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dare to be desired BESIRED is a new Dutch lingerie brand, designed by women for women. Multi-faceted, dynamic and style-conscious women who are comfortable with who they are – and dare to flaunt it!


The brand was established by women who have earned their credentials across the lingerie industry.Their goal: to fill a void in the current lingerie market with a collection that stands out from the rest. A collection of wide ranging styles that combines sumptuous embroidery, luxury lace and exquisite detailing with a fabulous fit and affordable pricing. All BESIRED ranges are made up of five to ten mix and match items in the same wearable style, characterised by sexy accents and a naughty top or bottom. Customers can create multiple sets with mix and match corsets, briefs, thongs or bras. Curvaceous women are well catered for too by BESIRED: all ranges are available in sizes A - F and S - XXXL.





A sumptuous line that is characterised by luxurious lace detailing and faux satin lacing on the cups. Sheer and opaque materials are mixed to stunning effect.








(ivory) 9

Gina A combination of incredibly soft satin and lace in contrasting and complimentary colours. A complete range of lingerie articles with a soft, seductive look, with the addition of strong designs



Lingerie makes women of all shapes and sizes more beautiful. Not just because it accentuates your best parts and disguises those you are less proud of, but more importantly because it makes you feel more beautiful. Lingerie subtly changes how you feel about yourself, and when you feel better, you look better – radiating confidence and power. Lingerie invites romance, passion and seduction into your life. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who feels good about herself (and her lingerie!). Conversely, there is no bigger turn-off than washed-out undies, badly fitting bras and underwear that cuts into your flesh. Your underwear drawer is probably overflowing with gorgeous lace briefs, seductive brassieres and sexy bustiers. You know exactly which styles suit you, what size to wear and which materials feel good against your skin. You take great pride and care in looking after your lingerie to ensure it

stays looking its best. Do you not? Or is this more like you – you would love to look and feel seductive, but consider yourself too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, too young or too old to wear beautiful, sexy lingerie? Well, it is time to get over it – as quickly as you can. Lingerie is for women of ALL shapes and sizes, and makes ALL women look gorgeous.

BESIRED shows beauty to its best.



Time to chuck out those tired old undies and worn out bras – NOW! From today onwards you will be buying yourself lingerie - not underwear. And once you have tried BESIRED, I guarantee you will not want anything else.

- With love from BESIRED


“Beauty is how you feel

reflects in your eyes.

inside, and it

It is not something physical.” - Sophia Loren



vanessa This stunning collection is characterised by sensual swirly embroidery. Gorgeous detailing and exquisite quality make these timeless designs highly covetable and collectible.


Vanessa black



Moonlight blue

Stretchpad bra. Art. 25132 Boxer Art. 25132


Victoria Luxurious range of lingerie with sophisticated designs, characterised by the wonderful use of doubled or studded tulle and contrasting Guipure embroidery.



SENSUAL satin The sensual satin fabric feels soft against the skin, and the lacy details create a very romantic touch.


LOVE lace A delicate line with highquality traditional floral lace create a very elegant touch. Worn alone or in combination, this kimono and dress are absolute head turners!



chrystal Lovely feminine designs in microfibre with lace overlay, playfully set with glittering details. The royal blue combined with black lace creates a very chic look.


MATERIALS From cotton to lace In the old days, lingerie was made from wool, linen and cotton. There were not many other materials available. Since then, new types of fabrics have been developed and nowadays lingerie is made from a wide range of materials, like cotton and lace and everything in between. Different types of fabric lend themselves to different uses. It is not unusual to find up to three different materials on the label inside your lingerie. Ever wondered what these are? The materials on your bra label fit into two categories: natural and synthetic materials. Natural materials include fabrics such as cotton and silk.



Cotton Cotton is made from natural fibre and feels soft against your skin. It has excellent moisture absorbent properties and it is one of the strongest materials. It conducts heat effectively, making it a cool and comfortable material to wear.

Silk Silk is produced by the silk worm. The manufacture of silk is time consuming and expensive, resulting in a luxurious material. Silk is soft, shiny and absorbs moisture well. The production of natural materials, especially silk, is labour intensive and therefore costly. That is why synthetic materials are also widely used.

Polyamide Polyamide is made from benzene which is derived from the oil and gas industry. It is poisonous to man in its untreated form, but once it has been processed it is perfectly suitable for use in the manufacture of lingerie. Polyamide can be turned into a wide range of materials, from silky smooth fabric to exquisite lace. Polyamide, also known as nylon, is non-static, keeps its shape well, and is moisture absorbent. This makes it ultimately suitable for lingerie, but also perfect for sportswear. When you see names like ‘Tactel’, ‘Supplex’ or ‘Meryl’ on the label, you’re looking at a garment that contains polyamide.

Polyester is a synthetic fibre which is predominantly used in combination with other fibres to create materials that combine the best of both worlds. Polyester is hardwearing, crease resistant, and colourfast. In combination with cotton it makes a fabulous material for lingerie: great colour effects are easily achieved, it is soft and absorbent like cotton, whilst it retains its shape and does not wrinkle.

Viscose Rayon, also known as viscose, is a synthetic fibre made from wood pulp cellulose. The result is a lightweight fabric which feels a bit like silk, which is why viscose is sometimes called ‘artificial silk’. The downside of viscose is that it creases easily, so it is often combined with other materials. It is however a soft and supple material that is kind to the skin.

Microfibre Microfibre is a very fine, lightweight fibre. It consists mostly of polyamide, polyester or viscose. Microfibre is super soft and shares many of the great properties of cotton, but is harder wearing.

Sensitive Sensitive is an extremely comfortable, soft material made from microfibre and lycra. It breathes well, dries quickly and comes in different strengths. This makes it perfect for controlwear, which shapes your silhouette where needed.

Elastane This synthetic fibre is known for its exceptional elasticity. This makes garments that contain elastane very stretchy, whilst they return to their original shape well. It is often used in combination with cotton, which makes for great shape and ultimate comfort. When the label mentions ‘Lycra’, your lingerie contains elastane.




Julia Elegance and femininity are the hallmarks of this premium collection. Crafted from sheer and opaque tulle with luxurious contrast embroidery.




Chic yet ultimately sexy, this luxury line is characterised by exquisite floral embroidery on a black tulle base. Outspoken colours and contrast detailing make for a dazzling combination. 28


Gabriella 30

Chic yet ultimately sexy, this luxury line is characterised by exquisite floral embroidery on a purple tulle base. Outspoken colours and contrast sequin detailing make for a dazzling combination.








Featuring an alluring mix of lurex and lace, this outspoken collection is characterised by strong, supportive materials and exquisite detailing. This is exemplified by the logo charm that is used to replace the traditional logo. 33

Charise A perfect marriage of luxury and charisma, this line features sensual lace on a silky soft base. Repeat accent detailing on shoulder straps, suspenders and briefs.



basic push-up

This basic line offers seamless cups with thick padding for extra volume. These comfortable bras are invisible under tight-fitting garments and are available in a range of trendy colours with matching thongs and shorts.







Moonlight blue





Chic, elegant and feminine are the hallmarks of this collection. Stylish designs with tattooed lace impressions. A perfect marriage of luxury and charisma.


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