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Issue 59 June & July sjcommunitynewspaper@gmail.com where we celebrate the good news from our communities in Saint John NB

Urban garden workshops

Thank you, Chuck Edison

Container that is located in Chown Field (photo by ACAP)

by Shauna Sands, Conservation Coordinator Even if you only have a windowsill, you can still grow some lovely grub! The newest addition to the ACAP (Atlantic Coastal Action Program) Saint John team is the Sustainer Container that is located in Chown Field. Staff will be set up throughout the summer in the container to teach community members about gardening and how they can grow their own vegetables at home. Our first garden workshop of the season will be held on June 20th from 1- 2 p.m. and again at 6:30 - 7:30 pm. Join us as we talk about the benefits of gardening, how to start your own patio garden, harvesting and preserving vegetables, and so much more!

Port Saint John Days 2018

Chuck Edison (photo by Jill Roberts)

Thank you to a passionate and dedicated neighbourhood leader – from all of us. Congratulations are in order for Chuck Edison, the long-time Director of the Carleton Community Centre. Chuck officially retired from the City of Saint John on January 26th of this year, after almost 42 years!

by Rebecca Jefferson Marketing Coordinator Join us on the waterfront on June 10th for an afternoon of fun, games and fundraising as Port Saint John and presenting sponsor Irving Oil host the 8th Annual Community Day.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of crossing paths with Chuck knows that he is passionate about and devoted to the community of West Saint John and its residents. Chuck has juggled many roles throughout his career in this community: recreation director, social worker, friend, coach, confidant, mentor, and role model. Add to that, the roles he plays in his personal life, husband, father, son and brother. Wow, what a busy guy! Thankfully this is not goodbye yet, as Chuck has agreed to continue in the role of Operations Manager, as the Carleton Community Centre transitions to a new Executive Director.

Explore the Marco Polo and Diamond Jubilee Youth enjoying the fire truck at Port days 2017 Cruise Terminals, learn (photo by Port SJ) about the Port and its partners, bounce on the inflatable castles, indulge in some barbecue or cotton candy, and more! Admission is free with proceeds from food items and dunk tank tickets sold supporting PALS, Partners Assisting Local Schools.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,Chuck. This community is so fortunate to claim you as ours (even though the North End may try to claim the rights).

Find event information by searching the event page on Facebook (8th Annual Port Saint John Community Day) or at Facebook.com/PortSaintJohn.

Proud Sponsors of Around The Block

Coordinator’s Comments Juanita Black, 647-4850, sjcommunitynewspaper@gmail.com

Welcome to issue 59 of Around the Block and our theme, Spring into Summer. We are proud to welcome Port Saint John as the sponsor for this issue; thank you for continued support. Many of our communities will be hosting a variety of activities during the summer and they have listed them on their community page. There will be summer squads, community fun days, Brilliant Labs for computer learning, a mobile book wagon and a host of healthy growing taken place in all our community gardens. There are community gardens in all five of our priority communities. And if you get too hot, you can visit one of the area splash pads. Our community partners, such as the YMCA and Salvation Army, are hosting summer camps than you can register for, and their numbers are included in their stories. There are many activities you can attend for free; just pack a lunch and make your own fun. Enjoy your summer! Page 1

Eric’s story Fifty - Five and Older Games

ONE Change summer programs

by Alyssa Garnett Eric Garnett is a volunteer for the ONE Change; he is entering the Fifty - Five and Older Games for the fourth year on June 4th - 8th, 2018. Last fall he won six medals in the provincial games held in Sussex.

Youth in the NNCC lobby (photo by Christa Petts)

by Courtney Hunter During our summer camp,PROGRAMROCKS, our kids will be busy all summer. We will be going on field trips like Buskers, the beach and the museum. Brilliant Labs will be back again this year to work with our kids with different electronics. We hold Wake-a-Thons for ages 9 and up, once a month. We provide activities for our kids daily, with lunch provided as well. Our kids will be attending the Teddy Bear Picnic as well. Don’t forget to keep an eye for our “Old North End Days” celebrations!

Good luck, Eric, in the games!

Eric Garnett (photo by Christa Petts)

Celebrate Me! by Judy Murphy, Executive Director, Elizabeth Fry Society Celebrate Me! Girls Making Positive Changes for Self and Community is a 20-week project for invited girls ages 9 to 11, to learn, create, connect, and give back to their community by exploring expressive arts and mindfulness practices.

Introducing Julia Cool by Christa Petts I would like to take a moment to introduce our new staff member, Julia Cool.

They created multi-media collages, made masks, wrote poetry and made spirit dolls to express their self-identities and share with others. They gave back to their community by planting trees with the help of Atlantic Coast Action Program by the water in the Old North End.

She came on board as our Executive Office Assistant. She has a background in photography, textiles and developing computer-based training. She is originally from Campbellton in northern New Brunswick. Julia has called Saint John home for the past 16 years. She is a recent graduate of the NBCC Office Administration program. She is excited to join the One Change family, and is looking forward to meeting everyone who comes to the Community Center. We at ONE Change welcome Julia to our team.

He will be representing New Brunswick for swimming in the Nationals; he is entering the age group from 65 - 70. The Nationals will be held in Saint John this year on August 20th - 26th, 2018. Nine provinces and two territories will be participating in the nationals.

