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Skram was established in 2001 in North Carolina, U.S.A.

Skram Furniture Company was founded in 2001. The company has earned a domestic and international following for its approach to modern design—one that emphasizes sustainable practices, authentic materials, and extraordinary workmanship. Skram craftsmen mix traditional techniques and cutting-edge fabrication processes to create products that meet the highest standards of precision and durability. With expertise in a wide range of materials–including timber, hardwood veneer, metals, leather, and stone–the company’s products are uniquely suited to diverse settings. Skram’s furnishings are specified in a broad range of environments from residential to commercial and hospitality.

Tradition & technology.

The area where Skram is located, the Piedmont region of North Carolina, has for decades been a hub of furniture manufacturing. In recent years, thousands have lost jobs as furniture companies closed or relocated overseas. Skram’s rise in the midst of this decline is no accident—it is the result of a model of manufacturing that achieves sustainable growth through the creation of objects of enduring value and sound design. Skram’s approach to manufacturing is rooted in the belief that the objects produced by a society are a reflection of the character of that society. The company promotes an interpretation of sustainability that shapes both what is produced and the mode of production. Thus, Skram furniture merges cutting edge technology with traditional fabrication techniques, bringing the artisan back to the factory and producing objects on a scale that permits the fulfillment of volume orders without sacrificing the attention to detail expected by a discerning clientele. Quality, durability, restraint, utility—Skram furniture is a reflection of these resurgent American ideals. Leading by example, the company embodies an ethic that merges innovative, useful design and an encompassing view of sustainability.

A deeper interpretation of sustainability.

Skram minimizes waste and the use of harmful chemicals, and uses responsibly harvested materials. Beyond these practices, skram is committed to an approach that rejects built-in obsolescence and argues for the creation of objects of lasting beauty, crafted with care, and intended for a lifetime of use. Conservation and recycling are mainstays of the environmental movement, and the company is dedicated to such practices. But, in an era when trends of fashion and shoddy construction make quick biodegradability necessary, Skram is something of an anachronism—a company that believes that quality is more than a slogan, and that innovative design paired with meticulous workmanship and authentic materials yields objects of enduring value.


Piedmont Collection drop

Piedmont consists of seating, tables, and storage options unified in their negotiation of line and their juxtaposition of lightness and weight. Elegant but substantial, Piedmont products embody the utilitarian grace that distinguishes Skram furniture.

Piedmont #1 Stool Skram’s new Piedmont #1 stools are a crossover product with residential and high-end commercial applications. They are offered in three standard sizes compatible with dining, counter and bar applications. The new Piedmont #1 Stools feature contract grade construction and materials, and match durability with the distinctive Skram aesthetic that is at once classic and innovative. Standard materials and features include a reinforced belting leather sling seat in a range of Spinneybeck BL Series options that combines with steel legs and solid timber structural elements that are offered in a variety of standard options.

PS1: 17w x 15d x 18h

PS2: 17w x 15d x 25h

PS3: 17w x 15d x 31h

PS1/PS2/PS3 | piedmont #1 stool

Piedmont Elliptical Low Table Skram’s new Piedmont Collection Ellliptical low tables are a bold, functionally-tuned addition to the Company’s line-up. Featuring solid timber tops–offered in standard and custom Skram timber options–that mate with radiused steel frames–offered in an array of low sheen opaque colors–the new release is subtle but strong in its visual presence. Like other Piedmont designs, the new Elliptical tables explore the relationships between lightness and weight, yielding products that are distinctive for their austerity, refinement, and detailing.

P50: 54w x 18d x 16h

P51: 72w x 24d x 16h

P50/P51 | piedmont elliptical low tables

P3D | piedmont #3 chair + ancho (dog)

P91 | piedmont cafe table—counter

PS4 | piedmont #2 stool

P72/PB3 | piedmont community table + bench

P35 | piedmont conference/dining table

Wishbone Series Skram’s Wishbone Series tables, drop

desks, and storage options use hand bookmatched hardwood veneers, solid timber, and steel. Wishbone Series products are characterized by bold, cantilevered forms and approachable refinement.

W26 | wishbone drawer desk

Wishbone nightstand/side table Slender lines, elegant cantilever, and careful balancing of asymmetrical proportioning– all of these elements combine to dramatic effect in the new Wishbone Series Nightstand/Side Table. The product is available in standard Skram veneer and metal finish options. Features include the following: -hand-bookmatched furniture grade hardwood veneers. -solid timber banding on all edges and corners for added durability and protection. -non-toxic adhesives and no added formaldehyde substrates. -commercial grade finishes for both woodwork and metalwork. -touch latch opening drawer on concealed heavy-duty runners. -solid maple drawer with cork-lined bottom, per Skram typical. -fully finished in the round for floating layouts.

W32: 24w x 15d x 24h

W33: 32w x 15d x 24h

W33 | wishbone side table/nightstand

W51 | wishbone credenza

W56 | wishbone shelving

W27 | wishbone drawer desk

W22 | wishbone slab top desk

W28 | wishbone three drawer storage cabinet

Lineground Collection drop

Skram’s Lineground Collection is a drop

grouping of solid timber seating, tables and storage products for residential and luxury hospitality settings. Refined and restrained, Lineground is a visual exploration of balance, proportion, and negative space–visually striking and functionally-tuned.

L01 Armchair Known simply as the L01, Skram’s signature armchair was first released in 2006 as part of the Lineground Collection of solid timber seating, tables, and casegoods. This year, Skram is re-launching an improved model that offers enhanced ergonomics and contract grade durability without compromise to the striking aesthetic of the chair, which is viewed among lovers of fine workmanship and timeless design as a classic. The L01 is crafted of solid domestic hardwoods and available in a range of materials and finishes. It features hand-sculpted contours, mortise-and-tenon joinery throughout, and a commercial grade low-sheen finish.

