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The Shoah in Italy and Italian Concentration Camps: A hidden history Copyright US reg. Š2011/2013

PREMISE A hidden history that is unknown to the world.

San Sabba Concentration Camp, Trieste

The Shoah in Italy and Italian Concentration Camps: A hidden history is a massive film initiative in collaboration with the National Center for Jewish Film, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Bologna Centre, and University of London. •

This heavily-endorsed film with full backing and support of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities will finally address the persecution of Jews in Italy by Italians;

Exposes the existence of 11 Italian Concentration Camps unknown to the world and the crimes endured;

The time is NOW to make this film as survivors pass, countries revise their history, and the world forgets;

Combines subtle issues and subtexts of national narratives to challenged with an artistic approach to confronting a violent history;

Jewish studies departments at US universities have already requested seminars (Johns Hopkins; U of London; Duke; Boston U; NIOD Dutch Holocaust Educational Org will plan EU seminars)

The massive outreach will consist of Jewish and international documentary film festivals, network broadcast and theatrical launches, and a short for seminars, lectures, and museum exhibitions.


I. Documentary Film; Included projects along with the film…

II. Academic Seminar Series; III. Museum Exhibition

Fossil Concentration Camp, Modena •

The Shoah in Italy and Italian Concentration Camps: A hidden history is a feature-documentary film in collaboration with the National Center for Jewish Film, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS and University of London that will entail a massive outreach at film festivals, universities and schools in Israel, US, and Europe.

The film will entail research that will lend to an international seminar series for dissemination at Israeli, US and European universities.;

This heavily endorsed Jewish history initiative on the Shoah in Italy has an additional facet - a MUSEUM EXHIBITION: HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS and CENTERS have requested exhibition on the Shoah in Italy (Breman Museum; Holocaust Center for Humanity; Center for Jewish History; Jewish Community Center; JW3; Wiener Library; NIOD) for 2017- 2018.


The Shoah in Italy and Italian Concentration Camps: A hidden history in conjunction with the National Center for Jewish Film, will be co-produced with two UK production companies, and the British Film Institute (BFI, London). The documentary will entail a Camp survey, interviews with survivors, experts, historians, witnesses, Jewish community leaders, and academic advisors. The film will include a longfeature and a short-feature for event and seminar purposes, and be outreached at international film festivals, seminars, museums and universities.


II. Academic Research and Seminar Series â?–

An academic research project will be carried out as an Associate Fellow at Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Centre, the University of London IHR, and under the academic supervision of Professor Jonathan Steinberg (UPenn; Cambridge). A short film with the seminar will be disseminated at Israeli, US and European universities, schools, museums, and Jewish organisations.


Research positions and seminar lectures within the Jewish Studies departments at certain US universities - University of Texas at Austin, Boston University, and Duke University - have already been extended, and an international conference in tandem with other Jewish Studies departments in the US and Israel will be organised with EU funds through NIOD (Dutch Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies).

III. Museum Exhibitions ❖

Several US and EU-based museums requested an exhibition on the Shoah in Italy.

The exhibitions would entail actual images of Camps today, historical pictures offered by the Union of Italian Jewish Community, videos, a short film, and voice recordings;

School and community talks would be included;

Early requests have come from the following: The Breman Museum in Atlanta, Georgia); Holocaust Center for Humanity (Seattle, Washington); Center for Jewish History (New York City); Jewish Community Center (New York City); JW3 (London, UK); Wiener Library (London, UK); NIOD (Amsterdam, NL).

“ extremely important film…that must be long and deep..” –UK Jewish Film

NEXT PHASE Fundraising for the next phase - filming; interviews; and keeping the focus of the history of the Shoah in Italy. The discoveries made already will impact much of the project - for one, the site of the last massacre of Jews in Europe by Italians, which will be a focus of the documentary and academic seminar series. • FILMING IN ITALY: More archival surveys, visual documentation, and local investigations to be the focus for the next phase; Filming of Camps, local environs, Camp remains, Shoah sites of interest; • Two survivors of the Italian Camp Rab have been located in Ljubljana and Zagreb; Other survivor/witness interviews; • Massive audio/video interviews of experts and historians must be carried out in the next few months. • Educational research on the topic, and subsequent outreach - including researching, networking, discussing topic with professors and experts in Israel to culminate in an academic lecture • Develop a relationship at US and Israeli universities for the eventual seminar lecture series in Israel, US and Europe. • Research positions within the Jewish studies departments at University of Texas at Austin; Duke University; and Boston University - and would like to determine if a conference could be arranged in tandem with several Jewish Studies Departments in the US and Israeli experts (Prof. Iael Nidam-Orvieto). • INTERNATIONAL LECTURE SERIES - Structure the project with sponsors and endorsers, and the academic impact will culminate in an international lecture series to be brought to universities, foundations, museums, etc. in Israel, the US and Europe, and initial funding is needed.

