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Welcome to Singidunum University Singidunum University was founded on January the 17th, 2005, by decision No 612-00-663/2004-04 issued by the Republic Council for University Education Development, giving approval to the feasibility study for the establishment of Singidunum University. The University was created in order to offer a new and unique opportunity to educate new leaders and future business elite of Serbia and neighbouring countries. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people in Serbia. The faculties of Singidunum University have become leaders in quality and promotion of new knowledge and skills. Singidunum University consists of the following members:  Integrated Singidunum University:

 Faculty of Business in Belgrade

 Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management  Faculty of Informatics and Computing  Faculty of Management  Department of Postgraduate Studies and International Cooperation  Department of Foreign Studies  Singidunum University Institute

 Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration  Faculty of Media and Communications  Faculty of Applied Ecology  Faculty of Business in Valjevo  Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies

Singidunum University is accredited by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Republic of Serbia to carry out Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programmes within the scientific fields of social sciences, formal sciences and applied sciences. In accordance with the Bologna Declaration and contemporary trends in higher education, a new concept of integrated studies was formed. Curricula and degree formats are modeled on the well known European faculties and colleges and on the best practices of our national faculties. They are in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration and European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Practical exercises in information technology subjects are corresponding with the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) certificate, within the European initiative for standardization of training courses and testing of computer skills. Singidunum University provides an opportunity for studying through Distance Learning System, which can reach those disadvantaged by limited time, distance or physical disability. DLS is organized in Belgrade, Niš and Subotica. Over 10.000 students are currently enrolled at Singidunum University. The University has about 14.000m2 of good quality premises, equipped with state-of-the-art information technology and Internet infrastructure, audio-visual and other facilities required for successful teaching: 10 lecture theatres, 20 lecture rooms, 5 computer and Internet centres, foreign languages centre, library, consultation cabinets, bank, students’ café and other facilities. Since its foundation, Singidunum University has looked after their students’ health and fitness needs through different sport activities. As the University has grown, the number of participants in those activities has grown as well. There are football, basketball and volleyball teams representing the University at various matches and championships.

Mission Statement and Objectives Mission Statement Singidunum University seeks to enable the transfer of current knowledge, methods and techniques applied in the developed university centres of various European countries, as well as to take over the best achievements of the higher education system of national state universities. In other words, the main goal of Singidunum University is education of highly qualified professionals, specialists in the particular areas, who will help in social and economic development and modernization of Serbia.

Objectives The main objective of the University is to educate and empower young professionals with a very high level of knowledge and competitiveness in the modern business environment. Singidunum University continuously follows all the latest scientific trends and achievements, and transfers knowledge to their students through modern curricula and programmes. Our objective is to enable young people to get high quality education in their own country, without the need to go abroad.

Rector’s Address “Singidunum University is the fulfillment of decennial aspirations of some esteemed lecturers from the state faculties to implement the up-to-date standards and methods used at Western universities. Singidunum University is a university with great ambitions and considerable potentials. It consists of nine faculties offering a vast selection of courses, such as financial management and insurance, business information science, tourism and hospitality management, economics, finance, administration, communication, law, and ecology. While configuring the curricula, instructional and extra-curriculum activities, first and foremost we took care of our students’ needs and interests. High quality education and ability to work within their vocation are the long-term orientation of our University. Academic staff consists of the professors who got their degrees at the esteemed higher education institutions in Serbia and abroad. Teaching quality improvement, introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the Diploma Supplement are all results of our work in accordance with the Bologna Declaration. This will enable our students to study at other European universities and to participate at the world knowledge market on an equal footing. That doesn’t exclude our trying to preserve and nurture some of the good practices of our national education system, which made our graduate professionals respected throughout the world. The extent to which we manage to build a modern European university will be the measure of our present and future success.''

Professor Milovan Stanišić Rector

Undergraduate Studies Singidunum University offers four-year Bachelor’s courses where first Our mission is to provide high quality undergraduate education two years are integrated, with general courses, while concentration through the multidisciplinary courses, which enhance the quality of curricula and syllabi, textbooks and educational processes. courses are carried out during the final two years. Undergraduate study programmes:  Business Economics – options:  Finance and Banking  Accounting and Audit  Insurance  Business Informatics  Branding and Design  Management (in cooperation with Lincoln University, Oakland, California, USA)

 Marketing and Trade

 Tourism and Hospitality Management – options:  Tourism  Hospitality Management  Gastronomy

 Informatics and Computing

 Engineering Management  Industrial Design  Quality Management

Students choose their majors after 4 semesters, and that means that they will be more mature when they make that important decision, knowing exactly what interests them and what they want to do in the future. One of the competitive advantages of Singidunum University is permanent study of two major languages. English is compulsory, and the second one is optional – students choose between Spanish, German and Italian. Singidunum University has signed agreements with the British Council Serbia and the Cervantes Institute. In cooperation with these renowned institutions, our students can take the Cambridge ESOL courses and exams, and the DELE exams. British Council also organizes seminars for English teachers from Singidunum University to help them in their professional development.

