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commitment. community. impact.

Annual Report 2010

The mission of the Parkinson's Disease Foundation速 (PDF速 ) is two-fold: to understand and find the cure to Parkinson's disease and related movement disorders; and, for as long as this search continues, to ensure that those individuals and families who live with Parkinson's are able to achieve and maintain the best possible quality of life.


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Dear Friend of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation: We are often asked: How would you describe PDF to someone you had just met in an elevator, as you journey from the ground to the 15th floor, where our offices are? Okay, admittedly this is a bit of a New York City-oriented question (after all, we have more 15th floor offices here than do most cities), but you get the point. To close in on the question, we decided to frame this year’s annual report around three words that we feel capture the essence of PDF’s spirit, strategies and successes — and can be uttered in a brief elevator ride. Here they are: Commitment. Community. And Impact. First, Commitment. The very word calls out the heart of PDF’s story: more than a half-century of delivering on the promise of our founder, William Black, to help accelerate the cure for Parkinson’s disease (PD) by supporting research of the highest caliber and relevance to the needs of the people who live with the disease. This commitment will be secure until that day when we are able, joyfully, to close the curtains on the Parkinson’s story. This commitment was evident in 2010 in our support of Parkinson’s researchers at several major university centers in the United States and beyond. We do not tell these scientists what to do; we ask them for their best ideas and then provide, through rigorous peer review, a selection process that centers on just three questions about their proposed work. One question is, is it the best science? The second is, does it add materially to what we already know? And the third is, will it be relevant to understanding and stopping Parkinson’s disease? Our second word is Community. Actually, we have several communities. The first is the women and men who live with Parkinson’s, along with their partners, sons and daughters, and friends. We interact with these folks in a variety of ways. One is including them as advisors for our own programs — primarily though our People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council, the first of its kind in the Parkinson’s community. Another one is providing them with authoritative and timely information — through our website, our publications and educational meetings, both in-person and online. A more recent initiative is engaging them in the process of Parkinson’s clinical research, primarily through our Parkinson’s Advocates in Research (PAIR) program which “pairs” talented patient advocates with real-world challenges in clinical research.


PDF Annual Report 2010

Another community is the doctors and scientists who conduct the research and provide the medical services for people with Parkinson’s. We serve this community in various ways — from screening clinicians for our physician referral list, to supporting the work of the Parkinson Study Group, the nation’s leading consortium of Parkinson’s researchers. The third word is Impact. As with the other two words, the idea of “impact” has more than a single side to it. In the context of limited resources, this means that we must carefully choose the projects that we take on for their likely impact. This in turn means that we do not duplicate activities that are being done, or have been done, by other organizations. For example, the online nursing education course that we led is the first of its kind ever to have been attempted. So is our Clinical Research Learning Institute, which trains people with Parkinson’s to be research advocates. Making an impact also means that we need to continuously evaluate what we do to ensure that it meets community needs, clearly and efficiently. The point is that it is not enough to just have good ideas, strong people or good money behind them; you have to be able to demonstrate that what you are doing actually makes a difference to the communities you serve. What we are saying would be true for any organization, but it is especially true in a not-for-profit where the “bottom line” is so much more than the financial return on investment.

Thank you! We invite you to read this report carefully and critically — whether or not we have the pleasure of seeing you “on the elevator!” Sincerely yours,

Robin Anthony Elliott

Lewis P. Rowland, M.D.

Executive Director

President, Board of Directors


As we like to say in each annual report, nothing of what we do — not the pursuit of our commitment, not the service to our community, and not the certification we make of the impact of the work that we do — would be possible without the help of those who support us financially. At the start of each fiscal year, we must start from scratch to raise the money we need — about $10 million a year — to fund the work that has marked the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation since 1957. To our donors who have helped to make these efforts possible, we extend our deepest gratitude. We hope that you are as proud of the work you have supported as we are to have undertaken it.






The Parkinson's Disease Foundation supports research and ideas that will improve the lives and futures of people touched by Parkinson’s. Because of your support in 2010, PDF was able to accomplish the following:

1 2

Funded $5.5 million in Parkinson’s research — including grants to 37 individual investigators, 39 fellows and the scientific teams at three major academic centers — whose creative and novel ideas will bring us closer to finding new treatments and a cure.

3 4

Ensured that the findings of Parkinson’s research are accessible to everyone by launching a “What Does it Mean?” news feature and blog entitled, Parkinson’s Insights, both of which provide space to translate research news, offer updates on scientific meetings and feature guest posts by community members.

Distributed 100,000 educational publications and advised, through our National HelpLine, thousands of people with Parkinson’s, family members and health care professionals from all 50 states and six continents, on issues relating to diagnosis, treatment, care partner concerns and more.


Welcomed the participation of our friends online, with 10,000 individuals viewing at least one of six innovative online educational seminars; and thousands more sharing their stories, creative works, photos and videos with each other on, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

5 6 7 8

Expanded our network of PDF Research Advocates to include more than100 individuals who have been trained through the Clinical Research Learning Institute and who are now ready to advance science by bringing their voices to important issues in Parkinson’s research.

Led a community effort to develop an online nursing course, Parkinson’s Disease Across the Lifespan: A Roadmap for Nurses, for which 6,400 nurses have now registered and are learning about the latest in Parkinson’s care.

Showed the world the impact of Parkinson’s through the unveiling of the first Parkinson’s Quilt, featuring panels created by more than 600 people, at the 2nd World Parkinson Congress, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Advocated for a larger recognition of Parkinson’s Awareness Month in April, ensuring that the Parkinson’s community rises to the forefront of the national consciousness, by distributing our message to more than 100,000 people through our Awareness Month toolkit, print and online campaigns and a community t-shirt design contest.

9 10

Advanced our research, education and advocacy programs under the advisement of our People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council, now in its fifth year — the first group of its kind in the Parkinson’s community.

Earned a Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator, once again, making PDF the only Parkinson’s charity to receive both this and the Charity Seal of Approval from the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 5


For more than a half century, the Parkinson's Disease Foundation’s commitment to the Parkinson's community has remained the same — funding research of the highest caliber while providing easily accessible, high quality information to people living with the disease. Since our founding in 1957, PDF has dedicated over $85 million to fund the research of leading scientists throughout the world and has funded over $34 million worth of educational and advocacy initiatives to support people with Parkinson’s, their families and care partners. A New Strategy for Neuroprotection in Parkinson’s Disease In a new analysis of current Parkinson’s

they point out, the development of Parkinson’s is

research, Robert E. Burke, M.D., and his col-

also due to problems with communication, which

leagues at Columbia University, with funding from

takes place through the cells’ axons. Much like

PDF, found that only about 30 percent of a per-

telephone lines downed by a powerful storm, the

son’s dopamine

researchers say that PD is a storm that disrupts

neurons have

the proper communication of dopamine in the

died by the time

brain, causing Parkinson’s symptoms before nerve

an individual is

cells completely die.

diagnosed with the disease. An artist’s rendering of the axonal arborizations of a healthy dopamine neuron (left) and of the same, but weakened neuron as it might appear in Parkinson’s disease. A loss of axons can lead to the appearance of Parkinson’s symptoms before the neuron dies.

These new

The new hypothesis — that people newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s may have many more dopamine neurons than previously thought — pro-

findings contrast

vides grounds for optimism that therapies aimed at

with a widely-

protecting these cells can be effective for treating

cited number

Parkinson’s. It suggests the value of a new em-

from previous studies that 50-70 percent or more of

phasis on neurorestoration therapies that would

these cells have been lost at the time of diagnosis.

protect neurons by improving the health of axons.

The motor symptoms of Parkinson’s are

Restoring the health of axons may alleviate motor

thought to develop when dopamine neurons die,

symptoms, prevent cell death, and, the authors

but in Dr. Burke’s report, which appeared in the

say, possibly slow PD progression. The scientists

June 2010 issue of Annals of Neurology, he and

caution that the field of understanding mecha-

his colleagues argued that it is more than simply

nisms of axon regeneration and the potential for

cell death that leads to the onset of PD. Instead,

axon regrowth is in its early stages.


