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“YOUNG, FAT & FABULOUS” Gabi Gregg, Fashion Blogger and MTV TJ Talks About Her Amazing Rise to Fame




4 amazing Fashion Editorials, Top Treatments, & A Fantastic Travel Offer !

David Emanuel @ Bon Marche, ruffle front satin blouse - £26 Bootleg Trousers - £16.50.


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Wow, we’re three issues in and I’m so excited to share The Fashion Issue with you. The team here at SLiNK has worked incredibly hard to bring you all the latest trends, where to shop, four amazing editorials and even more hot shopping tips to make fashion the most fun it can be! We welcome to our team our new Features Editor, Jeffrey Michael, who interviews the creator of ‘Young Fat and Fabulous’ and MTV Twitter Jockey, Gabi Fresh. It’s a great read so don’t forget to check it out! Talking of great reads, make sure you read the interview with Mad Men costume designer and creative consultant to Maidenform lingerie, Janie Bryant. She talks Katie through her guide to ultimate curves and the perfect wiggle. This issue is packed full of the usual beauty tips, hair advice from Lee Stafford, great restaurant reviews and fantastic recipes.


In the market for a new car? Ginny has road tested one of the cutest, girliest cars on the market, perfect for zipping round in! At SLiNK HQ we often have the stereo pumping and this summer we’ve mainly been listening to the incredible CocknBullKid. Fresh from the festival circuit, Anita gives us an exclusive interview. This is definitely a musician to keep an eye on. Finally you will notice that we have a new website! This is so we can bring you all things SLiNK constantly! So don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and keep visiting us or you will miss out! x Rivkie Baum x Editor in Chief SLiNK Magazine Follow Us: Email Us:

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DEE ANDREWS Illustrator Fashion Trends WILLA GEBBIE (Article Illustrations) MOTORING Ginny Weeks JEFFREY MICHAELS Features Editor KAREN WARD Features Writer


Cover Shot: Jumpsuit - Yours Clothing Fur Gilet - Open End @ Beige Belt - Stylists Own Bangle - New Look Necklace - Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier


Photography: Dave Wise Styling - Rivkie Baum Model - Geo @ Milk Management Hair - Oscar Alexander Make Up - Lauren Baker Assistants: Ali McNally & Isabella Sumner

With extra thanks to Dave Wise & Felicity Carter

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CONTENTS Letter from the Editor / 3 “Body thoughts” – Karen Ward / 6 Cover Fashion Story / 8 Janie Bryant, Mad Men costumer designer talks to SLiNK / 16 Accessories Editorial / 22 Autumn/Winter Trends - Shopping & Illustrations / 30 - 45 Fashion Editorial / 46 Shopping Tips - Jeans / 52 Shopping Tips - Duo Boots / 54 Fashion Editorial / 56 Hair / 64 Beauty / 68 Perfume Feature / 77 Homeware / 72 Detox Diary / 78 Top Treatments / 80

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About a year ago, during my annual physical, my doctor asked me a question that took me by surprise. She asked me if I liked myself. What a question for a general physician to ask, I thought. I was stumped at first, and couldn’t figure out why my doctor, who is supposed to be caring for my health, would want to know such a thing. I responded with a weakly voiced “I guess,” even though the true answer was “no.” She continued with similar sorts of questions, asking me about my feelings of my own self worth. In truth, I’d never really considered these issues in any sustained way before this, so her questions were a bit unsettling to me. This appointment caused an emotional maelstrom for me, albeit a necessary one. Unbeknownst to me, I had spent the past 26 years of my life in a state of self-hatred, doubting every one of my choices, repulsed by my appearance, and constantly seeking validation from others. I had been bullied throughout my entire childhood, and I had internalised all the negative things others had said about me. I had been torn down and never had the chance to rebuild. After the epiphany that resulted from my visit to the doctor, I began to question the negative thoughts that would automatically surface about myself, challenging the notion that I was inherently deficient or flawed in some way.

My number one challenge was the mirror. I would stand in front of it harshly scrutinising every aspect of my physical appearance, from the top of my head to the tip of my toe, perpetuating my own self-hatred. I knew that this was the one thing that had to change before I could say that I loved myself and actually mean it. I began to realize the importance of self-affirmation. I cannot change the fact that negative thoughts about my body and myself will surface, but I can change what I do about those thoughts. Usually a trip to the mirror involves this thought process: Negative Karen: Ugh, my butt is so big; I look like a stuffed sausage in this dress. Self-Affirming Karen: No, I can’t think like that. I love my self and my body and appreciate all of the wonderful things that my body does for me. I do not exist solely as an aesthetic object, and my body’s worth is not determined solely by my own negative perceptions of its appearance. There is no such thing as perfect, and my perception of beauty is determined by my position in a society that values unattainable or unrealistic aesthetic ideals. These values change and shift over time, which tells me that they are subjective and that I should not place so much credence in them. I am beautiful. I am smart. This looks good on me. I will wear it proudly and be happy. >> 6

Illustration by Willa Gebbie

A long thought process? Maybe. But it’s worth it. I acknowledge what I (perhaps inherently) view as my flaws, and I address them. Every time I have a negative thought about my body or my self, I self-correct, telling myself that others do not view the object of my insecurities as a big a problem as I do, and that I am my own harshest critic. The power of positive thought is astounding. It’s natural to have negative thoughts about yourself, but once you catch yourself thinking in this way, stop, and challenge your negative thoughts. I value each and every day in my body. Think of all the wonderful things your body can do for you - sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. The body even has the power to create another human life! Think of all these amazing things that your body is capable of the next

time you have a negative thought about it. Self-esteem does not come naturally. It’s a choice that we all have to make every time we look in the mirror. What way will I think of myself? Will I confront the negative thoughts that always seem to surface? I have answered yes to this question and I have finally learned to love myself. It takes some courage to make this leap into selflove, but once you do it, you will finally be at peace with your body (and shouldn’t you be at peace with it? You only get one!).Think kindly about yourself. We all internalise negative perceptions of ourselves, but it is what we do about those internalised perceptions that define how we carry on. Do you want to always be at odds with your body? It’s really the only thing we can actually and permanently own in our lives. Make peace with it and your entire existence will be happier and more beautiful.

FETISH Photographer: Dave Wise ( Styling: Rivkie Baum


Fashion is fun and at SLiNK we want you to know that size should not be a restriction. We have three sensational fashion stories and a beautiful accessories fashion shoot that we know you will love! We have chosen some of the season’s most enchanting trends and our models have really brought them to life! There is an abundance of texture and colour this season so embrace some fashion frivolity!

Sequin jumper - Elena Miro @ Beige PU waistcoat - Primark Leather and Jersey Skirt - Stylists Own Shoes - Dorothy Perkins Silver Ring - QVC Bangle - Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier


Jumpsuit - Yours Clothing Fur Gilet - Open End @ Beige Belt - Stylists Own Bangle - New Look Necklace - Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier

Red Jumper and Whip from a selection @ Rokit Vintage Necklace - Butler and Wilson @ QVC High Waisted Knicker - Maidenform Shoes - Duo

Leather crop jacket - Yoek @ Beige Skull Necklace - Butler and Wilson @ QVC Bustier - Maidenform Skirt - Stylists own Chain - Trimming from Barnett Lawson

Leather crop jacket - Yoek @ Beige Skull Necklace - Butler and Wilson @ QVC Bustier - Maidenform Skirt - Stylists own Chain - Trimming from Barnett Lawson


Coat - Marisota Necklace - QVC Gloves - Stylists Own

Print Kaftan - Open End Jeans - NYDJ (all available at Beige) Ring - (from a selection) Accessorize

Nipple Tassels - Ann Summers Wet look legging - Dorothy Perkins Sheer top - Stylists Own Hat - from selection @ Rokit Earring - Made by Stylist Chain accessory - Topshop


MAD MEN Interview by Katie Antoniou

*We talk to Mad Men costume designer and brand consultant to Maidenform, Janie Bryant, about perfect curves* Mad Men is the TV show that not only had us tuning in for our latest fix of drama, but also sent us raiding our grandmothers’ closets for vintage frocks as glamorous as Betty’s or wiggle dresses as sexy as Joan’s. The show shot actress Christina Hendricks to stardom as women the world over rejoiced at the site of a Hollywood star who wasn’t size zero. We spoke to Janie Bryant about her work as costume designer for the series, her role as design consultant to lingerie brand Maidenform and the importance of wearing the right underwear. When you started designing for Mad Men, did you have an idea what an impact the fashion in the show would have on designers and buyers the world over? JB: There is no way to know what impact a show will have on an audience. I wanted to design Mad Men because I have a true passion for period costume design, and I loved Matthew Weiner’s entire vision for the show. We never could have imagined what an impact the show would have but seeing how it has all unfolded has been magical. Who’s your favourite character to dress? JB: People always ask me this question. For me it’s more about what’s going on with the character in the script

that excites me more than just a single character. It is more the audience that get attached to a single character. I do have favorite costumes though.Some of Joan’s costumes in season four are some of my favorites, like her blue and white dress with the navy and cream ruffle and I love Betty’s gorgeous costume at the end of season two a beige brocade dress and matching jacket with mink trim, just to name a couple. You and Christina Hendricks have been credited with creating a much healthier role model for young women which must make you very proud. Do you think the mainstream fashion industry is heading away from the waif ideal and towards a more realistic representation of what both men and women find attractive? JB: A woman should embrace and be proud of her shape regardless of whether she’s an hourglass, ruler, pear, apple or otherwise. It’s about appreciating all of your assets and understanding what looks great on you! It’s really not about comparing yourself to the “waif ideal” or even changing the fashion industry. It’s about being satisfied with your body and if there is something you want to change about yourself, take action and do it.>> 16

How important is wearing the right underwear when trying to create an hourglass silhouette? JB: Foundations are really important. It’s an intricate part of the costume and how it all works together. Can you tell us a bit about your work with Maidenform? JB: Working with Maidenform made sense to me because we have a shared passion for intimate apparel and the importance of the proper foundations. Foundations have always been a major part of my costume design and how I create certain looks and silhouettes so being connected with Maidenform has been wonderful. I’m able to offer my feedback on products and share with customers how their intimate apparel and shapewear can make you feel your most beautiful. We both love the idea of empowering women and our collaboration has helped me do just that. What are the key lingerie pieces every girl should own? JB: “I love to choose pieces that accentuate a woman’s curves. Some of my favorites are Maidenform’s Custom Lift(R) Longline Bra, Pure Genius! Extra Coverage bra and the very sexy Easy-Up(R) Full Slip. The feminine form is so beautiful, why hide it? ”