This project was hosted by E Fry Saint John, facilitated by Katie Stevens of Fresh Start Services, created safe, welcoming spaces at Nick Nicolle Community Centre, and funded by The Community Foundation.

Julia Cool (photo provided)

Summer time fun by Christa Petts, Neighbourhood Coordinator With summer around the corner and school almost out, everyone is gearing up for some great summer fun. We are looking forward to an exciting summer with our families here at the ONE Change celebrating our community and our neighborhood. We have some exciting events coming up, Old North End Days Celebration and our new partnership with Brilliant Labs. Last summer the children had a blast making robots and using virtual reality. We are now gearing up again with Carrie Griffin and John Wong to make this summer a success.

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North Neighbourhood Contact Christa Petts christa.onec@gmail Nick Nicolle Community Centre 85 Durham Street 658-2980

Comings and Goings at P.U.L.S.E. Inc.

SECC celebrates youth

Don’t forget your heating rebate forms can be picked up at the office. June 30th is the due date! Registered Nurse Kathy London-Anthony will be at P.U.L.S.E. to address your health needs on first Friday of the month from 12 – 2 p.m. Don’t forget the splash pad will be turned on for the summer, Friday June 22!! Please remember our monthly Food Purchase Club Money is due Friday, June 15th and July 13th, and comes back to you the following Friday. We have $15 and $25 orders available! We even have a pay it forward option where you can provide a single person, a couple or a family with fresh fruits and vegetables! P.U.L.S.E. would like to congratulate the South End Daycare on their 50th Anniversary! Here is to another 50 years! Remember our office hours are as follows, Monday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Tuesday 9 a.m. -1 p.m. Wednesday closed. Thursday 9 a.m. -1p.m. Friday 9 a.m. - 2. p.m.

BIG celebration for South End Day Care by Mona Clark 2018 is a big year for the South End Day Care. This summer we will be celebrating our Golden Anniversary! The South End Day Care is a non-profit, charitable organization that has provided high quality childcare in the South End for 50 years. We will be hosting a Family Day of fun and entertainment on July 15, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal. This a free event for all to come out and help us celebrate. Entertainment includes Mr. Zapz, the Magician and Amazing Balloon Artist, face painting, music, a Reading Tent, Princesses and Super Heroes, a BBQ and more. A full schedule of events will be listed on our Facebook page (South End Daycare) as the event gets closer. Save the date and come and help us celebrate.

Youth from the SECC line up for their supper (photo by Amy Shanks)

by Jennifer Fulton, Director of Community Programs The South End Community Centre (SECC) ended another fantastic year of evening programming with an evening of food, fun, and recognition. Congratulations to our award recipients! Arts & Crafts Award, Lauren Thorpe-Dow and Melody Scott-Greene Cook of the Year, Paisley Raymond and Aaliyah Loatman Gaming Guru Award, Ashton Leblanc Centre Spirit Award, Jordan Zelward and Aliyah Naves Turkey of the Year, Jayden Brown-Leblanc Outstanding Participation in Athletics, Kalvin Rowe and Cleb Pearman Junior Member Participation in All Programs, Anna Rogers Sports Persons of the Year, Thomas Rogers and Keaten Ferron Members of the Year, Keaten Ferron and Sarabeth Rogers

Lunch Connection summer edition Exciting things are happening in the South End this summer! Last year Lunch Connection Summer Edition was such a hit that we have decided to do it again, and even bigger! Inner City Youth Ministry, in partnership with P.U.L.S.E and the Waterloo Village Neighbourhood Association, are offering “Lunch Connection Summer Edition” starting June 26th. Every Tuesday and Friday from June 26th to August 31st a free picnic lunch for all ages will take place at P.U.L.S.E (251 Wentworth Street.) from 11a.m.- 1 p.m. There will be healthy lunches and snacks, reading, games and activities and space to spend time with friends and neighbours! Lunch will be on, rain or shine! In addition to the picnic lunches we will be offering a brand new backpack program for kids ages 3-8! Each Friday during the summer registered kids will receive a backpack kit containing some food items, activities and a book to keep! Registration for this program is limited! For more information and to register contact: •Mary LeSage, 632-6807 pulseinc@bellaliant.com •Penni Eisenhauer, 647-8047 •Erin Hodge, 647-9813 or icymsj@gmail.com These programs are possible because of the generous support from The Community Foundation’s Smart and Caring Grant.

Love where you live by P.U.L.S.E. Community, Business and Parents Working For A Cleaner Neighbourhood. Needles. We all know they are out there. We see them in the playground, on sidewalks and in the gutters. We see them on our walks to school, work etc. A group of parents, business people and community, P.U.L.S.E., AVENUE B (formerly known as AIDS SJ) would like to change that.

South Neighbourhood Contact

All we ask is for a two-hour commitment once a month to help clean up the streets of the south end…training provided. Be part of the change! Love where you live! Join us every Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Rainbow Park! Look for the neon colour vests!

