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Sistah's Place Magazine- October/November 2018 Issue

Black Owned Business

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." - Oprah Winfrey

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK October is Breast Cancer Awareness and it’s important that you make sure that you get your mammogram. Early detection will save your life. Let’s stand together and wear our pink ribbons each Wednesday in October for a loved one who fought or still battling with Breast Cancer. Teach our daughters, sisters, nieces, and our elders the importance for routine checkups. For those who have lost a loved one, you are in our prayers and hearts. Make time for Friendship, love, hug often and support those battling Breast Cancer.

Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness. This is close and dear to my heart for pain is not love. Stop the violence by and reach out to someone immediately for help. You have a right to be free from violence. It’s time to break the cycle of abuse and the generational curse. For help and assistance, please call 1-800-798-Safe. Enjoy the special poem that I wrote years ago in honor of a good friend who died while in an abusive relationship. Her death inspired the poem to empower women living in silence with their abusers whether physical, emotional, or verbal. Abuse is abuse! Say No to Domestic Violence and wear your purple heart each Friday in the Month of October.

pg. 4

November is National Health Awareness month as well as one of the big holidays which kick off the last quarter of 2018. Take a loved one or friend to the doctor, tackling health issues early increases chances to reverse illness. Value your health and take care of the precious temple you are given. Be thankful, forgive, and do an act of kindness for someone less fortunate than yourself. As the holidays approach, let’s be mindful of those less fortunate and those battling mental health, and depression. “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” — Diane Mariechild

Chief Editor/Founder Letrise T. Carter Sistah’s Place/Sistah’s Creative Media

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Check out Dr. Norma McLauchlin , “First Lady� is business owner, Author, and Speaker connects with women from all walks of life.

Meet Nicole Smith, an author on Chosen Pen Publishing. Pick up your copy today on Amazon and be sure to follow her on social media.

Domestic Violence Awareness: I gave her flowers today- By Letrise T. Carter

Photo by Rhodi Alers de Lopez on Unsplash

I gave her flowers today to make her smile. I gave her flowers to help ease the pain of the blows she accepts without a word or tear. I gave her flowers today in lieu of a lecture that would tell her enough is enough. It’s time to stand up and walk away. I gave her flowers today with the hopes that she will see that someone else loves her too... Why not love her. I gave her flowers today not to justify his actions of abuse. I gave her flowers today with the determined heart to show her that love should not hurt. I gave her flowers today to let her know that she is the victim and it’s not her fault. I gave her flowers today to encourage her that I will stand by her side. I gave her flowers today to show her that I will not judge her. I gave her flowers today to show her that I am ready to walk with her through the storms of what we call life. I gave her flowers today to show her what a true friend means. I gave her flowers today to represent the strength she has to be free. I gave her flowers today to just say I love you. Finally, I gave her flowers today for the last time. For today, would be that dreadful day that I said good bye one last time as we lay her to rest.

pg. 7

I gave her flowers today. No more punches, no more blows to the ribs, no more slaps to the face. No more tears for I said good bye today. I gave her flowers today for the last time. I said good bye to my friend today. For she will feel no more pain from her abuser because the last time he hit her, he took her life. I gave her flowers today one last time.


The Scars you can’t see are the hardest to heal- Unknown

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When you experience traumatic experiences that alters your emotional and psychological foundation, you begin to experience a very personal and fragile meltdown. You survived the initial shock, now the aftermath. What now? “PTSD to Freedom - No More War Within”, will tell you to pick up your bed and walk because you are the captain of your ship. Authors Linda Diane Wattley and William Sumner are veterans of the United States Army. They teamed up together to write this extraordinary and unique book because they have a heart for people suffering with PTSD. What they share brings to power that the “Truth Will Set You Free”.