You won an Emmy for your costume design on HBO series Deadwood (one of my all time favourite TV shows by the way). Obviously it would be hard for the Wild West Aesthetic to infiltrate the mainstream fashion scene to the extent that the Mad Men look has done, but are there any other styles from different eras that you’d like to see brought back onto the catwalk and the high street? JB: I love petticoats, corsets and bustles and find that the feminine looks of that period are sexy and romantic. However, there are great styles from many eras that could take a turn on the catwalk with a modern twist. With the remake of The Great Gatsby, one of my all time favorite movies, I would not be surprised to see some of the classic styles and jazz of the roaring 20’s brought back with a bit of flair. What is your own wardrobe made up of; vintage pieces, designer clothes or your own creations? What key pieces do you think are wardrobe essentials? JB: My wardrobe is a combination of some great vintage picks, designer clothes, and a few pieces of my own creation! I love to mix things up a bit, but there are a few great essentials for any wardrobe. In my book, ‘The Fashion File’ (Hachette/ GrandCentral), I discuss a few of the basics for both men and women. >>

For men, a well-tailored suit, a perfect blazer, and a pair of well made shoes are great places to start. For women, shapewear is a must! I love to wear foundation garments because they ensure the perfect silhouette under any garment.Every woman should have several proper fitting bras for all occasions and various body-slimmers that create that feminine shape. Maidenform has great options for all shapes and sizes. Some of my favorites include the Custom Lift® Bustier and their Easy Up® collection of shapewear. Is there anyone in the public eye who you’d like to see made-over ‘Mad Men’? JB: I think of it in an entirely different way. As the Costume Designer for Mad Men, I am telling a story about these characters through the costume design. Although I will say, every man can benefit from having a little Don Draper in his closet, and I think the ladies would agree!

Can you share with us what you will be working on after Mad Men finishes? JB: It has been an exciting and busy time for me these past months with the launch of my book, designing a QVC capsule collection, creating a Nailtini nail polish collection and as the wardrobe expert for Maidenform. I am currently getting excited for the kick off of my design collaboration with Banana Republic on a Mad Meninspired line as well as the launch of my website ( I will be focusing on building that to be an interesting and unique destination site for fashion, costume design, favourite picks and beauty tips that will hopefully provide inspiration to visitors. Beyond that, look for me to be launching a line of fabulous dresses and much more to come!


All Jewellery - Erickson Beamon

Photographer: Dave Wise ( Styling: Rivkie Baum


Top - from selection @ Rokit Knickers - La Senza Clutch - Angel Jackson All Rings - Imogen Belfield Cuff - Erickson Beamon

Helmet Head Piece - Louis Mariette Body - Stylists Own Clutch - Angel Jackson Shoes - Duo Cuff - Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier

Necklace - Erickson Beamon Handbag - Jaeger

Body - As before Over the knee boots - Duo Necklace - Erickson Beamon Handbag - Alexander McQueen

Model: Naomi @ Excel at Models1 Hair and Make Up - Hayleigh Maskell @ Models1 (using Paul Mitchell hair products and Clinique make up) Assistant - Ali McNally

FETISH Illustration by Dee Andrews


Marks and Spencer - Leather trouser £99

Marisota - Lace Blouse £40

Dorothy Perkins - Leather and suede dress £60

Evans - Lace spot dress

Anna Scholz - Lace jacket

Simply Be - Obi Belt

Marks & Spencer per una Speziale Dita - Shell Top Dorothy Perkins - Buckled boot £80

Anna Scholz - Velvet dress

Dorothy Perkins - Dark grey biker £69

Seen at the likes of Louis Vuitton, fashion has gone sex mad! Leather, lace and all sensual fabrics are set to give your wardrobe a bit of va va voom. Requiring plenty of black, look for great texture. Layer chiffon with leather and look out for corset styles to put a bit of sass back into your look. Check out our cover story for some more ideas!

Marisota- Voluptuous Dress

Dune – ‘Kyoto’ 3 buckled shoe-boot £125

Marks & Spencer Leather skirt 8 £99

TARTAN Illustration by Dee Andrews


H by Henry Holland (at Debenhams) Tartan Cross Body £30

Bonmarché Check Trousers - £15

Next - Check cape £28

Marisota - Wool Mix Check

Skirt £18 - f&f tesco

Asos - tartan shoe Anna Scholz - tartan dress

Add a touch of Highland tradition to your wardrobe this winter with totally gorgeous tartans. While red-based ones are expected, the high street and the catwalks have all added their colourful twist on the trend. Keep it feminine with softer pieces such as capes and pencil skirts, avoid tartan shirting, this look is very ‘English Heritage’ rather than lumberjack.

ASOS - brief case

Next - Leopard print loafers £22

Marks & Spencer Cream jacket - £59

Dune - Hackle £110 Marks and Spencer - blouse

Anna Scholz - tux dress

Anna Scholz - Leopard print jacket

Next - Shirt & bow tie £25

Marks and Spencer - Grey Blazer with Black Trim £59

House of Fraser - Black leather bow gloves £49 Ted Baker

Marisota Double Breasted Militay Coat- £85

Bertie – ‘Natalya’ - £85 Bonmarché - Stripe Trousers - £15

The androgynous look is always a popular fashion trend for this time of year. Boyfriend blazers and tuxedo style trims are all over the high street and an easy way of injecting this laid back, tailored style to your wardrobe. Crisp white shirts, minimum accessories and straight cut trousers complete the look. Keep an eye out for satchel bags and brogue detailed shoes as an easy and fun way to work the trend.

Marks & Spencer - White bib shirt Dune – ‘Work’ satchel - £45

Illustration by Dee Andrews

House of Fraser Neon pink snakeskin wraparound clutch £200 by Safor

Evans - Red pocket front dress

Anna Scholz - Spotted coat

Dorothy Perkins - Blue/ white angle dress £30

Dorothy Perkins - Navy boots £60

Dorothy Perkins - Green Jumpsuit £40

ASOS - Dogtooth and blue shoe

Marks and Spencer Purple bow neck blouse Next - Python print dress £45

House of Fraser - Gold chainmail frame clutch Biba £135 Next - Dogtooth shift dress £49 Marks & Spencer Autograph - Snake print dress £89

We love a good retro trend, while last season we twirled into the 50’s, for AW11 we are grooving in the Sixties and Seventies. The era of Studio 54 and Andy Warhol is all about fun! Whether you go for popping brights and textured layers or get inspired by monochrome and Edie Sedgwick keep it retro not throwback. Modernise 60’s inspired pieces with modern accessories such as a tough shoe boot or statement jewels.

Anna Scholz - Two tone swing coat

Dune - Two tone shoe ‘Stole’ £85

Illustration by Dee Andrews

Illustrations: Dee Andrews



Illustration by Dee Andrews

Evans black two tone boot Next - Shimmer bag Dorothy Perkins £40 sequin top

John Lewis Terry-de-Havilland, Lois gold shoe

Marks and Spencer shimmer skirt

Asos - Brogue Next - Print maxi £60

Per Una Speziale WOW Mac £99

Per Una jewel lace skirt £55

Shimmer, shine and plenty of flow this look requires a mixture of Grecian glamour and sparkle. Perfect for heading towards the party season.

Primark Shimmer Brogue £14


Marisota - Dress- £35 Anna Scholz - Cape

Per una Speziale at Marks and Spencer Flame Dress £149 Tesco – Red dress £16

Tesco – Red print Cardigan £16

Anna Scholz - red jacket

Marks and Spencer - Red jacket

Evans collections pleated jersey palazzo £45

Bold, bright and totally unashamed this blood red tone is everywhere for AW11 and we will be keeping our eyes peeled for the perfect LRD (little red dress) a great cocktail wardrobe staple. To work this into everyday though try red heels and bag to pack a punch and jazz up boring work wear, we promise you’ll walk with a new swing in your step.

Next - Leather gloves £16

Dune – ‘Huff ’ red ankle strap shoe - £95

Illustration by Dee Andrews

FUR Next - Faux fur jacket £65 Dorothy Perkins - White and black Dalmation coat £85

Evans - Brown faux fur coat £75

Rocha John Rocha (at Debenhams) Faux fur Trapper Hat

Dune - Range fur and buckle wedge boot - £110

Rocha. John Rocha (at Debenhams) - Sheepskin gillet

Matalan - 70’s belted faux fur stone jacket £45

John Lewis - faux-fur golden brown coat

Dune – ‘Kurly’ black fur boot £165

Dorothy Perkins - Furry bag £20

Evans collections - Faux Fur Coat £120

The long cold winter is heading in our direction and what better way to prepare than with a new coat! Whether it’s fur trim, faux fur coats or the real thing you’re after this is the season to get all wrapped up.

Illustration by Dee Andrews

TUNICS Illustration by Dee Andrews

Bonmarché - DE Tunic oatmeal/black/red-£32 Marks and Spencer green and coral Tunic

Anna Scholz aqua/black/purple tunic

Evans Collections - waist belt kimono tunic

Evans Collections - embellished waistband tunic £55

Dorothy Perkins - Mustard Lattice top £32

Bonmarché - DE Print Tunic - £30

Marisota - Orange Blouse £35 Next -Pleat black and tan blouse £28

Bonmarché - Bootleg Trousers- £16.50

Dorothy Perkins - blue trouser £29.50

This was an exceptionally popular look on the catwalk this season and is truly a sophisticated look. This look is all about keeping your proportions right and height will play a key role here. Taller ladies can afford a slightly more palazzo trouser, but for those of us that are a bit more vertically challenged (I’m 5’2) keep trousers to a slim leg and find neater, shorter tunics to balance. Marina Rinaldi has done this look particularly well and is a great work to evening look; Use jewellery to soften the look.

