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March 2013 Vol. 1, Issue 4

Spotlight: A’layeah Joisanne Plus: Tryneal Addison Davanna Booker You’re Accepted Into College: Now What? 7 Habits Series: Think Win-Win

Spring Fashion Pg. 18

Coco Jones

Disney Star Talks New EP, Made Of

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7 Habits Series: Think Win-Win

Spring Fashion 18


Teen Actress/Writer/ Producer A’layeah Joisanne

Fashion Feature: Diva Davanna 13-year-old model who walked in several shows during NY Fashion Week


Accepted: Now What?

The steps that you need to take after you receive your college acceptance letter


On the Cover: Photo: Video Screenshot


(Left) Jones in the video for her hit single, “Holla At the DJ”

What Coco’s Made Of

March 2013

Sista’s Keeper


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Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

I AM my Sista’s Keeper

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Beauty: Bangs are Bangin’

Entertainment: Oz: The Great and Powerful 17

Beauty: Shaping Your Eyebrows for Your Face


Furaha: Spring Break... 26 At Home With Friends Jando: 27 Spring Break Volunteering


“What Girls Think” Host Tryneal Addison Health: Black Girls and Exercise


Health: Catching Up On 23 Your Zzzzzz’s

Maua: Baby Steps 29


Ndege: College Road Trip for Spring Break

Black Women In History: Wilma Rudolph 46 January 2013

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Coco Jones 12 New Album Released Exclusively at WalMart $5


What’s going on & what to do this month

Oz: The Great and Powerful Starring James Franco and Mila Kulis In Theaters March 8th


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Taris Easterling

Shaniqua Graves

Yani Long

Noma Vilane

Catch Up On Some Z’s (pg. 23), Stay Home (pg. 26)

Bye Ashy (pg. 14), Black Girls and Exercise (pg. 22)

Volunteering (pg. 27); Accepted (pg. 39)

Spring Cleaning (pg. 25), College Road Trip (pg. 29)

Easterling is currently a freshman at North Carolina Central University. She’s an avid reader and writer so you will usually find her doing one or the other. She’s the lead host on her very own personal radio show, Unscripted Radio.

Graves is a North Carolina native living in Greensboro. Aside from journalism, the UNC-Greensboro alumna also writes poetry and short stories. The aspiring writer continues to seek projects that express her unique point of view through writing.

Long began writing at the age of 11 with journals that turned into poetry. She attended Guilford Technical Community College and then transferred to NC A&T in 2010. She enjoys making jewelry, spending time with family, watching TV and playing cards.



Vilane is a senior journalism major at North Carolina A&T State University. Her hobbies include reading, writing fiction, and spending time with friends and family.


Online Intern Jonathan Erik Veal is a senior print journalism major at North Carolina A&T State University. A Charlotte native, Veal is the editor in chief of the A&T Register, the student newspaper on A&T’s campus. 6

Sista’s Keeper

March 2013



Spring Cleaning Your Life and Relationships


ey sistas! The season is changing and it’s almost spring. That means it’s time to do some spring cleaning in your house and in your life. That’s the theme of this issue: to use this time of year to reevaluate your relationships with family, friends and guys to see who is helping you and who is holding you back. In this issue, we are featuring some sistas who show us that it is okay to go after our dreams and branch out on our own. Coco Jones is one sista that we can definitely see hard work pays off. She didn’t give up on her dream of being an entertainer after being eliminated in Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing contest. Now she has starred in Let It Shine and is coming out with her first album, Made Of. A’layeah Joisanne started making her dreams come true by writing her own stories and turning them into movie projects. Her original story, “Listen To Me” is already been seen by lots of people and even won her an award. Tryneal Addison is giving young girls a voice with her own online talk show, “What Girls Think”. The show is her idea that she got off the ground and that she trying to build her empire around. Davanna Booker is only 13 years old but she has already been a model in New York Fashion Week and even been featured on America’s Next Top Model.

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If you want to contact me or have any questions about the magazine, email me at: or visit our website: Remember the purpose of Sista’s Keeper: to build you up as young women so you can be comfortable enough in yourself to help your sisters, cousins, friends, etc. I hope that you enjoy this issue.

“I AM my Sista’s Keeper”

March 2013

Owner/Publisher @SistasKeeperMag

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Triple Threat

As an actress, writer, and producer, A’layeah Joisanne is on her way to BIG things in show business. She recently won the Women in Media-Newark Cell Phone Media Contest for her original short film, “Listen to Me”. At 17 years old, A’layeah Joisanne Thompson is already an award-winning actress, writer and director. She recently won the 2012 Cell Phone Cinema Contest, which was sponsored by the organization Women in Media in Newark, NJ. Her first name comes from the Swahili origin meaning “to ascend” and she is surely on the rise. She tells about an experience when she randomly opened Bible up to Psalm 45:17. “I turned to it and it said ‘I will make your name known’ and that really stuck with me as a sign,” Thompson says. Thompson also has a small role in the upcoming movie, “Interludes II: Beautiful Destroyer” which will be featured in several festivals in 2014. Thompson has a dream of starting her own production company. “It kind of fell into place when I started writing scripts and filmmaking,” Thompson says. “I want to have a team working me and I want to go to college to major in business so I can learn that side of it.” Thompson says she is applying to schools in her area, such as Rutgers University in Newark, Montclair State, and Caldwell College. Another project that she’s working on is “Carrie’s Diary”. “I’ve been writing it for a long time. It started production in June but we’re starting from scratch in March.”

