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      A brainchild and joint eort between the creative start-up CIRCUS and Hong Kong Tramways.


THE PATRON’s CLUB “ A social club on the move, first-of-its-kind in the world. ”

We begin with inviting only 108 patrons - probably the most curious, intriguing and beautiful minds in town, with the common interest in thought-provoking dialogue and exchange across businesses, generations and nationalities.

Our three rooms, namely Chatham House, The Freudians, and Darwin’s Garden, are designed to accommodate: -

Artistic salons and cultural exchanges Small business meetings Private functions Official and diplomatic receptions Corporate and listing celebrations Delegation group and important guest visits

       Plans are afoot to create a eet of iconic, innovative and special - purpose tramcars. On the drawing board and soon in the making - the Lounge and the Restaurant.


LOUNGE “ The one-and-only venue for celebration through the city, with the city. ”

The Lounge shall carry a revolving programme of cultural tours and co-creation workshops, supported by experts in the fields of art, design, architecture, history, music, film, photography, fashion and urbanism.

This new tram is designed to host: -

Thematic tours Parades and promotions Wedding proposals, ceremonies and bridal showers Birthday parties Anniversaries and reunions


 Â  Â?  Â? The most creative addition to the hospitality and entertainment landscape of our city.

- No.3 CIRCUS RESTAURANT “ The roving fine dining experience. ”

Hong Kong’s best culinary offerings through collaborations with renowned chefs and local kitchens – each to unleash their imagination and recipes around the theme of the city of Hong Kong.

The Restaurant is designed to serve: -

Seasonal menus Food tours Family celebrations Creative tastings along Island North



“ Our trams are all designed, engineered and handmade in Hong Kong. ” Our bespoke designs are brought to life by a team of emerging designers, architects, artists and curators, working with Hong Kong Tramways’ engineers, technicians and craftsmen. Many features are novel and tailored for the new trams: - Articulated interior and room experience - Air-conditioned cabins - Premium fitting out with design furniture and upholstery - Premium lighting and sound system - Built-in catering unit, refrigerator, washbasin and restroom on-board


The groaning of metal wheels on steel tracks and the motorman’s distinctive ringing of a bell announce its arrival. A turnstile clicks into place as you enter the familiar teak beamed interior of a double-decker tram - ubiquitous yet wonderful as it conveys you through the kaleidoscopic fantasy of Hong Kong’s neon lit streets. The city unfurls within the teak frame of a tram window, somehow changing while retaining elements of its past in this city of disappearance. Since 1904, this living piece of heritage has been ferrying the denizens of the Fragrant Harbour across the city, bearing witness to the small dramas of everyday life, transporting them to a slower, more wondrous time. Hong Kong’s 160 trams are as much a piece of the past as they are an essential part of its future. They form the last traditional tram system in any major Asian city and these streetcars, with their understated grace, form an indelible part of the collective memory; Hong Kong would be unrecognisable without them.



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Our name, CIRCUS, originated with a group of enthusiasts calling themselves The Research Consortium for Cultural, Social and Urban Innovations. They conceived of Hong Kong’s iconic tramways as more than transportation and ďŹ rst brought this notion to life in 2013 at the design festival, Detour Matters From Microtopias to Social Innovation. Four prototype trams were converted by young Hong Kong creative talents with the joint support of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Design Centre, Ambassadors of Design and the HKSAR Government.

During the fortnight-long mobile design festival, Hong Kongers ate, drank, learned and watched live performances along the tram tracks for the ďŹ rst time. We re-discovered the potential and possibilities of this mobile heritage, and the many neighborhoods it runs through. Along the road, CIRCUS shall continue to cultivate curiosity in our everyday surroundings, and to distill quality from richness of our city’s landscape.