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For 31 years, The St. John’s Boys’ Choir has filled churches and concert halls the world over with its beautiful music, but the 500 choirboys, past and present, take special pride in the role they play in their own community. As they enter their fourth decade of music-making, they look forward to continuing in the historic and honorable boychoir tradition, in exploring new horizons of music, in sharing that experience both home and abroad, and in reaching new heights of musical and personal success in the process.

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ViewBook 2011-2012

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The St. John’s Boys’ Choir Viewbook is published annually and distributed to friends, community organizations, host families and audiences throughout the performance year. The St. John’s Boys’ Choir is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and operates in accordance to established regulations and bylaws. Photographer Joel Butowski Design/Layout Jill Lucas — Jill Lucas Design Printing Assistance Continental Press, Inc. The St. John’s Boys’ Choir 1 Swayed Pines Road, Box 2000 Collegeville, MN 56321 (320) 363-2558

This activity is funded, in part, by the Minnesota arts and cultural heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

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Cover Photo The 2011-2012 Concert Choir members take time during their Summer Camp to enjoy the greenery of the woods on the Saint John’s campus.

Bonita Benschoter

Locally Grown, Internationally Known

Dear friends,

could not help but reflect on the sary celebrations last year, one Immersed in thirtieth anniver ped shape e St. John’s past three decades that have hel the r ove nts eve and ple peo many ire the vision of Br. Paul l organization it is today. We adm Boys’ Choir into the successfu of more than 800 parent Weber, and the commitment nn Joa of ion icat ded the ds, Richar r years ago as a newcomer step into this organization fou volunteers. It was a privilege to strong vision and , supportive culture rooted in ing lov a h suc in ed ers imm be and to a Walrath as she begins to extend our support to Meliss mission. I invite all of us now cutive Director. her term as the choir’s new Exe and parents. SJBC rse extends far beyond the staff cou of t por sup of nity mu Our com ause of the support of the region’s cultural landscape bec enjoys a privileged place in our who recommend boys for nk you to the school teachers a . ota nes Min tral Cen of people rd, and to those formances and spread the wo per our nd atte o wh ny ma membership, to the portive arts culture eavors, continue to build a sup end stic arti n ow ir the h oug thr who, in the region. t 30 years. h home and abroad over the pas bot s ces suc ous end trem d oye e Choir has enj p of choirboys will serve as r through Italy, this year’s cro tou t cer con l sfu ces suc a off Fresh nsin in February to perform nesota as they travel to Wisco ambassadors for Central Min ’ Association. ey will the American Choral Directors of ce ren nfe Co nal isio Div at the s Pacific International participating in the prestigiou conclude their 31st season by h esteemed conductor gon where they will work wit Ore in l tiva Fes oir Ch en’s Childr and composer Bob Chilcott. on our tradition of taking we hope to continue to build As we strive for new heights, tinue to build on the world. We also hope to con und aro ry sto ota nes Min tral our Cen e along with home. We encourage you to com at e her you of se tho h wit s our relationship n, by the community inspired by these fine young me be all we y Ma y. rne jou the us on music that speaks to us all. that supports them, and by the Peace and blessings,

André-Louis Heywood Artistic Director

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New Faces, New Heights

Dear Friends of e St. John’s

Boys’ Choir, Welcome to our 31st season. As many of you know, aer 22 amazing seasons with the choir, Joann Weber has retired from her role as Executive Dir ector. Joann led the choir to new heights during her time with the choir and le a legacy tha t I am blessed to now be a part of. In the short time tha t I have been with the choir, I hav e gained an understanding as to why Ms. Weber was in her position for 22 years. I quickly realized that e St. John’s Boys’ Choir is not just a choir, but a family. During my first week on the job, I was welcomed with open arms by staff, parents, and most importantly the members of the Choir. e smiles, hellos and inquiries from everyone gave me a sense of belonging and the knowledge that I was now part of something great. My favorite part of any given day is when the first choirboy arrives for rehearsal and I am greeted with a “Hello Ms. Wa lrath. How are you today?” At first I was shocked at how polite and well-spoken the boy s were, but quickly came to und erstand that this organization is not just about the music, but striving to cre ate outstanding young men. e boys spend time each wee k in voice lessons and theory classes, but in the process, learn so much more. ey com e to understand that hard wo rk and dedication are the key to success. at respect, kindne s ss and understanding of others can take a person far in this world. Any choir can cre ate musicians; it takes an am azing team of staff and parent to create outstanding young s men. In the end, the boys are with us for a few short years, but the impact of the choir will last a lifetime. Peace,

Melissa Walrath Executive Director

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 3

The SJBC Experience e St. John’s Boys’ Choir offers an enriching experience in music education with an emphasis in vocal music, as well as the socializing experiences of shared enterprise, fellowship, cultural awareness, and touring for boys ages 8-15. e choir promotes vocal music in Central Minnesota and offers the unique experience of a welltrained boys’ choir to its audiences. Choirboys come from farms, rural neighborhoods and from throughout cities from Annandale to Alexandria. ey come together through a common interest in music and for the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive music program, involving solfège, theory, and private voice lessons.

Following successful auditions, boys begin their choir tenure as members of the Training Choir learning basic skills and appreciation for the various elements of music. ey advance to the Junior Varsity Choir, further developing their musical skills. Boys mature and progress to the Concert Choir where they learn more complex music, expand performance proficiency, learn advanced social and leadership skills, and serve as mentors to younger choristers. e acquisition of important life skills is an essential part of being in the choir. Boys learn self-confidence, discipline, teamwork, problem-solving skills and social skills. In their final year in the choir, boys participate in a two-day leadership training program to aid in further development of these skills. At the JV and Concert Choir levels, boys engage in touring. e choirs have embarked on 46 tours to 20 states, Puerto Rico and 9 countries on 3 continents. e experience gained by the boys on their travels helps to increase their cultural awareness and

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influences their lives back at home. e boys also enjoy the opportunity to act as ambassadors, not only of the choir, but on behalf of their community. On five occasions they have hosted international choral festivals, and have represented state and country at festivals the world over. While they frequently collaborate with other local groups, the boys have also had the privilege of working with remarkable musicians from across the state, country, and world. ey have performed in concert and recorded with professional musicians such as Jearlyn Steele, George Maurer, Michael Gungor and Amy Grant, have shared the stage with the American Boychoir and the Czech Boys’ Choir Boni Pueri, and have sung in festival with Bob Chilcott, David Hill, Stephen Hatfield, Robert Sund and James Litton to name a few. e boys have appeared on the nationally broadcast “A Prairie Home Companion” and their recordings are played around the world.

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 5

Meet The Concert Choir e 33 boys of the Concert Choir meet regularly two times a week for two hours of choral rehearsal. e boys also meet on weekends occasionally to prepare for the more than 30 performance engagements they have each year. e boys receive private voice instruction throughout the year and continue their study in music theory, attaining a first-year collegiate level by the time they graduate from the choir. is group can be heard on several recordings and tours both domestically and internationally.

