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ISSUE #10 APRIL-MAY 2022 For Teen Girls Only!


OUR thing Friendship Tikula Good Vibes

OUR thing Smoking Toxic Friends Disloyalty

I pledge

I will trust

totobemyself true

my choices,

and I will not let anyone else

and what


I believe in.

who I am.

I �il� rise

to m eet m Success, y

making friends

and dancing?

That’s my THING. Jealousy, gossip and SMOKING

Take THE


That’s not

my thing.

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I will

make choices


to my character.


MEET THE BOYS IN TIKULA 21 Practical Tips To Make Friends While Staying True To Who You Are 4 Wassup SKY Sisters! 5

This issue’s contributors 6-7



Get the look 10 - 11

Body Beautiful:

How to Feel Better on Your Period!

12 - 13

Letter to my 14 year old self by Patricia Ellis

14 - 15



22 - 23

Career Corner

Women Working Together in the TV and Film Industry

24 - 25

Celebrity Feature with

DOPE G and MEDAD 26 - 27



28 - 29


Holding Your Own Power 31

Our Top 10 Friendship Movies

32 - 33

16 - 17





SKY Spotted 18 - 19

What Would My Life Be at SKYWOOD


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I’m so excited for y'all to read this issue of SKY Mag! It’s jam packed with must read articles. I know you’ve seen the billboards all over town and must be wondering what’s Tikula?! Don’t worry sis we got you! Tikula is a brand new teen mini series produced by SKY Girs Zed for girls across Zambia, launching 8th April, 2022. You’ll get to see and know more about Tikula and the awesome cast with a fun game on the show that you can play with your friends.

My big brother always tells me to find good friends, true friends. A friend who will always love, care, support, and always look out for me. Tikula is all about friendships, so it only made sense that this magazine is all about celebrating our friendships!

Career corner is my personal favorite part of the magazine, and since we’re celebrating friends, we’ve featured two awesome women. Muchemwa Sinkala and Zerina Cunningham are awesome creatives in the media industry, making waves on Zuba and Tikula. We get to know more about them and how they achieved their goals. It's a must read!

For the girls who love to catch up with ZNBC news at the end of the day like me, I'm pretty sure you'll find the Letter to my 14-Year-Old Self very interesting. Patricia Ellis is one beautiful, strong and confident woman. I mean who wouldn't want to be like her? Who knows, maybe she'll inspire your next career choice.

When it comes to friendship, I just want you guys to know that true friends do exist. I know it can be

MY thing

hard to find them but we shouldn't give up. Remember that saying "patience pays off"? Well, it does. Sooner or later, you’ll find the right friends who love you just the way you are so you don’t have to compromise, you can stay true to yourself.

my thing

These are just some of my fav articles so far, and there is plenty more to dive into in this issue of SKY. Let me know which are your favorite articles.

Dancing, Reading, Swimming. Bad influencers, Fake friends, Negativity. 4


Susy Thomas

This Issue’s Contributors Writers

Natasha Malama

MY thing

Music, Movies, Dancing

my thing Untidiness, Clingy people, Cussing

Louisa Kasalika

Trust Mulenga Zhane Cunningham

MY thing

Music, Ice-cream, Movies

my thing

MY thing

MY thing

Being me no matter what society will say

Photography, Graphic design, Meeting new people

my thing

my thing


Liars, Bullies, Lack of teamwork

Bullies, Gossip, Fake friend's

Thoko Kalinda Chanda Chibale

MY thing

Piercings, Books, Food

my thing

Hot weather, Negative energy, Smoking

Lincia Mabo

MY thing

Sports, Creativity, Current affairs

my thing

Idle minds, Unproductivity, Selfishness

MY thing

Chicken, Sour candy, Floral and sweet scents

my thing

Strawberries, Piercings, Milkshake

Muzya Musokotwane

MY thing

White toe nails

my thing Nosy people, Tobacco

Precious Mwansa

MY thing

Food, Books, Family

my thing Creepy crawlies, Bullies, Shisha

Ruth Nzapa

MY thing

Listening to Music, Taking pictures, Writing

Namasiku Kayama

Rudeness, Panicking, Extremely loud environments

Water, Music

my thing

MY thing my thing

Disrespect, Walking long distances, Negative vibes


The Trendometer

ALL ABOUT FRIENDSHIPS SKY is all about sistahood and friendship. So it’s only right we asked SKY Girls in the SKY Girls Zed community to dish on the ups and downs of friendship.


1. SLEEP�OVERS: What’s a better �ay to spend time �ith your girls than having �ots of�food, staying up �ate, tel�ing secrets and endless �aughs? Grab your squad and host the sleepover of�the decade.

3. VIDEO CHATS: Miss your best friends? Hope on a group video chat! Seeing your �riends has never been easier.

2. THE MOVIES: This �riends’ date classic never gets old, and you can never have too much popcorn either.

4. LUNCHIN: Eastpark�is a great place, packed with a variety of�spots to try out, but �rime Joint? This place is a cool, classy joint that you and you girls can go spoil�yourselves �ith princess treatment and great �ood.

5. GIFT BAGS: You don’t have to �ait �or a special�occasion to let your �riends �now�you care about how�good they make you feel. Writing a cute �ittle note �ith their �avorite candy after a long �eek�can strengthen any �riendship bond.

6. TIKULA: �eed a new�show�to get hooked on? We got you, Tikula is going to be your next obsession. Fol�owing the �ives of�a group of� friends, Tikula is the perfect suggestion �or this issue.

7. LOYALTY: Every true �riendship should be built on the �oundations of� loyalty. �othing makes a girl�sleep better at night than a �oyal�friend. 8. TRANSPARENCY: Staying true to yoursel� is an absolute YES, Staying true to your friends? Bigger YES. � Honesty is the best policy.


9. RELAXED FIT JEANS: The right selection �or the perfect casual�look. They can �ast more than a season and have you �ooking good, while �eeling good.

10. Beanie Hats: it’s getting cooler and cooler and there isn’t a cuter bad hair day fix�when it's cold than a beanie hat.

1. MANIPULATION: it is never cool�wanting to control�everything and everyone �or your own benefit, and if�you �now�a �riend �ike that? Let em go sis.

2. SMOKING, ALWAYS SMOKING: Remember skin �ooking hydrated, smel�ing �resh, and health �irst! Smoking �il� never be our thing. � This is a �resh air zone sis! 3. CONFLICT: Conf�ict can be the root of�al� problems, good communication skil�s can al�ays help resolve such situations. #Saynotoconf�ict.

4. BAD HABITS: �ositive vibes, happy �ife. Run faster than Rhoda �jobvu �hen bad habits come round you. 5. STAYING IN�A BOX: Get you �riends that want to try out new�things, new�foods, new�music and new�books. �Why stay in a box�when there is so much to �ife?



6. LYING FRIENDS: if�they can �ie on anyone? They can �ie on you too sis.

7. VIBE KILLERS: We �ive �or good vibes and positivity, times are too tense to be dealing with negativity. 8. GOSSIP: There’s no �un in tal�ing down or tal�ing bad about your �riends, �e are supposed to �ift each other up, not tear each other down.

9. YO-YO FRIENDS: If�they only come around for season, remember, consistency is �ey. 10. FIGHT �IGHT: Side step and dip if�you al�ays �ind yoursel� in �ights. It's not good �or mental�health and al� that stress can cause a bad break�out.


