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September 2014 Vol. 3, Issue 1

Making School Transitions Keep Rising! Girl Breanna Jones Sickle Cell Awareness

Spotlight: Mo’ne Davis Plus: Yara Shahidi Black-ish Positive Thinking Be Prepared

Tori Turner This CEO-author-actress-entrepreneur does it ALL! Positive

Our 2-Year Anniversary Issue!!!!!

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Spotlight: Little League Pitcher Mo’ne Davis

TV Spotlight: Yara Shahidi Keep Rising! Girl Breanna Jones 38


Sistas Making School Transitions

In this feature, we talk to sistas who are making the transition from one school setting to the next

Be Prepared

How to be ready in case of an emergency


College Prep Timeline



On The Cover Photos courtesy of: Kim Evans (left) Tori Turner is a CEO and author who has a new book, Teen Queens: All Is Fair In Love & Pageants under her family-owned publishing company, Reign Publications. September 2014

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September 2014

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Back-To-School Skincare

Ways to Think Positively

Entertainment TV Spotlight: Yara Shahidi


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Black Women In History Alice Coachman 46

September 2014

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October 2014

What’s going on and what to do this month

Event: 4th Annual Youth EmpowHERment Summit Date: Saturday, September 6, 2014 Time: 8:30am-4:30pm Place: Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology The annual summit is a powerful leadership development experience that connects, challenges and inspires hundreds of girls in grades 6-12 and women in the Charlotte area.

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September 2014


It’s Our 2-Year Anniversary!!!!!

’ey sistas! Can you believe that’s it’s been 2 years since the first EVER issue of this magazine? I would personally like to thank all of our readers, supporters and subscribers for helping us get to this point. When I started this magazine, I had a dream to promote sisterhood and self-esteem in teen girls and I’m grateful that I have been able to do that for two years. I am so excited for the future and look forward to year number three and beyond! This is issue that is all about POSITIVE THINKING...Not only do the stories tell you how to think positively but the young ladies we’ve interviewed are examples on what it can do. Tori Turner (pg. 28) has written her second book and launched her own teen publishing company! Mo’ne Davis (pg. 9) took the Little League World Series by storm when she became the first girl to win a game. Yara Shahidi (pg. 16) is a rising star who will be on the new ABC TV show Black-ish. One of our features this month is about school transitions from one level of school to the next. We interviewed girls who are going to middle school, high school and college to see what they expect. Another feature in this issue teaches you how to be prepared in case of an emergency. From blackouts to tornadoes, we have you covered on how to be prepared for emergency situations. In this month’s sections, we will help you develop positive thoughts, share ones from our fellow sistas and give you ways to think positively.

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September 2014

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Mo’ne Davis By: Lauren Summers

This 13-year-old Little League pitcher made a BIG impact this year and showed that girls can do anything boys can do... and do it just as well!

Mo’ne Ikea Davis is an African American female Little League Baseball pitcher. She is one of two girls in the 2014 Little League World Series and is the first girl to earn a win and to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history! Amongst many other things she is the first Little League Player to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. At 5-foot-4 inches this eighthgrader throws 70-mph fastballs. Mo’ne got her start in sports in 2008 when she began playing basketball for Marian Anderson Recreation Center in South Philadelphia. She became the best basketball player and only girl on the team. She soon began taking up soccer and baseball, where she excelled highly in. In 2011, she was a point guard in basketball, a pitcher, shortstop, and third baseman in

baseball, and mid-fielder for soccer. Her athletic abilities were endless. Mo’ne breaks gender role norms. Her accomplishments impacts people’s view of women in sports like baseball, and as a Black girl in a historically white male sport she’s brought it to an all new level. She inspires teenage girls alike who play baseball or want to play. At 13 years old she broke that barrier, in a sport where girls get put into softball instead. Throwing at 70 mph she’s a symbol of how WE can literally do anything.

Connect With Mo’ne @Monedavis11 @Monee_011

September 2014

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Emmy Hairstyles Here are some of our favorite hairstyles

Laverne Cox’s pinned-back ponytail brought her elegant look together.

Teyona Parris’ updo bun was our favorite because she paired it with a clean makeup look. 10

Sista’s Keeper

September 2014



from the 2014 Emmy Awards.

Kerry Washington’s beachy straight do works well for this new mom.

This cropped cut on Halle Berry works for her head shape and bone structure. September 2014

Sista’s Keeper


What’s On The Website?

Visit our website for photos, videos, events & MORE!!!!! Extra content available ONLY online... Coming in October

• All Things Halloween (activities, costumes, etc.)

Fall 2014 Nail Trends Live dangerously. Dress flawlessly. Inspired by espionage and the thrill of the chase, the fall 2014 palette delivers shades so chic it’s almost criminal.


Dress To Kilt This dangerously seductive red is jucy, ripe and ready to be picked in a line-up. It's the one, guilty as charged.

Fall In Line Send a clear message with enigmatic jade. Silky and sensuous, this serpentine green whispers, "whatever I say, goes."

Partner In Crime Psst…this creamy rich dark chocolate with deep mahogany undertones is a match made in mystery.

Style Cartel Devious in all the right ways, this inky cobalt blue unleashes the power of its fashion intelligence in one bold stroke.

The Perfect Cover Up Take It Outside Want to start trouble? Don this punchy, fresh taupe with a whisper of pink and hit 'em with your best shot.

Underneath its cozy exterior, lurks a heart of calculating chic. Intriguing gray weaved with teal undertones is your brilliant disguise. September 2014

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Back-To-School Skincare Tips


Remember the golden rules... Cleanse, Moisterize, Protect & Exfoliate

The old addage, "Beauty is only skin deep", that we have so often heard is a standard that we should adopt. Our inner beauty and how we behave, treat people and respond in our daily lives is what is most important. However, this same addage speaks to what we reflect to the world with our skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the body which helps us regulate our body temperatures, provides the first defense for our bodies from our environment and also performs many other biological functions. As the first defense, our skin is the first thing that we display and reflect to society, therefore highlighting the importance of keeping your skin healthy, clear and glowing.