Actress A’layeah Joisanne @Joisanne

Inspiration behind “Listen to Me”: Originally, I wrote “Carrie’s Diary” when I was 13. This story came from aspects of that one. They both deal with problems with mothers and abuse in the home and it lets them tell their story & encourage them to get help. Your definition of being your “sista’s keeper”: To me, it means be close to them and have that connecting. Be able to talk personally & express feeling and talk freely and not worry about feelings. It also means loyalty between each other and keeping that bond & friendship. Name: A’layeah Joisanne Thompson Age: 17 Unknown Talents: People don’t know that I can play basketball. When they see me, they wouldn’t think that. Birthday: September 21 Who inspires you? Taraji P. Henson is my favorite actress and she inspires me a lot as actress. Something you can’t live without: My cell phone (iPhone 4) because I use cute apps like WattPad where you can express poetry & write stuff to share. What’s on your iPod? I like R&B, rap and hip-hop. Rihanna is my favorite...I love her! I also like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Mary J. Blige.

March 2013

Sista’s Keeper



Bangs Rule for The hot hairstyle for spring 2013 is bangs and they can come in any style...curly, straight, layered.

First Lady’s FAB Bangs First Lady Michelle Obama always has the world watching what she’s wearing and how she styles her hair. During the 2013 Inauguration, she shined with her bangs and feathered cuts and was one of the most talked about topics from the day.

Photo :


Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

Spring 2013


Her Bangs are a ‘Scandal’ “Scandal” star Kerry Washington rocked bangs at the 2013 Golden Globes and she paired them with a straight, symmetrical cut.

Photo :

Long Bangs TV personality Aisha Tyler showed off her signature bangs at the 2012 TCA Summer Party in Hollywood.

Photo :

March 2013

Sista’s Keeper


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Makeup Trends


1: Red Lips-It’s back to the basics this season with lip color and a dark red lip will give you a classic look. 2: Emerald Accents- The color of the season will add just the pop of color that you need to make a statement. 3: Beautiful Brows-The perfectly-shaped eyebrows will bring your look together (see below) 2


The Right Eyebrow Shape For Your Face Figuring out the right eyebrows shape to suit your face can be a challenge. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction. Your eyebrows are one of your most important facial features. Think of it like this; if eyes are the windows to the soul, your eyebrows are the curtains. They frame your eyes beautifully, add balance to your face and make it look even. They can totally change the way your face looks. Getting them right is just as good as getting a complete makeover. They make your face look finished with no other makeup on. • Use a straight-edged object and hold it vertically along the side of your nose so it reaches up to where your eyebrow starts. The place where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where it should naturally start. • Use the pencil again, look straight ahead and line up the pencil with the center of your pupil. The place where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where your arch should naturally start. • Hold the pencil at a diagonal from the outer corner of your eye to the corner of your nose so it extends up over your eyebrow. The place where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where your brow should end naturally. • Repeat the steps for your other eye. March 2013

Sista’s Keeper



By: Shaniqua Graves

Bye Ashy!!!!!!!!!!

As the winter comes to an end you may notice that the cold weather has taken a toll on your skin. Dry, chapped skin is not only uncomfortable but it can also ruin a great spring ensemble. Here are a few tips to rejuvenate your skin and keep it moisturized and soft all year long.

Drink Plenty Of Water When we think about skin care, we tend to think from the outside in. However, making sure your body has plenty of water can help you hydrate your skin from the inside out. Though there is no immediate effect on the skin, drinking plenty of water is a good habit to maintain long-term skin health.

Start In The Shower A nice steamy shower perfectly sets the tone for deep moisture . Take maximum advantage of all that H2O by investing in a bath bar or body wash that contains extra moisturizers, such as shea butter or olive oil.

Using these in the shower helps your skin to hold in moisture when it’s at its most absorbent. Many of them have the added advantage of fragrance that can make you feel even more soft and feminine.

Exfoliate Exfoliation helps to remove any dead skin cells that are hanging on. Wiping away those old cells exposes your new, fresh skin and makes it easier to moisturize deeply and effectively. A quick way to do this is to use bath gloves. You can add a little shower gel or soap to the glove and use it all over for a complete exfoliation. Be careful not to scrub too hard or too long as the abrasive material can cause small scrapes in your skin.

Lock In The Moisture Immediately after showering towel dry, leaving your skin slightly damp. Apply lotion all over, including your feet and hands. A general rule to remember is the thicker the lotion, the better. If you already have a favorite lotion, you can try mixing it with petroleum jelly to create a thicker version that will reach deeper and last longer.

Hydrate On The Go


Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

While a good lotion session does the body good, it may not be enough to last throughout the day. It’s a good idea to keep a travel size lotion with you just in case that ash decides to pop up while you’re out and about. Also, lotioning your hands after washing them or being out in the cold will help keep them soft and avoid that flaking and cracking that most of us deal with from time to time. Remember, a little preparation now can save you a lot of discomfort (and embarrassment) in the future.


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By: LaPorsha Lowry

Oz The Great and Powerful Photo : Oz The Great and Powerful website


The new movie tells the story from the point of view of the famous Wizard, before Dorothy, the TinMan, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion arrived in Oz.

Oz: the Great and Powerful is a new film directed by Sam Raimi. Inspired by L. Frank Baum's 1900 novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this movie tells the story of how the wizard made it to Oz. It is set before the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. The film stars James Franco as Oscar Diggs, otherwise known as the Wizard of Oz. It also stars Mila Kunis as Theodora, Michelle Williams as Glinda, and


Sista’s Keeper

Rachel Weisz as Evanora. The film will be released by Walt Disney Pictures in traditional 2D, as well as in the Disney Digital 3D, RealD 3D and IMAX 3D formats on March 8th .

