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The Book Fair is Coming! Our Fall Book Fair will be here Oct. 8-11. The Teacher Preview will be Oct 8, 7:45-8:30. Come on down and have some treats, browse the fair and fill out teacher wish lists! Click here to visit the fair website

The fair will be open 8:00-4:00 and during conferences. Students can be sent down individually, although most will visit with their language arts’ classes. Please call first to make sure we have space. We will have 2 contests during the Book Fair ∗

Guess the pumpkin’s weight (closest teacher & student win a free book from the fair)

Presidential Trivia (5 questions for each grade & 5 for staff, win a $5 gift certificate)

Teachers are encouraged to participate in the contests

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October 1, 2012

Book fair


Important Dates:

Important Dates


A Story in Numbers




All Sorts of Ways to Read


Oct. 5: Picture retakes in Library Oct. 8-11: Book Fair Oct. 18-20: Suzanne at Colo. Association of Libraries Conference Oct. 25: First Battle of the Books meeting Staff Article Club

New in the Library


A Story in numbers TOP 10 BOOKS THIS YEAR: Flipped Define "normal" : a novel Guinness world records. World Book's encyclopedia of flags. Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life The World Book encyclopedia. Diary of a wimpy kid : Rodrick rules Catching fire The best Halloween ever Hoot

MOST CHECK OUTS SO FAR STUDENTS: Naiel S (17) Jaime F (14) JacLynn B (11 Ulises B , Vianca R (9) Lisa B , Miguel M (8)


TEACHERS: Mr. Cottrell (47) Ms. Cochran (10)



CLUBS Battle of the Books Teams of 4 16 books Read ‘em Discuss ‘em Compete & WIN

RUN CLUB Meets every Thursday Prepare for your next race Have fun with the kids


Staff Article Club:


A chance to meet with colleagues, have good food and discuss different issues in education. First meeting: meeting October 25, all 3 lunches Article: Article “Graduating All Students Innovation Ready,” by Tony Wagner Menu: Menu Salad, Potato Chili Cheese soup, Pumpkin Trifle

Starting in November, we will meet once a month for student book clubs at lunch time. If you have a fabulous book to recommend for book club, please let me know. I am considering using the Battle of the Books list or a Books to Movies theme. Vote for your preference and please join us!

RSVP (via email) by Oct. 22nd

Technology & Books KINDLES: The 18 Kindles are all checked out and there is a waiting list. We currently have 97 books on each Kindle. IPODS: Coming soon! I have 5 iPods purchased, but not loaded yet. Perhaps once the Book Fair opens, I will have time to get those together.

Check out http:// shmslibra.wordpress. com and our library Facebook page!

EBOOKS: We have Mackin eBooks available through the Mackin Via link on the library home page. They can be used simultaneously by unlimited users. Try them out!

NEW IN THE LIBRARY My goal this year is to move the perception of the library about from the idea that it’s about books (not that the books are going away) to the idea that it’s about inquiry: how can we learn stuff and where do we find GOOD information. In the library world, it’s called the learning commons movement. I’ve been reading up and I really like the idea, which fits nicely with 21st century skills and student driven instruction.

Current displays: Top 100 Teen Books (in library) Banned Book Week (in main hall)

I’ve made a few small changes in the library so far to make it a little more user friendly and welcoming. Many of you have enjoyed the new café table and stools. I have also numbered the shelves (to make giving directions to books easier), shelved all the graphic novels together, put some lower level books in a spinner so they are easier to find and created supply bins to be used in the library. If

you would like to know about Learning Commons, here is a good article. If you have suggestions of other changes I can make, I would love to hear your ideas. For the learning commons to work, we all need to see the library in a slightly different way. I am also a part of the district’s Highly Effective Teacher Librarian Pilot. Part of that pilot is to co-teach digital literacy skills (all those tech skills that show up in the new standards). I would love to work with you on any research and/or technology project. Please let me know when you will be planning and I would love to be there. It never hurts to have another adult helping out on projects!


gENERAL Interest Discover: The End of Youth Faces: Vietnam National Geographic: Blood Ivory PROFESSIONAL Middle School Journal: Educating Young Adolescents around the World Teaching Tolerance: Once Upon a Time in America

Reviews Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass. (#5 most checked out) Do you like a good mystery? Jeremy has a complicated one to solve. It is the summer before his thirteenth birthday. His father has mailed him a box with “The meaning of life: for Jeremy Fink to open on his 13th birthday” engraved on it. It’s a beautiful, intricate box with four locks. And all four keys have been lost. Jeremy can’t ask his father for help because his father died five years ago. Jeremy is desperate to open the box and find out what the meaning of life might be. Join Jeremy and is friend Lizzy on journeys into the past and around New York and see if Jeremy can find the keys and the meaning of life. Jefferson’s Sons (new)

Did you know we get the Denver Post, Westminster Window and the Northglenn Sentinel? We also have a subscription to the electronic version of the Denver Post

Suggest new books or magazines

Officially, Thomas Jefferson only had one son, a baby that died soon after it was born. But he did have a long running affair with Sally Hemings, a slave at Monicello and she gave birth to three sons: William, James and Thomas. Recent DNA research concludes that these probably were Thomas Jefferson’s sons. Kimberly Bradley has done extensive research and has written an historical novel that stays as close to the facts as we know them. But she has to imagine what it was like growing up in the slave quarters on Monicello while your father lived in a mansion, served as president and could not, or would not,

acknowledge you. The book is a fascinating look at life in early America and a well done character study of children growing up in confusing and difficult times. On the Battle of the Books list.

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