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SKETCH 2014-2016


It’s so beautiful and I’m beyond thankful for every day I get to work in such a creative and welcoming environment Meek, Indie Studio Artist


20 Years of Impact 4 Timeline 6 Beyond Homelessness & the Limitations of Poverty 8 Our Platform 16 Our Impact 20 Finance 32 Resource Development 35 Our Support Network 40



10,000 20,000

young art-making participants

square feet of art studio and creative engagement spaces


artists, educators, activists and community developers


community partners


800 11,311 500,000 volunteers

donors, funders and supporters

audience members


exhibitions, commissions, murals, performances, public speaking and community events 5


SKETCH founded


200 participants accessed theatre and visual arts projects



Fix - Arts Festival celebrated the creativity of youth on the margins

Queen West 900-sq-ft. storefront studio opened

2001 2002

580 King West 6500-sq-ft. warehouse space opened

Not-for-Profit status


Charitable Status


recognized as “one of the most innovative programs of its kind in Canada” by Arts Network for Children and Youth (ANCY)


selected by World Vision Canada as national partner to end child and youth poverty in Canada


received Eva’s Initiatives Award for Innovation and Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) Award of Distinction

2008 2009

SKETCH Executive Director, Rudy Ruttimann, awarded Vital People Award, Toronto Community SKETCH awarded Vital Ideas Award, TCF


Capital Campaign launched for Artscape Youngplace. SKETCH moved from 580 King West studio to create pop up studios at community health, recreation and neighbourhood centres, shelters and housing initiatives such as, Central Toronto Community Health Centres; The Dale; Eva’s; St. Clare’s Housing, Masaryk Cowan


created new learning journey framework (Theory of Change) and Impact Statement to guide youth engagement Artistic Director Phyllis Novak became part of Toronto Arts Council’s Inaugural Cultural Leaders Lab Fellowship

awarded Toronto Arts Council Foundation’s (TAC) Arts for Youth Award


Artistic Director Phyllis Novak named “Everyday Hero” by Global Television


moved into 180 Shaw Street, Artscape Youngplace Finalist for the Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts


piloted new arts programming framework


celebrated 20th anniversary Ruth Atkinson Award Runner-up for Hindmarsh NOW Toronto’s Best of Toronto Awards for Best Youth Organization


Beyond Homelessness & the Limitations of Poverty


Youth homelessnessthe situation and experience of young people between the ages of 13 to 24 who are living independently of parents and/or caregivers, but do not have the means or ability to acquire stable, safe or consistent residence. -2016, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness


Current Facts:



of Canadians living homeless are between the ages of 13-24

6000 young people are homeless on any given night



are chronically homeless



are episodically homeless


35000 32 youth experience homelessness throughout a year in Canada

are in transition out of homelessness

National Youth Homelessness Survey 2016 Divided City: Life in Canada’s Child Poverty Capital Report November 2016



28 % 29 % 31 % 10

belong to racialized communities

identify as LGBTQ*

are First Nations, Metis or Inuit

are Newcomers

Youth homelessness is more than lack of shelter. Displacement

Newcomer youth


Indigenous youth

Disqualification of Personhood

homophobia, transphobia, Xenophobia

Systemic Racism youth of colour

Gender-Based Violence women, trans persons

Class Discrimination Mental Health Stigma

Learning challenges

It’s complicated. It’s more than statistics.


We need to address homelessness on all levels‌ Homelessness of the Body Homelessness of the Mind Homelessness of the Heart Homelessness of the Spirit Dr. Marie Wilson Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner, 2016 Canadian Conference on Ending Homelessness, London, ON


Young people navigating poverty, living homeless and on the margins have unique creativity and perspectives. Their contributions are needed to build inclusive and vibrant, culture and community.


