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Duty beyond the Battlefield African American Soldiers Fight for Racial Uplift, Citizenship, and Manhood, 1870—1920 Le'Trice D. Donaldson Paper: 978-0-8093-3759-0 E-book: 978-0-8093-3760-6 $29.50, 216 pages, 6 × 9, 21 illus.

Fortune and Faith in Old Chicago A Dual Biography of Mayor Augustus Garrett and Seminary Founder Eliza Clark Garrett Charles H. Cosgrove

“Deeply researched and powerfully argued, Duty beyond the Battlefield is a significant contribution to the history of black soldiers, manhood, and citizenship. With this fascinating book, Le’Trice D. Donaldson has established herself as one of the leading scholars of African American military history.”—Chad L. Williams, author of Torchbearers of Democracy: African American Soldiers in the World War I Era

“Cosgrove captures the personal, economic, and religious struggles of a unique nineteenth-century American couple. Steeped in original research, Cosgrove’s book not only brings the sights and sounds of Old Chicago back to life but also allows us to see how the Garretts formed a unique partnership, leading one to a career in early Chicago politics and the other to become the first woman in the United States to found a theological seminary.”—Christopher H. Evans, author of The Social Gospel in American Religion: A History

Cloth: 978-0-8093-3794-1 E-book: 978-0-8093-3795-8 $29.50, 320 pages, 6 × 9, 32 illus.

The Ordeal of the Jungle Race and the Chicago Federation of Labor, 1903–1922 David Bates Paper: 978-0-8093-3744-6 E-book: 978-0-8093-3745-3 $29.50, 268 pages, 6 × 9, 9 illus.

German Americans on the Middle Border From Antislavery to Reconciliation, 1830–1877 Zachary Stuart Garrison Paper: 978-0-8093-3755-2 E-book: 978-0-8093-3756-9 $30, 240 pages, 6 × 9, 4 illus.

“This extraordinarily helpful book will quickly become the go-to source for scholars and general writers researching Mary Lincoln. Emerson’s sure guide through the tangled thickets of shifting historiography will help all of us to write more informed works about Mary Lincoln. A superb reference work.”—Richard W. Etulain, author of Lincoln and Oregon Country Politics in the Civil War Era

“Zachary Stuart Garrison’s dynamically researched book offers a new starting point in the discussion of German American participation in the Civil War. Garrison depicts the range of German-speaking immigrants and settlers as very real people who negotiated their new surroundings by finding a middle ground between their high-minded ideology and the evolving reality of life on the border between North and South.”—Joseph M. Beilein Jr., author of Bushwhackers: Guerrilla Warfare, Manhood, and the Household in Civil War Missouri

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Concise Lincoln Library Right Length, Right Price— Right for Course Adoption “an excellent series of compact books” —Tom Peet, author of Reading Lincoln See more titles and learn more about the Concise Lincoln Library at www.conciselincolnlibrary.com

“Ron J. Keller is a knowledgeable, insightful, and readable historian of Lincoln’s earliest political years in Illinois. Without hesitation, and with over forty-six years in the Lincoln world, I would suggest that Keller’s book is truly essential to the understanding of Lincoln’s well-documented growth in the 1850s.”—Daniel R. Weinberg, president, Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. Cloth: 978-0-8093-3700-2 $24.95, 176 pages, 8 illus.

Winner, ISHS Best of Illinois History Award, 2019

“This sharp and rapid survey by one of the foremost scholars of American abolitionism provides an illuminating review of Lincoln’s on-again, off-again relationship with the persistent and demanding band of writers and activists who worked to end slavery and protect the rights of black Americans.”—Martin P. Johnson, H-Net

Winner, ISHS Best of Illinois History Award, 2019

“Impressively informative and exceptionally well organized and presented, Lincoln and the Natural Environment is a unique biographical study.”—James A. Cox, editor-in-chief, Midwest Book Review Cloth: 978-0-8093-3698-2 $24.95, 160pages, 10 illus.

Cloth: 978-0-8093-3641-8 $24.95, 168 pages, 10 illus.

Now Available in Paperback! Winner, Abraham Lincoln Institute Book Prize, 2018 Winner, ISHS Annual Award for a Scholarly Publication, 2018

“Reading this book is a reminder of how gifted historians stitch together the remnants of a lost past to deepen our understanding of the human condition. It is a little gem carved by the hand of a master.” —Graham Peck, Reviews in History

“For Lincoln enthusiasts and scholars of the nineteenth-century press, Borchard’s book restores Greeley to historical prominence while providing a colorful narrative of the contentious relationship between the president and the popular political media in this period.”—Matthew Isham, Civil War Monitor

Paper: 978-0-8093-3777-4 $16.95, 188 pages, 10 illus.

Paper: 978-0-8093-3046-1 $16.95, 168 pages, 10 illus.

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The Black Heavens: Abraham Lincoln and Death Brian R. Dirck Cloth: 978-0-8093-3702-6 $29.50, 240 pages, 13 illus.