6 |

James Blommel, 13 Son of Dale & Judy Blommel North Junior High, Grade 7 Instrument(s): Alto saxophone Hobbies: Soccer, Baseball, Camping, Swimming, Diving “I am looking forward to the two choir events in Wisconsin and Oregon during the upcoming season.”

Nate Andrusick, 11 Son of Bob Andrusick & Julene Faber-Andrusick Holy Cross Elementary, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Baseball “My favorite place to travel to was Colorado; I really liked hiking in the Rocky Mountains.”

Peyton Braun, 11 Son of Craig & Carie Braun Sartell Middle School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Reading, Basketball, Swimming, Golf “My favorite song to sing was ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ because we had to act scary…and that wasn’t too hard.”

Noah Becker, 12 Son of Bruce & Peggy Becker Discovery Middle School, Grade 7 Instrument(s): Saxophone Hobbies: Snowboarding, Biking “As a member of e St. John’s Boys’ Choir I have learned how to be responsible.”

Kobey Cofer, 11 Son of Anthony Bialke & Nicola Cofer Sartell Middle School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Clarinet, Electric Guitar Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Puzzle Solving “My favorite memory of a staff member is Brother Nick’s ‘KTLKleespie’ radio show.”

Montgomery Belmont, 12 Son of Christopher & Destiny Belmont and Tami & omas Johnson Sartell Middle School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Reading, Biking “I am looking forward to tour and getting to know new friends.”

Dominick DeIeso, 12 Son of Richard & Nicolette DeIeso Cathedral High School, Grade 7 Instrument(s): Saxophone Hobbies: Hockey, Baseball, Reading “I’m looking forward to ‘Boys on Broadway’ because every year it gets more fun and lively.”

Sawyer Binsfeld, 12 Son of Tom & Kris Binsfeld Rocori Middle School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Singing, Swimming “From being in e St. John’s Boys’ Choir I have learned to be a proper gentleman.”

Jake Enneking, 14 Son of Gene & Cheryl Enneking Melrose Middle School, Grade 8 Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Piano, Drums Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Swimming, Baseball “Members of e St. John’s Boys’ Choir are respectful, fun and good leaders.”

Jakob Erickson-oemke, 13 Son of Chris & Karin Ericksonoemke North Junior High, Grade 7 Instrument(s): Cello Hobbies: Sports, Music “Italy has been my favorite place to travel with choir because I enjoyed seeing all of the historical sites.”

Grant Hamilton, 13 Son of Paul & Patricia Hamilton Sartell Middle School, Grade 7 Instrument(s): Guitar, Drums, Piano Hobbies: Painting, Skiing, Garage Band “My favorite song is ‘Wana Baraka’ because it is very loud and triumphant.”

Samuel Fandel, 13 Son of Neil & Kelly Fandel Sartell Middle School, Grade 8 Instrument(s): Trombone, Piano Hobbies: Basketball, Lacrosse, Swimming, Wake boarding “I am looking forward to being an 8th grader and a good leader.”

Mitchell Hansen, 12 Son of Jeff & Sandi Hansen Rocori Middle School Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Running, Football, Baseball, Basketball “My favorite saying by a staff member is ‘girls dig guys who can sing.’”

Wesley Ford, 12 Son of Brent & Jenny Ford Sartell Middle School, Grade 7 Instrument(s): Trumpet Hobbies: Reading, Lego, Golf “My favorite song to sing is ‘Stand Together’ because it has a powerful feel.”

Riley Kinney, 13 Son of Randy & Cathy Kinney Minnewaska Area High School, Grade 8 Instrument(s): String bass, Electric bass Hobbies: Swimming, Basketball, Hiking “I enjoyed traveling to Italy and seeing Subiaco.”

Jackson Grove, 11 Son of Pete & Angie Grove Lincoln Elementary, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Piano, Guitar, Trumpet Hobbies: Wake boarding, Water skiing, Basketball, Dance, Baseball “From being in e St. John’s Boys’ Choir I have learned that if you work hard, it will pay off in the end.”

Jared Klassen, 13 Son of Keith Klassen Rocori Middle School, Grade 8 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Fishing, Swimming “I felt very happy when I made it into SJBC as my brother was in it a year earlier and he told me that it was a great and fun experience.”

Eddie Hamilton, 11 Son of Paul & Patricia Hamilton Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Guitar Hobbies: Baseball, Skiing, Tennis, Reading “I look forward to joining my brother Grant in Concert Choir.”

Ezra LaFleur, 12 Son of Michael & Christina LaFleur Minnesota Virtual Academy, Grade 8 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Song writing, Photography, Reading “My favorite memory of a staff member is when Mr. Amundson had joke contests on the bus in Italy.”

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 7

8 |

Nicholas Linn, 12 Son of David & Barbara Linn St. Katherine Drexel, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Camping “I think St. John’s Boys’ Choir members are fun, hardworking and rewarding.”

Caleb Otteson, 11 Son of Jeff & Lisa Otteson Sartell Middle School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Biking, Swimming, Playing the card game ‘Magic’ “Colorado was my favorite place to travel with the Choir because I got to see breathtaking scenery.”

William Matuska, 12 Son of Brad & Nichole Matuska Rocori Middle School, Grade 7 Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano Hobbies: Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Basketball, Baseball “e St. John’s Boys’ Choir has taught me to be a leader.”

Adrian Pandey, 11 Son of Apil & Manju Pandey Sartell Middle School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Reading, Playing sports, Traveling “I am looking forward to learning more songs and touring.”

Cole McElwain, 13 Son of John & Katie Loxtercamp and Keith McElwain Sauk Centre Junior High, Grade 8 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Football, Wrestling, Trampoline “I’m most looking forward to our tour this season.”

Sam Peterson, 11 Son of Todd & Rumiko Peterson Sartell Middle School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Piano, Percussion Hobbies: Reading, Soccer, Skiing, Biking, Fishing “I look forward to making new friends in the Concert Choir.”

Kale Nelson, 12 Son of Reid & Kristin Nelson Sartell Middle School, Grade 7 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Lego, Biking, Swimming “My favorite song to sing with the choir was ‘Tjak!’ because it’s unique and I like the song’s choreography.”

Sören Pitt, 10 Son of Shawn & Kristin Pitt Talahi Elementary School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano, Recorder Hobbies: Basketball, Animals “I enjoyed traveling to Nebraska because I studied it in school and I got to meet Mr. Nordhues’ family.”

Samuel Neuman, 12 Son of Jeremy & Heather Neuman Sartell Middle School, Grade 7 Instrument(s): Piano, Percussion Hobbies: Reading, Acting, Soccer “A member of e St. John’s Boys’ Choir is polite, energetic and musical.”

