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Summer 2017

Thank you to all our generous donors to the 2016-17 Annual Fund! We met and exceeded our goal of $355,000!

IN THIS ISSUE Graduation Kelly Wright Henrion ’92 New HOS of The West End School

Alumna of the Year: Naomi Stuecker G’88, ’92

By Alexandra S. Thurstone G’80, ’84

“[The teachers] love what they do and each one of them does everything in their power to give the students the same love of learning. St. Francis has given me the best nine years of my life: one great middle school year, four amazing high school years, and four years at a college I would’ve never imagined going to before I attended St. Francis.” Jillian Morrison G’13, ’17 Wyvern Report

Our year wrapped up with two beautiful graduation ceremonies. I feel very nostalgic at this time every year during graduation, but particularly this year as the High School Graduation was my last one as a SFS parent, with my younger son graduating with the Class of 2017. As many of you know, the best part of both graduations is our long-standing tradition on both campuses that any student who wishes to speak can do so. Because our students always do a wonderful job of capturing the essence of St. Francis, I love sharing some excerpts of their speeches with you here. Jillian Morrison G’13, ’17 described why the teachers are so special: “[The teachers] love what they do and each one of them does everything in their power to give the students the same love of learning. St. Francis has given me the best nine years of my life: one great middle school year, four amazing high school years, and four years at a college I would’ve never imagined going to before I attended St. Francis.” Gabby Smedley ’17 explained the difference between SFS and her other schools: “I have gone to four different schools [during K-12] and I could not be more happy to say I got to graduate from my favorite one. If you know me, you know that I am the type of person to try and connect with people no matter where I am. I thrive off of knowing that I have someone who knows me too. Here at St. Francis, I never worried about being alone. Even on my first day as a junior at a school where my only previous connection was DJ-ing Middle School dances, I was able to connect with so many people. I wasn’t scared when I walked in, I was excited that this would be


the school I would get to end with – this would be my last impression of what high school really was…In my 350 days at St. Francis I have learned more than I ever learned in the 1,925 days elsewhere. I learned how to be a leader, how to be confident, how to trust myself, how to be compassionate, and I truly thank St. Francis and all the amazing people here for this knowledge. St. Francis has been my second home for the past two years and because of that, I will forever be a Wyvern.” Brownie Southworth ’17 shared how SFS gave him back his love of learning: “As many of you know, I transferred to St. Francis in my junior year, and because of that missed out on a lot of the wonderful St. Francis traditions. However, I couldn’t be more thankful to have entered the St. Francis community, if only for two short years…I was encouraged to work at my own pace, my learning was facilitated by incredible teachers, and the students had a real voice in the classroom. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at St. Francis;…I have grown and developed as a thinker, a writer, a mathematician, a scientist, and an artist. As I leave St. Francis, I know that I will be forever grateful that my time here, with all of you, gave me back my love of learning.”

every day that went by, every activity that I experienced, even every conversation I have had here is a cherished memory to me. That may sound a little bit cheesy, but I truly hope that I remember and treasure those memories forever.” Stuart Middleton G’17 says St. Francis is his home: “I have been dreaming of graduating 8th grade for years, but I already know I will want to come back some day. St. Francis is my “Home.” I could tell right when I came back to St. Francis in 5th grade that I was back at the place I belong. I had been at another school since after I left here in Junior Kindergarten. When I came back I felt it. I felt the happiness and the joy of the school. I felt like I had been going here forever, because I was so welcomed. I felt like everyone was my friend. Actually, I knew everyone was my friend.” We are so proud of all of our students who graduated from St. Francis this year, as well as our students who graduated from our Goshen Campus. They have each left an indelible mark on the School, and we look forward to watching them grow and leave their marks on the world.

Jimmy Lancaster G’17 talks about how much SFS has meant to him: “I would love to tell you about one of my favorite memories that I had here, but I am not able to do that because


By Síofra Rucker G’84, Director of Advancement

High School S Classroom Re Dr. Luke Johnson, Dr. Benjamin Studevent, and David Word

While we fundraise and prepare for our third major Capital building project, the Goshen Main Amphitheater, we are upgrading the High School’s Science Labs. The goal of this project was to improve the layout, storage, and flow lines of the three science labs in order to improve the student experience during lab work, particularly.

