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Letter To My 14 Year Old Self By Esther Chungu


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This Issue’s Contributors

Hey SKY Girls! How has your month been so far? As for me, things have been awesome. Everything is going well according to my expectations.

Muzya Vida Musokotwane Chanda Chibale

Are you excited as I am for another edition of SKY Magazine? This issue is all about friendship. I define

friendship as a bond between people that connects them and lets them share each other's feelings and thoughts. Speaking of friendship, our cover girls are

the definition of FRIENDSHIP GOALS! They have fun together and support each other. Staying true to our theme, we have lots of content you’ll love such as ‘Tips on Strengthening a Friendship’ and a quiz you and your bestie can do to figure out how well you know each other. But it's not always sunshine and daisies in friendship, sometimes the people we call 'friends' are toxic people. We have an article on how to recognize the signs of a toxic friendship, and a true life feature on how a friendship was ruined that we can all learn from.

Louisa Kasalika

Trust Mulenga Thoko Kalinda

Letter To My 14 Year Old Self which is written by award-winning gospel artist Esther Chungu, who you know from our Stay True anthem, right? Plus, have you and your friends ever

As usual, we have the

Lincia Mambo

wanted to start a business together? In this issue’s career corner, we speak to Beliya Ndlovu and Adele Makayi who started a social media company together. As for fashion, you know winter is coming right? We’ll show you how to style sweaters and jackets to look cool while still staying warm.

Until next time, remember to stay true to yourself girls! Precious Mwansa Chisha


Namasiku Akatoka Kayama

Lungowe Samuels

Lungowe Samuel 4



Winter is finally upon us! We know that when the temps drop, it may be harder to find style inspiration for clothes that will keep you warm, but still cute. I’m here to share tips on how to style your sweaters and jackets in four different ways.


For an Afropunk look, you can wear a stylish Chitenge bomber/ coat with a solid colored overall-inspired dress and sneakers. Add tights when the weather gets super chilly.


For a preppy look, pair a short skirt with a pair of tights, then add a long-sleeved collared shirt and a thick sweater over it.


Rock joggers with a cami or top, add a denim jacket and sneakers. Add some sunglasses to accessorize.

Street Style

Go denim on denim with jeans and a graphic tee. Pair with a denim jacket, add a head sock and sneakers.

Want to replicate these looks? Send us pictures of your winter looks by tagging us on our social media platforms @skygirlszed.



Here’s Here’s aastep stepby bystep stepguide guideon how doto this on to how doHastasana this pose;pose;


By Precious Mwansa-Chisha

Stand with your feet in mountain pose with your legs slightly apart. Your hands should rest on the side of the body with your feet firmly planted to the ground with toes facing directly forward.


2 3

Stretch your arms up straight your up, straight,above and straight shoulders. from your shoulders.

Activate your core navel back towards your spine.

Kamota’s Thing: Totally loving, supporting and affirming herself. Not her Thing: Getting her boundaries overstepped.

Hi SKY Girls,

Yoga Health Benefits

You can learn to do yoga with her on Mondays and Wednesdays from 17:45-18:45 at the PKF Offices which are situated at No. 11 Sable Road, Kabulonga. The price is usually K100 per class but she is happy and willing to offer a 20% discount to all SKY Girls because part of yoga is also giving back.

It is great at relaxing the body and relieving stress.

What You’ll Need for Yoga

Yoga can lower blood pressure, improve your digestion and quality of sleep.

A Yoga Mat- You can purchase one from a sports shop.

Are you looking for a new way to work out? Try Yoga! Yoga is a practice that connects the mind and body. It began in India over 5,000 years ago and has been practiced around the world ever since.

Want to try some Yoga at home? We have some easy poses for you to do with Yoga instructor Kamota Mayondi. She began learning Yoga in 2014 and has been a yoga instructor since 2019. Kamota owns her own practice called Yondi wellness.


Yoga Wear- Find something comfortable like leggings or gym shorts, a sports bra or vest. Try the “Hastasana” pose which means “raised hands pose.” This stretches the shoulders and spine. It is ideal for beginners as it doesn’t require much flexibility.