Matthew Roers, 13 Son of Rodney & Amy Roers Discovery Middle School, Grade 8 Instrument(s): Cello Hobbies: Football, Baseball, Track “I look up to Joe Schwieters because he’s a good leader and a really nice person.”

Vincent Schleppenbach, 12 Son of Gregg & Paula Schleppenbach St. Boniface Catholic School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Biking “Canada was my favorite place I traveled with the choir because it was my first trip out of the country and with the Choir.”

Nathan Stoebe, 11 Son of Michael & Renee Stoebe Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano, Recorder Hobbies: Hockey, Golfing, Lego, Fishing “As a St. John’s Boys’ Choir member I have become more responsible and learned better time management skills.”

Joseph Schwieters, 14 Son of Kurt & Mary Schwieters Melrose Middle School, Grade 8 Instrument(s): Piano, Drums Hobbies: Baseball, Knee boarding, Swimming “I’m most looking forward to ‘Boys on Broadway’ because it is always fun.”

Cole oma, 10 Son of Mark & Corey oma Kennedy Elementary, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Violin, Recorder Hobbies: Baseball, Football, Biking, Reading “I am pumped about getting to work with Mr. Heywood and finding out where we’re going on tour.”

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 9

Meet The Junior Varsity Choir

e 30 boys of the Junior Varsity Choir meet once a week to continue learning the fundamentals of singing and music theory that they explored during their time in the Training Choir. Boys spend 1-2 years in the JV during which they perform close to twenty engagements and have their first out-of-state travel experiences with the choir.

10 |

Ryan Ahles, 11 Son of Paul & Marie Ahles North Junior High, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Violin Hobbies: Camping, Biking, Reading “A St. John’s Boys’ Choir member is respectful, responsible and honest.”

Andrew Anderson, 9 Son of Ken & Kim Anderson Cold Spring Elementary, Grade 4 Instrument(s): Guitar Hobbies: Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Fishing “I look up to Will Matuska because he is a good role model.”

Mauricio Alva, 10 Son of Hugo & Gabriela Alva Cold Spring Elementary, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Soccer, Biking “I was very happy and excited when I found out I made it into e St. John’s Boys’ Choir.”

Samuel Arnold, 10 Son of Steve & Christy Arnold St. Mary’s (Melrose), Grade 5 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Strategy, Board games, Swimming, Archery, K’nex “I most look up to Jake Enneking and Joe Schwieters because they are from my town and helped introduce me to the choir.”

Jarrett Aumock, 9 Son of Jason & Larissa Aumock Clearview Elementary, Grade 4 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Reading, Collecting sports cards, Fishing “I think St. John’s Boys’ Choir members are smart, talented and funny.”

Kolbe Charpentier, 10 Son of Kris Kramer and Marilee & Ted Charpentier Annandale Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano, Trumpet, Drums Hobbies: Golf, Rock collecting “From being in e St. John’s Boys’ Choir I have learned that going to new places and meeting new people is fun and exciting.”

Colin Barten, 10 Son of Joel & Lynn Barten St. Mary’s (Alexandria), Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano, Cello Hobbies: Lego, Reading, Cub Scouts “My favorite song to sing is ‘All ings Bright and Beautiful’ because it has a great tempo, a fun alto part and puts me in a good mood when I sing it.”

omas Connolly, 10 Son of Michael & Lori Connolly Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Baseball, Basketball, Boy Scouts, Camping “My favorite song was ‘Glory Train’ because I like gospel music and it had a good beat.”

Christopher Baugh, 10 Son of Anita Baugh & Bruce Peterson and Steve Baugh Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Rubik’s Cube, Karate “I am most looking forward to traveling with the choir this year.”

Daniel Eickhoff, 9 Son of David & Betsy Eickhoff Sts. Peter, Paul and Michael, Grade 4 Instrument(s): Piano, Trumpet Hobbies: Playing with Lego “My favorite memory was the first time I played dodgeball with Mr. Nordhues.”

Christian Bents, 11 Son of Lindy Vander Eyk & Shawn Bents St. Cloud Christian School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Farming, Camping, Construction “I was very happy and proud that I accomplished a goal of mine when I heard I made it into the Choir.”

Jacob Fandel, 10 Son of Neil & Kelly Fandel Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Hockey, Soccer, Reading, Brainstorming “I’m looking forward to being a leader and having more responsibility.”

John Blommel, 11 Son of Dale & Judy Blommel Sts. Peter, Paul & Michael, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Alto saxophone Hobbies: Baseball, Soccer, Fishing, Swimming “I have learned about music, singing, and working with others in e St. John’s Boys’ Choir.”

Alexander Gilbert, 10 Son of Chad & Jen Bösl Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Singing, Baseball, Swimming, Running, Volunteering “ree adjectives that describe a SJBC member are responsible, caring and friendly.”

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 11

12 |

Joseph Hansen, 11 Son of omas & Lynn Hansen Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Biking, Swimming, Baseball, Basketball, Hiking “I have learned a lot about music by being in e St. John’s Boys’ Choir.”

Blake Magnuson, 11 Son of Becky Magnuson-Lutgen & Steve Lutgen Talahi Elementary, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Studio dance, Football, Golf, Baseball, Fishing “When I made it into e St. John’s Boys’ Choir I was excited and surprised.”

Patrick Hesse, 11 Son of Bob Hesse & Jennifer Morrissette-Hesse Sartell Middle School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Trumpet Hobbies: Wrestling, Baseball, Disc golf, Biking, Running “My favorite place I have traveled with e St. John’s Boys’ Choir is to Colorado because of all of the sight-seeing.”

Charlie Matuska, 9 Son of Brad & Nichole Matuska Cold Spring Elementary, Grade 4 Instrument(s): Piano, Guitar Hobbies: Fishing, Swimming, Biking “I am looking forward to going on tour for the first time.”

Sean Kurvers, 10 Son of Craig Kurvers & Marnie McGough Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Baseball, Soccer “A St. John’s Boys’ Choir member is responsible, respectful and kind.”

Ian Miller, 10 Son of Marcus & Erica Miller Talahi Elementary, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Fishing, Baseball, Golf “I look forward to traveling and singing with my new friends.”

Elijah Lawson, 11 Son of Michael & Kristin Lawson Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Reading, Lego, Snowboarding “My favorite song to sing in SJBC is ‘Praise His Holy Name’ because it’s spiritual and joyful.”

Garrett Nelson, 11 Son of Bill & Jill Scherr and Gary & Karyn Nelson Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Reading, Collecting football cards “From being in e St. John’s Boys’ Choir I have learned to be organized and respectful to others.”

Nolan Lund, 10 Son of Bill & Megan Lund Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Piano Hobbies: Baseball, Drawing, Building cities with Lego “When I was accepted into SJBC I felt very honored and proud.”

Jonah Olson, 9 Son of Troy & Jennifer Olson Cold Spring Elementary, Grade 4 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Water skiing, Downhill skiing “I have learned from being in e St. John’s Boys’ Choir about the power of working together.”