When you walk into a St. Francis science classroom, you’ll find students engaged in applying science principles to everyday life. Whether it’s designing a safe but thrilling roller­coaster in Physics, synthesizing the “bounciest” bouncy ball in Chemistry, or taking samples of local waterways in Biology, students appreciate science as a process, rather than an accumulation of facts.

Wyvern Report

When you walk into a St. Francis science classroom, you’ll find students engaged in applying science principles to everyday life. Whether it’s designing a safe but thrilling roller­coaster in Physics, synthesizing the “bounciest” bouncy ball in Chemistry, or taking samples of local waterways in Biology, students appreciate science as a process, rather than an accumulation of facts. We embrace the Physics First curricular philosophy, so the required core curriculum sequence is Conceptual Physics for freshmen, Chemistry for sophomores, and Biology for juniors. Rather than merely flipping the traditional order, this sequence of courses allows students to progressively build on their scientific knowledge and curiosity. Students then have the opportunity to take semester electives and/or Advanced Placement courses in physics, biology, environmental science, and chemistry. Outside the classroom, students can participate in Science Olympiad, at which students can compete in physics, engineering, biology, and general science (and we are proud that the past two years running, our squad has placed well at Regionals and moved on to compete successfully at State), and can explore our Workshop (MakerSpace). To share a little bit about our high school science faculty: All freshman start with Conceptual Physics with Dr. Benjamin Studevent. Dr. B, as the students call him, has taught at SFS for five years. He holds his Ph.D. from Harvard University, his M.A. from Vanderbilt University, and his B.S. from RoseHulman Institute of Technology. He is perhaps less well-known but still highly regarded for his performances in the annual Talent Show - most recently a slow rendition of “Toast” featuring, well, a toaster, and a star turn in the a


Science enovations capella ensemble. Physics is about discovering the fundamental laws of nature, and students in Benjamin’s courses study not only those laws, but also the process of discovery that has brought about the modern age of science.

After Physics, students move onto Chemistry with Dr. Luke Johnson. Luke has taught at St. Francis for eight years. He holds a Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. from the University of Louisville and a B.A. from Washington University. Luke has served as Assistant Dean of Students for several years, but is stepping down from that position to teach an additional course centered in our Workshop. Chemistry is the study of matter, its structure, and transformations. In this inquiry-­based course, students design and conduct experiments to answer questions about the chemical nature of their surroundings. Presented with a series of authentic problems, students in Luke’s classes work in teams to devise methods to find solutions, proceed to the lab where they collect and analyze data, and communicate the results of their investigations in written lab reports. Among other tweaks, the Chemistry room will have a new chemical prep space for storage and lab prep. An avid woodworker, Luke is often found across the hall in the nearby “Workshop” - whether it’s teaching a class or Project, or guiding our Science Olympiad team to victory. After Chemistry, students move onto Biology with David Word. David has taught at St. Francis for nine years and holds his M.S. from the University of Louisville and his B.S. from Tennessee Technological University. David also heads up our Outdoor Activities Club and Community Service program. Biology is the study of living things. Starting with the cell and its many structures, students in David’s classes gain an understanding of how things work within individual organisms and how organisms interact with other organisms within their environment. David’s science room also houses several biological examples, including Colonel Mustard, a yellow rat snake, and Pumpkin, an albino corn snake. Both will now have a proper home for their terrariums in the newly renovated Biology lab.

New in 2017-18: One Gala!

After much research, benchmarking, and financial review, we have determined that it is in the School’s best interest to move to one Gala per school year. As our parents, alumni, faculty, and friends are fond of both of our events, we have decided to keep each event, but have them in alternate years. This means that on October 14th, 2017 we will host “Our Good Earth” in the fields of our Goshen Campus and in the fall of 2018, we will host our Imagine! art auction.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is being renamed “The St. Francis Fund: a family of funds”, with a total annual goal of $425,000 in 2017-18. Donors can direct their annual gift to one of the following funds: • Greatest Need • Scholarship • Athletics • Faculty Salaries and P.D. • Performing & Fine Arts *If any of the directed funds exceed their operating budgets, the excess funds will be allocated to Greatest Need.

