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INTERSECTION What if time really exists?

by Povilas Daknys Time is a irreversible. Yet we still have a choice to live in a year of 2019,4714,2560 or 7526. What do these numbers mean anyway?


by Povilas Daknys

ConspiraSee What if we could scan your deepest secrets?


by Povilas Daknys

ConspiraSee is a human scanner which identifies what conspiracies you really believe in.




by Povilas Daknys

What if you hate someone as much as you love?

Relationship therapy is a restaurant concept for couples who are fed up of each other, but still can’t be without one another. Using prison glass system - you will be together, but at the same time you won’t be able to hear each other or touch.


The 7th issue of Slevin feels like a re-birth to us after a few months spent offline. New year, new start, new stronger spirit! The theme of this issue is ‘reborn’, and so the featured stories are all about self expression, the reality of everyday life, and the feelings of all of us as human beings. Hopefully you find them inspiring! A massive thank you to all the artists who have submitted their works to be featured in this issue. Your support means the world to us!

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Since launching a solo career in early

preaching values in her music

2017, following a string of success

around feminism and sexual fluidity,

in various bands and accumulating

reflected by experimental production

praise from the likes of Huw Stephens,

and sombre melodies.

Shell Zenner & BBC Introducing, Georgia Meek made waves in the

Georgia’s music has since been fea-

industry this year, with her critically

tured on Love Island 2019 and is now

acclaimed debut single ‘Bare’ rack-

with PEER Music Publishing for sync.

ing up an impressive 18,000 streams

She has been played on BBC6 Music,

overnight and going on to make a

Radio1 Xtra and has played numer-

further 350,000.

ous live sessions on BBC Introducing. Having sold out her home show in

The London based alternative-pop

Guildford and debut London show in

artist has cultivated a growing and

November, 2020 looks set to be the

dedicated following of millennials,

year of Georgia Meek.

On friday 24th of January, Georgia Meek

Introducing, Ministry Of Sound, Tileyard

will release the first song of a 4 track,

and Universal Music’s Spinnup.

intimately self-titled EP. Just kids is a poetic reflection on moving on from

On the single, Georgia says:

friendships with age. With production

“I’ve got a couple of EP’s dropping this

and timbre reminiscent of the young

year, but I wanted to use the colder months

soloists 2018 debut single, Bare, which

of 2020 to get some down tempo tracks

launched her viral career as a songstress,

out that I’ve been sitting on. Just Kids is

the release promises to be a rooted and

a letter to the friends of my youth, who

powerful demonstration of her maturity as

I’ve had to move on from for all sorts of

a writer.

reasons, whether it’s that we now live on other sides of the world, or simply

Following a successful 2019 with multiple

that we’ve grown into different people.

sold out UK headline shows and a double

Sometimes you have to learn to move on

track debut on ITV2’s Love Island, the

from the past but be able to look back on

release comes with high anticipation

it fondly.”

from Meek’s growing pool of both fans and industry supporters, including Radio 1Xtra, 6 Music’s Fresh On The Net, BBC



I N S I D E by Magdalena Sobolska




by Magdalena Sobolska





N OT by Magdalena Sobolska


CHIH @chihibb




“The process of making a work is the repetition of the act of facing myself and communicating with people.� Tokyo, a city that will impress you in so many different ways. A kaleidoscope of culture, jaw-dropping fashion and of course mind-blowing food. This populous city is not easy to forget! It is buzzing with young, talented creatives and eccentric people who will make you wonder in the most amazing ways! One of them is Japanese artist Chihiro Baba, who expresses her artistic soul by using and combining a whole range of artistic ways in order to create one piece of loving artwork. Among many others, she uses collage, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and installation. Her work has enabled her to take part in various exhibitions in Tokyo and she also won a prize at Tokyo WonderWall 2008. Chihiro is a talented artist and an art manager. She likes to expand her world by being active in several areas of the arts sector e.g. curating her own exhibitions, selling her works in galleries and museums as well as to various fashion brands, making costumes for models and musicians. The uniqueness of her artworks has been capturing the attention of many people.





Where do you get the inspiration for your art and jewellery design? I often get ideas from raising my awareness and paying attention to the realities of everyday life. Other ideas may come from the texture or the look of the materials I choose to use.

Is there any connection between your art and your jewellery? The materials and colours are usually different, but the roots of the ideas behind the works are connected. I have this subconscious desire to sample the process of a change or changing events and I try to express this desire both in my art and in my jewellery.