March 2013

Music Alicia Keys“New Day” Coco Jones“Holla At the DJ” Rihanna“Stay”

Tryneal Addison Lets Us Know ‘What Girls Think’ Some have called her “the next Oprah” and Tryneal Addison does not take that lightly. She is building a career around her own online talk show and giving young women a voice.

As creator, co-producer and host of “What Girls Think”, Tryneal Addison love to talk. The idea for the show came when Addison was only 12 years old. “I came up with concept at 14 and wrote out my ideas,” Addison says. The show is currently featured on and produced by Addison as well as StoryArc Media. The idea from both Addison and the producers was to make a teen version of “The View”. “I wanted to share the spotlight and give other girls a voice,” Addison says. “I have a positive impact by helping teens and young women stand firm on what they believe in, and always fight for their dreams.” The St. Paul, Minnesota native is also the spokesmodel for Foundation Golden Runway. She says that her mom inspires and encourages her to go for her dreams. She also says that Oprah Winfrey inspires her but she is not trying to be just like her. Addison has very busy these days with putting together a cosmetic line, a perfume, a new TV show of her own, and also is writing a book. “I’m trying to fix myself up as a brand to let everyone know

everything that I am working on.” Addison has an older sister, Chermander who she credits with keeping her levelheaded and also who taught her how to sing. “We have had a close bond since I was born,” Addison says. “She’s married and has kids now so we are not as close as we used to be right now.” To Addison, being her “sista’s keeper” means always being there for her, being a loyal friend and having her back at all time. “To call someone your sisterm you have to be giving, passionate, respectful to that person,” Addison says.

What Girls Think



Name: Tryneal Diveta Mesha Tirana Addison Age: 17 Birthday: April 21st Favorite color(s): Purple, red and black Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, writing Something you can’t live without: Laptop, cell phone, and lip gloss What’s on your iPod? Beyonce, Miguel (BIG), Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Lil’ Wayne, Wiz Khalifah, Fergie, FB & Mase; Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, Sade Celeb crushes: Tristen Wilds, Cam Newton, and Drake



Sista’s Keeper



Spring 2013 Here are some outfit ideas that you can play

Color of the Season: Emerald



Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

Fashion Trends


around with based on the hottest trends for spring 2013.

Bright Colors

Floral Prints


Sista’s Keeper



Black and White


Sista’s Keeper

March 2013


Bright Colors

March 2013

Sista’s Keeper



Black Girls and Exercise: How We Can Benefit More

By: Shaniqua Graves A rather disturbing article released by Reuters Health claims that according to a study released in 2012, young Black girls are much less likely to benefit from exercise than young White girls. While this news may be shocking, it should come as no surprise. For years it has been known that the African American community is at higher risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and the host of complications that come along with these illnesses. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it! The first step toward better health is knowledge. Knowing early on that you are at risk puts you in a much better position to fight against obesity and all of the problems it brings. The second, more complicated step is action.

Figuring out your obstacles and ways around them can be a pretty hard job. Lucky for you, we are here to help! Though everyone has different reasons (or excuses!) for not exercising, there are a few reasons that many of us have in common. Work around these staggering road blocks with these few tips.

“I can’t afford or get to a gym.” When we think about exercise, we usually think about a huge gym with rows of expensive exercise equipment. However, that’s only one option. Exercise is about activity, not equipment. A good way to come up with ideas is to remember how you like to play. Do you enjoy riding your bike? What about running? Take a 30-minute ride or jog with a friend on a trail at the park. If you like watching TV you can almost always find some exercise program on the tube. Flip to the fitness channel and follow along. You’ll find that you don’t even have to set foot outside your door to enjoy a good workout.

“I hate working out alone.”


Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

Whether you’re nervous about going alone or need some external motivation, you might have a hard time working out alone. A fun way to work around this one is to invite a friend. Whether it’s going to the gym or for a swim, you’ll enjoy it more with someone to help pass the time. Another option you could consider is joining a dance or track team. Your school and local youth organizations such as the YMCA may offer fun classes that can help you get moving. This is also a great opportunity to explore some things you might be interested in and meet some new people! Continued on pg. 44


Catch Up on Some ZZZZZZZZZZ’s The alarm for you to get up and get to school is going off but you are moving slow.That means that your sleep tank has not been full. When you do not get enough sleep, you are grumpy so here are some tips on how to achieve a full tank of sleep. Go To Bed And Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day Getting your body on a regularly scheduled timer will help your sleep pattern to come. Also adjusting your body to a time will guarantee those nights when sleep tries to evade you.

By: Taris Easterling

Don’t Eat A Lot Close To Bedtime I know all of us have that urge to fix us a nighttime snack but when doing so we are just fueling our body with more energy. So NO MORE COOKIES AND MILK! Take that shower and hop your butt into bed! Listen To Your Body

Sleep In A Slightly Cool Room If you are like me, heat and sleep do NOT mix. Try turning your air down a little and snuggling under a big comforter. I guarantee the most comfy sleep EVER!

