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Back cover: “In Russian Tradition” Viktorija Beglik D2

Welcome to Yearbook 2013

Yearbook 2013 is dedicated to

Sue Jenkins

True Stewart

The entire SIS community wish them both a very happy retirement with our many thanks for all their years of service to the school.

The way we were – Sue Jenkins reflects on 30 years at SIS   

“But you never seem to stay very long in one place.” These were the words of the headmistress, Mrs. Gomez, when she somewhat reluctantly offered me a teaching position at SIS (or ISS as it was then known.) Now, more than thirty years later, I find myself wondering just how and why I extended my stay from an initial three years to one of more than thirty. I have to admit that I wasn’t attracted to Sotogrande for professional reasons. In fact I barely looked at the contract and conditions when I was first appointed. No, it was my long term love affair with Spain and Spanish life which drew me to this part of the world. Later that same love and sense of belonging transcended to the school itself, which has been my home and my family for so long. Of course the school was very different then. As the teaching staff was so small, there was a noticeable lack of subject specialists. Many of us found ourselves blithely agreeing to teach in areas where we had no previous experience. It never occurred to us not to do so and our enthusiasm made up for our lack of expertise. It’s unlikely that any student’s education suffered as a result and teachers rapidly became competent in teaching a wide range of subjects. In those days we had a strong liaison with the neighbouring Spanish school at Guadiaro. We invited them to many of our cultural and sporting events and the invitations were readily reciprocated. On one memorable occasion we invited them to take part in a hockey tournament. Many of them had never heard of the game let alone played it, but their enthusiasm could not be questioned. Practically the whole school descended on us that day, armed with anything that remotely resembled a hockey stick! Surprisingly there were no accidents but I still shudder at the memory! Summer holidays were spent running summer courses. We had up to 50 boarders each summer with students returning each year and bringing their friends. Besides being popular, these courses were very lucrative for the school and were useful in providing us with some important contacts. We were fortunate in those years in having the use of the polo field for all major sporting events. Between the years 1982 – 1985, we organized annual athletics competitions with 6 or 7 schools from along the coast and the local Spanish schools participating. These events were enormously popular but sadly ended when the polo field was dug up for real estate purposes. That still left us with our Andalucian Patio. Each summer we held whole school summer shows in these delightful surroundings and the patio was packed with parents and their friends who regarded it as the highlight of the school year. Christmas Pantomimes remain vivid in my memory as the audience sat under the leaking gym roof protected by umbrellas which the well initiated brought along with them. The conditions in no way dampened the enthusiasm with which these hilarious shows were received. Along with the many performances held throughout the year there were numerous other events supported and organized by a loyal band of parents and friends. Christmas fetes, Bonfire nights and summer fairs were just some of the celebrations which were regularly supported by our rapidly growing Sotogrande family. By the late nineties we sadly had to acknowledge that the Old Cortijo was in no fit state to allow us to go forward as a school. With much excitement and some trepidation we prepared to move to the new purpose built school which would take us on the next phase of our journey. The new millennium witnessed us striding forward into the future. Innovations in technology, curriculum development, global partnerships, teacher training in coaching and mentoring have all been part of this new era in Sotogrande’s development. In 2008 we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the school. It was a chance to meet up with old friends and to reflect with some nostalgia on times past. 2013 sees the Primary School as busy as ever and I scarcely have time to think of my imminent departure. After more than 30 years I cannot pretend that it won’t be a huge wrench for me and I’m already finding it difficult to imagine life without the excitement and challenges which SIS never failed to deliver. Teachers, students and headmasters have all come and gone and no doubt will continue to do so. I shall miss the comradeship of my colleagues and the Sotogrande pupils, past and present, who have taught me so much over the years. We are now busy preparing for what will be my last Primary production. After the west wind has carried Mary Poppins off to her next adventures, I will start planning my own, but for a while I may just enjoy the luxury of sitting back ……and reflecting.

Reading for pleasure


Summer 2012   

The Uganda Trip


September 2012

PTA Events

Back to School Party   

Team-building trips ....

M1 at Heurta Grande


September 2012 M2 in El Chorro

Team– building trips.....   

M3 at Finca de Alcaidesa And Castellar Zoo

September 2012

M4 at Adlaes Multiaventura

M5 at Montenmedio & Caños de Meca   

September 2012

D1 trip in Tarifa

October 2012   

M1 trip to Casares

Stupa and butterfly farm—Benalmadena   

and M1 shared reading in Primary First

October 2012   

P5 Sailor Day

P5 Trip to Huelva   

October 2012   

United Nations Day

November 2012   

Moroccan Night

November 2012   

M1 Big Thinker Balloon Debate   

November 2012   



Cooking biscuits, travelling to America,

at the farm and other things!   