Esteban Pantoja, 10 Son of Jose & Nicolasa Pantoja Cold Spring Elementary, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Playing with friends “I have learned how to be a better singer from being in e St. John’s Boys’ Choir.”

Maxwell Svensson, 10 Son of Michael & Meg Svensson Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Drums, Piano Hobbies: Baseball, Bike riding “My favorite song to sing in SJBC is ‘Put on a Happy Face’ because it is happy.”

Jared Salveson, 10 Son of Melanie Salveson Sartell Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Collecting rocks, Swimming, Singing “ree adjectives that describe a SJBC member are professional, entertaining and fun.”

Samuel Vogt, 11 Son of Tim & Molly Vogt Sartell Middle School, Grade 6 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer “I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and getting to sing in different places.”

Bryce Shoberg, 10 Son of Chad & Kimberly Shoberg Annandale Middle School, Grade 5 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Reading, Drawing “When I learned I made it into e St. John’s Boys’ Choir, I was filled with excitement and happiness.”

Kade Waalen, 10 Son of Micah & Melissa Waalen Cold Spring Elementary, Grade 4 Instrument(s): Recorder Hobbies: Snorkeling, Rollerblading, Biking, Coin collecting, Art “I look up to Bryce Shoberg because he is a good leader and friend.”

Auditions Like to sing, make friends and have fun? en come on out! Parent Information Meeting Thursday, January 23, 2012, 7:00 pm is meeting will cover schedules, responsibilities and expectations for choristers. It will be a chance to meet the staff, talk to current parents, observe the boys in rehearsal, and to ask any questions you may have.

Audition Day Saturday, January 28, 2012, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Boys in the 3rd and 4th grade are invited to spend a day at Saint John’s learning about what it’s like to be a member of e St. John’s Boys’ Choir. Boys participate in a rehearsal-type setting, attend a theory class and are given voice lessons in small groups. The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 13

Meet The Staff André-Louis Heywood, Artistic Director André Heywood is now in his fih season as Artistic Director of e St. John’s Boys’ Choir. Born in Trinidad, André grew up and studied in Canada earning undergraduate degrees in both Biochemistry and Music Education. He then earned a Master of Music degree in Choral Conducting from the University of Western Ontario. During his time at UWO he was the recipient of numerous awards for vocal performance, conducting and teaching, and was honored on the national stage for his writing and research. André first visited Saint John’s as a member of the Amabile Boys’ Choir, a group for which he later became the assistant conductor. Now an active member of the Saint John’s community, André is an adjunct instructor at Saint John’s University where he directs two choirs and serves as a faculty resident. He is also Director of Liturgical Music at Saint John's Preparatory School and conductor of the Saint John’s Abbey Schola. A specialist in working with young male voices, André currently serves as the Boychoir Repertoire and Standards Chair for the ACDA North Central Division. In 2011 he was recognized by the ACDA of Minnesota with the VocalEssence Creative Programming Award for his work with SJBC.

MELISSA WALRATH, Executive Director Melissa Walrath, a central Minnesota native, will be entering her first season with e St. John’s Boys’ Choir. Melissa grew up in Sartell, Minnesota and attended St. Cloud State University earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography and Travel and Tourism. In her role as Executive Director, Melissa acts as primary administrator of e St. John’s Boys’ Choir and is responsible for its day-to-day operations. Melissa also coordinates staff and volunteers, plan events and tours, serves as a liaison with parents and the community. We are excited to welcome Melissa to the choir family.

BRANDON NORDHUES, Associate Artistic Director Brandon Nordhues is excited to be working with the Junior Varsity and Training Choirs for his third year. Brandon graduated from Saint John’s University in 2009 with a degree in Vocal Education and Vocal Performance where he studied voice and conducting with Axel eimer. Aer graduation he spent time working in Foley as the music director of Saint John’s Parish. He currently lives in St. Cloud and teaches vocal music at Sartell High School, serves as a choir director at Celebration Lutheran Church in Sartell, and is the Liturgy and Music Director of Saint John’s Campus Ministry. Brandon also fills in as music director and accompanist for GREAT and Curtain Call Community musicals.

JENYA TRUBNIKAVA, Accompanist Jenya Trubnikava was born in Grodno, Belarus and has served as the choir’s accompanist for four years. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Piano Performance from the Academy of Music in Minsk, Belarus, with additional post-graduate study with Professor Martin Christ at the University of Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. In addition to her work with e St. John’s Boys’ Choir and St. Cloud State University, Jenya is the principal pianist with the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Collaborative Piano and Coaching at the University of Minnesota. 14 |

William White, Junior Varsity Accompanist William White graduated from Saint John's University in 2010 with a B.A. in Music concentrating in Piano Performance. He is the pianist at Living Waters Lutheran Church in Sauk Rapids, MN where he also directs and accompanies the Adult Choir, sings and plays with the men’s group “Whenever You’re Ready” and assists in the selection of music for liturgy. He is an active rehearsal/performance pianist for other local groups including the St. Cloud State University Men’s Chorus, Sartell High School, GREAT eatre, Two Rivers Community eatre and Apollo High School Performing Arts. An alumnus of the Boys’ Choir, William is very excited for the opportunity to give back to the organization that gave him so much.

Jennifer Butowski, Wardrobe Professional Jennifer Butkowski is in her third season as the choir’s Wardrobe Professional. With more than thirty years’ experience as a seamstress, she is responsible for the fittings, maintenance, and alterations of the choir's wardrobe. When Jennifer is not caring for the boys’ appearance, she works full-time as the Buyer for Stearns County. Jennifer resides in St. Cloud with her husband Joel and three children, including alumnus Matt (Class of ’10).

Student Staff Each year, students from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University gain valuable experience working with and teaching choir members through college employment programs. In addition to office work, they teach music theory, recorder, voice lessons, and assist with music rehearsals and sectionals.

Pictured, le to right: Angi Klaverkamp, Nicholas Hollermann, Abby Peterson, Jason Kaiser, Patrick Moe. Not pictured: Lori Kruger

Nicholas Hollermann Music & Office Assistant SJU Sophomore Major: Music Education Hometown: St. Cloud, MN

Kori Kruger Office Assistant CSB First-Year Major: Biology, Music minor Hometown: Sheldon, IA

Jason Kaiser Music Assistant SJU Senior Major: English Education, Music minor Hometown: Luxemburg, MN

Patrick Moe Music & Office Assistant SJU Junior Major: Art, Music minor Hometown: Alexandria, MN

Angi Klaverkamp Office Assistant CSB Senior Major: Communication Hometown: St. Cloud, MN

Abbey Peterson Music & Office Assistant CSB Junior Major: Asian Studies, Music minor Hometown: Elk River, MN The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 15

e St. John’s Boys’ Choir Board of Directors 2011-2012

Board of Directors In 1993, e St. John’s Boys’ Choir became selfincorporated and established an active board of directors. Since that time, they have helped the choir establish sound financial practices and have helped plan long range goals for this organization. eir continued support and active involvement helps take e St. John’s Boys’ Choir forward to a whole new level.

