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Meet the Doctor An interview with... Dr Simon Rosenbaum Why did you choose Cosmetic Medicine?

Beautiful Body Contouring

I always wanted to do surgery although I was seduced into going into general practice first. In the end though, I was true to my calling and moved into surgical work.

Sometimes even healthy diet and exercise doesn’t shift stubborn pockets of fat, but there is a safe and effective treatment option.

Using Latest Ultrasonic Techniques

What are your interests?

Patient of Dr Simon Rosenbaum

I have many, although I am probably too passionate about my work. I even take text books and journals on holiday with me! I have an interest and qualification in Aviation Medicine and enjoy technical analysis of financial markets - although its never made me much money! I also love sailing and motorcycling, and I am a qualified fitness instructor too.

Do you have a motto? Near enough is not good enough. How would you like to be remembered? Fondly. As a mensch, – it’s a Yiddish word meaning a good and moral person.

What are you most proud of? My children. They have grown into intelligent and beautiful adults. My eldest son is a consultant in pediatrics, and second son Jason is a leading IT expert in the UK. My daughter is studying writing with an interest in criminology. I also have a grandchild Jake who is adorable.

Areas of Expertise Breast Augmentation Breast Lift Liposuction / Liposculpture Abdominoplasty / Mini Tuck Facelift / S Lift Brow Lift Fat Transfer Labioplasty / Labiaplasty Male Breast Reduction Thread Lift Blepharoplasty



With over 20 years experience in cosmetic procedures, Dr Simon Rosenbaum has successfully performed thousands of liposuction cases.

Call our experienced team now on 07 5509 0000 to book your consultation.

Qualifications MBBS, ACCAM, FFMACCS Dr Simon Rosenbaum

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Mummy Makeoverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift/Augmentation Many of our female patients are concerned with aspects of their post-baby bodies, in particular, the expansion of the skin from pregnancy and breast feeding has caused sagging to the breasts and additional weight and loose skin on the stomach.

Tummy Tucks

We offer a treatment combination of a breast lift and/or enlargement/reduction and a tummy tuck, boosting body confidence once more. Before To book your consultation with Dr Rosenbaum, call now on 07 5509 0000.




Contact Australian Skin Clinics Suite 7 Gold Coast Office Park, 151 Cotlew Street, Ashmore Qld 4214 Phone: 07 5509 0000 | | info@ozskin,com

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David Dobbie – Before

THE BIGGEST David Dobbie is hot; this tall good-looking Gold Coaster is a living example of self-motivation. David fought the battle of the bulge with the help of television’s The Biggest Loser but his mental attitude was the primary factor for his success. David says he turned 40, looked at his wife Jacqui and his

David says his bad eating habits began in his late teens.

children Jessica and Blake, and made a decision. “No more

“My dad died when I was 17, I was angry with

excuses do it now or end up in an early grave,” David says.

the world. I started university and was faced

“Dieting is all about the mind set, there is no once-size-fits-

with all the temptations of take away food and

all solution. The first step to successful weight loss starts in

alcohol,” he says. “My anger was relieved by

the head. Once the mindset is sorted, and people work out

eating but the fatter I got, the angrier I got, and

why they are overweight, the rest follows.

d the more I ate. I continued comfort eating and d gaining weight. I tried all the diets, lost a bit, and

“It is hard work and it requires self-discipline. Everyone

gained it back with interest.

has to find what works for them. Weight loss is as simple as calories in versus calories out but it requires effort.

“Once I got my head straight, with the help of The he

There is no magic quick fix.”

es Biggest Loser, I was able to confront the issues me and deal with them. No more excuses, it was time

At 196 cms (6 feet 5 inches) in height, David is a big bloke.

for a reality check. I was quite active in my 20s and

He used to be a big fat bloke but now he is trim, taut, and

pite 30s. I played golf, tennis, and squash, and despite

terrific. He was almost 167 kilos at the start of the weight loss

being fat, I was able to participate. I realise now

journey, dropped to 99 kilos and is now a healthy 113 kilos.

ed if I how much more I could have done and enjoyed had not carried the weight.

At 41, David is now in better shape than he was 20 years ago. He enjoys the gym, boxing, cycling, and karate

“My job as financial controller with The Southport School

training. He helps teach the Little Kickers classes at ASKA

(TSS) is fairly sedentary so I need to be active. Before losing

Karate Labrador.

weight my attitude towards myself was quite negative and I was constantly looking for excuses not to do things.



David Dobbie – After

Now I am the most positive person you could image. I have 100 per cent belief and confidence in myself, I now embrace life. “These days I am prepared to have a go at just about anything, I have even been parachuting. I still have ongoing problems with my hips but this is fixable and a temporary inconvenience. The time I spend with my wife and kids is fantastic. I no longer sit on the sidelines, I join in. I am engaged in life. I am grateful to everyone associated with The Biggest Loser, and in particular to Michelle Bridges for helping me along. “I appreciate my gorgeous wife and kids who had to be without me for a long time. I am grateful to all my friends and family for their support and everyone at The Southport School who allowed for my absence. I appreciate my sponsors at the Sports Super Centre at Runaway Bay, especially Matt Mulholland, who kept me training. These groups invested a lot in me, not just financially but in time and effort. I am now investing in myself. “This year I have taken up public speaking, and writing. I love it. It is something I would have avoided in the past. It’s great to help motivate other people, and if I can help change one person’s life, that would be fantastic. I have also started business as a Mona Vie independent distributor with my wife. This juice business is promoted through network marketing. The company slogan of Drink it, Feel it, Share it, is a perfect fit with my Biggest Loser weight loss experience of Do it, Feel it, Share it. It’s where I am in my life now. “The biggest challenge after The Biggest Loser was sticking to the new lifestyle habits. It is much easier to take the healthy option in a controlled environment where there is no temptation. Being in a normal environment means taking responsibility for your actions. My wife and children are great supporters but in the end, I am the one who decides what I eat. It is not easy to stay in control but the benefits make it all worthwhile. “I never eat take away food and would not be seen near a fast food outlet. I lean towards high protein meals but I know what to eat and what not to eat. This doesn’t mean making a fuss. When I go out to restaurants, I typically order a lean steak with lots of steamed vegetables and either limit or refuse potatoes and other starchy carbs. It’s an easy choice and a satisfying meal,” David says. David is keen to stay lean and make life a joy not a burden. He is passionate about passing on the lessons he has learned to his family and the world. “We all need be look at what we are feeding our children and ourselves. The obesity problem is growing because we are doing everything wrong. If we spent all the effort actually doing it, rather than looking for a quick fix, we would all be a whole lot lighter and healthier,” he says. David’s interests now include good nutrition based on clean, healthy, and nutritious food. Visit




Dietitian and weight loss expert Tayrn Swift helps people achieve rapid results with a low kilojoule diet plan The first step on the road to a fitter, slimmer body is always the hardest but dietitian Taryn Swift has planned a strict short-term regime that helps people drop kilos quickly. Taryn says a daily intake of 5000 kilojoules (1250 calories) should include a variety of food groups in strictly controlled portions. “The chart below shows the number of serves from each food group,” she says. “This is the minimum number of daily serves required to achieve at least 70 per cent of nutritional requirements. This plan is not nutritionally adequate for children, adolescents, men, pregnant or breastfeeding women. People with health issues including diabetes should consult a medial professional before embarking on a very low kilojoule diet. “This diet is not a lifetime plan, just a short term boost to give rapid results and help keep up the motivation. Most people can expect to lose about seven kilos in one month. The small portions help rebalance the appetite so it is easier to stick to a healthy eating plan long term,” Taryn says.

FOOD GROUP Breads and cereals

Starchy vegetables

Non starchy vegetables









500 to 600









Follow this sample meal plan and expect to see rapid results. Taryn says there is room for an extra half-cup milk to use in tea or coffee. “There is no room for any added sugar or extra food in this meal plan. There should be no alcohol, no other energy containing fluids including soft drinks, fruit juice, or milk based coffee drinks such as cappuccino. One meal each day may be replaced with a weight loss drink, bar, or soup. “Vary the contents of each meal but choose items with the same kilojoule (calories or energy), sugar, fat, and salt content as those on the sample plan. A small tin of tuna packed in spring water could replace the lunchtime turkey for example. Dinner could be grilled or poached fish instead of meat,” Taryn says.



Fruit is good!

Breakfas t Half

a cup o f high fi bre brea skim mil kfast ce k and on real wit e serve h half a of fruit cup of .

Morning tea 200ml

of low fat yogh urt.


Turkey a nd salad wrap (65 no added grams o mayonna f turkey ise, or c with one heese). T to two ry flavou cups of ring with salad, wholese ed must One ser ard. ve of fr uit

Afterno on tea


100 gram s lean m eat, half a cup o of stea f corn, med non one to t -starch wo cup y vegetab carrots s , br les

occoli, (include squash, cabbage, mushro oms).



Ricki-Lee Coulter – a Celebrity Slim success Singer, songwriter, and television presenter Ricki-Lee Coulter is the ambassador for Celebrity Slim Ricki-Lee Coulter is an inspiration; her weight loss program captured public attention as she lost just over 15 kilos in 12 months. Ricki-Lee says losing weight demanded hard work and discipline. Her weight loss regime involved planning meals and exercising daily. Ricki-Lee leads an extremely busy lifestyle. She says planning is the key. “I plan my daily work schedule, meals, training sessions, and even catching up with friends. I have achieved results because I always have a plan, I’m always prepared,” she says. “I work long days and strange hours, I have to be prepared to stay on top of my game, have the energy to get through the day, and feel great. When I’m busy I don’t always have time to prepare meals for work and not eating is just as bad as eating something unhealthy. I make sure there is always something healthy and delicious on hand.” Ricki-Lee says her favourite Celebrity Slim banana flavoured meal replacement shakes are always in the fridge. “This means I never skip breakfast and I always have a couple of Celebrity Slim snack bars in my handbag for when I’m on the run,” she says. “I love the taste and ease of the Celebrity Slim product range. I hope my success inspires men and women to get motivated and get in shape.” The Celebrity Slim program is a simple, flexible, meal replacement program designed to help people lose weight and keep it off. Dieters can choose how they lose. Replace two meals each day from a huge variety of delicious Celebrity Slim shakes, soups, or bars, eat one balanced meal and snack on tasty allowable foods. Celebrity Slim senior brand manager Lauren Hansen says Ricki-Lee is the perfect ambassador for the brand. “We are really excited to have Ricki-Lee as the Celebrity Slim ambassador,” Lauren says. “We believe Ricki-Lee is a fantastic role model for many Australians. She has never let the pressure of the entertainment industry impact on her healthy attitude toward her body image. “Like many Australians, Ricki-Lee has a busy and demanding schedule so we are confident Celebrity Slim will help maintain her gorgeous figure. RickiLee encourages people to embrace their body and feel proud within their skin. Celebrity Slim encourages the same mantra,” Lauren says.

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Takeaway tips Keep a supply of easy meals and ingredients in the freezer and pantry. These might include pizza bases, pasta sauces, fresh vegetables, lean meats, and prepared lentils. This makes it easy to prepare a nutritious meal.

Fit a workout into the workday Better takeaway options can include plain hamburgers with lots of salad (leave out the bacon, fried onion, and fried egg). Enjoy a small portion of gourmet style pizza with white cheese, vegetable, or seafood toppings on a thin crust.