Could you describe your jewellery design in 3 words? Additional body parts.

Where can we find your jewellery? At the moment, the ‘Mercury series’ can be found only in my online shop. And my series of accessories made with mirrors are available at a few museum shops such as The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

If you had to choose between working in the arts sector or the fashion industry (jewellery), which one would you prefer? It would be the fashion industry, at the moment. Fashion is attractive because people can easily take it into their daily life. I like going to museums and galleries to appreciate art and design and get inspired, however what I want to create is something that I, as well as anyone else, could interact with more directly.


Photographer: ATZSHI HIRATZKA Hair: Yoko Makeup: Limo Model: Haruki Koyama




What do you want to tell your customers through your jewellery creations? ‘The Mercury series’ is inspired by Mercury, the chemical element. Historically, it was taken as a drug or a poison, so it has a strong duality, I think. I imagined the black part of the background of what was said to be beautiful and the value that shines behind the concept of not being beautiful on the other hand. Although it is a bit ironic, it was created from the viewpoint of what the value of jewellery is by including the opposite image through the form of jewellery as a beautiful ornament.

Who has influenced you to become an artist/ designer and why? I have been influenced by many artists and people around me, but I think my education has influenced me the most. I went to London to study art and I spent six years going to an arts school. Art has always been by my side.

If you could have a chance to live outside Japan, where would it be? London comes to my mind, but I would go anywhere if I had the opportunity to go.

How do you cheer yourself up when you are not in the mood of making art or designing jewellery? I just do something else. Anything else really, other than making.


Photographer: ATZSHI HIRATZKA | Hair: Yoko Makeup: Limo | Model: Haruki Koyama

What’s your favorite song to listen to when you’re making art? And why? I listen to all types of music - various genres and countries of origin. That way I feel as if I were traveling while I’m creating new work.




Personal quotes? It is fun to dress up and wear jewellery. I would be happy if you could wear it casually.

Can you tell us about your recent project? What inspired you? It is a series I have been making for a long time. It includes accessories made with pieces of mirror. The inspiration behind it is a Japanese saying “Others reflect you like a mirror.’’ ‘The Mercury series’ was born because I wanted to experiment with new materials.


Did you face any obstacles during the making of your artwork? The process of making a work consists of the repetition of the act of facing myself and then communicating with other people. So, it is sometimes difficult to keep a balance between those two.

Is there any message that you want to share with the viewer through your works? The concept of sampling the passing of time is consistent in my artworks and jewellery. For example, the three-dimensional work series called ‘Cast-off skin’ represents a human shell; and the jewellery of the ‘Mercury series’ is designed to capture the movement of liquid. Time can’t be stopped by anyone but there is an urge to do it, to pin it. I hope the viewer can feel something from my work.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you @chihibb

would like to mention? An online shop where people can view and buy my jewellery series. I’m happy to say that I’ve already started working on this.




| SKIN |







“ If one could possess, seize or know someone else, he would not be someone else. To possess, to know, to grasp are synonyms of power.”


Lady Gueguette (also known as Marion Guérineau) is an artist and graphic designer, specialising in publishing. Based in Montreuil, France, the artist’s work primarily consists of collages, monotypes, photographs exploring the distinct stages of romantic relationships. Her introspective art acts as a critique of lust and love in an era of social networks and dating apps. It asks: How do young women comprehend their own bodies? How do they deal with their desires, and what new forms do these needs take? Her varying publications display her unique interpretation of the Self, but also how the Self is a fluid entity, adapting to, and coping with, the external Other. She is also very interested in the gender gap, its inequality and how it translates into our romantic relationships. The big question being will we ever experience a “balanced” situation regarding the “power” between both genders?





in order to inspire, be contextual in order to be authentic, and address programmatic needs in order to be functional. |

IG: shaunt_ra



Architecture must have meaning



B AT H , A L O N E

It was the very first time living abroad Singapore. I was in Japan. Where baths was taken seriously. Every night after the day is spent on hard work, the bath is where I am truly myself. The water cuddles me, whispering reminders of what I did to help myself and the world. Taking in tears I cried when I have a tough day, letting me stay till my toes are all wrinkly. The saddest moment is leaving the bath tub. That’s when I am completely alone.