Available today in Kindle and paperback Visit Amazon:

Get to Know a Black Woman of Excellence-Angela Anderson by Terri Shayne You be surprised how many women you meet in your life that you can say they are a Black Woman of Excellence. What defines a Black Woman of Excellence? It starts with her character, her hurt, her ambition, her acts of kindness, her love for people, and her desire to help others. All of these represent the woman who graces our cover, Angela Anderson. She is doing more than chasing a dream she is building bridges along her journey that will last a lifetime with women of all ages, genres, and nationalities. What makes Angela any different than another woman chasing her dreams? Well, it starts with her genuine desire to add value to others and the enjoyment that she receives by watching them develop and grow into their desired success. Whether it is through editing projects, helping authors birth their book babies, hosting an event, supporting someone else, or simply sharing her positive attitude or smile to brighten up someone else’s day. Angela is diligent about following her dreams and accomplishing her goals. She always tries to support and encourage others. Can you tell she is a giver and love pouring into others to aid them in winning and believing they can do it? All of this comes genuine and from a sincere place. How many women do you know possess these characteristics like Angela? Would you like to get to know our Black Woman of Excellence? Get to know her brand, her business, and her journey in our Q&A chat. Sistah’s Place: Tell us about Angela Anderson Presents and How did you come up with your brand? Angela: Angela Anderson Presents was birthed from my love and passion for reading, the written word and hosting great events. My deep passion for all things literary, art, marketing, and event planning helped to light the fire of creating Angela Anderson Presents. Angela Anderson Presents allows me to serve and be of service while doing what I love. That being said it is very fulfilling to help authors get their books off the shelves and into the hands of the readers. As the marketing and promoting of authors continue to be at the core of my organization, I find great happiness in interacting and hearing the stories of authors and other literary professionals. Being an editor is a bonus. Out of Angela Anderson Presents was birthed The Literary Café. If you have every attending one of Angela Anderson’s Literary Cafe’s it is an experience like no other. Imagine attending an event with featured authors in an intimate setting with readers over a meal filled with literary fun and networking. It gives readers an opportunity to fellowship and gets to know authors and for authors to get to know their readers, old and new. It is a place where both readers and authors can connect through their love for books and the written word. From unique shoe fashion shows to paint party extravaganzas, the Literary Café was created to connect authors with their readers in a fun, exciting environment, while sharing an unforgettable experience. Sistah’s Place: What makes your brand stand out from others?

pg. 10

Angela: The importance of building quality relationships and working in excellence. My love for the art and craft of writing and people, in general, helped coined the saying “Where excellence and relationships are at the forefront.” It’s my motto that sets the tone and standard of Angela Anderson Presents. It is a huge part of my brand. I hold fast to building quality relationships and service to all of my clients. It is important. I am more than just an editor, more than just an event planner. I go beyond the basics with my services to create lasting literary impressions. Sistah’s Place: What have you learned over the years that you share with other women? Angela: Be you, do you, for you. Love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Go after your goals and dreams. Believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to live. Have courage even if you have to do it afraid. Don’t give up, stay positive and use the power of affirmations. Know that your words have power, choose to speak life and don’t let anyone speak negativity over you, including you. Sistah’s Place: Being a Black Woman in Business, Do you see barriers that women can overcome? Angela: Don’t put yourself in a box or allow others to put you in a box. Believe in yourself and learn the value of who you are, not just as a black woman but as a women period. Learn the importance of self-love and self-care. Take care of you first. Get rid of the belief that it is selfish. Collaborate more and don’t be afraid to compliment or assist one another, if you know who you are it takes nothing from you. Sistah’s Place: Is there someone in particular that inspired or influenced you to follow your dreams? Angela: I have to shout out Christina Norman aka Coach Christina Marie. Her book “Live on Purpose”, changed my life. It is a quick read that can be read in 30 minutes. Short but a powerful read…I highly recommend it. It is one to definitely add to your personal library. Even now I refer back to this book whenever I need to. It was the best 30-minute read of my life. It allows me to do some self-discovery and reflection. It was the fuel to my fire of living a purpose fulfilling life and to remember to live each day on purpose and follow my dreams. On my journey of success, she holds me accountable, she is my accountability partner. I also would like to shout out Alnita Johnson, who is an amazing author, coach, speaker, and influencer. It started with her Phenomenal Woman, Phenomenal Life Conference, to a vision board party to a life-changing weekend women’s retreat she hosted. All of these events played a major role in me following my goals and dreams, in living my best life and not being afraid to walk in my gifts. Not to mention her listening ear whenever I sit in her chair to get my hair done. Oh yeah, she is the one responsible for my healthy hair. Lol, I always tell her if she ever leaves the chair, I am coming to her house. I would like to say thank you to both of these powerful women for making a difference in my life and being a part of my support system. For believing in me and just being there. If you are looking for a coach, mentor, trainer or advocate who want to see you win, seek out their services they are great. Sistah’s Place: You always connect women to others and share a wealth of information share information with others, what you hope to accomplish with the relationships you are building bridges too? Angela: To inspire others to live beyond their comfort zones and go after their goals and dreams. To create an environment of like-minded individuals who know the power of winning. To build collaborative forces of women who impact and make a difference in the lives of others Sistah’s Place: What are some of your favorite activities or hobbies that you like to do? Angela: I love books, shoes and fruit snacks, Welches in the blue box. Of course, I love to read, it’s my all-time favorite thing to do. It relaxes me and is very therapeutic. There is nothing like the feeling of enjoying a good book, especial those that leave you thinking about the characters long after you have finished. I am an eclectic reader who enjoys various genres. In addition to reading, I love a good Broadway show or stage play. I am a lover of the arts. I also like to travel and spend the quality family time to include cooking for my family. I also enjoy watching movies.

