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This school—my family—made me who I am today, an independent, brave, confident, leader with the abilities to accomplish anything, with faith and motivation... I am so grateful for all the donors that make it possible for me to attend SJND and accomplish my dreams.


- Margaret Moa '22, 2021 Dream Flight Benefit Gala Speaker


Margaret will be attending the University of Pacific majoring in Business Administration, Marketing in Fall 2022. Out of the 18 grandchildren in her family, Margaret is the first granddaughter to attend college.

Interested in becoming a 2022 Dream Flight sponsor? Please contact SJND Director of Advancement, Lucy Lopez at (510) 995-9456 or via email at llopez@sjnd.org.

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Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School 1011 Chestnut Street Alameda, California 94501 www.sjnd.org (510) 523-1526

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Saint Joseph Notre Dame, a Catholic parish high school, provides a dynamic and rigorous college preparatory education. Our faith-filled, diverse, and welcoming community embraces the teachings of Jesus Christ. We develop confident, open-minded, and effective leaders who are ready to live joyful lives of faith, scholarship, and service.

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Hazelwood to Harvard

Anna Victoria Serbin '17

Remembering the Brothers

Dr. Robert L. '45 and Donald J. '41 Hazelwood

Supporting Ukraine Through Art and Charity


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Art Exhibition to Benefit Cherkasy, Ukraine

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ON THE COVER: During the Junior Retreat, students were invited to burn paper cards on which they had written something that needed healing in their lives. "It was powerful to witness," said Myra Capulong, SJND Campus Minister. "It helped create space for them to 'reunite' with who they are, with their friends and community, and with the Spirit."

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Student success is at the heart of E V E RY T H I N G we do at SJND. From the

PRINCIPAL Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of SJND, Our ability to physically be together once again on Chestnut Street has given me time to reflect on the way we work, the way we teach and learn, and how we connect with our community. There are few things more satisfying to me than seeing our students again learning in our classrooms, celebrating Mass, exercising their school spirit in rallies and sports, and engaging with one another. Since we welcomed our students, including our new 9th graders and their families, back to our community this Fall we have been invigorated by the enthusiasm throughout our school. Our faculty and staff remain as committed as ever to helping our students live joyful lives of faith, scholarship, and service. As our academic year comes to an end, I am always proud of the many joyful celebrations that honor the past, present, and future of SJND. We celebrated our 2020 and 2022 Athletic Hall of Fame classes with an extraordinary two-night event. I watched with pride along with our parents at the Senior Recognition Night. And we cheered together for our Class of 2022 at Graduation. These celebrations remind us of how important SJND is in the lives of all members of our ever-growing Pilot family.

With that in mind, over the past year I have been inspired by the energy and commitment among our alumni, parents, and friends to continuously elevate our school and our community. Student success is at the heart of everything we do at SJND, and the significance of the level of support that many of you provide year after year cannot be overstated. I would especially like to recognize our donors and supporters who participated in our fundraising and alumni events. These are just some of the essential ways that our alumni, parents, and friends help SJND be the special place that we all know it to be. It is exciting to be part of such an active school community, and there are so many more opportunities to come together in the next few months. Most importantly, I am excited about our new Strategic Plan, which will build on our tremendously rich history to ensure our school remains a guiding light of education, diversity, faith, and service for our communities. These initiatives will require the support of all of those who hold a special place in their hearts for SJND and will serve as another exceptional opportunity to bring us together in faith and family. I can't wait to see what we all can accomplish together. Peace, love, and hope,

Julianne Guevara, Principal 2

UPDATE | Summer 2022



W h a t i t m e a n s to c o m e to g e t h e r a s a c o m m u n i t y.

In Catholic theology, fire is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, the divine force that brings us closer to one another. For the first time in over a year, the Junior and Senior classes at SJND were able to gather with their classmates at the Fides and Kairos retreats to explore and reflect on their relationships with God, self, and neighbor. "What I thought was amusing is that when the students arrived at the retreat site, you could sense that there was some reservation and reticence from them," said Myra Capulong, SJND Campus Minister. "They're skeptical and thinking, 'What's going to happen here?' It is fascinating that midway through the retreats there was a shift. You could see it in their willingness to participate. As the retreats progressed, they start fully being present in that moment. That's a beautiful thing to witness."


2021-2022 B OA R D C H A I R T R A N S I T I O N RICHARD SOUBLET '65


Former Chair, SJND Board of Trustees

New Chair, SJND Board of Trustees

The Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School Board of Trustees saw a change in leadership as the current Chair, Richard Soublet '65, completed his six-year tenure on the Board.

Succeeding Soublet as Chair is former Board Vice Chair Alicia Dlugosh Trost '95. Dlugosh Trost currently serves as Chief Communications Officer at BART.

Giving back and paying it forward was something that our parents taught us, so to serve our school only seemed natural. Richard Soublet '65, Former Chair, SJND Board of Trustees

"It was an honor and a privilege to serve on the Board of Trustees," says Soublet. "Our family has roots at SJND dating back to 1958. Five of my siblings and five of our children were Pilots, and my brother Morris taught at SJND for 30 years. Giving back and paying it forward was something that our parents taught us, so to serve our school only seemed natural." Reflecting on his tenure as Chair, Soublet said he is the proudest of two accomplishments. "The first is selecting Julie Guevara as our principal in 2018," he explains. "She's doing a wonderful job and has kept the Pilot Spirit alive during the pandemic and beyond. The second is collaborating with a great team of Trustees who have dedicated their time and energy to ensure our school continues to provide a quality Catholic education." Soublet pointed to SJND’s new Strategic Plan as a strong foundation for continued academic excellence. "I hope that we continue to keep our Pilot tradition alive, evolve as the educational and social needs of youth change, and continue being one of the most diverse private schools in the country as we continue the tradition of providing a Catholic education for the youth of the East Bay."


