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A Dream Becomes Reality




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Produced by Department of Development Communication Mail Code 4309 Southern Illinois University Foundation 1235 Douglas Drive Carbondale, Illinois 62901 618/453.4900 Editor: Greg Scott Contributing Writer: Stacey Vinson Art Direction: Jay Bruce Designer: Amy Dion Photographers: Rusty Bailey, Phil Bankester, Steve Buhman, and Jeff Garner Contributors: Libby Banycky, Tim Crosby, Tamarah Cook, Chis Fark and Nancy Vallino Printer: Print Group Inc., Ozark, Missouri, 04/08, 3M A special thanks to University Communications.


2007 Annual Report



Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report

It has often been said that young people are our future.  With a mere

two months left in the SIU Foundation’s Opportunity Through Excellence Campaign, it’s important to remember that this unprecedented effort is assisting many young people in pursuit of their goals and aspirations. Five years ago, we set out to raise at least $100 million in support of SIU Carbondale students, faculty, academic programs and facilities by June 2008.  This historical quest is drawing to a successful conclusion.

Larry R. DeJarnett President

Southern Illinois University Foundation

As a result, various facets of the institution are thriving.  We are beginning to realize the

potential alumni and friends of this University have talked about for so many years. Whether it’s funding state-of-the-art facilities for our athletic program, increasing resources available to patrons at Morris Library, or enhancing scholarship support to attract the best and brightest students, we are proud to say that SIU Carbondale is moving forward.

Many times in our University’s history, it has just been a matter of having ample resources

at our disposal.  The efforts and contributions of alumni and friends of this institution have empowered University faculty, students and staff to control their own destiny in pursuit of their aspirations and goals.

In the following pages, you will read about generous contributions that continue to make

Southern better. This publication depicts how alumni and friends are making a difference in our quest to maintain and enhance a standard of excellence.

We should relish in what are some special times at Southern. Our future is bright.

Rickey N. McCurry Chief Executive Officer

Southern Illinois University Foundation

Southern Illinois University Foundation



Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report



Making a Difference Through Research A man remembered for exhibiting hard work and

projects related to the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of heart

dedication in several capacities during his lifetime will continue to

disease. It is intended to support new, rather than ongoing, research

have a positive influence for years after his death.

projects or collaborations.

Bernie Eskridge, who died in 2004 at the age of 92, aspired to

“Mr. Eskridge clearly realized the importance of research at our

extend appreciation to multiple medical institutions.  The longtime

institution,” says Rickey N. McCurry, vice chancellor for institutional

Springfield resident, whose list of roles included a stint with the

advancement and CEO of the SIU Foundation. “We are appreciative

Secretary of State’s office, arranged to bequeath $450,000 to the SIU

of Mr. Eskridge’s generosity and the support his gift provides to the

Foundation for the School of Medicine.

School of Medicine as it conducts pertinent research related to the

causes of heart disease.”

As a result, the SIU School of Medicine is instituting the

Eskridge Translational Research Awards on Cardiovascular Disease

SIU School of Medicine faculty members must complete an

(ETRA-CVD). This new program will provide the School’s faculty

application process to be considered. In July, the program will begin

with support to initiate novel and innovative translational research

awarding a deserving recipient up to $100,000.

Southern Illinois University Foundation



Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report



A Thriving Resource

In the midst of a $56.5 million major renovation project,

Morris Library is also benefitting from two unique estate gifts.

Library is creating the Emma Smith Hough Library Research

The library will receive up to $450,000 from the estate of Alwin

Scholarship Awards. The scholarship fund is in the name of the

C. Carus, the son of Paul and Mary Carus, the founders of Open

late Hough, a Murphysboro resident who was Crawford’s sister-

Court Publishing. According to Edward Carus, trustee for the

in-law and friend. Hough was a high school and city librarian for

Alwin C. Carus Estate and Trust, Morris Library will receive about

more than 30 years prior to her death in 1989.

