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m e s s a g e from the President

for 25 years, we have shared stories

of our clients’ journeys to recovery. You’ve read about executives returning to their careers, mothers and fathers returning to their families, and college students returning to earn their degrees. This year, we also celebrate our own journey – the growth of Skyland Trail from a start-up nonprofit to a nationally recognized psychiatric treatment organization. I am proud, awed and grateful to the many people who have made this journey possible, as, together, we celebrate 25 years of changing lives, changing families and changing futures. Looking back has been fun. It seems like just yesterday that we conducted our board meetings around the kitchen table at our original residential facility – and not so long ago that we harvested vegetables from our first garden…mostly collard greens as I recall. Each year since our humble beginnings, the depth, breadth and reach of our services have grown, and we continued that trend in 2014. This has been a year of incredible forward momentum as we have taken bold steps toward an important strategic expansion of our campus and programs. We are excited to share those plans with you and hope you will join us on the road ahead as these dreams become reality.

Over the next 25 years, we will support thousands more journeys to recovery. Each will be unique. And each will require a commitment to change. That commitment can be a challenge for our clients, who often confront stigma and other barriers to effective treatment. That’s where you come in. Your continued involvement is vital in eliminating stigma and supporting those reaching for recovery. Thank you for your commitment to making these journeys possible – those of our clients as well as Skyland Trail’s ongoing journey of strategic growth and continued innovation. I look forward to the future as, together, we find and leverage new opportunities to inspire adults with mental illness to thrive.

This year, we celebrate our own journey – the growth of Skyland Trail from a start-up nonprofit to a nationally recognized psychiatric treatment organization.

Sincerely yours,

Elizabeth E. Finnerty, MBA, MHA President & CEO Since joining Skyland Trail as executive director in 1989, Finnerty has helped transform a start-up nonprofit into a nationally recognized model for effective psychiatric treatment and social integration.


1989-2014 2

25 Years of Change 2 A journey through Skyland Trail history, 1989–2014


Looking Forward 6 Changing Minds: The Campaign for Skyland Trail

Each of our clients has a unique journey. This publication tells their stories and ours in aiding them along their way.

Skyland Trail at 25: What people are saying 9 Noteworthy 10 New services and team members Changing Lives, Families, and Futures 11 How and why we do what we do 25 Years of Leadership 24 Individuals inspiring innovation & recovery Outreach & Education 26 Expanding national education; Annual Dorothy C. Fuqua Lecture, and more Community Support 28 Bridging gaps to make recovery possible


Events Review 30 Benefits of Laughter Associates Spring Luncheon & Fashion Show Southern Shindig



24 Skyland Trail is a nonprofit adult mental health treatment organization in Atlanta. For 25 years, we have been inspiring people with mental illness to thrive through a holistic program of evidence-based psychiatric treatment, integrated medical care, research and education.

First Arts in the Garden community event is held

1996 Skyland Trail earns first Joint Commission accreditation


First capital campaign is announced: “Securing the Promise�


Skyland Trail becomes training site for social work and nursing student interns from area schools


First Benefits of Laughter event

Groundbreaking on Health and Education Center

Skyland Trail opens


Program includes group therapy, social and independent living skills training and vocational readiness

1990 Programs expand to include horticultural therapy, nutritional counseling and job coaching

Monthly family education series launches in partnership with Emory University


Advisory Board established



Aftercare and case management programs start to support transition to independent living

Supported employment program is added to vocational services


Board adopts first long-range strategic plan to expand services and facilities


Health and Education Center opens, capacity grows


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is offered

Journeys Magazine 2014

New Young Adult Treatment Track focuses on accelerating early engagement in therapy

Phase I of campus expansion goal met – $8.3 million

2002 Board adopts second strategic long-range plan

Skyland Trail Associates auxiliary group is established

Skyland Trail receives recognition: Rosalynn Carter/ Johnson & Johnson Caregiver Award and the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Managing for Excellence Award

On-site primary care clinic opens


Capital campaign is announced: “Campus and Program Expansion Initiative”




Skyland Trail South Residential facility opens

Professional Advisory Board is formed to forge stronger ties with Atlanta mental health professionals

Skyland Trail receives the American Psychiatric Association Gold Achievement Award for excellence and innovation in service delivery

Pastoral Counseling program is added to treatment services First financial aid scholarships are awarded to clients

Life Enrichment Adult Program (LEAP) begins

Weekly Family Support, Training and Education Program (STEP) is started

Cypress Society planned giving program welcomes first members


National Advisory Board is instituted to engage national leaders in psychiatry



First Southern Shindig fundraising event engages young professionals Full-time medical director joins staff

New recovery model implemented: psychiatric care moved in-house and evidence-based integrated care organized around recovery communities


Skyland Trail receives the 11Alive Community Service Award

Engagement Incentive Program is instituted as part of Financial Aid Program

Skyland Trail is selected by NIMH for a national study on treatment outcomes

Dorothy C. Fuqua Lecture Series at Skyland Trail is launched

First resident from Emory Medical School is welcomed and residency rotation program begins

The dialectical behavior therapy team receives certification

Renovations at Skyland Trail North are completed

50% young adult

2008 Associate medical director and full-time primary care nurse practitioner join the clinical team

Community Education Series is launched offering continuing education for mental health professionals

First Skyland Trail Associates Luncheon fundraising event is held

2009 Interior renovations and Legacy Garden are completed at Skyland Trail South


Dorothy C. Fuqua Center is dedicated, consolidating administrative space and expanding clinical and vocational services space

2010 Skyland Trail is recognized by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits with the Revolutions Award

Clinical Team receives the “Heroes in the Fight” award from Mental Health America of Georgia

Campaign complete: Phase II of campus expansion goal met – $3.2 million


Young adult clients reach 50 percent of admissions

Mark West retires as board chair after 25 years of service; John Gordon is elected new board chair

Full–time psychologist joins staff, increasing capacity for family therapy and psychological testing

Journeys Magazine 2014

“For 25 years, Skyland Trail has demonstrated an effective model of integrated care that helps adults learn to live successfully with a mental illness. At a time when our country is re-evaluating how we can best support individuals with mental illness, Skyland Trail provides an excellent example of what can be achieved through evidence-based, comprehensive treatment.” – Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, president, American Psychiatric Association, 2013–2014

National education coordinator joins team to coordinate programs for mental health professionals

Changing Minds capital campaign is launched to expand young adult and primary care services



Celebrating 25 Years of Change

Throughout 2014, we have recognized and honored the many people and groups who have contributed to the growth and success of Skyland Trail. January 15

Staff and client kick-off celebration

March 21

Associates Spring Luncheon honored charter Associates members

May 1

Comprehensive psychiatric assessment services expand

Leadership Dinner: members of the Board of Directors, Advisory Board and the Board Emeritus gathered to reflect on 25 years May 2

A certified peer specialist joins the treatment team

Alumni Program helps graduates stay connected

Analysis of long-term outcomes of clients is successfully piloted


Skyland Trail North raises staffing level to include 24-hour nursing

Arts in the Garden: a tree planting honored former and current staff members

May 5

Skyland Trail received a Special Presidential Commendation at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association for 25 years of innovative and effective treatment May 15

Dorothy C. Fuqua Lecture: a special reception honored Professional Advisory Board founder Dr. Farrell Braziel, past chairs, and past and current members July 24

Founder’s Day: Skyland Trail’s main campus is renamed the Charles B. West Campus in honor of founder, Charles B. West

And the celebration continues at Benefits of Laughter on October 23, 2014. 5

3 2


The word to describe this project would be “movement.” There is movement to and from the main campus. Once inside, movement from a place of rest to a place of interaction. It is also about movement from where you are now, toward a better future – your own personal progression. – Clayton Daspit, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate, Collins Cooper Carusi Architects, Inc. 6

Journeys Magazine 2014

Looking forward,

we are embarking on an exciting period of strategic expansion. Changing Minds – an $18 million capital campaign launched in 2014 – will help us grow and innovate to meet the needs of adults and families reaching for recovery. The Changing Minds campaign will support the development of: • A specialized campus and programming for young adults ages 18 to 26 • An expanded primary care clinic to serve the larger community • Renovations to existing facilities for increased efficiencies

Changing Minds: The Campaign for Skyland Trail Campaign Summary

Young Adult Targeted Program & Campus

1 Young Adult Campus

2 Expanding Primary Care

We have purchased a 3.5 acre parcel adjacent to the existing main campus to serve as the home of a new Young Adult Campus. A 24,000 square foot facility will include a 32-bed residential wing; community, recreation and dining areas; gardens; and treatment spaces. The campus is designed to leverage young adult interests and learning styles – facilitating the use of technology in treatment, fostering healthy social interactions, inviting family involvement, and promoting wellness through sports and recreation. The campus will increase our young adult capacity by 230 clients annually.

