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Sistahood Issue January 2013 Vol. 1, Issue 3


McClain Sisters

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Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing winners Chloe and Halle

Black Beauty & Fashion Icons


My Sista’s Keeper


Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Ross & MORE

Readers submit stories of how they love and care about their “sistas”

On the Cover: Photo: Black Celebrity Kids


Sister Act: Sierra, China Anne & Lauryn

(Left) The McClain Sisters perform on the “ChANTs of a Lifetime” episode of A.N.T. Farm

January 2013

Sista’s Keeper


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Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

I AM my Sista’s Keeper

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Beauty: Starting a New Routine for Taking Care of Your Skin

Beauty: Party Hair & Makeup

Entertainment: Kimora: House of Fab



Furaha: How to Be HAPPY in 24 2013 25

17 Apps to Download for Your New Gadgets

Jando: New Years Resolutions


Health: What You Need to Know: HPV


Health: Cervical Health Awareness 21 Month

Maua: Baby Steps 27


Ndege: Make Your Resolution a REALITY

Black Women In History: Shirley Chisholm 46 January 2013

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Katra Cunningham

Taris Easterling

Yani Long

Noma Vilane

The Uniform Project (pg. 18)

Make Your Resolution Reality (pg. 27) , Beyonce’ & Solange (pg. 36)

Waiting Until You’re Ready (pg. 22); Venus and Serena (pg. 37)

HPV (pg. 20), Be Happy in 2013 (pg. 24), Mary Mary (pg. 36)

Cunningham is currently a junior journalism major at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. She serves as the editor in chief of the Roddey McMillan Record, Winthrop University’s Multicultural Newspaper.

Easterling is currently a freshman at North Carolina Central University. She’s an avid reader and writer so you will usually find her doing one or the other. She’s the lead host on her very own personal radio show, Unscripted Radio.

Long began writing at the age of 11 with journals that turned into poetry. She attended Guilford Technical Community College and then transferred to A&T in 2010. She enjoys making jewelry, spending time with family, watching TV and playing cards.




Vilane is a senior journalism major at North Carolina A&T State University. Her hobbies include reading, writing fiction, and spending time with friends and family.


Guest Contributor Shaniqua Graves (Picking the Right Type of Guy; pg. 23) is a North Carolina native, currently residing in the city of Greensboro. Aside from journalism, the UNC-Greensboro alumna also engages in creative genres, writing poetry as well as the occasional short story. The aspiring writer continues to seek projects that express her unique point of view through writing.


Sista’s Keeper

January 2013


“Sistahood” and New Year’s Resolutions

ey sistas! It’s 2013…a new year that will bring new experiences and new possibilities for each one of you. I hope that you all have goals and work hard to acheive them this year. January is the “Sistahood Issue” and I want you to think about all the “sistas” in your life and what they mean to you. Take some time to reflect upon the women you know and be thankful for them, like I’m thankful for my sisters Chanda, Eboni, and Genesis (bottom, l to r). In this issue, we are featuring many celebrity sisters who show us that it is important to love and be close to each other. Gospel duo Mary Mary, tennis stars Venus and Serena, and actresses Tia and Tamera are just a few that know how to be their “sista’s keeper”. Speaking of sisters, The McClain Sisters began their career together as the stars of the 2007 Tyler Perry film Daddy’s Little Girls and have remained together as they are now a singing group. Also, Chloe and Halle are two sisters that we spotlight in this issue and we are going to be hearing from them for a long time. They were the winners of the Radio Disney Next Big Thing contest and we look forward to great things from them. We had a lot to cover with this “Sistahood” issue because even though we will not have a February issue, it was important for us to talk about Black History. We featured seven beautiful black women who display grace, elegance, beauty and style. If you want to contact me or have any questions about the magazine, email me at: or visit our website:

Tell us what you think! Join the conversation... #SistasKeeper

Editor’s Letter

Remember the purpose of Sista’s Keeper: to build you up as young women so you can be comfortable enough in yourself to help your sisters, cousins, friends, etc. I hope that you enjoy this issue. “I AM my Sista’s Keeper”

January 2013

Owner/Publisher @SistasKeeperMag

Sista’s Keeper


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Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing Winners: Chloe & Halle


At only 14 and 12 years old, Chloe and Halle Bailey are the newest winners of the Radio Disney Next Big Thing contest. They have over 10 million views on YouTube, have acted in movies and performed on TV in projects that they have been in include "Joyful Noise" and Disney Channel’s “Let it Shine”.

About Halle*

About Chloe*

Name: Halle Bailey Age: 12 Talents: Singing, dancing, acting, and playing guitar Birthday: March 27th Favorite colors: Purple & blue Hobbies: Running, swimming, and riding my bike with my sister, Chloe Something you can’t live without: God, my family, music, lip gloss and my guitar pick earrings Favorite animal: Dragonflies because they give me good luck and are so beautiful and graceful. I also have them on my guitar. Being your “sista’s keeper”: “I love doing all of these things with Chloe because she makes everything so much better. I’m just a regular girl who is so happy to be experiencing what I love to do.”

Name: Chloe Bailey Age: 14 Birthday: July 1st Talents: Singing, dancing, acting, and playing the piano Favorite colors: Blue and green Things to do for fun: Sing, go on Twitter & Instagram, hang out with family/friends and just have fun Something you can’t live without: God, my family, music...and let me not forget about my phone Who inspires you? Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson Being your “sista’s keeper”: “My best friend is my sister Halle and I pretty much do everything with her. My goal is to make an impact on people as much as they have done.” *Information is from Chloe & Halle’s website,

Chloe & Halle Bailey


January 2013

Sista’s Keeper



Fun Party Hair New Years brings all types of parties and you want to look your best. These styles are great for any occasion.

High, Curly Bun Try this style (like on Beyonce’) for a formal event or if you want an updo. The curls will be tight so that it will last a while.