$18,000 per year for the next 20 years from mineral trust income.

Crawford’s bequest of approximately $147,000 to Morris

The bequest will provide scholarships to students for creative

The sale of property in Canada should add an additional $70,000.

and exceptional use of library resources to write papers or other

The relationship between the library and Open Court

creative works. Each year, a five-person committee from Morris

Publishing, one of the first academic presses in the country

Library will award two $1,500 scholarships to SIU sophomore or

without a university affiliation, dates to the 1960s. The collection

junior undergraduate students and one $2,000

of manuscripts, books and materials is one of the largest in the

scholarship to a graduate student. One of the

library’s Special Collections Research Center and includes religion

undergraduate awards will go to a student majoring

and philosophy subject matter. The library will use the donated

in humanities, fine arts or social sciences while the

funds specifically for the processing of Open Court and Carus

other will go to a student in the

family material for patrons’ use. The collection has an international

sciences, engineering or applied

reputation and draws people from around the world.

technologies fields. A

graduate student in any

Students are also the beneficiaries of a gift from the estate of

Anita Crites Crawford of Champaign.

discipline is eligible.

Southern Illinois University Foundation



Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report



Encouraging Teaching Excellence Graduate students who demonstrate outstanding

experience for our students and the department’s continuing

teaching ability will benefit from the generosity of a former chemistry

commitment to strong instructional support for undergraduates,”

professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Tyrrell said.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the

Rickey N. McCurry, vice chancellor for institutional advancement

College of Science has received $30,000 from the estate of C. David

and CEO of the SIU Foundation at SIUC, said Schmulbach contributed

Schmulbach. Schmulbach, a Carbondale resident who died in 2006,

greatly to the University as a faculty member and department chair.

previously gave the University $20,000 for a $50,000 total.

in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. It will also serve

The C. David Schmulbach Endowed Fund will sponsor an

“The establishment of this endowment is his legacy to the students

annual summer fellowship for an exceptional graduate student.

as a permanent reminder to everyone of the tremendous contributions

he made to the University and the department.”

James Tyrrell, interim dean of the College of Science, said the

donation affirms Schmulbach’s long-standing commitment to the

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and its students.

chairman of the department in 1975. He served in that capacity

until 1982, when he chose to return to full-time teaching and

“The focus on rewarding excellent performance as a teaching

assistant is fully in line with Dave’s dedication to a first-class

Schmulbach joined the SIUC faculty in 1965 and became

research. He retired in 1993 after 28 years with the University.

Southern Illinois University Foundation



Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report


D A Dream Becomes Reality One of Christian Tinajero’s primary goals was

to receive an education preparing him for a career in international

Tinajero, who also attained his undergraduate degree in industrial

business. Thanks to an engineering leadership program developed

technology from Southern.  “ATS just started its international

by SIU Carbondale alumnus Richard Blaudow, Tinajero’s dream

operation. It is a great fit for me.”

has become reality.

Tinajero, who received his MBA from Southern in December,

leadership program. Blaudow donated $250,000 to SIUC’s College

began serving as associate director of the international division

of Engineering in 2006 to establish the initiative, which includes

of Advanced Technology Services, Inc., a Peoria-based company,

a paid summer internship providing students with hands-on

on Jan. 21.  Blaudow is the founder, chairman and CEO of ATS,

manufacturing and leadership experience.

which provides managed services for production equipment

maintenance, industrial parts repair and IT infrastructure support

in the international business department. ATS commenced its

for manufacturers.

international operation in February 2007, just three months before

Tinajero’s arrival.

A native of Mexico City, Mexico, Tinajero came to SIU on

“I thought an advanced degree would be a good idea,” says

Tinajero was initially introduced to ATS through its engineering

Tinajero worked closely with the vice president of sales, primarily

an athletic scholarship. He was a six-time All-Missouri Valley

Conference swimming and diving team member. Tinajero aspired

general manager in producing a procedure manual for how things

to attain a position in the States that would allow him to return to his

should be done there,” he says. “It was a complex process and I

native country on occasion.

suppose they were impressed with my job performance.”