EC 2   

December 2012   

12/12/12/ at 12

What were you doing at 12.00 on the twelfth of the twelfth of the twelfth?


TOK Wars   

December 2012   

December 2012


PTA Christmas Party   


Choir Tour   

December 2012   

Happy Christmas

December 2012   

Nursery Rhymes Nativity   

December 2012   

Feliz Navidad

Donkey For Sale   

Kiss the Casbah   

February 2013

Rice Day

February 2013 M1 Invention Convention   

In the Link

St. Valentine’s Day   

MUN Istanbul   

February 2013

February 2013   

Dia de Andalucia



Soto Sound Radio   

Wes Magee Poetry Visit   

March 2013

March 2013 M2 What we made with rubbish   

March 2013   

P2 trip to Castellar

.......... and Duquesa   

March 2013   

Crazy Hair Day

March 2013   

D1 History Trip—London

Peripatetic Music   

March 2013

M5 Personal Project Fair



March 2013   

P1 Gardening Trip   

PTA events: Spring Fair   

April 2013   

P3 River trip   

April 2013

M1 Garden Party   

April 2013

April 2013   

Creativity, Action and Service

D1 Trip to Asni, Morocco   

EC 2   

More sports   

April 2013   

P5 and D1 art workshop

Texture and patterns in nature   

May 2013   

M5 trip to Morocco


May 2013   

P4 Airport Trip   

May 2013   

M3 Rag and Bucket

P3 visit Castellar Zoo

May 2013   

P6 Exhibition

May 2013   



A Midsummer Night’s Dream   

May 2013   

May 2013   

Primary First Sports Day

Just chillin’

Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition   

May 2013   

Police Control

EC 1 Police Control

June 2013   

M5 Performance

Maria Poppins—in rehearsal   

June 2013   

P2 Kindred Project Market

June 2013

Primary Sports Day   

June 2013

P1 go camping   

Graduation 2013

Adrian Castro Garvira aka Adri, Fidel, HV.

Spanish / Inuit

Started at SIS in Reception

Best times and achievements: Uganda Trip with the Kindred project; all music concerts and events—especially Sotorox 2 and 3; organising the music for Kiss the Casbah; all the trips—especially Morocco and MUN; IAYP Silver Award

Graduating Class 2013

Favourite quote: When the world says, “Give Up!” , Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” - Rory Jones

Plans: Go Inter-railing in Eastern Europe before studying Physics with Theoretical Physics at Imperial or UCL

Adriana Laguan Alamo aka Adri. Spanish Started at SIS in Diploma 1

Best times and achievements: Portugal Football tournament; Ultimate Frisbee; Asni, Morocco and Prank Day! I only did lunch duty once and when asked by teachers, “Where is Adriana?” I replied, “I dunno miss, I’ll let her know her if I see her.” (I was new so people didn’t know who I was hahahaha!) Plans: Study Biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh then marrying a Scottish prince and having my own laboratory!

Alejandro Pacheco Spanish

aka Chanch, Xeco, Aleeeeeeeee

Started at SIS in Nursery!

Best times and achievements: The Butterfly Jump (Rob always reminds me of!), the London Trip; winning lots of sports tournaments.

“I believe this group will change the world.” Mr Kearney

Ana Zinn US /UK

aka Anita, Ana Banana, Plat, Baraskova

started at SIS in Year 2

Best times and achievements:. Definitely the challenge weeks we went on in yr. 6 and 7, but more recently the History trip and the Tarifa trip stand out to me as the more memorable moments in the past two years. Probably the best day of the IB was the DP13 prank day, - a day that I doubt any one will forget, including Mr. Mungles, our main target! I would have to say that every aspect of my time at SIS has been an achievement, from my studies to the friendships that have grown over the years. Plans: to live a happy life—the rest will all be perks

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: Study and study and study—Sevilla—be remembered in this world!

Barbara Fransen

aka B, Bee, Barb, Babs, Franny

Dutch. Started SIS in April 2010

Best times and achievements: El Canuelo music trip, Asni trip, BMK, boarding house with Molly, Eva, Charlotte and Keeley... " I will never leave SIS grounds without Mr. Mungles' permission.

Plans: Returning to my home land and studying psychology in Amsterdam, finding the man of my dreams and having my own business-

Graduating Class 2013

Camilla Moody Irish/British

aka Milly

Started at SIS in September 2003

Best times and achievements:Year 6, sitting at the back of Mr Bottomly’s class with Izzy, turning our glasses upside down and owning everyone at morning maths. Year 7, Evsan bringing KFC in when we were supposed to have made a home

cooked meal.

Year 11, playing and bonding with the Eagles in Portugal where we were so de

termined to win.