4 5

Slide away Bringyour yourshoulders wrists over yourfrom your ears with a focus of broadening your shoulders over your hip, and collar bones. your hips over your ankles.

Hold the pose and take five slow, deep breaths.


To come out, lower your arms to your sides and return to step 1.


Discount Coupon for Yoga Class with Kamota


Dear 14 year old me, First of all, I’d like to say that I am so proud of you and of your stance both in Christ and in school. I’m so glad you do not move with the crowd. I am glad that you have your own voice and you also speak for others. You will grow into a woman who is comfortable in her skin. I do wish you were a little more confident, but I am comforted by the fact that you will be more assertive as you grow. Please continue to stand up for what is right even when no one is watching and to always choose kindness.


Esther Chungu

Esther Chungu is an award-winning gospel musician from Zambia. Fun Fact: She co-performed our SKY Anthem and has an amazing performance on our SKY YouTube channel.

Some days will be happier than the others and some more emotional than the others but please remember to take a deep breath and hug yourself tight because you’ll live through it. And when things don’t go the way you’d hoped they’d go, don’t lose hope. Pray, read, eat if you’d like but don’t ever throw a pity party. Continue to be as optimistic as you are now. May you continue to work hard and have fun while you do it. Continue to have your loud and hearty laughter, cry when you feel overwhelmed but always remember to hold your crown straight and show up even when your body wants to sleep in. By the way, you’ll still look pretty in braids at 27. I love you, and I pray that God continues to bless and protect you.

With love,

u g n u h C r e Esth Every issue of SKY magazine, one inspirational woman writes a letter to herself aged 14, reflecting on her teenage years and giving much-needed advice.




For Beliya and Adele, the best part about working together is that a friend will understand that you are a human being before you are a business partner, as compared to working with other people who don’t expect you to be vulnerable in a professional setting. Adele said, “We’ve understood the vision part of it, and in that vision, we can still be ourselves, we can be vulnerable and share ideas.”


On the flip side, the major challenge they face from working together is how thin the line between friendship and partnership is, and sometimes they just want a friend to be a friend and balancing the two requires a lot of emotional intelligence.

By Thoko Kalinda

However, they’ve found a work and friendship balance and advise friends looking to become business partners to first spend time by themselves to understand what it means to be a friend and what it means to be a business partner, and the difference between the two so that when you’re being a friend, you are not being a business partner and vice versa.

Meet Beliya Ndlovu and Adele Makayi , two amazing young women who create social media content for various clients through Yellow Ray Digital, a company they created together.

They encourage girls to not be afraid to talk about money and have those difficult conversations without attaching emotions as business is business.

At the beginning of 2019, Beliya

and Adele met through a photoshoot that Beliya had organized for a client whose social media she was managing and which she asked Adele to model for. That was how their business partnership and friendship started.

In order to maintain healthy female friendships outside of work, Beliya and Adele advise girls to first go back to the definition of a friend. Assess the relationship by asking “is this person there for me? What does friendship mean to me? Do they understand my love language? And is it being reciprocated?”

The duo has a YouTube channel called Channel Yellow in which they make travel content, lifestyle content and skincare related content. “We do social media management, content creation, part-time vlogging and are full-time lovers of life, lovers of good vibes and lovers of Jesus”, said Beliya. What Adele likes most about Beliya is how she doesn’t quit. “Sis is resilient and she just keeps going!” Beliya said, “What I like most about Adele is her brain, it's ridiculously multifaceted. It's like a colour wheel, whatever colour you mix will give you a more beautiful colour!”


They encourage girls to be intentional about their friendships by learning what their friends go through, praying with their friends, going on friendship dates and being present during trying times.

Adele’s Thing:


Not her Thing: Keeping up appearances

Beliya’s Thing:

Living a purpose-driven life

Not her Thing: Bad vibes, bad energy, toxicity, anything that chooses violence.





Meet our Friendship Issue winners

Tehilla Phiri Hannah Ndlovu Moono Zulu

By Precious Mwansa

Whatever you call your friend group, you can find creative ways to acknowledge and mark your friendship for the world to see. Here are four ways to showcase your squad swag.