L01: 23w x 22d x 29h x 18sh

L01 | lineground armchair

L26 | lineground 6-drawer horizontal bureau

L81 | lineground round mirror/entry shelf

L29 | lowdown media unit

L03 | lineground round dining table

L06 | lineground side table/nightstand #1

L20 | lineground sideboard

Drop Series drop

Drop Series furniture is a focused geometric exploration of the drop shape. Drop designs are expressed in varied materials and adapted to an array of uses, but all are bound by the use of simple but compelling geometric relationships.

CKD | corkdrop

DP5 |

drop series coffee table table

DP1/DP2/DP3 | drop series side tables

Limited Edition, Custom, & Accessories

Gill Shelving System Gill is a wall-mounted shelf system machined of a single piece of folded steel with military grade wire rope supports and copper compression fittings. It is complement and contrast to the existing Skram range and works nicely as a stand alone product or in groupings with other Skram tables and casegoods. A cleverly designed optional drawer accessory adds both utility and visual impact to the shelving system. Securing to underside of shelf without tools (via rare earth magnets), the drawer is compatible with all three sizes and can be located, moved and used as desired. The metalwork of the drawer functions as drawer bottom, drawer runner, and drawer pull at once. Drawer metalwork by default is finished to match the finish on the shelf, per customer specifications. Metal finishes are low sheen and high durability and include a broad pallete of standard and custom RAL custom colors. Standard timber options for the drawer accessory include beech, cherry, walnut, and rift white oak in natural, ebonized, and whitewashed finishes. The Gill shelf, with its durable construction and 100# weight rating, is a versatile piece to be used in a wide variety of contexts from bedroom nightstand, to bookshelf, to kitchen storage and beyond. The shelving system is also suitable for outdoor use.

GS1: 15.75w x 13d x 19h GS2: 23.75w x 13d x 19h GS3: 47.75w x 13d x 19h

optional drawer: 13w x 10.5d x 4h

G1/G2/G3 | gill shelving system

G1/G2/G3 | gull wallshelf

V5 Rocker_Timber Introducing the new solid timber version of Skram’s lauded V5 Rocker. Intended as a high use, contract grade alternative to the original leather sling seat and back version of the Rocker, the V5_Timber features a coopered and carved timber seat and a mid-height back with hand-shaped horizontal slats. The solid timber seating surfaces along with mortise-andtenon joinery and a commercial grade finish make the V5_Timber suitable for use in both residential and high end, high use commercial/ hospitality environments. The V5_Timber retains the sinuous, muscular stance and graceful visual presence of the original and is offered in a variety of standard and custom timber options. In addition to the standard options, the new V5_Timber is available in solid Teak for outdoor use.

V5_Timber: 23w x 34d x 30h x 17sh

V5R-T | V5 rocker–timber

Littlebox Littlebox, Skram’s newest accessory, captures the austerity, craft, and utility for which the Company’s products are known. Using repurposed timber scrap offcuts from the manufacturing of larger Skram tables and casegoods, Littlebox combines a petite size with a big presence, brimming with finely executed, subtle details. Loosely referencing vintage carpenter’s toolboxes, Littlebox may be too pretty for everyday home repair projects, but it’s right in line for a visit to the farmer’s market, the vegetable garden, or other adventures. (it is also perfectly fine with a more stationary existence as a decorative storage object. . .) Littlebox is constructed with variable spaced through dovetails and features a commercial grade low sheen white urethane finish for the bent steel handle.

LBX: 13.25w x 7.25d x 4h (10h inc. handle)

LBX | littlebox

SDB | saddlestool—counter

FDE | fade lounger

C01 | c3 media unit

CBX-SM | corkbox—small

CB1 | corkbowl

T01 | tigris bed

Skram Contract products balance aesthetic considerations with the rigorous demands of high use commercial and hospitality environments. Contract and custom contract services are tailored to a clientele who value the company’s commitment to crafting refined, restrained objects of uncompromising quality and durability. All products are made in the company’s North Carolina workshops. Skram’s contract furnishings are offered as a springboard for the creative vision of clients. They are customizable in material, scale, and configuration to suit a variety of settings and budgets. Beyond the customization of standard products, Skram Contract also provides full-service custom and oneoff design and fabrication services for designers and developers who have needs not served by the existing range.

selected clients

sectors -Hospitality public spaces -Luxury/boutique hospitality guest accommodations -Retail -Corporate public spaces -Corporate conferencing and executive spaces -Libraries and Universities

Named one of the top 50 young designers of the Americas (Young Designers: Americas, Daab), A. Jacob Marks’ work is rooted in a philosophy that argues for the inextricability of good design and fine workmanship. As principal and lead designer for U.S.A. based Skram Furniture Company, Marks’ designs for Skram exhibit uncompromising technical mastery, a distinctive austerity and warmth, and a timeless quality reinforced by the utilization of natural materials. Distinguished for his organic, handshaped seating, and spare, rectilinear casegoods and tables — unique in their negotiation of proportion, line and visual weight — Marks’ designs for Skram have garnered international praise and been showcased in a range of residential and commercial spaces throughout the world.

designed by a. jacob marks.

for additional information or to view the entire range:

skram furniture company | 234 west trade street | burlington, north carolina 27217 336 222 6622 |

2014 Skram Furniture Co. Product Catalog  

Catalog featuring new products released at ICFF NYC

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