Monsoon Tawny Tunic, £90

Gold jacket - Elena Miro @ Beige Necklace - QVC Skirt - Beyond Retro Shoes - Stylists Own Ring - Topshop

FORTIES FLIRTATION Photographer: Dave Wise ( Styling: Rivkie Baum


Leopard Print dress - Anna Scholz All Jewellery - Stylists Own

Bustier - From Selection @ Asos Suit - Primark Necklace - Stylists Own Shoes - New Look Ring - Accessorize

Bustier - Stylists own Skirt - made by Stylist Necklace - Topshop Cuff - Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier

Dress - Marks and Spencers Necklace - Camden Market Shoes - As before

Model - Anouska @ Milk Management Hair - Oscar Alexander Make Up - Lauren Baker (using RMK cosmetics) Styling Assistant - Isabella Sumner Photography Assistant - Ali McNally

Dress - Dorothy Perkins Bow Tie - John Lewis menswear


Whether they’re skinny, bootleg, flared or straight women everywhere are in pursuit of the ‘it’ jean. While fashion brands play an important role in our pursuit of denim heaven it’s the troublesome fit that has most women in a twist! Add to the fact you’re trying to find a size to accommodate your curves and you have a recipe that will make even the sanest shopper break down in tears. I haven’t worn jeans in six years, yup, I’ve said it, six whole years without cladding my derriere in denim, the last time I strutted around in jeans they were size 12 Alexander McQueen’s (which I still lovingly hang in my cupboard even though I cant get into them!) I disposed of the denim and filled my wardrobe with alternatives and mocked as friends mentioned their struggle to find ‘the one’. So when someone tweeted us about test running jeans, it seems that the unbiased novice drew the short straw! So here it goes… NYDJ, stands for ‘Not Your Daughters Jeans’, they have a tummy tuck control system, with a high rise that really holds you in. Available in several washes and cuts, including straight and boot-cut fits, these fitted like a glove and really smoothed out my shape. They were quite weighty but that made me feel quite secure. . At over £100 a pair, they are on par with premium designer denim but last well and therefore a staple investment piece.

Rinaldi and Persona, both part of the MaxMara group offer on trend styles in a host of shades. While Persona cut a little squarer I really liked the choice at Rinaldi and felt that the attention to detail and fashion elements were worth paying for. I stopped in at Beige Plus to try out little known jeans brand Robelle. While not great for Apple shapes, the slightly wider cut hips make this perfect for pear shapes and again are available in all the wardrobe basic tones. Next stop was Dorothy Perkins, as they aren’t a plus size specialist it is more about finding the styles that are made up to a size 22, however while I love their clothes, their jeans were definitely geared towards someone with a flatter stomach. The rise was very low and I didn’t like the weight of the fabric. Again there was quite a bit of room on the thighs making this a more pear friendly label. The New Look ‘Inspire’ range is often fairly limited, although they do carry some jeans and I was particularly impressed by the on trend, highwaisted, 70’s flare pair. While you need to be tall to pull off this look the jeans themselves were a nice weight and fit. It would be great to see them roll out as greater denim selection as they do in their smaller sizes though! Evan’s were up next and as a nonbeliever when I saw jeans for under £20, I wasn’t going to give them the 52

time of day, surely they were bound to be a disaster. I chose a straight cut, dark indigo wash and let me tell you something ladies… ‘I’m in love’. As someone who is often warm, the weight was perfect, the cut on the leg was great and the rise was high enough for me to feel perfectly secure without morphing into Simon Cowell. Magi-fit Jeans, which I found at Marisota work on the same principal as the NYDJ jeans listed above but at a fraction of the cost. This however did reflect in the weight and appearance of the jeans. The Magi-fits were much lighter although the styles were more varies. I liked the fact they came in lots of different washes but the fit again felt better geared towards a pear and I prefer the substance I had with an NYDJ. Top Tips: - As usual, it’s best to shop early in the morning, when the stores are quiet, the sales assistants happy and the sizes and styles in the right order. - Don’t drink/eat heavily before a trying on session, you don’t want to feel at your most bloated. - If you’re planning on wearing your jeans with a heel, bring a pair with; Shoes can completely change the shape of your body so try the jeans on as you would wear them. - If they don’t work, put them down and walk away, don’t buy out of desperation! Good Luck!

Illustration by: Willa Gebbie

DUO BOOTS By Rivkie Baum Images: Ginny Weeks

I don’t know about you but I have spent a large part of my adult life trying desperately to find boots that fit properly. I haven’t been blessed with the slimmest carves and with dinky size 5 feet, the anomaly between foot size and calf width has left me blushing at not being able to do up boots in several high street stores. While many plus size catalogues now do several width fittings, it is still tough to find beautiful quality and on trend styles in a good size selection, so when I found Duo Boots, quite frankly I thought I’d died and gone to shoe heaven. With several stores across the UK, two Central London stores and a strong online presence, Duo has been offering boot width fittings for around eight years so I popped into the new Covent Garden store for a fitting! While boots remain the brand speciality they also offer a range of ballet flats, brogue style flats and heels in various foot width fittings and all the shoes and ballet pumps have lovely padding to ensure you can actually wear them comfortably all day!

I was massively impressed by both the variety in store and how on trend everything was. From shoe boots to riding boots and even over the knee boots, your ever wish will be answered. The quality is beautiful, the leather soft and the colour palette perfect making you want every style in every tone. After perusing the range I had my calf measured before selecting the styles I wanted to try on. Knowing your calf size also makes it easier to then purchase from the easy to navigate online store. The staff have excellent knowledge as to which styles come up smaller / bigger and give constructive advice. It’s not unusual for customers to spend over an hour in the store, as the made to measure feeling that comes with finding a boot that finally fits right makes people determined to get the one that is ‘perfect’. I was torn between practical riding boots and a fold over, faux fur trimmed pair (the boots of my dreams) though I probably will end up purchasing both!

The best part though? Knowing that I can get high quality footwear that will fit perfectly in a boutique environment. All store information can be found at: Cost: Boots start from approx £135, shoe boots from approx £95, shoes from approx £70. Duo Boots ship internationally, see website for details.


Photographer: Dave Wise ( Styling: Rivkie Baum

Dress - Anna Scholz Fur and crochet gilet - Beige Jewellery - New Look Boots - Chockers


Jumpsuit and Shoes - Primark Bangles - Stylists own

Necklace - New Look T-shirt and Knitwear - Dorothy Perkins

Maxii - H&M BiB collection Belt - Stylists Own Corasage - Barnett Lawson Trimmings

Dress - Igigi Gold Leaf Cuff - Vintage Necklace - QVC

Hat - New Look Blouse - Primark Trousers - Asos Curve Fur Trim - Barnett Lawson Shoes - Duo

Model - Alexandra @ Excel at Models1 Hair - Oscar Alexander Make Up - Lauren Baker (using Mac) Stylist Assistant - Isabella Sumner Photography Assistant - Ali McNally

T-shirt and Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins Knitted Skirt - Stylists Own Necklace - New Look Bangles - New Look




LEE STAFFORD... MUST HAVE HAIR TIPS Lee Stafford Says: FINE, LIMP HAIR Fine limp hair can be hard to handle as excess moisture from your scalp as well as the air can make it appear flatter. Try my brand new Matt Fat Powder A brand new clever powder styler for big fat Bardot film star hair! This magic powder dust will dry up oily roots and help to create a natural textured look in hair, giving you a volumised matt finish. Not only does it add volume abut it also creates a natural textured look. Matt Fat Powder contains a 21st century oil absorbing ingredient within the formulation to dry up any oily roots leaving a matt finish with lots of volume. Simply shake to wake the pot of powder puff potion sprinkle a small amount onto your hair (like a salt shaker). Rub the powder into your roots to pad out your hair. Simply pop in your handbag and re-apply throughout the day to shake up, wake up and big up your hair. My Poker Straight Dry Shampoo £5.49 (150ml) mini £2.09 (50ml) is

an absolute must as it enables you to get more days from your blow dry by munching all nasty odours in hair, leaves hair fragranced, full of body and volume without a hair wash in sight and perfect for those who want an extra 15 minutes in bed of a morning as it means you don’t have to wash hair every day. it also gives your hair a break from constant washing and heat styling. Simply spray from about 16 cm onto the root area that needs refreshing, gently rub away the excess powder with your fingers and gives you gorgeous smelling hair with extra volume GREAT LATE SUMMER LOOKS In the last days of summer, the last thing you want to be doing is fussing around with your hair! It is far too hot and too time consuming! So the best thing to do is go for capsule styles that you know will work, high impact hair with minimum fuss is the only look to go for in the last summer months.

DAYTIME The first is so simple, as most girls simply want to create that beachy carefree look during the day that is just tousled, natural and wavy. To create this look . . . * After blow/rough drying your hair. Smooth through some serum, simply section your hair from the nape of the neck. * Make sure you spritz a heat protection mist all over your hair before doing any styling with flat irons. You need to take small sections of your hair, grip it on the ceramic plate half way down your hair shaft and GENTLY turn the irons 180 degrees. * Run the flat irons down the hair shaft taking care not to snag any strands. This creates an effect like running scissors down a ribbon, et voila loose natural waves! * Continue all over your hair.

Shine Head Shine Spray (£5.49)

Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray (£6.89 exclusively from Boots nationwide)

Poker Straight Dry Shampoo £5.49 (150ml) mini £2.09 (50ml)

Matt Fat Powder (£9.50)

“Whether it is the ballerina-sleek or tousled look, THE BUN is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of class to any look. To create the look follow my easy step by steps... * Tong hair all over to give a gorgeous loose wave. * To finish, gently scrunch in some of my Babewave Styling Creme which will separate the curls leaving it soft tously and tendrilly not crispy or ‘producty’ What NOT to do! Never create tight poodle curls starting from the root - this will create more of a Brian May look - NOT what you are after! * Never put too much product in – remember you can always add but you cant take away. . . a real hair crime is crispy hair!! * Don’t over style as it is a loose relaxed sexy look. * Don’t touch your hair too much as it will lead to dry frizz.

* Spritz hair all over with my Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray (£6.89 exclusively from Boots nationwide) which gives hair the tousled, textured look you can usually get after swimming in the sea. * Hair will feel soft to touch but with added bounce, definition and body to die for. * Sweep hair to the side just under your ear and tie into a loose side ponytail fixing into place with a snag free band. * Make sure that the band is not as tight it can go as you are going to leave the half the hair in the pony as a large loop. * Take little sections of the loop and pin around the band using small pins –

loosely covering the band and creating a bun effect. * This will look even more tousled as hair will have a lose wave that will lend itself perfectly to this style * You can even leave some tousled sections loose to give a beachy sexy feel. * For more detail you can add a hair accessory such as a Grecian headband or simple hair jewellery * To finish spritz over hair with my Shine Head Shine Spray (£5.49) for a gorgeous mirror like shine What NOT to do ! When creating this look – remember to treat your hair gently as it is a loose messed up yet elegant look – do not scrape hair to your head as this will look too severe! Don’t over style, it is supposed to be effortless glamour. When trying to create a style– always adapt the style with what you have - be realistic as to what you can achieve with your hair type.”