Mary LeSage Phone: 632-6807 E-mail: pulseinc@bellaliant.com 251 Wentworth Street Page 3

CVCTA Honours and Awards follow up

Monarch butterflies

A Monarch butterfly on Milkweed photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/audreyjm529/ Mrs. Judy Lawson and Mary Doiron (photo by Erin Buckley)

by Eva Feddery In the last issue of Around the Block I told you about our Honours and Awards Night. We had prepared sixty-one certificates in several categories to be passed out but, as the event was after publication of Around The Block, I had to keep a couple of secrets. I can now tell you the names for the recipients in the community partners section. Plaques were given to Percy’s Home Improvement, Above and Beyond Construction, River Valley Septic, Taylor’s Landscaping, and No Frills. The highlight of the night is the presentation of the George Lawson Memorial, to a person who contributes as a volunteer to the greater Crescent Valley community.This year Mrs. Judy Lawson presented the plaque to Mary Doiron. Mary is very involved in several committees both inside and outside Crescent Valley. Congratulations to Mary and all our volunteers!.

Summer Squad

by Joy Comeau, Community Liaison, CVRC At the Crescent Valley Resource Centre (CVRC) we are taking small steps to help our beautiful butterflies … here’s why and how. Did you know the monarch butterfly and other pollinators are responsible for almost all the fruits and vegetables we eat? Each fall monarchs set out on an incredible 5,000-kilometre journey to their wintering sites. It’s one of the world’s longest insect migrations; they journey from southern Canada through the United States to Mexico. The nectar in milkweed flowers provides valuable food for butterflies, bees and other pollinators. The leaves of milkweed are the only food that caterpillars of the monarch can eat and monarch butterflies need milkweed to lay their eggs. But milkweed is disappearing! As part of a conservation network across Canada, organizations and individuals, are being encouraged to plant milkweed, and that is what we are doing at the CVRC. We have germinated milkweed seedlings,….and with the help of Saint John Naturalists’ Club we will house monarch caterpillars (in an empty aquarium) and help them to survive to butterflies. The aquarium provides a unique opportunity to safely feed the caterpillars and at the same time allow our Summer Squad children’s program participants and the staff to peek in on them as they eat their way to butterfly hood. Once the butterflies have reached maturity we will release them to continue with their travels. All our milkweed will be transplanted outdoors where we hope to create a pollinator-friendly garden.

Book wagon

by Justin Shepard Coming up in Crescent Valley - Summer Squad children's summer day camp program will be back this summer. Join your friends at the Crescent Valley Resource Centre for lots of fun games, art activities, swimming and trips. Summer Squad will also welcome the return of Brilliant Labs for awesome STEM fun. New partners this summer include Saint John Cycling and Saint John Soccer. Summer is going to be amazing in Crescent Valley. Shout out to the NB Children's Foundation and NB Dept of Tourism, Heritage and Culture \ Sport and Recreation Branch for supporting CVRC's Summer Squad. For info on Summer Squad contact CVRC, 693-8513.

by Justin Shepard, Community Engagement Coordinator With the return of sunny days comes the return of the much beloved Crescent Valley Book Wagon. The little red Book Wagon will be coming back to Crescent Valley full of fun, educational and interesting books for all ages. Using Book Wagon is a great way to encourage your child to read, which helps keep their minds sharp for the next school year and promotes intellectual and emotional development. Also, Justn Shepard and his book wagon (photo by CVRC) children borrowing books can get a small FREE snack to enjoy while they read at home or in the park! Keep your eyes peeled for the CV Book Wagon as it will be out and about once a week until the fall.

Crescent Valley Neighbourhood Contact Anne Driscoll: 693-8513 email: CVRC.driscoll@gmail.com 130 MacLaren Blvd.

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Welcome to Krista Creamer

Seaside Park Elementary Dedicates New Defibrillator

Krista Creamer (photo by Jill Roberts)

by Jill Roberts and West Side Community Partners The Market Place Wellness Centre, along with all of our community partners, would like to welcome Krista Creamer as the new Executive Director of the Carleton Community Centre. Congratulations, and we look forward to working with you to improve the health of our community!

Youth and first responders at the dedication cermony (photo by Krista Turnbull)

by Krista Turnbull, Community Schools Coordinator, Seaside Park Elementary School Seaside Park Elementary recently held a special assembly to accept the donation of an automated external defibrillator (AED). A huge thank you goes out to The Mikey Network and riders of Canada’s 911 Ride, Atlantic Region for this life saving gift. Our AED is dedicated to the memory of Paramedic Kevin McCormick who served his community for many years as a paramedic with Ambulance New Brunswick. We were so pleased to have many members of Kevin’s family in attendance, as well as several of his colleagues from Ambulance New Brunswick and Medavie Health Services New Brunswick. We finished off the event with the first live performance of our new school song, “Stronger Together,” for our guests. This new AED holds special meaning for those of us who knew Kevin in the knowledge that he will continue to save lives for many years to come.

Spring into summer at Danells Drive

“From an early age I always knew I wanted to make an impact in children’s lives. I started my career working at a summer recreational program where I really got to see the impact I could have and realized how much fun it was to work with kids. From there, I decided to go into education. After graduation, I supplied for a bit, then decided to move to China to teach. I stayed there for a few years then decided it was time to come back home.It was then that I started working for a non-profit organization called Bee Me Kidz. It was this opportunity that showed me that building a healthy, happy community can greatly affect children’s lives. This way of thinking led me to the Carleton Community Centre. I look forward to shaping the community at the Carleton Community Centre for many years to come.”