Thank you to our Capital Campaign donors who have made this project and the Campaign overall possible - together we are building an abundant future for St. Francis!


Lucy Jayes ’10

If you are not receiving emails from the School, update your contact information by emailing Alissa Shoemaker, Alumni Coordinator, at

Anthony Perry ’13

David Pike ’81 is in his first year as chair of the Department of Literature at American University. He will be taking a welcome break next spring to work on a collaborative research project on “Corruption Plots, Imagined Publics: The Ethics of Space in the Millennial City,” funded by the American Council of Learned Societies. Mehrunnisa Hassan ’91 recently released a short film celebrating diversity and featuring 275 members of the Louisville community. The film kicked off the “I Am the Face Diversity Challenge” - a social media challenge that encourages users up upload their own videos showing the diversity in America. You can watch the short at Mehrunnisa continues her own film career, most recently starring as Simrun in the film Sonne Da Karra. She also teaches Bollywood and classical dance classes in Louisville.

Mehrunnisa Hassan ’91

Jesse Walker ’97

Jesse Walker ’97 is a martial arts and fitness expert who recently started Rough Hands, a company that offers pop-up fitness and self-defense classes in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Jesse and his partner, Shelby York, started the business to address issues of accessibility and price in the fitness industry. They have a 2-year-old son and a baby girl on the way! Philip Garber G’02 owns 43industries with his business partner, Adam Sharp. Over the past several years, they have specialized in designing streetwear and skate industry apparel for companies such as Adidas, New Balance, Levi’s, and Oakley. They recently decided to open their first brick and mortar store on Market Street in NuLu, just blocks away from the Louisville’s nationally-ranked skatepark. They hope to host events at the store in the near future. Max Abner G’09 has been awarded the Roy V. Wood Scholarship Award upon graduation from the Northwestern School of Communications. This is the top award given by the undergraduate program, which includes the departments of Theatre, Performance Studies, Film, Television, Speech Pathology, and Music. He is now completing an internship in the theater department of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. When that season ends, he will complete a literary internship with the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. Lucy Jayes ’10 is loving life in Denver, Colorado. She recently started working for Colorado Mountain Club, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to outdoor education, recreation, and conservation.

Max Abner G’09

Wyvern Report

Zsantinia “Nia” Harris ’11 recently opened her own women’s apparel store on South 18th Street in Louisville named Imperial Boutique.



Lana Katherine Smalley


Jack Hile

Arlo Hutchinson

Allison White Smalley ’98 and her husband Trip welcomed baby Lana Katherine Smalley on February 23rd. Megan Hile ’99 and her husband Nicholas welcomed baby Jackson (Jack) Nicholas Hile on March 24th. Megan and Nicholas have two other children, Lily and Katelynn. Megan is the owner of Megan Hile Photography, specializing in newborn and family photography. She is also the leader of a Girl Scout Troop in the Highlands and co-founder of the community outreach group, Activism in Louisville. Julia Winkler G’04 and Lance Hutchinson welcomed baby Arlo Gavin Hutchinson on February 20th. Lexie (Lancaster) Larsen G’07 and her husband Aaron welcomed baby Everly Grey Larsen on March 10th. Lexie and Aaron moved back to Louisville in 2016 from Fort Worth, TX. Lexie is working for the start-up Incipio Workforce Solutions. She wears many hats at the company and is enjoying the challenge.

J.T. Kucera ’11 left his job in the video game industry in February to start a new life traveling the world. He arrived in Thailand in March to take a TEFL teaching course, which prepared him to teach English in foreign countries. His first teaching job begins in August in Nablus, Palestine, teaching geography. With plenty of time before that starts, he is continuing his world travels until late July. J.T. says that the new direction he is taking hasn’t been an easy one, but he is much happier and healthier than he was working at a corporate 9-5 job. Maya Jamner ’13 graduated with a theater degree from Colorado College. She is continuing to pursue her theater career in Chicago, taking voice lessons and classes at Black Box Acting.

