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Written By: Bathsheba Smithen with contributions by Talaya S. Simpson and Shannon Webster Producer: Bathsheba Smithen Co-Producer: Michelle Talkington Director: Kristina Buck THE SHOW From Divorce to Restoration (DTR) is a journey that began with one and has expanded into the voices of many. The characters of our “One Woman� production represent the inner voices of every woman and our guest appearances add to the quality of this innovative play. It moves and grows organically as more women share their experiences with separation and divorce. Our goal is to allow audiences to find peace, enlightenment, and dialogue that will resonate in their own lives. Divorce to Restoration is ever-changing, a unique play that will remain current and in touch with the pulse of its audience. A production that eventually travels the globe, DTR shares a message of self-realization, coping, surviving, and healing. IMPORTANT NOTICE Divorce to Restoration is a copyright of Cage Free Voices. All unauthorized filming, recording, or photography is strictly prohibited. There is No flash photography allowed. The songs presented in this program are pending license approval. Authorized Media/Press: This performance may not be recorded in its entirety. Clips are limited to 8 minutes in total and live feeds must be approved prior to the performance.


CAST/CHARACTERS BATHSHEBA SMITHEN Sheba: Bathsheba’s five-year-old self. Innocent, whiney, and confused. Jan: Leader of the group. Prone to violence. Sassy, Spunky, Ratchet and Funny. Bathsheba: Sophisticated and business oriented. Self-righteous and prideful attempting to keep it together. Salathiel: The Holy Spirit that dwells within. Powerful and profound.

TALAYA S. SIMPSON Talaya: Divorced woman on the journey. Strong, Broken, Redeemed, Brave, Surrendered, Courageous. SHANNON WEBSTER Shannon: Divorced woman on the journey. Faithful, Spirit-led, Surrendered, Sage, Love, Warrior. CREW Stage Manager/Light Design: Michelle Talkington Set Design: Rob Talkington Sound Designer: Ronald Thornton Photographer: Douglas Jacobs Assisting Crew: Cleon Banks


SCENE I: Who Am I? Identity and God’s Destiny SCENE II: What Happened INTERMISSION


SCENE III: Alone SCENE IV: Pick Up The Pieces SCENE V: Resolution-Restoration


CAST AND CREW BIOS Bathsheba Smithen: Smithen is the playwright, producer, choreographer, and lead actress for, From Divorce to Restoration. This native of Newport News, VA is a mother, motivational speaker, artist, author and CEO and Founder of Cage Free Voices, LLC, an educational entertainment company. Through her company Smithen seeks to educate youth and young adults who struggle with self-image and identity through literature, spoken-word, workshops, conferences, seminars, music and events. From Divorce to Restoration is based on the true story of Smithen, who created the production out of a passion and desire to share a message about healing. “The show opens up a dialogue and shows examples of how lives can be made whole.” From Divorce to Restoration is the first play to come out of the Cage Free Voices Theatre division. Michelle Talkington: Michelle is a director, actress, and playwright originally from Southern California. Michelle relocated to the East Coast to pursue the stage. She attended the University of Maryland where she received her BA in Theater Performance. She has enjoyed her lead roles on the stage as much as her roles behind the stage. Married and the mother of 6, she continuously strives to live out her passion for business and performing arts. Michelle co-owns M.A.K. Construction Services is the Owner of A Ton of Fun Theater and Productions, a platform for children to explore acting. Michelle has performed with Port Tobacco Players, Hard Bargain Players, and is a current Board Member and Director of Programs and Events with the Indian Head Center for the Arts. Kristina Buck: Kristina Buck is a director, performer, and biblical teacher in Southern Maryland. Kristina studied and received a degree in communication with a concentration in performance studies from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC. This was an incredible accomplishment for Kristina considering all her life she had a learning disability and at the age of 26 was only able to read on a third-grade level. She credits her accomplishments to God and she continued her studies at Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, OK. Today Kristina preaches and teaches through performance on her web series entitled “Living the Bible Out Loud.” She is married with three wonderful children. From Divorce to Restoration is Kristina’s largest production and she is proud to be a part of this team. Talaya Simpson: Born in Washington, D.C., Rev. Simpson will enter the theatrical world with this debut role. She is the founder of United Voices of Worship, as well as, Broken Bread Media and Productions, an organization that “...brings the Word of God to life through visual and preforming arts.” A sought-after conference speaker, poet, and writer, and voiceover artist, Rev. Simpson’s passion is to live a life poured out, where God uses every aspect of her past, present, and future to help bring His Word to life. Talaya’s passion is writing and the arts. Her contributing poetic works can be found in a number of books. Her personal book of poetry “On Love, Life and the Pursuit of God” will debut Spring 2019. She is the proud mother of two amazing young adults, who she call God’s greatest gifts, Phebe Elizabeth and Caleb William.


