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Here's 2 of the Best Ways to Keep the Members Happy in Your Membership Site Having a membership site is one thing. But, if you DO have one, then you know that the average attrition rate- that is, how long a person stays a member of your site before cancelingis only 3-4 months. That's not too long, so how do you keep them on board even longer? There's 2 ways to do it, and each works ridiculously well: 1. Ask them what they want, and use that as fuel to give to them via the monthly content This is one thing that seriously everyone needs to be doing. A lot of members cancel their membership because they feel like they aren't getting what they want out of the site. Well... Avoid that by literally asking them what they want! You can hold a survey with your members, and find out exactly what they want. If you don't find this out, then you don't REALLY know what your members want, and less people will stay on board. But, by finding out exactly what they want, it makes your job even easier- just give it to them. If they want a solution to a problem, just Google search the issue and find your answer. Compile that into a PDF and you're good to go. What do you have? Instant Content. 2. Offer content that's worth MORE than your monthly membership fee Offering quality content should go without saying, but it's something I have to touch on. You should always offer to your customers a greater value- or greater perceived value than what they think they're paying for. Some examples of content that has a super high perceived value: • • •

training calls audios (on MP3) videos (either you talking directly or screencams)

That's just to name a few. Either way, you want to offer quality content in your site so members will want to stick around. And if you're interested in learning more about creating simple membership sites, I got some good news for you: even you can do it. And it doesn't matter if you've never made money online before. This is drop-dead simple to do, true to the name of the system- Simple Six Figures... I made a complete video walk-through of the course here, grab your private access before I take it down (which really is going to be very soon)‌ Opt in to Access the videos here:

Here's 2 of the Best Ways to Keep the Members Happy in Your Membership Site If you want to learn how to make bank with membership sites, then get your private access to our tele-se...