To celebrate the launch of Liberty’s brand new Beauty Hall, Cowshed has collaborated with Liberty to create a limited edition collection which includes Dirty Cow Hand Wash, £14.00 and Cow Pat Hand Cream, £16.00. These gorgeous Liberty-print bottles will look fabulous in your kitchen or bathroom. Available at Liberty.



By Ginny Weeks

Dior’s International Beauty Expert Shane Paish shares his top tips on how to get glowing skin this Autumn Preparation is everything. “Start with a hot shower, exfoliate and then moisturise the whole body - the steam really allows the moisturiser to penetrate the skin.” 1) Perfect the canvas before you start painting. “Getting the perfect base for your foundation means using a combination moisturisation and coverage. Massage a luminous moisturiser into the skin for a dewy, reflective glow”. Try ‘Capture Totale Radiance Enhancer £110.00’ 2) Warm up your foundation. “Go one shade warmer with a sheer foundation over the summer; Try Dior Skin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Fluid in 002 Honey Nude £29.50’. Always use a sponge and blend to create a barely-there effect.” 3) Dark circles - the secret “It’s the colour that knocks out the grey, not the thickness. A yellow-toned concealer brings tired eyes back to life. Try ‘Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen £25’, it highlights and conceals at the same time.” 4) Metallics - a summer must have. “Use shadows with a metallic-based hue to keep them from looking flat and twodimensional. Warm-toned metallic eyeshadows will sink into the skin’s oils and blend beautifully.” Try ‘Dior 5 Couleur Iridescent in Earth Reflection £40.00’






The BodyShop Grapefruit Body Scrub £12.50 - We love the refreshing, summery scent of this scrub and it’s one of the best exfoliators we’ve tried. Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner £19.40 Spritz this apricot-smelling toner on to your face for a refreshing and moisturizing treat throughout the day. It’s so gentle that you can also use it as an eye makeup remover. Moroccanoil Treatment Oil for hair £29.00 for 100ml - The original and the best Argan based hair treatment oil. A small amount of this oil is enough to transform frizzy or dull hair into shiny, textured, gorgeous locks.




Embrace your femininity this Autumn with natural, fresh scents. Photography: Patrick Marks @ The Factory Covent Garden Product Styling: Ginny Weeks

DKNY Delicious Candy Apples Eau De Parfum in Fresh Orange, Juicy Berry and Sweet Strawberry from ÂŁ29.50

Lolita Lempicka Eau De Parfum from ÂŁ24.00

Lovestruck by Vera Wang Eau De Parfum from ÂŁ30.00

Oh Lola! By Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum from ÂŁ37.00

Vanitas by Versace Eau De Parfum from ÂŁ45.00


By Ginny Weeks


It couldn’t have been better timing for me to do a detox as after weeks of working lots and eating late, living off snacks and not exercising enough I was feeling completely out of balance mentally and physically. I chose the ABC (Alkalise Balance and Cleanse) program at ‘Nosh’ as it focuses on rebalancing your body and digestive system.

Day 1

Day 2

All your meals are delivered the night before so you’re prepared for the next day ahead. When my friendly delivery driver dropped off quite a small bag I started to feel a hint of dread at how little I was going to eat for the next few days. But when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised to see four quite appetizing looking bottles of juice- one large breakfast smoothie (strawberry), one mid morning snack juice (vitamins and mixed fruit), one large bottle of ‘soup’ (roasted yellow pepper and corn chowder), and a mid afternoon vegetable juice. I did wince a little bit at the sight of how small the dinner was 2 chicken drumsticks and a handful of ‘Asian style’ vegetables! So I headed off to work like any other day and didn’t feel hungry at all after my large breakfast smoothie. For lunch I had to eat the soup cold as I was in a rush but it still tasted delicious. What was really noticeable was that I didn’t get that postlunch energy slump that usually creeps up about 3.00pm. So back at home at 6 I found myself obsessing about what time to eat to avoid being hungry come 9.00pm, but after eating at 7, I was actually full for the rest of the evening, on a portion which was a lot smaller than my usual.

I woke up feeling grumpy, tired and groggy, but my stomach felt flatter and less bloated. The smoothies were just as delicious today and I actually looked forward to them. The evening was the hardest part of the day as it seemed to last forever. The dinner itself was delicious (Vegetable Caponata) but I had to stay up late whilst working from home and found myself desperate to snack, and also quite hungry.


Day 3 Today I felt full of energy and much more positive (maybe also because I know this is the last day!). My stomach was amazingly flat and I definitely felt cleansed and lighter. My skin had miraculously cleared of all my stress-related blemishes. I was so hungry in the evening after a gorgeous but small dinner of ‘Cajun Lamb Chops with Veg’ that I had a banana to kick the hunger pangs and went to bed by 9.30 just so I could forget about food!

Any bad bits? I couldn’t exercise as it would have made me too hungry, and on Day 2 I had onion soup for lunch, which I hate so I went without lunch that day. The Result For me, this detox was not about losing weight, it was about cleansing my whole system, but I did lose 4 pounds. It was a fascinating insight into a different kind of eating. I felt like I was Gwyneth Paltrow for 3 days, living off liquid meals and tiny portions. This detox is perfect if you don’t have the time or inclination to make juices/ soups etc or you work long hours. On Day 3 my stomach looked more flat than I’ve seen it since I was a teenager. My digestive system felt much happier with absolutely no bloating. I had so much energy by Day 3 I wanted to get up earlier and do more active things like walk to work! But, this detox really isn’t easy, there were several moments when I was desperate for a pizza. But if you show a bit of willpower the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the third day is immense. Cost: £124.41 for 3 days. Tel: 0845 257 6674;


SARAH CHAPMAN SKINESIS FACIAL AT THE SKINESIS CLINIC The Process: ‘Everyone’s skin is different and it changes throughout the year which is why my facial will always vary even if you have been coming to me for 10 years’ says Sarah Chapman, founder of the clinic and facialist to the stars. My treatment began with a chat through of any concerns I had with my skin, both current and long term. Chapman then created a bespoke treatment plan for me, which would address my tricky combination skin. After cleansing, peeling, extractins, LED light therapy (to kill bacteria and encourage cell renewal) I was treated to the famous Skinesis massage which combines quite vigorous muscle stimulation and lymph drainage, all aided with the beautiful aroma of Chapman’s massage oils.

SLiNK Rating: The salon as a whole is elegant and understated and a pleasure to visit. The facial was by far the most bespoke I’ve ever had, and Chapman makes you feel that she genuinely cares about tackling any issues you may have, as well as giving you a relaxing experience. Her ability to mix science, aromatherapy and indulgence is second to none. Cost: £160.00 for 90 mins (first appointment with Sarah Chapman, £140 with a specialist). Enq: 0207 589 9585; 106 Draycott Avenue, Chelsea, London, SW3 3AE. 80


BRAZILIAN BLOW DRY AT COMPTON HAIR The Process: My technician Zoltan talked me through the process as part of a 15 minute consultation. Your hair is then shampooed with a low dose formehaldyde shampoo (completely safe), which opens up the shaft of the hair. This is then followed by the Keratin treatment which is left for 15 minutes under a heat lamp. Zoltan then blowdried my hair, followed by straightening it with straighterners to really penetrate the product into the hair. By this point I could see the immediate difference in my hair- it was so smooth and I’ve never seen it so straight. As part of this innovative treatment, the hair is then rinsed of product (unlike most salons where you shouldn’t wash your hair for 3 days). The treatment was completed with a second blow-dry. SLiNK Rating: I am lazy with my hair, and a positive side effect of that is that it isn’t damaged

through heat and is generally in good condition. Despite this, I could see an amazing difference in my hair since the treatment, it’s less frizzy, more shiny, smoother and my hair colour (blonde) looks more intense. However, I would say that the people who would most benefit from this treatment are people with damaged hair, as the treatment literally rebuilds split ends. One month later and my hair still looks fabulous. The best thing is being able to wash my hair, give it a quick blast with the hair dryer and I’m ready to go. Cost: Prices start from £129.00 (short hair). Enq: 0207 240 3240 44 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9HZ. 82

EYELASH EXTENSIONS AT THE LASH BAR The Process: I had never had eyelash extensions (thoughts of Jordan come to mind) and so I was particularly weary of a look that would be well...tacky. So I ticked the box under NATURAL LOOK, and the process began. It’s actually very relaxing as you basically have a nap for 45 minutes whilst your peepers are being beautified. I had a half set so only my top lashes were extended. Apparently up to 100 lashes are glued on to each eye, and you don’t even feel it as the technicians are incredibly delicate. SLiNK Rating: During my treatment, I overheard another customer gushing to her technician about how her husband had noticed her ‘amazing eyelashes’ even though he ‘never ever notices anything like that’. This gave me an inkling into how new lashes can be addictively amazing, the lady in question had come in for more after just 10 days. When Emma the technician was finished she gave me a mirror to take a look. My first reaction was amazement at how dramatically dark they were, and how long! They looked beautiful and fluttery and not tacky at all, but another major factor was how light they were, its like they weren’t even applied. They are nothing like the traditional ‘falsies’. Perfect for a holiday (they last for 6 weeks), or if you want to save on mascara costs! The only downside? You might not be able to go back to natural. Enq; 020 7434 4554 35 Marshall Street, London, W1F 7EX.

CND SHELLAC NAIL MANICURE AT THE HAND AND FOOT SPA, CHELSEA The Process: Just like a regular manicure, with the CND Shellac you have a file, shape and cuticle treatment, followed by several coats of polish. CND Shellac polish is a hybrid so it applies like a polish but wears like a gel. Each coat of Shellac is dried under a UV light so the polish literally sets dry. The unique service at Chelsea Hand and Foot Spa means that you can have several treatments running at the same time, so I opted for eyebrow threading followed by a shoulder and head massage (so relaxing)...all in the space of an hour! SLiNK Rating: What a beautiful salon, with exceptional levels of service and a stunning interior design. I could have stayed all day. My nails looked so shiny after my manicure I they looked wet, but no this is just the effect. It feels just like regular polish but looks far superior; super neat, shiny and glossy. My nails stayed chip free for 3 weeksperfect for a holiday. One negative? You have to get the Shellac taken off in salons. Cost: ÂŁ52 for 40 minutes Enq: 020 7589 1070 153 Fulham Road, SW3 6SN.