PDF Annual Report 2010

Increasing Our Understanding of Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Ranging from mild attention difficulties to dementia, cognitive impairment is a debilitating symptom of Parkinson’s. With funding from PDF’s International Research Grants and Fellowship Program, Ryan Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, is using fMRI (functional MRI) imaging to identify the anatomical features underlying cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s and to determine whether there are differences in how peoA cross-sectional view of a healthy brain as imaged using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Advanced forms of this imaging technique allow scientists to see changes in the brain that might be associated with Parkinson’s.

ple with or without cognitive impairment respond to dopaminebased medications. The results may lead to imaging biomarkers for evaluating the nature, degree and progression of cognitive dysfunction in Parkinson’s.

Funding Innovative Research that is Unlikely to Secure Funding Through More Traditional Sources With funding from PDF, Gammon Earhart, P.T., Ph.D., of the Washington University School of Medicine, is examining the role of partnered dance in Parkinson’s. This study represents one of the first to examine the effectiveness of a long-term, community-based partnered dance exercise program for individuals with Parkinson’s and one of the first to evaluate their medication. The initial results are promising, suggesting a clear improvement in disease severity (as assessed by the UPDRS, a rating scale used to measure disease progression) in those

People with Parkinson’s receiving instructor feedback during a partnered dance session.

who are exercising. Furthermore, this study suggests that the benefits of six months of exercise were greater than those of just three months of exercise, with benefits maintained at 12 months relative to the six-month time point. This work paves the way for future studies to determine the relative effectiveness of different forms and doses of exercise for people with Parkinson’s and for studies of the mechanisms by which dance may convey benefits.


the effects of exercise by assessing individuals who are off


COMMITMENT 2010 PDF-FUNDED RESEARCHERS PDF is proud to have contributed to the important work of the following scientists. Research Center Teams Columbia University Medical Center Robert Burke, M.D. Lorraine N. Clark, Ph.D. Stanley Fahn, M.D. Lloyd Greene, Ph.D. Elan D. Louis, M.D., M.S. Karen Marder, M.D., M.P.H. Pietro Mazzoni, M.D., Ph.D. Serge Przedborski, M.D., Ph.D. Seth Pullman, M.D. Yaakov Stern, Ph.D.

David Sulzer, Ph.D. Jean Paul Vonsattel, M.D. Cheryl Waters, M.D. Nancy Wexler, Ph.D. Ai Yamamoto, Ph.D.

Rush University Medical Center

Weill Cornell Medical Center

Brandon R. Barton, M.D., M.S. Bryan A. Bernard, Ph.D. Cynthia L. Comella, M.D. Jennifer G. Goldman, M.D., M.S. Christopher G. Goetz, M.D. Deborah A. Hall, M.D., Ph.D. Katie Kompoliti, M.D. Jeffrey Kordower, Ph.D. Kathleen M. Shannon, M.D. Glenn T. Stebbins, Ph.D. Leo Verhagen, M.D., Ph.D.

M. Flint Beal, M.D. Claire Henchcliffe, M.D., D.Phil. Melissa J. Nirenberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Fellowship Awardees James T. Boyd, M.D. University of Vermont PSG/PDF Mentored Clinical Research Award

International Research Grants Awardees Daniel Schneider, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center

Gammon Earhart, P.T., Ph.D. Washington University of Medicine

Khurshida Shahidullah, Ph.D. Weill Cornell Medical College

Tobias Kurth, M.D., Sc.D., and Robert Y. L. Zee, Ph.D., M.P.H. Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Thomas Durcan, Ph.D. Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

Alexander Shtilbans, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center

Sheng-Han Kuo, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center

Mary Ann Thenganatt, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center

Era Hanspal, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center

Christina Vaughan, M.D., M.H.S. Rush University Medical Center

Christopher Hess, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center

Aleksandar Videnovic, M.D., M.Sc. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine PDF/AANF Clinician Scientist Development Award

Sachin Kapur, M.D. Rush University Medical Center James Maas, M.D., Ph.D. University of California, San Francisco Markos Poulopoulos, M.D. Columbia University Medical Center

Ryan Walsh, M.D., Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham Maria Xilouri, Ph.D. Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens

Leo J. Pallanck, Ph.D. University of Washington David Park, Ph.D.* University of Ottawa Hardy Rideout, Ph.D. Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens Antonio Strafella, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.P.C. Toronto Western Hospital University of Toronto Christian Wider, M.D.,* and Matthew J. Farrer, Ph.D. CHUV Lausanne and University of British Columbia Cyrus Zabetian, M.D., M.S. VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle Division, University of Washington *Denotes second consecutive year of funding.

In 2010, PDF funded $5.5 million in Parkinson’s research — including grants to 37 individual investigators, 39 fellows and the scientific teams at three major academic centers. 8

PDF Annual Report 2010

Providing Up-to-Date Information and Practical Advice for Living with Parkinson’s Recognizing the on-going need to provide people with Parkinson's and their families with up-to-date research information and practical advice for living with Parkinson's, PDF continued in 2010 our popular PD ExpertBriefings online educational seminars. This program provided people with Parkinson's around the country, and the world, with first-hand access to the insights of some of those who are at the forefront of Parkinson's research and care. These bi-monthly interactive online programs addressed topics pertinent to the Parkinson’s community including research updates, nutrition and Parkinson’s, legal issues and care partner concerns. Each 60-minute session included a question and answer period and was archived on the PDF website for one year so that individuals could participate from the comfort of their own home, 24 hours a day, seven

give the families of people with Parkinson’s hope for solutions and a chance for a better life. Thank you! Joan S., San Francisco, CA

In 2010, over 10,000 individuals representing all 50 states as well as 22 countries around the world viewed at least one online educational seminar.


days a week.

“PDF’s online programs



At the heart of PDF’s work is the participation of people with Parkinson’s. Through its educational and advocacy programs, PDF offers the tools and resources to empower individuals to become involved, raise awareness and help bring about change.

PAIRing up to Change the Parkinson’s Research Process At PDF, we believe that one way to help accelerate the development of new therapies for Parkinson’s is through “pairing” people with Parkinson’s — trained research advocates — with people in government, science and industry to improve the process that brings us new medicines. Through our Parkinson’s Advocates in

Graduates of the 2010 Clinical Research Learning Institute

Research (PAIR) program, advocates are advancing science by educating their communities about clinical study participation; partnering with industry, academia and government to ensure that the voices of people with Parkinson’s are heard; working with scientists to design, run and review research studies; and serving as formal representatives on local, state and national clinical research review and advisory boards. PDF Research Advocates participate in a three-day Clinical Research Learning Institute. This PAIR training program features leading clinical research experts from academia, government and industry, and former Learning Institute graduates. Coursework includes the science of Parkinson’s disease, the clinical research process and advocacy skills-building — preparing participants to be informed and knowledgeable in their roles as Research Advocates. In 2010, 40 individuals completed the training. Graduates of the Learning Institute work closely with PDF staff and fellow Research Advocates through ongoing education, resource sharing and networking opportunities to strengthen the role that people with Parkinson’s can play in the clinical research process.


PDF Annual Report 2010

Using Professional Expertise and Personal Dedication to Advance Science Just six months after participating in the 2010 Clinical Research Learning Institute, Sue Dubman of Boston, MA, is helping the Parkinson’s community in a way that powerfully leverages her 15 years of professional experience in government, health, information technolSue Dubman

ogy and clinical research. As a PDF Research Advocate, Ms. Dubman is working to solve the problem of data standardization across

Parkinson’s studies through her service with the Coalition Against Major Diseases (CAMD) Critical Path Institute, a nonprofit institute which brings together industry and government agencies to improve the development of new therapies by streamlining data. She has also reviewed new data standards created by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) — a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that funds Parkinson’s research — and has provided her expert feedback on behalf of PDF and the Parkinson’s community.