Expanding access to our unique model of integrated mental and primary healthcare beyond our client base will fill a critical need. We are transforming existing space in the Dorothy C. Fuqua Center into an outpatient services facility, expanding our primary care clinic and opening our doors to adults with a diagnosed mental illness in the community. We also are relocating our psychiatric assessment, admissions, and family therapy programs to create a one-stop-shop for outpatient services and new admissions.

3 Increasing our capacity Vacated space in the Health and Education Center will be retooled into classrooms, therapy spaces and resource centers to increase our capacity to serve more clients and offer additional specialized groups and services.


Land & Site Development $5,211,000 Construction* $9,010,000 Endowment** $1,500,000 Program Start-Up $267,000 Thrive Wellness Clinic


Construction* $1,037,000 Endowment** $200,000 Program Start-Up $325,000 Existing Facility Renovation $450,000 Total*** $18,000,000 *Includes A&E, FFE, and contingency **20% of construction, FFE and landscape ***Includes campaign expenses


Three Questions for

Campaign Co-Chairs Richard Parker & Brooke Weinmann Why now? Why is this plan important today? Richard: Young adults have accounted for more than half of all admissions each year since 2012. A specialized facility and programing just make sense. Secondly, five years ago, Skyland Trail tested integrated primary care, and the model has proven invaluable to clients in services. By expanding this program both in terms of physical space and reach to adults living in the community with a mental illness, I believe we will contribute to healthier lifestyles and greater longevity. Brooke: Many factors are aligning to make this the right time for Skyland Trail and the community. For 25 years, as the field of psychiatry has been honing in on effective evidence-based treatments, Skyland Trail has been applying that research through a holistic, integrated treatment model and measuring the results. As the stigma of mental illness is beginning to recede, a dialogue is taking place about the responsibility that communities have to increase access to effective treatment. At the same time, charitable foundations and individuals are becoming more educated about mental health and engaged in community solutions to the problems individuals and families face.

What is needed to meet the goal and make Changing Minds a brick and mortar reality?

What kind of response have you received from the philanthropic community? Richard: Wow!

The response has been tremendously positive. The foundation community has recognized the importance of timely targeted treatment of this age group and endorsed Skyland Trail as uniquely suited to deliver effective treatment. More than one donor has said that “we need to get this done now!”

Brooke :

The response has been amazing. Pretty much everyone “gets it,” either because they have family members or friends who struggle with mental illness and/or they recognize the importance of having an outstanding, best-in-class institution like Skyland Trail in Atlanta. There is also always an acknowledgement of the superb leadership at Skyland Trail and an understanding that their investment will be used well and will make a difference.

Campaign Co-Chairs

Richard C. Parker Brooke T. Weinmann

Campaign Committee Members

Vivan N. DuBose J. Rex Fuqua Carol G. Gellerstedt John C. Gordon Danica L. Griffith Dana Halberg


Richard : Changing Minds speaks not only to the ability of treatment to affect positive outcomes for our clients but also to shifting the community’s perception of mental illness. The campaign is an opportunity for foundations and individuals to hold up a new lens through which to view this important issue – to show mental illness as a treatable disease, not an affliction – as something that can affect all of us, not just a few. We need others to show their support for individuals reaching for recovery and the nationally recognized work being done by Skyland Trail to help them. Brooke : Unlike churches, schools

and even museums, psychiatric treatment organizations like Skyland Trail do not have the broad, deep, multi-generational constituencies that other institutions can boast. We need everyone to understand what a resource Skyland Trail is, on so many levels – research, best practices, leadership, treatment, hope – and how important it is for the Atlanta community to support it.

Thomas D. Hills William E. Huger III Hugh M. “Don” Inman, Jr. Clay Jackson Melissa Lowe Jay Mitchell Jackie Montag Michelle Sullivan Mark Tipton Michael Tompkins Beth Finnerty, ex officio

On behalf of the State of Georgia, I congratulate you on 25 years working in service of those affected by mental illness. Your dedication to your patients has earned you well-deserved, national recognition, and I commend the important role you play in advancing psychiatric treatment in Georgia. Governor Nathan Deal

Skyland Trail has been a beacon on a hill. Farrell Braziel, MD

Your work in the field is inspiring and exciting to witness, and programs like Skyland Trail’s are vital in the important work of reducing the stigma of mental illnesses and offering beneficial therapeutic options. Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter

What people are saying about Skyland trail at 25 years old

You have provided critical treatment for thousands, but equally importantly, you have helped to begin to erase the stigma of mental illness. Through your lectures, and those who have felt empowered to speak out on their experience, our community is stronger. Thank you for all you do and onward to the next 25 years! Alicia Philipp, President, The Community Foundation For Greater Atlanta

Skyland Trail is the role model for the rest of the mental health treatment world. Evidence-based, humane and recoveryoriented, and supporting scientific inquiry, your organization sets the standard with no one else close to you. Congratulations on your long-term success. Philip D. Harvey, PhD, Leonard M. Miller Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

We see Skyland Trail as a “best-inclass” organization that has raised the bar for the treatment of mental illness throughout our nation. Bobbi Cleveland, Executive Director, Tull Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Beth is both incredibly devoted to the mission of the organization, and expertly skilled at vision casting, goal setting, team building, and community collaboration. I have seen Beth’s interaction with colleagues, patients, families, board members, supporters and others. In each, she is equally engaged and professional and shows a human love and caring that is often forgotten in day-today healthcare. Beth is truly the best at whatever she undertakes, and it is obvious when you see the incredible work she does at Skyland Trail. – Melissa Lowe, Skyland Trail Board of Directors

Skyland Trail president and CEO Beth Finnerty has dedicated 25 years to helping establish Skyland Trail as a respected healthcare institution and a thriving nonprofit organization. This year, she was recognized by the YWCA of Greater Atlanta and Womenetics Georgia for her leadership and positive impact on the Atlanta community. Congratulations, Beth!


Noteworthy New Service

Comprehensive Psychiatric Diagnostic & Assessment Service Previously only available to our residential and day treatment clients, comprehensive psychiatric assessments are now offered as a stand-alone outpatient service. Whether receiving an initial diagnosis or clarifying a previous one, assessment clients get a comprehensive, consumerfriendly report – a roadmap for effective treatment at Skyland Trail or through another mental health service provider. Assessments are individualized based on each client’s needs and goals.