Chama Phiri By Hannah Ndlovu

Hi SKY Girls,

Friendship Bracelets These are usually matching bracelets you and your BFF or squad can rock together. You can either purchase them or make them yourselves. Making these bracelets is super fun and easy and can be a great bonding idea for you and your squad. For DIY bracelets, you’ll need string, beads and trinkets. All you need to do is measure the size of your wrist and cut the string. Then, slot in whatever you want whether its beads or any other type of trinkets. Most of these can be found in Home Essentials, China Mall or Golden Oaklet. You can also use fabric or elasticated material.

We’re Tehilla, Moono, Chama and myself Hannah or the “K squared” squad. The inspiration behind the name comes from our head teacher who used to always find us together and from that day, she has always called us by that name and we liked it! Here’s a bit more about us and our personalities.

Matching Diaries If you and your squad are creative and love to journal or draw, consider getting matching diaries. You can purchase these from any stationary shop and customize them with stickers, glitter, or pictures. Make sure you fill it in with special days like each other’s birthdays, movie dates, trips you’re taking together etc.

Matching sneakers Matching T-shirts and Hoodies You and your bestie (s) can rock matching t-shirts with words like “BFF”, “Squad goals” or your crew’s name printed on them. Buy plain t-shirts and take them to be printed on or you can go the DIY route and buy letters and numbers from places like China Mall or Home Essentials that you can simply iron onto your t-shirts or hoodies.


You can also mark your friendship in a subtle way by rocking matching sneakers. You can choose to rock the same color or brand or customize your own white sneakers with your squad’s name. There literally a million things you could rock to mark your friendship. Whether its matching outfits, nails, hairstyles or nails, at the end of the day, friends ultimately mark their friendship by being there for each other, keeping each other’s secrets and loving each other.


My Thing: Singing, Dancing and Basketball Not My Thing: Bad Company, Alcohol

My Thing: Dancing, playing netball and listening to music Not My Thing: Gossiping, arguing and bullying

My Thing: Singing, Dancing and Comedy

My Thing: Dancing, Singing and Music

Not My Thing: Smoking

Not My Thing: Gossiping

HANNAH NDHLOVU (16) The Dancer

CHAMA (17) The Clown

TEHILLA PHIRI (15) The Singer

MOONO ZULU (16) The Baker

I am the “light of the group” because there is never a dull moment when I am around. I am always there cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. I always make them do the craziest things they never thought they would have ever done. One of my negative traits is that I easily get upset or irritated, but I promise that I am a very friendly person. I love making new friends (don’t tell my Squad lol). I love to sing and dance as well.

I am very sarcastic, but I bring the fun! I have a great sense of humor, which makes me the clown of the group. I am ambitious and I think of myself as a "hustler". I’m probably the shy one of the group, but I speak up when I have to. My negative trait is that I easily trust people.

Like Hannah, I also like to sing and dance. I am the quiet one in the squad. I like to laugh and I never take things seriously. One of my negative traits is that I find it hard to stand up for myself. (My squad says I should work on this). My friends say that their favourite thing about me is that I have a heart of gold.

I am very loud and the talkative one of the group. (My friends say I never stop talking! Lol) I am also the baker of the group and have a huge sweet tooth. My squad are my food tasters. They say they love my cupcakes. One of my negative traits is that I think I’m right sometimes, so I don’t always consider my friend's opinions (I’m working on this, I promise!) My squad would define me as cheerful.



my thing.

That’s not


gossip and


That’s my THING.

and dancing?

making friends


I �il� rise

I believe in.

totobemyself true and what

I pledge

to m eet m y


to my


make choices

I will

who I am.


let anyone else

and I will not

my choices,

I will trust

SKY Pledge 18


By Trust Mulenga

Here are some celebrity best friend duos or groups that might shock you and some you probably already knew about.

By Lincia Mbao

Sekayi and Tukiya

Sisters Sekayi (Kayi) and Tukiya (Kii) first caught our attention with their street style/fashion blog turned business Mafashio. Their BFF bond is so strong you can see it when they are together. Both their creative qualities mix well and make for a great friendship. What’s better than finding a friend in your sister?