Little Known Fact Sunscreen helps prevent uneven skin tone & dark spots

Skincare Tips: 1. Know your skin type:

oily, dry or combination 2. Based on your skin type choose a cleanser and moisterizer that suits your skin and will not leave you with excessive oils or over dry you 3. Protect your skin daily with sunscreen: excessive exposure to sun causes pre-mature aging and increases your risk of skin cancer 4. Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis that is tolerable for your skin type

Not everyone can acheive healthy, clear, glowing skin on their own. Knowing when to consult with the right professional is always key. For further information, please visit me at: 14

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September 2014





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TV Spotlight: Yara Shahidi 14-year-old Black-ish star has worked with Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson Tell us about your new show on ABC, Black-ish and your character, Zoey: “Black-ish” is a show about an upper-middle class family who have a great life in the suburbs but there’s a trade-off because the father thinks we’re (his kids) are missing our black culture. My character, Zoey, has a big personality, is smart and popular. She’s always on her

About Yara

Name: Yara Sayeh Shahidi Age: 14 Birthday: February 10th Grade: 9th Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Favorite subject: History

What’s on your iPod? Sort of diverse; Nas (her second cousin), Sade, R&B and hip hop Favorite movie: The King’s Speech Favorite singer(s): Sade, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Carlos Santana Favorite actor(s): Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett Favorite food: Tadik (Persian recipe with rice and lentils “it’s so yummy!” Favorite color: Dark purple

Connect with Yara @RealYaraShahidi 16


Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

phone and her dad always tries to get her off the phone to interact with the family. However, when she is off her phone, she’s the life of the party.” What is it like to be of more than one culture (AA mother & Persian father)? “It adds variety and diversity to my life because I can discover great things about the world and both cultures. It’s a good blend and I’m able to go back and forth between them. Are you learning Farsi (Persian language)? “I used to be fluent in it because it was one of my first languages. It’s my father’s native language and I’ve lost it a little bit but I still understand it.” What was it like to work with big stars such as Eddie Murphy, Samuel L. Jackson, and Tyler Perry? “It was fun getting to work with legends like Eddie Murphy and developing a relationship with them. After you stop being star-struck, you’re able to get to work and develop a connection with them.” Tell us about your experience working on “Scandal” with Kerry Washington: “It was so much fun! I played a young Olivia Pope so once I got into the wardrobe, I was able to be a mix of her and myself. It didn’t feel like work. I actually met Kerry Washington when she came by to say hello to me. I didn’t even know she would be there that day. She said that she really wanted to meet me. It was very exciting!”

You plan to become a historian and specialize in world history. What sparked your interest in that field? “That came from my grandpa who knows a lot about old languages like Greek and other countries. He’s able to read and memorize lots of historical information. You have a black belt in Tang Soo Do (Korean martial art). How did you achieve that and has that discipline helped you in life & acting? “I first went to a class when I was 7 years old. I actually went with a friend so I didn’t know what to expect. However, it has taught me so many things about life, hard work and setting goals.” Do you have any close female friends or relatives? If so, what is your relationship like with them? “I attend an all-girls school so I have a lot of female friends. We support each other and have deep conversations. They are easy to talk to and I can trust them. We also hang out and have sleepovers.” What is your personal definition of being your “sista’s keeper”? “To me, being your sista’s keeper means always supporting each other and having a sense of community. If I call you my sister, I will support you no matter what and expect it in return.”

Positive Thinking Playlist India.Arie“Strength, Courage & Wisdom” Destiny’s Child“Happy Face” Mary J. Blige“Just Fine” Mariah Carey“Fly Like A Bird”

TV Feature: Black-ish Black-ish is a new TV show coming to ABC this month starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Lawrence Fishburn . Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson has a great job, a beautiful wife, Rainbow, four kids, and a colonial home in the ‘burbs. But has success brought too much assimilation for this black family? The series premiere of Black-ish will be Wednesday, September 24th at 9:30/8:30 central. September 2014

Sista’s Keeper


By: Alexis Knight Fashion

Fall Fashion

Turn the hallway into a runway! There are so many ways that

This look starts with a basic element: black leather. You can use this in a shirt, pants. hat, or boots and partner with some khakis and black accessories.

Glam it up in the hallways with a long, flowy skirt matched with a blouse and some flats. Don’t forget a bright lip & purse.


Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

Light colors are the way to go with this look. Khaki pants and a blazer are a no-brainer when paired with a comfortable tennis shoe.

For School


you can make yourself stand out this school year.

Yes you can show that you are a leader not only by how you act but how you dress. A blazer or cardigan is the first step to pair with pants or jeans. A comfortable shoe is a MUST is you will be moving & shaking as a student leader. Use accessories to show off your personality.

This is a clean look that you can play around with accessories and really make it your own. Another element that you can switch up with this look is colored pants that can help you stand out. Gold jewelry will also help pull off this look.

September 2014

Sista’s Keeper


By: Shaniqua Graves Health

Positive Thinking

The way that you think can affect you bot physically and mentally. Positive thoughts can help you with your mindset but also help you deal and get rid of stress from worrying and negative thinking. Summer is coming to an end and the new school year is here. As you trade in your bathing suits for books you may notice that you’re a little more tense than usual, especially if you are doing something different this year like going to a new school or joining a school team. The stress of new events can often have us thinking the worst, whether we realize it or not. Fortunately this stress has a free and fairly simple remedy: positive thinking. The power of our thoughts has been greatly researched and the findings are compelling. According to Mayo Clinic, optimists (people who choose to think positively) enjoy many health benefits including increased life span, lower depression rates, and better ability to cope with stress among many others. We all know that “we are what we eat” but did you know that you are what you think, too? We have a constant stream of thought in our head from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep at night. If much of that “self-talk” is negative it can have a detrimental effect on our moods, outlooks, and daily stress levels. However, if we are mindful of how and what we allow ourselves to think, we can greatly influence our stress level and the way we experience life in general. Here are some tips to help you kick any stinkin’ thinkin’ and put both your mind and body at ease.


Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

Humor Having a great sense of humor can do wonders for your state of mind. Finding the funny in a stressful situation provides you with a great boost of endorphins from the laughter as we as a way for you to step away from the drama of the moment. After a good laugh you’re much more likely to address the issue with a positive attitude and greater ability to solve the problem at hand.

Meditation Practicing meditation for just 20 minutes can help in a number of ways. One is by allowing you dedicated time each day to sit still and truly relax. Meditation is also a great way to learn to examine and control your thoughts. Pick an encouraging mantra to repeat. As you meditate focus hard on your chosen

Can Beat Stress thought but also be mindful of the kinds of thoughts that try to barge in. With practice you will learn how to hold on tight to positive, useful thoughts and let go of the negative thoughts that don’t serve you.