Thick, Flowy Curls Flowy curls like Brandy will be thick and give your hair more volume. They will work whether you are relaxed or natural.


Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

styles for 2013


Short, Sharp Cut For those with shorter hair, follow Rihanna’s lead with this bold cut that shows off the angles in your face.

Long Bangs Tia Mowry-Hardrict sported these long, layered bangs that shape & soften your face.

Braided Side Ponytail BONUS Beyonce’: This side ponytail look is a cute way to do something different and make a statement.

January 2013

Sista’s Keeper


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How To Apply Makeup


Many young girls are interested in makeup but don’t know how to use it properly. Use these tips in applying it, from washing your hands to removing it without damaging your skin. 1) Wash Your Hands and Face Before touching your face, always wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and warm water. Make sure your face is clean before applying makeup. 2) Apply Moisturizer Before starting, always use sunscreen. It's better to get a moisturizer separate from your SPF because then your SPF will be stronger. 3) Smooth Use a concealer on zits, red spots or other imperfections. Blot it in using your middle finger. Make sure you dab, rather than wipe with your finger, otherwise you will take

all the concealer off. 4) Pat to Apply Acne mineral makeup is much better for your skin than normal foundation. Remember your skin is your biggest breathing organ. Girls with oilier skin might want to stick to powder, and girls with drier skin might prefer liquid/cream foundation or tinted moisturizer. 5) Comb Your Eyebrows Using a brow brush, comb your eyebrows up and across, and softly apply eyeshadow to fill in brows, making them appear fuller. If you have full eyebrows, skip this step. 6) Blush Smile, blend up and in a circular motion, always blending towards the temple. You can also follow your cheekbone. You can also use a powder blush, but be careful as they tend to pack more of punch. Less is more. 7) Apply Lip Balm Fill in entire lip using a tinted lip balm. Then, using your finger or brush, spread gloss on top. Find out your skin tone, and the colors that match it. Always use a transparent gloss over tinted lip balm. 8) Use Gloss Lip gloss is great for a light, glossy look. It's cute enough for

school and adds a perfect glow to your finished look. Just apply it on your lips and love it through the day. You might need to apply more, if it begins to wear off. Use it over your tinted lip balm or light, natural shade of lipstick. Keep in mind that the right color depends on the occasion. For example, if you know you're going to be eating or sweating, go light on the lip gloss. 9) Eye shadow First, put white shadow all over your eyes to highlight and power up your eye shadow color. Then, choose a color you like and apply it underneath the crease of your eye lid. Keep the color light and natural. 10) Remember That Less is More If you've gone overboard on your eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick you can use toilet paper or tissues to dab away some color. Make sure to keep in mind that light and fresh makeup is in, while caked-on makeup isn't. 11) Removing Makeup Always remove your makeup before you go to bed to help keep your skin healthy and wrinkle-free. Use a moisturizing cleansing cloth or wash and clean your whole face evenly.

January 2013

Sista’s Keeper



Starting a New Skin Care Routine The new year is the perfrect time to make changes in how you take care of yourself, and starting a new skin routine is a great way to start.

1) Know Your Skin Type Developing your new routine is dependent on the type of skin you have: oily, normal/combination, dry, or sensitive.

3) Exfoliate This important step scrubs away the dead skin cells that cause your poers to clog, as well as dry skin and acne. Find a scrub with exfoliating beads and use it just once a week.

2) Cleanse Well Finding a cleanser that works well for your skin is the key. Once you find one, stick with it and don’t switch between two. Liquid facial cleaners work best and try not to use soap on your face because it will dry the skin.

4) Skip Using a Toner If you use a good cleanser, it should remove all remaining oil, makeup and dirt on your skin and a toner isn’t necessary.

5) Moisturize Your skin should be moisturized no matter wht skin type you have. The face and body should be moisturized but pay special attention to your face by using special formulas. Your skin will determine how often you need to moisturize but try not to over-moisturize because it will clog your pores.


Sista’s Keeper

January 2013


Clothes Shoes Accessories

E S I T ! R ! ! E ! ! V E D A ER H




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By: LaPorsha Lowry

Kimora’s Back!!!!! New Series “House of Fab”

The queen of “fabulousity” is giving us more of her business side with her new project, which follows her as she runs the fashion website, Kimora Lee Simmons is a successful businesswoman who has been able to balance her new, growing projects with being a mother of three. She is back with a new show on the Style Network called Kimora: House of Fab that premieres January 23rd at 9pm. For an hour each week,

viewers will get an inside look into the Manhattan Beach, CA offices of Just Fab. The woman who created the term “fabulousity” had another successful show called Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane that showed her balancing career and family. This new show will be more of a business side, letting us behind

Photo : Style Network website Kimora Lee Simmons premieres her new show Kimora: House of Fab


Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

the scenes of the fashion website, “My businesses have evolved a bit. My former life is gone. I have sold all of those companies from my prior life, and my new project is,” Simmons told “This is all about fashion and the tech sector, and how I have married fashion to the tech aspect, and that’s a big thing,” Simmons said. Just is an online fashion site where over 9 million members can get personalized and affordable fashion selections and looks to fit them. As president and creative director, Simmons is in charge of taking this successful young company to the next level, in her own fabulous way. Of course, Simmons will bring her fun, high-energy leadership style to the office and it will make for great TV. “This is an office environment with more of an ensemble,” Simmons said. “It’s a team of people at all times, with lots of coming and going. It is less of my kids and my personal side.” Follow Kimora on Twitter: @Of�icialKimora

The Best Apps for Your New Gadgets


By: LaPorsha Lowry


Christmas has come and gone and you probably have some new gadgets to play with. These applications are essential to keep up with your schedule, social media, etc. on your smartphone or tablet. Shazam

Have you ever heard a song on the radio that you like but don’t know the name? This app can help with that by listening to the song and identifying the title, artist and album.