2016 100 x 75 x 75cm concrete, welded steel

EGONS @egons_persevics

PERSEVICS M O M , I WA N T T O B E A N A S T R O N A U T ! Children are the symbol of future. This work is about future, our expectations and dreams. I remember when I was a little boy I grew in a country where everything was unified and mass produced. Everyone lived in similar concrete houses, owned similar furniture and closes and every kid wanted to be an astronaut. Mathematics is a model of universe. Every next Atlas is holding more and more complex world.



FREEDOM This work resembles crowning figure of the Freedom monument of Latvia. Only it is seated in lotus position. This sculpture reflects on changing perceptions of the


concept of freedom. The idea was that as 2015

our perception of what is freedom and how

330 x 180 x 130cm

it can be achieved has changed over time,

Mixed media (polyester resin,

so should the monument that represents

welded steel, concrete)

our freedom.

ERSEVICS @egons_persevics




“ J A N I C O L E �

Janicole I would like to introduce Janicole to you. I created Janicole as a choreographic play inspired by Le Marquis de Sade and his freedom of speech. My body has suffered to express my identity and to rewrite it. The construction of the identity is the result of an incessant confrontation between identical and alterity (similarity and difference). This identity can be considered as a stable completed reality. But my identity is neither a substance nor an immediate data. I am like a tree with multiple branches, a polymorphic structure against conformity.






A l exa n d r i a










Photos by: Yeo Workshop

“Fine art is a reflection of the inner emotional state”, said Citra.

Photos by: Yeo Workshop

Tabanan born in 1990, Citra Sasmita has been actively pursuing her desire in the arts. Her passion to express her deepest feelings towards the culture and patriarchy is present in all her paintings. When she was growing up, she was surrounded by art and Balinese culture. She had access to the art world from an early age mostly thanks to her grandmother, who was a performer of Aria operas, a type of Balinese performing arts. Citra has been working on her drawing skills since she was a kid. Even though she never thought about becoming an artist, she really wanted to study art. However, her interest in the arts didn’t get the approval of her father back then. And so Citra secretly pursued her passion in the arts by joining a theater group when she was in college where she studied literature and science. Her interest in literature led her to visit Togamas, her local bookstore, quite often. At that time, her resources were limited and it was not easy for her to access information, learn and find interesting books to read.

CITR @citrasasmita_work






Through her true passion for literature, she discovered a keen interest in writing poetry and becoming a poet. When the time is right, the opportunity comes. This magical saying has proven to be true for Citra. Her eagerness to write was awarded by Citra’s participation in Bali Emerging Writers Festival in 2009. Not only that, her deep understanding of literature and writing, became a strong foundation for her to stand on and explore her mind and illustrations.

Photos by: Yeo Workshop

pain and channel it all into her poems and

In 2012, Citra joined Bali Post as an illustrator. Her illustrations accompanied a lot of published short stories. Thanks to her role in Bali Post, where she’s been for almost 5 years now, she gained a lot of new experiences and she perfected her ability to find the main theme of a story and turn her ideas into illustrations. She is a self-taught artist with what seems like a never-fading desire to paint and perfect her painting skills. In 2013, she held her first exhibition that took place at Tony Raka, with ‘schizophrenia’ being the main theme. Citra’s main interest at that time was in exploring various psychological themes and then in 2015-2016 feminism became the main focus of her work. She is also a big fan of Shirin Neshat, an Iranian visual artist living in New York City, known primarily for her work in film, video and photography.


CITRA SASM “Fine art is a reflection of the inner emotional state”, said Citra. Her paintings have been exhibited in Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Singapore. At the moment, she’s exhibiting her project ‘Ode to the Sun’ until February 2020 at Yeo Workshop, a contemporary art gallery based in Gillman Barracks, that produces exhibitions, represents various artists; hosts gallery-based programmes such as talks and symposiums; publishes contemporary art books; and guides artists in their research. Its aim is to promote the work of contemporary, local and international artists.

There are several different stories behind the project ‘Ode to the Sun’ but each of them is related to the main theme ‘praise of the sun’. “I don’t want to just create art, I come from a low class and I feel responsible for their voices.” ~ Citra Sasmita.



Photos by: Yeo Workshop




Ana Vodušek “My photography is an eclectic collection of memories, everyday moments and atmospheres. It doesn’t dramatise or expose problems, it simply shows the world through the eyes of one individual.”