All assessments include: • a detailed psychosocial assessment that includes consideration of the family system and previous treatment experiences • a complete medical history, physical exam, and comprehensive laboratory testing in our primary care clinic • a psychological assessment including cognitive function and other normed tests along with biofeedback •

a psychiatric evaluation with our chief medical officer

individualized laboratory and medical testing. Participants agree that having all the complex information collected and synthesized by the same expert team is very useful. “A correct and detailed diagnosis improves treatment success. This kind of assessment can really benefit individuals who are struggling with a mental health problem, but who are uncertain about the kind of treatment they need to get better. A comprehensive assessment can help identify the best next steps toward recovery.” – Ray Kotwicki, MD, MPH chief medical officer

Based on initial results, clients may be referred for additional testing, for example, head imaging, a sleep study, electro-encephalogram (EEG) or

New team members

Psychiatrists Join Clinical Team Two outstanding physicians join the Skyland Trail clinical team this fall: Belinda McIntosh, MD, and Stephen McDaniel, MD. Already part of the Skyland Trail community, both are current or former members of the Professional Advisory Board. In addition to seeing patients as a staff psychiatrist, Dr. McIntosh will serve as Associate Medical Director. She has been a psychiatrist at Georgia Tech and Emory University and has specialized experience with young adults, as well as patients with dual diagnoses and patients recovering from trauma. “I am thrilled to be joining the Skyland Trail team. I consider Skyland Trail to be the epitome of recovery-oriented mental health treatment. I especially look forward to contributing to the growth of the Young Adult Program.” – Belinda McIntosh, MD


Dr. McDaniel was medical director of Skyland Trail from 2002 to 2006. He brings 25 years of clinical and academic experience to the treatment team. Dr. McDaniel specializes in psychotherapy and has been critical in launching new programs at Grady Health System and Emory University. “It is a pleasure to be returning to Skyland Trail to join such a great clinical team. Skyland’s mission is an important one for our community, and I look forward to contributing to the thoughtful, innovative care provided to all clients.” – Stephen McDaniel, MD




As we celebrate 25 years of change, we celebrate the lives, families and futures that we have been able to impact, along with those who have made it possible. Read on>>>

“Being aware...adjusting my goals and expectations accordingly, helps me manage my illness and live my life in ways that feel true and right to me.” –Gloria T.


Journeys Magazine 2014



Think of everything that is your life. Where you find purpose. When you experience joy or contentment. How you cope with stress, fear and anger. Who you connect with. By focusing on mind, body and spirit, our comprehensive treatment program helps our clients start to change their lives in all the ways that matter. For many clients, the new perspectives and healthy strategies they learn at Skyland Trail can change – or even save – their lives.

Change in Action: Gloria T. Gloria T. graduated from Skyland Trail in 2013 and was instrumental in kicking off the Alumni Program. She completed training to become a certified peer specialist and is a professional writer. Biggest change as a result of Skyland Trail:

Being more aware of my needs and being a better advocate for myself. I’m also kinder to myself. Most valuable skill or coping strategy:

I continue to take DBT skills classes and keep a copy of my WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) on my phone for easy access. DBT and my WRAP help me stay mindful of my needs, as well as the resources I have within my grasp to take care of myself.

Hopes and goals for the future:

One of my biggest goals is to get my freelance writing business up and running. It will help me get back on my feet financially, and it will give me the flexibility to schedule my time in a way that’s most in line with my needs. Living with a Mental Illness:

For me, living with a mental illness is a continual journey. Some weeks, days, hours are harder than others. Being aware of what kind of day or moment I’m having, and adjusting my goals and expectations accordingly, helps me to manage my illness and live my life in ways that feel true and right for me. Gloria, shown above with fellow graduate Charlie Z at an alumni social.


how we change Lives Evidence-Based Treatment

Our evidence-based treatment model begins at admission with a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. The results of the assessment help our treatment team determine the overall therapeutic approach most likely to be effective. In addition to our core therapeutic approaches – dual diagnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, social integration and young adult – more than 125 therapeutic groups are offered each week that address everything from maintaining sobriety to processing grief to building self-esteem. Primary Care & Wellness Programs

Through the Thrive Wellness Clinic, clients receive an initial physical exam and continue to receive integrated primary and preventive care services throughout their treatment. Medical professionals with expertise in the fusion of physical and mental health help clients adopt healthy lifestyles, complete and interpret lab tests, manage chronic diseases and seek specialized care if needed. Outside of the clinic, healthy living education and counseling are essential components of each patient’s treatment plan.

Adjunctive Therapies

Our adjunctive therapies – horticulture, art, music, recreation, and social enrichment – are acclaimed as breakthroughs in engaging clients in recovery. Led by caring professionals who are experts in their fields, adjunctive group sessions help clients find new ways to express their thoughts and emotions, learn new skills, build confidence, and interact with their peers and the community. Interfaith Pastoral Counseling

The Pastoral Counseling Program is a spiritually supportive program and accepts individuals from any background of belief or non-belief. The voluntary program helps clients find what spiritual practices work best for them during their recovery. Some may benefit from familiar religious approaches like prayer or studying written texts, while others may find healing in creative writing or meditative exercises.

“In the beginning, it’s hard for our clients to accept that their change is going to be more incremental than they may have realized. Being alongside them, watching all those little steps happen, knowing that they’re working toward bigger things, is pretty inspirational.” – April Mojica, MS, LAPC, NCC, Primary Counselor

changing more lives each year: annual admissions

Record admissions continue to rise in 2013

Steady rise in admissions over the last decade








Journeys Magazine 2014

Champion of Change: Rex Fuqua Rex Fuqua has supported Skyland Trail since the beginning, joining the advisory board in 1990 and the board of directors in 2001. He became chair of the program committee in 2012 and, in 2011, helped Skyland Trail launch the Dorothy C. Fuqua Lecture Series. Beyond Skyland Trail, he has helped develop and sustain mental health programs at Emory University and The Carter Center.

Rex Fuqua pictured at left with his mother, Dorothy C. Fuqua.

What led you to get involved initially?

After working on a doctorate in clinical psychology in the 1980s, I became friends with Dr. Bernard Holland, chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Emory University and a key founding board member of the George West Mental Health Foundation. He shared his vision for Skyland Trail with me. Through my clinical internships, I had worked with individuals with severe mental illness, and I understood the need for a new kind of treatment program very quickly. Along with what I learned from Dr. Holland, I heard about this exciting new venture from the West family, who were friends of my family. I offered to serve those first efforts and have continued to do whatever I could to see Skyland Trail grow and thrive.

How does Skyland Trail change lives?

Extraordinary community support has enabled Skyland Trail to positively impact thousands of lives. Mental illness affects not only individuals but also their families and friends. Improving the lives of so many individuals improves the life of our community. What opportunities to change lives will the next 25 years bring?

Increasingly, mental disorders are being recognized as brain disorders. Over the next 25 years, I expect important advances in our understanding of the causes of mental illnesses, along with research showing what works best to treat them. Skyland Trail’s focus on the science and the art of treatment will keep it on the cutting edge of these new advances. With community support, it can continue to grow to meet the changing needs of the people we serve.


“Without my work at Skyland Trail I would not be the person I am today... the perseverance I gained allowed me to pursue my goals without dwelling on my mental illness.” –Kyle B.


Journeys Magazine 2014



From the beginning, Skyland Trail has been a national leader in helping families feeling fractured by a mental illness heal. As our clients take steps toward independent living, we help their families learn how to support their loved one’s progress in healthy and effective ways. Through open communication and family-centered programs, families discover new ways to trust, communicate, respect, lean on, and nurture one another.

Change in Action: Kyle B. & Family Kyle participated in the young adult program, graduating in 2011. He currently is working toward a degree in mechanical engineering from Mercer University. His parents, Roland and Ellen, continue to be active in STEP, the weekly family support and education program. How has your relationship with your family changed?

We are definitely much more honest and open. I do not hesitate to bring up my concerns. And my parents are much better in tune with how I am doing without having to worry as much.