Period Plus

This app gives you a simple and private way of keeping up with your period. It can predict when it will start and how long it will last. It’s also password-protected so no one will see it but you.


Make picture collages with different layouts from your phone or iPad by using this app.


Share photos, videos, quotes, and other forms of media on Tumblr and repost things from others.


Find your inspiration and share it with others with this app. Use

Pinterest to collect things you love, organize and plan important projects, and more.


Who doesn’t love Twitter during TV shows or award shows? Interact instantly with friends and follow your favorite celebrities.

themselves, friends, family, food, inspirational quotes…anything you want really. It’s also fun to repost pictures from people you follow.

These applications and many more are available in the App Store in iTunes.


Keep up with your friends and update them on your life with Facebook. Share photos, videos and update your status to give the world a piece of your mind.

Pandora Radio

Personalize your own radio station that only plays music you love. Choose one of your favorite artists or songs and create a custom station that plays similar music.

Music Alicia Keys“Brand New Me” Coco Jones“Holla At the DJ” Tamar Braxton“Love and War”


This picture-sharing app is one of the most popular today. Users can upload snapshots of

January 2013

Sista’s Keeper



The Uniform Project What if you only had one dress to wear for an entire year? 365 days that you had to figure out a different look...What would you come up with? By: Katra Cunningham

Now that Christmas has become a thing of the past, your closet is probably over flooded with new and old clothes. While having a lot of options to choose from may seem like a great idea, we must remember that there are a lot of people who are not as fortunate as we are. There are millions of people all over the world who do not have a decent pair of shoes or piece of clothing to wear who are your age. They did not receive toys or anything else for Christmas and barely know where their next meal will come from. So why hold on to that old pair of shoes that are a size too small or that shirt that you don’t wear anymore when there are people out there with almost nothing in their closet. People in 3rd world countries like Africa and India, and even people in America who are forced to live poverty filled lives who would love to switch places with you. While that may not be possible, we can work together to help cloth and feed our fellow men. These people should not be forgotten and we should offer help whenever we can and if you can afford to put the needs of other above greed, you can become an advocate for the Uniform project. Ashley Causey, a student at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina transferred from Olgethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia because of the excellent reputation when it comes to her major, special education. Causey choose to pursue education because she previously worked with a dyslexic friend who endured many hardships while attending school. The administrators as well as some of the students did not treat the student respectfully and it touched the heart of Causey. Then she realized what she wanted for the rest of life. She wanted to care for children with illnesses similar to dyslexia as well as those mentally ill. Not new to humanitarianism, she has even begun to participate in a fund-raising project called the Uniform Project. According to the Uniform Project’s website, the experiment was conducted in May 2009 by a woman named Sheena, and was a fundraiser geared towards raising money for underprivileged children in India. It required her to wear one black dress for 365 days and blog about her experience. The program required participates to wear U.P. LBD’s (Little Black Dresses), which are a short cocktails or evening dresses made to resemble that of those of the 1920’s. This blog brought in about $100,000 in donations from people across the globe and was viewed by 18

Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

millions around the world. “I decided to pick up this challenge because it shows sustainability and it also shows that we don’t need that many clothes in our closet,” said Causey. Now Causey only has two dresses to her name after donating all of her clothing to charities before beginning the project. She just alternates between two identical dresses and changes accessories. Only equipped with hats, sweaters, soaks, coats, scarves, and tights, Causey reinvents her outfit every day. Causey started this program on July 22nd of this year and will not complete it until 2013, which she purposely started on her 21st birthday. “I wanted to do something different for my Continued on pg. 45

Photo Courtesy of the Roddey-McMillan Record Kimora Lee Simmons premieres her new show Kimora: House of Fab


Start Your Own Uniform Project Here are 3 looks & ways to get started to get started and participate in the Uniform Project.


Add a Cardigan

Switch up your dress look but adding this black cardigan or add a splash of color with a color one.


Photo : Uniform Project website

Add a Belt

Minimize your waist and add shape by using a belt with a bedazzled buckle to add some sparkle to the outfit.

Uniform Project pilot Isis Salam is wearing the Reversible Stretch LBD (little black dress) made of a 68% organic cotton, 30% organic wool, and 2% Lycra, stretchy ponti knit fabric.

You can create an all new outfit by simply adding a pair of leggings or tights; patterned and color one would work too.


January 2013

Add Leggings

Sista’s Keeper



What You Need To Know About:

By: Noma Vilane


Most young girls don’t know what it is but they have a higher chance of getting it than their male counterparts. The only way to prevent it is to educate and protect yourself. HPV, or genital human papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted infection, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. Leeya Pinder states that there are more than 40 types of HPV, categorized as high-risk and low-risk. In the United States there are around 6 million new cases of the disease every year and almost 75% of the cases affect women ages 15-24. 40% of women will acquire HPV within 16 months of 1st sexual intercourse. HPV affects the skin and can be transmitted when people who are infected engage in sexual activity. However, the disease is not spread through bodily fluid. Having more than one sexual partner increases your risk of getting it, but you can get it from only one partner as well, so getting HVP is not a sign of promiscuity. HPV affects both men and women. Most people with HPV do not show signs of being infected at all, causing people not to know they have it. The virus is destroyed in 90% of those infected with the disease. However, HPV can cause some issues. Some types of the virus, classified as low-risk, can cause people to develop genital warts, or even warts in the tonsils, throat, or at the base of the tongue. These can interfere with breathing or swallowing and may need to be surgically removed. Warts can appear weeks to months after getting HPV. High-risk HPV can lead to cervical and other genital cancers. HPV infection is almost always the cause of cervical cancer. However, just because you get HPV, doesn’t mean you will get cancer. Cancers mainly take years to form and cervical cancer is much more dangerous if it is caught in the later stages. The HPV virus can lay dormant in a person from 10-20 years before it becomes cancerous. 20

Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

Dr. Leeya F. Pinder OB/GYN Charlotte, NC

While other types of cancers can be caused by HPV, cervical cancer is the most common cancer caused by the virus. Annual Pap smears and cultures can be taken to ensure the cancer has not formed. Pap smears have decreased the number of 1/2 of new cases of cervical cancers have not been screened, which is done by a pap smear. While there is no cure for HPV itself, treatment can be prescribed for related diseases that stem from HPV. Genital warts can take a week or so to form and can be removed by using medication prescribed by a doctor. In some cases, patients simply wait until the warts disappear, as there is no link between the warts and a more serious condition, like cancer. It should also be noted that genital warts are contagious, so if you notice them, you should abstain from sex until they disappear. Continued on pg. 44

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month


The United States Congress designated January as Cervical Health Awareness Month. We want to highlight information from organizations like National Cervical Cancer Coalition, National Education Association & Centers for Disease Control Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control. It is always named for the part of the body where it starts, even if it spreads to other body parts later. When cancer starts in the cervix, it’s called cervical cancer. The cervix is the lower, narrow end of the uterus. It connects the vagina (the birth canal) to the upper part of the uterus. The uterus (or womb) is where a baby grows when a woman is pregnant.

All women are at risk for cervical cancer. Each year, approximately 12,000 in the United States get cervical cancer. The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main cause of cervical cancer. HPV is a common virus that is passed from one person to another during sex. At least half of sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their lives, but few women will get cervical cancer. Here’s a few ways to learn about and prevent HPV:

Pap Test

HPV Vaccine

Early detection of problems is the key to prevention; detects abnormal cells that lead to cervical cancer

HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer; CDC recommends routine vaccinations for girls/ women age 11-26

Educate Yourself Along with this article, visit the resources on pg. 45 to receive more information. Also, talk to your parents about getting a HPV vaccine. January 2013

Sista’s Keeper



By: Yani Long

Waiting Until You Are Ready The Bible says to abstain from sex until marriage. Your parents try to guide you in the direction to develop the right type of relationships that won’t lead to pregnancy. Your peers are talking about it, some boys have experienced it, and now you’re thinking about it.

As you get older, your body experiences changes and as a young woman you begin to have certain desires that are hard to explain. As important it is to wait until marriage to have sex, it is also a reality that sex before marriage happens on a more normal basis. The goal is not only to remind you that waiting until marriage is the best way to engage in sexual activity but that it is extremely important to make sure that you are in love. Growing up you will encounter a number of boys and young men. Some will genuinely like you and some will only want one thing. The key is to understand what you want and what you are willing to give. There are several risks to be aware of if precautions aren’t met, such as wearing a condom or the misuse of a condom. Those risks


Sista’s Keeper

include pregnancy and sexuallytransmitted diseases. You increase the chances of becoming a single mother and potentially put your body at risk for diseases that may damage your vagina, ovaries, eggs, and uterus. Some of those diseases are gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, and chlamydia. While there are others more severe such as the HIV virus and AIDS, those are the most common. Ideally marriage comes first and then the baby carriage. Allowing yourself to have a life partner to help raise your children is important. In 2011, according to the Census Bureau about 40 percent of births are to unmarried women and about 72 percent of those births belong to single minority women. You don’t want to be another statistic.

January 2013

Did you know that the misuse of a condom or not using one, if sex has been agreed upon before marriage, could prevent you from having children in the future? It also can make you very sick and put others at risk. For more information on these sexually transmitted diseases see your local health department or family doctor before making the decision to engage in sexual activity. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you. If you know that you are not ready for sex until marriage by all means wait. If you should want to experience it before marriage, be mindful of whom you give your body to. That special moment should be shared with someone that means more to you than just his appearance or his worldly possessions. He should be your best friend, one you confide in and love. He would never pressure you to have sex until you are ready. If he really loves you he will wait. While there is no specified time frame your heart and body know when you are ready. Think carefully, take the time to learn your body, and educate yourself on the risk factors of sexual intercourse before marriage. Try to abstain as long as you feel is necessary and take the time to find that special somebody to share that moment with.

Picking the RIGHT Type of Guy


By: Shaniqua Graves

When it comes to choosing a guy, there are lots of things a girl can consider. Besides the obvious cuteness factor, we can look at who he knows, if (and what) he drives, and even what kind of job he has. Though these things can seem like important issues in the beginning, it is important to consider what will matter to you in the long run. While every girl’s idea of the perfect man is different, here are a few things we should all look for when looking for Mr. Right. 1. Respect The one thing that you must have in any successful relationship, romantic or otherwise, is a mutual respect. Respect your partner’s mind as well as his body and require that he does the same for you. If you can agree to do this, you can give your relationship a fighting chance of survival. 2. Common Interests There is nothing more awkward than having someone across the table from you and having absolutely nothing in the world to say to them. When you’re looking at prospective dates, make sure you’re choosing someone who enjoys some of the same things you do. It’ll keep the conversation interesting for years to come.

5. Good Track Record So you heard that he dumped his last girlfriend for her sister? You’d better pass on that one. Chances are he’d do the same or worse to you if given the opportunity and you deserve much better than that. 6. Trustworthiness Make sure that whatever fellow you are considering lives by a strong moral code. Once you see that he can be trusted from afar, you can feel better about trusting him up close and personally. 7. A Spiritual Match Your faith is an essential part of who you are. It is important that you build a relationship with someone who will not only respect your faith, but also be able to connect and grow with you in that area of your life. 8. A Sense of Humor As your relationship goes through the ups and downs, you’ll learn to really appreciate a man that can make you laugh. A well-delivered joke can turn a would-be break-up into a funny story you tell your grandkids (or, for now, your best friend).