Kendall Jenner and her group of best friends. Most people have one or two

Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle

Actress Pearl Thusi and DJ/Businesswoman Dj Zinhle are true friendship goals! They both have said that they feel like they have found a sisterhood in each other and have years of friendship under their belt. They are very candid about their friendship on social media and always show us how much they love each other!

Bonang Matheba and Pinky Girl


Entertainment host and entrepreneur Bonang Matheba and her cousin Pinky have been close since childhood but after being together on Bonang’s hit TV show, the pair have been inseparable, as we have seen on our Instagram news feeds. Their sweet bestie moments and them living the soft life had us glued to them. As they travel around the world together, we live vicariously through these wanderlust besties!

Mwaji Kay and Mwape

If you follow this duo on YouTube, you know they come as a total package. Mwaji and Mwape are constantly featuring on each other’s channels and creating different content together and we just can’t get enough! They have amazing common values and love to have fun together as creatives. We look forward to seeing more content collaborations in the future.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Disney has birthed some of the greatest friendships of all time and we certainly love to see co-stars getting along. They have never been on a show together but spend a lot of time together off-screen. These two are often showing off their friendship on social media, from appearing on each other’s YouTube channels to Instagram posts.

Who are your favourite celeb BFFs? Let us know on our socials.

Early bird or � � �Night ow� Tea or � � �Cof�ee Sweet � � Salty or � � �Spicy Makeup or Book�orm or

No makeup Movie �anatic

Movies or � � �Series Fashionista or

P�ain and simple style



Android or


High heels or


Chocolate or


12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Cold rainy days or

Hot sunny days

Stay in or

Go out

Girly girl�or


Specs or

No specs

Loud and social�or Fast �ood or

Quiet and shy

Home-cooked meal

Would I rather visit the �ast or


Bright, popping colours or Dul�, subtle colour combinations Tal�ing or � � �Texting Cold beverages or

Hot beverages

Each correct answer is worth one mark, so you can head over to the scoreboard and find out how well you did ;)

Skai Jackson and Marsai Martin



best friends, well Kendal has a whole bunch of best friends both male and female, this definitely comes in handy when it’s time for bestie vacation trips – am I right? Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters have grown close over the years and are totally our best friend goals, from travelling together to even walking on the same runway.



Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale

These two played frenemies that were indirectly always competing against each other in the movie series High School Musical. However, these two could not be any closer in real life and have been best friends for about 20 years now. Vanessa was Ashley’s bridesmaid at her wedding, and they are currently re-decorating their houses together – now if that doesn’t say BBF I don’t what does!



Celebrity Best Friends We Love

As brave and bold as you are, SKY girl, challenge your bestie to this fun quiz and find out how well they know you. Whether it's your sister from another mister or brother from another mother, we have compiled a little quiz to help you know your bestie just a little more. Tick which option you think best describes your bestie. Compare notes when you’re done. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins.

0-10 11-14 15-18 19-21 Keep trying! You might need a date or two to catch up and keep up with your friend. There is always room to get to know each other better.

You're getting there! You're on the path to a stronger friendship. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, but there is still much to learn about each other.

Good job! You've put in great effort to get to know your best friend and it's showing. Continue paying attention to their preferences and qualities.

Great work! You've taken the time to know the little details of your bestie, their likes and dislikes. You seem to be sure of what their thing is and what isn't.