LUNCH ON THE RUN Take a break and get fit at lunchtime. Research shows lunch break exercise helps alleviate stress and boost energy. Try jogging, walking, lifting weights, swimming, or cycling and make a midday workout a permanent, healthy routine. Research shows people who schedule time for a workout in the morning or at lunch are more likely to stick with the program because it becomes part of their

Jacket potatoes with creamed corn, baked beans, or

daily routine. People who plan exercise around their daily obligations often put it off until it is too late.

salad toppings are tasty and filling. Sandwiches with lean meat, vegetables, salad, grilled fish with salad, pasta with tomato based sauce, sushi, or Vietnamese

A growing number of employers offer extended lunch breaks in return for earlier

rolls are a good choice.

starting or later finishing times. Workers who are restricted to a one-hour lunch break will find 30 minutes of exercise can go a long way toward improving fitness. Workers who work out generally take fewer sick days, have more energy, and higher on the job morale. Some forward thinking companies offer employees reduced gym membership fees or on-site fitness facilities. The urge to overeat during the workday can be heightened by stress and

Order small portions of foods that are high in fat and salt. These include chips, fried chicken, fatty meats, cheese, bacon, and fried onions. Ask for extra servings of salad and vegetables. Opt for fries cooked in healthier oils. Good oils include olive, canola, sunflower, and soybean.

the temptation of high-fat fast food. Lunchtime exercise acts as an appetite suppressant, or at least a distraction from eating. Even a moderate workout will raise the metabolism, this goes on after the workout to boost energy levels, and helps create a positive self-image. People who exercise during their lunch break may need a midmorning snack. Active people tend to get hungry about every three to four hours. Eating frequent small meals helps keep the metabolism charged and staves off junk food cravings. Experts recommend eating 400 to 1600 kilojoules (100 to 400 calories) an hour or two before a workout. Suggested snacks include breakfast bars, a slice of whole-grain toast topped with healthy spread or fruit, a half-cup of mixed dried fruit, or instant oatmeal. Refuel after a workout with easy-to-eat foods. Yogurt, dried or fresh fruit, nuts, raw vegetables, cereal bars, high-fibre biscuits, soup, sandwiches, or wraps filled with lean meat, fish, and salad are the best options.

12 SLIMmagazine

Leave out the chips and soft drink, choose a side salad, corn cob, bread roll, fruit, yoghurt, or bottled water. Light, lean, or reduced fat meals are generally a better choice. Choose grilled not fried foods. Buy skin-free marinated chicken or remove the skin from roast or fried chicken to reduce the fat content. Ask for sauce on the side and use very little.


What’s h?e secret

SMARTchoices The average Australian family spends nearly 15 per cent of their food budget on fast food and takeaway meals. These foods are not always nutritious. Regular, excessive consumption may contribute to poor health. Takeaway foods may be high in saturated fat and kilojoules. These foods can also be low in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Food items with a smaller volume but large surface areas like fries and chicken nuggets can absorb a sizable amount of fat per portion. This contributes to extra kilojoule intake. Some fast food outlets offer larger portions at a low price. Frequent consumption of foods that have a large number of kilojoules, a high salt, and saturated fat content may contribute to the risk of heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. Some fast food retailers are changing cooking methods and ingredients to improve the nutritional quality of meals. Occasional small portions of more nutritious items can be part of a balanced diet.

Weight loss and wellness coach Sharon Thurin devised Slim Secrets, a simple eating plan with a range of nutritious smart snacks. Sharon says a British study showed fewer than 25 per cent of people kept their weight loss resolutions but 50 per cent of people who followed the Slim Secrets five steps to success achieved results.


Secret is Out! It’s Slim Secrets delicious range of guilt free snack bars, cookies & chips.

1. Break goals into small, specific steps. Exercise 20 minutes a day, three days a week. Eat adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables each day. Chart progress and increase goals, reward each step of success with small celebrations and non-junk-food treats.

2. Tell friends about the plan, join a weight loss blog ( and ask friends to check progress. Consider seeking professional help with diet and exercise. Identify issues that block success.

3. Keep a diary and do things to replace temptations and old behaviour patterns. Avoid situations that link to poor food choices.

4. Focus

on the benefits of success and be flexible. Don’t let small set-backs overturn the endeavour.

5. Eat a variety of nutritious foods. Include fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oily fish, whole grain

Available in selected supermarkets, health food stores, gyms and pharmacies.

cereals, and protein. Protein rich foods include lean meat, chicken, fish, dairy foods, eggs, legumes, soy, and some grains. These foods keep hunger at bay longer.

the right The road to health is paved with good intentions, make the right choices, and dump the junk.

A great start Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but finding time to create quick, tasty morning meals can present a challenge. Muesli is a smart choice but not all muesli style cereals are nutritious.

stuff Guilt free and gorgeous Sandhurst Fine Foods has 97 per cent fat S f free semi-dried tomatoes. Indulge Italian s style and enjoy eating healthy food. Toss s semi-dried tomatoes through freshly cooked pasta or add these tasty morsels to an antipasti platter. They’re plump, juicy, and ready-to-eat out of the jar. Sandhurst Fine Foods offer a range of traditional Italian gourmet products. Visit for menu ideas and recipes.

Table of Plenty founder and chief muesli-

Grapefruit is a great fruit G

maker Kate Weiss couldn’t find a nutritious

Research shows grapefruit could R

and convenient breakfast her family liked so

h help in the treatment of diabetes.

she created her own. Kate experimented to

G Grapefruit contains naringenin, an

create muesli with a balance of ingredients

antioxidant that increases sensitivity

and a satisfying taste. “After trials and errors,

to insulin, the hormone that

I came up with the idea of making muesli that

regulates blood sugar levels.

was half toasted and half natural. I tried it out and it worked. I created muesli that was low in fat and sugar but high in taste,” Kate says. “Most of the sugar in Table of Plenty muesli comes from the fruit, with much less from the syrup in the toasted component. With around 25 per cent fruit, nuts, spices, and a mix of half-toasted and half-raw grains, Table of Plenty muesli offers the best of both worlds.

Go nuts Almonds are a great source of vitamin E. A JJust 25 grams of this sweet nut provides 7 70 per cent of the daily recommend allowance plus a big hit of zinc for healthy glowing skin.

I brought in my knowledge of spices to add a unique flair to the range. Velvety Vanilla is infused with vanilla; Heavenly Honey is blended with cinnamon.

PPeas please The small but mighty garden pea provides T

“We have had nothing but praise since the

4 per cent of the recommended amount 40

muesli hit the shelves. Our muesli comes

o vitamins K, C, and manganese as well of

from real life, from our own experiences and

a 25 per cent of the daily requirement as

through listening to our customers. We are

of vitamin B1 in one serve. It helps blood

delivering what the breakfast market needs;

clot after a cut, keeps bones strong, and

taste, nutrition and convenience,” Kate says.

increases urine production in people

Visit for details.

with kidney problems.

14 SLIMmagazine

Subscribe AND WIN

Subscribe to Slim Magazine and be in the running to win a boutique Gaia Retreat and Spa Escape for two valued at $2360 The prize includes two nights accommodation for two in Sura Terrace, transfers from Ballina airport at set times, spa gift on arrival, an hour long massage at Gaia Day Spa, all gourmet organic meals and snacks, daily yoga and retreat activities plus the use of all retreat facilities. Create your own idyllic experience; it may include improved fitness, detoxing, pampering, relaxation, yoga, or all of these. At Gaia all that matters is you.

Pay just $20 per year for two editions of Slim magazine The next two editions will be mailed on 1 July 2011 and 1 January 2012 Complete the following details: Name



Cheque amount


Send to Slim Magazine: PO Box 8875 GCMC Q 9726 *Subscribe by 30 March 2011 Prize valid until May 2011 Subject to availability, conditions apply.



Sydney-based More Than A Handful now stocks the world’s only L cup sports bra. The Kate design by German lingerie company Ulla ensures unrivalled support, shape, and comfort for well-endowed women. The Kate comes in back sizes 10 to 26 with cup sizes from D to L. This bra supports large breasts. The padded straps lift weight from the shoulders to help prevent back and neck strain. Sports bras are important for women of all shapes and sizes but especially so for bigger girls. A good sports bra helps prevent damage to breast tissue. An ill-fitting bra can press on lymphatic tissue and prevent vascular and lymphatic flow to and from the breast. Wearing the wrong size or not having enough support during exercise causes excess bouncing, this effects skin elasticity and causes back and neck strain. The Kate design features Trevira’s bioactive fabric. It draws perspiration away from the body, prevents odour, and inhibits bacteria growth in the fibre.



The Lorna Jane core stability range features new

Well fitting, comfortable underwear and activewear is an exercise essential.

performance technology with an ultra-compressive Lorna Jane Power-Mesh fabric. The fabric enhances core awareness and encourages body alignment during exercise. Each stylish product holds, shapes, and controls trouble spots like tummy and thighs. Brand founder Lorna Jane Clarkson heads a team of women designers. Their mission is to produce active wear for active women. Lorna says most women want extra support while exercising. “Our core stability range gives support and controls the tummy and thighs. We designed this range so women feel confident and supported when they work up a sweat,” she says.

The Eveden Group has created Freya Active, the world’s first non-compression sports bra. The Eveden Group has proven that the right sports bra is all about the combination of back and cup size to ensure great fit, support, and comfort. Freya Active uses the latest design technology to uplift and support. Cup sizes range from C to H and back sizes from 6 to 18. Freya Active offers a combination of soft cup and underwire sports bras.

“The secret behind the technologically advanced construction is the strategically placed power-mesh panels. The panels offer targeted core support. The design offers women a product that enhances the quality of their workout experience. The garments bring core awareness and give a smoother silhouette while improving overall posture. “The stabilising technology keeps target areas tight and firm so women can focus on maximising their workout and feeling great,” she says. Key items include the three-quarter core stability pants with power-mesh panels along the abdominals and lower back. The singlet features a supportive shelf bra and front power-mesh panels to flatten, support and shape abdominal muscles.

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SHORT COURSES To help relinquish the apron strings of his mother, Simon enrolled in a cooking course. His new skills received a big thumbs up from the harshest of critics, his six year old niece. Now all Simon needs do is lose the apron!

Have you ever had a one of those moments when you’ve thought… ‘I’d love to learn how to do that!’ Lightbulb Short Courses offers a range of programs designed to help inspire the Love of Learning in each of us. Lightbulb is an initiative of Gold Coast Institute of TAFE and offers unaccredited business, lifestyle and recreational programs in an interesting, exciting and informative way to help you get the most out of life.

Arts Photographers’ Bootcamp Photography – digital essentials SLR type Drawing for Beginners Painting for Beginners Basic Patternmaking and Sewing I (stretch) Photography – beyond the basics Floristry I - an Inspiring Introduction Painting in Abstract Japanese Gift Wrapping - Festive Events Photography - how to take great photos

Languages & Writing

Enrol now for a Lightbulb Short Courses Commencing Soon Food & Wine Cooking for Absolute Beginners ABC Cake Decorating Cake Decorating with Sugar Flowers French Patissiere Sensational Stirfry

For the Love of Learning.

Spanish Conversation Level 1 Japanese Conversation Level 2 & 3 Japanese for Travelling French Conversation Level 1 Italian level 1 Travel Writing Write Now !

Secure your place today book and pay online! 07 5581 8301


Stress may be physical; this is caused by over-exertion, trauma, and infection. Environmental stress may be caused by heat, cold, and noise. Chemical stress can be attributed to pollution, drugs, cosmetics, or cleaning materials. Emotional stress includes relationship issues, worry, and fear. Nutritional stress is the result of diet deficiencies, processed and packaged foods.