Erin Jude Chair St. Paul Chamber Orchestra St. Paul

Bob Johnson Vice-Chair Central MN Heart Center St. Cloud

Lori Johnson Treasurer Schlenner Wenner & Co. St. Cloud

Diane Wojtanowicz Secretary Prairie Farms Rice

Bret Amundson College of St. Scholastica Duluth

Dee Coppock St. Cloud

Marlene Dingmann Oak Ridge Elementary School Sartell

Phil Godding St. Cloud State University St. Cloud

Janice Hammond Alum Parent St. Cloud

Michael Hemmesch Saint John’s University Collegeville

Now in its 31st season, e St. John’s Boys’ Choir is firmly rooted in rich traditions. e Choir’s success is built upon the pursuit of artistic excellence, service to the community, organizational health and fiscal responsibility, and a commitment to the education of the whole boy. Upon these foundations, the Choir continues to flourish. is year, we will welcome a new class of Boys’ Choir members who are just beginning their artistic experience and journey of personal growth. Promise and excitement. At the same time, we celebrate a class of boys who will graduate from the Choir, taking with them the artistic knowledge, sense of self-worth and confidence that the Choir has helped shape. Accomplishment. We are especially excited this year to welcome our newly appointed Executive Director, Melissa Walrath, who is bringing new leadership and energy to the Choir. Under her direction and through a season of ambitious artistic initiatives, the Choir will continue to make connections with new audience members, sponsors, and community partners. Growth. is year will be an exciting chapter in the history of the Choir. I am honored to play a role in supporting this organization; and I am proud to be working with an artistically top-notch choir, a dynamic group of boys, enthusiastic families, vibrant staff and dedicated Board of Directors. Whether your involvement or support of the Choir reaches back decades or mere minutes, we are stronger for it and thankful to have you as part of the family that is e St. John’s Boys’ Choir. Erin Jude, Chair, Board of Directors

Marty Mahowald Mahowald Insurance Agency St. Cloud

Fr. Doug Mullin, OSB Saint John’s University & Abbey Collegeville

Jeff Peterson Gray Plant Mooty St. Cloud

Matt Reichert Saint John’s Preparatory School Collegeville

Wendy Verkinnes Walking Billboards Waite Park

Brad Matuska Parent Representative Cold Spring

Kristin Lawson Parent Representative Sartell 16 |

Parents’ Association e Parents’ Association is made up of all of the parents of the boys involved in the organization and is led by four officers as elected by the parent body. e Parents’ Association is responsible for several fundraising activities, coordinating volunteers, and other supportive programs. Dear Friends, On behalf of the parents of the boys, welcome to e St. John’s Boys’ Choir’s 31st season! is year’s theme, “New Heights,” exemplifies how the Choir continues to cultivate a culture of extraordinary music with ordinary boys from Central Minnesota. Despite being around for over 30 years, the Choir continues to find new ways to grow the musical experience while facilitating the growth of young boys into gentlemen. As parents, we are so grateful for the Choir and the experiences it has to offer our boys and our families. In addition, we are grateful to the audiences and supporters of the Choir. Without all of these pieces to the puzzle, e St. John’s Boys’ Choir simply would not be. Now more than ever, we need music in our lives, and there’s something profoundly special about their music and experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. ank you for your past support and for your support into the future. Brad Matuska, President, Parents’ Association

Tour Journal: Nebraska and Colorado Junior Varsity Tour — May 2011 JV Tour is the culmination of a year of hard work. Tour is an opportunity for the boys to take on the road all of the things they have learned throughout the year. Music is a large part of a tour but most important for the boys is the opportunity for them to grow as individuals. Away from the comfort of home the boys learn life skills that will be formative as they mature into young men. Great fun, great experiences, and great music are all part of a JV tour. — Br. Nick Kleespie, OSB, chaperone

Grand Island, NE

Denver, CO

e departure from SJU was exciting because I knew there would be a big adventure ahead of me. e bus ride was really fun; the only bad part about the bus ride was that you got uncomfortable because it was so long. Grand Island, Nebraska was so fun and we got to see a lot there. Some things we saw there were the Stuhr Museum and Tornado Hill. At the Stuhr Museum, I learned so many things about history, transportation, and America. At Tornado Hill we got to play capture the flag with Mr. Nordhues’ brother, Dylan. We did a home stay in Nebraska too. My home stay was really fun because they let us play basketball in the school gym where we sang the next day. Our first full concert was at Mr. Nordhues’ old church, St. Mary’s. Before we le for Colorado we sang at two elementary schools and a high school. — Eli Lawson

One of the best things about tour was being able to sing with the Young Voices of Colorado. We worked together to learn and sing a new song. e choir also visited the Capitol, located in Denver which was a very big honor! Another memorable moment was when we were walking down the street and met up with a street vendor selling hot dogs. We stopped and sang him a song called, “Street Seller.” Everybody listening seemed to enjoy it. On our very last night in Colorado we went to dinner at Casa Bonita. It was amazing! We were able to see a magic show, a fire juggling cliff diver and we had so much fun! We then flew back home and while I was sad to leave and end my first tour, it was still nice to be home. — Sören Pitt

Winter Park, CO As we proceeded into Colorado, all of us were stunned by the beauty of the mountains. ere were icy conditions and snow (in May!) giving our bus driver some headaches. We stayed at a Colorado lodge which was very fancy! We also stayed with host families who were welcoming and generous. Two benefits I realized from the tour were improved organizational skills and time management as we performed many concerts throughout our tour. — Nathan Stoebe

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 17

Tour Journal: Italy Tour Journal: Italy I can still vividly remember my first experience traveling abroad – my first time eating authentic food, my first time being in a country where English was not the primary language, my first time seeing a real bidet, my first time navigating the streets of completely unfamiliar territory, and my first time seeing the ancient ruins and art I thought was reserved only for history books. is all happened in Italy in 2004 and I was a 21-year-old student staff member of e St. John’s Boys’ Choir. As I was walking the streets of Italy, trying to blend in (with 36 boys wearing matching outfits trailing behind me in a perfect single-file line), I remember thinking how lucky these middle school boys were to have this type of world-class learning opportunity. e past year’s trip to Italy was no exception. Boys were given the opportunity to speak with dignitaries in Rome, learn from historians in Vatican City, and pray with the Sisters in Norcia. ey played soccer in the mountains of Subiaco, learned how to speak Italian from an energetic bus driver, and conquered a scavenger hunt in Siena. For years, international tours have provided St. John’s Boys’ Choir members with life-changing opportunities that build character, develop intercultural competence, and introduce global responsibility. — Bret Amundson, chaperone

18 |

e boys meet up with Dr. Miguel Diaz, US Ambassador to the Holy See, and his wife Marian.

