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July 2013

Vol. 1, Issue 6

Bullying: What it is & how to STOP it 7 Habits Series: • Synergize

Father’s Day Feature: Daddy’s Little Girl

Spotlight: La’Vintage Tribe Designer Tianna Jenkins Plus: Social Wellness Month Class of 2013

OMG Girlz

Music Issue

New Single “Baddie”, WAT-AAH, & Tour with Mindless Behavior



Silky Straight

Available at neighborhood beauty supply stores and E-commerce sites.

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7 Habits Series: Synergize

Summer Fashion 18



Teen Designer Tianna F. Jenkins

Father’s Day Feature: Daddy’s Girl

Readers submit pictures and tell why they love their father

Bullying: By the Numbers

Here are some statistics about bullying and a special testimonial from Miss Teen USA

24 36

Class of 2013: Graduating Sistas 40


On the Cover: Photo: Black Celeb Kids www.blackcelebkids. com

Officially Miss Guided

(L to R) Beauty, Star & Babydoll make up teen supergroup, the OMG Girlz.

July 2013

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July 2013

Jonathan Erik Veal Online Contributor Special Thanks OMG Girlz Dr. Leeya F. Pinder, MD Greater Carolinas Women’s Center Evan Summerville Logan West Patricia West Miss Teen USA Brittany Barry Saving Our Daughters Crystal Styles House of Cheatham, Inc. Patricia Atlman Breast Cancer Research Foundation Lala Anthony Motives for Lala Period Packs Inc. Daniel Lee Lowry Dottie Benjamin Terri Long Darie Wlson Antionette Cody Kayla J. Carr

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Review of “When I Decided to D.R.E.A.M BIG” Health Social Wellness Month



Health Laughter Really IS The Best Medicine

Furaha Girl-on-Girl Bullying


Jando 27 What Bullying REALLY Is

Maua Baby Steps: Habit 6 28 29

Ndege How to STAND UP to a Bully

Black Women In History Mae Jamison 46 July 2013

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Calendar August

August 2013

What’s going on & what to do this month

3rd Annual 3 EmpowHERment Summit Ridge Road Middle School Charlotte, NC 8am-4pm This is a truly phenomenal connection among girls and women. Prepare to unleash

your personal power and defi ne your voice through workshops, seminars, activities, resources and honest dialogue about being a lady who leads. For more information on registration of volunteering:

For more July & August events & updates, visit our website:


Taris Easterling

Hot Summer Hairstyles (pg. 10), Girl-On-Girl (pg. 26), Mae Jemison (pg. 46)

Easterling is currently a freshman at North Carolina Central University. She’s an avid reader and writer so you will usually fi nd her doing one or the other. She’s the lead host on her very own personal radio show, Unscripted Radio. @TarisUnscripted

Shaniqua Graves

Yani Long

Noma Vilane

Social Wellness (pg. 22)

What Bullying Really Means (pg. 27); How To Confront A Bully (pg. 29)

Graves is a North Carolina native living in Greensboro. Aside from journalism, the UNCG alumna also writes poetry and short stories. The aspiring writer continues to seek projects that express her unique point of view with writing.

Long began writing at the age of 11 with journals that turned into poetry. She attended Guilford Technical Community College and recently graduated from NC A&T in May 2013. She enjoys making jewelry, spending time with family, watching TV and playing cards.

Vilane is a senior journalism major at North Carolina A&T State University. Her hobbies include reading, writing fi ction, and spending time with friends and family.



Online Contributor

Best Lotions/Moisturizers (pg. 13), Fight the Frizz (pg. 14)

Jonathan Erik Veal is a May 2013 graduate of North Carolina A&T State University with a Bachelor’s degree in print journalism. A Charlotte native, Veal is currently working as the social media director for the Chris Canty Foundation in Charlotte, NC. 6

Sista’s Keeper

July 2013


Social Wellness, Graduation and Fathers’ Day


Hlike to feature a big issue that affects our ey sistas! As you may know by now, we

readers. In this issue, we talk about bullying: what it is, why it happened and how we can stop it. Whether you are being bullied, have been bullied before or have bullied someone yourself, these tips will help to end it all together. The OMG Girls (pg. 32) are the next big time on the music scene and we featured them because of their talent as well as their message. They promote female empowerment and sisterhood within young girls, which is what we’re all about here at Sista’s Keeper. Tianna Jenkins (pg. 9) is in our Spotlight this month because she started her own fashion and accessories line at age 19 called La’Vintage Tribe. She wants to inspire people to reach for their highest potential through her clothing line. July is Social Wellness Month and we have information about what it is exactly and how it’s related to our health in general. We also have a piece from Dr. Leeya Pinder that talks about how friends are indeed good for your health. (pg. 22). Father’s Day was in June but we still wanted to feature our readers and their fathers (pg. 24). The term “daddy’s girl” has a special meaning for me because I am one and I’m lucky to have my dad (right) as such a big part of my life. This month, we also feature sistas who are Class of 2013 graduates (pg. 42). I remember when I graduated from North Mecklenburg High School back in 2006. I was on my way to North Carolina A&T on a basketball scholarship and it was such an exciting time. If you want to contact me or have any questions about the magazine, email me at:

Tell us what you think! Join the conversation... #SistasKeeper

My father, Ollie and I at my SU graduation in 2011. or visit our website: Remember the purpose of Sista’s Keeper: to build you up as young women so you can be comfortable enough in yourself to help your sisters, cousins, friends, etc. I hope that you enjoy this issue and remember:

“I AM my Sista’s Keeper”

Founding Editor/Publisher @SistasKeeperMag

July 2013

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Spotlight When did you start La’Vintage Tribe? I changed the name of my old brand in January 2012 and came up with a new concept and a new name that means “the vintage tribe”. What was the inspiration behind it? It’s a brand of creativity, the blueprint of visual concepts, and originality at its finest. We are different, and we strive for higher potential. When people look at La’Vintage Tribe, I want them to know that it’s not a traditional clothing line but a way of exploring life and the finer lines of art. What all do you make? I design jewelry, unique apparel, custom clothing, custom eye-wear & awesome lifestyles. I motivate others by pushing my creativity to different levels. Who are you inspired by fashionwise? I’m inspired by Taz Arnold, Alexander McQueen & Pharrell Williams. Who is your dream celebrity to wear your desgins? That will have to be Taz Arnold & Pharrell. Those two guys are ecstatically dope to me.