pg. 11

Sistah’s Place: Being an editor, what advice can you give indie authors and aspiring writers? Angela: Take the time to invest in your craft and your book business. Be a forever learning. Don’t take shortcuts; invest in getting quality service so you can produce quality work. Write the book; get the ideas out of your head and onto paper. Do your research, being an author is more than just writing the book and being published. Prepare yourself and count up the cost. Get an editor and build a relationship with your editor. Editors are your literary bestie who has the best interest of you and your book in mind. I am a proud word nerd who loves what I do. I have a close friend who said that we are certified word nerds and I agree. Sistah’s Place: What’s next for you? Angela: I have a couple things coming up such as All Things Romance Event in February 2019. I will continue working on literary projects supporting authors. The Power of I Am Campaign helping others discovers the power of affirmations. You can learn more about Angela Anderson by following her on social media and enjoy her Motivational Monday’s, Thoughts for Tuesday’s Thoughts, and Winning Wednesday’s. She has a big heart of gold always helping others. This is how your blessings continue to flow when you put others before yourself. We see you, Angela Anderson. Continue to shine your light, and build those bridges of networks with women across the world. You are a Black Woman of Excellence.

Hair: Tim Johnson Makeup: Alnita Montague Johnson Photographer: Tailiah Breon

pg. 12

Check out author Mary Moss and get to know her. Learn more about her and be sure to purchase her book Mary’s Amazon author page: Be sure to follow

her on social media.

Meet Aja Graves, an author, freelance writer, and blogger at Pick up your copy today on Amazon and be sure to follow her on social media.

God’s Faithful Promises by Jeanee Patton Have you ever noticed that through great turmoil and pain produces the greatest testimonies? There is no testimony without a test. We all must endure difficulties in life, but time and pressure produce something worth going through the experience. It’s in those trying times we realize whose we are and who we need to lean on for understanding. If God can change a caterpillar into a butterfly, sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds then what do you think he can do with you? You are his greatest love. He’s rooting for your success and wants only the best for you. Weapons form daily against us, but they do not prosper. Even in those times when it seems you are not winning the battle, God is there fighting for you. We may lose certain battles, but we are victorious in the war. All things work together for the good of them that love God, so do not be dismayed. If God is for us, who can be against us? God didn’t promise us a life without pain or sorrow, but he did promise to never leave or forsake us. He will be with us until the end. God always keeps his promises. Whose promises shall you stand on? It is always darkest before dawn, but there is a breakthrough. Weeping may endure through the night, but our joy comes in the morning. The break of dawn is a new day; a new beginning of abundant blessings. Count it all as joy and shout in faith knowing your breakthrough is coming. Continue to have the faith of a mustard seed and believe that God’s vision for your life is so much bigger than yours. He will move mountains for you and put you in a place to prosper. If we are called by him, he will equip us with the tools we need to be the best version of us.

pg. 11

I leave you with these words of empowerment and encouragement. Be bold in knowing that your current situation is temporary. Your future is being prepared for you. Victory is yours for the taking if you just stay the course. Never lose faith and continue to pray for all things. He is your provider, and he hears your prayers. Wake ~ Pray ~ Slay! .