DIRECTOR and RESEARCHER Roberto is an Italian-American academic, filmmaker, and international affairs specialist.

He obtained the following titles for his academic and research accomplishments: ASSOCIATE FELLOW, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS; VISITING SCHOLAR, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, Senate House Roberto entered into filmmaking in collaboration with the British Film Institute (BFI) starting in 2008 with his documentary WALKING WITH PASOLINI, which earned him recognition as a serious filmmaker in the UK. His mission is to make wholesome and penetrative projects that will fully engage and challenge the audience.

Roberto Davide

As well, Roberto has a BA in Russian and Italian literature having studied in Rome, Moscow and New York, and a Masters in International Affairs and Economic from Johns Hopkins University. He is currently researching wth Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Bologna on the Concentration Camps in Italy project, as well as in International Relations Critical Theory variations based on the political theories of Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

His mission is to bring much of the research on the Camps and his academic studies to Israel.

A New York City native, Roberto is a bilingual, dual US-Italy citizen, and hold Israeli residency ID.

He currently resides between London and NYC.

Roberto Davide, March 2017. Discovery and now story line of film. Site of the last Jewish massacre in Europe by Italians.

Arriving in Fossoli

Budget and Fiscal Sponsors (budgets available upon request)

Documentary Film Budget £325k/€405k/$445k Two-year Academic Research/Seminar £151k/€173k/$193k Jewish heritage site initiative £ 91k/€105k/$117k (short film: £35k/€41k/$46k) **see next page

FISCAL SPONSOR The National Center for Jewish Film

Lown Building 102, MS 053 Brandeis University Waltham Massachusetts 02454-9110

Telephone: (781) 736 8600 Fax: (781) 736-2070 Email:

! The Neighbor Within: The Hidden History of Concentration Camps in Italy IN PRODUCTION




! September!17,!2015! ! ! To!Whom!it!May!Concern:! ! In!accordance!with!Claim!Conference!requirements!for!the!October!1! application!of!the!Italian'Concentration'Camps'project!as!proposed!by!Roberto! Davide!H!THE'NEIGHBOR'WITHIN'H!The!National!Center!for!Jewish!Film!is! hereby!confirming!our!role!as!fiscal!sponsor!for!the!project.! The!film!on!the!Italian'Concentration'Camps!will!be!a!challenging!undertaking! that!will!require!significant!international!support!and!financing.!!

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World Monuments Fund Watch 2016-2017 Recipient The World Monuments Fund has just announced the Concentration Camps in Italy project for the WMF 2016-2017 Monument Watch. The international fund will comprise

The!National!Center!for!Jewish!Film!is!pleased!to!be!a!part!of!this!important! endeavor.!

a comprehensive public and governmental outreach agenda to bring the Camps to a public awareness, as well as implement a platform that sees the Camps receive Italian State and EU-level recognition and official status as historical sites for protection. This


nomination takes the film project to another level further significant international exposure and impact.


About the Film “Mussolini never killed anyone. Mussolini would send people on holiday in internal exile.” – Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, September 12, 2003 “Berlusconi’s comments cause me profound pain.” – Amos Luzzatto, Chairman of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities Filmmaker Roberto Davide: I came upon Fossoli Concentration Camp years ago, one of many Italian Concentration Camps that have been removed from our collective consciousness, and from the general knowledge of history. Fossoli is the Camp described by Primo Levi in the first few pages of his renowned book If This Is A Man. The Camp is located on a small country road, out of sight from main streets and traffic – a perfect metaphor to its hidden history and Italy’s role in the Shoah. Its haunting, crumbling remaining structures left an unsettling and disturbing impression on me, prompting me to develop this film project and share it with the world. Since the end of World War II, Italy has experienced a massive revision of history in terms of its alliance with Nazi Germany, and its crimes against nations and peoples, and its Jewish population. Under the auspices of the Nazi-Fascist alliance, Italy willingly codified the Racial Laws of 1938 that stripped Jews of civil rights, and thus their livelihood. And it didn’t end there. The eleven Concentration Camps built and run in Italy and her territories were either a first stop for Jews in the journey to Camps abroad (namely Auschwitz), or the last place they saw alive. The Italian Camps were where survivors say they understood that there was nothing more they could do, that

! !! Sincerely,! ! Sharon!Pucker!Rivo! Executive!Director!&!CoHFounder!! The!National!Center!for!Jewish!Film! Brandeis!University! Lown!Building!102,!MS!053! Waltham,!MA!02454! (781)!736H8600!