Market Place Wellness updates Market Place Wellness Centre, Carleton Community Centre

674-4335, 120 Market Place - Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m-3:30 p.m. •Specimen Collection, Tuesday and Wednesday, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., Appointments only call: 648-6681 •Food Bank, Tuesday and Friday, 1–3 p.m. •Free Health Coach Services, please call Lesley, 608-6498. •Free Gentle Path Counselling, call 652-7284 (please state “WEST”) •Smoking Cessation Program, call 674-4335 for an appointment •Food Purchase Club, clients pays for their bag of fresh produce, once a month; for information call 674-4335 •Social Development Case worker on site Tuesday 1-3 p.m., or by appointment •Senior led fitness program/ Falls Prevention ages 50 and up (“Zoomers”), free. Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 a.m. and Fridays 11 a.m.; all participants must be have an initial assessment. 674-4335 •Gentle Yoga, fall and winter hours, Monday and Thursday 10 a.m., $7. •Pickle Ball, Tuesdays, 11 a.m., contact Mike, 672-9566 •Line Dancing, Mondays, 10 a.m. $$. •Community Garden Plots, registration in 2018: $15.00. •2 Nurse Practitioners, by appointment only •Social Worker/ Dietitian / Counselling by appointment - 674-4335 •Art Class (Goodwill offering) - contact: kimmy.cookson@gmail.com

Left to right: Paul Dunn, President; Wendy Coughlan, Treasurer: Gerry O’Neill, Secretary; Richard Earl, Vice President (photo by Debbie McLeod)

by Wendy Coughlin Our summer plans include barbeques and potlucks for the upcoming holidays, weekly walks, movie nights and game nights. Our raised gardens have been tilled and some of our gardeners have already started preparing their soil and planting. We are looking forward to all the results of the gardening efforts. We are also pleased to announce that we have a new executive. Paul Dunn is President, Rick Earle is Vice-President, Wendy Coughlin is Treasurer and Gerry O'Neill is Recording Secretary. Have a safe and happy summer! Dorothy Shephard MLA Saint John Lancaster

West Neighbourhood Contacts Jill.Roberts@HorizonNB.ca 120 Market Place 674-4307 or Anna James 672-0226

640 Manawagonish Road Saint John, NB E2M 3W5 Constituency Office is located at side of building facing Church Tel: (506) 643-2900 Fax: (506) 643-2999 Dorothy.Shephard@gnb.ca www.gnb.ca

westsidepact@bellaliant.com Page 5

Boys and Girls Club awards Support The Salvation Army night

Left to right, front: Michael and Andrea, with Hienz Schaerer in back (photo by Amy Shanks)

by Jill Farrar, Program Manager The Boys and Girls Club (BGC) of Saint John had their awards ceremony on Friday, May 11th to celebrate our children and youth from all programs. Thirty-one children and youth were honoured in total. This event wraps up our Evening Youth Program which ended for the season on Friday, May 18th and will resume in September. The Club is now looking forward to summer when we will be offering an evening ball hockey league, summer camp, and youth leadership camp. We want to thank everyone from our community who attended and supported our evening program, and we will see you in September!

Salavation Army offers camp

Left to right: Mackenzie Williston, Serenity Flavin and Emily Floyd (photo by Shelly McCready)

by: Shelly McCready, Community Ministries Coordinator Once again, the Salvation Army is able to offer a weeklong camp experience free of charge to 50 Saint John area children. This is due in part to a grant through the NB Children's Foundation. We travel to Thornton, Nova Scotia on July 23rd by coach bus where the children will enjoy five days filled with activities in our beautiful Scotian Glen Camp. If you know of a child, 7 - 12 years of age, who would benefit from this program, call 634-1633.

WV neighbourhood Association


Join the Waterloo Village Neighbourhood Association & Courtenay Bay Tenants Association


SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 2017 from 10am – 1130am MEET for 10am AT THE FOLLOWING SITES: If you live east of Paul Harris St. or Middle St. pick up gloves and bags at the back parking lot of Brunswick Drive Highrise located at 656 Brunswick Drive. If you live west of Paul Harris or Middle Street pick up gloves & bags at the corner of Cliff and Waterloo Street.

Working together, we can make a difference! Following the Clean Up, there will be music and a thank you BBQ at NOON in the parking lot in the back of Brunswick Drive Highrise located at 656 Brunswick Drive.

Music in Park - Chown Field Starting July 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, August 6th & 13th 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Thank you to the sponsors of this event!!

FREE. All welcome. Bring a lawn chair. Rain Location is 656 Brunswick Drive. July 9th - Key of “N”, July 16th - Debbie Harrity, July 23rd - KV Country Band July 30th - Delbert, Aug 6th - Marcel Cassie and Christine Violette, Aug 13th - Youth Night

Village Neighbourhood Contact

Gerry Lowe Councillor Ward 3 I am your Councillor for Ward 3. Parts of the Lower West Side, Lower South End, and parts of the East side and a bit of the North by the Rockland Road area.