pg. 12

Check out Author W. Parks Brigham latest release on Amazon. Deception Forgiveness Second Chances Love Sweet Romance Tyrone Marshall had worked hard and made numerous sacrifices to reach his goal at a young age. He was on the rise of fulfilling his dream as being an entrepreneur. The blueprint had been designed and ready to be put into action, when all hell breaks loose and turns his life upside down. Ex-Army Drill Sergeant, Eunice Joi James has put others before herself since she was ten years old, including serving her country. Finally love walks into her lonely life. Yes, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She throws her hands up and calls it quits. Now, with physical scars and a broken heart, she retires after twenty years of service. With the weight of life’s past misfortunes, can two precious hearts release old baggage and embrace the second chance God has provided for them? Visit her Facebook page at Website:

Coming 2019 TBA Soon- Debut novel by Terri Shayne A story that will have you engulfed, intertwined, and obsessed with the characters in “The Double Life”. Meet the woman who has another life, identity, and family in another state. Follow Terri Shayne on Twitter to find out more about her. Visit her new website in August to keep up on her many projects as Freelance writer, new author, and CEO of Sisters Creative Productions for all of her future productions/screenplays for film and television. Like her Facebook page at

Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: Meet Shayna Boston by Terri Shayne We enjoy shining the spotlight on women in business that is compassionate, driven, and purposeful. These are characteristics that will help your business keep a revolving door in the community as you help others. Two years ago, Shayna Boston founded a Virtual Assistant Firm called BostonFirst Administrative Management Services. Her firm serves and supports small business, busy professionals, and executive men and women with their mundane administrative tasks so that they can focus on their business vision and goals. There are more than 300 virtual businesses online and we asked Shayna what makes her business unique from all the rest? She said that BostonFirst is unique because they provide administrative services remotely to their clients. Their level of involvement is completely driven by their clients. Their clients save money by paying for the time that they use with access to skilled and experienced administrative professionals for a fraction of the costs it would be to hire someone in-house. Someone looking in from the outside would say that’s a money saver for a small business owner especially the first couple of years in business. Don’t that sounds like BostonFirst makes it easy for small business owners to focus on the more important tasks like growing the business? Yes, it does by taking away the overwhelming duties of day to day operations so that they can focus on what’s imperative to grow their business and customers. As with any new business, there are obstacles that one faces. With more women stepping out on faith to open their own business, we asked Shayna with her business being new; what obstacles has she faced? She said that she really has not experienced in obstacles in her business. However, being a mother she learned that work-life balance is a myth, but work-life integration is obtainable. It takes a village to raise a child and to run a successful business. This is good advice for those thinking about stepping out on faith to launch their own business. Before we closed our chat with Shayna, we asked her to give some business tips and advice for others thinking about taking the entrepreneur route. Her advice and tips are genuine and encouraging for any newbie planning to make their departure from corporate America to Entrepreneur. Shayna’s Advice & Tip

Understand that you are in business to solve problems to make a profit. Make sure your business clearly identifies the problems you solve and why they should hire your business over another business. Surround yourself with positive people and those who are where you want to be. Mentorship is going to be your key to success and will accelerate the learning curve. Hire a business coach to get the dedicated guidance you need to grow your business.

pg. 17

Small Business Spotlight Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. Be CONSISTENT. It takes ten years to build a successful business, it does not happen overnight. Be prayerful and speak positive affirmations daily. We wish Shayna’s small business nothing but success in the amazing Virtual Assistant world. Did you know that Virtual Assistant Firms have become a high demand for small businesses? You should check out BostonFirst Virtual Assistant Firm and explore the added value they can give your business so you can focus on your business and not just running the day to day operations. For more information about Shayna’s small business, visit her website and follow her on social media. Visit our website to learn more about our services and offerings at Facebook: @boston1stams IG: @boston1stams Twitter: @boston1stams

How important it is to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes. ~ Maya Angelou

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Keeping It Simple By Kimberly R. Jasper Nowadays, we see so many carefully crafted, doctored and air-brushed apple-bottom shapes, and that it makes the real backsides seem less impressive. The goal for many young women may be to look like Nicki Minaj, forgetting that some of her most admirable traits have been purchased. No tea, no shade; just truth. She was much more beautiful in her natural state. I can’t help but wonder how she would have looked if she had just loved herself enough to be happy with the original.