UPDATE | Summer 2022

"I am very honored to take on this role," says Dlugosh Trost. "I’ve been on the Board for several years and I think this is the perfect time to have someone with my background be the Chair. I also like that I am a woman chairing this group because we always need more diversity. We have made a lot of great strides in that area. This is a really critical time for the school after going through COVID-19 because so much has changed." One major initiative that Dlugosh Trost would like to see is increased involvement from alumni who graduated from SJND between 20 and 30 years ago. "People in my class and the surrounding classes are now becoming executives at where we work," she explains. "We've started families, so we understand how important education is now that we have young adults in our lives. We want to reengage alumni who may be in a place to start giving back financially or volunteering their time." Dlugosh Trost is proud to point out that the recent Day of Giving yielded more first-time donors than in any previous year, including many recent graduates. "The reason why I am on the Board is because I was on tuition assistance, so giving back to the school that helped make me who I am is so important," says Dlugosh Trost. "I hope that other alumni provide any kind of help that they can. This school is such a special place. I always remember not only feeling that I was getting the best education, but also that my teachers cared about me. This is not rare—I know that every day our students are getting this type of education."

N E W M E M B E R S : 2 0 2 1 -2 0 2 2 BOB BUTLER '71 New Member, SJND Board of Trustees As a 2000 SJND Hall of Famer, KCBS Radio reporter Bob Butler '71 was already a supportive alumnus of SJND before joining the Board of Trustees. "I strongly believe in what SJND does, the mission it has, and I benefited greatly from going there," says Butler. Butler also serves as Vice President for Broadcasters on the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). He points to his decades of serving on non-profit boards as an asset to SJND. "I have a lot of experience as a non-profit board member, and it's something that I take seriously," notes Butler. "On the SAG-AFTRA Board, I am committed to making sure that our members have good wages, working conditions, and benefits. The same thing will apply to SJND. Of course, the benefits are a good education for our students and the funding to pay our teachers."

CHUCK WONG '01 New Member, SJND Board of Trustees Also joining the Board of Trustees as a new member in 2021-2022 is Chuck Wong '01. Wong, a Regional Manager at Schwab Private Client Global Advisory, is grateful to serve on the Board. "I'm very thankful for the opportunity and honored to be asked by the current Board and Principal Guevara to join the Board," says Wong. "The current Board are very knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about what they do," adds Wong. "I thought about what I could do to bring value. I work in finance, so I can offer an extra pair of eyes or an opinion to fulfill any fiduciary duties to the best extent that I can. More importantly, I hope to be able to participate, brainstorm ideas, and bring a diversity of thought to the conversation for ideas that can serve our student body and community."

This school is such a special place. I always remember not only feeling that I was getting the best education, but also that my teachers cared. Alicia Dlugosh Trost '95, Chair, SJND Board of Trustees

2022-2023 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Alicia Dlugosh Trost '95, Chair Chief Communications Officer, BART Stephanie Doud, Vice Chair Retired Educator Kristyn Temple-Robinson '92, Secretary Director, Corporate Facilities and Security Williams-Sonoma Robert Butler '71 Reporter, KCBS Radio Donna Marie Ferro '65 Retired Educator California Community College System Phoebe Grunt '13 Scientist, The Clorox Company Julianne Guevara Ex officio Member, Principal, SJND Patrick Larsen '02 Associate Attorney, Watson & Machado Fr. Mario Rizzo Ex officio Member, Parochial Administrator St. Joseph Basilica Parish Scott Smith Assistant VP, Citi National Bank Chuck Wong '01 Regional Manager Schwab Private Client Global Advisory Charles Schwab

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


A LASTING LEGACY IN MATH & SCIENCE DANIELLE MADDIX ROBINSON '08, AND THE DENISE CERVELLI MADDIX '80 AND DANIEL MADDIX MATH AND SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIP From an early age, Danielle Maddix Robinson '08 can recall her mother, Denise Cervelli Maddix '80, teaching her that mathematics could be a career path. After graduating from Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School in 1980, Denise attended the University of California, Berkeley, graduating in 1984 with a degree in Applied Mathematics. "My mom was a computational scientist and mathematician at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and she worked on earth science modeling," recalls Danielle. "I really became interested in math from watching her coding on the computer. She always helped me with my math homework in elementary school." Like her mother and other members of her family, Danielle attended SJND. "Once I took Honors Alegbra II / Trigonometry at SJND, I realized that I also really loved math," she remembers. "Calculus was my favorite subject, and it was my mom’s too."

Shortly after Danielle graduated from SJND in 2008, Denise passed away. A scholarship in her memory, the Denise Cervelli Maddix '80 Mathematics Scholarship, was established after her untimely passing by Danielle’s father, Daniel Maddix, and her uncle, Joe Cervelli, Jr. '82. The scholarship was awarded annually to the top junior mathematics student at SJND and has encouraged recipients to pursue careers involving math. Inspired by her mother's example, Danielle also attended the University of California, Berkeley after graduating from SJND and majored in Applied Mathematics. She then moved on to Stanford University, where she earned both a Master of Science degree and a Ph.D. in Computational and Mathematical Engineering. In 2018, she began working for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Applied Scientist II, and in April 2021 was promoted to Senior Applied Scientist, where she serves on the machine learning and forecasting team.