What’s the biggest change you’ve been able to make in your life? KYLE: Without

my work at Skyland Trail I would not be the person I am today. Although it was challenging, the perseverance I gained has allowed me to pursue my goals without dwelling on my mental illness.

What changes did your family go through as part of Kyle’s recovery?

kyle’s dad: As Kyle’s health improved, we had to transition from “waiting for the next shoe to drop” to the expectation that every day is going to be good until proven otherwise. We came to recognize that recovery for your loved one is as unique as they are; there is no straight line from illness to wellness. And, bottom line, we all embraced an understanding that mental illness does not define a person; it is what they have, not who they are.

What advice do you have for families beginning their recovery journeys?

kyle’s dad: The best way to care for your loved one is to care for yourself – physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Create a support network for yourself – family, friends, and support groups like Skyland Trail’s STEP program – and have the courage to draw on the resources of that network.

What’s your advice for people and families in recovery?

KYLE: Remember that, no matter what, bad days will still happen. Recognizing that fact and not beating yourself up for not doing well is an important step in the healing process, as well as day-to-day life.


how we change families Family Orientation

Family Therapy

Support, Training and Education Program (STEP)

Family Advocacy and Communications

Offered monthly, family orientation provides family members of new clients practical information about what to expect during the recovery process and how they can best support the health of their loved one and themselves. Offered weekly and at no charge, STEP helps family members cope effectively with the unique challenges of caring for someone with a mental illness. Each week, a mental health professional presents an education session, and then, in a support group format, families discuss lessons learned, dilemmas they confront or feelings they experience.

Working with our family psychologist, family members can start to resolve issues that have become complicated while managing the overwhelming impact of mental illness. Families also find ways to adjust to support every family member’s health. With the client’s permission, we engage in open dialogue with family members throughout treatment. Our family advocate ensures that families have a voice in the treatment process, and we offer a comprehensive Family Guide in print and online.

“We really believe that it’s not just the client who is dealing with mental illness. Families need to recover as well.” – Carlyle Bruce, PhD, Family Psychologist

Champion of Change: Sarah Kennedy Sarah Kennedy is a strong supporter of the financial aid program, which enables families in the community to help families of those enrolled at Skyland Trail through need-based scholarships. What is the impact of the financial aid program on Skyland Trail families?

The recovery process can be a very stressful time for the entire family. The financial aid program allows families to focus on togetherness, positive energy and healing within the supportive community of Skyland Trail.


Why do you invest in Skyland Trail families through the financial aid program?

I was so impressed when first learning about the remarkable work and dedication of Skyland Trail’s professional team and volunteers and the impressive rate of success. I wanted to help. I am a passionate believer in the healing process and the hopeful future that Skyland Trail offers to clients and their families.

What role do you see for the financial aid program over the next 25 years?

In an increasingly complex and stressful world, the financial aid program will continue to play a critical role in assuring that those in need can fully participate in a support program that offers recovery and leads to lives filled with purpose.

Journeys Magazine 2014

“Recovery is a complicated and stressful endeavor, and often feels counterintuitive for family members. A family’s approach to their role in their loved one’s recovery makes a big difference. Family members have to employ a unique blend of strategies to support their loved one in recovery and to rebuild a healthy family system. The family programs at Skyland Trail provide education and support to help families be successful in those efforts.” – Chris Cline, MSW, LCSW, Vice President Clinical Services

Family involvement in treatment may cut relapse rates by as much as



“I am a passionate believer in the healing process and the hopeful future that Skyland Trail offers to clients and their families.” – Sarah Kennedy




Early intervention can prevent years of suffering and halt the long-term consequences of untreated mental illness — damaged relationships, housing and employment challenges, financial problems, cognitive decline, and physical health issues. We help our clients stop the downward spiral and begin to believe in and work toward a better future. Whatever their goals are, the staff and programs at Skyland Trail help clients take their first important steps forward.

Change in Action: West C. West C. graduated from Skyland Trail in 2014. He begins working toward a master’s degree in public administration at Georgia State University this fall. His goal is a career in emergency planning and disaster management. He currently works as a logistics manager for an online delivery-on-demand service. Biggest change as a result of Skyland Trail:

My ability to deal with life as a whole. Tomorrow is no longer a terrifying unknown; it’s now just the day after today. I wake up to face the day knowing I can handle whatever hardships it may bring and be happy with myself.

Living with a Mental Illness:

Living with mental illness felt like I was living inside a cloudy bubble, peering out as the world went by. As I learned about my illness, the bubble became clearer, and eventually translucent. I’m not really sure if the bubble is still there. Sometimes I can still feel it, and it doesn’t matter. It took a lot of work to get to this point, and I have come to realize the bubble – the label of my mental illness – no longer matters. I’ve realized all the time spent looking outside the bubble I missed the happiness that was in it – in me. Recovery from mental illness is possible. Ask for help. We don’t have to suffer in our bubbles by ourselves.

Hopes and goals for the future:

My hopes for the future revolve around continuing to grow more comfortable with myself. I want to keep living without fear and sadness ruling my life. More concretely, I look forward to finishing my master’s degree and, at some point, getting a bulldog puppy that I will name Brutus.


Tomorrow is no longer a terrifying unknown; it’s now just the day after today.

Journeys Magazine 2014

“Recovery from mental illness is possible. Ask for help. We don’t have to suffer in our bubbles by ourselves.” –West C.


how we change FUtures Young Adult Program

Our young adult treatment team has specialized expertise to help adults in their late teens and early 20s – who often are struggling with their first episode of mental illness – learn to manage their illnesses. Much like going to college, young adults identify their strengths and practice skills they need to successfully pursue their goals for a fulfilling future. Over the next three years, Skyland Trail will open a specialized campus and expanded programming for young adults.

Cognitive Remediation Therapy

Over time, individuals with untreated psychosis may experience cognitive decline. For many clients – particularly young adults – participating in computerbased cognitive remediation therapy helps reverse cognitive loss and improve insight and cognitive ability. Skyland Trail is one of eight sites to offer CRT and contribute to the national understanding of how it can best be applied to aid recovery and protect future brain power.

Vocational Services

An important part of a rewarding future is meaningful activity in the community. The Vocational Services Program helps clients pursue paid employment or volunteer positions, or continue their education. For exciting plans for the future of Young Adult services at Skyland Trail, read “Changing Minds, The Campaign for Skyland Trail” on page 6.

FUTures on the line: young adult admissions

2013 young adult admissions reach highest level to date

Young adult admissions make up 50% of Skyland Trail 2012 admits

Upward trend in last decade reflects increasing young adult need consistent with national averages


1990 1991

1992 1993


1995 1996 1997 1998

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

“Many young adults come in to our program feeling like they are not capable of doing what they set out to do before they got diagnosed. Throughout their work here, they’re able to find what their new limits are and what they’re able to reach for – if it’s school, returning to a job, even if it’s just improving day-to-day living with friends and family.” – Mary Lengel, MS, LAPC, NCC, Young Adult Primary Counselor




Journeys Magazine 2014

Champion of Change: Amy Rollins Kreisler Amy Rollins Kreisler is a member of the board of directors and financial aid committee. As chair of the O. Wayne Rollins Foundation, she was instrumental in facilitating a $3.5 million grant that helped launch the campaign for a young adult campus. How does Skyland Trail change futures?

For many clients – particularly young adults – Skyland Trail helps them realize that they have a future. Skyland Trail opens doors that once seemed closed, and introduces opportunities that clients may never have felt capable of pursuing. Clients who engage in the program learn tools that will help them throughout the rest of their lives. Why are you an advocate for mental health and Skyland Trail?

How will the planned expansion improve the capacity to change futures?