Tribal Style

19-year-old fashion designer Tianna Jenkins is making a name for herself with her stylish t-shirts, eyewear and accessories line, La’Vintage Tribe. La’Vintage Tribe CC


Do you have any sisters? How is your relationship with them? Yes, I have 2 younger sisters & my relationship with them is unbelievable. What is your defi nition of being your Sista’s keeper? My definition is keeping it classy and being an example. I should always keep it dope, keep grinding and stay motivated. You never know who’s watching and I keep representing for the ladies, because we try and hustle just as hard as a male.

July 2013

@lavintagetribe_ Sista’s Keeper


Hot Summer


The weather is getting HOT, and so are the hair By: Taris Easterling

Keke Palmer

From fresh cuts to radiant color schemes to creative styling ideas, we definitely have you covered this season. What are you waiting for? JUMP IN!

Milkmaid Braids A braid encircling the head – often known as a milkmaid braid or a crown braid – can yell out innocence and a sexy undertone that not many hairstyles in themselves can evoke. I’ve been spotting them recently both on the street around the fashion week circuit, and on many couture runways – so as a hairstyle for the summer you can’t go wrong.


Sista’s Keeper

May 2013



trends for summer 2013!

Coco Jones

Side Braid/Ponytail Side braid ponytails gives you the innocent look of an adolescent but yet apealing to the other sex. Brush hair thoroughly, it also works to have a shower and then as you blow dry your hair brush it. Gather all your hair on one side of your head.Take out one small chunk of hair and put it in front of your face. You will notice there is a bump on the top of your head from where you have started the braid. You again have two choices: 1. Use hairspray and spray it until it is flat 2. Use several bobby pins to hold it down.

Zendaya Coleman High Top Knot A high bun is the wave for the summer if you’re just going to work, taking summer classes, or even going a midsummer’s night date...a bun is DEFINITELY the easier way to roll. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail as high on your head as you can make it. Divide the hair into two parts. Wrap the bun around the ponytail holder. Secure the knot with hairpins Add hairspray, A formal, neat bun should be sprayed to keep the bun neat and in place for the duration of the wear. May 2013

Sista’s Keeper


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Summertime Skincare Secret: SPF 15 Summer is here and it’s time to make sure you take care of your skin during these hot months coming up. Your skin is typically oilier in the summer and Dr. Susan Taylor, MD, creator of Rx for Brown Skin, says that using sunscreen with SPF can keep your skin safe. “SPF means sun protection factor and the number associated with (the SPF) indicates how long you can stay in the Dr. Susan Taylor, MD sun without burning,” Dr. Taylor says. “So if you wear an SPF 15 sunscreen, you can Extra Tips stay in the sun 15 times longer without Dr. Taylor suggests burning as compared to when you do not some products from her Rx for Brown Skin wear sunscreen.” Dr. Taylor is in the process of line for keeping your developing an acne line which will be out skin smooth during soon! the summer: Rx for Brown Skin Age Block SPF 15 Dr. Taylor says: It’s formulated so that it’s non-greasy and disappears into the skin without leaving a white residue on the skin



• •

SPF= Sun Protection Factor

Here are some do’s and don’ts of summer skincare: DO: Select a cleanser for oily skin DON’T: Over wash your skin

Tip: Wash your face no more than twice a day • •

DO: Use a moisturizer only if your skin is dry DON’T: Rub or scrub your face when you wash it

Tip: If your skin is not dry, do not use a moisturizer • •

DO: Apply sunscreen everyday and reapply if you are outside more than 2 hours DON’T: Use harsh products like rubbing alcohol to remove the excess oil

Tip: Use products with Cetaphil (for normal to oily skin) or a cleanser that contains the ingredient Salicylic Acid (which will reduce oil)

By: Noma Vilane

The Best Lotions and Moisturizers for Summer

1. Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer- The lotion is great for women who want hydration that lasts all day with a nice fragrance. 2. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion- Ingredients like cocoa butter, vitamin E, and Shea butter go into it which will leave a silky feel to your hands rather than an oily one. 3. Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer- This lotion works to fight acne breakouts and it has a light-weight, non oily formula. 4. Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief Treatment Lotion- This provides relief to dry itchy skin that can relieve the skin for up to eight hours. It is dermatologist recommended and free of irritating dyes and fragrances.



July 2013

Sista’s Keeper



By: Noma Vilane

Fight The Frizz During the summer, one of the biggest hair hassles is frizziness. It’s the quickest way to disturb a clean or put-together style but here are some tips to help fight it.

Frizz can be caused by many different factors. It’s mainly caused when the hair cuticle is trying to get moisture into the hair shaft. If your hair is dry, the hair attempts to get the moisture from the air, causing it to stand up. It’s one of the reasons you can especially see the frizziness during summer months or if you have dry hair. It can be frustrating when you have the perfect hairstyle and notice that your hair is frizzy. Here are some tips that can help you combat frizzy hair.: Deep Condition Your Hair

After washing your hair, condition it for at least 5 minutes before rinsing it out. And try not to use a

towel to twist or rub it as you dry your hair; blot it instead. Use An Anti-Frizz Product

There are products that are designed specifically that fight the frizz. Products like John Frieda Frizz Ease Weather Works Conditioner (there is also a shampoo that accompanies it to help stop frizz in the shampooing process), and Living Proof Wave Shaping, Curl Defining, No Frizz Styling Treatment are just a few of them. Allow Your Hair To Dry Naturally

The more heat you apply from a blow dryer, the more damage you can do to your hair. You can use a towel to help speed up the processes. The professionals recommend a microfiber towel since they cause less breakage. But don’t brush your hair or run your fingers through it until it has completely dried. Use An Ionic Blow Dryer

If you don’t have time to let your hair dry naturally, an ionic blow dryer is the best option in blow dryers. Ionic blow dryers reduce frizz by compressing the cuticle, which helps stop extra moisture from getting in the hair. Make Sure You Dry Your Hair Completely


Sista’s Keeper

July 2013

When using blow dryers and anti-frizz products, your hair can’t be damp. Most people assume that the longer you use heat on your hair, the more damage that it will do but if you are using an anti frizz product damp hair will not allow for the best results.