ASK THE EDITOR Beauty Editor Ginny Weeks Answers Your Questions…

1. Does self-tan stop me from getting brown? Amanda, Oxford. No, self-tan won’t make any difference to whether you tan or not. Even if you have a strong colour from self-tan you will still tan naturally as you normally would. This is why it is also very important to wear sun protection, as self-tan does not protect your skin from burning. I recommend using St Tropez Suncare SPF30 Body (£20 for 150ml); It smells divine and also contains a tan enhancer.

2. Does using factor 50 mean I will never get brown or does it mean I can stay 50x longer in the sun? Abbey, Devon. Factor 50 will not prevent you from tanning... But it will give you superior protection against UVA and UVB damage. This sort of protection is perfect for the face, or sensitive skins. It does not mean, however, that you can stay in the sun 50 x longer than normal, as like any sunscreen, the effect is lost if you don’t reapply it every two to three hours and after swimming. One of my favourite SPF 50 creams is Darphin Vital Protection Age- Defying Protective Lotion SPF50, as it’s so light and absorbs really quickly.

3. Should I still use a face oil in summer? Sarah, London. Definitely. Just be more cautious with how much you use and how often. A nourishing and detoxing facial oil will work wonders on dehydrated or troublesome skin. Different factors all play their part in summer, from changeable weather, to tanning, to air conditioning and so your skin needs treating with an oil just as much as it does in winter. I would recommend Kahina 99% Organic Serum Oil, which is suitable for all skin types, and contains 9 essential oils, including organic argan and coffee oil, which nourishes, repairs and calms the skin. It’s also beautifully scented with lavender, neroli and ylang ylang oils. Use a few drops once or twice a week instead of a moisturiser to keep your skin looking and feeling fabulous throughout the summer.

St Tropez Suncare SPF30 Body (£20 for 150ml);

Kahina 99% Organic Serum Oil

Darphin Vital Protection AgeDefying Protective Lotion SPF50


4. Everyone keeps talking about ‘eyebrow threading’, what is it? Lucy, Manchester. Threading is a system of hair removal where a cotton thread is twisted round unwanted hair and removed in one swift movement. It’s an ancient method that originates from Middle Eastern countries. It’s growing in popularity here because its quick, gives neat and clean results, and lasts for 3 weeks, perfect before a holiday! The process also weakens the hair so the more often you have it done the less your hair will grow back. I have mine threaded at Selfridges Blink Brow Bar (£17.00) once every 2/3 weeks.


Soak your sun-parched skin with these nourishing super products.

Elemis Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask £30.70 for 50ml ( Brenda Anvari Skin Serum £15.95 for 50ml ( Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant £25.00 for 50ml (House of Fraser) Kahina Serum £77.00 for 30ml ( Egyptian Magic Cream £29.00 for 118ml ( Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil £90.00 for 30ml ( Ole Henriksen Blue Black Berry Enzyme Mask £38.00 ( Espa Lift and Firm Mask £45.00 for 55ml (


SLiNK MEETS... Gabi Gregg by Jeffrey Michael

In August 2010, Gabi Gregg landed a job that would see her catapult into the public eye on a global scale when she won MTV show “Follow Me” to become the world’s biggest music channel’s ‘Twitter Jockey’ (@mtvtj) During the show, Gabi spent weeks competing in exciting challenges that demonstrated why she was the best for the job, (think a super cool version of The Apprentice). Gabi became the behind the scenes, online insider… the eyes, ears and voice of the viewers. But Gabi is no stranger to social media, before her MTV fame, Gabi had already carved a name for herself via her plus-size positive blog, “Young Fat and Fabulous (YFF)” where she discussed issues related to body image and her own personal style as a fierce, curvy woman. Using videos, pictures and updates Gabi showed off her evolving and sophisticated style that featured her body as a canvas for fashion and showed that size was no barrier to being fabulous and stylish. As a fashion designer I have been very lucky to get to meet Gabi on several occasions and have kept in touch with her through her journey from blogger to MTV personality. I was even in NYC during some of her TV challenge wins, on route to becoming the exciting MTV TJ. We had a chance to catch up recently and talk about both the changing figure of fashion, as well as what this life altering experience has meant for her as a both a blogger and a person.

JM: Gabi from a ‘Young Fat and Fabulous’ woman to MTV TJ, you have done so much at such a young age! What motivates you to promote the “Young Fat and Fabulous cause?” GG: I feel very passionate about really showing people that you don’t have to be a certain size to be beautiful, or stylish. I think especially the latter is never talked about in our society, like when you talk about fashion for full-figured women it’s always about how to look thinner. I think it should be about how to cultivate a personal style and really show people that you can be a size 16, 18, or 20+ and look just as fashionable as the girls on the runway or in the street style blogs. JM: So do you think it was the idea of translating runway and street style that inspired you to first start YFF? GG: I was really interested in magazine journalism, but didn’t really have any experience. I really liked fashion and decided to make a blog about fashion. What I knew most closely was plus sized fashion because I was a size 16-18 at the time. I knew there was nothing out there that was catering to plus sized girls who were my age. JM: Do you think that younger girls were the people you were specifically writing to? Or were you writing it for yourself at first and then you found your audience? GG: I really began writing it for the audience, giving tips and tricks, how to dress and where to shop. So I was talking about places that are young and >>

Photo by: Nicolette Mason trendy like Forever 21, H&M, and as it grew I noticed people really loved seeing my personal outfits, which I wasn’t really showing at the beginning. JM: When you were first doing the blog what was the initial response? Was there a lot of positive support? GG: I’ve gotten really positive feedback because I opened this door that nobody was really talking about. So for the most part it has been all positive feedback. Some people had an issue with the fact that I used the word fat, and that I used it positively. Some people would say…‘How can you call yourself fat and say that’s a fabulous thing’? They weren’t really grasping the concept of ‘fat’ positively and loving yourself regardless of your size. JM: It’s pretty pioneering thing though to take that word and make it into a positive. It’s a daring move… GG: But it’s also empowering too. JM: And, I felt that reading your blog, it’s one of my goals as a designer to slowly start promoting this cause too. It is one of the things that I hope to see slowly change in the industry. GG: I really hope that you design some plus size pieces then!

JM: All my pieces are custom made, so everything is always designed for a unique body shape. For a petite client, the proportions match her shape and likewise if she has a curvy body, then she has a curvy proportioned dress. GG: I love it. JM: So when you were starting YFF, did you think that your blog could make a difference? GG: I went into blogging kind of blind. I just knew that I had something to say, I didn’t pay attention to my ‘competition’, or about comparing myself to other blogs that were already out there. I felt like I was bringing something new to the table. JM: But even now nothing like ‘Young Fat and Fabulous’ has really come to the surface yet, I still haven’t seen blogs like yours that are groundbreaking like this. GG: Thank you. A lot of really good plus sized bloggers have come out of the woodwork since the beginning. But I think I was one of the first that came out and made it about body image and fashion together. I was coming out as a fat girl, saying look at plus sized fashion! JM: But when the blog started to >> become popular it must have been weird.

Photo by: Nicolette Mason

All of a sudden you have people writing in fanmail and asking your advice. GG: The craziest thing for me is getting recognized in the street. A lot of the times when I do get recognised it’s because of YFF. I feel like it helped a lot of young girls with their confidence. These girls almost see me as a friend, instead of an untouchable person. JM: So how did you capitalise on that interest and win the MTV TJ contest? GG: It was really crazy. MTV contacted all the finalists and invited us to the show. I didn’t apply to anything. They actually found my blog, and saw the social media influence that I had already created on my own. They approached me and 17 other people about competing to be MTVTJ. JM: Did they say anything like, ‘Hey you could be a positive role model’, or was it just that this could be really cool? GG: I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. They said things like, ‘this will be a really great opportunity and you will have a larger platform, and you can go to really cool events’, and it >> was $100,000. It was also in NYC where I’ve always wanted to live.

Photo by: Nicolette Mason

JM: It sounds like a dream job though. When you were first on the show were you thinking that you would win? GG: I was really, really nervous. But even though I was scared I was also really confident and knew I would either win or come close to winning. I had so much support from my fans. I had no idea so many people cared about me until I had this opportunity. JM: But I mean, just to put that event into perspective where we met last year, there was this epic event, on the Brooklyn Bridge… Plus size models, huge crowds, huge cameras, 5 cameras following you at all times. I have never seen anything like it in all of my travels so far. It must have felt from that alone that you had it in the bag that day. GG: I was really confident from just how many people showed up. I remember from that event we had to get as many people as we could. There was no notice, it was rush hour, and the Brooklyn Bridge isn’t the easiest to get to. I found out later that I had the most people come out to that challenge.