CAST AND CREW BIOS Shannon V. Webster: Shannon is a proud native Washingtonian, born and raised in Northeast, and educated in DC Public Schools by some of education’s absolute best. She currently has a career in Data Management at CCPrep Academy, an adult charter, located in Ward 8 that was founded by her aunt, Ms. C. Vannessa Spinner. Shannon is a member of the founding staff. She is also a doting mom of her son Matthias Aaron, daughter Johnisha Nicole and “G” Ma to her beloved granddaughter, Saniyah Denise. Through this performance, Shannon wants to share authentic truth and promote healing through self-care and self-determination, with a reliance upon faith in the God who watches over His word to perform it. Douglas Jacob (Jake): Jake has been a “peopletographer” ever since he bought his first camera as a senior in high school. After his 22-year Air Force enlisted career, he pursued his passion of administrative work with the federal government. He is a self-confessed headshot junkie and enjoys volunteering his photography services for worthwhile projects. He is married to LaKaisha and has a daughter and two grandchildren that live near Baltimore. Ronald Thornton: Ronald Tyre Thornton, II (Ron) is a graduate of Capitol College with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and over 25 years of audio experience. Ron is the owner of Engineering Works, Inc. a professional audio company and is proud to join the technical team of Cage Free Voices in the production of Divorce to Restoration. His hope and prayer is through great quality sound and the working of God the Holy Spirit who does the heavy lifting, we impact lives for the building up of God’s Kingdom people. Ron is a father of three talented children and a loving wife LaTashia. Ron has worked with internationally known artists such as Keith Staton, Israel Houghton, Ben Tankard, and Bill and Renee Morris. He’s worked with local children theater groups A Ton of Fun Theater and Productions and Ramalingham Productions Performing Arts Studio, local theaters, local artists and churches within the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. Robert Talkington: Owner and operator of M.A.K Construction Services, Robert has enjoyed the opportunity to participate with the production of From Divorce to Restoration. Robert was born and raised in Southern Prince George’s County where he currently operates his family owned company with his wife, Michelle. Located in Fort Washington, it has been a goal of MAK Remodeling Services and MAK Construction Services to reach the community in new and innovative ways. Providing for local theatre projects is fun and familiar, but more importantly, Robert enjoys supporting local businesses. The entire MAK Family wants to extend its congratulations and best wishes to Cage Free Voices and the cast and crew of From Divorce to Restoration.



We would like to thank the supporters, partners, and sponsors who all contributed to make this production successful. A special thanks to: Donations: Douglas Jacobs, Sheri Fayton, Dana McCollum, Novena Reid, Nikki Rogers, Dwayne Ross, Helen Johnson-Anderson and Family, Bessie Rodgers Starks and Annette Clayton Gregory Richardson and Dr. Trenace Richardson – Providing the space to shoot the introductory video Torell Shavone – Conscious Media for the Cinematography Marcus Murphy – Playing the role as husband A Ton of Fun Theater and Productions – Coaching Stephen Fortune – Skycon Media for the programs Indian Head Center for the Arts and the Black Box Theatre Monica Jones – Thanks for your support and rehearsal space Bekoz Marketing – For your expertise in promoting the performance Rob Sanchez of MixMaster Studios – For donating studio time for the recording of Salathiel M.A.K. Remodeling Services – For your financial contributions and donation of the set & materials Trina Chambers – Providing the wedding dress Special thanks to REAL Women, for consistently providing a community of support. ......In loving memory of Tracey Roach.

From Divorce To Restoration  

From Divorce To Restoration - A Stage Play, Playbill

From Divorce To Restoration  

From Divorce To Restoration - A Stage Play, Playbill