Master Studies In the following academic year 2011/2012, the new generation ONE-YEAR MASTER COURSES of students will be admitted to the University’s five accredited Master Programmes. These programmes were created on the Singidunum University offers one-year (two semesters) master basis of our previous experience in designing postgraduate courses courses – 60 ECTS points – for those students who have earned and in compliance with the Law on Higher Education. four year Bachelor’s Degree (240 ECTS points). The above courses are intended for the students who have earned four- year Bachelor’s Degrees.

Examination process is carried out through projects.

The first project task comprises four courses from winter semester, Our two-year master courses are specially designed for those and the second project comprises at least two courses from candidates who have graduated from three year undergraduate summer semester. courses During the course of the studies, students conduct research In addition to our standard master programmes, Singidunum work related to study projects. Winter and summer semester University and Lincoln University, Oakland, USA, are organizing a project tasks can be integrated into Master’s Thesis. joint postgraduate MBA programme carried out in English. By attending lectures, using wide range of professional literature and with the assistance of a mentor, student is able to acquire high level of practical knowledge applicable to actual business situations or to projects fully or partially financed by appropriate funds.


Graduate Master Study programmes:

Our two-year master courses – 120 ECTS points – are intended for the candidates who have earned three-year Bachelor’s Degree – 180 ECTS points.

 Business Economics – options:  Finance and Banking  Accounting and Audit  Insurance  Business Informatics  Strategic Management

The first year of these courses – 60 ECTS points – is identical to the fourth year of the respective undergraduate study programme at Singidunum University. The second year is identical to one-year master study programme.

 Marketing and Trade

 Tourism and Hospitality Management – options:  Business Systems in Tourism  Tourism Market  Advanced Information Technologies  Information Systems Protection and Digital Forensics  Intelligent Business Systems  Advanced Information Technologies  Engineering Management  Engineering Systems Management  Quality Management

Doctoral Studies The doctoral studies represent integration of compulsory and elective courses, through which candidates earn 180 ECTS. Based on the principles of the Bologna Declaration, the doctoral courses last three years and they are intended for the candidates who earned Master’s Degree (300 ECTS) or collected 300 ECTS by graduating from five-year undergraduate studies with the grade point average (GPA) above 8.00. In addition to this, it is necessary for a doctorate candidate to have knowledge of foreign languages, especially English.

The following are four accredited doctoral study programmes:

Teaching is delivered through active methods such as lectures and consultations. Depending on the chosen study programme, student can, with the assistance of his mentor, determine the topic for preliminary research paperwork and Doctoral Thesis.


Our main objective is maintaining the highest standards and good reputation established upon essential values in providing educational and professional services.


FINANCE AND BANKING 20 candidates Field of social sciences Discipline: Economic Sciences

Field of social sciences Discipline: Management and Business

Field of formal sciences Discipline: Informatics and Computing ENGINEERING SYSTEMS IN MANAGEMENT 10 candidates Field of applied sciences Discipline: Engineering Management

Lincoln – Singidunum Programme Undergraduate Studies Singidunum University, in cooperation with Lincoln University from Oakland, California, organizes undregraduate and postgraduate studies. Lincoln University was founded in 1919 as one of the oldest universities in California and it is accredited to award bachelor’s (BBA) and master’s (MBA) degrees in business administration by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) of the United States Department of Education. Singidunum University and Lincoln University have organized joint Bachelor programme Finance and Banking since 2008. The programme consists of 41 undergraduate courses, 16 of which are held in English by the professors of Lincoln University. After completing this programme, students are awarded a graduate degree Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), and two internationally recognized diplomas – issued by Singidunum and Lincoln Universities.

MBA Programme Singidunum and Lincoln universities have organized joint MBA programme Financial Management and Investment Banking since 2008. Two concentration areas have been organized for MBA diplomas since 2011: Financial Management and Investment Banking and Hospitality and Tourism Management. Curricula, including eleven courses, are conducted in English. Lincoln University professors teach eight courses and other three courses are lectured by Singidunum University professors. Coaching, in compliance with the Bologna Declaration, is based on a well-established concept defined by three categories: Theory, Examples and Practice. After completing this MBA programme, students are awarded two diplomas – issued by Lincoln and Singidunum Universities. Candidates are welcome to attend the graduation ceremony in Lincoln campus in Oakland, USA.