By Natasha Malama

Tikula is the hottest show on our block and the fashion is all about the characters. We got to interview Lorraine Mungofa, the Tikula costume designer on her experience designing the looks for the show, as well as her inspiration behind the styling. She also gave us a few tips on how to recreate our fave character styles, so you can get inspo from them. Lorraine Mkandawire Mungofa has been styling both people and homes for the last 10 years. Her love of colour, African prints and textiles, inspires and influences her aesthetic creations.



MY thing Color, Comfort, Accessories

Malawian born and raised she now lives and works from her base in Johannesburg, South Africa with husband Bruno Mungofa in the creative fashion, styling and interior space.

my thing Blunt colors, OTT(over the top), Uncomfortable shoes

SKY: What inspired you to be a stylist? Lorraine: I have always enjoyed creating beauty. I have noticed that for a lot of people it is not as easy as it is for me to put things together, be it on your body or in your room. I believe that looking good, in addition to being in a beautiful place is important. It helps one present themselves better and builds their confidence such that whenever they walk into a particular space, they look and feel superb. It really comes naturally for me hence I floated into that area because I love to make people feel beautiful SKY: What is it like styling for TV? Lorraine: It’s fantastic because I get to create characters through clothing. I’m at liberty to go all out in developing a style unique to an imaginary person. Sometimes, it can be a bit challenging like this time. Because of Covid, I couldn’t physically be there to meet the characters in person and understand their body shapes but I delight in creating looks for characters using my imagination. SKY: What inspired you to create the character looks for Tikula? Lorraine: The fact that I got to understand the characters’ personalities and got to ascertain how boys and girls in high school want to fit in as well as how they express themselves. I also loved the idea of using African print to create the uniform. SKY: How can teen girls recreate the looks at home? Lorraine: Firstly, understand your body shape; what your assets are, what you want to accentuate, what makes you comfortable.



Getting into it, Nandile has a tomboy character. A dark look where one combines a black crop top with cargo pants or sweat pants. Add a windbreaker and cap that screams ‘confidence.’ It would make you look as level-headed as Nandile without even trying. Also, a tracksuit or a cool T-shirt and a pair of shorts or even a pair of jeans and a hoodie would suffice.


Tasha is bold, daring and has


‘baddie’ written all over her. To mimic this character, tight fitting clothes will do just that! A cute tight dress or skirt paired with heels and don’t forget accessories! And If makeup is your thing pair with a red lippie. But if makeup is not your thing, do you and go natural.

Kelly is a preppy girl. A cute skirt,

a blouse and a scarf would surely do the trick with a pair of sunglasses. It is a comfortable fit which gives chilled vibes and is certainly one to try out.


Mimi is glam conscious and giving feminine vibes which also give ‘poshy’. A cute top with an a-line mini skirt or jeans will give you that posh girl vibe, paired with sunglasses making you look effortlessly stunning. Also, a cute floral dress with a pair of good heels, a cute handbag, hoop earrings as well as a pair of sunglasses whilst holding your phone wrapped in a pink fluffy phone cover to bring out a little bit of sparkle.


Taizya’s vibe gives earthy afropunk chic - she’s more of a soul girl. Dungarees would definitely make you look the part but if you don’t have a dungaree, don’t stress, it’s all about the funky prints from your pants or tops - and make sure you have a good pair of jeans. You could also add a pair of sneakers or flat sandals. Recreate this look and watch it become your go-to style.


Period Hacks:

How to Feel Better

on Your Period!

Periods and a bad mood tend to be something very common among girls. The discomfort that comes with this time of the month is usually accompanied by bloating, cramps, bleeding, and generally a lot of emotions. We understand that this experience can be very stressful, but we hope this article brings comfort to SKY girls and helps you feel better by embracing the changes that come with your period.

The Science Before we help you feel better, first understand what is happening in your body. The main

hormones responsible for menstruation are estrogen and progesterone hormones. Hormones play a role in preparing the womb for pregnancy - it’s your body’s subconsciously doing this, not that you are ready for pregnancy. The hormones play a role in releasing the eggs, thickening the walls of the womb for pregnancy. Hormonal changes happen throughout the menstrual cycle. During the menstrual period (bleeding period), both estrogen and progesterone are in low levels. Estrogen then starts to rise faster than progesterone after the bleeding period in preparation for releasing an egg. At the time of the release of an egg (ovulation) both will be in high levels in order to prepare the womb for pregnancy. If pregnancy does not happen, their levels begin to drop until the womb starts to break down its walls which then leads to bleeding. Then the cycle starts all over again.


Help! PMS! PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is an occurrence of emotional and body symptoms before the bleeding period. These may include abdominal cramps, vomiting and mood changes, bloating, cyclical weight gain, breast pain, fatigue, headache and depression. The cause of this occurrence has been associated with changes in the levels of the hormones during the menstrual cycle. Those pesky hormones again! Cramps are probably the most normal of PMS symptoms, and there are ways to ease them. One of the most popular home remedies is warm compresses or hot water bottles. Heat has been known as a supportive treatment for the pain, when applied to the lower abdomen or lower back, because the uterine contractions are relaxed and this reduces the pain. You can also take over the counter painkillers like panadol or brufen at a recommended dose. Always remember to check with the pharmacist/medical personnel before taking any medication. Have a healthy lifestyle. Improving nutrition and exercising regularly helps! For example, eat less fat, sugar or salt, eat frequent starchy meals, fruits and vegetables. Exercise whenever possible, whether walking, jogging, or light stretching, and interact with family/friends, as this can help improve your mood.

Don’t smoke! As if you need another reason to know that smoking is not your thing! Smoking messes with your body’s hormone levels and can increase your likelihood of back pain, breast aches, and period acne. Drink tea. Yep, a simple cup of tea, especially decaffeinated teas like rooibos, ginger tea, or chamomile tea can relax your uterus muscles and relieve cramps.

Is My Period Normal? A normal menstrual cycle should occur 21-35 days from the first day of the last bleeding period. A normal bleeding period should last between 5-10 days. Anything less or more than this period is considered abnormal. Normal flow for the bleeding period may amount from 30-80mls, approximately 2-3 tablespoons.

See a doctor if: You bleed for more than 7 days Your periods occur less than three weeks or more than six weeks apart You stop menstruating for more than two months Your periods are so painful you can’t go to school You have to change your pad or tampon in an hour or less But don’t panic! A doctor can help you to normalise your periods. Written by



Patricia Ellis

Patricia Ellis is one of our most well known media personalities, known as news anchor on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC). At ZNBC she is also a producer and presenter. Outside of ZNBC she can also be seen as an actress on popular TV shows, including playing the role of Mrs Mwansa (Mimi’s mum) on Tikula. When she isn’t working, the mother of three loves adventure and is a self-professed fitness freak!


