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Business Voice Monona Chamber of Commerce


Volume 23/Issue 4

Presidents Message

2013 Board of Directors: My fellow chamber members,

Executive Committee: As I sit with a cup of hot tea and write this letter on a cold and blustery December day, I need to take a moment and reflect on all

President: John Klinzing

the positive things that have taken place in our beautiful city. We

Vice President: Kim Schuttemeier

have so much to be thankful for as Monona is a great place to work and live!

Secretary: Ryan Eley One of the major projects has been the re-construction of our Monona Drive corridor. As you all know, this has been a much needed project with a lot of planning, patience and persistence by all those affected. With the construction project coming to a close in the spring of 2014, we can be very proud to have this new street which will bring new and repeat business to the community. As you make your way along the DRIVE, you will notice many newly re-faced businesses and many newly constructed ones. Our City of Monona has worked very hard to help the local businesses to add new façade’s to their businesses and to encourage new construction where once old buildings stood. We will be having many “new” open houses and ribbon cuttings taking place, so stay tuned to the Monday Message email the chamber office sends out and mark your calendar to attend one or several of these events and open houses.

Treasurer: Sue Ericson Board Members: Karen Bosold April Carlisle John Hecht Eric Hewitt Paul Hoffmann Dale Miller Norb Rebholz Pam Rich Kelly Slack Kellie Unke Ex-Officio Members: Mayor, Bob Miller Superintendent, Dan Olson Executive Director: Terri Groves, IOM

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Please Help Us Welcome these 2013 New Members: Badger Bowl – 506 E. Badger Road, Madison, WI 53713

Moving Forward 


Dane Buy Local – 300 Enterprise Lane, Madison, WI 53719


Congratulations to Fairway Glen Apartments and Hoey Apothecary on your recent Ribbon Cutting events. The Monona Chamber of Commerce is proud to welcome new businesses into the area. If you have a new business neighbor please let them know we have a professional Ribbon Cutting Scissors and Ribbons waiting to welcome them.

... Creative Marketing Inc. – P.O. Box 7456, Madison, WI 53707


Day’s Inn & Suites – 4402 E. Broadway, Madison, WI 53716

Congratulations to A La Crate on their growth and expansion to a new building in the Monona Industrial Park. ... Chamber Mission Statement:


Reinvention LLC – 424 W. Mifflin Street #413, Madison, WI 53703 608-225-8219

The Monona Chamber of Commerce shall serve as the unifying force which supports the interests of commerce and the Monona community.

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Highlighting Member Success Congratulations to WPS Community Bank on their Five-Star Rating! WPS Bank celebrated their fourth anniversary this fall and also earned their second consecutive five-star “superior” rating from Bauer Financial, Inc., an independent bankrating firm. The five-star award reflects WPS Community Bank’s strong overall financial performance compared to other banks nationally. “This rating puts a stamp of approval on our commitment to prudent underwriting and operations, which translates into superior safety and security for our customers and the community.” said John Hecht, president and CEO of WPS Community Bank. Be aware of utility payment scams.

give instructions to pay with a prepaid debit card or with a threaten immediate

Some businesses may be


hesitant to call the police. As

Other utility companies in Wisconsin have experienced similar scams. MGE suggests: 

targets. The scammer contacts a business owner and poses as

claiming past-due accounts and/or upgrades or repairs to utility meters. The scammers

an option, contact Kristy Nieto (800-422-7128) at Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and

small businesses have been

They attempt to collect money

File a complaint with your local police department.

wire transfer, and often

Local businesses continue to encounter scams involving their Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) bill. Both large and

a representative from MGE.

Do not provide your Social Security, credit card or bank account information to anyone who requests the information during an unsolicited phone call. Call our customer service number, 608-252-7222, if someone calls, claims they represent MGE and demands immediate payment or personal information. Never allow anyone into your business for an unannounced visit to check your electrical wiring, cable or phone lines, natural gas pipes or your appliances unless you have a scheduled appointment or are aware of a confirmed problem. Ask for identification. Share this information with employees and business associates.

Consumer Protection (DATCP) to file a complaint.

Share your success stories with your fellow members! Summit the information via email to Your success impacts the entire business community.