International Cooperation Department of Postgraduate Studies and International Cooperation offers five accredited master programmes and four accredited doctoral programmes. The Department also realizes activities of Singidunum University connected to establishing and developing international relations and cooperation with educational and scientific institutions from many countries:

 University of Cambridge / UK

 Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg / Germany

 University of Surrey / UK

 Odintsovo Institute for the Humanities / Russia

 Lincoln University / USA

 Russian State University of Trade and Economy / Russia

 The George Washington University / USA

 Institute of Administrative Sciences “Paul Negulescu” / Romania

 Università Ca' Foscari Di Venezia / Italy

 Univerza na Primoreskem / Slovenia

 Università di Bologna / Italy

 The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra / Slovakia

 Università commerciale Luigi Bocconi / Italy

 Mediteran University / Montenegro

 Universitat de les illes Baleares / Spain

 APEIRON University / Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information / China

 Sinergija University / Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Beijing City University / China

 University of Banja Luka / Bosnia and Herzegovina

 University of Nicosia / Cyprus

 Singidunum University, among 69 universities worldwide,

 Budapest College of Communication and Business / Hungary  Corvinus University of Budapest / Hungary

is accredited by UNWTO TedQual - Themis Foundation.

Certificates Curricula and degree programmes at the University are modeled on the basis of Bologna Declaration by means of introducing the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Singidunum University signed an agreement on cooperation with IBM, authorizing the University to carry out IT programmes based on IBM methodology and products. During the course of the studies, special courses, lectures and seminars are organized for the students. After passing the final exams, students are awarded internationally recognized certificates.

 MICROSOFT Certificate  ORACLE Certificate  CISCO Certificate  IBM Certificate

 English Language Certificate (in cooperation with British Council)  Spanish Language Certificate DELE (in cooperation with Cervantes Institute)

 ECDL Certificate  SAP Certificate  TÜV Certificate  MICROS Certificate  AMADEUS Certificate  SYBASE Certificate  GALILEO Certificate

 Italian Language Certificate PLIDA (in cooperation with Dante Alighieri)

Career Center Singidunum University has a prosperous Career Center which helps students make good decisions regarding the selection of future profession and career. Choosing the right engagement or profession is not only related to factors such as salaries and description of the workplace. You will be occupied by work a great amount of time during a day and it will have a significant impact on all other spheres of your life. Therefore it is very important for you to have answered all the relevant questions at the faculty and to have acquired qualities directing you to the next most important step – EMPLOYMENT. The Career Center team, through the implementation of »Student Career Development Strategy« and before graduation degrees, helps students make a clear plan of their expectations from future. Ready for business / Inspired by success / Work is pleasure / Right time for right decisions

THE FINAL STEP FOR GETTING A JOB - FROM A STUDENT TO a PROFESSIONAL Employees at the University Singidunum help their students to follow the course from a student to a professional, in accordance with the best universities all around the world. On this course, students can learn:

 How to understand themselves in order to recognize their abilities and comprehend the qualities which will define their position as outstanding professionals.  How to become aware of their capacities and realize their full potential.  How to define their short and long - term career goals.  How to decide what they want to do and where they want to be employed.  How to write a winning CV and a motivation letter, and why a letter of recommendation is important.  How to get prepared for an interview with the employer in a real business environment and how to get a job.


Regodić Dušan, PhD Rosić Mirko, PhD Stanišić Milovan, PhD Unković Slobodan, PhD, Emeritus Stakić Budimir, PhD Unković Milorad, PhD Pešić Mihailo, PhD Emeritus Hadžić Miroljub, PhD Adamović Ljubiša, PhD Cvjetićanin Danijel, PhD Bagarić Ivan, PhD Čačić Krunoslav, PhD Barać Slobodan, PhD Vasiljev Stevan, PhD, Emeritus ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS Veinović Mladen, PhD Veličković Dragiša, PhD Avlijaš Radoslav, PhD Vuković Nahod, PhD Buturović Ljubomir, PhD Elaković Simo, PhD Veselinović Petar, PhD Žižović Mališa, PhD Vig Zoltan, PhD Jegeš Zoltan, PhD Gasmi Gordana, PhD Jeremić Zoran, PhD Golijanin Danilo, PhD Jovanović Verka, PhD Živković Dejan, PhD Kovačević Boško, PhD Živković Radmila, PhD Lutovac Miroslav, PhD Zavaljevski Aleksandar, PhD Maksin Marija, PhD Zavaljevski Nela, PhD Marković Predrag, PhD Jeremić Ljiljana, PhD Milosavljević Milan, PhD Konvalinka Ira, PhD Miljević Milan, PhD Miljković Milorad, PhD Nikolić Olivera, PhD Miljuš Brano, PhD Popović Ranko, PhD Njeguš Angelina, PhD Popesku Jovan, PhD Pavić Žarko, PhD