Dear 14-year-old Patricia, Looking back in time, now that I am 46, let me first start by congratulating you for being a strong girl. Because of your strength at 14, this 46 year old woman is able to be where she is today. Life isn’t easy for you I know, you lost your father a year ago and you are struggling with all sorts of emotions. Coping with losing your dad, your greatest supporter, the one who was always rooting for you is not easy but you will persevere. He was such a firm believer in you that even when you mentioned to him at the age of six that you were one day going to sit on the news desk and read news, he proudly said you were going to do it, and he said it with so much pride. It is a pity he won’t be here to see you achieve that dream but I am pretty sure he is looking down on you from heaven and is super proud of you. You are in Grade 9 at Twashuka Basic School and even though you have to walk over 25 kilometres from Ndeke township to Roan township and back every day, hold on to your dream - going to school every day will be worth it. I’m proud that though you feel the shame of showing up with a dirty and sweaty uniform every day, it does not sway you - this is what makes you strong, determined, and fearless. I know it hurts that other pupils make fun of you, especially because you are a mixed race child and call you taunting terms like: Akamusungu ka ndalawa (Child with rust), Akamusungu nkansala (Poor child) etc. But those words, while they hurt, will make you stronger and you will find a support system that will be here for you. I know you don’t like your Sophia shoes much - those cheap plastic shoes that in the cold season get so hard that if you stubbed your toe on a stone it hurts like hell, and in summer they become loose like slippers! One day you will be able to buy any shoe you want - remember, you will achieve your dream! Life at home isn’t any easier, I know. As if not having transport money wasn’t enough it was bad enough getting home so tired after the long walk and finding there was no food because there was simply nothing to eat, only to just wait for a meal at dinner time. I know right now your self-esteem and confidence is low, but you have such a bright future ahead. Don’t give up. Your drive and your determination will not be for nothing. Dear 14 year old Patricia, yes you may be very shy and clumsy with little or no friends, but don’t be afraid to get lost in the books you like to read. One day you will be seen. Life does get better. You may be failing at your studies too, and honestly, it’s not surprising with everything you are dealing with. But I have so much faith in you, and this too shall pass. You are the bravest, strongest 14 year old I know, and I’m as proud of you then as I am of you today. In life, hurdles will always be there; however it is how you overcome the hurdles that matters. We all have our own journeys to take in life, others have less hurdles while others have mountains of hurdles. For 14 year old Patricia Ellis the mountains of hurdles only make you more determined and though not an easy journey, you will find yourself a place in the broadcasting industry as a Producer, Presenter and News Anchor.

a i c i r t a P

Congratulations 14 year old Patricia Ellis for hanging in there!!!!!




SKY Girls Zed is doing the most, SKY Girls! We already have this awesome magazine, an engaging radio show, a lit TV magazine show, and it’s about to get even better with a hot drama series - the first teen drama series for us, for Zambia actually! Yep, you heard it here first, SKY Girls Zed is bringing what is set to be the hottest thing on TV in 2022! Move over Zuba, and Mpali, we got this! The 8-part series shows the lives of three female characters, Nandile, Michelle and Taizya who are faced with the usual teen challenges of acceptance, being cool, family relationships and dynamics.


Coming from different backgrounds, their approach to life and the situations it hands them differ as they also influence one another both positively and negatively. The show centres around new girl Nandi, who moves to Lusaka from Choma, and wants to fit in - who doesn’t right? But soon she is faced with challenges, things she’d never experienced before and has to decide how to navigate all this, while figuring out who she is, and how she can stay true to herself. She meets Michelle (Mimi) and Taizya and though they are very different, they bond over their love of music! You know SKY is your plug, we got you! We sat down and had a chat with the Tikula cast members. Here’s the inside scoop.

nese ilre d n Rigna ia a o t N na Vic

d by



ng MY tghtriue to

y, Stayinlf, Positivit myse als Anim

ng my trhiniking, ,D

tivity Nega ing Smok

Acting was a fantasy! I never saw this day coming. Yet here I am, living the dream. Never in this world did I imagine being the lead character of any TV show. Nandile is a smart girl from a rural place trying to fit in. She finds herself amongst a group of friends who affect her choices positively and negatively. Nandile must remember who she truly is and be able to make decisions that she won’t regret. My character and I are very similar as we are both still trying to figure ourselves out. Although my character seems to easily forget who she is at times. I, on the other hand, always do only what I’m comfortable with and what I know my family would be proud of if they heard about it. Tikula shows teens that it’s normal to forget who we are sometimes, but that’s OK as long as we get back on track, on time. It teaches us a lot about decision-making and choosing the right friends. We learn how our friends and family relationships affect our daily lives. My family, purpose and image empower me while negativity, smoking and being indecisive don’t. Pro tip for being a confident teen: Stick to your values, be disciplined and stay true to yourself. An extra tip is to listen to our guardians and respect our elders. Cool fact: Leona is a true SKY Girl who entered the SKY Girls competition on Facebook to win a role on Tikula. Initially the producers thought they would only select someone for a walk-on role, but they were so impressed with Leona that they made her the lead character!




Ever wondered about the people that play your favorite characters in Tikula? We sat down and had a chat with the Tikula cast members. Here’s the inside scoop. Let's find out who they are outside their characters.

Mr imi A K lle A ga Taylo

a hlovu TaMizay rie Nd

d by playe

ng am, MaYtcthinhgi UFCndboraxsinpgb,erry ice cre

e an Micphlayed by Chis ng my tyhjuiices,

e, Dair Failur ing k o Sm

a W berry Straw n design io Fash

I’ve always dreamt of being an actress. I participated in the drama club as an actress back in high school and being cast on Tikula was definitely a God given opportunity as I believe nothing is accidental or a coincidence. Tikula is a relatable show not just for teen girls but boys too. It’s definitely educational as it shows us how to handle peer pressure, teaches us to always be true to ourselves and the true definition of being cool. It uses real life situations that happen, you know, things like being pressured to use shisha when you really don’t want to. So it helps viewers know how to deal with these things. My character and I have so many similarities that her personality doesn’t clash with mine, rather encourages me to be more true to myself than I already am. She is very level headed and does not allow herself to be influenced by others just like me. Taizya is the ultimate definition of a SKY Girl! Playing a teenager felt a little different in that I had to tone down my seriousness and allow myself to be young again. When I was a teenager I was less serious and more free, curious but yet cautious. Being an adult now comes with great responsibility, that's why I always have my game face on and I’m ready to work. Long story short, I'm always serious and mature. I actually miss being a teenager. I’ve learnt how to see purpose in everyone, from cast and crew, as I see how everyone’s role plays an important role in creating the series. You can call me a success addict as what empowers me is hard work. Laziness, excuses and lack of preparation are not my thing. Pro tip for being a confident teen: Show up with confidence! Walk in like you own the building, it will certainly be yours! Fun Fact: Marie shows off her singing talent in Tikula, and she also got her hand in writing some of the songs.


ng my thig dishes,

shin a, Wa Shish air days. h are, eed. Bad hair c Curly nimals in n , y it iv Creat g care of a Takin


MY thi

I studied Drama and Theater in university, and I’ve been acting since I was five. Acting is something I’ll keep pursuing. I auditioned for a role in Tikula and when I was told I would be part of the cast, I was excited and I promised to give it my all. In a few words, Tikula is like a handbook on how to be true to yourself. And being part of the team that creates a story to empower teens is a blessing and a half. I’m excited to be spreading a positive message to teen girls and boys as I understand how impactful acting is. My character is the supposedly ‘cool’ girl at school, a social media influencer living the fake life. People think Mimi’s life is perfect and that she is super confident, but not everything is as it seems. I think that’s something that many people can relate to. It’s so cool to kind of re-live my teenage life as one of the popular kids with a whole new group of cool friends. When I was a teen I wasn’t as glamorous or fashion-forward as Mimi is, I was more into sports and theater rather than how I looked. So it’s like I'm living one of my teenage dreams where I get to have the best of both worlds. Mimi and I have more differences than similarities so her personality clashes with mine. I’m more logical as Mimi is emotional. I’d describe her as a people pleaser. When it comes to fashion, sassiness and loving pink, we definitely are the same character in that one. I’ve learnt to be true to myself and that we all learn from our mistakes be it on set or our day to day lives. My mom empowers me the most. Negativity, laziness and a bad hair day do not empower me. My definition of being a cool teen is being on trend, being yourself and being kind. Pro tip for being a confident teen: Don’t be mean or rude and stay true to yourself.