Humor One of the best ways to form a more positive outlook on your life is to spend it helping others. While volunteering at the


soup kitchen or senior center may not directly resolve your issues, it can really help you see and appreciate the things in your life that are great! This sense of gratitude has a unique way of pushing all negative thoughts into the background and helping you to shape a more positive perspective. As you take on the challenge of a new year, remember that positive thinking yields positive results. Think great thoughts and go do great things!

Sickle Cell Awareness Month: “Who is affected?” By: Shaniqua Graves Hi! My name is….. Not a deadly disease but a strong warrior above it all! I am a Sickle Cell Warrior who was diagnosed with Sickle Cell (SS) Disease at the age of one. But before I go in detail of my personal testimony of this disease, I will first talk to you about what SCD is and some of the symptoms of it. Do you know how your red blood cells in your body are round and shaped like a doughnut? Well for people living with SCD, their blood cells are shaped like a banana or a sword. Instead of your red blood cells flowing freely in your body and gaining lots of oxygen, in sickle cell patients when their cells are a different shape, it can get stuck in the vessels causing lack of oxygen to reach the brain cells and also it can cause severe pain in the joints of the body which is called a pain crisis. Pain crisis are very severe and if it isn’t treated, then a person can die! This disease is of the African descent but is more of a global disease

that affects other groups in the world such as Egypt, the Carribean, Puerto Rico, China, India, the Meditarrean, Jamaica, Mexico and Greece. A lot of people feel as though Sickle Cell Disease is a “black” disease and it isn’t. A lot of other people besides African Americans are affected with this disease and are suffering every day in the hospital. Symptoms of SCD is: high fever, pale skin, shortness of breath, dizziness, coldness in the hands and feet, jaundice, chest pain/severe pain in the joints, severe infections, etc. This is why it is very important for newborn babies to get the sickle cell screening test when they are born to determine if they are born with SCD or even the Sickle Cell Trait. Do you know anyone in your family or anybody in your community with this disease? Just remember that this disease IS NOT contagious as a lot of people may think so, but it isn’t. In order to have SCD, one much inherits the hemoglobin Continued on page 42

September 2014

Sista’s Keeper



Keeping In Touch By: Sydney Threet

You took the senior trip together, you spend every long summer day lounging by the pool together, and you shop for college supplies together. It seems like you and your besties have the strongest relationship and that nothing, not even going to different colleges, will break that bond... ...Nothing, that is, except a busy class schedule, making new friends, finding your way around campus, and taking full advantage of your unlimited meal plan. With such a packed schedule, how’s a girl supposed to find time to Skype with, much less visit, her long lost BFF who is equally as busy? Staying in touch with your high school friends means making time for them. Meet Skype, Your New BFF

For those of you who will be purchasing a laptop for college, downloading Skype is a great way to keep in touch. The great thing about Skype is that you can chat with one, two, or multiple people at the same time through video conferencing. You can not only hear each other, but see each other as well, so it’s more like a face-to-face conversation. It’s like the cafeteria catch-up session you had every day in high school without the mystery meat! Choosing a specific time each week (or day, month, etc.) to Skype that works with everyone’s schedule and sticking to it is really important for keeping in touch. Think of the Skype date as you would think of any other plans you would make with your friends: make sure to keep them. Just because you’re chatting through a computer doesn’t mean it’s OK to break your plans. Blog About It

If you think blogs are only for those who have something interesting to write about, you’re right! But luckily for you, your besties think the awkward conversation you had with your TA or the “genius”


Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

idea you came up with last night is interesting. Making a blog together allows each friend to write about her life and catch up on everyone else’s in her own time. Scheduling a Skype date with nine of your closest friends can be almost as challenging as figuring out a weekend to go home, but with a blog, you can catch up at 2 a.m. if you want. There are several free blog services like Blogger and Wordpress that allow you and your pals to easily set one up. Whatever site you choose, make sure you set the privacy setting to where the only people who can read the blog are those whom you allow. Make sure to only give your friends the password so that no one else can read or post on your blog. Also, even if you have the strictest privacy settings, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want getting out: no racy pictures, no inappropriate ranting, and no gossip! If your blog gets hacked (or someone forgets to log out in the library), you want to be on the safe side with your content. It’s The Little Things

Sometimes small things go a long way. Leaving a simple, “Hey. Miss you. Have a great day!” voicemail on her phone is another great way of letting your BFF know that you’re thinking of her. Another small way of keeping in touch is sending a card (yes, through the mail) to your friend wishing her good luck on her macro test or just to tell her you miss her. Sending mail is not only a great way to let her know you’re thinking about her, but it’s also a lovely way to brighten her day. Little things like a card or a wall post are great ways to remind your besties that

With Friends they are your besties, even if you’re miles apart. Face Time

Spending time with your high school besties during breaks is some of the best time to chill out after finals and catch up on everyone’s lives. Make a plan to meet up for dinner. Visiting each other on campus is another great way of staying close because it allows your friends to see the people and places you talk about all the time. Finding time to visit might be a challenge, but campus visits help.


Accept The Changes With high school friendships, only one thing is certain: they will change. You’re going to grow up and so are they, but that doesn’t mean your friendships can’t still be great. Setting up a weekly or monthly phone or Skype date that you never break is a nearly fool proof way to make sure you keep in touch. Moving off to college can seem exciting and scary, but knowing you always have your high school best friends waiting to hear about your new life and tell you about theirs makes the new experience seem a little less intimidating.

September 2014

Sista’s Keeper


Furaha By: Patrice Rivers

How You Think Is How You Feel

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if it was filled with all happiness and all smiles? How do you think that would make you feel as a human-being? Would you feel better about yourself if you lived in a world where everyone was always happy and filled with positive energy?