Penni Eisenhauer 647-8047 commorg.penni@gmail.com Saint John Learning Exchange 139 Prince Edward Street

I can be reached by phone at 721-5690 and by email at Gerry.Lowe@saintjohn.ca Page 6

Partnering from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Beyond Partnerships Volunteering Mentoring Role Models Coaching Focus on Literacy Having Fun Tutoring Breakfast/Lunch Programs New Opportunities After School Programs Career Exploration Making a Difference

Deborah Fisher fisher.deborah@jdirving.com

Partnering from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Beyond Partnerships Volunteering Mentoring Role Models Coaching Focus on Literacy Having Fun Tutoring Breakfast/Lunch Programs New Opportunities After School Programs Career Exploration Making a Difference

Partnering from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Beyond Partnerships Volunteering Mentoring Role Models Coaching Focus on Literacy Having Fun Tutoring Breakfast/Lunch Programs New Opportunities After School Programs Career Exploration Making a Difference

Deborah Fisher fisher.deborah@jdirving.com Susan Tipper tipper.susan@jdirving.com

We ALL have something to offer!

Deborah Fisher fisher.deborah@jdirving.com Susan Tipper tipper.susan@jdirving.com

We ALL have something to offer!

Partnering from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Beyond Partnerships Volunteering Mentoring Role Models Coaching Focus on Literacy Having Fun Tutoring Breakfast/Lunch Programs New Opportunities After School Programs Career Exploration Making a Difference

Deborah Fisher fisher.deborah@jdirving.com Susan Tipper tipper.susan@jdirving.com

We ALL have something to offer!

Susan Tipper tipper.susan@jdirving.com

We ALL have something to offer!

PALS En route to Success

Gardening at Seaside Park Elementary

by Susan Tipper, PALS High School Coordinator This summer the PALS En Route to Success program will have close to 30 students with summer jobs. The students participate in a work placement throughout the school year and if they are successful they are offered summer employment at their work site. This summer we have students placed at CFM, Irving Equipment, NB Southern Railway, Kent Building Supplies, Chandler Sales, Loch Lomond Villa, Stews Cleaning Services, Shurfit Auto Parts, Midland Transport, the Saint John Carpentry Shop, and the Saint John Fire Department.

Students are enjoying their new green house (photo by Michelle Deschenes, Principal, Seaside Park Elementary)

The program is offered at St. Malachy’s Memorial High School and students begin the four-year program in Grade Nine. Students have been very successful in terms of graduating from high school on time, pursuing their post-secondary education, and/or finding permanent employment. The employers find the program rewarding as well. Permanent employees act as supervisors for the students. Students have the opportunity to learn by doing and by modelling the employees with whom they work.

The value of a volunteer

by Krista Turnbull, Community Schools Coordinator, Seaside Park Elementary We are excited to have been provided with a grant this year that allowed us to partner with Harbour View High School on a garden project. Our high school friends are experts when it comes to growing their own vegetables. Earlier in the spring we visited them and planted vegetable seeds, which have been growing in their greenhouse. We will plant them into our new raised beds at the end of May. Thanks to our many JDIrving PALS Partners for making our garden boxes possible. Students have shared their thoughts about the opportunity to garden: “Whenever I plant stuff it brings out my adventurous side,” “Gardening makes me feel happy and excited,” “My grandmother plants and I help her so I’m excited now to plant at school.”

The Muffin Club by Jen Brown, Community Schools Coordinator, HWSF School The “Muffin Club” started this year at Hazen White/St. Francis School. We meet after school and cook a healthy muffin from scratch with the help of a former vice principal, and very special friend to the Huskies, Ann Barrett. Our students have baked blueberry, banana, and carrot muffins so far. We make enough to feed the Left to right Logan Nyers, Taylor Phillips (photo by Jen Brown) whole school the following day. Our students are learning skills in the kitchen, math skills, and healthy eating skills. What type of muffin do you think we should bake next?

Ahmed Ezzat (photo courtesy PALS)

Partnering from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Beyond

by Lori Doyle, Principal Prince Charles School “Volunteers are not paid not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” At Prince Charles School (PCS) we have so many volunteers who indeed are priceless. Mentors, breakfast volunteers, turkey dinner helpers, lunch money counters, club volunteers, cookie bakers, behind-the-scenes helpers - so many people giving time and talents to support our community school. We have one PALS volunteer who has been on our soccer field, coaching our middle school players for 17 years - Ahmed Ezzat! (first as a JDIrving employee, and since as a retiree!) This year Ahmed told us, “It is an honour to be part of a great cause and be a member of a wonderful team of volunteers.” We would add, it is our pleasure and privilege to work with such a dedicated group. On behalf of our school community we send a heart-felt thanks!

Partnerships Volunteering Mentoring Role Models Coaching Focus on Literacy Having Fun Tutoring Breakfast/Lunch Programs New Opportunities After School Programs Career Exploration Making a Difference

Deborah Fisher fisher.deborah@jdirving.com Susan Tipper tipper.susan@jdirving.com

We ALL have something to offer! Page 7

West Branch Library children hours Lancaster Mall, 621 Fairville Boulevard


Summer Reading Club (SRC) 2018 – I Will Be What I Read Registration Week Tuesday, June 26 Film français - Coco at 10:30a.m. Wednesday, June 27 Face Painting at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, June 28 STEAM at 1:30 p.m. Friday, June 29 Story Time at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, June 30 Movie - Coco at 11:30 a.m. * Programme français à 13h30 Summer Reading Club 2018 Weekly Themes Week 1 (July 3-7) - Blast from the Past! Week 2 (July 10-14) - The Great Outdoors! Week 3 (July 17-21) – Sky High! Week 4 (July 24-28) – Create it! Week 5 (July 31-August 4) - Geeking Out! Week 6 (August 7-11) – After Dark Matters! Week 7 (August 14-18) - Get in the Game!