Rome, Vatican City

Norcia, Montecassino, Subiaco

In Italy, we spent the largest amount of time in the capital city of Rome. We had many day trips to different places such as the Colosseum, Vatican City and its museum, the Pantheon, and the Spanish Steps! e whole time we stayed at Casa Santo Spirito, with the Tutzing Sisters. ey were very nice and helpful; they even gave us ice cream! We had an amazing bus driver, Silvia, who was quite hilarious and was always able to get us safely to wherever we needed to go. We performed a quality concert for many very important people from the governments of major countries around the world including ambassadors from the US, UK and Australia. One of them, the US ambassador to the Vatican, loved us so much that he took us home to have dinner at his house! — Tom Eggers

We went to many famous Benedictine sites in Italy. In Rome, we went to Sant’Anselmo, which is the seat of the Benedictine order. We did a concert in their church and then went to Vespers with the monks. e Vespers there are not in Italian, but in Latin. We also went to Norcia. We got a tour of the church there, and saw the place where Saint Benedict was born. Aerwards, we went to a really good lunch, provided by the sisters of Saint Antonio. Montecassino is where Saint Benedict concluded his life. It was completely destroyed in WWII, and was rebuilt almost exactly like it was before. When we went through Subiaco, the bus driver had to do some amazing maneuvering to get through the medieval streets and up the narrow switchbacks. We stayed outside of Subiaco, next to the monasteries of San Benedetto and Santa Scholastica. Every night, we played soccer in the courtyard. We toured the monasteries and a cave where Saint Benedict spent three years. It was turned into a chapel and was filled with frescoes. e next day we went to an Italian Mass at Santa Scholastica. It was cool to listen to a mass that was not in English. — Ezra LaFleur

Assisi, Siena I think that Assisi and Sienna were the best part of tour. In Assisi, we got to explore the town in groups of four. Also in Assisi, a street performer sang to us so we sang back to him (even though Mr. Heywood wasn’t there). In Sienna, we spent the day in groups of four again. e staff had arranged a scavenger hunt to find some cool things. We had to find St. Catherine’s head and finger. e winners of the scavenger hunt got gelato courtesy of the staff. — Jake Enneking

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 19

2011-2012 Season Schedule • Concert Choir • Junior Varsity Choir • Training Choir • Alumni Chorus AUGUST 21 Abbey Mass



Sunday 10:30 am, Saint John’s Abbey Church

september 24 Saint John’s University Homecoming Mass

Saturday 4:15 pm, Saint John’s Abbey Church

Central Minnesota Children’s Singing Festival


Saturday 4:00 pm, Ritsche Auditorium, St. Cloud State University


SJBC and the SCSU Cantabile Girls’ Choir will bring together more than 200 children from local area schools for a day of music-making with a concert to close the day.


Call 320.363.2558 to register kids in Grades 3-6. Concert tickets available at the door.



With special guests, the George Maurer Jazz Group and choreography by David DeBlieck Stephen B. Humphrey Auditorium, Saint John’s University


More than 80 current and former choirboys will put on their tuxes and top hats to present this annual favorite. Come and be dazzled by engaging choreography as the boys perform some of Broadway’s most memorable moments. Bring your school, bring the kids, or enjoy a gala reception on closing night.

A Celebrtion in Word, Image and Song

School Matinees Friday, October 14, 9:00 am & 11:00 am For reservations call 320.363.2558 Family Night Friday, October 14, 7:30 pm For tickets call 320.363.5777 or order online at Gala Performance Saturday, October 15, 8:00 pm Hors d’oeuvres buffet begins at 6:30 pm in the Great Hall For tickets call 320.363.2558 20 |

with the Collegeville Consort and Saint John’s Abbey Schola Sunday 3:00 pm, Great Hall, Saint John’s University Experience the world premiere performance of the “Mass of St. John the Baptist” by Karen Lynn Erickson in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the dedication of Saint John’s Abbey Church and the completion of the Saint John’s Bible. No tickets. Free will offering.

19-20 Around Minnesota: Fergus Falls Bethel Lutheran Church

20 Mass: Feast of Christ the King

Sunday 9:45 am, Cathedral of St. Mary, St. Cloud

December 1 Visit to Local Schools

18 Christmas with the George Maurer Jazz Group

2-3 Christmas at Saint John’s – Celebrating the Season

Friday 8:00 pm & Saturday 2:00 pm, Great Hall, SJU Saturday 8:00 pm, Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis e 25th anniversary of this fantastic Christmas celebration will feature the choirs of College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University and the Amadeus Chamber Symphony under the direction of Dr. Axel eimer. Tickets available from the CSB/SJU Box Office. Call 320.363.5777.

4 An All-College Christmas

also with Ann Michels Sunday 2:00 pm, Paramount eatre, St. Cloud Don’t miss this blend of holiday music, jazz and world music as part of George Maurer’s annual holiday show. For tickets call 320.259.5463 or order online at

24 Christmas Eve at the Abbey

with the Saint John’s Abbey Schola Saturday 9:30 pm concert, 10:00 pm Mass

as guests of the CSB/SJU All-College Choirs Sunday 4:00 pm, Great Hall, Saint John’s University No tickets. Free admission.


••• with the SJBC Christmas Orchestra Friday 7:30 pm, Cathedral of St. Mary, St. Cloud e choirboys will enliven the candlelit Cathedral with selections from Benjamin Britten’s masterpiece “A Ceremony of Carols” as well as a variety of other beautiful Christmas works by composers both classic and contemporary. For tickets call 320.363.2558 or order online at Sponsored by:

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 21

2011-2012 Season Schedule • Concert Choir • Junior Varsity Choir • Training Choir • Alumni Chorus January


28 Audition Day for prospective members

1 Palm Sunday Mass at the Abbey

Sunday 10:30 am, begins in the Great Hall



8-12 Conference of the North Central Division of the American Choral Directors Association

Madison, WI

Spring Dinner, Silent Auction & Concert

March 15 Concert with Drake University Choir (IA) ursday 7:30 pm, Great Hall, Saint John’s University

17-18 Around Minnesota: Princeton Christ Our Light Catholic Parish

24-25 Around Minnesota: Staples


Saturday 5:30 pm reception, 6:30 pm dinner, 8:00 pm concert e annual fundraiser which helps sustain our programs and services features a silent auction, gourmet dinner, and performances by all three choirs. Ask about purchasing a corporate table for your business or family. For tickets call 320.363.2558

21-22 Around Minnesota: Duluth

St. Michael’s Catholic Church, St. Scholastica Monastery

28 Concert with Great River Chorale

Saturday 7:30 pm, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, St. Cloud 22 |

May 6 Youth Sing Out


with Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota & SCSU Cantabile Girls’ Choir Sunday 7:00 pm, Sauk Rapids-Rice High School Auditorium

• Church Service •

June-July 26-July 2 Pacific International Children’s Choir Festival

Eugene, OR

July 16-19 “Sing in the Summer” Camp

6 Church Service

Saint John’s Preparatory School

Sunday 10:30 am, Living Waters Lutheran Church, Sauk Rapids

is popular summer music camp is open to any boy between the ages of 8 and 12 and requires no prior musical experience. Campers will enjoy singing, learning music, swimming, playing games and making new friends.