If you’re feeling tired, go to sleep. If you can’t fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed, get up and do something else until you feel sleepy

March 2013

Sista’s Keeper



Spring Cleaning The new season is here and we need to spring clean


in the long-term. Instead, try being more open and honest about your feelings with friends this spring. Speak up if they hurt you. Make Friends A Bigger Priority We tend to take our friends for granted when life gets hectic. Even though we're all guilty of it, taking each other for granted is definitely not something you want to make a habit of. This spring, try to make your friends more of a priority in your life and it will strengthen the quality of those bonds.

Communicate Better Friends can be awesome, but they can also be a pain in the you know what. A lot of times, when a friend annoys or upsets us, we just ignore it. However, it will only make you harbor resentment

Clean Out The Friendship Closet Closely consider the quality of your friendships this spring. A lot of women tend to stick with toxic friendships for fear of being alone or simply out of habit, and that's just plain unhealthy. This spring, think about the friends that are really there for you and the ones who might just be using you for their own ends.

Self To-Do List

• Clean out the anger, hatred, jealousy, and self doubt • Move out the frustrations, and lack of communication. • Wash away delay and procrastination. • Dust off your attitude, and put on a fresh coat of positive. • Throw out misunderstanding, and lack of patience. • Sweep out the dirt of gossip or lies • Recycle old relationships, roles, and routines that no longer work into a new, useable form. • Open the shades and let in the warmth of friendship. • Lighten up your thoughts with humor and fun • Give away as much love, help, care, concern, and gratitude as possible. • Paint in new boundaries, and stencil some raised standards • Open the windows of your mind to new ideas and a fresh perspective on living a happier, better, easier life.


Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

Your Life


our relationships just as much as we do our homes. Dating

By: Noma Vilane

Maintaining strong relationships can be hard since people are always growing and changing. That is why it is important to work on the relationships in your life. Just like you clean your house in the spring to clear away the excess clutter, Spring Cleaning can help tidy up your relationships. Spring cleaning your relationship doesn't just apply to your love life. All of your relationships, including those with friends and family, need to be continuously worked on. Become honest and aware of your own feelings. Sometimes it can be easy to feel jealous or insecure, which causes you to act mean to those around you. If you are motivated by pain instead of love, the end results of the relationship will show it. We tend to hold on to things that upset us that they other person had no idea was a problem. You can try making a list of all of the positive attributes a person has and focus on those instead.

rules. If your sister is constantly talking about your lack of a love life, don't get defensive. Instead you can explain how it makes you feel and agree move on to a different topic. As long as you communicate without hostile or accusation, your point can come across without causing additional anger or blame.

Talking to the people in your life is very important. If you have a problem with someone, it is important to discuss it with them instead of keeping quiet.

Accentuate the positive. It's important to talk about what you want or like. Your attitude towards a situation or behavior can change the outcome. Try to avoid throwing blame or accusations at them as well. One of the most important things to remember is that you can't control other people, but you can control the way you respond to them. If you talk about what you would like to see more of in a relationship, it has a better chance of appearing than if you constantly talk about what is wrong.

Not saying anything when you're upset can lead to the breakup of relationships. Set or reestablish ground

You can help out a relationship by changing things like your routines. Doing the same things can cause

You can still try to communicate some of the things that you feel should not happen in your relationship, but in a respectful way. If your friend calls you a name, just explain to them why it hurts your feelings.

March 2013

Sista’s Keeper


Furaha “Joy”

No Plans? No Problem! Stay Home For Spring Break

By: Taris Easterling

It’s Spring Break and if you are like me, it is time to let your hair down and let loose...but not too loose. It’s time to pack your bags, load up your cars, get all the girls together, plan a rendezvous with some fine young men, and wait! You don’t have anything planned? Well TAH-DAH! I am here to recuse you from some places, events, and small get together to keep you entertained.

your parents of course), invite your closest friends and have a night of fun, food, and girl talk. You can have a theme or have snacks and watch movies or play games. Either way, the night will be yours!

Plan a Vacation With Friends

Girls Night Nothing beats a girl’s night! Get somebody to host the party (ask

At least 5 months prior to your spring break you should begin

to think about the location that you want to visit. Compare the different methods of travel you will be using, as well as the different places you will stay at.

Movie Nights You can never go wrong with friends, food, and Netflix! Invite some friends over, host a night filled with movies, laughter, and jokes. It could a scared-filled night or laughter all the way. Regardless, it is guaranteed fun!

Pamper You! Pampering yourself is always a plus. Set up a nail date, a facial date and some feet love and it can be nothing but love. A day of relaxation equals a happy you! These are some tips for you to thoroughly enjoy your spring break. But remember, your spring break is what you make of it!


Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

Volunteering for Spring Break



By:Yani Long

Spring break is approaching and it’s about that time to begin thinking about your plans during your time away from school. While most go out to the beach to sit back and enjoy the sun there are other ways to enjoy your break and give back to your community. Granted the beach sounds fun and who doesn’t want to be there; however, the beach is always going to be there. There are several reasons as to why you should volunteer for your spring break instead of the typical spring break move. 1. You have the opportunity to give back.

Solutions, United Way, and Break Away that is found on certain college campuses nationwide. Do your research. You have the opportunity to even volunteer abroad. Now that’s exciting. Imagine the things you could see, do, and the people you can reach out to and meet. Think about it. When spring break approaches before you make that decision to go and hang out for your friends, why not discuss with your friends about the opportunity to get an even better experience of a lifetime.