3. Goals As you enter into a relationship, you should be aware of the plans and goals that your partner has and whether or not those plans fit together with your own. This isn’t an issue if you’re looking for something short-term, but if you’re looking for a lasting love, this is definitely something you want to take into account. 4. Kindness You can gauge how well a guy will treat you by how well he treats the people around him. Pay attention to how he treats his friends and you will have a pretty good idea of whether or not he is a keeper. January 2013

Sista’s Keeper


Furaha “Joy”

By: Noma Vilane

Be Happy in 2013

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Without happiness, it’s hard to enjoy life, even if you have a healthy family and all of the material things you could ever want. But sometimes we get caught up in what we can’t do, compare ourselves to others and allow our circumstances to determine whether or not we will be happy. The first step to being happy is to change your mindset. How you look at a situation will influence if it is a positive or negative one. Accept yourself and those around you for flaws and strengths. We all get one chance to make the most of life and everything we are given. Sometimes what we perceive as a weakness can prove to be helpful later on in life. The way you look at a situation can make it better or worse. It all depends on your attitude towards it. Charles M. Schulz was the youngest in his class in school and was known for being very shy. Years later as an adult, he made the cartoon “Peanuts”, whose main character Charlie Brown, was always hesitant and shy. Charles Schulz took something he felt was negative about himself and turned it into something the whole world could enjoy. Don’t compare yourself to other people. You have to be happy with yourself. Everyone is different and unique. Why hide your personality trying to


Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

be someone you’re not? You should try hard not to compare others around you as well. Your family, friends and classmates are who they are. It’s not fair to try and change them to who you want them to be and it will make everyone miserable. And wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was the same as you are? Stop dwelling on everything that goes wrong in your life. Focus on all the good things that happen. A lot of people feel like they were dealt a bad hand in life. The difference between happy and unhappy people is that the happy people try to figure out the next step to get out of the situation, whether it’s through a hobby, like listening to music or sports, while an unhappy person will live in the past by always bringing up what makes them unhappy. Live in the moment. It’s easy to stress out over the future and things that are beyond our control, like SAT scores or making the sports team, but not worrying isn’t the same thing as not caring. Have fun in the tryout. Run your fastest and just be your best because in the end, as long as you did your personal best, that’s what truly counts. Knowing yourself is very important in being happy. That way, you can determine what is making you unhappy and change or eliminate it. You should get a piece of paper and writing down everything that you love about and makes you proud of yourself, no matter how trivial it may seem to you. Whether it’s something as your favorite color to something big like getting into the college of your choice, all those things are important to help you see just how many wonderful things make you who you are. 2013 is a new year, so start it off right by looking at the positive side of every situation and it will be a happy year.

New Year’s Resolutions



Here’s how to make resolutions that you can actually accomplish, as well as some submissions from sistas to help you

Write Them Down This makes them REAL & become goals

Spread Them Out Don’t just shoot fo complete them in January. Pace yourself!

“Face all of my fears that have kept me from great opportunities.” -Jenna Christian (@1JennaMarie)

Learn From Last Year

Think about what you want to improve on from 2012 into 2013

“To dance more than I already do, make new friends, party hard, love hard, stay happy, and build from whatever happens in my life.” -Imani Mallard (@imaniloveebugg)

Be Realistic

Be real about what you want to accomplish

“To stop being such a procrastinator.” -Tiara Joseph *If this is your resolution too, check out Be Effective on pg. 40!

January 2013

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Baby Steps

Baby steps are small steps towards a goal. You want to accomplish something but it can’t happen have to WORK for it! Think of these tips as “baby steps” to go along with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens feature. Go to pg. 40 and read it first, then come back to this page. Use this worksheet in your daily life.

Habit 3: Put First Things First 1. Set a goal to use a planner for one month. Start with the one on pg. 41 and stick to your plan. 2. Identify your biggest time-wasters.

My biggest time wasters: ____________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. If you are a “pleaser” (says yes to everything and everyone), have the courage to say NO.

4. If you have an important test in one week, don’t procrastinate and wait to study. Study a little each day.

5. Think of something that you’ve been putting off for a long time but is very important to you. Plan time this week to get it done.

Thing I’ve procrastinated forever: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. Make note of the 10 most important things for this week. Plan time to accomplish each one.

7. Identify a fear that is holding you back from reaching your goals. Jump out of your comfort zone.

Fear that is holding me back: _______________________________________________________________________________


8. How much impact does peer pressure has on you? Do you do what they want or what you want?

Person of people who most influence you: ________________________________________________________________


_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sista’s Keeper

January 2013


Make Your Resolution A Reality

Ndege By: Taris Easterling

It’s 2013: a new year and its time to do right and...blah blah BLAH! I know we are all tired of people say “new year, new me”. We get on twitter and see all these resolutions and think “none of you will complete these so just SHUT UP.” Well I have some basic resolutions AND how you can achieve them. This might just inspire you to make a list of your own. 1.) Lose WEIGHT Losing weight can be so easy. People mess up by losing weight “cold turkey”. Start off small.Try changing your diet little by little. Add in 30 minute exercises day by day. Try searching online for HEALTHY and SAFE diets to do. 2.) Your Soulmate “New year, new me” includes getting rid of the old and in with the new. Finding “the one” for you is apart of that. Sometimes searching is not always the way to go. You have to love you and search for you and somebody else will come. 3.) Time Management TIME OUT! Take a breather and chill. You have to organize your time well so you can get everything done and not be stressed out. Invest in calendars, schedules, and day planners. Write out to-do lists so you will know EXACTLY what you need to do.