All of the IAYP trips over the years, particularly the Silver expeditions where Karl was tricked into put ting Deep Heat in an inappropriate area. On IAYP, thinking we were being clever by taking the “short cut” but ended up thorn bushes for hours!

getting trapped in

Sitting on the pitch watching the boys play football (topless) in the sun. The Saucy Badgers and the Triangle of Trust. IAYP, and being President of the Student Council, Winning in Portugal in 2011, getting the CIS award in 2012.

Plans: University of Lancaster then marry Rob and make over £300,000 a year by the time I am 35 so I can win my bet with Karl. Kill my husband (sorry Rob) and retire with Liz.

Charlotte Yvstavel

aka Chacha/Chachou/Vysta/Lala

Danish / Swedish Started at SIS: Friday 13th November, 2009 !

Flora and realising we’re floating down the River Nile in Uganda… and sitting round the campfire under the stars sharing stories in Uganda.

Plans:Have an amazing last summer, move back to England, start college in America at University of Boston and study Journalism at the College of Communications. Get a degree from BU, become a journalist for National Geo graphic or the likes, and travel the world in an open Jeep/Truck, would love to live in India or Thailand for a year just for a cultural difference, make a living in New York, and reside in a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Then meet up with Class of 2013 and party.

Diana Batchelor akaDiDi, Double D, Dianamite (Saudi Arabia’s weapon of mass destruction) Malaysian/Australian Started at SIS in D1. Best times and achievements:Spending the better part of my two years trying to convince the whole class that Malaysian deserts really do exist: Pampering Chicho on the TOK presentation meetings when he came in late and expected to be yelled at: Dancing to ‘Bad Girls’ infront of everyone, to get rid of the nerves before the TOK presentation: Hearing Rory’s feminine high pitched scream as he was gripped on the shoulders by a street performer in Barcelona: Getting lost in the dark alleyways of Barcelona with Roo, Luli,Rory Plans: To be somewhat employed (there’s only so much money a student can earn) and settle back home in Australia where the weather is always warm at the right time of the year! To pursue a career in law enforcement or to find work that I feel passionate about.


Graduating Class 2013

Best times and achievements: The Tarifa trip in M4 at Pacha Mama; meditating with Barbara and Arthur Brown in El Cañuelo; boarding with Eva and sneaking into the bathroom after lights out to watch 90210 with Barbara; both Morocco trips; being rolled in a carpet by a Turkish man in Istanbul with Liz; Turkish dancing with the MUN team in Istanbul; going for a pedalo ride down the canal in Amsterdam with the second MUN team; each Christmas staff show; frees spent with Elise; every economics lesson in D1 with Liz, Evsan and Theis; writing a horror story with Liz about a missing man who was actually missing and freaking ourselves out during the Writer’s Retreat in M5; French lessons with Emilie and the group; ice skating in a gorilla suit with Jess, Liz and Joe; subsequently blaming every trouble we got into on a “Spanish project”; and QUIZ TIME with the very best tutor group led by the genius Mr Tong. Sitting in a raft boat eating pineapple with Roo, Luli, Vika and

favourite memories of my time at SIS: TOK war, all the trips, Prank day.

Graduating Class 2013

th ay wi w a g .... Gettin e rules h t g n ) breaki VER ; E N . . . . . ... me?! .

“girls, keep your head down and knees together�

Elise Bresler aka elishelly, elismelly, loki, Vera, Flossy, Gladys! Israeli/Argentinian/British

Started at SIS in Year 7

Garden project in year 7- sitting in the sun reading to children whilst the boys did the hard work. El Cañuelo- making music, performing and meeting the wonderful Arthur Brown. Sotorox- the whole experience. Morocco. Theatrical performances; specifically the long hours endured for mine and Paulina’s play ‘The Lost Souls’ Water fights in the girls’ bathroom ... naughty naughty! Tarifa bonding trips. Cooking day in year 7. All those hours spent sunbathing on the pitch and doing gymnastics with the girls. The last few days of school in D2 where we got the chance to vandalize the school and get back at all of those teachers who imposed IB work (a.k.a torture) upon us. Singing in front of audiences. Dancing at the end of year graduation 3 years in a row. Getting a 7 in Personal Project.

Plans: Travelling around Europe, becoming a qualified dance teacher by September, passing my driving test then going to the University of Exeter to study psychology.

Elizabeth Waterous Canadian

aka Betsie, Eugene

Stared at SIS in Year 6

Best times and achievements: Football trips with the Eagles- winning gold in Portugal! Bonding on the IAYP trips, especially with Mr. Grist on the silver journey. The Model United Nations trips to Portugal, Turkey and The Netherlands! Being with my classmates on daily basis- continuously laughing! Being an involved member in the community! Being part of the winning football team in Portugal- being awarded most valuable player.