Pictured above: Denise Cervelli Maddix '80 at her desk while working as a computer scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) (left); Danielle Maddix Robinson '08 in her Ph.D. program at the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME) at Stanford University (center); Dr. Daniel Scott Maddix working as Associate Chief of Pharmacy at the San Francisco VA Medical Center (right). 6

UPDATE | Summer 2022

At AWS, Danielle applied her knowledge of forecasting— normally focusing on predicting retail demands—to studying if projections could be made about infections, recoveries, and deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic. Danielle, along with colleagues at Amazon and the University of California, San Diego, published an award-winning paper focusing on how ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and machine learning could better predict COVID-19 trajectories than other forecasting methods. Combining math and science to create groundbreaking research is not just the result of Danielle's extensive education, but also demonstrates the influence of both of her parents. Her father, Daniel, was a pharmacist and infectious disease expert who worked at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. After Danielle's father Daniel passed away in 2020, his name was added to the scholarship at SJND as the Denise Cervelli Maddix '80 and Daniel Maddix Math and Science Scholarship.

Danielle Maddix Robinson '08 delivering her salutatorian speech during her SJND commencement ceremony.

The eligibility pool for the scholarship was extended to include the top junior science students at SJND. Danielle notes that those disciplines often intersect to produce new research and development. "For example," Danielle points out, "our COVID-19 forecasting project was a nice embodiment of what the scholarship can represent." Danielle hopes that SJND students who are awarded the scholarship in the years to come will be inspired to work hard to achieve their career goals in math or science. "The scholarship is meant for students who, like my parents, are very hard-working," she says. "Both of my parents were valedictorians who valued academics and valued teaching others to help other students." "The scholarship is very near and dear to my heart because it represents mathematics and my mom's passion for teaching it to others," adds Danielle. "One of the key motivations that gave me the confidence to pursue a career in math was my mom’s ability to teach it to me and how much she loved it. We want students who are passionate about math, and show how they can use it and apply it to different scientific disciplines." Denise Cervelli Maddix '80 delivering her Saint Joseph's Notre Dame valedictorian speech in the St. Joseph Basilica.

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


H A Z E LW O O D T O H A R VA R D Anna Victoria Serbin '17

"Through the program, I ended up doing an internship at the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, Oakland. Growing up, I always thought that science was something that was beyond me. But after completing my internship, I realized it was something that was within reach."

At a young age, Anna Victoria Serbin '17 emigrated from Brazil to the United States. This past May, Anna proudly graduated from Harvard University. As a student at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School, Anna was a recipient of The Hazelwood Science Scholarship, which is awarded to a rising junior to encourage science education and the pursuit of science careers. Looking back, Anna is thankful that the scholarship and the support she received at SJND made such a major impact on her decision to pursue a career in science. At SJND, Anna was involved in the Project Lead the Way program, the nation's leading provider of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs. Anna recalls that being part of the program was a transformational experience. "It was very important in not only preparing me for college but also in exposing me to the experiences that made me interested in pursuing research in college," shares Anna.


UPDATE | Summer 2022

Anna also credits the guidance and support of her teachers at SJND for helping her focus on a career in science. "I had amazing mentors in my teachers at SJND like Mrs. (Kristina) Taylor, who has since passed away," remembers Anna. "She was so special to me! She was an inspiration in my decision to pursue science. She definitely had her heart in her profession at SJND, and she supported me a lot not only through classwork but because I would come in after school and ask her so many questions. She was always willing to go above and beyond and was extremely supportive when it came to applying for the internship and when I applied to college." Anna was admitted to several major colleges, including Emory University, Rice University, and Duke University, and ultimately selected to attend Harvard University. At Harvard, Anna studied Neuroscience. Receiving the Hazelwood Scholarship as a rising junior at SJND was an important step in leading Anna to pursue her education in science. "The Hazelwood Scholarship was a big honor for me," Anna shares. "Not only was it a big help financially, but it also felt like a confirmation for me that people do believe in me. It wasn’t just me dreaming—it gave me the confidence to pursue whatever I wanted to do, especially because I am a first-generation college student who emigrated to the United States. The Hazelwood Scholarship was a confirmation that there were so many people in the community who believed in my potential to succeed in the future, especially in the sciences." Anna is grateful to the Hazelwood family for supporting a scholarship that helped her pursue her interest in science. "I never met the Hazelwood family, but I would like to express my gratitude to them for supporting me," explains Anna. "I think I might have cried when I received the scholarship! It was very important to me to get the scholarship as a confirmation of the community's belief in me. I am so thankful to them for supporting science-based education in a Catholic institution."

Anna in the laboratory during her internship at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland.

REMEMBERING TH E HAZ ELWO O D B ROT H ERS With his brother Donald J. Hazelwood '41, Dr. Robert L. Hazelwood '45 established The Hazelwood Science Scholarship. After graduating from SJND, Robert served in the United States Navy. He later received his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of California, Berkeley. For 35 years, Robert served as a professor of physiology at the University of Houston. A longtime supporter of SJND, Robert passed away on April 22, 2022.

Dr. Robert L. Hazelwood '45 (1927-2022)

Donald J. Hazelwood '41 (1924-2015)

... FROM PAST HAZELWOOD SCHOLARS "Dr. Hazelwood and his brother truly touched the lives of so many students at SJND, including mine. As a recipient of their generous scholarship, I was given confirmation that if I persisted with hard work and determination, I could achieve my dream of becoming a doctor one day." - Emily (Dobrzanowski) Siddi '10

"Thank you so much for the generosity, kindness, and faith your family showed over the years to fund the Hazelwood Scholarship at SJND. The financial boost this scholarship gave me and my family towards achieving my academic dreams was such a blessing, and the confidence of being chosen to receive this reward was priceless." - Christina L. Pedley '05

"Being a recipient of the Hazelwood Scholarship encouraged me and helped me push forward in my pursuit of science. I cannot thank the Hazelwood brothers enough for what they did for me."

"The Hazelwood Scholarship enabled me to finish my senior year at SJND without worrying about the economic pressures on my family. I am beyond grateful for the quality education and the friendships I formed at SJND."

- Gregory Galvan '16

- Cheuk Tam '03

"I would like to offer my profound gratitude for your continued support of the SJND community. Supporting students interested in STEM has had profound effects on the students graduating from SJND, including me."