The new young adult campus and program will be a jewel in the crown that is Skyland Trail. It will make a huge impact in Atlanta and the Southeast, where there are few options for this age group and this type of recovery-focused treatment. The specialized campus and programming will put Skyland Trail on the forefront of treating young adults with mental illness, which is becoming nationally recognized as a critical need.

When you see what a difference Skyland Trail can make in someone’s life, you become passionate about being a part of a community working to support and empower people struggling with mental illness. The more you’re aware of the role mental health plays in so many problems, the more you want to make a difference and do what you can.

“The new campus – uniquely designed to engage and support young adults – will make a huge impact on our ability to improve futures for the increasing number of young adults seeking help.” – Amy Rollins Kreisler


our bo a rd

25 Years of Leadership “From the beginning, visionary and collaborative leadership made Skyland Trail a reality. Today, leaders on our board of directors and advisory boards continue to chart a course of strategic growth to meet the changing needs of people with mental illness and to leverage new science to improve lives.” – John C. Gordon, Chair, Board of Directors

Mark West, board president from 1989 to 2000 and chair from 2000 to 2012, set the direction for the first steps of a promising journey. Those steps led to remarkable growth in facilities, programs, resources, relationships, national recognition and, most importantly, successful outcomes for clients. “Skyland Trail is one of the passions of my life. Part of that passion is inherited. My dad, Charles West, was a founding board member and he got me involved early on. Much more of my passion has been learned – through years of working alongside many great leaders to help this extraordinary organization grow and thrive. In the process, I have come to believe that there is no more meaningful work in life than providing a path for recovery from mental illness.” – Mark West, Past Chair, Board of Directors




John C. Gordon, Chair Richard C. Parker, Chair, Executive Committee Michael Tompkins, Treasurer Marjorie Wynne, Secretary

Robby Wynne, Chair Betsy Akers Brooks Barge Emily Bleke Kit Bowlin Susan Boyd Nancy Bryant Gwynie Dennard Mike Dobbs Charles Doty Samuel Dunlap III Cindy Ferguson Bryan Flint Carol Gellerstedt Christopher Glover Sarah Goodman Ryan Grant Danica Griffith Rand Glen Hagen Alan Hamilton Richard Harris Jocelyn Hunter Stan Jones Ann Lally Valerie Love Missy Madden Kim Marks Andrea Montag Cynthia J. Moreland Jeff Muir Colleen Nunn Beth Park Patricia Reid Marcia Robinson Charles Wellborn Leslie Wierman Jeremy Wing John B. Zellars, Jr.

Charles B. Nemeroff, MD, PhD, Chair University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Dick Bryant David Flint J. Rex Fuqua Dana Halberg Thomas D. Hills Jim Howard Billy Huger Don Inman Clay Jackson Amy Rollins Kreisler Kelly Loeffler Betts Love Melissa Lowe Jay Mitchell Jackie Montag Charlotte Pierce-Baker, PhD Mark Rosenberg, MD Michelle Sullivan Mark Tipton Bob Walker Brooke Weinmann Robby Wynne, Ex Officio EMERITUS DIRECTORS 2014 Vivian DuBose, Chair Cecil Conlee Dorothy C. Fuqua Betty Ann Inman Beth Jones David C. Lowance, MD Edward E. Noble Mark C. West Allison F. Williams Blanton C. Winship


Kim Nalley, Ex Officio

W. Edward Craighead, PhD Emory University School of Medicine Dwight L. Evans, MD University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Mark A. Frye, MD Mayo Clinic Philip D. Harvey, PhD University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Ned H. Kalin, MD University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Clinton D. Kilts, PhD Psychiatric Research Institute,University of Arkansas – Medical Sciences Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Mark Rosenberg, MD The Task Force for Global Health David R. Rubinow, MD University of North Carolina School of Medicine Alan F. Schatzberg, MD Stanford University School of Medicine Douglas M. Ziedonis, MD, MPH University of Massachusetts Medical School

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Celebrate a Milestone with a Planned Gift Mark the 25th Anniversary of Skyland Trail by becoming a member of the Cypress Society. Continue a legacy started 25 years ago by members of our community who saw a family in need and worked together to provide a solution. Your planned gift will help ensure that Skyland Trail can continue to serve individuals and their families on their path to recovery.

FOUNDING BOARD MEMBERS O. Alvin Barge, Jr.* Bernard C. Holland, MD* Sara G. Moore* Edward E. Noble Robert Scherer Robert H. Tharpe* Charles B. West* Allison F. Williams James H. Wilson, Jr.* PAST BOARD MEMBERS Joseph Bona, MD Rev. Sam Candler David A. Dodd Charles R. Eitel William Fox, PhD * Karen H’Doubler Liz Lazarus Bart Miller Charlie Nemeroff, MD, PhD Margaret Thrower* John B. Zellars, Sr.* PAST ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS David P. Adams III Gregory P. Anderson H. Ross Arnold III Ron Bachman Bradley R. Bailey Albert M. Baron Dale Belles, PhD

Farrell Braziel, MD Louise Burruss Marty T. Comer Stan Conway Robert Page Crozer James K. Davis* Ron Day Clauda de Mayo Richard T. de Mayo Margaret Denny Louise C. Dodd Sally Dorsey Ceree Eberly Rick Elliott Chuck Feehan John Gates, PhD Charles E. Glassick Betsy Glenn Nancy Glenn Kay Goldstein Carol Goodman Scott C. Goodman Patrice Harris, MD Phyllis G. Hatcher Meg R. Heyer Glenn E. Hicks, III Hilton Howell, Jr. Trudy Huger Bob Hughes Philip S. Jacobs Frank Jaeger Judith James, MD Scott Black Johnston, PhD Lasa Joiner

Clint Kilts, PhD Marsh King Steve Koonin David J. Lance Robin Loudermilk Elizabeth B. Love, PhD* Pamela McCreary, MD Kenneth R. McCullough Randolph P. Martin, MD Richard W. Morrell* Keith Morris Charles W. Olgivie III Karen Parker W. Harrison Reeves, MD Tim C. Rollins John Rooker Tricia Rosenbaum Michael Rovinsky Susan Shanor Alana A. Shepherd John A. Stabler Matthew Towery Lucy Vance David M. Vickers A. Jo Waite Benjamin T. White Sally Williamson Keith Wood Charles Wright James H. Wilson III Julia H. Zellars* Roy H. Zellars

“This is a tree of great resilience, beauty and longevity, yet it grows in circumstances unlike those of most trees. In ground too loose and shifting for other trees, the cypress soars to great height. And where cypress trees grow together, they provide unique habitat, purer water and a natural flood defense…making the surrounding world more interesting, healthy and beautiful.” –Randolph Thrower in his groundbreaking speech for the Health and Education Center, comparing the growth of Skyland Trail to a cypress tree.

CHARTER MEMBERS Sarah Aline Carpenter* Elizabeth E. Finnerty William H.* and Carol Fox John & Helen Gordon Douglas E. Jackson Jane and Clay Jackson Dorothy O. Jackson* Dixie & Duey Kerper Dr. Raymond J. Kotwicki Betty H. Palmer Mary Anne Quin Margaret & Randolph Thrower* Janet & John Turman Mark C. West Marjorie & Charles* West John B. Zellars, Jr. Anonymous (3) *Deceased



O utr e a ch & Educ a tion

Learn: Professional and Community Education Education is an important part of our mission. Throughout the year, we organize many opportunities for families, mental health professionals, and the broader community to learn about advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. As a teaching institution, we also provide outstanding learning experiences for students pursuing careers in social work, psychology, nursing, adjunctive therapies, and related programs.

Expanding Our National Network through Professional Education While 60 percent of our clients come from Georgia, 40 percent come to us from around the country. Many clients and families find us through our website or recommendations from family and friends. Most of our clients are referred to us by a mental health provider.