Researchers and Advocates Recognize Parkinson’s Research Participants In April 2010, a group of PDF Research Advocates, including Frances Waldynski of Chicago, IL, decided to recognize “partners in progress” — individuals from the Chicago area who have participated in trials. The advocates joined forces with local doctors, clinical trial coordinators and PDF staff to organize an educational forum entitled, Partners in Progress: The Essential Role that People with Parkinson's Play in Clinical Research. In addition to honoring research participants, the event brought together over 200 individuals, and helped to raise awareness of the studies taking place in the area.


...... .. .

.. ... ...... .. .... ..... . .. ........... ... .. . ... . .. . ... ... .. ..... . . . ... .. .. . . .

In 2010, PDF expanded its network of research advocates to include more than 100 individuals from 36 states.


. ... .



Raising Awareness of the Impact of Parkinson’s In 2010, PDF took the lead in advocating for a larger recognition of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, ensuring that the Parkinson’s community rises to the forefront of the national consciousness. In addition to helping the Parkinson’s community coordinate activities in April, PDF distributed its message to more than 100,000 people through its Awareness Month toolkit, print and online campaigns and

“Awareness of Parkinson’s leads to compassion, compassion leads to giving, giving leads to research, and research will lead to a cure.

a community t-shirt design contest.

Pamela Quinn

New York, NY PDF Research Advocate

Arizona Mom Wins PDF’s Parkinson’s Awareness Month T-Shirt Contest In 2010, PDF launched its first Parkinson’s Awareness Month T-Shirt Design Contest, which challenged members of the Parkinson’s community to design a t-shirt incorporating the Parkinson’s tulip and PDF’s trademark colors, yellow and green. Heather Hinrichsen, a 36-year old mom who lives with young onset Parkinson’s disease, decided to give it a try. Her entry — the Fight to Win design — received over 800 of the 1,900 votes, beating out four other finalists. Ms. Hinrichsen said, “I hope that by sharing my story, people will realize that Parkinson’s is not just an older person’s disease. Through the t-shirt, I want to spread the message to everyone to fight Parkinson’s. I plan to fight until I win — I have Parkinson’s, but it doesn't have me!”


Members of PDF’s People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council proudly wear the PDF awareness month t-shirt.

PDF Annual Report 2010

The First Global Quilt for Parkinson’s In 2010, more than 600 people from 16 countries participated in the Parkinson's Quilt Project, the first global quilt project to focus the world's attention on the impact of Parkinson’s and on the continuing urgency to find a cure. Each 2’ by 2’ quilt panel included photos, illustrations and items that expressed the experience of each quilter with Parkinson's. The quilt was displayed for the first time at the 2nd World Parkinson Congress in Glasgow, Scotland in September 2010. To ensure that the quilt continues to raise awareness, PDF is offering sections of the quilt for

“‘Amazing’ is a good word to describe my experience as part of the Parkinson’s Quilt Project. Each panel provides an open window into that quilter’s journey living with or affected by Parkinson’s.

rental and display to the general public in 2011.

Sharon Standish

Marysville, WA

Finding a Community Online As social networking websites continue to change the way individuals find information and support, PDF responded in 2010 by expanding its presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. PDF’s online communities on these sites now inLinda Giorgilli

One of these members is Linda Giorgilli, who first signed up for Facebook because she thought it would be a nice way

to connect with friends. However, after finding the PDF Facebook page, she has found the social networking site to be a place where she has been able to share her experience caring for her late father who lived with Parkinson’s. As she watched people “writing” on PDF’s page, seeking advice and sharing their stories with other individuals, Ms. Giorgilli began responding to their inquiries about life with Parkinson’s herself. As Ms. Giorgilli says, “The value of what unfolded with social networking — the power and strength that it gave me to cope with the loss of my father and fight for this cause — is immeasurable.”


clude over 8,000 individuals.



PDF’s diverse programs have a single underlying objective: to fund the most promising ideas that will have a significant impact upon the Parkinson’s community. PDF selects these projects after seeking the input and guidance of experts in the field of Parkinson’s: leading researchers, clinicians, nurses, health care professionals and people living with Parkinson’s. Scientists Discover Key Process that Contributes to Common Form of Parkinson’s Research led by Scott A. Small, M.D., of

new technique called gene expression profiling to

Columbia University with funding from PDF, has

compare which genes were “switched” on or off

identified a molecular pathway — the polyamine

in cells from two adjacent areas of the brain —

pathway — that may explain how Parkinson’s

one affected by PD, the other not. They found that a gene responsible for preventing the accumulation of a certain class of chemicals in the cell, called polyamines, was lower in those people who had Parkinson’s compared to those who did not. The finding of an association between high polyamine levels and PD — if confirmed — may have two potentially important clinical implications. Since polyamines can be measured in blood and in

Advanced magnetic resonance imaging employed by Dr. Small to identify areas of the brainstem affected by PD for further genetic analysis. The yellow line in the brain cross-section shows where in the brain the images on the right are derived. The yellow circle (middle panel) on brainstem cross-sections from postmortem tissue show where the advanced MRI (right) identified areas for further analysis.

cerebrospinal fluid, they may be used in tests for early detection of Parkinson’s or even for monitoring the effectiveness of future therapies. Currently, no such blood or spinal fluid tests are available. In addition, lowering polyamine levels in

develops in people who have no family history

cells has been suggested by the authors as a

of the disease.

novel approach to alter the course of Parkinson’s.

Presented in the September 2010 issue of the

Further research is needed to determine whether

Proceedings of the National Academy of

reducing polyamines may in fact ease Parkinson’s

Sciences, Dr. Small and his colleagues used a

symptoms or slow disease progression.


PDF Annual Report 2010

Ensuring the Best Nursing Care for People with Parkinson’s Nurses are often a first point of contact for people living with Parkinson’s. Not only do nurses provide medical care; they also play a key role in ensuring that people with Parkinson’s have the best possible quality of life. Unfortunately, there is little information on the disease designed specifically for nurses. To address this need, PDF led a collaborative effort with the National Parkinson Foundation and the American Parkinson Disease Association in 2010 to develop an online educational nursing course, Parkinson’s Disease Across the Lifespan: A Roadmap for Nurses. This free online course ensures that nurses have the opportunity to learn the latest in Parkinson’s comprehensive care. Designed by Parkinson’s nurse specialists, the course was taped in front of a live audience on May 21 and made available via a live and archived webcast to thousands of nurses throughout the US and around the world. The course includes modules discussing the challenges of Parkinson’s throughout the lifespan, and the vital role that nurses can play in managing care. Modules are led by Parkinson’s nurse specialists, physical therapists

“The exceptional collaboration among PDF and other Parkinson’s organizations has made this a milestone for movement disorder nursing. This course addresses a critical gap in improving the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s. Nurses now have access to information to provide evidence-based practice across a continuum of care.

and people with Parkinson’s, and continuing

Lisette Bunting-Perry, Ph.D., R.N.

education credits are available.

Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist


As of June 2011, over 6,400 nurses from all 50 states and 29 countries have registered for the course and are learning about the latest in Parkinson’s care.



Cultivating Young Scientists to Research Parkinson's In her current role as an advisor to the PDF HelpLine, Christina

the disease. But she was unsure

Vaughan, M.D., M.H.S. — a PDF-

at that time as to what form her

funded post-doctoral fellow in

career would take when it was

movement disorders at Rush Uni-

suggested that she apply for a

versity Medical Center in Chicago,

PDF summer fellowship.

IL — helps to answer unusual and

Christina Vaughan, M.D., M.H.S.

Dr. Vaughan was accepted

difficult questions about Parkin-

and spent the summer of 2002

son’s disease. But when Dr.

at the University of Pennsylvania

Vaughan first came to PDF nine

Parkinson’s Disease and Move-

“PDF’s summer fellowship opened up opportunities to work with some of the best Parkinson’s researchers and to have a very meaningful clinical experience with people living with Parkinson’s.

several of her loved ones live with

years ago, it was as an ap-

ment Disorders Center, in

plicant for one of our Sum-

Philadelphia, PA, examining peo-

mer Student Fellowships.

ple living with Parkinson’s dis-

This program funds stu-

ease who had undergone deep

dents at several levels,

brain stimulation (DBS), and inter-

from advanced undergrad-

viewing them about their post-

uates to graduate and

surgery experience.

medical students, to pur-

Following the completion of

sue Parkinson’s-related

her medical degree and a resi-

summer research projects

dency in neurology at the Univer-

under the guidance of

sity of Pittsburgh, she moved to

leaders in the field.