Well unfortunately, everyone can’t all be happy every day, every minute, every second of their lives. There has to be some type of excitement in the world that we live in, even if we have some bad days, there is always a positive outcome and solution to your situations. “I am in charge of how I feel TODAY and I am choosing HAPPINESS” ~Oprah Winfrey. This statement is very true and to the most satisfaction, it is how you should choose to wake up in the morning; to feel happy and filled with positive thoughts. Let’s be honest: happiness can improve your health on so many different levels and in so many different ways. Never get too focused on putting stress or pressure when dealing with a situation that seems hard to handle. Take a deep breath and relax your mind so that your thought process can take a break from all those solutions you come up with. When it comes to your health, you want to try and stay on a healthy path as much as possible. Never allow the world to control or manipulate your mind or take your power away from you. A very important help I am learning now is to love myself more so that I can feel good about myself. Self-love is a very powerful tool that anybody can have because while you are on that path of happiness, you want to be sure that you are making the right choices so that you don’t put yourself in harm’s way. What is one thing that you do in the morning when you first wake up? Some of you may say brush my teeth, make up my bed, turn on the radio or maybe you might take your shower first. 24

Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

Have you ever thought about smiling in the mirror or saying one positive thing when you wake up in the morning? Start your day off with a positive affirmation such as “Today I will not allow any negativity to come my way! I am my own person and I am in control of my own actions!” This doesn’t have to be exact, but something along those words is good. Practice your positive affirmation over and over in your mind until your brain knows it by heart. Remember a positive attitude reflects a positive thought! You can also visualize positive outcomes by observing yourself in situations, listening to your inner voice, changing your inner dialogue, changing your attitude which is very important, changing your actions and changing our outcomes. Stress is a common factor in health and it is very important to never worry or over-think situations. In life, have fun and enjoy being the wonderful teen that you are!


Ways To Think POSITIVE

By: De’Shauna Selby

Positive is as positive does. Each year we make a list of things we desire to change and as the year progresses, especially as the academic year approaches, we sometimes fall short with fulfilling the goals of that list. We grow weary or overwhelmed by the unexpected things in life. We neglect to realize and accept that there will be things in which we have no control over. But, the things in which we do have control, we lack navigation skills. The simple, yet complex, art of navigating through life is positive thinking. Thinking positive is simple.

Surround Yourself With Positive People!

Read Positive And Inspirational Books

In light of your weakness, you must surround yourself around those that will not engage in your pity party but encourage you. This reduces stress, motivates positive thinking and taps into your reserved energy so you not only think positive but be positive.

Reading stimulates the mind and body. Reading books that are inspirational to you keeps you informed, focused and steady fast towards the positive life ahead of you. On your next free day, stop by your local free library and pick up Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking for starters!

Listen To Positive Music

Meditate/Yoga Do you ever need a minute to breathe? Meditation is similar to a reset button. It allows you to create a sense of stillness and live there for just enough time to collect your thoughts and put your mind at ease. Try meditating for at least 20 minutes daily. Yoga is also a great way to relax and reset.

Do/Say At Least One Positive Thing For Someone Per Day The ole’ phrase goes “put into the universe what you want out of it” and in this case it is true. Doing positive gestures for others keeps you proactive in positivity, which all paths will lead back to you!

Make A List Of What You Are Grateful For When you know what you are grateful for, you realize and acknowledge the positivity in your life. This provides you with an opportunity to add to that list and change your mind set for the positive while doing so.

Smile… ...because you never know who is watching! In midst of negativity, if you have strength to smile then you are more positive then you think you are and, you are sharing that positivity with those who are lucking enough to witness your beautiful smile!

Turn Your “Cant’s” Into “Can’s” It’s easy to say you can’t but it takes courage to say you can and do it. Ask yourself are you saying you can’t because you don’t know how or because you never tried? Or is it because you think of the negative that could come from pursuing it? Thinking positive allows you to understand that all things are possible if you believe! Believe in yourself even if no one else does.

Music can serve as a distraction from negativity ONLY if it is counteracted with positive music. It also slows your breathing and heart rate down, allowing you to relax in times of stress.

Be Careful What You Say To Yourself Because You Are Always Listening Just like food, when we eat unhealthy, our bodies become unhealthy. When you feed yourself with negativity, you become a negative being. Practice speaking positive affirmations in your life

Take Responsibility, Take Control Accept that you are in control. You are behind the wheel of your own success and your own happiness. Own it. Claim it before someone else does. You have more power than you think over your life and it starts with choosing to take responsibility. Trust yourself! September 2014

Sista’s Keeper



My Positive Thoughts

Sistas told us via Instagram the positive thoughts that they have with them throughout the day. "My positive thought is to not worry about what anyone says about me because as long as I’m doing right, and I’m happy, then that’s all that matters. Also, to stay beautiful because God made us all different for a reason."


... y r r o not w


Be yo u

"Always be yourself. If you do that, you’re going to be successful & going to acheive higher things in life.”




"Don’t fear because God is with you. Also, don’t try to be normal...only be YOU! It’s only ONE you in this world so be IT. " @kamara_d

Tomo r

row =



"Mine is a little cliche’ but it’s Y.O.L.O. (you only live once). I say that because I try to live everyday like there’s no tomorrow. I take advantage of every opportunity and live with NO regrets. " 26

Sista’s Keeper


September 2014


... r a e f not

"Tomorrow is a better day...a NEW chance to improve my life with each passing minute. " @thebeautifuljordan

. O . L . Y.O

Positive Thinking Worksheet


Answer the questions on this worksheet to help you begin to think more positively.

Strengths and Qualities Things I am good at: 1. __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________

I hope to someday ____________________________ ____________________________________________ Today, I will _________________________________ ___________________________________________ My best friend _______________________________

Things I like about myself:


1. __________________________________________

In the future, I want to _________________________

2. __________________________________________


3. __________________________________________

Sentence Completion

My Positive Thoughts

My family is _________________________________




A fond memory of mine is when _________________




I admire ____________________________________




I am proud of myself because____________________



____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ September 2014

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She’s A BIG CEO/author/entreprenuer Tori Turner has a new book that goes into to the lives of girls in the pageant world, which she is familiar with from serving as Miss Black Louisiana Talented Teen 2012.


ori Turner is doing it all: balancing high school and promoting her new book, Teen Queens: All Is Fair In Love & Pageants (Volume 1). Her motto is “you are never too young to make a difference”. Turner, who is in the 11th grade, says that school is the top priority. “Keeping my grades up is a must so for now I will just be writing in my spare time.” September 2014

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She plans to balance her growing career and school the best way she can. “I will just see how it plays out later and work around it.”

Teen Queens

Turner’s second book, Teen Queens: All Is Fair In Love & Pageants (Volume 1), was officially released in August. It is geared toward teen/young adult girls is all about life as a pageant queen. It is loosely based on Turner’s life, pageant experiences and the girls she has met along her pageant journey. “It is about five girls from same regional area who meet at a pageant. It gives insight into the life of pageant girls,” Turner says. “It shows the preparation, the drama that the public does not see, the work behind the scenes and what happens as a result of being in pageant.” Turner plans to make it into a series of at least five books to show each of the girls’ different problems and situations.