So while we continue to strengthen our ties with professionals here in Georgia, we are expanding our outreach to build relationships with professionals in key metropolitan areas around the county. These relationships also help us share information about best practices and research about what works in the treatment of mental illness. Our community relations team is growing to support this national network,

and we are excited to announce the addition of a national education coordinator to help coordinate a Skyland Trail speakers bureau and organize mental health education sessions around the country. These sessions provide opportunities for mental health professionals to receive continuing education credits and learn more about the recovery that happens here at Skyland Trail.

Attention Mental Health Professionals: Let’s Meet Up Look for us at these events or give us a call at 404-315-8333 to find out when a Skyland Trail representative will be in your area. October 2014 • American College Counseling Association (San Antonio, TX) • National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (Kennebunkport, ME) • National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (Asheville, NC) November 2014 • American Residential Treatment Association (Stockbridge, MA) • Independent Educational Consultants Association (Orlando, FL)

Community events like Arts in the Garden showcase the talents and skills of our clients and others in the community with a diagnosed mental illness. Join us on November 22 for our Holiday Fair from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Activity Center. Find gifts for friends and loved ones and support our artists.

February 2015 • National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (Nashville, TN) • Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association (Atlanta, GA) March 2015 • Psychiatric Society of Virginia (Richmond, VA) • Anxiety & Depression Association of America (Chicago, IL) • American Residential Treatment Association (Stockbridge, MA) • Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital Resource Fair (Nashville, TN) May 2015 • Independent Educational Consultants Association (Baltimore, MD) • Georgia Psychological Association (Athens, GA)

For a calendar of upcoming professional education events:


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“I say a lot at colleges, ‘It doesn’t matter if there are 1,000 counselors outside that door if none of you are comfortable enough to have that conversation.’ We need to share stories of what counseling is really like – how people’s lives change and how amazing, redeeming things happen. That’s going to encourage and inspire more people to get the help they need.” – Kevin Breel 2014 Dorothy C. Fuqua Lecture Series

In Our Shoes with Kevin Breel & Melody Moezzi In May, two adults – comedian Kevin Breel and author and activist Melody Moezzi – shared their stories of living and thriving with a mental illness at “In Our Shoes,” the 2014 Dorothy C. Fuqua Lecture at Skyland Trail. The annual lecture is made possible by a generous gift from Duvall and Rex Fuqua and Edwina and Tom Johnson in honor of Mrs. Fuqua. Watch the video online:

“The stigma of mental illness can be as debilitating as the illness itself. The reason I’m doing well isn’t just because of my medication. It’s because I’m not carrying the weight of this giant secret on my back everywhere I go. I’m not ashamed of it, and that is what I think needs to change.” – Melody Moezzi

Stay Connected Follow us on:

“Food for Thought” Presentations Connect Skyland Trail with New Audiences Many board members and friends have generously hosted a “Food for Thought: Quick Bites on Mental Health” presentation at their homes and invited their social or professional circles to attend. A small group gathers for lunch. President and CEO Beth Finnerty gives a brief history of Skyland Trail and our treatment programs, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ray Kotwicki gives a “Mental Health 101” presentation. The intimate, informal gathering has proven an effective avenue for introducing new audiences to the role mental health and Skyland Trail play in the Atlanta community.

Brief caption here brief caption here brief caption here brief caption.

For more information about hosting “Food for Thought” at your home, business, or organization, contact Catherine Humann at or 678-500-3889.


C o m m unity Support

How Your Gifts Make a Difference: Meet Andrea

When Andrea came to Skyland Trail, she was in a deep depression; she was hopeless. “After several hospitalizations, Skyland Trail was my last hope,” says Andrea. “If I was going to survive, this was going to be the place that did it, because I felt like I had done everything else.” After three weeks at Skyland Trail, Andrea’s insurance carrier denied coverage for further treatment. “I remember being scared to death that my chance was gone, that I was not going to be able to get any better. I remember thinking ‘How fast can I learn these skills? How can I make it work if I can’t stay? How am I going to live?” Understanding the importance of completing the program, Andrea’s parents applied to the financial aid program. A scholarship made possible by charitable gifts allowed Andrea to remain in treatment until her treatment team determined she was ready.

“Knowing I could take my time and get better was a huge relief. Before that I was rushing everything. A peer in my therapy group told me that I was trying to apply skills to things that were too big too soon, and encouraged me to first approach the little everyday things and then advance to the bigger issues. That really stuck with me. I was dedicated to my treatment, and eventually I could see myself getting stronger.” Today, Andrea is employed at a hospital, working with patients to schedule surgeries. And she’s taken a new approach to relationships with her family and friends. “I enjoy my job very much, and like that I get to help people. I’ve even received a promotion. And with my family, now I am able to get my point across without being overly emotional. I think they can see a difference now too. And that’s rewarding.”

While she still has good days and bad days, Andrea has hope. “I’m not stuck in the hopelessness of all the bad things that can happen. I now am able to recognize the positive aspects of what can come in life. Skyland Trail taught me that.” You can help. Charitable giving supports financial aid scholarships and other unique programs that help our clients overcome treatment obstacles. Learn more:

25 Reasons to Give

in Celebration of Our 25th Year

Never has the need been so great nor the impact so positive. Here are 25 reasons to make a gift now:

4. Clients who receive scholarships

1. Your gift can help save a life. More

than 90% of people who die by suicide have a mental illness or substance abuse disorder.

2. Financial aid scholarships help our

clients fully engage in treatment.

3. 1 in 4 Americans has


a mental illness. It affects all of us.

are 78% more likely to positively complete treatment.

8. Music, horticulture, art and

recreation therapies open doors to communication.

5. Skyland Trail saw more

9. More than 15 million Americans

6. Our unique vocational services

admissions in 2013 than ever before. program helps clients find paid employment, community volunteer work or return to school.

7. The national healthcare accreditation

organization, The Joint Commission, has awarded us seven consecutive Gold Seals of Approval.

experience depression each year.

10. Our interfaith pastoral counseling

program helps clients adapt to uncertainty, find order in chaos, and look forward to a meaningful life.

11. Suicide is the second

leading cause of death for college age adults.

12. More than 50% of our clients are

college-age adults ages 18 to 26.

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Donors making a difference

Rand Glenn Hagen

Four Questions with Rand Glenn Hagen

Advisory Board member Financial Aid Committee member


How did you get involved?

I had known about Skyland Trail for years, but when I moved back to Atlanta five years ago I started to think about getting involved. With my training in psychology, this seemed like a perfect fit. After repeatedly seeing tragedies in the news, I began thinking about the critical lack of treatment options for young adults. Researching local resources, I was excited to discover that Skyland Trail was raising capital for a new young adult campus. Through the Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation, we were able to support the campaign, and, in the process, I was able to learn much more about this exceptional organization.


What experiences have been most memorable?

As a new member of the Advisory Board, one of the most rewarding experiences has been participating on the Financial Aid Committee. At each meeting, a client speaks about how he or she has benefitted. It is wonderful to get a first-hand report on the myriad ways individuals are able to change their lives through treatment.


Why is Skyland Trail special?

In education, we often hear about cultivating the “whole child.” I see Skyland Trail treating the “whole person,” rather than just the mental illness. Along with doing an exceptional job

implementing mental health treatment based on focused, cutting-edge research, Skyland Trail also nurtures clients through horticultural therapy, nutritional counseling and life skills training.


What should people understand about mental illness?

While the stigma of mental illness is diminishing, it still exists. I wish more people understood how we need to attend to our mental health as much as we do to our physical health. I also wish people could feel comfortable seeking help before issues become severe, chronic, even life-threatening conditions. Skyland Trail is doing an excellent job raising awareness in our city, and I believe that my hopes will one day become realities.