Plans: University in Canada to study PPE and then commerce........... To do whatever makes me happy and to reach my full potential

Graduating Class 2013

Best times and achievements: London theatre trip in D1 and D2- shopped till we dropped!

If I had to say all the special moments I'd make a 200 pages long list, I can only say all the moments spent with my good friends in school are special because they are part of my teenager's life and I'm sure that I will miss all of those moments very much.

Graduating Class 2013

gic, n of lo i g i r o e hick“I’m th ike a c l e r a ou on its an d y dding u p a h ”– en w it andom r y l l tota head, Milo

I’m Welsh .....

Graduating Class 2013

......I like sheep.

How can someone forget their own crutches?...

George Oughton British

aka Monkey Bot, Geo

Started at SIS in 2008

Best times and achievements: The El Canuelo trips, becoming a Beatle with Emii, Mr Wix and Mr Barling, using South Park as a genuine tool for learning Higher Geography. Plans: Study music production in London—Hopefully be a millionaire producer with a mansion in LA. More likely have a small studio in my bedroom playing songs like “Wonderwall” in local pubs for money.

Graduating Class 2013

Georgia Elizabeth Billington British

aka Gigi

Started at SIS in Year 8

Best times and achievements: The trip to Asni in 2012 it was such an amazing experience. Being on the SIS Under19 girl’s football team and winning in the Portugal 2011 tournament. Nearly leaving the tournament trophy in a McDonalds restaurant on our way back from Portugal in Seville. Being stuck on stage for 5 frozen minutes with Jessica and Paulina in a performance in our 2011 ISTA Hamburg trip for theatre. Dyeing my hair blue with one of my host families in Hamburg and seeing the faces of my classmates as I walked in the next morning. Plans: University in the UK but ultimately living in a city like Shanghai or New York and working in the marketing industry.

Gerardo Ibánez Herrero Spanish

aka Chicho

Started st SIS in September 2011

Best times and achievements: TOK War, all the trips, Prank Day, improving my languages and making mature decisions. Having a homemade piercing done by Rosi and Ana! “I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” Michael Jordan

Guillaume Chalancon aka Guigui, Frenchman, Frenchy, Zidane, Er frances


Started at SIS in Diploma 1

Best times and achievements: watching videos in every single geography lesson, Geography and Ecosystems trips, Improving my English and Spanish, Annoying George with Pacheco in Maths

Plans: Avoiding the queue in the cantina. A gap year in Florida to play golf, get a golf scholarship to an American University and turn professional.

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: Study business management and marketing in Madrid and eventually be come a company director.

Haydn Stanistreet-Tyer Liverpudlian

aka Big Phil, Stani, Hayd

Started at SIS in Year 6

Best times and achievements: THE London Trip, legendary history classes, surviving IB , Prank Day and running around the Indian Shop in boxer shorts on the London trip. Plans: A gap year playing golf tournaments in the UK and Spain and then to American University to continue with my golf. In the longer term the only plan I have is to take over the world.

Graduating Class 2013

Ilja Nefjodov aka Neyo, Nef

German / Russian

Started at SIS in 2009

Best times and achievements: Trips to Morocco, M5 ISTA Drama trip to Hamburg, History trip to London, playing the piano at Graduation and other events, swimming wins, performing Ken in “Who’s life is it anyway”. Embarrassing moments? Graduation in 2010, end of M4: played the piano at the ceremony and ended up kissing Mr. Charleson on the cheek in front of 600 people.

Plans: University of Konstanz to study psychology and then become a psychotherapist who also does psychological research. Hopefully become a famous psychologist and develop theories and own psychotherapy like Freud.  

Isabella Tom aka British

Izzy, Iz, Bombizzy, Izzy Dizzy lets get busy, etc, etc, etc........

Started at SIS in Year 4 (2004)

Best times and achievements: Being part of all of the musicals and music concerts. Being captain of the SIS Eagles and going to Portugal to play and loosing all our matches the first day then we turned it around and won the tournament! Being part of D2, I have never met such amazing people! Completing Prank Day and not getting suspended or expelled! Mario Martin: “Girls, I´m not the distraction, I´m the attraction!”

Plans: Loughborough University to study Sports Science & Management. Still don’t know what I want to do as a career but I would like to finish university and then eventually own as many shoes as Ms Pinnock!

Javier Gonzales Spanish

aka Javi, Javs, J man, Javster (&Bito) !

Started at SIS in Year 2 as the new campus opened.