2. You’re liberated from the stresses of school 3. You ger the chance to change someone’s life 4. Community service helps the general public 5. Get a sense of self-gratification Volunteer hours look great on your student profile and there are plenty of places to volunteer. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit Christian organization which believes that every man, woman, and child should have a decent, safe, affordable place to live. Habitat for Humanity builds houses for low-income families that need cannot afford to pay your typical monthly mortgage. These houses are built from the bottom up by volunteer workers from all over. Not only do you get to do something nice for someone else you are enabling yourself to learn the skill of building houses. This non-profit has a number of locations all over the United States and it’s easy to sign up and volunteer. The process is simple. There are other programs like I to I, Cross Cultural

Interested in volunteering with Habitat for Humanity? Just go online to for more information on how to volunteer. March 2013

Sista’s Keeper




Baby Steps

Baby steps are small steps towards a goal. You want to accomplish something but it can’t happen have to WORK for it! Think of these tips as “baby steps” to go along with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens feature. Go to pg. 40 and read it first, then come back to this page. Use this worksheet in your daily life.

Habit 4: Think Win-Win 1) Pinpoint the area of your life where you most struggle with comparisons. Perhaps it’s with clothes, physical features, friends, or talents.

Where I’m struggling most with comparisons:_____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2) If you play sports, show sportsmanship. Compliment someone from the opposing team after the match or game. 3) If someone owes you money, don’t be afraid to mention it in a friendly way. Think Win-Win, not LoseWin.

4) Without caring whether you win or lose, play a card, board or computer game with others just for fun. 5) Do you have an important test coming up? If so, form a study group and share your best ideas with each other. You all will do better.

6) The next time someone close to you succeeds, be genuinely happy for them instead of feeling threatened. 7) Think about your general attitude toward life. Is it based on Win-Lose, Lose-Win, Lose-Lose or WinWin thinking? How is that attitude affecting you? 8) Think of a person who you feel is a model of Win-Win. What is it about that person you admire?

Person:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What I admire about them:__________________________________________________________________________________________ 9) Are you in a Lose-Win relationship with a member of the opposite sex? If you are, then decide what must happen to make it a Win for you or choose to get out of the relationship. 28

Sista’s Keeper

March 2013



Plan A College Road Trip Visiting college campuses is an important part of deciding what school you want to attend and spring break is the perfect time to take a road trip to some of your potential choices. A college visit allows you the opportunity to see firsthand if it is the right place for you. 1) Try to plan as early as possible by doing things like calling the campus to see if they have official tours planned near the dates of your spring break. You can also call to see if you can sit in on a class in the major you want to get a better perspective on the classes you will be taking. It's important to call ahead since not all campuses allow outside students to attend a class without notice. It is also good to compile a list of questions for the tour guide, professors and students on campus.

By: Noma Vilane

2) Get more than one perspective by exploring the campus on your own in addition to the official tour. Ask questions about different aspects of the college from students you see. You can also check out fliers on bulletin boards in the student union to see if the extracurricular activities will be a good fit for you. 3) You should try to talk to a professor in the major you want. Talk to the professor about classes that are required in the major and other things they have noted as a professor. Do they have good relationships with their students? 4) Take notes and pictures since the visits to different campuses can overlap and blur. The notes and pictures can come in handy for a later time after you have visited all your potential colleges and want to compare to see which is best for you. 5) Consider an overnight visit. Some colleges allow perspective students to stay in the dorms and this can help you get a feel for the campus at night. Are the students spending their time studying or partying? Spending the night could have an impact on your final decision. 6) Don't make an immediate rush to judgement about a school. Sleep on it and decide later. While it is good to trust your gut, sometimes the benefits of a college can be better than factors such as the weather on the day you visited. March 2013

Sista’s Keeper



Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

What Coco’s Made Of

By: LaPorsha Lowry

Disney star Coco Jones is making a name for herself in the music world. She is releasing her debut EP which will be released exclusively at Walmart stores on March 12.


he has been called a “young Beyonce” by MTV which is a good comparison for the 15 year old who has starred in the Disney Channel movie, Let It Shine and will be releasing her debut EP, Made Of. She was shocked when she was compared to “Queen Bey” because she talks about her all the time. However, she uses that as motivation. “To say I’m like her is great. It’s not a lot of pressure because I see how hard she works and I’m thankful for that comparison,” Jones says. March 2013

Sista’s Keeper


She Lets It Shine Jones is most known for her role as Roxie in the Disney Channel movie, Let It Shine and she says that there was never a low point while filming. “I loved it and was excited to go to set everyday,” Jones says. “It was such a talented cast along with Tyler JamesWilliams and Courtney B. Vance. The director, Paul Hoen, taught me a lot and I always try to learn something while I’m filming.” She’s the Next Big Thing

Jones was only 12 years old when she competed in season three of Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing contest, and although she didn’t win, she says that the experience was one of the best of her life. “It was great to be a part of. I was able to make my debut as an artist and it was a big opportunity to do it through Disney,” Jones says. “I was able to get fan and work on my craft. I was also able to work on my interview skills and other parts of the business.” Jones also says that she met the NBT latest winners

Chloe & Halle (who we featured in Spotlight last month). “I love them! They actually had a small role in Let It Shine with me.” What She’s Made Of

Jones’ debut album, Made Of, will be released on March 12th. It is available to preorder in Wal-Mart and she describes the album as a personal journal of who she is. “This album is everything about me. I’m girly but I’m edgy too so there are fun songs, fierce songs, a ballad and a wide range of material that shows my different sides,” Jones says. The album will also be available on iTunes and on her website. Jones co-wrote all but three songs on the album and says that “Holla at the DJ” was chosen as her first single because it felt right. “That song is one of my favorites on the album. The beat, the lyrics, it was all just right after a lot of thinking & processing,” Jones says. She also says that the inspiration for the video came from the need to match the visual to the song. “The concept was outside of the box. Chris Applebaum came up with it and his concept was best. It was more noticeable so we chose it and he got to direct it.” Growing Up Coco