How�I Ruined a FRIENDSHIP Every issue we feature true life stories from girls just like you. This issue, an anonymous SKY Girl tells us about how she regrets ruining a friendship over a guy. There was once this friend I had that meant the world to me. She and I were like two halves. We were inseparable until one day, when it all went south. Here is the story of how I ruined my friendship. My best friend *Nyuma and I did everything together. There was never a place you would see her without me. We weren’t just friends, we were sisters. Our moms ended up being close as well because of us. It really felt like I would be friends with this girl for the rest of my life. When I thought about my future, she was right there in the picture. Things began to change when I met *Brian. “Him” refers to the sweet and cute guy that swept me right off my feet. I loved this guy with my whole heart. One day, he asked why my best friend and I were weirdly close. I was surprised by his question because I never ever thought our closeness was weird. He said that she and I spent too much time together and that I needed to find my own identity outside her. First I thought, “Who does this guy think he is?” I defended our friendship and set him straight. However, the more he brought it up, the more we fought about it, the more I felt conflicted until one day, he said, “It’s either me or her.” I was crushed. On the one end, here was an amazing guy who I really, really liked and was my first boyfriend. On the other end was my best friend and better half. What was I going to do? I remember crying for two days straight. Long story short, I chose wrong. I put this guy first. I started hanging out with him more and slowly cut my best friend off. This guy became my moon, sun and stars. My world revolved around him. Eventually, he broke my heart by cheating on me with someone else. it felt like I was never going to breathe again. I tried calling Nyuma several times and sent her a long message on facebook saying I was sorry and really needed a friend. She didn’t respond. I even tried getting our mothers to arrange a peace meeting, but Nyuma refused to see me. I didn’t have any shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to my heartbreak story. I was broken, sad and alone. I truly regret ruining the best friendship I ever had, especially over a guy. I now get the phrase “Sisters before Misters” and strongly stand by it. Guys come and go (and even if they don’t) one thing you’ll always have, is your girls in your corner. So, cherish your friends and hold them tightly. You may fight or disagree or argue sometimes but it’s all part of the beauty of friendship. Treasure your friends. Remember, they are the family you get to choose.


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Friendships are a beautiful thing and having someone to call in your hard times and having someone to share your good times with is a blessing. However, friendships must be nurtured. Here are our tips on strengthening friendships.

Spend quality time together often doing something you both love, doing something you or they love, or try something new together.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN Go down memory lane or better yet if it’s a new friendship make new memories! Things to laugh and joke about. Looking back at things you have experienced together can create a warm and loving bond. Text each or WhatsApp each other old pictures or videos of you together, or make a scrapbook filled with souvenirs from things you've done together such as movie tickets or museum entrance tickets. Show signs of appreciation towards each other. Small notes and thoughtful gifts like remembering their favourite chocolate and getting it for them could really brighten up someone’s day.



BY Muzya Vida Musokotwane

Being a non-judgemental shoulder to cry on will strengthen a friendship as your friends will see you as a safe space whenever they need you and vice versa. Being vulnerable and knowing that you can share your true feelings without being made fun of is a sign of a true friendship!

Purposely plan activities together and include each other. Whether it is sports or a school project it is always good to include each other. Try tackling the Yoga moves on page 8 and 9 of this issue together.

Spend time apart: Ever heard the phrase “Distance makes the heart grow fonder?” Believe it or not, a healthy amount of space and time away from each other could strengthen a friendship. Plus, you’ll have even more to share when you see each other. While you’re apart, send funny GIFs to each other, speak on the phone, or video call each other.

Last but not least, BE REAL WITH EACH OTHER at all times. Give them facts and good advice when they need to hear it and even when they don’t.

Take the BFF quiz together: Get to know each other better, or test your knowledge of how well you know each other by taking the Quiz on page 21.


Self Help: How to identify a Toxic Friendship Lubuuto’s Thing: Being analytical

By Namasiku Kayama


By Chanda Chibale

Do you sometimes wonder if you are in a toxic friendship? Here are a few ways to can identify if you are. We all have bad days and during those bad days, we may find it hard to be kind to others and after we feel better, we will apologise. In a toxic friendship, this becomes commonplace and they show no remorse or no need to change and do better. Friends often joke around with each and good-natured teasing is ok. However, if your friend usually demeans you, or makes you feel bad about yourself (It could be subtle tactics or outright insults) then your friendship is not healthy. If you share something with your friend and you urge them not to tell anyone, then the next thing everyone knows about it, that means your friend has broken your trust and hurt your feelings. Toxic friends tend to spread secrets. This shows that they do not care about your feelings because if they did, they would not want to hurt you.


Not Her Thing: Physical activity

Meet Lubuuto Bwalya Mulwale, a 20-year-old female Chess player who has represented Zambia in many tournaments including the 2016 Chess Olympiads in Azerbaijan and the 2014 Africa Africa Youth Championships in Tunisia. Lubuuto plans on achieving more, including being the country’s first female grandmaster. If you call out a friend on their bad behaviour or if they offended you, they should be genuinely remorseful. If they get defensive or say “I'm sorry” only to end the conversation, that suggests they are thinking more about themselves than about you.