TaTsathianaa Kalanda

d by


KyeMlalkyoni Sinkala


ng MYriets,hMiakeup Se ushi and S

ng my thig

cin a, Dan Dram aping V d an

I am really outgoing and willing to try different things to find out what my true talent is because I feel like you don’t know until you try. I tried out as SKY Live presenter and it turned out I could do it! Then how I started acting is actually a really funny story because even the day I auditioned, I didn’t plan on doing it. The people around me kept telling me how they were going to audition so I thought if everyone is going, why not because I had the interest, I just didn’t know if I had the talent. I was so shocked that I got a call back because I thought I had embarrassed myself. I got my first paycheck three days after testing positive for COVID and had to quarantine. As soon as I was fine though, I got gifts for my family and friends and I got myself a wig because I love me some inches! Tasha is painted as the bad guy and the one with issues but I don’t want to see her like that because I think there’s more to her. She’s going through a lot and because she has issues with herself, she kind of wants to reflect them on others. I love how acting allows me to be someone else. Tasha is so different from who I am so I had to look deeper into who she is as a person and really understand her character so I could play it well. I’m such a homebody so when I’m not shooting I’m probably at home, binging series. I’m super excited for the audience to experience the music because the characters in the show did the music and it’s really banging! Also, the Zambian celebrities who came on the show will be exciting for the audience. Favourite thing to snack on when binging series: KFC dunked wings. Pro tip for being a confident teen: You can never please everyone and even if you decided to live a life that pleases others, you will lose yourself and won’t be happy. So, do YOU!


ng MY tg,hEai ting Actin ooking and C

ng my thoi king

m ing, S Gossipxercising and E

I actually didn’t think I could act so I’d say it’s something I kind of stumbled on. I was in law school at the time which was online because of COVID and I jokingly told my sister that I would like to act. A few weeks later, she told me there was an audition for Zuba which was my first role. I auditioned and the rest is history. Kelly is a girl who seems mean but I love that she always tells her friends exactly what’s on her mind. She doesn’t beat around the bush and she is very observant. I think I probably have aspects of Kelly in me and playing this role opened my eyes to that but I don’t know if I’m cool enough to roll with Kelly in real life. Acting makes me happy. I really enjoy being on set. When I got my first paycheck, I went to buy food because I LOVE to eat. When I’m not shooting, I love to bake and read. I’m excited for the audience to see that all the characters have a different relationship dynamic and that’s so real in our individual lives anyway. You can have different friends, some good, and some bad and eventually the choice is yours to make. Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Jumping into a waterfall Favourite thing to snack on when binging series: Jelly babies and Oreos Pro tip for being a confident teen: Do things that make YOU happy. Never shy away because of what other people will think.

Look out for Tikula coming to your TV screens, and to SKY Girls Zed YouTube channel this month! 17






Would you rather



get your make up done or go natural face?


Challenge box

Would you rath

Packed food o tuck shop food

Who’s the ‘it’ girl?





Who is your secret crush?



Go back 10 steps 32


Would you rather study for exams or go for a party?


Take three steps forwards



Challenge box Have you ever cheated on an exam or test?



Would you rather



Spend a day without your phone or a day without people?



Whose the most stuckup girl at SKYWOOD?


Go back to square 1




Trivia Whose the least talented at SKYWOOD?

Take two step forward

Rules to play the game are on pg 35



Go back a step


or d?


Trivia Who is the most talented girl at SKYWOOD high?



Who’s always self-invited for anything?



Go for ice cream with friends or go for football practice?


TRUTH Challenge

What gross food combination do you secretly love

Challenge box Dare me! Do an impression of another player until someone tells who it is






Go back 2 steps

Don’t laugh while the other players try to make you laugh



Ask a guy out or wait to be asked out by a guy?

Who’s the brains at SKYWOOD?

Challenge box

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Would you rather




Go back 5 steps

Trivia 28


Dare! Do a freestyle rap




Challenge box


ps d





Would you rather

Be allergic to chocolate or allergic to bread?





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d by playe i Nkhoma n la Thu



d by playe l Ibrahim a a Kam

ng MY thg, iActing Dancinoetry and P

ng my thhoil

o s, Alc Sport moking S d n a

I’m such an artsy person. I do music, dance and poetry but funny enough, acting was at the bottom of my list and I didn’t pursue it. I saw an ad on Facebook about the show and I decided to audition and I got the role. I used my first paycheck to pay my school fees, upgrade my phone and help with stuff around the house.

es ng MaYsktethbaill, Video gam

ng my tehrmi elon

t a, Wa Shish ombies Z d n a

B usic and M

I like to play sports and games. I got into acting from SKY.

First, I was on ‘Boys and Bants’ in Stay True, and then I got asked by someone who worked at SKY if I wanted to audition for the role of Ghost. Acting was always something I was interested in but I never actually took a chance to do it until then.

Ghost is very similar to me. He is a relaxed guy and plays sports. It doesn’t take much to play him. I’d actually be his friend in real life because we would definitely vibe. My favourite character besides Ghost has to be Taizya because she was doing the most to help her grandma out. She’s the most focused and caring character. When I’m not working, I’m either hanging out with my friends or reading financial books like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad.’ I’m excited for SKY girls to see the storyline between Nandile and Ghost because it’s also a big part of her story. The friendships in Tikula show people that when you have good friends, it can help you stay true to yourself and make a positive impact.


Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Bungee jumping Favourite thing to snack on when binging series: Has to be between Oreos and Dunked wings Pro tip for being a confident teen: Be happy with who you are because if you are, you won’t be influenced by negativity or negative people. When it comes to relationships, don’t overthink it and take everything as it is.

Bosco is one of the cool kids in school.

He aspires to be a rapper and is also a very stubborn boy. All the girls like him but he doesn’t tolerate it. He’s actually kind of a bully but what I like most about him is he is loud and fun. I share many personality traits with him so it’s pretty easy to play the role. I love to act because it puts me in the shoes and mind of the person I’m playing which is pretty cool. When I’m not shooting, I dance and write poetry. I’m excited for SKY girls to see the understanding we have on what happens in teenagers’ lives and for them to see that they are not alone in the things they go through. I’m also excited for them to hear the music because I think we have some pretty cool Tik Tok sounds. Favourite thing to snack on when binging series: Doritos Pro tip for being a confident teen: Always remember that the decisions you make now will affect your future so make sure you have that in mind whenever you make any decision.