Powerful tools giving voice and healing to those traumatized or silenced Tangible skills to manage stress and challenges Connections to 21st century learning Bridges to employment, education and networks


Illuminators of societal inequities and injustice Ways to cultivate joy, agency and strength Ways to celebrate diversity of expression, identity, experience and culture Necessary to make sense of the world we live in


Artist: Percy



The SKETCH Platform


A Young Person’s Journey with SKETCH


VISUAL ARTS SCREENPRINTING TEXTILES CULINARY ARTS MUSIC & RECORDING ARTS MOVEMENT & PERFORMING ARTS MARTIAL ARTS DIGITAL MEDIA INDUSTRIAL ARTS Workshops, Programs, Projects and Training Seasonal 10-Week Sessions Summer Intensives Community Open Studio Events for the Public Wellbeing Support Artists Support and Mentorship Leadership Training Connection to Networks, Opportunities and Resources


Artist: Shaughn Martel


The SKETCH Impact 2014-2016


There are other young people who want to learn new skills at SKETCH and carve a path for themselves out of homelessness and poverty. Folks from all walks of life come to SKETCH to be inspired, or perhaps to find freedom from depression and loneliness through expressing themselves. I really appreciate SKETCH for giving me a chance. -sketch artist


Participation 2016 2016 2015 2014


1721 1227 751


500 500 400




6550 23

Ethnicity 2016 Youth who choose to identify as: East Asian


South East Asian




African/Caribbean South Asian Asian

8% 33%


Latin American First Nations European


Middle Eastern

15% NOTE: The total adds up to more than 100% because many youth identify in multiple areas 24



Gender 2016 Youth who choose to identify as: Female


Male Trans Two-Spirit, Fluid, non-conforming


5% 51%


41% NOTE: The total adds up to more than 100% because many youth identify in multiple areas 25

I started going to SKETCH for the food and tokens, but then started to make punk patches and fix clothes. After getting involved in screenprinting and sewing, I got a job at SKETCH, and later enrolled into the Toronto School of Art. Now I’ve graduated, and have my own studio! -SKETCH Artist


Support Elements 2014-2016


3000 300 50 25 meals provided

*referrals given

program partners

outreach partners


3800 250 60 30 meals provided

*referrals given

program partners

outreach partners

*Partnership Network: housing, shelter, physical and mental health, criminal justice, arts and culture, employment, business and entrepreneurship, education, child welfare, settlement and immigration.


5000 250 80 50 meals provided

*referrals given

program partners

outreach partners


Youth Arts Career Development 2014-2016



youth income for performances, art sales, showcases, commissions



youth income for leading workshops, engaging in special projects, or paid internships



in youth arts grants awarded by CUE 28

Artist: Isaac Weber



Special Projects 2014-2016


Organizational Mentorship Platform 2014-2016 Support and Collaborations with Youth-led Projects in Arts, Culture and Social Change $370,000 Total grants procured by youth leaders CANVAS ART PROJECTS—arts-based educational programming for youth on body positivity and gender identity LIFTED BY PURPOSE—music mindfulness and stress management for youth formerly incarcerated KRAFTY QUEERS—safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth to connect, craft and create art ODE—connections and community with Indigenous 2Spirit Youth POWER TO GIRLS—leadership-based programs, projects and events for young women of colour STREET VOICES—new media platform and magazine for creative voice of youth in shelters SUNSET SERVICE—inclusive, interspiritual ministry and community for LGBTQ*, POC and marginalized youth VOID INCUBATOR - arts and entrepreneurship collective that supports capacity-building for youth living on the margins

Artist: Verity Eaton


Strategic Initiatives 2014-2016 collaborating to make change ACTING OUT—social enterprise with youth-led trainings in how to engage LGBTQ + youth CUE—mentorship, micro grants and project support to new generation artists on the margins (founded on the SKETCH Mentorship Platform) PLATFORM A—capacity building infrastructure for artists doing work in their communities. In partnership with: Vibe Arts, Art Starts, Jumblies Theatre, CUE, Toronto Arts Council ARTS LAB—building a ‘ladder of opportunity’ for youth building creative enterprise. In partnership with: Toronto Arts Services, Vibe Arts, Manifesto, Work in Culture AVNU—infrastructure to support youth-determined learning journeys in culture. In partnership with: Artreach, Manifesto, NIA Centre, Neighbourhood Arts Network, Toronto Youth Equity Strategy, Toronto Youth Cabinet, Grassroots Youth Collaborative (GYC) EMERGENCE EQUITY PROJECTS—Courage Labs and Community Arts Jams to build equity in community engaged arts.