As a child star and now teen star, Jones says that it’s easy to stay focused, grounded and humble. “I’ve always been a determined person. I used to watch the other kids at recess in school but I was inside. That’s what it took to reach my goals,” Jones says. “I have the best family and church family ever. They have always been supportive and that inspired me to be a good example for young girls.” Jones is now homeschooled and says that her parents help her to balance being a celebrity and being a regular teen. “Of course, it’s easy to be normal because I go to normal things. I still go to football games and out with my friends,” Jones says. “I get to forget Coco sometimes when I’m back in Tennessee because they know me as Courtney.” Being Her Sista’s Keeper Next Big Thing Coco competed in the Radio Disney contest at age 12. 34

Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

Jones has two brothers, Stephen and Mike, and a

Let It Shine Coco Jones starred opposite Tyler James Williams in the Disney channel musical. sister, Aja, who is 11. She says that her relationship with Aja is great. “She is the best sister ever. She could be jealous or want to be successful like me but she’s strong,” Jones says. “She knows it’s my dream and that my parents have to be with me more sometimes but my whole family is behind me so I’m grateful.” Jones has advice for young girls who may be dealing with self-esteem and confidence issue. “Always make sure what you think about yourself is the most important thing,” Jones says.

“Look in mirror & tell yourself you’re beautiful. Do not worry about what other people may say about you.” Jones believes that being her “sista’s keeper” means being a role model for her little sister as well as other girls. “I always have to be example and I don’t do anything I don’t want her to do,” Jones says. “In everything, I do my best and what I’m supposed to and let her it’s ok to follow me because I know that she’s watching.”

About Coco

Holla At Coco

Full Name: Courtney Michaela Ann Jones Nickname: Coco Birthday: January 4, 1998 Hometown: Born in Columbia, SC but lives in Nashville, Tenn. now Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Movie: Hunger Games Favorite TV show: The Carrie Diaries on the CW What’s on your iPod? Of course Beyonce’, Rihanna, McCrae (hip-hop), Drake, Selena Gomez, and One Direction Who inspires you? My mom & dad because they always have my back. This life is difficult but they are strong. They inspire me to be be hard working and dedicated. Things to do for fun: I like to go to the movies with friends and go bowling. Also, I just got my permit so I love to drive! Something you can’t live without: My cell phone! It has my pictures, videos, games, EVERYTHING. I’m so bored without it or when it’s dead so I always keep a charger with me.

Request “Holla At the DJ” on Radio Disney & purchase the single on ITunes.

Sista’s Keeper Jones with brother Mike and sister Aja. March 2013

Sista’s Keeper


By: LaPorsha Lowry


The next generation of top models is being led by 13-year old Davanna Booker and she continues to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. Davanna Booker is a 13-year-old model from Newark, NJ who just walked in several shows for New York Fashion Week. She walked in fashion shows for designers such as Charles Andrews of North Carolina, as well as the Small Boutique Fashion Week and Emerge Fashion Week. Booker was featured for her walk on The Tyra Banks Show and even taught the contestants how to walk on cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model with Ms. Jay. She started modeling at a young age when her mom produced fashion shows that she was in. She says that she practiced modeling for years and became better at it. Although she is not currently signed to a modeling agency, she says that she is building up to that on her own. She offers advice for people who are trying to become a model or break into the fashion industry. “Just keep doing what you’re doing because practice makes perfect,” Booker says.

Being Her Sista’s Keeper Booker has a twin sister named DeJohnna and an older sister named Ashley who is 19 years old. She says that since they were born on the same day, she and DeJohnna are best friends and has the same bond with Ashley. “I am my sista’s keeper because I am loving and caring to my sisters. That’s what it means to me.”


Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

The DIVA About Davanna Birthday: November 30th Hobbies: Play with my sisters, go to the mall, shop and be a regular kid Unknown Talents: I am starting a designing line and I also design lunch boxes called “Glamour Boxes” Favorite Color: Pink Things you do for fun: Movies w/ friends Something you can’t live without: My phone What’s on your iPod? Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown Inspiration for modeling: Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell

March 2013

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You Are Accepted Into Graduation is approaching, you’ve applied to your choices of colleges and universities, and you’ve received a number of acceptance letters. What now? Here is what you can do: • Decide which college or university you want to attend and why. • Send off rejection letters to the other schools and send off you acceptance letter to the school of your choice. • Any and all paperwork such as transcripts and SAT/ACT scores should have been submitted with your application; if it wasn’t, be sure to send that information too • Any other documents should be mailed in as requested by the college or university. • Be sure to talk and discuss with your parents how school will be paid for. • Go online to • Be sure to have your parents help fill out your application for federal aid.