Have you seen the Netflix Show ‘The Queen's Gambit’? I binge-watched it recently and it got me interested in trying out Chess and learning more about female representation in Chess in Zambia. On doing more research, I discovered Lubuuto Bwalya Mulwale.

Someone who tries to change things about you may not be an ideal friend. A true friend understands that people have different personalities. It would be very selfish of them to try and change things about you that make you who you are. Also, if they genuinely care about you, they would not try and change you to best suit their needs.

Lubuuto’s chess interest started from her watching her cousins, dad and elder sister play Chess when she was seven. “Watching my cousin, elder sister and dad play made me curious about it and from there I just started to figure it out”. Fun Fact: her older sister Kabamba Bwalya Mulwale was in the national Chess team.

If someone continuously puts you down and treats you poorly, you might start to accept this behaviour and think that it's right. This may lead to your self-confidence and self-esteem diminishing. I am not saying that you should give 50/50 when it comes to friendship, but you should respect yourself enough to know when to walk away. Give the person or yourself a chance to change and if it is not working then it is time to let it go. You do not have to hate each other but it is important to realise that you are better off apart.

Lubuuto is currently a third-year economics student at the Copperbelt University where she tries to balance school and chess tournaments. “I’m not sure if I manage them both perfectly because at times I prioritize one making me perform average in the other. Striking a balance is the hardest part that I’m still trying to figure out”. Sounds like all of us right? When it comes to notable Chess players in Zambia, many of us only know male players such as Amon Simutowe who is the first Grand Master in sub-Saharan Africa and the third Black grandmaster in history. Asked if she has faced stigmatization in Zambia in the male-dominated sport, Lubuuto says she has not because “our thinking capacities are the same (as men) and female Chess players increase every day and I’m proud of that”.

Chess has opened up many opportunities in her life from travel, being an inspiration to young girls and the chance to represent Zambia. In terms of her proudest moments as a sportswoman, Lubuuto says “I have achieved so much including the Junior sportswoman of the Year 2017 and plan on achieving much more including the Woman International Master (WIM)”. With her name in the headlines, it can be difficult to have genuine friends who aren’t in it for fame. Lubuuto says her friends are important to her and that the friendships she has are about loyalty, trust, honesty and forgiveness. She stays true to herself by remembering where she came from and the goal of making her parents proud. In terms of advice she would give teenage girls who would like to enter Chess or other sports, she says, “If you have any talent or skill, embrace it and show it to the world”.


Bupe’s Thing: Dancing Not Her Thing: Singing

By Trust Mulenga

SKY TALENT In this issue of SKY Talent, we feature 16-year-old Bupe Nkonde, an amazing contem-

porary dancer from Lusaka. Bupe completed her high school in 2020 and is waiting to go to university early next year. She would like to study Law at the University of Zambia. When asked why she picked law as her program when it’s so different from her talent, she said she would like dance to be something that brings her happiness and be an escape for her but also be able to be in the corporate world because she has the same amount of love for the law. What an achiever! Bupe says her love for dancing came at an incredibly young age because she comes from a family of dancers. All her siblings and parents love to dance. Growing up, she realised she could not do the dances that everyone else was doing, like the dougie or the shuffle but was flexible in another style of dance. She could move her body in a way she had never really seen before. She started watching the TV show ‘Dance Moms’ at the age of 9-10, and that is when she became more exposed to her style of dance. She would watch them twirl and do splits, and was hooked. She would watch and practice until she perfected her dancing skills.


Another thing that contributed to her love for dance was when she started following and watching videos of Maddie Ziegler, an American dancer who features in most of Australian pop singer SIA’s music videos, who she feels is an inspiring role model for her. Like every young girl, she faced many challenges and sometimes felt like quitting dance. Bupe says that because her style isn’t as common as other dances in Zambia, it’s challenging to find the proper environment to dance and practice and the right shoes for her particular dances. After seeing Maddie achieve so much, she felt like it was easier to do contemporary dance out of the country but what kept her going was the reactions she would get from people every time she danced. She could see that it made people happy and decided to keep dancing despite all her setbacks! You go girl! She says her sister has been her biggest supporter, and the rest of the family is amazed at how well she can dance. We asked her why she decided to describe her style of dance as ‘contemporary’ instead of ballet, she said, “Ballet is a bit technical; I have more rhythm. My dance style is less technical and more captivating emotion”.