Interested in helping start a journey? Visit

13. 1,200 people attended a Skyland

18. 70% of clients in 2013 experienced

14. 1 in 17 Americans has

19. When surveyed 12 months after

Trail mental health education event in 2013. a serious mental illness.

15. 68% of clients in 2013 experienced

an improvement in their feelings of hopelessness.

an improvement in impulsive or addictive behaviors.

discharge, 93% of our clients with depression have had no further hospitalizations. 20. Adults with serious mental illness

16. Studies suggest that music therapy

17. Early intervention can interrupt the

21. 50% of people with mental illness

reduces social isolation and improves interpersonal contact. negative course of some mental illnesses and lessen long-term disability.

are at risk of dying 25 years earlier than peers, largely due to treatable medical conditions. also have a substance abuse problem. Our dual diagnosis program helps clients successfully address both.

22. When surveyed 12 months after

discharge, 86% of our clients with bipolar illness have had no further inpatient treatment.

23. Studies suggest that art therapy

strengthens positive feelings, alleviates distress, and helps individuals clarify existential questions.

24. Evidence indicates supported

employment programs are effective in improving vocational outcomes.

25. Recovery is possible. You can help.


e v e nt s

Events: Raising Awareness & Building Support Each year, Skyland Trail hosts several unique fundraising events. Each event offers a fun and distinct experience, education about mental health, and an opportunity to support recovery for individuals with mental illness. We are honored by your participation and especially grateful to our volunteers and sponsors.

Benefits of Laughter 2013 More than 600 patrons and guests attended our signature

fundraising event, Benefits of Laughter, on October 23, 2013 at The St. Regis Atlanta. A special highlight of the evening was the tribute paid to Skyland Trail founder, the late Charles B. West. Following dinner, the “Seriously Funny Night� was underway with an uproarious performance by popular television comedian Jake Johannsen. The event raised $633,000 to fund financial aid scholarships and unique treatment programs.



Event Chairs: Betsy Akers & Kelly Loeffler Corporate Chairs: Jeffrey Sprecher & Steve Sullivan Patron Chairs: Lorri McClain & Kim Noonan



IMAGES: 1 Steve and Regina Hennessy 2 Jackie Montag, Sarah Kennedy, Kathy Keely, and Laura Hardman 3 (front) Kelly Loeffler, Forrest McClain, Lorri McClain, Mark Preisinger, Ashley Preisinger, (back) Jeffrey Sprecher, Kim Noonan, Mary Brock, Dwaine Kimmet, Pam Kimmet, John Brock 4 Sue, John and Leigh Ann McKinley


Journeys Magazine 2014

“Benefits of Laughter offers great entertainment and wonderful attendees who all care about helping those with mental health issues. It is truly a seriously funny night.” – Betsy Akers 6






“Benefits of Laughter brings the community together to support awareness and fundraising for one of the most successful mental health treatment centers.” – Kelly Loeffler

IMAGES: 5 Suzanne Masters and Dana Halberg 6 June and Michael Tompkins, Brooke and Winston Wienmann 7 Brian Daley, Jeffrey Sprecher, Keven Lake 8 Helen Weeks 9 Betsy Akers and Kelly Loeffler 10 Doug and Nancy Bryant with Karen and Richard Parker


Benefits of Laughter 2014 Join Us Thursday, October 23rd for a Seriously Funny Night Event Chairs Valerie Love and Patty Reid invite you to join us Thursday, October 23, 2014, for an exciting Benefits of Laughter celebrating 25 years of change. Our signature fundraising event, held at The St. Regis Atlanta, offers a fun and distinct experience and an opportunity to support recovery for individuals with mental illness. This year’s event will honor Duvall and Rex Fuqua, long-time supporters and friends of Skyland Trail and community mental health advocates.

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Nealon, former star of Saturday Night Live and Weeds, will provide entertainment. We hope you will join us for this seriously funny night. The funds raised will be put to seriously good use. Learn more about our patron and corporate sponsorship opportunities at For more information, contact Ashley Vance, or 678-686-5905.


Event Chairs: Valerie Love & Patty Reid Patron Chairs: Andrea & Ned Montag and Helen & Ray Weeks Corporate Co-Chairs: Tommy Holder & John Snodgrass

Featuring Kevin Nealon


Honorary Chairs Duvall & Rex Fuqua Entertainer: Kevin Nealon, Former star of Saturday Night Live & Weeds

IMAGES: 1 Event Chairs Patty Reid and Valerie Love 2 Honorary Chairs Duvall and Rex Fuqua

This year’s event will honor Duvall and Rex Fuqua, long-time supporters and friends of Skyland Trail and community mental health advocates.


Journeys Magazine 2014

Associates Spring Luncheon & Fashion Show 2014 On March 21, 2014, the Cherokee Town Club ballroom was filled with more than 280 guests for the seventh annual Skyland Trail Associates Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show. The unique fundraising and education event is organized by the Skyland Trail Associates, a volunteer group of Atlanta women leaders. Author and advocate Lisa Halpern shared her inspirational story of recovery from schizophrenia and received a standing ovation. Guests also enjoyed a fashion show presented by Saks Fifth Avenue. The event raised $54,000. The funds will be applied toward a capital expenditure to improve the treatment experience at Skyland Trail. Event Chair: Kim Nalley



Event Co-Chair: Nan Easterlin




IMAGES: 1 Amy Mabon, Nancy Bryant, Ruth Schaefer and Sandra Pierson 2 Nan Easterlin, Kim Nalley, Beth Finnerty and

Lisa Halpern 3 Kim Nalley, Rene Nalley, David Martin, Diana Tipton, and Jenny Pruitt 4 (front) Duriya Farooqui, Mary Brock, Lynda Loeffler, Kelley Loeffler, Dr. Mary Burns, (back) Mika Kawana, Robin Howell, Anna Ford, Mary Johnson, Lorri McClain 5 Betsy West, Marjorie West, Marjorie Wynne

“We are so lucky to have this incredible organization right here in our back yard. Skyland Trail helps such a wide variety of people with mental illness get their lives back and have another chance to succeed in the world.” – Kim Nalley, Associates President


e v e nt s

Southern Shindig 2013 The third annual Southern Shindig will be remembered as a fun party at SweetWater Brewing Company as well as a highly successful event, drawing more than 240 young professionals and raising $26,000. Nashville singer songwriter Tim McNary entertained as guests networked and sampled SweetWater brews, a buffet dinner from Verde Taqueria and key lime pies from the Pie Shop.





Event Co-Chairs: Catherine Love Kraft & Street Nalley

IMAGES: 1 Suzanne Bagwell, Virginia Johnson, Louise Corrigan, Grace Helmer, Mark Lally 2 Keith Radford with Bart and Danica Griffith

3 Olivia Wall, Catherine Love Kraft and Kat Segars 4 (back) Anne Russell Bazzel, Catherine Kraft, Kenny Kraft, (front) Jack Parrish, Rachael Goldstucker, Frances Parrish, Johnson Bazzel

“Southern Shindig is a way to introduce the important work of Skyland Trail to a younger generation – our friends, business associates and neighbors. We’re encouraging guests to become involved at Skyland Trail and join us as volunteers and patrons.” – Street Nalley


Journeys Magazine 2014

Special thanks to our generous event sponsors. Businesses and foundations that support Skyland Trail through event sponsorship help our clients access and fully engage in our nationally recognized treatment program. On these pages, we are pleased to recognize the organizations that sponsored 2013 and 2014 events including Benefits of Laughter, the Associates Spring Luncheon & Fashion Show and Southern Shindig.