marriages & engagements

Erika Black G’91, ’95

Meredith Maple G’02, ’06

Erika Black G’91, ’95 married Shaun Taylor on May 15th in Riviera Maya, Cancun, Mexico. Collin Smith G’96, ’00 married Aja Pecknold on June 3rd in Seaview, Washington. Meredith Maple G’02, ’06 married Kelly Gitter on March 25th. Meredith’s brother, Justin Maple G’94, ’98, performed the ceremony at his home in Fairbanks, Alaska. Meredith and Kelly just purchased a home in Fairbanks and adopted a puppy named Polar. Sam Gauss ’07 got engaged to Jennifer McKenzie on April 28th. Sam studied illustration at the University of Maryland and is now working as a freelance illustrator in Baltimore, Maryland.

Anthony Perry ’13 is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He majored in Economics with a concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management and minored in Africana Studies. Anthony has accepted an offer with the Boston Consulting Group and will be relocating to Dallas to work as a Management Consultant. During his time at Penn, Anthony became the President of the Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and the President of the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association. He has completed internship and externship programs with Brown-Forman, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and the Boston Consulting Group. Anthony is also the CEO of MADE (Manufacturing and Demanding Excellence), a custom apparel start-up with the zealous mission to actualize visions across the globe by constructing a pathway between creative minds and elite production. MADE was co-founded by Anthony and a fellow Penn graduate Amir Baiyina. Throughout all four years, Anthony maintained his status as both a Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholar and a Questbridge Scholar.


alumni crawfish boil

The 6th Annual Alumni Crawfish Boil was held on April 18th at the lovely home of Summer Auerbach ’00 and Brandon Coan. George Parker ’95 was the boiler-inchief, providing a table full of perfectly cooked crawfish, shrimp, sausage, and veggies galore. Liz Vail G’00, ’04 shared a variety of tasty beverages from West Sixth Brewing and other guests supplied delicious side dishes and desserts. Attendees included Bryan Armstrong ’98, Stephanie G’02 and George G’96 Barrett, Tina Brown G’00, ’04, Kelli (Wilson) Carter G’91, ’95, Bob Foshee, Kristin Frederick G’98, ’02, Matt Gatton, Suzanne Gorman, Kim Hales, Carolyn Gilles Hannan ’99, Kelly Wright Henrion ’92, Tom Henrion G’85, ’89, Belle Holloway, Angela Katz, Kit Llewellyn, Weasy MacLean ’87, Kendall Malone G’09, ’13, Ralph Marshall, Ron Mikulak, Charley Miller ’96, Tom Miron, Abbey Mueller G’96, Emily Plant ’99, Melanie Pugh, Robin Roggenkamp G’79, ’83, Mark Roth ’92, Síofra Rucker G’84, Naomi Stuecker G’88, ’92, Alexandra Thurstone G’80, ’84, and Cia White.

in memoriam Edward Grimes G’88 passed away on March 25th. Edward had a passion for music. He performed as a drummer and singer for bands such as Seluah, Rachel’s Basement Fear, Oval, and many more. The St. Francis community mourns this loss and sends Ed’s family and friends well wishes.

Wyvern Report

Note to Alumni Parents: If you are receiving mail that is addressed to your son or daughter who no longer resides at home, please notify Alissa Shoemaker in the Alumni Office,, of his/her contact information, including mailing address, email address, and/or cell phone, so we can keep him/her in the loop on Wyvern happenings.


Naomi Stuecker G’88, ’92 Every year we have the distinct pleasure of honoring one of our St. Francis School graduates. We are truly fortunate to have such an amazing pool of Wyverns to choose from who continually support the School and our Mission, while also demonstrating the qualities of a St. Francis graduate years after they leave our halls. This year, we honor Naomi Stuecker from the Goshen Class of 1988 and the High School Class of 1992 as the 2016-17 Alumna of the Year. Naomi in her senior year at St. Francis in 1992