Two Sea Belles awarded Barbershopper of the Year

Left to right: Cindy Mayo and Jane Trites holding their awards. (photo by Courtney Bannister) by Ann Connolly The Sea Belles Chorus recently presented the Barbershopper of the Year Award to “two women who stood out to the membership who went above and beyond, making sure our chorus was happy and thriving,” states Susan Ingraham, last year's recipient of the award. Cindy Mayo was recognized for her work as Chorus Costume Chair, “ensuring 50 women looked fabulous for every performance and competition, always working her magic with a smile.” Jane Trites was recognized for her role as Performance Coordinator, “taking her job to a whole new level informing the chorus of upcoming performance details as well as recommending rehearsal safety protocols and initiating a beautiful painted wall mural by local artist, Abi Reinhart, creating a better rehearsal space for the whole chorus.”

CNIB Monthly Coffee & Chat CNIB is doing a monthly Coffee & Chat at the Saint John Free Public Library. It is the first Thursday of each month from 10 a.m. until noon. It is open to anyone suffering a visual disability. For more information contact is Sarah Gladwell via e-mail at Sarah.Gladwell@gnb.ca or by phone at 643-7224.

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RBC donation to Around the Block

Back row: Joanna and Marie Chantal; front: ATB captain Karen Rodgerson, Karen, Shona and Jasmine. Missing: RBC staff member Tony. (photo by Juanita Black)

by Juanita Black During the delivery of Issue 58 of Around the Block, team captain Karen Rodgerson, for the Rifle Range and Portland Place area, was joined by six staff from RBC Lansdowne to deliver Around the Block. RBC has made a donation of $1000 to Around the Block and we want to thank them for becoming our newest sponsor.

BBBS book sale

by Rhoda J Welshman, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator Beginning June 1 through to August 10, Big Brothers Big Sisters will be collecting book donations at various locations in Greater Saint John as well as at the BBBS office located on the third level of Brunswick Square. Each year thousands of books are donated and sold, many times to familiar faces! Donate your books and purchase the ones you've been aching to read, at a fraction of the retail price. If you have a love for books and organization we would love to have your help this summer, sorting and categorizing books as donations come in daily. It's a book worm's dream come true with many unique and rare finds - volunteering gives you a front row seat in these discoveries. If you have books you would like to donate or if you are interested in volunteering with us this summer, please call 635-1145 for more information. Please note we do not accept encyclopedias, magazines, or text books. The Big Book Sale will take place August 20-25.

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Healthy Kids Day

Make your dreams come true

(photo by Juan Ramos)

by Valentin Boinitski, Communications Specialist We all know how unfair life can be, on kids and grown-ups alike. Sometimes the only thing you need to make your dream come true is a little bit of support. That is when community steps in - because that's what community is all about: supporting each other. If you dream about going to college or university, but can't afford it, apply now for the Community Scholarship Award. You can download an application form from our website at www.sjnewcomers.ca or write to scholarship@sjnewcomers.ca and we will send you the application form by email. The deadline for applications is Monday, July 16, 2018.

by Nicole Vair, Communications Coordinator On June 2, 2018, the YMCA of Greater Saint John is celebrating Healthy Kids Day by offering families the opportunity to drop by the Saint John Regional Y for fun activities, free of charge. Parents are encouraged to bring their families to participate in activities while learning the joys of living a healthy lifestyle, together, as a family. Annually, YMCA Healthy Kids Day draws over 30,000 participants to events at over 100 YMCA locations across the country. From healthy eating tips to physical activities and games, YMCA Healthy Kids Day includes activities that are accessible, free of charge, and open to the public. As the summer approaches, YMCA Healthy Kids Day provides a great opportunity for parents and kids alike to get active and learn more about the YMCA. Join us on June 2nd between 12 and 3 pm at the Saint John Regional Y for Healthy Kids Day!

All you want to do is get some exercise and take care of life while you’re at it.. So you take a walk to the grocery store, but‌. SORE HIP + GRAVITY X WORN OUT SHOES =

BIG PAIN! Need a better alignment? Our Biomechanical team can tune your gait and provide appropriate footwear so that you can swing back into action. Get back to life with less pain. .

Thera-Ped Foot and Ankle Clinic 238 Metcalf St. By Appointment: 632-9397 www.thera-ped.com / blog.thera-ped.com / facebook.com/thera-ped

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Award of Excellence

Learner story Dayna Gillis I was enrolled in a program at the Community Health Centre when I first heard about the WESLinks program at the Learning Exchange. My program facilitator thought it would be a good next step for me because of my limited work experience.