Welcome New 2014 Board Members: Tim Casper, Murphy Desmond S.C. Cari Fuss, Fairway Glen Apartments Jim Kondrasuk, Raymond James Financial Jeff Olson, Monona State Bank

Thank you outgoing Board Members: Adele Bambrough, A New Leaf Floral

Welcome to

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December March 2012 2013

Real Estate & A. . . Threat To Your House Avoid ThisQCommon

Q. I’m wasting money on rent and want to buy a home. How can I Moisture from accumulated water or vapor can be a big threat, sometimes without get a down payment? yourhelp even with knowing. If not addressed quickly, there is potential for major damage to your home. If left alone, moisture can even threaten your health if it starts to A. There are ways to get down payment, including the following: create mold and mildew. Protect your house, and yourself, by checking these common trouble spots: • Look into local or federal government programs. They expire or change fre➣ Leaky pipes are common in® kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Somequently, so ask your REALTOR about any programs that may apply to your area times the leak is seeping, rather than an obvious drip. The first sign may be a and situation. mildew smell or a discoloration of the walls. To seal up leaks: tighten loose pipes, replace cracked piping, and use waterproof help you buy their • Have the seller finance you. Some sellers may be willing ➣homes Poor ventilationcalled in cooking or take-back.” showering areas can create moisture on ceilin something a “seller ings. Fans should be used during and at least five minutes after showering or • Use cooking. a financial gift from a friend or realtive. Tax law allows gift of up to $14,000 ➣a year Attic moisture can occur where the roof meets vents, chimneys, skyto be given without tax consequences to the giverany or recipient (see IRS publilights or some other the roof shingles become the cation 950). You can get aopening. gift fromWhen each parent or two friends withoutsaturated, them having water seeps into thebrings This space between your roof and ceiling can be to pay a gift-tax, which up $28,000. a habitat for mold growth if water is present. Have a qualified contractor inspect your roof to identify areas needing repair.

Would You Like To Know How Much Your Neighbor’s Home Real Estate Corner. . . Listed Or Sold For?

Maybe you’re just curious. Or maybe you want to know how much your home is Q. I am thinking selling home later this year.or What can I do tome fix at it worth. Either way, Iof can help. .my . with no “sales pitches” run-arounds. Call up and net more from the sale? 222-2420 or simply email me: and I’ll give you all the facts.

A. Remember when you put your home up for sale it becomes a product on disHeartridAttack Symptoms For Women. . play. Getting of clutter makes it easier for potential buyers to walk. through the property and see themselves living there. You may also need to tackle a few Common heart attack symptoms for both men and women are chest pain, shortness of home improvement projects to get a good price for your property. breath, dizziness, and cold sweats. But studies show women are more likely to experience these additional symptoms: Start with the walls. Freshly painted walls in a neutral color invite a potential tothe imagine the home with their things in it. Youblades. The want enough wall deco-to • buyer Pain in arm, back, neck, abdomen, or shoulder pain radiates ration to make your home attractive, but it is easy to overdo it. When removing many places, feeling like a tightness or ache. wall décor to paint leave most of it packed away. • Jaw or throat pain. It may feel like someone’s choking you. Freshen up the kitchen. Kitchens often sell a home. You will want to make it isand bright, clean and reasonably Consider the hard• sure Nausea vomiting. Women are moreupdated. likely to think they replacing have a stomach flu. ware or adding a new backsplash between the countertops and hanging cabiIf you have to replace appliances, stainless steel is an option thatofoffers • nets. Unusual fatigue. Beyond feeling tired, this is an overwhelming feeling fatigue clean lines and is easy to keep clean. and exhaustion. If Enhance you have chest pain or any ofwith theseneat, othertrim symptoms of a heart Your attackhome that last longer than the curb appeal landscaping. will likely five minutes, call 911 and ask for an ambulance. You’re more likely to get faster treatment be viewed on the internet before a buyer visits the property. A clean exterior at makes a hospital if you arrive photos by ambulance thanyour by private better looking and helps homecar. look more valuable.

Avoid These 4 Annoying Fees

Thanks For Thinking of Me! Did you know I can help you or any of your friends or family save time and money when buying or selling a home? Thanks for keeping me in mind with your referrals. . . and spreading the word about my services.

Are you tired of paying fees on practically everything? Here are 4 fees you might have paid and what you can do to avoid them next time. Out-of-network ATM fee. The average fee is $4, including the fee from the owner of the ATM and from your bank. Avoid it: Find ATMs in you network by checking with your bank’s website. Or switch to a bank that belongs to the ATM surcharge-free Allpoint network. Learn more at:


Cell phone texting fee. Most big carriers charge 20 cents per text sent or received (OK if you us it infrequently). Avoid it: Buy a fixed or unlimited text plan for $10 to $20 a month. If you use texting as your primary means of communication, you and your friends can download a free app such as WeChat, WhatsApp Messenger or TextFree (all iPhone and Android). These apps work over your phone’s existing data plan or any Wi-Fi connection to send text messages for free.