Throughout the two‐year cycle of the Watch, WMF provides advocacy for the  selected sites through media attention and initiatives such as Watch Site of the Week, 

29 January 2016  Holocaust Remembrance Alliance 

which highlights one site every week with daily posts on our Facebook page; and  Watch Day, a series of celebratory and educational events organized by local 

Grant Program 

communities and supported wholly or in part by WMF, with the goal of deepening 

Dear Sir or Madam, 

appreciation for these important places. For sites, like the World War II Concentration 

Camps in Italy, that have potentially viable project proposals, WMF actively seeks out  On October 15, 2015, World Monuments announced the 2016 World Monuments 

Watch, which included the World War II Concentration Camps in Italy. On behalf of  World Monuments Fund, I am pleased to introduce you to our work and provide  additional details about what it means for a site to be included on the World  Monuments Watch. WMF, founded in 1965, is the country’s foremost non‐profit  organization devoted to the preservation of the world’s cultural heritage.  WMF  conducts conservation projects, educational activities, and advocacy programs  throughout the world and has completed more than 600 projects in 100 countries.  Our  goals are to ensure that important cultural sites are preserved and protected, to  encourage learning and the exchange of ideas and technology through preservation,  and to raise public awareness about the challenges that confront the preservation of our  shared heritage.  The World Monuments Watch, launched in 1996, is our flagship  advocacy program. Announced every two years, the Watch calls international attention  to cultural heritage around the globe that is at risk from the forces of nature and the  impact of social, political, and economic change.  The World War II Concentration  Camps in Italy is one of 50 sites in 36 countries and territories on the 2016 World  Monuments Watch.    Watch listing provides an opportunity for sites and their nominators to raise  public awareness, foster local participation, advance innovation and collaboration, and  demonstrate effective solutions. WMF is working with the nominator of the site,  Roberto Davide, Research Fellow at the Wiener Library on the Holocaust and Genocide,  London, to identify potential areas of collaboration by capitalizing on the Watch as a  platform for visibility and community engagement. While inclusion on the Watch does  not guarantee financial assistance from WMF, it serves as an important vehicle for  bringing potential projects to our attention and to that of funders.  

interested donors.     Yours Sincerely,        Stephanie D. Ortiz  Program Associate   

Il Direttore Scientifico Rome, June 13, 2015 World Monument Fund 350 Fifth Avenue Suite 2412 New York, NY 10118 To Whom It May Concern: In accordance with the World Monument Fund requirements for the nomination of the Italian Concentration Camps project as proposed by Roberto Davide, I am writing to lend my strong endorsement to the proposal as the director of the Foundation of the Museo della Shoah, Rome.

LSU LIBRARIES SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Hill Memorial Library Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Stephanie Ortiz Program Associate WORLD MONUMENTS FUND 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2412 New York, NY 10118

O 225-578-6544 F 225-578-9425

Dear Ms. Ortiz:

The project on the Camps will be a massive endeavor that will require much international support and ample financing, as this project and topic have grown in size, interest and purpose. It will be no easy task to put together an international consortium on the Camps, the foundation of which Roberto has already developed and amassed through massive outreach. The UK and US structural support, and international academic backing have already begun to debate plans and events – one of which is an international conference on the Camps and the Shoah in Italy.

This letter is in strong support for Roberto Davide for his project that focuses on the hidden history of Concentration Camps in Italy.

The politics, history and sentiments that lie beneath such a task are very intricate and profound. And as an organization that has Italian governmental political backing, we would be fundamental to the implementation of the project, lending it the institutional support it requires. Therefore it is with great enthusiasm that we state our intent to WMF our intent on collaboration and role in the implementation of the highly anticipated project. Giving the Camps international attention and status would allow many to confront their pasts, history and their country’s legacy that has largely been ignored and forgotten. Our youth in Italy are extremely sheltered from the Camps’ existence and the WMF project would be instrumental in changing that as well.

The film portion of the project is fiscally sponsored by the National Center for Jewish Film and will be archived with the Steven Spielberg Film Archive in Jerusalem, as well as in other cultural and historical venues throughout the world. Mr. Davide is also committed to providing a bi-lingual documentary, which will be screened throughout the world, and perhaps most importantly in Italy, where camps like Fossoli are neglected, ignored, and forgotten. The project on the Camps will not only provide a history, but will serve as an important exposé of the current conditions of the Camps, and interviews with government and local officials about the sites. Mr. Davide will also explore U.S. foreign policy, anti-Semitism, and much more.