Best times and achievements:I have been attending this school for twelve years and it’s hard to choose specific memories. However, what first comes to my mind are the amazing trips that have brought so much knowledge experience and fun to my life, including Asni, Morocco and Uganda. Achieving the school record on relay with Matty, Juanma and Ruben Achieving the school record on the beep test, in 2009-10

Plans: Spending a year in Germany learning the language before going to University

Graduating Class 2013

Jessica May Hodgson British

aka Jess, Jessi, Desi, Hodginator

Started at SIS in Reception 1999

Best times and achievements: School trips (most of them), especially the 2010 Goa

Graduating Class 2013

trip where I was able to have fun with the group, whilst making a difference to the children’s ives. On that trip we did many things, including swimming with monkeys and eating vast amounts of ice cream! Chasing Josh Lambie round the playground shouting ‘Mojo-Jojo’ because Lia, Tess and I were the Powerpuff Girls! Achieving 60 points in MYP. Winning the NADFAS Film Competition with Lia. Completing the Bronze and Silver IAYP .Starring as Cinderella in the school play (Year 6). Completing two LAMDA examinations (with distinctions) and several piano exams. Winning various awards at Prize Giving Plans: Study English Literature at Durham University — do something that I enjoy — be happy!

Joaquin Almagro Lopez–Cortijo aka Quino, Tete


Started at SIS in Year 2 (2001)

Best times and achievements: On the first day of school I met Mario and have been best friends ever since. I will always remember the trips that have made us students even closer. Hamburg trip, Asni trip and of course Doñana trip. ..and my achievements...being able to complete my IB course (especially with Higher level Biology and Chemistry!)

Plans: University Alfonso X El Sabio in Madrid for a double degree in Pharmacy and Optometry...... Eventually would like to do a Masters in the USA.

Jonathan Brown British

aka Jondom, Jonny

Started at SIS in 2004

Best times and achievements: Karl jumping into a bin full of water, Karl running into a bench, Karl getting caught on the gym roof, Karl getting hit in the face by Ruben’s shoe, Karl licking bird poop, Karl rolling down the muddy hill on the pitch. ...... And “One Man Two Guvnors”

“If you think nothing is impossible, try slamming a revolving door” Plans: University.......... :-) life to the extreme

Joseph Swindley British Best times and achievements: Yr7 especially the Doñana trip, all the music events and productions, the machete incident (see Theis), Grade 6 guitar and grade 5 Music Theory

Plans: Journalism as it provides lots of universal having a “Freelance Journalist” pass gets you into lots of dodgy countries. Then become a lobbyist!

Graduating Class 2013

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”

Graduating Class 2013

Oh my s! s e n d go o


Never getting in trouble for being late when my excuse was always “Sorry sir/ms, I got stopped by the police.” Works every time!

Favourite moments?

Asni! Graduating Class 2013

Excuse me, where’s the Rosetta stone?

I will never leave SIS grounds without Mr. Mungles's permission


Josh Lambie Scottish

aka Lambo, Baabzz, Lambodisiac....etc

Started at SIS in Year 1

Best times and achievements: Asni trip, London trip, Drama classes, the Joshuwawa class thing with Mrs hartland, TOK War, M1, Sex Education with Mr Bottomley, putting a hole in the theatre wall on one of our more violent rehearsals, being in the brilliant plays the school has put on and writing the award winning (I wish) novella “The Sparrow on the Windowsill.”

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: Either directing Hollywood blockbusters or episodes of Eastenders.... ........we shall see!

Karin Soiref Mankovich Israeli

aka Karina, Kara, Cariño, Nousch

Started at SIS in 2010

Best times and achievements: Tarifa and Barcelona trips, Seussical, performing at Sotorox, M5 Bonding trip and representing the school at the Marbella Festival. “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Plans: Enjoy the summer with family and friends before leaving for London. Finish University and work on my future career....... Keep your eye on the TV!

Karl al Omar British

Started at SIS in Year 9

Best times and achievements: ALL the trips, IAYP, “Chicken to go” at lunch, Year 9 when we just played 4 square, making a living through doing dares, getting my IAYP Silver Award, MUN, making omelettes, climbing on to the Sports Hall roof to trieve Camilla’s bag and ending up writing an essay about how every building in the school requires a “Do Not Climb” sign !

Plans: University...and then...who knows?

Laura Toledo Martín aka Laurita, Umpa Lumpa, Bubula

Peruvian / Spanish

Best times and achievements: The Huelva trip Collecting silk worms with Mrs Magdalen Catequesis classes and exploring a tunnel with Quino impersonating Gollum from Lord of the Rings; The challenge weeks; Participating in Sotorox2; The Cooking Day back in yr7. When Mr Moore made flour catch fire in our science lessons; Lunch times spent with my friends dancing the Prince of Bel Air “Jump on It”; Badminton battles with Diana; Trying to each Diana Spanish and failing; Raving at the back of the bus with Tess; Painting the Gaudi mural and the eternal battles between Mr Harris and Oscar, Pacheco & Mario Almagro in our art classes “Owls come out of cocoons.” Diana Batchelor Me: - I’ll take photos with the sheep and say “This is Andy, that’s Roger.” Tess: - You know all sheep are female right?