EMERGENCE SYMPOSIUM—Arts and Equity Forum in collaboration with Neighbourhood Arts Network, Toronto A WAY HOME TORONTO—long-term strategy development to address youth homelessness in Toronto. In partnership with: City of Toronto, Youth Shelter Network, Covenant House, Eva’s Initiatives, YMCA, Horizons for Youth, Youth Without Shelter, Yonge Street Mission, Central Toronto Community Health Centres HOP-C—Research collaboration supporting newly-housed youth through case management, peer support, mental-health counselling and community engagement. In partnership with: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Covenant House, LOFT Community Services YSI—Provincial Initiative to build support in connections with Indigenous & non-Indigenous youth in Algoma and Thunder Bay (Ontario North West) LEADERSHIP THROUGH THE ARTS (2015) - arts made accessibility project for youth in Ottawa in partnership with: MASC (Multicultural Artists in Schools and Communities) and Youth Services Bureau


Being here at SKETCH has been such a key aspect in my journey as an artist. It’s a space where I can really focus on my projects and goals, all to the best of my ability. -SKETCH Artist



SKETCH Finance 2016


Revenue 2016 Federal $55,967.00


Municipal, $377, 494.06


% 2 1 %


Province, $436,630.00 Foundations $843,592.00 Corporate, $214,880.00 Fundraising, $370,606.00 (Individual Giving, 3rd Party, Social Enterprise, Workshops & Presentations)


Other, $32,564.00





= Total Revenue



raised by youth-led collaboratives

Audited Statement available at 36

Expenses 2016 Program, $1,834,076.89 Resource Development, $195, 932.40 Operations, $283,071.71

8% 80%




= Total Expenses



expended by youth-led collaboratives

Audited Statement available at 37

I was looking for a place to experiment and SKETCH was just right! The people at SKETCH and the community I have found here are so supportive and inspiring. I came into Indie Studio with an idea for a painting series and I left with friends and countless ideas for future projects and collaborations. -SKETCH Artist



SKETCH Resource Development 2016


Resource Development 2016 7

$57,073 39 3rd party fundraising

events held by 3rd parties to raise funds for SKETCH

$109,190 Social Enterprise— SpaceShare facilities rental


total rental clients


Resource Development 2016 7

$154,200 469 Individual Giving

Donors giving one time or monthly under $1000 445 are donors from 2015


Donors giving one time or monthly over $1000 30 are donors from 2015


20/20 Visionaries giving over $5000/year for 4 years 41

Our Support Network


Communications Reach 2016

1544 6751 4137

Instagram followers

Facebook followers

Twitter followers

PARTNERS: Traffik Indie 88 KP&A DX3 Canada Rocks Media 43

Our Team 2016 DIRECTORS Phyllis Novak, Artistic Director Rudy Ruttimann, Executive Director Rose Gutierrez, Program Director

REVENUE GENERATION & ADMIN Hayley Hoskins, Executive Projects Associate David Yu, Operations Associate Gillian Aitken, Jessica Hunter, Resource Development Associate Catherine Cachia, Resource Development Associate (2015)

Michael O’Connell, Arts Education Specialist—Music

Niko Young

Kerry Boileau, Arts Education Specialist— Acting OUT

Pooramya Amuthan

COMMUNITY ARTISTS Jade Brooks Kamika Peters Lancelot Bucknor Lydia Hernandez Maanii Oakes Nigel Edwards