My expertise in the history of the Shoah and of the Camps will be fundamental to Mr. Davide. As my experience ranges from an academic position in the Master on Holocaust Studies, Remembrance and Education (University Roma Tre), cinema and multimedia on the Holocaust, to the Italian Task Force on the Shoah in Italy, personal interest in this project is immense. And for this reason as director of the Foundation Museo della Shoah in Rome, I enthusiastically support and endorse Mr. Davide’s efforts, mission and project proposal to the World Monument Fund, and pledge the Foundation to be the project’s Italian point of reference.

This project is critical in telling the unheard story of the eleven Concentration Camps that were built and run in Italy, providing an insightful and eye-opening account of Italy’s role in these horrors.

I wholeheartedly endorse and support this important project, and Mr. Davide’s pursuit of the World Monuments Fund’s 2016 World Monuments Watch. His insight and commitment to this project, and the desperate need for awareness and recognition of these important historical sites speaks is commendable, and critical to sustaining and building an understanding of the horrors of war and genocide. We must never forget.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely, Fondazione Museo della Shoah · Onlus Sede legale · via Nomentana, 70 · 00162 Roma Sede operativa · via Florida, 24 · 00186 Roma · tel. +39 06 99700929 · fax +39 06 68805387 · · C.F. e P. IVA 10092001006

Jessica Lacher-Feldman, MA, MLS, CA Head, Special Collections

attest to the power of memory in helping us better understand human cruelty and courage, but it also celebrates the power of human passion and power - one man’s dedication to the restoration of these sites of atrocity as educational arenas that will promote the civic and spiritual virtues of coexistence, tolerance, and peace. David’s dedication is impressive and inspiring.

March 8, 2015 World Monument Fund 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2412 New York, NY 10118

I am convinced that the World Monument Fund’s support of this project can play a critical part in transforming these tragic site of terror into the cornerstones of a more just and hopeful reality in Italy, and beyond. I am also convinced that a larger coalition of allies, supporters and partners will rise to help make this vision a reality. It is an honor to endorse Roberto Davide and the nomination of the Italian Concentration Camps for World Monument Fund status. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dear Madam/Sir, It is an honor and a privilege to submit this letter of endorsement on behalf of Roberto Davide to the World Monument Fund in support of the Italian Concentration Camps proposal.


Amichai Lau-Lavie Founder and Spiritual Leader

As the spiritual leader at one of New York’s newest Jewish congregations, as an educator, and as the son of Holocaust survivors, I find Davide’s project to be of incredible educational and historical importance extending far beyond Italy’s geographical borders. Although I am quite familiar with many aspects of the history of the Holocaust and the Second World War and have been working on various projects with Yad VaShem in Jerusalem and the Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial in New York for over a decade, I was not aware of the existence of these camps prior to Davide’s passionate presentation of his project. They have indeed been hidden away, and the time has come to shine a spotlight on this dark corner of world history. This year the world marks 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and many other concentration camps throughout Europe. Alongside the somber ceremonies, a rising wave of violence is once again sweeping Europe and the world, targeting Jews, free thinkers and minorities. The legacies of the survivors are as varied and complex as the lives they had led before, during and after the Holocaust, but one theme unites them all: Never Forget - and Never Repeat. Primo Levi, whose tragic fate brought to one of the Italian camps listed in David’s proposal, wrote: “It happened, therefore it can happen again: this is the core of what we have to say. It can happen, and it can happen everywhere.” Davide’s proposal is powerful and engaging, bringing to life a repressed story that many in the world would prefer to remain hidden. It is the responsibility of educators and conservationists, humanists and humanitarians, leaders of faith and industry, to honor our history so that we can create a safer and more dignified future for the next generations. I believe that the scope of this project is vast. Not only does it

Lab/Shul NYC 125 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038 (212) 908-2523 -- www.LabShul.Org

9 September 2015

Department of History School of Humanities Humanities and Social Sciences Building Whiteknights, PO Box 218 Reading RG66AA Phone: +44 (0)118 378 8403 Fax: +44 (0)118 378 6797 Email:

I am writing to give my wholehearted endorsement to the film project of Roberto Davide, The Neighbor Within, which will seek to document the former Italian concentration and internment camps, dating from the Second World War. As an historian who has worked for many years on modern Italian history - and who is currently putting together a large international project to explore how and why so many aspects of Italian fascism have been deliberately or inadvertently forgotten since 1945 - I am very conscious of the extent to which memories of Italy's active involvement in the persecution of the Jews and other religious and ethnic groups have been attenuated or suppressed (in the interests, very often, of a collective process of national exculpation). Roberto Davide's project on the Italian camps will be of great help in raising awareness of a largely hidden aspect of Italy's past. So, too, would the according of Protected status by the WMF to the camps - most of which are now totally neglected and inoperative as sites of historical memory. Please let me know if I can be of further help. More information about myself and my work can be found at my university web site: Yours sincerely