By Precious Mwans

fried either made from eggs sh di a is te et el An om ast meal and is s usually a breakf It’ l. oi or r tte bu with ie omelettes, as sy to make. Vegg ea d an k ic qu r supe vegetables but sed, are filled with es gu ve ha ht ig m you ith meat. y as those filled w m m yu as st ju e tast ick and easy recipe y too! Here’s a qu th al he e ar ey th , Plus an 10 minutes of on’t take more th w It t. ou try n ca you u’re in a hurry or rfect for when yo pe s it’ so e tim your plicated. e something com ak m to zy la g in feel

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So I have been close friends with this girl for some time now, and we had the strongest bond ever. We were literally inseparable. Recently, I found out that she’s a liar and tells other people’s secrets (her other close friends) and that she is not as genuine as I thought she is. She hasn’t spilt any of my secrets yet (that I know of)., but I now find it hard to trust her. Do you think I should confront her?

Well, this is a tricky one! First of all, l the mature thing to do here would be to ask her about everything and get some clarity instead of hearing other people’s information. Since the people who told you don’t want to be involved, the best thing to do is to be careful with this friend. Usually, if they can talk about their other friend’s secrets they can talk about yours too. The best thing to do is to refrain from telling her anything too deep or too meaningful to you but still be her friend as she hasn’t done anything directly to you.

Hi SKY Girls


Hey B

We know it can be tough to be a girl and there are many issues we deal with daily.

So I wrote to you because I don’t know how to handle my situation with my current friend group. Sometimes they are rude and make mean comments which they pass off as “jokes” but I get offended. I used to tell myself I am just emotional and they are just stronger characters than me and that’s okay. But I don’t think making jokes about my insecurities and failures is a nice thing to do to a friend. I don’t know if I am overreacting but it’s definitely a problem because sometimes I cry. I am even labelled as the baby of the group and I don’t like it.

First of all NO. In no way are you overreacting or overthinking this. If you have mentioned how you feel to your friends and they haven’t tried to change, then sorry but the best thing to do here is CUT THEM OFF. Your mental health is more important than anything. Taking disrespect is not what a friendship is about. It is okay to set some boundaries and walk away when you need to sis.


Hey Sweets!

So my friend and I haven’t been on the best of terms lately. She hasn’t been picking my calls or replying to my texts, but she is usually online on social media and posting things. When I ask her what the problem is she says “you know what you did”. I have tried to wrap my head around the situation and ask her what she means, but she is ignoring me. I don’t understand what I have done to her because I have been the most loyal friend and I would at least appreciate it if we talked about whatever she heard. I even asked her sister to talk to her and she just insulted me and called me fake with no explanation. I have really tried and I am beginning to feel stupid. Should I let go or keep pressing the situation?

If you really love your friend, I suggest you give her some more time to cool off. However, from what I see here, you have tried all you can to solve and get to the bottom of this. If she doesn’t want to be mature about it and say what is going on, then I suggest you walk away for your own peace of mind. You have tried your best and know the truth. She may eventually come around and if she doesn’t, it’s okay. Some friendships are seasonal.

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So a few of my girls have been sharing their romantic relationship experiences and how they are advancing in terms of boys and all that. I am kind of feeling left out because I feel like I am behind and just do not understand what they talk about. I told them how I felt about it and they said they would hook me up with someone so that I can fit in and catch up but I know that I am not ready for a romantic relationship. What Should I do?


Hey sis First off, I hope you understand that there is perfect timing for everyone and for everything. It’s okay to have different interests as your friends. We all progress differently, so don’t feel like you have to rush for anything. Forcing yourself to be with someone just to have something to talk about with your friends is not the best way to go about it. Be happy for them but don’t feel pressured to be them. Your time will come with the right person. If your friends don’t understand this, then it is safe to love them from a distance and be friends with people who understand you.



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