4.) Learn Something New Vow to make this year the year to learn something new. Perhaps you are considering a new hairdo, want to learn a new language, or just how to fix your computer? Whether you take a course or read a book, you’ll find education to be one of the easiest, most motivating New Year’s resolutions to keep. 5.) Put Yourself on a Budget Join the millions of Americans who have resolved to spend this year getting a handle on their finances. If you have a job, put money aside for college or to have cash for a summer trip. It’s a promise that will repay itself many times over in the year ahead. These are your basic resolutions. Now I challenge you to create your own lists and detail them. 2013 is a year of change so let’s change YOU!

January 2013

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Sister Act

We first saw the McClain Sisters as three adorable daughters of a hard-working driver in Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls. Now they have .

By: LaPorsha Lowry


lways laughing, always smiling and always together: Sierra, Lauryn and China Anne McClain are three sisters who are on their way to continued

success. They formed their group, the McClain Sisters, in 2011 and were signed to Hollywood/Walt Disney Records in March 2012. Their single “Rise” which they wrote themselves was featured in the Disneynature film, Chimpanzee and The Atlanta natives got their start in the movie The Gospel and had other small roles before their big break in Daddy’s Little Girls in 2007. January 2013

Sista’s Keeper


The McClain Sisters in the video for their hit single, “Rise”. Triple Threats

Music is in them The McClain Sisters have been singing their entire lives. They recently told Better In Bulk that music has always been a big part of them growing up. “Our parents met doing music so like when I was a baby we would always hear music,” Lauryn said. “We were always listening to our parents and live around music,” she said. That upbringing sparked the talents of the sisters, who all sing, dance and act along with write songs and play instruments.

At 18 years old, Sierra McClain is the oldest of the three sisters. She’s an actress and singer who had a main role in Daddy’s Little Girls. Lauryn is the middle sister and has a talent for singing, acting and playing the guitar. She learned how to play the instrument to get out of her shyness when she was younger. Last but not least, there is China Anne who at just 14 years old has begun a promising acting career in her own right. She is the star of the Disney Channel hit show “A.N.T. Farm” as well as the Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” on TBS. Like her sisters, she has a talent for acting and singing as well as songwriting and playing musical instruments. Sierra and Lauryn recently joined China Anne on “A.N.T. Farm” for the special, “ChANTs of a Lifetime”, playing members of China’s favorite group Trifecta and they recruit her to be in the group. They also performed their other single, “Go” on the episode. Staying Close


Being around each other is something that the McClain Sisters enjoy. They have their own space in Daddy’s Little Girls playing sisters in their house but always know that the others are there. Tyler Perry’s 2007 hit “We like staying in smaller environments because it

Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

About the McClain Sisters Name: China Anne McClain Age: 14 Birthday: August 25th Favorite color: Green Name: Sierra Aylina McClain Age: 18 Birthday: March 16th Favorite color: Blue Name: Lauryn Alisa McClain Age: 16 Birthday: January 9th Favorite color: Pink Growing together McClain Sisters stay close to each other would be weird if we didn’t hear another kid down the hall yelling,” Lauryn said. “Yeah and we say we want our space, but then we’ll be on the phone with each other in the same room, or on Face Time,” Sierra added. “Or she’ll come and just sit in our room, lay in my bed,” China Anne said. “It’s very random,” said Lauryn. “It’s a random household, but it’s a fun household too.” Stay Grounded

they don’t let us get away with anything.” Being their “sista’s keeper”:

Being sisters and staying close has helped the McClain Sisters reach success. While China Anne had a starring role on a hit TV show, they still support each other and cheer each other on. Their close relationship makes it easy for them to collaborate as a group and it makes an easy task of writing songs together. Sierra believes that as sisters, they have a responsibility to each other to love and support each other. “I have two sisters so I would definitely tell other young girls to stick close and to love each other and to always be there for each other. Friends, they come and go sometimes but your sisters are going to always be there for you. No matter what.” Sierra said

“Friends come

and go but your sisters are going to always be there for you, no matter what.”

The McClain Sisters credit their parents for helping them stay grounded. “We have really good parents. From the very beginning, they always taught us to always stay humble and always remember what you were taught and always have faith in what you believe in. We have each other, but our parents are mostly how we stay grounded because they always stay on us and To hear more of the McClain Sisters’ music and for more information, visit their website: January 2013

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Josephine Baker was not only a dancer, singer, and actress but she was also one of the most beautiful women of her time and was the first African-American woman to star in a major motion picture (Zouzou in 1934).


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January 2013

Black Beauty and Fashion Icons

Over the years, there have been many African-American women who were considered to be among the most beautiful or fashionable, but these women had a beauty and style all their own.

January 2013

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1: Diana Ross- Her beauty is classic, her iconic style is glamorous and her talent is legendary; She is the original DIVA. 2: Dorothy Dandrige- Not only a triple threat (singer, dancer, actress) but she was a timeless beauty with amazing and unique style. 3: Billie Holiday- Known as “Lady Day” for her legendary voice, she was also one beautiful woman! 4:Naomi Sims- Widely considered the first black supermodel, she opened doors for others while looking flawless. 5: Diahann Carroll- Flawless skin, great smile and hair: she has it all as well as glamorous fashion. 4

3 34

Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

Lena Horne- A true singer/dancer combo, she was a groundbreaker, performing on Broadway and Sesame Street. She was politically vocal and active as well.

January 2013

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Sister, Mary Mary: Erica and Tina

In honor of the “Sistahood” some of the celebrity-sister true meaning of being our

The gospel duo first came onto the music scene with their crossover hit, “Shackles (Praise You).” Their successful career has spanned more than a decade and now they have a reality show on WeTV that portrays the hectic lives of the sisters and how they come together as a family, even when they disagree.


Beyonce’ and Solange The Braxtons These sisters have been together since the beginning, when they formed a group. Even when oldest sister Toni went solo, they still remained close and have an entertaining reality show called Braxton Family Values. 36

Sista’s Keeper


January 2013

Beyonce’ is one of the world’s most talented pop stars and Solange is a groundbreaking singer in her own right. Both are mothers (Blue Ivy and Daniel) and offer support for each other by attending each other’s performance and events.