Christopher Duggan Professor of Modern Italian History

From: Subject: Date: To:

July31, 2015

Claims Conference 1359 Broadway Avenue Suite2000 New York, NY 10018 To Whom It May Concern: In compliance with Claims Conference application requirements for the documentary The Neighbor Within by Roberto Davide, I am writing you this Letter of Endorsement in support of the project, Roberto Davide, and of the meaning the project may signify to Italian history and socio-political debate today. Roberto was a student of mine, and a Master of Art in International Affairs thesis candidate under my auspices at Johns Hopkins SAIS Bologna Centre from the academic years 1995 to 1997. He had then shown tremendous aptitude and passion for geopolitical issues and their backgrounds. With his evergrowing endeavor on Concentration Camps in Italy during World War II and their hidden history, I can only see this topic grow exponentially in various ways expanding in revisiting their histories, purposes, and legacy after the end of the War. It is by no means an easy topic to confront with the many sentiments, conflicting ideas, and often times incomplete records on the Camps that evoke strong emotions and opinions. However, by granting the Camps Claims Conference backing, one may be inclined to confront the topic on a different level. The project Roberto Davide is undertaking has the potential to reach those who have yet to grasp fully Italian history and legacy. With this letter, I gladly endorse Roberto and the film. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards.

Gianfranco Pasquino, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Bologna and Senior Adjunct Professor SAIS-Europe

SAIS Europe at Bologna The Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies Via Belmeloro, 11 40126 Bologna, Italy Tel. +39 051 2917811 Fax +39 051 228505

Olga Golovanova RE: CONFERENCE DRAFT Re: Att: Ms. Julie Chervinsky, Director; Re: Modified Budget 24 October 2016 at 15:46 Roberto Davide

Hi Roberto, I have some great news: the Blavatnik Family Founda<on has commi>ed to funding half of the proposed budget, for a total of $7,925. I hope this will be enough of a driving force for other organiza<ons to commit as well. BFF is a philanthropic founda<on; and can only transfer funds to another 501c3 or otherwise (if non-US-based) non-proďŹ t organiza<on. Please let me know how to best ini<ate the process. Looking forward to hearing from you, Olga

From: Subject: Date: To:

Karen Colvard Re: HFG Foundation Inquiry; Concentration Camps in Italy Research; 21 September 2016 at 20:28

Dear Roberto, This is a coherent piece of work and it would form the basis of a strong application. Since the next appropriate deadline is August 1, 2017, you now have a chance to put it aside for a while, then come back to it and update it with what you manage to research in the meantime. Karen

-----Original Message----From: Roberto Davide <> To: Karen Colvard <> Sent: Mon, Sep 19, 2016 6:00 am Subject: Re: HFG Foundation Inquiry; Concentration Camps in Italy Research; Ms. Colvard. I hope this finds you well. As promised, a first draft of the methodology of the Johns Hopkins University SAIS, University of London and Wiener Library research initiative on the Shoah in Italy and Concentration Camps: A Hidden History I have had a bit of a set back in terms of time. I apologise. A family situation of two terminal parents in the US had taken my summer, and I am finally catching up with work/academic research. I only mention this to convey the impact of the situation in terms of my time allotted to research, and the HFG Foundationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s understanding. Please let me know your thoughts, and I look forward to hearing from you. Regards. Roberto

Roberto Davide Director and Research Fellow m. +44 (0)7446 659 702 ASSOCIATE FELLOW, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS RESEARCH FELLOW, Wiener Library on the Holocaust and Genocide VISITING SCHOLAR, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, Senate House

On 09 Sep 2016, at 17:56, Karen Colvard <> wrote: Dear Roberto, I'm in Sweden just now, but I'll be back in the office on the 19th. Better to send your draft then. Karen Sent from my iPad On Sep 9, 2016, at 6:53 PM, Roberto Davide <> wrote: Hello Ms. Colvard.

From: Subject: Date: To:

Jonathan Steinberg Re: Hello Professor; Reference and Methodology 9 October 2016 at 22:17 Roberto Davide

Dear Roberto, I am astonished at the amount of work you have done since we last spoke. Your research memorandum covers a very large number of really important themes. It would take you - and I am not exaggerating - a decade, maybe longer, to deal with all the issues you raise. You should feel proud of what you have accomplished and in a very short period of time. Congratulations on the huge amount of work you have done. Jonathan