The 1st Annual

Sista’s Keeper Back-To-School Block Party & Supply Drive August 24, 2013 Charlotte, NC Time & Location: TBA Hosted By: WPEG Power 98’s Yasmin Young

The first 100 black teen girls (age 12-19) who register for the event will receive a Sista’s Keeper gift bag!!!!! Register TODAY:

For more information on this event, call (704) 338-2564 or email:



Special Music Issue Feature

“Addicted To” Love Jones Girlz Taylor, Noni and Claire talk staying close while working hard to get to the top. Taylor Jones, Noni Chinn (both 15 years old) and Claire Jones (16) make up the Love Jones Girlz, a girl group from New York City. Their debut album, Addicted to Lipgloss, was released on iTunes in May and includes songs that are appropriate for its singers and listeners.

How did the Love Jones Girlz get started? Claire: The group started with me, Taylor and two other girls who were all trained in musical theater. We later met Noni through a friend and she became part of the group.

What was the inspiration behind “Addicted to Lip Gloss”? Taylor: We wanted to write and sing songs about our own experiences and what we and other teens are going through. It’s just about our life as teens in New York City. Noni: Yeah, we wanted to write, sing and produce songs about us. We don’t have songs about going to the club because that’s not what we’re doing. We have 6 songs on the EP that all have different feelings.

How did your single “Rumors” come about? Noni: We just put together a lot of the things that go on in high school and middle school What was it like to perform on 106 & Park? Taylor: It was INCREDIBLE! I grew up in that that we went through. environment because my dad is an audio mixer Claire: All three of us went to performing arts for the show. I came to that CBS building a lot schools in NYC and people there were very and dreamed about being on that stage one day. dramatic. There was a lot of drama going on. Noni: It was fun! Claire: We get to go back for the Wild Out Do you all have a close relationship with Wednesday All-Stars on August 20th. each other as a group? All: Yes! We are sisters & it wouldn’t be the


Sista’s Keeper

July 2013

same as a group if we weren’t close. Claire: Of course we are not perfect and we are just like any other family. But we have a close relationship because the three of us is it.

What is your definition of being your “sista’s keeper”? Taylor: To me, it means being there for one another and giving support. It means having their back. Our motto is “I sacrifice the me for we” so it means putting yourself aside to help others. Noni: It’s my responsibility to have their back. We are around each other so much that we have to support each other and be close because we are a group. Even when we joke around, we have each other’s back because we are all that we have.


Claire: It means doing what’s best for your sisters and for the group. We are part of a girl group so it’s like a family business. We have to sacrifice the “me” for the “we”.

The Love Jones Girlz will be performing on the upcoming School Tour in California this summer for their teen fan base age 12-18. Also, they will be returning to 106 & Park on August 20th for the Wild Out Wednesday All-Stars show.


Music OMG Girlz“Baddie” Janelle Monáe“Q.U.E.E.N.” Love Jones Girlz“Rumors”

Review: Tori Turner Teaches Us To D.R.E.A.M. BIG

Teen queen and author Tori Turner has written a book called “When I Decided To D.R.E.A.M. BIG” to help readers get started on pursuing their dreams. She drew from her personal experiences and dreams to be a role model and encourage others to go after what they want. Turner encourages you to start a D.R.E.A.M. journal while reading to write down the steps it take to pursue your dream and get started. In chapter 1, she states that we all have something unique deep inside us because it’s how God made us in order to serve our purpose. She encourages us to spend time in prayer and seek God’s plan for our lives while working to pursue our dreams. Chapter 2 is about purpose and Turner says to start somewhere that you can build on and with honesty. Get a true sense of where you are and what it will take to pursue your dream (it’s a marathon and not a sprint).

Don’t be afraid to get training to get better at your craft and never stop studying. Once you discover your passion and begin to work towards achieving it, dream every single day until you get it. Turner also says that the first step is to write your dream down and come up with a plan to achieve it. Visualize it and create a vision board to have your dreams in front of you to see them. Write down a vision (long-term) and a mission (short-term) to help develop your plan. Use affirmations, or “I AM’s” to encourage yourself and achieve your goals. Do your research on what all it will take to get where you want to be. Go by the S.M.A.R.T. principle, which means work towards goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and can be done in the time frame set. July 2013

Sista’s Keeper



Summer 2013 Here are some outfit ideas that you can play -> Flowing sundresses are a summer staple that works on everyone, regardless of body type. Pick bold colors or colorful patterns to step out in.




Sistaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Keeper

During the hot summer months, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the perfect time to show off your legs and wear shorts. Pair them with a nice shirt and some sandals or wedges and you are set for summer. July 2013

Sleeveless Dress

Fashion Trends


around with based on the hottest trends for summer 2013. -> Florals are a trend that can easily be carried on during the summer. Just pair a floral print shirt with a solid-color caridgan, jean or leggins and flats/sandals that you can pull off.

Floral Shirt

Denim Jacket <A denim jacket is perfect for when you are in cool or air-conditioned areas that require a cover up. You can easily remove them and wear a tank or t-shirt with a cute sandal or wedge.

July 2013

Sistaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Keeper


Fashion -> Here is a great summer look for church, an interview or event that you attend. The green accents in the accessories dresses up the dress and makes it pop.

Bright Summer Colors -> A BIG trend right now is color blocking, which mixes and blends solid colors together. For example, putting together a blue dress and yellow accessories falls into that trend. 20

Sistaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Keeper

July 2013

We featured this up-andcoming label’s owner in our Spotlight this month. Here are a few items that it makes:


Prices: • Crew necks (bottom right): $30 + $5 shipping • Sunglasses (below; pink, red, & black): $15-25 • Studded Heart Rings (top right): $8* *Custom; Request ONLY

For more information or to custom order LVT items, visit or email:

July 2013

Sista’s Keeper



What About Your Friends? Social Wellness

By: Shaniqua Graves

You would think that having good friendships and social relationships wouldn’t affect your overall health, but we are using this month to let you know that it does.