Trainer and Ministry of Wellbeing founder Blake Worrall-Thompson says

Blake says the way to counteract stress is to work

workouts should be tailored to stress levels for best results “Stress impacts

with a trainer who can assess stress levels. “People

in several ways,” he says. “The body releases hormones and cortisol

should assess their stress levels as low, medium, or

regularly to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar levels, fight stress, and

high. Exercise places physical stress on the body. This

reduce inflammation. Lack of balance between good stress and bad stress

is usually beneficial and can help reduce psychological

due to constant stress can cause the adrenal glands to work over time. This

stress but pushing a stressed body too hard can result

results in a slower metabolism. We burn fewer calories, don’t build muscle,

in burnout,” he says.

and develop hormonal imbalances,” Blake says. Low stress people generally take care of their health and

Stress impacts on the reproductive system. This may cause men to become impotent. It can lower testosterone levels and sperm count. Women find stress leads to an irregular menstrual cycle, painful periods, and reduced sexual desire.

wellbeing. This may include training five or six days a week, sleeping eight hours every night, abstaining from alcohol, eating only non-processed foods. Achieving low stress levels means minimal work and relationship stress. Regular massages, Pilates sessions, or other mind-body classes have a low stress load. People in this category should be able to handle an intense workout. The intensity of workouts should be monitored to

Stress on the nervous system causes the fight or flight response.

account for higher stress levels. Reduce stress

Adrenaline and cortisol make the heart beat faster, raises blood

with relaxation techniques such as Pilates, yoga or

pressure, changes the digestive process, and boosts glucose levels in

meditation. Try to figure out what is causing stress and

the bloodstream. Stress causes muscles to tighten up; this can cause

address the problem. Stress may be triggered by lack

neck pain and headaches. Stress makes us breathe fast and shallow, this

of sleep, work situations, alcohol, poor nutrition, lack of

increases the chances of panic attacks. Stress increases the heart rate

exercise, and relationships.

causing stronger contractions of the heart muscles. Over a long period of time this can lead to a heart attack.

The most highly stressed people are those who have little or no exercise, heavy smokers, and heavy

Stress may cause people to eat more or less than usual. Drinking or

drinkers. The main source of the stress may be work,

smoking to combat the stress may contribute to heartburn or reflux. Stress

home or health related. Blake recommends identifying,

can affect digestion and absorption of vital nutrients. This may result in

acknowledging, addressing, and resolving stress to

diarrhoea or constipation.

achieve wellbeing.

18 SLIMmagazine

Butterfly Foundation chief executive officer Christine Morgan says poor body image leads to eating disorders. “Positive language, attitudes, and actions about body image by parents, extended family, and friends can play a crucial role in a child’s healthy attitude to their body,” she says. “Parents need to be alert to the signs of poor body image, such as constant focus on size and shape, dieting, use of weight control pills, and excessive exercise. A number of pressures help create poor body image. Parents should be mindful of everyday talk about food, body shape, and self-esteem. Using scales to measure body weight is one practice that should be abandoned,” she says. Research show only 56 per cent of Australian girls aged 12 years like the way they look, and only 33 per cent of boys feel satisfied with their bodies. Christine says warning signs can include a distorted body image. “Female children and teenagers may see their body as larger than it is and boys may think they are smaller than they are,” she says. “They may try to adhere to standards that are either unattainable or require extreme effort.


Parents play a key role in developing their children’s body image. The Butterfly Foundation is urging parents to play a positive role to avoid dealing with eating disorders in later years. “Watch for body bullying, it includes speaking harshly about body parts. Parents should be aware of unhealthy weight loss or bodybuilding. Research shows addressing body image concerns helps prevent the development of eating disorders. High self-esteem and positive body images help protect young people from developing a negative body image and eating disorders,” Christine says. The Australian Government has funded the National Eating Disorders Collaboration led by the Butterfly Foundation since 2009. The aim is to develop a national framework on the prevention, treatment, and management of eating disorders. Butterfly will continue to coordinate activities for a further three years. Australian of the Year Professor Pat McGorry will chair the national project.

It seems allergic reactions in children are on the rise. According to research, this is because our immune systems are not as challenged as they once were. There is only a small window of opportunity for exposure to allergens and the development of the immune system. Kids who grow up on farms and with bigger families are less likely to have allergies. It seems our adherence to strict hygiene is partly responsible but as this prevents the spread of serious disease, it is obviously the better option. Children with allergies should be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. The good news is childhood allergies often disappear over time.

super foods AND DRINKS Give bodies a boost with nutritious taste sensations. Smoked Chicken Waldorf Salad with Pecans

A quick fix for sore muscles

Ingredients â&#x20AC;&#x201C; serves six New research indicates antioxidants

70g pecans

found in Wonderful variety pomegranates

500g smoked chicken breast fillets skin removed,

can speed muscle recovery and reduce soreness after

cooked, cooled, and coarsely chopped

intense physical activity. The University of Texas conducted the study and published

Tablespoon olive oil

the results. It is the first to link the daily intake of polyphenol antioxidants from

2 avocados, halved, stones removed,

Wonderful variety pomegranates with improved exercise performance.

peeled, thinly sliced 2 green apples, cored, halved, finely chopped

Research participants consumed a daily dose of POMx, a highly concentrated source

2 celery sticks, trimmed, finely chopped

of pomegranate polyphenol antioxidants. They experienced more than 30 per cent

160 grams baby rocket leaves

less strength loss and 28 per cent less muscle soreness compared with a placebo control. POM Wonderful grows, handpicks, and crushes pomegranates to make POM


Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice.

60ml whole-egg mayonnaise 60ml extra virgin olive oil

POM Wonderful harnesses the powerful antioxidants in the peel and membrane of

1 tablespoon white wine vinegar

pomegranates to create an antioxidant concentrate called POMx. By managing the

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh chives

entire process from tree to bottle, POM Wonderful guarantees to consistently deliver

1 tablespoon honey

premium taste and a potent dose of polyphenol antioxidants.

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

POM Wonderful 100 per cent Pomegranate Juice, Pomegranate Blueberry,


Pomegranate Mango, Pomegranate Cherry, and POMx is available in POMx Tea.

Cook chicken breast fillets in hot olive oil until cooked

Styles include Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea, Pomegranate Lychee Green

through, cover and place in refrigerator to chill.

Tea, and Light Pomegranate Wildberry White Tea. Visit

Preheat oven to 180°C, spread pecans on a baking

health-benefit for more information.

tray, cook for five minutes, remove pecans from oven, and set aside for five minutes. Make the dressing by whisking together the mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, chives and honey in a small bowl, season with salt and

Go nuts with pecans

pepper. Place the chicken, avocado, apple, celery,

A handful of pecans (about 15 nuts) provides a bunch of essential nutrients. Pecans provide monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, protein and dietary fibre to keep hunger at bay. This tasty nut has little saturated fat and no trans fat (the real cholesterol killer). Cholesterol control helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Pecans have a higher antioxidant capacity than any other nut and are one of the richest natural food sources of antioxidants with five times more antioxidants than raw broccoli. Antioxidants help protect cells from free radical damage associated with ageing. This neat nut delivers 19 vitamins and minerals. Visit for tasty and nutritious pecan recipe.

20 SLIMmagazine

rocket, and pecans in a large bowl and gently toss to combine. Arrange salad, chicken, and pecans on plates, drizzle with dressing and serve.

Mango & Mint Smoothie Try a taste of Australian sunshine with this delicious and nutritious meal in a glass created by Norco

Ingredients (Serves two) • Two

cups of Norco Super Skim Milk cup of reduced fat natural yoghurt • One and a half cups chopped mango, fresh or frozen • 6 mint leaves for garnish • One

Method • Combine

all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth • Pour into glasses over crushed ice and serve immediately

Did You Know? Super Skim contains no Fat* • Norco Super Skim contains no Cholesterol^ • Norco Super Skim contains Lower Calories# • Norco


Product contains no more than 0.15g per 100ml ^Contains no more than 3mg of cholesterol per 100ml #Contains 40% less calories than Norco Full Cream Milk

Jenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s typical daily diet and exercise regime Pre-breakfast: 30-60 minutes walk, interval training (boxing, intermittent light jogging); intensity depends on pain levels Breakfast: quarter cup of oats with a teaspoon of honey and three strawberries, a protein shake, a teaspoon of glutamine, cup of green tea Morning tea: a handful of almonds plus a banana or 200g low-fat yoghurt Lunch: one chicken breast with a large salad Afternoon tea: a low-fat muesli bar or protein shake, a serve of metabolic enhancer Afternoon workout: 5.30pm resistance training, 30-minute cardio session if able Post-workout meal: protein shake and one teaspoon glutamine Dinner: Lean meat (turkey mince, chicken breast) with a large serve of salad or vegetables Dessert: a protein shake or 200g of low-fat yoghurt

Fit and healthy Jen Hamilton suffered severe spinal injury but beat the odds with exercise and diet.

22 SLIMmagazine



“My attempts to slightly push the boundaries

maximum health and fitness from early

of my strength and fitness resulted in days of

childhood. Jen says she was at her peak

pain and enforced bed rest. I began to lose

at age 26. “I had succeeded in fine-tuning

hope when physiotherapy and hydrotherapy

my strength, resistance, and cardiovascular

didn’t improve the condition much. Various

training through nutrition and exercise. I had

health practitioners said I may simply need

achieved the level of fitness, lean muscle

to accept that it was as good as it gets.

mass, and definition I’d always wanted and was asked by fitness industry representatives

“I lived in fear of falling or tripping and

to consider figure competitions or sports

became reluctant to move.

modelling,” she says.

longer walk my dogs or exercise vigorously,

I could no


Athlete and vet Jen Hamilton worked towards

the future seemed bleak. I gained about “Like many athletes, I’ve had niggling injuries

10kg and indulged in an unhealthy lifestyle.

over the years. The most predominant was

I was drinking alcohol most days to relieve

intermittent mild to moderate lumbar pain.

the pain. This created abnormal sleep

This was easily managed with the odd

patterns and over-indulgence in high-salt

massage, painkillers, and heat packs. During

foods. I lost body tone and felt soft; my

my 31st year I developed severe lumbar

skin was dry and red, and my energy levels

and sciatic pain. I was confined to bed for

low. I despised my situation but didn’t have

three weeks and prescribed non-steroidal

enough strength to change my patterns.

anti-inflammatory drugs but the L4 intervertebral disc ruptured and compressed the

“The tide turned when I looked at photos of

spinal root of my right sciatic nerve.

myself at my peak fitness level. I searched for other treatment options and found an

“The rupture was excruciating, the pain

injury therapist who combined Eastern and

caused me to lose consciousness several

Western philosophies.

times. When I lost bladder control and

faith in my recovery, the support of my

conservative treatments failed to improve

partner, close friends, and family helped

my level of pain I had surgery. I was terrified.


I had never had a general anaesthetic and

Conrad of Conrads Performance Personal

I knew of the risks of spinal surgery. The

Training helped guide me along the road to

surgeon decompressed my right sciatic

recovery,” she says.

Get the ultimate full body workout with one piece of equipment. The new Power Plate pro6

canals, and removed the prolapsed or

Jen has now shed the 10kg, does

ruptured portion of the disc. I was on strong

resistance training four times a week and

machine unites two proven exercise methods; cable-resistance and vibration training with the seamless integration of a new technology

opioid drugs for two months so some of my

cardio workouts six days a week. “My back

memories are fragmented, but friends and

pain waxes and wanes and my pelvic, right

family have helped put the pieces together,”

buttock, leg and foot neural sensation is still

Jen says.

abnormal but my overall condition is so much



Her experties and



spinal root, cleared the corresponding

Exercise can be fun for all the family

called proMOTION. As the next stage in the evolution of vibration training, this is the musthave for Power Plate machine fans and people who want try acceleration-training exercises.

better. I know this injury is with me for life but She says it was difficult to endure the slow

in a way it keeps me balanced. I am in tune

process of regaining strength and learning

with my body so I know when to stop and

to walk again with altered peripheral nerve

rest or adjust my exercise plans. Flexibility


with my fitness regime is paramount.