Left to right: Brian Marks, Jean Rioux, Mark Magee, Kevin McCann, Kent Staal, Eric Beaulieu (photo by Debbie McLeod)

by Debbie McLeod The Social Development, Saint John Housing Team just received the "Social Development Award of Excellence" from Central Office. Social Development Deputy Minister Eric Beaulieu and Assistant Deputy Minister Jean Rioux were on hand at the Saint John office to make the presentation to Brian Marks, our Regional Director, Kevin McCann , Mark Magee, and Kent Staal from Housing. Congratulations!

My experience at the Learning Exchange has been very valuable to me. It’s helped me expand my comfort zone in a welcoming environment full of Dayna (right) and Shelley, the café’s friendly people. I have been manager, hard at work on some food prep. fortunate enough to be in(photo by SJ Learnig Exchange) volved ith various projects. I helped with the plants in the living wall project, worked on a customer feedback survey for the Brown Bag Lunch program, and gained experience in both Voila! and Stone Soup social enterprises. I am currently still in the WESLinks program gaining work experience in the Stone Soup Café in the Hub. After WESLinks, I’ll transition to WorkLinks to help me decide what’s next. I would like to find a job, but I’m not sure what kind of work I would like to do and WorkLinks will be able to help me with that. Long-term I think I might like to go back to school but right now I would prefer to find a job. My time at the Learning Exchange has been of great benefit to me. I was happy to be given an opportunity to work in their social enterprises. It has helped me develop my soft skills and leadership ability, which will help me in future employment.

BEST SUMMER EVER! If you would like to participate in this program as a volunteer or a client, contact us today!

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Laurent Delachance se joint à l’équipe du FM 105.7 Saint-Jean-Quispamsis

Kiwanis needs your help by Tom Gallant, Kiwanis Club of Saint John The Kiwanis Club of Saint John is a service club whose members work together to serve the children in our community. Our signature fundraiser is the sale of cash calendars, which has resulted in giving over a million dollars back to community partners. We conduct weekly lunch meetings at the Canada Best Value Inn on Tuesdays from noon to 1 p.m., where inspirational presentations are delivered by prominent community leaders. We have also participated in hands-on volunteering activities, such as providing a Christmas gift-wrapping service to raise additional funds. If you seek more information, please contact the Membership Committee Chair, Susan Boyle, at surfcity12@icloud.com. Our community needs are great, and we hope to enhance our membership to increase our reach.

by Jason Ouellette ,Directeur général, Radio CHQC-CJPN-CKMA Originaire de la France, Laurent a traversé l’océan avec son bagage de connaissance et anime dorénavant vos midis à CHOC FM. En fonction depuis avril en tant qu’animateur, coordonnateur des médias sociaux et responsable des relations communautaires, Delachance amène une vaste expérience à la radio en tant qu’agent d’artiste, gestionnaire d’évènement, agent de relation publique et même propriétaire d’un label de musique rock en France. La radio CHQC, le FM 105.7, est vouée à la représentation communautaire des francophones de la grande région de Saint-Jean et offre à tout organisme, association, individu et entreprise l’opportunité de se faire entendre. Laurent est à votre service et sur vos ondes du lundi au vendredi. Envoyez-lui vos demandes d’entrevues, messages promotionnels, demandes spéciales et messages scolaires ou communautaires et il se fera un plaisir d’en faire un suivi. Laurent Delachance: 506-643-7333 animateur@chqc.ca

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Pet safety

Summer fun at the YMCA day camps

by Joan Richardson, Manager, SPCA Animal Rescue This time of year we are taking day trips in the car and of course bringing along the family cat or dog. It’s important to secure our pets when travelling. A moving vehicle could make your cat nervous and that rolled down window might tempt him to jump out. A cat carrier is the best way to keep your cat safe when in a car. Dogs like to put their head out the window but they could get injured from flying objects (even from insects or birds). They could also become hurt if the driver must stop the car quickly because they will collide with the window. Dog are best secured by a harness and seatbelt. Safe travel means the whole family needs to buckle up!

Hear our voice by Jo-Anne Renton “One Day. One Place. One Song.” Sophia Recovery Centre presents “Hear Our Voice”. A brand new fundraiser for Saint John! A very large group of people come together in a public space, at one moment, on one day, to perform one significant song that will inspire, impact and invigorate all involved while also supporting women in recovery from addictions within our community. Please join us on June 3 and be part of OUR VOICE in this unique experience. For more information and to purchase tickets, please go to HearOurVoiceSJ. eventbrite.ca or call 633-8783.

by Nicole Vair, Communications Coordinator Time spent being physically active and social is more important than ever before. That’s why the YMCA offers day camps, so that every child can reach their full potential. Through fun physical activities, kids learn about themselves and grow in self-confidence as they develop new skills and meet new people in a safe and caring environment, where everyone belongs. Camp is offered at 10 locations throughout greater Saint John and there are more than 50 camps to choose from. Youth can become paddle boarding professionals at the Glenn Carpenter Centre or compete for the Y Stanley Camp at various locations. “At camp you’ll make lasting friendships and develop leadership skills and self-confidence,” said Devin Manning, YMCA camp counsellor. Learn more about camp and register at saintjohny.ymca.ca. Financial assistance is available.