Practical Tips

To Make Friends

While Staying True To Who You Are By Chanda Chibale

Making friends is a good thing because friends are the people whose company you enjoy and who share similar interests with you. Friends are also people you can rely and count on, and once you have them you know that you have found people that can always be there for you. In SKY’s latest offering, Tikula, we meet Nandi who is desperate to make friends at her new school. Sis tried to create a version of herself that she thought would help her fit in and make friends. But it’s important to stay true to who you are when making friends, because at the end of the day, we are individuals and we might have different beliefs and values but you can be friends with people who are different from you, and still be who you are.

So if you’re looking to make friends,

here are some tips to help you; Join a Club at Your School

Joining a social club at your school is a great way to socialise and make new friends - it could be the drama or sports club at your school. It is easier to make friends with people that you share similar interests with, because you naturally have something you can bond over. Clubs can be competitive and sometimes you could be on opposing teams with your friends so be sure not to brag or let competition jeopardize your friendship. If you’re both competitive this might not be a problem, but you have to know each other enough to respect each other, and each other’s feelings.

Social Media

If your parents allow you to use social media it is an awesome way to connect with more people and make friends. Facebook or Instagram can be used to make friends because it has a lot of people that you can connect with. Be wary about getting catfished on the internet or getting scammed because not everyone is on social media to make friends. Set boundaries and be careful with what kind of information you share, like where you live, and if you decide to meet up in real life it’s important to do so in a public place and be accompanied by an adult.


Volunteering for a cause you care about is a great way to give back to the community and help people in need. You can also meet a lot of people and working together can help build a bond with other people that have the same passion that you do. Orphanages, non-profit organisations and animal shelters like the Lusaka Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) need all the help they can get and appreciate volunteers. You could also look within your community and see places that may need volunteers like churches.

Try a New Activity

Pick up a new activity that you have not done before like visiting a museum or starting a new sport or hiking. These activities are often practised by a lot of people and a great way to meet new people. You could approach people in these settings and start a conversation, and pick it up from there. Maybe you could become friends or you could just have a conversation. The great thing about this is that you are likely to meet them in the same place again.

Talk To New People

Talking to new people is a great way to make new friends. It could be talking to new people at school or your place of worship if you are a religious person. It might be hard to step out of your shell if you are shy but a little goes a long way and small talk can turn into great conversations.

And remember to smile! Show you are approachable and open to friendships too. There could be someone out there who is just dying to make you a friend too! Making long-lasting friendships requires a lot of work and effort from both ends. But when you have that friendship that stands the test of time, and keeps you true to who you are, it’s a friendship that lasts a lifetime, and a friendship worth having!


Career Corner

Women working together

in the TV and

Film Industry Muchemwa Sinkala Filmmaker & Screenwriter

Hey SKY Girls! I’m Muchemwa and I’m a filmmaker and screenwriter. Every TV show you’ve ever seen whether a

large broadcast, advert or small production needs a script written by a screenwriter.

I’m originally from Lusaka, Zambia, but I grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe. I went to Rhodes University in South Africa. I did a triple major in: Economics, Politics, Journalism & Media studies, specialising in television production. I would describe myself as introspective, caring and artistic. My motivation comes from thinking about the life I want to have in future. I would say, the hardest thing about being a screenwriter is the long working hours with barely any breaks. Having to spend sleepless nights preparing scripts. Working through weekends and holidays to make sure production is well managed. The biggest advice I would give to girls looking to pursue a career in film and media is to stay passionate, creative and motivated. It's hard when you start but very fulfilling once you get the hang of it.

MY thing Reading, Painting, Sunset parties

MY thing

Smoking, Negativity, Gossiping

which I think also helped my directing ability, because of being one of the writers, I already visualised the series in my head. Having worked on Zuba, I also understood the role of the writer, production design, and director all working together to bring it alive. A good production designer makes all the difference to the look and feel of a show. I saw this first hand on Zuba. It was on the set of Zuba that I meant Zerina, the production designer. My first impression of Zerina was that she’s so fun, cool and artistic and willing to help. Zerina and I worked together on the Zuba set although it wasn’t physical, because I usually write from home. She’s always so cool explaining the sets and why/ how she created them whenever I come on a writing set tour. Our departments complement each other because we, the writing team, put an idea down, and the art department brings it to life. Three qualities I value in friendships are: Loyalty, honesty and trust. The thing I love most about Zerina is her gentle nature.

Every aspect of film is challenging in its own way, I try not to focus on the negatives, so I just push through. I always dedicate myself to solving the problem or letting go when it’s not fulfilling my desires or making me happy. It's very important to make sure that you’re happy in what you’re doing.

As a screenwriter you have to have an active imagination and love of words, to really go into the minds of the characters and the story you’re writing for. I read a lot, and I watch a lot of TV for inspiration. So if you want a career as a screenwriter, perfect your writing craft, start writing stories now!

The highlight of my career was definitely directing Tikula - my directorial debut. It was intense but it was fun and such a learning experience. I had the honor of writing and directing,

The best advice I’ve ever received? My mum is always saying to be prepared for anything when I get up in the morning or before I leave the house, and that’s the best advice I’ve ever received.


Zerina Cunningham Production Designer

MY thing Interior and Exterior Design, Photography, Baking

MY thing

Gossiping, Shisha, Sports

I’m South African but I have lived in Zambia my whole life. I am a passionate and dedicated person to my

family & friends and my work. I am a person that has an eye for creativity, fun and perfection. My friends would describe me as someone who lights up the room when entering. Someone who always puts their friends first, someone who is so strong in their identity which inspires others. Someone who shows kindness and loyalty just with a smile. Someone who will never let you down and love you no matter what. I’ve always been motivated by creative work/projects; coming up with creative ideas to improve something, or making something innovative from scratch, to make something new. Knowing I have helped contribute to making something memorable excites me. I majored in public relations and advertising and now I’m a production designer. My primary school was at Pinewood Preparatory School. Then, my high school was Rhodespark School. In 2019 I graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University. I am currently studying production design at AFDA in Cape Town. I will be graduating this year. My first impression of Muchemwa was she was fun, encouraging and outgoing. Working on the Zuba set has been one of the most exciting and creatively challenging things. The cast and crew have been so amazing and I can call them my family. The writing department is written visual, and art department makes the written visual come to life. We work to create the scene in order for the production to come to life - this is everything from what colour the room should be, where should we place plates on the dining room table, should we place a plant in the corner. Everything on screen is carefully thought out dependent on the scene and the characters. Muchemwa is a strong, independent woman that is goal driven and is always dedicated. She is someone that you can rely on and will have your back. The thing I value most is loyalty in a friendship.

The hardest thing in our industry is pre-production. It is the planning of the production where all the departments come together and start to build the world of the show. To any of you looking to pursue careers in film and media I would advise you to tell a story. Think about a story that has an effect on you, and always remember to believe in your story, vision and love the story you write. Becoming the Art Director for Zuba at the age of 24 is such a huge accomplishment for me. Reason being it is one of the country’s biggest shows on TV. My biggest challenge has been managing a team remotely and going to university in another country. If you want to become a production designer learn about colour, texture, patterns, how it all looks on camera, draw into your creative side! My aspiration is to start my own production company and boost my networking abilities. The best advice I have ever received was ‘You are strong and you can do anything that you set your mind to’. My Dad gave me that advice.