Benefits of Laughter 2013

Southern Shindig 2013

Benefits of Laughter 2014

Diamond Sponsor Wells Fargo

Leadership Printpack

(as of July 30, 2014)

Platinum Sponsors J.B. Fuqua Foundation The St. Regis Atlanta

Sponsors Atlantic Engineering Group Lee & Associates Yates Insurance Agency Kit and David Bowlin State Bank & Trust Company Catherine Kraft Designs Sunbelt Technology, LLC Sons Automotive Group Drennen Segars LLC First Beacon Investments

Gold Sponsors BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina BNY Mellon Wealth Management The Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cola Enterprises First Beacon Investments Ernst & Young Georgia Commerce Bank Intercontinental Exchange Piedmont Healthcare Timbervest, LLC Tribridge Residential, LLC Silver Sponsors AGL Resources Atlantic American Corporation BrandBank Emory Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Goldman Sachs & Co Hennessy Automobile Companies KPMG Masters Capital Management Mueller Water Products Oxford Water Products Printpack Russell Reynolds Associates Schreeder, Wheeler & Flint SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Associates Spring Luncheon & Fashion Show 2014 Gold Sponsor Atlanta Fine Homes Georgia Commerce Bank Silver Sponsors Anna Pare Dermatology Sons Automotive Group VeinInnovations

Diamond Sponsor Printpack Platinum Sponsor Masters Capital Management, LLC Gold Sponsors AT&T Bankers Fidelity BNY Mellon First Beacon Investments Georgia Commerce Bank Goldman Sachs & Co. Gray Television Holder Construction Company Jet Linx Silver Sponsors Alston & Bird BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Crawford Investment Council, Inc. Hennessy Automobile Companies Hirtle Callaghan & Co. Intercontinental Exchange King & Spalding Piedmont Healthcare Tribridge Residential Wells Fargo

Wes Bradshaw, Street Nalley, Robby Wynne


“We found a bank that understands our business.� Intercontinental Exchange is pleased to support Skyland Trail and its extraordinary staff for their dedication to treating mental illness.

Atlanta Cheesecake Company

Learn more about our banking success at or call 678-631-1240

GBC-Benefits of Laughter-quarter-Cheesecake-2014.indd 1

7/10/14 9:09 AM

TriBridge Residential Supports


Laughter Benefits of AND

View our Metro Atlanta communities at



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Coca-Cola Enterprises proudly supports

Benefits of Laughter

An AtlanticAmerican® Company


Is pleased to sponsor Skyland Trail and its excellent mission.

proudly supports

© 2014 Ernst & Young LLP. All Rights Reserved. ED None.

2013 Benefits of Laughter

1406-1274324 Jouneys Magazine - Skyland Trail ad.indd 1

Beautiful days. We want you to have them. Building healthy communities starts with building healthy bodies. EY supports the efforts of Skyland Trail. Because taking care of one, ensures greater care for all. Visit

©2013 The Coca-Cola Company. All Rights Reserved.

6/23/2014 1:04:13 PM


P        S T. N            . -C D


Skyland Trail_7.29.14_FINAL.indd 1

7/29/14 2:40 PM

A M E RI C A’ S F I R S T O U T S O U R C E D C H I E F I N V E S T M E N T O F F I C E R S ®

AT&T is a proud sponsor of Benefits of Laughter. ©2014 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

T I M E L E S S VA L U E S | C U T T I N G - E D G E S O L U T I O N S

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty salutes Skyland Trail Associates We are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional real estate experience.


Art Director

APPROVAL: Addl. Notes: None

© MMXIV Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Starry Night by Jill Steenhuis used with permission. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.


King OPTION & Spalding proudly 1 supports Skyland Trail and Benefits of Laughter. Saved at 7-18-2014 12:24 PM Copywriter

Acct. Manager Studio Artist We salute your dedication to Proofreader helping those suffering from mental illness thrive through comprehensive diagnostic services and evidencebased therapies.

Printed At Non Traffic


Journeys Magazine 2014

Skyland Trail has truly changed the model of mental health treatment in Atlanta and has benefited countless families in our community. Your organization was at the forefront of integrating medical and mental health care, and we appreciate your leveraging of the Foundation’s initial investment to create a much larger clinic with more robust services. –Mary Humann Judson, Executive Director, Jesse Parker Williams Foundation

25th Anniversary Creative Expression Contest Winners 1st Place, Visual Arts Artwork by Corey J.

Financial options for every phase of your life

2nd Place, Visual Arts Artwork by Ivey M. (see back cover)

Whether you want to save for the future, secure a personal loan, utilize exclusive online and telephone banking services, or enjoy the convenience of our ATMs and many locations, we are here for you. Call, click, or stop by and talk with a banker. If you would like to open an account over the phone, call 1-800-932-6736 any time (or 1-800-311-9311 for service in Spanish).

3rd Place, Visual Arts Artwork by Jenny M. All loans are subject to application, credit qualification, and income verification. © 2013 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. 122933 10/13


This institution is an oasis of hope where there seems to be no hope. It provides education, support and treatment for the medical, social, interpersonal, and developmental problems that were thought untreatable. The patient and their family see that they can have a life and can look forward to the future. They can see that chronic mental illness is treatable. Thank you for all that you have done. –Steven R. Lee, MD Skyland Trail has been a trailblazer and leader in innovative practices in the treatment of those with mental disorders. As a psychiatrist, I truly appreciate the visionary leadership of Skyland Trail. –Patrice Harris, MD

Proudly supports Skyland Trail’s mission to transform lives.

owned and operated by the nalley family owned and operated by owned and operated by the nalley owned and operated by family the nalley family the nalley family

Goldman Sachs is proud to sponsor Benefits of Laughter

Sons Acura Sons HondaSons Acura Sons Acura BMW/MINI of Acura South Atlanta Sons Sons Honda SonsNalley Honda Buick/GMC Sons Honda BMW/MINI of South Atlanta BMW/MINI of SouthofAtlanta BMW/MINI South Nalley Atlanta Buick/GMC Nalley Buick/GMC Nalley Buick/GMC

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heavy, tired, restless


varicose or spider

get your


LEGS done

Atlanta Johns Creek 678-731-9815

www. 40

Journeys Magazine 2014

BANK ON COMMUNITY We are pleased to support Skyland Trail and thank you for changing lives in our community for 25 years. 770.963.9224 Member FDIC BrandBank is the trade name for The Brand Banking Company.

Invested in our community. At BNY Mellon Wealth Management, we honor those who make our community a better place, now and in the future. It is our great pleasure to support Skyland Trail.

BOLSponsorship-ImageBackground.pdf 1 7/22/2014 11:50:11 AM

Š2014 The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.





Compliments of







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Atlanta, GA Permit No. 3536

1961 North Druid Hills Road NE Atlanta, GA 30329 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Celebrating 25 Years of Changing Lives, Families and Futures Located in Atlanta, Skyland Trail is a nationally recognized nonprofit psychiatric treatment organization serving adults 18 and older. Our comprehensive, evidence-based treatment program helps individuals learn to live with a mental illness like major depression, bipolar illness, schizophrenia or anxiety ‌ and thrive. Skyland Trail Journeys is available online at To request copies, please call 678-686-5951 or email Shannon Easley Executive Editor/Writer Eileen Corey, Coreyography Graphic Designer Kim Link, Jerry Mucklow, Lee Patterson, Thomas Sands, Sarah Tabor, Tim Wilkerson Photography

Right: Artwork by Ivey M., 2nd Place Winner, Visual Arts, 25th Anniversary Creative Expression Contest

For more information or to find out how you can help, call today: 866-528-9593

Profile for Skyland Trail

Journeys Magazine 2014  

The annual magazine of Skyland Trail.

Journeys Magazine 2014  

The annual magazine of Skyland Trail.