Mary Lincoln for the Ages Jason Emerson Paper: 978-0-8093-3675-3 $29.50, 224 pages, 15 illus.

Germans in Illinois Miranda E. Wilkerson and Heather Richmond Paper: 978-0-8093-3721-7 $24.50, 234 pages, 34 illus.

Kaskaskia: The Lost Capital of Illinois David MacDonald and Raine Waters Paper: 978-0-8093-3731-6 $26.50, 226 pages, 99 illus. Shawnee Books

The New Chicago Way: Lessons from Other Big Cities Ed Bachrach and Austin Berg Paper: 978-0-8093-3751-4 $19.50, 288 pages, 5 illus.

The Chicago River: A Natural and Unnatural History Revised Edition Libby Hill Paper: 978-0-8093-3707-1 $24.50, 328 pages, 86 illus.

The Railroad Tycoon Who Built Chicago: A Biography of William B. Ogden Jack Harpster Paper: 978-0-8093-3736-1 $22.50, 328 pages, 26 illus.

The Decision Was Always My Own: Ulysses S. Grant and the Vicksburg Campaign Timothy B. Smith Cloth: 978-0-8093-3666-1 $34.50, 272 pages, 28 illus. World of Ulysses S. Grant

The Vicksburg Assaults, May 19—22, 1863 Edited by Steven E. Woodworth and Charles D. Grear Cloth: 978-0-8093-3719-4 $29.50, 136 pages, 11 illus. Civil War Campaigns in the West

Abraham Lincoln and Robert Burns: Connected Lives and Legends Ferenc Morton Szasz Paper: 978-0-8093-3765-1 $20, 268 pages, 12 illus.

Interrupted Odyssey: Ulysses S. Grant and the American Indians Mary Stockwell Cloth: 978-0-8093-3670-8 $34.50, 272 pages, 20 illus. World of Ulysses S. Grant

Fight Like a Tiger: Conway Barbour and the Challenges of the Black Middle Class in Nineteenth-Century America Victoria L. Harrison Paper: 978-0-8093-3677-7 $27.50, 184 pages, 20 illus.

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In Their Letters, in Their Words Illinois Civil War Soldiers Write Home Edited by Mark Flotow

“Flotow has done a fine job of linking together, as well as comparing and contrasting, the comments of 165 Illinois soldiers on a wide variety of Civil War subjects. The result is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read for anyone with an interest in the Civil War.”—Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein, author of The Encyclopedia of Civil War Medicine

Paper: 978-0-8093-3763-7 E-book: 978-0-8093-3764-4 $26.50, 320 pages, 6.125 × 9.25, 12 illus.

Gettysburg The Living and the Dead Kent Gramm Photographs by Chris Heisey

“This volume deftly combines commentary with memorable images to transport readers onto the battlefield and into the event’s historical echoes, making for a delightful, immersive experience.”—James A Cox, Midwest Book Review

Cloth: 978-0-8093-3733-0 E-book: 978-0-8093-3734-7 $29.95, 240 pages, 8.25 × 9.25, 92 illus.

Abraham Lincoln’s Statesmanship and the Limits of Liberal Democracy Jon D. Schaff Cloth: 978-0-8093-3737-8 E-book: 978-0-8093-3738-5 $34.50, 280 pages, 6 × 9

“In this perceptive and instructive book, Schaff demonstrates that Lincoln’s example helps teach us that a healthy democratic politics depends on our willingness to embrace the theoretical and political limits that natural-rights principles and constitutionalism impose on majority rule.”—Jason R. Jividen, author of Claiming Lincoln: Progressivism, Equality, and the Battle for Lincoln’s Legacy in Presidential Rhetoric

Engaging the Civil War, a series founded by the editors of the Emerging Civil War blog group, adopts the sensibility and accessibility of public history while adhering to the standards of academic scholarship. To engage readers and bring them to a new understanding of America’s great story, series authors draw on insights they gained while working with the public—walking the ground where history happened at battlefields and historic sites, talking with visitors in museums, and educating students in classrooms. Each book in the series features extra web content that can be accessed through QR codes. Learn more about the Engaging the Civil War series at www.siupress.com/engagingcw

The Spirits of Bad Men Made Perfect: The Life and Diary of Confederate Artillerist William Ellis Jones Constance Hall Jones Paper: 978-0-8093-3761-3 $26.50, 272 pages, 31 illus.

Entertaining History: The Civil War in Literature, Film, and Song Edited by Chris Mackowski Paper: 978-0-8093-3757-6 $24.50, 256 pages

Where Valor Proudly Sleeps: A History of Fredericksburg National Cemetery, 1866–1933 Donald C. Pfanz Paper: 978-0-8093-3645-6 $26.50, 272 pages, 48 illus.

Turning Points of the American Civil War Edited by Chris Mackowski and Kristopher D. White Paper: 978-0-8093-3621-0 $24.50, 272 pages, 31 illus.

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