CELEBRITY FEATURE WITH We are giving you not one, but two of our faves this issue. You’ve seen them on our Hot Wings segment on Stay True, but you may also know them from one of Zambia’s biggest TV series Zuba. Yep, that’s right – Medad and Sam ‘Dope G’ Sakala aka Shaka and Thando. We sat down with these two, who are not only co-stars but also friends, and had a lot to say about each other. Who’s funnier? Who was almost a computer scientist? How often do they argue? Well keep reading to get the inside scoop on their personal lives and friendship.

MY thing

Coffee, Integrity and Art.

MY thing Smoking, Unprofessionalism and Corruption.

Sam started off by describing himself as a multifac-


eted Zambian artist, a God fearing son and a super uncle! We were first introduced to him as rapper Dope G, which was formally Dope Ghetto, from the hip hop group Zone Fam. Fast forward to today and Sam has added actor to his artistic resume! When asked which art he prefers between music and acting, he said, “You can’t separate the two”. Sam has immense appreciation for both because he’s had the privilege of experiencing both and feels he has had to use them both interchangeably. Dope G started to take an interest in making music when he was in grade 12, when he was about 17 years old. He would write down lyrics and right after he completed high school, he started to record. Shockingly he wasn’t always into music. From a young age, because he did so well in school, his family had hopes of him being a doctor, accountant or lawyer. Professionally he is an accountant and worked as one for a little while before getting into music and acting full time. He stays true to himself by being around family and spending most of his free time with them, because they remind him of who he was before all the fame. This is the time he can be out of character and just be Sam Sakala. He said he stays true to his current reality, tries to put his phone down and just be in the moment.

MY thing Content Creation, Food and Acting.

MY thing Smoking, pretentious people and liars.

When we asked Medad to describe himself in 3 words, he couldn’t! He said he’s outgoing, adventurous, a Christian, his mum's favorite child and super soft! Something most people would not expect him to be. He says he rarely gets free time with his busy schedule, but when he does, he really wants to rest, so he either takes a nap or plays video games. Music also helps him relax. Medad from a young age really wanted to be a computer scientist, but he always had this artistic side to him that he just never realized. From as early as nursery school, Medad was in school plays and was good at playing his roles. In college he started to host many school events. Later on, TV became a hobby for him when he took the role of host on the talent search show, ‘Dreams’. It slowly became a huge part of his life until it was his life completely.


Do you like pineapple on pizza?

We asked him what he likes doing more, being on radio or being on TV, he says they both have their perks but radio is slowly starting to phase out for the younger generation, so he would most likely pick TV if he had to. He says his mum helps him to stay grounded and true to himself. Sometimes it’s easy to forget who you are in the business of life but he tries as much as he can to remain grounded. When asked what inspires him, he said the fear of not being successful and not achieving his goals. He says his father also inspires him because growing up they never lacked anything and he took care of him and his siblings. Medad would like to be like him some day.

Medad: NO! Unless I have no choice. Sam: Yess! I like it on pizza, in a salad, in a shawarma. Sweet and savory are a great combination.

When we asked them how it has been working on the Zuba production together, they both said it’s been a great experience. They always have great conversations between scenes. Sam says Medad reminds him of a young him and he’s been inspired by his energy. Medad said Sam is his go to for all things he needs advice for. The energy between them is always very positive and chill.

We asked both of them what they admired about each other; SAM: “I admire his drive, he’s very determined. He has accomplished so much and it is great to see. He also has a dope fashion sense. Medad has self-branded himself very well. Lastly, I admire how he stays true to himself. Radio or TV, Medad will have the same energy. MEDAD: “I admire his ability to rap! He does it so well, also his drive and work ethic are great.” It was great to hear that these two have never argued before. They communicate well with each other. They first met officially on the Zuba set but both knew of each other way before because they attended the same events. They rarely spend time together, apart from when they meet on set, but when asked what they would both like to do together if they got the chance, Sam said because they have such strong and different views on different topics, he would like to host a podcast with Medad. Medad said even though he can't sing or rap, he would like to record a song with Dope G someday! His favorite song by Dope G is currently Day by Day. We look forward to listening to any content that these two put out!


How to Series:

Friendship Care Package By Thoko Kalinda

Having that one person you have the closest bond and the most fun with sounds like all sorts of cool, but there is more to having a BFF (best friend forever) than what meets the eye. We have gotten past the ‘making friends’ bit, and it's now time to focus on how to maintain the ‘forever’ part. First things first, it's absolutely normal to feel lost on how to maintain a friendship after getting into one. Quite frankly, making friends is easier than maintaining friendships but don’t worry about it too much, SKY has a few tips to help you get your way around it.

Give what you want to receive Be to your friend, what you want them to be to you. You can't expect from your friend what you yourself are unable to give back. If you want your friend to be able to listen to you when you are sad, you should be able to do the same for them too.

Learn and be teachable

In the event that you and your friend don’t have the same love languages, worry not. This calls for you both to be open to learning and teaching each other. This can practically be done by both of you taking a keen interest in each other’s hobbies or generally any activities that make you both happy.


Make time

Life can really get hectic with school, chores and a whole bunch of things, we get you! But you need to learn to make time for your friends in whatever way you can. Try spending your break or lunch with them at school, that’s a great way to build your bond. Another way would be doing your chores together, trust even your mums will be happy! LOL


Most times when we think about communication, we focus on things like affirmations or your usual chit-chats but another important aspect is communicating negative emotions. You won’t always see eye to eye with your friend and the times that this occurs, you need to be able to communicate your grievance the right way. You choosing not to speak out on certain things could have you growing apart when you could have been growing closer.

Show you care

It’s one thing to think about your friend and a whole other thing to express it. Here is a cool way you can put together a gift box/care package for them.

1 2 3 4

Personalised gifts are always the best! Start by thinking about what theme you are going for such as selfcare, Christmas, birthday, and so much more! This will give you direction as you go along. Once you have figured out the theme, align it with your friend’s taste. Let's say you are putting together a selfcare package, someone including a dunked wings voucher is so thoughtful to me because then I don’t have to cook lol. Think about scented candles to help with relaxation, or bath bombs to add some crazy to an ordinary bath. The focus here is on things that would make your friend’s life easier and happier. Adding some sort of physical item that can symbolise this gesture is a lovely touch. This could be a bracelet, bag tag, phone cover or just anything that they can look back at with this memory attached to it. Let us not forget the note. Depending on the occasion for the gift box, write a cute message that’s fitting. On a birthday you can write about how special your friend is to you, or if it's just random gifting, you can write about how much you appreciate them.

I’m sure by now you have an idea of how to keep the fire going in your friendship and how to gift your friend too. I cannot wait to see what you put together, I bet it's fab because whatever it is, it’s the thought that 27 counts!

By Natasha Malama

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between or among people. As people grow together, they get fonder of each other and value each

other more, they desire each other’s presence and as a result, their trust for one another builds up. This leads to deeper levels of friendship where people tend to give each other titles such as ‘Best Friend’, AKA… BFF!

A BFF is someone you trust wholeheartedly and share many memories with because of the time spent together. However,

in spite of all the loving, sugar and spice and everything nice, best friends also experience disputes. Some are more intense than others which may lead to breakups. Best friend breakups are the worst. Especially when you had no intention of ending the friendship but had to, considering the circumstances. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the situation but other times, splitting up is the only solution. Case in point: Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods. Kylie couldn't carry on being friends with Jordyn after Jordyn kissed Khloe’s (Kylie’s sister) boyfriend at the time.