Sunday 8:30 am & 10:30 am, Celebration Lutheran Church, Sartell


Cost $100. Register online or call 320.363.2558


•• is year’s annual “On Tour” concert will feature music from around the world that celebrates earth’s richness — songs of nature, creation, and humanity. Bid the boys “bon voyage” before they head to the West Coast. For tickets call 320.363.2558 or order online at Sponsored by:

All featured performance sites are handicap-accessible and comply with the American Disabilities Act. Our school performances are translated to sign language and hearing impaired listening devices are available upon request. Wheelchair seating and handicap-accessible parking are available at all featured performance sites. To learn more about these services or to request these services please call 320.363.2558 or email View our full Accessibility Policy online at *All dates, times, locations and guest performers subject to change. Visit for updated concert and ticket information.

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 23

Alumni Spotlight: Music for Life Over the past three decades, more than 500 boys have called themselves members of e St. John’s Boys’ Choir. During their time with the choir the boys have incredible musical experiences, but the music doesn’t stop there. Inspired by their experiences, several of our singers insist on making music an important part of their adult lives. e high school graduating class of 2011 is a prime example. Six alumni just entered college intending on making music an important part of their studies. Eric Broker ’07 (Vocal Performance, St. Olaf), Nick Hansberry ‘07 (Music Education, UW-Eau Claire), Aron Hoover ’06 (Music Education, Concordia), Andrew Kendall ’07 (Music Education, Gustavus), Jonathan

Andrew Kendall, conducting the pit orchestra for Saint John’s Prep’s musical in 2011.

Alex Schmitz, performing at the Local Blend in downtown St. Cloud.

Ben Hansberry, presenting a eory lesson at SJU.

Many alums are already involved in the college scene, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Alex Schmitz ’04 is studying Music Education at St. Cloud State University and is building a career as a songwriter and recording artist. At the age of 22 he already has two albums to his name. “SJBC helped me to develop my passion for music at an early age… I am proud to be part of the history of the St. John’s Boys Choir, and am thankful for the many opportunities they provided me.” Ben Hansberry ’02 le Minnesota two years ago for New York City where he is a graduate student at Columbia University. Ben credits his SJBC experience with shaping his career path. “e Boys’ Choir, in a very real way, set the course for the rest of my life,” says Ben, who is working towards a PhD in Music eory. “I learned to love music and that music loved me which played a formative role in high school, college, and beyond.” William White ’02 sang with SJBC for six seasons and is now back as the JV Choir accompanist. “e SJBC helped me by giving me not only the focus and discipline needed for musical growth but an emotional connection to the music itself through the collaborative efforts of concert preparation,” says White. “e fact that I am once again part of that collaborative effort is very exciting and meaningful to me.” 24 |

Larson ‘07 (Music Performance, Saint John’s), and Grant Strom ’07 (Composition, Concordia) all cite SJBC as a pivotal experience in their lives. “SJBC gave me the vocal training and the theory knowledge that I need to be successful in this field,” says Andrew, “as well as allowing me to discover leadership qualities while also providing me an opportunity to use those qualities.”

Brian Kuhl, in a recent performance of Cosi Fan Tutte in St. Petersburg, FL. Photo by Alberta Pizzolato

Brian Kuhl ’96 also came back to work for the choir from 19992003 while studying at Saint John’s University. Since then, Brian has enjoyed a career as a performer, singing with major opera companies around the country. “Many of the habits emphasized by SJBC continue to guide and shape all of my life – hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.” Brian thanks SJBC for deepening his passion for music, saying “even if my career path had been different, I would appreciate music. Whether it’s listening to hip-hop on the radio, taking in a choir concert, watching an opera production on stage, or marveling at the sound of a live orchestra, I can say I have a greater appreciation for life in and out of music.” To all of our alums, whether actively involved in music or not, we wish you the best of luck and hope that you will join us for some of our alumni engagements. May music always be a special part of your life!

Alums — keep up with us on our website, or search for us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

Class of 2011

e St. John’s Boys’ Choir proudly recognizes the achievement of the Class of 2011. We look forward to their continued involvement as alumni, and to their continued development as musicians. Back row: Wynston Tacheny, Carter Scheele, Cody Ewald, Evan Wolf, Ethan LaFleur, Justin Klassen, Ben Veitch; Middle row: Cole Robak, Sam Andrusick, Tom Eggers, Cory Kremer, Skyler Figallo; Front row: Austin Leither, Josiah Beretta, Jack Matuska.

Take us Home with you on CD… Endless Song (2011) is the choir's most recent recording, featuring a wide range of musical genres, encompassing liturgical chant, classical sacred music, spirituals and gospel, and music from Kenya, Serbia, Bali and elsewhere. e featured piece is the premiere recording of René Clausen's "How Can I Keep From Singing", composed for SJBC's 30th anniversary. Also available is Love's Pure Light (2008) - a beautiful collection of sacred Christmas music with selections ranging from chant to modern spirituals. $15. Available at all performances. To order, visit our website at

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir | 25

Donors Virtuoso – $1,000 and above Brasel, Tom and Andrea Hammond, Albert and Janice Hansberry, Kurt and Kathy Fischer Heywood, André LaFleur, Mike and Chris Larison, Dorrie and Scott Mahowald, Bob and Anne Murray, Greg Watkins, Doug and Nancy

Maestro – $500-$999 Beretta, Dante and Jaimie Casey, David Coppock, Dee Ferry, Robert and Cecelia Fox, Joseph and Christine Heywood, Daphne Reichert, Matt and eresa Weber, Joann

Artiste – $100-$499 Anonymous Alexander, Mary Amundson, Bret Anderson, Chris Bednarczyk, Angela Broker-Relph, Pegi Cash, Brian and Karen Davisson, Allen and Rosemary Duininck, Betty and Roger Dyer, Phyllis Eickhoff, Alvin and Mary Fletcher, Paul Ford, Michael Fox, Jill Gilles, Paul and Mary Gretsch, Scott and Stephanie Hansberry, Benjamin

Helgeson, Don and Sue Shepard Hemmesch, Michael and Michelle Hollermann, Patrick and Deanne Janson, omas and Martha Risch Johnson, Mary Jude, Erin and Alex Matuska, Ron and Jeanette Molde, Steve and Sheila Moran, Paul and Nancy Mugglu, Paula and Lon Enerson Olsen, Richard Rice, Mark and LuAnn Rogan, John and Jacqueline Schmit, Matt Sexton, Fred and Del Sovada, Rick and Susan Stewart, Carol Tomasiewicz, Fr. Frank Trobec’s Bus Service Vaz, Yolanda Zapp, Edward