T-Star Entertainment

Family “Reign”

Reign Publications is the family-owned publishing company that she, her parents and sister started earlier this year with the help of previous publisher, Delphine Turner is also CEO of T Star Entertainment, Inc Publications. which is working on trailer for her Teen Queens Turner runs the teen division of the company, book as well as future projects. She hopes that her “D.R.E.A.M. BIG Foundation” will start more projects Reign-Drop Teen Publications. “It branches off from main company and I’m able to linked to books & content. make the decisions. It gives me more creative freedom “The company will produce and direct the trailer and control over content and covers. It is more teento give a visual to book series. This will give me focused.” the opportunity to combine my love for writing and acting!”


Turner’s first book, “When I Decided to D.R.E.A.M. Big” was published in May 2013 and encouraged teens to go after their goals and dreams and never stop believing in themselves. She received two nominations by the African American Literary Awards Guild for Break-Out Author of the Year and Best in Non-Fiction. She also was a featured author at the 2013 Essence Festival. “I get so excited about what I do, and I love encouraging others to pursue their dreams too,” Turner says. 30

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September 2014

No “Troubles”

Turner is looking forward to start back working on the on-stage sitcom “Troubles” in New Orleans. “It’s a family show about foster kids that gives insight on what they go through in their daily lives. It goes into their past, how they became foster kids and how they deal with it.”

Sweet Sixteen

Turner’s 16th birthday is on September 30th. She originally thought of having a birthday party but decided to do a family trip instead. “We’re gonna go on a family trip to Los Angeles. We plan to visit Hollywood, Disneyland & tour the area.”

Connect w/ Tori @officialtori @officialtoriturner

About Tori Name: Victoria “Tori” Turner Age: 15 Birthday: September 30th Hometown: Terrytown/New Orleans, LA Favorite Actress: Viola Davis, Queen Latifah & Paula Patton Favorite Movie: Remember The Titans & Clueless Favorite Food: Seafood Favorite Color: Blue

Being Her Sista’s Keeper Turner has a friend named Jada who she met while acting. They are in the “Troubles” show together and they hang out when they can. She also has a Godsister named Kailyn who is around the same age and they hang out more. Turner’s relationship with her 10-year-old sister Alexia is typical: they go back & forth but she is able

to set an example for her. “I give her tips in school & more. There will be more to talk to her about when she gets older but we’re able to grow together. We help each other with projects & rarely collide or bump heads.” To Turner, being her sista’s keeper means being there for your sista in her time of need. “You are there to give advice and share yout expertise in life and in any situation they may have. You are there to answer their questions when you can.”

Book Feature: Teen Queens Rachel McKinley, Mia Guichard, Leilani Stevens, Harmony Hastings, and Malique Washington come from totally different backgrounds, but they have three things in common: they are NOLA Girls, they are all trying to figure out this thing called “teen life,” and pageants. The five girls meet during a pageant in their hometown, New Orleans, LA and from that moment deemed themselves inseparable sisters. With such high expectations placed on them because they wear the crowns, The Teen Queens series follows these girls as they are discovering themselves and dealing with the pressures that come along with being pageant queens. All Is Fair In Love And Pageants: Malique Washington meets friends for life at her first pageant and they become inseparable sisters. Although she loves every aspect of pageants, she soon realizes it’s not always sunshine and roses. All is fair in love and pageants and in the good ole spirit of competition, but when Malique and her new found sister queens are all chosen to compete in the citywide pageant, their sisterhood is threatened. Malique struggles with balancing her life-long friendship with her best friend, her friendship with new sister queens, her new life as a teen queen, and her new boyfriend. On top of all of that, she has to prepare for the pageant, not to mention school! Maybe the world of being a teen queen isn’t so wonderful after all.

September 2014

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Sistas Making These young ladies are making the transition to a new environment in school, either elementary to middle, middle to high school and high school to college. Genesis Lowry (left) Transition to: Middle school (Mountain Island Lake Academy, Charlotte, NC)

6th grade

What are you most excited about? I’m excited about dance class & other electives; moving into middle school & a new grade. What are you nervous about? Nothing really. I’m just excited about the school year What is the biggest thing that you are looking forward to? dance class; i’m excited to What do you want/plan to get involved in (activities)? dance class; Project Lead The Way (STEM program) What is the biggest difference so far? we change classes more; being separated from the other kids in the school

Megan B. Transition to: High school (Dudley High, Greensboro, NC) What is the thing that you’re most excited about? I’m excited to meet new people and to challenge myself. What are you most nervous about? About getting on the high school bus, I’m so nervous about that! There are going to be older people and stuff so I don’t know. What’s the biggest thing you’re looking forward to in high school? I guess just getting a good education and going to a four-year college. What types of activities do you want to get involved in? I want to either be on the dance team or be one of the Pantherettes that dance at the football games. What do you think the biggest difference will be? I think it will be having more independence and self-control and freedom!


Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

9th grade

By: Shaniqua Graves

School Transitions C o l l e g e

Karina Young Transition to: College (Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC) Major: Mass Communications: Broadcast & Journalism I am most excited about meeting new people, getting involved in activities, and cheering my first year of college. I think reaching out to others and getting involved is a great way to create experiences. Going into college as a freshman, I am nervous about the class work only because I know it’s very different from high school. Having great professionals along your side does make me feel better about that though. I am looking forward to everything! The college experience is new Continued on page 44

By: Kendra Wicker Lamonica Jones Transition to: College (Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC) Major: Psychology When I first started the college application process during my senior year, I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t even know where I wanted to go. I applied to four colleges; Winthrop, Upstate, USC, and Clemson. Out of those four, I got accepted into Winthrop and Upstate. Winthrop accepted me first, and I was extremely excited and proud. At that time, I still hadn’t made up my mind about where I wanted to go, but after corresponding and meeting with some of the staff at Winthrop, the warm welcomes made me feel like I belonged. That was BEFORE

C o l l e g e

Continued on page 44

By: Kendra Wicker

Crystal Hogue, 18, Transition to: College: (North Carolina A&T, Greensboro, NC)

