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Winter Fashion 2013/14 BonBon Lingerie is a brand for the city woman with an active lifestyle. Our aim is to brighten up your everyday life by making it a little more special with our glamorous lingerie with a twist. Through our experience and passion we offer the most alluring designs without compromising, neither comfort nor the perfect fit. Every piece of BonBon Lingerie has been created with extra care to achieve perfection.

Late Polka

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For this season we have created a range of high quality products using some of the finest European materials with many surprising details, as always.

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Most of the collection has been created to be mixed and matched. You can wear the Urban lounge trousers with Urban top or with the Late Polka bra and the possibilities continue. Sincerely Yours,

BonBon Lingerie

Urban Lounge

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Renaissance Page

The original print with alluring colors harmonize with a tiny sweet accessory so cute to spice up the entire range. Supersoft finishing and quality micro fabrics from Italy.


Bras and bottoms are perfect for day to day wear. Spicy body with extra cool stockings are made for special occasions but why not also for every-day fun. Slip dress works underneath your favourite dress and our classic kimono in new shade makes every BonBon fan happy. And men will feel super sexy wearing these renaissance-print boxers with soft high quality viscose rear.

11304 Push-up T-Shirt Bra 21306 Tanga 51305 Knee Highs






11305 Balconette Bra 21305 Panty

11304 Push-up T-Shirt Bra 21306 Tanga 51305 Knee Highs





31302 Body with Frill 51304 Stockings 91301 Boxer for Him





11304 Push-up T-Shirt Bra 71301 Kimono 31303 Slip Dress


Late Polka


Besides the velour polka dot with a twist and superfine micro fabric there is now in highlight a new innovative, comfortable and effective way of slimming: Revolutional Slim fabric which redefines the silhouette thanks to the use of Nurel’s microencapsulated fibre, rich in natural active ingredients such as caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe and vitamin E. A true beauty elixir, effective and easy, it will become the “must have” of the near future. Rich for details these spectacular Maxi-Panty make every women look like a model.


Three bras for every breast type and choice of pants make the rest of the Late Polka a perfect range to cover every women’s needs. T-shirt push-up bra with smart centre for smaller breasts. Sexy front opening plunge bra with original back for deep cleavage and special occasions. Full cup bra for bigger cups to give a maximum support and comfort, looks fashionable and tempting all at the same time. Body made from Revolutional Slim fabric and finished with polka dot can be used as a slimming top but also has loops for adding extra suspenders and easily you have a suspender holder for the breath-taking sophisticated stockings of BonBon. For boyfriends BonBon offers this time boxers made of Italian lace. Front covered with shiny fabric and lined with cotton.

11301 Plunge Bra 21304 SuperSlim Panty 51301 Stockings 51303 Suspenders 9004 P Boxer for Him



11302 Push-up T-Shirt Bra




31301 Top 21302 Tanga 51303 Suspenders 51301 Stockings





11302 Push-up T-Shirt Bra 21302 Tanga

21301 Panty 51302 Knee Highs





11303 Underwired Bustier 21304 SuperSlim Panty 31305 Petti Skirt (Urban) 51301 Stockings


Urban Page


Classical but fresh Urban print with carefully considered details, this range is all about style and comfort. Spice up your emotions with Petti skirt which reminds you of childhood dreams. Mix it up with items from Urban Lounge or Late Polka for even more sophisticated look. With this outfit the sky is not the limit for you!

31304 Top 71307 Jersey Trousers (Urban Lounge)

Of course your men have to get these urban-print boxers!



11307 Underwired Bra 21307 Panty 51306 Knee Highs 71305 Fluffy Robe (Urban Lounge) 91302 Boxer for Him




11306 T-Shirt Bra 31305 Petti Skirt 21308 Tanga


Urban lounge Page

You do not have to browse blogs or fashionable sites to find out what to wear with what. Here all the pieces in Urban Lounge collection are made for your perfect comfort and trendy style.


Wear them at home for cosy nights and weekends or for your spa-adventure or on the street, for every occasion you will look stunning. Cotton velour, high quality rib-viscose and the most comfortable teddy you have ever met. Fluffy teddy-robe with warm knee highs are just so cosy you do not want to leave them for a moment.

71305 Fluffy Robe 71306 Fluffy Knee Highs 51308 Belt






71308 Jersey Pullover 71307 Jersey Trousers

71303 Velour Robe 71304 Velour Trousers 51307 Velour Eye Mask





71302 Velour Jump-suit


Renaissance 11304 Push-up T-Shirt Bra EU 70-85 A, B, C, D FR 85-100 A, B, C, D UK 32-38 A, B, C, D

91301 Boxer for Him S, M, L

21306 Tanga S, M, L 11305 Balconette Bra EU 70-80 B, C, D, DD; 85B, C, D FR 85-95 B, C, D, DD; 100 B, C, D UK 32-36 B, C, D, DD; 38 B, C, D Page

71301 Kimono S, M, L 51304 Stockings S, M, L

21305 Panty S, M, L, XL



51305 Knee Highs ONE SIZE

31302 Body with Frill S, M, L

31303 Slip Dress S, M, L


Late Polka 11301 Plunge Bra EU 70 B, C; 75 A, B, C; 80 A, B FR 85 B, C; 90 A, B, C; 95 A, B UK 32 B, C; 34 A, B, C; 36 A, B 21303 Strings S, M, L

11303 Underwired Bustier EU 70-85 B, C, D, DD FR 85-100 B, C, D, DD UK 32-38 B, C, D, DD

11302 Push-up T-Shirt Bra EU 70-80 A, B, C FR 85-95 A, B, C UK 32-36 A, B, C

51303 Suspenders (Wear with Top or Maxi Panty)

21302 Tanga S, M, L, XL

21301 Panty XS, S, M, L Page

51301 Stockings S, M, L


9004 P Boxer for Him S, M, L

31301 Top S, M, L

21304 SuperSlim Panty XS, S, M, L, XL


51302 Knee Highs ONE SIZE



Urban Lounge

11306 T-Shirt Bra EU 70-85 A, B, C FR 85-100 A, B, C UK 32-38 A, B, C 21308 Tanga S, M, L

11307 Underwired Bra EU 70-85 B, C, D FR 85-100 B, C, D UK 32-38 B, C, D 21307 Panty S, M, L, XL



71307 Jersey Trousers S, M, L

51307 Velour Eye Mask ONE SIZE 71306 Fluffy Knee Highs S, M, L

31305 Petti Skirt S, M, L


71303 Velour Robe S, M, L

31304 Top S, M, L

51306 Knee Highs ONE SIZE

71308 Jersey Pullover S, M, L

71302 Velour Jump-suit S, M, L

71305 Fluffy Robe S, M, L

51308 Belt ONE SIZE 91302 Boxer for Him S, M, L

71304 Velour Trousers S, M, L


BonBon Lingerie Head Office: P채rnu mnt 21, Tallinn 10141, Estonia GSM: +372 5696 9538 Fax: +372 682 5474 Gemhill Ltd Reg. nr.: 11647029 Photos: Heiki Laan

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