Feature Photo credit: That is what I find lacking in a society where even your selfies are photoshopped. Don’t like your nose? There’s an app for that. Want fuller or thinner lips? There’s an app to fix that as well. Gone are the days when women were forced to embrace their imperfections. If your nose is too wide, and photoshopping just won’t do, you can have a slimmer one reconstructed with a surgical knife. If you’re not happy with your bottom, you can just inject or implant a new one. For every physical trait that you don’t like about yourself, there’s a quick fix for it. And now more than ever, everyone from celebrities to working-class people is opting for the quick fix. It makes it harder for those who are struggling to embrace their imperfections without surgery, and it is so important to remind yourself that there is beauty in those imperfections. Unfortunately, some younger girls do not see beauty in their perfections and attempt to attain a look that cannot happen without surgical augmentation. In turn, they’re not satisfied with their natural attributes, and because many older women feel the same, these cycles of self-dissatisfaction continue. So how do you truly embrace your beauty when you don’t look like the girls in the magazines? Honestly, it comes with time. It’s hard to tell a young girl they’re beautiful when they are just getting to know themselves and feel they don’t meet society’s standard of beauty. As we get older, we have to find beauty in the things that make us different. Those freckles, that unruly hair, those wide eyes, thick lips, the list goes on and on. Now, this isn’t to say that if you decide to “go under the knife” that you’re automatically displaying self-hate. It is to say that before you choose a drastic body or image change, think hard about why you are doing it. First and foremost, you have to be happy with your appearance and who you are as a person. And trust me, self-confidence is a trait that money cannot buy, and a full head of weave won’t cover up. It all starts from within. Simply put, God doesn’t make mistakes. What He creates is fearfully and wonderfully made.

pg. 20

In short, God’s most wonderful work is you. The goal I have as a mother of a precocious 10-year-old who is already asking me if she is “fat” is to instill self-love within her from a young age. I will tell her that her worth is “far above rubies” and help her to exemplify it by being that same example for her. Telling her that she’s priceless is one thing but being a priceless example of self-love for her is another.

About the Author: Kimberley Jasper is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Houston. She is currently an accomplished self-published author of three novels, with the release of her fourth being greatly anticipated. From horror fiction with a mystical twist to erotic thrillers, she is able to do it all with well-seasoned finesse. Kimberley gives every genre of her writing the same drive and devotion. Formerly a public-speaker, she is still a mentor to women of all ages with a series entitled “A Woman’s Work”. She is a returning freelance writer for Sistah’s Place, Maya’s Blog Showcase, and formerly Urban Image Magazine.

Website: IG: @krjasperwrites

pg. 21

Check out Kimberly R. Jasper, Author, Freelance Writer, and Entrepreneur making moves that will make you want to get up and chase your dreams. Website: IG: @krjasperwrites Twitter: @mariasdghtr

Meet Angela Anderson an editor, event planner, book reviewer, and avid readers. Contact her to find out about her services.

Be Slow To Anger by Natonya Medford

When it comes to life, we choose what we want. We can either go left or right but it's our choice. Some choices are limited, some are harder than others, but life presents itself in the form of decisions, which becomes unknown situations rising into challenges. It's best to learn from the things we can't control and understand how to respond through unpredictable moments. James 1:19 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath. Easy to tell off the cashier who shortchanged you or argue with the rude receptionist lady but what does it do for us? If we allow every negative encounter take hold of our emotions, how do we grow as humans? Learning your pg. 23

triggers and understanding how to control what makes you angry is a great step towards spiritual growth. 10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you choose to respond No, we can't control the actions of others, but we can control the way we respond. Spiritual maturity forms when you look to change you. Next time you pray, ask God to show you how to respond maturely. Look beneath the Surface for Something Better The flesh lives on the surface as an unreliable source seeking a temporary fix. Convincing you to take options with hurtful consequences, whether it's having a one-night stand, cussing out the clerk or arguing back with someone making false

claims on you.


Don’t results to the temporary happiness of the flesh, always choose the permanent happiness of the spirit?