In this day and age, health is something at the forefront of everyone’s mind. There are magazines, stores, and even whole television channels whose sole purpose is to promote the wellbeing of humanity. Generally, when we think of health and wellness, there are a few key areas that come to mind. Usually the first is physical health. In addition to this, we may also consider mental health and even spiritual health. But what about your social health? If this concept seems foreign to you, don’t worry, you are not alone. The idea of social wellness is a fairly new idea and

an emerging science that’s only beginning to take shape in society. Lucky for you, in honor of Social Wellness Month, we have taken on the task of exploring this new concept and we’ve got some good information to help you to understand, assess and improve your social wellness. What is social wellness? Social wellness is “a measure of your health based on the number of close, personal friends you have, how often you spend time with them in person, and how often you make new, lasting friendships”. For most of our lives we’ve

all heard the effects that things like eating habits, exercising, and smoking can have on our health. However, in recent years, scientists have begun to explore what effects our friends—or a lack thereof—can have on our overall wellness. While this might seem a quack idea initially, if we really think about it, the idea may not seem so farfetched after all. For instance, how often have a friend’s kind words or simple company taken your mind off your woes, even for short while? Though we might consider this the power of distraction, science is suggesting that it is not distraction but, instead, the power of connection at work here. Not to be confused with “social activity”, the key component in social wellness is the emotional connection that true friendship is built upon. Why is it important? By acknowledging the effects that friends can have on your total health, you are in a better position to improve it. Beyond taking your mind off things, good friends can have very real, positive effects on your physical and mental health. According to Hara Marano’s article


Sista’s Keeper

May 2013

Continued on pg. 44

By:Yani Long

Social Wellness Assessment

Now that you’re equipped with the awareness and knowledge of social wellness, the next step is action! The first step is to get a social wellness check-up. Here is a quick quiz designed to help you assess your social health. Read each question carefully and answer honestly. Then, using the following guidelines, add up your point to see just where you stand: Almost always= 2 points Sometimes/Occasionally= 1 point Never/ Very Seldom= 0 points 1) I continue time and/or money to social and community projects 2) I am committed to a lifetime of volunteerism. 3) I exhibit fairness and justice in dealing with people. 4) I have a network of close friends and/or family. 5) I am interested in others, including those from different backgrounds than my own 6) I am able to balance my own needs with the needs of others.

7) I am able to communicate with and get along with a wide variety of people. 8) I obey laws and rules of our society. 9) I am a compassionate person and try to help others when I can. 10) I support and help with family, neighborhood, and work social gatherings. Tally up your score and use the key to see where you fall: 15-20 points:Excellent strength in this dimension 9-14 points: There is room for improvement. Look again at the items in which you scored 1 or 0. What changes can you make to improve your score? 0-8 points: This dimension needs a lot of work. Look again at this dimension and challenge yourself to begin making small steps toward growth here. Remember: the goal is balanced wellness. Now that you have a better idea of your


social health, you can begin to make any changes necessary to improve. Admittedly, making friends can be (or seem) quite uncomfortable. However, just as with any other task, practice makes perfect. Remember that you are special and have something unique to bring to a friendship. Use this as a guide to help you go about finding new people to befriend. A good way to find like-minded individuals is to participate in things that strike your interest. Joining clubs and teams at school can put you in position to find several people who like the same things you enjoy. If school clubs aren’t your thing, try community outreach. The goal here is to find and build lasting friendships so the more true you are to your own personality and interest, the more likely you are to find those kindred spirits to help you on your way.

Ask Dr. Pinder: Friends Make The World Go Round By: Dr. Leeya F. Pinder Having a friend (a great one) is really important as we grow up. Friends help us and challenge us as we develop during one of the most complex times of our lives. A friend is defined as a person who one knows, likes, and trusts and because of this, friends can be one of the biggest influences in our lives. Middle and high school can be an awkward time socially. Friends you’ve had since kindergarten are suddenly going their separate ways and making new friends. Making and keeping friends can be pretty tough, especially if you are shy. A good way to make new friends is to be involved in

activities at school, whether it’s joining a club, being active in sports, or helping with school projects. Helping in the community or at church where there are other people your age, can also help you develop new friends. Being friendly and helpful to other people, make others want to be helpful and friendly with you. It’s not uncommon for friendships to develop quickly and be short lived. That does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. If a friendship was created out of an activity or because of a class, sometimes when those connections are complete, the friendship comes to an end. This is pretty normal. Good ways to keep your

friends are to be supportive, encouraging, and considerate. Friendships can last a long time if you do not make fun of your friends or belittle them. True friends listen to and respect each other’s opinions. And

May 2013

Continued on pg. 45 Sista’s Keeper




Father’s Day was in June and our sistas told us how I love my sweet dad so much! Whenever I get too nervous or am afraid of something, he is always there to reassure me. He and my mother keep me grounded and encourage me to never give up. He taught me to sing and perform like it’s the last time I will do it. He is the best! Coco Jones, 15 Nashville, TN

You’re amazing...the most wonderful man on this planet.Thank you for stepping up and doing what you didn’t have to. I love you for loving me unconditionally. Daddy, you’re the only man on this planet who has ever loved me. Bahja Rodrigues, 17 Atlanta, GA

“The reason why daughters love their dad the most is that there is at least


one man in the world who will never hurt her.” Sista’s Keeper

July 2013



much they love the number-one man in their life. Everyday I see children complain and be disrespectful and hurtful to their daddies while some don’t even have the opportunity to spend time with theirs. So here’s a challenge: Go hug your daddy and tell him you love him because you never know what tomorrow holds. You were the best daddy in the world. I’m still a daddy’s girl true in my heart and I miss you now more than ever. Please continue to look over me and protect me from all evil. I love you Daddy, and may you continue to rest in peace. Taris Easterling, 19 Charlotte, NC

Real-Life Relationships: Robin & Jordin

Imagine competing at a regular high school track meet when your teammates come up to you and say “Hey! There’s this girl on this other team that looks just like you!” What if she turned out to be your sister? Well...that’s what happened to Robin Jeter and Jordin Dickerson in Washington, D.C. back in January. After 17 years apart, the two sisters were reunited at a track meet where they were both competing. They were amazed because neither even knew that they had a long-lost sister.