By: Lauren

C o l l e g e Summers

What are you most excited about entering college? I’m mostly excited about meeting new people. I know a lot of older people who are still close friends with the people they knew in college so I’m very excited to start friendships that can last a lifetime. Also I know that college is one place where you do a lot of networking so I’m excited to begin to create that foundation of knowing the right people as well. What are you most nervous about? Continued on page 42

September 2014

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By: Kendra Wicker

Are You

September is National Preparedness Month! National Preparedness Month was created to ensure that individuals and families know what precautions to take in case of an emergency. These emergencies include natural disasters, biological and chemical spills, technological hazards and terrorist threats. Individuals should create and go over an emergency plan with their family so that everyone is prepared if the worst were to happen. Having some form of plan worked out for different situations will bring relief to the household and may help prevent a loss in assets and lives in the future. The plan should consist of answers for questions on where supplies are located, how to contact family, where in the home to take shelter and where

to evacuate if necessary. Also by taking the steps to create kits with supplies and food for these types of hazards will save a lot of time and energy needed to focus on other aspects of the situation when something were to happen. These types of disasters affect everyone, so individuals should not only focus on the safety of their own home but become active in finding solutions for the benefit of the community.


Tornados are destructive rotating columns of air that are typically birthed from thunderstorms. They are the most violent type of storms as they can occur anytime of the year and may form rapidly without enough time to warn others. People are at risk to being struck by flying or falling objects and injury from extreme winds. Tornados are not always visible to the human eye, for they may be obscured by rain and low hanging clouds. It is important that everyone knows the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. To clarify a tornado watch is when there is inclement weather that is in favor of a tornado forming. A tornado warning is when a tornado has been spotted or picked up by radar. During a tornado you should take immediate shelter. CDC advises a closed room without windows, the basement being the safest place inside the home, followed by the bathroom, closet and hallway. You should protect your head with anything you have or your hands and avoid sheltering under heavy objects that could fall down. When outside in tornado weather one should seek shelter immediately, or if none is available, lie flat in the nearest ditch shielding your head. One should not operate a vehicle or stay in a mobile home during a tornado as they both can easily be tossed by winds.


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September 2014

Black Out/Power Outage Occasionally power outages may happen. They could be community wide, city wide and sometimes statewide and regional. A number of things could be related to the outages, usually out of an individual’s control. There are a number of energy-saving techniques that can be used at home to help conserve energy, like keeping lights not in use off and keeping a steady temperature on the ac. If the power was to go out flashlights could be used for emergency lighting. Candles should not be used as they increase the risk for fires. Keep the freezer and refrigerator doors closed as much as possible to keep food from spoiling quicker. Turn off electrical devices that were in use when the power went out as to keep it from becoming ruined from possible power surges. Try to use your cell phone for emergencies only and do not call 911; listen to a battery operated radio or device to listen in on news for information. Keep one light on so you can know when the power restores.

Prepared? Hurricanes Hurricanes are severe tropical storms or cyclones formed out of ocean, sea or gulf waters. These storms are usually rated on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most powerful. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention hurricanes can pick up wind speeds exceeding 155 mph and can cause major damages along the coastline and miles inland from the result of flooding, flying debris, heavy rainfall and strong winds. The meteorologists will inform listeners of a hurricane watches and hurricane warnings. A hurricane watch is when inclement weather favors a hurricane forming and coming through the area, while a hurricane warning is when radars have spotted a hurricane that may affect the area. Hurricane season


in the Eastern Pacific coast goes from May 15 to November 30. When there is a hurricane in your area you should fully secure your home, locking shut any shutters and windows and bringing any outside objects you have inside. People should listen to their local TV or or radio station for information on the storm and if your family should evacuate. Ensure you have large amounts of water for sanitary and flushing purposes as well as stored away food. Generally mobile homes, high-rise buildings and places built on or near waterways are not safe for hurricane conditions, so one must seek other shelter when prompted. away from these items and keep items not in use out of reach for them. Teach children early that fire is dangerous and they should not try to use it for play. Finally, make sure there are working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers throughout the home.Should a fire break that is out of your control you should get low and crawl to your safety exit. Be sure to feel doorknobs that are closed for warmth; if it is warm or smoke is coming from the door this means there is fire on the other side and you should seek a different exit. Make sure to open doors really slow in case there is a fire on the opposite side so you can close it immediately. Get out as quickly as possible and call 911. If you cannot escape, call for help, and remain down low in place until help arrives. Cover up all vents and door cracks with tape or cloth to keep out smoke. If you catch fire, stop, drop and roll or get a blanket to smother flames.

According to, 2500 people die and 12600 people are injured in home fires every year in the United States. Fires can spread in a matter of seconds and can become life threatening in minutes, engulfing a person’s property in only a short period. The heat and smoke from a fire can be even more dangerous sometimes as it can cause suffocation and seared lungs by the individual being in the fumes too long. Unlike the other disasters fires are very preventable. Help prevent fire by staying in the kitchen while cooking and keeping loose clothing and other flammable items out of the way of flame. If you smoke make sure that the cigarette is put all the way out; do not simply flick the cigarette on the ground. Stay alert of where electrical and gas appliances and other items are; keep children a significant amount of space For more information, visit:

September 2014

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Getting Ready

Education Feature

This college prep timeline provided by

In 9th & 10th Grade

7th & 8th Grade • Begin thinking about the high school classes that will prepare you for college. Take the most difficult classes you can handle. • Ask your parents or teachers to help you develop good study habits. • Practice setting and reaching goals. • Volunteer in your community. • Take interest and skills assessments to help you think about possible career options. • Talk with your school counselor and parents about careers that interest you want to explore. • Create a tentative high school class plan. • Enroll in a summer enrichment program. 36

Sista’s Keeper

• Take interest and skills assessments to help you explore careers options.

extracurricular activities.

• Review your high school class plan. Take the most difficult classes you can • Talk with your school handle. Stay focused on counselor about career your schoolwork. options and the education required for those careers. • Sign up for classes that will earn college credit • Talk with your parents during your junior year about saving and paying through Advanced for college. Placement, International Baccalaureate, • Talk with friends, Postsecondary teachers, counselors Enrollment Options or and your parents about College in the Schools. college. • Check if your school requires 10th graders to take the PLAN to prepare for the ACT. • Participate in

• Explore internships and apprenticeships. • Enroll in a summer enrichment program.