Naomi has always been an artist at heart. Her artistic ability blossomed at St. Francis under the tutelage of art teacher Gayle Cerlan and through summer classes at the Speed Art Museum. She followed that passion to Centre College where she studied with world renowned glass blower, Stephen Powell. Naomi has spent her entire professional career working to further the arts. For the past 20 years, she has owned and operated a glass art studio that produces art for retail markets and specializes in art education for children. Naomi’s passion for St. Francis is evident in everything she does. She teaches after-school art classes on the Goshen Campus, joined the St. Francis parent community this year, and has been an instrumental part of our Imagine! Art Auction + Scholarship Fundraiser for the last decade. Her tireless work in finding new artists to participate in Imagine!, curating art for the auction, and creating partnerships means that she has been an integral part of raising countless dollars for the scholarship fund. This allows us to continue offering to students today the incredible St. Francis experience that she herself benefited from. We are pleased to recognize Naomi Stuecker as the 2016-17 Alumna of the Year!


Kelly W

New Head o Briefly describe your path after leaving St. Francis. After leaving St. Francis, I majored in Latin American Studies at Carleton College in Northfield, MN - an extraordinary place, despite the very cold winters! I joined Teach for America upon graduation and was placed as a bilingual (Spanish/English) elementary teacher in a dual language charter school in its first year in Phoenix, AZ. Being part of a school in its founding years was a great experience that afforded lots of leadership opportunities. Next, I pursued my Master’s degree at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy. From there, I moved to San Diego and taught in a 5th grade bilingual classroom. Despite lots of conversations with my 5th graders about their hopes and dreams for the future, at the end of the year, I would send them to 6th grade at the middle school next door where zero percent (zero!) of the students passed the Algebra I state exam as 8th graders. To me, that was unacceptable. Algebra is a gatekeeper for other advanced classes in high school, and I knew that if my students were going to realize their dreams, I needed to do more. So I applied for a fellowship through the KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) to start a college preparatory middle school for low-income families in San Diego. I founded KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy in 2003, and thanks to the dedication of amazing families, students, and faculty, by our third year, we were awarded the National Title I Distinguished School Award (out of more than 5,000 Title I schools in California) for narrowing the achievement gap the most. Later, I joined the national KIPP team to help leaders in other communities found and lead their own schools. There I led our leadership development programs as Chief Learning Officer, and later oversaw all of our schoolfacing programs (serving over 200 schools across the country) as Chief Program Officer. Although I learned a lot in these national roles, I wanted to work closer again with kids and families. So I next moved to Memphis, TN to serve as the Executive Director/Superintendent of KIPP Memphis’ eight schools, K-12. Now, I am back home in Louisville, and very excited for what is ahead! Looking back at your time at St. Francis, what stands out? There are so many things that stand out from my time at St. Francis. Especially from my perspective now as an educator, I am struck by the quality of teaching at the school. It is evident in the incredible passion of teachers for their subject matter and in the emphasis that was placed on critical thinking throughout all that we read, wrote, and discussed. The small class sizes allowed us to build meaningful relationships with our teachers and with each other. Finally, the independence that we were permitted as adolescents - such as choosing an independent study or

Wyvern Report


Wright Henrion ’92

of School at the West End School spending a free period off campus - prepared us well for the decision-making we would need in college, and life. Do you recall a specific teacher or friend that influenced you in some way? So many people at St. Francis played such an influential role in my life. However, from the moment I was assigned to his advisory as a freshman, Tom Miron has been especially influential. As an advisor, he looked out for me, was candid, and provided important counsel. As a teacher, he was a master at bringing history alive, stimulating rigorous debates, and holding high expectations. Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to sit in one of his classes, and I was reminded of what a great storyteller he is and the incredible gift he has for teaching. I realize that I learned a lot about teaching from him. Today, I feel lucky that I continue to learn from Miron through his ongoing mentorship and guidance. How was your experience at St. Francis a factor in determining your career path? First, I’ll never forget the phone call from Mr. Pike when he shared the news with my mom and me that I would be the school’s first St. Francis Scholar and that I would be awarded a full, four-year scholarship. That phone call - and the opportunity it represented - changed my life in so many ways. My family could have never afforded the tuition at SFHS, but the scholarship made it - and so many other life opportunities - possible. Throughout high school and college, as I was determining my career path, I knew I had been lucky by receiving this scholarship award, but it wasn’t until my junior year in college, when I had to take a semester off for financial aid reasons, that I realized just how lucky I had been. During that semester off, I substitute taught (back then, you only needed 2 years of college to do so), at the high school that many of my grade school friends had attended. I saw firsthand the extreme disparities in the education that I had received at SFHS and the one that they had received, through no fault of their own. The inequity did not seem just to me. So I went back to Carleton College for my senior year, and added education as a minor. I believe all children deserve an excellent education like the one I had the privilege to experience