Rush, where she is training to be

Dr. Vaughan already

a Parkinson’s specialist with a

had a personal interest in

special interest in the mental

Parkinson’s, having seen

health of people with Parkinson’s.

By leveraging its research investments into supporting great ideas generated by Parkinson's scientists, PDF aims to facilitate the next big discovery in PD.


PDF Annual Report 2010

Reduction in Parkinson’s Medications Tied to Withdrawal Syndrome Reducing the dosage of dopamine ago-

dosage, five people developed persistent

nists in people with Parkinson’s may

anxiety, panic attacks, depression, orthostatic

produce withdrawal symptoms, such as

hypotension (low blood pressure), fatigue,

dizziness, anxiety and panic attacks, accord-

pain and drug cravings. Dr. Nirenberg has

ing to a report by Melissa J. Nirenberg,

named this phenomenon “dopamine agonist

M.D., Ph.D., and her colleague Christina A.

withdrawal syndrome” or DAWS. The syn-

Rabinak, of New York-Presbyterian Hospi-

drome tended to develop immediately follow-

tal/Weill Cornell Medical Center, in the Jan-

ing drug tapering, which resembles the

uary 2010 issue of Archives of Neurology.

course of withdrawal symptoms in most situ-

With funding from PDF, Dr. Nirenberg

ations of drug dependence or addiction. In

performed a retrospective study examining

addition, the individuals who experienced

the medical records of 93 people living

DAWS had all previously experienced an im-

with PD, 40 of whom had received

pulse control disorder, such as a gambling ad-

dopamine agonists and 53 of whom had

diction, hypersexuality or excessive

been treated with other medications. The

spending. Individuals with DAWS requested

participants were similar with regard to

to resume their prior high dose of dopamine

age, disease duration, gender and age of

agonists, even though their PD motor symp-

Parkinson’s diagnosis.

toms were well controlled.

She and her colleague found that dur-

The study involved a small number of

ing routine Parkinson’s care, the dopamine

people, and more research is required to

agonist dosages of 26 people within the

learn about incidence, risk factors, time

group had been reduced by their doctors.

course and pharmacological aspects of

This “tapering-off” was often performed

DAWS, as well as strategies to avoid or

because the person was experiencing an

treat the syndrome. For people with PD

impulse control disorder, such as pathologi-

and physicians who plan to reduce

cal gambling, compulsive eating and com-

dopamine agonists, it is important to be

pulsive shopping — all of which can be side

aware that symptoms of withdrawal can

effects of the medications.

occur, especially in individuals with a his-

Following the reduction in medication

tory of anxiety and addictive behaviors.


FINANCIAL REPORTS Statement of Financial Position June 30 2010


Assets Cash and cash equivalents



Contributions and other receivables







Fixed assets, net



Other noncurrent assets



Investments — restricted as to use





Accounts payable and accrued expenses



Grants payable










Temporarily restricted







Other current assets Investments, at fair value

Total assets

Liabilities and net assets

Deferred compensation plan Total liabilities Net assets

Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets

Percentage of dollars spent

on our mission

81% 18

In 2010, PDF was awarded both a four-star rating from Charity Navigator (the highest) and the Charity Seal of Approval from the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

PDF Annual Report 2010

Statement of Activities Year ended June 30, 2009

Year ended June 30, 2010

Temporarily Restricted


Temporarily Restricted



$ 4,141,568












Special events revenue, net







Investment income







Net assets released from restrictions







Total operating support and revenue














Public information/patient information and referral services

























Total supporting services







Total operating expenses







Change in net assets







Net assets, beginning of year












Operating support and revenue: Contributions Bequests

Operating expenses: Program services:

Total program services Supporting services: Management and general Fundraising

Net assets, end of year

$1,398,199 $11,256,180

H OW Our Funds Were Spent | 2010 Advocacy 5% Education


Administration & Fundraising Research

19% 59%



The work of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation is only possible because of the generous support of numerous individuals, families, foundations and corporations. PDF gratefully acknowledges the following donors who are helping us improve the lives and futures of people touched by Parkinson’s.

Bal du Printemps Pays Tribute to Philanthropists and the Power of Music On May 12, 2010, nearly 300 guests gathered

Mr. Benjamin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s

for PDF’s annual Gala, Bal du Printemps, in New

disease in 1996 at the age of 38, and shortly

York City. The evening honored two long-time

thereafter, founded Light of Day. In the past ten

friends of PDF and was a festive tribute to the

years, Light of Day has held concerts in eleven

special significance of music as a healing and

countries, welcoming special guests such as

creative force for people living with Parkinson’s.

Bruce Springsteen, and raising $1 million for

John and Margo

Parkinson’s or-

Catsimatidis and

ganizations, in-

their children,

cluding PDF.

John Jr., and An-

The Catsimatidis family — John, Andrea, Margo and John, Jr. — is presented with the Page and William Black Family Philanthropy Award.

As PDF Ex-

drea, were pre-

ecutive Director

sented with the

Robin Elliott

Page and William

noted, “Both the

Black Family Phi-

Catsimatidis fam-

lanthropy Award,

ily and Bob Ben-

in recognition of

jamin have been

PDF Executive Director Robin Elliott presents Bob Benjamin with a personalized award, a painting created for him by Cindy DeLuz, a person living with Parkinson’s who is a participant in PDF's Creativity and Parkinson's Project.

their years of generosity and leadership at PDF.

long-time partners

They were introduced, via video, by their close

in the cause and have provided inspiration to oth-

friend, former President William Jefferson Clin-

ers in the community through their philanthropic

ton, who spoke about the family’s commitment

efforts. We are proud to say that this year we

to bettering their community.

honor not just generous supporters, but also

Later in the evening, Robert “Bob” Benjamin and The Light of Day Foundation were awarded the Page and William Black Humanitarian Award.


true friends.” PDF thanks this year’s Gala leadership for making this event possible.

PDF Annual Report 2010

Celebrate Spring Engages Young New Yorkers in the Cause On April 29, 2010, nearly 300 guests joined PDF and the Young New Yorkers for the Fight Against Parkinson’s committee for Celebrate Spring. For the third year, Co-Chairs G. Pennington Egbert III, Missy Egbert Sheehan and

Greg Romero, Andrew Johnston, Emily Davis, Will Rabbe, Natalie Glaser, and Jon Lawrence (left to right) celebrate spring. Celebrate Spring leaders and sponsors (left to right): Missy Egbert Sheehan, G. Pennington Egbert III, Georgina B. Schaeffer.

Georgina B. Schaeffer, whose fathers both lived with Parkinson’s disease, led the event. They did so with the help of a group of nearly 100 New Yorkers also dedicated to advancing a cure for Parkinson’s. Proceeds from the event support a research program identified by Lucien Côté, M.D., a Parkinson’s specialist at Columbia University. PDF thanks its co-chairs and the Young New Yorkers for the Fight Against Parkinson’s committee for their continued support of this event.

“It is imperative to hold events like Celebrate Spring, to reach out to a younger generation and let them know there are ways that they, too, can help in the fight against Parkinson’s.

G. Pennington Egbert III

Raising the Stakes, Raising Funds On November 10, 2010, more than 200 guests “Raised the Stakes” for joyed games of chance, such as blackjack, and competed to win exciting prizes. PDF thanks event co-chairs Jose Cruz, Amy Sole, Peter Dorn, Jeffrey Zygler and Dan Spanton and the host committee for their hard work in making this event a success.


Parkinson’s in New York City. Guests en-


DONORS PDF Champions are the dedicated individuals — some with Parkinson's themselves, others who have friends, family and colleagues living with the disease — who give their time and energy to raise awareness of Parkinson's and funds for PDF in their local communities. In 2010, these volunteers have helped to move the cause forward by organizing bake sales, running marathons, participating in bike rides and walk-a-thons ... or by creating their own personalized pages on the PDF website in honor of loved ones with Parkinson's.