Which group of celebrity sisters is your favorite? Let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter (@SistasKeeperMag)

Sister issue,we wanted to highlight relationships that show us the “sista’s keeper”.

Tia and Tamera This dynamic duo has been in the public eye since the tender age of 16 and have shown no signs of slowing down. Both new mothers are continuing to pursue their acting careers and are the true definition of being your “sista’s keeper’. They haven’t buckled to the pressure of being stars and have most importantly continued to remain close after 17 years in the limelight.


Venus and Serena

Vanessa and Angela Simmons

They have a relationship like no other; how often do you see two sisters battling each other on the tennis court? They have both won championships and been ranked number one in the world but their love for each other as sisters and their family is strong.

The two daughters of hip hop legend Rev. Run partnered to create a successfull shoe and clothing line called Pastry. They believe in family and remain close as sisters and business partners.


January 2013

Sista’s Keeper



My Sista’s Readers submitted stories about the women they

I AM my sista's keeper because she makes me laugh and she always has my back.I can never stay mad at her because we'll just end up talking or laughing like nothing happened.She always gives me the best advice and makes me proud to be able to call her my sister.I just love her. -Alisha Lemon

“I'm @kjones_205 keeper. We encourage, pray, & lift up each other w/o hesitation. Love my sis.” Crystal T. Ash @CrystalTAsh


Sista’s Keeper

Sister (n.): A girl or woman who shares a common ancestry, allegiance, character, or purpose with another or others, specifically: a. A woman or girl relative. b. A fellow woman. c. A close woman friend or companion. d. A fellow African-American woman or girl.

January 2013

Keeper care about and why they are their “Sista’s Keeper” “My sister Joy is my absolute favorite person in the world. Joy and I are 10 years apart in age, but the love that we have for one another bridges the gap that our ages may create. Joy is extremely funny, kind, smart, and beautiful I thank God for her presents in my life daily. Our mother has instilled in us the belief that it we are not allowed to fuss or fight we are to love each other because at the end of the day we are sisters and no other love compares to a sister's love. I could go on and on about the love I have for Joy and all the things she has taught me, but instead I will just say that the day I seen Joy entered this world I knew that I had gained a new purpose in this world and that was to be MY sista’s keeper!” -Brandie Bishop

“I am my ‘sista’s keeper’ because I’m the’s expected of me to look after them. I have been in the “big sister” role since I was four years old and it is my obligation to set an example for them. Eboni (20), Chanda (17), and Genesis (9) are my greatest inspirations and they may not always want it, but I hope they know that I will ALWAYS be there for them.” -LaPorsha Lowry

January 2013

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Be Effective!!!!! Habit 3: Put First Things First

Habit 3 is about learning to prioritize and manage your time so that your most important things come first; learning to overcome your fears and being strong during hard times.

Packing More Into Your Life

The better you organize yourself, the more you’ll be able to pack in

Time Quadrants-made up of 2 primary ingredients: 1. Important-your most important things, your first things, activities that contribute to your mission and goals 2. Urgent- pressing things, in-your-face things, activities that demand immediate attention

Quadrant 1: The Procrastinator (Urgent & Important)

• Things that we can’t control and that must get done • Procrastinates; addicted to urgency • Puts things off until it becomes a crisis • Gets a rush from doing everything at the last minute • Thrives under pressure • Results in stress, anxiety, burnout and mediocre performance

Quadrant 2: The Prioritizer (Not Urgent but Important) • Excellence; where you want to be • Looks at everything then prioritizes • Makes sure that first things get done first • Results: Control of your life, balance, and high performance

• Shrink by procrastinating less

Quadrant 3: The Yes-Man (Urgent but Not Important) • Tries to please other people • Makes urgent things seem important • Some activities are important to others but not to you; don’t want to offend any one by saying “No” • Have no backbone • Results in being a pleaser, lack of discipline, and feeling like a doormat • • Shrink by saying NO to unimportant things 40

Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

Quadrant 4: The Slacker (Not Important or Urgent) • Waste and excess • Lack of responsibility, guilt, and flakiness

• Cut down on slacker activities

Pick Up A Planner And Plan Weekly • Use a planner with a calendar and space to write notes • Plan weekly by taking 15 minutes each week to plan; helps you stay balanced 1. Identify Big Things -What you want to accomplish this week 2. Block out Time - Book important things in your planner (like a reservation) - Everything else will fit in

3. Schedule Everything Else -Schedule other little things to do, daily tasks and appointments

The Comfort Zone & Courage Zone • Comfort-things you are familiar with; risk-free

• Courage-things that make you feel uncomfortable; brings uncertainty, pressure, change, and the possibility of failure

Will Power vs. Won’t Power • Will power- the strength to say yes to your most important things • Won’t power- the strength to say no to less important things and to peer pressure

Weekly Planner

Write down what you want to accomplish this week

Sunday: ___________________ __________________________ Monday: __________________ __________________________ Tuesday: ___________________ __________________________ Wednesday: ________________ __________________________ Thursday: __________________ __________________________ Friday: ____________________ __________________________ Saturday: __________________ __________________________ January 2013

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Education Feature

Getting Ready

This college prep timeline provided by

7th & 8th Grade

Freshman/Sophomore Year • Take interest and skills assessments to help you explore careers options


• Begin thinking about the high • Talk with your school counselor school classes about career options and the that will prepare education required for those careers you for college. Take the most • Talk with your parents about saving difficult classes and paying for college you can handle • Talk with friends, teachers, • Develop good counselors and your parents about study habits college

• Review your high school class plan. Take the most difficult classes you can handle. Stay focused on your schoolwork

• Volunteer in your • Participate in extracurricular community

• Enroll in a summer enrichment program

• Practice setting and reaching goals • Take interest and skills assessments to help you think about possible career options