“There were so many basic

functions that I couldn’t do for weeks after surgery such as dressing myself, showering,

“This injury taught me to take care of my

toileting, and washing the dishes. I was angry

body, slow down, be patient, and be creative

and frustrated because I had to depend on

with workouts. I now appreciate my body

others and no one could tell what caused

and the simple things in life like being able to

the injury or the likely outcome.

walk for longer than 15 minutes and being with special people,” she says. Jen hopes

“I returned to work six weeks after surgery

to encourage other people recover from

but it took months to be able to walk up

serious injury. “We all deserve to be fit and

to 15 minutes on a flat surface without

healthy. Don’t give up, draw on the support

collapsing from exhaustion and pain. I drew

of positive people and animal companions.

on my inner strength and family support

Focus on what you can do and keep

to stay positive. I focused on projects like

searching for ways to improve your quality

reading Oxygen magazines for inspiration

of life. With negative experiences comes

about the future, doing artwork, Sudoku,

positive lessons,” she says.

watching movies, reading books, and attempting gentle strength exercises.

Director of Power Plate Australia Greg Minefos says the results-proven system delivers a total body workout. “Now users have a virtually limitless range of dynamic training options,” he says. Promotion features high strength Vectran cables that transfer up to 80 per cent of vibrations at high-speed frequency rates directly to the muscles in the arms, back, core, and shoulders. The integration of the resistance element enhances the benefits of acceleration training. Cables connect to ergonomically designed handles. Users can perform a full range of dynamic exercises on and off the vibrating platform at any speed, and in any direction. Workouts can also be progressed with a choice of low and high resistance settings. Sculpt or strengthen, the new Power Plate pro6 with proMOTION achieves maximum results. Visit for more information.



er BuyBEWARE Choice researcher and writer David Oakenfull discovered a basketful of misleading information on food labels

Food labels are supposed to help shoppers make sound choices but most consumers are confused by small print, clever designs, and inaccurate information. Choice leads a campaign to review current food labelling so only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth appears on the label. Choice reporter David Oakenfull discovered food manufacturers are masters of persuasive imagery and language. “Sugar and fat can be made to look positively healthy, while processed apple pulp can be rebadged as juicy peaches or succulent strawberries,” David wrote.

Buzzwords such as science and scientifically proven are used to create a healthy image but most claims fail to stand up to investigation. Fat free and low fat are among other misused terms. A label stating a product is 94 per cent fat free may not have quite as much appeal if the pack showed six per cent fat. There is often scant information relating to sugar and fat content in so-called low fat products. Fresh is always best especially when it comes to fruit. Packaged products claiming the benefits of fresh fruit lead buyers up the garden path. Most fail to deliver on dietary fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and trace nutrients. Many processed fruits aren’t what they appear to be, apple or choko pulp may be flavoured with fruit essences and appear as peaches or pears. The National Heart Foundation Tick may help shoppers decide on a product but beware of imitations. A tick doesn’t really mean anything. Claims about dietary fibre are often doubtful. Better options may include very high fibre or an excellent source of fibre. This indicates the product contains more than six per cent fibre in the recommended serve. Light or lite implies less fat, less sugar or fewer kilojoules. Extra light olive oil confuses customers as light refers to the taste, the kilojoule count is the same as any other olive oil but it is still a better option than most other fats. Butter substitutes are full of misinformation and fat.

Natural is one of many misused marketing words. Many foods promoted as natural or healthy are anything but. Be very suspicious, check the fat and sugar content. Investigate the claims. Patriotic Aussies try to buy local products but although the Food Standards Code requires the country of origin to be stated on the label there is plenty of room for manipulation. An Australian owned company may manufacture products offshore. Made in Australia may mean imported food packaged here. Product of Australia or Produced in Australia shows all significant ingredients originated here.

hickens but We are egged on to buy free range in the hope of healthy foods and happy chickens Australia has no legally enforceable definition of free-range. Look for organic certification or g and Poultry certification by independent organisations (the RSPCA or the Free Range Egg Association of Australia).

Consumers can make a difference to the standard rd of labelling and ultimately the quality of the food they eat. Don’t buy the junk or the lies and join forces with Choice. Visit for more information.

24 SLIMmagazine

Processed foods ar are a trap for the uninformed. T Those packed with fat, sugar sugar, and salt often show recomm recommended daily allowances iin very small print. The q quantities are so small mos most people would ignore th them even if they co could decipher the in information from the m marketing hype. Bre Breakfast cereal is an example; most pe people eat much m more than the re recommended am amount.

Dream Diva



Curvy girls size 14 to 24 will love these fashion forward pieces and they are all under $200.

Keep your cool this summer with gorgeous tops, flirty dresses, and sexy jumpsuits from Dream Diva. This fashion range ticks all the boxes with lace, bright colours, ruffles, and military influences. The Dream Diva team knows what real women want. They explode the myth that bigger girls want to hide their curves and plus size garments must be shapeless. Dream Diva’s fashion philosophy is that a garment bought by a girl who wears a size 24 is no different to one bought by a girl who wears a size 10. They have the same desires and aspirations but wear different sizes. The range is based on international fashion trends and styles. The collection features the latest looks designed to enhance and flatter voluptuous women. Visit and dare to be delicious.

Shape and sensibilities Life isn’t fair and nobody is perfect, accept what can’t be changed and make the most of the shape you’re in.

RULER OR STRAIGHT The waist is larger than the chest or hips, which are virtually the same. Go for round-neck tops, fluted sleeves, A-line skirts and cropped trousers. Add feminine touches with scarves and jewellery.

PEAR, SPOON, OR BELL Weer strapless dresses with flared skirts that fall below the knee. Hip skimming straight skirts can work. Trousers must always be a perfect fit, forget cropped pants and shorts.

APPLE Choose tops that fit but don’t cling, wrap styles, and long V shapes give the illusion of a waist. Trousers and skirts are best with side or back zips.

HOURGLASS The waist is small and this draws attention to bust and hips. If you’ve got it, flaunt it but don’t go over the top. Draw discreet attention to your assets.

26 SLIMmagazine

SHORT COURSES This is Merl. Merl is an ex Head Mistress of a prominent girls school. Since retiring Merl has found numerous activities to keep her mind active and body strong; some more surprising than others.

Enrol now for a Lightbulb Short Courses commencing soon. Sport & Fitness

Computers & Design

Golf Beginners - Stage 1 Zumba

Photoshop – Introduction MS Office Essentials MYOB Accounting Plus AutoCAD Level 1 AutoCAD Level 2 Revit CAD Design Essentials Get Connected, Get Business! MYOB Accounting Basics Computers Skills – Basics Computer Skills for Over 50’s How Well is Your Website Performing? Digital Video Editing – Introductiony MS Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Essentials Photoshop – Intermediate

Lifestyle Professional Makeup Application and Techniques Stockmarket – An introduction Natural Soapmaking - Pure and Simple Self Discovery

Woodwork & Trades Interior Decorating MIG Welding

Secure your place today book and pay online!

For the Love of Learning. 07 5581 8301



Replace fats, sweets, and alcohol with lean protein, fresh fruit, and

Alcohol increases weight by slowing down the weight

vegetables. Do 30 minutes of cardio exercise six days a week with

loss process. Increase water intake and eat five or six

a minimum of 70 per cent maximum heart rate. Cardio exercises

small meals each day. Cut the carbs at night and spend

include jogging, running, and fast walking. Combine weights with

30 minutes most days on cardio exercises.

cardio exercise to achieve fast, sustainable results. Fat burning exercise works with a good diet. Crunches

Follow these easy steps from the experts at Contours and get a better body shape. Develop inner core strength with exercises that work the inside muscles. These muscles act like a girdle to keep the waist small and

work only the exterior muscles; this can increase the girth of the waist. Abdominal workouts should include internal and external muscle exercises. Push-ups help increase upper body strength, tone the arms, and give the abs a work out. Step up to the challenge by finding a step or a bench that is a little

stomach flat.

higher than a regular step height (around 20cm). Work out with fit balls and medicine balls, the correct techniques produce the best results. Pilates is a great way to get in shape through deep body conditioning. It can be beneficial when recovering

Start with feet shoulder-width apart. Bring the right foot up to the step and bring the left to meet it. Lower the right foot back to the floor and follow with the left foot.

from injury.

Increase the pace to make it a cardio workout. Get rid of the muffin top with a combination of diet and exercise. Avoid alcohol, fats, oils and sugar. Alcoholic beverages have a high sugar content and alcohol is not easily used by the body so it oxidises into a usable form. This causes other protein, fats, and

Aim for two sets of 15 repetitions. The Contours leg press gives the best result on bums and thighs. Cycling, running and walking help firm the derriere.

carbohydrates to store in the cells.

A firm bum starts with good diet and the right exercises. Squats are great. Stand with feet hip-width apart, ensuring the back is straight. Bend the knees to a squatting position, keep knees behind the toes. Stand straight and repeat. Try two to three sets with 10 repetitions. Lunge by starting with feet together. Take a step forward with the right leg so the left knee almost touches the floor, the right knee should be at almost 90 degrees. Bring feet together and repeat with the left leg. Keep the back straight, add weights to increase intensity for 10 repetitions on each leg.

30 SLIMmagazine

Angela Murray and Michelle Foster

Nawal Stilianos & Atlantis Dellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Acqua

Kate Bennett and Jodi Williams

Diane and Michael Thorburn

Chelsea Steber and Lauren Pembroke

slim magazine

launch Nova Mabey and Tarsh Duncan

Emma Snowsill, Craig Walton, Karen Phillips and David Dobbie

Katrina Peacock and Tracey Gillinder



The Taga bike is a multi-function urban vehicle designed to give young

The Taga is an amazing bike and our family loves it. The kids enjoy the comfort of the stroller seat and we know they are safe. We love how versatile it is, it converts from bike to pram in seconds. The Taga really is ideal for an active family like us,” Klim says.

families eco-friendly, practical and healthy transport. It takes just 20 seconds to transform Taga from a stroller to a carrier bike for parent and baby. Australian swimming champion and Olympic gold medallist Michael Klim says the Taga is perfect for his active lifestyle. Taga is durable and can carry up to two children at once. Babies from six months and children up to six years can travel safely with a strong fivepoint safety harness to keep them in the seat. Switch the child’s seat to a shopping basket and use Taga as a cargo bike; it’s a great idea for families on the move. Visit for more information.


Slim looks for innovation


motivation to make staying in shape easier

Sanctus Stones

Turn a walk into a workout with FitFlop. The FitFlop

Australian made jewellery helps people

midsole slightly destabilises the foot and forces the

make positive changes. The idea isn’t new, strings of stones

supporting muscle groups to fire faster and kick start

have been used to focus the mind for thousands of years

muscle-loading all the way up through the legs to

but the look has never been more on trend or style. Sanctus

the buttocks. FitFlop wearers report relief from

Stones are designed to inspire, each piece of motivational

plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, chronic back pain,

jewellery comes with an affirmation card designed to help

sciatica, osteoarthritis, RLS, scoliosis,

the wearer. Tight, Toned and Terrific helps women visualise

and degenerative

goals and take positive action. The pieces are constant

disc disease. Visit

visual reminders of the commitment to achieving a fit healthy

body. See for more designs and

for information and

shopping information.