June 14, 2010 Dear Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, I just wanted to let you all know about something special my kids did. One Saturday in May, my children, Matthew, age 10 and Juliana, age eight and their friend, Canyon, decided to operate a lemonade stand in front of our house. They had been outside for a while and had already needed a refill on the lemonade when I went out to check on them. I was wearing my Parkinson’s Awareness Month T-shirt and they asked me about it. So I explained what PDF was and a little about Parkinson’s disease. My son said, “Hey! That gives me an idea. Let’s donate the money we make to PDF to help Honey!” (Honey is their Grandmother who has Parkinson’s). They all agreed to donate it. I was very proud of them and think it is a great thing to do with their money! Please accept the donation of $20.40 from my children’s lemonade stand. Thank you, Rhonda Cabello


PDF Annual Report 2010

Music for Parkinson’s Research Nearly 200 music lovers and others dedicated to the fight against Parkinson's disease gathered for the Eighth Annual Music for Parkinson's concert on December 5, 2010, at Rye Country Day School in Rye, NY. The event, organized by Music for Parkinson's Research, raised $37,000 in net proceeds for PDF’s

MPR Founder and PPAC Co-Chair David Eger, Ph.D., (left), PDF Executive Director Robin Elliott and PPAC member Rhona Johnson at the Eighth Annual MPR concert.

research programs. The afternoon featured performances by several leading chamber music artists including John Stine, Gena Raps and the Attacca Quartet. After the concert, guests enjoyed a wine and cheese reception and chatted with the musicians. Music for Parkinson's was founded by three individuals, led by David Eger, Ph.D., who has worked with PDF for many years — especially as a founding member and Co-Chair of PDF's People with Parkinson's Advisory Council, a group that advises the foundation on its

“We were thrilled by the support from friends, family, community members and PDF staff and board members who came together to help raise funds to find the cure for this disease.

David Eger, Ph.D.

Golfing for a Cure On August 11, 2010, 100 golfers gathered at the Farms Country Club in Wallingford, CT, for the Fourth Annual Zwick Pro-Am. Named for long-time club member Lenny Zwick, who lived with Parkinson’s for 25 years, the tournament featured 18 holes, a luncheon, a silent auction and an awards dinner. Among the friends and family of Mr. Zwick who participated were his wife Susan,

Mother and daughter, Susan (left) and Stacey Zwick with Dave Melillo at the Fourth Annual Zwick Pro-Am.

daughter Stacey and event organizer Dave Melillo. The Pro-Am raised over $50,000 to benefit the research programs of PDF.


research, education and advocacy programs.


DONORS In Action

The following list highlights our PDF Champions whose efforts from July 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010 not only helped PDF to fund promising research, but also served to raise awareness in communities around the US of the impact of this disease. Matthew Arendt Angela Berktold Jon Bracamonte Orange County Marathon Laurel Burrill Big Mountain Run for Dad Christopher Castaldo Castaldo Walk John Consolazio Conzo's Run for Dara Chicago Marathon Matthew Coz Burning River 100-Mile Run Alexandra Cudby 2009 Pottery for Parkinson's Karen DeGraaf David Eger, Ph.D. Music for Parkinson’s Research EVB Parkinson's Disease Fundraiser Jill Faenza Jocelyn Flores Linda A. Gagner Kathryn Garvey Doug's Wild Ride

Jennifer Iaccarino New York City Marathon Randi S. Jacobs Jerry Jensen Lindsay Kaldor Miami Marathon David Kates Elizabeth Keshish Tennis Wrist Band Sale Katie Linehan

Pie in the Face Fundraiser Molly Riddick Pancakes for Parkinson's Jennifer Roach Disney Princess HalfMarathon Thomas C. Silver Berlin Marathon Lani Skelley New Day, New Hope Dance Show Lauren Smith Smith Family Tri-Mitzvah

Bridget Lotzer

Spirit Week Collection

Cynthia T. Loynd

Phil Sweet An Evening of Comedy featuring The Late Shift

Rev. Bernard Marton Cowtown Ultra Marathon

Tour for a Cure 2010

James McDermott

Wallace Tripp

David P. Melillo Zwick Pro-Am

Wacounda Fest 5K/10K Run for a Cure

Patty Mikutis

Melanie Webb

Ed Mobley Sunday School Event

Debbie Weber Big "M" Run

Greg Mocarski Philadelphia Marathon

Lauren Williams 3 4 Fighting Parkinson's Bike Ride

Quinn Morlock The Run for Parkinson's

Cortney Gawron

Lori Morrow Chicago Marathon

Brian Gilbart Chicago Marathon

Jacqueline M. Paul New York City Marathon

Linda Giorgilli Rice


Parameswaran Hariharan Flying Pig Marathon

Audrey Winthrop Parkinson Open Road Race Gillian Woods Keeping the Pace

PDF Annual Report 2010


The following are the names of individuals, families, foundations and corporations who have made cumulative gifts of $500 or more between July 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010.

Individuals Irving and Lorraine Aaron

Dr. Shahid Atcha

Josh Bernstein

John Brady

Colman and Nancy Abbe

John and Anne Atherton

Richard A. Bernstein

Sandra Brawner

Kyle W. Abel

Harry Bailey

Bill and Terri Breach

Robert and Georgean Abels

Raghu Balasubramanian

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Berwind, Sr.

Norman S. Abrams

Buck and Leslie Balkind

Andrew Abramson

Dr. and Mrs. Walter Ballinger

Shirley Abramson

Florence Barad

Stephen and Marsha Ackerman

George and Janet Barnard

Carol H. Adragna

Thomas Barr

Dr. Avadesh and Uma Agarwal

Heather Barry and Robert Snyder

Sunil Agrawal

David and Jo Anne Bescherer

Michael and Tracess Brenner

Latchmin Bharat

Ruth Pollack and Martin Bressler

Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Bibby

Carol S. Brewer

Kevin and Debbie Biddle

Irving G. Brilliant

Andrea Billhardt

Toby Brimberg

Dr. Maurice and Sarah Birdwell

Bill Brink, Ronald Paulis, and Richard Sherratts

Alan Blacher

John and Patty Brissenden

Lisa Bateson

Lewis Black

Doris Bato

Page Morton Black

Peter M. Bauer

Kyle Blackmon

Michael and Marcia Beck

David H. and Mary B. Blair

Bernie Beiser

Cliff and Arlene Blaker

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bell, Jr.

James T. and Carol Blann

Janet and Lawrence Bell

Edward Bleier

Leslie Bell

Steven R. Block

Timothy Alexander

Alfonso C. Bellanca

Theodore and Flora Blumenthal

Ethel Allen

Mark Belotz

James and Suzy Bobo

Dr. Russell Brown and Dr. Susanna Brown

George and Jodie Allen

Dr. Gardner and Patricia Bemis

Richard Bohlen

William and Sally Brown

Dr. Ron Alterman

Don and Carol Bender

Benjamin C. Bohr

Vivienne Bruckman

Paul Amidon

Robert Benjamin

Phyllis J. Bond

David and Susan Brunell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anastasi

Elizabeth S. Bennett

D. R. Booker

Bunyan Bryant

Terry Ancel

Paul L. Berger and Michelle Berger

Andrew Bookout

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Budd

Edward C. Booth

Nancy Burke

Daryn Bourbin Diana Bouton

Dr. Robert Burke and Dr. Sharon Wardlaw

Richard Ahlvin Kenneth and Ellen Aidekman Robert M. Aiken Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Ailes Barbara Albert Richard S. Aldrich, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Andrews Katrin Hillner Antram

James and Suzanne Bergoffen Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Berlin

Robert and Diane Brogan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Broll, Jr. Michael Bronder James Brossett James S. Brown Michael Brown Peter Brown