Patience is the companion of wisdom. -St. Augustine Everything is funny as long as it happens to somebody else. - Will Rogers

Hotel Wi-Fi fee. Many luxury hotels and resorts charge $10 to $20 for in-room WiFi. Avoid it: Many hotel chains now offer free Wi-Fi, such as Holiday Inn and Best Western. But you can also join a hotel’s loyalty program to get free Wi-Fi.

Carelessness about our security is dangerous; carelessness about our freedom is also dangerous. - Adalai Stevenson

New car dealer fee. Some dealers charge vehicle or dealer-prep fees, advertising fees, and administrative fee. Avoid it: If the fees are listed on the factory “invoice sheet,” pay them since they come directly from the manufacturer. If they aren’t listed, negotiate to have them removed or buy the car from another dealer.

Brain Teaser Answer: Trust

“Is My Donation Used Well?” At this time of year you may be approached by charities to make an “end of year” contribution. Here’s what toWelcome look for to evaluate to charities, along with a few creative ways to make your contribution go futher:

Words from Wilma

Spend time on these websites:,, Search for a charity and look at complaints, review, and ratings (5-star, etc.). Newsletter Check forTips IRS 501(c) 3 status, which makes your contribution tax deductible “Insider for Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Living. . . “ and holds the charity to a non-profit standard.

Wilma Noot Paul The Stark Co. Realtors


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soon? My exclusive consumer report will help you with the house logic, benefits, and loan tions. Call me at 222-2420 for your free copy.

Travel Planning Helpers

March 2012

Look at the overhead ratio (the percentage ofThreat expenses that to administrative Avoid This Common Togoes Your House and fundraising costs) to see if it raises any “red flags.” The majority of charities Moisture from accumulated water10orpercent vapor can be aonbig threat, sometimes evaluated by Charity Navigator spend or less fundraising fees and without 15 your knowing. If not costs. addressed quickly, there is potential for major damage percent or even less on administrative to your home. If left alone, moisture can even threaten your health if it starts to Check the charity’s heatlh by visiting website andby looking at its an-comcreate mold andfinancial mildew. Protect your house,itsand yourself, checking these nual mon report. For the charity’s results, look for its Charting Impact report at www. trouble spots: The givesinthe charity’sbathrooms answers toand fiveutility basic rooms. questions, ➣ Leaky pipes arereport common kitchens, Somesuch as “What have you accomplished far?” drip. The first sign may be a times theand leakhaven’t is seeping, rather than ansoobvious mildew smell or a discoloration of the walls. To seal up leaks: tighten loose Beware of pipes, charities that cracked won’t share information. These might be scams (usually replace piping, and use waterproof caulk. by phone email). ➣ orPoor ventilation in cooking or showering areas can create moisture on ceilings. Fans should be used during and at least five minutes after showering or

April Carlisle, Farmers Insurance Agency Ryan Eley, Livesey Co. Paul Hoffmann, Monona State Bank

Building Your Business Good Morning Monona

Have you been to one of our new networking opportunities? Good Morning Monona is another opportunity for you to connect with fellow business leaders in the community. Join us for a fast paced networking and educational event at Madison Turner's.

The second presentation features timely information on issues facing small business.

Business Seminar (April 2, 2014) and Fall Business Seminar (October 1, 2014) as additions to the calendar.

We guarantee you will walk out of this meeting with at least one new business contact.

Good Morning Monona events are held at Madison Turner Hall and the Business Seminars are held at the East Side Club.

Attendance is complimentary. Guests are welcome! A continental breakfast, juice and coffee will be provided. All the meetings are from 7:30 to 9 am to get you off to work energized! Upcoming Good Morning Monona event dates:

Each month’s event is sponsored by a Chamber member and they have an opportunity to share information about their business products or services.

February 5, 2014; June 4, 2014; August 6, 2014; and December 3, 2014. These events are scheduled the first Wednesday every other month with the Spring

Annual Sponsors:

Monthly Sponsor:

We are looking forward to presentations from The Monona Public Library, celebrating 50 years, and Blue Mark Digital with tips on using social media to boost your business at the February meeting. We would love to hear your ideas for future presentations! Good Morning Monona annual and monthly sponsorships are currently available. Your logo could be here in 2014. Call for details.