"I cannot express the overwhelming gratitude I feel toward you all for providing me with the funds to continue my studies at SJND. I cherish my time at SJND and I am grateful for your contribution to my education."

- Catherine Campusano '09

- Mila Yosiff Reyes '23

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


SUPPORTING UKRAINE Through Art & Charity On Sunday, April 24th, the Preacher’s Daughter Café in Alameda hosted an art exhibition to benefit Cherkasy, Ukraine, a city located on the Dnieper River and an important cultural center of the country. The event was sponsored by the Santa Rosa Rotary Club on behalf of the Cherkasy Rotary Club, with funds going to support the Cherkasy Regional Hospital and local medical facilities. The event was especially meaningful because Cherkasy is a sister city of Santa Rosa. SJND alumna Carmen (Davis) Reid '91 was involved in organizing the sale, and students from SJND donated artwork for the cause.

(Left to right): Carmen (Davis) Reid '91, Irina Velichko (parent of Daniel Velichko '23), and Mark Ritter, SJND Art Teacher and Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair.

The subject of the art exhibition was sunflowers, which are the national flower of Ukraine and have become an internationally recognized symbol of the country since the beginning of the Russian invasion. All the student artwork at the Preacher’s Daughter Café sold and raised $636 for Cherkasy. In addition, sales of student artwork at the annual Spring Festival of Visual Arts raised an additional $130 for the cause. "To see the generosity of our student artists and the supportive response of parents, guardians, and the entire SJND community has been truly heartwarming," said Mark Ritter, SJND Art Teacher and Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair.

(Left to right): Hanna Yoon and SJND alumni parents: Marel Grunt, Dede Cunningham, and Jeanne Witherspoon.

Featured artwork (left): Mick Cuevas '22 Beautiful Sunflowers Digital Illustration

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


In The Classroom


Mr. James Fong

If you happen to have heard a series of loud booms at Oracle Park this past April 24, it wasn't the Giants blasting home runs into McCovey Cove. In reality, the man behind all that noise was none other than Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School chemistry teacher James Fong. After several years of volunteering at the Bay Area Science Festival as an information guide, Mr. Fong took the opportunity this year at Oracle Park to demonstrate some of his favorite experiments, including his pingpong ball vacuum cannon that uses atmospheric pressure to fire a ping-pong ball right through an aluminum soda can. "We did the calculation—the ping-pong ball exits the tube at about 600 miles per hour," explains Mr. Fong. "It's very impressive, and it makes a really loud sound. I'm very proud to say that after about an hour of doing this demonstration, security had to move our booth because the noise was so loud that it vibrated the Giants' trophy case that was across the hall from us and set off the alarm!" Aside from the unique opportunity to rattle San Francisco's World Series trophies, Mr. Fong explains that participating in the Bay Area Science Festival allowed him to show to the wider community what he has taught in his SJND classroom for over 30 years. "The Bay Area Science Festival, being at the epicenter of science, engineering, technology, and math, is the mother of all science festivals" says Mr. Fong. "There are real scientists from heavy hitters such as Genentech, Merck, UCSF, Stanford, and Cal with a lot of hands-on experiences that kids can actively engage with. I decided that I would like to be a contributor this year and bring some of the experiments and demonstrations that I do in the classroom to the general public. I asked nine students to come with me—and they all showed up!"


UPDATE | Summer 2022

Mr. Fong has developed a passion and reputation for actively engaging his students with chemistry, an approach to teaching that he has developed over his time at SJND. "Over the years, I've moved away from reading and memorizing facts, formulas, and figures and have moved towards 'experiencing' chemistry and problem solving," he recalls. "I have a repertoire of chemistry demonstrations and lab experiments that emphasize a lot of hands-on work for the students. While it takes a lot of extra work for me to set things up and clean the lab afterward and to order chemicals, equipment, and supplies, it's certainly worth the time that we put in." Still, Mr. Fong does embrace the role technology plays in education. In fact, over a year before COVID-19 led to remote learning, Mr. Fong began his Carpool Chemistry! YouTube channel that demonstrates chemistry experiments and equations as another resource for his students. "I was helping my nephew with his chemistry homework while we were traveling in the car by pointing my iPhone down at my paper as I worked out a problem," Mr. Fong explains regarding how the channel came about. "I said, 'This would be good for my students!' If students are absent from class—or need to see something again—they can watch the videos that I posted." There are some aspects of teaching at SJND that haven't changed over the last three decades. "Our students have

always received a lot of personal attention," Mr. Fong says. "The teachers get to know our students a lot better— even the ones that aren't in our class." Mr. Fong has the chance to meet students outside the classroom in his role serving as director of the intramural lunchtime basketball and volleyball programs. "We'll have a gym full of screaming kids playing their hearts out and having a great time," he says proudly. "It's just a really nice feeling." Mr. Fong also serves as the moderator for the Aerospace Club, one of the newest student organizations, which has led to several wonderful field trips. "Believe it or not, there is a company in Alameda that builds rockets that put satellites in space," he says with excitement. "We had the opportunity to visit their factory." Having taught at SJND for so many years, Mr. Fong has enjoyed the experience of meeting alumni who have gone on to accomplish incredible things. "I live in Alameda, so I see them around all the time," says Mr. Fong. "They go on to do some really amazing things— scientists, engineers, doctors, nurses, dentists, and all kinds of cool stuff. I saw one particular former student that I am really proud of at Costco. As it turns out, she's working at FedEx as a jet airplane mechanic. She told me she could take a whole FedEx cargo plane apart, fix what needs fixing, and put it all back together—even the jet engines! It’s just amazing, and to think that her learning chemistry in high school added a bit to that makes me proud."