Anonymous Bayerl, Virginia Becker, Andy and Leah Bruns, Walt and Kate Burge, Donald and Paula Cash, Brandon DeMorett, Ben Eisenschenk, Eugene and Dorothy Faber, Dolores Finley, Carolyn Forbrook, Bradley Friebe, Paul and Jeanne Hagstrom, Joan Hansen, Lawrence and Marie Hanson, Molly Held, Patrick and Carolyn

Hemmesch, Jim and Barb Henkemeyer, Roger Heydman, Paula and Jeremy Hollermann, Nicholas Kedrowski, Brant Kendall, Robert and LuBell Kenworthy, Herbert Klaverkamp, Richard and Jan Kobienia, Betty Kuhl, Bernelda Kuss, Duane and Bette Lieser, Timothy and Judy Lorsung, Jeffrey Ludwig, Charlotte Lutz, Denny and Kathy Maninga, Boyd and Tammy Needham, Dennis and Kathleen Olson, omas and Ann Oxton, Jane and John Rice, Brenton Roering, Jason and Emily Scheele, Tom and Karen Schulte, Nick and Joan Schulte, Spencer Schulzetenberg, Monica and Richard Seelen, Ed and Laurie Shorba, Christopher Shurr, George and Margaret Slivnik, Charlie and Jason Stellmach, Joseph and Sharon Sturlaugson, Phil and Nancy Swanson, Keith and Judy Testa, Robert oemke, John and Mary Trewick, Jim and Barb Vangen-Weeks, Raeann and Russ Wenzl, Norbert Wilson, Steve and Joy Ziegler, Jared

Avery, Nancy Bachman Jewelers Bakers Cra & Hobby Bernick’s Beverage and Vending Bethlehem Lutheran Church Blair, Jodee & Essentials Jewelry Bodette, Maria Peters

Boulder Ridge Golf Course Brasel, Andrea Bravo Burritos Bruno Press Butkowski Digital Imaging Butkowski, Joel, Jennifer & Grace Carlos Creek Winery

Performer – $1-$99

Contributors Abbot John Klassen & the Monastic Community Aflac, Bonita Benschoter Albany Golf Club Amundson, Bret* Anton’s Arrowwood Resort 26 |

Cathedral H.S. eater Department Cathedral of St. Mary - St. Cloud Cedar Street Salon & Spa Cedar Rose Inn CentraCare Digestive Center Central Lakes Dental Central Minnesota Arts Board Cherish Designs by Kris Binsfeld Coborn’s, Inc. Cold Spring Brewery Cold Spring Floral Cold Spring Granite College of Saint Benedict Athletic Department Colt & Jacobson Dentistry Continental Press, Inc. Coppock, Dee* Country Gallery Portrait Studio Cras Direct Dairy Queen - Bob & Kathy Lahr Daisy A Day Floral Delles, Ginger Dingmann, Marlene* DJ Bitzan Jewelers DMichael B’s Eickhoff, David and Betsy Elementary Music Teachers of Central Minnesota Envy Salon/Emily Hayman Ewald, Damon Fandel, Nancy Fisher’s Supper Club Fitzharris Ski and Sport Floral Arts - Saint Joseph Geneva Golf Club Godding, Phil* Golden Eye Framing Gold’n Plump Poultry Gold’s Gym Good Earth Food Co-Op Granite City Bowl Great Harvest Bread Co. Green Ambiance Floral of Avon Grizzley’s Fireside Grill Guadalajara’s Gunflint Northwood’s Outfitters Guthrie eater Half-Steps Hamilton, Pat Hammond, Janice* Hanson, Molly Hemmesch, Michael* Heywood, Daphne Heywood, André

Holiday Inn of Alexandria House of Pizza Huebsch, Joe Janku, Kathy J.F. Kruse Jewelers John Tennant Framing Johnson, Bob* Johnson, Dr. omas and Infinite Eye Care Johnson, Lori* Jude, Erin* Karla’s Piano Service Koopmann OSB, Fr. Robert Kowalke, Kay Ko-Z’s Larison, Dorrie Lawson Family Dental Lawson, Kristin* La Casita Leigh, Debra Leighton Broadcasting Litchy, Jim and Carol Local Blend Long Term Care Advisors Lucas, Jill Magno, Guy Mahowald Insurance Mahowald, Marty* Manea’s Meats Martinson, Jody Matuska, Brad* Maurer, George Mexican Village Michelich Jones Granite Company Minnesota Lynx & Timberwolves Minnesota State Arts Board Minnesota Opera Minnesota Orchestra Minnesota Twins Mississippi Topsoils, Inc. Monica’s 9th Avenue Spa and Salon Mullin OSB, Fr. Doug* Murray, Greg Neuman, Heather Niebauer, Br. Paul-Vincent Nordhues, Brandon Norwood, Chuck Old Chicago On A Lark Panera Bread Paramount eater e Parents of the St. John’s Boys’ Choir Peterson, Jeff* Pioneer Place on Fih eatre Polar Tank

Powder Ridge Winter Recreation Qdoba Quigly, Jean Reichert, Matt* Richards OSB, Br. Paul Ringness, Ann River Oaks Golf Course Roers Family Rothstein, Kristin Ruff OSB, Fr. Anthony Saint John’s Abbey Guest House Saint John’s Athletic Department Saint John’s Boys’ Choir Student Staff Saint John’s University Music Department Saint John’s Preparatory School Saint John’s University Sand Pine Recreation Game Farm Scenic Landscaping Scheels Sporting Goods Schleppenbach, Paula & Gregg Schreiner, Dolores Schwan’s SCSU Cantabile Girls’ Choir Skating Place Southway Floral St. Augustine Church - St. Cloud St. Cloud Granite St. Cloud Sewing Center St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra Steele, Jearlyn Stinson, Gerry Stommes-Faber, Vicki omas, David & Jonna omsen’s Greenhouse Tip Top Tux Trewick, Jennifer Trobec’s Bus Service United Arts of Central Minnesota Up North Baskets Verkinnes, Wendy* Walesch, Andrew Walrath, Melissa Wapicada Golf Club Warzecha, Brian Weber, Joann Werlinger, Margaret Westside Liquor Weishaar, Patty Wild Bird Wojtanowicz, Diane* *denotes Board member

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28 |

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For 31 years, The St. John’s Boys’ Choir has filled churches and concert halls the world over with its beautiful music, but the 500 choirboys, past and present, take special pride in the role they play in their own community. As they enter their fourth decade of music-making, they look forward to continuing in the historic and honorable boychoir tradition, in exploring new horizons of music, in sharing that experience both home and abroad, and in reaching new heights of musical and personal success in the process.

1 Swayed Pines Road, Box 2000 • Collegeville, MN 56321 (320) 363-2558 •

Viewbook 2011  

This annual publication contains information about the choir, including biographies, tour informaion, photos, and a listing of concerts for...