“ATS sent me to Mexico for three weeks where I assisted the

Southern Illinois University Foundation



Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report



Attracting Rising Stars Students in the School of Music at

Southern Illinois University Carbondale have more than a million

in the account,” Weiss said. “You can imagine what a boost that

reasons to thank the late Steven Barwick, professor emeritus of

is to our school. One of our biggest problems is competing with

piano and music history.

other universities that offer larger scholarships.”

Barwick left the bulk of his estate to the SIU Foundation

“This is the first time we’ve had a single award with that much

Barwick earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in musicology

for the School of Music to establish a scholarship fund for piano

from Harvard University in 1949. His dissertation on early Mexican

students. The value of the estate is more than $1 million – enough

polyphony and colonial music was a pioneering work that remains

to put SIUC into a better position to offer larger scholarships to

important in the field today.

attract more top-notch musicians.

performer at the University until he retired in 1988.

School of Music Director Robert Weiss said he was shocked

when he first heard the value of the scholarship fund. A smaller

Barwick joined the faculty at SIUC in 1955. He was a frequent

amount previously led to the creation of the Steven Barwick Piano

Major Award, and school officials knew more was coming. No one

expected so much more. Weiss said he expects the fund to generate

approximately $35,000 to $40,000 a year for scholarships.

Southern Illinois University Foundation



Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report

Endowments The SIU Foundation holds endowment contributions

and invests them for perpetuity. A

portion of the revenue generated from the endowment accounts is transferred to corresponding current accounts and used according to the donor’s restrictions. The SIU Foundation reinvests the remaining portion of the investment revenue into the endowment to help hedge against inflation. Donors contributed over $3.6 million to endowment accounts during FY07. Many of the contributions were designated for scholarships, research and for the general support of colleges and departments.

In Thousands U.S. Equities (stocks) $67,343 Fixed Income (Bonds) $36,241 International Equities (Stocks) $20,297 Cash $1,108

Total: $124,989

Southern Illinois University Foundation


Contributions The SIU Foundation accepts contributions in the form of cash, securities and real or personal property. Many corporations will match the contribution of employees, officers, directors and in some instances, spouses and retirees. The SIU Foundation also offers and accepts various types of planned gifts, whereby the donor makes a gift during his or her lifetime that will benefit the University in the future. Planned gifts are in the form of bequests, gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts and life estate agreements. The SIU Foundation applies a one-time six percent supplement fee to all gifts of cash and securities. The Foundation uses five percent of the fee to fund central operations and returns one percent to the generating colleges or units to support their specific advancement activities. It is the Foundation’s goal to increase private support which will assist the various colleges of the University in providing quality services to its students, alumni, and the communities we serve. Donors contributed a total of $25.6 million during FY07.

Cash and Securities $8,887,151 Gifts in Kind $12,179,418

Net Pledges $3,608,119

Gifts Given Directly to SIU $916,583

Deferred Gifts $67,498


TOTAL: $25,658,769

Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report

Statement Of Net Assets As of June 30, 2007 ASSETS


Current Assets

Current Liabilities

Cash and cash equivalents Short-term investments Accounts receivable

$395,067 28,152,199 13,775

Pledge receivable, net


Accrued investment income


Net investment in financing leases


Other assets Total Current Assets

77,357 29,827,540

Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Annuities payable-current portion