Bob Moher, Community Liaison

Niko Young


Severine Beaumont

Dale Roy, Marketing & Communications Associate Jonsaba Jabbi, Communications Assistant Pallavi Thampi, Graphic Designer


Samay Arcentales Cajas

ASSOCIATE ARTISTS Ben Wood Charmie Deller Elijah Miley

Elly Green, Social Enterprise Developer

Emma Bowen

Ashleigh Addison, Social Enterprise Assistant

Errica Powankumar


Ezekiel Rasheed Gideon Ruttimann-Hoskins

Sonya Reynolds, Program Associate


Verity Eaton, Arts Administrative Assistant

Jane Doe Smith

Sue Cohen, Program Coordinator

Jasmeen Finjan

Julian Diego, Program Coordinator

Kate Zen

Naty Tremblay, Program Coordinator

Kumari Giles

Justin Richardson, Arts Education Specialist—Culinary Arts

Mardy Daley


Oddane Taylor Rosa Mindreau Skratch Sophia Ilyniak

OUR BOARD HONOURARY LEVEL The Honourable David Crombie EXECUTIVE LEVEL Goodwin Gibson, Chair Jamey Hubbs, Vice Chair Omer Riza, Treasurer Fraser Wiswell, Secretary Jill Fagan, Fundraising Chair

DIRECTORS Rona Abramovitch Alyssa Fearon Janine Grossmann Nicole Hurtubise Anthony Lipkin

Our Supporters 2016 VOLUNTEERS Adele Lapin Alice Tsibulsky Alicia Jiang Bailey Syriah Ben Biro Ben Wood Benjamin McCarthy Betthany Reed Bryn Jennings Carmen Klopper Dakota Carrie Dara Greaves Duane Forrest Erin Greenizan Gabrielle Charron-Merritt Haley Park Isabelle Caleca Jess De Vittoris Joanna Talamor Kara Hamilton Kate Nava Kate Simpson Katherine Keyes Katie Di Battista Kristen Brennan Ksenia Khan Leslie Nichol Lisa Sparkman Lynn Hubbs

Margie Brunn-Meyer Mary Githumbi MC Zogho Melissa Morales Michaela Osborne Miriam Selick Monica Ganhadeiro Nadine Elkadri Natasha Hargovan Nazanin Khani Patrick Decoste Peter Lakin Robyn Diego Sally Cheng Samarah Wilson Sarah Couture McPhail Sarah Hsu Sarina Luchetta Tea Pajkic Ted Hamer

PLACEMENTS Alex Andras Amber Vibert Ana Carolina Escorcia Pinedo Anthony Lohan Anthony Lohan Armando Arauz Bayley Nargang Bonnie Cuss Dee Phillpotts Edwin Chacon Hala Sayed John Smith Juyeon Jeong Karen Crawford Kerri McDonald Kristina Jaber Kvesche Bij Melinda Suarez Olivia Wilks Radley August Rick Achaempong Rita Alsalaq Robby McNulty Sara Finnamore Sean Canavan Yasmeen Finjan


*some donors choose to remain anonymous

*Our Donors 2016 UP TO $99 Abel, David J. Abramovitch, Rona & Freedman, Jonathan Abramsohn, Dean Adams, Ken Adams, Sophie Alabaszowski, John Andras, John S. Armstrong, Dana Ashford, Leigh Bailey, Carolyn & Denis Ball, Jen Ball, Kevin Banani, Mulvey & Banks, Faith Baranowski, Kathy Belanger, Lisa Benic, Judy Bohach, Justina Bohman, Edera Bohonos, Ryanne Bouchard, Miranda Boyer, Linda Bozza, Mike & Rosa, Maria Bradley, Bill Broen, Carry Brooks, Catherine Brown, Sarah Brunn-Meyer, Margie Bulley, Lorraine Buono, Marco Di Burke, Devon 46