Gary Appel

Deborah Berman and Bruce Greenberg

Dierdra Bowditch

Kimberly L. Fehrle Burns

Eric Appelbaum

Bernard Berner

Grace Bowman

Robert and Patricia Caldwell

Gigi Arledge

Daniel and Shelolia Bernstein

Roger M. Bowman

William C. Cameon

Geraldine Boyle

Joaquin and Angela Campo

Jeffrey and Shari Aronson


Janet S. Andersen

Jill and Ken Brodkowitz


DONORS Individuals Lourdes E. Campon

Arlene and Walter Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Dicharry

Stafford Elias

Robert and Mary Capaldi

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cooper

Mark Dickinson

Susan Ellefson

Joseph Capizzi

Katharine T. Cornelius

E. Scott Dillon

Karen Card

Arnold S. Corrigan

Alexander Dimitrief

Robin A. Elliott and Dr. Sheila Gordon

Norma M. Cardinal

Norman and Helen Coulson

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Carlin

Lucille Coz

James G. Dinan and Elizabeth Miller

Ben Carter

Matthew Coz

The Caruso Family

Peter Coz

James and Nancy Casty

Mary Cranston

Lee S. Casty

James Crosby

Ronald G. Casty

Dave and Andy Cross

John and Margo Catsimatidis

Sally Cross

Gregory and Amy Cecchi

Jose R. Cruz

Selina and Johnson Cha

Alexandra Cudby

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Chalfin

Gene and Judi Curry

Carol and Stephen Chase

Christopher Curtis

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Chasnow

John Czarnecki

Charles Chernick

David D'Amico

Susan Cherry

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Daniel

Albert and Vera Chrone

Philip and Mary Danley, Jr.

Anthony and Patricia Cilluffo

John Danstrom

Wayne Citrin and Deborah Arhelger

Beverly Dashevsky

Brenda Clagett

Arlene Davis

Carol C. Clark, Ph.D.

Jeffrey and Louise Davis

Aaron and Wendy Clayton

Kenneth Davis

Marlynn Clayton

Michael Davis

Mary Jane and Carleton Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. Monty Davis

Jean Clovis

Ellen R. De Carr

Elizabeth K. Cochran

Dr. Conrad De Fiebre

Dr. William Coggshall

Phyllis V. DeCinces

Norman Cohan

Willard and Gail DeFilipps

Dayl Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Del Gatto

Michael and Eileen Cohen

Roberta B. Denning

Gerard Cole, Jr.

Deborah DePace

Kenneth Coleman

Anthony DePaolo

Maureen Coleman

Melissa Derfler

Debra M. Collins

Dolores A. Devine

Josephine Collins

Brett DeWolfe

Allan Cooper

Jerry Diamondstein


Patricia and Daniel Ellis Paul Ellis

David M. Dines M.D., P.C.

Samuel and Maryann Ellsworth

Vincent T. Dipatre, Jr.

James A. Emanuele

Aida S. Dishman

Kathryn Ernst

Michael and Barbara Ditzian

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Errera

Thomas Doenitz

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Ettinger

Kathleen and Eamonn Dolan

David Evans

Neil Doppelt and Audrey Adams

Uzi and Anat Evron

Barry Dorf

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Eward

Peter J. Dorn

Dr. Stanley and Charlotte Fahn

Dorothy Dornstein

Fernando U. Fajardo

Tammy Dougherty

Sal and Dolores Falciglia

Christine A. Doyle

Joan E. Faro

Irene Dranow Blaymore

Norma M. Faul and Family

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Dray

Burt and Noelle Faure

Chris and Jill Drury

Leonard and Gloria Fazio

Luke and Ulana Dubas

Bruce Feffer

Jay Dunlap

Dr. Daniel Feinberg

Roger C. Dunn

Richard Field

Scott Eads

David and Linda Fink

Leah Eaton

Catherine Fischer

Mark Edie

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fleps

Loralee Edlund

Joseph H. Flom

Melissa Egbert Sheehan

Dr. Ann E. Fordham

G. Pennington Egbert III

Anthony Forgione

Mrs. George P. Egbert, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Forman

Adele Eger

Cathy Forsberg

David and Jane Eger

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Forst

Ronald A. Eger

Jack Fortinsky

Soral Eglowstein

Dr. Craig and Blake Foster

Roberta Ehre

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Fowler

Frances Ehrlich

Laura Fox

Heather Eilering

Dr. Robert and Carla Fox

Charlotte Einstein

Jonathan Franzen

PDF Annual Report 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Fraser

Dr. Thomas R. Goldsmith

Lois Gwinn

Wanda Hizer

Barbara Fremont

Jerome Goldstein

Anna Ho

Dr. Anne Fribourg

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gomez

Donald and Marilyn Hail, Lynn and Anne Baker, and Hughes Machinery Co.

Lois Fried, David and Ethyl Fried, Michael Fried, Ken Fried, and Barbara and Jim Weese

Dr. Robert R. Goodman

George Hoberg

Alyce C. Halchak

Ian Hodgson

Hon. Roy Goodman

John and Athena Halkias

Monty Hoeflein

Alan L. Gordon

Jeffrey Hamer

Elizabeth and Marvin Hoekstra

William C. Friend

Stephen Gorny

Norma Hammond

Philip and Mary Hogan

Elizabeth B. Friou

William Haney

Terence Hogan

Russell Furtick

Peter John Goulandris and Dr. Karen E. Burke

Stephen and Margot Holland

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Grace, Jr.

Beverly H. Hardegree

Dr. Joseph G. Gackenbach and Family

J. Alan and Karen Harding

Karen Holmes

Sarah Belk Gambrell

Stephen L. Graessle

Dr. Parameswaran Hariharan

Alexander Holtzman

Barry Ganz

Joan Graham

Gilbert Haroche

Sandy and Bruce Horn

Alan and Marion Garfield

Frances Granlund

Nancy Harold

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hornstein

Diane Garrett

Dr. Michael and Dena Granof

Steven G. Harper, M.D.

Elliot Horowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gersen

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Grant

William H. Harrison

Margaret C. Houlding

Michael Geschwer

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gray

Benjamin and Doris Harwell

Timothy P. Hubartt

Anthony Giambrone

Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Greenberg

Diane Harwood

Deborah and Alan Huber

B. J. and Howard Greenberger

Glenn and Sharon Hawkins

G.S. Beckwith Gilbert

Sherwin Greenwald

Jimmie and Kurt Hayek

Helen Hudgens

Robert M. Gilhooley

Gordon Gregoretti

Marc Hayes

Seth Huhnerkoch

Christopher Gillock

Mr. and Ms. Nicholas P. Greville

Dr. John and Peggy Heilman

Raymond Hull

Anthony and Susan Gilroy

Mr. and Mrs. John Scott Griffin

Jean Kenna Heins

Dr. Nancy J. Huntsman

Robert and Gail Ginsberg

Andrea Grillini

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Helfstein

Amanda Hirsh and Bret Hirsh

Mark and Beth Ginzinger

Pete and Emily Gross

Troy D. Henry

Dr. Sonia W. Hyman

Catherine Giordano

Sharon Grossman

Michael W. Herlihy

Dr. and Mrs. Chakri Inampudi

Richard W. Giuliani

Lori E. Groves

Margaret S. Herold

Ralph and Barbara Italie

Betty and Max Glass

Leonard and Jennifer Gruenberg

B. Lynn Herrington

Joanne Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Hersch

William and Judith Jackson

Marvin and Renee Herskowitz

Randi S. Jacobs

Henry G. Herzing

Scott Jacobs

Steven and Sherry C. Hibshman

Selwyn and Marjorie Jacobs

William and Mary Hicks

A. Donald Janezic, Jr.

Richard L. Hildbold

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Jentoft

Mr. and Mrs. Lane M. Hill

Donald and Marian Johnson

Marjorie and William Hill

David and Carolyn Jones

Isabel Glass Carol Glickenhaus Morton and Claire Goetz Nancy Gold Michael and Anne Golden Alvin Goldman Amy Goldman David Goldman James and Sarah Goldman Steven Goldman Stephanie Goldman-Pittel and Andrew Pittel

Nicole D. Guidara William and Ruth Gulick Geoffrey and Sarah Gund Sharyn L. Gunderson Arlen R. Gunner Shelly Guo Gene Gurkoff Jon and Stevi Gurkoff Andrew Gustin Lydia Gustin Mark Guzzi