JM: When you won the show, did you realise just what you had won? GG: I logically knew what was happening, but when you win something that big overnight you don’t feel it, you’re kind of just pinching yourself. When it first hit me was when I was at the VMA’s when I was doing the pre-show, a month after I won. I was like, whoa, I’m on TV, and that’s Lady Gaga two feet away from me! JM: The show must have changed your whole life, I remember you had to move so far. You had to setup home in another city! GG: That was the hardest part in the transition. I was living in Chicago and I was really broke. I was so happy to get that job in New York. I found out overnight that I had two days to go home and pack up my life and come back and start working. I don’t think most people expected that. >> 80

Photo by: Nicolette Mason

JM: So all of a sudden you go from your old life, to being surrounded by celebrities at the VMA’s. Was it hard to adjust being around them everyday and hanging out with them? GG: I’ve learned that these celebrities are just normal people like everyone else. They are so down to earth and chilled, so you just see them as a really talented and really rich! (Laughs) JM: But do you feel more pressure now to fit in, being involved in this mainstream media? GG: Of course, when I go into fashion parties everyone there is a waif, and I’m definitely the biggest person in the room. But I notice it and I don’t care. If I’m ever going to lose weight, it will be on my own

terms because of myself. That’s one thing that I’ve learnt. I just think everyone should do what they want with their bodies. If I ever choose to lose weight for whatever reason, then that will be all because of me. Not because of a guy, or the media, or whoever. JM: It’s a really important message. Because people really can say you’ve sold out if you change. But really it can be your own choice, and sometimes natural. GG: Exactly, how can you be so ‘for’ body positivity, but then be mad at someone for doing something with their body. JM: So how about with the celebrity people you work with everyday. Have they put any pressure on you? GG: I’m going to be totally honest with

you. I’m behind the scenes tweeting about what’s going on, and here and there I get three minute interviews. They are all really friendly and nice to me, but it’s not like they really get to know who I am in that time. JM: That’s good because then you can observe and be involved with that world, but don’t have to become affected by it. It’s your choice. Are you more affected by twitter, which is your main job at MTV? GG: Looking at twitter all day can get annoying (laughs), but I actually like it more at this point in my career. I can see what it can do for people. I love connecting with my followers and readers, and also other people in the industry. It’s so much easier to communicate with people. It’s

short and quick and I can tweet back from my phone instead of sitting down to a full inbox. JM: This is almost the end of your year now with MTV. How does MTV feel about what’s going to go on after? Have you spoken about it? GG: We haven’t had the official talk, but I’ve let them know that I have had a great time, but once I’m done I am really ready to go back into fashion styling and writing. Right now I’ve had to put projects on hold and I’m excited to have a full time job just dedicated to these things. I met a really good core group >> of people working at MTV and a lot of those people have one foot in the fashion industry. We’ll totally keep in touch.

JM: Your kind of set then! You have that whole music world that you have access back into… GG: Well I hope, we’ll see! (laughs) JM: Well your blog and career have an amazing message behind them and I’m glad we get to put it out there to the world to know about. Thank you so much Gabi, and we wish you so much luck in your transition back into fashion. As a designer watching you blossom into a role model for so many women out there and watching you blast out with new confidence and determination through your year at MTV has been really exciting and inspirational! Gabi’s blog now titled: GabiFresh can be viewed online at: Twitter: @gabifresh and @MTVTJ if you want to follow in her daily celebrity partaking at MTV. Jeffrey Michael is a couture costume designer, working with celebrities and music clients all over the world, currently residing in the States. Follow his work and travels via his website and tweets at @jeffrey_design.

Photography by: Elton Anderson

CULTURE The SLiNK culture section is just our way of letting you know what’s going on. Our culture vulture, Editor of Run Riot, Katie Antoniou talks us through must see exhibitions! For more culture news go to


GLAMOUR OF THE GODS: Hollywood Portraits at The National Portrait Gallery. 7 July- 23 October 2011. Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’ from 1920-1960 gave birth to some of the most iconic figures in the history of cinema, including the likes of Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. This exhibition showcases the portraits that captured the beauty and timeless star quality of Hollywood’s greatest, many being vintage prints that have never before been seen. Alongside over 70 photographs from the John Kobal Foundation, The National Portrait Gallery is also curating a programme of events to compliment the exhibition, including screenings of classics like A Streetcar named Desire, and Suddenly Last Summer which are free to attend. Visit: for details of screening dates and times.

THE NOMAD CINEMA: Various locations and dates. We’ve had Secret Cinema, Silent Cinema and now The Nomad Cinema, screening cult films in stunning locations across Great Britain. Watch ‘Finding Nemo’ at the poolside of Brockwell Lido, scare yourself silly with ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ in Brompton cemetery and swoon over ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ in the grounds of Fulham Palace. Wrapping up warm to watch films in atmospheric, outdoor locations puts the excitement back into ‘going to the movies’ the same way a trip to the local Odeon did when we were children. The food,however, is infinitely better and you don’t have to sit through half an hour or adverts. Visit http://www.whereisthenomad. com/ for dates, times and locations.

POWER OF MAKING: V&A. 6 September 2011- 2 January 2012 Craft has never been cooler, with places popping up all over London to teach you how to make your own jewellery, sew a quilt or knit a scarf ‘Papered Parlour’, ‘The Make Lounge’ and ‘Sew over It’ are just a few. Whether it’s a result of the make-do-and-mend ethos of the recession, a desire for escape from our overly technological lifestyles or part of the quest for more sustainable living, this Autumn the V&A and the Crafts Council examine the power of making. There’ll be an eclectic selection of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects, ranging from a life-size crochet bear to a ceramic eye patch, a fine metal flute to dry stone walling. ‘Power of Making’ will be a cabinet of curiosities showing works by both amateurs and leading makers from around the world to present a snapshot of making in our time. Join Bright Club, the thinking person’s variety night, for an evening examining the exhibits with V&A and UCL researchers on 27th September, 6.30pm. power-of-making/

COCKnBULL KID Interview by Katie Antoniou

After five years building up a loyal fan base, CocknBull Kid has gifted us with her debut album, and it was definitely worth the wait.’Adulthood’ addresses the real, gritty issues that pop songs usually steer clear of, but all with that tongue in cheek humour that Anita Blay aka CocknBull kid has become known for. She took time out from touring the festival circuit to talk about good lyrics, women in the music industry and what it means to be a popstar. I’m absolutely loving ‘Adulthood’ (your album, not the experience itself...)Lots of the lyrics are about quite serious issues, but the music is all really upbeat; did you make a conscious decision to write songs like this or did it just happen naturally? A: Thank you. Yes it was sort of conscious. I don’t know how interesting it would be to write a song called ‘Hold On To Your Misery’ and make it into a dark ballad. That may work for one or two songs but after a whole album you’d be reaching for the razor blades. I didn’t want the listener to wallow, I want people to find counsel and empathise with the message. I want there to be hope too. In the genesis of my writing, almost all my songs were written in the minor key. It was quite a challenge for me to move away from that and still find something I thought I’d be able to say, so I’m proud I did.

When I’ve been describing your album to people, I keep having to clarify that its GOOD pop, as pop has almost become a dirty word in the music industry. Do you think we are going to see a revival of pop songs that are well written, both musically and lyrically? A: To be honest it doesn’t make a difference to me either way. Pop has always been and always will. People need pop music whether they realise it or not and people consume it whether they know it or not. Personally, I will always make it because it allows me a freedom. It allows me to say and make whatever I want. And it depends on what you think pop is. It’s different to different people. Pop for me is anything from Katy Perry to David Bowie but it’s not just a genre, it’s an accolade. It’s a confidence. I always feel flattered but when people say I am a ‘popstar’ or have made a pop album but I’m not sure I’m there yet, it’s a journey. Even the ‘weirdest’ and most progressive artists are pop stars who make pop music. For example, Bowie became a pop star by way of his amazing music, success and legacy. It’s something that has to be earned.I think it’s just a matter of changing the way people see the word. It has been anything but negative to me.


There’s a great quote from you on your website about ‘the adulation of people who sing really well’, how it sickens you >> because you want something more from music. What do you hope people take away from your album? A: Yeah, I think it’s quite an old fashioned notion. You know ‘The Voice’. I grew up listening to loads of R&B and loved it and still do but as I got older I got bored and I wanted to hear someone SAY SOMETHING. I guess it’s just about what you want from your music. I want lyrics, I’ve always been a lyric person. And just because you have an amazing voice it doesn’t make your message more valid from someone who has an average one. David Byrne once said he prefers to listen to music by people who can’t sing or play that well because then you’re more convinced by their message and I agree. Imagine you’ve been given a beautiful voice and already at the age of 3 your mum is already saying “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE A SINGER!’ just because you can sing. You grow up and indeed you become a singer but with no mission statement. You’re only doing it because you can. I think we have a lot of singers like that. And it’s boring. When people hear the album I want them to regress but then come out the other end. The other end, which I would hope to be Adulthood. The album is a journey.

this how you’ve always dressed or did you feel the need to develop an ‘image’ for your career? A: I think my image reflects my sound and who I am. It’s bold and bright sometimes and sometimes it’s dark and monochromatic. I’ve always found it impossible to have ‘an image’ one that you stick to so rigidly. I keep the thread of wearing the Frida Kahlo inspired headpieces and plaits but everything around that is changeable. Do you find there’s a lot of pressure on female musicians to look amazing as well as sound amazing? Most of the chart toppers are usually prancing around in their pants in their music videos. Do you think this is because the music industry is still very male-dominated? A: Yes to an extent but we as woman have free will and a responsibility too. There’s only so much you can blame on the ‘man’. Tits and Ass is fine in moderation, I’m no prude but I think it’s healthy for young kids to have a balance. Yes, we have ‘Rihannas’ and ‘Pixie Lotts’ but God bless our ‘PJ Harvey’s’, ‘Kate Bushes’ and ‘Bjorks’ too. We need more of those. You’ve been playing the festival circuit this summer, how’s it been going? Whats been your favourite gig so far?Are you looking forward to playing Field Day on your home turf?

A: I think headlining Latitude was definitely a highlight. It just felt like all those years of work were beginning to pay off. It was quite an emotional moment for me. Field Day is always fun and yes it’s 5 mins from my house which is always a bonus. What would you do on an ideal day in London? A: Go for some lunch with a friend, then peruse a market or some cool vintage stores, go watch a film then dinner and drinks somewhere nice. What are your plans for the future? A: Keep writing. For the next record and for other artists. I want to be as prolific as I can. We’re also going to be releasing an album of the old tracks that some of the early fans have been requesting. There’ll also be some unheard tracks on there. That’ll be out September time. I also have a secret project which I can’t say too much about but all will be revealed very soon. SLiNK says... *Watch this Space!*


The winter months are upon us and while we had fun dining alfresco and pottering in our garden it’s now time to retreat in doors, put on our thermals and settle for dining in and cozy nights on the couch. On that note we have looked for the best cushions to snuggle with, the loveliest rugs to ensure tootsies don’t get too cold and some spectacular interior trends to make our home our castle. We are absolutely loving monochrome and metallics right now, it feels so crisp, clean and spacious. However our crazy colour side cant help but fall for everything bold in our purple and pink and Oriental themed interiors. This is the time to add some new homeware so get decorating!

90 107

‘Madison’ double duvet cover £55, ‘Madison’ pillowcase pair £25, ‘Nolita’ bestead £799, ‘Broadway’ lamp table £109, ‘Greenwich’ task lamp £75, ‘Madison’ tumbler £7, ‘Williamsburg’ 8x10 frame £14, All Kenneth Cole Home Dark grey flat sheet £22, Dark grey pillowcase £7.50


Next - Flocked chandelier £120

Next - Pineapple lamp £40

Marks & Spencer - Osaka Red Nest of Tables, £249

Marks & SpencerRuched Knot Cushion, £30

Matalan - Bedding

Super girly tones are a key look for this seasons homeware. Bright, fun and warm, pinks and purples may not go down too well with your other half but introducing splashes of it throughout your home will no doubt add a much welcomed injection of colour.