Mr. Fong realizes that teaching at SJND places him in a very special community. "One of the reasons why I am still here after 30 years is the community," he shares. "The students, faculty, and staff that we work with are great. Also, I've gotten to know parents throughout the years, especially ones with big families. It's a really nice community, and Alameda is a beautiful city to teach in." "I've been here so long that children of my former students are in my class!" adds Mr. Fong. "It's an honor to know that our former students think so highly of our school and had such a good experience that they want to send their own children here. I think that's just about the highest honor that a school and a teacher can get."


SJND's Spring Musical 2022


Co m p et i tions & Per formances


SJND Ensemble: Music in the Parks Winners 2022 On April 30th, the SJND Ensemble was awarded first place in the Music in the Parks program's Small School Class A division in a ceremony at the Redwood Amphitheater at California's Great America amusement park. For over 10 years, SJND has been participating in Music in the Parks, an education-focused music festival that brings together school performing ensembles and exceptional adjudicator-clinicians in the field of music education. The SJND Ensemble was awarded an "Excellent" rating and won the competition held at Milpitas High School against musically talented schools!

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School




1st Team-All League Awards BOYS VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Thomas McCue, Maxwell Reeve, Arlo Rucker BOYS JV CROSS COUNTRY Joshua Chang, Finneas Jensen GIRLS VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Maddie Olsen, Natalie Perez GIRLS JV CROSS COUNTRY Luisa Barrantes GIRLS GOLF Cecilia Zhou

Signed National Letters of

Intent to Play College Sports



Baseball Pepperdine University

Cross Country, Track & Field Western Oregon University


Playing Sports in College

IAN DOUD '22 Rowing Boston University

JAIDA SIEU '22 Running Chapman University

ARLO RUCKER '22 Running Carleton College

NEBIYU TEKLEMARIAM '22 Basketball Ohlone College

BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Nebiyu Teklemariam BOYS VARSITY GOLF Matthew Gaelen Dudley BOYS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Parker Johnston BOYS VARSITY TRACK & FIELD 100M & 200M Michael Loller, Jr. BOYS VARSITY TRACK & FIELD 4 X 400M RELAY TEAM Jason Arellano, Sam Kohler, Thomas McCue, Arlo Rucker BOYS VARSITY TRACK & FIELD TRIPLE JUMP Michael Loller, Jr. GIRLS VARSITY TRACK & FIELD LONG JUMP Samantha Wheeler

SJND League Champions








UPDATE | Summer 2022

Bitaniya Hailu, Thao Giao, Daniela Jimenez, Kara Yeh


MVPS of League





GIRLS VARSITY SOFTBALL Celeste Hurtubise, Kira Johnson


On June 11th, Don Lippi, Coach of the Saint Joseph Notre Dame boys basketball team, was inducted into the California Coaches Association Hall of Fame. The honor is the latest milestone in Coach Lippi's six-decades of coaching basketball and comes a year after Lippi coached his 900th career victory. Coach Lippi is just the fifth basketball coach in state history to reach that mark. Coach Lippi began coaching basketball while serving in Vietnam and established a dominant team. "Because I worked for the engineering battalion, we built a basketball court," he recalls. "We named our team the Soul Brothers Plus One as it was 11 African Americans and me as the coach and point guard." After returning to the United States, Coach Lippi attended San Francisco State. He did not make the school's basketball team, but that disappointment opened up a new opportunity. "The coach came up to me and said 'You seem to have an idea of the game. Why don't you go into coaching?'" he remembers. In 1978, Coach Lippi began his first stint as the boys basketball coach at SJND, which was followed by a season as an assistant coach at Stanford University. "The impact that you have on kids from 14 to 18 is way different than 20 or 23, so I returned to coaching high school," he says. After coaching at St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School, Skyline High School, and St. Ignatius College Preparatory, Coach Lippi, who lives in Alameda, returned to SJND in 2004. "The Athletic Director called me and asked if I had a recommendation for someone applying for the job here," Coach Lippi recalls. "I said, 'Can you send me an application? I live across the street!'"

Coach Lippi also used to teach AP Government at SJND, and the school's academic excellence remains important to him. "I came back to SJND because Principal Tony Aiello used to say in the 1970s that our school had fewer parents who were college graduates than any other school in the area, but we got their kids into college." he says. "That's the kind of school I like." In his first year back at SJND, the basketball team won the California State Division IV Championship. The team has also won state championships in 2011, 2014, and 2016.

" That is what I tell the kids — that you're in something way bigger than you are, and it's called a team."

Coach Lippi is quick to acknowledge the strong support that he has received throughout his career. He says, "I'm a simple guy, and I just want to say thank you to all the players who played for me. I don't win any games if they don't make the baskets! I also want to thank the parents for letting their sons play for me and raising their children to be good people. Our team has never been disciplined for doing anything wrong or violating the rules, and I think we've always been respected in the community." The induction into the California Coaches Association Hall of Fame honors Coach Lippi's impact on generations of students. "I know a lot of other high school coaches in the Hall of Fame," he notes." It means being part of something bigger than you are. That is what I tell the kids—that you're in something way bigger than you are, and it's called a team. All the things that they learn in basketball, or whatever sport they play, carry over to college and their careers. If you win your games and help develop your team into good men or women, you've done your job."

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School







2+ races




Black/African American
























UPDATE | Summer 2022




Highest Cumulative GPA

The Inspired by Christ Award

Awarded Highest GPA with Sophie Pham (see below).

Awarded for living an authentic life of faith, compassion and justice. This student acts on Gospel values by participating in liturgies, retreats, community service and ministry to others, while embracing the spirit of family as the foundation of community.

The U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award Awarded to an outstanding student who exemplifies diligence and talent in music. The Saint Joseph Notre Dame Award for Excellence Given to a senior who is inspired by Christ, an engaged scholar, and a moral individual, the three pillars of our Integral Student Outcomes. This student utilizes critical thinking, collaborates productively and with purpose, respects and values differences among people, and acts with wisdom, conviction and integrity.