Not every situation needs a lecturer. You don’t have to teach the wrongdoers about their mistakes. Stay peaceful because people will realize they’re wrong, especially when you don’t give them something to argue about. Refrain from engaging because then you’ll have two problems, the original issue and the regretful words you respond with in attempt to defending yourself while angry.

Living in the flesh causes you to think irrationally because you only see one perspective, making the big picture oblivious. When we don’t focus on the big picture, we lose the opportunity to grow spiritually. Maturity comes from not only understanding how you feel but acknowledging the other side of the argument, even if you disagree with their perspective. Taking note to the big picture helps you understand how to control your emotions and wisely choose your battles, resulting in you not becoming angry so easily. How Do I Defend Myself? The truth always speaks for itself; its volume is louder than liars. You don’t have to prove your innocence. Choose the harder route; think about the big picture first instead of living in the painful moment. May feel like you're not defending yourself and allowing the ignorant person to walk all over you but you’re fighting a much bigger problem. In the long run, you're standing up for yourself by not giving them what they expect. Just because they’re out of control doesn’t mean you have to be too. Some people want to upset you on purpose to feel powerful. Others who are out of control or struggling with their own insecurities take it out on you in the smallest ways. Do not give gratification to those who seek to hurt you, choose peace. Respond with silence. It takes at least two people to argue, chose not to engage. Allow attackers to argue with pg. 24

I hope you all remember that saying, “Silence is Golden” before serving a dish of the clap back to those who throw false accusations about you. Consider the consequences and never let others get the best of your emotions. To wrap up in how to control your anger, always remember the big picture before you react. One way to align yourself with the big picture is by controlling your emotions through listening first and not retaliating back. You maintain your power by staying calm and quiet. Keep in mind the truth speaks for itself and in the end; you’ll be a stronger individual because you chose to control your anger from the beginning.

Check out Author, Freelance Writer, and Entrepreneur Selena Haskins –Get your copy on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

NEW POETRY RELEASE Poetry knocked on my door when I was just a little girl. She started rhyming to me in nursery books my mother gave me. Poetry spilled harmony through my speakers from songs of love to songs of heartache and pain. When I walked outside poetry stood on the corners and rapped while the youth pop locked and made beats with their lips and called it, the "Human Beatbox." All around me was poetry and poetry was me. She spoke the colors of my mind that would set me free. This is a collection of poetry, a personal part of me.

Southern gal, Germaine Landry wants to become a writer in the big city of Washington, DC. She meets a privileged heartthrob, Angelo Pearson, who is used to having anything, and every girl he wants. A loner by nature, Germaine is not easily impressed with Angelo's bravado, but he eventually charms his way into her heart. This pair of opposites develops a friendship that catches fire. Their love is seemingly shatterproof until a malicious scheme leads them down a dark path that could end tragically.

Visit her website to learn more about her and follow her on social media

Bright Light by Aja Graves

Inspired by my husband’s words of encouragement this morning. . . Just like the sun’s beautiful and bright rays cause you to shield your eyes against the harshness, no matter how amazing it’s majesty, when your spirit is bright and beautiful, expect people to shield themselves from you. Some would have you to believe that you are the problem because of your beauty. Your smile is too wide and your teeth too crooked or not white enough to show off in your pictures or in your interactions. That you chatter away needlessly and your friendliness is a sign of weakness and ditz because in order to be grounded you need to shelter yourself and detach from your surroundings. That you contemplate too much about things and calculate your actions when you should just live and let go. And the big one is that you ask too many questions and actually care too much about the direction you are going in. Your light is too bright for them. It’s too bright and their light is dim. Matter of fact, some have lights that flicker on and off and the intervals where it’s off have actually gotten longer over time. You may not even be aware that they even have a light inside of them. It doesn’t seem like it when they are telling you to stop smiling, to stop talking, to stop asking questions and go somewhere else with your mega-wattage light. I’m sorry but my light comes from my Source. He has given me this brightness to shine and brighten some dank, dark places I may have to go to. He actually expects me to keep my light turned on no matter the time of day. I am friendly despite my undying need for solitude because He didn’t put me here on this earth alone. If it were intended for me to be by myself all of the time, He would have given me my own world and all the rest of the outgoing people, their own place to get along. But because we are all clustered together, I figure He wanted me to find a way to communicate and in doing so shed some of His light when I do. And I am to ask questions when I see you are