Marks & Spencer - Studded Cylinder Vase, £19.50 - ‘Disco’ cushion in black and silver £17

Debenhams - ‘Ben de Lisi Home’ Telephone lamp £35

Matalan - Living Mono bling magazine rack £15

Marks & Spencer Broadway Bedside Table, £299

TK Maxx - Black arm chair £199.99

Matalan - Living Mono large lace cushion £10

This is the simplest and sleekest of looks to do. We love monochrome at SLiNK HQ as it always feels crisp and minimalist. Go for white walls and black and white furniture adding metallic decorations such as vases and large mirrors to create the look of extra space. Keep the white plentiful to ensure this look is soft and not too dark.

Next - Ethnic lanterns (set of 2) £12 Next- Teacups table lamp £50 - ‘Tivoli’ chair in black £499


Debenhams ‘Star by Julien Macdonald’ Flower brooch cushion £22

H&M - Cushion £9.99

Marks & Spencer - Cowhide Footstool, £349 ‘Rose’ rug in black from £36

Matalan - White fluff cushion

H&M - Cushion £6.99

Marks and Spencer - Navajo Panelled Rug, £199

Matalan - black cushion

Debenhams - ‘Star by Julien Macdonald’ Sequin heart cushion £22

We may have had a rainy June but here at SLiNK HQ we are convinced that the sunshine is just around the corner. So we are getting ready to have a summer full of fun with tasty barbeques

ORIENTAL Next - Lotus print £22 Marks & Spencer - Jefferson Chair, £299

Peacock cushion £12 Price

Debenhams - ‘Butterfly by Matthew Williamson’ Fraganced candle tins £8

Next - Birdcage £40

standard pillowcases £28, lime pom pom bedspread £140

Bright lime, citrus, cyclamen and orange tones are more associated with summer. We love the idea of injecting this during the winter months to add a bit of sunshine into our lives!


By Ginny Weeks



SHINE SPA AT SHERATON MALDIVES FULL MOON RESORT & SPA Nestled on its own private island, with beautiful views of the Indian Ocean, the Shine Spa offers pretty much everything you could wish for with 6 beautifully designed treatment rooms, relaxation pools, a post-treatment relaxation rooms and a herb garden. The spa is unique in that it offers bespoke treatments for each client. Cherry Chai Tong, the creator of the Shine Spa Signature treatments comments: “We grow our own herbs and use them to create elixirs, scrubs, massage oils and aromatic herbal steam baths to treat the body inside and out. All of our treatments are freshly blended and customized according to the guests’ skin and needs, which means that they are free from the preservatives and additives seen in other spa products.’

SLiNK Offer: To celebrate the launch of the Shine Spa for Sheraton Signature treatments, The Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa has created a special Shine Spa Experience package. Available until the 23rd December 2011, guests will experience 80 minutes of pure indulgence with a tailored package called “Glow & Shine”, they’ll receive a surprise Shine Spa for Sheraton Gift Set on arrival and if that’s not enough to make you ‘shine’, Cherry is offering a 20% discount off one of her famous Shine Signature Massages too. Couples will also receive a welcome fruit basket as well as a daily breakfast in Feast for just £260 per night.

Bookings can be made at: General Package Costs: Kuoni (01306 747008 or http://www. offers 7 nights on room and breakfast basis at the 5-star Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, Maldives in a beachfront deluxe room, including flights with Sri Lankan Airlines from London Heathrow, group transfers in resort and use of the airport lounge in Male. Price for August 2011 from £1,326 per person based on two sharing. To book please quote: IO0030



March & April Kyoto, Japan / Barcelona / Prague, Czech Republic / Venice, Italy / Petra, Jordan / Las Vegas, United States / Buenos Aires / Hong Kong.

Thinking about your next holiday? Check out our month-by month guide to the best destinations. By Ginny Weeks.


January & February Egypt / Jamaica / Barbados / Cape Town, South Africa / Mexico / Australia / Paris, France / Munich, Germany





Las Vegas

May & June Scotland / South Italy / Hawaii / Thailand / Spain / Brazil / Cornwall, UK Hawaii


July & August

September & October

Bali / Devon, UK / Morocco / Greece / Portugal / Zanzibar / Bordeaux, France / Peru

Ibiza/Formentera / Croatia / Mallorca / Namibia /Tuscany / Goa / Iceland / Israel, Jerusalem




November & December New York / Lapland /Argentina / Vietnam / The Philippines / New Zealand / London Spain






Photographer: RICARD GINER I SARIOLA Recipes: Simon Henbery

FOOD 119 102

As the summer draws to a close, though I’m sure you wonder when it quite began, it is actually a great time for British produce. I hope these recipes will make you think so too.

CRAB Crab is the ultimate summer treat and a great tradition in this country. I think it’s far superior to the ever fashionable lobster and cheaper and easier to get your hands on! Sometimes things are best done simply and with crab you need do very little as long as it’s fresh you can’t go wrong. I’ve used Dorset crab here but good quality crab can be had from all around the coast of Britain. You can buy it ready picked but it’s not great and usually pasteurised so the best thing to do is buy cooked claws from your fishmonger if you don’t fancy tackling the whole beast!


Ingredients: Crab 6 cooked crab claws 150g crème fraiche 1 tbsp finely chopped chives ½ a red chilli 1 lemon Salad 300g cherry tomatoes 1 shallot 1 small packet of tarragon 3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp Cider vinegar (or good quality white wine vinegar) 1 pinch of castor sugar Fold the crab claws in a tea towel and bash them a little with the base of a small saucepan or a rolling pin to crack the shells. Separate the shells a little and; using a small knife or the handle of a teaspoon pick the crab meat from the shells. When you have finished have a look back through it for small pieces of shell. Finely chop the chili and the chives and add them to the crab meat. Grate the zest of the lemon as finely as possible, add the creme fraiche and season with salt and pepper. Halve the cherry tomatoes and put them in a bowl with some salt and pepper and the sugar. Gently squeeze the tomatoes to get the juices coming. Chop the shallot as finely as you can and add this with the tarragon leaves. Dress with some olive oil and cider vinegar. Arrange the tomatoes on a plate and spoon the crab over, drizzle with olive oil and serve.

CRAB LINGUINE WITH CHILLI, LEMON & PANGRATTATO Ingredients (For two): 200g dried linguine 100g crab meat ½ a red chili 1 lemon A handful of flat parsley ½ tsp fennel seeds 2 cloves of garlic 1 sprig of thyme A big handful of breadcrumb Extra virgin olive oil First you need to make the pangrattato; which is a toasted breadcrumb that makes a great addition to pasta, risotto and salads. Pick the thyme leaves and chop one of the garlic cloves. Take a shallow pan and add a generous amount of olive oil. Add the thyme leaves, garlic and fennel seeds and gently sweat them. Add the breadcrumbs and turn frequently on a low heat until they are golden and crispy. Transfer them to some kitchen paper and set aside. Cook the linguine in salted boiling water. It should take about nine minutes which is ample time to prepare the rest of the dish! Finely chop the chili, grate the zest of the lemon and chop the parsley. Take a frying pan and warm some olive oil. Add the chili garlic and lemon zest. Drain the pasta and throw it into the pan with the crab and parsley. Toss all together and season. Serve the linguine with some more olive oil and scatter over plenty of the pangrattato.

RABBIT WITH BACON, CIDER & SUMMER HERBS Despite my wife having a couple as pets, I still love to cook rabbit. It’s a very versatile and really underused meat. It’s also pretty healthy as there is no fat on it! Here I have used a farmed rabbit, which you will be able to pick up from any good butcher. Ask him to joint it for you. If you can get hold of a wild rabbit it’s a slightly gamier flavour. The herbs can be any nice soft herbs.

Take a casserole dish and put it on a medium heat. Take your bacon rashers and cut across them into lardons. Add the butter to the pan with a splash of sunflower oil and cook the bacon until golden. Remove the bacon from the pan and set aside. Add the rabbit pieces and cook in the bacon fat until they have a nice colour. Chop the onions and garlic and add to the rabbit. Add the bacon Ingredients: and the cider and bring to the boil for 1 rabbit about five minutes so the cider reduces 50g butter in volume by half. Add the chicken 2 onions stock and chopped herbs and cannellini 2 cloves of garlic beans, season well and cover. Reduce 100g Good streaky bacon the heat and simmer for about forty A good handful of chopped herbs, minutes until tender. The rabbit should tarragon, parsley, marjoram, chives be falling of the bone. 500ml bottle of good cider Spoon the rabbit pieces out, adding 500ml chicken stock plenty of the sauce and beans and serve I can of cooked cannellini beans with some good crusty bread.

RABBIT SALAD WITH GRAIN MUSTARD DRESSING This is another dish that really doesn’t need a recipe, But don’t worry I’ve written one for you anyway! It’s all about using up your leftovers; in this case some of the leftover rabbit can become a great lunchtime salad. If you don’t have potatoes you could use green beans, any mixed leaves could replace the rocket. Ingredients: Rocket leaves Red onion Flat parsley Cooked and sliced new potatoes Leftover rabbit Dressing- see recipe below Take some the leftover rabbit and shred it with your fingers into a mixing bowl. Add the sliced red onion, parsley leaves, rocket leaves and the cooked new potatoes. Add a few glugs of dressing, some salt and pepper and serve. Dressing: Make this dressing in an old jam jar and it will keep in your fridge for weeks. No more buying dressings from the supermarket and if you keep the ratio of oil, vinegar and water the same you can experiment later with other vinegars, oils or honey. Walnut and hazelnut oil are both really good. Ingredients: 1 tbsp white wine vinegar 1tbsp water I tsp grain mustard 5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Put the olive oil, mustard and vinegar in an old jam jar. Add a pinch of salt and some black pepper. Put the lid on and shake.Taste it for seasoning. If you find it too acidic, add a touch more water and shake again.