AIDEN DUDLEY George Albers Scholar-Athlete Award


Awarded to a senior who is academically talented and participated in either basketball or track. George Albers '40 was a scholarathlete who was honored at his graduation with the SJND scholar-athlete award.

NICHOLAS HOO Fides et Caritas Award Awarded for academic commitment, generous service on behalf of other students, dedication to the Gospel, and devotion to Christian ideals enunciated by the patrons of our school, St. Joseph and St. Julie Billiart.


Santone Scholarship for College Success This award was established by Bruno Santone, a former St. Joseph Basilica parishioner, who overcame great barriers to graduate from college. He wanted to improve access to college to students who have financial need and potential for success through higher education.



Awarded for demonstrating excellence in character, inspirational leadership, athletic involvement, sense of humor, academic effort, achievement, and SJND pride.

Betsy Norris Award for Excellence Awarded for showing dedication in the subject of Spanish or English at SJND by enrolling in AP classes and by excelling in language arts. This award was established by Mrs. Betsy Norris, a former SJND faculty member.



The Spirit of the Pilot Award

Highest Cumulative GPA Awarded for the highest GPA over the past four years through seven semesters. Sophie Pham and Isaac Li both received a GPA of 4.73.

JUAN ZABIAN ELVIRA Refuse to Lose Award

BRIAN MCCRAY Jerry Mills Award Awarded to a graduate who plays either baseball or soccer and displays a "never give up" attitude. Dan Mills '92, Matt Mills '93, and their mother, Toni Mills, established the Jerry Mills Award in memory of their father and husband.

Awarded for exemplifying courage of purpose, resilience, demonstrating success in academics, athletics and co-curricular activities, and overcoming obstacles in life. SJND basketball coach Don Lippi established this award after the boys basketball team came back from impossible odds to win a championship game.

The Principal's Leadership Award Awarded for embracing roles of servant leadership. Recipients are chosen based on their character, academic standing, and their ability to lead. SJND Alameda Poet-Laureate Poet Laureates have acquired a body of poetry that they have written over time. Retired SJND teacher Mrs. Betsy Norris established a tradition of selecting a SJND Alameda Poet Laureate over 10 years ago.

Donald Holmstedt Scholarship Awarded to an outstanding female who excels in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Jim and Mandy Tham, close friends of the SJND community, established this scholarship in honor of former SJND math teacher Don Holmstedt who helped inspire generations of SJND students.

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


"I know that you are all strong enough to face the challenges you will encounter and not only survive, but grow because of them, and never lose your kindness in the process. To the Saint Joseph Notre Dame Class of 2022, you are all so strong, kind, resilient, and incredible, and I can't wait to see how high us Pilots soar." - Sylvia Annis Salutatorian, SJND Class of 2022

Class of


UPDATE | Summer 2022



"Our class is different because we have this level of love, care, and respect for each other that could not have been developed if we were not forcefully separated from each other for two years. We have a unique way of appreciating the things we have and appreciating the people around us because we've seen firsthand how quickly it can all be taken away, and I believe those qualities truly make our class more special than any other." - Sharleene Halog Valedictorian, SJND Class of 2022

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School




UPDATE | Summer 2022

ALEX HARRIS '04 Basketball

PHOEBE GRUNT '13 Volleyball

DAN CURRY (posthumously) Former Athletic Director

JOE NELSON '93 Baseball




CHRIS ARIA '08 Tennis

(Pictured): Vincent Walsh '65, Jim Spence '65, John (Mike) Hutslar '65 (Not Pictured): Mike Ahern, John (Jack) Ambrose, Timothy Davidson, Robert Flocchini, Charles George, John MacPherson, Jr. (dec), Michael Martini, Joe Mendoza, John O'Brien, Jr., Donald Schneider (Manager), Jerald Vitatoe, Gregory Whalley (dec), Michael Wright


In a special two-night event on April 29th and April 30th, SJND inducted members of the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 and 2022. The induction ceremonies were held in the Kelly Gymnasium with the school community, family, friends, and alumni in attendance to celebrate the inductees. Over 100 guests were in attendance for each evening's ceremony. The Master of Ceremony for the 2020 Induction was Josh Hammer, SJND Theology Teacher and Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach, and the Master of Ceremony for the 2022 Induction was Bob Butler '71, KCBS Radio Broadcast VP, Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists Lead, and 2000 SJND Hall of Famer.

"I am so humbled to be inducted to SJND's Athletic Hall of Fame because my time at SJND was so special and I have a lot of amazing memories there. I'm proud to be nominated and recognized by a place that has meant a great deal to me." - Anne Luna '03

ANNE LUNA '03 Golf

RAY YOUNG '98 Basketball

TOMAS PINEDA SJND Sports Supporter

COOPER TEARE '17 Cross Country and Track & Field


PETER PIOMBO '63 (posthumously) Baseball

Tony Aiello, former SJND Principal and 2018 SJND Hall of Famer, closed both induction ceremonies. Tony noted how "each evening was special in its own way—grateful and happy people, reconnecting, joyful, and affirming." The Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1994 to honor those former student-athletes, coaches, supporters, and administrators who have contributed to the longstanding athletic tradition at SJND. The next class will be inducted in 2024.

"It fills me with pride and joy to be inducted into the SJND Hall of Fame. I am forever grateful for this honor and all the people who helped me get here. I look forward to giving back to the SJND community any way I can!" - Chris Aria '08

(Pictured): Richard Schmidt '71, Mike Fry '71, Jim Richardson '71

(Not Pictured): Paul Da Valle, Larry George, Steve Kline, Mark Shorba (dec), Bruce Sergent (dec)


Vicki often hears from alumni about how SJND faculty and staff made an impact on their lives. "The faculty and staff make the school very special," she shares. "I feel that all alumni have at least that one teacher, coach, or staff member that served as a role model. All our teachers care about the students, and I think that's why a lot of them stay. We all have each other's back and want the best for our students." Vicki says that alumni who may not have stayed connected with SJND would be surprised with how the school is evolving. "The campus has changed. We're not the same SJND that we were 70 years ago," Vicki points out. "We are growing and are very diverse. Every alum that I speak with says that SJND prepared them for the world. That's a good feeling to hear that."