Burns, Krista Cachia, Catherine Caldwell, Joanna & Clint Caplan, Daniel Cardenas, Fabiola Cardoso, Rui & Luisa Carino, Sarah Carreau, Christina Chartier, Ingrid Cheriton, Suzanne Choy, Anne Cleaver, Sean Cleveland, Karen Clough, Annette Cohen, Jory Cohen, Joni Coish, Peter Colbear, Chandra Collie, Sharon Crandell, Shannon Craven, Patti Creed, Sue Crosbie, K.A. (Tony) Daley, Mark Daniel, Sheila Dargo Caplan, Jessica deBakker, Roos De Camillis, Laurie & Goodman, Jeffrey Delvecchio, Jennifer Demopoulos, Dino Di Cesare, Roberto Di Maio, Sabrina

Didyk, Lois DiPaola, Matt Dixon, Natasha Dixon, Virginia Dobson, Jennifer Dominiques, Josh Dopping, Ralph Durocher, Robert Ebay Inc. Ehm, Leslie Eiduks, Eva Elke, Devon Esteves, Barbara Falconer, Dionne A. Farebrother, Tony Farrell, Maureen Ferguson, Chris Fink, Eric Fleming, Paul Flicker, Sarah Flynn-Helou, Annette Forsyth, Jeremy Fournier, Larry J. Freeman, Lynne Fry, Kathleen Gammie, Lynn Gellman, Marc Girvan, LoriAnn Ground, Frederick Hards, Gillian Hassell, John Hayes, Ryan

*some donors choose to remain anonymous

Our Donors 2016 Hayward, Elizabeth Head, Frank Hoar, James & Bettina Hodgson, Judith & Robert Hoffman, Lisa Holland, Melissa Hood, Sarah Houston, Rebecca Hsu, I-Yang Huang, Jennifer Hubbs, Kate Hubbs, Lynn Hubbs, Sarah Hudson, Jane Hughes, Patrick Hurnik, Veronika Hurst, Heather Jackson, Monique Jacobs, Valerie Jangda, Mohammad Janke, Tanya Jenkins, Jeramie Jeremic, Rusa Johnson, Stephanie Jonasson, Cathy Kaas, Ellen Kahn, Lynda Kalish, Jared Kanellakis, Kelly Karmali, Shelina Kassam, Nisha

Kay, Edward Kent, Lynzie Kerman, Michael Keyes, Catherine Keyes, John Klein, Toan & Glickman, Susan Kostoff, Christina Kraemer, David Krmpotich, Cara Krug, Warren Kupsky, Mary Jane Kwok, Katherine LaCaprara, Loreta Lackie, Sandra Lam, Nancy LaPointe, Van Larose, Lucie Layton, Mike Lazar, Michelle Lee, Elsie Lee, Nanci Lennon, Helen Lennon, Kelly Lisser, Robert Lutes, Elaine MacEachern, Spencer MacInnis, Elizabeth MacTavish, Kevin Maher, Anthony Mair, S. Manicom, Linzi

Mann, Reuben Manook, Tenny Markle, Phyllis Marmor, Margie McKenzie, Simone Menkes, Patricia Metro Inc. Midanik, Jonathan Mirkin, Lawrence Morgenstern, Marion Morris, Sarah-Jane Murphy-MacLeod, B. Murray, Joshua Murtaugh, Patrick Nassiri, Farnaz Neary, John Neves, Amanda Nowakowski, Petra O’Connor, Colin O’Connor, Sarah O’Donnell, Melissa Obrecht, Nina Olmedo, Veronica Orton, Debra Pady, Ian Parr, Ciara Passi, Morgan Paton, Lana Pazienza, Natalie Plotkin, Nicole Prifti, Stalla 47