278,098 502,814

Long-term liabilities-current portion


Total Current Liabilities


Noncurrent Liabilities Annuities payable Agency funds payable

3,252,709 2,243,736

Deposits held for others Other accrued liabilities

Noncurrent Assets Restricted cash and cash equivalents


Endowment investments


Other long-term investments


Pledge receivable, net Irrevocable trust held by other

7,335,078 99,928

Cash value of life insurance


Investment in real estate


Net investment in financing leases


Capital assets, net of accumulated depreciation


Other assets



Total Noncurrent Assets





Long-term liabilities Total Noncurrent Liabilities

88,094 5,995,551

Total Liabilities


NET ASSETS Invested in capital assets, net of related debt


Restricted for: Nonexpendable Scholarships, research, instruction, and other Loans Capital projects


Expendable Scholarships, research, instruction, and other Loans

60,823,276 2,436,024

56,793,755 922,843

Capital projects




Total Net Assets


Southern Illinois University Foundation 


Expenditures Donors can designate their contributions for items such as scholarships, faculty support, research, facilities and equipment. Donors also can contribute toward the general support of the University with an unrestricted gift. The SIU Foundation provides for expenditures in support of the University through contributions recieved and investment revenue generated.

Grants to the University $3,166,883 Scholarships $1,215,760

Teaching & Research $17,496,997 Expendable Goods $932,947


Professional Development & Travel


$283,164 TOTAL: $23,628,412


Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report

Statement Of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets For the year ended June 30, 2007


REVENUES Operating revenues Payments from SIU Budget allocation from SIU Other operating revenues Total operating revenues

$56,423 3,628,816 583,081 4,268,320



Grants from University Related Organizations


Grants from other government agencies


Investment income


Payments received on capital financing leases Reduction in capital financing leases

EXPENSES Operating expenses

252,195 (161,558)

Interest on capital indebtedness


Adjustment of actuarial liability for annuities payable


Bad debt expense


General and operating expenses


Budget expended at SIU


Net nonoperating revenues

Scholarships and cash grants to SIU


Expenditures for the benefit of SIU


Income before other revenues, expenses, gains and losses 13,072,547

Noncash grants to SIU Amortization and depreciation expense Other Total operating expenses Operating loss

3,457,046 368,899 461

Contributions for capital assets Additions to permanent endowments Increase in net assets


925,488 3,608,632 17,606,667

28,226,151 (23,957,831)

NET ASSETS Net assets - beginning of year Net assets - end of year

114,071,683 $131,678,350

Southern Illinois University Foundation


SIU Foundation Board of Directors As of June 30, 2007

President Larry R. DeJarnett ’62, M.S. ‘63 Managing Director The LAMAR Group Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Members Michael C. Carr ’74, J.D. ‘79 Asst. U. S. Attorney United States Attorney’s Office Carbondale, IL Robert A. Chamberlin ‘68 Owner Chamberlin Consulting Group, Inc. Lemont, IL Juh Wah Chen Dean Emeritus College of Engineering Southern Illinois University Carbondale Murphysboro, IL Paul L. Conti ’72, M.B.A. ‘74 Retired Chief Assets Officer VeriClaim, Inc. Glen Ellyn, IL Greg N. Cook President Cook Portable Warehouses Makanda, IL


Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report

Harry L. Crisp III ‘92 President/Chief Operating Officer Pepsi MidAmerica and President/Chief Executive Officer Crisp Container Corporation Marion, IL

Carl A. Jennings ’67, Ph.D. ‘71 Retired President North American Chemicals Division BASF Corporation Marco Island, FL & Raleigh, NC

John C. Dosier President, CEO First Southern Bank Carbondale, IL

Julius A. Johnson ‘57 Retired Administrative Law Judge U.S. Department of Labor Washington, DC

John M. Dunn Interim Chancellor Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL James T. Gildersleeve ‘72 President Gildersleeve Fertilizer Co. Hudson, IL Roger G. Gray ‘64 Retired Central Bank of Marion Cobden, IL Michael R. Howell ’80, J.D. ‘83 President Howell Financial Services Sparta, IL Kenneth J. Hull ‘58 Retired Chairman and CEO Follett Corporation Downers Grove, IL