PROSCIUTTO, MOZZARELLA & PEACHES WITH GRILLED CHILLI & MINT This is a great summer dish, quick to make, light and packed with flavour. The peaches must be ripe and but the beat mozzarella you can find, preferably buffalo. Grilling the chilies means they will be sweet and not hot. Take a chili and chargrill it until the skin blackens. Now remove the skin, cut the chili open and scrape out the seeds. Slice the chili into thin strips and put in a bowl. Add a splash of vinegar and the olive oil. Chop the mint and stir it in with a pinch of salt. Cut the peach in half and remove the stone. Slice the peach in wedges and dress with some olive oil. Add the rocket leaves to the bowl and toss together. Tear the mozzarella on to a plate and season lightly with salt and pepper. Drape the prosciutto around and then add the peaches and rocket. Now dribble the chili and mint dressing all over.


BLACKBERRY CLAFOUTIS Blackberries are all over the place at the moment and this is a really simple way to use them. You can do one large pudding as I have or small individual ones. Just reduce the cooking time if you do! Essentially it’s just a sweetened batter poured over fruit and baked, a French classic and versatile too if you want to try other fruit. Serve with some nice vanilla ice cream. You will need a dish about 2 inches deep, a shallow casserole dish will do. Ingredients: 1 egg 2 egg yolks ½ a vanilla pod 50g caster sugar 75g soft flour 50g soft butter 250 ml milk 50ml double cream 50g crème fraiche 2 punnets of blackberries 100g Demerara sugar Some soft butter for greasing the dish Preheat oven to 180°c. Butter your dish and sprinkle the inside with about ½ of the Demerara sugar. Wash the blackberries and scatter them inside the dish Break eggs and egg yolks into a bowl. Add the sugar and the seeds from the vanilla pod; whisk to combine and then beat in the butter. Sift the flour into the egg mix, and incorporate gently. Finally mix in the milk, cream and crème fraiche. Pour the mix over the blackberries. Sprinkle over the remaining Demerara sugar and bake for 25- 30 minutes

BLACKBERRY GIN COLLINS When you’ve finished with all that cooking why not treat yourself to a cheeky cocktail and use up the last of those blackberries. You will need some sugar syrup which just equal quantities of sugar and water warmed to dissolve the sugar and the cooled down. This is really refreshing and again could be adapted to suit raspberries or strawberries if you fancy. Ingredients: 50ml of gin 12.5ml measure of crème de mure- blackberry liqueur, or cassis 25ml lemon juice measure of lemon juice 1tbsp sugar syrup A small handful of fresh blackberries Soda water Ice Muddle the blackberries in the bottom of the shaker with a long spoon. Add the gin, crème de mure, lemon juice and syrup. Add ice and shake well Pour into a tall straight glass, top up with soda and garnish with a couple of blackberries


HAKKASAN, MAYFAIR As you enter the restaurant through a long dark entrance, with eerie blue lighting and an intimidating big glass door, you’re immediately curious about what’s to come. But Hakkasan, recognised as the sister restaurant to the high flying, one Michelin star Bloomsbury location of the same name, is as anticipated, a wonderful modern Chinese food experience, and a great place for a group feast, albeit at a price. Dining with 12 for lunch, with the group menu at £58 per person, it was set to be a costly affair, even with only two bottles of wine shared among a few. I’m not one for steamed dumplings, but the selection of Scallop Shumai, Har Gau, Chinese Chive and Shimeji selection impressed, and set the scene for a filling meal. When the smoked pork ribs were introduced, I missed the mention of

their jasmine tea infusion, which made them a light and delicious surprise. The highlight for me was the stirfry ‘Chilean Sea Bass with Szechuan Pepper, Sweet Basil and Spring Onion’, light and flavoursome without too much kick, while my fellow diners devoured the tasty ‘Roast Chicken in Satay Sauce’ and an impressive ‘Five Spiced Braised Lamb Shank. Chinese restaurant desserts are not always something to look forward to, but the ‘Caramelised White Chocolate Parfait’ was moreish. Considering the caliber of the restaurant, and the number of staff serving our table, the waiters were unimpressive, but the ladies made up for it with their fabulous red dresses – okay, I was distracted. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Visit 17 Bruton Street, London, W1J 6QB.


134 137


BISTRO DU VIN, SOHO The newly opened Bistro du vin on Soho’s Dean Street is a must do. The French bistro is really inviting – light and spacious, a great seating selection of bar spots, booths and restaurant tables, an open kitchen and an alluring cheese room. Even the downstairs bathrooms are impressive – probably because of the fresh smell of renovations coupled with fragrant candles. On my first visit I enjoyed a great bottle of red wine, shared with a selection of cheeses, Formans smoked salmon and lobster bisque. But that wasn’t enough. The charming venue and local produce called me back. The gin cocktails, expansive wine list, full al a carte menu and artisan cheeses needed further exploration.

Followed by the Donald Russell onglet steak frites, it was a lovely meal. My partner enjoyed the Crotin de chevre, pea and mint salad entrée, followed by what was definitely the best choice of the night, the roast cod with bacon and crushed new potatoes. I couldn’t help but help myself. The dessert was unfortunately a disappointment. The mixed berry pavlova may as well have been a store bought meringue, no soft and chewy centre in sight. The flourless chocolate cake with cherry sorbet was also amiss, primarily because the sorbet was missing, and the wait staff didn’t seem to remember that it came with the dish when questioned.

So take two included a fruit and floral gin and tonic promptly on arrival. Bloom gin, fresh raspberries and fever free tonic – refreshing and delicious. Once we had quickly polished off the complimentary pistachio nuts and olives, it was time to order and the set menu, three courses for £24.50, was an easy choice.

Speaking of the staff, the majority seem to be fresh off the Eurostar from Paris, which adds to the French touch, but leads to tricky conversation and poor service. When asked what the lamb sweetbreads came with, a broken English response of ‘lamb with a sweet sauce’, was an inaccurate, albeit entertaining response. As you’ve just read, the offal wasn’t ordered.

After watching a waiter delicately slice prosciutto in the open restaurant floor, the charcuterie board was a must.

Open seven days a week. Call 020 7432 4800. 36 Dean Street W1D 4PS.


AFGHAN KITCHEN, ISLINGTON It’s easy to walk past this unassuming and modest shop front as you head for a night out in Islington, but this unique curry house is a destination itself. As the name suggests, this cosy canteen style restaurant serves home made Afghan dishes. I didn’t ventured upstairs to the main restaurant, but took a place at the shared table in the window, crowded with plates and great aromas. The service is quick, probably because many dishes are pre made and heated to serve. And with a small menu of approximately four meat and four vegetarian dishes, accompanied by a few sides, it’s easy to make a tasty selection. I enjoyed the lamb and spinach dish (£6.50), along side pumpkin and aubergines with yoghurt (£5.50 each). Washed down with a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice, it’s easy to assume you’ve had a healthy night out. That is until you continue up Upper Street for a night of drinking. Open Tuesday to Saturday. Call 020 7359 8019. 35 Islington Green, London, N1 8DU.

SLiNK MOTORING FIAT 500c TWINAIR POP SLiNK Motoring Fiat 500C Twinair Pop

Price: ÂŁ14,100 Engine Size: 0.9 Turbo Twinair 0-62 MPH: 11 seconds Horsepower: 85 Luxury Factor: 3/5 Head/leg room: 4/5 Petrol Costs: Extremely Low CO2 (g/km): 95 UK Tax Cost (per year): ZERO Editors colour of choice: Crossover Black


Overall: Excellent value, great fun and fantastic eco credentials make this the perfect car for the city. Design: I’m usually a bit of a snob about ‘cute’ cars (style over substance and all that) but this one is different. Not only is it cute it is also nippy, practical and actually rather stylish. Sitting in it you can’t help but feel uplifted by its fun and lighthearted interior design. Some of it isn’t exactly German quality thoughnoticeably the clutch pedal in mine was a bit clunky...but it isn’t a massive issue when you consider the amount of spec you get for the price. This car cheers you up. It really does. I had an early meeting one morning and just getting in the car gave me a spring in my step. It has an infectious light heartedness about it that I haven’t experienced in a hatchback before. It makes you completely forget your troubles. This really is the epitome of what a modern city car should be; its small

size makes it easy to park, its elevated height gives passengers a sense of space, and its great convertible roof means you can sunbathe whilst sitting in traffic (tested). Warning: You will get a lot of envious looks from other women whilst driving this car. Drive: The Fiat 500 Twinair engine is quite extraordinary; it is the cleanest engine in the World (road tax and congestion charge exempt) and has won several awards including the International Engine of the Year Award 2011. The turbo engine is developed so that even with just two cylinders you still get the same sort of power as a classic 1.4 engine. I noticed its sporty, gurgling sound too, which is a welcome touch. Add to that start/stop technology, which is super quick at the lights. I had never driven a car with an engine below 1.0 litre before, and I was amazed at how well tuned and joyous it was to drive. It is very responsive

and always feels like it’s raring to go. The medium weight steering and soft suspension are perfect for the city. What was very impressive was the 500 on the motorway; it felt solid and secure which is rare for such a light car. Comfort: Large, comfortable seats and generous headroom mean the car is a pleasure to be in. Saying that, this is definitely more of a two-person car; the seats in the back are a good size but more suitable for bags than people, especially on long journeys. Boot space is not compromised though- I could fit a weekly shop in there with ease. Surprise: The addictively fun drive. Technology: * Start/Stop * ECO drive * Twinair engine * IPOD/MP3 connection



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French Connection Harrods

Heatons (Homeware) Hobbs House of Fraser

Hush Puppies Igigi

Kaleidoscope Kaliko

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Maidenform Marina Rinaldi Marisota

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House of Fraser

New Look

Lee Stafford (Available at Boots –


Mac Cosmetics


Pied a Terre Primark

Rigby and Peller River Island Simply Be

Simply Yours Selfridges

Talullah Tu Very Yoek

Yours Clothing

Lisa Hoffman Mandarin Oriental

Neals Yard Ole Henriksen Omorovicza


Paul and Joe (make up) Scholl


Sisley Superdrug Super Skin

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Beauty Works West



Bliss Boots

Brenda Anvari Clarins

Cowshed Darphin

Dr. Hauschka Espa Harrods

Yves Saint Laurent House of Bath House of Fraser

Matalan Next


Selfridges TK Maxx Very


Ann Harvey, Rose print maxi dress in soft silk - £80



SLiNK magazine issue 3 The Fashion Issue  

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