Case number two: Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus.

Miley didn’t like how close Demi became with Selena Gomez and she believed they didn’t have anything in common anymore. Also, Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy aka Sam and Cat. After the cancellation of the show, the two grew apart as the only thing they had in common that held them together wasn’t in existence anymore.

Another would be Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Hilton

began getting jealous of Kim seeing as Kim got the bigger chunk of fame and spotlight. Paris later began to say hurtful things about Kim in order to tarnish her name, hence their friendship fell through. It’s okay to walk away from friends who don’t seem to support you or celebrate your wins. Additionally, Katy Perry and Rihanna’s friendship also fell through because Katy didn’t approve Rihanna’s decision to date Chris Brown but Rihanna went ahead with it regardless. In this case could we say Katy was right, and maybe Katy told Rihanna as much, or Rihanna didn’t want to admit Katy was right and that’s why they still aren’t friends? Who knows! Some friendships simply can’t be mended.


People change and begin to have different interests as they grow, so it’s completely normal to grow out of each other in friendship.

It’s completely healthy to cut ties with people who do you wrong, or whose values don’t align with yours. It may seem hard at the time, but it definitely gets better with time. So if you think it’s time to cut off the friendship that’s no longer for you, because you’re putting your self-esteem and self value first, then here are some tips to make it less painful:


Are you sure? Make sure it’s time to call it quits, so you have no regrets in the future. Don’t break up with your BFF over a whim, or something petty.



If you know it’s time to cut the friendship off, then tell your BFF. It’s good for your friend to know what they did caused irreparable damage. But this isn’t a fight, this also shouldn’t be because you’re looking for her to say she is sorry, or you are right. Be mature, avoid aggression or hostility, state the facts as they are and be clear that it is what it is, but the friendship is no more.

Listen. So you may have got the whole situation wrong and maybe your BFF wants to share her side of the story maybe you’re even both hurting. But if you decide, after listening, that it’s still time to call it quits, that’s OK. If you decide the friendship is worth saving, that’s OK too! Ultimately, it’s your decision to make.

But what if you are on the receiving end of a BFF breakup? That’s also not easy to deal with. So here are tips to help you move on too - sorry friend.


Acceptance. As hard as it might be, accept your friend is done being friends with you. It’s her decision and you have to allow her to do what is best for her.


If you share mutual friends, you might need to get some distance from them too, or at least let them know you can only hang out with them when your ex BFF is not with them.


Avoidance is the best way to get over someone. Avoid being around them, avoid doing things that remind you of them - find a new spot to chill with your other friends.


Reflection. Did you play a role in the break up? If your BFF told you why she is breaking up with you, reflect on what she said and how you could do things differently, so that you can have a longer lasting, healthy friendship next time.

It’s absolutely OK and normal to lose friends throughout your life. Even celebrities lose friends and they are still thriving. Don’t beat yourself up about the situation, you can still make new friends. Just ensure to work on cultivating better and long-lasting friendships to desist from unnecessary breakups.


Contact details: Instagram: innersafariquest_ISQ FaceBook: InnnerSafriQuestISQ Twitter: @innersafari_ISQ

Have you ever noticed how some people face setbacks and seem to blame everyone else but themselves? Whereas others will experience the same setback and are able to move on and even learn from it. The reason for this is self-responsibility. Self-responsibility is all about holding your own power and choosing to take leadership and control over your life, the choices you make and the consequences of those choices. You take ownership of everything, your thoughts, your feelings, your words, and your actions. No excuses, no blaming others. It’s about standing in your power. No matter what happens to you, you choose how you respond. When you’re in charge of how you think, how you feel and how you respond to different circumstances, you create your own happiness, your own joy, and your own success. Let’s say your friends convince you to lie to your parents about going to a party that you know your parents would not let you go to. You go to the party under the guise that you’re going to spend the night at your friend’s house. Your parents find out and the first thing you say is ‘my friend made me do it’ or ‘everyone else went so why can’t I go?’ Regardless of what your friends say, the ultimate decision to lie to your parents and go to that party was yours and you knew the consequence of your parents finding out is that you would get punished for your


actions. Now that you’ve been caught out and are being punished for something you did, you want to play the victim and blame everyone else but you. So how do you tell if you’re being a victim? The first thing to do is look for those uncomfortable feelings. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, unsure, have a funny feeling in your stomach that something isn’t right, know that you are not standing in your power. In the example above, when your friends ask you to lie to your parents; ask yourself if this is the kind of person you want to be. Are the consequences of being caught out in a lie and being deemed untrustworthy by your parents worth a night out at a party you probably won’t even enjoy because you’ll be so worried about getting caught? Whenever you have these uncomfortable feelings of nervousness, sadness, and anger, ask yourself how you can look at the situation differently so you can feel better about it and be in more control. In the above example, you can say no. A party is not worth losing your parents' trust in you and the punishment you’ll get. Or you can go ahead knowing what the consequences will be. But if you go with the second option, be ready to deal with the punishment without blaming others. You always have a choice to either be powerful or feel like a victim. Is there an area in your life where you feel that you have no power? How can you shift your thinking to put yourself in control?

Our Top 10 Friendship Movies Celebrate your friendship by having your squad over to binge on some of our fave friendship movies of all time. If we’ve missed any seriously good ones out, let us know on our socials! Charlie’s Angels (2019)

Seriously Single (2020)

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska star in Charlie's Angels as the next generation of Angels who work for the Townsend Firm, a private detective agency. The film is the third episode in the Charlie's Angels film series. Charlie's Angels is about three ladies who come from diverse backgrounds and have different strengths and flaws who join together to save the world.

After a messy break up with Lunga, her commitment-phobic bestie Noni, helps Dineo face what she dreads the most life as a single woman. Forced to move out of Lunga's apartment Dineo seeks refuge with Noni. But letting go of another failed relationship is hard for Dineo.

Shazam (2019)

Cheetah Girls (2003)

Four teens aim to take the world by storm with their music. A four member teen girl group named the Cheetah Girls go to a Manhattan High School for Performing Arts and tries to become the first freshmans to win the talent show in the school's history

Mean Girls (2004)

Cady (the main character) leaves Africa to go to America, she tries to learn how to fit in with her new environment. Regina accepts Cady into her squad, her group is known as the "Plastics", they are popular and not so nice. Cady goes through so many trials until she finds her true friends.

If you are a DC gal then this one's for you! It's spooky and funny, this superhero film is about a foster family that is learning how to love and care for each other. Teenager Billy gets superpowers from a magical wizard and he, together with his foster brother, must use his new powers to destroy evil villains.

Clueless (1995)

This movie is about a high school student in Beverly Hills (USA) that must survive the ups and downs of adolescent life. Cher and her friend Dionne, two of the most popular sophomores in school, play matchmaker for two teachers. Inspired by their success, Cher takes under her wing Tai, a "clueless" transfer student.

Tall Girl (2019)

Sometimes we can feel like ugly ducklings. We feel that we don't fit in because of our insecurities. Jodi was the tallest in her class and everyone was so mean to her. Until Stig came to their school. He is an exchange student and even taller than Jodi. All the girls are head over heels for this boy, anyway Jodi realizes that she is perfect just the way she is.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) The whole meaning of the film is loyalty, friendship and love for each other, reflecting that in spite of their youth, these four girls recognise the value of the relationship they have with each other.