Want to go to college? It’s never too late to prepare... For more information, visit:

September 2014

For College

Education Feature

will show you what you need to do to get ready for college.

In 11th Grade • Attend college and financial aid events. • Mentor others and have a mentor for yourself. • Take the PSAT in the fall to prepare for the SAT, and to identify areas where you need improvement. • Consider possible career options and investigate the type of education that is needed. • Request materials from schools that interest you and visit their websites. • Arrange campus visits to those schools that interest you. • Participate in extracurricular activities. • Request admissions and financial aid forms. • Sign up for classes that will earn college credit during your senior year through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Postsecondary Enrollment Options or College in the Schools. • Register for and take the ACT and/or SAT in the spring. • Review your high school class plan. Take the most difficult classes you can handle. Stay focused on your schoolwork. Make sure you are meeting your high school graduation requirements. • Enroll in a summer enrichment program. • Get a job to earn and save money for college, or explore your skills through an internship or apprenticeship. • Research private scholarship options.

In 12th Grade • Stay focused on your schoolwork and take the most difficult classes you can handle. • Take career interest assessments and determine the education needed for careers that interest you. • Participate in extracurricular activities. • Volunteer in the community. Summer • Get a job to earn money for college. • Review orientation materials from the college you selected. • If living on campus, check with the college for a list of what’s provided by the school and what the school expects the student to provide. • Contact your roommate.

Media Partner

Keeping a Clear Mind Through Positive Thinking By: Breana Jones Keep Rising! Girl As junior in high school, I have realized that a lot of my classmates have something negative to say. It can be hurtful to hear such negativity directed at my classmates and sometimes me. As a high school girl, I want to encourage other girls to always surround themselves with positive people as well as think positively. I realized that positive thinking is not just having happy thoughts, but it is looking at the positive side of things. I will admit, as a high school student it is hard to look at the positive with all the negative things going on around me at school, on television and hear in music. However, when I wake up in the morning I spend a few minutes with God. I thank God for everything I have and ask for his guidance throughout the day. That is how I remain positive. As a young girl, I want to encourage you to always think positively about yourself. I believe that thinking positively can help you change the way that you view yourself and your life. I know that with the influence of television, social media and music it is hard to love what you see in the mirror and appreciate what you have. It is also important to have uplifting and encouraging people in your corner. By surrounding yourself with people that think positively you can remain grounded and grow more and more in God. I am the first to admit that music with good beats

About Breana Born in Greensboro, N.C. and now living in Concord, N.C., Breana is the junior class student council vice president, a member of the Central Cabarrus High School varsity cheerleading squad and track team and maintains a 3.75 grade point average. Breana is a driven young lady that believes in volunteering countless hours in her community and dedicating her life to God. To learn more about Breana, visit: 38

Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

and catchy sayings are usually what I tend to want to listen to, but I had to sit down and actually listen to the words and analyze what artists like Nicki Minaj were saying. I realized that most of the music that is currently being played on the radio is poisoning the minds of today’s youth, but most importantly how poison it is on the minds of other young girls. The same is true with television and how different shows emphasize negativity, and I believe that this does not help us as young girls think positively. Negativity impacts who we are and how we view life. Not watching and listening to negative media might be hard to do when your peers are constantly telling you it’s cool to listen to music and watch shows that are of sexual and immoral nature. Therefore, it is very important to surround yourself with friends and leaders that will not pressure you into doing things you know aren’t right. Luke 6:45 reads, For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. We all have to be mindful of the things that we guard are hearts with. Thinking positively helps us as young women better express ourselves without anger but through love. I encourage you to examine the contents of your heart daily and remove the junk that has taken residence there and ask God to come in. Positive thinking starts in the mind and can influence your heart. As young girls, we have to capability to inspire each other and promote positivity through all walks of life. Keep Rising!

Media Partner everyone that had a role to play in the summit had one goal in mind. That goal was to change the life of at least one girl that day whether it was with a smile or words of encouragement. I could not have asked for a better group of staff and volunteers than what I had on June 21, 2014. I’ve always known that I had a calling on my life to be a motivational speaker, but I never would have imagined that the call would evolve into impacting and empowering a generation of young girls to be strong and confident women. I was inspired when a young girl came up to me after listening to the keynote address by news anchor, By: Venus Alexandria Ferguson Brigida Mack, she said, “I feel like I am beautiful now, and like I can be anything that I want to be.” You would have thought that the more than 130 That comment made me grateful that I followed people, including 73 girls, were waiting anxiously in through with the assignment that God put on my life. line to see their favorite artist perform. Instead these I am confident that God will make Keep Rising! girls, parents and mentors were awaiting entry into the a national movement that will change the lives of first annual Keep Rising! Empowerment Summit for young girls through seminars, keynote addresses and Girls. various products. It was in the middle of the night in November 2013 Although I am the founder of Keep Rising! when I was awaken by God and told to have a summit Empowerment Summit for Girls, there is room for for girls 11-18 that will empower and motivate them. many more initiatives like mine. We all have to work On that night the Keep Rising! Empowerment Summit for Girls was born. For the next six months, I trusted in together to show this generation of girls that they are beautiful, worthy of the best that life has to offer and God and he literally blew my mind. The Keep Rising! summit is a one-day empowerment that they can change this world that they live in. conference designed to empower and motivate girls Keep Rising! 11-18 through self-esteem, financial literacy, mental health, and health and wellness workshops lead by subject matter experts in their field. Parents are also invited to attend a workshop designed specifically to provide them with the tools that will help them better communicate with the girls in their life. The parent workshop was lead by Tracy Alston, president and chief operating officer of New Mentality, PC a neurofeedback, biofeedback and counseling agency. It wasn’t about the more than 60 corporate, small business and individual sponsors that made this event a success. It wasn’t the dynamic and energetic Zumba instructor, Janean Benton or the live DJ, DJ Wood that made this event extremely successful. What made the summit a success was because To learn more about Keep Rising! Empowerment Summit for Girls, visit

I’m Not Perfect


By: Eman\ Al-Taher

I am not perfect and I don’t try to be You ask how I’m always happy But what you don’t see Is the pain I’ve felt I’ve kept it under wraps Swept it under the rug No need to relapse I’m not going to hang on Or let it drag me down Not going to let it get to me Or even make me frown Today is a new day And tomorrow will be even better Because I’ve sent away all my pain I locked it into a letter I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have bad days What gets me through them Is the God that I praise I’m not too different from you I’ve cried for no reason Lonely days and nights I felt like I committed treason

And I ask myself why cry? When it’s beyond my control Why let it effect me And change my soul See I appreciate the small things Because everyday is a blessing I’m happy to be alive And while I’m confessing Let me tell you I’m not as strong as I look I have my weaknesses Like I cannot cook That’s beside the point What I’m saying is this I’m only human Just trying to coexist My goal is simple I want everyone to see That my happiness Is up to no one but me.