Bruce W. Joseph ‘84 Captain U. S. Airways Carbondale, IL Donald W. Kloth ’65, M.S. ‘66 Retired Vice President and Group Executive Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. St. Louis, MO Gray M. Magee, Jr. ‘63 President Specialty Alloys Corp. Cordova, TN F. Lynn McPheeters ‘64 Retired Vice President/CFO Caterpillar, Inc. Peoria, IL

Dianne Meeks Community Leader Carbondale, IL Christoph E. Micha ‘83 Manager, Quality Engineering Services DaimlerChrysler Corp. Farmington Hills, MI Mary Kay Moore ’78, M.S. ‘81 Community Leader Carbondale, IL Clifford G. Neill Dentist Associate Professor Fellow in International College of Dentistry Carbondale, IL Thomas E. Nielsen, M.D. ‘81 Physician BroMenn Regional Medical Center Bloomington, IL Pamela K. Pfeffer ‘67 Community Leader Nashville, TN

Glenn W. Poshard ’70, M.S.Ed. ’75, Ph.D. ‘84 President Southern Illinois University Murphysboro, IL Judith M. Roales ‘65 Retired Publisher St. Petersburg Times Rehoboth Beach, DE Marsha G. Ryan, J.D. ‘87 Physician, Surgeon, Professor of Law Murphysboro, IL

Alternates Edward M. Buerger ‘70 Associate Vice Chancellor Executive Director SIU Alumni Association Creal Springs, IL Samuel Goldman SIU Board of Trustees Retired Professor Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL

Roger B. Tedrick ‘70 SIU Board of Trustees Owner Tedrick Insurance Agency Mount Vernon, IL H. Wesley Wilkins ‘77 Attorney-at-Law Cobden, IL Honorary Director Dorothy M. Morris, Hon. L.H.D. ‘98 Retired Chapel Hill, NC

Southern Illinois University Foundation


Campaign Leadership Honorary Chair Dorothy M. Morris, Hon. L.H.D. ‘98 Former First Lady Southern Illinois University Chapel Hill, North Carolina Campaign Chair Marsha G. Ryan, M.D., J.D. ‘87 Physician, Surgeon, Professor of Law Murphysboro, Illinois Campaign Vice Chair Philip M. Pfeffer, ‘65, M.A. ’66, Hon. L.H.D. ‘97 President, CEO Treemont Capital, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee President, SIU Foundation Larry R. DeJarnett, ‘62, M.S. ‘63 Managing Director The LAMAR Group Rancho Palos Verdes, California Past President, SIU Foundation Michael C. Carr, ‘74, J.D. ‘79 Assistant U.S. Attorney United States Attorney’s Office Carbondale, Illinois


Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report

President, SIU Alumni Association

Campaign Steering Committee

Sheri Hunter, ‘76, M.S.Ed. ‘88 Retired Teacher Marion, Illinois

John S. Brewster, J.D. ‘76 Partner Winters Brewster Crosby & Schafer Marion, Illinois

Past President, SIU Alumni Association Mimi Wallace, ‘62 Community Volunteer Beverly Hills, California Southern Illinois University Carbondale John M. Dunn Interim Chancellor Campaign Executive Director Rickey N. McCurry Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement and Chief Executive Officer, SIU Foundation Campaign Director Jeff Lorber Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of Development

Carolyn F. Donow, ‘74, M.S.Ed. ‘76, Ph.D. ‘82 Retired Associate Director Office of Research Development & Administration Southern Illinois University Carbondale Makanda, Illinois Bob G. Gower, ’58, M.A. ‘60 CEO/Co-Founder Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc. Houston, Texas Christoph E. Micha, ‘83 Manager, Quality Engineering Services DaimlerChrysler Corporation Farmington Hills, Michigan Willie Pearson, Jr., Ph.D. ‘81 Professor of Sociology & Chair, School of History, Technology & Society Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia

Pamela K. Pfeffer, ‘67 Community Leader Nashville, Tennessee Mary M. Roe, ’65, M.S. ‘66 Retired VP of Student Services Rend Lake College Pinckneyville, Illinois Stephen J. Scates, ‘59 Partner Pat Scates & Sons Shawneetown, IL Herbert S. Shear, ‘69 Chairman & CEO Genco Distribution System Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Donald A. Stork, ‘61 Consultant Media Management Inc. Belleville, Illinois Harvey Welch, Jr.,‘55, M.S.Ed. ‘58 Retired Vice Chancellor Southern Illinois University Carbondale Carbondale, Illinois David P. Will, ‘75 Manager of Global Machine Development Caterpillar, Inc. Peoria, Illinois

SIU Foundation and Related Staff as of April, 2008

Southern Illinois University Foundation

Constituent Development Directors

Rickey N. McCurry, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement and Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Banycky, Treasurer Jeff Lorber, Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of Development Bryan C. Vagner, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement and Managing Director Nancy A. Vallino, Business/Administrative Associate and Corporate Secretary

Matthew C. Baughman, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Mary Carroll, Chicago Region Deborah Case, School of Medicine Tammy C. Cavarretta, College of Business and Administration George R. Cotton, Sr., College of Science Michael Ellis, College of Applied Sciences and Arts Ronald D. Graves, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts Kevin Lister, Central Development and College of Education and Human Services Kristine McGuire, Library Affairs Tanna Morgan, Central Development Michael C. Murray, College of Engineering Tracee Tyner Norris, College of Liberal Arts Judith Ray, School of Law Rebecca Stenhaug, Central Development and College of Agricultural Sciences Vacant, Athletics

Advancement Services Twyla D. Adkisson-Peak, Director of Research and Data Integrity Beth L. Mohlenbrock, Executive Director David B. Schwartz, Director of Information Systems Linda Wright, Director of Gift and Biographical Processing Annual Giving Nanditha Balasubramanian, Director of Annual Giving, SIU Foundation Heather Falat, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, SIU Foundation Vacant, Student Affairs

Corporate Relations Michael C. Murray, Director Development communication Greg Scott, Director Planned Giving Yvonne M. Spencer, Director Financial Services Cindy Ciganovich, Investment Specialist Marla Fuller, Director of Gift Accounting Cindy Moreno, Director of Accounting Services, Springfield Office

Southern Illinois University Foundation


The Southern Illinois University Foundation

was established in 1942 to solicit,

receive, hold and administer gifts from private sources for educational purposes. The SIU Foundation provides alumni and other friends a means to invest in the future of their University. The Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation, which exists solely to further the mission of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The SIU Foundation is a designated 501(c)3 organization with appropriate approval from the Internal Revenue Service to issue tax deductible receipts for private gifts received to support Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Southern Illinois University Foundation 1235 Douglas Drive Carbondale, Illinois 62901 618/453-4900


Empowerment • 2007 Annual Report



Making a Difference Through Research .

. 5

A Thriving Resource





. 7

Encouraging Teaching Excellence .



. 9

. . . . . .


A Dream Becomes Reality




Attracting Rising Stars . . . . . . . . 13 Financials . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Produced by Department of Development Communication Mail Code 4309 Southern Illinois University Foundation 1235 Douglas Drive Carbondale, Illinois 62901 618/453.4900 Editor: Greg Scott Contributing Writer: Stacey Vinson Art Direction: Jay Bruce Designer: Amy Dion Photographers: Rusty Bailey, Phil Bankester, Steve Buhman, and Jeff Garner Contributors: Libby Banycky, Tim Crosby, Tamarah Cook, Chis Fark and Nancy Vallino Printer: Print Group Inc., Ozark, Missouri, 04/08, 3M A special thanks to University Communications.

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Die cut Southern Illinois University Foundation

Southern Illinois University - Empowerment  

SIU Foundation's 2007 annual report.

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