A Word with Vicki Bargagliotti DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI RELATIONS AND ANNUAL GIVING Saint Joseph Notre Dame Alumni who have attended an alumni event in the last few years have likely seen a familiar face: Vicki Bargagliotti, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, who serves an essential role through her efforts to raise scholarship money and support for students. "I have been at SJND for almost 15 years," says Vicki. "When I came to SJND, I was looking to get back into a field I felt comfortable with as a working mom of a two-year-old. I started as a Development Associate doing gift entry." Six years ago Vicki was promoted to her current position, where she has discovered the substantial generosity of SJND alumni and community. "I must say that the SJND community is one of a kind," Vicki says. "I've met so many kind and loving people through the years. The connections that you make are life-changing. One person who was a mentor to me and had three children who went to SJND was our former Communications Director. When I got my role in Alumni Relations, she said 'Whenever you have an alumni event, always treat them like they are at your dinner table.' I always think of that when we have an event. I hope that my personality has helped alumni feel welcome when they return because high school can be very transformative and scary!"

One of the more impactful ways that alumni can support SJND students is by helping them explore future career paths or giving them advice about college. "I love Career Day," says Vicki. "Our alumni come back to talk with our current students and share their career paths with them. Everyone does not have the same path. It's great to have alumni mentor a student, or help place a student in an internship if your company has a program. For our younger alumni, come back and share what college is like with the juniors and the seniors. They might be a little scared, but they want to know what it's like." Vicki has one event that sticks in her memory—the 2021 Day of Giving—because of the incredible generosity from the school community. She remembers, "Our Day of Giving during COVID was amazing. Our alumni were so giving. We quadrupled our goal. I was running around my house while crying! It spoke to the testament of who our community is." With that in mind, Vicki hopes alumni remember how SJND prepared them for life beyond Chestnut Street. She says, "However an SJND education transformed you, I hope that you turn around and say, 'I need to help the next generation of Pilots.' I feel that highly active alumni realize that something happened at SJND that was transformative to them and that they got help along the way."

"Give us a call and let us know what you've been up to," says Vicki. If you are an alum who hasn't been in touch with SJND recently, Vicki encourages you to contact the Alumni Relations office. Let's connect: (510) 995-9455


UPDATE | Summer 2022


Why did you choose to work at SJND?

Top Row (left to right):

"I wanted to work in an environment with a strong sense of community, and I was excited to return to a school with a shared desire to encourage students to reach their highest potential." -Katherine Hanover '14, Marketing Associate "I have a deep connection to this school and the transformational experience I witness in so many students. It is my honor as Director of Admission to meet and welcome future generations of Pilots... and my privilege to watch students change, grow and flourish in their high school years." -Gabriela Lippi '08, Director of Admission

What do you love about the students at SJND? "Our students are my FAVORITE thing about working at SJND. Our students are some of the most hardworking, compassionate, and resilient young people I've met, and they constantly inspire me to be the best version of myself I can be." - Sean Obligacion '15, Admission Associate "Seeing so many students come back to work, volunteer, or celebrate this community in other ways is a testament to how deeply SJND has and continues to touch the lives of its students, including myself." - Natalya Caraballo Wade '07, Director of Equity and Justice

Gabriela Lippi '08 Director of Admission Katherine Hanover '14 Marketing Associate Jessica Edwards '16 Music Assistant Gail Rodrigues '70 Substitution Coordinator Jessica de Mesa '12 Support Service Leilani Wagner '02 Interim Athletic Director Bottom Row (left to right): Jennifer Dlugosh Stein '97 Director of Student Activities Fernando Barragan '12 Spanish Teacher Natalya Caraballo Wade '07 Director of Equity and Justice Sean Obligacion '15 Admission Associate

(Not pictured): Chris Crisolo '99 Dean of Students

Alex Mason '99 Cross Country and Track & Field, Assistant Coach

Jonathan Musson '99 Men’s Basketball, Assistant Coach

Mike Crevani '95 Women’s Golf Coach

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School



Caroline Evans '21, former SJND softball player, is now playing softball in college at Sacramento State while also studying Interior Design.

Madison O'Connor '17 got engaged to Samuel Long! Congratulations to Diana Robles '14 and Erik Castillo '14 on their engagement!

2010s Diego Sanchez '17 was promoted to Legislative Aide to United States Representative Pramila Jayapal. Adam Campos '19 is working as an Editorial Operations Intern at CNN this summer.

Peli Woods '18 has joined the National Tour of Frozen the Musical as part of the Ensemble and as Bulda!

Sanjana Ravi '18 started her modeling career. Pictured here is Sanjana with her modeling campaign for Ulta Beauty.


UPDATE | Summer 2022

Matthew Graybeal '16 was the alumni speaker at the 2022 Senior Presentation Ceremony. Currently he lives in Wisconsin and works as an Ingredient Merchandiser for Vita Plus.

Lamont Banks '15 and Allie Oilar '15 got engaged on the Alameda shores. Lamont is studying to be a Chiropractor and Allie is studying to be a Physical Therapist.

Jason Baskett '12 spoke to Dr. Adams' Faith in Action class about his time in the Peace Corp in Mongolia. Jason passed the bar exam and will be stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, working in the Judge Advocate General's Corps.

Temidayo Yussuf '14 is playing professional basketball for the Sharks Antibes in France.