• Tori Turner •

Keep Rising! Empowerment Summit for Girls • Yara Shahidi • Ready (for Kids) • College Prep Timeline • Empowherment Inc.

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September 2014

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Sickle Cell, ontinued from page 21

gene from one or both of their parents. People living with SCD have been told, primarily by doctors that they wouldn’t live past their teens! But a lot of people have proven them wrong by keeping alive and staying healthy. I am a walking miracle of this disease that almost took my life at the age of 12. I suffered from three pain crises in my life. The first one that I had was when I was one living in Sumter, South Carolina at Shaw AFB. I was hospitalized for about a week with a high fever. My hematologist gave me plenty of fluids and ran an IV until my blood count was back to normal. My life was pretty much normal. Playing like a regular child and having fun.

Crystal, continued from page 33 I’m nervous about the classes. When you talk to people about college they usually talk about their social life more than how they got by in their classes so I don’t know what to expect. Some people have said that freshmen classes are easy, but then again we all learn differently so what may have been easy for them I could definitely struggle with. Like math, I’m very nervous about math because that’s probably my least strong subject and I don’t know what to expect from a college level math class. What are you looking forward to most? The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is our homecoming, of course. I’ve been going to the homecoming festivities for my school since I can remember but finally being able to be on the inside where I can participate in practically everything is exciting. What activities do you want to get involved in? I plan to get involved with a program that mentors new students. It’s basically a program that trains you to become an orientation leader and also host many other activities throughout the university during the school year. I loved the energy that the student leaders had at my orientation and I’d love to do that for the next incoming freshmen. 42

Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

Then in 1998, I suffered my second crisis called acute chest syndrome which is a lung-related complication of SCD that can lower the levels of oxygen in the blood and be life-threatening. My second pain crisis was the same one which more severe because I almost died. That was a powerful testimony because I am still living and I am still walking this Earth! There are so many people suffering from this disease and even though there is no universal cure of SCD, there are medications out there such as Hydroxyurea, Folic Acid, Penicillin and lots of pain medications to help when a pain crisis is about to occur or when one is in pain. It is important to spread the awareness in your community and educate yourself about Sickle Cell Disease.

What do you think the biggest difference will be? The biggest difference will obviously be not being at home and just being in a completely different environment. I won’t be going far from home but I’m still sure it’ll be a drastic change to what I’m used to. Another big difference will be having to do most things on your own without having constant reminders and a lot of time to do them. How do you plan to make friends? Well my parents said sharing my snacks is a good way to make friends so I’ll definitely be doing that. But I never really try to intentionally make friends or acquaintances and I honestly don’t want to try to pressure myself into doing so. I know a couple people already going to my school so I do plan on meeting up with them and they’ll probably have some friends too so maybe I’ll have some mutual friendships. Also there’s a lot of welcome week activities that kind of force you to be with all the other freshmen at some point so I’m sure I’ll meet a lot of new people during the activities and events. Also and most importantly social media, I’ve been communicating with a lot of other freshmen using our hashtag for incoming freshmen so we kind of already know of each other it’s just a matter of meeting in person.

Katrina, Continued from page 33 for me, so anything that comes my way, whether it be cheering for the games, joining a sorority, or getting involved in new activities, I am looking forward to and anxious. I have not made up my mind on all the activities I would like to get involved in, but so far I do plan on joining the Winthrop University Association of Black Journalists. It seems like a wonderful club and I think

joining it will definitely benefit me with my major. I think the biggest difference will be transitioning to a whole new life. My independence and finding a way to balance my social and academic life without my parents will be very different for me. I chose Winthrop University as my school because of the location, the beautiful campus, and the opportunities they have to offer. So, for me, it’s an all around great school and I think I will go beyond my expectations while attending.

Sista’s Keeper Magazine is published bi-monthly during the following months: September November January March May July The issues are published on the 1st Friday of each month of publication. Online content is published during the alternate months. Visit our website for more information: Lamonica, Continued from page 33 I visited the campus, but afterwards, I fell in love completely. It felt right to me. After moving into my dorm, it felt like a sure thing. I was home. I wouldn’t say I chose Winthrop; Winthrop chose me. I’m most excited about being in a new environment and being around different types of people from different walks of life. The feeling is still pretty surreal to me, almost as if it wasn’t really happening, even as I sat in my dorm room. I am most nervous about being on my own. Don’t 44

Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

get me wrong, I’ve always had an independent nature about me, but this is FOR REAL this time! I’m nervous, but I’m also extremely anxious to see what I’m really made of. The biggest thing I am looking forward to is my own self discovery. While I know who I am, I really don’t know WHO I am just yet. This is a time for experiences, mistakes (yes, even those, but not too many), and self-actualization. College is going to be WAY different than high school. You’ll be exposed to a lot more, and nothing is sugar-coated like it was when we were in high school. Our eyes and ears will be opened to a lot more.

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Black Women In History

Alice Coachman First African-American woman to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games

1923: Born in Albany, Georgia on November 9th 1946: Enrolled in Albany State College, she was the national champion in the 50 and 100-meter races, 400-meter relay and high jump 1948: Made history at the Olympics in London when she leapt to a recordbreaking height of 5 feet, 6 and 1/8 inches in the high jump finals 1952: Became a Coca-Cola spokesperson, making her the first African American to earn an endorsement deal 1975: Inducted into the National Track & Field Hall of Fame 1994: Established the Alice Coachman Track and Field Foundation to help support younger athletes and provide assistance to retired Olympic veterans 1996: Honored as one of the 100 greatest Olympians in history at the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta 2004: Inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame 2014: Died on July 14 at the age of 90 in Georgia 46

Sista’s Keeper

September 2014

By eighth grade, only half as many girls as boys are interested in math, science, and engineering careers. If each of us gives a girl our time and support today, she can find the courage, confidence, and character she’ll need to build a better tomorrow.