at SFHS. Unfortunately, we are far from that reality in this country; my career has been dedicated to playing a small role in making that happen for the students, families, and communities in which I work. What are the highlights of your career thus far? Founding my own school was definitely a highlight. Although it was an incredible challenge and meant very long work days, it was a lot of fun to work alongside families and community members to build a school of which we were proud. In fact, there are many elements of St. Francis embedded into KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy. As a couple of examples, we started off every day with a Morning Meeting and our faculty and students utilized the entire downtown area (theatres, parks, libraries) as our campus! I am most proud when I hear news and updates from my former students, especially at this time of year (graduation season). I treasure the photos of them in their regalia, proudly holding their college diplomas in hand. Given that almost all of them are the first in their families to graduate from college, it makes their successes all the more impressive, and I am very proud of each of them. How do you define success? To me, success is contributing to our world in a way that makes it a better place, a more just place, for those around us, especially those who have had fewer opportunities. Whenever I am at a crossroads and wondering what else I can do to contribute to that end, I come back to Margaret Mead’s reflection and call to action: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” What’s next for you? As of July 1st this summer, I will be the Head of School at West End School in Louisville - a small, independent school serving boys from low-income neighborhoods in PK- 8th grade. I am very excited to do the work that I love to do in the city I call home. There is an extraordinary group of faculty, families, students, volunteers, and Board members that I am humbled and honored to join, and I cannot wait to get started!


class of 2017 enrollments and acceptances

Jaden Bailey

Gap Year

Lo O’Donnell

Gap Year

Jack Baize

Earlham College, Loyola University New Orleans, Western Kentucky University

Ryan Petiprin

Bellarmine University

Talia Blue

Elise Pfeiffer

New York University, Miami University, Loyola University Chicago

Centre College, Earlham College, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville

Emma Boland

Lily Prohaska

Loyola University Chicago, Connecticut College, University of Miami, Miami University, Skidmore College

Hanover College, Centre College, Earlham College, Transylvania University

Ella Rennekamp

New College of Florida, Centre College, University of Colorado Boulder, DePaul University, Rhodes College, Eckerd College, Sarah Lawrence College, Eugene Lang College - The New School

James Risley

Xavier University, Centre College, Drexel University, Elon University, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Kentucky, Saint Louis University, Western Carolina University

Texi Sanders

Louisville School of Massage

Shams Shaker

University of Louisville, Berea College, Bellarmine University, Hanover College, Transylvania University

Matthew Siciliano

University of Notre Dame, Washington University in St. Louis, Case Western Reserve University, College of William and Mary, Miami University, Boston College

Gabby Smedley

Belmont University, Butler University, Hanover College, Rhodes College

Mac Smith

Loyola University New Orleans, DePaul University, Pace University, Loyola University Chicago, Saint Louis University

Madeline Case

Tulane University, Loyola University Chicago

Riley Cobb

St. Petersburg College

Catherine Dean

Murray State University, Centre College, University of`Cincinnati, DePaul University, The Evergreen State College, Humboldt State University, University of Kentucky, Miami University, Northern Arizona University, Western Kentucky University, Wittenberg University

Kate Duncan

University of Arizona, Murray State University

Finn Hilton

Western Kentucky University

Haoyu Hu

Ohio State University, University of Connecticut, Drexel University, University of California, Santa Cruz, Pennsylvania State University

Kate Jones

Ohio Wesleyan University, Bethany College, Frostburg State University

Nizar Kamar

Pace University, DePaul University, Drew University, Loyola University Chicago

Ruby LeStrange

Gap Year

Shelby Luby

Eckerd College, Coastal Carolina University, University of Tampa

Anna Lyons

Point Park University, Northern Illinois University, Cornish College of the Arts, Santa Fe University of Art and Design