Bowling Event and Auction March 1, 2014

Shifts: 3 pm and 7 pm Village Lanes • 208 Owen Road

Award for top individual bowler on each shift Eight Pin Tap Bowling – Fun for all Skill Levels Corporate Sponsor $1,000 Includes: • Reserved team of 4 • 8 Raffle tickets • 8 Drink tickets • Logo on all promotions • All team perks Team of Four $100 Includes: • Reserved team of 4 • 4 Raffle tickets • 4 Entries to cash drawing* ($200 at 3 pm and $500 at 7 pm) • All individual perks Bowler $20 Includes all Team Perks: • 3 Games Bowling • Shoes • Hors d’oeuvres • Raffles • Novelty gift

Wear your neon – 3rd game is “glow” bowl I would like to reserve: Quantity __________Corporate Sponsor at $1,000 Quantity __________Team of Four at $100 for a total of _________________ Quantity __________Individual bowler at $20 each for a total of _______________ q 3 pm ($200 Cash Drawing) or

q 7 pm shift preference ($500 Cash Drawing)

*Team entries only eligible for cash drawings.

TOTAL DUE ______________

Name:_____________________________________________________________ Reserve Team As: ___________________________________________________ (Example: Last Name or Company Name)

Address: ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Phone Number:______________________________________________________ Email Address: ______________________________________________________ PAYMENT INFORMATION: q Please invoice me. q I have Paid in Full today with Check # __________________ q I would like to pay by q Visa or q Mastercard _____________________________________________________________________ Name on Card

Expiration Date

__________________________________________________________________ Card Number Completed form may be emailed to: Terri Groves - Email:

Bowling Event

and Auction March 1, 2014

Recognition Information All donations in the amount of $250 or more are eligible for a FREE ad at the event on the lane televisions. q No, I will not be submitting an ad. q Yes, I will be submitting a camera ready ad via:

Shifts: 3 pm and 7 pm Village Lanes • 208 Owen Road Item Donation Information Item Name: ________________________________________________ Quantity: ___________ Item or Package Description: ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Item will be: q Delivered to Chamber


q Please pick up item

Date item will be ready for pick-up: __________________________ Approx. Retail Value: $ ______________________

q an e-mailed file (.jpg, .eps or .pdf) q a mailed paper “hard-copy”

List Item as Donated By: (Name or Company Name) _______________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number:__________________________________________________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________________________ Completed form may be faxed to: Terri Groves (608) 222-8596 Completed form may be emailed to: Terri Groves - Email:

COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS: HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE The annual holiday food drive provides non-perishable food to the St. Stephen’s and Bread of Life food pantries and gift cards designed to allow the purchase of holiday food baskets.

businesses thru out this Holiday Season. As you read this newsletter, we will have completed our second Build Monona event. In partnership with the City of Monona, we invite developers, builders, bankers and all business people to come and hear about investing or re-

Thank you to everyone who has contributed! We presented the St. Stephen’s Food pantry with 100 cards at Thanksgiving, the Bread of Life pantry 25 cards at Thanksgiving and the Monona Grove Giving Tree Program 35 cards for Christmas. Contributions are very low this year and we need your help to continue this much needed and appreciated program. $26 feeds a family with a home cooked meal. Details are in the attached flier and donations can be made at any time. 100% goes directly to those in need.

Monona Moola Program

investing in Monona. Lots of great opportunities abound. Also, don’t forget to attend one of our many business to business networking and/or social gatherings this year and throughout 2014. From our very successful “Good Morning Monona”, our fun Business After Fives, to our fun fundraiser, “Sting the Pins”, there should be something for all to excite. Lastly, your chamber relies on

The Monona Moola program has transitioned into a gift certificate program. With your support Monona Chamber of Commerce has helped to keep $318,500.00 in the community during Monona Drive construction. Monona Moola continues to encourage shoppers and clients to do business locally. Monona Moola is the perfect gift for employees, teachers, friends and family who love to shop, dine and play in Monona. It is available in $5, $10, $25 and $100 denominations to fit your entire gift giving needs.

available committees’ that can

Monona Moola is a benefit of membership valid for deposit with any and all Chamber members who choose to participate.

I would also like to thank all

use your many talents, idea’s

of our corporate and

Thank you for participating!

and enthusiasm. Don’t wait to

individual sponsors whom

be asked, please call Terri

made the Monona Moola

Groves at the chamber office

program a great success.

to see how you can get started

Hopefully, this program


YOU, the business member, or your employee’s to get


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involved. We have many

helped our local business thru this difficult time of construction. Remember to slow down, and take time to visit all our hometown

Sincerely, John Klinzing Monona Chamber President

Newsletter 1213 final  

Monona Chamber's Business Voice Dec 13

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