Ana VoduĹĄek







Italian painter based in Hamburg, Eleonora Gianfermi, expresses her artistic soul through the elaboration of emotions and thoughts. This idea underlies her project ‘The Birth’ in which she combines art with psychotherapy. She has exhibited her works at Chashama Gala in the New World Trade Center, New York.




Could you tell us how long you have

It is a long story. I started to be recognized as a creative person when I was in elementary school. I won my first prize with a drawing of my family when I was 9 years old. After that, I devoted myself to art - even when I studied computer engineering. My first exhibition was in 2006, but officially I started in 2008. Let’s say pretty late considering I was already 28 years old at that time. A big change happened in 2012, when I moved to Hamburg, Germany. I think it was because of the weather, but since then


been pursuing your career as an artist?

deeper level and I found a new way to


the way I paint started to change on a express my world.

Who has inspired you to be an artist? Creativity is a state of mind inside of us, we can listen to it or suppress it. I was lucky because my best friend’s mum was an artist, so when I was 16 I had the opportunity to learn some painting techniques and I gained more technical knowledge.







My paintings are an elaboration of my emotions and my state of mind. Since 2015 I have been putting my attention to specific concepts and themes that are important to me. Usually, I study several topics and then I transform them into paintings, drawings etc.

Talking about your works, can you tell us about ‘Emotional Shape’, one of your brilliant creations? What inspired you to make it? ‘Emotional Shape’ is part of my project ‘The Birth’ that has been made with the need to connect people with their emotions. ‘The



Could you tell us what kind of art you create?

Birth’ is the result of psychotherapy research that I started in June 2016. It embraces the successful results of reconnecting with my emotions as well as the success in trusting my intuition and relating to people. I believe that human beings can be stronger if they follow their intuition while they also stay connected with each other. ‘The Birth’ is a project that combines 18 portraits of the changes of my face during therapy. It includes 7 paintings which are currently in London and later on will be exhibited in New York. There are 40 drawings that I used to complete ‘The Birth’ project. ‘Emotional Shape’ was prepared for a Gala of Art organized by Chashama, an art organization based in New York. For this occasion, I decided to make people’s emotions real. I tried to give them a face by using the Galvanic Skin sensor. It detects people’s reactions to questions through an algorithm I have invented. After that, my selection of colours and drawings would be shown as the result of the sensor reading.

Is there any specific theory behind the making of ‘Emotional Shape’? If so, can you tell us if there’s any connection between these theories with the feedback from the viewer or audience? The concept of the work is based on Massimo Fagioli’s theory described in the book titled ‘Death Instinct and Knowledge’ published by L´Asino D´oro. The key point of his theory is telling us that when we are going through a crisis (e.g. a possible transformation, evolution), which could be viewed as destructive, we have the ability to transform this crisis into a positive, new, better way to be. This can be done if we trust our own intuition and feelings and we don’t just ignore them or suppress them. I worked with this idea when making my artworks. And so, if people react and connect with their emotions, the result is a picture made with a collection of different drawings and colours. If the person is trying to remain still and not to react, the final ‘emotional shape’ will be depicted with one unique colour and one drawing in different tones.

What type of tools did you need to create it? And how did you know that those tools would read people’s emotions? ‘Emotional Shape’ used a Galvanic Skin Sensor (GSS) that catches the level of stress in people when they are asked questions about their life. GSS is used by doctors to control people’s stress reaction and also to check the health status changes of people in relation to activities they take part in and stuff that happens in their life.

How about the accuracy? The point for me is not the accuracy but the hope to give all people the experience of ‘Emotional Shape’ and that would be to actually see their emotions, so that they could connect with them on a different level.



Have you ever exhibited ‘Emotional Shape’? It was exhibited in the New World Trade Center in New York at Chashama Gala in June 2019, then at Tamora Gallery Bali in September 2019 and also at Azaro Art Space Gallery in Hamburg in December 2019.

Do you have any interesting or unforgettable moments that you experienced during the exhibition? Unforgettable moments I have experienced: when people felt as if they were brought back to their childhood or when they were drawn to my pictures because they could really see themselves in it.

Who is your favourite artist? My favourite artist is Paul Klee. He inspires me in different ways, not only because he developed his own vocabulary to read the reality and then represent it in art but also because he was able to show his unconsciousness through his paintings in a very sublime way. His works are powered by his imagination. He was able to express his feelings and emotions combined with images emerging from his unconsciousness through a unique use of colours and lines.











