbo jumbo? It’s a striking looking car; from the side it has that appealing muscular look of the 147, but the front-end falls a bit flat like the Mito (Alfas baby model). Overall, the design is a bit feminine and the back looks just like the Vauxhall Vectra. It is however refreshing to see such a bold design in the hatch market and the refined sporty details look particularly good in black or red. For someone who is used to German interiors the Giulietta is a sumptuous contrast. The top of the range Veloce trim has woven leather, glossy black panels, aluminium skirting and pedals, and bold chrome detailing. The exterior also boasts elegant LED light clusters (which aren’t just another Audi style rip off ), and spiral alloy wheels that make this car stand out from the

crowd. The range consists of three MultiJet diesel engines (1.6 105bhp, 2.0 140bhp, 2.0 170bhp), and three petrol turbo engines (1.4 120bhp, 1.4 MultiAir 170bhp and the Cloverleaf 1750 TBi 235bhp). I’m test-driving the best balanced of the lot, the 1.4 TB 170 bhp Multiair. The award winning engine has 35% more power than a standard engine and 10% lower emissions (CO2 134g/km). Drive: On a late night journey back to Devon from London I make the most of the DNA system switch, which has three different modes (All Weather, Normal and Dynamic). There’s something really thrilling about a sports switch, especially when you get lots of exciting driving charts on your Sat Nav too (displaying acceleration, g-force and power delivery). I pull over off the A303 and turn on the Dynamic option. This tightens the Electronic Q2 differential and over boost and the car shows a bit of Italian heart at last- perfect for a bit of late night acceleration past Stonehenge. The turbo is faultless and the revs are even through the range. The Giulietta feels exhilarating on the straights (062 mph in 7.8 seconds) and corners like a dream. For the first time in my

life I actually enjoy the absurd amount of roundabouts on the A303. The aluminium-based multilink suspension absorbs those potholes but what is a shame is that at high speeds the steering loses confidence and becomes a bit skittish. Comfort: Carrying two passengers other than the Uma Thurman mini-me’s you might have seen on the Giulietta TV advert, proved to be a problem too. The back seat headroom slopes a lot- so much so that anyone who is over 6ft will have to crick their neck at a 45 degree angle. Another niggle is the seats themselves which make your lower back ache like hell on a long journey. I’ve never hankered after a cushion so much in my life. Overall: The price, which for this model is £23,1500 is very competitive considering how much kit you get, and the quality of the car itself. Driving my A3 after the Giulietta felt very dull indeed but I was grateful to have a comfy ride. This is the problem with the Giulietta: it feels more like a hot hatch with two extra seats at the moment. A few tweaks and it could be brilliant.


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