Plans: Studying architecture at Cardiff University

Graduating Class 2013


aka Karlybear

Lia Grace Newman English

aka ShLia, Li-li, Newminator, Blondie

Started at SIS in Year 4 (2003)

Best times and achievements: Jonny pretending to be a dinosaur and biting pieces out of Liz’s yellow poncho, IAYP Bronze and Silver Awards, NADFAS film competition winner with Jessica, Mr Reichert walking into the window in the technology room, Yr 7 Doñana Trip, and thinking Mario and Ilja were lost in Morocco when they were really asleep in the hotel. “Do I talk like your mum? Do I look like your mum? Do I smell like your mum? Ms Maes.

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: Study sport management at Loughborough University, get my driving licence, obtain super powers, save the world....that sort of thing!

Lucia Marinetto Rohr Spanish

aka Lu, Luli, Lulu, Boo, (Bita)

Started at SIS in Diploma 1

Best times and achievements: Uganda and the Asni trips. One day, during Physics, I went to the toilet. After the lesson when I went to get my bag, I realised that it was extremely heavy. I opened it to find it COMPLETELY FULL of rocks; Unai and Adri where obviously responsible for it as I could see them laughing round the corner. Since then it has been a ritual to put rocks in my bag. The problem is that sometimes, there are so many rocks, that I don’t manage to get them all out at once, and I spend the following weeks finding them scattered inside the different compartments of my bag. Funnily enough, the ritual has now developed; all the rocks in Lab 1 have Luli written on them and many classrooms around the school (including the library and Mrs Stone’s class, who uses them as paperweights) have rocks, with Luli written on them, lying about.

“It’s just like a normal word—ah, no. Plans: University in Barcelona, return to Asni and Uganda.

Luiza Paloluoma Finnish / Brazilian

aka Luzu, Loza, Lulu

Started at SIS in Reception (1999)

Best times and achievements: Primary break/lunch times, playing games and whatever

“Leonardo Da Vinci fue un agricultor.” Quino Year 8. “Sereis mios en year ochooo!” Ms Lourdes Plans:University in Madrid to study Administration and Business Management.

Maria Vittoria Cantarini Italian

Started at SIS

aka Mavi

September 2010

Best times and achievements: Tarifa, Barcelona and Morocco trips, speaking fluent English and Spanish. ''..Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and perma nently discredited and abandoned, that until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation, that until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the col or of his eyes, that until basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international mo rality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained,...Until that day all the continents will not know peace'' H.I.M. Haile Selassie I Emperor of Ethiopia - Speech to United Nations 1963 (excerpt)

Plans: Business and management at Esade University, Barcelona and start a dancehall course. In the future I want to spend one year in Africa ((probably Ethiopia) to do voluntary work.

Graduating Class 2013

else was in fashion that year: Fourty-Fourty, Tamagotchi, Bayblades, Yugioh cards, Pokemon bottle caps, Diabolos, and so many more. We knew how to have fun back then. School trips: Huelva, Granada, Challenge weeks, Portugal football trip and Asni. Memories in the old Paniagua school, playground, Paco’s food and his dogs. Being in this school for so long, being a member of the Eagles football team, getting one of the best results in MYP and being chosen as one of the finalists to go to a competition for our economics essay with Marta, Quino and Luli.

Mario Almagro Chiavarine Spanish

aka Mario Almagro Chiavarine

Started at SIS in Nursery

Best times and achievements: The corner shop on the London History trip, getting to meet new people, and the time when Joaquin and II took Jamie’s toy dinosaur outside to play in the mud and throw it on the roof, having to return the towel! And having a piece of my art on the cover of this Yearbook.

Plans: Work with my father before going off to University

Graduating Class 2013

Mario Martin Spanish

aka Mars, Tony

Started at SIS in 1997 until 2003 and then 2010 onwards

Best times and achievements: Playing football against the teachers at lunch, biology class with Mr. Cawson, The Bermuda Triangle, Portugal Football Tournament, The Wolfpack, Maths with Pacheco, Prank day, “It’s so much harder without alcohol, Miss.” Haydn

Plans : Study law at University and become an Environmental Lawyer

Mark Mazur aka Lithuanian

Marchlka, Party Animal, Tourist

Started at SIS in Diploma 1 (2011)

Plans: Initially I planned a gap year to travel but decided to take a foundation year at University first to be better prepared. Later, after University, to work in the field of logistics and shipping and expand the family business.