P A U L LY N C H Having travelled half the world, indie-folk artist Paul Lynch has returned to London to present his view of it. Settling back into his London life, he has gone part-time in order to focus his energy into music, which ended up in a successful release of his latest album TITLE in December 2019 and was followed by a crowd-pleasing gig at Camden Assembly. Paul continues with his experimentation in live sound and his performances will not be ones to miss in 2020.

Paul Lynch’s returned with his new single to tell a personal story of two very close friends who repeatedly cross the line between friends and lovers. Fusing electric guitar and multiple synth textures into his signature indie folk sound, Paul has taken his songwriting to the next level. However, storytelling is what remains the focus of his work. The single is about how the star-crossed lovers get infatuated with one another at times when the other is not interested, and it’s about recalling the time when their love was platonic. Although a sad tale, the song is one of hope. By prioritising their friendship, the complicated relationship between the lovers can last. They remain Friends First, Lovers Second.

‘Friends First, Lovers Second’ Verse 1: Apprehension in his eyes, as one friend meets another of mine. A strong relationship, I’m sure, will they be friends or maybe something more? Oh this man has beauty to behold, but in his youth, love was cold. But she sees his greatness in every way, she feels the attraction coursing through her veins They come together but something’s amiss, his mind often wonders as they kiss. So he tells her, he can’t ignore, he just wants a friendship and nothing more. Chorus Oh, Please take my hand, rest your body onto my body Do we understand? Friends first, lovers second. Verse 2: Their friendship blossoms it feels right, and their love keeps growing with every night Me and my friends are convinced, he will make a move and take her obvious hints. We missed the mark, the romance wasn’t true, they’re both dating people anew. So we move on, get on with our days, their relationships end but their friendship stays. Chorus Verse 3: They are firm friends this they know, but a look he gives shudders her to the bones. On that night an attraction they felt, not with each other but with someone else. In the morning he tells her plainly, this night was wrong, it needs no explaining. But she felt it right and it was stopped again, “I think simply we should just be friends” Chorus

Photo by: Michaela Nagyidaiová

Soundcloud: Paul Lynch Spotify: Paul Lynch Instagram: @paullynchmusic

Wieslawa Nowicka born from a reflection on current events, on the role of the machine in our lives and towards our body. humain its creator as well dependent on it. The powerful machine, a work of art. an artist who does not control his work or a work that dominates the artist. here the body immersed in a strange image, or rather the image re-entering the body (fragile). is it a victim? ... this body which is between machines. And who becomes a machine among the two humain who want to kill themselves? body and or machine ​are photos found on the internet, which I have already used in a video, voluntarily chosen and projected onto the body. This procedure links an image to the body. Here it is the background image and its imposing motif of actuality which gave me an idea of ​​body position. the poses chosen make the content more important than a simple image. in these compositions is not trivial the role of a woman, and the look that creates dialogue.

In another photo, it is ​the open arms which symbolize the voluntary presence, who want to reassure, protect and at the same time this pose with a religious

Born and or machine


annotation, of crucification.

In the last composition, with the image of ​ the city in ruins​, the body integrates so much that it loses these lines. the forms of photography impose themselves on the face by swallowing it completely and dehumanize. here has no more visual


shift. ​“the body hovers in the image without borders”

Robert Stannage | R o b D ’a t h |

ZERO WA @zerowastedaniel


The Friends and Family of Zero Waste Daniel are respectfully invited to attend fashion’s wake. Services to be held on February 5, 2020 at Arcadia Earth. The sustainable designer’s fourth installment of his NYFW comedy show grows to include a 15 room experiential New York Fashion Week Memorial Service in partnership with Role Models Management to benefit Oceana. New York, NY, January 15, 2020​—​Zero Waste Daniel​today announced his program for Fall 2020 New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Building upon his earlier one man shows, Daniel is holding his latest version of —“Sustainable Fashion is Hilarious” — at Arcadia Earth in NoHo on February 5th.


Arcadia Earth will host Daniel’s first full scale fashion funeral, an unconventional immersive show featuring a roster of ethically minded models represented by ​ Role Models MGMT​. The Role Models will present Zero Waste Daniel’s newest collection of signature gender free pieces made entirely of recycled materials throughout the exhibit.