Sara Hill

Nathaniel and Judith Jones

June Hiltabrand

Eleanor N. Jordan

Nancy E. Hinckley

James E. Jordon Robert and Sheryl Josephson


Gerald Z. Gibian

Harold and Pamela Huberfeld


DONORS Individuals Timothy Kacmar

Athena Kokkinakis

So Young Lee

Larry and Janis J. Malone

Leslie Kahn

Isobel R. Konecky

Suzanne M. Leggett

Ellen H. Manian

Sherrie Kaiser

Mr. and Mrs. William Konecky

Mark and Gaby R. Lehrer

Leo S. Maniatty

Beryl Kammerer

Kristijan Kordic

Thomas Lehrer

Brad Manuilow

Andrew Kampf

Mr. and Mrs. Lew Kornberg

Mike Lein

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Maraghy

Daniel and Susan Kane

William F. Korth

Jill Leinbach

Benjamin and Kristina Marchant

Patrick Kane

Marcia and Walter Kortschak

Laurie Leiner and Morton Katz

Dr. Karen Marder

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kantor

Janet P. Kramer

Walter F. Leinhardt

Adam Margolis

Ellyn Kaplan

Rebecca Kramer

Renee Lerner and Family

M. Margolis

Henry Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kransdorf

Sally W. Leung

Sidney and Phyllis Margolis

Gary M. Karlitz

David and Susan Kraus

Dr. Ilan and Dr. Barbara Levi

Linda Markeloff

George Karnoutsos

Seymour Kreshek

Dina L. Levin

Rebecca Markley

Richard and Jane Karp

James Kress

Francine and Irwin Levine

Dr. Philip A. Marraccini

Karoly Kasza

Judie Stern Kreston

Jerome and Arlene Levine

Theresa L. Marran

Michael Kaufman

Midge Kretchmer

John and Catherine Liguori

Suzanne Kavetas

Mark B. Kristof and Beth V. Ward

Ruth V. Lilley

Sheryl R. Martin and Anton Schermer

Paul Kebabian

Gloria Kronenberg

Betsy Lim

Christopher Keber

Michael Kronenberg

Keryn Limmer

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Kell

Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Krulla

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Linden

Dr. David L. Keller

Howard and Gail Kunreuther

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lindstaedt

Elaine P. Kend

Diane L. Kurtz

Edward and Sylvia Linhares

Arthur and Nancy Kesselhaut

Barbara Kyse

Richard Linhart

Mary and Franklin Kilgore

Leonard La Manna

Cara Lipshie

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kilrea

Rutherford C. Lake,III

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Mary Littley

Thomas King

Lawrence Lam

William Lockeretz

John Kirrane

Cecelia Lance

Marshall Loeb

Dr. and Mrs. Francis I. Kittredge

Alan and Linda Landis

Robert M. Lofberg

Mary Kiyonaga

Robert F. Landy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Long

Michael and Cynthia McConnell

Joyce Klein

Mark Lane

Jean Lovett

A. Bliss McCrum, Jr.

Stephen E. Klein

Don and April Lange

W. Wilson Lowery, Jr.

Pollie McFarland

Suzanne and Robert Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Larramendi

Dina Lowy

Charles McGeown

Gary M. Kleingartner

George and Priscilla Matouk Mr. and Mrs. William Mattson Diane Matusiak J. Robb and Susan Mayo Alexander and Marianna McAfee Randall T. McCallum Charles and Anita McCarthy Mary B. McCaskey

John and Helen McGrath Austin J. McGreal

Joanne C. MacCallum

Gordon McLean

John Macdonald

Michael McLinden

Gene G. Leary

George R. Mahoney, Jr. and Linda L. Mahoney

John and Molly McMahon

Pauline M. Lecomte

William Makinen

Jin Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Burton C. Mallory

George and Evie Evers Kling

Sarah Le Sueur

Dr. David L. Klionsky and Eva Youshock

Jeffery R. Leake


Yvonne L. Mason

Toni Lyerly

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Larson Robet O. Laven

Edgar and Eileen Koerner

Mary Ann and Dale Masher

Chris P. Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kleinschmidt

Elaine Koenigsberg

David J. Marx

John P. McMichael W. McMillin

PDF Annual Report 2010

Malcolm McNeil

Kip Morgan

James Orsini

Dana C. Puddy

Angus McPhie

Audrey Morris

Neal Ortenberg

Kerry Pyrch

Michael McPhie

Dr. Charles Morris

Debra Osburne

William Rabbe

Mrs. Peter M. McVey

Robert Morrissey

Mila A. Ostin

Jeffrey Rabinowitz

Jane Meeker

Jeffrey W. Moses, M.D.

Don Oswald

Thomas P. Racobaldo

Dana R. Meeks

Paul V. Mrugacz

W. Matt and Amelia Ralls

David Melillo

Diane M. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paglia and Family

Michael Melnick

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mueller

Merle D. Melvin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy

Dr. Robert Mencher

Kenneth Musen

Mark and Karen Mihalik

Jean Myers

Jeanette Y. Mihaly

Gary Nabedian

Michael and Kristin Reed

Shirley Perez

Lucy J. Reinheimer

Virginia W. Peters

Ralph and Barbara Reis Sondra Reisinger

James and Alison Neisloss

E. Margie Peterson, Lucile Smith, and Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Houghton

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Petitti

Llewelyn Rentel

June Newmark

James Philbin, III

Farley Rentschler

Agnes E. Nixon

Donna Pickett

The Revoir Family

Marla E. Nock

Colin G. Pitt

Anthony and M. Allison Richards

Edward J. Noha

Nina Platt

Robert S. Northington

William Platt

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Riddick

Sabato Noto

Gary Podell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riefstahl

Allan Novak

Eugene A. Poel

Sandra L. Rigopoulos

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Nowell

Drs. John and Susan Pollack

Evan Rigterink

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Nussdorf

William and Carol Pollak

Chariti Rimington

Martin and Valerie Pollner

William F. Ringier

Charles O'Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Pope, Jr.

Janette Rising

Debra Oden

Louisa and Henry Porter

Ralph N. Robbins, D.D.S.

Ruth Ofstedal

Joseph Portman

Brenda G. Roberts

Kathleen O'Grady

Arjun Prabhu

Dawn Roberts

Marion Oliva

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Roberts

Donald Olson

Daisy Prince and Hugh Chisholm

John and Marnie Olson

Frederick Prince

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Onders

Gail and Ephraim Propp

Luke O'Neil

Lawrence and Sandra Puckett

Gary M. Nath

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Millar

Paul and Marcy Nathan

Dr. David Miller

Sunil Nayar

Deborah Miller and G. Timothy Black

Marty Nealon

George P. Mitchell Thomas Mollison John P. Molloy, Sr. Donna Mondani Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Monteleone Christopher Montgomery

William J. Montgoris Don and Linda Moore Mr. and Mrs. George E. Moore Nancy A. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moore Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Morel Howard and Ginger Morgan

Samuel Rensin

Thomas and Brenda Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Robinson Andrew and Harriet Rockefeller Raymond Rodgers


Jan M. Montgomery

Ronald Rashid

Glenn Penny

Milton and Cheryl Mill

Deanna L. Mitchell

Jacqueline M. Paul

Cheryl Rapp

Terrie L. Ray

Sarita Narson

Richard and Lois Miller

Alan Patricof

John Raphael

William S. Penick

Carl and Wanda Nafzger

Phyllis W. Miller

Lou Passman

Debra Raskin and Michael Young

Robert and Gail Milhous

Michael Miller

M. Parsons

Gerald and Barbara Ranzal Cathy Raphael

Melba Pearlstein, Esq.