Marta Gallego Amorós Spanish

aka Martuga, Martuki, Martita

Started at SIS ...a very long time ago......when I was 3

Best times and achievements:Starting from memories from Paniagua I can recall the delicious home cooked cantina food from Paco, and the giant dog tied up near the toilets, I was always scared of it. Also a trunk which we used to water to see it it grew, but it never was a dead tree.Our childhood games, and all the different trending and fashions over the years. I remember playing “super powers” with Luiza and Selina nearly every break and lunch times, Yugio cards, Witch, Hamtaro catapult (in rainy days), making houses for ants and beetles and feeding them bread and oranges, Nintendo dogs...etc .Competing in year 6 to get stickers from Mrs. Maes by learning the times tables. Making a garden in year 7 down by the pool. Invention Convention, the first year was okay, but doing it 3 years in a row....honestly it became a pain. Doñana Trip, unforgettable! (our first class disco) Both Trips to Morrocco

Plans: Have the best summer and then off to University to become a Doctor.

Graduating Class 2013

Best times and achievements: Visual arts lessons, studying economics and improving my English. Trying to escape during free lessons—until the pass system came in!


Graduating Class 2013

Graduating Class 2013

“80 pounds for a packet of crisps!! I only

brought 100 with me for the whole trip”

Maximilian Moser German / Italian

aka Max, CP, Ralph

Started at SIS on a sunny day in September 2011

Best times and achievements: History classes with Mr Mungles, Biology classes with Mr. Cawson, Chemistry with Mr. Hunt, Prank Day, the History Trip, boarding with Rob, being awarded the Science Prize and Mr. Cawson explaining why having a vasectomy at 50 is a sensible thing to do. “Golfers never give in.”

“More protein is not enough protein!”

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: Play golf and enjoy the summer, go on to University, set up my own company and travel the world and be a cool dad.

Miguel Angel Jimenez Spanish

Started at SIS during M5

Best times and achievements: Jacuzzis with Gerardo at 3am before coming to school Prank day, learning English, dancing Sex Bomb with Guillaume .

Plans: Studying in Miami and playing college golf..... Become a professional golfer in the European Tour.

Milo Mehring Best times and achievements: All the trips, surviving IB, accidently tackling Mr. Kearney in Ultimate Frisbee and making him cry.

Nikolai Drouzine Belgian. Started at SIS in 2010

Best times and achievements: Non-uniform days, school trips, hacking the wifi, learning new things, widening my views of the world and understanding science.

Plans: University, developing start-up projects, enjoy the ups and downs of life and doing something that will make me happy.

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: To study at University in Austria.

Oscar Marijuan García Spanish:

aka Oski, Ozzy, Grills Mafia

Started at SIS in M4

Best times and achievements:Chilling in art with Mr Harris but working hard, always! Feeling proud while “borrowing” value stickers for my collection in M4 or watching South Park in geography because the chapter had something in common with the topic being studied. Chatting about life with Mrs Gonzalez to exchange ideas and experiences. Playing around with hearts and lungs during science, and all the trips and activities. Asni was awesome! Surviving every single class of Español with Mrs Lourdes, Getting bread early from the cantina so smoothly that the cantina ladies didn’t realize, not breaking the contract of “Not physical contact with her” and designing posters for school events. Ms. Lourdes tries to understand my handwriting...... “Ooooooi Ossssssskiiiiii—esa sopa de garbanzos!”

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: Universidad Europea de Madrid” to study advertising.

Robert John Duckworth aka Rob, Robbie, Roberto, Roberta, Bob, Mr UV Rays British / Canadian

Started at SIS in 2003

Best times and achievements: Playing football at lunch times (including playing and winning against the teachers!) History Banter. Mr Hunt’s interesting chemistry stories. Year 7 - Felt like we had a trip every week. The Diploma Years - despite the hard work they’ve been fun. All the trips (IAYP, Uganda, Asni, Hamburg, London, Barcelona, Huelva, Challenge Weeks and many more. MYP. IAYP (Silver) Representing the school for football, swimming, hockey and other sports. Getting the first 20/20 essay in Diploma History class Made me feel like god. Winning the school’s photo competition in 2011. Numerous theatrical performances. Realising that now, younger kids in lower years of the school know who you are (it was the same when we were small and looking up at the older kids, but I didn’t think it would happen to me or my friends!)

Plans: University in Vancouver, Canada to study History/Politics/ International Relations. Become rich, marry Camilla and a six-pack would be nice!

Paulina Musayev Best times and achievements: History and Theatre trips, Barcelona and Morocco trips, Poetry competition winner, The Laramie Project.

Rory Jones aka British

Rojo, Rozza

Started at SIS in Primary 1.