“At first I didn’t know I had any siblings,” said Robin. “As time went on, I only knew I had one sibling. I didn’t know I had anymore.” After their meeting, the sisters had to talk and find out more about each other and their family. Jordin grew up in foster care before having a legal “I was so anxious to know more about her: Where did she go to school? How old was she? What is she like?” Dickerson said. July 2013

Sista’s Keeper


Furaha “Joy”

By: Taris Easterling

“Mean Girls”: STOP Girl-on-Girl Bullying

First it’s a push in the hallway, then a mean remark during class then finally a confrontation in front of your peers...yes, this is all about the BULLY. What is bullying? According to, Bullying is acting in ways that scare or harm another person. Kids who bully usually pick on someone who is weaker or more alone, and they repeat the actions over and over. Bullying starts in elementary school and becomes most common in middle school. By high school, it is less common but still occurs. Girls bully by using emotional violence. They do things that make others feel alienated and alone. Some of the tactics used by girls who bully include:

• • • • • •

• •

Anonymous prank phone calls or harassing emails from fake social accounts Playing jokes or tricks designed to embarrass and humiliate Deliberate exclusion of other kids for no real reason Whispering in front of other kids with the intent to make them feel left out Name calling, rumor spreading and other mean verbal interactions Being friends one week and then turning against a peer the next week with no incident or reason for the alienation Encouraging other kids to ignore or pick on a specific child Getting others to act out violently or aggressively

Have you ever seen the movie, Mean Girls? Cady (Lindsey Lohan) has been home-schooled for her first 16 years, so when she enters a public school for the first time, the movie introduces her (and us) to the 26

Sista’s Keeper

July 2013

complicated interactions of teenage girls. She initially bonds with two social outcasts, who devise a plan for Cady to infiltrate the Plastics, a trio of popular girls led by the head bully, Regina (Rachel McAdams). After she gains acceptance in the clique, Cady begins to slowly bt surely undermine Regina by trying to make her gain weight and turning the other Plastics against her — in otherwords, the bullied becomes a bully. As she is more and more successful, Cady loses her way and turns into a new version of the queen bee. What started as a joke becomes real as she turns just as spiteful and mean as Regina. If you are being bullied, the sure way to solve it is to tell a teacher or adult. You should never start a physical fight with bullies because far too often the bully victim is seen as the one in the wrong. Be brave and talk with your counselor. If bullying is a problem that you don’t feel comfortable tackling alone, talk to your school’s counselor or a teacher you trust. The adult authority may help the situation.

What Bullying REALLY Means



By:Yani Long

Spring break is approaching and it’s about that time to begin thinking about your plans during your time away from school. According to bullying is aggressive and unwanted behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. In other words it’s when someone preys on those who are weak or appear weak. It is important to understand what bullying is and what it entails so that you may be aware of the signs. It is also vital to be sure that you are not a victim and or can spot it in an effort to help others. Reports have confirmed that bullying has gone too far. With what started with verbal abuse has now escalated to physical and cyber abuse. Bullying has resulted in a number of deaths and many pre-teens and teenagers resort to suicide to run away from the pain and embarrassment of what bullying has caused and created. Some signs that bullying is taking place are when threats are being made, constant name calling, the spreading of rumors, attacking physically or verbally, and last but not least excluding someone from a group for no reason. Since the new wave of technology, bullying has reached new heights by taking it a step further. Cyber bullying is the act of verbal abuse using social networks, text messages and emails for the increasing spread of rumors, a place for embarrassing photographs, and a means to make contact anonymously. Cyber bullying is a new extreme that affect young adults, especially young women, because the audience is broad and reaches the masses so it’s not just left at school anymore. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can see and reap the effects of cyber bullying. Girls bully more differently than boys. Boys tend be more physical while girls use a more mental approach to torment other girls. When coming into the age to share secrets and experiences, there is no telling who may use that information against you by twisting your story around if they got a hold of anything that you do not or did

not want anyone to know. You should never feel like you cannot talk to your friends or share those moments with those you love, but envious and mean girls will figure out how to upset you. The key is to not let them. Girl bullies will sometimes ruin another’s reputation or damage something that is of value or important and no one will ever know or find out who did it and why. It’s a harsh reality but truth nonetheless. Bullying is not an issue to be taken likely. If you know someone or are a victim of bullying please tell someone as soon as possible. If you suspect that bullying is taking place at your school or online please notify someone immediately. It is important to point these things out so that whomever is doing the bullying will not take things go too far. The unlimited access that these type of people have are endless and it can create even more serious issues if it isn’t prevented or not brought to anyone’s attention if its word that it’s taking place.

July 2013

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Baby Steps

Baby steps are small steps towards a goal. You want to accomplish something but it can’t happen have to WORK for it! Think of these tips as “baby steps” to go along with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens feature. Go to pg. 42 and read it fi rst, then come back to this page. Use this worksheet in your daily life.

Habit 6: Synergize 1. When you meet a classmate or neighbor with a disability or impairment, don’t feel sorry for them or avoid them because you don’t know what to say. Instead, go out of your way to get acquainted. 2. The next time you are having a disagreement, try out the Getting To Synergy Action Plan: Define the problem, listen to them, share your views, brainstorm and find the best solution. 3. Share a personal problem with someone you trust (like an adult). See if the exchanging of viewpoints leads to new insights and ideas about your problem. 4. Take time this week to look around and notice how much synergy is going on around you, such as two people working together and teamwork. 5. Think about someone who irritates you. What is different about them? What can you learn from them? __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Brainstorm with your friends and come up with something fun, new, and different to do this weekend, instead of the same thing over again. 7. Rate your openness to diversity in each of the following categories. Are you a shunner, tolerator, or celebrator? Shunner



Race Gender Religion Age Dress What can you do to be a celebrator in each catergory? ________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 28

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July 2013



How To Confront A Bully

While any confrontation is not advised when dealing with people that are mean to you it is important to stand up for yourself. You do not have to physically fight to get your point across but you can most definitely make it known that will not tolerate any abuse whether it is physical, verbal, and even cyber bullying.

By: Yani Long

Bullying has been an act of intimidation for years and it has only gotten worse. Do not let your bully get the best of you and with some key points you can break free from the vicious cycles of bullying.

Say “NO!!!!!” Use the words “no” and “stop” firmly when your bully tries to bother or threaten you.

Tell An Adult If ignoring your bully does not work, seek help fast and tell a trusting adult. It is important to tell your parents as soon as possible if someone at school is bothering you. Go to your guidance counselor, teacher, or school administrator and be sure to give them clear details especially if you are being physically threatened.

Ignore Your Bully Do not let her or even him see that you are bothered by their actions. Once ignored after a while her or his actions will eventually cease. Bullies thrive off attention and if they see that you are weak and are bothered they will continue to push your buttons.

Be Confident You do not want to appear weak. YOU ARE NOT WEAK. Know it, believe it, and live it. Never give anyone the impression that you cannot stand alone. Be confident in knowing that it is not your fault and that nothing is wrong with you.