“He doesn’t really have seasons or shows by a traditional definition, though he flirts with the idea. In 2018, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge invited him to do a show for New York Fashion Week, and instead of a runway, he decided to do a one-man stand-up routine called “Sustainable Fashion Is Hilarious,” which was more about concept than clothes. The hotel sold tickets online, and all of the proceeds went to Fashion Revolution, a nonprofit that advocates industry reform. In September, he did the same at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan. Mr. Silverstein is planning a performance for February at Arcadia Earth, the climate installation museum in downtown New York, which also sells some of his work.” - ​‘The Future is Trashion’ Vanessa Friedman, NEW YORK TIMES. Once inside, mourners will be transported to a not so distant future where fashion as we know it has completely flatlined and fashion week no longer exists. The 15-room activation will include a wailing wall for fallen brands, a seance to conjure trends gone too soon, and of course a eulogy by the designer himself.


Arcadia Earth 718 Broadway, Manhattan, NY NYFW Show - Zero Waste Daniel Presents: Sustainable Fashion is Hilarious




augmented reality, virtual reality, projection

Zero Waste Daniel is a New York based clothing

mapping, and interactive environments. Arcadia

designer and zero-waste lifestyle pioneer who

Earth sets out to demonstrate how small life-

uses pre-consumer waste sourced from New

style changes can have a massive impact on the

York City’s garment industry, as well as other

future of our planet. It is located at 718 Broadway

hard-to-recycle materials, to create his line of

with tickets available at ​​

genderless clothing and accessories. His story and brand went viral in 2017 with more than 35


million views worldwide on NOW THIS, INSIDER,

Two Models and Social Activists came together

MASHABLE, and BUZZFEED. Daniel continues to

with a shared dream – starting a modeling agen-

inspire change and make headlines by growing

cy that will disrupt the way we think about and

the mission of ending waste culture and rede-

see the industry. In today’s landscape of social

fining sustainable fashion. In 2019, his projects

media and influencer marketing, models are no

were featured on CNN, BUZZFEED NEWS, PAPER

longer just a face on an ad, they’re also part of

MAGAZINE, and most recently THE NEW YORK

the voice of the brand. Role modelsTM helps to


create transparency on all media and social platforms and works with brands and clients that are


making an effort to drive positive change within

Arcadia Earth​is a large scale multi-sensorial

the industry. Role ModelsTM loves brands that

journey through underwater worlds, fantasy

are ethical, conscious, socially & environmentally

lands, and inspirational art installations made

responsible, creating solutions to social & envi-

from upcycled plastics and products that are

ronmental challenges, and uphold cruelty-free

found in landfills and oceans. The 2-floor 15-

business standards.

room immersive experience is powered by



there are times you can manage your confusion.

you even find it charming.

there are times you want to run. or swim.


you want to try how sharp the teeth of a shark are.

you are very curious. or just

you are waiting. you don’t know what exactly. but something will happen. you crave miracles even if you don’t believe in them. you lie down only to be able to get up again.

to touch something foreign. the things you know already wearied you.

----you are waiting. and waiting. what you don’t know exactly. you let yourself to feel everything.

you train him. you wonder if anybody ever caressed you like you let the wind do it. you run without purpose until you fall down.

you transform. you want to become everything. the wind becomes your rival. now it bothers you. you continue to run with your eyes closed.

[ mys e l f ; ]

you forget your body. it has a burden you don’t need.

JES OFJAP @__cvrd

[ mys e l f ; ]

your body feels the same. you know its form very well. all the parts are yours. you have your favorite. the one that makes you attractive.

recognazible. the rest is just there. sometimes you use them in unusual ways to see what happens. occasionally you match them with someone else’s parts. intimacy seems rather unfamiliar. you want to transform into something new.

genderless. indefinite. unexplored. something to make others wonder. baffle. to even make them feel part of your

confu sion.

you feel social today. You wear your newest underwear and you want to interact. too much solitude is harmful(they say). your social skills

are fading, but you want to try. you avoid to ask generic questions, because you know that doesn’t show character. you don’t want to sound boring and banal. your social persona has to be appealing, soft, relatable.

you avoid strange, unpredictable questions too. you don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable or at least you want to be liked. you hide your peculiar self quite well. you choose to talk about cool things like neuroscience and vulnerability. you fail. acting neurotic ruins attraction and respect. you get an unpleasant smile instead. that is certainly not the interaction you wished for.

you go to the bathroom. you rather be alone for a bit. only yourself can give you the satisfaction you long for. you stay in your underwear.