College Acceptance Spotlight Name: Bryana Freeland Westrat Age: 17 High School: Sanderson High School in Raleigh, NC College Accepted Into: Marymount Manhattan College Intended Major: Acting I received my admissions decision through an email. When I saw that I had a new email from this particular school I got so nervous. I clicked on the video link they sent me to view my admissions decision. When I learned that I was accepted, I immediately began to tart up and right after getting over the shock I called my closest family members and told them the news. I'm definitely looking forward to living in New York mostly because I'm from New Jersey and I've been dying to go back up north. I'm so excited to meet new people and really start my life anew. 38

Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

College... Now What? Choosing the Right College For You By: Yani Long It is important to sit down and really narrow down which school you want to attend after high school. In order to do that, you have to do your research. You have to really dig deep and find out how each institute will benefit you. Schedule a visit to the campus. Meet with the chairperson of the department in which you are interested in studying. You want to be sure that the school you attend will give you the best college experience you can receive. What is the student teacher ratio, how involved are the students on campus, how safe is the campus, is it diverse, will you receive the best education and support, what types of organizations does the school have are examples of some questions to consider when deciding what school to attend. You want to be comfortable with the students and faculty members. You want to feel safe. You want support and you want to make sure you make the best decision for you. You do not want to forget to turn in anything to the school. It is extremely vital to send off all documentation that is required before you can enroll and register for classes once you have been accepted. If all paperwork is not submitted by the due date it could potentially cause you to sit out a semester.

There are work study programs and loans available depending on your area of study and how much family contribution there is. It should be advised that loans aren’t necessarily the best route but indeed something to consider if there isn’t enough aid to cover your necessities. After graduation you are expected to pay the loan money back and it should be advised that you keep any and all loan amounts at a minimum if you have to take one out. Lastly, it is your last semester in high school. Enjoy every moment of it and cherish all of them.

Federal aid is how most students pay for their college tuition, housing, books, and other expenses.

It gets tougher in the real and if you thought high school was an experience, wait until you get a taste of what college is like.

There are priority dates to consider when applying for federal aid. That date is March 15. If you submit your information after that date, do not fret, you still qualify for some aid.

Research, prepare, and ask as many questions as possible to be sure that you are taking the necessary steps to success. March 2013

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Be Effective!!!!! Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Think Win-Win is an attitude toward life, a mental frame of mind that says I can win and so can you. It is the foundation for getting along well with other people. It begins with the belief that we are all equal, that no one is inferior or superior to anyone else, and no one really needs to be.

Win-Lose (The Totem Pole)

Lose-Win (The Doormat)

•This way of thinking will always fill your heart with negative feelings •The attitude that there is not enough success to go around and if you get more than there won’t be enough for me; competitive •Totem-pole syndrome: Relationships come second to winning the game, being the best and having your way •Full of pride -Using other people, emotionally or physically, for your own selfish purposes -Trying to get ahead at the expense of others -Spreading rumors about someone else (as if

•Want to be the peacemaker but take the blame for anything rather than get into an argument •Looks pretty on the surface but it’s dangerous •Doormat syndrome; weak; easily stepped on; it’s easy to be the nice one & give in & not share your feelings •You will set low expectations and compromise your standards over and over; give into peer pressure •People will wipe their feet on you & you will hold in your feelings; not healthy

•“If I go down, you’re coming with me” •Revenge; you think you win but you hurt yourself too •2 Win-Lose people make a Lose-Lose; like to win at all costs but you both end up losing •Happens when someone becomes obsessed with another person negatively; most likely with someone close to us •Boyfriend-girlfriend relationships can become lose-lose; starts out great (win-win) but become codependent, possessive and jealous

•Belief that everyone can win •Nice but tough; I won’t step on you but I won’t be your doormat either •Care about others and want them to succeed but you want to succeed too •There is plenty to go around; not either you or me; it’s both of us •Win-win always creates more; wanting another person to win fills you with good feelings

Lose-Lose (The Downward Spiral)


Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

Win-Win (The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet)

How to Think Win-Win 1. Win The Private Victory First It begins with you! If you are insecure or haven’t won the private victory, then it’s difficult to think win-win. You’ll be threatened by others and it will be hard to be happy with their success. It will be difficult to share recognition or praise. Insecure people get jealous easily but personal security is the foundation for win-win. 2. Avoid the Tumor Twins These habits are like tumors that slowly eat away at you: Competing

mentally, and physically) and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to each other. Life is like an obstacle course and everyone has their own course with customized obstacles designed for personal growth. What good does it do to worry how someone else is doing or compare yourself to them? Comparing ourselves makes us go up & down and we feel inferior then superior, confident then intimidated. Only good comparison is yourself against your own potential. Break the habit because comparing yourself can become an addiction as strong as drugs and alcohol. You don’t have to look or dress like a model to feel pretty. You know what really matters! Don’t get caught up and worry about being popular during high school because there is life after

Competition can be healthy, drive you to improve and without it you wouldn’t know how far you could push yourself. It’s healthy when you compete against The Fruits of the Win-Win Spirit yourself or when it challenges you to be your best. However, it is unhealthy when you attach Win-Win is contagious! If you are your self-worth to winning or place yourself committed to helping others succeed, big above others. hearted and willing to share recognition, you’ll Use this as a benchmark to measure yourself be a magnet for your friends. against your goals. Sometimes you can’t find a Win-Win solution or you can’t compromise with Comparing someone but you don’t want a Lose-Lose either. Don’t make yourself act ugly (WinThis is competition’s twin. Comparing Lose), or get stepped on (Lose-Win); try for yourself to others is nothing but bad news! Win-Win or say “NO DEAL” (decide not to We all develop on at different times (socially, play). Continued from “Win Lose (The Totem Pole) putting them down will build you up) -Always insisting on getting your way without concerning yourself with the feelings of others -Becoming jealous and envious when something

good happens to someone close to you •Usually backfires; you’re at the top of the totem pole alone March 2013