The Diet Plate takes the hassle out of portion control and puts an end to overeating. The Diet Plate is the ultimate weight management and portion control tool, the design shows people how much food should be on their plates. It makes weight control and weight loss simple and enjoyable for every member of the family. Buy the breakfast bowl or specific diet plates showing the correct portions for men and women. Add a complete weight management system to the crockery collection. The Diet Plate is suitable for anyone interested in no gimmick, natural weight loss. Visit to order on line and see easy, nutritious and delicious recipes.

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Gold Coast residents are encouraged to keep fit through a council-run sustainable travel program. The Gold Coast City Council’s Active Travel program aims to encourage people to walk, cycle, car pool and use public transport. Chair of the Gold Coast City Council Community and Cultural Development Committee Councillor Bob La Castra says the program is about getting people to enjoy the way they move and make Active Travel choices part of their lives. “It encourages active and healthy living through an integrated network of walking, cycling, and public transport routes. This helps people incorporate active travel into their daily lives,” Cr La Castra says. “Active Travel is about reducing reliance on cars and making active choices about other forms of transport. “The benefits of Active Travel are not only health related. Active Travel helps save money, reduce congestion, and it benefits the environment. Replacing a 10 kilometre drive to work and back each day with a bicycle ride can add up to an annual saving of about $1700 per person,” he says. More than 600 kilometres of bikeways and walkways link neighbourhoods, offices, schools, shops, parks, and beaches across the Gold Coast. Council Active Travel events include bike maintenance workshops where participants learn how to repair and maintain bikes. Qualified instructors offer bike skills classes for all age groups. Annual events include Walk to Work and Ride to Work days when schools, businesses and other interest groups are urged to rethink their daily commute. Cr La Castra says the council’s vision is to create a community where people are able to walk, cycle, or use public transport as a regular way to travel. Visit for more information on the Gold Coast City Council Active Travel program.

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Circle on Cavill Surfers Paradise

Huge range of cosmetics | Fabulous fragrances at affordable prices Traditional pharmacy services

| Health care | Baby care

Enjoy a complimentary make over Telephone 07 5538 4235


big rave forRAV4

Toyota broadens the appeal of the RAV4 range with the launch of twowheel drive (2WD) variants. These vehicles are designed to save drivers fuel and money without compromising safety and style. The RAV4 2WD is powered by a 2.4-litre VVT-i equipped four-cylinder engine. This engine delivers 125kW of power and the choice of manual or automatic transmissions. These transmissions are exclusive to RAV4 2WD. The internal and final-drive ratios were revised to suit the new models. The two-wheel drive RAV4 has virtually identical specification levels to the allwheel-drive 2.4-litre models.

The new Toyota RAV4 2WD models use at least half a litre less fuel than the all-wheel-drive counterparts. Automatic 2WD models use only 9.1 litres of fuel per 100km (down from 9.6). Manual 2WD versions use 8.4 litres of fuel per 100km, achieving an improvement of 0.7 litres per 100km. Standard equipment in both 2WD models includes vehicle stability control, traction control, anti-skid brakes, and dual front SRS airbags. Automatic transmission models feature downhill assist control. Driving pleasure is enhanced by electric power steering, air conditioning, tilt and telescopic steering column adjustment, plus USB-Bluetooth compatible audio.

36 SLIMmagazine

On road image is eye catching, the 17-inch wheels and rear spoiler makes RAV 4 2WD vehicles stand out from the crowd. The 2WD CV model can include an optional pack that adds front seat side airbags, side curtain-shield airbags, driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s knee airbag, and front dualzone climate-control air-conditioning. RAV4 2WD Cruiser has five additional airbags as standard equipment. The Cruiser gains five-spoke alloy wheels, over-fender flares, roof rails, fog lamps, and rear side quarter privacy glass. Interior features include a six CD audio system with colour LCD screen (in lieu of single CD), dual-zone climate-control air-conditioning with a push-button heater control panel, and foot well illumination.

Check out the style and the nine exterior colour choices at or visit the showroom at 265 Ferry Road, Southport. Grand Motors Toyota offers a great range of new and used vehicles, advice on fleet vehicles, and excellent service.

Harvey Norman leads the way in inviting, innovative, and informed appliance shopping



Harvey Norman offers a fresh take on kitchen equipment by giving people the opportunity to experience cooking products in store. Shoppers can now see product demonstrations from 10am to 4pm each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. See professional chefs at work in the state of the art kitchen at the Bundall showroom. Learn how to prepare nutritious and delicious restaurant quality meals at home. Demonstrations will appeal to novices and keen cooks. The cooking demonstrations include menu tastings and great ideas in meal planning. See how to impress guests with special occasion menus. People with special dietary requirements can ask the Harvey Norman chefs for gluten free, low kilojoule, and low fat recipe ideas. Appliance experts will explain the function, features and benefits of products from leading international manufacturers. It takes the confusion out of major purchases and enhances customer service. People who want the best appliances for a new home, a kitchen makeover, or something that will enhance their at home dining experience will find it at Harvey Norman on Ashmore Road Bundall. For bookings contact the Harvey Norman kitchen specialist by phoning 5584 3111 or visit the Ashmore Road showroom to register.





Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fats with a range of health benefits. These healthy fats can improve a range of conditions including heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. They help protect the liver from damage caused by obesity. Humans can’t produce these fats so they must be included in the diet.

Weight Loss Solutions Australia dietitian Taryn Swift explains the link between Omega-3 fatty acids and good health Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, meat, and plants. Fish and meat

The body converts short chain fatty acids into long chain fatty acids but

contain long chain omega-3 and plants contain short chain omega-3.

the process is not very efficient. The best source of long chain omega 3

There are three main types of long chain omega-3 fats DHA, EPA, and

fatty acids is oily fish; we need two to three serves each week.

DPA. The first two are found in fish, DPA is present in lean red meat. It is difficult to include enough omega-3 in the diet without eating fish but DHA is considered the most important omega-3. It plays a vital role in

additional sources are available. Opt for omega-3 enriched foods; plant

brain function, development, and eyesight. Low levels of DHA are related

based short chain omega-3 foods and fish oil supplements.

to low serotonin levels in the brain. This can lead to mood swings. High levels of DHA help reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels. This lowers

Large quantities of fish oil in the diet may be linked to increased risk

the risk of heart disease

of bleeding and stroke. Stick to the suggested dietary target and recommended doses. People who have medical concerns or take

EPA is another long chain fatty acid. It is not stored in the body so

medication should discuss all diet supplements with a medical

must be eaten regularly. EPA reduces blood triglyceride; the mild blood


thinning effect reduces the risk of clots. EPA can help reduce pain and swelling in inflamed joints. DPA appears to have similar benefits.

Be a healthy and environmentally conscientious fish eater by choosing sustainable seafood species. The Australian Marine Conservation

Short chain fatty acids are found in a range of foods including linseed,

Society Sustainable Seafood Guide shows how to make better choices.

linseed oil, canola oil, walnuts, soybeans, and leafy vegetables.

Visit for more information.

Sustainable salmon Regal King Salmon producers New Zealand King Salmon are the world’s largest Pacific King Salmon farmers. Pacific King Salmon has great flavour, a firm texture, high oil content, and vibrant colour. The salmon is hatched and nurtured in clear mountain fed streams. The Waikoropupu spring water in the Golden Bay hatchery is recognised as the world’s clearest. Regal King Salmon is a cook’s delight. The high oil content gives rich flavour and makes it perfect for hot and cold smoking, sashimi, baking, and grilling. It can be served in a variety of cuts from fine fillets to steaks, portions, and whole fish. Regal Salmon’s new speciality range of fresh salmon cuts come in convenient packs. Choose escalope, loin, or stir-fry. The pre-packed cuts are ideal for quick nutritious meals and snacks.

38 SLIMmagazine

In sickness and in health

– FAT, THIN, OR SLIM Getting fat just happens; marriage is not to blame. It is easier to play the blame game than it is to take responsibility. Maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge. It is essential to accept the need for change. This starts with unconditional self-acceptance. Marriage is a partnership but each partner must be responsible for their own wellbeing. Discussion about weight loss concerns and goals often leads people to reflect on the reasons for their weight problem. This helps define avenues for lifestyle changes and opens discussion about how we view ourselves and how relationships affect behaviour. Research suggests marriage makes people fat, the reasons are many and varied.

Marriage and long term relationships often lead to weight gain, WeightLoss Solutions Australia psychologist Warren Artz explains why. Security


The security of finding a partner can reduce the motivation to maintain a healthy weight.

The budget may play a part in

Relationships often start with physical attraction, this provides the motivation to look good.

weight gain by creating the idea that

Healthy lifestyle habits are often compromised by the security of a relationship. The effort required

everything served must be eaten to

to stay in shape may lose value.

avoid waste.

Sharing and caring Partners tend to impress each other with their cooking skills. This may mean serving kilojoule laden gourmet dishes or extra large serves. Men who praise their wives for their cooking more than their other attributes may find they gain weight as their wives see food and overeating as a source of gratification and praise.

Sabotage This may be self inflicted or inflicted by others. One partner may want to lose weight but the other partner makes sure it doesn’t happen. This can be subconscious; a path of self-

Men who enjoy cooking may see this as contribution to the partnership. Sharing and caring may mean serving female partners with man-sized portions. Women may increase the size of their portions to match that of their partner but women are generally smaller than men and don’t need as much food. Women often put the needs of others ahead of their own and eat the foods the family enjoys rather than the healthy option.


destruction is easier to follow when there is company and emotional support. Insecurities come to the fore through fear of loss. The relationship between two overweight people may seem more secure because there is less competition from anyone else.

Pregnancy is a significant contributor to weight gain. Many women eat more than they need and become inactive during pregnancy. Cravings for sweets and other foods adds to the problem.

Marriage brings many challenges,

Men can also gain weight while their partner is pregnant as indulging in sweets and treats

but the emotional stability of each

becomes part of the family bonding syndrome. Women who stay home to care for their newborn

partner often determines the overall

may lead a more sedentary lifestyle than before.

health of a marriage. Poor coping skills and low self-esteem are


barriers to weight loss. Most people

People use food as an emotional regulator; they eat when sad or frustrated. Emotional eating

want the best for their partners but

(using food as a source of comfort) is a hard habit to break but there are other ways to find

this shouldn’t include sacrificing

comfort. Unhappiness can’t be eaten away, seek individual or couple counselling to help resolve

physical or mental health.

issues and develop healthier attitudes.



Bridal beauty 1 Find a recommended wedding planner or work with trusted friends and family members to plan the day. Check on line for all the legal and social requirements, there are some excellent wedding planners available that cover everything from meet the family pre-wedding dinners to invitations for former partners and children of previous relationships. 2 Start a healthy eating plan and fitness regime. This will improve energy levels and reduce stress while improving the body, hair, skin, and nails. 3 Major makeovers take time; consult medical professionals about surgical and non-surgical procedures including dentistry. 4 Find a good beauty salon and plan a series of regular treatments before the big day. Parlour P in Bundall is highly recommended. 5 Plan hair and make up well before the wedding day. Try a new

PLAN TO LOOK YOUR BEST ON THE BIG DAY Weddings are romantic, beautiful, exciting, and extremely stressful. Smart girls know the best way to ensure perfection at every level is to plan. The bride is the focal point on her day of days; she should be serene, beautiful, and relaxed. Follow this simple plan and enjoy the day.