Surround Yourself With Nice People Surround yourself with kind, loving people from family to friends. Speak up and be social if you aren’t already. It is best to never be alone if someone is constantly in arms reach of you with no one around to help. July 2013

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July 2013

Officially Miss

Guided Atlanta supergroup OMG Girlz are ready to take over the music scene with their summer tour and debut album due out this fall.


hen the OMG Girlz came on the music scene, they brought a message of female empowerment that was right on time for young girls. Their name stands for â&#x20AC;&#x153;officially miss guidedâ&#x20AC;? meaning that they are young ladies who are guided in positive ways officially.

Officially Miss Guided Based in Atlanta, their mission is to tell girls everywhere that they can stand together as friends and be positive with true sisterhood and solidarity. They stand out with their colorful style and energy and are all about friendship. In fact, Star and Beauty are lifelong friends and their moms have been best friends since they were children. Tameka “Tiny” Harris formed the group in 2009 with Star, Beauty and another member. Baby Doll joined the group in 2010 and immediately bonded with Star and Beauty.  Since then, they have been busy recording and performing. In December 2011, they landed a record deal with Interscope Records. When their first official single, “Gucci This (Gucci That),” was released and they performed on the “SCREAM Tour” in 2011, their careers got a boost and brought them nationwide attention and a growing fan base. They are currently working on their debut album, which is scheduled to be released this fall. “It promises a little something for everybody,” Beauty says on the group’s website. The album will include an upbeat mix of hip hop, R&B, rap and pop with girl power messages for teens just like them. They want to help young girls realize their potential through music to be independent, strong and beautiful. Getting Schooled

In April, the group joined the “Get Schooled Celebrity Victory Tour” to encourage young people to succeed in school and graduate from high school by


Sista’s Keeper

July 2013

signing a pledge to graduate. The school where they participated was Stony Point High School in Round Rock, Texas and also took the pledge themselves. Beauty and Star kept their end of the pledge when they graduated high school this year (see pg. 43). Drink WAT-AAH!

The group recently partnered with WAT-AAH!, a line of premium water for kids and teens that is known for its cool and healthy messaging. “Our partnership with the OMG Girlz is a natural fit and has been since we began working with them in 2012 during The Scream Tour,” Rose Cameron, founder and CEO of WAT-AAH!, says.

“You hear about women fighting and arguing and see it on TV a lot but we keep it positive in our music. ” “The OMG Girlz are inspirational to kids - they’re fun, energetic, hard working and love drinking water. They understand that as both celebrities and role models, they have a unique opportunity to influence kids to make healthy choices and steer them away from sugary sodas and juices,” she says. They are currently going into communities all across the USA, to further emphasize this platform, along with other philanthropic endeavors under their non-profit banner of “OMG Cares”. OMG Says NO To Bullying

The group recently began working with Saving Our Daughters to help their fellow peers against the senseless abuse of cyber-bullying. The organization has had the opportunity to work with over 1,000 schools, recreation centers and clubs across the country. During the summer, they will produce a national PSA against cyber-bullying with celebrity photographer & director Derek Blanks. The OMG Girlz participated in Saving Our Daughters’ Annual Bratz Doll giveaway last Christmas with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta. Babydoll says that if you are being bullied, then you

should definitely speak up and tell someone. “We have to treat people the way we want to be treated,” she says. “It’s not right to put someone down just because you’re upset or to make yourself feel better.” Being Their Sista’s Keeper

These three girls set out to give an example to young girls everywhere about working together. They keep their music positive and encourage girls to follow

About Beauty

their dreams and never give up. That is what makes them their sista’s keeper with each other and their fans: they don’t compete with each other because they are a group and a family. If one of them acheives something, the others are happy for them. For more information on their summer tour with Mindless Behavior & to see if they will be in your area,

About Babydoll

About Star

Name: Bahja Rodrigues Age: 17 Birthday: August 2nd

Name: Breaunna Womack Age:18 Birthday: March 23rd

Name: Zonnique Pullins Age:17 Birthday: March 20th

Bahja “Beauty” Rodrigues brings a strong, demanding, turn-your-head element to the group. She’s a tough one but wrapped up inside is a feminine, cute, fun-loving prankster.

Breaunna “Babydoll” Womack is the animated, over-the-top rapper who loves to dance, be athletic and look just as flirty as she is cute and edgy.

Zonnique “Star” Pullins brings a cutesy, prissy element to the group. She is the quiet, laidback one but you wouldn’t know that when she hits the stage with raw and exciting energy.



of students have been threatened with harm


of girls who said that they have been either bullied, bullied others or both 2-3 times a month


Sistaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Keeper

July 2013

Bullying: By the Numbers Spring break is approaching and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about that time to begin thinking about your plans during your time away from school.


16% of students have been subject to rumors


of students have been shoved, tripped, or spit on

of students age 12-18 who were bullied at school during the 2008-2009 school year.


of students have been made fun of or called names or insulted

Miss Teen USA: My Bullying Story By: Logan West If you were to look at me now, you'd see an outgoing, ambitious, open, funny person. Someone who enjoys the company of others and loves to be the life of the party. But just by looking at me, you wouldn't be able to tell that this same easy going, fun loving person was entirely different just seven years ago. When I was 12 years old, I was bullied. At the time, I had no idea what bullying meant so I just considered my classmate to be mean. Her mean behavior consisted of calling me "little miss wanna be white", shoving me into lockers, tripping me down stairs, spitting in my face, and taking every opportunity she had to humiliate me in front of my classmates. At first, I simply ignored her but that quickly became hard to do. So instead, I pretended she didn't exist. In my fantasy world, pretending none of it was happening would eventually make it stop. I was completely wrong. My bully searched for a reaction and when I didn't giver her one, or one not big enough, she amped up her mean behavior.


Sistaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Keeper

Photo : Miss Teen USA website

July 2013

For six months I was tortured by one girl who's main reason for tearing me apart was because in her opinion, I "did not act my skin color". She wanted me to change my friends, my clothes, my hobbies, everything! All to conform to her idea of what a black girl should be. I'm biracial, my mom is black and my dad is white, but growing up I was never forced to identify with one race or the other. My parents always told me that I was Logan, people could take it or leave it. That's part of the reason why I was so surprised! Never did I think that being a certain race meant needing to behave a certain way and this was the first time I was being asked to changed all that made me who I was because of my skin color. So when ignoring my bully became merely impossible I decided to adjust myself in hopes of making her like me. But all that served to do was make me lose myself. I no longer spoke the way I used to, dressed the way I wanted to, or even hung out with the same people I did before. It wasn't until I realized that my personality changed that I decided I needed to speak up. I've always loved school, but during those six months I came up with every excuse not to go. I lied to my parents, I hid in the nurses office, and found the bathroom to be my safe place during passing time between classes. I was no longer the bubbly, social student I used to be. That's when I told my mom. She immediately called the school and as expected they promised her they'd take care of it. Their idea of taking care of things was putting my bully and me in a closet sized room alone for 20 minutes and telling us to be friends. What became of that? My bully and five of her friends waited outside of school for me in the pouring rain where they jabbed me with their umbrella and called me a snitch. Again, I went home crying. Nothing had changed- even after my mom talking to my counselor and principle several times. So I went right back to my usual attempts of ignoring her. Until one day I was sitting at lunch and my bully and her friends were sitting at the table behind me. Her and her friends found entertainment out of chewing up their food, spitting it out and then throwing it at me. I was beyond embarrassed! And in that moment I felt I had two options; one was to sit there and cry, the

ATLANTA DREAM PARTNERS WITH SAVING OUR DAUGHTERS TO HOST OPEN PRACTICE AT ELITE SCHOLARS ACADEMY ON AUGUST 17 other to do something back. Knowing it was wrong, I grabbed a handful of rice off of my plate, turned around and threw it at her. I quickly found myself regretting my decision as she got up and punched me right in the face. We were rushed to the principles office where we sat for hours to eventually hear that we were both going to be suspended for two days. How was I, the victim getting the same consequence as my bully? It was over those two days that I realized not only did I know NOTHING about bullying, but neither did my teachers or school administrators. It was then that I decided I was going to turn my negative experience into something positive by creating a program that would not only teach students, but their teachers what exactly bullying is and how to stop it. To date I have spoken to over 50,000 students and my program Unite Against Bullies Today is active in 15 sates across the nation. I have lobbied successfully for two different anti bullying laws as well as partnered with several girl empowerment groups to spread the word against bullying. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Though seven years ago I couldn't tell you the reason, today I can say God gave me six months of torture to be able to supply students with a lifetime of important knowledge. My story isn't the worst you'll ever hear, but it was enough to make me realize that I wasn't the only student facing a hard time and that with enough hard work and dedication I can make sure no student, today or in the future, has to face their bully alone and unaware.

The WNBA’s Atlanta Dream will continue its 2013 “Take the Show on the Road” campaign by partnering with Saving Our Daughters for a visit to Elite Scholars Academy on Saturday, Aug. 17. It will be the fourth of five open practices at various schools across the region by the Dream this year. The event is open to the public and will run from 4-5:30 p.m. The event will begin with a full-team practice, and following practice fans will engage in a question and answer session as well as a team autograph session. In addition, fans will have the opportunity to participate in contests with Dream players and coaches and win prizes. Saving Our Daughters creates the tools to get teen girls discussing key issues and fired up to take the power away from bullying, (cyber, gossip, faceto-face,…), date abuse, hate crimes, school violence, violence against women, and other esteem slayers. SOD initiatives focus on reaching thousands of teen girls and youth across the country with our celebrity, corporate, and community partners making it possible to spark positive activism. Our words and actions model empowers teens to forward the mission as well as further ignite their inner purpose individually or by leading a group at their home, school, or community.

Education Feature

Class of 2013:

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of our sistas who graduated from high school

Chelesa Fearce, 17

Charles Drew High School Riverdale, GA Future Plans: To study oncology at Spelman College and attend medical school

Fearce was homeless during most of high school but overcame adversity to become valedictorian of her class and is on her way to Spelman College in Atlanta. “God kept me motivated and I prayed a lot,” Fearce says. “I knew I wanted to be a doctor so I had to keep it together.” She decided to study cancer because her mother is a Lymphoma survior. She and her sister, Chelsea (who was salutatorian at another high school) are very close because of their hard times. “She was the only one that I could count on.” Fearce says that being her “sista’s keeper” means always being there for her no matter what and always having her back.

Chanda Lowry, 17 Harding University High School Charlotte, NC Nikale Barnett, 18 York Comprehensive High School York, SC


Sista’s Keeper

Geornee & Jewel Jeffries, 18 West Charlotte High School Charlotte, NC Future Plans: Jewel plans to attend Fayetteville State to study psychology; Geornee plans to attend Alabama A&M to study fashion design July 2013

Graduating Sistas & we wish you the BEST in the future as you take the next step of your lives.

Alyssa Pina , 18 Woodlawn High School Baltimore, MD Future Plans: To attend Salem College to study political science with a concentration in prelaw and minor in dance

Iyanna Mosely, 17 West Charlotte High School Charlotte, NC Future Plans: To attend Alabama A&M University & major in for earlychildhood development

Breyonna Richardson, 17 West Charlotte High School Charlotte, NC Future Plans: To attend Alabama A&M University & major in business and minor in French; attend Johnson and Wales University to receive a Master’s degree in fashion design and management; plans to open a clothing store & clothing line.

Zonnique Pullins & Bahja Rodrigues, 17 High School Atlanta, GA Future Plans: They will be taking over the music world as 2/3 of the super girl group & this month’s cover girls, The OMG Girlz. They will be on tour this summer with Mindless Behavior and Coco Jones. Their debut album is due out this fall. Photos submitted by featured graduates.

July 2013

Sista’s Keeper


Be Effective!!!!! Habit 6: Synergize

Imagine a fl ock of geese fl ying south for the winter. They fl y together in a “V”” formation so that they can travel 71 percent farther. They “synergize”” or work together to create a better solution that they could do on their own.

Celebrating Differences Synergy doesn’t just happen; it’s a process and you have to get there. The foundation for this is learning to celebrate differences.

