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Books Available in our Library What

Sets: Eureka, 6 volumes, Inventions and Discov-

else can

Chemical Reactions


UXL Encyclopedia of Science, 10 volumes

we find

The Elements, 40 volumes, Aluminum to

for you?


Finding what you need

Silver Hills Library

Individual Volumes: Mixtures and Solutions Chemistry: The Story of Atoms and Elements The elements: a visual exploration of Every known atom in the Universe. CRC: Handbooks of Physics & Chemistry Many biographies!

Silver Hills Middle School

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7th grade science, 2013

Resources for Teachers Discovery Streaming: 1. Search: Chemical Reactions 2. Narrow by: grades 6-8 3. Narrow by: Science 4. Lesson plans, videos, etc. 1. Will have to register, but it’s quick 2. Search: Chemical Reactions 3. Narrow by 6-8 4. Great for short intro lessons, hands

Advanced Google Searching 1. Go to Google 2. Search your term 3. Click on gear icon in upper right

Online Resources for Students 1. Discovery Education (if the students are registered) 2. World Book Online (—you can

4. Choose “Advanced Search”

find the link on the library home

5. Consider narrowing by:


A. Language B. Date C. Domain

Choose “Student “ option 3. EBSCO (for current events type info) Choose “Student Resource Center”

D. Reading level

on stuff E. Terms to include or eliminate 1. Search: Chemical reactions 2. Search: slibra—I started a folder for you!

Silver Hills Middle School Westminster12400 Huron St. Westminster, CO 80234 Phone: 720-972-5017 (SH) Phone: 720-972-7144 (VP) E-mail:

Chemical reactions  
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