Pak Jasna, PhD Petrović Slobodan, PhD Petrović Zoran, PhD Popović Predrag, PhD Skenderović Horvat Terezija, PhD Spasić Vesna, PhD Tomašević Violeta, PhD Heleta Milenko, PhD Cvetković Dragan, PhD Čerović Slobodan, PhD Šekarić Mirjana, PhD Šešlija Žarko, PhD

ASSISTANT PROFESSORS Albijanić Miloljub, PhD Babić Lepa, PhD Barjaktarović Dragoljub, PhD Barjaktarović Lidija, PhD Branović Balović Irina, PhD Vićentijević Kosana, PhD Vukadinović Predrag, PhD Gajić Jelena, PhD Grubor Gojko, PhD Dimitrijević Vladimir, PhD Dobrijević Gordana, PhD

Dražeta Lazar, PhD Đorđević Boljanović Jelena, PhD Jevremović Aleksandar, PhD Knežević Goranka, PhD Kostić Kovačević Ivana, PhD Kostić Marija, PhD Makojević Nikola, PhD Marjanović Vojislav, PhD Marković Dragan, PhD Matović Vladimir, PhD Miškovic Vladislav, PhD Nikčević Ivan, PhD Nikolić Boško, PhD Nikolić Dragan, PhD Paunović Branka, PhD Portić Milijanko, PhD Radojević Tijana, PhD Renovica Ranko, PhD Spasić Slađana, PhD Stanišić Nemanja, PhD Stanković Jelena, PhD Stojmenović Miloš, PhD

ASISSTANTS Alčaković Slavko, MA Arežina Nada, MA Barać Goran, MA Bulović Verica, MA Živić Marina, MA Kordić Ninela, MA Lazović Tamara, MA Milojević Marko, MA Mizdraković Vule, MA Najdić Marija, MA Radovanović Dalibor, MA Sekulović Nataša, MA Stanišić Svetlana, MA Terzić Ivica, MA Franc Igor, MA Čavić Bojana, MA Adamović Saša, MSc Brdar Ivana, MSc Džamić Vladimir, MSc Kostić Zona, MSc Milovanović Ivan, MSc Minić Nikola, MSc Pavlović Danijel, MSc Radović Nikica, MSc

Sekulić Jelena, MSc Stanić Nenad, MSc Stefanović Danka, MSc Šarac Marko, MSc

FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHERS Đukić Mirzayanz Marina, MA Milovanović Marina, MA Ošmjanski Vera, MA Stanišić Nataša; MA Veljković Maja, MSc Paušak Marković Dubravka, MSc Antonijević Jelena Bošković Valentina Gagić Aleksandra Gajić Tijana Grujičić Mileva Duka Vladimira Dubičanin Mirjana Đerić Ivana Jerinić Ivona Krebs Adrijana Lunić Darija Madžarević Goran

Maksić Ivanka Naumović Gordana Parać Damjanović Stanka Petković Ljupka Petrović Jasna Radić Branisavljević Marina Radojković Ilić Katarina Stanković Marija Tomić Ivana Tulić Ceballos Jelena Filipović Ljiljana Čelik Babić Vesna Ćirović Aleksandra

RESEARCH ASSOCIATES Kunjadić Goran, MA Gavrilović Jelena Graovac Branko Đurić Zlata Knežević Miroslav Kurteš Miloš Milodanović Vladimir Milutinović Milica Mihailović Vanja Obradović Predrag

Radičković Nikola Simićević Ana Stević Snežana Filipović Branislav


Integrated Singidunum University:  Faculty of Business in Belgrade  Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management  Faculty of Informatics and Computing  Faculty of Management  Department of Postgraduate Studies and International Cooperation  Department of Foreign Studies  Singidunum University Institute Faculty of Business in Valjevo Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration Faculty of Media and Communications Faculty of Applied Ecology Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies Danijelova 32, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia Phone: 011/30 93 206, 30 93 207, 30 93 220, Fax: 011/30 93 294, e-mail:

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