Diversity does not just relate to racial or gender differences. It includes differences in physical features, wealth, dress, family, religious beliefs, education, age, etc. The world is a melting pot; you have to decide how to approach diversity. Which one do you fall into? • •

Shun diversity- afraid of differences; convinced your way is the right way or the only way; enjoy picking on people who are different Tolerate diversity-believe that everyone has the right to be different; don’t shun diversity but don’t celebrate it either; “you keep to yourself and I’ll keep to myself” or “you do your thing and I’ll do mine” or “you don’t bother me and I won’t bother you”; never get to synergize because they see differences as hurdles and not as potential strengths to build on

Celebrate diversity- value differences; see it as an advantage and not a weakness; two people who think differently can achieve more than two people who think alike; celebrating differences does not mean that you agree but that you value them


SYNERGY IS: Celebrating differences Teamwork Open-mindedness Finding new and better ways

We Are All A Minority of One We all have an opinion and there may be times when you are the only one who thinks the way that you do

We learn differently- Dr. Thomas Armstrong identified 7 kinds of learning styles (One type isn’t better than another, only different): 1. Linguistic: learn through reading, writing, telling stories 2. Logistical-mathematical: learn through logic, patterns, categories, relationships 3. Bodily-kinesthetic: learn through bodily sensations, touching 4. Spatial: learn through images and pictures 5. Musical: learn through sound and rhythm 6. Interpersonal: learn through interaction and communications with others 7. Intrapersonal: learn through their own feelings

We see differently- everyone sees the world differently and has a different paradigm* about themselves, others, and life in general; once you realize that everyone sees the world differently and that everyone can be right, it will increase your understanding and respect for differing viewpoints

*Paradigm-the way you see something, your point, frame of reference, or belief.

SYNERGY IS NOT: Tolerating differences Working independently Thinking you’re always right Compromise

*Paradigm-the way you see something, your point, frame of reference, or belief.

Sista’s Keeper

July 2013

We All Have Different Opinions

Now add up the Read across each row and place a 4 in the blank that best describes you. Place a 3 in totals for each the blank for the second word that describes you. Do the same for the final words column and place using 2 and 1. the total in the COLUMN 1 COLUMN 2 COLUMN 3 COLUMN 4 blank below. The Imaginative Investigative Realistic Analytical column that has the highest score Adaptable Inquisitive Organized Critical is the fruit that you Relating Creating Get to Point Debating are: Personal Adventurous Practical Academic Column 1: Grapes

__________ Column 2: Oranges

__________ Column 3: Bananas __________ Column 4: Melons __________ • • • •

• • • •



















Problem Solver







Think Through

Want Direction








Natural abilities include: planning, fact-finding, organizing, following directions Can learn best when they: have an orderly environment, have specific outcomes, can trust others to do their part, have predictable situations May have trouble: understanding feelings, dealing with opposition, answering “what if” questions To expand their style, they need to: express their own feelings more, get explanations of others’ views, be less rigid




Natural abilities include: being reflective, sensitive, flexible, creative & working in groups Can learn best when they: can work and share with others, balance work with play, can communicate, and are noncompetitive May have trouble: giving exact answers, focusing on one thing at a time, and organizing To expand their style, they need to: pay more attention to details, not rush into things, be less emotional when making some decisions







Natural abilities include: experimenting, being independent, curious, creating different approaches, creating change Can learn best when they: can use trial and error, produce real products, can compete, and are self-directed May have trouble: meeting time limits, following a lecture, having few options or choices To expand their style, they need to: delegate responsibility, be more accepting to others’ ideas, learn to prioritize • • • • -


Natural abilities include: debating points of view, finding solutions, analyzing ideas, determining value or importance Can learn best when they: have access to resources, can work independently, are respected for intellectual ability, follow traditional methods May have trouble: working in groups, being criticized, convincing others diplomatically To expand their style, they need to: accept imperfection, consider all alternatives, consider others’ feelings

Getting To Synergy Action Plan

• Define The Problem Or Opportunity • Their Way (Understand the Ideas of Others) • My Way (Sharing Your Ideas) • Brainstorm (Create New Options and Ideas) • High Way (Find the Best Solution) July 2013

Sista’s Keeper


Sista’s Keeper Crossword Puzzle Cartoon: “I AM My Sista’s Keeper”

Continued from pg. 22 “The Dangers of Loneliness”, loneliness has been linked to depression, alcoholism, sleep problems, and even high blood pressure. In addition to its health effects, social isolation can greatly impede your ability to live a fulfilling, productive life. As Marano discusses in her article, feeling disconnected from one’s peers can cause different types of antisocial behaviors and has even caused many students to make the decision to drop out of high school. On the flipside, a sense of belonging and companionship can encourage you to achieve whatever goals you may have and even create new goals. Having a strong network of friends to share your life experience with can comfort and motivate you when things aren’t going so great; it can also make the victories and celebrations in life even more memorable and rewarding. Thus, an investment in your social wellness is an investment in your overall quality of life. 44

Sista’s Keeper

July 2013

Resources • OMG Girlz • La’Vintage Tribe • Rx For Brown Skin • Love Jones Girlz • Dr. Leeya Pinder • html • Saving Our Daughters • EmpowHERment Inc. Period Packs Inc. • Texture My Way

Continued from pg. 23

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other’s opinions. And importantly, do not be afraid to say you’re sorry if you have hurt them, and be willing to talk about your disagreements.

You may be that person that has 1000 friends on Facebook, 800 friends following you on Twitter, and you may even share your best photos on Instagram with 500 more people. The truth is the only people that are truly your friends are those who influence you in a positive way. Teens who have friends that influence them in a positive way do better in school and stay out of trouble. Unhealthy behaviors can be very contagious and teens whose friends smoke, drink or use drugs, are more likely to imitate these behaviors themselves. Continue this article on our website:

July 2013

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Black Women In History

Mae Jemison

Astronaut and First African-American Woman In Space

Mae Carol Jemison (born October 17, 1956) is an American physcian and NASA astronaut. She became the fi rst black woman to travel in space when she went into orbit aboard the Endeavour on September 12, 1992. After her medical education and a brief general practice, Jemison served in the Peace Corps from 1985 to 1987, when she was selected by NASA to join the astronaut corps. She resigned from NASA in 1993 to form a company researching the application of technology to daily life. She has appeared on television several times, including as an actress in an episode of Star Wars. She is a dancer, and holds nine doctorates in


Sista’s Keeper

July 2013

By: Taris Easterling

science, engineering, and the humanities. • October 17, 1956: Mae was born in Decatur General Hospital • 1973: She attended Cornell University • 1977: She attended Weill Medical College of Cornell • 1981: She attended Stanford University • September 12, 1992: Mae Became the First Women of Color to Travel Into Space

By eighth grade, only half as many girls as boys are interested in math, science, and engineering careers. If each of us gives a girl our time and support today, she can find the courage, confidence, and character sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll need to build a better tomorrow.

July 2013 Issue  

The July issue of Sista's Keeper Magazine is now online!!!!! The issue includes a feature on the OMG Girlz, a "spotlight" on teen designer...