Sista’s Keeper


Education Feature

Getting Ready

This college prep timeline provided by

7th & 8th Grade

Freshman/Sophomore Year • Take interest and skills assessments to help you explore careers options


• Begin thinking about the high • Talk with your school counselor school classes about career options and the that will prepare education required for those careers you for college. Take the most • Talk with your parents about saving difficult classes and paying for college you can handle • Talk with friends, teachers, • Develop good counselors and your parents about study habits college

• Review your high school class plan. Take the most difficult classes you can handle. Stay focused on your schoolwork

• Volunteer in your • Participate in extracurricular community

• Enroll in a summer enrichment program

• Practice setting and reaching goals • Take interest and skills assessments to help you think about possible career options

• Talk with your school counselor and parents about careers that interest you

• Create a tentative high school class plan • Enroll in a summer enrichment program 42

• Check if your school requires 10th graders to take the PLAN to prepare for the ACT

• Sign up for classes that will earn college credit during your junior year through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Postsecondary Enrollment Options or College in the Schools • Explore internships and apprenticeships

Junior Year

• Attend college and financial aid events

• Mentor others and have a mentor for yourself


• Register for and take the ACT and/or SAT in the spring

• Participate in extracurricular activities

• Review your high school class plan. Take the most difficult classes you can handle. Stay focused on your schoolwork. Make sure you are meeting your high school graduation requirements

• Request admissions and financial aid forms

• Enroll in a summer enrichment program

• Sign up for classes that will earn college credit during your senior year through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Postsecondary Enrollment Options or College in the

• Get a job to earn and save money for college, or explore your skills through an internship or apprenticeship.

• Arrange campus visits to those schools that interest you

Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

• Research private scholarship options.

For College will show you what you need to do to get ready for college.

Senior Year

• Stay focused on your schoolwork and take the most difficult classes you can handle

• Take career interest assessments and determine the education needed for careers that interest you

• Participate in extracurricular activities

• Volunteer in the community


Here is a month-by-month breakdown of what you need to do during your last year of high school to make sure that you are ready for college & beyond.

1. Attend a financial aid event if you haven’t already done so. Review a copy of Paying for College 2. Apply for scholarships offered by the colleges to which you have applied. 3. Apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1.

March - May 1. Have your final high school transcript sent to the colleges to which you’ve applied. 2. Choose a college and notify in writing those you don’t plan to attend.

3. Send in any required forms or deposits.

Summer 1. Get a job to earn money for college. 2. Review orientation materials from the college you selected. 3. If living on campus, check with the college for a list of what’s provided by the school and what the school expects the student to provide. 4. Contact your roommate. · Create a resume of your academic, athletic and work activities as well as other achievements. · Ask for recommendations (if required)

For more information, visit> Preparing > College Prep Timeline March 2013

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Sista’s Keeper Crossword Puzzle

Continued from pg. 20 “What about my hair?!?!” Let’s be real: Black women are notorious for protecting their hair. But at what cost? Sometimes a fresh hairdo can prevent one from getting in a good work out for fear of sweating it out. While this is definitely a dilemma we can all understand, it doesn’t have to cost you your exercise. One tried and true method of protection is to “wrap it up”. Simply secure your hair in place, cover it with a scarf or mesh wrap that allows your head to breathe, 44

Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

and get to work! Allow the wrap to stay in place after your workout until any sweat has evaporated in order to maintain your style. Once you take it down, you should need no more than a quick touch up and you’re back to being fabulous! So there you go ladies. You’ve got every reason to get active. It gives you something fun to do and, more importantly, it decreases your risk of health issues down the road. So take a look at your options, pick something interesting and get moving!

Resources • Coco Jones • • Period Packs Inc. • Dr. Leeya Pinder http://www.gcwomenscenter. org/ • College Prep Timeline http://www.getreadyforcollege. org/ • Habitat For Humanity

Continued from pg. 25 you to feel like you are stuck in a rut. If you and your best friend always go to the mall every weekend, try something different. Go on an adventure you wouldn't normally do like go horseback riding or take martial arts lessons or if you drive, take a road trip to a nearby city you've never visited.

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Making sure to accommodate others enhances a relationship. After all, there is more than just one person envolved. Compromising is hard to do sometimes, but it is key to any working relationship. Often we get so caught up in our own favorite pastimes and hobbies, we can forget others have different ideas of what is fun. Instead of yelling at your boyfriend for constantly watching sports and not hanging out with you, try sitting down to watch a game with him and then find something you like on television to watch together. Relationships have to constantly be worked on in order to stay healthy. Sometimes relationships can run their course, but if you feel a friend, parter or family member is worth keeping in your life, you have to invest time into making sure the relationship stays strong. March 2013

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Black Women In History

Wilma Rudolph 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist

1940: Born Wilma Glodean Rudolph on June 23rd

1944: She gets polio, which makes her unable to walk

1948: She is able to walk again at age 8 with a brace and special shoe 1956: At only 16, she wins a bronze medal at the Olympics in Melbourne, Australia 1958: She begins college at Tennessee State Universityand joins the track team

1960: She wins three gold medals at the Olympics in Rome and set two world records

1962: She retires from track and field at only 22 years old

1994: She dies of brain cancer at age 56


Sista’s Keeper

March 2013

2004: The U.S. Postal Service honors Rudolph with her picture on a stamp

By eighth grade, only half as many girls as boys are interested in math, science, and engineering careers. If each of us gives a girl our time and support today, she can find the courage, confidence, and character she’ll need to build a better tomorrow.

March 2013 Issue  

Featuring Coco Jones

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