40 SLIMmagazine

hairstyle and make up weeks before the wedding. 6 Take a break, escape with a girlfriend to a spa or health retreat a few days before the wedding. Gaia Retreat and Spa is idyllic. 8 Ensure the bridal party (groom, matron of honour, bridesmaids, best y) are involved man, groomsmen, and the person giving the bride away) ct. in the planning. Be explicit about what you expect. he 9 Allow plenty of time and space to get ready on the s. day. Ask a friend to deal with last minute hassles. 10 Relax and enjoy the occasion.

LeGassick two-toned white and gold diamond earrings valued at $1295 by sending your 250 word bridal make over story with two images to by May 1 2011. 11.


- 27

Little Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen offers long-lasting durable protection. Playing sport and exercising under the sun poses specific challenges when it comes to keeping skin protected from harmful rays. Athletes’ skin is susceptible to sun damage because sweating, exercising, and product ruboff can reduce sunscreen protection. Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen provides durable, long-lasting sun protection.


A Milky Foot in-home pedicure treatment

by emailing with product name and contact details

Milky Foot is a luxurious in-home pedicure treatment that leaves feet silky smooth. Just pop on the gel-filled booties, relax with your feet up for an hour and take the booties off. Within five to 10 days, feet will feel milky soft and ready for summer. Milky Foot is available at all good pharmacies or at $29.95 for the regular size and $34.95 for the larger size.

Parlour P shares Madonna’s firm secrets

Cellulite, stretch marks, and loose skin are top of the trouble C sspot p list but a revolutionary new treatment promises a solution. Parlour P has now introduced acoustic wave therapy to the Gold Coast. This non-invasive invention has revolutionised the medical approach to treatment. Clinical and medical studies confirm the therapeutic effect of acoustic wave therapy. The Swiss made device utilises pressure waves to target the fibrous band of connective tissue that cause skin dimpling and rippling. Acoustic wave therapy increases circulation, improves collagen production, and boosts tissue elasticity. The result is smoother, tighter skin. A leading international newspaper reported health and fitness fanatic Madonna bought a device for her home salon. At $75000 not many of us will be making this investment but it’s not an issue, Parlour P has the goods and expert operators. Make an appointment now and wave goodbye to flabby arms, bumpy thighs, and jelly bellies. It is the perfect solution to post pregnancy loose tummies and stretch marks. The procedure is exclusive to Parlour P. Book now for a series of 30-minute treatments; it takes just a few weeks to get that trim, taut, and terrific Madonna look. Visit for more information.

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luxuries Get up and go

Sanitarium Up & Go Vive is a light and tasty option to help people keep in shape. Vibe is 98.5 per cent fat free and low GI for lasting energy. High fibre and protein helps keep appetites satisfied. Up & Go Vive has less than five per cent sugar. Stevia, a natural sweetener with virtually no calories, helps reduce added sugar. Vive combines the benefits of a good breakfast with the advantages of a fast breakfast. People who pack a lot into the morning by running, surfing or working out and those who are short on time, can now enjoy a nutritious liquid breakfast on the run. Visit for more information.

Not all luxuries are expensive, check out these treats; they are tried, tested and true to the promise

Smile New Pronamel Gentle Whitening has been specifically developed to protect teeth h against gainst the effects of acid wear while gently and effectively removing stains to help restore teeth to their natural whiteness. Acid wear is a growing problem. Tooth enamel is exposed to acids in foods and drinks so teeth are temporarily softened and vulnerable to wear. This may cause changes in the texture, and shine through increased translucency. Acid wear can lead to further loss of tooth enamel causing teeth to appear yellow. Pronamel Gentle Whitening is available from supermarkets and pharmacies.



Read all about it WIN A COPY OF How Not To Look Old or How To Never Look Fat Again by Charla Krupp by emailing contact details and the preferred title to

Why are you so fat?

How Not To Look Old

By Gershon Portnoi This hilarious book covers on-pitch repartee and the most comprehensive collection of cricket sledges. It features contributions from talkSPORT’s own Darren Gough and Ronnie Irani as well as loads of the sport’s biggest names including Geoffrey Boycott and David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd, this book is a guide to cricket’s unique form of banter. Readers will never be lost for words when the right insult or response is required. The book includes lots of new material.

by Charla Krupp

How To Never Look Fat Again by Charla Krupp

This is the ultimate to-do list of beauty and fashion

Charla Krupp’s amazing new style guide shows

changes. Every woman wants to look hip, sexy,

more than 1000 ways to dress thinner. She shares

fresh, and pretty. Women aged in their 30s, 40s,

smart, easy ways to hide arm flaps, big busts,

50s, or 60s want to look younger. America’s

muffin tops, back fat, Buddha bellies, big bottoms,

Today Show style expert Charla Krupp takes a

wide hips, thunder thighs, heavy calves and that’s

real woman’s approach to looking fabulous with

only half the chapters. Charla looks at special

foolproof advice on how not to look old. The

problems like how not to look fat in work-out gear,

book reveals 16 essential commands that will

evening wear, and swimsuits. She reveals all about

take women from frumpy to fabulous in minutes.

shape, fit, fabric, and colour.


Lingerie A modern girl’s guide

by Nigella Lawson

by Lesley Scott

by Velda Lauder

Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home is

This beautifully illustrated guide shows how lingerie

The ideal for beauty has changed over time but

about the food we eat now, it’s feel-good food

has evolved through the ages. Lingerie is meant

an hourglass silhouette has remained a constant

from the most important room in the house.

to conceal and reveal, to shape the body and to

object of admiration. The art of corsetry almost

Informative and engaging, Kitchen offers food that

hide a multitude of sins. In recent years, designers

died out with the first and second World Wars but

is comforting, seductive, nostalgic, and modern.

including Jean Paul Gaultier have showed bustiers

was revived in the 1980s and 1990s. It is now an

It includes express recipes and leisurely slow-

and basques as outerwear. This book contains

item of mainstream contemporary fashion. This

cook dishes for weekends and special occasions.

a section on fittings and where to find beautiful

beautifully illustrated book explores the history of

Discover how to rustle up a meal for friends in

lingerie. This beautiful book is for fashion students

corsets from Ancient Greece and Rome to the

moments and how to make magic with leftovers.

and anyone interested in fashion.

Edwardian era and to today’s designers.

44 SLIMmagazine

Corsets A modern girl’s guide

Kylie Smith and Leisa Mannion

Azra Kujovic, Pamela Noon, Bernadett Vigh, Jacqueline Gill

Laurent Layani and Thierry Tollis

Chris Pettigrove, Renata Bentick, Sandra Fuller

Melinda Adams and Felicity Cohen

slim magazine

launch Michael Brosnan and Simon Bennett

Catherine Maclean, Naomi Lawrence, Meghann Ruscoe

Sue Bennett, Michelle Scott and Carol Meyer



Renew, refresh, restore Gaia Retreat and Spa is a nurturing environment where people can relax and restore body, mind, and spirit. Gaia means the spirit of mother earth, nature’s nurturing is encapsulated in this inspiring location. Gaia is nestled among the lush green valleys and undulating hills in the subtropical hinterland area near Bangalow, a few minutes drive from Byron Bay. Imagine escaping from the stress of city life and enjoying all this breathtaking environment has to offer. Gaia co-owners Olivia Newton-John and Gregg Cave designed this retreat to enhance the natural environment and soothe the senses with serenity. Gregg says they want people to enjoy Gaia’s unique qualities. “Olivia refers to it as bare foot meets Armani, an elegant yet unpretentious retreat where people find solace in simplicity while enjoying the good things in life,” Gregg says. “The Gaia team of warm and friendly people are committed to guests’ well being and gracious hospitality. The retreat is inspired by the healing cultures of the Byron Bay region. This is not a holiday resort; it is a complete experience. Guests stay in contemporary rooms, they enjoy the simple but elegant style. Beauty, calm and balance are the keywords,” he says. Go back to nature, relax, and enjoy divine meals created from local organic produce. Chef Dereck Cooper chooses the freshest organic produce from Gaia’s organic garden and local suppliers. Choose from a menu of delicious and nutritious dishes based on the freshest vegetables, organic chicken, and seafood. Every dish is exquisitely presented and may be accompanied by wine from the carefully chosen selection. Gaia guests choose their own experience. This may include total relaxation, time to refocus or rebalance wellbeing. Relax or be active, there is a tennis court, salt-water swimming pool, sauna and spa. Take part in the daily yoga or tai chi classes. Learn clay sculpture, take a pilates session, or learn about body balance.

46 SLIMmagazine

Be pampered in the nurturing Gaia Day Spa and chose from a range of therapeutic treatments. Gaia has a team of more than 35 highly skilled healers and therapists. Guests create an individual journey to restore body, mind, and spirit with tailored treatments and beauty rituals. Experience the incredible specialty treatments, the Aboriginal inspired Li’tya outdoor sacred garden treatments ensure the deepest relaxation. Gaia’s special packages give everyone the opportunity to keep their resolutions.

Visit and subscribe to Gaia’s free Nurture eNewsletter and be in the running to WIN a Gaia Day Spa voucher valued at more than $300. The prize includes two hour-long massages, use of the jacuzzi, pool, and sauna plus lunch for two in the beautiful Kukura House.

Booty Lift



Booty Lift Jeans took a year to create but the ultimate body sculpting fashion is now available. These stylish jeans lift the behind to give fantastic shape and support.

Booty Lift jeans embrace womanly curves to create a flattering and slimming silhouette. These jeans are perfect for women who want the look of a younger, tighter bottom. These aren’t ordinary jeans, the denim cut outs, dart work, seam allowance, and detail is completely different from

Booty Lift Jeans by Motto Fashions stretch and sculpt to give the best booty lift. The design

anything else on the market.

pattern is as complex as architecture; the result is jeans that guarantee to give a pert and perfect curve. The lift mechanism is created through complex seaming and dart detail on the

At just $99.95, Booty Lift Jeans are a

side of the pockets. Wear them, enjoy the comfort and style along with the compliments.

sexy, stylish, and affordable addition to the wardrobe. Buy sizes 8 to 18,

Australian designed high-rise Booty Lift features a boot cut leg. This style is available in black and

there’s a size, style, and colour to

indigo. It was developed for the pear shaped silhouette. The low- rise Booty Lift has a straight leg.

suit every woman’s shape. Motto

It is available in light denim and indigo. This style is perfect for the apple shaped body.

Fashions create affordable designs that flatter the female body. This

Motto Fashions developed Booty Lift so the jeans don’t squash the bottom. The intricate

company values real women who

design lifts and separates the backside to create the perfect feminine shape. The research and

want to look and feel great. Visit

development behind these revolutionary jeans has been a long but successful process. The for top quality

finished product is unlike any other fashion item.

women’s fashion at affordable prices.

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HEALTHY WEIGHT WEEK The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is encouraging adults and

GOOD news

children to jump, skip, hop and munch their way into the new year with the fourth annual Australia’s Healthy Weight Week from January 23 to 30. Under the theme Live your Life: Weight Matters Australians will be encouraged to embrace a healthier lifestyle to avoid obesity-related lifestyle diseases. The project is designed to raise awareness of how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through nutritious food and regular exercise. The campaign focuses on practical tips for eating well to help prevent conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

MEDICAL MATTERS Medical Matters director Alison Kristensen has her finger on the pulse of the medical profession in Queensland and the New South Wales Northern Rivers region. Alison says putting professional people together is her business. “Medical Matters can help find the perfect candidate for medical professional positions including pharmaceutical and medical device companies,” she says. “The service goes beyond recruitment. Medical Matters arranges introductions and creates opportunities. We help people achieve career goals by evaluating skills, qualifications, and personalities to find a suitable role. “Medical Matters offers marketing ideas and event planning. We put people in touch with the right people at the right time and in the right place,” Alison says. Email for more information.