Our Donors 2016 Pryma, Susan Quach, David Queen, Anne Quigg, Joann Ramsay, Doug Reale, Mark Recalla, Dawne Redhill, Michael Reitano, Peter Richmond, Danny Rigby, Barry Rigby, Fiona Rintoul, Kelly Rivkin, Jennifer Riza, Omer Rodrigues, Emilia Roger, Sarah Romahn, Michael Rosa, Paula Ross, Lisa Roy-Williams, Candace & Shay Roy, Dale Rusk, Katherine & Andrew Schmidt, Philip Schneider, Lisa Schoenmakers, Leah Seven, Michael Sharma, Karuna Shulman, Jennifer Sirlin, Debbie Skinner, Stewart 48

Smith, Gregory R. Smith, Shannon Smolkin, Cindy Snowden, Kelly Spencer, Erin Spitzer, Brenda Spratt, Heather Stakman, Brittany Starr, Steen Strutt, Lillian Sykes, Karen Taneja, Shannon Tatham, Deanna Teminski, Wanda Theodor, Jason Thomson, Eleanor Tocchet, Cory Townsend, Andrew Trinity College Volunteer Society Ufkes, Ms Joanne Vale, Leila Velentzas, Tina Vettraino, Alyssa Vincent, Dave & Teri Wade, Brendan Waller, Susan Watson, Carole Weisbrodt, Jorn Wellings, Sarah Whittaker, David Wilkins, Paige

Wise, Leonard Wolgelerenter, Debbie Woodgate, Kathy Woodroof Hurst, William Worobec, Kim Yim, Jenna Yotis, Susan

$100-$499 Adams, Colleen Aitken, Gillian Alberton, Jerry Alexander, Simon Appleyard, James Ash, Lindsey Ash, Sabrina Ayyub, Ahmad Baird, Tim Ball, Jane Bannerman, Molly Barkhouse-Howard, Janet & Greg Baruch, Susan Benet, Desi Bennett-AbuAyyash, Caroline Benson, Jane Bidgood, Jill Bookbinder, Anne Boos, Trina Booth, Michael Boxen, Jeremy Bragues, Victoria Brent, Shawn

Our Donors 2016 Britton, Stephen Broadbent, Bruce & Barbara Browning, Sue & Paul Bush, Sandra Cachia, Mark & Janet Cameron, Jamie Campbell, Naomi Cathect Industries Clark, Jennifer Clayburn, Laura Cluett, Bob & Thayer Colussi, Angelo Cory, Robin Cummings, Lucy & Wilson, Scott Cushing, Jennifer Czestochowski, Christine D’Agincourt-Canning, Lorraine Darling, Deborah Davies, Rita Deacon, John & Debbie Debakker, Lori & Brian Dehli, Kari Deléan, Christiane Detlefsen, Michael Devine, Marjorie Diego, Ann Dinnick, Sarah Donahue, Lisa Dunster, Carly Egan, Melanie Esquivel, Ian

Fagan, Jill Fearon, Alyssa Fedorowich, Dave Fennell, Alanna Fernandez, Melanie Ferrara, Steve Finjan, Talal Fischer, Anna Fletcher, James Forand, Marie-Therese Fowler, Catherine Fraser, Chris Galinaitis, Edith Gomez, Pilar & Moher, Robert Greckol, Sonja Greenwald, Roger Griggs, Sue Grossman, Ethel Grossman, Robert Grossmann, Janine Hilson, Linden Hoskins, Ralph & Karen Houston, Merylie & Jim Hurtubise, Nicole Huzar, Alice Hyland, Dave & Judy Innes, Sandy Janssens, Evelyn Jer’s Vision Juckes, Annette Kappel, Betsy & Bruce

Kar Yee Lau, Carrie Kelly, T. Kenjeev, Alex Kidd, Sean Krauser, Todd Lampert, Paul Langelaan, Willem R. Lawless, Diane Luke-Gervais, Toni MacCormack, Marie MacDonald, Ian Macdonald, Michael MacTavish, Michael & Tara Mak, Michael-Wayne Malinsky, Eli McDonald, Patrick McGill, Cathy Millgate, Dr. Jane & Michael Moffet, Peter Moffet, William Moncada, Chris Morey, Sabrina Moscou, Kathy Murley, Keith & Barbara Nash, Nancy Nasser, Alkarim Nordicity Group Ltd. Nowakowski, Uta & Gerhard O’Rourke, Debbie & Williams, John Paravani, Mary Pattison, Hugh & Nadira 49