Chris McDearman

University of Louisville, Clemson University

Ethan Mackin

University of Denver, Clarkson University, Indiana University

Oona Milliken

Occidental College, Bard College, Loyola University Chicago, Lewis & Clark College, Connecticut College

Jabrell Moore

U.S. Air Force, Jefferson Community and Technical College

Jillian Morrison

Guilford College, Centre College

Scott Morrison

The Evergreen State College, Centre College, Denison University, DePaul University, Hanover College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Otterbein University, Wittenberg University, College of Wooster, Earlham College

Wyvern Report

Brownie Southworth Guilford College, Earlham College, Oberlin College Eilieh Stokes

University of Louisville, Centre College

Andrew Thurstone

Loyola University Chicago, Connecticut College, DePaul University, College of Wooster

Emma White

DePauw University, Hanover College, Earlham College, Butler University, Miami University, University of Louisville, Transylvania University, Xavier University, Centre College

Mariana Wilson

Sterling College, Hampshire College, Earlham College, College of Wooster, University of Louisville, Columbia College Chicago, Goucher College


High School Awards Assembly BOOK AWARDS

(presented each year to juniors) Bryn Mawr Book Award (purposeful young woman) Eva Borders Dartmouth Book Award (excellence in Languages) Maris Woldin Hampden-Sydney Book Award (purposeful young man) Nicholas Scarfe Harvard Book Award (excellence in Math) Will Yelton Princeton Book Award (excellence in Science) Natalie McClain University of Louisville Yarmuth Book Award (excellence in Community Service) Aakriti Bista University of Kentucky Book Award (excellence in Leadership) Alexis Nelson

University of Virginia Book Award (excellence in History) Christina Saliga Yale University Book Award (excellence in English) Willa Tinsley

Phi Beta Kappa Award Matthew Siciliano


Cia White English Prize Elise Pfeiffer

Excellence in Studio Art Elyssa Anastas Excellence in Photography Cat Kidman Excellence in Music Thomas Simpson Excellence in Drama Thomas Simpson Excellence in Film/Video Patrick Spencer Overall Excellence in the Arts Jaden Bailey U.S. ARMY SCHOLAR/ATHLETE AWARDS

Jillian Morrison, James Risley

Class of ‘93 Esprit de Corps Scott Morrison

Thomas H. Pike Award James Risley Head of School Award Jillian Morrison Honors Graduates Emma Boland, Madeline Case, Oona Milliken, Jillian Morrison, Elise Pfeiffer, James Risley, Matthew Siciliano, Gabby Smedley, Andrew Thurstone Senior Project Honors Madeline Case, Chris McDearman, Elise Pfeiffer, Lily Prohaska, Ella Rennekamp, James Risley, Matthew Siciliano, Gabby Smedley St. Francis AP Scholars Emma Boland, Madeline Case, Jillian Morrison, Matthew Siciliano

High School Honor Roll 9th Grade Jack Borders, Clay Carlton, Jack Charlton, Maimouna Cherif, Ben Cornett, Oliver Cox, Michael Crinot, Ella Davis, Grace Donovan, Connor Gorman, Sam Greenbaum, Lily Johnson, Adelaide Lenihan, Grace Malone, Eston McLeroy, Ford Middendorf, Christ Moo, Osaz Omoruyi, Caroline Pepa, Drew Perkins, Alex Shelley, Colleen Torrans, Bradley Wilson, Ruby WIlson, Lowell Woock, Holly Yelton

High School Graduation Awards

Mayor’s Outstanding Senior Matthew Siciliano 11th Grade Ellyssa Anastas, Olivia Bajandas, Aakriti Bista, Eva Borders, Andrea Brito, Robby Davenport, Tanner Dehler, Sam Erbes, Clay Foye, Chris Jayes, Shelly Lancaster, Natalie McClain, Ethan McCrocklin, Alexis Nelson, Charlie Owen, Christina Saliga, Nick Scarfe, Thomas Simpson, Maris Woldin, Will Yelton