Wedding bells rang for Clara (Castillo) Murphy '12 and her husband Jake Murphy.

Congratulations to Maxwell Tubbs '12 and Sammie Witherspoon '12 on their wedding! Max, thank you for your service.

Sam Maritzen '12 was awarded Creekside's Teacher of the Year as a Special Education Teacher for first through third grade.

Crystal Lee '12 has been matched for her residency at the University of Pittsburgh for Ophthalmology!

ARE 2000s

Dr. Teddy Eusebio '09 and his wife Stephanie welcome their son, Theo Hwang Eusebio.

Flying Shereda Robinson Nosakhare '01, Chief of Staff for Mayor of Oakland, was highlighted in the Chief of Staff Association Magazine about empathy.

Rashawn Fulcher '97 was the SJND Keynote Speaker for Career Day 2022. Here he takes a moment to pose with Gail Rodrigues '70.


Jeff Gorell '88 is a candidate for the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, 2nd District. In 2010, he was elected to the State Legislature to serve as Assembly Member for the 37th Assembly District in CA.

1970s Catalina Villegas '08 recently joined the LA Press Club Board of Directors. She serves as anchor and reporter for Spectrum News 1 in LA.

Marielle Heller '97 (second from the left) attended the Jody Curley '00 and Pete Emmys with her fellow The Cordova got married in Hawaii. Queen’s Gambit castmates. Mahalo i kou lā, (Congratulations They won the award for on your wedding day)! Best Limited Series!


Bob Butler '71 served as the Master of Ceremony for the Class of 2022 Hall of Fame Induction. Bob is also a Hall of Fame member for the 1968 Men's Soccer Team.

1960s Congratulations, Diego Flores '06 and his beautiful bride, Diana Calla on their wedding!

James Braga '02 got engaged to Corinne Allen in Truckee, CA.

Kate Eberhard McCaffrey '97 on the cover of Top Agent Magazine, Northern California edition. Kate is the mother of Helen '25, June and Rose.

Renee Macalino Rutledge '94 published her third book, One Hundred Percent ME! It relays the story about a multicultural family and a girl exploring her unique identity.

Nikki Silva '68 (left) and Davia Nelson, The Kitchen Sisters, are having their full body of historical, audio documentaries acquired by the Library of Congress.

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School



The Stewart Family (left to right) Kathleen Rabbach '64, Dawson Stewart '25, Marci Rabbach Stewart '91, Dylan P. Stewart '22, John Stewart, Davis Stewart '20

The Ordinario Family (left to right) Akaela Magno Ordinario '13, Ian Ordinario '94, Kaia Ordinario '22, Catherine Magno Ordinario '94, Ian Ordinario '20

The Cinco Family (left to right) Andre Cinco '84, Emma Alcasid Cinco '85, Angelina Cinco '22, Ayrton Cinco '14

[2022] 28

UPDATE | Summer 2022

In Memoriam Joseph J. Ratto (1937-2021) Joseph J. Ratto was a proud Pilot parent alum of Michael J. Ratto '82. His greatest joys came from time spent with his late wife, four sons, and his nine grandchildren. He frequently said that family was what he cherished most in life, from his immediate family to his in-laws, cousins, and second cousins. Upon Joseph's passing, he left a lasting legacy of support for SJND to ensure that deserving students in need of assistance will have access to a SJND education. "He truly believed in Catholic education as well as in the community," says Michael Ratto. During his life, Joseph strongly believed in supporting the community. For over 50 years he was a volunteer leader for the Boy Scouts of America. In addition, Joseph volunteered for the Veterans Christmas Committee and for the Cerebral Palsy Center for the Bay Area. "I think he'd want students and families to know that being involved in the community and being an active part of the lives of your kids makes a big difference in a family, which makes a big difference in the overall community," says Michael Ratto about his father. "By setting up this gift, I think he wanted to give families the opportunity to be involved together. That was very important to him, and he wanted to share his values with his kids, his grandkids, and with others." His loss is mourned by the SJND community and his generosity will transform the lives of students for decades to come.

In Loving Memory L. John (Lou) Grimard '44

James Tibor '68

William Ward '44

Lawrence Kempel ’69

Jacqueline Basinet Burcham '51

Brother of Mary Jo Kempel '67 (dec), Paul Kempel '71, Charlene Kempel Soots '74, Michael Kempel '76, Robert Kempel '80, Karen Kempel Tognoli '82, Annette Kempel McNamee '83, and Rachel Kempel Sullivan '88; Brother-in-Law of Mary Elizabeth Moran Kempel '71 and Robin Wood Kempel '82 (dec); and Uncle of Joseph Kempel '08 and John Kempel '11

David Schwarz '52

Dante Bruce Sergent '74

Paul Petruzzelli '48 Dr. Robert L. Hazelwood, Ph.D '45

Brother of Donald J. Hazelwood '41 (dec)

Brother of Margaret '42 (dec), Kenneth '45 (dec), and Richard '47 (dec) Schwarz and Brother-in-Law of Lora Fontanella Schwarz '47

Patricia Glynn '55

Brother of Zeline Sergent Hanson '78 and Trese Sergent Johnson '80

Mark Blaisdell '75

Aunt of Patrick Glynn '83

Anthony Taylor '76

Gary McMahon '58

Diane Lomba Kegley-Bargas '86

Frances Tramontana Miller '61 Kathryn Whalen Kugler '64 Richard Hilken '65

Wife of Scott Bargas '85 and Sister of Lisa Lomba '88

Francine Weber-Zimmerman

Sister of Robert Weber '44 (dec) and Mother of Mark Zimmerman '68

Brother of Dan (Stephen) Hilken '68 and Br. Charles Hilken, F.S.C. '73

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School



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(510) 523-1526

Parents of Alumni: If this issue is addressed to your child who no longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please notify SJND at (510) 995-9452 with the new address.



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