Best times and achievements: Somany over such a long time it’s hard to remember them, but some events stick out; such as the MUN trip to Holland where we met a lot of great people and had a chance to hang out in Amsterdam. IAYP trips were always good fun, and I've loved performing in bands for many school events such as Sotorox. A recent memory but a lasting one will be prank day, that got a little out of hand but was all the better for it! Cooking on Andalucian day. Celebrating Lambie’s 18th birthday in style. Going to Benicassim. Grade 8 saxophone, passing IB (fingers crossed),

Lambie: you said you were over it Rob: I am Lambie: ... You're hugging a pillow

Plans: Go to university in Sheffield to study biological chemistry, forget about hard work for a while and just have some fun and experience as many new things as possible! In the longer term...Abandon modern society to go live a quiet life in the mountains of Switzerland with my 40 year old German ex-lesbian wife Helga. Helga will knit thick cotton clothing during the day to sell over the internet in order to provide a modest income for our family, whilst I tend to the garden and feed my trusty cockerel Rodrigo. Whilst T.V. and literature may have moulded me to resent my wife being the sole breadwinner, I am more or less content with life and wouldn’t give Helga up for the world. We will look up at the stars from our small cottage and reflect upon our life experiences and the legacies we have left our children.

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: Queen Mary University to study theatre.

Rosanna Chapell Elkin English

aka Rosi, Roo, Poo

Started at SIS in Diploma 1

Best times and achievements: Receiving 3 prizes in my first year, all the trips especially Asni and Uganda, fundraising for Uganda, the art class as a whole.... Mr. Harris being unable to get angry with us ever (especially Oscar), Karl believing that Pacheco and I are cousins, Mr. Kearney ripping his trousers. “Is India in Europe?” Ana Zinn “TE IMAGINAS?”

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: A gap year and volunteering around South America and Uganda then University probably in the UK.

Selina Pazos aka Seli, Selimolla, Cebolla Spanish

Started at SIS in reception (1999)

Best times and achievements:Trips in SIS were always the most memorable. The first night trip was in year 5 to Huelva where the bus got lost for 2 hours, Laura Toledo dropped her camera in the museum toilet and Joaquin spent most of the night telling us scary stories. Laura, Marta and I ended up sleeping in one bed, while Luiza comfortably snored in another. There have been so many highlights throughout the 14 years I have been here, all the SIS events such as Soto Rox, Crazy Hair Day, Sports Day, Fireworks Party and the Christmas Bazaar. Collecting he entire different sticker SIS values from Thinker to Inquirer and I received in M5 a Diploma for Maths Extended. In M1 I made it to the finals of the Big Thinker Contest representing "Hedy Lamarr" who co-invented the mobile phone. In M1,Luiza and I won second place in the Invention Convention because of our innovative toy called "Rolo".

Plans: Study at UCL and live in a chocolate mansion.

Sophie Young aka Soph, Sophs, Sofa English

Started at SIS in 2001

Plans: University in the UK (Exeter or Sussex) to study International Business and then see where the world takes me.

Tess Wagner Dutch

aka Mrs. Tickles, T, Tessy, Tessica

Started at SIS in Year 3 (2003)

Best times and achievements: Battling it out with Rob in History to see who would get the most 20/ was a draw! Getting my first 7 for a Chemistry test, an offer from Veterinary College, Making Liz go through Boot Camp, getting stung by a scorpion at Castellar Zoo!

Plans: Bio Veterinary Sciences at the Royal Veterinary College in London.

Graduating Class 2013

Best times and achievements: Prank Day, secretary of the Student Council, Cadiz News journalist, driving home with my laptop on the roof, playing Hide and Seek in the Natural History Museum, Crazy Hair Day in Year 6 and continuously asking strangers where the Rosetta Stone was, whilst standing next to it (we are very easily amused!)

Theis Bock Danish

aka Thesis

Started at SIS in Year 8

Best times and achievements: Morocco, Barcelona and Challenge Week trips, the Four Square Days of Year 8, Prank Day, MUN Public Speaking Award, “One Man, Two Guvnors”, Silver IAYP, High jump record, Joe Swindley and I getting chased by a guy with a machete on a Year 8 trip...... Only it turned out that he was cutting palms! “It’s not cheating if you’re kissing.” Robert J Duckworth

Graduating Class 2013

Plans: Aarhus University in Denmark to study Business Management

Unai de Francisco Vargas Spanish

aka Paco, Vasco

Started at SIS in Year 3

Best times and achievements: Doñana Trip, Hamburg Trip, Football at lunchtimes, laughing in lessons, the trouser incident in Hamburg, the Lambie shoe incident, being trapped inside a bed in Doñana doing well at MYP and now completing IB.

Plans: Bristol clue where I’ll end up but I know I will come back to Andalucia some day.

Viktorija Beglik

aka Vicky, Vicks

Lithuanian Started at SIS in Diploma 1 Memorable moment: coming to school in my normal clothes thinking it was Mufti wasn’t! Making friends. Plans: City University London..... We’ll see how that goes!


Graduating Class 2013

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Sotogrande International School Yearbook 2013  
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