Our Donors 2016 Payne, Heather & Michael Pearl, Kenny Plitman, Eric Pollock, Susan Poon, Coman Reed, David & Carolynn Riedl, Ed & Odra Rigby, Leilani Roshdinavid, Pedram Ross, Walter & Joanne Rowe, Clayton Ruttimann, Annmarie Sandolowich, Rob Sassi, Gary & Ben Saunders, Margaret Scarlett, Mr. Lloyd Scheibelhut, Tom & MacInnes, Christie Schnurr, Brendan Schultz, Peggy L. Sherk, John & Elizabeth Shipmaker, Victoria Smith, Crispin Snell, Heather & Ken Stamp, David & Menezes, Emily Stewart, Emma Stratton, Elizabeth Stuart, Glenn Stultberg, Michael Suddith, Cheddi Taitt, Gary Telus 50

Teminski, Richard The Benevity Community Impact Fund Travelers Employee Giving Program Vaillant, Sonia Vine, Cathy M. E. Vopni, Jennifer Walsh, David Walter, Eleanor Watt, Rebecca Weinberger, Sarah Weller, Mike Wells, Dale White, Kim Wilkins, D.L. Windsor, Anthea J. Wiswell, Fraser Worrell, Bill Zee, Barbara Zeidler, Christina Zhang, Aijun Zorzi, Kristyn

$500-$999 Adams, Jeffery Allovoyages Armstrong, Chris Barsoum, Sherien Burke, Randy & Cathy Burr, Jennifer Campbell, Ingrid & Harry Capper, Nancy Chan, Elizabeth

Crawford, Heather Deacon, Amy deLint, Suzanne Evanoff, Kris & Ruttimann, Karen Fleck, Yvonne FlorChek Inc. Gaudet, Melanie Gibson, Goodwin & Broen, Carey Girling, Tom Haney, Mary-Ann Jensen, Jane & Steve Kimmel, Lisa Laundy, Diane Lawson, Audrey Lempriere-Hogg, Nicholas Lipkin, Anthony Lynch, Margaret & Bimm, Bryan Mandin, Richard McKenna, Kathy & Kerry McNeil, Ray Mendez, Daniel & Cardenas, Erick Montgomery, Lynn Pearpoint, Jack Sharp, Christine Spence, Heather Stewart, James & Barbara Tkachuk, Jeff Watson-Gaze, James White, Martha & Lisser, Bob Wooldridge, Russ Zeppilli, Grace

Our Donors 2016 $1000-$4999 Bigioni, Vito Copp, Marsha D’Iorio, Chris Deacon, Mary Drewitt, Dr. Emmanuelle Earle, Pamela & Richard Gilbney, David-Jim Faye Music Havers, Michael Jardim, Richard & Karen Marles, Gion McCruer, Neil & Maria McNair, Pam Merrick, Amelia Montgomery, Ron & Elizabeth Penner, Brian & Renee Pringle, Andrew R. Bagnall, Kevin Redway, Alan Smith, Ian R. The Junction BIA Thomson, Mark & Jenny Wong, Mary

$5000+ Blake, Diane & Smith, Stephen d’Eon, Mary & Eaton, Mark Froman-Wenban, Virginia & Michael Hubbs, Jamey & Lynn Southam, Christopher The Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation–Andras Family Fund 51