[ mys e l f ; ]

it fits you and you like it a lot. you put your hand inside it. you let your fingers form new possibilities. you explode. with your remaining energy you open the door to go back.

you are alone again.

[ mys e l f ; ]

you want to come closer with someone.

today you woke up with different energy. you feel slightly full and relatively prepared. yesterday’s interaction with

it doesn’t matter with who. the darkness makes it easier. you reveal less. but you expect more. suddenly you forget your flaws and you undress completely.

even if you didn’t yield to emotionally. the new plant you bought and stands on bricks in your room helped for sure anyway. it’s leaves remind you the outer space and that makes you happy for no particular reason. why not. you don’t

you hope the pleasure will be unexcelled.

need to explain everything. The unexplained

only because you made an effort. you feel content for a moment. light. or even drained.

phenomena are the ones that keep you alive- your interest at least. you gain

you feel the lust occasionally. like the animals.

random encounters expend your energy.

you know that. but you also have desires. mostly unfulfilled.


redheaded creature might have helped.

your power from the special feeling caused by each day. (although you keep drinking the same pure biological coffee.) today you wanna feel something different, to connect with the world, to find a purpose, to stop being afraid or even to go to the outer space. you daydream incessantlyit’s something you know how to do well.

JES OFJAP @__cvrd










”Together We Stand” interprets the stages and intricacies of a relationship. It deals with the very beautiful and optimistic, shiny and dream-like beginning, followed by a crisis moment which can make one feel that they’ve been ‘’hit by a train’’, and ending full-circle with a balanced, peaceful, personalised stage which comes as a result of work invested by both partners in saving the relationship.”




We are never ready for what will happen in the long road of a marriage or committed relationship, but if we manage to survive through the crises and challenges, we can reach a point where we build our own normality and balance. The result is a “we” way more beautiful, special and personal yet imperfect ( stage 3) than the “we” imposed by society (described in the first stage). To build this collection, I have used 6 classic gold engagement rings to portray in a very blunt, straight-forward way these stages.

For the second stage, the wedding rings were flattened after being laid on a railroad and ran over by a moving train. The symbolism behind this act suggests the strength of the very possible emotional shock that occurred


within a crisis in a relationship.

Albina Bun



Summer 2019, I visited Mount Montserrat in Spain where I saw the famous Black Madonna. This sculpture has made a big impression on me. Having returned home to Moscow, I wanted to transfer my feelings from the impression of Black Madonna on canvas then I started to paint Madonna and Child in my style. This painting translates life, the secret of birth, and motherhood.


Albina Bunina



Pea is about the fragility of man and plants, about mysticism, about how beautiful, fleeting and vulnerable human life is.

MARASCAUD @arascaud.marascaud

| Between lines |

| If you climb up, you will see beyond the horizon |


Pitch Shifting Group | interdisciplinary live art project Visual programming, while musical interactivity, has been crucial to Pitch Shift latest practice. Leaded by a Berlin based saxophonist and composer Grgur Savic, group explores a different types of today’s technology together with live electro-acoustic instruments to deliver high quality musivisual language. Shifting from harmony to other dimensions of music where more emphasis is generally placed on mood, texture, performative gesture: timbre, melodic intervals, rhythm and the spontaneous interaction between musicians. Group has been influenced by other areas of exploration, aspects of modern classical music (extended techniques), noise (aggressive confrontation and dissonance), IDM (computer manipulation and digital synthesis), minimalism and electroacoustic music.

“Pitch Shifting Group� is mainly concentrated on developing a highly individualised musical vocabulary closely connected with live visual performance which is then played without restrictions. Although this group started performing pure electro-acoustic improvised sets, new journey begins with a new member, visual artist Sanja Star. Group sets itself into the new dimension creating improvised audio-visual set. Sanja creates digital and motion collages, using digital and traditional techniques, which can be controlled and navigated using live Max Jitter - Visual programming language. A VPL allows programming with visual expressions and spatial arrangements of collages and animations. Through coding, Sanja is creating a set of visual semiotic system that is the synchronous union of music and image. Add to this the divine music of the groups manual sound design and you have a seductive, dynamic visual world to get lost in.




Model: @ fotomenipu





BONZER @hope.decor.wall.artv




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