Saint John's Coordinated Access System

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Saint John's Coordinated Access System Coordinated Access (CA) is a process through which individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, are provided access to housing and support services, based on a standardized intake procedure, assessment of need, and matching and referral to housing. Outflow Diversion

Fresh Start Prevention

Primary Access Points: Intake and assessment for any person who enters the homelessserving system.

Access Points

Individuals and Families (Homeless & at Risk)

Prevention/Diversion Services

Families and individuals enter the CAS at designated access points.

By-Name List

IF homeless for 14+ days, Complete a common intake Complete a VI-SPDAT or SPDAT assessment Add individuals and families to the ByNames List

Fresh Start Services

A BNL is a list of all people experiencing homelessness in our community.

Outflow Men's Shelter

John Howard Society Elizabeth Fry Society


Homelessness Information Partnership Saint John


Coverdale Women's Shelter

Fresh Start

Once prioritized, clients are referred to housing programs based on their acuity level, as determined by the SPDAT, and matched to appropriate housing.


Youth Unbound

YES Program


Other Supports

Housing Programs Community supports

Secondary Access Points: Intake and assessment for clientele specific to their program.

Low Acuity 0-3 VI-SPDAT or 0-19 SPDAT Light touch housing supports

Mid Acuity

Outflow Rapid ReHousing

4-7 VI-SPDAT or 20-34 SPDAT Rapid Rehousing supports or combination of community supports

High Acuity

Housing Alternatives

8+ VI-SPDAT or 35 + SPDAT Housing First supports 24 Month wrap-around support

NB Command NBACL


PCAP First Steps

First Steps


YES Program

Federal Corrections

EFry Coverdale

Based on the priorities set by the community, the client or family is ranked and prioritized for housing.

Youth Unbound Teen Resource Centre NBACL Veterans Affairs Canada Hestia House Inc.

Social Development supports the work of the Coordinated Access System by dedicating rent supplements and subsidized housing units to provide affordable housing to people experiencing homelessness.


Housing Alternatives

Secondary Access Points

Prevention & Diversion are formalized programs that prevent people from entering the homeless-serving system by helping to stablilize their current housing situation and/or connecting them to other natural resources. These services are integral to the CAS.

Community Supports

IF homeless for less than 14 days, they are referred to prevention/diversion.

Primary Access Points

Housing and Supports


Housing Programs Outflow Rapid ReHousing

Housing Alternatives