Event: Hear Our Voice When: June 3, 2018, 12:30 – 4 p.m. Where: Water St, Diamond Jubiliee building, Saint John

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WE Believe Saint John A Mega Event and Success

Mental health training

by SGT. David Hartley-Brown, Saint John Police Force May 17, 2018, was a great day for the youth in our region. On that day, close to 8000 students from Anglophone South School District descended upon Harbour Station for our WE Believe Saint John event. It was a day to inspire and motivate our kids about the value of engaging in volunteer services both locally and on a global level. The event featured internationally known motivational speakers along with top ranked musical acts from North America. The event was orchestrated by two people: Cst. Cory Jamieson (Saint John Police Force) and Dan Foote (teacher, Hampton Middle School). While the music was entertaining, it was the strong message being delivered by a variety of speakers that resonated with the kids about perseverance, resilience, and helping and supporting others in need. Our hope is that the students who attended will make a lifelong commitment to the positive growth in their community.

left- right, Brain Marks and Kenny Cormier take part in the training (photo by Debbie McLeod)

by Debbie McLeod, Community Involvement Coordinator, Social Development (Housing) Social Development staff had the opportunity to participate in a Mindfulness session in May to support Mental Health Awareness week. The sessions were well-attended, and a noon hour Centergy class was held by a trainer from the YMCA which was much enjoyed by staff, as well. Staff were encouraged to hold a sign stating the hashtag #Get Loud About Mental Health. It was a great day, and thank you to all who participated.

Point-in-Time count by Mary MacKinnon, Lead Point-in-Time Count Coordinator We have just completed the Point-in-Time Count in Saint John. We have been able to collect the stories of 113 people who live in shelters and transition homes or live on the streets. We want to thank everyone in the community who took time to answer the survey and share their stories. The information you have shared with us is so important. As coordinator of this project, I am dedicated to making sure that we adjust our services and action to the needs you have shared with us. Thank you to everyone who answered a question, to every service who opened the doors to us, and to every volunteer who collected the information!

Left- the WE day activities at Harbour Station; right, WE Day founder Craig Keilburger with Cst Cory Jamieson (photo by David Hartley-Brown)

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Anglin Drive joins recyling

Community Officers now CRIME REDUCTION TEAM by Sgt David Hartley-Brown I am very pleased to announce that our community officers are back and have been re-established as our new CRIME REDUCTION TEAM. The following officers look forward to once again working collaboratively with all our community partners. Sgt. David Hartley-Brown, Carleton Community Centre, 120 Market Place, 721-9103 David.hartley-brown@saintjohn.ca Cory Jamieson, Nick Nicolle Community Centre, 85 Durham St, 639-4042, Cory.jamieson@saintjohn.ca

Residents and community partners learn about recycling (photo by Debbie McLeod)

Cst . Duane Squires will cover the Waterloo-Village and Lower South End. He will be stationed at 251 Wentworth St (P.U.L.S.E. building), 977-1733 Duane.Squires@saintjohn.ca

by Pat Porter The Blue Run joined us on Anglin Drive on April 21st for a kick-off to recycling and celebration of Earth Day! It was exciting to see all of our neighbourhood recyclers join us! We learned a lot about what we can recycle and how to recycle it and enjoyed some delicious cake! We had a couple of draws and some very lucky winners each went home with a $25 gift card!

Cst. Don Metcalfe, Crescent Valley Resource Centre, 130 MacLaren Blvd, 977-1373, Don.Metcalfe@saintjohn.ca

Anglin Drive Recyclers, keep putting out your recycling every Saturday morning before 10:00 am for your chance to win a $25 gift card! The Blue Run recycling contest runs until June 30th!


TO HELP. Canada Child Benefit

Food purchase contest This is issue 59 of Around The Block and our Food Purchase contest. We are happy to partner for the third year with Saint John Energy to offer two $15 fresh fruit and produce orders for each issue of ATB. You need to find, hidden anywhere, in pictures, ads banners, or stories, throughout Around the Block, two Saint John Energy logos (not including this notice and the Saint John Energy ad on page 10).

Employment Insurance Canada Pension Plan Guaranteed Income Supplement Old Age Security

Send your answer, with your name, address and phone number to sjcommunitynewspaper@gmail.com or call 647-4850. You need to identify the page and location of each hidden logo. Only one entry per household. Your name will go into a draw for one of the orders. The contest will end at 5 p.m. on Thursday June 21st and you will be called if you are a winner with the location where you can pick up your order. Congratulations to the winners for issue 58, Gordon Hooper and Rebekah Pearce. We will list winners of this contest on the Saint John Human Development Facebook page on Friday June 22nd.

Around The Block Team (Issue 59) Old North End: Chrisa Petts and Carrie Griffin Lower South End: Mary LeSage Crescent Valley: Anne Driscoll Waterloo Village: Penni Eisenhauer Lower West Side: Jill Roberts Proofreaders: Mark Driscoll, Belinda Kumar, Joanne Britton, Rona Howald, and Lorna Brown Layout and Design: Juanita Black Community members: Carl Trickey, Lyn King, Lisa Chamberlain, Dawna Bradley, Debbie McLeod and Natalia Hicks

Tax Issues Canadian Citizenship


MP · Saint John-Rothesay 1 Market Square, Suite N306 Saint John, New Brunswick, E2L 4Z6 506-657-2500 · Wayne.Long@parl.gc.ca


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Passport Canada Work & Study Permits Veterans’ Affairs

AND MORE! @WayneLongSJ



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