Zeltiq is a breakthrough procedure for permanent spot reduction of body fat. Unlike liposuction, Zeltiq is completely non-invasive and virtually painless. Zeltiq CoolSculpting technology eliminates fat cells without causing damage or trauma to the skin. The fat cells are freed from the tissues, the body’s

natural metabolic process eliminates the cells. In most cases, the procedure takes one to three hours. Clients can spend the time reading, relaxing, or working on their laptop.

Zeltiq does not require the use of needles or incisions. • No injury to the skin • Completely non-invasive • Pain-free procedure • Can be performed on outpatients • Can reduce the fat layer by 20 to 40 per cent • Performed in a comfortable, seated position or while lying down • No downtime • Noticeable results within three weeks after treatment

Dr John Flynn MB, BS, Dip. RACOG, FRACGP. Dip. P. Dermatology, FACCS.

Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. Certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery. Dr John Flynn has over 20 years medical experience and is a respected educator within the field.

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Slim &



Many people who are watching their weight avoid dining out with family and friends. Restaurant menus are often confusing and the healthiest option is not always obvious. Entertaining at home can become a problem, it is difficult to impress guests and stick to a diet.

Francine Bates went from big g mum ytrim. to yummy mummy with Bodytrim. ow a sexy The former 79 kilo mum is now ated 53 kilos. She recently celebrated her 40th birthday.

Nicola Banks recovered her health and life ba balance with Bodytrim. She peaked at 103 kilos and lost 25 kilos in just over ssix months.

Bodytrim founder Geoff Jowett has helped solve Bodyt the di dining dilemma by developing eight guides to dining out and dining well while keeping fat, sugar, and kkilojoules in check. The Eating Out 4 Weight Loss guides include French, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Chine e. Chinese, Indian, Greek, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Each book features an introduction to the cuisine show ents, showing the history, influences, traditional ingredients, flavou ooks avourings, cooking methods, and utensils. The books includ include restaurant and head chef profiles. Readerss will disco dytrim discover how to adapt the cuisine to the three Bodytrim phase e day) phases (weight loss, weight maintenance, and free and find tips on eating out. Th The testimonials and Bodytrim success stories are in inspiring, there are great recipes and a bonus Eating O ides Out 4 Weight Loss DVD. Bodytrim cuisine guides a are priced at $34.95 and available online at and from leading bookstores. Peter Blake was a fit 78 kilos and kickboxing twice a week until his joints gave out. Food replaced training and obesity set in. His weight peaked at 116 kilos. Peterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s doctor told him to shed weight if he wanted to live to see his baby girl grow up. He tried a series of fads and products until he discovered Bodytrim and lost 30 kilos in eight months. Angie Newman and her husband wanted to start a family but Angie had been overweight for most of her life. Angie lost 25 kilos in nine months on the Bodytrim program. She recently celebrated her birthday by walking the Great Wall of China.

WIN 52 SLIMmagazine

A pack of four cuisine guides valued at $139.80 by emailing with contact details and product name.

Geoff Jowett

Capriosca swimwear creates flattering looks for women of all shapes

Wider straps enhance support, and lower legs contain womanly curves.

and sizes. Choose the best shape for each figure type in sizes 10 to

Each Capriosca piece is tagged to show the design advantage. Choose

22. Capriosca swimwear is fun and fashionable. There are no granny

waist minimiser, hip minimiser, bust enhancer, or full figure swimsuits.

swimsuits, just great looking beach and poolwear for the

This affordable range is a summer essential at between $79 and $120.

average less-than-perfect form. Larger sizes are cleverly designed to hide or disguise figure flaws. Power netting gives a firmer, flatter stomach.

Add a touch of elegance with beautiful wraps, shirts, skirts, and dresses. For more information visit or phone 5539 0322.

Sensational swimwear

Slim magazine and Capriosca swimwear have joined forces to reward one lucky loser. Send your weight loss story in 250 words or less with a before and after photograph to to be in the running to win two fabulous Capriosca swimwear pieces plus a professional make over and photo sessions by Bella Amante valued at $1000, and an overnight stay for two with breakfast at Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa Gold Coast. The winner will be featured in the July edition of Slim magazine. Another 10 lovely losers will each win a swimsuit from the Capriosca range plus a photo session worth $450. The winners will be photographed at the luxurious Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa Gold Coast.

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Love it, wear it British jewellery sensation CARAT* is taking Australia by storm. CARAT* created gemstones are set in gold and sterling silver with platinum finish. The stones are comparable in brilliance and fire to natural counterparts. Even trained experts have trouble telling the difference. CARAT* fulfils fantasies rather than realities. It is chosen not invested, but more importantly, it is worn rather than kept in a safe. Created gemstones are the perfect accessory for women who travel. Travel the world safely and in style with CARAT*. These superb designs are available from Sovereign Jewellery by Pamela Larsen at Marina Mirage. Visit for more information.

Feminine curves Dr Craig Layt takes an educational approach to breast augmentation.

“As breast enlargement is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure I decided to help patients learn more about it by developing an informative DVD. The DVD is based on a consultation. Consultation is an important decision making process but the DVD helps women understand the process. During consultation, we establish the size and shape of the breast implants. We discuss the options of positioning the implant in front or behind the chest muscle, the incision used to place the implant, and the type of implant used,” he says. “The size after breast augmentation is a result of breast tissue and the implant. The same implant size gives different results in

Stock Photo Image

different women. It is important to assess each patient individually. Proceeding with breast augmentation is a personal decision. Each patient has her own reasons for wanting surgery. I believe all patients should be provided with as much information as possible,” Dr Layt says.

Get the facts on breast enhancement Specialist plastic surgeon Dr Craig Layt has many years experience in breast

Breast surgery candidates can watch the DVD several times and

enhancement. Dr Layt says breast shape can change after pregnancy, weight loss

develop a clear understanding of the procedure. Patients are

or with the passing of time. “Help is available and education is the key. Every step

provided with written information from the Australian Society of

of the procedure is explained during consultation but most patients forget some of

Plastic Surgeons and the clinic. Visit or contact Dr

the information,” he says.

Layt’s Benowa clinic for a copy of the breast augmentation DVD.

If the shoe fits Shoes are a gift from the gods; all girls need shoes, lots of shoes, luscious, gorgeous, sexy shoes. Every woman knows the fastest way to lose five kilos is to don a pair of strappy stilettos. Dress sizes may vary but when nothing fits, the shoe will. Shoes don’t take up much space in the wardrobe. Serious shoe addicts know how to store around 200 pairs in a secret place away from partners with prying eyes and absolutely no idea why we always need another pair of shoes. Tracey Gillinder is a self-confessed shoe addict. The go-to girl behind major marketing campaigns for luxury car companies and social events now unashamedly shares her addiction on line. Tracey’s Shoe Addict blog has an international readership spanning 80 countries. Her fun and feisty take on life is usually coupled with a pair of killer heels. Tracey has contributed to the book Who Needs Prince Charming due for release in March. This collaboration by inspiring women from all over Australia is packed with tips on how to make the most of life and love. Meet Tracey at blog http:// or visit



YUMMY mummies A woman’s world seems to become increasingly competitive as celebs make looking great after

Choose lean protein, low fat carbohydrates

having a baby appear easy. Women struggle to cope with hormonal and body changes, the

(low sugar cereal, wholemeal bread, fruit, lots of

massive workload that comes with the little bundle of joy and the demands of home and work.

salads and vegetables) plus small serves of dairy foods including yoghurt and cheese. Exercise

It is important to resist the temptation to aim for perfection. Sort out the priorities and don’t

and fresh air is essential. Take baby for a short

stress about non-essentials. Mother and baby need time to settle into a routine, if this means

stroll. Incidental exercise can form part of the

letting the housework slip a little, it doesn’t matter. Most women feel a little lost after giving birth.

daily routine. This may involve walking to the

New mothers are exhausted most of the time, they feel as if they will never get back in shape

shops instead of taking the car.

and have very little time for grooming. Eat three proper meals a day. Breakfast, Most women gain between 10 and 21 kilos during pregnancy. Younger mums find it easier

lunch, and dinner should each contribute

to get back into shape; older women may take a little longer. Ignore all the celeb stuff and be

about 2000 kilojoules (500 calories). This

realistic. A busy mum with one or more children has a house to run, may work outside the home

leaves 2000 kilojoules (500 calories) for healthy

and has numerous other commitments.

snacks. Regular nutritious snacks increase energy and help cut junk food cravings.

A full time housekeeper, childminder, personal trainer, and a chef would make life easy but that situation is little more than a dream for most mums. The good news is that most women cope

Create meals and snacks with pasta, baked

and get back into shape by making realistic changes. Breastfeeding is best for mother and baby.

beans (a good source of fibre and B vitamins),

The process of producing milk helps reduce body fat but it is essential to eat well and often.

vegetable soups, protein packed tins of tuna and small portions of cheese.

Discuss an immediate postnatal diet and exercise routine with a medical professional. Most women can start exercising from the third day after birth but women who delivered by caesarean

Bulk-out meals with plenty of vegetables,

section need to wait for the abdominal muscles to heal properly and this could take six weeks.

fresh is best but frozen veg was designed for

Don’t attempt exercise before consulting a medical professional.

busy people. Chocoholics might find a banana satisfies cravings and provides the same feel-

Invest in some attractive comfortable clothes designed to disguise post baby lumps and bumps

good brain chemicals. Thirst can masquerade

and follow a simple six-month plan to get back in shape. A sensible, achievable goal for a new

as hunger; try drinking a glass of water or fruit

mum is to lose around half a kilo a week. Nursing mothers need about 8000 kilojoules (2000

juice before reaching for a snack.

calories) a day to stay healthy and produce nourishing milk.

Most women gain between 10 and 21 kilos during pregnancy. Younger mums tend to find it easier to get back into shape; older women may take a little longer. Ignore all the celeb stuff and be realistic. A busy mum with one or more children has a house to run, probably works outside the home and has numerous other commitments to deal with.

56 SLIMmagazine

By month two and with medical approval most women can manage three 15-minute walks

Month six should see the emergence of the

with the pram each week. Try it for two weeks and increase the exercise to five 20-minute

yummy mummy. The baby weight is almost

or three 30-minute walks a week. Begin to work on the stomach muscles with some sit-ups.

gone, a routine has been established, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Start with three sets of 12 sit-ups twice a week.

time to spend a little more me time. The best treat is a salon session with a facial, massage,

Month three could be a great time to add swimming to the exercise routine. Try two

pedicure and manicure followed by a new

20-minute swims a week and continue with the three sets of 12 sit-ups, increasing to four

hair do. Hit the high street and find something

times a week. In the fourth month add exercises that fit in to the daily routine. Try skipping,

fabulous to wear. Find a baby sitter and have a

working out to an exercise video, climb up and down stairs or use small hand weights to

night out, relax the rules, and enjoy.

tone arms and upper body. Keep going with exercise by teaming up with By the time baby is five months old most mums are beginning to feel almost normal. This is

a friend, keeping fit with other people is the

a good time to start being a little more diet conscious. Size portions sensibly, use kitchen

most effective way of maintaining interest and

scales or the fantastic Diet Plate to establish the correct quantities. Think about joining a

motivation. Healthy eating is now an established

fitness class, take up yoga or pilates. Select a post-natal class or tell the instructor that you

lifestyle choice. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good for you and your family.

have a baby so exercises can be adjusted.

Your influence will set a healthy lifestyle standard for your child or children.