Rotary Club “Unsung Hero” James Risley St. Francis “Lifers” Attended St. Francis continuously from Preschool through 12th grade: Emma Boland, Matthew Siciliano Attended St. Francis continuously from Kindergarten through 12th grade: Andrew Thurstone

12th grade Students of Alumni: 12th Grade Talia Blue, Riley Cobb, Catherine Emma Boland, Maddy Case, Catherine Dean, Kate Duncan, Finn Hilton, 10th Grade Dean, Nizar Kamar, Shelby Luby, Shelby Luby, Elise Pfeiffer, Iqlas Abukar, Dani Arias, Evie Anna Lyons, Chris McDearman, Andrew Thurstone Boland, Chris Hammond, Audree Oona Milliken, Jillian Morrison, Huebner, Elizabeth Johnson, Caden Elise Pfeiffer, Ella Rennekamp, James Kirby, Erin Lyons, Maggie McGraw, Risley, Shams Shaker, Matthew Siciliano, Gabe Mutchnick, Clay Smedley, Mike Gabby Smedley, Mac Smith, Brownie Snyder, Noah Sparks Southworth, Eilieh Stokes, Andrew Thurstone, Mariana Wilson 13

Goshen Campus Class Day Awards/8th Grade Graduation

Goshen Campus Graduation 2017

The Edward Y. Mason, Jr. Athletics Award Owen Carey, Max Cohen, Isaac Davis, Jasmin Gonzalez, Pepper Hilton, Sophie Johnson, Lake Mackin, Audrey McClain, Bennett Middendorf, Bentlea Schwartz, Drew Siciliano, Parker Smith, Theron Varda

The Ed Gupton Drama Project Award Noelle Dry, Lily Johnson, Sophie Johnson, Emma King, Jimmy Lancaster, Audrey McClain, Teagan Morrison, Emery Richards, Bentlea Schwartz, Mellie Simpson, Parker Smith, Theron Varda

The Russell D. Herr Art Award Jasmin Gonzalez, Mellie Simpson

The Volunteer Service Award Lake Mackin, Teagan Morrison

Wyvern Report


The Eagle Award Jackson Bogel, Jasmin Gonzalez The Spirit of St. Francis Award Bennett Middendorf The Head of School Award Sophie Johnson, Jimmy Lancaster St. Francis Goshen Campus “Lifers� Attended St. Francis continuously from Preschool through 8th grade:

Sophie Johnson, Emma King, Matt Kurtz, Drew Siciliano Attended St. Francis continuously from JK through 8th grade:

Jimmy Lancaster, Mellie Simpson

Attended St. Francis continuously from Kindergarten through 8th grade:

Owen Carey, Audrey McClain, Bennett Middendorf, Jack Plaxe, Levi Tyler 8th grade Students of Alumni: Jacques Barzun, Max Cohen, Pepper Hilton, Stuart Middleton, Bella Nugent, Cooper Ronay, Bentlea Schwartz, Levi Tyler The Frank Q. Cayce Scholarship Award (7th graders) Josie Cooley, Lily Gilbert, Ayda Marshall The Cassie Stevens Memorial Award (5th grader) Mae Wilson


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We THINK; therefore, we are St. Francis. 233 West Broadway

Louisville, KY 40202

thank you to our parent association Every parent at SFS is a member of the Parent Association (PA). The PA raises funds through annual dues and fun family events throughout the year to give back to the School in the form of PA grants. Last year the School received the highest-ever PA grant of $20,000 to purchase the following: High School • Items to complete the Science Department’s Workshop (MakerSpace) • Additional Chromebook cart • Showing of “Screenagers” documentary to parents and students

Goshen • Items to complete the MakerSpace • Showing of “Screenagers” documentary to parents and students Preschool • Outdoor track for the Preschoolers to ride/race their tricycles

Thank you, SFS Parents, for these grants and for all you do to make our School the wonderful community it is! Questions about how to support your PA? Ask Leslye Arnett, High School PA Chair, Tamara Reif, Goshen PA Chair, or Renee Reithel and Jacquelyn Stack, Preschool PA Co-Chairs.

Wyvern Report Summer 2017  
Wyvern Report Summer 2017