pg. 26

attempting to lead me astray and to take my light elsewhere when you can’t give me a good explanation about our course. I smile because I can. I have no reason to be sad and no I don’t smile all day but sometimes I know my smile is needed. I apologize if you’re not ready for it and need to shield yourself from me because of it. And as shy as I am, occasionally I chatter away. Once again, I have been directed to shine on others with my words whether written or orally and when I have been directed by Him to do so I answer the Call. I won’t have my light taken away from my own stubbornness. I can’t help if my wattage burns at 100 when yours only burns at 40. That’s not my fault and I’d implore you to talk to our Maker and ask Him for more light, and trust me, He is waiting for you to do so. Then my rays won’t scorch you. No, we’d reach more dark places together. When your light is bright and beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you to turn it down. Know that God has made you this way because He wants you to touch those that don’t burn as bright. Some will cower in your presence to shield themselves from your rays; they may even tell you ugly things to convince you that you aren’t full of light at all. But don’t be discouraged. Be encouraged and let your Light shine. Thanks Hubby for telling me what I needed to hear this morning. -Aja © Aja Graves 2013 Aja is the writer of sensually erotic and passionate women’s fiction. Her stories allow readers to experience realistic, inspiring, and soulful interactions and intense passion while overcoming life’s challenges. She is inspired by soulful music and sensual art to craft her stories. Her published works include the Love & Passion series featuring her new release Good Old Soul. Aja is working on her next love story, Love’s Required. Author Links: My website: Amazon Page: Instagram: Twitter: FB Fan Page: Sign up for my mailing list here: Originally written and published on my blog on July 29, 2013

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A Poem The Stigma of ADHD by Cynthia Guillory Stop Don’t do that Uh Uh …No Leave that alone we have to go That’s what he hears…that’s what they say That’s what he hears each and every day And they always got an opinion they always got something to say They think they know how we should live and they think it’s their way And you don’t know my kid You don’t know me You don’t know us You don’t know we So we don’t want to hear what you think we got going on We don’t want to hear what you think we’re doing wrong Because this is our life…this…by the way is HIS And he’s just doing the very best he can do cause Yeah he’s a kid And his brain is doing things he can’t control and his brain is doing things He doesn’t know …HOW to handle it and by the way…neither do I …so sometimes You’ll see BOTH of us cry And that doesn’t mean that we just …don’t try …it just means that Hey sometimes you need to cry So I want you to stop and think I want you to do more than just blink when you see my kid and he can’t be still when you see my kid and something spills and he’s just a kid And his brain is overloaded and he’s just a kid and he just can’t control it …and your brain has a door that opens and closes but with his brain its always open and there’s always movement and noises And you don’t know my kid You don’t know me You don’t know us You don’t know we So mind your business when did you get an M.D. All of a sudden everyone knows him but than me Don’t ask if he took his meds or what’s going on in his head pg. 29

He’s trying and believe me trying makes it harder Instead of getting closer to his goal he actually gets farther So don’t worry about the next balloon that he pops Don’t you worry about the next thing that he drops All you need to do is STOP And see who he is… instead of who he’s not and see who he is …and not just the things he does He full of dreams …and he’s full of love He wants to have friends and be on the team He wants to go to parties…not make a huge scene His emotions are on a thousand…have you ever felt like that Now multiply that by a million yeah that’s where he’s at His brain is amazing… but its too much all the time And he’s sensory overloaded not an excuse to whine He can’t get over it he can’t let it go he can’t focus on something else believe me I know. But he is my sunshine my reason to be and I feel blessed to be his mother even if you can’t see his wonderful uniqueness but just the ADHD He’s so much more …He’s funny and smart, he’s loyal and has a smile that will melt your heart. He picks himself up when he falls and tries again and again. He’s empathetic, loves his dog and really loves his friends. He lives in self-doubt with fear often near …so your whispers of judgment he need not hear. He wears his heart on his sleeve and needs lots of support. It’s a disorder not a decision that’s supported by the courts. It affects all parts of his life not just work or school. And just like every other kid he just wants to be cool. And you don’t know my kid You don’t know me You don’t know us You don’t know we And by the way you don’t know SHIT about ADHD!!!

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