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A place to become...

opportunity When boxing legend Evander Holyfield went to his local Boys & Girls Club for the first time, he discovered boxing. As he continued to come to the Club, the coach there told him that he had what it takes—that he could become the heavyweight champion of the world. A Michelin star chef; an astronaut; an all-star athlete: if kids can dream it, Boys & Girls Clubs can help them become it.

2018 Campaign for GREAT Kids

How do we best serve the youth in our communities? As a retired teacher and principal, the value and importance of serving kids is easy for me to understand. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have had contact with thousands of children and young adults. The decision to join the Boys and Girls Club Board was a simple one, because I’ve seen first hand the incredible benefits our Clubs have to offer.

within their community club, they offer financial support as well. Despite many being part-time, this years’ staff has collectively pledged over $10,000. A humbling expression of their belief in an organization which is serving our most important future assets.

As most of you know only too well, our county is growing. With that growth comes the realization In many ways the Clubs that we will have addiare strong completional youth to serve. mentary partners to Few situations are our schools, but with more difficult for me additional benefits. If to observe as when we you were to walk into Mark Nilson turn youth away from any of our Clubs today, Campaign Chair our clubs because you would witness how Retired - Education we are at our physical our older students have evolved into exceptional young adults. limit for space and materials. The clubs have not only helped them Our annual campaign which runs prepare academically, but socially from January 31 until March 14, is and personally. Similarly, our clubs when we ask our community to join provide a place to unwind, to play and us with financial support. I’m glad build friendships. There are numerous you’re reading this publication, so opportunities today for our youth to you can equate the faces and stories feel excluded, our Clubs provide a of our young people with our 2018 place where kids can be included. slogan of “A Place To Become”. I can’t say enough good things about As you decide how to best serve the those who do the hard work in our youth of our community, I trust you buildings on a daily basis. The exwill join the Boys and Girls Clubs of emplary work of our club directors Skagit County in support of young and staff, transform our physical people county-wide, by helping us buildings into an oasis of caring and create a “Place to Become”. Thank mentorship. Not only do our employyou in advance for your commitment. ees give of themselves professionally

Youth Development Professionals The first things you notice are the passion, the dedication, the commitment to proving every kid & teen has what it takes, and the drive to inspire greatness. With a wealth of research, experience and training behind them, these experts know how to make substantive connections that will last a lifetime. Mentor. Guide. Friend. Hero. All these terms can be used interchangeably when talking about our staff team. Youth Development Professionals are on the front-line with our members, working with them every day– running programs, solving problems, being someone to confide in about the challenges of life. When we talk about every member being provided the opportunities for a great future, our YDPs embody this principle, to the fullest. They are constantly looking for new ways to engage our members,

and make sure that each kid feels & knows that they can succeed. Given the long history of Clubs, and the focus on high-impact programming, our Youth Development Professionals undergo specialized training to prepare them for being effective in the Clubhouse. Recognized as leaders not just in Skagit County, but across the country for exemplifying the best practices in youth development, our staff team is constantly honing their skills, and improving the quality of programs.

Everyday Moments Even simple encounters can shape young lives: a word of encouragement at a critical time; a bit of advice from a trusted mentor; a simple smile and a guiding hand. These are the moments that make a difference.

Teaching, learning, growing, having fun! Just some of the everyday moments members experience in our Clubhouses. When a young person joins a Boys & Girls Club, they are welcomed into a safe place that many call their “home away from home.� Everyday moments happen because kids love coming again and again to their Club to build relationships with peers and mentors. Experienced directors, trained, professional staff, and enthusiastic volunteers engage with young people and provide opportunities

for youth to engage with each other in constructive, positive ways. Whether it’s building good character through Positive Action, getting help with homework or just a place to focus on learning in Power Hour, or growing through play and developing identity through filling free time with games and physical activity, everyday moments are the backbone of Club programming. The more days a kid spends in their Club, the greater their opportunities are for building a great future.

A Place to Become Boys & Girls Clubhouses provide a lot to our members: a place to feel safe, away from the pressure of the world outside; a place where friends come together to laugh, share, and learn; a place to achieve and be recognized; a place to dream, aspire and not just imagine the future, but also see the way there. For generations the Boys & Girls Clubs have been seen as a place to be. A place to be safe, to be positive, to be productive, and to be fun. But Clubs are more than that. Not just a haven, or a place to be yourself, Clubs are a place to grow, to mature, to receive support & encouragement. A place for developing relationships, and receiving mentorship– because the Clubs ensure that every member has the opportunity to explore the world around them, and build the future.

The Boys & Girls Clubs are a place to become. All the programs that happen at the Clubs, and all the staff mentorship that goes on each day is focused on serving our kids, and providing the opportunities that change lives. When our team pledges that “great futures start here,” it’s because we see growth that is possible, and we see the difference that can be made. For more than thousands of kids, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County is a place to become great.

Total Youth Membership for Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County



67% Every

of Club members say the Boys & Girls Club saved their life

$1 12 Fold

you invest, returns

to your Community! A 2016, independent study conducted by the University of Michigan, found that every dollar invested in Boys & Girls Clubs returns $12.29 in current & future earnings, as well as cost-savings, to communities in WA State.

Average, annual donation from each Club Staff

$400 $11,220

For 2018, the staff of the Clubs pledged over , an average gift of $400! From a part-time staff, working 15-20 hours a week, this is significant investment in the futures of those members they serve, every day.















OUR OUTCOMES: Graduate from high school ready for college, trade school, military or employment

Adopt a healthy diet, practice healthy lifestyle choices and make a lifelong commitment to fitness

Be an engaged citizen involved in the community, register to vote and model strong character

A Place to Become...  

A Place to Become is Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County's case statement for their 2018 capitol campaign. ©Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit Cou...

A Place to Become...  

A Place to Become is Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County's case statement for their 2018 capitol campaign. ©Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit Cou...