• Talk with your school counselor and parents about careers that interest you

• Create a tentative high school class plan • Enroll in a summer enrichment program


• Check if your school requires 10th graders to take the PLAN to prepare for the ACT

• Sign up for classes that will earn college credit during your junior year through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Postsecondary Enrollment Options or College in the Schools • Explore internships and apprenticeships

Junior Year

• Attend college and financial aid events

• Mentor others and have a mentor for yourself


• Register for and take the ACT and/or SAT in the spring

• Participate in extracurricular activities

• Review your high school class plan. Take the most difficult classes you can handle. Stay focused on your schoolwork. Make sure you are meeting your high school graduation requirements

• Request admissions and financial aid forms

• Enroll in a summer enrichment program

• Sign up for classes that will earn college credit during your senior year through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Postsecondary Enrollment Options or College in the

• Get a job to earn and save money for college, or explore your skills through an internship or apprenticeship.

• Arrange campus visits to those schools that interest you

Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

• Research private scholarship options.

For College will show you what you need to do to get ready for college.

Senior Year

• Stay focused on your schoolwork and take the most difficult classes you can handle

• Take career interest assessments and determine the education needed for careers that interest you

• Participate in extracurricular activities

• Volunteer in the community


Here is a month-by-month breakdown of what you need to do during your last year of high school to make sure that you are ready for college & beyond.

December - February 1. Apply to four or more colleges that interest you. Some may have earlier or later deadlines. (Make copies of each application.) 2. Attend a financial aid event if you haven’t already done so. Review a copy of Paying for College 3. Apply for scholarships offered by the colleges to which you have applied. 4. Apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1.

March - May 1. Have your final high school transcript sent to the colleges to which you’ve applied.

2. Choose a college and notify in writing those you don’t plan to attend. 3. Send in any required forms or deposits.

Summer 1. Get a job to earn money for college. 2. Review orientation materials from the college you selected. 3. If living on campus, check with the college for a list of what’s provided by the school and what the school expects the student to provide. 4. Contact your roommate. · Create a resume of your academic, athletic and work activities as well as other achievements. · Ask for recommendations (if required)

For more information, visit> Preparing > College Prep Timeline January 2013

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Sista’s Keeper Crossword Puzzle

Continued from pg. 20 It is important to take this information seriously because according to Dr. Pinder, “29.3% of 9th graders have engaged in sexual intercourse (and) by 12th grade approximately 51.7% of females are sexually active.” The only sure way to avoid HPV is by abstaining from sexual activity completely, but for those who choose to be sexually active, condoms may lower the risk of the getting virus. There are also two vaccines, Cervarix and Gardasil that can be taken. Gardasil is recommended for boys and girls around the age of 11 and 12 and should be given before sexual activity begins. It is also recommended for 13 to 26-year-old females who have never gotten the 44

Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

vaccination. The vaccine “protects against four HPV types (6, 11, 16, 18), which are responsible for 70% of cervical cancers and 90% of genital warts.” The vaccine shot is around $120 /shot ($360 total) and is covered by most insurance companies and there are low cost vaccines offered by the health department. Even with the vaccines it is still important to go to your gynecologist for pap smears. HPV has led to diseases that affect people anywhere from a few weeks to years down the line. To avoid some of the serious issues HPV can cause, you should talk to your parents and doctor about Gardasil vaccines and practice either safe sex or abstinence.

Resources • McClain Sisters • Chloe and Halle • The Uniform Project • Period Packs Inc. • Dr. Leeya Pinder • College Prep Timeline • National Cervical Cancer Coalition • National Education Association • National Cervical Cancer Coalition • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Continued from pg. 18 birthday,” said Causey. The money she doesn’t spend on clothing, she donates to different local charities every month because she knows it will be dispersed quickly. “I typically donate about $75$100 per month.” Causey donated to various charities over the last few months including New Hope Charities, Stronghold Atlanta, and American Kidney Services. Some wouldn’t even attempt to take on a challenge such as this, but Causey is one of the few brave individuals who are not afraid to strip themselves of the materialistic goods. “Just do it. When it comes too creative thinking or living a simpler life, you begin to understand that you don’t need all of those luxuries to survive. Today happiness is linked to material things but when you start limiting your amount of things, you realize it is not that important,” said Causey. “Sometimes I feel discouraged because I do want to wear anything I want. Since this is such a personal project when I get frustrated, I feel like no one understands. But wearing this dress for almost six months, my motivation has increased because I’m actually doing this and sticking to this. I know that this movement is not going to change the world but I know that it is changing me to challenge myself and learn how to serve others without necessarily meeting my wants first.” After completing this project this summer, Causey has already decided what she is going to take on next. “Next I am going to do the 20 pieces of clothing project which is when you only have 20 pieces of clothing, excluding accessories,” said Causey.

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January 2013

Sista’s Keeper


Black Women In History

Shirley Chisholm Civil and Women’s Rights Activist

1924: Born Shirley St. Hill on November 30 in Brooklyn, New York 1946: Graduated from Brooklyn College (Bachelor of Arts)

1952: Graduated from Columbia University (M.A. in elementary education)

1968: Became the first black woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives • Served New York’s 12th District for 7 terms • First African-American to represent Brooklyn, NY

1972: First black woman to run for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States

1984: Founded the National Political Congress of Black Women • Was a champion of civil rights and women’s issues 2005: Died on January 1st in Ormond Beach, Florida

• Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Sista’s Keeper

January 2013

7 terms: Chisholm served the NY House

By eighth grade, only half as many girls as boys are interested in math, science, and engineering careers. If each of us gives a girl our time and support today, she can find the courage, confidence, and character she’ll need to build a better tomorrow.

January 2013 (Sistahood Issue)  

The January "Sistahood" Issue featuring the McClain Sisters, Chloe and Halle & MORE!!!!!!

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