Our Funders 2016 CORPORATE & COMMUNITY SUPPORT AGO All Seating Architectural Products Armstrong, Chris Association Of Registered Designers Of Ontario Associum Australian Boot Company Ball, Laura Benjamin Moore & Co. Boombox Sound Boyer, Linda Brigholme Interiors Group Burelle, Ainsleigh Cawthra Park Secondary School Centennial College Centre Core Painting & Decorating Chef John Higgins Classic Fire Protection Coffey, Sheila & Newall, Ian Commercial Mechanic Services Ltd. Controlled Demolition Cooper, Phillip Cover Me Impressed CPE Structural Consultants Durable Glass & Mirror Ellrod Holdings Inc. Envirotech Office Systems 52

Europtimum FIRE PROTECTION INC. Forno Cultura FUZE Reps G+P Millwork Gallo, Luke George Brown College GLOBAL Guru Studio Hall, Megan C. Haworth Herman Miller Hit Play Howell Hudson College In Situ PLANTS INDIE 88 Industralite Electric Innis College Interface ISE The Junction BIA Karen Ruttimann Keilhauer Kinky n’ Queer Lamesa Landkind Macgreggors Meats Master Key Effects North Inc. McKernan, Vanessa

Michele Landsberg Midnorthern Appliance Miles Drywall Ministry Of Government & Consumer Services Moliner, Marie My City Gardener Nuvango Orion Gases Page Flooring Paint Nite Panic and Bob Pasca, Teodora Pentacon Group Pita, Paulina Plutino Group Regal Shutters Reliable Corporation Rotaract Club Of Toronto Sandy Nicholson Second Harvest SCI Interiors Sharon Tiessen Sorenson, Eric South Collegiate Institute Southern Graphic Systems – Canada Co Steam Films Inc. Style and Profyle, UTM Taddle Creek Montessori Teknion

The Big Sing The Drake The FirstHand Fair The Great-West Life Assurance Company THE HIDI Group The Pentacon Group The Phoenix Concert Theatre The Post Market, Jodie Merson The Vanity Tiessen, Sharon Toronto Park People Traffik Trempton Construction Inc. Trillium Architectural Products U.C. Literary & Athletic Societysss Unilock Ltd. Waves Apparel White, Robert Whittamore’s Farm Winn, Erin Wishlist Foundation Youngplace Coffee Pub

Our Funders 2016 FOUNDATIONS



Averbach Foundation Atkinson Foundation - Ruth Atkinson Hindmarsh Award Audrey S. Hellyer Foundation Benefaction Foundation Butterfield Family Foundation CAMH Foundation Catherine Donnelly Foundation Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation Community Foundations of Canada George Cedric Metcalf Foundation Harry A. Newman Memorial Foundation Intact Foundation Jim Fay Bursary Fund Johansen-Larsen Foundation J.W. McConnell Family Foundation Kensington Foundation Kingfisher Foundation Laidlaw Foundation Law Foundation of Ontario Mackenzie Foundation RBC Foundation Selah Charitable Trust Slaight Family Foundation Toronto Foundation - Wilkinson Family Fund Williams Wilson Sherport Foundation World Vision Canada

Canada Arts Council—Music Canada Arts Council—Media Arts Employment and Social Development Canada—Canada Summer Jobs Ontario Arts Council Ontario Trillium Foundation Provincial Child and Youth Advocates Office Yukon Child and Youth Advocates Office Toronto Arts Council City of Toronto—Toronto Urban Health Fund StART Access, Equity and Human Rights Toronto Employment and Social Services (Investing In Neighbourhoods Program)

CIBC CIRA.CA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) Commercial Mechanical Services Designstead Great West Life Guru Animation Studio J.P. Morgan Lucida Ltd. Reliable Corporation TD Bank Telus Corporation


Our Funders 2016


SKETCH is the best example of a community initiative that promotes increased well being, and provides the resources it does to so many youth. I really wish there were more places like SKETCH, especially in places like Scarborough. I feel like there are countless youth in our communities who would benefit from the abundance of opportunities here. -SKETCH Artist


Cover Art by Kiana Browne Photographs by Sandy Nicholson, Sonya Reynolds, Armando Arauz, Sean Canavan & Ian Lawrence

Sketch Annual Report 2014-2016  
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