Jumanji (2017)

Jumanji is our all-time favorite, it never gets old. It's between two boys and two girls, who were so different from each other who all get detention and are told to clean the school basement. Down there they find a gaming console which sucks them into the game, and their mission is to save "Jumanji". While saving Jumanji they form a strong friendship appreciating each other's differences.

Frenemies (2012)

Three pairs of best friends who are studying at the same school, find themselves at odds with one another over trivial matters that put their friendship to the test.


My bestie and I are polar opposites. She likes staying home while I like going out; she’s quiet and reserved while I’m loud and bubbly. Sometimes it’s hard for us to agree on basic things and end up arguing. How can two very different people maintain a healthy relationship? In a lot of friendships, it can seem like you have absolutely nothing in common. Think about what it

is that brought you together in the first place and concentrate on nurturing that part of your relationship. The fact that you like going out and she likes staying in doesn’t mean that you must give in to what the other is not comfortable doing. Just because you are best friends, it doesn’t mean that you need to do everything together. Go out with other friends who enjoy outings and spend time with her when doing indoor things. When you disagree, try to understand where you’re both coming from, and if you still disagree, understand that we all have differing opinions, we should be able to see someone else’s perspective without necessarily having to agree with it.

Dear SKY, some of my seniors are always making snarky remarks about one of my friends. My friend clearly doesn’t feel comfortable with their rude comments, but they always claim to be ‘just joking’. However, the constant teasing and bullying is beginning to affect my friend’s self-confidence. How can I help my friend? Unfortunately, dealing with bullies is something we go through in many stages in our lives, from our time in school, university, work, and all types of social settings. The thing is to always remember to stand in your power and remind yourselves that the most important opinion about you, is your own. Remind your friend about how unique s/he is and that usually when people focus negative attention on someone else, they are trying to take the spotlight away from something negative about themselves that they are dealing with. Remind your friend that self-confidence comes from within. There is nothing anyone can say or do to take that away unless s/he lets them.


Hello, I’ve had a crush on a certain guy since last year. I was planning on telling him

how I feel, unfortunately before I got the chance, he asked out one of my friends and she said yes. Do you have any advice on how to get over this? Should I still go ahead and tell him how I feel?

How much do you value the friendship you have with the friend that he asked out? As

difficult as it is to see your friend with him, it will be even harder to continue your friendship if you tell this guy how you feel, regardless of the outcome of your decision. If you start dating him you lose a friend, and if he rejects you, you lose 2 friends, because your friend will know about you approaching her boyfriend. Crushes come and go, but friendships that are broken are the hardest to fix. Weigh your options and you’ll come to the right decision for you

Hey Sis! I got into a terrible argument with my

friend and I said some really hurtful things. She’s been avoiding me ever since. Do you have any tips on how I can fix our friendship?

Sometimes when we argue we can say hurtful things that we don’t necessarily mean. As difficult as it is when tempers are

hot, it’s better not to say the hurtful thing in the first place. Take a breath and think about the consequences of your words before you say them. Now that you have had time to reflect on what you said to your friend, reach out to her and take responsibility for your actions. Explain that you never intended to hurt her, and let her know how much you value your friendship.

Dear SKY, my friend recently got into a relationship. I’m happy for her, but I

Hey SKY! I recently got word that my friend was gossiping about me behind my back. The first time I heard this I brushed it off as a rumor, but a different person came and told me the same. These stories are beginning to cause mistrust in our relationship. Do I just brush it off as jealousy from people trying to separate us or confront her about it? And if so, how do I approach her? This is a tricky one. On the one hand, the people telling

you the stories might be the ones making things up, but on the other hand, the stories may be true. For your own peace of mind, it would be best to bring all parties involved and have a conversation about it. If you have someone older who can mediate, it will help. Sometimes things can be taken out of context, so have the conversation with an open mind and be prepared to hear different perspectives. Explain your position and what the friendship means to you. The tenets of true friendship are trust and honesty, if these are absent then it’s not really a friendship.

Hi SKY, my friend is never on time for anything. We planned an outing one

feel like she never has time to hangout anymore. Worse off, whenever we hangout her boyfriend is either lurking or she’s going on and on about him. It seems like she’s not committed to our relationship any more, what do I do?

weekend, she was supposed to meet me by my place and proceed with the rest of the squad from there. As usual she came late, I sent her a text to meet us at the location but she didn’t see my message. Now she claims that we betrayed her. Help!

First loves tend to make people behave out of character. Navigating

When your friend shows up late for your appointments on a regular basis,

these kinds of situations requires a delicate approach. Things have changed for both of you, she’s learning how to be in this new relationship whilst balancing her friendships and you’re learning to share your friend with someone who is special to her. Let her know how much you value your friendship and suggest that you can spend time together and put a light twist on it. You can call it a boy-free zone… no talking about boys or having them around. That way it doesn’t seem like it’s about her boyfriend specifically.

Ati shani SKY, two of my very good friends got into a terrible fall out and stopped talking to each other. I always feel awkward hanging out with one without the other. I care for them both but I am caught between their cold war. What do I do?

This is an uncomfortable situation to be in. If the friendship between your two

friends is unsalvageable the best thing you can do is set boundaries that they both have to respect. Agree that you will not have discussions about the other when you are hanging around with one of them, and in a situation where you are around both, they must agree to be civil and not expect you to be in the middle of it or take sides.

she’s sending you a message that your time is not a priority and is not valuing the fact that you have put time aside to spend with her. We teach people how to treat us, and if we give them the message that their time is more important than ours, they will treat us accordingly. Your friend is used to things happening around her schedule, and the one time you prioritize your time, she was upset. Don’t let your friend turn the issue around to be about her. Being a few minutes late occasionally is acceptable, but you will no longer tolerate anything beyond that. Just make it clear that you’re not going to wait around for her forever.

Hey there, I started making new friends

lately, there’s this one girl I got really close to. Her parents are really chilled, allow her to date and wear whatever she wants. She’s really fun to hang with, but my mom thinks she’s bad company for me. How do I handle this?

Have a discussion with your mum and explain to her that you respect the values she has instilled in you and your own personal values. You’re not

going to suddenly abandon these values to be like someone else. Explain that you are not trying to be like your new friend, you just really enjoy her company. Perhaps suggest that your mum invites her mum and her over to your house and you get to know each other. The most important thing to stress is that we are all uniquely who we are and you’re not trying to be anyone else but you.

Dear SKY, I feel like my best friend only texts me when she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. I usually see her active online. Whenever I drop her a text she doesn’t respond right away, but she’ll post statuses and screenshots of conversations with her other friends. How do I deal with this inconsistency? We show people how to treat us. If they don’t treat us as

a priority and we allow it to continue, it develops into a habit that they see nothing wrong with. Explain how you feel to your friend, she may not even be aware that her actions are affecting you in this way. However, you also need to learn to be okay with your messages not being responded to immediately, and that your best friend has other friends in her life. In this high-tech age, we are accustomed to instant gratification. It may be the case that when you texted she was deep into these other conversations and she prefers to text you when she’s not distracted by them.



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