Impress guests with restaurant quality meals at home courtesy of Bodytrim cuisine guides. Serve each dish with a side salad or mixed steamed vegetables.

Italian Eye fillet with parma prosciutto and pepper sauce - serves two Ingredients 300g eye fillet 1 slice parma prosciutto Olive oil Toothpicks 1 bottle of pepper sauce (ask your local deli) 1 field mushroom - chopped Half a leek – finely sliced 1 zucchini – sliced 2 carrots – peeled and finely sliced Mixed fresh herbs Method Preheat oven to 240C. Wrap prosciutto around fillet and secure with toothpicks. Seal and pan fry until brown. Place in oven without oil. Cook blue, rare, or medium. While meat is cooking, warm pepper sauce in a small pan. Toast the mushrooms, vegetables, and herbs in a frying pan. To serve, top steak with vegetables and drizzle with sauce.

Nutritious & delicious Greek



Chicken souvlaki

Roast chicken breast with braised fennel

Marinated lamb chops

Serves four to six

Serves four

Serves three to four




500g chicken thighs, trimmed and cubed

2 medium fennel bulbs

600g lamb chops

Salt and pepper

3 tsp olive oil

Half a red capsicum finely chopped

Olive oil

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

2 shallots finely chopped

Bay leaves

5 sprigs thyme

1 lemon juiced

3 tbsp white wine

Method Place all ingredients in a bowl, cover and

100ml salt-reduced chicken stock 4 small chicken breasts

Marinade 3 tsp soy sauce 3 tsp oyster sauce ¼ tsp smoked soy sauce

refrigerate for three hours. Soak wooden


50ml water

skewers in cold water. Thread chicken cubes

Trim and cut the fennel bulbs into eight

2 tsp sugar

onto skewers and sear on a hot barbecue.

pieces and brown in a frying pan with olive

½ tsp black pepper

Baste with marinade turning frequently until

oil. Add the garlic and thyme, white wine and

1 tbsp vegetable oil


chicken stock. Cover and simmer for about seven minutes or until the fennel is tender. Roast chicken breasts in a hot oven or on a grill. To serve, top chicken with fennel and drizzle with a little liquid.

58 SLIMmagazine

Method Make marinade by mixing all ingredients together. Place chops in mixture, cover and refrigerate for about two hours. Heat oven to 180C. Cook chops for about 15 minutes and add sliced vegetables.

About OMB OMB Solicitors was established in the Southport central business district in 1968. This legal practice provides business and the community with the highest standard of representation and reliable legal advice.


Richard Dawson Partner

Juliette Nairn Senior Associate

Ben Strangman Associate

Simon is an Accredited

Richard specialises in

Juliette specialises in body

Ben’s diverse practice

Specialist in property law

estate planning, estate

corporate law and is a

includes body corporate

and also specialises in

administration, contested

committed member of the

law and advice, levy

commercial leasing.

estate litigation, commercial


collection, litigation, and

Simon Bennett

and domestic property law.

by-law enforcement.

Our Services Property Law – Conveyancing, Body Corporate Matters, Leasing Litigation – Insurance, Family, Commercial Corporate – Estates & Administration, Wills & Power of Attorney, Franchising

Level 1, 9 Seabank Lane (PO Box 454), Southport Qld 4215 P: 61 7 5555 0000 F: 61 7 5555 0055 E: W:



Slim – Health, Fitness


Slim is designed for everyone who wants to reach or

EDITOR Catherine Taylor

maintain a healthy body weight. This magazine helps


people achieve great results by presenting the latest medical information, the most effective products, exercise routines, and the most appropriate procedures. Slim is linked with weight loss and health professionals who know how to help everyone be the best they can be. Men, women, and children can get fit and healthy with expert help. Discover the facts about looking good and feeling great. Your personal make over starts with Slim.

SLIM READERS’ COMPETITIONS WIN FABULOUS GIFTS FROM SLIM To win email prize details, name, address, and phone number to

Ricki- Lee Coulter Celebrity Slim Ambassador

CONTRIBUTORS Dietitian Taryn Swift Psychologist Warren Artz SALES DIRECTOR Elizabeth Austin MEDIA DIRECTOR Kate Bennett ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Phone: 07 5591 7231 Email: EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES ACCOUNTS Cara Saul Email: MEDIA REQUESTS Email: DESIGN Sandra Teissl Email: HEAD OF DISTRIBUTION Angela Anthony HEAD OFFICE PO Box 8875 Gold Coast Mail Centre Q 9726 Email: Phone: 07 5591 7231 Fax: 07 5538 5964

Slim Magazine is published twice each year by Label Publishing Australia. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without permission from Slim. Copyright belongs to Catherine Taylor and Slim magazine. Liability howsoever as a result of use or reliance upon advice, representation, statement, opinion, or conclusion expressed in Slim magazine is expressly disclaimed by the publisher and all persons involved in the preparation of this publication. The opinions and views contained in this publication are not necessarily the views of the publisher.

SLIMbV\Vo^cZ and Inner Health Plus present the Healthy Gourmet Lunch at Glass Dining and Lounge Bar at Marina Mirage on Friday March 18 from noon to 3pm ;d`eoWZ[b_Y_ekiWdZdkjh_j_ekij^h[[#Yekhi[bkdY^m_j^i[b[Yj[Zm_d[ =dhiZYWn@VgZcE]^aa^eh BZZiVbnhiZgnXZaZWg^in\jZhi HZZi]ZaViZhi[Vh]^dch[gdbBVg^cVB^gV\Z IV`Z]dbZVhina^h]\^[iWV\d[ajmjgn\ddYhVcYl^c[VWjadjhgV[ÓZeg^oZh ..eZgeZghdc HZVihhig^Xiana^b^iZYVcYWdd`^c\hZhhZci^VaXVaa@ViZdc**.&,'(& 6aagV[ÓZegdXZZYhVhh^hii]Z6jci^ZhVcYJcXaZh8]Vg^inWj^aY^c\VWZiiZga^[Z[dgX]^aYgZc

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Illness can strike at any time but families can now be protected from financial disaster

Trauma INSURANCE Drake Insurance expert Kelvin Fair says trauma or critical illness insurance provides a safety net that is as important as life insurance. Kelvin says trauma insurance provides a cash lump sum when a medical condition is diagnosed. “The number of conditions covered varies but the most common claims cover cancer, heart attack, coronary bypass, and stroke, although numerous conditions can be covered,” he says. “We all plan to lead long healthy lives but it is difficult to predict the likelihood of illnesses like Alzheimer’s, aplastic anaemia, blindness, liver disease, the need for an organ transplant, or a myriad of other serious conditions. Trauma insurance pays much needed cash when diagnosis is confirmed - not when death occurs as the result of a condition. “This provides people and their families with a lump cash sum when it is needed for medical care or to pay the mortgage and other debts to relieve financial pressure. The choice of cover depends on individual circumstances. People who have heavy debts and are at preretirement age will realise the importance of this cover. “A critical illness can be just as damaging to family finances as a death and more so if medical bills result from a long lasting illness. Recovery is certainly possible from the illnesses covered by trauma insurance but financial stress will not help. Income protection covers sickness or accident related injury causing temporary inability to work. There is room for both types of cover but trauma insurance is usually the only option for people who are not currently working,” Kelvin says. He says some trauma policies also include a death benefit. “There may be advantages in buying life cover as part of a trauma package rather than as a standalone policy. Some trauma policies also cover total and permanent disabilities,” Kelvin says. For more information contact Kelvin Fair at Drake Insurance and Investment Services.

PERSONAL SPECIALIST RISK ADVICE Phone: 07 5526 8955 Mobile Kelvin Fair 0408 713 344 Email: This material is not intended to constitute personal advice, and must not be relied on as such. This information contains general advice and has been prepared without taking into account individual objectives, financial circumstances or needs. Before making a financial decision based on this material or any advice, consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to objectives, financial circumstances and needs before acting. Consider obtaining independent financial advice before making any decision and read the relevant product disclosure statement. Please refer to our Financial Services Guide (available from for further details about services provided, information about remuneration and customer satisfaction.



A long history of perfection

LeGassick has been impressing clients with outstanding pieces of jewellery since 1992. The family business began with one store at Logan Hyperdome, a second store opened in Runaway Bay Shopping Village in 2000 and the latest addition to the family jewellery business opened in Robina Town Centre in 2009.

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Darryn LeGassick says LeGassick Robina is the

craftsman, diamond cutters, and diamond

flagship store. “The brilliant upgrade of Robina

polishers around the world. Shirley and I select

Town Centre makes this the ideal location.

every piece of jewellery.”

LeGassick now services the entire region from southern Brisbane to Tweed Heads,” he says.

Darryn says many jewellers offer diamonds at amazingly cheap prices, but most fail to live

The LeGassick family work together in all facets

up to their clients’ expectations. “We take a

of the business. Darryn says they have a great

different approach by contributing to the most

working relationship with each other. “Each

important moments in people’s lives,” he says.

member of the LeGassick family is a qualified diamond grader,” he says.

“Focusing on the person and the occasion is important. We find the perfect piece for that

“The LeGassick team includes eight jewellers

special gift. Experience and knowledge ensures

and three watchmakers. Wade and Kenton

quality. We want our clients to have quality

LeGassick are both qualified jewellers. We have

jewellery and beautifully cut white diamonds.

relationships with some of the best jewellery

LeGassick jewellery will last a lifetime,” he says.

The Diet Plate the easier option



FAMILY HISTORY COMES TO THE FORE IN FIGURE FLAWS BUT ALL IS NOT LOST Some people want a smaller derriere, some want to mimic bootilicious

Imperial College London researchers identified the gene

celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé Knowles, and Kim Kardashian but

GAD2 as an appetite regulator. There are two forms of

everyone wants a firm bottom. An exercise and healthy eating regime will

GAD2. One form protects against obesity by limiting the

make a difference but body shape is the product of nature and nurture.

appetite, the other form stimulates the appetite.

Nurturing helps but it harder to correct the body shape we inherited. Like most human traits, obesity is probably influenced According to the John Hopkins University researcher Kelly Gonzalez genes

by a complex group of genes. Scientists estimate more

influence body structure and weight. Genes are small lengths of DNA that

than 250 genes are linked to obesity and many more

direct physical development and behaviour. A group of genes tell the

genes are associated with other elements of body type

body how to metabolise food and where to store fat. Some people are

including muscle size or strength. Genetic influence is

genetically inclined to burn calories more slowly than the average rate. This

important, but genes alone do not determine body type.

is a predisposition but metabolism can be changed by diet and activity. Genes interact with each other and thousands of environmental factors. People who are genetically

Being overweight may be a family trait but it is difficult to determine how much of the problem is in the genes and how much is related to cultural influences, eating, and lifestyle habits. Scientists have tried to find the genetic causes of weight gain, but it is a complex problem with many factors.

predisposed to being overweight can adust their lifestyle and achieve a healthy weight. People who are genetically predisposed to store fat may try to fix the problem by severely restricting calories and increasing the duration of aerobic exercise. This won’t work because the body protects itself by going into starvation mode. A starved body will attempt to conserve fuel by increasing the amount of stored fat. This stored fat goes straight to the problem areas. Regular exercise and a well-balanced portion-controlled diet will eliminate

One of the contributing factors is the hormone leptin. Leptin regulates

excess body fat even when genes make overweight

appetite. A recent study of obese children revealed mutations affecting the

more likely. While we can’t change our genes we can

leptin gene code. Without leptin, children have massive appetites and this

make lifestyle changes. A healthy eating plan and

can lead to significant weight gain.

regular exercise will make a difference.

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