James R. Milford

Joseph H. Miller

Tony Pallagrosi


DONORS Individuals Robert J. Rokose

Burke L. Schloss

Julie Silva

Guenter Stolzenberger

Robert and Heddie Romanoff

Marriane Schnell

Paul Silverman

Scott Strickland

Gregory and Barbara Romero

Jay and Suzette Schochet

Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Silverstein

The Romero Family

Linda Schoenhals

Zach Simard

Ms. Christianna L. Strohbeck and Dr. Ramaswamy Murari

John Rosecky

Susan Schoppman

Joseph M. Simonet

Mark Rosen

Dr. Thomas J. and Jean Schreiber

J. Robert and Linda Sims

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rosenblum Carol Rosensweig and Charlene D. Grant Lyn Rosensweig Melvin S. Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. David Rosinus Dr. Harley A. Rotbart Stanley Roth, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rourke Dr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Rowland Drs. Stephen and Marie Rozan Antonio Ruiz Paul Ruiz Natalie Rule Ken W. Ryder Alice M. Saari Steven B. Sadler Mr. and Mrs. Albert Safer Betsy B. Salinger Saul M. Salka Harold Salmanowitz Dr. and Mrs. Henry D. Salter, III Pat Santoro Hellyn L. Sarek Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sargent John and Deborah Scanlon

Shelley and Blair Schrum David M. Schuld Edward F. Schuler Brian and Kathy Schultz Sue Schultz Howard and Phyllis Schwartz Jeff and Iris Schwartz Marie D. Schwartz Martin Schwartz Nancy S. Schwartz Stephanie R. Schwartz Mrs. Frederick E. Schwarzmann Thelma J. Scott Ethel Seife Mark and Laurie Seruya Vincent D. Sexton, Jr. Emily Eileen Shanks Leslie Shapiro Ronald and Evelyn Shapiro Theodore and Joanna Shapiro Felice K. Shea Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Sheinberg Dr. Sam Shelanski David H. Shelton Debbie J. Shepherd Cindy Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schaefer, Jr.

Jack and Paula Sherman

William S. Scherman

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Shiftan

Dr. and Mrs. Neil Schiff

Michael Shrimmer

Susan Schindler

Beverly K. Shulman

Dr. Gregory and Patricia Schlegel

Rose L. Shure

Carole Schlessinger

Arthur and Dr. Sandra Siler


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Joe Welch

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Mabel Burchard Fischer Grant Foundation

Airtex Design Group, Inc.

Burgundy Foundation, Inc.

The Shana Alexander Charitable Foundation

Cagney Insurance Network, Inc.

Allstate Giving Campaign The Allyn Foundation, Inc. America's Charities Amicus Therapeutics Gigi Arledge Foundation ASR Electric Contractors

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Edna Williams Curl and Myron R. Curl Fisher Landau Center for Art Endowment for Parkinson's Focus On A Cure Customized Energy Solutions Forest Family Foundation Daffy's The Fremont Foundation Dana and Jesse Lehman Foundation GE Foundation Davis Phinney Foundation General Electric Co. DCH Montclair LLC D/B/A Montclair Gerson and Gerson, Inc. Acura Gilmon Holdings, Inc. Defense Web Technologies, Inc. Deloitte and Touche

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Elmwood Charity Fund, Inc.

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Empire State CDC: The 504 Company

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Encana Oil and Gas (USA), Inc.

The George E. Coleman Jr. Foundation Epic Systems Corporation Simon and Eve Colin Foundation, Inc. Ernst Foundation, Inc.

Greenberger Family Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund The Gwendolyn Halsey-Albertson Foundation George W. Harris Foundation The Harte Auto Group

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Hauser Family Foundation, Inc.

The David H. and Mary B. Blair Charitable Fund

Columbia University Neurological Institute

Fairchild Martindale Foundation

Barbara Fatt Costikyan Fund

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Arthur and Eve Fastenberg Philanthropic Fund

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Philip M. Hogan Family Fund

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Fred Kassner Family Foundation

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Just Give

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William and Nancy Lifland Fund

Mazur, Carp, Rubin and Schulman, P.C.

Light of Day Foundation, Inc.

The McGraw-Hill Companies

THE JAMES PARKINSON LEGACY SOCIETY We thank the following members of the James Parkinson Legacy Society who have included PDF in their estate plans or have established a charitable gift annuity with us. Harold F. Jaeger Annette Korn Viola B. Marshall Edith Perman-Allen Marie D. Schwartz Stephanie and Bernard Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Smith Charles L. Thomas Lucy Veneble M. R. Weigardt James B. Wittrock

If you have made estate plans which include PDF or wish to establish a charitable gift annuity which provides you with income for life, please contact Eddie Pelto, Director of Development at (800) 457-6676.


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New York Times, Inc. North Bergen Federation of Teachers Novartis Federal Credit Union Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp O.H. Local The Calvin Flavia Oak Foundation, Inc. Thomas P. and Patricia A. O'Donnell Foundation Orange County Community Foundation

Wasily Family Foundation Wechsler Foundation Weeds, Inc.

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Joseph Rosen Foundation

The Sulzberger Foundation, Inc.

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Mary and George H. Zimmerman Foundation

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Overture Films

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United Refining Company

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United Steelworkers Siegel, O'Connor, O'Donnell and Beck, United Technologies P. C. The Yaspan Unterberg Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Foundation, Inc. Flom LLP The Ellen M. Violett and Mary Benjamin Solomon P.R. Thomas Foundation Solvay Information Technologies, Inc. Visa Givingstation The Spurlino Foundation

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The Foundation - To Life, Inc.

Alexandra and Martin Symonds Foundation., Inc. Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation Joseph and Arlene Taub Foundation Judy and Warren Tenney Foundation Teva Neuroscience, Inc. Three Swallows Foundation Tides Foundation TJM Investments

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Kniffin Charitable Remainder Trust

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The Melba M. O'Connell Trust


PEOPLE Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Committee


J. Timothy Greenamyre, M.D., Ph.D. Oleh Hornykiewicz, M.D. J. William Langston, M.D. G. Frederick Wooten, M.D. Anne B. Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Page Morton Black Chairman Lewis P. Rowland, M.D. President Timothy A. Pedley, M.D. Vice President Stephen Ackerman Treasurer Isobel Robins Konecky Secretary Stanley Fahn, M.D. Scientific Director

Directors Constance Woodruff Atwell, Ph.D. Karen Elizabeth Burke, M.D., Ph.D. Margo Catsimatidis Barbara Costikyan Peter Dorn George Pennington Egbert III Stephen B. Flood, Esq. Sarah Belk Gambrell Daniel Gersen, Esq. Stephanie Goldman-Pittel Arlene Levine Marshall Loeb Howard DeWitt Morgan Marie D. Schwartz Domna Stanton, Ph.D. Sandra Feagan Stern, Ed.D. Melvin S. Taub Martin Tuchman

People with Parkinson's Advisory Council Carey Christensen Joy Dryfoos David Eger, Ph.D., Co-Chair Melinda Hermanns, Ph.D. Rhona Johnson Daniel Kiefer, J.D. Jo-Anne Lazarus, Ph.D. Meredith Mucha, M.D. Michael O'Leary Lillian Snyder* Joanna Steichen, M.S.W.* Bruce Talbot* Ann Wasson, Co-Chair * deceased

Executive Director Robin Anthony Elliott

The quilts included in this publication were created by people living with Parkinson’s disease for the Parkinson’s Quilt and are part of PDF’s Creativity and Parkinson’s Project. This initiative seeks to explore, support and encourage the possible therapeutic value of creativity in Parkinson’s disease.

Quilt Credits: Cover Lois Gwinn; Page 2 Lois Gwinn; Page 4 Carolyn Weimer; Page 6 Joan Engel; Page 10 Portuguese PD Association; Page 14 Julia Huestis; Page 18 Lynne Stefanetti; Page 20 Lisa Longacher; Inside Back Cover (left to right) Lois Gwinn; Carolyn Weimer; Joan Engel; Portuguese PD Association; Julia Huestis; Lynne Stefanetti; Lisa Longacher

Image Credits: Page 6 Modified from Matsuda et al. Journal of Neuroscience, 2009; Page 7 Mark R. Sullivan; Page 14 Courtesy of Dr. Scott Small; Page 20 Janet Charles; Page 21 Patrick McMullan Company (top); Pete Philomey, PpP Photography (bottom)

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